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Muscle encounters 6 Lynn mcrgossin pecpanther

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Muscle encounters 1 Dawn Whtiman

Muscle encounters- Dawn Whitman
By lilguy
A happy fan meets Dawn Whitman, smut happens.

I had met Dawn Whitman at a Muscle Expo. She had been my favorite body
builder. She was a great mixture of muscle and sexuality. She was strong let
she had sexy curves. Her biceps were huge and her legs look like they could
crush a Buick.

She had a punk girl look. Her hair was spiky blond. She had a nose ring and
tattoos all over her arms and back. Her breast was huge and barely was held in
by the outfit she wore that day. She went out in outfit like a leather biker,
a Cowgirl, and cop. She did poses and strutted her stuff for the camera.

I went to get up for the autograph. I was black 5.8 and wore jeans and button

"Thanks" I said "I love your bodybuilder and of course your other stuff"

"What other stuff" She ask

She was in her cop outfit. I got a view of her cleavage and tried to hide my
erection. I was shaking.

"You know the ... .other stuff. Like movies"

"You mean my posing ones" She said with a smile

"No the sex one" I whisper

"Oh the fethishing hardcore sex that what you watch" She said loudly

I got nervous. She grab my hand. Her hand was soft let strong. She licked her
lip and wrote down an autograph and the hotel number.

"Be that in 2 hours" She whispered

Security sent me out of line so people could go up. I was shaking. Did she
just do what I thought she did? That night I drove to the apartment and walked
in. This had to be a Joke. I couldn't be this lucky.

I knocked on the door.

"Come in" She said

I walked in and she was sitting there was a glass of wine and punk robe. It
look like she just took a shower and her hair was still wet. Droplets of water
were coming down her breast. She smiled and took a sip of wine. She looked at
me like a piece of meat.

"Take of your clothes" She said "Now"

She spoke in a commanding voice. I remove my clothes nearly ripping them
apart. I stood there naked with a raging hard on.

"Nice" She said

She got up and circled around me. Dawn grabbed hold of my cock and gave it a
tight squeeze.

"You ever fucked a girl like me before. You ever give your cock milked dry by
a tight muscled pussy like mind. Every have you dick squeezed dry between a
girls biceps sweaty

"No ... But want to"

She laughs and gave me a pinch on the ass. She opens her robe. I can tell she
was naked underneath it. It could feel her sharp nipples against me. She had
those pierces. It could feel her pierced clit against my ass as she felt and
squeeze my nipples.

"Don't turn around, Keep your hands down" She said "And what ever you do don't

She started stroking me while rubbing against me. She kissed my neck as her
pussy hit my ass. She had a big juicy clit and I could feel it against me
slamming. Dawn moans were loud. I moaned as she took me in those muscled arms.
It felt so good. I wanted to explode then and there but she knew how to
squeeze to keep me from climaxing but at the edge.

She dragged me over the mirror while jerking me off. She grabbed my hair and
had I looked at it. She looked gorgeous. She flexed her bicep was she stroked
me with her other hand. She kissed her muscles.

She dropped her robe down so I could get a good look.

"You're a Goddess" I moan

She smiled

"And you my servant. Like it when I stroke this cock do you" She said


She rubbed against me faster and faster.

"Feel my muscle baby"

I felt her biceps as she went harder and faster rubbing against me. Her
muscles were like still and now drench in sweat. She came moaning loudly. She
kissed me and I started to cum. She made me lick her hand.

"That it every drop" She said

She kissed me some more. Dawn spun my around. I hung in her arms.

"Every time you cum ... I cum 3 times boy. Not counting me cumming this time
sense I did the work" She said

She grabbed me and tossed me against the bed. She jumped on me and put her
clit in my face. She held me down and was humping my face.

"Lick my clit boy ... that it ... back and fourth..faster..faster ... ohhhhhhh
yesss ... suck it a bit yesss"

Her pussy was dripping wet and I started to suck

"Higher baby..right there ... right there ... .fuuuuuuuuuuuuck ... I am
cumming ... shit ... ... 2 more times baby ... " She said

She drenches my face. I sucked and lick like a wild a****l and gagged. She
slammed me into the bed. She would smother me until I was near passing out and
then lift her cunt up just enough to breath before slamming it down. She came
2 more time. Each one bigger then the next before stroking my cock. She glided
her hand down making me shoot my load

"3 more time honey"

My tongue was sore

She put her ass It my face and spread her cheeks showing a deep hole.

"Lick ... Yesss like that. Eat, your nasty slut" Dawn said "Snack time, nice
milky chocolate for you"

She took my cock and start sucking it getting it real wet. She took me all the
way in I moan against her ass and she seem to like it. She took my cock
between her tits and started to tit fuck me. I moaned and slammed my fist into
the bed as she smothered me with her ass. Dawn slowly sucked her finger and
started finger fucking my ass as she titfucked me.

"Yea deep in that tight little black ass" She said

I couldn't take it. I shot my load all over her tits.

"Tsk Tsk. You owe me six now. Finger my clit boy"

She smiled enjoying the ass rimming and rubbing against. She soon came as her
pussy drench on my finger. My legs went limp,

"Keep licking the ass boy" She said

Hour passed

"Well seven mores time I came. But you came twice. You 3 times again ... tsk
tsk" She laughed

I laid there and she took me inside her. Her pussy gripped me milking me as
she had me fill her tits. She loved getting her nipples squeezed and squeezes
my neck. She rode me up and down flexing my muscle. Could last longer because
I came so many times.

"Ohhh yesssssss" She said

She plunge her pussy on my cock up and down as I became hard as steal.

"I am CUMMING" She said "Shit squirt all over your cock"

She saw me about to cum. She gripped my neck choking me. I tried to budge her
finger but was weak. The orgasm was intense as my arms went lip

"Extra 3 times babe"

The night she fucked me senseless as we both came and came.


I woke up in the bed weak. Dawn was all ready dress for her show. She had on
tight wife beater that said "Muscle erotica" and tight jeans and boots.

"Don't go anywhere babe. Not that you can move now anyway" She laughed

She stood over there.

"Cause you still owns me orgasms. You never go to be even with me. Your now in
inditerted servitude to my pussy" She laughed

Dawn walked out the door giving me a view of her butt. I laid there unable to
move thinking of what next
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Muscle encounters 4 Yvette Bova

Muscle Encounters 4- Yvette Bova
By lilguy
Man meets Yvette in the Gym

I was given a job at a gym. It was the late shift, Only VIP's went in. In was
very easy, I mostly the towel boy and helper. Wasn't really the trainer or
beef cake. Normally a rich people came in just to relax, or some health nut
that really didn't need my help anyway. I look at who was coming in that night
and was shocked. It couldn't be who I think it was.

It said

"Yvette Bova"

Yvette Bova was a black female porn star. She was also a bodybuilder with her
own website. She was very fit and well built. She did a lot of muscle worship.
She also would wrestle men. She was known for her tight ass and big tits. She
was a figure of ebony gold. She started in several movies. She was pretty
nice. She was about 5.8. She had black hair and was much sculpted.

I heard a whistler to come in the Gym. I walked in, my knees were shaking and
that was when I saw her. She was at her competition weight and show every
muscle was bulging like a human action figure. Her body glistens with sweat
from the work out... We were all alone just me and her.

Yvette Bova stood at the work out room bench pressing about 200 pounds. She
was wearing a tank top and shirt skirt. My mouth was wide open when you saw
that she was wearing no panties and a very short skirt. I have a view of her
perfect clit. It stuck out an extra 3 inch due to working out. She was
dripping wet with pussy juice. I could see her hot juicy clit sticking out.
The shirt was tight and showed off her gigantic breast.

She got up. She closed my mouth

"Didn't the boss tell you that it not nice to drool in front of guess sweetie"
Yvette said

"ummm sorry" I said

"It ok I am use to it. Plus a girl don't dress like this if she didn't want
attention" Yvette said. She had warm smiles. Her shirt was sweaty and you
could see her breast. Damm did any of these girls wear bra's

"Your kind of cute" She says "What your name

I tell her your name

"So umm how may I serve you" I said

"How may you serve me?" She says. She has a big and warm smile filled with
perfectly white teeth. "I think I have an idea"

Her voice is really salty. She grabs you to her and kisses you. She moves you
hand down to her ass.

Squeeze it baby" She says

I gave her a tight squeeze. She whispers for me to keep it up

"You know my arms are not my only muscle that can flex and pull" She smiles

"But I'm you help"

"Well help me get off. I saw you watching me. Saw you little timid eyes scan
me. You look cute and it been a long time on the road. I haven't had a change
to get a man in a while"

She gripped my balls through my pants. It felt like cumming right there. I let
out a gulp.


"shhhhhhhh" She says. She takes off her shirt showing off her perfect breast
"You ever been with a woman stronger then you it a rush"

"Take that cock out for me baby. I am going to make you feel good. My ass
going to squeeze the life out of that cock" She said

my palms were getting crazy wet for being in front of that sexy. I took off
your pants franticly fizzing with the belt.

"Here let me help you silly" She said pushing me against the wall. She yanks
my belt off. My pants dropped. She squeezed my erection on through my
underwear and pushed me on the bench press machine. Her nipples stood pointed
and dark brown. She sucked me trough my underwear and add a little teeth

"ohhh shit" I say

She takes my shoes off and chucks them across the room and then my socks and

"GrrrrR" She says smiling and tears open my shirt. Yvette licks my chest and
sucked on your nipples. I feel Bova's hand in my underwear as the sexy black
goddess stares in your eyes and kisses you. She tears my underwear off leaving
me totally naked on the floor

"mmm someone happy to see me" she says

You like these muscles don't you baby" She says

"Ohhh hell yes" You say

"You like these big tits. You like these in your face" She said

She bring your face down smothering your face with them. My cock is like steal
now. She grabs it

"mmm think I got my answer" She says

"You're so beautiful"

"mmmm you think so. I am not to strong for you" She says

"Hell no your not" You say

"Touch these biceps baby" She says

I feel them. Her biceps are rock hard, like balls of steal wrapped in smooth

"Imagine your dick between them..Imagine what I could do to your body" She

"Ohhh you're a goddess"

"mmmmm your charmer you"

She grabs me and hold mu cock in her hand. She nibbles on your ear. I feel
those big breasts against me as I start to make out with her. My tongue
twisted each other as she kissed me passionately. You grab her ass and give it
a good slap. You slap in a bit harder as she hear you moan. She returns the
favors and squeezes your ass hard. I jumped up a bit. She let out a laugh as
she gives in slap. The feeling of mud fingers in her pussy is sweet.

She moans and grinds against it as you two make out as her pierce tongue
tickle the inside of my mouth

"I be nice and let you pick how we fuck first" She says

"I like my cock ride" I say quietly

"Speak up baby"

"I would like to get ridden...Please Miss Bova" I said

She smiled

"You want me to ride that cock baby" Yvette said in a sultry voice

"Yes. Please"

"mmmmmm please so polite." She laughed. She had a beautiful smile. She kissed
me and pushed me down. She laid towels across the floor and got ready. My cock
was taken into her as I moved her hands up to feel her arms

she flexed as she rode me up and down. My entire cock was buried in her tight

"Feel those biceps. You like it baby." She said


"Can you handle it baby."

"Yes bring it"

"You sure because I going to fuck you hard"

"Oh shit"

"Ohhh yea" She said grinding into me

Her pussy was now dripping wetness down on my cock. She squeezed my chest
grinding into me. Her breast bounced up and down as she thrust up. She lets
out an orgasm dripping on you.You got to feel her tits and she gives a wry

Yvette pushed my hand down

"Naught naughty...don't touch less ask" She says slamming down on your cock
"Yea trust it baby..harder...yes LIKE THAT!!!"

Her balls rub against her ass. She kissed you feeling your deep inside her.
She nibbled on my lip and cover my with passionate kisses. Yvette kisses your
chest and suck your nipples

"ohhh yesss" I moaned

"Fuck my cunt ohhh yea" She said squeezing your balls. She moves you're hands
down to her ass. You get a good squeeze of her ass and squeeze the cheeks

"Shoot that load in me going to cum with you" She says

She start riding you faster as you shoot your load with her. She bites down on
your lips. Your body collapse under her. She laughs

"Damm baby hope you're still alive" Yvette said "Because your sweet little ass
got a long night head of you, Can keep you hard all night, make you cum
gallons baby. Your mind"

That night she fucked me until I couldn't move. That night laid in a hospital
knocked with an IV in me, a tattoo on my ass said

"Property of Mistress Yvette Bova"

I know soon she be back to collect her property.

The End

The End

Interactive stories like this can be found here

The real Yvette Could be found at

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Muscle Encounters 7- Jazzmon

Muscle Encounters 7- Jazzmon
By lilguy
Jazzmon drives a deadbeat to a parking lot and uses her toy on him

Jazzmon drove her car in the night. The music was blasting. She was wearing a
Leather pants to show of her long black, and sensually legs. She had on a Vest
and black bra. Her vest was sleeves and it showed off her strong muscle

Jazzmon drove to the parking lot and took out a cigar. She rolled around her
fingers, using her long nails to dangle it. She puffed on the cigar for a
minute before going out. The lights were shining out in the car. They were in
front of a closed mall. She smirked and walked out. Jazzmon open a trunk

There was black man in the trunk, naked a beating. He looked scared. Jazzmon
grabbed him out of the car as he struggled

"Get your punk ass out" She said

She punches him 3 times in the gut. Her fist drove into his gut each time.
Tears welted in his eyes and he went to town on him, punch him over and over.

"You think you can stiff me on my money" She said

She grabbed him by the hair and uppercut him. He was saw stars. Jazzmon
slapped him out of the blackness and held him to her. His face was deep into
her breast

"You getting a hard on over this, aren't you wimp" She laughed

"Please don't hurt me" He cried.

She grabbed him by the hair and put him on the roof of her car. She grabbed
her pocket book and started to unzipped her pants.

"Bout to teach your little ass a lesson" She said

She pulled out a 16 inch strap on. She took some lubed out of her pocket book
and stroked the black strap on to make it glisten.

"No" He gasps

"Don't you fucking move bitch, Yea bet that ass real tight" Jazzmon smirked

He struggled but she held him down and started teasing his asshole. The dildo
f***e itself as Jazzomn slammed it home. He moaned. It hurt by part of him was
getting turn out. His cock was rock hard and getting pre cum on the room of
the car.

She grabbed his hair and slapped him hard on the ass. She slapped him again
and again

"Say my name. SAY IT!!" She said

"Jazzmon, Jazzmon"

"Damm this ass is tight. Your taking most of it now boy"

She slammed it home it, slamming against his prostate milking him. She loves
the friction of the Strap on causing herself to cum and she slammed it home.
Her body was dripping sweat now as she fucked him without mercy. Tears ran
down his eyes.

She grabbed his arms and stretches them out. He screamed in pain as the strap
on was still in his ass. She slammed him back down on the car repeatedly
before slamming it in. Jazzmon put her legs up so she can dig deeper.

He tied to pull out but she grabbed his arm twisting it

"Where you going boy, you aint escaping this cock. Tell me you love it"

"I LOVE it" He said

She watches as the cock disappeared in his ass, swallowing it. She slapped him
on the butt and gave in a pinch.

"Ohhh shiiiit" He moaned

"You came, you came you little wimp"

He banged on the car and begged for mercy but Jazzmon showed none. Instead she
grabbed his hair and made him lick up the cum before slamming him back on the
car. He felt humiliated as she drove herself to another orgasm

"Damm you ass much love this" She said "Tearing this shit up"

She slammed harder holding his hand to him. The strap on was like a Jackhammer
going into his ass. Jazzmon ran her long nails across his back and slowly down
to his balls. She gave it a nice squeeze

"Don't even have to use lube anymore"

"Please I pay you your money" He said

"To late for that now boy. Take that dick. TAKE IT!!!"

"please nooo"

"Take it. Don't care if It hit your ribs mother fucker. You are going to take
it all."

Hour later he passed out. She woke him up. He had his legs wrapped around her.
She held him up slamming it down. She smiles spitting him as she rode him. She
looked him in the face as pain and pleasure went through his body. Tears ran
down his eyes

"Little wimp. You BETTER be late with my money again"

"I wont I swear"

He came again. Jazzmon tossed him down and started punching him again until he
passed out.

"Stupid nasty fuck" She said

She woke him up and went back to going inside him.

20 minute later

She dropped his broke body wipe the cock head under his nose. She made him
sucker her clean.

Jazzmon stood over his broken body and kicked it. He lay on the ground as
Jazzmon stomped him with her boots. She laughed and spit in his face. Jazzmon
got in the car.

"I want that money by tomorrow slut" She said

She drove off leaving him naked in the parking lot.
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Muscle encounters 6 Mistress Treasure

Muscle Encounters 6 - Mistress Treasure
By lilguy
Treasure escape from prison and meets her penpal

Tony was a black man who was single and lived in a small little house, on a
small little street. He went on a dating site to help out with a shy lonely
life and found a site called Prison mates. Where girls and guys could match up
with people in prison and become pen pals. Tony always been a bit submissive,
so certain lady caught his eye.

She was a Black Girl name Treasure. She had an athletic body and nice biceps,
and sexy muscle bound legs that could crush a man but she was beautiful. Her
lips were nice and thick and she had a smooth curvy body. Her hair was short
and black and her ass nice and thick. She ends from running a protection
racket, multiple counts of **** and assault. She liked to use strap-on on her
victims, assault of the police officer, Breaking and entry, arm robbery, and
running a prostitution racket. She actually sold men that she beat up into
prostitution and ran brothels with some girls that were friends with her.
Treasure and him had been talking for a few months. They had to watch what
they say because the letters were always being read. But through their talks
on phone and mail she got out some phone sex with him. It was fantasies of how
she would dominate him. There were wild. He could be as wild as he wants
because so far it was just fantasy. Tony also talked about himself. He sent
pages and page talking about his feelings and life.

One day the fantasy became real. He went to the video store to get something.
Little did he know, that that a Day ago Treasure broke out of Jail. She had
seduced the guard to come into her room and have sex. While he was making out
with her, she wrapped her legs around her and broke his ribs. She took his
weapon and broke out, putting 4 more guards in the hospital. Tony got into his
car and drove. He was startled when he saw someone pop up in the back seat.

"Knew you would show up at this store. If I waited long enough." Treasure

She had on tight wife beater shirt and no bra, and pair of jeans. She manages
to steal those clothes from her a clothes rack. She had a Duffel bag that
belongs to her. It had her toys and some money to escape. She had it in a
storage locker she had hidden somewhere. She went into it and put on a Blond
wig and some shade.

"How you get in here" He gulped

"Broke in ... Drive. Where getting out of state"

"I can't be a party to breaking you out"

She pulled out a gun. Something she stole off a guard while escaping.

"Wasn't a Request bitch ... In fact parked the car"

He did as told. She held the gun on him and got into the passenger side

"Drive and don't say a word" She said

They drove miles and miles

"You got a Phone bitch, give it to me" Treasure said

"But I ... "


"Bitch gives me the Phone and keeps driving." She said

She spoke on the phone

"Yea is at the hotel I talked about. Laying Low. Yea got that little bitch who
had a crush on me. Little Fairy almost pissed his pants when he saw me. Little
bitch hard right now looking at my breast" She said

Her nipples were poking through. She slapped him

"Eyes on the road, don't want us pulled over by the cops"

She unzipped his pants and started stroking him.

"Yea going to lay low. Milk this guy for some money, have some fun with him.
Need a little bitch like him to go out, get me food and items I need" Treasure
said "Yea, We meet up with some guys when it safe. Yea that BURLY mother
fucker. Cant wait to have a real man."

She began stroking him faster and faster. She licked her hands and massage his
cock. He was like puddy in her hands. In seconds he came.

"Clean it off ... NOW"

She stuck out her hand and had him lick her hand

"Take Exit 12"

They drove out of state to a musty hotel on the side of the road. They brought
a room and went inside. Her fist slammed into his gut sending him to the
ground. She grabbed him up and she started slapping him senseless. He tried to
fight back but she was to fast and strong. And Left hook slammed into his
face, and then a right making him sees darkness. She stripped him naked and
wrapped his legs around his ribs. Treasure slapped him awake and squeezed

He screamed in pain. She started to laugh.

"Why, are you doing this?"

"Got to trained you bitch. Got to show your ass who boss? Want you to know if
you try anything funny, this happens."


He was shaking in fear. She flexed her arms and squeezed his ribs with her
killer legs.

"Ahhhh Yes ... fight it, Want you to know how helpless you are" She said

She took off his shirt showing off her dark nipples. She had smooth six pack
abs the glisten with sweat. He could see some pussy hair peaking from her low
cut jeans. She smiled and started licking her dark nipples. The nipples seem
hard. Despite the pain he was rock hard

"Please would never try anything, I ... I love you"

She laughed harder. She squeezed her legs again

"You WUV me Ahhhhhhhhhh What cute wittle baby." Treasure said

Tears were running down his eyes.

"Well first rule. I am in charge 1. Second you don't do ANYTHING, go anywhere
without my say so. Third Rule Your old life is OVER"

"Yes what ever ... just stop"

"That sounded like an ORDER!!!"

"Please stop"

"Beg" Treasure said

A smug smile cross her beautiful lips

"Better make it good and quick, look like one of your ribs about to snap." She

"Please Do anything ... Please, I'm your bitch, Please ... stop"

"But I though you LIKED pain" Treasure

She licked his chest and started sucking his nipples. Pain was mixed with
pleasure. She held his arms down and nibbled his neck next. Her moaned

"Think you will crack a rib" He cried

"You mean this one"


She got up.

"Consider that my MARK." She said

She got up and told him to crawl over.

"Take off my shoes" She said

He did as told.

"Kiss my feet" She said while taking off her pants.

He pecked at her feet. She laughed and took her pants off. Her pussy was
dripping wet. She took a seat and pointed to her pussy. He crawled over and
grabbed his head. She wrapped her legs around and gave him a squeezed.

"Right there, Keep Licking. Suck it ... left to the left ... shit right there.
Shit boy you give some good head. Going to be a good owner when I pimp your
ass out, after we get to Mexico"

She laid back and squeezed his legs hard when she thought she wasn't doing a
good enough job. He slurped up her wet pussy as she bucked his face. She
grabbed his hair.

"Shit cumming" Treasure said

Her body shook

"Keep licking right there, want a multiple. Keep Licking. Damm, Going to sale
your ass real good bitch. Your going to be on every street corner I can find.
Pussy licking a perfect Job for small dick bustas like you. Cumming again"

"Your taste so good..mis ... "

"Did I say you could talk? Does it Look like I here for chit chat"

He shook his head.

"Then shut your fucking mouth and keep licking" Treasure said

And Hour Passed. She pushed him off and grabbed some cigar from her bag. She
lit it up and took a puff.

"Get your as dress and get me some Beer and new smokes"

She hopped on the bed. She grabbed her gun.

"If you aint back soon, I coming for you." She said "Get some ice too"

He did as told. He came back 10 minutes later with some beer and smokes.
Treasure was in the Bathroom.

"Put it on the table and get undress"

James didn't have to be asking twice. He franticly got undress and jumped in
the bed. Out of the Bathroom came Treasure. But this time she had on a 16 inch
strap on.

"Surprise slut"

She was lubing it up and walking slowly toward him. Her dildo glistens as she
slapped him across the face. Treasure bent him over and teased his asshole
with it. She let it hold on the tip of his asshole and watch it pucker. Then
she drove it in deeply. The rubber balls slammed his ass like sticks to drums.
She grabbed his hair making him screamed. The pain was intense but his cock
was rock hard. He felt it hit his prostate.

"Your little ass love it doesn't it, Look how it swallowing up. You little
wimpy sissy" Treasure said "Piece of shit"

She drove him home making him cry. A full length mirror was close to the bed
so they could see themselves. She flexed her muscles and licked her lips. The
site looked amazing to him. 5 minutes passed then she stops

" ... ... you little shit ... came" Treasure said

She pulled his face down to the cum stain.

"Lick it up whore" She said

James hesitates but she grabbed his hair harder.


He did as told tasting his own cum. His knees were shaking as she continued to
slam him as she licked.

"Fuck" Treasure screamed out as she came.

She pulled out and made him lick the dildo clean.

2 Weeks Later


Treasure was sitting out in the sun drinking and ice Tear. She was on a front
porch of her new Brothel. James came out in a G string and blond wig, Belly
shirt and blond wig. He dropped a stack of 100's on her.

She counted it

"Little light bitch" She said getting up

"Please I did my best"


She brought him to his knees.

"Get your ass back on the street and don't come back till you have a stack of
cash twice this big" Treasure said

"Yes mistress"

She lay back in her chair and drank her tea as he left.

"Freedom is good" She said to herself
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Muscle encounters 9 Goddess Heather Clean up

Muscle Encounters 9- Goddess Heather Clean up
By lilguy
Goddess Heather finds her slave didn't clean her house right and punishes him.

Goddess Heather came back from working out a gym for 2 hours. She had a tight
white T shirt, clinging to her tight busty body. The shirt was showing off her
tight abs, showing layers and layers of sculpted muscles. Her blond hair was
cut short showing off her beautiful face and piercing eyes. The sleeves were
short so people could see biceps. Heather had a pair of sneaker on for her
jogging. Her muscle were dripping with sweat

Even at 49 she was still in great shape and wearing tight Gym shirt to show
off her ass. Cleaning in her house she had a slave name Chris, who were f***e
walk around naked, with a leash on. Goddess Heather was tattooed over his ass
as a mark that he her property. She came ready to see a clean house.

She walked in an expect it. Most of it seems clean so far. Her slaved crawled
up her with a news Paper in his mouth and drink tray with drinks on his back.
She grabbed it and walked toward the chair

"Come here Slave" She said

She sat down and put her legs up on his back as she read the paper. She took a
sip of her ice cold drink and put it down on a coffee table. That was when she
notices something.

"Get up" She Said

He stood up.

"Is there a problem Go ... "

She punches him in the gut bringing him to his knees. Goddess Heather grabbed
him by his hair and dragged him to the table for a closer looker. She pointed
to a smudge.


"It's ummm dirty"

She kicked him in the ribs knocking him down. Goddess Heather places a foot on
his neck.

"What is it..Doing on my table..Bitch"

"Please Goddess ... I missed it. It's a big house and only one spot"

Goddess Heater stomped on his gut making hi moaned in I pain. She stomped 3
more times

"Just a spot ... JUST spot ... you little slut. When I saw clean the house,
you clean the house. Your know how lucky you are to be with a big busty,
goddess like me (stomp stomp) you going to sit here, and tell me you miss
(stomp stomp) a spot"

"Sorry ... Goddess" He moaned

Heather straddled him and wrapped her legs tightly around his body. He
screamed as her legs were crushing him. Heather flex, know her huge biceps
intimidated him. She went a pretended to punch. She laughed watching flinch.
She did it again this time getting a centimeter from his waste.

"Maybe if you didn't spend all that time, playing with your dick, and sneaking
pictures of me, my house would be clean" Heather Said

She gripped his hair.

"Sorry ... I was distracted"

"Distracted by WHAT..Slave" She said adding pressure.

"When I clean your clothes, was ... "

"Say it slave"

"Your panties..Had to look at them...and...s.s..Smell them"

" ... ... . You little slut"

She started punching him for real, totally abusing him. He was being beaten

"Lucky for you, slut, I wear something just for this occasion"

She gets up and pulls down her G shorts, revealing a 12 inch cock. She stood
over him and slammed the dildo down in his mouth. Her strong muscled legs
squeezed around his head, threaten to break it like a ripe melon. She shoved
it deep in his face, face fucking him, getting the strapon wet. Her hands
grabbed his hair pulling it. Her slaved gagged on the big dildo. Heather
smiled enjoying the friction. Her strapon had a little strapon on her side of

He could feel it in a back of his throat.

"You better it real wet slut. Otherwise this going to tear that tight little
asshole of yours apart. Look at me ... that's a good boy. Suck..Faster ahhh
yess. You're never going to miss a spot again. Naughty slave, think you can
just come in my house, check out my muscles and not doing any work" Heather

She pulled the dildo out. She grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the
room. She pushed him down on the bed and grabbed his hips. She teases his
asshole with the head of the strapon cock.

"Look at your asshole pucker up slave, you much really want this. Don't worry,
going to give you all 12 inches, of my thick fat cock" Heather Said

She plunge the strapon deep in his ass making him scream in pain. The thick
dildo spread his ass cheeks, forcing it deep against his prostate. The slave
screamed with a mixture of intense pain and pleasure.

"MERCY" He Cried

"Mercy? Mercy?....there is No mercy slave. Don't try to pull away. Take, my
cock your ass slut" She laughed.

She grabbed him by his arm, keeping him from pulling away. She slapped his
hard leaving huge marks as she dug deep. Heather grinded in his ass, getting a
nice motion. Her entire dildo disappears in his ass. She dug her nails into
her ass. Heather put her whole weight into it. Her sweat dripped down her
muscles as she was really getting into it.

The dildo was sliding in and out with ease now, but no less painful. She felt
herself about to cum. Heather put her head back as she came.

"Ohhhh I think your ass came little slut. And your little cock made a little
spooze on the bed whore. You must really LOVE getting pounded" Heather Said

His legs went limp and his arms collapsed. He was nothing more then a little
fuck toy as she plunges deep in. An hour passed as she left. She flipped him
on his back and got on the bed. She made her slave clean her off. She pushed
his body off the bed. Unable to move from the intense fucking, he laid.
Heather spit on him.

"When you can move your legs, clean that mess, and make me some dinner slut"
Heather Said

She walked out leaving him on the ground.

The End

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Muscle Encounters 5- Bunny Glamazon

Muscle encounters 5 - Bunny Glamazon
By lilguy
Man is a slave to a giantess of a woman

Jeff called Bunny's Houseboy. He was a man she met on the net, young, black
and completely devoted to the tall Amazon. Bunny was 6.3 with blond hair and
beautiful face. Her breast was huge and show was her long legs that she loves
to show off. She worked out and had nice biceps.

He had felt like a c***d in her arms and Bunny had treated him like one ever
sense he showed up. She would carry him in her arms and baby him. He was a sex
slave to serves her needs and commands. He was slave to her will and she could
intimidate him anytime she liked. If he was to get out of line she would be
happy to put him over her knee and spanked him until tears ran down his eyes.
Bunny taught him in oral and made her eat her out ever day until his climax.
One some days she made love to him with her large body until he passed out in
multiple orgasms

He had made Bunny here dinner and was in the bed with his collar on. A little
tattoo above his ass said "Property of Bunny". He looked outside when he heard
her motorcycle and went down starts. Bunny came out look wonderful. She had on
leather pants and heels. She also had a leather vest a bra showing off her
muscles stomach and perfect round globes. Her perfume filed his nostrils.
Smelt like roses. She pointed to her feet and his kissed it, licking her heels

She grabbed him by the neck and hosted him up with ease. He was over her
shoulder as she carried him into the room. She put her feet up out a legs rest
by the dinner table and poured her self some wine and took her food. He was
place down

"Take off my shoes c***d" She said

He crawled over and removes her shoes slowly. She had on Silk shots and big
toes. She wiggled them.

"Smell them boy, nice and sweaty" She said taking a sip of wine

He smelt them as she stuffed them in his mouth making his gag a bit. She put
it in and out having him and kisses and massages her feet. Her tongue curled
near the center of her feet massaging the entire ache. She moaned a bit lying
back as he massages each toy worshiping her feet

"Remove my socks boy" She said

He removes her socks showing bare feet and nicely painted toenails. Her feet
seem big, almost the size of his head. He licked between the toes.

"That a good lil baby. Lick mommy feet slave, lick it real good. You like that
don't you"

"Yes mistress, it so wonderful" He said

"I was walking them all day, good to have a lil boy to lick them for me.
Worked up quite a sweat. Takes those toes in. Don't gag to must that it faster
boy faster" She said

She was enjoying some of her food as he went to working. She start unbuttons
her pants and played with her self. It was a lot of finger food.

"Yes mmmmmmm" She said finger her self

She grabbed him by his hair and pulled her pants of. His face was stuffed in
her wet pussy. She was being smothering as her licked all around, sucking on
her pussy lips

"Yea sucks it baby, suck it yessss nice and deep, and show mommy what I taught
you. Yes higher shit right there"

He licked ever last drop of her pussy. He licks till his tongue was soared as
her stuff him in occasionally giving him time to breath. Her sucked on her
clit humming and gagging. She smiled down at him as he looked at her with his
big brown eyes like a puppy

"That it good boy, licks it"

"Yes mistress"

"Ohhhhhhh yesss, take ever drop. Cumming my boy"

She came on him, soaking her face. She made him keep licking making mini
climax. She poured herself some wine and closes her legs so he was f***e to
take ever dropped. The smell of her pussy filled his nostrils.

"Your pussy taste so good Bunny, want the juice all over me" She said

"Well that wills what you will get slave, now lick it, lick and choke on my

She laughed as he licked and sucked her. She fucked his face slamming it in
making sure she soaked him as she came. Time passed and she finishes her food.
She had cum 3 times. She had passed out from lack of air. She lifted his head
up. A necklace of pussy juice connected his mouth to her cunt. She smiled and
took some smelling salts from her pocket and woke him up. She took off her
vest and bra showing her perfect nipples. Her body glistens with sweat. She
poured the last glass of wine from the bottle and pushes him down with her

Her foot went on his crotch making him moan. She held him down pressing her
weight on him; teasing his mouth with her foot and making him lick. She would
switch feet, sometime using both on his cock to stroke it. He was rock hard.
She laughed keeping him on the edge of climax. She knew she could make him cum
when ever she wanted and as many time as she wanted. But she wanted to

"Ohhhh Bunny Ohhhh" He screamed

"What the matter little boy, can't even handle a girls feet. How do you expect
to handle a woman like me if you moan and carry on like that" She teased

"I C..c..cant"

She laughed

"Good boy, know your limits little one. For I am goddess and you are a little
boy. It is like riding a mouton, or wild Bull. That not to say I won't enjoy
watching your body shake as I bang your senseless and make you scream my name
over again. Sure can have beef when ever I want but your lucky Bunny has a
sweet tooth for little chocolate candy like yourself" Bunny laughed

She place foot near his neck

"You know I could crush your head like a melon from this position when ever I
want don't you"

"Y ... yes goddess"

"Stutter tsk tsk, that a bad habit, may have to spank that out of you soon.
Maybe after I fuck your little body silly. All sex too much tearing up. Here
let me give you something to suck on"

She place a foot his mouth and finish off his wine. She rubbed her heel into
his dick up and down until he exploded. His body shook.

