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My Best Friends Mom 2

... but that was crazy. She was my best buds Mom. Moms didn't seduce their son's friends or none I knew did.

"Sure Mrs. C ... and my best friends Mom.

I didn't go over to Ryan's place again, I knew I would have given my horny thoughts of Ryan's Mom away. ... ... Continue»
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my best friends mom

It was a normal July afternoon when I ran into my best friends mom. I had told her about the f****y and what we did for the holidays. I asked her how her holidays were but, she gave me a rolled off stare. “What was that look for?”, I asked. “I don’t know if your “b*o” told you or not, but my husband and I split up.”, she claimed. I didn’t want to go into any further details about the issue so I tried to steer the conversation into another direction. But without fault, she kept pressing at the subject. After about another 35 minutes had passed by, I finally told her that I had to go. “You know you are more than welcome to come and visit anytime you want.”, she said. Thinking nothing of it, I ran on with the rest of my day. What would happen two days later would alter my course with what I thought sounded like a good idea.
The facts on my best friends mom, is that for a woman her age, she was dynamite. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice body, were all the components for a knock out woman. When I got home that night from a nice night out, she kept running through my mind like a washer machine on spin cycle. I didn’t know what to think about the situation. So to break myself from this chain, I decided to give her a call. We talked for about a half hour making my thoughts a little less deceiving. After I got off the phone with her, I packed my stuff up and just went to bed.
The next day I decided to take a trip out to her house to see how she was holding up from the events that had proceeded her. I called her about five minutes before I got there, just to make sure she was home. When she knew it was me calling to come over, she sounded like she had a little pep in her step. “Yeah, I’m here. Just come on over. I haven’t seen a friendly face in so long over here.”, she claimed. As I was traveling along the road, I found myself wondering what might happen.
As I pulled up to her house, I noticed her sunbathing and listening to her I-pod. My heart sank when I seen her doing that cause I never seen her in a bikini before. Not to mention she had a camel toe in her bikini bottoms. I wasn’t going to say anything, so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. “So what brings you over here?”, she asked. “Ehh, I didn’t have anything to do.”, I responded. She asked, “I want to ask you something. Do you find me attractive? I feel so low about myself sometimes.” “I always thought you were a hot mama.”, I said. I had such a raging hard-on that all I could stare at was her magnificent body.
The cool thing about her house, was that it was in the middle of nowhere. Her closest neighbor lived 2 miles down the road. While I was sitting there drinking a soda, I noticed her get up without her top on. She let her heavenly ladies just soak in the sun bare. I wanted to say something to her about it, but I figured not to because I was enjoying the view anyway. “So where is your daughter at?”, I asked. “She is a few hours away from home. She‘s done college for the year.”, she responded. “Your more than welcome to take your shirt off if you like.”, she said. “I don’t know, I feel sort of weird about it.”, I said. “Well if it makes you feel comfortable, I’ll get naked for you, ha ha.”, she laughed.
She had turned around, her ass facing me, and began to slowly strip down her bikini bottoms. Her face had a little sexy grin as she was doing so. “Why don’t you try it? It feels so nice against your skin.”, she moaned. She sat back in her lounge chair as I got up to start to take off her clothes. I first took off my shirt and then followed with my jeans. “woo-hoo, take it off baby!!”, she plastered. As I took off the rest of my clothes, I could see her getting antsy by rubbing around her nice wet pussy. I looked at her and said, “Is somebody wanting me to show the whole package?” “MMMM, do I ever. SO GET NAKED NOW!!” , she yelled. I pulled down my boxer shorts to reveal all my glory. Her eyes lit up like a fourth of July firecracker.
“Can you come over here for a second, I want to show you something.”, she said. “Do you like what you see? I may be getting up there in age, but I am all woman.”, she grinned. Without a moment’s notice, she spread her legs and started to rub her clit and jolt back in her chair. “ I wanna see you stroke your cock in front of me while I play.”, she moaned. I started to stroke it when I seen her close her eyes while she fingered her sweet snatch. I moved in closer to her face. And when she turned back around to my side, my cock was right near her nice big mouth. She looked and said, “that’s pretty big. I don’t know if I can gobble that all up.” “Why don’t you try then?”, I grinned.
She looked up at me and slowly began to suck on my shaft. Her mouth felt so warm as she sucked vigorously on it. I reached down and began caressing her sweet and very wet pussy. “I want you to stick a finger in my asshole while I suck on you.”, she said. I slowly put a finger into her pussy and then went straight for her tight glory hole. “You know I want you to fuck me there right?”, she said. I felt her asshole tighten up with every stroke of my finger. She continued sucking my cock like a popsicle. Gobbling it down, deep throating it each time.
After about ten minutes of her slobbering all over my member, it was my turn to give her the pleasure. I laid down on the chair and she straddled over me and spread her pussy and ass. I slowly stuck my tongue in and out of her extremely wet pussy. With each stroke of the tongue, she had a hard time gasping for air as it made her excited again and again. I moved my way back to her asshole and began to lick her tight little hole. “MMMMM, I want you to tongue fuck me in my ass!!!” , she yelled. I then took my tongue and slowly slid it in her extremely tight hole. Her ass tasted so good. I tongue fucked her ass for a good twenty minutes.
She moved herself down to my cock and she filled her warm pussy with my cock. She felt so nice as she slid up and down on my cock, watching her ass bounce with each and every stroke. As I was fucking her, she slid her hand down to my cock and began to stroke it. Her pussy was so tight, I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to hold on for. So I did the next best thing. I flipped her over in doggy style and began to pound her pussy that way. She yelled for excitement for me to fuck her harder.
We continued to bump uglies so to speak for a good fifteen minutes. Then she gasped with a breath of air, “Fuck me in my ass right now!!!” I slid my cock out of her soaked crotch and pushed up to her very tight and lubed asshole. When it first entered her tight passageway, she yelped a little cause of the tightness. Then after a few strokes it soon turned to nothing but pleasure. With each pass in and out, she spread her ass apart and begged for more.
We were about thirty minutes into our ordeal as we moved into her bedroom, when her daughter had just finished up college for the day. I was sort of in a panic when I heard her come through the front door. But she calmed me down and told me that she knew who was coming over and what was going down. She begged and pleated for me to fuck her some more. With each insert, she yelled out for more. I could see out into the living room where her daughter was and seen that she was getting excited by what was ensuing between her and her mom.
She slowly sat down on their couch and laid back. She propped her feet onto the edge of the couch and spread her legs. Her soaked wet panties told the whole story from the get go. She wanted sex as much as her mom did. She looked and seen I was watching her get comfortable while I was doing her mom very hard. She smirked and grinned as she slowly took off her already soaked panties to reveal her freshly shaved haven. With each stroke of her clit, she rolled her eyes back in amazement and pleasure. I looked in amazement considering that I would have never expected that from her.
I kept pounding away on mamma’s wet pussy, when she looked up at me and asked, “Would you like my daughter to join us?” I stood there flabbergasted when she asked me that question. I said to her, “Don’t you think that sort of wrong? I mean, that’s your daughter.” “Oh, don’t worry about me and her doing anything to one another. We just like to share the man.”, she grinned. Before I knew it, her daughter stripped down until there was nothing left on her sweet, tight, fair skinned body. I laid down on the king size bed and what happened next blew my mind. While her mama was riding me cowboy style, she slowly licked my cock with her mama’s pussy juices flowed from her.
She kept asking me what I wanted to be done. I guided her up to straddle over my face so I could lick the glorious crotch. Slowly I took my tongue, and slid it in and out of her tight area. I tossed her back a little so I could reach her cute little asshole. She looked surprised when I first started to lick her ass. But then she soon moaned and groaned with delight. Her mom started to pounce as hard she could on my swollen cock, while I licked so viciously at her daughter’s tight back hole. “ MMMMM…I guess we really love our assholes to be played with don’t we mom??”, she grinned. “ U fucking know it!”, she replied. “I think its my turn to ride.” the daughter moaned. They both stood up and switched places, with one riding me and the other straddling over my face. “Did my girl’s asshole taste good? I’m sure you will like mine better!”, she smiled.
I couldn’t even describe in words, how tight her daughter’s ass was. She slid it into her beautiful backside with little f***e. Even though she let out a slight yell of pleasure. “MMMMM….Fuck my ass! Fuck my juicy, tight, little ass!”, she yelled as it slid in and out of her. She spread her ass cheeks to really give it that little extra. With each stroke of my cock sliding in and out, you could tell she wanted more and more. Her mom on the other hand was orgasmic with every lick of her already cum soaked pussy and ass.
After pounding away for like 10 minutes on that sweet little asshole, the mama of the duo decided to do something so kinky, I nearly busted a nut right there. She slid my cock up her daughter’s sweet snatch, and slowly began to rub gently on my balls. Then the part that made me nearly orgasm is when I heard, “OOOO, mom!! You accidentally licked my clit!”, she yelped. “I know. What, you never had a girl lick your crotch before?”, the mom asked. “No, but it just took me by surprise, that’s all.”, the daughter said. I wanted this to get hotter so I turned the daughter around towards me, laid her down on me with my hard cock still inside her, with the ass sticking up in the air, and gave the mom a little hint to make it even more kinkier. While I slowly pushed in and out of her tight area, her mom slid her tongue right into her daughter’s ass. “Oh my gosh!! That feels so good, IM GONNA CUM!!”, the daughter yelled.
As I slid my throbbing cock in her pretty tight little asshole, the mom came up and asked if I would cum in her daughter’s ass. “I want you to cum in my ass so bad!” the daughter yelled. As I kept fucking her tight little ass, I felt her tighten up her muscles. And with one final thrust I felt my wad shoot up her backdoor. After I slid my cock back out, the mom came over and sucked the rest of the cum off. That is definitely one day I will never, ever forget!!... Continue»
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My best friends mom and her friends

Once I had to stay at my best friends house for two weeks
because my parents were away
I really like my friends mom she has a nice big ass big hanging tits and beautiful feet
just like her 3 friends who come there almost everyday
on the Wednesday of the first week I said I am not feeling so good so I don't want to go to school so my friend went alone
the truth was I wanted to wank in some of his mothers used panties she had gone to bed again
and was sl**ping the door to her room was open so I went into her room and smelled on her feet while squishing my cock in my pants it got hard very quick so I went back to my room and undressed myself completally
then again I went into her room just standing there wanking
then I lifted up the blanket slowly and careful but only so I could see her big ass she wore panties I smelled her ass
it was a very nice smell I stood up and kneeled on her bed a bit then I took my cock and rubbed it on her panties I layed down side ways lifting her legs a bit just so I could put my penis between them after that I wet to her face and put my cocks
to her lips wich felt very nice and then her alarm clock went off I reacted fast and turned it off put slapped my dick in her face by accident she woke up but I had enough time to get out the roo
I went into the bath room to finish I heard the door bell ring and the voices of her three friends I wanted to run up to my room before they went to the living room to eat brakfast because I had to go through the living room
to get to my room I went out the bath ran into the living room just as they came in the other door all four looked at me I though my friends mom was going to be very very angry a few seconds of silence than she said come her young man they sat down on the couch I went over to the couch she said lay down on the floor I did so she said roll to were our feet are I did so again
they lifted up ther feet a d then put them on me her friends still all wore higheels and all four wore dresses don't move your real punishment will come later she said then she put her feet on my face
they started eating and drinking as if I was t there then one of her friends said Ill go and use the bathroom my friends mom said ok I saw how my friends mom told the other lady something but I could hear what because she wispered then the other lady went to the bathroom and five minutes later came back as she came
back my friends mom said sit up I did so and the other lady lifted her dress to show her ass now whipe off her ass my friends mom said i said what you heard me she said the lady gave me a few paper towels and I started whiping her ass they all stood up and then I bad to lay on the couch then my friends mom still in her dress sat down on my face the lady who had been In the bath room sat on my chest still with her naked ass and on other lady with dress on sat on my un erect cock so that it was looking out at the front while it got hard a d one sat on my
legs a few minutes later the lady who sat on my now erect cock stoot up and undressed her self fully so did all the others than she took my cock and started licking it then I had to go on the floor and stand like a dog the lady came under me and sucked my cock again then my friends mom came to my face opened her ass wide and put my face between her cheeks I stuck my toungue out and then felt how one other woman started licking my ass I felt how the fourth one sucked on my balls

If you liked this tell me and I will finish this story off
at least ten people need to tell me though

... Continue»
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Best friends slutty sister and mom

This story is about how I managed to find out how much of a slut my best friends mom and s****r is, his s****r name is Lucy and his moms name is Carol, Lucy is 18 still at college, shoulder length long hair, slim, small tits but a cracking ass, her mom Carol had long wavey brown hair, she was a modest size 10 with curves in the right places, an amazing pair of fake tits which I believe were GG cup.

It was my best friends birthday and was throwing a big party over at his moms house, everyone was there, all his friends, his moms friends and s****rs friends , I'd say there was close to 100 people on the garden and in the marque which he had rented. The night went on and a few people drifted home, I asked Dan if I could stay the night and he said I could crash out in the annexe above the garage.

It was around 2am and I decided to get hit the sack , I said bye to the remaining few people and headed towards the garage , as I approached I could see a slight glimmer of light through one of the blinds, Dan didn't say anyone else was staying over so I just assumed he had left the light on from earlier in the night. I went through the side door locking it behind me, I walked upstairs and heard a commotion, I slowed my pace to see if I could recognise the voices, the were men in the background but I instantly recognised the voice of Carol and Lucy .

Before you went into the annexe there was a one way mirror which was only visible into the room and not out, so you can see yourselves when in the annexe but you can't see in the hallway, I looked through the glass and saw Carol naked on the sofa and Lucy undressing next to her, this was getting a little weird I first thought. And then out from the other room came 5 naked lads I knew 3 of them , Harry, Tom and Liam , the other two must of been Lucy's friends, I first thought I was seeing things and maybe gotten spiked at the party. But what I saw next blew me away!!

Carol and Lucy started to make out in front of the men, they was kissing slowly and affectionately, tongues diving into each other's mouths and their hands were all over each other. Lucy grabbed hold of her mom Carols massive tits and started to suck the nipples till they were hard as steel, she done the same to the other nipple, the lads were encouraging them to go even more and they all stood there were erections and stroking their cocks.