"Lick my foot clean pet"

He licked her foot clean, every last dropped. With a gentle rub of her foot,
he was hard again

"Now it time to get rough"

She lifted him up carrying him

"Suck my breast pet" She said

She walked upstairs enjoying his suckling sound as she took her time walking.
He knew he was in for a ride. She ran his finger through his hair

"Remember last time I got really rough you weren't able to walk for a week.
Going to be rougher today" She said

She took him insider her and wrapped his legs around her. She shoved his face
against her breast smothering him. Her pussy clench around his cock. It was
milking him as she slammed him against the wall. He screams with pleasure
trying to hold on. She laughed

"Like that little man, like that"

"Yessss, oh your to much, cant take it"

"I know little boy but that wont stops me" She laughed

His body was filled with multiple climaxes as his arms went limp. She fucked
him like a rag doll, showing no mercy. She grabbed his ass fingering it as she
fucked him

"Love you Goddess Bunny" He screamed

"I know pet"

"Ohhhhhhhh shit cumming again" He said

When she was done with the wall there was dent in it. Her body was dripping
with sweat and passion

"You made me cum little boy, but not done with you let"

His body was wrecked and she rode him to heaven. She put her arms by her waist
and slapped him

"Look at your goddess" She said

She looked like a giantess from this position. She gave him another slap.

"I worship you"

She laughed

"And so you should pet, and so you should"

He passed out after 2 hours of fucking. She woke him up and grabbed by his
hair. She pulled him to her cunt

"Don't think you're going to sl**p YET without cleaning this up boy"

"Yes mistress"

"That a good pet (patting his head) very good"

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Muscle Encounters 3- Meeting Rhonda Lee

Muscle encounters 3-Meeting Rhonda lee
By lilguy
Man meets Rhonda Lee and sex happens of course.

I was staying at a near by hotel for a comic convention one day. I rode there
alone to stay for 3 days. It was night time and the crickets were chirping. I
had to get my box of stuff out of my car.

I struggled with the box. It had all my clothes, food, and items. The box was
extra heavy sense I tended to over packed.

"Need some help" A sultry voice said

I turn around. I saw her. She looked gorgeous, like some super hero from a
comic book. She was had black hair with blond streak in it. Her face was
beautiful; it made her look Greek or lationo. Her eyebrows were down in a long
manor and painted. She smelt of expensive perfume. Her eyes were deep and
exotic. The mystery girl had on an armless latex vest with black bra and Daisy
Duke Jeans. She wore boots. Her arms were like rambos and her abs looks like
solid steal. Her breasts were perfect, nice and big and easy to grab on. She
looked like she could break me in half.

I was down on the ground look up at her sexy Olympic gymnast legs.

"Here let me help you with that" She said

She lifted it up with ease.

"Where you room" She asked

"Over there" I said

I told her my name.

"My name is Rhonda Lee" She said

I got a view of her tight ass that looks like it could crush a walnut in two.
She shooked it as she carried the box.. Rhonda places it down.

"Thanks" I said

"Don't mention it ... So what bring you here"

"Here for the convention"

"Me to, Posing for pictures for artist"

I had trouble not looking down her breast.

"You're pointing" She said


She pointed down to my erection

"Oh ... man ... sorry"

Nothing to be sorry about" She said

She shut the door and smiled. She smiled. Her body seems to have a red glow
under her skin. She pushed me down and started taking my clothes off. My shoes
were kicked off. I can't believe this was happening.

She tossed her vest showing off her arms. She let her muscles flex and bouncy.
She gave me a little wink as she did it. With that she undid her Bra and slide
out of her daisy duke and boots showing perfectly painted toe nails. She gave
it a little squeezer her b**st as she place a foot on her cock. She rubbed me
with her foot as she fingered herself through her wet panties. She laughed as
she knew I was about to cum. She stops her foot job just before it looked like
I was shooting my load.

"Not so fast" She said

Her foot was rubbing up and down my balls and shaft and pressing deep into her
with her strength. She parted her thick and fat pussy lips through her
panties. Her bellybutton was pierce with a diamond ear ring. She gave her abs
a nice slapped. It was no fat at all. She took her foot off and turns around
giving me a view off her ass.

"Don't touch yourself" She commanded "Those hands only use on me"

She pulled her panties down showing a perfect ass. She winked and smiled
evilly at me.

"Going to give to give you the ride of your life. You may not be able to walk
afterward honey. Going to so you how a real Amazon feels. Trust me I better
then any comic book your read"

She took off her bra and turn around showing two perfect globes. She flexed
her right arm and kissed her biceps and then the other. I wanted so bad to
touch her right now. Rhonda squeezed her breast together and began to sucked

"You want this baby" She said

Little droplets of sweat were dripping down her breast. She went into my bag
and saw some baby oil. She spread it all over her. She got on top of me and
put her as in my face.

"Lick it. Lick them both" She said

I started licking her hole and pussy. Taking time with both. My tongue went
deep in her asshole as she pressed against me. She moaned as she bucked her
ass deep into my face smothering me. Her hands worked up and down my shaft
getting oiled up while playing with my balls

It felt in heaven as she kept me on the edge. My cock was butter into her
hands. She grabbed my cock and put it between her tits. It let out a loud
moaned but was smothered by her. I licked for dear life as her tits squeezed
my cock milking it. She slurped up the pre cum from the top of my head and
slowly teases her tongue around my cock head. The sensation was driving me

"Lick that cunt babe..deeper. Deeper..That it" She said

Her tongue flicked faster and faster around my head, making me get near
climaxing and then stopping and starting again. Her legs were wrapped hard
around my face as she slurped it taking it all in slowly. My face was filled
with ass as I licked her tight hole. My finger slid across her clit.

Rhonda licked her fingered and jammed a finger in my ass. She started finger
fucking me fast and hard as she sucked me.

"Cummming baby" She said

Her wetness covered my face. I licked it clean and focused on her clit as she
came. Three fingers were deep in my ass when she finally let me cum. She
slurped down and pulled out. It shot my jizz all over her

"Keep sucking my clit. Got to get your ready for round two" She said

I munched on her clit as she rubbed and stroked my cock. She smiled backed and
put her pussy in my face she was fingering me back to life. She put her head
backed and squeezed my hands and her body shook cumming again. My cock became

"We have lifted off" She said

She took me inside her and held my hands down. It was rock hard. Rhonda breast
bobbed up and down as her tight pussy muscles milked me without mercy. She
knew when to bring me to climax and when to send me back. She was in complete
control over my body. My body lifted up and down as she rode me.

"Shit fuck, hitting my clit, right all my G spot..ohhhh fuck cumming" She

She held me down to muffled my moans with her hands. She grabbed my hair and
had me looked at her as she rode me faster. I came, my whole body shooked. Her
pussy muscled kept me hard.

"Oh Rhonda" I moaned

"Ohh goddess Rhonda"

"Oh Goddess Rhonda" I moaned

She kept a hand slightly around my neck and gave me a little squeeze the next
time I came. It was intense and 10 times greater then normal. I lost tracked
of how many times I came that night. She tossed me around like a rag doll. We
fucked in multiple positions and had I licked her clean after each time from
in and out.

I lay on the bed afterward. She took my cell and got my number from it. I was
beat. She smirked and put on her clothes. She went into her wallet

"Not to bad for a comic book geek" She laughed

She tossed me some one dollar bills

"Go buy your self some pokemon cards k**s. May see you around..if your lucky"

With that she walked out the door.

The end

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Muscle encounters 8 Debra D Andrea

uscle Encounters 8- Debra D Andrea goes to a Hotel
By lilguy
Debra teaches a pervert a lesson

Story base on a girl from here.

Harold was a motel owner in a run down motel on the freeway. It had several
rooms, a pool and cable TV. The run down hotel match a run down man. Harold
was a skinny black man well into his 30's. He hadn't done to much working out
in his life. His only weight lifting was lifting up a remote to watch TV. He
stood about 5.6 and had a sleazy way about. It was an odd feeling people got
that he oozed pervert. Like someone you would find fucking your mother Apple
pie when you weren't looking. They were mostly right. The hotel did ok sense
it wasn't many places to stay on this highway. Still he was pretty bored with
this Job. Nothing really happen of importance

The only excitement he got was when an attractive lady came in. He would
always give her room 46 due to the fact, that this had a hole in the room
where he could watch them in the shower. He stayed in room 45.

Debra D Andrea was a female bodybuilder and dominatrix who toured the world,
winning awards and doing sessions for years. Sometime between towns she would
stop by a motel. She stood 5.7 of solid muscle. Ever part of her body was cut
to perfection. Her ass was nice a tight and legs long and thick. Her breasts
were big like two cantaloupes, nice and firm. Her hair was long and black and
she had an exotic look about her. She almost looked like a Greek warrior
woman, firm let feminine. Her toes were showing through blue sandals. It
showed off her beautiful feet and the toes were painted to match the sandals.

Debra had 2 session tonight. One was a rich guy who like being dresses up like
a girl and slapped around. She would dominate him and overpower him. She
slapped him silly till he was punch d***k. His face was red from the time she
slapped. He seems to get off at being called a wimp. Debra made him eat her
out. He did it for an hour while she told him what a weak little slut he was.
She finishes it off with body worship and a sl**per hold.

She left him there knocked out in his house. He was passed out, bruises,
covered in her juice and big smile on his face. The other little wimp was
black male who she slapped around, a little slut boy that she made him smell
her ass. He worshiped every part of her body. Debra had him oil her down so
her body was glisten. Her pussy were shaved showed he could smell ever bit of
her glorious pussy. She stripped him naked as her scissor and slapped him.
Debra face fucked him till he passed out.

She smiled slapping him awake. Debra had him jerk off as her scissored his
weak body. He came on himself. She sent him out of the room totally spent.
Debra now had a suitcase full of cash. She was dress in skin tight leather
pants that hugged to her butt and a belly shirt. The belly shirt showed off
her abs that was flat like steal. The belly shirt was tight and purple
colored. It had little sparkles on it. Her arms were cut from working out. Her
nails were grown long and painted blue. Her eye shadow matches the color of
the nails. Her lipstick was scarlet red. Her eyes were perching. A duffel bag
was d****d over her back like it was nothing. It carried all her weights.

Harold practically drooled when he saw her.

"Can I help you with those bags" He said

He grabbed them and the weight of it almost broke his arm. It dropped. Debra
smiled as she grabbed the duffel bag with ease.

"Do you have a room" Debra asked

"Yes Room 46" He said

Debra walked to the room as Harold stared at her butt.

"Damm that look tight" Harold whispered to himself

Debra got into the room and put her bag down.

"You seem tried. You should lay down, take a shower perhaps" Harold said

"I do that. I think I like to be alone and relax now" She said

"Ok good"

Harold went into the other room. The room had hand lotions and wipes all
ready. He removes his clothes and waited till he heard the sounds of the
shower. Debra was in the other room and lay down in the bed. She kicked her
feet up and started to rub them. They ached badly. She normally had some wimpy
manboy rubbed them but right now she was alone.

"Maybe a shower would be nice" she thought to herself.

In the other room, Harold heard the shower go on. Harold got his lotion and
peaked through. He got an eye level of a shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were
thick and her clit was bit bigger then most girls, but all seem nice and
tight. Nothing hung done; it was like a sculpted flower. Her legs were a
perfect specimen of hills and valet of muscle, long roads and curves of
muscled showed off the muscle definition of her smooth white skin. She let the
soap wash down as she rubbed her self. She pushed her self against the wall,
rubbing the soap on abs. The abs was beyond something you could bounce a penny
off of. It looked like cannonballs couldn't disturb it. It was a perfect six
pack, almost like it was drawn on. Her skin seems nice and smooth on top of
the muscle. Harold just wanted to lick it.

Her tits defied gravity. They were perfectly firm large globes. Debra had many
of men stared at her. She rubbed them with one hand and she started to rub her
clit. She was pinching and sucking her nipples that seem sharp as knives.
Harold eyes widen as he started to rubbed herself. The water made her hair go
down her shoulder. She turns around to get her back moaning as her finger
parted her pussy lips and played with her clit. Her back was smooth, perfect
muscle. Harold could almost see the layers of muscle as her shoulder blades
moved with her moaning. Her strong shoulders were dripping soapy water down to
her back, down to her perfect flat ass. Not a singe piece of unneeded fat near
her. She started fingering herself faster and faster. Harold cock was harder
then it ever been. He started rubbing himself faster and faster. Precum
already dripped down his cock. He lotion his cock up as he stroke. Debra
meanwhile was fingering herself faster and faster.

"Damm" He said

"Ohhhhhhh" Debra let out.

Debra played with her ass, fingering herself from both sides as she heard a
moan. She turns and notices a hole in the wall, with the eye poking through.
She was shocked at first but played it cool. Debra had a plan for him. She
continued rubbing herself as she bent over. Her got a view of her ass and
parted her cheeks.

Harold bit his lip as his stroke faster and faster.

Debra spread her ass cheeks.

"Damm, I need to get one of my toys" Debra said to herself loud enough for him
to hear.

"Fuck. Got to get my Camera" Harold said

Suddenly the door was slammed open with a f***e that ripped the locks. Debra
was standing there dripping wet, her muscle glistening in the sun. Debra moved
like a cheetah and slammed him against the wall. Her punches were like
hammers. 6 connected to his stomach. Her hand squeezed his neck and started
punching him senseless as he was held against the wall.

He was tossed hard enough he went through a table. Her fist came down like a
hammer knocking him up. He was awaked with a few slaps and punches.

"Aint done with let" She said.

She held him done and grabbed his face, she slammed her pussy in his face.


He was being smothered. She took him out so he could breath. More punches

"Lick it"

She rode him face slamming him down.

"Now higher, lower...Right there you slut, right there" Debra said

Debra moaned as his tongue came around desperate to not tick off the savage
woman. She rode his face like it was one of her sex toys. She gave him just
enough air to not pass out. Debra moaned as she started to cum. Debra came
hard grabbing his hair and twisting it

"Ohhhh shit keeps licking." She ordered

He tasted her warm clit. Despite his fear and pain he remained hard. Debra
made him give her 3 more orgasms. When he passed out she would punch him
awake. Debra showed no mercy putting her whole weight into fucking his face,
slamming the back of his head into the floor. Her legs squeezed around him
like a vice. She saw the camera and cut it on. Debra smiled for the camera and
flexed as she face fucked him

Hours passed from this abuse. Debra got up. A necklace of pussy juice from his
mouth to her pussy connected them and broke. His face was covered in pussy
juices. His mouth was dripping with it. Debra smirked and slammed her foot on
his crotch twisting it. He screamed as she flexed both her arms, showing off
her huge biceps

"Pussy" She said.

She grabbed him up by the hair and walked him to a mirror. He looked like a
mess, and she looked like an Amazon. His body looked broken

"LOOK at yourself, think you can ever have a woman like this. ANSWER me" She


"That's right slut" Debra said

She slammed him on the bed and held his arms down. She took his cock and put
it inside her. It felt amazing.

"Your better not cum"

She rode him taking control, grinding and slamming down on him. His body
lifted with her every thrust. He didn't last long. He came with an amazing


Darkness came to him. He woke up with a syringe.

"Gave you a shot of Viagra, should keep you harder for longer" She said

His cock felt 15 inches bigger" She said

She rode him, but this time she choked him. She laughed as his face turn
purple and her tits bounce in the air. The bl**d rush to his cock. She would
squeeze then release, enough to keep him alive. Debra felt the cock hit her
walls and she screamed to a intense multiple climax. She wasn't done

She rode him some more, His mind was stuck in intense unbearable ecstasy. But
he couldn't stop her. Debra came to more time. Her hand squeezed on his neck
and he finally came. He came more then he thought he could, gobs of cum as she
rode him faster and faster making him cum again and again. The Viagra not
letting him go soft. He begged for mercy but Debra would have none. She just
brought herself to climax after climax crushing his hands with hers

Soon he lost track of time, and how many times they came. His legs couldn't
move, and neither did his arms. He was just a sex doll to be ridden. He passed

When he awoke he was in her room

"Thought you never wake up." Well your cock not working right now." She said

She then went into her bag and snapped on a 16 inch strap on. She lubed it up

"Mind is though" Debra laughed

"Please noooooooo" He cried weakly

Debra bent him over, and fucked him hard. She slammed into his prostate,
fucking him with her Amazon might. She pulled on his hair as she bent him over
the bed. He cried out for Mercy when he started to cum

"You little bitch, you CAME, now I will stop being gentle"

The Next Day

Debra was got dress and had packed her suit case. Harold was on the ground
beaten and bruises all over.

"I called an ambulance. Also called the cops with a tip about your tape. Found
your collection in your room. Saw all those women you secretly tape slut. I
left them by your room. I kept the ones we made though" Debra smiled

"Much say, I give this hotel 5 stars, for the in room entertainment" Debra

Then she got in her car and drove away.
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Muscle Encounters 5- Meeting Rhonda Lee

Muscle Encounter 5- Rhonda by the Pool
By lilguy
A man pleases a sexy female fitness model by the pool

I was a pool boy for Rhoda Lee, Porn Star, body builder all the round hottie.
I was 5.8 in my 20's, black and basically worked for free. I didn't mind
because I got to see moment like the one I am about to describe. I stood there
in just my swim trunks as I watch her swim. I had to wear my trunks extra big
to hide the constant erections I got around

She walked out of the pool body glistening. Her muscles now look like they
were having river go through cavern. Her muscles were thick and strong but her
body slender. She had a flat six pack abs and two big breasts to match. She
had nothing on that day, her nipples rocked hard from the cold water. Her
breast were perfect, nice and big a hard. Everything about her body was hard
as steal, let covered in soft and smooth skin. Her pussy was thick and juicy
with her clit hard and sticking out a couple of inches. Her legs could squeeze
a man half to death. There were nice and muscles like tree trunks. She had
black hair with blond stripes in and sex lips. Her eyes were deep blue.

She took and towel and wiped her self off. Her biceps flexed with just that
move. She smirked at me.

"Take off those trunks" She said

"I am naked under here"

"Yea I know. You don't think I am going to be the only one naked around here
while you stare at me. Plus you aint fooling anyone, I know your have wood
ever time you see me. Do it"

I take off my trunks and is now naked. I shake a bit nervously.

"Not bad" She says

She walked over to a bench and showed off her tight ass. She took out some
tanning lotion and motions me over. I start to walk over.

"On you knees"

I crawl over. She had her legs opening showing off a dripping wet pussy.

She turns around and tells me to Lotion her back. I start to rub her back and

"Your shaking, it like you never seen a naked woman before" She laughs

"Not as beautiful as you"

"Oh what a charmer may get a girl wet saying that"

I gulp

Her back muscles are glistening

"Arms boy"

It massages her biceps. She gives me a flexed. Her muscle are hard as rock

"You muscle baby"

"Yea, a lot"

"Know you do, I seen you watch me work out. This muscle got more strength then
your whole body. Can rip you half with this little man, bench pressed you if
you wanted"


"Does that turn you on, keep massaging. Well does it turn you on?"

"Well ... "

"Yea it does. You a muscle freak aren't you. Do you dream of me beating you
up, putting you in the head lock and having my way with you?"

"Y ... yes"

She let out a loud sultry laugh

"Good, like kinky, little wimpy muscle freaks. Like to see them tremble. Love
seeing the cock pop every time I flex a muscle. Trying pulling my arm down"
She says

I tried as hard as I can but can't seem to pull her arm down.I can't even
budge it.

"This all part natural and part years of working out my body to perfection"
She says

"I s..shows miss lee"

"Flattery will get you everywhere" She says

She slides my hand down her ass and has me squeeze. Her ass is nice and thick
and I feel good in my hands

"Come over here" She says

I got around her. The smell of wet pussy feels her nostrils. She gives me a
look in the eye as she puts her legs up and tells me to massage them. It
slides my hands down her long sultry legs and feels the muscles. I massage her
feet going close to her pussy and massaging her inner thigh.

Her wigglers her perfectly manicures pink toes. She squeezes her legs around

"Can crush you face with these" She said

She uses her legs to bring me and inch away from her pussy. I can see a
droplet of cum on her clit, dripping down her pussy lips.

"You want to taste my clit don't you pussy boy"


"Yes what"

"Yes Mistress Rhonda" I blurted out

"Mmmm feel so wet baby. Nice smell to, thick from working out. Look how big my
clit is, bet you could wrapped your lips around it"

"Let me taste it"

"Not let" She said pushing me away

"Massage my chest, Put the oil out"

She put her head back as I touched her abs and rubbed the oils into them. I
move up to her shoulder and then rubbed her breast. They felt perfect. She
smiled at me and ran her finger through my hair. She pulled my hair up so I
had to look her in the eyes why doing it. I was nervous. She patted me on the
head gently

"Faster. That it mmmm"

Her breast now glistens with the oil. She would moaned as I massage her

"Eat my clit" She said

She pushed my head in and started sucking on her clit. I tasted the wetness
sucking up and down as her legs squeezed the life out of me. She slammed my
head down and made it hard to breath. She was face fucking me with her clit
thrusting it up. It was lack of air but she would lift my head up every time
before I pass out. I still licked and suck eating like a man starving. I
hummed a tune to vibrate it. My tongue dug deep twirling around like a

"Yes right there. Lick that little bastard" She said "Fuck"

I licked as fast and ass hard as I could till my jaw felt sore.

"I am cumming"

She cums on me and have me taste it

"Don't stop licking, your going to be down there for a while"

She sat back and grab and drink from a table next to her. She drank the ice
cold drink and had me eat her pussy. She had me in a tight scissors hold. She
would lift my hair out and give me slaps.

"Like that don't you"


"Get back to eating baby (slap)"

She took another sip of her drink and guzzled it all the way down

"Right there, Suck it ... shit shit"

She made my lips go around her cunt. Her body shook

"Cumming again..yesssssssssssssss"

She wasn't done till she came 3 more times. My face as cover with her Juices.
I could taste her on my lips as she had me lick her clean. She turns around
bent over and started rubbing herself

"Lick my ass whole baby" She said

She spread her cheeks so I got deep in there and gave it a good smell. My
tongue when into her asshole as I started to lick

"Just a nasty muscle freak" She said

She rubbed her self faster

"Deeper, that it deep in my ass, don't even try to breath"

She was getting wetter again. She shoved my face deep in her ass.

"Ohhh yesss"

She came squirting down. She smiled and had my clean her off.

She grabbed my by the hair and tossed me on lounge chair. It bent back and she
got on top of me. My cock went into her tight pussy. She rode me up and down
making me explode instantly.

"Not let baby"

She begaing massaging my balls and fingering me. To my ammazment I got hard.
She was giving me the best fucking of my life as her pussy worked my cock
sliding her wet juices down. It started to scream with pleasure but she shoved
a finger in my mouth and covered. She held me down squeezing my neck just as I
climax. She stopped my breathing causing me to have a huge climax


She fucked me hard against the chair. I could barely take it. She gave me a
few slaps across the face and let out a laugh as she came on my dick.

"Like that little man"

"Yes mame" I said

I laid there after and hour. She got up off me and showed a cream filled

"Clean it out"

I suck her clit cleaning out my cum. She smiled mixing it in with her own
juices as she climax. I laid there pass out as she pushed me off. She laid
back and took and poured herself something to drink
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Muscle Encounters 5- Rhonda by the Pool

Muscle Encounter 5- Rhonda by the Pool
By lilguy
A man pleases a sexy female fitness model by the pool

I was a pool boy for Rhoda Lee, Porn Star, body builder all the round hottie.
I was 5.8 in my 20's, black and basically worked for free. I didn't mind
because I got to see moment like the one I am about to describe. I stood there
in just my swim trunks as I watch her swim. I had to wear my trunks extra big
to hide the constant erections I got around

She walked out of the pool body glistening. Her muscles now look like they
were having river go through cavern. Her muscles were thick and strong but her
body slender. She had a flat six pack abs and two big breasts to match. She
had nothing on that day, her nipples rocked hard from the cold water. Her
breast were perfect, nice and big a hard. Everything about her body was hard
as steal, let covered in soft and smooth skin. Her pussy was thick and juicy
with her clit hard and sticking out a couple of inches. Her legs could squeeze
a man half to death. There were nice and muscles like tree trunks. She had
black hair with blond stripes in and sex lips. Her eyes were deep blue.

She took and towel and wiped her self off. Her biceps flexed with just that
move. She smirked at me.

"Take off those trunks" She said

"I am naked under here"

"Yea I know. You don't think I am going to be the only one naked around here
while you stare at me. Plus you aint fooling anyone, I know your have wood
ever time you see me. Do it"

I take off my trunks and is now naked. I shake a bit nervously.

"Not bad" She says

She walked over to a bench and showed off her tight ass. She took out some
tanning lotion and motions me over. I start to walk over.

"On you knees"

I crawl over. She had her legs opening showing off a dripping wet pussy.

She turns around and tells me to Lotion her back. I start to rub her back and

"Your shaking, it like you never seen a naked woman before" She laughs

"Not as beautiful as you"

"Oh what a charmer may get a girl wet saying that"

I gulp

Her back muscles are glistening

"Arms boy"

It massages her biceps. She gives me a flexed. Her muscle are hard as rock

"You muscle baby"

"Yea, a lot"

"Know you do, I seen you watch me work out. This muscle got more strength then
your whole body. Can rip you half with this little man, bench pressed you if
you wanted"


"Does that turn you on, keep massaging. Well does it turn you on?"

"Well ... "

"Yea it does. You a muscle freak aren't you. Do you dream of me beating you
up, putting you in the head lock and having my way with you?"

"Y ... yes"

She let out a loud sultry laugh

"Good, like kinky, little wimpy muscle freaks. Like to see them tremble. Love
seeing the cock pop every time I flex a muscle. Trying pulling my arm down"
She says

I tried as hard as I can but can't seem to pull her arm down.I can't even
budge it.

"This all part natural and part years of working out my body to perfection"
She says

"I s..shows miss lee"

"Flattery will get you everywhere" She says

She slides my hand down her ass and has me squeeze. Her ass is nice and thick
and I feel good in my hands

"Come over here" She says

I got around her. The smell of wet pussy feels her nostrils. She gives me a
look in the eye as she puts her legs up and tells me to massage them. It
slides my hands down her long sultry legs and feels the muscles. I massage her
feet going close to her pussy and massaging her inner thigh.

Her wigglers her perfectly manicures pink toes. She squeezes her legs around

"Can crush you face with these" She said

She uses her legs to bring me and inch away from her pussy. I can see a
droplet of cum on her clit, dripping down her pussy lips.

"You want to taste my clit don't you pussy boy"


"Yes what"

"Yes Mistress Rhonda" I blurted out

"Mmmm feel so wet baby. Nice smell to, thick from working out. Look how big my
clit is, bet you could wrapped your lips around it"

"Let me taste it"

"Not let" She said pushing me away

"Massage my chest, Put the oil out"

She put her head back as I touched her abs and rubbed the oils into them. I
move up to her shoulder and then rubbed her breast. They felt perfect. She
smiled at me and ran her finger through my hair. She pulled my hair up so I
had to look her in the eyes why doing it. I was nervous. She patted me on the
head gently

"Faster. That it mmmm"

Her breast now glistens with the oil. She would moaned as I massage her

"Eat my clit" She said

She pushed my head in and started sucking on her clit. I tasted the wetness
sucking up and down as her legs squeezed the life out of me. She slammed my
head down and made it hard to breath. She was face fucking me with her clit
thrusting it up. It was lack of air but she would lift my head up every time
before I pass out. I still licked and suck eating like a man starving. I
hummed a tune to vibrate it. My tongue dug deep twirling around like a

"Yes right there. Lick that little bastard" She said "Fuck"

I licked as fast and ass hard as I could till my jaw felt sore.

"I am cumming"

She cums on me and have me taste it

"Don't stop licking, your going to be down there for a while"

She sat back and grab and drink from a table next to her. She drank the ice
cold drink and had me eat her pussy. She had me in a tight scissors hold. She
would lift my hair out and give me slaps.

"Like that don't you"


"Get back to eating baby (slap)"

She took another sip of her drink and guzzled it all the way down

"Right there, Suck it ... shit shit"

She made my lips go around her cunt. Her body shook

"Cumming again..yesssssssssssssss"

She wasn't done till she came 3 more times. My face as cover with her Juices.
I could taste her on my lips as she had me lick her clean. She turns around
bent over and started rubbing herself

"Lick my ass whole baby" She said

She spread her cheeks so I got deep in there and gave it a good smell. My
tongue when into her asshole as I started to lick

"Just a nasty muscle freak" She said

She rubbed her self faster

"Deeper, that it deep in my ass, don't even try to breath"

She was getting wetter again. She shoved my face deep in her ass.

"Ohhh yesss"

She came squirting down. She smiled and had my clean her off.

She grabbed my by the hair and tossed me on lounge chair. It bent back and she
got on top of me. My cock went into her tight pussy. She rode me up and down
making me explode instantly.

"Not let baby"

She begaing massaging my balls and fingering me. To my ammazment I got hard.
She was giving me the best fucking of my life as her pussy worked my cock
sliding her wet juices down. It started to scream with pleasure but she shoved
a finger in my mouth and covered. She held me down squeezing my neck just as I
climax. She stopped my breathing causing me to have a huge climax


She fucked me hard against the chair. I could barely take it. She gave me a
few slaps across the face and let out a laugh as she came on my dick.

"Like that little man"

"Yes mame" I said

I laid there after and hour. She got up off me and showed a cream filled

"Clean it out"

I suck her clit cleaning out my cum. She smiled mixing it in with her own
juices as she climax. I laid there pass out as she pushed me off. She laid
back and took and poured herself something to drink
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Muscle Encounters 2- Goddess Heather

Musclee encounters 2- Goddess Heather
By lilguy
Man trapped and abuse by the real life Goddess Heather

A man lay in dungeons. He was shivering with fear and pain. His ass was bruise
like two g****s. His penis stretches out from hours with a penis pump each
day. Whips market covered his body and a tattoo that said "Goddess Heather"
was on his ass. Tears ran down the young black man eyes as he dangled in the
air. The were a drain under him that watch away any fluids. His cock rocked
hard and body shaking also with lust from the goddess before him

Goddess Heather stood there naked accept for her boots and silk gloves. She
wore shades and had her hair cut short. Her blond hair now looked spiky. Every
muscle seems to glisten with power and she started at him and seems to start
right through him. She cracked a whip across the floor. The sound made a loud

Her huge breast stuck out with pride and defied gravity. Her nipples rock hard
like two knives. She looked like she could snap him like a twig.

She walked up to him and grabbed his hair so he could face him.

"Silly Slave. For years you talk to me on the net and talked about this was
your fantasy and the moment I give you just a little pain you cry like a baby"
She said

"I so..


"Did I say you could talk"



"Did I say you could talk?"

He shook his head

"Good as I was saying. The moment that I give a little pain you cry like a
little baby. Then you also told me on the net on how you with fuck me with big
black cock of yours but then you screaming for your mommy after I squeezed
every last drop from you. You lucky I still had my strap on to keep myself
busy. And you scream against that. I think some wittle little slave didn't no
his limit did he"

She squeezed his ass and patted his head.

"Did he my wittle slave" She said

He nodded

She slapped him again

"That cause there are no limits slave. I DECIDE when to stop"

She spun him around and laughs.

"Around he goes, where he stop nobody knows"

She had him from behind. Heather squeezed his ass giving it hard squeezed. Her
finger played with his asshole. He could feel her tits against his back and
her moaning. She nibbles his ear slowly kissing his neck leaving hickies. Her
nails scratch his back before coming down cupping his ass.

"Nice little ass slave. No wonder my strap on find it so inviting" She said

She licked his tears.

"Love it when they tremble" She said

She started stroking him with her silk hand. He moan loudly as his hands was
making quick work, molding his cock like clay. She could make him stay close
to climax as long as she wanted and make him cum as much as she wanted. Her
other hand squeezed his neck.

"Could kill your fight here Slave, could snap your little neck"

She squeezed harder

"What you think of that" She asked

"Wouldn't like it"

She laughed

"And what you like mean something"

She squeezed harder stroking him some more. bl**d rush to his cock as she was
squeezing the life out of him. He was totally in her power. He felt his cock
pulsate as she gave one more squeeze. His climax seems to him to last forever.
His cum shot into her silk hands all over the floor.

"Lick my hands clean slave" She said

He madly slurped her fingers.

"Now what to do to you" She said

She walked behind him. She cracked the bullwhip across the floor. She knew the
sound alone scared him and made him tremble. Her could smell the leather and
hear it whoosh through the air.

"No this all ready been use"

She grabbed a paddle and hit across the ass 3 times with it. He yelped in

"Nope all ready use 3 version of these"

She grabbed the dildo. She place one him mouth.

"Use most of these"

She took a ball gag in his mouth.

"This would stop your wimpy crying until I find something. Let's see Cat of
nine tails, Electric bolts, Car batteries, Tennis Ball shooter, Vaseline
combo, no tried that. Canes, all done. I know"

She put on some boxing gloves. Her shook in fear as she dance around the room

"Little work out"

She gave him a hard left and right. His body was sent flying like a ball and
rope on a pole. She punched him again each time he came around making him
spend in the air faster and faster. Feathered laughed wicked. She stopped him
and started working the ribs and body holding him in place. She was dripping
wet. She all ready made the slut eat her out several times

She connected 4 punches to the face and then winded her punch up like a wheel
meal sending him flying. He saw black after that.

She splashes some water on his face and let him drink a glass. Her body was
drench in sweat. Her pussy drench with excitement.

"Not done let little man" She said

She added more punches this time only harder. A right hook took him out.
Another after woken up was hitting with combos for a knocked.

"Down goes Frazier" She laughed

She put her arms around him

"You never be the champ Rocky" She smiled and gave him a kissed

Her tongue entered her mouth as she explored his body. She took off her gloves
for a second and squeezed his ass. Her fist hit his gut knocking the wind out
of him. She followed it with a punch from her gloves hand making him see

He awoke bruise and beaten. She grabbed him and took him inside her pussy. Her
pussy muscled milked him as she wrapped his legs around her and fucked him
like that as he was hanging from the ceiling. He moaned as she fucked him with
abandon. His cock was huge due to the penis pump she used on him. 12 inches of
meat slammed into her. Balls smacking her.

"Shit..CUMMING!!!" She said

She grabbed his hair.

"Don't you dare cum let"

She smiled enjoying the fucking. His body was useless now. Only for her
pleasure. She came again multiple times. Only then she allowed him to cum. He
shot with an explosion his whole body shook and he collapsed. Heather pulled

She was not done. One more thing. She put on a 12 inch strap on and started
lube it up. She also took a belt. She went behind him and wrapped the belt
tightly around his. She grabbed his legs in a wheel barrel position and
slammed the strap on in. She pulled him and made the belt tighten around his
neck in the process.

"Better cum faster slut"

She slammed the dildo deep into his ass. The sensation was amazing. Pleasure
and pain hit his body as cum soon shot like a fountain out of him. After a
half and hour he passed out.

She untied him and let his body lay there. His mouth was open only too filled
with her fluids as finisher.

Heather got into the shower and washed off. Her slave was still laying there.
She checks to make sure he was alive. Still breathing.

"Was it good for you as it was good for me" She laughed

Her laugh echoed through the room

The end

Interactive stories like this can be found here this the real person site.
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Muscle encounters 9 Debra D Andrea

Muscle encounter 8 - Debra D Andrea
By lilguy
Man house sits for a strong woman

Inspired by

Billy was a young black man who recently called in classified ads for someone
looking to housesit. The woman that he was housing sitting was Debra D Andrea.
She was a sexy bodybuilder with black hair who weight 160 pounds. All it was
pure muscle and breast. Her six packs were hard and you could pack a coin off
it. Her legs were strong as an Ox, and she had two huge breasts with nipples
as pointy as knives. She was aggressive and intimidating. He was nervous
around her but she also found her sexy.

He had to hide his erection every time he saw her and spends nights jerking
off thinking about her. What he didn't know is she was also a dominatrix that
went out and had men pay her to dominate and humiliate them. It was a job she
loved. One day she went away. Billy was cleaning up and decided to check
around her computer. He hacked into it out of curiosity. There he saw
something amazing. He saw a file folder in her desktop screen. It said

He clicked it and saw various pictures that made his heart stop. One was of
her naked. She was on top of a man's face making him suck her pussy. She was
flexed both her arms showing off her biceps and a smile of triumph. Sweat was
dripping down her chest and pecs. Another was similar to the first accept she
had her ass on his face. Her back was turn showing off her back muscles. In
another picture she turn her head back and flexed her arm

Another one had the man on the ground bruise and beaten, like he just been 10
rounds with Mike Tyson. She had on Boxing gloves and nothing else with her
foot over his chest. Her right arm was flexed.

A few had her with a strap on. She had a man bent over the table was fucking
him. Other she was riding his mouth while he was tied to the bed. Some had two
men licking her strap on, and another her pussy.

Billy took off her clothes and started masturbating to the pictures. The more
her saw the hornier he got. He looked at some wrestling pictures, where he had
men in scissors holds and other moves. One she had a man in a sl**per hold
while she was calmly eating some bonbons.

He was so into it that he didn't hear someone come in the door. Debra was back
early. She was wearing a gym shirt that showed off her belly and gym shorts
that showed off her legs. She walked upstairs and saw him at the computer
jerking off.

"Having fun?" She said

A chill went up his spine; before he had time to turn around she was on him.
She grabbed him out of his chair. She had him in a headlock from behind. The
bl**d rushed back down to his cock making him even harder. Her struggled but
she had it on tight. His legs kicked trying to get out. She punches him in the
ribs repeatedly.

"IS this what you do when I away, jerk your puny little cock? Hu do you watch
my muscle and imagine you with me wimp"

She punches him harder till tears ran down his eyes. She pulled him to a some
full length mirrors.

"Look at yourself" She said slapping him "Look how weak you are."

"Please sorry"

"Come on jerk it. You were jerking it before, give me a show."

He started jerking his cock as she added pressure to the hold. She slapped him
in the face again and again

"Faster ... faster. Yeaaa little slut."

She flexed her arm as he looked like he was totally helpless in the mirror.
Her body was perfection compared to his and he never felt so weak. His cock
was raging hard she slapped him some more leaving bruises.

"Give me that, can't even jerk your cock right." She said

She grabbed his cock and uses her skilled hand to stroke and mold it. Her
moaned, ready to cum at her strong hand. She gave his balls a twist making his
scream in pain. It stopped him from cumming but she went back to jerking him.

"Cum for me wimp, cum!!"

Billy body shook and he started to cum. He shot it over the mirror. She pushed
him to his knees and made him lick it off. Debra pushed him on his back and
straddled him. Her legs wrapped around him squeezing his ribs. She started
punching his face with lefts and rights.

"Don't try to block it wimp, take it like a man"

A hard punched connected knocking him out. When he woke up Debra was standing
over him naked. Her body glisten with sweat, every muscle seems to pop. Her
pussy was dripping. In her hand was a glass of lemonade. She drank some down.
Billy couldn't even move.

"Bout time you woke up slut."

She straddled his face and squeeze with her long legs.

"lick it, higher HIGHER, lower slut, keep licking, faster FASTER, suck it

She face fucked him with out mercy, making him taste her juice. She grabbed
his hair and twisted. She lifted her pussy up to slap him.

"Keep sucking" She said

She moaned as she told him wear to go. She felt his tongue deep into her clit,
almost making his passed out. She gave his balls a twist to keep him up as she
put her back into in

"Grab my muscle" She ordered

She moaned getting her motion and started to cum. She finishes on his face
making him soaked


He did as told and kept licking her wet pussy. Her clit was big and he wrapped
his lips around the sweet spot sucking it like a penis.

"Suck it slut, don't care if you're tired" She said

2 Hours passed

"Please no more" He begged

His face was drench, his mouth overflowed with her Juice

"DON'T CARE lick." She said

She grabbed his cock jerking it as she rode his face. He moan as his cock
seems like it was puddy in her hands. She slipped her finger in her ass,
finger fucking him while she stroked him Debra buried his face into her clit
as his cock shot load after load. She came with him making his passed out from
lack of air. Debra was on top of him with punches waking him up.

She made him lick her hands clean. She grabbed him up by the hair and held him
to the mirror.


He looked like he been through a war. He was bruised with two black eyes and
bruises cover his body.

"What are you!!!??" Debra asked

"Your bitch."

"Who ownz you."

"You do"

"On your knees"

She watches him in the mirror, giving her head. She flexed her arms in
triumph. A camera was secretly behind the mirror. She grabbed his hair and let
him feel her pecs.. Debra put her head back and moaned. Her body shook as her


She wasn't done let. She tossed him on the bed and slid his cock across her
biceps. Her felt a tingle in him. She took him inside her and held him down.
He was nothing but a fuck toy as she rode him up and down.

He screamed with pleasure. Tears of pleasure ran down his eyes to the point he
was crying. She smiled down at him knowing she owned him. She slapped him
across the face again and again.

"Little slut." She said

They both were brought to multiple climaxes. He passed out under her.

A week later

Debra was at the airport in leather pants and a tight belly shirt. She had on

"Hurry up with my bags slut." She said

He was in crutches carrying her bags by wrapping them around his neck

"Yes Mistress." He said

The end

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Muscle encounters Yvette Bova

I was given a job at a gym. It was the late shift, Only VIP's went in. In was
very easy, I mostly the towel boy and helper. Wasn't really the trainer or
beef cake. Normally a rich people came in just to relax, or some health nut
that really didn't need my help anyway. I look at who was coming in that night
and was shocked. It couldn't be who I think it was.

It said

"Yvette Bova"

Yvette Bova was a black female porn star. She was also a bodybuilder with her
own website. She was very fit and well built. She did a lot of muscle worship.
She also would wrestle men. She was known for her tight ass and big tits. She
was a figure of ebony gold. She started in several movies. She was pretty
nice. She was about 5.8. She had black hair and was much sculpted.

I heard a whistler to come in the Gym. I walked in, my knees were shaking and
that was when I saw her. She was at her competition weight and show every
muscle was bulging like a human action figure. Her body glistens with sweat
from the work out... We were all alone just me and her.

Yvette Bova stood at the work out room bench pressing about 200 pounds. She
was wearing a tank top and shirt skirt. My mouth was wide open when you saw
that she was wearing no panties and a very short skirt. I have a view of her
perfect clit. It stuck out an extra 3 inch due to working out. She was
dripping wet with pussy juice. I could see her hot juicy clit sticking out.
The shirt was tight and showed off her gigantic breast.

She got up. She closed my mouth

"Didn't the boss tell you that it not nice to drool in front of guess sweetie"
Yvette said

"ummm sorry" I said

"It ok I am use to it. Plus a girl don't dress like this if she didn't want
attention" Yvette said. She had warm smiles. Her shirt was sweaty and you
could see her breast. Damm did any of these girls wear bra's

"Your kind of cute" She says "What your name

I tell her your name

"So umm how may I serve you" I said

"How may you serve me?" She says. She has a big and warm smile filled with
perfectly white teeth. "I think I have an idea"

Her voice is really salty. She grabs you to her and kisses you. She moves you
hand down to her ass.

Squeeze it baby" She says

I gave her a tight squeeze. She whispers for me to keep it up

"You know my arms are not my only muscle that can flex and pull" She smiles

"But I'm you help"

"Well help me get off. I saw you watching me. Saw you little timid eyes scan
me. You look cute and it been a long time on the road. I haven't had a change
to get a man in a while"

She gripped my balls through my pants. It felt like cumming right there. I let
out a gulp.


"shhhhhhhh" She says. She takes off her shirt showing off her perfect breast
"You ever been with a woman stronger then you it a rush"

"Take that cock out for me baby. I am going to make you feel good. My ass
going to squeeze the life out of that cock" She said

my palms were getting crazy wet for being in front of that sexy. I took off
your pants franticly fizzing with the belt.

"Here let me help you silly" She said pushing me against the wall. She yanks
my belt off. My pants dropped. She squeezed my erection on through my
underwear and pushed me on the bench press machine. Her nipples stood pointed
and dark brown. She sucked me trough my underwear and add a little teeth

"ohhh shit" I say

She takes my shoes off and chucks them across the room and then my socks and

"GrrrrR" She says smiling and tears open my shirt. Yvette licks my chest and
sucked on your nipples. I feel Bova's hand in my underwear as the sexy black
goddess stares in your eyes and kisses you. She tears my underwear off leaving
me totally naked on the floor

"mmm someone happy to see me" she says

You like these muscles don't you baby" She says

"Ohhh hell yes" You say

"You like these big tits. You like these in your face" She said

She bring your face down smothering your face with them. My cock is like steal
now. She grabs it

"mmm think I got my answer" She says

"You're so beautiful"

"mmmm you think so. I am not to strong for you" She says

"Hell no your not" You say

"Touch these biceps baby" She says

I feel them. Her biceps are rock hard, like balls of steal wrapped in smooth

"Imagine your dick between them..Imagine what I could do to your body" She

"Ohhh you're a goddess"

"mmmmm your charmer you"

She grabs me and hold mu cock in her hand. She nibbles on your ear. I feel
those big breasts against me as I start to make out with her. My tongue
twisted each other as she kissed me passionately. You grab her ass and give it
a good slap. You slap in a bit harder as she hear you moan. She returns the
favors and squeezes your ass hard. I jumped up a bit. She let out a laugh as
she gives in slap. The feeling of mud fingers in her pussy is sweet.

She moans and grinds against it as you two make out as her pierce tongue
tickle the inside of my mouth

"I be nice and let you pick how we fuck first" She says

"I like my cock ride" I say quietly

"Speak up baby"

"I would like to get ridden...Please Miss Bova" I said

She smiled

"You want me to ride that cock baby" Yvette said in a sultry voice

"Yes. Please"

"mmmmmm please so polite." She laughed. She had a beautiful smile. She kissed
me and pushed me down. She laid towels across the floor and got ready. My cock
was taken into her as I moved her hands up to feel her arms

she flexed as she rode me up and down. My entire cock was buried in her tight

"Feel those biceps. You like it baby." She said


"Can you handle it baby."

"Yes bring it"

"You sure because I going to fuck you hard"

"Oh shit"

"Ohhh yea" She said grinding into me

Her pussy was now dripping wetness down on my cock. She squeezed my chest
grinding into me. Her breast bounced up and down as she thrust up. She lets
out an orgasm dripping on you.You got to feel her tits and she gives a wry

Yvette pushed my hand down

"Naught naughty...don't touch less ask" She says slamming down on your cock
"Yea trust it baby..harder...yes LIKE THAT!!!"

Her balls rub against her ass. She kissed you feeling your deep inside her.
She nibbled on my lip and cover my with passionate kisses. Yvette kisses your
chest and suck your nipples

"ohhh yesss" I moaned

"Fuck my cunt ohhh yea" She said squeezing your balls. She moves you're hands
down to her ass. You get a good squeeze of her ass and squeeze the cheeks

"Shoot that load in me going to cum with you" She says

She start riding you faster as you shoot your load with her. She bites down on
your lips. Your body collapse under her. She laughs

"Damm baby hope you're still alive" Yvette said "Because your sweet little ass
got a long night head of you, Can keep you hard all night, make you cum
gallons baby. Your mind"

That night she fucked me until I couldn't move. That night laid in a hospital
knocked with an IV in me, a tattoo on my ass said

"Property of Mistress Yvette Bova"

I know soon she be back to collect her property.

The End

The End

Interactive stories like this can be found here

The real Yvette Could be found at
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Muscle Encounters 7- Bunny Glamazon

Muscle Encounter 7 - Bunny Glamazon
By lilguy
Bunny does some ageplay

I had been Bunny Baby boy ever sense she rescue me from a car crash and nurse
me back to health she treated me like her k** ever sense. She love age play
and made you think you were a k**. She even dresses my room like a k**'s room
with a race car bed. I was her baby true and true and worship. My Jobs was to
eat her pussy, lick her feet and eat her ass whenever she like. I run her
batch, massage her feet and do what she tells me to do. She could make me cum
with just a touch over and over and she came like a wave on my face

I was black male in my 20's now. I never wore clothes in the house at Bunny
order and now had a tattoo that said "property of Bunny Glamazon" on my ass.
She also made me wear a color and use a penis pump to get her right size. I
lay in my bed holding my Teddy and sucking my thumb. I heard the noise of
coming in. I was so excited. She opens the door and gave a big smiled

Bunny stood tower over me. I lay in the bed. She wore her leather pants
wrapping around her tight big ass and some heels. She just came back from
shopping. Her shirt was tight and pink number and she wore a leather Jacket.
The shirt was tight showing off her might cleavage. Bunny lifted me up cupping
my ass. I wrapped my legs around her and she gave me a big kiss. She slipped a
gloved finger in my buttcheecks and fondled me. I hugged against her mighty
breast as her kiss made my legs go limp.

"How my little bitty boy doing"


"Ahhhh so weak. I forget how weak my wittle baby is. Last time nearly put you
in the hospital when we made love. Forget that you're a weak little baby who
can't take Bunny adult pussy" She said

She gave me another kiss and slipped a tongue into my mouth exploring me

"You just my cute little pussy licker, that the only way you can match cute
BUNNY. But love seeing your little body squirm and cry as I bang you is

"Yes Aunt Bunny" She said

She started kissing me all over.

She laid me down on the bed.

"Oh OH guess who here" Bunny said


"The tickle MONSTER" Bunny smirked

"No not that"

She held me down tickling me

"hahahahah stop no, please hahahaha"

"Here he is here he is" She said

She held me down kissing and tickling me.

"Only one way to stop it" She said

She unzipped her pants and pulled them down. She had a pink pair of panties
dripping wet showing her big clit. The lips were nice and pink. Bunny pulled
them off and straddles my face putting her weight on me.

"You got to lick ms kitty" She said

I started to lick and suck her clit. It wrapped my lips around her clit and
sucked. My tongue flicked around it while it was inside my mouth back and
fourth back and fourth. I tried to get ever spot licking around like a
tornado. I knew Aunt Bunny liked it wet so added a lot of salvia and tease the
lips. Bunny slammed down on me as enjoyed the licking. My face was soon
soaking. I love ever drop off it. I happy slurped it up

"Yes that it RIGHT THERE my darling baby RIGHT THERE" She said

She stuffs me in the bed riding as she came.


My mouth was filled with her pussy juices.

"2 more time baby 2 more times"

She wrapped her legs around my head occasionly lifting it up to breath. My
whole body seem engulf and could feel her ass on my chest

"You love eating my pussy don't your pet"

"Yes Auntie your pussy taste wonderful"

"Remember the first time I made love to my baby. You cried in my arms as I
pump your dry, I knew then I would keep you forever and ever"

She looked down my eyes were filled with love. I felt so safe under her
licking her. She came again this time a multiple. She grabbed my hair lifting
her self up and down on my clit.

"Yesss, love seeing your cute black face drench" She said

She rode me deeper

"Yesssssssssssssssss cumming AGAIN YESSSS"

She came this time drenching me

"Lick ever drop. Lick fast, can get another smaller one right there ...
YESSSSSSSS MMMMMMM that's good pet" She said

She got up leaving me imbedded in the bed. She looked in the garbage bin and
saw something. It was a tissue


"I don't know"

She grabbed me by the hair and brought me to my knees. She lifted me my chin
up with one finger and looked at me with her deep blue eyes

"Going to ask only ounce. What is this" She said

"A tissue"


She slap me hard

"What type of tissue?"

"Tissue with cum on it, I am sorry just I was thinking about you and it just
happen. I couldn't help but touch you"

"I told you not to cum unless I am here DIDN'T I"

"Yes I (sniff) sorry (Sniff) (Whimper)" I moaned shaking like a leaf

"Little boy, can't control your urges just like a LITTLE BABY. Well boy this
is for your own good, you know what AUNTIE got to do right" She said


She sat down beside me. She gave me a hug

"This for your own goodie sweetie. Your little mind is young and little still
got to be reminded who boss. Crawl over on my knee"

I crawled over her knee and lay down. My ass was sticking up. She played with
my ass teasing my whole. She took off her gloves and pinch.

"This is NOT going to hurt me more then it hurt you pet"


She slapped me on the ass leaving a mark. Then another came leaving another
red mark. I whimper and screamed out in pain. It started coming down like a
storm. Despite myself I was hard. Bunny could make me cum just by having my
dick in her calves as she spanked me. Pain shot through me as she spanked me
and tears ran down my eyes

"This is what (SPANK SPAN) BABIES get (SPANK SPANK) when they don't follow
(SPANK SPANK) orders (SPANK SPANK). Really young man, I put a roof over your
head, gives you hugs and kiss, buy you toys, dildos to play with, give you all
the pussy you can eat And (SPANK SPANK) still you disobey (SPANK SPAN). See I
have to remind baby his place you SERVE ME (Spank spank).

"Yes mistress"


"Waaaaaaaaa" I cried

"Crying wont help now young man (SPANK SPANK) you had this coming for a LONG
time (Spank spank) but when I am done you will be prim and proper ... .ohhhhh
did you just cume between my LEGS. These new Leather pants FILTHY BOY (spank

She grabbed my head and pulled it down making me lick the pants clean and went
back to spanking me like a wild woman

"See I got to spank you a bit harder (SPANK SPANK) YOU NAUGHTY little baby"

Half and Hour Later

She stood me up. Tears ran down my eyes. She lifted my chin up

"Have we learn our lesson" She said

"Y..yes AUNTIE" She said

"Give Auntie a Hug" She said

I gave her a hug. She held me in her arms

"Shhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhh just cry your little eyes out. You go to be a good boy
for now on"

"Yes Auntie"

She gave me a big kiss and started rubbing me. She stroked me

"Let get all that NASTY little jizz out shall we hmmm"

I moaned out in pleasure as she soon had me cum.

"Ooooo Look ahhh that sweet cum ... so backed up. No wonder you keep touching
yourself. No excuse though nasty little boy" She said

She made me suck her fingers

Bunny went into her bag and pulled out a bottle. The bag had other thing like
whips, paddles, strapons and toys I am sure will be use on me. She also had
plenty of clothes. She put the bottle in my mouth and had me suck as I was
rock to sl**p

"sl**p tight baby" She said
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Craft Lessons Lead To Lesbian Encounters

I’d finished my second lesson for the day in card making to groups of ladies at the two-day craft fair in a nice country town. As I talked to a number of ladies about their crafting problems I began to think about packing my equipment and looking for a motel. One last woman patiently waited my attention. We had a pleasant discussion about cards when she put out a hand to introduce herself. Liz had a firm dry handshake. She asked me where I was staying. I told her I hadn’t booked anywhere just yet, and asked could she recommend a reasonably priced clean motel. No need for that was her response. She lived alone and I was welcome to stay at her place. It was a great suggestion, particularly as she seemed genuine and happy with no obvious personal emotional baggage.

She helped me pack and carry my gear to my car. It was agreed I would follow her, and she was happy enough to drive by a bottle shop so I contribute some wine to my home stay with her. Home was a neat cosy low set three-bedroom bungalow with a patio across the rear and, Liz assured me, no close neighbours. She showed me to my bedroom, adjacent to her own main bedroom off the hallway. As I hung my clothes in the wardrobe Liz suggested I wear something cool and comfortable given the afternoon was still warm. In response to my statement that I hadn’t brought anything that casual she assured me she could loan me something appropriate. I was in the midst of sorting out my overnight bag when Liz reappeared a few minutes later. She had changed into a light white sleeveless cotton shift. It was apparent, given the view of her body through the thin material, that she had shed her undergarments. She handed me a similar shift with the comment that as I was taller than her it might be a tad short, but not to worry as there were only us two women in the house, and we were hardly likely to be concerned about a bit of female flesh on view. As her own shift barely covered her backside I wondered just how good the fit would be. More amused than concerned I stripped. When I put on the shift and looked in the mirror I saw Liz was right; the hem hardly reached the cleft between my legs, front or back; the low neck line just covered my nipples, the top of my aerolae clearly visible; my large breasts threatened to pop out of their scant covering; the thin straps and deep sleeve apertures provided a full side view of my big boobs. I mentally shrugged and went to find my landlady
Liz was stretched out on an outdoor lounge with two glasses of wine. That’s almost a good fit she said as I sat on the lounge next to hers. Yes, almost as good as yours I replied, noting her own ample assets on display. We talked, sipped wine and enjoyed each other’s company as the afternoon slipped towards evening. When it came time for the first refill I retrieved the bottle from the refrigerator in the kitchen. As I reached forward to fill Liz’s glass my boobs spilled out of the top of the shift. We both laughed as I tucked them back. Dinner preparation was shared. By the end of the meal and the dishes we were well into the second bottle of wine, both happily tipsy. We finished it sitting in the darkness of the patio. Time for a shower and bed as we finished the wine. Liz’s suggestion of a shared shower, I guess given our condition, seemed reasonable; as was the washing and drying of each other’s back. As I followed her down the hallway Liz noted that it was still fairly warm, that my bedroom had no fan while hers had one right over the bed, therefore I might be more comfortable sharing her double bed. Given our blossoming friendship it seemed like a wonderful idea. We turned down the covers to the bottom sheet. Fan and a small night-light on, I languidly stretched out on my back beside Liz. The breeze from the fan on my naked body helped cool and relax me.

Liz lay on her side looking at me while she talked. She commented on my body, complimented me on my short black hair style, my large firm breasts with their pert pink nipples set in large round pink aerolae, and my flat belly. She said she loved my smooth shaved vulva, my cute backside and my shapely slim legs. Of course my ego glowed. I turned my head and returned the compliments, on her fine short blond hair, her lively blue eyes, her generous mouth and her clear olive complexion. I noted that her breasts were of significant size tipped with lovely long thick brown nipples. Liz enjoyed the fact that I admired her sparse wispy blond pubic hair through which her mons was clearly visible. No, she didn’t shave; never needed to. Our mutual admiration session seemed good for both of us.

Liz reached out a hand and caressed my breasts, her fingertips slowly teasing my nipples to hardness. I sighed and stretched out like a lazy cat under her touch. Liz, still on her side, moved closer to me. I put her head on my shoulder; let my hand drift softly across her neck and upper back. Her hand moved down to my belly, her fingers gently lighting the nerve endings under the skin. Onward her hand moved, stroking over the smooth mound of my pudendum. As her fingertips played over the outside of my vulva I naturally and involuntarily parted my legs. Her fingers dipped into my slit, trailed back and forth between my labia, explored the length of my flowering gash, finally settled on my hardening love bud. Liz moved, knelt beside me while her fingers continued to softly tantalise my clitoris. She gently kissed my face, my eyes, ears and throat. Her lips brushed mine. Our kiss increased in intensity. Soon her tongue probed my tongue. Lust rose throughout my body. My erect sensitive clit ached with pleasure under her gentle strumming. My orgasm built slowly and inexorably. Soon I was moaning and heaving on the bed. Pleasure roared through my body.

As my breathing returned to normal Liz moved again, down between my thighs. She placed my legs over her shoulders, rolled my lower body upwards, and gave herself complete access to my exposed pouting pussy. Her tongue travelled along the length of my gash, ploughed through the parted puffy petals of my flesh, burrowed into the aperture of my cunt. Lips brushed over my clitoris, her mouth sucked on it like a small nipple while her tongue strummed up and down and over my tiny bud. Nerve endings throughout my whole body were on fire. My body involuntarily humped up at her face. My next orgasm came fast. The climax was sensational. Waves of exquisite pleasure washed over me. From my curved toes to my hard aching nipples I felt this climax. Wow did this woman have touch. I lay unmoving, completely satiated. Liz watched me along the length of my body, her face one large smile, her mouth wet and shiny with my juice. I reached for her with my hands, drew her body along mine, had her kneel over my head, her pussy just above my face.

I looked at Liz’s pussy with interest, and lust. Her blond pubic hair was very sparse, with only a few white hairs on either side of her mound. Her brown labia were swollen fat. Her inner flesh was richly pink, the entrance to her love tunnel gaped open, tendrils of clear mucus threaded along her slit, juicy droplets of fluid s**ttered like beads inside her. Above all else I gazed in wonder at the size of her clit. It stood out hard and long, brightly pink, comparable in size to the first joint of my pinkie. Simply stunning! I reached my hands up around her body, drew her snatch down to my mouth. Her succulent aroma filled my nostrils. My tongue speared into her love hole. Liz’s body jolted. I laved my tongue through her gash, sopped up the tendrils and beads of moisture. Liz’s reactions were visible to me as I glanced upwards. Her face contorted in pleasure. Her hands gripped her nipples in self-stimulation. She rocked and mashed her gash over my face.

Liz’s thighs against the side of my head provided first hint of her impending orgasm. The muscles began to quiver and jump. Her grind on my mouth and tongue slowed but intensified. Colour flushed through her love lips. Her love bud, under my tongue, hardened even more. Liz rocked herself on my mouth. Keening sounds came from her throat. She climaxed. Moisture streamed from her gash into my mouth. I felt wonderful at my achievement, wondrous at my power.

We lay together in tight embrace, cooling off under the fan. Eventually we both slept. In fact we both slept in, so had no time then for any further progress in our newfound physical relationship.

My day was full giving craft lessons. I arrived home late in the afternoon, this time carrying gifts of two bottles of champagne and a bunch of flowers. The latter was most appreciated by Liz.

I noticed that the cotton shift had been discarded for bare skin. She suggested I might like to do the same. Liz poured our first glass of champers while I shed my clothes. I joined her under the back patio. The lounge chairs, instead of being side by side, now faced each other. Liz said the new arrangement made it easier for us to enjoy looking at each other while we talked. She was right. As I sat back and looked at Liz, languidly lying back on the lounge chair, all her most interesting physical assets were on display. Her carelessly parted legs gave a complete view of her saucy pudendum. The sparseness and blondness of her pubic hair still fascinated me, as did her pouting labia and fabulous tits.

We talked, slowly demolished the bottle of champagne, and watched the sunset. As we became slightly tipsy we teased each other visually with our respective poses. I placed a leg over each armrest. The pose opened up my pussy, my inner pink flesh displayed to Liz. In between sips of wine and snippets of conversation we wantonly touched ourselves lasciviously. Sexual tension and lust permeated the atmosphere. Wonderful fun!

The evening chores were shared. We drank the second bottle of wine with our meal. Without discussion we both seemed headed for an early night in bed. We headed straight there after another shower together.

I surprised Liz when I got into her bed holding my ever reliable imitation cock three speed vibrator, a plain battery drive affair controlled by a rotating knob in the base, with a flesh coloured veined shaft, thicker at the base and slimmer in the knob. My turn first I told her as I knelt between her thighs. The vibrator quietly hummed. I slid the tip along the length of her gaping gash, ran it from the bud of her anus to the tip of her fat elongated clit. My gentle teasing quickly aroused Liz. I soon concentrated all my efforts on her love bud. My gratification was achieved when Liz rocketed to a stupendous climax.

Before she could fully recover I turned the vibrator up to high speed, inserted the blunt end into my cunt, held it in place with my muscles, grasped Liz’s legs behind the knees and lifted them up on either side of her body, exposing and tilting her cunt upwards. Using my own cunt to control placement of the vibe I slid it into her vagina. My cunt lips mashed against hers. The humming penetrating shaft held us together. Our kisses were frantic, the sensations mind blowing. Together we soared to a collective climax, rocking against each other, mouth against mouth, breasts against breasts, pussy welded to pussy. It took us some time to recover.

Liz rolled me onto my back. As she moved between my legs I manoeuvred her over my body so that I too had access to her, in the classic sixty-nine position. Initially my concentration was good. I tongued and sucked her wonderful meaty aromatic moist pussy; enjoyed spearing my tongue into the clasping clutch of her vagina; gently chewed her fat swollen love lips; nibbled on her long protruding clitoris. Liz’s efforts on my own cunt began to interrupt my concentration. Pleasure seared through my nerve endings. I tried to ignore it. I failed. The climax shattered my body. Liz obviously understood my predicament as she patiently waited for my recovery.

Again she moved. She knelt between my thighs, encouraged me to part my legs as wide as possible. Liz fitted her pussy against my open maw, sought my love bud with her large clit. She found the spot and stretched her body full length over and on top of mine, our breasts and nipples crushed together. I wrapped her in my arms. Our tongues intertwined. All the while she continued to caress my clit with hers. The heat built in my body. Liz’s efforts became more frantic. The flesh of our pussies mashed tightly almost as one. Her body rocked. Spasms shook her. Our orgasms were fierce and fantastic. Perspiration glistened on our bodies.

We held each other for a long time. Eventually we lay side by side enjoying the draft of the fan drifting over our skin cooling us. Liz turned off the light. Our talk was desultory and contented. Completely satiated we slept until after dawn.

In the morning we discussed my work arrangements. Next week I planned three nights and four days giving lessons at the craft fair in a nearby town. Unfortunately Liz had other commitments. But she did have the brilliant idea that a close friend of hers there, also into craft, may be happy to accommodate me. Liz phoned her friend immediately. Of course Ruth would be happy to have me stay with her. Liz assured me that I would find that Ruth had much in common with me. Ruth would introduce herself to me at the fair.

Our farewell was tender and a bit sad, but the up side well and truly overshadowed that. We promised to maintain contact.

My craft fair was held over three days. I was to provide card-making lessons on each day. As I set up my equipment in a back room of the hall Ruth introduced herself to me. Our mutual friend Liz, who the previous week had accommodated me in her home, had put us in contact with each other. Ruth had generously offered me home stay for two nights with her. We made arrangements to meet up with each other later that afternoon. At lunchtime I was able to shop up town for a few small gifts by way of gratitude, champagne and flowers, for her hospitality. The champagne I hid in an old fridge in my meeting room, the flowers in water in the sink.

Ruth’s home I saw, as I followed her car up the driveway, was a lovely high set white Queenslander surrounded by farmland a few kilometres outside town, with parking for two cars underneath. Her friendly ecstatic yellow Labrador dog Tobias greeted us in crazy tail wagging circles. Under the house there was a laundry and a workroom for her craft. Upstairs had a two-bedroom layout, with wide verandas on the front and two sides, French doors in each room providing veranda access. Her “mistress” bedroom was dominated by a huge double bed, with a spectacularly modern brass bed head. It was simply stunning, and air-conditioned. Ruth suggested I hang my clothing in her walk in robe and put my toiletry bag in the bathroom. It seemed to be an unspoken assumption that I’d share her bed with her. My gifts pleased her very much. She genuinely seemed touched. The champagne went into the freezer along with two goblets.

As I unpacked we both got ourselves organised. Ruth told me that around the home, including her garden and the few acres of natural bushland beyond that, she tended to go nude. My being a nudist gave us something more in common. So we removed our clothing in the bedroom and saw each other in the flesh for the first time. While both mature women in our early forties, physically we were quite different. Ruth had shoulder length light brown hair fringed at the front, hazel eyes, cute pert nose, and big lips in a perpetually wide smiling mouth. She was tall and slim, almost angular, with small but full breasts tipped by tiny brown nipples, a lovely tight backside, a smooth shaved peachy tush and wonderfully long slim legs that tapered down to exquisite ankles and feet. She flushed with pride when I complimented her on her beautiful figure. While I was much shorter and heavier than she was, in turn Ruth complimented me on my short black hairstyle, my large firm breasts with their pink nipples set in large round pink areolae, and my flat belly. She said she loved my hairless vulva, my cute backside and my shapely slim legs.

We wandered naked around her cosy home, accompanied by Tobias, as she showed me all the facilities and items near and dear to her heart. From the various verandas she explained the views. The two side verandas were fairly private and each contained a number of planter’s chairs. She proposed that after we did a couple of household chores we might like to have drink and watch the sunset before dinner. It sounded great and I felt at home, contented.

Surprisingly the first job was to wash Tobias. While Ruth did that on the back lawn I watered the large vegetable patch. We both finished about the same time, Tobias locked upstairs to stay clean while we walked to some yards and a large shed about fifty meters beyond the rear of the house. In a tree shaded yard behind the shed I was introduced to Ruth’s horse, Toyboy, a lovely black docile creature that obviously loved his mistress. We put him in a stall in the shed, fed, watered and curried him Ruth, all the while, talking to him in a soft crooning voice. He loved it.

We strolled back to the house in the late afternoon sun. I luxuriated in the feel of the sunshine and fresh air on my naked body, in our activities, and happily said so. Ruth wrapped an arm around my waist and told me how much she enjoyed sharing this time with someone who appreciated the same things in life as she did. We washed in a laundry sink and went upstairs. Cold champagne and goblets in hand we sat in two towel covered planters chairs and, joined by Tobias, watched the close of the afternoon and the onset of evening, and talked.

Ruth’s pose in her chair was licentious and lascivious, legs parted, each stretched out on the armrests that extended well beyond the actual seat cushion. The split peach of her pussy was open to my gaze. Lay back and relax she encouraged; use the chair the way it was meant to be used. From time to time she overtly stroked herself. Her actions excited me. I did the same. I felt so sexual lying back nude, so relaxed sipping champagne, looking at the countryside, enjoying her company. Ruth’s touches to her own body began to last longer. Soon she slowly masturbated. Do it too she asked. I put my goblet on the floor, and slowly stroked my clit with one hand and massaged my nipples with the other. Ruth’s technique differed to mine. She used the fingers of one hand to pull at her clit while she inserted a couple of fingers of the other hand into her vagina. I found watching her masturbate while I did the same to be very erotic. It excited me to see her cum. She, like me, was verbose and body heaving. We both laughed in our shared joy.

We sipped more wine. Ruth snapped her fingers. Tobias stood between her legs. She stroked his head, murmured lovingly to him. The dog stuck its nose into her open wet gash. She caressed his ears. Tobias licked her. It was fantastic to see his tongue wetly slurp through and over the folds of her flesh. Oh yes she groaned, oh yes baby. Her hands gripped the dog’s ears a little harder. Her body lifted in the chair. She humped herself at Tobias’s tongue and nose. Ruth’s fierce fast orgasm shattered he body. She let the dog go and flopped back in the chair. The dog stood there between his mistress’s thighs wagging his tail. What do you think she asked me? I’m stunned I replied, I can’t believe he’d be that good. I’ve trained him well she laughingly answered. Why don’t you try him and form your opinion she suggested. I told her I was too nervous. Lay back in the chair she commanded. I’ll take care of you she assured me.

I looked down my body and watched her, with hand commands, move Tobias so that he stood expectantly in front of my gash. At Ruth’s touch on his ears his wet nose penetrated my open folds. It felt surprisingly good. When the dog’s tongue lapped at my snatch I nearly flew out of the chair. It seemed to be everywhere, over my clit, around my labia, down through my groove. The heat, texture, speed, touch and moisture of its tongue were simply sensational.