The women must of wanted the cocks even more now so they got on their knees and turned to the men, they instantly sank the first two cocks deep into their throats whilst wanking another one off, the one that wasn't getting anything went round the back of the two girls and planted his fingers into their pussies, this was one massive orgie going down. I couldn't help myself getting hard, the sight of the very attractive women getting fingered and sucking cocks was a huge turn on, I started to play with my cock whilst watching Carols mouth get fucked by Liam's cock. They swapped over do the other two could get sucked off and the previous two wanked off. They must of done this before as it looked easy for the women. Harry was at the back of the women and his pace was getting faster and harder, Lucy had already cummed over his fingers and now he was waiting for Carols. Tom grabbed hold of Carols head and thrusted his cock deep and fasted into her throat he cummed on his last pump filling her mouth with his hot creamy spunk. Lucy wanted so of this so the women started making out again and swapping sliver from each other's cocked fucked mouths.

Carol was clearly in charge when she order the lads to line up and all plough through Lucy one after the other. Lucy laid down and Carol kissed her again and slowly kissing down to her tight hairy clit, she buried her tongue into her daughters pussy , Lucy's back arched as her mom licked her wet pussy lips, Carol stood up and told tom he was first. She held Lucy's legs to her shoulders as Tom entered her pussy, Lucy gasped a little as his cock spread her pussu open for the first time that night, carols knelt over Lucy and made her lick her pussy whilst she was being fucked by tom, he ploughed deep and hard against her stomach , he was fondling carols breats as his knees buckled and filled Lucy's cunt up with cum, Carol kept her daughter in the same position so the cum couldn't leak out.

Harry fucked Lucy after tom and so did the other two , Lucy had 4 lots of spunk inside her when it was finally Liam's turn , he was clearly the biggest there , it cock was huge on length and in width. He teased Lucy's pussy by rubbing her lips and poking his huge cock just inside and then without I warning he sunk his cock deep into her , her pussy was being stretched by his 4 inch thick cock, Carol was ready to cum all over her daughters face, she buried her pussy over Lucy's face and as she reached climax she yelled "eat your moms pussy you little slag" and as she finished her sentence her pussy sucked in and the blew and enormous load out of her pussy and into her daughters face , mouth and over her body, Lucy licked her mothers cum off her lips and cleaned her moms filthy slit . Lucy orgasmed soon after licking her moms pussy as Liam carried on fucking her little pussy hard she was moaning at every pump. He was getting ready to cum , he sunk his cock deep one last time and filled her pussy with more cum.

Liam pulled out and Carol laid on the bed, Lucy climbed over her moms face and told her mom to clean up, Lucy was dripping like a leaking tap with all the cum inside her, Carol wanted all the cum in her mouth and plunged her tongue deep into her daughters pussy , I couldn't last much more so I shot my load all over the hall way carpet. Lucy opened her pussy lips and a stream of her cum and 5 lads spunk splashed over her moms face, Lucy lowered her pussy onto carols mouth and slowly fucked her face with her dripping wet pussy, Lucy orgasmed as she was face fucking her mom and shot another load of cum into her moms mouth. The men stood and watched till the women had finished and Carol announced it was her turn... To be continued ........ Continue»
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Friends mom

It was a Sunday mirning and I had just slept over my best grinds house the night before. We both had woke up and his parent had made us breakfast, being that his parents were separate religions, they went to different churches each week. This week it was his dads church and his mom was staying home to get ready for the afternoon f****y party. I decided to stay and hang out while my friend, his b*****r and dad were at church.
I had always had a fantasy for my friends mom but that was all. My friend and his b*****r and dad had all showered and got ready to head off to church. I got in the shower when they were done in it. My friend and his b*****r and dad had headed off to church as I got in the shower. I was in his parents shower cause the hall shower was in renovation. I was in there and began to play with myself a bit as any horny 16 year old boy does. After around 5 minutes of me in the shower washing and playing with myself my friends mom did a knock and walk in saying she had a towel for me... Well the shower that was in their bathroom had a glass door on it and could see through, when she had walked in I still had my erection in my hand and she immediately could see what I was up to, all se said was "here is you towel hun" and walked out. Which turned me on even more because my best friends mom who I had always fantasied about just saw me with my erect dick in my hand and said nothing about it... About 4 minutes passed after that and my friends mom reentered without any warning and she was in nothing but her skin toned thong.., she had about 38DD and a pretty face with a vulopcious ass. She slid the glass shower door open and said nothing as she entered and closed the door behind her....... Continue»
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My Friends Mom Can Squirt?!

It all started when i was 17. I used to be at my friend Christian's house all the time. He had 2 s****rs, one younger and one older. He was my age (older by a couple months), his younger s****r was something like 7 or 8 years younger than us, and then his older s****r, Lizzie, was 3 years older than both of us. They all had blonde hair, just like the mother. She was in her 40's still, maybe 47, and she brought cougar to another level. The misses wasnt who i had my eye on though; it was Christians s****r. Lizzie was about my height, she had a petite figure with a perfect little bubble-butt of an ass, and a pair of perky C-cups that i couldve sucked on for days. Whenever i showed up at Christians, i would always see his mom, and she was always make me feel at home, very polite to me, always complimenting me, and always seeing how my health was; almost like she loved me like her own son.
I overlooked all of that for many years as i was always thinking about Lizzie, being 3 years older than me i figured she was more likely to want my cock, but she always had a boyfriend. So since i couldnt ever get in her panties, i took them. Anytime Christian wasnt around i would always look at the laundry to see if there was a pair of her panties laying on top. I even went through the laundry baskets when i went to the bathroom sometimes, usually finding his little s****rs panties (who was 8 or 9 at the time so i felt perverted taking those), but rarely i found a pretty fresh pair of Lizze's. Soon i was addicted to her scent and started to take any pair i could get my hands on. I would see Christians s****r and instantly think about the last pair of panties i took a whiff of, and immediately stare at her pussy. After a year or so i had collected almost 20 pairs of her panties and i figured she would start getting suspicious of something, so i stopped for about 6 months. Though i was still at Christians almost everyday, his s****r didnt seem like she suspected me of anything during those 6 months. I took one more fresh pair on my 19th birthday when i was d***k and we ended up at Christians for the night. I was half hoping she would catch me or something while i was looking through the laundry at 4 in the morning, but i didnt care because that was part of fetish with her; i wanted to fuck her anyway.
After taking that last pair i stopped taking them all together for another 2 or 3 years. By now i was 22, but still Christian was my best buddy. I would go out to the bars with him, we would pick up a couple chicks and have them bring us to the movies sometimes, and we were even working together here and there over the years. Then one day right before my 23rd birthday Christian called me and asked if i would want to dog sit for his f****y. I didnt mind especially since i loved his dog, and i knew they would pay me (which i didnt even really need them to do). They were going away for a week and needed someone to come over to feed the dog and let her out. Christians mom called me a week later asking me to come by to get the house key so she could go over what needs to be done for the dog while they were gone. i forgot to stop over after work for the rest of the week so i just went over that sunday when we both had time and i would be seeing Christian that day becasue they were leaving in 2 days. I stopped by and got the key, Christian and i hung out for a bit and right before i left his s****r came walking in and looked better than ever, like she had grown into a more mature woman and filled out slightly. She still had her perky C-cups and that tight little ass, so she got my mind racing again. After i left and got home i took out one of her old pairs of panties and jerked off into it thinking about how she looked earlier that day. The next day Christian had work, and i figured there would be no one home, so i took a trip over fairly early the next morning with Lizzie hot on my mind. I really went over to make sure i could get in with the key because his mom had told me it gets stuck sometimes and doesnt work right. I figured before they left would be the best time to figure out if it worked right, and while i was there why not look for one more fresh pair of panties for my collection? I walked in with no problems so i knew the key worked,and then i went right away to find out if anyone was home (though there were no cars in the driveway, not everyone that lived there drove). The house was empty so i then proceeded to go searching for the most full laundry basket i could find. I headed right to the bathroom where i used to find all the goodies i had at home, and all i found was his little s****rs panties that had some piss stains in them so they wouldnt cut it.
After searching downstairs for a good 25 minutes, i went upstairs to the other bathroom to check my luck up there. I didnt even think to go straight to Lizzies room where there would have to be clean fresh pairs for me to put my seed into and everything. I struck gold in the upstairs bathroom, except i didnt realize it at that moment. I had never thought about taking his mothers panties and using them to get myself off, partially because his mom never appealed to me as much as Lizzie did; until i actually took a whiff of her scent. I knew the panties belonged to Christians mom because they were a few sizes too big to be Lizzies. I then had a nasty idea, that, again, i never wouldve imagined doing until i got that whiff of mommas pussy. I figured since everyone was out at work and such that i had a few hours until anyone would be home, and even if anyone showed up and i was there they are so accustomed to me being there, they wouldnt think twice. I decided i would take the pair of panties i had just found, put them on and make my way into his moms room. I was already so horny, my mind was racing with dirty thoughts about his mom and Lizzie at the same time. I looked through her nightstand drawers, just to see if i was lucky enough to find her vibrator, which i was sure she had. What do you kno she had 2! She had one that looked like a cock that vibrated and a silver bullet that she must have used to shove up her asshole. i took out both of them and licked the silver bullet clean. It tasted amazing and i just imagined her letting me eat her asshole out. It made my cock throb harder than ever, just because it was my best friends mom. I took the silver bullet and put it right on my asshole inside her panties. I started to dry hump one of the pillows she uses to sl**p just so if she laid down on it later she might smell my balls, and just my sex in general.
I was humping away for about 6 or 7 minutes when i got the surprise of my life! I didnt cum yet, actually i was pretty far from it when i heard the side door being opened and in walked his mom! She had no idea anyone else was in the house, so i froze up and stopped humping her pillow so she didnt hear the bed rocking from downstairs. I was practically naked in her room, in her panties, humping the shit out of her pillow!! I was very quiet for the next few seconds and i heard her talking to someone so i thought she was with somebody. I quickly realized she was alone and just talking on the phone. I heard her say she wasnt feeling good and she had just gotten back from the doctor who said she had strep throat. My luck! The day i decided to go over and search for panties, i not only find hers but, she walks in while im trying to get my nut off in her room! All of the sudden she starts coming up the stairs, still talking on the phone, and goes into the bathroom. Im still in her bed not moving because i dont want her to hear me. At this point im just hoping she doesnt come walking into her room for any reason! She must have been taking a shit because she was in there for almost 7 minutes, either that or changing her tampon. As soon as i thought about that, my cock started raging again, and i thought to myself, i was already this far into some deep shit so why not let his mom just catch me with my cock in my hand and let her decide what she wants to do. I was so nervous i didnt know what else to do so as she flushes the toilet, i took my cock out of her panties i was wearing and started rubbing it gently, almost teasing myself. She walked out of the bathroom looking directly across the hall into her room at her bed, at me. As she realized what she was seeing, she started to ignore the person on the phone and told them she would have to call them back. She was staring directly at me and my fully erect cock; something she may not have seen for quite a while. I stopped stroking as she walked towards me looking astonished that she was seeing me in her bed with my cock out. Sue was her name. Sue asked me "what are you doing here?", and i explained i wanted to make sure the key i had worked on the door. Sue said "No! I mean in my fucking bed playing with yourself?!"
"Sue, its not what it looks like!"
"Well im pretty sure it looks like your jerking off in my bed wearing my underwear!"
"Were you planning on finishing in my underwear too?!" Sue said.
I told her that was very sorry and i hoped she could just forget what she saw and i would leave immeadiately. I even told her she didnt need to pay me if she still wanted me to watch the dog for the rest of the upcoming week. Sue laughed at me when i offered to do it for free, and she said "You think im going to let you come back to my house if this is what i catch you doing the day after i give you the key?!" I agreed with her because i knew she was angry and not feeling good and i told her i would do anything for her to just forget about all of this and not mention it to anyone because now i was embarassed and felt like a pervert. She sat down on the egde of her bed, almost in tears now, telling me she didnt feel good and she just wanted to come home from the doctor and try to relax and go to sl**p. I still had her silver bullet on my asshole, so i took it out and asked her if this would help her relax. she half smiled at me and proceeded to ask me if i really had to go, or if i had some time to stay and keep her company. She said "she had some questions for me anyway". At this point im horny but im a little scared of what Sue is about to ask me (or f***e me) to do.
"So you like my panties do you?" Sue said.
I began to explain to her i actually had never done this before, and i had no interest in her panties up until today. She cut me off halfway through my explanation and said:
"Ohh, so your the one that used to take Lizzies panties then?"
"She had told me she was noticing her panties dissappearing from time to time, and asked me if i was losing them in the wash."
I started blushing really hard apparently because Sue smiled at me again and said "Dont worry its natural to want older pussy, boys your age fantasize about older wome all the time". I studdered for asecond trying to think of a response that would make me out to be less perverted than i currently seemed, but she cut me off again and asked if i wanted her help. I was shocked when i heard those words come out of her mouth, but right away i was with it. I started asking her when everyone else was getting home and what i could do to make her feel better. She told me to take her panties off and put them over my head. This was so i could smell her scent the whole time during our encounter. She told me that it would remind me what im doing all of this for, her "fuck box" as she called it. She asked me how bad i wanted to cum for her and i told her i would if it was the last thing i did. She told me to get on all fours on her bed and reched inbetween my legs to grab my cock. As she started stroking slowly, she dug her toungue into my asshole, which was already loosened up and relaxed from the silver bullet. I felt her tongue go deep into my asshole so i pushed out like i was trying to shit so she could go deeper. She started stroking me harder and asking me if i liked her tongue in my butt. I told her i never felt so good so she continued to do it. I felt her starting to play with my balls too, so i asked her to swallow them. She took them into the back of her throat and it felt sooo great, like nothing iver ever felt before. I told her i would cum soon if she kept it up and she giggled and told me i shouldnt have told her that. She stopped playing with me and told me that it was my turn to make her feel better.
She laid down on her back and told me to give her the dildo that looked like cock, "she needed a nice hard one". I laughed a little, handed it to her and told her that was nothing like what i got for her. She let out a loud laugh and told me to prove it. So i did. I took the cock-like dildo out of her hand threw it on the floor, took the silver bullet and shoved it up her ass. She immediately told me she was ready for my cock inside her. Boy that was easy! I took my cock in my hand and slapped it against her pussy lips rather hard a few times. She let out a moan each time and finally told me that was enough she needed it! I shoved it deep inside of her in one thrust and she let out a loud yelp, i guess she wasnt ready! I worked her pussy vigourously for about a minute, and then she told me to stop and take the silver bullet out of her. I took it out and put myself back in, and she gasped again. I humped her pussy for another 20 minutes before either one of us spoke another word. Sue was the next one to speak and she seemed like she was hurting or in pain. I quickly realized i was about to give her an orgasm, unlike anyone she had had in a while. I slowed up my pace a little bit, put pressure on her clit and asked her if she was close. Gasping for air inbetween breaths Sue said:
"I need you to pull your cock out of me very slow and put your mouth over my clit and dont stop sucking".
I wasnt sure what this was going to do for her but she insisted i do it for her. I had my tongue on her clit and in her pssy for no more than 30 seconds before she started to groan louder and louder until it grew into a scream. Thats when i felt her pussy start to contract and she started peeing in my mouth! Or so i thought. She shoved my head into her fuck box as hard as she could and asked me if i liked her squirt! I had no idea she could squirt, but she was telling me what to do like she did this on a regular basis and knew what she needed for it to happen. After she was done shaking and spraying her fem-cum down my throat, she let me go and i asked her knew what that was. She laughed at me again and told me that happened to her once before, and it was when she fucked her husband and got pregnany with Lizzie. Just the thought of that running through my head was enough for me to get my pervert on again. I asked her if she made her husband drink it like she did to me, and she told me she thought she was peeing on his cock so she was more embarassed than anything.
"Your special baby, youre the first man to taste my squirt straight from my pussy!" Sue said excitedly.
"Can we do something else now Sue?" I asked her.
"What more do you need hun?, I just gave you everything i had and then some!" Sue said laughing a little bit.
I asked her if we could make her do that again or if it was a one time thing, because i told her i wanted my cock in her when that happened again, that way her husnad wasnt the only man to make her pussy do that. She giggled and said:
"Well im not sure i have it in me to do that honey, so why dont we work on you for now?"
"Well will you let me finish this time, because now i kinda have blue balls" I told her.
She asked me what would she could do to make me do some squirting of my own. I asked her if she could just stroke my cock until i blew my load onto her panties, right into her gusset. She said she would love to see young cum again and do anything for it. This made my cock spring to attention and i asked her if she could get pregnant still. Sue knew exactly where that was going and said:
"If you want to finish inside of me your going to need to wear a condom because i dont know if i can get pregnant but im not taking the chance!"
I was dissappointed to hear that come out of her mouth because i thought she was too caught up in the ecstasy of the moment to care if we fucked raw and i came inside of her. Inspite of what she had just told me i took her hand and put it around my cock and set the pace for her. Sue started making conversation now that she had released all of her stress and was relaxed. i just wanted her to get down and dirty and get me off now. I was too hot to be bothered with any stupid conversations she wanted to have, so i budded in and asked her what she was sick with. She told me she had strep throat and her throat was really sore.
"Shouldnt you limit your talking then? Maybe get down to the dirty work?"
Sue looked at me in shock, stopped stroking my cock and asked me if i wanted to leave. I felt as though i offended her but i didnt care because by now if she didnt finishe me off i wouldnt have left the house until i got off. I was actually pretty rude about it and said just that to her.
"Sue, one way or another im gunna bust my nut before i leave today and theres not much you can say because you just made me drink your squirt".
"You have some nerve coming into my fucking house, masturbating in my bed and making me cum harder than i ever have, and then treating me like a just some 24 year old slut".
Now she actually seemed mad at me so i asked her if we were done and she told me to get the fuck out of her house. I told her i would be gone in 15 minutes as i took her panties off my face and put them on under my boxers and shorts.
"What the fuck are you doing with my panties? I didnt tell you they were yours to keep" Sue said.
"Im taking them so i can remember the day i made you squirt all over my face Sue, thats what im doing" I told her.
I walked out of her room into Lizzies room and got naked again. Sue followed me and stood in the doorway and watched me as i got naked again. She asked me what i was doing now. I told her if she wastn gunna let me cum in her i would cum in her daughters panties and leave them for her. Sue told me that if i was going to cum in her daughters panties it would be because she made me. I liked the sound of that and asked Sue if she would help me then. She agreed to give me a handjob and finish it but then i had to leave. I agreed and she came into Lizzes room stripped completely naked and sat down on the floor with me with her legs over mine facing me. My cock was so close to her fuck box that i could feel how hot she still was. I didnt last very long this time because Sue had started and stopped a couple times before so this time i was almost too easy. Sue looked at the clock and told me we were running out of time because her younger daughter would be home from school soon, in 15 minutes as a matter of fact! Without hesistation Sue showed how flexible she was and slammed my cock deep down her throat, gagging hard. She came up after about 30 seconds with tears in her eyes and her face red as ever, smiling. She asked me if i liked that. I laid back onto a pile of dirty clothes on the floor and told her not to stop. She continued gagging for the next 10 minutes holding me off everytime when i got too close. We finally heard the school bus pull up outside and a group of k**s got off the bus. She looked at me as i sat up and told me her daughter was home. Sue's little girl came running into the house yellin for her mom because she wanted to show her something. Sue yelled back downstairs that she would be down in a minute she was just helping Christians friend finish something quickly. Now she looked back at me, and almost angrily, worked my red, throbbing piece of monster meat until i was ready to finally cum. She took a pair of Lizzies panties fresh from the top of the hamper and slowly drained my balls onto the gusset of her daugthers underwear. They were stained with sweat and piss from Lizzie, and now they were full of what seemed to gallons of my man-cum. Sue looked at me, let go of my cock, stood up, and told me to clean up, get dressed, and get out of the house in 5 minutes. As Sue left the room to go downstairs to greet her baby girl, she poked her head back in the room and asked if we were still on for the rest of the week for me to dog- sit.
"Of course!" I told her.
"Good" said Sue.