Involuntarily my body responded. I humped myself at the dog, oblivious to Ruth, aware only of the sensations coursing through my body. The ensuing climax racked my being. I gradually became aware of Ruth’s beaming face. Good? Excellent!

The sunset was magnificent as we both sipped more wine. Before it gets dark I want to show another trick I taught Tobias, Ruth told me. I watched, transfixed, as she masturbated for a few minutes. Her fingers and pussy glistened. She called Tobias. Again he stuck his nose into her, lapped at her with his gorgeous tongue. Up, she commanded. He stood on his hind legs, paws on her belly. She lent forward, stroked his lower belly. The dog’s translucent red-fleshed cock unsheathed from its socket. Ruth ran her fingers along its cock. It lengthened and thickened. It soon stood out fat and firm from its belly, the shaft tapering to a grooved tip. She urged the dog forward, guided the tip of its cock into her open gash. Tobias knew what to do. The dog rested its paws higher on her chest. Its lower body undulated and it red hard cock speared into his mistress’s gaping pussy.

Tobias’s speed was frenetic as his cock fucked in and out of her cunt. The dog maintained this high-speed fuck for a couple of minutes, then suddenly paused. Ruth cajoled him. Again he fucked her fast. Ruth held his ears; her head flung back, her body heaved and lifted at the dog. Another pause, then more frantic fucking, faster still. Ruth wailed. Tobias pulled away, his creamy covered cock slipped out of her widely gaping cunt. Spunk poured from her hole, ran down the cleft of her arse, over her thighs, dripped in bubbling pools onto the towel which covered the seat. Ruth staggered to her feet. I need a shower, she said.

We showered together, and talked of course. We shared the work of meal preparation and ate by candlelight in the kitchen, agreeing that opening another bottle of wine would be a good idea in spite of our present half-whacked condition. Dishes done Ruth suggested a video while we finished the next bottle. When I tried to avoid user her favourite lounge chair Ruth recommended a compromise, we share the twin seater.

The video was a female group adventure involving lots of large toys. We sipped champagne as we watched. When one beautiful woman inserted an exceptionally large dildo into the cunt of an equally stunning woman I expressed some disbelief that she could accept something that big inside her. We discussed my opinion, and ended up comparing the difference in sizes between ourselves. The movie was even paused while we went to the bedroom and stood side by side in front of the mirror. Ruth quite rightly pointed out that her whole slit was certainly not as long or as deep as mine. My pussy was long and deep, my lips large and heavy and protruding, the cleft deep, the entrance to my vagina much bigger than hers, my clit fatter and longer. All aspects of her genitals seemed smaller than mine. Nevertheless I still felt that I certainly couldn’t handle anything as large as the actresses. That point settled we continued the movie.

As we sipped wine and watched the on screen action Ruth lent her nude body against mine. She caressed my breasts, stroked my belly, and delved her fingers into my pussy. My hands too roamed over her. As the on screen action heated up so did we. It wasn’t long before I decided I’d had enough of the video and suggested to her that I would love to go to bed. It had been a long day.

Together we folded down the bed clothing to the bottom sheet. The air conditioning was just right, pleasant on the skin. We shared the bathroom for our ablutions and turned off all the lights except for a reading lamp. The sheet felt cool, the bed comfortable. We embraced in a tight tangle of arms and legs. Our mouths and tongues hungrily explored. Breasts and nipples and pussies touched. I moved over the top of her, kissed and tongued her breasts and nipples while she massaged mine with her hands. Slowly I kissed my way down her belly until I reached the treasure trove between her legs. Ruth manoeuvred my body on top of hers, my muff over her face. I delved my tongue into her pretty pink pussy, past the small petals of her flesh, into the groove of her box, penetrated the portal of her cunt. Ah, she was just so succulent. Part of me was aware of her mouth similarly working over my gash, fingers sliding into the maw of my vagina. Ah, ah, it felt so good. I settled my mouth on her tiny clitoris, sucked and tongue and stroked; fed myself on her. She came hard and fast. Juice flooded her snatch. I lapped it up and came up for air, still aware of the pleasure soaring through my belly. It was wonderful to kneel there over her, feel her send me soaring to the stars.

Ruth turned the light off. We lay totally relaxed, totally at peace in each other’s arms and slept. Next morning I was off to the fair. Ruth asked me to get home as early as I could to meet her visitors. Yes, by mid afternoon would be fine. And yes, more wine would be appreciated.

There were three cars at home when I arrived but my car park space was free. Naked Ruth kissed me hello at the top of the back stairs, relieved me of my bag containing two more bottles of champagne, and suggested I strip off before meeting the other women who were on the veranda on the shaded side of the house. Four planter’s chairs were gathered in a rough circle, three of them occupied by Ruth and two other naked women. Ruth made the introductions. The two women stood and embraced me, kissed me warmly on the cheek. Joyce was about my age, a stylish brunette with brown eyes. She was shorter and stockier in build than the rest of us. I thought I had big breasts but Joyce’s tits were massive melons, with big brown areolae, tipped by long thick nipples. Her belly was round, tapering down to the protruding split peach of her pudendum. Joyce’s face was pleasant, her complexion clear, her demeanour vibrant and mischievous. Lynn was a little taller, with curly brown hair, with blue eyes. She was very pretty happy looking woman. Her figure was neat and trim, her pink tipped breasts pert and upstanding. Lynn’s backside, thighs and legs made me drool. I guessed she was about thirty.

As I sat down and accepted cold flute of champagne the three women relaxed again. It was lovely to be included in their laughing happy conversation, and have the local gossip explained to me. An additional benefit was that it gave us time to get to know each other, and assess the physical attributes on display. The latter was easy given everyone’s casual pose, legs parted resting on those extended wide footrests or over an armrest. All four of us were unusual I thought; we all shaved.

Ruth’s pink pussy was so small and delicate looking compared to Joyce’s long wide open gash framed by big fat brown lips, long red clit standing proud and clear. Lynn’s vulva was simply beautiful, in proportion to the rest of her, lips and clit peeking out.

As we talked hands and sipped hands overtly brushed and caressed in self-stimulation. It was wonderfully erotic and so much fun. The group was happy and comfortable.

Lynn got us down to the business at hand when she reminded us that time was moving along and we all needed to have some fun before it got too late. In response to my questioning look she informed me that we were going to start the afternoon’s pleasure with some public masturbation. Okay? Okay!

Each woman had a different technique. With the fingers of my right hand I was a clit strummer, while my left hand worked on my breasts, mainly my nipples. In contrast to the previous evening Ruth now used both hands to stroke her pussy, running her fingers through her slit, feeling the opening of her vagina, a finger on each hand caressing her clitoris. Lynn used a thumb and forefinger of one hand to hold and pulsate her bud as, like me, she massaged her breasts with the other hand. Joyce too gripped her big fat red clit between thumb and forefinger, pulling and stretching it, while she buried and ground the bunched fingers of the other hand deep in the gaping maw of her cunt.

I tried to focus on my own pleasure but it was impossible, the sight of the other three women just too distracting. Given that they had obviously done this before they didn’t share my novelty of the experience. They were unabashed in their focus on themselves. It wasn’t my shyness that was my problem; it was more my total voyeuristic interest in what they were doing
Joyce climaxed noisily and ferociously. Her body heaved at her hands, her clit stretched taut, fingers buried deep in her snatch, and obscenities poured from her mouth. And still she kept going. Lynn was less voluble, but her body shivered and shook as her fingers flew over her bud. Ruth finally got there with loud groans as she humped her body up at her hands. I closed my eyes and focused on my clitoris and nipples. The wet slurps of fingers in pussies and the moans and groans of pleasure filled my ears. The aroma of hot cunt wafted into my nostrils. I strummed my hard clitoris, flicked at my nipples. At last I felt my nerve endings jangle. It was on the way. Yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes. I fucked myself with my fingers. Oh god it felt good. My body soared.

When I slipped over my peak I opened my eyes. All three women were looking at me. All wore big smiles of approval. Excellent they all agreed. You are one of us.

Joyce asked me had I met Tobias. The previous afternoon I told her. We want you to show us she requested. Initially I was adamantly against anything more to do with the dog. But the three of them cajoled me into it and stood around my chair to watch as Ruth organised the dog.

As before he buried his nose in my snatch and vigorously lapped at me with his tongue. My nerve endings were jolted, my body arched out of the chair. Before I went over the top Ruth stopped the dog. I opened my eyes. Up she commanded Tobias. No, no I cried out. Yes, yes, they all urged. The dog’s front paws rested on my chest. I looked down between the dog’s body and mine. His red wet stiff prick stood out fatly beneath his belly. Ruth’s hand appeared, grasped the tool, and fed it into my gash. Immediately the dog commenced its fast frenetic fuck as it speared its prick in and out of my gash. I closed my eyes and focused on my genitals. While this intrusion did not feel overly thick or long the speed and frenzy of the fuck was somehow exciting. Tobias paused deep inside me. I felt his tool swell, fill me more. Again he fucked me fast, and then stopped. The cycle repeated a number of times. Then he really went for it faster than before. Suddenly hot fluid gushed and spurted through my cunt. It flooded my insides, flowed out of me into the cleft of my backside. The dog pushed of me and hopped down. I opened my eyes.

Three sets of eyes looked down at me. What do you think someone asked? You bitches just blew me away I answered. I slowly extricated myself from the chair, my pussy, backside and thighs covered in juice. I need a shower I told them. Not yet said Ruth, you have to come for a walk, so just wipe yourself of a bit with the towel from your chair.

We four nude women strolled through the garden to the shed in the afternoon sunlight. The atmosphere between us was electric and sensual, the conversation all about the dog and my response to the experience.

Everyone made a fuss of Toyboy as Ruth moved him from his large stall to a smaller one. She fastened his halter over a bin of food. Lynn and Joyce, with my help, moved a small wide wooden bench under the horse between his front and rear legs. In response to my questions about what we were doing the three women just laughed and suggested I follow their directions. Joyce manoeuvred herself onto her back under the horse, her legs bent at the knees to accommodate her body on the bench, which was shorter than she was. Once comfortable she reached her hands up under the horse‘s belly. Ruth, Lynn and I knelt on the floor on either side of the bench. I could see the hands of the women massage and manipulate the horse’s balls in their black sac. With surprising speed the horses black cock elongated like a telescope. Never having seen such a sight so close before I was amazed at its length, curvature, thickness and beautiful black colour. The tip reminded me of a mushroom surrounded though by crinkly black skin. The slit was enormous.

Toyboy’s tool distended into a massive long thick muscle of hard flesh as the women caressed its length in their hands. My hand could not circle its girth, though towards the tip it did get less thick. Joyce’s hands manipulated the tip into the gaping maw of her cunt. She used her feet on the bench to lift her belly upwards, to feed the mighty cock into her vaginal aperture. Gradually, with care, she fed more of its length inside her. Satisfied that she could take no more she rocked her lower body, fucking the lower end of this monstrous tool in and out of her cunt.

The sight was magnificent. My whole body tingled. My wet snatch got wetter. On and on Joyce rocked, building up rhythm and speed. Her open mouth groaned and sobbed in pleasure. The three of us continued our handiwork on the rest of Toyboy’s cock. Already I could see it visibly thicken, the veins just under the black skin more pronounced. Ruth carefully watched, stayed in command. Joyce had no control whatsoever as she enveloped the thick hard protrusion, burying it deep inside her gash.

Ruth told Joyce to get ready. Joyce worked harder. Under my fingers I felt the horses cock begin to throb and pump. Joyce wailed mightily in lust as the cock pumped its load into her cunt. Her mouth hung open as she heaved to a body shaking orgasm. Oh yes, oh fuck, oh yea, oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck she shouted. Cum flooded around the cock out of her cunt. She collapsed back on the bench still talking to herself. Ruth eased the cock out of her. The cum ran out of the slit. It absolutely streamed out of Joyce’s unplugged gash, between her thighs, into the crack of her arse, onto the bench. There was silence as we looked at each other in awe. Wow, was my weak comment. I felt blown away.

Gradually we all recovered our composure. Joyce slid out from under the horse and stood wobbly legged, cum running down the inside of her beautiful thighs. That was a killer she told us, simply superb, just the greatest.

Ruth returned us to some semblance of normality. She told Joyce and I to go and shower while she and Lynn looked after the stable and the horse.

As we set off slowly for the house in the late afternoon sunlight I learned off Joyce that the three women all regularly have a session with the dog and the horse. It’s their little secret. She suggested I should try Toyboy, but I was very negative about that idea.

Our shared shower was pleasant. Her body was magnificent to soap and wash, so responsive to my touch. I loved the largeness of her assets and her happy energy. Her soapy hands on me felt good too, but neither of us proceeded beyond the clean up task. After we dried we met the other naked women on the veranda and all gratefully shared a fresh very cold bottle of champagne, and recovered.

Eventually as the shadows lengthened Joyce said she had to go home and cook dinner for her f****y. She lived a kilometre or so down the road. Off she went to dress. We all accompanied her to the car to wave her goodbye. Her farewell kiss left me breathless. Come back soon she urged.

Back on the veranda the three of us relaxed and talked as the sun set and darkness crept over the surrounding countryside. You are staying for dinner Ruth questioned Lynn. Okay, thank you. What about for the night Ruth pursued. Unfortunately I can’t Lynn pleaded.

Between the three of us we concocted a great spaghetti meal, complimented by some crusty bread and a soft red wine, and a candle on the kitchen table to add to the atmosphere. Dishes done and put away again we returned to the veranda with a coffee and Bailey’s. It came time for Lynn to go, again fortunately not far.

Ruth and I showered together and lay on the bed, enjoying the coolness of the air conditioner on our bodies while we talked. The conversation of course was mainly about the events of the afternoon, and my reaction. Soon we began to caress and stroke each other. She rolled me on my back and knelt between my thighs, which she spread widely. Her mouth covered my snatch, her tongue kissed and stroked and delved. Moisture flooded through me, my response as usual quick and vibrant. Not just yet she commented as she sat back on her haunches.

The fingers of one of her hands softly touched my bud. Bunched fingers on the other hand penetrated my orifice, wormed their way into my tunnel, and opened me up with their gentle assault. Further and further she worked her way inside me, forcing my lips apart as she invaded my cunt. Her knuckles pushed their way in. I could take no more. She began a screwing motion with her fist as she moved it in and out of my cunt. Her head went down over me as she sucked my clit. It just felt so fantastically invasive. I fucked her hand and mouth, clutched at her hand with my cunt muscles, lifted my gash to her mouth, wanting more pressure and more pleasure. The intensity built in both of us. Soon my body bucked at her. No longer did her hand penetrate me. Now I engulfed it. Oh, oh the searing pleasure and passion that soared through my clit, my cunt, down my thighs, along my belly into my nipples. Oh yes, Ruth, fuck me, oh fuck me yes, deeper, harder, faster, oh fuck me. I rocketed to the stars, roared through the Milky Way, before gliding back to earth to the bed. She sat back on her haunches between my thighs watching me, a huge smile on her face. Wow I exclaimed. Wow indeed she agreed.

Repayment time I suggested. She moved up my body and straddled my face. I looked up at her delicate small pink pussy split open just above my nose. I reached around her body, grasped her bottom and pulled her down on me. My tongue speared straight into her moist aromatic tunnel, my nose and lips buried in the cleft of her cunt. I tongue fucked her until I ached. Her juices ran into my mouth. I moved my mouth to her hard little love bud. My tongue strummed over it, and I sucked and tongue until she noisily climaxed. Ruth attempted to move off me. My hands held her in place while we did it all over again.

We lay in each other’s arms, our legs around each other and talked for a long time. Then sl**p overtook us. But in the morning we enjoyed one last slow fuck together before I organised myself for work.

As we said a fond goodbye Ruth asked me to promise to come back soon. It was easy for me to agree.

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Mystic Godfather

Mystic Godfather

Chapter 1
His arrival was memorable in itself but that was the night I went to my
first high school dance. Mom tried to console me she would never
understand. I buried my head in my pillow so I didn't notice the flash
of light or hear the opening of the closet door. The music was on to
mask my tears so I didn't hear him approach.

I only knew someone was in my room when I felt something bump against my
bed. A man was standing there when I looked up. He had curly brown
hair and looked to be about thirty years old with the thick frame of
someone that worked out a lot. I don't know why I didn't scream but I
think it had something to do with his eyes. They were ordinary brown
eyes, hidden by thick glasses, but when I looked into them I just knew
he meant me no harm.

I don't know why I felt this way. Perhaps it was his face that looked
as scared as I felt. I asked the obvious question.

"Who are you? Why are you in my bedroom?"

The man seemed to relax when I spoke and he said, "I'm here to help."

I didn't understand. How could this strange man help? What could he
know? I sat up and pulled my covers close.

He said, "I know about the dance. I know about Tim."

My face began to redden. "Wha-- How? No way. I haven't told anyone
about that."

"I know you James. Better than you know yourself."

"But how?"

"I know people don't believe in fairy tales any more but that doesn't
mean the stories are complete lies. Think of me as your ... mystic
godfather. I'm here to help." He laughed at his joke.

"Is that like a fairy godmother? Or a guardian angel?"

The man said, "Something like that. It's ok that you like Tim."

"B-B-but he's my best friend. And he likes Betsy." The image of the
them kissing on the dance floor flashed in my mind and I could feel the
tears form.

"Tim's not gay but then neither are you. Not really."

The words confused me and I returned a blank stare.

"I know you are going through a rough time and I'm here to help." He
passed me a bottle. "Drink this. It will help."

I shook my head.

"Come on James. I don't have a lot of time here. Drink it. I know you
were thinking about killing yourself earlier. Could this be any worse?"

The bottle had no label and full of a purplish liquid.

"What will it do?"

"Does it matter? I promise it will help."

I hesitated for a few moments before breaking the seal and drinking it

The man smiled then walked to the closet and opened the door.

"What will it do?"

"I don't have time to explain right now but I will be back."

"Wait! I don't even know your name."

The man smiled. "Sam. You can call me Sam."

He closed the closet door and I tried to follow but was blinded by a
flash of light. When my vision cleared, the closet was empty.

Chapter 2
Things didn't get better as Sam promised. I tried to act normal as Tim
and Betsy became inseparable and our friendship suffered. I even tried
to go on a few dates with Betsy's friends but that was more torturous
than spending Saturday night alone in my room. Saturday's freed up and
instead of parties, I threw myself into my studies as going out seemed
pointless. It was a Saturday about a month later when Sam came back. I
was sitting at my desk figuring out an algebra equation when I saw the
flash that announced his arrival.

He seemed happy to see me but neither of us were anxious to talk and the
awkward silence filled the room as he stared for what seemed like a

"Are things better?"

I had been waiting for most of the past month to talk to him, "No. You

"I'm sorry. I thought my potion would help."

"It didn't."

"Are you at least happier than the last time we met?"

"Not really."

"But you crushed in the mile at the league championship today. That had
to feel good."

"Third isn't winning."

"Third?" Sam had a confused look on his face. "That's interesting. I
thought you won."

I shook my head, "Some mystic godfather you are."

Sam didn't say anything for a few seconds as he seemed unsure of
himself. Silence filled the room.

My mind flashed back to the race. I'd won all the head to head meets in
the mile during the season and expected to win the league championship
again since I'd won it as a freshman the year before. Letters from
colleges had piled up all last summer and dad said he was expecting
great things from me as I hadn't even hit the growth spurt my doctors
had predicted. Part of me worried when I grew it would negate the
advantage my long legs and 5'4" frame gave to me. My slight build (110
lbs) accrued lots of grief from my classmates over the years though I
had become accustomed to the nickname of 'Mouse' years before. Dad said
he was a late bloomer too and the other part of me couldn't wait.
Finishing third in the league meet was a sign that something was

Sam said, "I'm sorry the last one didn't work. I'm sure this potion
will make you feel better."

I don't know why I didn't make a connection between Sam and my slower
time at the league meet. I drank the second potion without a thought
and then Sam disappeared.

Chapter 3
I think I did feel better for a while. Something was different that was
for sure. I thought about telling my parents but I knew they wouldn't
believe me.

It was about a week later that I think I noticed anything though at the
time I didn't know it. My jersey had irritated my skin and I felt all
achy. I remember being mad at everyone and one of my better tantrums
led one of my teachers to push for a 3 day suspension. The school
administrators wrote it off as frustration as I had just missed
qualifying for the regional track meet. It was a bitter pill after
making the state meet the year before.

Mom and Dad weren't as understanding when they heard and they sent me to
see my shrink.

Did I mention I have a shrink?

I should explain. My shrink used the euphemism 'blue periods' though
I'm sure that's not the clinical name. I was pretty sure my shrink was
a hack because all she did was talk to me for a few sessions, give me a
few pills, and then we didn't see each other for a few months.

I know my parents really couldn't afford to pay for the sessions and it
always made me feel bad that they felt they couldn't control me. I'd
had the problem long before Sam arrived and I think it had something to
do with my feelings but I don't really know. All I knew was I watched
helpless as I said and did things I couldn't help. The pills took away
the panic but not my shame and I never told a soul about it. Not even
my shrink.

Of course Sam knew. He was my mystic godfather after all. When he
didn't appear after another month I began to wonder if he was ever going
to come back.


School ended and I've never been so glad to see a year end. I made a
few halfhearted attempts at finding a job but eventually convinced Dad
to let me concentrate on working out instead. Football tryouts were in
August and I had a lot of work to do to have a shot at varsity. Coach
always claimed that summer workouts were voluntary but it wasn't a
coincidence that anyone that made the team also worked out all summer.

My first workout was an embarrassment of epic proportions. I'd lost 40
lbs on my bench press and 75 lbs on my squats since I had stopped
lifting weights when track season started. That didn't bother me as it
had always come back fast in the past but the thing I couldn't explain
was my endurance workout. Tim beat me by almost a hundred yards in the
10 minute run and though I tried to blow it off everyone on the team
teased me about it. Getting beat by Tim wasn't as bad as it may sound
as he was a good runner too. It's how we become friends in the first
place. He'd even run anchor leg on the league champ 4x400 relay team.
The thing was I had always been faster than him and now I wasn't. I
blamed my shrink's meds. The coaches told my dad they thought it might
be the prelude to the growth spurt he said was coming.

I didn't think about other possibilities.

Doc Hack (not my shrink's real name) changed my prescription after our
next session but it didn't help. At our next time trial two weeks
later, five guys were ahead of me when the coach blew the whistle to
signal the end of the ten minutes.

I think that was the first time I really knew that something was wrong
and the tears streamed down my face as I sat near where I finished on
the infield of the track. I heard my teammates laughing as they went
back to the locker room but I didn't care. Only Tim stopped to asked if
anything was the matter but I told him to go away. I didn't want to
talk to anyone.

It wasn't like I didn't notice changes before but for the most part I
hadn't minded. The soreness in my chest that had started as an
irritation hadn't gone away but football workouts had made my whole body
scream in pain.

Other things happened that I couldn't explain. For instance the hair on
my legs and arms had lightened but I liked that as I'd always hated
hairy legs. I'd even gotten a few compliments.

The change in my reaction to the locker room was something else. I'd
always hated going into locker room because the sweat combined with dirt
and a lack of ventilation to create a stench that was overpowering. I
admit my locker was among the worst but recently I swear my sweat had
taken a smell sweet that I liked. The other boys smelled different too.
It had a musty smell and I didn't mind it as much.

My attraction to some of the guys on the team was getting worse and I
struggled to control my thoughts and my stares especially as we showered
after practice. Thankfully I never showed any excitement down there but
that was part of the problem too. My morning friend was essentially
non-existent and it took all my concentration to get any response at

As the second month passed with no sign of Sam's return, I thought about
talking to my parents about my problems. The thing was I couldn't tell
them about Sam because they already thought I was crazy. Mentioning a
man was visiting me from my closet would have been the last straw.

Chapter 4
I was about 12 years old when I realized that I was different from my

It all started when my s****r hit puberty. She was a tomboy but it
changed when she got to high school. She laughed when I asked her to
spend time with me as her interests now ranged from dresses and shopping
to parties and boys. In hindsight it was inevitable our bond would
break as she was three years older but until then we were best friends.
Seeing her wearing all this new stuff was a shock and one afternoon when
she and my parents weren't home I had to try it. I can still remember
the feeling of the silk on my skin. It felt good.

She left for college and when no one else was around I made her bedroom
my playground and her dressing table my artistic escape. I think she
suspected something early on but never said a word. It was fortunate
she and I were close to the same size and while I felt shame every time
I wore her things it wasn't like I had any other choice. There was no
way I was going to wear Mom's clothes.


Another two weeks passed and my name had slid to the bottom of all the
coaches charts. I needed help if I wanted to make the team so I told my
parents about my struggles. My Mom took me to the doctor the next day.
The doctor called our house a few days later and I knew that couldn't be
good. We scheduled another appointment the next morning because
'something in my bl**dwork didn't seem right'. Mom and Dad wouldn't
tell me the details.

I got concerned when the doctor started his exam by squeezing and
pulling on various parts body that had never interested him before.
They did a stress test to check my heart. After that it was off for a
series of X-Rays, a full body MRI, and even a CAT scan. I was starting
to get worried I was going to die but I should have noticed a pattern in
the doctor's questions.

"Have you been taking any supplements other than the anti-depressants
you listed on your chart?"


"Have you noticed any changes in your testicles lately?"

"Umm... no."

"Are you sure?"

I thought about it. "Umm... no."

"Are they smaller?"

"I don't know. I've never measured them."

I remember the annoyed look on his face to my sarcasm. Then he asked
the questions that made it all come together and made me think of Sam.

"What about your breasts?"

"Umm... I don't have breasts."

The doctor put an x-ray on the wall.

"This says different. Are you sure you haven't been taking any
supplements that might explain this?"

I looked at the screen and saw a mass about the size of a quarter behind
each nipple.

"What's that?"

The doctor placed my hand on my breast. "Do you feel that?"

I got a queasy feeling in my stomach as I felt the lump. I had tried to
ignore them since I'd noticed them a few weeks earlier.

"We call those breasts buds and they are typically found in pre-
menstrual girls."

I remember the news gave me a slight thrill along with a shudder that
crawled up my spine.

"What does that mean?"

"I need to speak with your parents. Are you are sure you haven't taken
anything? A testosterone blocker or estrogen supplements?"

Was it possible? No way! I couldn't tell the doctor the truth. He'd
never believe it. I wasn't sure I until that moment if Sam's visit
wasn't anything more than a vivid dream. "I think I drank something at
a party a few months ago but I usually stick to sports drinks and
protein powder you can buy in any store. Is it possible they could have
caused this?"

The doctor shook his head. "No. You'd need constant shots at various
intervals supervised by a physician to get the results I'm seeing."

"What does it mean?"

"It means we need to talk to your parents and make some decisions before
this goes any further."


I didn't even flinch when the doctor explained my gynecomastia to my
parents. My Dad held my Mom in his arms as tears streamed down her
face. The doctor said that my estrogen and testosterone levels were
ideal for a 15 year old girl. He couldn't explain how it happened but
that if left untreated I could soon expect changes to my body that would
mimic any other teenage girl, in fact it had already started.

My Dad seemed mad and yelled at the doctor when he heard the news, "How
can this be happening?"

The doctor shrugged, "I don't know."

My Mom grabbed me by the shoulders, "Are you taking anything?"

"I swear I'm not." I thought about Sam and said. "I mean I drank
something strange at a party a few months ago but that's it."

They looked at the doctor who shook his head. "One drink won't do

Tears streamed down Mom's face as the doctor explained he'd referred me
to a specialist who'd run more tests and probably give me a series of
testosterone boosters. There was talk that I might need breast
reduction surgery once they got my hormones under control.

The car was deathly silent as we drove home and I knew there was only
one thing that explained this no matter how unlikely my doctor said it
was. If my guess was correct, he'd be visiting soon.


For the next week, when I wasn't at the doctor's office or going through
the motions at football workouts I spent my time in my room in hopes
that the one person that I thought could give me answers would re-

It was another Saturday night when my patience was rewarded as the tell-
tale flash appeared in my closet and I ran to the door. I almost didn't
recognize him.


He nodded. "I normally go by Samantha but most of my friends call me

Sam was wearing a dress that went past his knees and the makeup he wore
had a classy feel. A pair of designer frames had replaced the thick
glasses and his dark brown hair was now auburn with blonde highlights.
The hair fell from his face so that it barely touched his shoulders and
framed everything in a way that I thought looked really cute.

I said, "I don't understand."

"I know and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I haven't been around and I'm sorry
for what I'm putting you through."

"Can you explain?"

Sam nodded, "I need to be quick. I don't have a lot of time."

One question popped to mind, "What is going on? Am I a girl or a boy?"

Sam smiled, "A little of both it seems."

The lack of answer made me mad. "I don't understand."

He laughed, "I apologize for my sad attempt at humor at your expense. I
know this isn't easy for you."

Sam took a deep breath and continued, "I too have had difficulty
understanding my sexuality. When I got into UCLA I had quite a few
flings with both sexes but nothing seemed right. Only my passion for
crossdressing seemed to suffice though it was hard to find many friends
comfortable with it."

Sam did seem to understand my issue as he had guessed my secret. "What
did you do?"

"I threw myself into my studies. My grades got me into Cal Tech and an
advanced degree in Physics. That led to bigger and better things that
are better left for later."

"But why are you wearing this outfit? The last time we met I think you
were wearing jeans and a t-shirt." That wasn't the only change I

"I guess you could say I'm in the middle of transitioning."

The shock of seeing Sam like this had made me forget my anger but it
returned and I fired off a series of questions I'd been waiting to ask
all week.

"Hey wait a minute! The first time we met you said you were my mystic
godfather. Now you are saying you a just a scientist who is
transitioning to live their life as a girl? Should I call you my fairy
godmother now? And how are you getting into my closet? And what did
you give me? Do you know what it did?"

Sam gave a sympathetic smile. "I know everything has been tough but I
don't have time to explain it all. I'm sure you can figure it out if
you think hard enough. I know you have a very good brain inside that
head, James Samuel Cook."

Hearing my middle name made me think of Mom when she was mad.

Sam read my mind, "Did I just sound like Mom?"

My head started to spin. Was this? It couldn't be. That's not

I said, "Those were d**gs you gave me not a magic potion. Experimental

Sam nodded. "I know they confused the hell out of your doctor. I
apologize for my part in the deception but I do know deep down it is
something you wanted."

"But why? Why did you do this to me?"

"Come on James. Use your brain. Do I really have to give another hint?
Think about all the possibilities and eliminate the things that can't be
true. The remaining idea has to be the right answer."

"But nothing makes sense. Unless...."


"Well somehow you are appearing out of thin air but that's impossible."

"But you know it isn't. So assume it is and figure the possibilities."

"Where are you coming from?"

"Closer but still not the right question."

The knot in the pit of my stomach tightened as I said the truth I
struggled to believe.

"When? Are you from the future?"

Sam smiled, "Bingo!"

"How did you know my thoughts? I never told anyone."

Sam didn't respond.

It was impossible Sam was from the future but it was either that or he
really was magic. And if he was from the future then only one thing
made sense.

"Are you ... me?"

Sam nodded. "I go by Samantha Jane Baker now. I changed it when I
finally decided to accept my true self. Our parents couldn't accept it
so I broke off contact with them a long time ago."

"But why not tell me?"

"Would you have believed me when we first met? I remember being 15. As
I recall our parents were one step from sending us to a mental hospital.
I had to act careful."

I pulled off my top and felt the two small lumps that were slowly
getting bigger. "But why do this? Do you know what you've done?"

Sam nodded, "You and I both know it is something you wondered about. It
gets much worse as you get older and in time you will wish you had done
something before you hit your growth spurt."

Sam place three pictures in front of me. That first one is us before I
visited you the first time.

I saw a picture of a tall man I remembered.

"This doesn't look like you."

"It isn't. Not really. The first 'potion' he gave you was full of
nanomachines designed to eliminate testosterone from our body. The
process takes a few weeks which is why he waited to return. The second
'potion' flooded your system to equate the estrogen level to that of a
teenaged girl."

The words made little sense but one thing stood out, "You put machines
in me?"

Sam laughed, "It's complicated but don't worry. That's the way many
medications are administered in the future. When they are done they
exit your system in the normal way."

"Do I still have any left in me?"

"Most of them are gone. Each nanomachines has a very specific job and
they shut down to be absorbed once finished. A few are still attached
to our glandular system and regulate our hormone levels to where the
doctor proscribed. That's where they will stay unless they receive
further instructions."

"The doctors?"

"Samantha Baker was approved for gender transformation. You got the

"So even if the doctor gives me testosterone booster...."

"... the nanomachines will clear it from your body."

I felt the rise of a panic attack, "What if I don't want this?"

"I know you better than that but that's one of the reasons for this
visit. I know you needed some time to digest this information. I will
be coming back next Saturday with another dose but I wanted to give you
some time as you deserve that. I will do what I can to reverse
everything if that's what you really want but deep down, I think you
know the truth."

James heard a bell and saw Sam pull a device from his belt.

"Damn. I thought I set it for longer. Gotta go!"

"But I've got more questions!"

"Next Saturday. I'll answer everything next Saturday."

I saw a light flash in the closet and didn't bother to look as I knew
Sam was gone.

I tried to get some sl**p but tossed and turned as my conversation with
Sam replayed in my mind. I must have dozed off which allowed the
comment that had escaped my conscious mind to work its way to the

The clock read 3:25am when I jumped out of bed and I ran into the

I shouted at the darkness. "What does the third dose do?"

No one was there. The answer would need to wait a week.

Chapter 5
I knew my parents would be of no help and I couldn't talk to anyone at
school. Truth be told, Tim was my only close friend and it would be too
embarrassing. I considered talking to my shrink though after I thought
about it I doubted that cheap pill pusher had really ever helped anyone.

That only left my s****r. We hadn't spoke much since she got back from
school as she usually slept all morning, worked all afternoon, and
partied all night. Every night at dinner Mom complained as the process
repeated itself.

I made sure she had the day off work then waited until 10 AM before
daring to knock. She didn't answer on my first or second attempt but
being desperate, I decided to barge in.

"Hey! I didn't say to enter!"

My s****r was sitting in a chair by window frantically trying to get the
smoke from her cigarette to go outside.

I smiled. "I already know you smoke s*s. There's no reason to hide it
from me."

"I don't want Mom to find out dumb ass. Please close that door behind
you on your way out."

I tried to give my s****r my most pathetic look, "Do you have some time
to talk, Lynn? I really need to talk to someone and I've always valued
your advice."

My s****r laughed. "You want my advice? That's hard to believe but I
guess you can stay. Just close that door. I really don't want to hear
Mom's shit."

I locked the door and watched as my s****r light up another stinky
herbal cigarette.

She asked, "What's up?"

My s****r had changed a lot in the past year. Even more than she did
when she first discovered boys. When she left home she was a former
cheerleader who made the honor roll every semester. She came home a
chain smoker that wore lots of black clothing and too much makeup with a
habit of staying out until 3am in the morning. Mom hoped it was just a
phase but Lynn had gone through a lot of phases.