"Ill leave you a present before we leave tomorrow, one for each day of the week so you dont get bored" as she winked and walked downstairs.
... Continue»
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My best friends mom

My best friend, Robby, and I were over at his house one day, wasting away another summer day trading baseball cards and stuff. We were both the same age, and had been best friends all our lives. Living just two houses away, we saw each other frequently.

It was about noon when we were in his room, and Robby's dad came into the room. "Hey, sorry guys, I gotta run up to the store real quick and get some wax for the car. Either you all can stay here with your mom, or go with me."

We both decided to go with him, but as we were leaving, their phone rang. Robby's dad picked it up and it was my mom, saying I needed to come home for lunch. After saying our byes, Robby and his dad took off. I decided to take the shorter way home, and cut through their backyard. I was walking around the side, and soon as I turned the corner, I thought I had reached heaven.

Standing there, apparently watering the plants, looked to be a goddess; Robby's mom. Although I was only about 13 or 14 years old, she had been the subject of my "stroking sessions" for many nights. Ok, almost every night. She was about 5'9, gorgeous golden blonde hair, and tanned to perfection. Although I didn't always go for girls with a big chest, this woman was stacked. She at least was a D-cup.

She was there on the back porch, half bent over giving her plants a quick soaking, since there hadnt been rain in forever. All I could see was her back, and I didnt see any bikini straps or nothing. She was topless! With my jaw probably dropped down to the ground, I lowered my gave to those two, perfect bubbles for an ass. She was perfect. Apparently she had been sunbathing, and boy, just looking at her from a distance I can tell you that the sun has done her good.

She turned around and caught me in my trance. Damn, i felt like I was gunna die. I must of turned 30 shades of red, and then I started blurting stuff out like "SORRY!", but I knew it was of no use. She quickly grabbed her arms around her chest and turned around, but rotated her head so she could still see me. She grabbed her bikini top and put it on. She walked over to me, put her hand on my head, and said it was ok. Although still embarrassed, that eased me nerves a little bit. She asked if I wanted to help her, and forgetting about lunch I agreed to.

Every once in a while I would catch her glancing over at mewith a sort of smile on her face, and after about 15 minutes of this, she finally layed back down on her foldout chair and asked if I could put some suntan lotion on her. My dreams were coming true! After I smeared some on her back, she turned to her front, pulled out some of that oil that gives those muscle builders that shine, and she put it all over her body. It looked amazing.

Figuring my job was done, I started wondering on home. Robby's mom ( her name is Mary) grabbed my arms, turned me around and said " You think that I dont know about your dreams of me. I see you all the time look me up, and in fact, it turns me on." Laughingly she said " I didnt think i could appeal to younger audiences."

I was in awe. But before I could process what she said, she pulled me on to her and my head slammed against her stomach. Aww man, her stomach felt so warm, and smooth i wanted to just fall asl**p there. I pulled myself up to where I was stradling her by her legs. She whispered to me eroticly, " Go ahead, I'm yours".

This all happened so fast, I though I was dreaming. I mean, this woman, wh for thirteen,f******n years had been so kind and nice, was yearning for the same thing I had been for years. I couldnt believe it. I was quick to take off all of my clothes and before long, I saw myself rubbing her cunt over her shiny pink bikini. Now I must say, I have always loved the feel and look of latex, the way it rubs and is so sleek, and seeing this woman in a tight little pink, latex bikini made me wild.

I was hard in seconds, all 6 and a half inches of me. I decided to lay down on her, still stradling her. i started thrusting and rubbing and grinding my cock allup and down that shiny latex bikini, while burying my head between her chest. All of the body oil and lotions that she had put on earlier made everything twice as nice, as my body was gliding all over her. Rubbing my teenage body all over her midsection felt so good, and as the oil began to lubricate between the bikini bottom and my thick meat, I knew I couldnt hold out for long. The pleaseure was unmatchable, I felt my eyes roll back as I let my body take over. She was so warm and inviting I just couldnt stop. Her golden skin was so shiny from all the oil, and I was sliding all over her. Finally, after what felt like eternity, the situation just took over me. I tried to think of it all at once, the lubrication of the oil over her pink bottomand the warmth of her cunt took over, and I shot my load all over her stomach. Rope after rope of my hot love cream was all up and down her stomach. It was pure ecstacy. She reached down and took a three fingers full of my cum, and swallowed it whole.

After I regained the feeling in my legs, I got up and went down to her feet. By now she had taken off her top and I was in charge of taking off the bottom part. I untied it and it must of weighed twice its normal weight for it was covered in juices of all sorts.

I lunged between her legs and took her cunt into one mouthful. I tounge fucked her for what seemed like hours. I picked up the pace and before long a powerful orgasm ripped through her body and I could feel her muscles tighten up as she moaned with pleasure. Man, what a sight, looking up from her vagina you could see her golden brown stomach, still covered in my cum, then on up two those beautifuly huge breasts, glistening with all the lotion, and the up to her face, which was covered in sweat from her saved up orgasm.

By now I was recovered and my member was begging for more. I got up to her, straddled her again, and took my cock and placed it on her vagina. She sounded like a dog, begging for me to get in her. I eased it in quite slowly, but started to pump once her cunt had swallowed my whole manhood. I rested down upon her and started to pumpin and out. I started to get a little more f***eful as time went on, and I could feel her tighten up again.

I gazed up at her and with every pump I had, I was swaying her body and making that gorgeous hair rock back and forth. I just couldnt get enough of her, she was so hot.

Her cunt tightened up around me and her second orgasm shivered through her body. With her love whole closing in around me, I knew I couldnt hold out much longer, and I sprayed my juice inside her burning cunt. After I was limp again, I pulled out and began putting my clothes back on her. Apparently she was recovering from her orgasm for she was breathing heavy and still clenching to her chair.

As I was going home, still in ecstacy, I glanced back at her body, still glistening with our jucies. She was so hot, but seeing her covered with my cum made her even hotter.... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mom 1

I had always considered Jimmy Bradford to be the luckiest guy in the world. Jimmy had a cool mom who was always friendly and went out her way to make anyone feel special no matter what. However that wasn't the main reason I considered my best friend to be lucky. It was the fact that he had a hot and sexy mom.

Ever since I can remember I had always had a crush on Jimmy's mom, Jenna. In the beginning it was more like a school boy crush and Jenna knew it no matter how hard I tried to hide it. Even though she was a good 23 years my senior, she thought it was cute and went along with it.

Our families lived down the street from each other in a quiet cookie cutter suburbs and I would always find excuses to go over to Jimmy's house just so I could be around his mom.

Standing 5'7" tall, weighing about 125-130 pounds with shoulder length naturally curly sandy blond hair, Jenna was a knock out with long luscious sensual legs, a curvaceous hour glass figure that measured 36C-24-36.

Jenna worked as a Laboratory Tech with a local hospital and her husband, Ralph worked as a busy and fairly successful executive. Jenna didn't work because she had to, she just loved what she did and couldn't see her self staying around the house doing nothing while the k**s were in school.

As I would grow older, I never really outgrew the crush on Jenna but still I began to pursue girls my own age. I was shy and Jenna helped me learn how to talk to girls and told me what they liked and didn't liked.

Also when I was 16, Jenna would let me come over to her house and smoke cigarettes. She was more open minded than my parents and she was the one who would buy them for me and hold them at her house so I wouldn't have to worry about getting caught.

By the time I was a senior in high school I had come very close to my adult height of 5"11' and I was now what a lot of girls considered to be "hot." I was not a pretty boy but more of the "ruggedly handsome" type along the lines of a young Patrick Swazey or Jean Claude Van-Dam.

I had short sandy brown hair hazel eyes, weighed about 175 pounds and was muscular. I could have any girl I wanted and but was still shy. However once I reached college I got over my shyness and came out of my shell and enjoyed myself.

I lost my virginity to a sorority girl at a frat party. We were both kind of d***k and we went to her room where we made out and she rode me cowgirl style.

During college, I majored in Finance and Accounting and Jimmy and I were roommates. We would go home to his mom's house about once a month and I would stay with them. This is when Jenna would not see me as a little boy anymore but a hot young stud pony she wanted to ride.

Jenna would be careful when Jimmy was around but she would drop very subtle hints about her feelings for me. I still saw her as hot and wanted so very much to "do her" but never said a word out of respect for Jimmy. Instead, I curbed my passions.

However, things would change and fate would bring Jenna and I close together and allow us to give into our passions and become lovers. Shortly before Jimmy finished college his parents divorced. His dad had been caught having an affair with his secretary and getting her pregnant and Jenna took him to the cleaners getting most of everything including the house and a handsome alimony payment of $ 10,000 a month.

Jimmy would also join the air f***e after college and move to California where he worked as an engineer. He loved the military and planned to make a career out of it.

Finally my parents had retired and moved to Florida so I was left with out a place to stay but fate would see that I was accommodated. I received a letter one day from Jenna which read:

"Hey Brad sweetie, I want to let you know that I sold my house and purchased a nice cozy 3-bedroom patio home in a new subdivision outside of town which surrounds a nice man-made duck pond. Since I am alone and your parents sold your house, I was thinking you wouldn't mind flopping down at my place. I have plenty of room and to be frank, I would love having the company and companionship of a handsome young man around the house for the long lonely nights . Give it some though hun and let me know. My new number is (745)555-1969. Hug and kisses to you baby, Jenna."

I jumped at the offer and called her and told her I would love to stay with her so once I had packed everything up in my dorm room, I drove the 125 miles back to my hometown in my 2 year old 4-door olive green Jeep Liberty my dad had gotten for me when I graduated college. Once I reached town I called Jenna and she gave me directions to her new place.

"Just come around to the back sweetie when you get here," Jenna said with a smile. "I should be in the back yard sunning."

I arrived about shortly before 11:00 A.M. and pulled up in the circular drive. Jenna's house was very nice. It looked to be about 1,950 square feet(not including the nice 3 gar garage on the front). It had a very nicely manicured lawn and was very welled landscaped with trees, shrubs and flowers.

I made my way to the back yard as she had told me to and was not prepared for what I would see. There was Jenna sunning but she was totally naked. It was a good thing she had a 9 foot high wooden privacy fence surrounding her yard or the neighbors might have had something to say.

Jenna looked very hot and she did not look like she was in her mid 40's. On the contrary, the had the looks and body of a woman in her early 30's at the most. Her body was tight and firm and she looked like the kind of woman most women her age would kill to look like without having to resort to plastic surgery.

"Brad sweetie," Jenna said as she got up and ran to hug me tight. "Let me look at ya hun," she added as she took my hands and looked at me. "My oh my aren't we the handsome one," she beamed.

"I am glad to see you too Mrs. Bradford I replied"

"Now none of this Mrs. Bradford stuff sweetie," Jenna said as she p*o-pooed my remarks. "We are both grown ups here and besides I want you to call me Jenna. Mrs. Bradford is so stuffy and formal and I am anything but that, unless I have to be."

"Very well Jenna," I said. "I am really glad to see you too"

"Well come inside sweetie and make yourself comfortable," Jenna said putting on her robe and taking me by the hand and leading me inside.

"Would ya like some lemonade hun," Jenna said as she walked into the kitchen getting some glasses.

"Sure, that would be great," I replied.

"Here ya go sweetie," Jenna said handing me the glass and then sitting beside me on the couch close to me with her arm around me on the back of the couch as she loving scratched the base of my skull with her fingers

The way Jenna was sitting had her waist length see through mesh robe open and I could see her sumptuous breast and the way she had her legs I could see her nicely trimmed sandy blondish brown pussy.

"Would ya like a ciggy hun," Jenna said as she took out her leather cigarette case and opened it.

"That would be great," I replied. "I meant to stop and get me some but I bet they are packed away.

"Here ya go sweetie," Jenna said as she lit one and handed it to me.

"I am so glad that you are back home," Jenna then added. It's been lonesome without anyone here. Besides this house is plenty big for both of us. It's better than staying in an apartment by yourself ain't it?"

I just nodded in the affirmative when she said that.

"But to really tell you the truth, it gets lonesome in this big house, and besides its makes a lady feel good to know that a handsome strong man like you is here to keep her company and from getting lonely," and with that she gave me a naughty wink and a grin.

As much as I tried to hide it, Jenna could sense I was trying to keep from looking at her to avoid getting an obvious hard on and she lovingly said "Does my openness about my body bother ya hun?"

"Nah," I replied. "I don't mind at all" "Its just that," and before I could finish, she interrupted.

"It's just that you are not used to seeing your best friend's mom this way, isn't it sweetie," Jenna said finishing my sentence for me.

"That would be it," I responded.

"Well sweetie if it bothers ya just let me know," Jenna replied.

"Well, to be perfectly honest, I sorta kinda like it," I said blushingly," but was too shy to let you know that I did."

"I know sweetie," Jenna smiled and ran her hand on mine. "I have known all along that you have had a crush on me and to be honest with you, I kinda have the hots for you, but if you want we can take it slow."

With that the subject was dropped and Jenna put on a tank top and shorts and helped me unload my car and get me settled into the bedroom down the hall from her which was joined by a common master bath with her room

"Hope you don't mind sharing a bathroom with a sexy lady," Jenna said putting her hand in mine.

"Not at all," I replied smiling now feeling more comfortable with her. "Actually I kinda like the idea" I added.

"Yeah, it'll give ya a chance to see me in the tub naked won't it," Jenna said with a playful grin and naughty wink.

"At least that much," I replied jokingly.

"There ya go hun, you're loosening up," Jenna said and with that she dressed and we both went to lunch where we got pizza and some beers

Over the course of the next two weeks I would become more comfortable about Jenna's openness and soon it wouldn't bother me and I even got to where I would let her see me naked, to which she would give a smile in which she very much approved and liked the way I looked.

Jenna also knew I was looking for a job and since she was now the Director of Laboratory Services for an outpatient lab affiliated with a local hospital, she said she could get me a job in the accounting department and since I had had 3 years of experience working for the University in their accounting office she said I could be making about $12.50 an hour.

She got me the interview and I went and they were impressed with my credentials and I was hired that Friday and told me to report to work on the following Tuesday since Monday was Memorial day and they would be closed.

I went to the office where Jenna worked and told her the news.

"Oh baby I am so happy for you," Jenna said as she hugged me. "This calls for a celebration. I tell you what I am taking you out on the town in style You don't think you would mind be seen with a lady my age in a hot night spot do ya hun," she said giving me a wink.

Without thinking I said "Jenna baby, I would gladly show you off to the whole world if I could."

"Well sweetie, tonight you will get your chance to do just that, she said smiling and then added "and who knows, maybe I will let you see more of me in a way that only the two of us will know and share."

I was taken by surprise but I was a good surprise. If I wasn't mistaken, Jenna had just made a major pass at me and I said smiling "I am looking forward to it hun with grand expectations,"

All Jenna's response to that was "Mmmmm me too sweetie."

It was clear she wanted to jump by bones and tonight was the night she was going to use to do it

That evening came and as we were getting ready Jenna came into the shower where I was and said "Want some company hun?"

I was no fool. I wasn't about to turn down an offer to shower with the woman I had long dreamed about and I said "Sure come on in".

We took turns lathering each other up. I lathered up her sumptuous breasts and she also took my hand and had me lather up her pussy. She would lather up my cock and took the opportunity to stroke it in her hands.

We knew if we didn't stick to finishing the shower we would not make it out so we both dried off and got dressed.

I put on a pair of black dress pants, a French blue button Oxford shirt and a red tie. I also put on some black socks and black slip on shoes. Jenna looked equally exquisite in her sexy black outfit.

The top consisted of a black lace bra which was covered by a sheer see through black waist length cover and an optional black waist length top coat which Jenna left open.

The dress was a very short and very sexy black mini. She also had on black fishnet thigh high stockings with matching garter, black crotchless panties and club shoes. Finally she had on a black choker collar around her neck and the perfume she was wearing was named "Forbidden Passions."

My jaw dropped when I saw her and she just smiled and said "I am glad you like it hun"

"Come sweetie, our limo awaits," Jenna said with a smile grabbing a long coat to put over the club outfit so as to look "presentable" when we went to the restaurant.

It was about 8:00 when we arrived at the restaurant. The hostess sat us at a quite L-shaped booth and brought us a bottle of Champaign and Jenna took off her coat and laid it in the chair next to us.

"To us sweetie," Jenna said with a smile as we toasted to each other."

"May this night be one of fond memories," I added

"Oh I hope so," Jenna responded placing her hand on my knee and rubbed the inside of my thigh and then over my crotch.

We shared several cigarettes and sat close together and just as our lips were about to meet, our dinner arrived.

We ate, laughed and talked to almost a quarter to ten and then we got in the limo and drove to the hot new "Club Underground," a two story club where the music pumped hard and bodies grinded even harder.

As we rode in the limo Jenna first ditched all the clothes covering the sexy club out fit and poured us some Champaign and we sipped it. Also, our lips met for the first time and the kiss was electric. Her tongue slinked into my mouth and I returned the favor and soon we were locked in a tongue probing tonsil swabbing kiss.

Just as we were about to really get into it the driver phoned and said we had reached our destination. Before we exited the Limo Jenna pulled off her panties said with a grin "This will help us have more fun".

The limo driver waited outside as Jenna and I entered the club and it was wall to wall people. We got a beer at the bar and went straight for the dance floor.

The music was pumping and bodies were meshed together. Jenna's hot sexy body was pressed against mine and we had our hands around each other's waist and our bodies rubbed together erotically.

The way Jenna would move her body on the dance floor rivaled that of many of the young girls there and put many of them to shame. Her body seemed to be calling to me and I would answer the call.

Jenna would turn herself around so that her back was to me. She removed her lace covering which covered her bra and wrapped it around her waist. Taking my hands she placed them on her hips and I pulled her close to me and she laid her head back against my body.

Jenna turned her head and our lips met for the second time and the spark of passion ignited our firestorm of primal carnal wonton lust. She then pulled a joint out from her bra top and lit it and said "Take a hit of this hun."

We smoked that joint and one more and soon our inhibitions would be gone and we would be caught up in the frenzy of the lascivious carnal orgy on the dance floor.

My hands would move their way over Jenna's body and I would cup her breasts and massage them. I would also let my hands run over the front of her dress and she would take my hand and slip inside her dress and have me massage her cunt. I could feel Jenna's hot nectar trickle over my fingers and she just crooned with delight.

Just then, the DJ changed gears in put in some erotic hypnotic trance music by the group Enigma. Jenna turned around and danced with her body close to mine. She put her arms around my neck pulled my body to hers as she grinded her crotch against mine and our lips met again.

As in the limo, our kisses would be deep and sensual tonsil swabbing French kisses as our tongues probed each other's mouths. Jenna's hands found their way to my crotch and one hand found its way inside my pants as she grabbed my cock.

"Mmmmm baby, I need to feel you inside of me now," Jenna said with a lustful moan as she erotically whispered into my ear. "Let's blow this joint and continue our party in private."

With that I took Jenna by the hand and we exited the club and got into the limo.

"Where to," the limo driver said as he opened the door to let us in.

"Number s*******n, Lakeside Circle," Jenna said which was the address to her house.

As soon as we were in the limo, Jenna hit the button to raise the privacy screen between us and the driver and we wasted no time in going at it.

Jenna unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and dropped them, and my underwear to my ankles. Sitting on my lap facing me, she raised her skirt took my cock and guided it into her tight wet and waiting pussy and began to ride me hard and heavy right there in the back seat of the limo.

Jenna and I went at it like a couple of rabbits in heat. I knew it wasn't going to be long until I spunked my load and let Jenna know I was ready to explode.

"Give it all to me baby," Jenna purred. "I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside me."

I shot my load deep into Jenna's hungry pussy and she continued to ride me until she felt all of my spunk stop trickling into her. Dismounting me, Jenna got on her knees and proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had.

Here was this woman I had always figured to be a quiet shy, prim and proper person acting like a cheap two-dollar whore sucking off my cock and making my head swim with delight.

Jenna sucked my cock like a little vacuum cleaner and I knew it wasn't going to be long until I spunked my next load. Jenna could tell I was on the verge of cumming and she stroked my cock harder until I couldn't hold back any longer.

Just as I came, Jenna's mouth went all the way down on my cock and she drank every bit of my spunk, not missing a drop and by that time the limo driver paged us on the speaker and said we were coming up on the house.

Jenna and I quickly pulled ourselves together, some what and Jenna handed the limo driver five 100 dollar bills: 350 dollars for the fare and an extra 150 dollars for a tip.

Little did Jenna realize at the time was that she was only wearing her skirt and her open lace coat. Her bra was still around her waist turned backwards but she didn't care. We both went inside and continued our party all night long.

We went straight to the bath room and showered. As we showered we made out. I sucked on Jenna's breast and then ate her out as she held my head there and the warm water trickled over our bodies. Jenna would climax and flood my mouth with her sweet creamy nectar.

Jenna and I got out of the shower and dried each other off and then Jenna took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Pulling back the covers, she laid me down on her king sized bed on my back and crawled on top of me.

Jenna and I embraced as we passionately kissed and then as I turned her over so that she was on her back, Jenna said with a lustful moan "Take me Brad. I am your private little slut to do with as you please." With that I began to go down on her kissing her all over.

I first started at her neck, nibbling and softly biting her flesh and worked my way down her body kissing every inch. When I reached her sumptuous breasts, I spent about five minutes on each one. Jenna just held my head there and crooned with delight saying "Oh yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s baby, let mommy nurse you."

After spending time on her breasts I kissed my way down Jenna's torso and up the inside of her thighs from her feet. Finally I reached her warm, soft inviting pink pussy and using my tongue like a little cock I proceeded eat her out feverishly making Jenna convulse from the wave after wave of carnal pleasure that was coursing through her body.

Jenna grabbed my head by the hair and held it there at her pussy as she bucked up to meet my mouth and fuck my face. I used my tongue to find her clit and once I found it I began sucking on it. This sent Jenna into orbit and she came flooding my mouth with her sweet creamy nectar but she begged me to go on.... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mom

Introduction: Best day of my life so far...

This Story is real and I will never forget the time i had with her...

I lived near a private lake were only certain people in the area could use it. I was 16 years old, 5'10 brown hair and well built. Me and my friend would always go swimming in the pound on summer days. I would always make my self look good when my friends mom came out to get a tan. She was 41 years old had dirty blond hair about 5'9, great DD sized boobs and an ass you could die for. She would always would watch us. I would masturbate when ever I got home just thinking about her. One day she called me and said that my friend Tom had gone to the lumber yard a couple of towns over with his dad and that she said Tom wanted to hang out when he got back. I went down thinking Tom said he was going to a football game out of state. I knocked on the door and Vicky, my friends mom said "Come inside, they would be back soon" and make myself comfortable in their living room. I sat on the couch and watched the baseball game that was on. I heard Vicky coming out as she walked passed the front door i heard it lock. She came in she had a black and red stripped one peace swimsuit on. I asked if she was going outside and she said that she wanted me to undress down to my boxers. When I asked why she just said to do it. As I did what I was told she walked over pushed me down sat on my lap and asked if i thought she was good looking as I stuttered, she pulled a tiny whip out and hit the side of my leg. I yelped yes, then she said good now on all fours as i went down she told me to stay and don't move.