"I don't know. How are things with you? I miss talking to you."

"Did Mom put you up to this? I swear if..."

"She didn't. I don't know what to say to you anymore Lynn."

"So why did you come in here?"

Enough small talk. I needed to get to the point. "Did Mom and Dad tell
you about my doctor's visit?"

Lynn shook her head. "We aren't talking right now. My grades weren't
that great this last term."

I nodded. That explained a lot about the tension in the house. "Well
I've got this condition called gynocumasta or something like that."

Lynn shook her head, "What the fuck does that mean?"

I couldn't stop the tears that formed as I spoke. "It means I've lost
all the testosterone in my body and it's been replaced by estrogen. I'm
cranky, I'm bloated, I'm weaker, and I'm starting to grow tits. It's
turning me into a fucking girl is what the fuck it means."

I remember my s****r's mouth opened as she stared at me without saying a
word. It felt like forever but it probably was only a few seconds.
"That's a lot to take in b*o. Are you ok?"

"I think I am but I just don't know what to think. You know what I

"I guess, wait ... Is that why you've been wearing my clothes and
stealing my makeup?"

I felt the blush rise on my cheeks, "You noticed?"

"You've always been a bit of a slob James. I don't mind sharing just
clean up after yourself." Lynn looked sympathetic then her face
brightened. "Oh, I have a lot of old clothes I was about to throw out.
I don't wear that flowery shit anymore and you can have if you want
them. I think I have an old makeup kit around here somewhere too."

"I don't know s*s. I don't think Mom and Dad will like that."

"Fuck 'em if they don't like it. You gotta do, what you gotta do."

Lynn went into her closet and before long, a pile had formed at my feet.

Lynn called from the closet, "So is this gynocumia thing reversible?"

I shouted back, "I don't know Lynn."

"Considering all this." She pointed at the pile of clothes she'd placed
on the floor. "Do you want it to be?"

"I really don't know Lynn."

My s****r grinned and threw a few more things on the pile.

She helped me put everything into a cardboard box then said, "I hate to
be rude but I gotta get dressed. Some girlfriends and I are headed to
the beach to meet some guys."

Some things never changed.


My mind raced as I looked at the box on the floor of my bedroom.

'Was this really to be my future?'

I checked the internet to find out the effect estrogen had on the male
body and some things started to make a lot more sense.

Irratibility? Check.
Weight gain? Check.
Loss of muscle mass? Check.
Change in smell? Check.
Breast growth? Check.

The articles also said my pubic hair growth would tend to a female
pattern though that wasn't something I'd ever paid much attention. My
testicles would shrink to a fraction of their former size and the
hormone imbalance would eventually cause infertility if they couldn't
stop it in time. That explained why I overheard the doctor mention to
my parents that I needed to go to a sperm bank as soon as possible. In
some small way I guess I was at least thankful for the impotence that
came along with this as I don't think I could have handled the grief
from my teammates if my reaction downstairs reflected my thoughts as we

My voice was another issue. I'd always hated my voice as the guys on
the team didn't call me 'Mouse' for just my diminutive size. According
to the articles my voice would never change without testosterone.

It also meant I'd never have a growth spurt or at least like the one my
Dad kept saying was coming. I might grow a few inches but my estrogen
filled body would only be as tall as it would have been if my genetics
were completely female. Speaking of which, estrogen caused girl's
bodies to accumulate more fat which tended to stay on the hips and butt
so I had that to look forward to. For all intents, I was going to look
a lot like a girl but with none of the plumbing.

On a positive note, at least my skin would get smoother and my hair
would get more body. Yay me!

Breast growth worried me the most as I thought about football practice.
I don't know why I was even bothering at this point as it wasn't very
noticeable but it was only a matter of time before someone would say
something in the shower. The area under my nipple was really sore
though thankfully the nipple itself hadn't started to grow yet. It
might have been my imagination but I thought I could see the
discoloration around the whole area that the internet said would
eventually become my areola.

My areola!

I never was very consistent in taking the mood pills the shrink gave me
but that week I started taking the maximum dose the internet said was
safe. I know it probably wasn't smart but I knew my normal stress
relief of going for a run would only remind me of just how much strength
I had lost.

A few hours must have passed as Mom knocked on my door to let me know
dinner was ready but I didn't want to see anyone that night. She seemed
ok with it too as she left a tray of food next to my door.

The box of clothes called my name all day but I hadn't bothered to open
it. I had already decided to skip football practice on Monday but I
just couldn't put on the clothing. Was that to be my future? It only a
few weeks ago that I had spent a whole Sunday dressed in my s****r's
clothing while my parents went to pick her up from school. Now the
whole thing scared the hell out of me.

"Do I want this?"

Chapter 6
It was still difficult to imagine that Sam was my future self but if
this was a prank it was a convincing one. I knew I needed to focus my
mind before Sam returned so I decided to go to the library and do some

"Do you have any books on time travel?"

The librarian pointed me to the science section. I found one that
didn't seem too complex and spent most of the morning reading it.
Theories varied on the subject. Scientists agreed that Einstein's
relativity showed time travel forward was possible but most also said it
was impossible to travel backwards in time. Fiction writers had many
more interesting explanations.

Sam's words echoed in my head, 'Eliminate the impossible and what you
are left with has to be the truth.'

That was the problem. Scientists said it was impossible but Sam said he
had come from the future. The doctor also said what Sam's potion had
done to me was impossible so either he was from the future or a magician
as science didn't allow for either explanation.

Only the fiction writers theories seemed to hold any answers. After Sam
left I couldn't help but think about how much he had changed between
visits. The first two times Sam visited he stood about 6' tall while on
the third 'he' seemed to be around 5'8". On the first two visits, Sam
had a deep voice and big frame. On the third, he sounded and looked
more like a girl. If fact, the only way I even knew it was him was he'd
reappeared in my closet and the look in his eyes. All three visitors
had the same kind brown eyes framed by thick glasses.

Why did the third Sam change? I thought I understood the answer to that
question but then why didn't the second Sam change too? I added it to
the notepad of questions to ask Sam when he returned.


Mom took me to see the hormone specialist on Tuesday and Doctor Wilson
confirmed everything that our f****y doctor had already said.

"Your body has shut off production of testosterone and is producing
large amounts of estrogen. It's not unheard of but I've never seen
anything at this level before. We need to make some quick decisions but
not after your son goes through some counselling."

My Mom asked, "What does that mean? Why does he need another

Dr Wilson answered, "Could you give me some one-on-one time with your
son? I'd like to ask him a few questions and think he might be too
embarrassed to answer with you in the room."

I gave a weak smile as Mom turned to stare at me. "I'll be ok Mom."

After Mom left, the doctor asked, "Are you sure you aren't seeing a
specialist? I mean are you taking d**gs to transition from male to
female but don't want to tell your parents?"

The stream of questions was starting to piss me off, "Why do you guys
keep asking me that?"

"That's because your results are too perfect. Even if you bought the
d**gs off of the internet you couldn't have gotten this perfect mix of
d**gs in your bl**d for your height, weight, and age. This just doesn't
happen naturally to boys without a lot of bl**d work and careful

"I don't know what to say doc. Do you believe in magic wishes?"

Doctor Wilson smiled, "Am I to take from the way you answered that
you've at least considered transitioning?"

I felt the bl**d rush to my face and was pretty sure the doctor knew the
answer from my reaction. "It's crossed my mind a few times but I
haven't told anyone. Please don't tell my Mom. I think it might kill
her and Dad. I've only wore my s****r's clothing when they aren't

"But you haven't taken any d**gs?"

I took a few seconds to decide how to respond. She'd never believe the
true answer. "I have not bought any d**gs nor have I met with a doctor
to proscribe me d**gs. I doubt they'd do it without my parent's
permission anyway."

Doctor Wilson said, "It can be done if you want but it is complicated.
The most important thing I want you to remember is you can talk to me
and I will try to help. I promise I won't say a word to your parents.
I know some good counsellors that specialize in this sort of thing."

"Not right now doc but I do appreciate it. I think this is just a

"OK but until we get your hormones in control you are going through more
than a phase. You need some help."

If Sam was telling the truth they wouldn't ever get my hormones back in
'control'. Before we left, Doctor Wilson got Mom to agree to change my
shrink and I gave silent thanks to that.

As much as it scared me to think about telling anyone about my biggest
secret, events were conspiring to make it impossible to ignore.


After the visit with Doctor Wilson I decided it was time to let the
football coaches know I wasn't going to be back for a while. I'm sure
they had noticed my recent difficulties and weren't too concerned to
lose a player of my calibre but they did ask me if everything was ok. I
lied and I told them it was a thyroid issue that needed medication that
the doctors said would sort itself by fall. That seemed to satisfy
their curiosity.

I knew Dad was really disappointed when I told him but he agreed it was
for the best considering my circumstances. Besides the cross country
coach had been begging to run for him since I was in 8th grade. I
didn't have the heart to tell Dad that my athletic career was probably

Everyone in the f****y tried to pretend that nothing was the matter
which had a nice side affect that Mom and Lynn started talking again.

One thought kept running through my head. 'Just wait Mom. In a few
months all three of us can talk about our girl issues.'

Damn it Sam.

Chapter 7
I was determined to make the best of a bad situation. I spread the
clothing from Lynn on the bedroom floor and couldn't believe some of the
stuff she'd given me. I put them into separate piles - skirts, blouses,
dresses, sweaters, pants. She'd even thrown in some old panties &
nighties and a bikini she didn't want anymore. I tried not to think of
how much use some of the items got as I put them in their own piles.
After all, beggars couldn't be choosers.

I kept my door locked as I sorted everything because even though Dad was
at work, I didn't think Mom would react well if she saw me trying on
Lynn's clothing. Events of the past few days made me care a bit less
and I kept Lynn's advice in the forefront of my mind. 'Fuck them. You
gotta do what you gotta do'.

Lynn was a few inches taller than me and certainly had a different shape
so nothing fit well. I didn't care. I tried everything on at least
once and I have to admit. I kind of overdosed on the experience. I
woke a few hours later to the sound of Mom pounding on the door.

"I'm busy Mom!"

"You have a visitor!"

I was wearing one of Lynn's old nighties though I didn't remember
putting it on. I pulled it off along with the panties and shoved them
along with all the neat piles into my closet.

"Who is it Mom?"

"It's Tim!"

Great. Tim was probably the last person I wanted to see but he had
always been a good friend. I owed him an explanation.

"Be there in a second."

I put on a pair of pants and a t-shirt and hurried downstairs. Tim was
sitting at the kitchen counter drinking a soda.

"Hey Tim how's it going?"

Tim watched as I walked down the stairs then stood and came to get a
closer look. I hoped he didn't look too close. He knew me about as
well as anyone and if someone could see the changes it was him. We'd
first met on the junior high track team three years earlier. A good
friendship had developed over many long runs where no one else could
keep up. I'm not sure why. He was tall and fast. I was small and
quick. He ran the quarter and the half mile. I ran the mile and two
mile. He had blonde hair. I had brown. All the girls loved him and
well ... you know about me.

"Coach said you were quitting the team."

That wasn't exactly the truth but everyone knew that without summer
practice, making the team was impossible. "I'm thinking about going out
for cross country instead." It was a lie but a useful lie.

Tim looked over his shoulder and saw Mom in the kitchen trying very hard
to look like she wasn't listening.

"Do you have some time to talk? Like maybe we could go get something to

I really didn't want to talk but I couldn't refuse Tim. The way things
were going I needed all the friends I could get.

"Mom is it ok...."

"Yes dear."

Of course she was listening.


Tim had gotten his driver's license just before the school year ended.
When he made it to regionals in the half mile, his parents surprised him
by getting him a car. It wasn't anything great but it was another
change in our relationship. As he drove, he asked me a question.

"So why'd you really quit the football team?"

"I didn't really quit forever Tim. I'm just not strong enough to hack
it right now. You've seen my struggles on the track lately and my
performance in the weight room. My speed got me through junior varsity
football but that's not enough anymore. I'm too small."

"Is something going on that you aren't tell me?"

The way he said it made me think that rumors had already started. "What
did you hear?"

"I shouldn't have to ask. You are my best friend after all."

It was nice to hear he still thought of us as best friends. We hadn't
spoken much lately. I felt my eyelids start to water. Goddamn these

"I don't want to talk about it Tim. I haven't told..."

The words wouldn't come out any more and I put my head on my lap and I
felt the car come to a stop.

"I'm sorry James. I didn't I mean... shit. What ever it is you can
tell me. You've been distant from me ever since I started dating Betsy.
I tried to include you in our activities but you always say you are
busy. I don't know what I did."

"It's not you Tim."

"What is it then? Is it cancer?"

The word 'cancer' brought a smile to my face. "Is that what people are

"People are worried. When coach told us you wouldn't be back at today's
practice it convinced everyone you have some sort of terminal disease.
I had to find out."

And there it was. Some one was asking me for the truth and I had no
real good answer. He'd never believe me if I told him the truth and
he'd never believe me if I said nothing was wrong. The truth was I had
no idea what would become of me in a week ... a month ... a year. I was
pretty sure I knew what would happen if I couldn't reverse it. I'd
start to look like Sam the last time I'd seen him. Could I live with
that? Or was it better to ask for a cure and live like the tall version
of Sam the first time we met? Is that what I wanted? Then there was
the matter of the third potion. Sam hadn't explained it at all. Would
it make me completely unrecognizable? If that were the case, how would
anyone know me?

I tried to explain, "I won't lie and say nothing is wrong. The truth is
I'm going through something difficult and I can't explain it. It may
end up as nothing. It may be that I'm a freak. And you might never see
me again."

I think deep down Tim knew I was telling the truth because he didn't
push for a better answer.

"I already think you are a freak 'Mouse'. A speed freak."

I gave him a dutiful laugh.

"...and you'd better not leave without saying goodbye. I don't
understand but I guess you have your reasons."

"I promise to stay in touch Tim." Even if you don't recognize me


Mom gave me a curious look after Tim dropped me off but I hurried past
and locked my bedroom door behind me. I pulled my new clothing from the
closet and resorted the piles. It's funny how quick I started to think
of them as my clothing. I'd always wanted cute clothes and now I had
them. I put on one of Lynn's floral print dresses that I'd always liked
then looked at the locked door.

'What good was it to have nice things if you were a prisoner?'

Of course I could have worn them outside but I couldn't bear the
backlash. Even if people knew the truth of my hormone condition, the
whispers would be deafening and there would always be stares. I bet
that's why Sam#3 changed his name.

That's how I started to think of them. Sam#1 and Sam#2 were my first
two visitors who looked like the man my dad always said I would become.
Sam#3 was my future due to the hormones I'd already received.

Sam#3 probably waited until the changes had gone far enough to be
mistaken for anything but a woman and changed his name. As I wondered
how long that had taken I realized that he said that Sam#1 & Sam#2 also
changed their name as well. I had to be missing something.

Chapter 8
After tossing and turning a few nights I finally got a good night's
sl**p and since I knew Mom and Dad were giving me space it was a
surprise to hear a knock on the door about 9am. I ignored the first
knock but the second sounded more insistent.

I shouted, "It's unlocked."

Lynn entered and gave my room a quick once over.

"Where's the clothing I gave you?"

"Hidden in the closet."

Lynn laughed. "There's a joke in there somewhere but it's too easy."

I threw a pillow at her in annoyance. "What do you want Lynn? I
actually was sl**ping pretty sound."

She dodged the pillow with ease. "I just made some space in my closet.
I thought you might want to join me while I shopped."

I thought about it. Something didn't make sense. "Mom put you up to
this didn't she?"

Lynn smiled, "Not really but I might have borrowed her credit card. I
overheard her telling dad last night that the doctor expects your
breasts to grow in the next few weeks."

"Great. Now I'm talking to my s****r about my breasts."

She was right though. The books said men on estrogen hormones could
expect to be similar size to their closest relatives though the rate of
growth varied greatly by the individual and was affected by age. I
could be expect the process to be complete in about two years. It had
been almost three months since Sam had given me the estrogen
nanomachines so it was a bit surprising I wasn't showing already. Maybe
I was a late bloomer in everything.

"Can't I use one of your bra's?"

Lynn started to laugh, "Are you k**ding? It took me a long time to grow
these. You'll need something a lot smaller." His s****r arched her
back making her C cups hard to miss.

I shook my head. Yep. My s****r is all class. Was the innocent pre-
teen I'd known completely gone?

I said, "Oh all right but you are buying them."


Our plan at the lingerie store was simple. I played the boyfriend who
she f***ed to join her shopping. Everything went as planned until Lynn
insisted I join her in the dressing room.

When we got there she had a cloth tape measure in her hand. "Take your
shirt off."

I shook my head no. "I'm not getting naked in front of my s****r."

She shrugged as she exited and through the curtain I heard her voice.
"Suit yourself. I need four measurements. Hips, waist, chest below
your nipple and chest on the fullest part of your bust."

"My bust? Really Lynn?"

I only heard giggles in response.

"You are enjoying this way too much."

She barked an order, "Measure, measure!"

Since I had little choice, I used the soft tape measure on the widest
part of my hips, my waist, and my breast. Within a few minutes I
dressed and told my s****r it was ok to come back in.

I gave her the numbers in rapid succession. "28 waist, 30 hip, 33
chest, 34 bust"

Lynn put the information into her smart phone.

"That makes your bra size a 33A. Hmm. No training bra for you."

"That's not right. I have been working on the chest press for

"Uh huh sure. And did you know your hip to waist ratio is closer to a
woman's than a typical guy?"

"Do you want me to start crying right here in the changing room Lynn?"

"Blame the app. See! That's what it says."

I didn't think she deserved an answer.

As we agreed Lynn checked out while I waited outside with all the other
guys that didn't want to be seen shopping with their girlfriends. Lynn
grabbed my arm as she exited and practically skipped through the mall.

She said, "Where to next honey?"

"Goddamn it Lynn. You are enjoying this too much."

"Sorry. You know how much I love to shop. I always wanted a little
s****r to corrupt."


We went directly to her room when we got home. Lynn didn't buy one bra
like we'd agreed, she bought three. She didn't buy the plain flesh
colored bra I picked out but instead bought something she liked better.

"That was boring. These are much better."

The bra's were covered in lace and silk and colored red, black and blue.

"I'll never wear those. Especially that one." I pointed at the red

"Oh you never know. Boys love a little color."

I shook my head in frustration.

Lynn put her hands on her hips. "What? Are you going to tell that you
aren't into guys?"

I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. "What??? Me ... No."

Lynn smiled. "I know you. It's cool. I have lots of gay friends."

"I'm not gay!" At least that's what Sam said.

"Whatever. Put on the black one."

I shook my head.

"Come on. If you put it on I will take you out to meet my friends. I
know this cute guy that I think would be perfect for you."

Something was up. "What is going on Lynn? We haven't been close in
years and all of a sudden we are buddies?"

Lynn didn't say anything for a while and the smile disappeared from her
face. "Do you know how much I hated you growing up? James did this.
James did that. Even when I was away at school all Mom and Dad could
talk about was you. They never really liked me."

"That's not true." Deep down I knew my s****r had a point.

"I've kind of been a bitch to you the last few years and I admit I
thought it was funny when I first heard about your gynecomastia. That's
what it is call by the way. I looked it up. Anyway my first thought
was to give you some of the clothing you'd been borrowing from me and
just wait since it would only be a matter of time before Mom found them
in your room. I couldn't wait to hear the explosion."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did my s****r hate me that much?
"Why are you telling me this?"

"I heard Mom and Dad talking last night and realized just how poorly
they are dealing with this. Mom's constantly in tears and if you
haven't noticed I think her shrink has given her enough tranquilizers to
kill a small farm a****l. Dad on the other hand is acting like nothing
has changed. If the doctors don't get this under control it is going to
get bad for you. Really bad. When I heard you quit the football team I
realized how much of a bitch I was being and thought you might need a

"Just like that?"

"Just like that. I'm really sorry."

My s****r put her arms around me and squeezed me tight. I couldn't
remember the last time we had hugged and really meant it. Maybe when I
was 12? Once again my waterworks opened and the tears flowed down my
face and pooled on her shoulder so I pulled away.

"I'm sorry. These fucking hormones are playing havoc with my emotions."

Lynn dapped at her own eyes, "It's ok. Will you try on the black one?
For me? It's really cute."

"Oh fuck you s*s. All right."


I couldn't believe I was letting her do this. I was sitting in front of
my s****r's dressing mirror in the silky black panties and bra she had
just bought with mom's credit card while she gave me tips on how to put
on makeup.

"I don't want to do this Lynn!"

"Yes you do."

"But I don't look like a girl!"

"I'm sure you think that but the hormones have already made quite an
effect on your appearance. No one has noticed yet because they see you
every day. I thought you looked different when I came home from school
but I couldn't figure it out. I know why now."

Lynn used her smart phone to take my picture and put it up her laptop.

"This is you now."

She hit a button.

"This is the selfie I took of us at Christmas."

She hit a button to flip back several times. "Now, then, now, then..."

"I get it Lynn!"

She was right. It was hard to explain but looked like slight changes in
the fat deposits on my face made it rounder. More feminine. Goddamn

"Women's skin has a different texture than a man's and it's estrogen
that gives it that look."

My s****r hadn't ever been much of a studier even in her honor roll
days. "Are you believing everything you read on the internet again?"

Lynn shook her head. "Mock me if you must but it's only another month
until schools starts and it's a lot worse now than it was when I got
home. People are going to notice something as soon as they see you."

"What do you want me to do about it Lynn?!?!"

She screamed back, "I don't know but if you are going to look like a
girl I thought you might like to know how to really put on makeup.
Please? For me?"

Of course I had messed with makeup many times when she wasn't around but
that was different. No one was around. Wearing women's clothing and
makeup made me feel good. That didn't mean I wanted my s****r to
instruct me but she had a point. I didn't want to think about school
and what would happen then. The k**s there were unmerciful to anyone
that was different in the least.

"I don't know Lynn. It makes me feel weird to have you here, judging

"I'm not judging and anyway you are going to need to get some thicker
skin. People are going to notice. You need to figure out how you are
going to react to it. Don't you think I hear comments all the time
about the way I dress?"

"Like a slut?"

"See who's judging now?"

I nodded. "I'm sorry. You have a point."

"And for the record I'm not a slut. I just like the way dressing the
way I do because I've met some really great people and being with them
makes me feel better. I can't explain it."

I guess I wasn't the only one in the f****y that couldn't explain my

Lynn asked, "So can I do it?"

I nodded.

Lynn smiled and got right to work. She started with foundation and
spread it all over my face. I started to say something but Lynn spoke

"Most girls use a lot more foundation that you'd believe. After a year
in the girl's dorms I've realized that even the hottest girls skin can
look bad in the morning until they've put on their foundation. It evens
everything out and prepares your face for everything else."

Next came a light pink blush that she dabbed on my cheeks.

"This brightens your face and helps give a more innocent look."

"You don't use this."

"It suits you better."

She followed that with a pale colored concealer she put on under my
eyes. As she blended it in she explained, "You're looking a little
tired. This will cover the dark circles and give you a more wide awake
look that will allow you eyes to pop."

"You want my eyes to pop?"

"All girls want their eyes to pop. It's an expression dummy but make up
is mostly about getting guys to look at your eyes because most of them
tend to look a lot lower."

I laughed. I had to admit I was enjoying this and especially because it
felt like I had my old s****r back.

Next came the eyeliner which she put on with a surprising light touch as
opposed to the thick lines she normally wore.

"Is that enough?"
"It works on you."

She put on a moderate about of brownish gold eyeshadow on my lids that
she said would suit my hair.

"My hair? My hair didn't look anything like a girl's hair."

"I think you'd be surprised if you let it grow out. You hair feels
really soft and I think it would be cute long but I wasn't talking about
your hair." She pointed to the wig stands next to her dressing table.

"Oh no."

She smiled. "Oh yes. You gotta let me."

I asked, "Why am I letting you do this to me?"

"Because deep down you know you want it."

Deep down I knew she was right.

I'd always struggled to put on mascara as it always clumped together and
I had trouble keeping it only on my eyelashes. Lynn's experienced hand
lifted and pulled my lashes until they stood in stark contrast to the
lids of my eyes.

Lynn said, "I've always wondered how that would look."

"What do you mean?"

"You've always had such nice long eyelashes."

"You do to but you use those huge false lashes?"

"I just like them. They're fun."

"Fun and slutty looking."

Lynn punched me in the arm.


"Just remember your current look is in my hands."

I raised my hands in surrender.

When everything had dried Lynn put on the wig. I tried to look at the
result in the mirror but she wouldn't let me.

The finishing touch was the lipstick. I'd always loved the milky smooth
feeling of lipstick on my lips. I'd even started wearing a color
similar to my own lip color when I thought no one would notice. The
color she chose was a deep red and after a few minutes she turned the
chair so I could get a look.

The image looking back scared me in many ways.

"I don't like it. It's too much."

"That's because you are looking at your self as a man through the
prejudice of a man's eyes. If I showed you a picture of a girl that
looked like this you'd think she was hot. Smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner and
lipstick on a guy is weird to most people. Put the same thing on a
woman and the world bows at her feet."

"You really think I look good like this?"

My s****r laughed. "Well I'm not in to judging familial relations but I
think you'll pass."

"Pass where?"

"Pass with my friends. We're going out and they don't judge."

I shook my head. "No way."

Like everything else that happened that day, Lynn didn't accept no for
an answer.


It was dark when we snuck out the back door though it didn't matter.
Lynn said Mom and Dad had told her they had dinner plans and wouldn't be
back until late.

The party she took me too was actually a bar.

"I'm only 15, Lynn."

"You are almost 16 and I started coming down here when I was younger
than you. I know the guy that runs the place. He's cool."

Lynn was dressed in her typical black outfit, with too much makeup and a
long black wig. She took me to one of the rooms in the back.

One of the guys asked, "Hey Lynn, who's the chick?"

She smiled at me and I nodded.

"It's my s****r."

What's her name?"

I interrupted before Lynn had a chance to speak. "Samantha but everyone
calls me Sam."


I can't reliably explain much of what happened that night as the
memories got blurry soon after I arrived. It wasn't surprising
considering the hormones racing through my system, the fact I only
weighed 110 lbs, or that I'd never drank much in my life. I don't
remember much after the second fruit flavored drink though Lynn later
claimed that I spent half the night making out with a guy in the corner.
I don't remember much.

What I will never forget is Mom and Dad's reaction when we got home.
They met us at the back door when we tried to sneak in a little after

"Where have you...."

That's when Dad noticed my outfit. I can't actually put into words the
face I saw but it kind of turned a purplish/red color as his mouth
twisted into an angry snarl.

I took a step back as he turned to face me. "What the fuck are you

I shrugged as I tried to sober up.

Lynn said, "It was my idea."

"Who the fuck gave you the right..."

I said, "It'sh sh'ok dad. Lynn hash been gwrait today."

"Have you been drinking?"

I nodded.

"To your rooms. Both of you. Now."

I was glad to be going to my room as I was really tired. I remember
hearing screaming coming from Lynn's room as I fell asl**p.


When I got up the next morning I saw three large men on the sidewalk
carrying things to a nearby van. It was Lynn's stuff.

I was still wearing the small bra and panties she had bought for me and
despite the situation I couldn't help but laugh when I saw myself in the
mirror. The remains of the makeup created an uneven look across my face
which made the whole situation seem unreal. I thought I looked
ridiculous but Lynn never laughed once I agreed to dress up for her. At
least not much.

I put on a t-shirt and threw on a pair of jeans and rushed to her room.
I didn't see Lynn but Dad was there taking apart her dressing table.

"Go wash your damned face."

I turned around and ran to my bathroom and scrubbed like he'd ordered.

The hired men took most of the morning to move Lynn's stuff to her
friend's apartment. When I asked dad a question his only response was
to remind me that I was grounded for the foreseeable future.

Chapter 9
It took forever for Saturday to come as Mom and Dad still hadn't decided
how to deal with me. Their only solution so far was to say I needed to
stay in my room. I was good with that as it allowed me to practice my
makeup skills like Lynn had instructed. I even tried her look a few

'Like a slut.'

Tears mixed with the eyeliner as I thought of her and burnt my eyes so I
removed it all and took another shower.


I watched the clock as it slowly crept forward and at 8 o'clock I saw
the flash in my closet. I waited in the middle of the room wearing the
cutest dress that Lynn had given me along with her wig that dad didn't
realized I kept. My makeup wasn't anything close to what Lynn had done
but it was better than I'd done in the past. Under it all were the bra
and panties that covered my slow developing body. A more mature version
of me stared back from the closet door.

I could see Sam was having trouble speaking when he saw my outfit. I
spoke first and tried to make a joke.

"How was YOUR week?"

Sam grinned, "Not as tough as yours as I recall."

I can't explain what I felt at that exact moment but it was nice to talk
to someone that understood what I was going through. Sam was at least
ten years older and had already gone through all the same things I had
that week.

"You remember?"

"How could I forget?"

There was one big difference. No one came back in his world. He had to
face it alone.

I said, "I think I have it all figured out but I have a few questions."

"I'm sure you do. Let's sit on the bed and I will explain."


Sam took a deep breath then started his story, "Let's assume there's a
small company in California that's been working on things like wormholes
along with other advanced technologies and has been for many years. You
won't find them listed on Wall Street or ever see any minutes from their
board meetings. It's fully funded by an off-book government
organization and the only way you will hear about them is if they
contact you. In twelve years one of their teams makes a breakthrough
led by a guy we've both met in this very room."


Sam laughed. "So you do understand a bit. Am I Sam #2 in your mind?"

"Sam#3. Sam#2 gave me estrogen."

Sam said, "That's not quite right but it's close."

"I don't understand."

Sam said, "You will. Can I continue or do you have a question?"

I motioned for him to continue.

Sam said, "The project where he was assigned was looking for a way to
allow fast space travel to other galaxies. The lead scientists didn't
understand the technology as the results didn't match up to their
expectations and the whole thing shut down. It was Sam#1 that made the
connection that the the wormhole device could also work in the 4th
dimension, time. He worked after hours to modify the device so it used
a relative fixed point in the first 3 dimensions to allow travel in the
4th and the result was a stable portal for a short period of time.

I shook my head. "My head is spinning. That made no sense."

Sam smiled, "The details aren't important but it may make sense to you
someday. While he worked on the project some old demons got stronger
than ever. When he made the first breakthrough he thought maybe the
future might hold the answer to his issues. He built a prototype
machine in the house he bought from his parents."

"Was he crossdressing like me?"

"It was more than that. You, me and Sam#1 all have a female brain and
by that I mean we have a feminine gender ID. We all fought it. Sam#1
fought the longest which I think only made his desperation for change
that much greater. After he made his discovery he went to a future
where changing your gender is much easier and more complete. The
problem was when he tried it on himself he wasn't happy with the result
as he felt his neural pathways too corrupted after living 30 years in a
man's body. He reverted the process and started over."

"Why would he do that?"

"It dawned on Sam#1 that he had a time machine that could easily connect
to his closet when he was a k**. He knew there were risks so as a
scientist he decided to do this is a most clinical manner possible.
Everything was checked and a project plan developed. When everything
was ready, he picked a night he knew we'd be in our room. It had to be
early enough that we hadn't started our growth spurt but late enough
that we had started to question our sexuality. He figured the night of
the Spring Dance in our sophomore year was perfect."

I thought back to that night. It seemed ages ago but it had only been
about four months.

"After we took the first potion he returned a few weeks later once the
testosterone blocker had done it's job. In actuality he only waited an
hour on his side but that's where his records stop. Do you remember
the first visit?"

I nodded. "Yes."

"And do you remember the second?"

I nodded again. "Yes. It wasn't that long ago."

"Do you remember a change in his appearance between the two visits?"

"Not really."

"It took a while for me to figure out but using your terminology Sam#1
lived in Universe#1. My theory is his first visit was a test to see
what would happen if he made a small change to the past. In universe#1,
testosterone levels dipped for about a month then returned to normal.
That meant no permanent change happened and the universe returned to its
baseline. When he gave us the estrogen enhancers...."

I knew the answer to this one. After all the results sat on the bed
beside me. "We were changed forever! What happened to him?"

"I don't know. It seems you spent some time this week learning about
time travel. Have you ever heard about multiverse theory?"

I shook my head no.

"It's not important but my working theory is when Sam#1 changed his own
past by giving us the estrogen it created a paradox and destroyed his
universe or created a new one. All I know is he gave me the estrogen
potion and I took a drink. When I looked back to where he was standing
he was gone. I never saw him again. I doubt we will ever know for

"He died?"

"As far as we are concerned yes. He died and you could say we were born
that day."

"But how are you here? Did you replicate his work?"

"In part, on my 18th birthday I got an interesting summons where a
lawyer explained that a large trust had been set up in my name by a lady
named Samantha Jane Baker."

"That's your name! How is that possible?"

"It's also the name Sam#1 used when he decided to live a woman. We
didn't see his other visits but as a scientist he tried to plan for
everything including using 'insider knowledge' make a small fortune in
investments. It was a good thing because my hormones and genetics were
in opposition and I couldn't earn an athletic scholarship like he did to
get into Stanford. The documents he left laid a blueprint for me to
follow to finish his work."

"Did you have to follow it? I mean it had to piss you off that he
messed with your hormones then never came back?"

"I was plenty angry all through high school but I felt better when I got
his letters. It explained what had happened to me and it wasn't like he
planned to create a paradox. He didn't know for sure what would happen
and it wasn't as bad as I learned to accept myself. Using his data and
a lot of hard work I was able to get into UCLA then CalTech and then
work in the same secret government lab. When the project failed this
time I was able to set up a similar setup in this house. Two weeks ago,
I went to the future and got the third potion he planned to use on us."

"What does that mean? You mentioned the third potion on your last

"The gender switch nanites are a two step process that takes four to
five months to complete. The estrogen nanites are needed to create an
environment so the 'third' potion has a fertile place in which to

"What does the third 'potion' do?"

"Scientists are doing a lot of research into gene therapy right now and
that will continue over the next decade but it's nothing compared to
what Sam#1 found in the future. These nanites enter your system and
make changes at a cell level changing your XY chromosomes into a XX.
Once that's complete it starts a second phase that remolds your body to
its genetic instructions. Gene therapy has all but eliminated cancer
but it's had a secondary use for people like us that's very popular in
the future. From what I've read going TG is even the new hip thing for
young couples in the year 2093. I've got a few brochures on it if you
are interested. Anyway, the results are nearly 100% successful if your
body has readied itself with the proscribed three months of estrogen
therapy before ingesting the 'XX' nanites. After that it's just a
matter of following the instructions so the nanites can do their work."

I said, "?But that will ... I mean ... if I take the potion ... you will
... you won't be back."

Sam shrugged, "We all have our parts to play."

"I won't do it. That's not fair to you."

Sam nodded, "I've given this a lot of thought over the years. I even
considered taking the 3rd potion myself a few times."

"Why don't you?"

"I could but things aren't that simple. I want to spare you the pain."