I sat there wondering if i should move but before i knew my boxers were ripped down and i felt a large rigged dildo go up my ass. I was filled with pleasure and wanted to turn but knew I should not move. Vicky asked if it felt good, I said with great pleasure in my voice "yes it does". she kept pounding my ass for 5 minutes and asked if i wanted more i simply said "Only if you keep going" she replied happily "Good boy" after a few more minutes she stopped and moved over to my face and stuck the big black dildo in front of me and said get up as she took her swimsuit off and said try what you like I went right for her wet and a little saggy pussy and rubbed my face in her sweet juice could hear hear moaning as I licked her clit. She started to smack my ass with a whip praising me i just keep my face in her wet pussy. Then as I really hit the sweet spot all of her cum went all over my mouth and down my throat. She got up and pulled me by my dick that was about 8 or 9 inches at the time down the hall way and into her bed room she told me to get on the bed and I did as she wanted.She went into her closet and pulled out a chest inside were dildos, vibrators, whips, gags you name it, it was all there. first she grabbed few ropes and tied me to the bed. Then she put a mouth gag on me and put a strap-on on herself. As she lubed it up she said softly "This might hurt a little" and then shoved it in my ass. I was in heaven I loved being dominated by a strong beautiful woman.

As I took that big strap on up my ass I heard the door being unlocked then open. Vicky turned and said I am in here babe. I heard the clicks of high heels then "Oh, you started with out me you dirty slut!" "Well he was very willing" replied Vicky in a soft tone of voice. As she walked over to me I saw she was about the same age and height but was a brunet, had about C tits and was 6' tall. "Well I am going to have fun with you" as she took off her jacket and I saw a black latex outfit on. She laid down in front of me on the bed and just said "Eat it" as she let her beautiful pussy that was slightly wet already, glimmer in the sun light that came through the window. I dug my face right into it her juice was the best I had ever had as I let it just sit in my mouth to savor it. She was enjoying it as well as I heard her panting telling Vicky that I was good. Vicky kept pounding my ass for a while and then stopped and pulled it out. She untied me from the bed and told me to fuck her. I as tuned over I got my dick right up inside her wet pussy. While I fucked Vicky her friend took the strap on and fucked me up the ass.

After a while we took a break I called my parents and told them I would be at Tom's house for the night and they said it was fine. I loved getting fucked by Vicky and her friend, all night we took turns I took it the most, willingly of course and would give it to them when asked. I could not believe how many toys Vicky had and we used them all I was in heaven. I asked if they had any one else coming over and they said "If I relay wanted to". I said yes as they called her up, Vicky's friend said she was different but I was unaware how different at 8:00 she showed up and we were in the middle of fucking each other.When I saw her my jaw dropped she had nothing on was 6'1 blond hair about C sized boobs and a big dick. "Finally you get here Jan" Vicky said as she walked over to her. "Jan meet our little slave, he will do what ever you tell him" Vicky said. As Jan walked over she stroked her dick and put in front of my mouth, and said to suck it. I was no stranger to a nice cock but I had never seen one this big. As I hesitated Vicky whipped me and said "This is my boss make me proud." The dick was about 7-9 inches and I had only seen dicks 5 or 6 inches long and that was hard. As I stared to suck her nice big cock it grew harder and harder until it was close to 11 inches I had trouble breathing but I kept doing it until I got the hang of it. Meanwhile Vicky started to fuck me in the ass while her friend did the same to her. After about 10 minutes of licking and sucking Jan's big cock she started to moan and said "Here it comes, here it comes" and unleashed a volcano explosion of cum right into my mouth I could barley keep it all in as Vicky pulled the strap on out of my ass I lade down and swallowed the load of cum and licked Jan's dick dry. I lade there and watched Vicky get fucked by her friend and let Jan fuck my ass for a while until she unleashed even more cum in my ass. As all four of us lade down it was 1 in the morning so we decided to pick it all up in the mourning. As we went to sl**p I put my head next to Jan's big dick so I could suck it as I went to sl**p.I was as happy as a seven year old on Christmas Day.

The End...... Continue»
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my best friends mom

we had just arrived at a local was sunday bruch with my best friend Mike,and his mom and dad,along with my folks and two s****rs.
we were in santa barbara,it was the summer of 1962 i was 14 years old ,

I had known mike for about 2 yrs we met in the 5th grade.we lived about
a mile apart,and were frequently at each others homes.our families bacame friends,and would bbq together,once or twice month.usualy at mikes.

I prefered mikes house to mine,primarily because they had a "POOL".
and that was a big deal in 62,and mikes dad was a meistro on the coals.
introducing me to the wonders of american barbecue.I was born in scotland
spent early years in to have access to a private pool was TITS UP.
Ha! one of my favorite expressions back in the day if it was cool,
it was tits up.

So enough background,lets get to the point..... Mikes MOM..Her name was Ruby
she was 38 yrs old shoulder length auburn hair and the best looking middle age
body that i had ever seen in my short life.the first time i realised it. was
the advent of the "bikini" (most of the girls wore one piecers with flaps and
ugly patterns).....It was yellow with a small ruffled trim around the edges
tame by todays standards but it was tight, sweet mother of god "it was tight"
hard nipples fighting through the fabric to be free,a whisp of pubic hair
peeking out of the edges of her bottom.(this is before you gals went "neat")
I never realised that a woman had a "mound" down there until,that day.

But my cock sure "noticed" and that was a problem,as i was wearing a blue knit suit. and my cock WANTED those days i was trim, around 95 lbs with a
shock of red hair,(no freckles)and a cock i could drive nails
needless to say, my problem was bcoming more and more off i ran
trying to cover myself, claiming i had to use the bathroom,as i passed ruby
she gave me a glancing smile. there was only one way to solve this problem
when i got to the john and pulled my suit down,my cock jumped into my hand
a full 8 inches with a crimson head and a no longer ruffled foreskin.

six quick strokes, as my knees buckled,and i grabbed the wall above the toilet
with my left hand. pointing him down against his will into the waiting mouth
of the comode.
ten ass puckering pulses of hot cream splattered in the hole, on the seat,
on the tank ... I had to bite my lower lip to keep from crying out in joy
god i miss that cock. getting older sucks.

to be continued

... Continue»
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Fucking my best friendsWHORING MOTHER

One day I was sitting around with nothing to do and since I had just gotten out of

the Marine Corp, most of my buddies from high school had moved away or had

changed their phone numbers for whatever reason.

I decided to drop by one of my best friend "Steve's" house to see if maybe his

mom Sara knew how I could get in touch with him. I stopped by his old place

around 7 at night and his mom answered the door. Now so you understand, his

mom was a FINE ass MILF that I had always thought was hot as hell and I use

to actually fantasize about her when I was in high school.

She answered the door after a couple of rings and she was surprised to see me

standing there. She gave me a quick hug and told me that Steve had moved

away after college but she did have his phone number. She asked me in the

house and wrote his number down for me on a piece of paper and then invited

me to sit down a while and have a cup of coffee. I accepted and we went into

their den and sat on the couch.

I asked her about her husband and asked if he was there and that's when she

told me that she had divorced him since she caught him cheating on her with his

secretary! I was kinda shocked that she would tell me that but she did and I told

her how sorry I was and I had assumed that they were happy, etc.

I changed the subject and asked about Steve and what he had been doing. She

explained that he was now living in Alabama, etc. and that she thought he may

be coming over in a few weeks to visit, etc., etc., etc...basically, we just made

small talk.

She then told me that she had just gotten home from work and I thought that was

a clue for me to leave but instead, she asked if I minded if she went and

changed out of her work clothes real quick. Hell, her work clothes looked just fine

to me since she had on a killer dress that showed of her cleavage and legs

really good. She got up and went up the stairs to her bedroom while I sat there

waiting on her. When she came back down about 5 minutes later, she was

wearing just a small white robe, clearly nothing under it and was barefoot too.

She sat down next to me and grabbed a scrap book from under the coffee table

and started showing me some pix of her and Steve, etc., etc.. She kept getting

closer to me and when she placed the book in my lap to see a certain pix, I felt

her hand, under it and against my cock albeit my jeans where between her warm

hand and my dick!

I started to get the feeling that she was kinda coming onto me but I wasn't sure

about it so I did nothing. She kept rubbing up against my thigh with hers and

every time she showed me a pix, she would lean closer to me and her hand

NEVER moved from my lap the entire time! I was actually getting turned on and I

could feel my cock starting to grow!...LOL

I looked over at Sara for a second and noticed her robe was opened up a little

more and I could see her right tit and just a hint of her nipple. That REALLY got

me up seeing it and I was hoping she would expose a little more for me but just

when I thought things were looking up, she stood up and tightened her robe and

told me that she needed to go upstairs a minute and get something else she

wanted me to see. I sat there, with my dick starting to deflate and figured that all I

was gonna see was a peek of her nipple.

After a couple minutes, she cam back downstairs and DAMNED if she wasn't

wearing only a thin lacey lingerie that covered almost NOTHING! She asked me if

it was ok if she wore that and that she had been wanting to show it off to

SOMEBODY since she was now single! I stammered out a few words of approval

and she sat back down next to me and placed her hand on my thigh. I could

clearly see her tits, nipples and even her snatch since the material was see

through. She leaned over to me and explained that she had always had a

fantasy about fucking a Marine and since I had just spent four years in the Corp,

I was qualified! We both laughed a little about it but she was dead serious and

she leaned over and kissed me. I could feel her tongue swirling around in my

mouth and her hand started squeezing my now hard cock!

I felt a little guilty, sitting here on the verge of fucking my best friends mom but

being the Marine I was, I manned up and grabbed her tits in my hands and

squeezed them both. She parted her legs a little to give me access to her pussy

so I slid my hand down there and put a couple of fingers in her incredibly wet

hole! She responded back by opening my fly and pulled my cock out. She leaned

over and gently kissed the head and then pushed her mouth over the entire

thing. It felt great and she was as good a cocksucker as some of the

Vietnamese whores I had fucked while in country!

I leaned back on the couch and let her do her thing with my cock and feeling this older women's mouth on my hard dick was awesome! She swirled her tongue all around the head and every now and then she would deep throat me and lick my balls! I knew I had to fuck this old slut right then and there so I pushed her back up and leaned her back on the couch! I got in between her legs and opened her lingerie top so her pussy and big tits were exposed! I leaned in and got between her long legs and started nibbling and sucking her wet hole and even slide my mouth down a little to lick her asshole too! I slid my tongue in and out of her hole and every time I sucked her clit, she would moan and grab my head and would f***e my face even harder into her soaking wet pussy!

I licked and sucked her clit till I was hard as a rock and then I rolled her over on her stomach and slammed my cock inside of her doggie style! I pumped that pussy as hard as I could and when I came, my cum gushed all inside of her and my cock got so slippery that it kept falling out and nearly went up her tight pink asshole a couple of times and she would jump a little thinking I was gonna fuck that ass! That's when she told me that she had never had anal before so I made the remark that she should maybe try it sometimes. She looked around at me and told me to go ahead but to be gentle with her. I pulled my soaked cock from her fuck hole and pushed the head against her ass! She jumped a little but as it slid in her, she seemed to relax somewhat so I went ahead and pushed all 8 1/2 inches in that tight pink hole! She seemed to be doing ok and every time I hit a hard down stroke, she would whimper but I kept going till I had blown a second big load up her ass!

I pulled my cock out and laid back against the sofa and she did the same. We were both out of breath by now but she surprised me by lowering her mouth over my filthy ass juice and cum soaked cock and she licked and sucked me totally clean! When she was done, she raised up and told me that I had probably not ever guessed what a slut she was and that she had even filthier fantasies she wanted to try sometimes! I told her that I was up for anything so she told me to get on the floor and bend over on all fours. I did as asked and that's when she stuck her tongue up my ass so far I thought it would poke out from my stomach! ..LOL She licked my hole, fucked it with her tongue and then licked all around it including my ball sack and she even sucked it so hard I thought I was gonna shit in her mouth!...LOL

When she finished that, we went upstairs to the bedroom where I spent the night with her doing some other fun stuff that I want mention here!!

I fucked her several times a month after that night and once, her son (my best friend) came to visit her and they invited me to dinner. I sneaked upstairs with her and let her suck my cock while her son and his girlfriend were downstairs watching a movie!! I hope the poor bastard never finds out that his mom's a SLUT and that I've been using her all these months as my personal CUM DUMP!
... Continue»
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my best friends mom . true story

i stayed the night at my best friend andrews house as i always do every weekend

and his mom is smoking fucking hot i dream about fucking her , 5'10 jet black hair skinny swim suit model body african american/white

so one night andrew gets called into work really late
so i am home alone with this hot ass mom

i decide to go in the hot tub out back naked
and to my surpise there she was naked in the hot tub
she looks at me and says " come on in ryanna"

so i drop my towel and get in
i cant help but check her out but holy shit
she is looking me up and down to :)

"you like what u see ryanna"
i smile yes yes i do i say

"then come give me a kiss" she says
i kiss her long and hard
i move my hands up an down her beautiful body
slowley making my way down to her tastey vagina

i push her up out of the hot tub and i move my head in between her legs
i begin to lick her vagina lips then slowley make my way to her clit
she moans as i begin to suck on her clit rolling my tongue around and around

she screams in passion
" mmmmm ry yes that feels so good"

i keep licking and licking

till she screams " im gonna cum"

and to my surprise she squirts all over my face.

the end... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mom

When i was in 8th grade I started to hang out at my best friend's house. I had known him since pre-school and we were real close. His mom is a cute older woman. She is about 5'4 with short, shoulder length, brown hair, 36c tits and an average body. She only really has one problem she is really annoying. She enjoys talking and usually annoys us when she talks because it is about stupid stuff.

I dealt with it all through middle school and high school. Me and my friend finally were about to graduate high school. Both of us were 18 and eager to get out into the real world. Neither of us had had sex before, not because of lack of opportunity but because we were kinda shy and afraid of being caught. However we had plans to rent an apartment after we graduated and then start to experiment. I however, got my first action in his very house.

I am a tall red head, with a cute smile and very well built. I was with the same girl all through high school but had never gotten past kissing her. She was beautiful but we never really had the opportunity to do anything sexually, because my parents are always home and she is one of seven k**s so we were barely alone.

One day I was at my house when I received a phone call from my friend's mom, Janet. She needed help with some house work and wanted to know if i would help her. I agreed to since I knew her husband and my friend were out on a college visit. I headed over dressed like a scrub expecting to do work in the yard or something. Little did I know what she had in store for me.

I walked up to the front door and rang the door bell, Janet answered in a towel as she had just gotten out of the shower. I had always had a crush on her and the sight of her still damp and in a towel gave my dick a rise. She said she had some work for me in the bedroom moving some old furniture. She explained what she wanted to do and I got to work. Then to my amazement she turned and got dressed right in front of me. She had her back to me but i still got a raging hard-on from the site of her ass and bare back.

After she was dressed and I had finished moving the furniture we went outside and did some yard work. It was a hot day in July and we both got pretty sweaty. When we were done she brought me in for some lemonade. We got to talking and she asked if I wanted to take a shower to cool down. I said sure not thinking anything of it since I had showered many times there before.

I went to the bathroom and started to undress, suddenly the door opened and in walked Janet! I was already naked and covered up in shock. "Here is a. . . OH WOW. . . towel." She just stared at my naked body as I tried to cover my growing cock. I had trouble with this though because I am very well hung. She eyed me cock and started to lick her lips. I suddenly realized she wanted to have my 8 inch cock. I start to move my hands to show her my huge cock. She slowly started to walk towards me her eyes fixed on my boner.

"You like my cock?" I asked. "Oh God yes, Ben, It the biggest I have ever seen!" she said very dreamy-like. "You want to play with it, Mrs." "Please call me Janet," she cut in, "and yes I would love to play with your beautiful cock and shove it down my throat."

With that she kneeled in front of my and took off her shirt. She ran her hands across my dick which sent shivers up my spine. She started to kiss the head of my cock before taking the first 3 inches in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my cock and jerked off the rest of it with her hand. She slowly stuffed more of it down her mouth till I felt my dick against the back of her throat. She had almost my whole dick in her mouth before she started to bob up and down on it. I reached down and started to guide her head up and down my long shaft. I was about to explode. "Oh God Janet! I am gonna cum!" "Give it to me Ben! Shoot your load in my mouth!" she said between sucks. She stared into my eyes as they glazed over and I started to unload my first batch of cum down her throat. I sent a few more shoots down her throat before I pulled out and finished cumming on her face.

She stood up and cleaned off. I walked over to her and we start to kiss, our tongues deep in each others mouths. I reached around and unhooked her bra. It fell to the floor and I got my first glimpse of her beautiful breasts. I started to kiss her neck and made my way down to her tits. I sucked in one of her nipples and started to suck it. It became very hard in my mouth. With my hands I started to undo her pants before pulling both her jeans and her panties down. She noticed my dick was hard again and said, "Sit on the toilet and I'll show you a real good time."

I rushed to the toilet and sat down she walked over sexually and straddled me, my dick sticking in her ass crack. She kissed me deeply before swiftly grabbing my dick and shoving it in her pussy. She started to ride my huge dick. She was tight and I found out later she hadn't had sex for a long time. As she rode me she moaned so loud I thought the neighbors could hear her. Suddenly her body tensed up as she began to cum. The feeling of her pussy clamping down on my dick sent me over the top, as I shot my load deep into her hot pussy. "Fill me with your cum Ben!" she yelled. "Oh god Janet! YESSSS BABY!" I yelled as I shot the last of my load into her pussy. She leaned against my chest panting as she came down from the high of her orgasm.

We made our way to the bedroom and cuddled in her bed. She began to talk about stupid stuff and started to annoy me. Being a little bolder now I told her to shut the fuck up and suck my dick, which she did willingly and after I cam down her throat again we feel asl**p blissfully in each others arms.... Continue»
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my friends mom

This is my first time writing a story so here it goes.

This all happened when I was a 18 year old teenage guy. I was like most horny teenagers and constantly horny. Now my best friends mom we'll call her denise was the sexiest milf I knew. She had brown hair, 5'6, 36D tits and an ass to die for. Now Denise had walked in on me peeing and occasionally masturbating several times and always made comments on my dick size which was around 8.5 at the time. I also knew from several times looking in her panty drawer that she like skimpy sexy panties. One day when I thought my friend and I were alone I snuck into her room and found the sexiest pair of panties I could. they were light green lace thong. I heard her come home so I hid in her closet and watched her undress. It was the greatest thing ever she was wearing tight yoga pants and no t shirt. She started to massage her boobs and quietly moaned. She was finally naked and went to go take a shower. When she was gone I snuck over and picked up here freshly worn panties and started jacking my cock with them. Just then I heard her walk in and stop. Denise then said "my my thats quite a big problem you got there. and with a wink dropped the towel walked over and grabbed my cock.

Since that was my first true story I would love to get feed back and there is a part 2 if people want it thanks :)... Continue»
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Jessie and I have been friends since way back in the day as we say, and we often get together with Lisa his wife and whoever I am dating at the time. If only I could find someone like Lisa .Lisa is a very hot looking woman and sometimes I find myself staring at her from a distance. She has this hour glass body and she wears the low V-neck shirts that show off her nice firm breast. And that ass oh my god that ass, makes you want to pluck it like a watermelon to see if it’s ripe. At times I have even fantasied about being with her. But she’s my friends girl and it aint right for me to look at her like that. That’s against all the rules of friendship. So I keep my distance and my thoughts to myself.
The other day as I was on my way to work and I got a call” Zeke” its Lisa ,Jessie has been in an accident”, so I rushed over the hospital right away. Man he was in bad shape but he could talk. As he reached out his hand to me I told him don’t worry about nothing just get better and he could depend on me to look after Lisa and make sure she was okay until he got back on his feet. “Thank you he whispered” That’s what friends do they look out for one another in situations like this and I was his friend.
I called Zeke to let him know that Jessie had been in an accident and he need to come to the hospital right away. Zeke and Jessie had been friends for a long long time. Zeke was about 6ft ‘5 and he had these big broad shoulders and he had this swagger about him when he walked as if he was saying hey look at me, Look at him I did but from a distance because he was something to look at, dark as chocolate and I had often wondered if he would melt in my mouth. There have been times that I thought he was gay because he can’t seem to keep a woman.
“Lisa” Jessie said if there is anything you need please call me day or night, I will be there for you he replied.” Thank you Zeke “, Lisa replied as she gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.
Later that night Zeke stopped by after work to check on Lisa as he had promised. He knocked on the door and she answered” yes who is it” Lisa its Zeke! As she opened the door I could see that she had on a nice satin house coat that stopped right above her knees.” Come in and have a seat she said “. My mind started thinking crazy things and I froze for a minute and then went in and sat down at the counter.
How you holding up I asked her? Fine for now but if! Hey don’t think that I told her he will be just fine. She smiled at me and said what a nice friend I was to Jessie. Only if she knew what I was really thinking, when I saw her in that house coat when she opened that door. As she leaned over the counter to pass me a cup of coffee I could see that her breast were nice and firm. Boy is she fine I thought and how lucky Jessie is lucky to have a woman like her.
When zeke knocked at the door I had just gotten ready for bed, he stopped by on his way home to check on me as he said would. There he stood when I opened that door all 6ft 5 of him and dark as chocolate, I felt a strange feeling come over me, and my nipples were getting hard at the thought of being alone with zeke.” Zeke” Lisa called out from the other side of the kitchen you can stay in the guest room if you like it’s no problem. Well if you’re okay with it then yes, Good Lisa said I have never been in this house alone before I will be more comfortable with you here. “Fine” I said as I drank the rest of my coffee. I will put some of Jessie’s pajamas on the bed for you. Pajamas I don’t sl**p in no dam pajamas, I sl**p in my boxers. But I was not going to tell her that. The guest room was just off the hall from the master bedroom and you could see into it as you walked into the guest room. I could see Lisa sitting on the edge of the bed and lotioning her legs, Wow they looked nice I thought. As she stopped I ducked into the room hoping she did not see me looking. After a few minutes I got in the shower and as I stared to bathe I thought about Lisa in the next room. I could feel myself getting aroused by my thoughts and my penis started to get hard. Why am I thinking this about my friend’s wife, if he knew he would surely kill me. But as the steam from the hot shower steamed up the bath room, my imagination ran wild with thoughts of Lisa being in there with me. The hot water, running down her firm breast, the steam on her face, and those seductive eyes. I started to rub my penis as it started to throb with every beat of my heart. As I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling, I was startled by something touching my face ,oh shit it was the towel hanging over the shower stall. I finished up my shower and dried off and put on the pajamas Lisa left for me. They were a little tight in the crotch area and short around the ankles. As I layed down and relax I dozed off pretty quickly.
I could hear Zeke in the shower in the next room and could only think of what he looked like naked, that tall long chocolate body and those big shoulders, but is he gay I still wondered about that, but it didn’t stop me from thinking about him and if he was hung as well as Jessie. I started to imagine him with his big hands all over my body, and fell asl**p within a few minutes.
Later that night I heard Lisa crying in her room and I got up and went into the hallway and her door was closed. I knocked on it “Lisa” I called out are you okay? “Yes she replied” no you’re not I hear you crying! Can I come in I asked as I knocked on the door again? ” Yes she said “As I turned the knob and entered the room I could see Lisa curled up under her satin comforter. I sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed her shoulders and told her everything is going to be fine. I could smell the scent of her perfume coming from the dresser against the wall. As she sat up in bed her face covered in tears, I wiped them away as best I could. “Lisa I said its okay he will be fine” I said. Oh zeke she said you’re so sweet, as she reached up and grabbed me around my neck and hugged me. As she let go our eyes met and we stared at each other, as she wiped the rest of the tears from her face I started to get up “Please stay” she said. “Lisa I don’t think this is a good idea”. At that time she grabbed my hand and pulled me back down to the edge of the bed. As we sat there for a few minutes she started to lean forward as if she was going to kiss me. As she got closer I could feel a lump form in my throat. I wanted her to kiss me, only if she knew. I wanted to fell her lips press against mine. As she got closer I could feel the heat of her breath and at that point she kissed me.” Whoa I said to her this is” “Shhh “she replied as she put her fingers to my lips. She threw back the covers and exposed the satin camisole she had on. Man it took my breath away. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. You could see her skin glowing and her green eyes piercing threw me.”Take off the pajamas” she said to me. As I stood up I could fell my knees shaking at the thought of what was about to happen, but yet I was not making any attempt to stop it.I slid the pajamas down around my ankles and she could see that dick had gotten hard and was throbbing. As Zeke stood there by my bedside I could see his rock hard erection and dam he was hung. I couldn’t wait to get him inside of me with all of that. I jestered for him to lay beside me, as he got into the bed I pulled the cover up around us and he was a little stiff at first so I told him to relax. Once he relaxed I could feel his body rest against mine and boy was he warm and hard. The comforter looked like a tent as it settled over his rock hard dick.I took his hand a placed it on my shoulder and begin to really kiss him, pushing my breast into him as he begin to respond to me. Oh how good it felt to have her next to me. As she started kissing me I pulled her close. I could feel her breast push against my chest. The satin camisole she had on felt so nice to my body. “Take it off” she whispered in my ear “take it off”. As I reached down and pulled it above her head I tossed it to the floor. Man was she soft. Don’t be afraid she said touch me. You don’t have to tell me twice. My hands were everywhere. She seemed to enjoy it to. As I was fondling her breast she managed to reach down and start rubbing my rock hard erection.”Man did it feel good” “What do you want me to do Zeke “she said, and for the first time I was speechless, I opened my mouth but nothing came out. What the fuck I thought to myself say something, and again nothing came out. Seeing this she smiled and said then just let me take over and she pushed me flat on my back. She pulled back the covers and my dick was real fucking hard by now.
Oh my god look at how hard and big it is she said to herself, as she placed her hand around it and started to rub up and down on it. It was warm and hard and all she could think about was if this dark chocolate meat would melt in her mouth. So she leaned over and stared to lick it ever so slowly, Mmmm she moaned as Zeke swallowed hard. She ran her tongue over the rim of the head and slowly inserted it in her mouth ever so slowly, she was not sure she could take it all. Zeke stared to moan and squirm as she started to increase her motion, faster and faster she went, the more Zeke started to moan, “Oh shit that feels good Lisa “zeke said out loud. Mmmm Lisa replied with a mouth full of zekes cock in her mouth. Oh shit Zeke thought I going to cum if she keeps this up. Zeke reached over and pulled Lisa away for a second and she laughed and asked what’s wrong? Nothing zeke said as he pulled Lisa to him and rolled over on top of her and started to suck her hard nipples, Oh how good it felt thought Lisa, as Zeke made his way down her stomach to her smooth shaven cunt. Oh how sweet it smelled as he started to lick at the opening of her clit. “Oh my god “Lisa said out loud, lick it hard Zeke, lick it hard baby. As Zeke took two of his fingers and inserted them into her wet pussy as he was licking her clit Lisa begin to twitch and wanted to cum. She pushed Zeke’s head deeper into her pussy. ‘oh yes baby oh yes” Zeke could feel Lisa getting ready to pop as he was licked her cunt and he wanted to taste her juices so he inserted a third finger into her pussy, Lisa respond by lifting her hips off the mattress and letting out a loud moan “ Oh zeke !Oh zeke! “ I’m Cumming she said I’m cumming . Zeke continued to lick and suck away as he could feel the pre cum drippping from his hard dick. As Lisa caught her breath she massaged Zekes rock hard shaft back and forth with her hand “Put it in me she said “Please I want to feel it inside me.
As I parted her legs and positioned myself to enter her, I could only imagine what she was going to feel like. I took my dick in my hand and rubbed it back and forth over her clit until she begin to moan again, “don’t tease me she said” So I inserted the head and and started to push up into her wet pussy. Oh how warm and wet she was and as I continued to slid into her ,she gasp for air. “Oh my god you’re so big baby it feels so good push it in all the way, as I thrust all the into her she grabbed my shoulder and let out a scream,”fuck me Zeke ! fuck me !she cried out! As I started thrusting in and out of her.She met my every thrust and dam did it feel good ,better than I had ever imagined. She wrapped her legs around my waist so I could enter her deeper so I thrusted into her even harder as I felt the head of my dick touch the back of cervix. In and out, I thrusted as she gasped for air and squeezed my waist with her legs. Oh shit you feel so good I said to her. I want to cum inside of you so bad, Go ahead baby cum inside me hard.
As I thrust harder and harder, I could feel the pressure building up in my scrotum, she reached down and started to rub her clit and this excited me even more and I was ready to shoot my load deep inside her “‘oh baby here it cums! Oh shit! As I blew my load I could feel it squish out the side of her pussy as I kept thursting in and out of her hot wet pussy. My head started to spin and I could feel my knees weaken and my stomach muscles start to ache from all the thrusting. As I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily from exhaustion I rolled over onto the bed. As I did she let out a long sigh and let her legs collapsed unto the bed also. As we lay there it, suddenly hit me what had I done, I violated my best friends trust in me and fucked his wife. How could I be so stupid? After a few more minutes I rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. “Lisa “Jessie can never find out about this. “Don’t worry Zeke” she said, I am as much to blame as you. I wanted this for a long time. “But he is my best friend” Zeke replied and my Husband she said. I promised Jessie I would look out for you while he got better and I will keep that promise but not this way. ‘’ I understand Zeke “but you can’t sit there and say you didn’t enjoy it. Besides I see the way you look at me. Well we can never let this happen again Zeke said as he left her room and returned to his and gathered his things. As he got dressed he thought I can never make this right. He yelled to Lisa “I ‘m leaving”.
Boy how good Zeke felt fucking me, Well he’s certainly not gay as I once thought. And yes he melts in your mouth. I called Zeke later that morning and assured him I understand his guilt about what happened and I assured him Jessie would never find out. Good he said call me if you need anything.
After a few weeks Jessie came home and zeke came over to see him. As I walked into the house I could not help but think about what happened between Lisa and I a few weeks ago. Lisa went upstairs and Jessie started telling me that Lisa had told him how I had taken good care of her while he was in the hospital. Hey don’t mention it man that’s what friends are for right.” Yes” Jessie said maybe one day I will able to repay you for that favor. “ Man if he only knew “ Zeke said to himself. Well I got to go man and get to work, your home with your wife where you belong. I will see you around b*o.
As I walked to my car I could feel Lisa looking out of the bedroom window from upstairs, as I turned to look she waved good bye. I needed to make the airport before 5pm to catch my plane; I had taken a job in Washington to put some space between me and my best friend’s wife , but could not find it in me to tell them. So this is good bye.
As I stood and watched Zeke walk to his car I thought to myself what have I done , he no longer had that Swagger when he walked ,he no longer held his head up high ,it was as if he had lost his best friend, I will never tell Jessie what happened, but I didn’t want to hurt Zeke either. As Zeke looked back at me in the window I could see the pain and hurt in his face. I will call him tomorrow and let him know that it will never happen again.
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Banging My Best Friends Little s****r

It was nearing the end of my senior year of high school. And, with the end of the school year came the burden of having to finish finals. However, since we were seniors, we didn't really take our finals studying seriously.