"But you are me!"

"I'm you 14 years from now. That's a big difference. Some scars never
heal no matter how hard we try. It's why Sam#1 came back in the first

"Is it our parents? I will run away!"

"If you change my future based on information I give you, it will create
a paradox anyway. I knew what I was getting into when I entered the

"I won't do it. Tell me what to do. I don't want you to leave. You
are the only one that understands!"

"You need to understand why I came back. You need to understand what
happens to Lynn. It's why I've worked for the last 10 years to get the
third potion."

The mention of my s****r's name got my attention. "What do you mean?"

"Sam#1 was worried that there might be some slight changes to the world
around him so he documented everything before he started. The Lynn in
his universe graduated from college with a degree in graphic design.
She was happily married and worked from home while she took care of her
three k**s."

I smiled at the description. Lynn? A housewife and mom?

Sam smiled back. "I know. I thought it was funny too. Remember how
Lynn got kicked out of the house in our universe? That didn't happen in
Sam#1's world. We never were diagnosed with gynecomastia in Sam#1's
world. She never had a reason to empathize with us and in Sam#1's
universe they were never close."

I shook my head. "What does that matter?"

Sam looked at the floor, "Mom and Dad stopped paying for her college and
she had to drop out of school. About two years from now she's working
the late shift at the diner. A man tries to mug her as she walks home
only she fights back. She dies on the way to the hospital."

"No!!! Is it because of us?"

Sam nodded. "In a sense."

"Then change it!"

"I can't. I can set up the tools but someone from this time has to be
the catalyst. If I do too much to affect my future it will create a
paradox. I've run all the simulations and there is only one solution
where I'm sure Lynn is safe and we have a happy future. The catalyst
has to be you. You have to do it after I've create a paradox and

I closed my eyes. "I won't do it."

"It's ok James. I accepted my fate a long time ago. I can't stay here
anyway and the more often I visit the more likely I can cause damage.
We've done enough already."

I felt like he wasn't giving me a choice. "Will it hurt?"

Sam laughed, "No more than football practice I'd expect."

"Where will I go once the nanites start working? Mom and Dad are
freaked out enough as it is. I think I'm grounded for the next

Sam said, "A very good question. I've rented you a place not from here
to complete the change. Here's the address and key to your new place
and some cash until you get settled. I've put everything Sam#1s gave me
along with all my records in case you want to follow up on our research.
Don't feel obligated. Live however you want. Your options are

"What about Mom and Dad? They won't recognize me."

Sam pulled down his shirt and I saw what I assumed was a mastectomy
scar. "In time you will wish they'd kicked you out like they did to
Lynn. I did whatever I could to please them but in the end I was
nothing but an embarrassment. I like to think they'd be proud of my
work with the government but it's top secret so they don't even know
what I do. We haven't spoken in ten years."

I gave Sam a grim nod. It appeared he'd had a tough, lonely life.

Sam brightened, "Doctor Wilson is cool though. Try to sure you stay in
touch with her if you can. She's great."

"What about Tim? How'd he react to the changes?"

Sam didn't answer for a second. "He was nicer than most. It just
wasn't meant to be you know? Maybe you'll have better luck."

Sam removed a bottle from the case she'd brought.

"It's time. No more delays."

"What will happen to you?"

"I don't know but I will say that today is the happiest I've been in a
long long time."

It seemed like there were no other options but to do as Sam asked. The
sad spectre of doing nothing stood before me. I put the vial to my

I said, "Thanks for everything Samantha."

She smiled as I said her real name for the first time and started to

"You're wel..."

She disappeared as I took the first sip.

Chapter 9
I waited until the next morning when Mom and Dad left for church before
calling the cab. I filled a suitcase with the clothes that Lynn had
given me and a few other keepsakes I didn't want to forget. I heard the
honk outside and I dropped a letter in a neighbor's mailbox.

It started:

'Dear Tim, I'm sorry for not doing this in person but I have my
reasons. You won't see me again and I'm sorry to have to break my

The cab dropped me off at the apartment which thankfully Sam had the
foresight to furnish. Instructions were sitting on the counter.

I've attached your new driver's license, social security card and birth
certificate to this note. The car's in the garage. Lynn should stop by
in a few days but she doesn't know a thing. Important documents are in
the file cabinet. Everything else is on the computer.

There was another note for Lynn. I put it to the side for when she

I smiled when I saw the name on my drivers license: Samantha Jane Baker
III. The picture looked like a morph of me and Lynn though she had
blonde hair. I guess I needed to get some dye. I wondered how accurate
it would be once the changes were done.

It was hard to tell if the potion was working but I knew something
didn't feel right. Of course I hadn't felt right in months.

Sam was a scientist to the end and had set up a computer program in the
next room with a place to enter measurements so I could keep track of
the changes. The first thing I did was enter the information I'd
remembered from my day of shopping with Lynn.


Weight:110, Height:64", Waist: 28, Hips: 30, Chest: 32, Bust: 33

Sam's program had places for a lot more information with lots of charts
and projections. Next to the computer desk was an electronic scale
along with a fancy type of electronic tape measure that claimed it was
accurate to 3 decimal points. I was curious to see if anything was
happening so I undressed and tried it out.

Day 1 -?? 11:00AM

Wt:114.3 Ht:63.6 Wst:27.6 Hip:29.9 Chst:31.8 Bust:32.6 Fat:8.4%

Note - First test!

The computer said it didn't have enough information to make a
projection. That made sense as there wasn't much variation from the
measurement I'd taken on Thursday. I did notice the weight was higher
than the last time I'd weighed myself. The estrogen coursing through my
system was great at helping to accumulate fat on women's hips, thighs
and ass so it probably explained the fat percentage. I doubted if it
were much over 2% a few months ago. Other than that there didn't appear
to be any changes. Were the nanomachines really rewriting my genetic
code? The mere thought put me in a panic but I'd left all my anti-
anxiety medication at home.

Thought of the word 'home' made my panic worse. Was this my home now?
Of course I could chicken out and go back to Mom & Dad but how would
that work? Every morning I'd look a little different until eventually
my parent's wouldn't recognize me. Then there were the doctors. If I
went to the doctors again, they'd start genetics testing too and I'd
never get out of their labs as they tried to figure out what was
changing me. Sam was scarred from just the experience with just
estrogen nanites. Imagine how my parents and doctors would react if
other parts of me started changing.

The mere thought of it made me shudder.

It was only a month. No one would recognize me then. Sam#3 had it much

Day 4 - 6:00 PM

Wt:114.1 Ht:63.6 Wst:27.6 Hip:29.9 Chst:31.8 Bust:32.6 Fat:8.1%

Note - No change!

The results have been the same for days. I started testing once an hour
but after seeing the same thing each time I switched to every six hours.
I'm so bored. Where is Lynn? I thought the Sam's note said she was
going to join me.

Sam put a camera on the table for me to take self portraits to document
the changes and I'd taken a few but it was really embarrassing. One
thought drove me - Who would I be when everything was done? The thought
that I was losing myself gave me a determination to do things that I
would have never considered a month ago. Pictures - Front, side, and
back. I even did it in the nude. It's so embarrassing. I hope I never
have to show anyone these pictures but I think it's the only way I will
ever be able to convince anyone of the truth if I ever decide to go

I read and reread the booklet that Sam had left that explained the
process. Every bottle had approximately a billion nanomachines and
every body had over 60 trillion cells. Each nanomachine was programed
to investigate a cell, look for defects and correct them to its
programming. Nanomachines had all but wiped out cancer and autoimmune
diseases in its day along with less life threatening gene disorders like
male pattern baldness and color blindness. The brochure didn't say how
long each machine took but at 1 cell per second I calculated it would
take approximately 16 hours.

Obviously it was taking longer than a second. On a positive note if
this worked I'd never have to worry about going bald. The brochure said
the process could take as little as two weeks and as long as a month
depending on the readiness of the patient's body. All I knew is it was
frustrating to wait.

I turned on the television in hopes taking my mind off it but saw Mom's
face staring back. The crawl on the bottom of the screen caught my
attention. "Please send my son back to me." They were playing it like
a k**napping. I wonder if they mentioned our fight to the cops.

I wondered when that was going to happen. I'd changed cabs twice on my
way to the apartment as I figured the cops would eventually start a
missing person search. I looked on the internet and the story made no
mention of my condition or that I might be mentally unstable. They even
used one of my old football pictures from the previous year and the
difference on the screen from when I looked in the mirror surprised me.
Mom & Dad had to know it would be more difficult to find me with that
picture as the estrogen had already changed my appearance. Maybe they
never noticed the changes. It was more likely they were more afraid of
revealing my secret than doing everything to find me. Poor Sam. I bet
he really had it rough.

Day 8 -?? 2:13 AM

Wt:113.1 Ht:63.8 Wst:27.6 Hip:29.8 Chst:31.8 Bust:32.7 Fat:7.6%

Note - Woke up in a sweat. Something is happening.

I woke up early feeling a general hotness through my entire body. I
haven't been eating much lately but I now I am really thirsty. I think
the nanomachines are almost done with phase 1. Am I a genetic girl now?
Too tired to give it much thought.

Day 8 - 6:00AM

Wt:114.0 Ht:63.8 Wst:27.7 Hip:29.9 Chst:31.8 Bust:32.7 Fat:7.6%

Note - Still hot. Peeing a lot.

I've been running a fever all night and doing this by myself is a bad
idea. Where's Lynn? I've also started keeping all my pee. I know it's
gross but Sam left instructions that I should do this from the
beginning. It seemed stupid then I started thinking about the
nanomachines and how much they could help people. They have to go
somewhere and my thirst makes me think they are in my urine. Someone
might be able to study them someday if they survive. It's for science!
(but still gross).

My head keeps pounding and it feels like I'm going to throw up. I need
an assistant and there's only one person that I could possibly trust.
Where's Lynn?

Feeling desperate, I put on the wig Lynn gave me along with one of her
more nondescript outfits then coated my face with lots of dark makeup so
it looked like something she might wear. It didn't look great but I
didn't think it was too bad when you consider I have a billion
nanomachines eating at my insides. Besides, it was just so no one would
recognize me.

I knew the police were looking but it wasn't like they had hundreds of
extra manhours to search for a runaway. They'd probably just do a
cursory search and come up empty. If they were ambitious they might try
to follow the taxi but I'd made two switches to make that more
difficult. They might find the right neighborhood but they'd have to be
really lucky to find the apartment before I changed. I knew I was
taking a chance going out in public but I had to do something. Sam said
there was a car in the garage. Even though somehow I now had a drivers
license in reality I hadn't passed the driver's test. I had to risk it.

I heard a knock on the door just as I was finishing getting dressed.
'Oh shit!' Had they found me?

I deepened my voice and shouted through the closed door.


"Um... you said... you needed a person to clean your place? For $200?
I know I'm a few days late but I was wondering if you ..."

It was Lynn! I opened the door.

She gave a confused look, "James?"

I nodded.

"Nice outfit." The sarcasm in her voice was unmistakeable. "What's
going on?"

Chapter 10
I handed Lynn the note that Sam had addressed to her. Her eyes went
wide as she thumbed through the attached stack of prepaid credit cards.

"There must be a few thousand dollars here. You know what that means!"

I shook my head.

"It means it's time to go shopping and plan a big party!"

"You can't tell anyone about this place Lynn. At least not yet."

"I'm joking. How many times do I need to agree to keep this secret

"I'm just a little paranoid."

"So I've noticed but what's really going on? Are you really thinking of
running away and how'd you find this place?"

It was 12:45. Lynn and I had been talking for a while. I was running
late and started to undress.

"Can't talk now."

"What are you doing?"

"Can you measure me?"

"What's going on James? Two weeks ago you wouldn't let me measure you
in a dressing room and now you just take of your shirt and want me to
take measurements?"

"Just do it."

"Hey you are finally getting your boobies!"


Day 8 - 12:50 PM

Wt:113.5 Ht:63.8 Wst:27.7 Hip:29.9 Chst:31.8 Bust:32.9 Fat:7.2%

Note - I'm not feeling good. Lynn's here. Going to bed.

"Are you really running a fever of 101?


"You should be in bed."

"No shit."

I slept most of the afternoon but the smell from the kitchen woke me up.
A large pot of spaghetti was on the stove when I entered. I saw Lynn in
the next room playing with the computer and watching television.

She turned when I entered the room, "Do you feel better?"

"A little. I think I'm running a temperature."

"So when are you going to tell me what's really going on James?"

"It's hard to explain. I don't know where to begin."

"How about why you have a container full of pee in the bathroom?"

I laughed. "It's a real long story and one I would have told you before
if I thought there was a chance you'd believe me. I barely believe it
and I'm living it."

"Why don't you start at the beginning while I put supper on the table?"

I nodded and took a deep breath. "All right. It started the night of
the Spring Dance. I was laying on my bed and there was a flash..."


"So let me get this straight. You are saying I died."


"But not for two years."

"But I also am a housewife living in the suburbs?"

I smiled. "Yes."

"I don't believe it."

"It was alternate universes Lynn. It's not this one."

She shook her head. "And in this one you are changing into a girl."

"My guess is if they did a DNA test on me right now, it would come back
female. All that is left is the outside. Which still hurts for what
it's worth."

Lynn looked at the clock, "Ooh. Time for another measurement. Take off
your clothes. You probably should have waited to eat."

Day 8 - 600 PM

Wt:115.5 Ht:63.8 Wst:27.7 Hip:29.9 Chst:31.9 Bust:32.9 Fat:7.1%

Note - Ate just before test.

She said, "It's not much different than the last one James."



"Can you start calling me Samantha?"

Lynn gave me a funny look. "Samantha Baker?"

"Yeah that's my alias. I need to get used to it."

"I was wondered why that name was on all over the computer. There's a
trust in that name for when you turn 18 with over $12 million in it.
Did you know that?"

I shook my head. "No."

"... there's also a bunch of bank accounts in both our names. This
place is in my name and the rent has been pre-paid for the next 3 years.
I've even got a job working for some trust company. I've got to call a
lawyer. He knows all about it and is supposed to help me set up your


"It didn't make a lot of sense when I first read the note. You are a
minor and there's no way Mom and Dad would let you live with me. But I
guess Sam ... I guess you had your reasons. We need to visit the lawyer
as soon as possible."

"Can we take care of the changes first? I really don't feel good Lynn
and we need to keep a low profile. Can you imagine what people would do
if they found out the truth?"

"This is all new to me as well James ... err Sam ... err uh god this is
so weird. I'm trying to process it all."

"Imagine if you were in my shoes."

"Umm speaking of shoes, those have to go."

I was wearing a pair of my most comfortable Chuck Taylors. "What wrong
with my these?"

She had a big smile on her face. "The fact that you don't know tells me
I have lots of work to do."


Lynn woke me out of a deep sl**p. I could see the worry on her face.

"What's wrong?"

"You were screaming and it was starting to scare me."

I could barely keep my balance as I made my way to the bathroom. I
couldn't see any change in my face when I looked in the mirror but then
I'd be the last person to notice. My arms, chest, and legs reminded me
of a picture of starving c***dren in Africa. It probably wasn't that
bad but it was obvious I'd lost a lot of muscle mass.

Lynn noticed too and returned with one of the protein drinks Sam had
stocked in the refrigerator.

"How many of these have your drank today?"

I shook my head. "I haven't had any. I've been putting on weight and
my body fat is getting too high.

Lynn shouted at me, "That's the problem you idiot. Sam's instructions
said you needed to drink one every hour hours. Don't you understand
anything about food? Pasta = Starch = Energy. If you don't need the
energy then the body turns it to fat. Protein = Amino acids = the
fucking building blocks of life. Which one do you think you need right

"You were the one that made pasta for dinner."

"There were meatballs too and besides, I thought you were also drinking
the protein drinks!" She opened two. "Chug."

"I don't feel good Lynn."


The look in Lynn's eyes reminded me of the parent she was supposed to
eventually become. I couldn't help but laugh a little.

"It's not funny Sam. Drink!"

I finished one and had almost finished the other when she came back in
with two more.


"I'm full Lynn."


I could see she was in no mood to argue and drank the other even though
it felt like I might get sick at any time.

"Now bed!"

I started to argue as Lynn was really starting to sound like mom but I
was too tired to tell her.

Chapter 11
I felt myself floating as I looked down on the man sl**ping in my bed.
He seemed familiar but I couldn't place him. The first thing I noticed
was a slight red glow that seemed to come from inside him and it grew in
strength every moment. I placed a hand on his forehead but withdrew it
just as fast as he felt hot to the touch. He started to speak but I
placed a finger on my lips. A simple nod from me was all he needed to
know that we were of like minds. I ran a hand through his hair and
found it soft to the touch. He smiled and put a hand behind my neck to
draw me near then placed a chaste kiss on my lips.

His smell was intoxicating and I could not help myself as I turned my
head and opened my mouth slightly. His tongue tasted minty as it
flitted into my mouth. An involuntary shudder ran up my spine and I
closed my eyes as I went back for another kiss.

He rolled me onto my back then bent his head and I felt his hot breath
on my neck. I felt myself stirring as his hand touched my breast. A
pink glow filled the room as the light inside him grew in intensity with
every action.

The light dimmed a bit when he pulled back but I could still see the
outline of his face. His lips looked bigger than I remembered but
neither of us were in any mood for questions.

I felt air on my breasts as a hand released the clasp on my bra and the
lips that had held my attention parted to show a smile hidden beneath.
The warmth of his touch on my breast brought unfamiliar sensations and I
bit my lip so as not to scream.

Something seemed wrong when I looked at my chest. Two nipples stood
prominent from the flat surface but the man didn't seem to care. A soft
hand stroked one and a feeling that began in my core radiated outward.
I closed my eyes to bask in the feeling when I felt a tongue touch my
breast. I screamed in delight. I felt a slight tug on my chest and
when I regained my senses I saw the man pinching my chest though I
barely felt it. The warmth that begin at his touch, swelled in my chest
and I felt the weight as I watched the mounds rise. He looked on in apt
appreciation for a moment then used his tongue to send another wave of
ecstasy through my nerve ending until I screamed as my fingers and toes
curled in delight.

I'd lost all comprehension of time but he brought me back with another
kiss to my lips and I felt the pressure on my chest as we embraced. My
face felt hot as he caressed my breast again then placed slow passionate
kisses to my forehead, cheeks, and mouth.

Through it all I felt the first response to my manhood in months. With
every touch and every embrace it grew until the pain blocked out
everything else. He must have noticed it too as I felt the silk of my
panties move against my skin as he pulled them down my leg.

I arched my back in anticipation but he returned to my breast as his
warm breath made me tingle there in a way I'd never thought possible. I
squirmed as he slowly made his way down my stomach and I screamed in
frustration as I felt the flit of tongue near by navel.

His kisses brought forth the familiar warmth throughout my waist and it
radiated to my hips. I didn't think I could take much more and when he
briefly licked me I think I might have passed out for a second. When I
regained my senses he was straddling me and I gave a frantic nod that we
should begin.

I entered him moments later, slow at first and then faster until we
moved in unison and our bodies felt as one. Our eyes locked and his
gaze seemed to envelop me but my attention moved to the base of my
spine. The heat in my body seemed to center on that spot and as it
moved forward it was hard to tell where he started and I ended. Every
thrust of his hips felt odd as it seemed I was pressing deep in his
loins and as a series of shudders took me, I could hear nothing else but
the sound of a loud crack in my pelvis and my own high pitch screams.

Light filled the room and I grabbed him tight as he continued to enter
me over and over. I wrapped my legs around his back and didn't think I
could take it much longer until I saw the change on his face just as
another set of convulsions took me. As we screamed in unison, I felt
our bodies merge until moments later I found myself alone, sweating in
the darkness.


Sweat dripped from my face and I started to reach for my glasses but
clearly saw the clock across the room read 3:23am. Lynn was sprawled in
a chair at the foot of my bed.

I asked, 'Was that a dream?"

Lynn opened her eyes and smiled, "How are you feeling?"

I put a hand to my breast and felt a small lump that wasn't there when I
went to sl**p. "Weird."

"I'm sure." She handed me a protein drink and I didn't dare argue as I
downed in one long drink.

I put a hand to my forehead, "I think my fever has broken."

Lynn nodded, "I think so too. Your temperature was down when I measured
it at midnight."

"You did measurements while I slept?"

She nodded. "I figured you'd want me too."

I asked, "I guess. Pictures too?

Lynn nodded.

"That's a bit creepy Lynn. So what's the verdict?"

"We can talk about it in the morning. You need your sl**p."

Lynn was using the 'I will be obeyed' voice that was quickly becoming
annoying. I was pretty tired and I remembered the dream. I smiled as I
placed a hand on top of each breast and thought back. I was pretty sure
it wasn't anything more than a fever dream but it was so vivid I doubt I
would ever forget it entirely. I hoped I might have it again.

Chapter 12

Light was streaming into the room when I woke and Lynn was no where to
be seen.

I hung my legs over the side of the bed saw two slender legs that nearly
touched the ground. As I stood I felt a slight bounce on my chest and
saw flesh straining my 'A' cup bra. Lynn must have heard me and gave me
a queer look as she stood in the doorway.

I said, "I'm scared Lynn."

"I know but you need to get up. It's almost time for another

I felt unsteady on my feet as my legs felt different and my hips felt
weird. I held the wall as I took a first tentative step and then
another as I made my way through the door.

Lynn was watching as I made my way across the room and couldn't help but
comment, "It's like watching a baby deer take it's first steps. It's
hard to believe you are a long distance running champ last week."

"Shut up Lynn this isn't easy."

"I know. I'm trying to lighten the mood."

As I made my way past the kitchen I tried to walk more with my hips and
less with my knees. It seemed easier that way. Lynn pointed to the
scale when I finally made it to the computer desk.

I asked her, "Are you going to tell me what happened last night?"

"When you are done."

I stood on the scale and waited until it gave a reading. "115.1 lbs."

"Good. You are still gaining weight."

I shrugged and didn't state the obvious that it was probably all in my

It seemed like Lynn was read my mind. "You need to take your bra off."


"Well first it's way too small and second I need to get a better
measurement. This was a pain to do while you slept. Thankfully you
were too exhausted to wake up." I noticed a wry smile had crept onto
her lips.

I reached behind my back with a flexibility I hadn't had before and
unfastened the clasp. My breasts fell slightly and I felt the cool air
as they came to a rest. Both were cone shaped and one looked bigger
than the other.

I covered myself with both hands. "Lynn?"

Lynn didn't answer and used the measuring device for my height, my
waist, around my hips, under my breast, and then moved my hands so she
could measure my bust.

She started to enter the information into the computer as I felt panic
coming. I couldn't take my eyes off of my pointy chest and flat
stomach. "Lynn?"

"I know they might look weird right now but it's totally normal.
Sometimes they look like that when breasts first grow. They will get
rounder and even out in time."

"Are you sure?"

Lynn nodded as she finalized the data.

Her confidence didn't make me feel much better but I decided to change
the subject to take my mind off of it. "You are getting pretty good
with that thing."

She replied, "I studied computer science at school."

I nodded though I hadn't known. Lynn turned the computer screen to face
me so I could see the results. Obviously there were lots of changes.

Day 9 -?? 0:00, 06:00, 12:00

Wt:113.8 Ht:64.5 Wst:27.8 Hip:30.4 Chst:31.9 Bust:33.5 Fat:8.0%
Wt:114.6 Ht:65.3 Wst:27.8 Hip:31.4 Chst:31.9 Bust:34.0 Fat:8.5% Temp:
Wt:115.1 Ht:66.1 Wst:27.9 Hip:32.2 Chst:31.9 Bust:34.4 Fat:9.1% Temp:

Note -? Big changes overnight! Temperature dropping.

"I'm 5'6"? Awesome!"

"That's all you have to say?"

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for my growth spurt?"

Lynn said, "Do you realize you have tits? You look like a solid B cup
right now."

I blushed and nodded. "This is all too new. I feel weird. I don't
even want to check out the other things."

Lynn snapped a picture of my naked body. I didn't dare look down. "We
need to. I'm going to call my gynecologist to set up an appointment but
we need to make sure the change is complete. I think most of it took
place last night but we will wait just to make sure." She turned the
computer screen so I could see the changes but I turned away.

"I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

"You need to see... " A knock at the door interrupted our conversation.
Lynn looked at me and I shrugged.

She ordered, "Go to the bedroom."

I made my way across the room as fast as I could then stood next to my
bedroom door and tried to listen to the conversation. I couldn't make
out the words but heard shouting.

A little while later I heard a familiar voice call, "James!"

I grabbed a blanket from off the bed to cover myself as the voice grew
closer. "Are you in there James?"

I tried to run into the bathroom but my legs wouldn't move that fast and
Mom opened the door before I could get around the corner. Neither of us
spoke for a few seconds as she stared at my blanket covered body. She
turned to Lynn who stood redfaced in the bedroom door.

Mom said, "Who is this slut?

The words felt like a punch to the gut.

Lynn said, "Like I said, she's my roommate Samantha. Samantha meet my

I couldn't talk for a second as I tried to find my voice.

The words came out in an odd tone, "Nice meeting you ma"??am."

Mom checked the bathroom and closet then turned and walked out of the
room. Lynn winked at me as she passed then gave Mom the smug look I'd
seen a thousand times before. "I told you James isn't here Mom but I
will tell him you called if I see him."

"There is a naked picture of that girl up on your computer and this
place smells of sex and stale cigarettes Lynn. I always told you if you
weren't careful you were going to become a whore and it looks like it is
coming true."

"I'm doing ok Mom. You'll see."

The sound of the door slamming shut ended the conversation.

A few seconds later Lynn popped her head in the room with a glisten in
her eyes. "Mom called."

I shook my head. "So I saw. What just happened?"

Lynn held up her cell phone. "Mom tracked me. I wondered why they
hadn't turned it off after they disowned me the other day. I guess it
came in handy. One more thing for my to do list."

I felt a tear come to my eye. "Mom didn't recognize me. And she was so

"I've told you not to worry about what she thinks but you really need to
take a look in a mirror to understand why she didn't recognize you.
Close your eyes."

Lynn led me to the bathroom and turned on the light. "Ok now open your

The person looking back was nothing like I expected. The girl had short
blonde hair framing a small freckled face, pale blue eyes, a slight case
of acne, and lips that looked too large for her mouth. Long thin arms
hung from her slumped shoulders and her hands quickly covered both
breasts. Her midsection had the firm look of someone who worked out and
as I turned I saw that the black panties covered ample hips and an ass
that was undoubtedly female. The long legs of a runner struggled to
hold everything upright.

"Oh god!"

Lynn cooed, "You're purty but don't slouch. That isn't attractive."

I arched my back so I stopped slouching but it felt like I was trying to
stick my boobs out. I returned to my former posture. "You're just
saying that. I'm not pretty at all! I'm all gangly. And how did I get
blonde hair? And blue eyes?"

Lynn shrugged. "You're asking me? I couldn't believe it when I saw it
change as you slept and then I about fainted when I saw your eyes when
you woke up."

"No wonder Mom didn't recognize me."

Lynn said, "My guess is your future self thought blondes have more fun.
Hair and eye color are controlled by genetics you know. Your future
self is such a little perv!"

I thought about it. "That makes sense. The genetics part not the perv
part. I wonder if he changed anything else?" I saw my glasses clearly
on my bedside table across the room and looked at the clock. 12:20 PM.

Lynn answered, "Only time will tell but now you need to take a shower."

"I don't think I can do that yet Lynn."

"I don't care. I didn't want to say anything earlier but you stink bad.
I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops with all the screaming
you did last night. Mom was right about one thing. Your room does
smells like a whorehouse."

Images of my dreams flashed through my mind and I watched the cheeks
redden on the blonde in the mirror. "Was it bad?"

"To be honest I was jealous. After a while, it sounded like you were
having lots of fun but you need to clean up. I'll go make lunch and we
can decide what to do after that."

I couldn't take my eyes off the girl in the mirror. "I don't think I
can deal with this Lynn. This is too much. I don't know what to do. I
don't know how to act."

Lynn answered, "Just act how you act. There are no rules. Most 15 year
old girls don't have a clue how to act either. But right now I need you
to ... TAKE ... A ... SHOWER!!! I hope I don't need to say it again."

"God you are getting annoying Lynn."

Lynn said, "I think you'll be better at this than you realize. You are
already starting to get on my nerves like a 15 year old girl."



The shower felt good on my skin though I tried to ignore the blonde tuft
of hair that I could see below my waistline as I washed. The water felt
especially odd as it hit my chest and I spent a few minutes laughing as
I poked myself over then watched them bounce.

'If the guys on the football team could only see me now.'

Actually I thought most of them would like that and as much as my
anxiety was at out of control I had to admit I loved what had happened.
Images of showering with the boys on the team flashed in my head and I
felt the first tingle I remembered from my dream the night before.

My hand had a mind of its own. I slowly reached down past familiar
territory into the unknown and a fold of skin that already felt wet.

"Oh god, Mom's right. I am a slut!"

I grabbed the body sponge and the shower gel then scrubbed myself from
head to toe then dried as quick as I could. I squeezed myself into the
red bra with matching panties and pulled a couple of outfits from the
closet but nothing seemed right.

I shouted out the door, "Lynn?"

I heard her voice, "Yeah?"

"I don't know what to wear."

I heard the sound of laughter. A few seconds later Lynn popped her head
in the room. "What's wrong with that pink outfit? It would look cute
on you."

"I don't know."

You didn't have a problem with it a few days ago. What's wrong now?"

"I wasn't going to leave my bedroom a few days ago. I'd like something
a little longer."

"Women's clothing always covers a lot less compared to men's. Have you
ever seen a man's leggings, even in summer, shorter than his knees?
Women's clothing on the other hand are routinely shorter than knee
length, even in wintertime. You will get used to showing your calves,
thighs, shoulders, arms, and midriff. Men tease us about how much we
obsess about our weight but society dictates we show more skin. It all
goes with the delight of being a woman. Now try on the pink outfit."

"That's not fair. Can't I wear jeans or something?"

"You don't have any jeans. What's wrong Samantha? Where did the person
go that kept wearing my stuff all last year?

I pointed at my body. "This is just a lot and it isn't what I expected.
I don't look right and I'm sticking out all over."

Lynn shook her head. "Wow. ??You've been in a girl's body for less
than a day and you already have body image issues. You look good for
your age Samantha. You'll see. When you grow into those legs and arms,
the boys will flock to your door. Besides all they are interested in
are that and those." She pointed at my crotch and chest.

"But that's a problem too." I lowered my voice. "Do you know how hard
it was for me on the football team? All those guys surrounding me in
the shower? I would have gotten pummelled if anyone knew what I was
thinking all the time but I'm still having those thoughts. It's even
stronger in some ways."

Lynn asked, "Do you think girls want sex any less than boys?"

I shrugged. "It's ok for boys. There's a name for girls that like sex
too much. Mom called me one before she left."

Lynn smiled, "Look I understand but thinking is not doing and there's
nothing wrong with thinking about it. Sex dominated most of the
conversations in my girls dorm last year."

"Mom was always yelling at you not to get too close to boys."

Lynn did her best Mom impersonation as she walked out the door, "There's
a good reason called pregnancy and we will talk about that later young
lady. Get dressed. Your lunch is getting cold."

I pulled the skirt up over my hips and tried to ignore that my ass had
stretched the fabric and now was on display for the entire world to see.
The top had been loose the last time I wore it but now the pleats
extended to accommodate my new anatomy.

I looked in the mirror and it didn't look too bad. I arched my back to
stop my shoulders from slouching which made my breast seem even more
prominent. The clothing supported my frame in a way that made me look
older and extenuated my features. I couldn't help but smile.

Lynn called out from the kitchen. "Are you about ready Sam?"

"In a minute." I looked at myself in the mirror and decided with the
right outfit and a little bit of makeup I might be considered cute. It
was hard to tell.

"Come on Sam!"

I hurried to the kitchen and sat at the table.

"I told you that outfit would look cute on you."

"I guess."

"I will let you in on a secret Samantha. Everyone, boys and girls, men
and women, even the most handsome person you see on television ...
everyone has body issues. That's why there's so many different types of
clothing. Why do you think I spent all that time shopping when I was
your age?"

I nodded. "I guess that makes sense."

"It's because it is the truth. I will take you shopping and we will
find you some things you like. Every outfit looks different on every
woman because our curves define us. It's why we shop. It's why we try
on each other's clothing. Each outfit lets us reinvent ourselves and
helps us accept our differences. You will see."

Something was bothering me. "Lynn?"


"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"It's hard to explain. You should probably read this." She passed me
the note Sam#3 had left for her.

Dear Lynn:

I've put this apartment in your name and stocked it with enough food to
last a month. I've made arrangements beyond that and you will find the
all the details on the computer and in the file cabinet.

James can give you the details of why I'm doing this but my biggest
concern when I decided to help him is that he is only 15 years old and
needed someone to lean on for support. That person has to be you. I
hope you don't think this is an unfair imposition and I've tried to set
both of you up for the best chance for a happy life.

You don't know how happy I was to spend some time with you at the diner
today even if you didn't remember me. Your constant support meant more
than anything to me through all my dark times and it is one of my
deepest regrets to have never had a chance to tell you how much I
appreciated it. I know I am asking a lot by throwing the responsibility
of raising James on you but I know you can handle it. There's strength
inside you and James will need to lean on it until he finds his own way.

All my love,

Lynn's eyes were glistening when I finished. She said, "I don't know
what I'm doing either but we will figure it out."

Neither of us spoke for a while as we ate.

Finally Lynn asked, "Are you interested in going shopping after we do
the dishes? School starts soon and you need lots of new outfits. You
definitely need some new bras. We could even go to the sports store and
find you a pair of running shoes."

I gave a broad smile, "I'd really like that Lynn."

Epilogue (one month later)
The school yard was full and I tried not to notice the stares as I made
my way from the registrar's office. I walked slowly as I was still
getting the hang of heels but I was willing to take the risk even if a
fall now would undo my advantage. Two inch heels were more than I
should have tried with a month's practice but after a lifetime of
looking up to everyone I wanted to take every advantage available. My
skirt ended just above the knee and while I wasn't exactly comfortable
with the attention my legs got, I had to admit, part of me liked it.
The top I chose straddled the line of almost being too much but today
was a special day.

Lynn and I continued to measure every day after "The Change" but nothing
was as dramatic. After Day 14 the changes seemed to stop and Lynn
finally allowed me to buy some clothes instead of just trying on outfit
after outfit. In the end, I gained another five lbs of fat and it ended
up in the places you'd expect. Lynn said my hips were about same size
as hers. The truth was I looked a lot like a younger, blonder version
of her. My breasts weren't as big but there was still time. Part of me
hoped they had stopped as it was getting annoying as I ran that my
sports bra got so much attention.

Lynn dropped me off for my first day of school and the entire ride she
gave me lots of pointers on the creepy teachers to avoid, the clubs to
join, and the best make out spots where no one ever looked. I'd always
thought I'd known my s****r but every day I'm learning that life is
different on the other side.

I saw a familiar face and tried not to seem obvious as I veered in his
direction. Some of the tricks Lynn taught me made everything easier to
cope. I am the new k** in school after all. Everyone is interested in
the new girl. I tried not to laugh as I saw his eyes follow at my
approach. I found a spot to stand nearby and hoped it didn't seem like
I was coming on to him. A girl has to protect her reputation after all.

"Are you new here?"

I gave him my best smile, "I just moved here and I don't know anyone."

"What class are you in?"

"I'm a junior."

"Me too!"

He held out his hand. "I'm Tim by the way."

I give him a shy smile and ran my fingers through my hair like Lynn
taught though I figured that move would be a lot more effective when my
hair was as long as hers. "I'm Samantha. Nice to meet you Tim."

Things got quiet and I could sense his desperation to keep the
conversation going.

"Do you play any sports?"

I nodded. "I'm thinking about trying out for the cross country team."

His face brightened. "Me too! Well maybe. I'm not sure football is
for me anymore."

Tim smiled as he spoke and it made my heart race.

I can't explain it but things feel right. Before I met Sam I felt like
one of those shopping carts with a wobbly wheel. Anyone who's ever been
in a grocery store knows what I'm talking about. Those carts are mostly
annoying like a buzz in the back of your mind but every once in a while
the wobbly wheel gains traction and next thing you know you are about to
crash into something. That's the way I felt before the change.

Lynn has been great. We've talked about trying to figure a way to get
Mom & Dad back in our lives but it doesn't seem possible just yet. We
have agreed that just because my parents were jerks in Sam#1 and Sam#3's
universe, it doesn't mean our parents should have to suffer for it. I
miss them and I'm sure they miss us so we will let their actions dictate
our relationship. Like Sam#3 said -- this is my world. I can decide
what to do in it. Lynn and I are doing ok for now and she even was able
to get her credits to transfer to a nearby college. She's going there
next semester.

Tim interrupted my thoughts, "Can I walk you to class?"

I nod, hand him my books, and try to hide the proud smile from showing
on face. Betsy doesn't stand a chance.

Thanks Sam. Thanks Samantha. I will never forget you. My mystic

... Continue»
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Memorable Anal Encounters

Bonnie is number three and Charlotte number two


Bonnie and I had been out several times and we did sl**p together each time. She was a great lay with a fantastic body but she had this odd behavior. She always acted reluctant toward anal and oral sex. When I came in her mouth she acted annoyed and when I fucked her ass she acted as if she didn't want to do it, but she always did it and she never once refused to suck my cock or take it in the ass. I suspected it was her way of justifying her behavior.

I met Bonnie in night school in 1975. Bonnie was a vibrant young woman with light brown hair that just covered her neck. She had a nice figure with tits that I guessed to be a 34 C but her best feature was her round shapely bubble butt. I had always been a leg and ass man, so nice tits were a bonus but not a necessity, as I favored women with shapely bottoms. She looked great totally naked and I would often stroke and play with her fabulous body until she begged me to take her to bed. Bonnie had one of the nicest asses that I had ever seen and I loved fucking her hot ass.

One Friday night she invited me over to her place. We sat on the sofa watching TV, sipping our drinks and discussing the college class. I got up to refresh my drink and when I returned I sat next to her. She turned toward me and smiled nervously as she anticipated my next move. I smiled back and put my arm around her and drew her to me. I gently pulled her toward me and our mouths locked in a kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and it took her breath away. Bonnie kissed me back and her body relaxed as she welcomed the fact that she would get fucked that night. I lifted her sweater up over her head as she held her arms up for me to remove it. Next I unfastened her bra and as I removed it her tits stood straight out from her chest. I pushed her shoulders back against the sofa causing her tits to look bigger and firmer. Bonnie moaned as I leaned over and kissed her breasts and sucked on her rock hard nipples. I kissed and sucked her tits for several minutes. Her nipples got so long and so hard that they were like little dicks sticking out from her tits. She loved to have her tits fondled and kissed.

I moved off the sofa and knelt between her legs. I unzipped her skirt and she lifted her hips as I pulled it down and off her body. Bonnie looked very sexy clad only in her thigh high nylons and her robin blue panties with her aroused tits standing straight out. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her panties I slowly peeled them down her legs. As I removed her panties I stared directly at her snatch and gently pushed her legs apart. Bonnie groaned as I ran my finger over her well trimmed pussy mound and tickled her labia. Her hips jerked involuntarily when I probed her sopping wet pussy with my finger and kissed her inner thighs. Bonnie gasped aloud when my tongue finally touched her quim.

I raised Bonnie's legs up and placed them on my shoulders which brought her pussy even closer to my mouth. Then I reached up and fondled her tits with both hands, tweaked her nipples and plunged my tongue into the depths of her pussy. I licked her cunt and located her erect clit with my tongue. As I sucked on her clit and played her tits and nipples, Bonnie moaned loudly as her body thrashed around. I struggled to keep my mouth glued to her pussy as her body jumped all over the sofa. Bonnie grabbed my head with both hands and held me to her gushing pussy.

"Oh Walt, this is going to be a quick one, a big one," she cried out and then she screamed, "I'm cumming, oh God I'm cumming, hold me, hold me tight, please hold me."

Bonnie's body seemed to go through convulsions as her orgasm rocked her and sent tremors through her. She continued to hold my head to her mound as her sweet nectar gushed into my mouth. I licked her dry and nibbled on her clit which caused her body to quake again. Bonnie collapsed on the sofa so I stood up and looked down at her hot body as I peeled off my shirt. Unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants, I pushed my trousers down to my ankles. My large erection was covered by my underwear but my state of desire was obvious. I pushed my underwear down and my cock caught in the waistband and bobbed in front of Bonnie. She stared at my erect cock as it dangled inches from her face. Bonnie stared at it as if she was looking at the first cock she had ever seen in person. I reached down and pulled her closer to me so that her mouth was now on a level with my cock.

"Your turn," I said as I pushed my cock toward her mouth.

"I don't like to suck cock," Bonnie said acting out her reluctance.

"Well make an exception this time," I replied firmly.

"Please don't make me do it," she begged.

"I'm not going to make you do it. I want you to want to do it. Just suck it for awhile until I am really hard. I won't cum in your mouth if that's what you are worried about," I told her trying convince her to suck my cock.

Then I reminded her, "After all I did eat your pussy and lick up all your love juice."

Bonnie reluctantly moved her head forward and kissed the head of my cock. Then she licked up and down the shaft and all around it. Eventually, after more urging on my part, she took about four inches of my cock into her mouth. In spite of her suspect reluctance, Bonnie was clearly an experienced cocksucker. She clearly knew her way around a cock and she seemed enamored with mine as she loved it with her mouth. As I looked at her distraught face sucking my cock I thought about my promise to not cum in her mouth.

"Yeah I won't cum in your mouth tonight but before this weekend is over you will taste it and feel my seed coat your rectum," I thought to myself.

As I lifted Bonnie's chin up and my cock slipped from her mouth she spoke, "Can we go upstairs to my bedroom?" she asked hopefully.

"I thought that you would never ask," I teased.

Bonnie led me to her bedroom and I watched her fantastic ass as she walked up the stairs in front of me. Her beautiful shapely ass undulated as she climbed the stairs and I felt that familiar surge in my loins. I wanted to throw her down right on the stairs, shove my cock all the way up her ass and fuck her until I filled her rectum with semen. But I knew better, so I watched her shapely bottom with each step she took up the stairs. I knew that I wouldn't be happy until I fucked her ass that weekend.

I followed her up the stairs and into her bedroom. Bonnie pulled down her bed covers and got in bed on her back. She spread her legs slightly and looked apprehensively at my erect cock. I got on the bed between her thighs and nestled my cock at the opening to her pussy. I moved the head of my cock around her vulva and gently prodded her outer cunt lips. Bonnie moaned softly as her pussy got increasingly wetter. Satisfied that she was wet enough I eased my dick in a little parting her labia and finding the entrance to her pussy. I pushed more of my cock into her and in spite of her wetness she was still very snug. For the next several minutes I pushed in and pulled out, each time pushing a little more of my shaft into her sopping wet hole. Finally my cock sank all the way into her snatch causing Bonnie to gasp aloud. Then as I began to saw my dick in and out of her, Bonnie wrapped her legs around my lower body and humped her hips up at me. As I picked up the pace I made sure that my cock stayed in constant contact with her clit.

Bonnie surprised herself with another quick orgasm but I kept right on fucking her and she came multiple times in succession. Her pussy was flooded with her cunt juice and I could feel my cock soaking in her nectar as I pushed it all the way in. Bonnie was experiencing a continuous string of orgasms which had her body thrashing and jerking about as they led up to her final crescendo. Her body stiffened and she grabbed my shoulders as she wrapped her legs even tighter around my torso squeezing my lower body.

"Oh God, I'm cumming again, hold me, please hold me, oh, oh, please," she cried out as a thunderous climax ripped through her body.

Bonnie stiffened at first pushing her hips toward mine and the she went out of control. Her hips humped rapidly up and down as her body thrashed about. She was grunting and groaning and gasping for air as she reached her crescendo. All her fanatic actions accelerated my own orgasm and I flooded her womb with barrage after barrage of semen. I plowed my cock into her as far as I could as I released a steady flow of spunk into her pussy. We both humped each other furiously until our orgasms subsided. I kept my weight on my elbows as I lay on top of her so as not to crush her body with my weight. Bonnie's vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched around my shaft milking my cock dry.

Her cunt was a receptacle holding our combined juices and my cock felt as if it bathing in warm oil. My cock slowly deflated and slipped from her tight pussy with an audible sound. Our juices flowed out of her pussy as soon as my cock slipped from her hole just as if a stopper was pulled out of her. I rolled to my side along side of Bonnie and flopped on my back.

"Oh my, I haven't cum like that in a while. It was a little scary," she sighed and then added.

As I lay by her side I noticed that her tits were standing straight up and her aroused nipples were pointing at the ceiling. I tweaked the hard little nubs between my fingers causing her to gasp and quiver.

"My breasts are always very sensitive," she murmured.

I leaned over and kissed her breasts and sucked on her sensitive nipples. I rubbed her firm flat tummy as I sucked on her tits and her rock hard nubs.

"Oh I love that it makes me feel so feminine," she cooed.

As I sucked her tits and continued to rub her belly, I let my hand drift down to her wet pussy. I ran my fingers through her cum soaked pubic hair and I felt my cock starting to harden. Bonnie begged me to let her rest as she was sure that she could not possibly cum again. I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips to a level with my cock as I knelt behind her. I eased my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her doggy style. Bonnie was content in this position since I was not in contact with her clit. I slammed into her from behind causing her curvy ass cheeks to jiggle.

I scooped up gobs of her pussy juice and smeared it in the crack of her ass spreading around her nether hole. I added saliva to my finger and probed her tight aperture with the tip of my finger. She tensed when she felt my finger probe her asshole. I gathered up more juices and added more saliva as I continued to probe her hole and open her up. I gently pushed a very well lubricated finger into her ass and the tiny aperture opened up to accept the digit. More saliva and more juices greased her asshole sufficiently to allow me to slide my finger all the way into her rectum.

Bonnie thought that I was preparing her ass for my cock when she said, "Please don't. I don't like anal sex."

"Don't worry," I assured her, "I will just play with your ass as I fuck you."

Now with my cock in her pussy and my finger in her ass I was approaching another orgasm. I could it building in my balls, travel through my scrotum and splash the insides of her vagina with my warm semen. As I came in her pussy I thought to myself yet again, "Just wait until you feel my warm seed fill your ass tomorrow night."

On Saturday morning I woke up first with a piss hard-on. This happened frequently to me when I spent the night with a hot woman. With this piss hard-on I was able to fuck for quite awhile without cumming and until the bladder pressure got so intense that I had to relieve myself. I rolled over toward Bonnie and started caressing her body. She rolled on her back and I went to work on her firm tits and hard nipples. She cooed from the titillation and gradually woke up. Then I moved between her legs and slid my erect dick in her pussy.

The fit was tight again so I moved slowly and gently working my cock into her. Bonnie got wet quickly and my cock was soon sliding in and out of her hot cunt. As she had done before she wrapped her legs around my lower body and her arms around my back as she humped back at me. I fucked her through multiple orgasms just as I had done last night except that I didn't cum. Bonnie arched her back and her body shook with the intensity of her climax. I kept fucking her and she had another continuous string of orgasms before her body stopped moving of its own accord.

"Please stop, let me rest, I can't cum anymore," Bonnie cried out, "Walt please stop, please."

I stopped fucking her honoring her plea and I slowly slid my still erect cock from her. I headed into the bathroom to relieve the pressure of my piss hard-on and then I opted to take a shower. Bonnie joined me in the bathroom once she heard the shower running. I invited her to join me in the shower. Bonnie and I soaped each other's body and I loved running my soapy hands all over her fantastic tits and ass. Bonnie played with my erect cock and lathered it up with soap. I turned her toward the shower wall and slid my cock into her pussy from behind. Bonnie braced herself against the shower wall as I fucked her pussy until I came shooting another good sized load into her.

We finished showering and Bonnie douched all the semen from her body. Afterwards we got dressed and went out for breakfast and spent the day together. That evening we had dinner at the Wine Cellar her favorite restaurant. As we drove back to her condo Bonnie was very amorous as the wine had an obvious effect on her. When we arrived we went straight to her bedroom, undressed and got in her bed. I moved Bonnie into a 69 position and ate her until she came. Once again she came quickly and thrust her pussy at me as I ate her dry. She sucked my cock without my urging this time but I still did not cum in her mouth.

I rolled Bonnie on her back and slid between her legs. My cock slid in easily this time and I fucked her silly before finally shooting my load in her pussy. Bonnie really came hard again as the orgasm ripped through her body. She was a very sensuous woman. We lay together and I played with her tits and nipples and worked them into a state of arousal. Bonnie cooed as I worked on her tits, rubbed her tummy and played with her soaked pussy.

Once again I got hard from the foreplay and rolled her over on all fours. Bonnie agreeably moved into the doggy position and accepted my cock in her pussy. As I fucked her slowly I rubbed her tits and played with her asshole. I easily inserted one finger in her ass and then with my other hand I diddled her clit as I fucked her from behind, Bonnie went wild again with all the stimulation and she began bucking her hips as her orgasm took over her body. As she was bucking I slipped my cock out of her pussy and quickly pushed it in her ass. Bonnie bucked and humped through her orgasm before she reacted to my cock in her ass.

Bonnie put on her reluctant act, "No please not that. Take it out. You know I don't want to do this. Please take it out!"

But I didn't take it out and I ignored her pleas as I pushed more of my cock into her ass. I added more saliva and pussy juice as I fucked her and shoved more cock into her ass. Bonnie tried to break loose but I held her hips firmly. Another push and my entire cock went all the way in her ass. Her asshole opened up from the reaming and I was then able to slide my cock in and out with ease. I was convinced at that moment that she had been butt fucked before. I marveled at her shapely hot ass as I watched her impaled on my cock.

"Walt please don't, I don't want to do this. Please don't cum in me," Bonnie acted again but not as urgently this time.

Once again I ignored her pleas and I picked up the pace. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and I knew it would be a big one since I was so turned on fucking Bonnie's beautiful ass. Her ass had loosened up and my cock was sliding easily in and out of her rectum. My hips slammed into hers and her ass jiggled as my cock went balls deep into her asshole. I felt my balls tighten so I pushed my cock all the way in her ass and then I released torrents of semen into her rectum. Stream after stream of semen filled her asshole as I flooded her bowels with my load.

I realized that we were both motionless and I had my cock buried all the way up her ass. Then I began to fuck her ass slowly again and I pushed my copious load around in her rectum. As I withdrew my softening cock from her ass, gobs of spunk trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips and inner thighs. Bonnie flopped facedown on the bed and I knelt there watching my seed ooze out of her shapely ass.

"Why did you do that to me? You know I didn't want that. I told you that I don't like anal sex," she whimpered.

I thought to myself, get used to it but I said, "You always say that but you know that I can't resist your ass. It is so beautiful, so hot, so inviting."

"I don't want you to ever do it again. I don't like it," she said as she always would.

I had knew that she had been butt fucked before me since my cock went in fairly easy with the right amount of lube and she did not complain of any pain. Bonnie got out of bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. When she returned we cuddled in the spoon position and we fell asl**p without any more conversation. I woke up at about 3:00 AM with a piss hard-on but this time I went to bathroom and relived myself. While in the bathroom I located some lotion and I put an ample amount on my cock before returning to bed. When I got back in bed I snuggled up to Bonnie and slipped my lotion covered cock into her ass. I had both hands around her body so I played with her tits and fingered her pussy as I slowly fucked her ass. Bonnie woke up and quickly realized that I was back in her ass. "Oh not again, please no," she whispered.
I just kept fucking her until I came in her ass again. Ropes of semen shot into her ass and I felt the involuntary clutching and un-clutching of her anal muscles around my cock. Her sphincter muscle milked my cock dry as it tried to expel the intruder. My cock softened and slipped from her ass emitting a grunt from Bonnie when it did. I held her to me and we both eventually fell back asl**p.

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday morning as I fucked Bonnie through countless orgasms until she begged me to stop. Then we fucked in the shower again and I came in her pussy. We went out for breakfast and then to the park for a long walk. Later we ate at a casual restaurant. After dinner we drove back to Bonnie's house and as before we immediately went up to her bedroom. As we had done last night we got into a 69 position on our sides. I ate Bonnie's pussy and fingered her asshole again as she sucked my cock. Bonnie assumed that this was our normal foreplay in preparation for our fuck session but I surprised her when I came in her mouth.

I was particularly turned on and I had been thinking about cumming in her mouth all day. It didn't take long after we were in the 69 position that I shot a rope of cum in her mouth. Bonnie jerked her head back in surprise and the second shot hit her on her face. Bonnie put her hand over my cock head to block the shots but a third one hit her face before she could block anymore. Bonnie spit out as much as she could of the first shot that filled her mouth but I knew she could still taste it.

"Why did you cum in my mouth? You promised me that you wouldn't. It is so humiliating!" she said faking her reluctance one again.

"Oh stop your acting. I swallow your pussy juice all the time. A little cum isn't going to hurt you," I replied sternly and then added, "I didn't promise you tonight that I wouldn't cum in your mouth. I was pretty turned on and you were doing a good job sucking my cock and I just lost it."

"Well you could have warned me that you were about to cum," she snapped.

"Yes I could have but I decided not to as I wanted to cum in your mouth just as I wanted to cum in your ass," I replied sharply.

Bonnie knew that I was on to her act. I resumed eating Bonnie's pussy and fingering her ass and much to my surprise she put my cock back in her mouth. Bonnie drank the remaining cum from my cock and sucked me until I was hard again. She had a number of orgasms as I ate her pussy. Now that I was hard again it was time to take her ass.

There was no trickery or f***efulness this time as I had her get on all fours. I got the lotion from the bathroom and applied an ample amount to my cock and her asshole. I sawed my fingers in and out of her ass and pussy as I prepared her for another ass reaming. Bonnie cooed with the dual action of fingers in her ass and pussy but I could tell she was still reluctant to be butt fucked. I knelt closer to her and placed my cock at the entrance to her asshole and pushed ever so slightly. I watched as her little rosebud opened up to accept my rod and the cock head cleared her sphincter.

Bonnie had her head down on the bed turned to one side and she grasped the bed covers with both hands. I slowly fucked her ass trying to make this session last as long as possible. I loved watching my cock slide in and out of her beautiful shapely ass. As hard as I tried to prolong her butt fucking I felt my orgasm building rapidly. I thrust into her plunging my cock in all the way and released my seed into her bowels. Rope after rope shot out of my cock to fill her ass with my warm semen. Bonnie was fucking me back and I realized that her hand had traveled to her pussy and she was getting herself off as I flooded her ass with my spunk.

The two of us collapsed on the bed with me on top of her and my cock still buried in her ass. I could feel her ass muscles milking my cock as her buttocks contracted and relaxed under me. I pushed up on my elbows to keep my weight off her but I kept my hips in contact with her shapely ass until my cock softened and slipped out. We both fell asl**p and never stirred again.

Bonnie and I continued our affair for almost a year. I knew she was dating other guys but she surprised me on night when she told me that she had become engaged to get married. Of course she waited until after our marathon of sex before telling me and showing me her ring. Then she said that it had to be our last night together. I agreed and we fucked once more that evening before I left. I never did see Bonnie after that.


I selected Charlotte as my second favorite not because she had a great ass but because she loved anal sex. The other thing I loved about Charlotte was that when she was in the mood it didn't make any difference where we were, in someone's house, in a public place or in my car.

Charlotte, although she preferred to be called Charlie was one of the corporate groupies at our company. This story takes place in 1971, a year when everyone was sexually promiscuous and condoms were rarely used. There was a bar that all of us hung out at called the Oasis which also sponsored one of the softball teams I played on. I also played for another bar and our company team. All three teams had many of the same ballplayers and we actually did very well in our leagues and in tournaments. Softball tournaments were huge in the Midwest back then and we were in at least two a month. It was at a softball tournament that I first hooked up with Charlotte. Charlie was a 28 year old brunette with brown eyes, about 5'5" and 120 pounds. She was not the prettiest of girls but she wasn't ugly either. Charlie had served in the Army before she worked at our company so she was no virgin and no stranger to brief encounters.

We had won our first two games in a 16 team double elimination tournament and we had the whole afternoon off. We were not scheduled to play again until 8:00 PM that evening in the third round of the winner's bracket. My friend Al had his girlfriend Ginger at the game. Ginger was good friends with Charlie who had accompanied Ginger to the game. Al invited me to join him and Ginger at her house for lunch and a few pops between games. Ginger introduced me to Charlie and she confirmed Al's invitation.

When we arrived at Ginger's house her first words were that we all had to take showers before we used the beds. I was surprised but not shocked at her announcement. I knew Al was banging Ginger on a regular basis so it was not a surprise that the two of them would jump in the sack.

Charlie just smiled at me and said, "Come on I'll show you where the guest shower and bedroom are that is unless you'd rather watch TV."

"Lead the way," I replied not wanting to pass up an opportunity for some afternoon delights.

Charlie and I stripped down and entered the shower. She had a large birth mark on her shoulder that she was embarrassed about but I quickly put her at ease. I started to soap up her tits, ass and pussy but she stopped me.

"Let's save that for the bedroom. Ginger doesn't like it when the shower runs too long," she told me.

Charlie had obviously done this before at Ginger's place and I followed her advice. We washed ourselves quickly and then went into the bedroom. Charlie lay on the bed and opened her legs for me. She held up her arms and welcomed me into her body.

"I had been hoping that we would get a chance to make it together someday," she whispered.

Slowly, I moved into her. Charlie opened beneath me, enveloping my penis tightly. Her cunt was like a fist as she clenched her vaginal muscles. She squeezed me as I moved within her.

"Charlie," I groaned, "You are really tight."

She moaned in response, "Your big cock feels so good. Fill me up with it."

I thrust into her deeply and I felt the head of my cock pressing against her cervix.

"Oh Walt," she sighed with her eyes closed.

I felt her vagina contract around my cock. She climaxed again with a shudder and a long moan and she urged me on, "Fuck me baby. I can take it, I want it."

I grabbed her hips in my hands and began to thrust in and out as I pounded her pussy. My heavy bloated testicles slapped against her ass as my cock drove into her hot pussy.

"Yes, oh yes," she gasped as her body rose to meet me.

The bed was now rocking with the f***e of our fierce, a****listic fucking. Her legs clamped around my waist as she screamed her release. Her pussy grasped my cock, squeezing it and milking it as I fucked her. I moved my hips against hers and buried my cock to the hilt within her. Her quaking pussy erupted into orgasm again as I rocked my cock slowly, grinding the head against her cervix. I felt my orgasm building in my balls and I knew that any second I would be spewing my seed into her womb. I felt my semen travel from my scrotum through my cock as I came deep inside her flooding her waiting warmth with my load.

Neither one of us could speak as the pleasure was so intense. I collapsed on her and she wrapped her arms and legs even tighter around my body. Not wanting to crush her I rolled off her as my cock deflated and slipped from her cum filled cunt. We rested together as we talked for awhile. Charlie knew that I was fucking a few girls from the office and she had told Ginger that she would like to make it with me, which is why Ginger invited her to the tournament. I learned that Charlie had been married but was divorced in the Army. She also told me that she was not at all into oral sex either giving or receiving. Charlie reached down and stroked my cock as we talked and I fondled her tits and played with her pussy. Before long we were turned on again.

I pulled her legs apart and let her guide my cock into her pussy. I eased my thick cock into Charlie's tight cunt and worked it slowly until I was balls deep in her pussy. I knew that with her tightness that she could probably feel every ridge and vein of my cock touch her vaginal wall. Charlie gasped again when I hit bottom. As I fucked her slowly I made sure that my cock never lost contact with her clit. Charlie stiffened as she orgasmed and then grunted and groaned through multiple orgasms as her body was rocked with one climax after the other. As I pounded her pussy my cock moved easily in her now soaked pussy. Charlie stiffened one more time, screamed and then went limp with her final orgasm which was the most intense of the day.

Once again I rolled off Charlie and this time she rolled over on her stomach. I caressed her ass and teased her between her ass cheeks. I searched for her nether hole as I massaged her bottom. I finally reached the object of my desire and I rubbed juice from her pussy into her asshole. She lifted her hips slightly as I worked her firm ass cheeks. I pulled her buns apart slightly and stared at the cute little aperture. I traced my finger over the ridges of her now swollen sphincter and watched as it seemed to pulse and throb under its own accord.

I scooped more juice out of her pussy with my fingers and pushed it into her asshole. Charlie's hips bucked in response to my probing. I loved anal sex and I loved to watch my cock slide in and out of a hot ass. I was hoping that Charlie was into anal sex. As my finger entered her channel she gripped it with her sphincter muscle. I continued to finger fuck her ass adding more natural lube from her pussy as needed and eventually I added a second finger. Satisfied that she was well lubed I straddled her hips and guided my slick cock into her pussy to coat it with juices and then I eased it into her ass. My cock head slipped past the moistened sphincter and the spongy head disappeared into her ass. Her anal ring snapped closed behind the cock head and I marveled at the sight before me. I only had the head of my cock in her and she lifted her hips and pushed back obviously wanting more.

"Not too deep at first and then go deeper," she whispered.

My cock felt bigger than it ever had as I eased more of it into her anal passage. I watched as it stretched her open and slid easily in her slippery hole. I continued my slow penetration until the entire length of my shaft was balls deep in her ass. Charlie gasped and grabbed the bed sheets as I hit bottom and then moved her ass in time with my thrusts.

"Let's fuck on our sides," she rasped.

I rolled both of us to our left side and settled into the spoon position with my cock still buried in her asshole. My left arm came around and fondled one of her tits and tweaked her nipples as my right hand sought out her pussy. I pushed two fingers into her pussy as I fucked her ass and played with her tits. Charlie was going wild as her orgasmic, constricting muscles gripped me firmly.

We fucked slowly as she arched her back and we fitted together perfectly. Her gasps were intermittent and interrupted with cries and sobs of pleasure. Her ass was so snug that I wondered how the semen ever got out of my cock. I fought to hold back my ejaculation as long as possible but the undulating walls of her asshole were just too much. I felt the familiar boiling in my balls and I thrust into her as the first blast of cum exploded into her rectum. I barely heard her pleas for me to fill her ass with cum as her contractions milked every drop from my cock. I continued to fuck her slowly and I enjoyed the new feeling of warm semen surrounding my cock in her sheath.

"I love the feel of your warm cum in my ass," she sighed as my cock remained nestled in her hole.

Charlie told me that she loved anal sex and that sometimes she actually preferred it to vaginal sex. She said that she still wanted to cum and she preferred a cock shooting a load in her ass while her clit was being rubbed. We remained in the spoon position for quite awhile. I think we even dozed and we were awakened when my deflated cock slipped from her ass. Charlie rolled toward me and smiled as she whispered.

"That was some great sex today, you are a good lover," she said softly and then, "Come on it's time to get up and get dressed."

Charlie and I showered quickly and dressed. She told me that she first had anal sex in the Army and over time she had become addicted to it. Charlie told me that she liked anal sex as much as vaginal sex and sometimes even more with the right person. When we went into the kitchen Ginger had already put out some snacks for us. The four of us ate and then we returned to the tournament. We won our third game and the next day we would be playing in the winner's bracket championship.

On Sunday we lost the first game and we had to play the team coming out of the loser's bracket. We beat them and then we had to beat the same team twice to win the tournament. We won the first game but then they came back and beat us in the championship game. It was tough playing four games back to back but that's what can happen in double elimination tournaments. All and all it was a good tournament for us. I was pretty tired as was the rest of our team so we passed on drinks at the Oasis and headed home. Tomorrow was a work day.

I didn't see Charlie again until Friday that same week. Terry a girl who worked in corporate and her current squeeze Russ had a party at Terry's house. Terry was divorced with a couple of k**s and the k**s were spending the night at her parent's house. I went solo to the party since I wasn't really dating anyone.

Another friend and ball player, Manny was supposed to meet Charlie at the party but he showed up with a last minute date named Cindy. Charlie was miffed but she kept her cool but by the time Manny had arrived just about everyone had paired off. I had my sights set on a cute thin blonde named Susan. I was drawn to her more by her outfit at first. She looked very stylish and she wore a cap that made her looked very British. I expected an English accent when I spoke to her but I learned that she too worked in corporate and she was originally from Kentucky.

Charlie approached me and asked if she could speak with me just for a minute. I excused my self from Susan to speak with Charlie. "Can you meet me down stairs in a few seconds?" she asked.

I told her I would but I noticed that she had been drinking heavy. I went down the stairs a few moments after her and she ushered me into the bathroom on the lower level. Charlie closed and locked the door, turned her back to me and pulled down her shorts. She was not wearing any panties under her shorts. It was a new style outfit with a halter top and the matching tops and bottoms were held in place by elastic. Charlie had elected not to wear panties under her bottoms and as I found out shortly she passed on the bra too.

"I need you to fuck my ass before you head out with Susan," Charlie requested slurring her words a little.

I dropped my pants and underwear and I pushed my fingers in Charlie's pussy. I moved my fingers from her pussy to her asshole for several minutes gathering her pussy juice and lubing her asshole. Then I pushed my cock in her pussy and got it good and wet before I eased it into her ass. Charlie grunted as my cock hit home and slid into her ass. We both fucked rapidly as I pushed her top up over her tits and played with her tits and nipples. I reached with one hand for her pussy and plunged two then three fingers into her quim. Charlie went wild with the double penetration and the manipulation of her tits. She soaked my fingers with her female juice as she had a string of orgasms.

Then I felt my seed shoot through my cock into the depths of her ass causing Charlie to groan loudly. She milked my cock dry with her talented sphincter muscle and her hips thrashed uncontrollably ejecting my cock from her ass. I held her tightly and my wet cock brushed against her creamy ass cheeks.

"Oh thank you, thank you," she cooed as her body calmed.

I washed my cock off in the sink and then dressed and returned to the party. Charlie stayed in the bathroom longer after I left and I did not see her leave. It was ironic that Charlie and I had hooked up twice in other people's homes. I was talking with Susan again when Charlie left and not long after that Susan invited me to her apartment. Susan was my twelfth favorite described in an early story.

It was a few weeks before Charlie and I hooked up again and it was quite by accident. I had worked late one night and I stopped off at the Oasis for a night cap. It was a slow night and I was the only one in the bar until Charlie came in. She had been out bar hopping and hadn't found anything to her liking so she decided to swing by the Oasis on the way home. She had not eaten dinner so I suggested that we grab a snack and a drink together.

Charlie and I sat side by side at a bar table facing the bar. The bartender Dan was engrossed in the TV watching a ball game and getting caught up on all the scores. As we ate our burgers and sipped our beers, I ran my hands over Charlie's nylon covered thighs. She was wearing pantyhose under her red mini dress but no panties. I slid my hand between Charlie's thighs and covered her hose protected pussy. I rubbed her cunt through the hose and her pussy got sopping wet. We finished our burgers and beers and then left the Oasis. When we got out to the parking lot I asked Charlie if she wanted to sit in my car for awhile.

"You better believe it, as worked up as you got me in there you better take care of me," she replied excitedly.

Charlie and I got in the back seat of my two-door Grand Am and I immediately peeled off her panty hose. I lowered my pants and underwear to my knees and the two of us played with each other for several minutes. The Grand Am had louvered rear windows so it was impossible for anyone outside the car to see in the back seat. There was something very erotic about being partially clothed but still having access to each other. Charlie had her legs spread wide as I fingered her pussy and pushed her cunt juice into her ass. Charlie stroked my cock with her hand as I prepared her for another ass fuck.
I never knew anyone like Charlie who could get so wet during foreplay. My hand was sopping wet and within minutes I had her asshole coated with her own pussy juice. I positioned Charlie so that she was kneeling down on the back seat and I knelt behind her. I put my cock in her pussy and let it soak in her juices before I lined it up with her ass.

Once again Charlie reminded me, "Not too deep at first and then deeper."

I eased my cock into her asshole as she maneuvered her body to accommodate the anal penetration. Charlie had her head down on the car seat turned to one side and I watched her face grimace slightly as my cock made its way into her ass. Charlie moaned and groaned as I slowly fucked her going a little deeper in her ass with each thrust. Once I was all the way in I picked up the pace and fucked her until I flooded her ass with my cum. Charlie had her fingers buried in her twat and she brought herself off as I plowed her ass. When my hips stopped moving Charlie milked my cock with her anal muscle and then her hips gyrated as her own orgasm overtook her. I had to hold her tightly to keep my cock in her ass as her hips jerked out of control.

My cock softened and I eased it out of Charlie's ass. I knelt there looking at her recently violated asshole and watched as my semen trickled out of her rectum. Charlie remained still for a few minutes with her red dress thrown up over her back and her ass on display. I had some paper napkins in the car and she used them to wipe the semen from her ass before she sat down on the car seat.

"You definitely have the largest cock that has ever been in my ass. Do you know how big it is?" Charlie asked.

"Well Karen measured it one time when she was blowing me and she said it was almost 8 inches long and just over 5 inches around," I replied.

"It certainly felt bigger than that tonight," Charlie sighed.

"At times I do feel thicker and longer but I have never thought about my size very much," I admitted and added, "I know that there are plenty of cocks bigger than mine."

"I think tonight was one of those nights that you peaked and your cock is plenty big for me," she said with a giggle.

Charlie did not bother putting on her pantyhose when I pulled up my pants. I opened the car door and we got out of the back seat. Charlie said that she was glad that she ran into me and that she would see me later, then she said goodnight and made her way over to her car. I watched as she got in her car and as she did her skirt flew up and flashed her bare pussy. After she left the parking lot, I drove home in a very sated state.

It was at least another week before Charlie and I met up again. It was a repeat performance with me stripping off her pantyhose in the back seat of my car, lubricating her ass with her own juices and fucking her tight ass. It was exciting for me to strip off her hose and fondle her legs, pussy and ass. Charlotte seemed to like being without her panties and hose in the back seat of the car. I took my time with her, fingering her pussy and ass driving her crazy, until she finally begged me to fuck her in the ass.