Anyways, I found myself studying at my best friends house for our Science Final. His s****r, Kate, was only one year younger, and was in the same class as us just at a different time in the day. So it was the three of us studying for the final. Countless hours went by, going over the same silly material over and over.

Let me describe Kate, as she will eventually become to focal point of the story. Kate is the cutest girl you could ever imagine. She was about 5'4", with a very slender body besides her very cute bubbly butt. She has cute dimples in her smile, and very small boobs. Regardless, everyone of my best friends friends always joked about the possibility of fucking her, and on this day, I was fortunate enough too put the jokes to reality. It was getting late in the evening (probably around 6-7pm), and it was time for my best friend to head to his church youth group. He left in a rush, and told myself and Kate to finish up. We concluded studying very quickly, and started just chatting. She was dressed in typical study gear, with just a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants, with no makeup.

I went across the room we were studying in (which doubled as a play room sort of thing), and sat at the computer. Kate came over and explained she needed to use it quickly to check her email. I realized no one was in the house, but in my wildest dreams I could have never foreseen what happened next. There was some little k**s in the f****y, and there was a play horse just on the stick thing (hope I described it well enough), and I started flirtatiously hitting Kate in the head with it as she sat at the computer. She started staying, in the cutest voice you could ever imagine, "David, stop!!!".

It was almost a sexual tone. I responded laughing, "If your parents came home right now, that wouldn't sound very good for us." Standing up, she playfully responded, looking deep into my eyes with a look I will never forget, "What do you mean?" She began approaching me. Our eyes were locked on each other. She stopped, about one foot away from me. The room was filled with silence. All of a sudden, I decided what the hell, and went for it.

We locked in a kiss, which seemed forever, however in actuality was probably only 20 seconds maximum. She reached down to the edge of my sweatpants and gave a playful brush over, as I grabbed aggressively onto her gorgeous butt. We moved down to the carpeted floor, as we maintained our kiss. My 7" thick cock was immediately in a massive tent in my sweatpants, and Kate (seeing her first boner in real life) looked down at it shocked. The look she gave my tented sweatpants still gets me hard. She looked back at me and whispered in my ear, "Let me show you my room."

Her room was just down the hall, and immediately upon entering we once again engaged in a kiss. I reached down for her t-shirt, as she lifted her arms allowing me to pull it over her head. She reached for my cock, and began rubbing vigorously over my sweatpants. I lifted her up into the air, grabbing just below her gorgeous ass, and tackled her onto the bed. I pulled her sweatpants off of her, revealing a sexy black thong. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and ripped it off my head.

I moved back for a second, as I admired my best friends adorable little s****r in just a black bra and black thong, and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I slowly moved up her body, our bare bellys touching, sending chills down my spine. I slowly kissed down her body, passing her neck, sucking her cute little nipples through her bra, as I reached for the back to unclip it. Off came her bra, as I passed down her perfectly innocent body, kissing and licking her belly, belly button, to the outside of the panties. I pressed my face on the outline of her virgin pussy, feeling the gushing wetness through her underwear. I reached up to her hips, and began pulling down her thong. Finally, the thong passed her vagina, as I could finally see the hairless innocent vagina of Kate that I had forever dreamed of. I kiss her twat, and kept kissing down her legs with my pull of her thong. Taking off the thong, I once again looked over Kate, analyzing every bit of beauty that was my best friends virgin 18yo s****r.

I moved back up to make out with her, pressing my raging tent against her bare vagina. She ran her hands down my chest, over my 6-pack, and through the top of sweatpants. As she touched my naked cock under my sweatpants, she let out a sexual moan. I pulled off my sweatpants, springing to life my cock. I went back up to make out with her, out completely naked bodies rubbing against one another. I whispered in her ear, ""You ready babe?"

She responded, "Fuck me baby."

I put my raging member on the outside of her incredibly tight and wet virgin pussy, and began pushing a bit. Kate let out a whimped from below me. I pushed in a little further, her virgin walls resisting every centimeter. Finally I got my fat cockhead in, as she let out a yelp. I asked, "You alright Kate?" She responded, "Yes, just got for it."

In one motion, I pushed all the way in, her juices flooding around the outside of my penis. She yelled in the greatest sound I have heard over sexual excitement, pain, and arousal. I engaged in a kiss with her, as I started thrusting into her with a bit of a rhthym. She squeled and groaned in the greatest moans known to man with every thrust as my 7 filled her up. After about 2 minutes, I needed a quick break. I told her it was her turn to get on top. I laid back on Kate's bed, as my friends beautiful little s****r climbed on top of me. She came up to kiss me, as I lined up my cock with her just de-flowered vagina. She sat back on it as she let out a tremendous moan. She began riding faster and faster, and all of a sudden, Kate squirted all over me. She collapsed exhausted, as it was her first squirt as she had never masturbated before. Laying on her back, she said let me finish you now. She rolled back over, and started vigorously jerking me with her right hand, smiling at me the whole time. As she jerked me, she was still moaning from the fucking that had just taken place. Looking at her perfection stroking me, it was hard to hold on any longer. WIth her face rested on my chest in exhaustion as she continued to stroke my cock, my balls clenched up, as I unleashed the largest cum shot of my life. After my first shot of cum, Kate moved her head back, as I got it all over her face. Shots two and three also landed on her face, the rest coming to rest on my belly. She looked up at me with a big grin on her adorable face. Not only did I deflower kate, but I turned her into a girl that loved cumshots on the face. Quite a study date!!
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My Best Friends Dad

During my school days i was very shy, i didn't have boyfriends as i was classed as 'frigid' and knew that i would have sex when I was ready.

I was 16 and sl**ping over at my best friend Kerry's house, she lived with her mum, dad and little s****r. I had a crush on Kerry's dad, it was something i can't explain, he was in his 40's, tall, good looking but in an older man kind of way.

Kerry and i would tell each other everything and she told me regularly that her parents were arguing alot. Her mum was always nagging him, shouting and dressed in baggy clothes, she wasn't attractive. We decided to watch a film that evening, Kerry got her mum to drive her to the video store to choose one, i said i would stay back as i wanted to have a shower and get in my pj's.

Kerry's dad Mick was there. Her s****r was out so Mick and i were alone, he was nice to me, i was a skinny brunette with a bit of a mouth on me but i think he liked my cheekiness.

I told Mick i was going to run a bath, i stepped out of my clothes and left them on the floor, he was downstairs, i poured some bubble bath into the tub and checked the water temperature, with nothing but a towel around me i quickly dashed back into Kerry's bedroom to get something. There was Mick sat on the edge of Kerry's bed, he had my knickers in his hand and was sniffing them.

At first i didn't know what to do/say, i was shocked, i was 16 and this was my best friends dad. He looked straight at me and apologised, it was weird but i quite liked the fact he liked me too. I told him to lie back onto the bed, he looked a bit nervous at first as if i was going to pick something up and hit him with it, he laid down and i dropped my towel.

My naked body was on full show.. I was excited yet nervous yet never known this feeling before, i felt wet and wanted to give him what he wanted. I climbed on the bed and stood up.. "You want this" i said.. as i stood over his face, his head between my ankles as he looked directly up at my moist little slit. He nodded.

I lowered myself down onto his face, feeling his unshaven stubble against my clean shaven pussy. Forcing my slit against his lips i rubbed my pussy over his mouth it felt amazing. My juice from my ever excited pussy was now dribbling into Micks mouth he began licking furiously sticking his tongue in my teenage cunt. My pussy felt amazing as he sucked my clit and stuck his tongue inside me devouring every piece of my pussy. Parting my lips with his fingers his tongue lapped at me whilst his fingers wandered deep inside my hole, building up speed i started cumming, here i was 16 and cumming onto my best mates dads face... the excitement heightened the experience he grabbed me and sucked my slit hard....

I heard a door slam downstairs, Kerry and her mum (his wife) were back,... "Shit they're back" i said.. i stood up grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me, Mick had my juice all over his face, i handed him my knickers to wipe his mouth with and whispered "you can keep those". Mick licked the crotch of them and winked at me. He disappeared downstairs whilst i slipped into the bathroom.

As i laid in the bath my pussy tingled from the orgasm i was plotting ways to have it again later, sl**povers were about to get a whole lot more interesting.... Continue»
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My best friend’s father, Robert, was the bane of all my fantasies since I could remember. Between his tall muscular body, his dirty blond hair, and his ice blue eyes he had me mesmerized for the beginning.

I moved in to amy’s (best friend) house on my eighteenth birthday. My parents were going on a holiday for there honeymoon and didn’t want me to stay home on my own for two months. Knowing each other for soo long they thought it was best if I stay at amy’s house. I loved the idea.

One day while amy was out with her boyfriend and her dad had left for work I decided to go skinny dipping in there massive pool. It was a warm day and and I was enjoying the heat and water, coming out of the water with my back turned to the back door I got out with my naked ass propping up into the air. Because of the quietness of the neighborhood on that day I herd the sharp intake of air. Spinning around quickly I say Robert standing there getting his eyes full of my beautiful body. Looking around for my towel I realized that it was on his side of the pool and that I’d have to walk all the way over there to get it. As if reading my mind Robert picked it up and started walking towards me.

“Here you go” he said “I think it’s this you’re looking for “

“Thanks” I said taking my towel

“You shouldn’t be shy of the body u have it is so beautiful.. I’ve been waiting for so long to tell you that but you were u******ed. Damn why do you have to be so sexy. Look at what you’re doing to me “

Looking down I saw what he was talking about. Under his trousers I could he that his cock was rock hard. Straining against his pants. I looking up into his face to find him looking at me like he was a lost puppy and he wonted me to take him home. He then took his hand and rubbed it over is bulging pants. Not being able to help my self I placed my hand over his hands.

“What are you doing ... You don’t have to do this” he said trying to make sure this is what I wanted

“I’m doing what I always wanted to do. Stroke, suck, and fuck your cock. Do u want that?” nodding his head he said yes, then slowly leaned in to give me a kiss. It was soft at first just brushing over my lips. His tongue passes on my lips trying to cox them to open. Giving in to his woo I opened my lips to his eager hot mouth. Tongues were rubbed together lips were bitten and body’s were caressed, and I was still naked. Breaking off the kiss and dropping to my knees I undid his trouser buttons and zipper. Then pulled down his pans and underwear to find the king. What a dick. Touching the head I heard a moan. Looking up at him I saw him bighting his lips and breathing heavily.

“Please suck it. Suck my cock. Please.” He begged

Hearing his cry I took the head of his penis and sucked sucked with skill and sucked until he was holding my head and having me deep toughing him. As he was about to cum I took him out of my mouth and began to jerk him off only holding his cock tightly in my hand and moving it as fast as I could I herd him grunt and a spray of his seeds colored my body. Pulling me up to kiss my lips that tasted of him he kissed me hard. As we kissed the sound of a car coming into the driveway brought us back to realty. Scrambling to get ourselves back to normality we went our separate ways.

The end

Hope u enjoyed. This was the first of many to come by princess. So subscribe , Please continue to read my stories and don’t forget to comment

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My Best Friends Grandma

My best friend Chris left for College a couple of weeks ago and I felt it would be a perfect opportunity to go see Norma. I had met grandma Norma and her husband Fred several years before out at there small farm. From the get go Norma openly flirted with me and it seemed like Grandpa Fred didn't much care. Plus to make matters more difficult she sometimes wore a night gown that every one could see thru, I could clearly see her herendous sized boobs with big thumb sized nipples, hanging a bit low. Chris said several times 'my grandmother really likes you, why don't you fuck her with that big dick your always bragging about''hay I told grandma that you have a really long dick and I'm telling you she just about creamed her bloomers in excitement' I'd punched him in the arm saying that would be gross and I wasn't interested in such because she was married. Chris thought the whole thing was all to funny and laughed to no end but I sure didn't, I'd get hornier than hell being around her and there was no doubt that she had caught me gawking at her, she had to have known my lust for her.
Well when Chris left for school I thought up the perfect excuse to go visit Norma. Fred and Norma had sold chicken eggs for years so I decided to call them my hands were shaking, being so horny and nervous. Luckily Norma answered the phone 'Norma' 'yes', 'This is Timmy, Chris's friend' her voice immediately perked up with excitement 'Oh hi Timmy, I haven't seen you in a while, how have you been? 'Oh just fine' 'How are you doing? 'Alot better since you called' my voice cracked with sexual excitement 'Are you still selling chicken eggs? 'We sure are, Freds at work and won't be back until six but I'll be here all day' 'Is it ok for me to come out to the farm right now and buy some chicken eggs' 'Oh you sure can' 'bye' While I was driving over there my dick was engorged and laying down the inside of my pants hard as steel. When Noma opened the back kitchen door she was wearing her paper thin night gown and a bit of make up which was a bit unusual and invited me in. I flirtingly said 'You sure do look beautiful this morning' 'Why thank you, why don't you give me a kiss you sweet handsome man you' We had always done a hello kiss before but this time instead of a quick kiss I deliberately started kissing her, she picked up on it real quick and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down into her giving me a torrid pasionate kiss. It was like throwing gaseline onto a fire as we wildly kissed each other. After about fifeteen minutes of kissing she was more than ready for some more serious action. She backed up to the edge of the kitchen table and I pulled up her night gown, up over her head. She hoped up onto the home made but very sturdy kitchen table and I moved into her parting fat legs. I quickly dropped my pants and underwear around my ankles and was hobbled like a damn horse. My dick sprang up as I grabbed it and put my egg sized dick head at the enterance of her hairy pussy. Too quickly I thrusted forward all eight and a half inches of my uncondomed hard dick into my best friends huge tited grandma Norma, taking her breath away. She grabbed my right shoulder with her left hand and held on, looking deep into my eyes with mouth ajar. She gasped for breath and started to scream uncontrollably. A minute went by and she gasped and said 'ohh Timmy I knew you wanted me, now fuck me good with that big young cock of yours' her dirty talk really turned me on as I fucked her. I looked down and blurted out 'oh fuck you've got some huge tits' she gasped out 'you like my big tits Timmy' 'oh yes, yes I do' she labored thru screams and gasps 'Chris is right you are very big and oh so fucking hard, are you going to squirt in me? 'ughaa,ughaa, yaa but it's going to take a while' After ten minutes of wild fucking, I pulled out and stepped out of my pants, I threw a fat leg over my right shoulder and re entered her. she semi screamed 'ohh fuck me Timmy' as she rested her elbows on to the table, looking at me with glazed eyes, morbid approval and screaming the whole time. After several minutes her head fell back and she yelled at the kitchen table lights. 'oh fucking God Timmy, I'm gunna' she started to hum out a wine. There was no doubt that Chris's horny neglected grandmother was climaxing, years of sexual frustrastion blew as she continued to wine in delight. Like a dumb ass I continued to fuck the hell out of her. Norma had openly and deliberately flirted with me in front of Chris and her poor husband and now she was getting what she so richly deserved. I starred at her huge boobs laying on the sides of her chest wanting so desperately to suck on her nipples and play with them but instead I just fuck the shit out of her. Her pussy was too good of a feeling on my dick. Thirty secounds later she started to wine again and I thought wholly crap she climaxing again but this time I cheered her on by saying 'that's it! cum over my big dick' The thought was afterward; Hot damn! Chris's grandmother is one hot fuck! and we are just getting started, her old man wouldn't be home for hours so we'd have plenty of time. After her climax died down I pulled out of her and helped her off the kitchen table. 'oh my lord Timmy, I believe we need to go up stairs' her legs were wobbely but we made it up stairs into the spare bedroom. I layed down and she crawled up and impaled herself on my still hard dick then proceded to fuck her brains out cow girl style as I played, sucked and fondeled those gorgeously huge tits of hers. We've spent hours together since then and another perk is that I get all the fresh eggs I want.... Continue»
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My best friends dad (Flower Power)

My name is Emma or rather it isn’t; but you may have read story about me in which I was Emma. I now it sounds confusing but I will try to explain. To be honest I don’t know why I am actually bothering because I agreed that this story should not be written. I can’t help it though, it was so surreal that I have to do it. My husband Dan likes the videos available on this site and I don’t object because it has led us to have a really good sex life. I don’t tend to watch the videos so much but I do like to read some of the stories. Dan always says “I don’t know why you waste your time with those stories, they are all made up. Imagine my surprise then when I read a story written by a man who has fantasised about fucking me. I couldn’t be sure to start with but the more I read it the more it convinced me that the girl he was fucking was me.

The story I read was called 'My daughter's friend (Flower power)

In his story he has changed the names of everyone except mine. The man calls himself Andy and he has always called me Emma but presumably didn’t change it because it is not my real name. I shall continue to use the names he used so that a little anonymity can be maintained.

At first I was outraged but the more I read it the more it turned me on and the more flattered I became that he should think about fucking me. I suspect that the man who wrote the story is the father of one of my best friends. Some of the story he told is complete fabrication, some of it is true and some of it there is no way I could know.

I used to work in the City but gave it up a couple of years ago because the hectic life was wearing me down. I opened a small florist business about 2 years ago and have been building it up. I really enjoy going to work now whereas before the pressure was just too much.

I had befriended Katie’s dad on Facebook and as Andy explained in his story there was no motive behind it and we did not begin a relationship using this medium. I did however, use Facebook to offer him some flowers for his wife Judy at a discounted price. He took me up on the offer and I delivered the flowers to his wife the next day on my way round to my mum’s house. That part of the story was pretty accurate; obviously I cannot confirm whether or not he ended up fucking his wife in the bathroom after I left. I delivered flowers a few times after that and he clearly had a god memory of what I had been wearing on those occasions. I’m reasonably sure that his descriptions of my outfits were pretty accurate.

I read the story several times and no it wasn’t me that gave it a thumb down, quite the opposite in fact. In the end I decided that I would confront him. Find out why he did it, as if I didn’t know and try to ensure that he didn’t involve me in any of his later stories.

I took a print of the story, folded it up and placed it in my handbag. I decided that I would wear the green floral dress that he pictured me wearing in his story and see what his reaction would be. I sorted out the same shoes but I was not going commando on this occasion. I drove round to his house and parked under the trees on the opposite side of the road. It was just a little later than my usual delivery time so I anticipated that if she was working then Judy his wife would be leaving quite soon. I was right and after about 10 minutes Judy emerged from their garden and walked past my car on her way to work. She works locally so always goes on foot. As she was on the opposite side of the road she didn’t spot my car or me.

I waited until she was out of site and then got out of my car. When I reached his front door I hesitated, even considered walking away before I turned back and gave the door a loud knock. They don’t have a bell or a doorknocker so you have to bang the door quite heavily. I heard the key turn in the lock and the door opened.

His face was a picture, surprise followed by a look of pleasure with a mixture of complete confusion. “Hello Emma” he said cheerfully, “Hi Andy” I replied “I need to talk to you”. “Oh OK” he said in a more concerned tone, “you’d better come in” I stepped through the door and we went into the lounge.

I sat down in the same chair that he chose for me in the story. “What do you want to talk about?” he asked and I hesitated a little. I suddenly felt unsure, less confident than I did when I hatched this plot. Why had I come here? What was I hoping to achieve?

“Well” I said “Its difficult to know where to start really. Erm, have you ever heard the word Delmohawk?” “Delmohawk” he stuttered; “what is that?” “What about Xhamster, have you ever been on that web site?” “Well, em yes I have heard of that, why do you ask?” “Well I was reading some of the stories on this web site and I read this story, it made me think of you” “Story?” he asked almost open-mouthed. I reached into my handbag and took out the folded sheets of paper. I handed them to him and he started to read.

He didn’t need to read very far down the page before he looked up and said “OK, yes I wrote it, and it was about you”. “How could you write some of these things?” I asked, “Where did you get the idea that I wanted you to fuck me when I was 15?” “I don’t know” he said, “maybe it was because when you were 15, deep down I probably wanted to fuck you”. “Probably? I questioned. “Well yes OK I did want to fuck you” he blabbed. “Presumably it turned you on when you were writing it” I suggested. “Yes it did” he replied, he was sounding more confident now. “When you started coming round with the flowers and I got to see you again, it made me realise just how much I want to fuck you”.

“And the bit about masturbating over my photos, is that true?” I asked. “Yes” he said “and I figured that as I would never really get to fuck you then I could do it in a story; in stories I can fuck anyone I want”. Somehow hearing him say that and not just reading it aroused me “I could feel my panties getting damp as he talked”. “And do you still want to fuck me now” I asked, “He said, yes of course I do, you are very attractive, absolutely gorgeous and only half my age. But what on earth is gonna make any girl like you wanna fuck on old man like me?” He was starting to make me want him.

“Maybe I should write a story,” I said. “Why is that?” he asked. “Well as you say you will never get to fuck me then maybe I will have to write about it to turn me on,” I said. There was a short silence which I broke with “Of course I could go one better”. “What?” he asked. “Well I could save myself all that writing by just getting you to fuck me, here, right now” I couldn’t believe that I’d said it but my pussy was getting so wet, my mind was in turmoil I was getting so turned on. He stood up and walked over to me, he took both hands and pulled me up into the standing position. He cupped my face in his hands and bent down to kiss me passionately on the lips. He was so gentle, my pulse was racing and I felt myself trembling slightly.

He unbuckled my belt and started to undo the buttons on the front of my dress. He kissed my neck and as my dress opened he slid his hands around my waist and slipped them into the back of my panties caressing the cheeks of my ass. I had considered that his story was an effort by him to show him to be a fantastic lover, well maybe he was. His touch was certainly melting me. He started to slide my sopping panties down, and dropped to his knees kissing my stomach. I stepped out of my panties and he pulled me towards him and started to kiss my pussy, probing my clitoris with his tongue. He stood up and as he slipped my dress from my shoulders I tugged on the waistband of his training bottoms and pulled them down. He wasn’t wearing any pants. His cock stood proud and sprang out as the waistband freed it. I held his cock with both hands stroking it gently. While he kissed me he reached behind me and unclipped my bra sliding it down my arms. He pulled his bottoms down all the way and removed them before raising his polo shirt over his head and we were both naked.

He cupped both of my breasts and lowered his head kissing them, pushing them together and pressing his face into them. I remember that this is something he did in his story. I liked it.

I dropped to my knees, I licked the end of his cock, ran my tongue all round it. Caressed the tip with my tongue and lips. He was rock solid and pulsated each time I touched it. I took the head into my mouth and licked the underside with my tongue. I gave him a few gentle strokes with my lips not going too deeply, concentrating on the head. I could tell that he liked it. After a few moments I pushed down taking him deeply into my mouth. His cock felt a lot bigger in my mouth than it did in my hands. I pushed down hard a few times, his cock hitting the back of my throat, pushing its way down, choking me. I could only do it a couple of times but the sounds he was making made me want him in my pussy.

I looked up at him “Fuck me Andy, I want you to fuck me” I demanded and he pushed me down onto the floor. I opened my legs and he lowered himself pushing his cock against the lips of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him towards me. His cock penetrated me with ease, it was so hard and my pussy was so wet it just invited him in. He bent down kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples. He started biting them, which really turned me on. “Bite then harder” I screamed so he did, almost biting the nipples off or so it seemed.

As he pounded his cock into me I started rubbing my clitoris. I love rubbing my clitoris or having it rubbed its even better with a nice hard cock inside me. It was not long before I climaxed but he carried on pumping into me. I continued to rub my clit and before I knew it I was cumming again. Andy clearly lasted longer than he did in his story.

He pulled his cock out and told me to turn round, he gripped me around the stomach and hitched my ass up towards him and pushed his cock into my pussy from behind. I felt good but I pulled away. I turned to him and said “in your story I told you that next time I want you to fuck me in the ass” “Yes that’s right” he panted. “Well” I said, “this is the next time, do it fuck me in the ass” “Are you sure” he asked in a seemingly concerned manner “You are dead right I’m sure” I shrieked at him. “Push your cock deep into my ass” He wet the end of his cock with juices from my cunt and then used it to lubricate the entrance to my ass. I have never been ass fucked before so I am amazed that I suggested this. The anticipation was tinged with the fear that this might hurt. I felt his cock against the rim of my asshole and braced myself.

It did hurt as he split my ass open but once his head was in it was less painful and after a few strokes it was amazing. Fortunately he didn’t push too hard at first. He leaned forward, reached down and was cupping my breasts, squeezing them hard, gripping them to pull me backwards towards his cock. As much as I liked him doing it I was glad that it didn’t last to long. The effect of my ass on his cock was fairly immediate and after a relatively short amount of time he was shooting his load into me. The moment he did the pressure eased with his cum lubricating me from within. From that moment having my ass fucked felt so much better. He pulled his cock out and kissed my back.

“That was far better than I imagined it was in my story,” he said sitting himself down on the floor next to me. “Can I have some tissues?” I asked with cum oozing out of my ass. “Sorry” he replied, passing me a handful and then dropping the box next to me. “Let me help you”. He wiped the surplus sperm from the crack of my ass and then more seeped out. He wiped it around his finger and pushed it into my ass. It slid in easily; he stabbed it deeper a couple of times but then withdrew it again. “Sorry” he said, “getting carried away again, you have such a fine ass”.

“Are you going to write about me again?” I asked. “I’m not sure,” he said. “I think you should. It would really turn me on reading about this”. “I’m not sure,” I said. I would have to do when Dan is out and I shall have to create my own profile. I couldn’t post in Dan’s account. If he read it he might put two and two together”. “We had better hope that he doesn’t read the stories anyway” he said “my story might make him suspect, if he read another it might confirm his suspicions”. “Perhaps neither of should write about it then” I suggested. “You are probably right,” he said. He knelt over me, straddled my legs, cupped my head in his hands again and kissed my hard in the lips. “Emma you are just so fucking gorgeous” “You are not so bad your self” I said, “I enjoyed this evening with you but it cannot happen again”. “Maybe that’s for the best” he said and started to get dressed. I stuffed my panties in my handbag together with the pages of text that told his story.

“This here that you wrote about fucking Judy in the bathroom after my first visit, is that true?” I asked him. “Yes” he said, “most of it, I used poetic licence with a few of the details but yes it was great, all thanks to your flowers, so thank you, flowers lasted ages too”. “I try to please” I said standing up, I have a quality supplier. I picked up my bra and slipped around my waist back to front and secured the clips. I spun it round to pull up over my breasts and Andy stopped me. “One moment” he said “I’m never going to see these beauties again” He cupped both breasts and buried his face in them as he had done before. He rolled one nipple between his fingers and sucked hard on the other. “Oy careful” I said as he squeezed my nipple a little too hard. “Sorry, they are just perfect” he said, “I just love em” That’s enough” I said pushing him away so that I could pull my bra over my breasts. I picked up my dress and finished getting dressed.

I was just fastening my last button when we heard Judy coming through the back door. I grabbed my bag and Andy picked up all the tissues stuffing them into his pocket. Quickly I nipped into the hall, Andy unlocked the front door and slipped out. It was a close call.

Not sure what excuse he used but he has ordered flowers for Judy again and I have been round there and it looks like we got away with it. I’m not sure whether I shall upload this but I have had such a good time writing it. Maybe I will, I just hope that Dan doesn’t read it; but I hope Andy does.
... Continue»
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