The final time it was another night at the Oasis and Charlie had had too much to drink. I put her in one of the booths toward the back to let her sl**p it off and I told her girl friend Ginger that I would take her home later. Ginger and Al were anxious to get going that night and they didn't want to wait for Charlie to wake up. They thanked me and left and I joined Dan at the bar for a night cap. I didn't drink too much since I was driving and after a while I decided to take Charlie home. I picked her up and carried her out to my car all the while I hoped that she wouldn't get sick. I placed Charlie in the front seat and buckled her in. Charlie woke up and told me that she was staying at her s****r's pad that night. She managed to stay awake and give me directions to her s****r's place.

Once we arrived at her s****r's, I helped Charlie into the house and the guest room. It was late and I assumed that her s****r was asl**p in the other room. Charlie flopped down on the bed and I then had the urge to fuck her before I left. I moved over to the bed and stripped Charlie naked. I removed her blouse and bra, her shorts and panties and her shoes. Then I stripped down naked and got in bed with her. It was the first time that we were totally naked again since the very first time we had sex.

I rolled Charlie to her side and she knew what was coming next. I scoop her female juice from her pussy and used it to lubricate her asshole. Charlie cooed as my fingers probed her pussy and lubed her ass. Then I placed my cock in her pussy just for few strokes to get it slick. I positioned my cock at her ass and gently pushed my cock into her.

"Not too deep at first and then deeper," Charlie whispered those familiar instructions.

I did what she asked and as I fucked her ass I went a little deeper each time. Soon I was balls deep in her ass and I picked up the pace. My cock felt longer and thicker than I could remember at that moment. I reached around Charlie with my left hand and played with her tits and rock hard nipples. Then I moved my right hand to her pussy and pushed three fingers into her cunt. Charlie was going wild and she was creaming all over my fingers as I plowed her ass. My cock was throbbing in her asshole and I felt my pending ejaculation building in my balls. One more deep thrust and I held my cock there as I exploded in her ass. My cock pulsated as streams of cum shot into her ass. Charlie instinctively clenched and unclenched my cock with her anal muscles. She milked every drop of cum from my cock.

For some reason I stayed hard that night and I kept right on fucking Charlie's ass. I knew it would be a while before I came again so I pulled out of her ass and rolled her on her back. Then I pushed my raging hard cock in her pussy and treated her to an exhilarating fuck. I kept my cock in constant contact with her clit and I had Charlie writhing and trembling as a continuous string of orgasms rocked her body. Then I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rolled her back to her side and re-entered her ass. I pummeled her ass as I sought out my second orgasm of the night. Charlie's ass was loose and slippery from our combined juices but she was still snug enough around my cock. Once again I stiffened and fired a barrage of cum into her rectum. I could feel my cock pulsate again as it released a torrent of cum deep into her anal recess.

We lay still for a few minutes recovering from the intense fuck session. I had forgotten about my cock in her ass until it had softened and slipped from her hole. I felt my wet cock drop on my thigh and I knew that cum was trickling out of Charlie's asshole.

"I wish you could stay with me tonight," Charlie whispered.

"Not tonight Charlie, I have to be up early in the morning. Plus I don't think you want your s****r to find us in her guest bed in the morning either," I replied.

Charlie just nodded her agreement and then I got up to get dressed. I dressed and left the house quietly and then drove home. It was the last time that I had sex with Charlie. Our company was going through some downsizing and Charlie was one of the casualties. She ended up taking a job with another company and she stopped hanging around the Oasis and her former co-workers. I still think back to our five anal encounters, two in my car and three in other people's homes. It was wild.
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Lynn - Sklavin aus Leidenschaft?! - Teil 1

Anmerkung der Autorin:

Das Urheberrecht an den dargestellten Inhalten (dieser Story, Geschichte) liegt bei der Autorin (Wet_Kitty_Cat). Weitergabe, Vervielfältigung und/oder kommerzielle Nutzung - auch von Teilen - sind untersagt. Zuwiderhandlungen werden nach den jeweils einschlägigen Rechtsvorschriften verfolgt.

Die Geschichte enthält extreme und teilweise sehr harte Darstellungen von Sexualität und sexuellen Praktiken. User bzw. Leser die sich dadurch gestört fühlen und/oder das 18. Lebensjahr noch nicht vollendet haben sollten die Story nicht lesen. Inhalte sind BDSM, Hörigkeit, Demütigung, Interracial Sex, Prostitution, Bodymodifikationen (Bodymods) sowie Gangbang und „Erziehungsmaßnahmen“ usw.

User/n bzw. Leser/n die sich durch diese Thematik angesprochen fühlen, wünsche ich viel Spaß!


Lynn war eine 18 jährige Schülerin die kurz vor dem Abitur stand. Doch just in dieser doch so wichtigen Phase ihres Lebens, hatte sie alles andere als Schule und Lernen im Sinn. Insbesondere Jungs waren es, die sich in ihrem Köpfchen tummelten. Sie wurde immer fauler und hatte nach kurzer Zeit mit Schule nichts mehr am Hut. Ihre Eltern wussten nicht was sie mit ihr machen sollten. Ihre Noten wurden immer schlechter und sie schwänzte auch immer öfter den Unterricht. Es war klar das sie das Abitur nicht schaffen würde. Natürlich war das traurig, denn sie war nicht dumm. Auch wenn sie in letzter Zeit immer mehr diesen Eindruck erweckte. Sie zog sich an wie eine Schlampe, ging in kurzen Miniröcken und bauchfreien Tops aus dem Haus, schminkte sich viel zu stark und wurde immer frecher. Irgendwann bekam Lynns Dad einen Flyer eines Internats in die Hand. Es handelte sich dabei nicht um ein gewöhnliches Internat. Es ging tatsächlich darum, aus den Schülerinnen richtig verdorbene Schlampen zu machen. Der ganze Unterricht war darauf ausgelegt. Es gab entsprechende Fächer, wo die Mädels lernten, was sie als versaute Hure alles so drauf haben mussten. Es gab sogar eine medizinische Abteilung in welcher alle möglichen Bodymods duchgeführt werden konnten. Natürlich war diese Institution nicht billig, aber Lynns Eltern fassten den Entschluss sie dennoch dorthin zu bringen. "Wenn sie unbedingt eine Schlampe sein wollte, sollte sie auch eine richtige werden", dachten sie sich "und außerdem, kann sie ja dann das Geld verdienen was wir in ihre 'Ausbildung' investiert haben. Etwas 'Anständiges' würde ja sowieso nicht mehr aus ihr werden." Gesagt getan. Schon zwei Wochen darauf befand sich Lynn an diesem Internat. Die ersten paar Wochen gab sie sich dort sehr widerspenstig. Doch, durch Zuhilfenahme experimenteller Medikamente und entsprechenden Erziehungsmaßnahmen änderte sich das bald. Lynn entwickelte sich mit der Zeit immer mehr zu einer dauergeilen "Musterschülerin". Sie wollte es allen zeigen, die Beste ihres Jahrganges werden. Aber die Zeit auf dem Internat war nur eine Episode ihres Lebens, andere sollten folgen und sie hatte keine Vorstellung davon, was sie noch alles erleben sollte.

Die Geschichte beginnt an einer Stelle, an der Lynn zwar noch im Internat ist, ihre Ausbildung jedoch schon sehr weit fortgeschritten ist. Ihre Beziehung zu ihrem Tutor, welchem sie immer Bericht erstatten musste und welcher ihre Ausblidung zu überwachen hatte, wurde immer intensiver. Lynn reagiert nun also auf die Ansprache ihres Tutors ...

„Hm naja, und wenn schon. So sehr wie Sie dafür gesorgt haben in den letzten Wochen, dass ich gedemütigt werde, ist mir das auch egal. Meine Eltern sind doch selbst Schuld. Ich wollte ja etwas 'Anständiges' lernen, aber die wollten ja das ich auf das Internat hier gehe. Wie haben die Alten den reagiert als Sie ihnen erzählt haben, was aus mir geworden ist?

Was die Strafe angeht, wenn Sie das schade finden, dann bestrafen Sie mich doch gleich! Ich bin sowieso neugierig was das wohl sein soll.
Ach, Mrs. & Mr. , ja? Herr und Herrin? Na' von mir aus. Wenn denen das nicht zu blöde ist. Dann bin ich also nicht mehr deren Tochter sondern Sklavin oder was? Ey meine Eltern sind solche Dreckschweine. Mich erkenntlich zeigen? Klar, ich kann mir schon vorstellen was das heißen soll. Ja mein Herr, legen Sie es nur fest, es ist mir ein Fest *frechgrins*. Solange meine nasse Spalte ordentlich benutzt wird ist mir alles recht. Ich hab sowieso an nichts Anderem mehr Interesse ausser an Schwänzen und Sperma. Gestern wollte ich meiner Mitbewohnerin vorrechnen wie viele Schwänze ich schon in mir hatte und hab' es nicht hinbekommen! Toll was Sie aus meinem Hirn gemacht haben, ich kann nicht mal mehr die einfachsten Aufgaben ausrechnen!
Jaja, dass ist mein Dad. Ich hab immer gewusst das er davon geträumt hat mich ficken zu können. Echt, ich glaub das ist überhaupt der Grund dafür warum der mich ins Internat geschickt hat. Und jetzt lacht der mich aus? Soll er nur, dem wird das Lachen noch vergehen, wenn ich ihm den Saft auf dem Stängel lutsche.

Wissen Sie was mein Herr, es ist mir egal was Sie mit meinem Dad ausmachen, machen Sie mit mir doch was Sie wollen, es ist mir egal. Ich bin eh' nur noch ein Loch und weiß, dass sich das eh' nicht mehr ändern wird. Also, was sollte da noch kommen? Ist mir egal was da für medizinische Eingriffe geplant sind, ich werde mich einfach fallen lassen und in mein Schicksal ergeben. Ändern kann und will ich es sowieso nicht mehr.

Logisch. Na dann hoffe ich nur, dass da nicht zu viele Gehirnzellen abgebaut werden, denn wenn ich als 'sabbernder Brei' in einem Rollstuhl ende hat auch keiner mehr was von mir. Meine Sex-Hormone können Sie gern steigern wie Sie wollen Herr, denn ich bin gerne geil und wäre am liebsten nur noch geil den ganzen Tag!!!

Ja ach ne! Ich sag' doch schon lange das ich größere Titten haben will. Ich bin mal gespannt ob es auch irgendwann mal soweit ist, oder ob da nur von gesprochen wird. Ich will unbedingt das mein Körper auch zu meinem Geist passt und Sie wissen ja was ich die ganze Zeit im Kopf habe. Wenn ich endlich aussehen würde wie ein Fickpüppchen, würde ich mich ganz sicher besser fühlen und vor allem auch besser ficken *hihi*. Die Veränderungen von denen Sie erzählen mein Herr klingen jedenfalls echt geilo! Auch das mit der Sehne macht mich irgendwie voll rattig. Vielleicht könnten da auch noch Piercings dazu kommen?
Ich hab mal so einen Film gesehen, wo die Frau eine total durchlöcherte Fotze mit dicken Ringen und Metallösen hatte, dass hat mich total geil gemacht. Das wirkte so ordinär.

Wenn Sie meinen, dass Sie mir mein Häutchen wieder reinmachen wollen, machen Sie doch. Wie gesagt, mir egal. Aber ich glaub irgendwie das lohnt sich gar nicht.

Keine Angst mein Herr, mein Outfit wird Ihnen schon gefallen. Ich kann es nicht erwarten das Sie mir meine Löcher stopfen und richtig vollpumpen, bis gleich.“

Meanwhile ...

an Lynns alter Schule. Es ist große Pause ...

„Ey Jungs habt ihr Lynn vorgestern gesehen? Ich dachte echt mir fallen die Augen raus! Die Alte sah aus wie eine Nutte. Total krass. Ey habt ihr ne' Ahnung warum ihre Eltern sie von der Schule genommen haben? Die war doch gar nicht so schlecht. Aber voll das Mauerblümchen im Vergleich zu jetzt. Ich frag mich was ihre Alten dazu sagen das die jetzt auf so einem Nuttentrip ist. Hat die Euch eigentlich auch einen geblasen? Das kleine Blümchen rühr' mich nicht an. Die war ja total notgeil! Echt, damals als die Schnalle noch in unserer Klasse war hät' ich was von der gewollt und sie? Die hat mich einfach abblitzen lassen und jetzt bettelt die mich total unterwürfig an, dass sie meinen Schwanz lutschen darf. Ich dachte echt ich packs nicht. Ich bin dann mit ihr aufs Klo und sofort ist sie auf die Knie und hat mein Ding rausgeholt. Ey die hat meine Latte fast aufgefressen so gierig war die Schlampe.“

„Ey jo Marc ich weiß genau was Du meinst. Ich hab' die Fotze auch durchgezogen. Oh man wie die aussah! Total billig geschminkt und gestylt. Geht die jetzt auf den Strich oder was? Aber die wollte ja nicht mal Geld dafür haben. Im Gegenteil, die dumme Nutte hat sich ja noch dafür bedankt das ich ihr das Loch vollgerotzt hab. Die ist echt komisch drauf. Die wollte sogar das ich ihr beim Ficken Ohrfeigen verpasse. Dauernd hat sie mir gesagt das sie es braucht und das sie nur zum Ficken gut ist und wenn ich wollte könnte ich auch noch öfter über sie drüber rutschen. So ein versautes Stück Dreck ey! Aber wisst ihr was das krasseste ist? Als ich mit ihr fertig war hat sie sich nicht mal saubergemacht. Ihr lief meine Soße so aus dem Loch wieder raus und an den Schenkeln runter. Sie hat sich dann x-mal bedankt und ist raus aus dem Klo. Ich dachte echt ich spinne, aber sie ist dann so vollgesaut Richtung Lehrerzimmer gelaufen und die haben sie auch reingelassen. Ich möchte gar nicht wissen was die Pauker mit der dreckigen Hure abgezogen haben. Ich musste dann wieder in den Unterricht daher weiß ich nicht wann sie da wieder raus ist und vor allem wie! Ey Jungs habt ihr schonmal so eine Schlampe wie unsere Lynn gesehen? Man könnte glauben die haben irgendwo ne Gehirnwäsche mit der Fotze gemacht. Die war mal richtig süß finde ich, aber jetzt ist sie nur noch ordinär. Eine verkommene Nutte. Ihre Eltern müssen ja echt 'stolz' auf die Alte sein. Aber irgendwie macht die Sau mich auch scharf. Ich mein' ey wo kriegt man schonmal so eine willige Fotze zum Ficken und schlecht sieht sie auch nicht gerade aus. Sie hat schon was aus sich gemacht find' ich. Und wenn sie es so braucht? Ey Jungs, vielleicht sollten wir sie mal zusammen durchknallen, die ist bestimmt total wild drauf. So Gangbang wisst ihr?“

„Ja Frank Du hast recht, die Kleine hat sich echt gemacht. Aber schon krass einfach die Schule zu schmeissen um anschaffen zu gehen. Aber die hätte das Abi eh' nicht geschafft. Die hing doch nur noch mit dieser Marie rum und die ist ja auch so ähnlich drauf. Auch wenn sie nicht so krass ist wie Lynn. Man, dass hätte ich der echt nicht zugetraut! Die ist grad mal so alt wie wir und benimmt sich wie eine Hure die schon 20 Jahre auf den Strich geht. Ich find' die Idee mit dem Gangbang geil, die lutscht uns bestimmt total leer. Als ich sie auf dem Klo gevögelt habe hat sie ununterbrochen gestöhnt und mich angebettelt das ich ihr ins Gesicht spucke. Ich dachte ich höre nicht richtig. Sowas verkommenes wie die hab' ich echt noch nicht gesehen. Wieso jetzt auf einmal? Ich mein', dass hätte sie uns doch auch vorher schon sagen können das sie so notgeil auf unsere Schwänze ist oder *lacht*. Ich mein, die ist grad' mal 4 Wochen weg von der Schule und schon die größte Schlampe die ich je gesehen hab'. Vielleicht hast Du recht Frank und die haben ihr ne' Gehirnwäsche verpasst. Aber hey ist doch scheißegal, Hauptsache ein geiles Stück Fleisch zum Ficken für uns!“

Was die Jungs nicht wissen konnten war, dass Lynns Dad in der Nähe hinter einem Busch stand und alles hörte ... was er aus diesem Wissen machen würde? Das sehen wir noch.

Am darauffolgenden Mittwoch ...

Lynns Dad trifft zur großen Pause wieder an ihrer alten Schule ein und braucht nicht lange Ausschau zu halten um Marc, Frank und Heiko zu finden. Zielstrebig geht er auf die Halbstarken zu.

„Hey Jungs, ich hab neulich gehört was ihr über meine Tochter gesagt habt.“ „Oh Herr ... Herr Eisenbruch ... was machen Sie denn hier?“ „Lenk' jetzt nicht ab! Ich hab genau gehört das ihr meine Tochter als dreckige Nutte und verkommene Schlampe bezeichnet habt. Auch was ihr mit ihr gemacht habt weiß ich und was ihr gerne mit Lynn machen wollt weiß ich auch.“

„Oh ähm ... also ... da, da müssen Sie was falsch verstanden haben Herr Eisenbruch, wir würden doch nie ...“ „Ihr würdet nie? Nein ihr feinen Jungs bestimmt nicht. Aber wisst ihr was? Ihr habt recht!“ „Was???“ „Na ihr habt recht, meine Tochter ist wirklich eine verkommene kleine Schlampe und sie ist auch noch stolz darauf!“

„Herr Eisenbruch wir ... ähm ... also ... was wollen Sie eigentlich von uns?“

„Naja, was ihr nicht wisst, ich bin auch stolz auf meine Lynn.“ „Was??? Das meinen Sie doch nicht ernst! Ich meine, wie können Sie ... warum sind Sie? Ich meine, dass kann doch nicht sein!“ „Warum kann das nicht sein? Weil es ungewöhnlich ist? Ich sag Euch mal was, Lynn hätte doch sowieso das Abi nicht geschafft. Das Einzige was sie konnte war rumzicken und uns auf der Tasche liegen. Jetzt tut Sie wenigstens was Sie gut kann und ist richtig umgänglich geworden. Außerdem kann sie so auch noch was zu Einkommen beitragen.“

„Was?! Ey Sie sind ihr Zuhälter man!“

„Nein so würde ich das nicht nennen. Ich bin immer noch ihr Dad. Pass' lieber auf was Du sagst Kleiner!“ „Und wenn ich nicht aufpasse? Wenn wir Sie anzeigen Herr Eisenbruch?“ „Das könntet ihr natürlich tun, aber dann wärt' ihr ja schön blöd.“ „Ach und wieso wohl?“ „Na ihr würdet Euch um einen riesen Spaß bringen!“ „Wie meinen Sie das?“ „Wie gesagt, ich hab doch gehört was ihr über Lynn gesagt habt. Wie wäre es wenn ich dafür sorge, dass ihr ein bisschen Spaß mit ihr habt? Macht für jeden nur 20 Scheine.“

„Hey Sie verarschen uns doch! Das meinen Sie doch nicht so? Sie meinen wir können echt mit Ihrer Tochter ficken und Sie helfen uns noch dabei?“

„Ja klar, warum denn nicht. Dafür ist die kleine versaute Fotze doch da! Wenn Ihr wollt mach ich alles klar und ihr könnt' Sie nächste Woche durchknallen wie ihr wollt. Ihr werdet sehen, die wird Euch total dankbar dafür sein und Euch anbetteln das ihr sie total vollsaut. Na wie siehts aus? Euer erster Gangbang?“ „Ey wenn das echt stimmt. Na klar man, wir sind dabei! Aber das Geld bezahlen wir erst nächste Woche!“ „Klar, kein Problem. Ihr wisst wo wir wohnen? Dann kommt einfach nächsten Mittwoch nach der Schule vorbei.“

„Alles klar man, dass machen wir. Danke Herr Eisenbruch!“

Am besagten Mittwoch im Haus der Eisenbruchs, einer Villa die von einem hohen Einkommen und Wohlstand zeugt …
Frank, Marc, Thomas und zwei andere etwas herunter gekommene Schüler aus der 11. Klasse klingeln an der großen, dunklen Eingangstür der Eisenbruchs ...

„Ja Hallo Jungs! Schön das Ihr hier seid! Ich will nicht groß herum reden, habt ihr die, wie viele seid Ihr, eins, zwei, ... fünf mal 20 sind 100,- Euro dabei“, begrüßt Herr Eisenbruch die Halbstarken freundlich aber direkt.

„Hallo“, kam die etwas schüchterne Antwort von Marc. „Aber na klar!“, prescht einer der etwas abgewrackten Schüler hervor. „Hier, und nun wollen wir ein bisschen Druck ablassen!“, lacht er hämisch und drückt Herrn Eisenbruch ein Bündel von 20ern in die Hand.

„Ey komm' ran hier Schlampe! Schwing' dein geilen Hurenarsch hier rüber, Du hast Kundschaft! Enttäusche mich nicht, sonst muss ich Herrn Rorgal Bescheid sagen, der kümmert sich dann ab morgen wieder um Dich“, brüllt er ins Haus hinein.

Die fünf Schüler konnten ihren Ohren nicht trauen, ehe er sich wieder zu ihnen drehte, die Verdutztheit wahrgenommen, „Ihr wundert euch? Wieso? Diese Schlampe war doch sowieso von Anfang an zu nichts Anderem zu gebrauchen. Meine Frau und ich haben das relativ früh gemerkt, dass aus der Nichts werden kann. Was also tun? Sie abschieben? Nun hatten wir sie aber schon diverse Jahre durchgefüttert und wollten das Kapital nicht abschreiben. Also haben wir uns überlegt, weiter in sie zu investieren in dem wir sie auf ein spezielles Internat geschickt haben. Leider war dies erst ab ihrem 18ten Lebensjahr möglich.“ Lynns Dad bemerkte den fragenden Blick der Fünf, „Ihr fragt euch was ich mit speziellem Internat meine? Naja, fragt eure Hure doch selber!“

In diesem Augenblick kommt Lynn die Treppe herunter, am Anfang war nur ein Geklacker von Absätze zu hören, klack, klack, klack ... Dann sieht man schwarze Schuhe, pechschwarze Stiefel mit hohen Absätzen und nur einer kleinen Auftrittsfläche, Vorne gucken schön rot lackierte Zehen heraus. Dann folgte lange nur eine schwarze, grobmaschige Nylonstrumpfhose. Ehe knapp über ihrem Schritt ein schwarz-rot karierter Faltenrock begann. Da sie die Treppe herunter kam konnte man ihre blank rasierte Fotze deutlich unter ihrem Rock erkennen. Man sah nicht nur das die Nutte kein einziges Härchen an ihren Löchern hatte, man sah auch klar die schimmernde Flüssigkeit die ihr Loch benetzte.

Oberhalb des Saumes folgte einige Zentimeter nackte Haut, ehe sich ein enges pinkes Top bis zu ihren Titten anschloss, natürlich nur soweit das man ohne Probleme das Top kurz herunter schieben konnte um an ihre niedlichen Nippel zu kommen.

Das krass geschminkte Gesicht mit dem deutlichen roten Lippenstift und den wasserstoffblonden Haaren rundeten Lynns Aussehen als Nutte ab.

„Wird’s bald?! Die haben für Dich bezahlt und zwar den ganzen Tag ohne Tabus. Lass' Dich von ihnen in den Arsch ficken, Dir ins Gesicht spritzen und auch Flaschen oder sonstige Dinge in Deine Löcher stecken! Hast Du das verstanden?“

„Ja Herr, dass habe ich verstanden. Ich werde meinen Kunden ohne weiteres gehorchen! Darauf können Sie sich verlassen Herr!“ kam die schüchterne Antwort von Lynn zurück.

Mit gesenktem Kopf und demütigen Blick tritt Lynn vor ihre ehemaligen Mitschüler.
„Hallo, Sie haben für mich bezahlt und ich werde mich nun für Sie hingeben. Bitte benutzen Sie mich und stecken Sie ihre Schwänze in alle meine Löcher, bitte benutzen Sie Gegenstände um sie mir in meine Löcher zu stecken, demütigen Sie mich und erniedrigen Sie mich. Sie haben mich gekauft, ich gehöre nun Ihnen und werde gehorsam sein und alle Befehle ausführen!“

„Boar geile Scheiße!“
„Diese Schlampe werde ich gleich richtig hart ficken!“,
„Der werde ich gleich so hart den Arsch aufreißen! Und danach werde ich die schön hart ins Maul ficken!“,
„Ja man der zeigen wir es, mal sehen wie viele Schwänze sie gleichzeitig schafft!“

„Bitte bedient euch, seid nicht zimperlich, ihr habt schließlich dafür bezahlt. Tobt euch gerne in ihrem Zimmer aus, dort empfängt sie immer ihre Freier. Viel Spaß!“

Das ließen sich die Jungs nicht zweimal sagen, sofort nachdem der letzte Satz von Herrn Eisenbruch ausgesprochen war, wurde Lynn von Marc an den Haaren gepackt und verpasste ihr ein Ohrfeige „Damit Du weißt wo es langgeht!“ brüllt er sie an, grapscht ihr an ihren Arsch und drückt sie unmissverständlich in Richtung 'Arbeitszimmer'.

Dort angekommen drückt sie Marc sofort auf die Knie, spuckte sie wie ein Stück Dreck an und verpasste ihr eine zweite Ohrfeige. „Los fang an zu blasen Du Miststück, fang an zu arbeiten, Du kannst doch eh' nur blasen!“ „Nein, diese billige Hure muss uns darum bitten das wir sie beglücken! Los, bitte deine Herren ihnen einen blasen zu dürfen“, prescht Frank seine Idee dazwischen.

„Herr, bitte ... bitte lasst mich billige Hure Eure Schwänze blasen, sie tief in den Mund nehmen und als Befriedigungsobjekt dienen. Ich bitte Sie“, flehte Lynn, während sie mit Tränen in den Augen untertänig zu Thomas hoch blickt und die anderen gleichzeitig mit heruntergelassenen Hosen um sie einen Kreis bilden.

Das letzte Wort kaum ausgesprochen, steckt Thomas seinen harten Schwanz einfach in ihren zierlichen Mund. Als wenn es ganz normal wäre, eine ehemalige 18 jährige Schulkameradin als Nutte zu benutzen und sich an ihr zu befriedigen.

Nachdem Thomas angefangen hat sie hart in den Mund zu ficken und mit seinen Händen ihren Kopf immer wieder gepackt hat, nur um ihn noch schneller über seinen Prügel zu stülpen, wanderten ihre beiden Hände zu zwei anderen Schwänzen um diese zu verwöhnen, so wie sie es als billige Hure gewöhnt war und gelernt hat, ansonsten folgte bei ihrem nächsten Institutsbesuch übermorgen wieder deftige Strafen, das weiß sie nur zu genau.

Inzwischen waren alle steifen Fickprügel von Lynns Speichel benetzt, so dass es nicht lange dauerte, ehe sie nach vorne gestoßen wurde, so dass sie sich mit ihren Händen abstützen musste um nicht umzufallen. Dadurch rutschte ihr ohnehin schon viel zu kurzer Faltenrock noch ein Stück nach oben wodurch nun beide Löcher problemlos zugänglich wurden, was natürlich zwei Schüler sofort ausnutzten und ihre Schwänze hart in ihre feuchten, heißen Löcher stießen.

Thomas und einer der etwas heruntergekommenen Schüler sind schon bald so weit und wollen abspritzen.

„Ich will ihr in den Mund spritzen!“

„Ja und ich ihr in ihre geile Fickfresse!“

Thomas zieht seinen Schwanz aus ihrem Arsch, geht direkt zu Lynns Kopf, hebt ihn an und zwingt seinen verdreckten Schwanz in ihr Blasmaul. Dieses Mal ist er es, der sie hart in die Kehle fickt, während das freigewordene Loch schon längst wieder gestopft wird.
Nach einer knappen Minute Kehlenfick stößt Thomas seine Latte noch einmal richtig tief rein und drückt ihren Kopf ordentlich fest auf seinen Schwanz, ehe er ihr mit ordentlichen Druck direkt an den Gaumen spritzt. Noch während sie röchelt und mit dem Schlucken beschäftigt ist, spritzt der andere ihr von der Seite ins Gesicht. Der größte Teil landet auf den Wangen, auf ihren Augen und auf der Stirn. Der Rest verklebt sich in ihren Haaren.

Aufgegeilt von diesen Bildern ergossen sich auch die beiden Ficker die jeweils auf- und hinter ihrer Nutte lagen. Der eine ergoss sich tief in ihren Darm während der andere dabei war, sein potentes Sperma tief in ihre Gebärmutter zu spritzen.

Der Fünfte, schließlich entleerte er sich ebenfalls über ihrem Gesicht und reinigte seinen Schwanz von den Spermaresten an ihrem dichten Haar.

„Auf gehts zur nächsten Runde! Jetzt wo diese Stück schön verziert ist, geht es richtig los. Komm ich will ihren Arsch so voll spritzen dass es wieder heraus tropft und sie es vom Boden auflecken kann.“ verkündigt Frank voller Vorfreunde, doch genau in diesem Moment ging die Tür auf und der Hausherr trat hastig ein.

„Tut mir leid, doch ihr müsst gehen! Lynn muss zurück ins Internat. Ich habe ihren Stundenplan total verplant. Tut mir wirklich leid. Ich verspreche euch, dass ihr sie das nächste Mal umsonst haben könnt.“

Nach kurzem Wortwechsel sehen die Jungs ein, dass eine Diskussion sinnlos ist und packen ihre Sachen und verlassen ein wenig enttäuscht aber dennoch befriedigt das Haus.

Eine halbe Stunde später hielt der Wagen von Herrn Eisenbruch vor dem Tor des Internats. Er stieg aus, zog seine noch immer besudelte Tochter aus dem Fahrzeug und gab ihr einen Tritt Richtung Tor. „Sieh zu das Du in den Unterricht kommst Du verkommene Nutte, es wird Zeit das Du mehr lernst. Ich hab gesehen was Du mit den Jungs getrieben hast und ich hätte etwas mehr Aktivität von Dir erwartet.“

Auf allen Vieren kroch Lynn auf das Tor zu an welchem sie schon von Herrn Rorgal, ihrem Tutor erwartet wurde. „Du kommst zu spät Fotze! Das gibt 25 Punkte auf dein Strafkonto.“ Gerade wollte Lynn sich entschuldigen als ihr Herr Rorgal ins Wort fiel: „Du dämliche Fotze, der Dr. wartet schon seit fast einer Stunde! Wir haben Heute etwas besonders mit Dir vor. Schließlich kann es ja nicht so weiter gehen das Du hier so unansehnlich rum läufst. Es ist so weit, Du kriegst heut deine ersten Bodymods! Komm mit Du Stück Fickfleisch!“ Als Lynn die Worte hörte, wurde ich ihre Fotze schlagartig feucht. Jetzt war es also so weit, sie wurde modifiziert. Dann gab es kein Zurück mehr. Gut, dem Internat konnte sie sich ohnehin nicht entziehen, aber immerhin sah sie noch 'normal' aus. Abgesehen von ihrem Outfit und ihrem nuttigen Make-Up war sie immernoch ein normaler Teenager wie alle anderen auch. Genau das würde sich jetzt wohl ändern. Aber wie? Lynn hatte keine Ahnung was das Internat und ihre Eltern für sie geplant hatten. Gut, sie würde wohl größere Titten bekommen, so wie sie es wollte, aber was würde noch kommen? Es blieb ein Geheimnis. Lynn fragte zwar ihren Tutor was geplant war, erntete dafür aber nur ein paar Ohrfeigen und den Hinweis, dass es sie gar nichts anginge was mit ihrem Körper passierte, dass er nicht mehr ihr gehören würde und das sie schon erleben würde was passiert.

Ziemlich unsanft wurde Lynn von ihrem Tutor in den medizinischen Trakt des Internats gezerrt. Dort angekommen wartete wie erwähnt schon der Dr. und auch ein paar Schwestern waren anwesend. Der Dr. musterte Lynn und fing erstmal an zu grinsen. „So sollen wir das Fickstück operieren? Das geht nun wirklich nicht. Die hygienischen Standards müssen schon eingehalten werden. Die Sau ist ja total besudelt. Wo habt ihr die abgeholt aus dem Bordell? Die Fotze muss erstmal duschen.“ Mit diesen Worten kamen zwei der Schwestern auf Lynn zu und bugsierten sie in die Dusche die einen Raum weiter lag. Sie stellten sie darunter und drehten das Wasser an. Es war eiskalt. Lynn wurde hellwach und schrie weil es so kalt war. Ihre Nippel richteten sich steil auf. Nach 5 Minuten wurde sie von den Schwestern wieder aus der Dusche gezogen und abgetrocknet. Als nächstes wurde sie angewiesen sich auf eine Liege zu legen. Eigentlich hätte sie noch gerne mit dem Dr. gesprochen, doch dieser hielt es nicht für nötig Lynn über irgendetwas aufzuklären. Warum auch? Sie hätte ohnehin nichts einwenden können. Man setzte ihr eine Maske auf und weniger Sekunden später wurde es dunkel.

Irgendwann, Lynn wusste nicht wie viel Zeit vergangen war wurde sie langsam wach. Sie fühlte sich völlig benebelt und zerschlagen. Niemand schien in ihrer Nähe zu sein. Sie konnte noch nicht richtig erkennen wo sie sich befand, dass Einzige was sie merkte war, dass sie sich nicht rühren konnte. Dann kamen ihr langsam die Erinnerungen an den Op-Saal. „Was werden die wohl mit mir gemacht haben“, fragte sie sich. Erneut versuchte sie sich zu bewegen und stellte fest, dass mit Bändern am Krankenbett fixiert war. Es war wohl zu ihrer Sicherheit. Als sie den Mund öffnete um Luft zu holen spürte sie, dass ihr Mund irgendwie verändert war. Alles fühlte sich ganz anders, geschwollen an. Mit ihren Händen konnte sie nicht danach tasten, diese waren ja fixiert. Allerdings konnte sie sehen, als sie nach unten schielte, dass ihre Lippen irgendwie größer waren. Schemenhaft konnte sie es erkennen. „Die haben mir die Lippen aufgespritzt, kam ihr in den Sinn, genau wie bei den beiden anderen Schlampen.“ Ihr Blick fuhr langsam weiter ihren Körper hinunter und sie sah sofort das ihre Titten auch an Umfang zugenommen hatten und zwar gewaltig. War sie vorher noch sehr flach, zeichneten sich jetzt unter der Decke zwei große Melonen ab. „Meine Brüste! Endlich habe ich richtige Titten“, freute sich Lynn. Wie groß sie tatsächlich geworden waren, konnte sie in diesem Moment noch nicht abschätzen. Gerade als sie sich überlegte was man wohl noch mit ihre gemacht hatte und das sie jetzt wohl nicht mehr wie ein unschuldiger Teenie aussehen würde - nie mehr, öffnete sich die Tür zum Zimmer.

Herein kam der Dr. und strahlte bis über beide Ohren. „Oh Lynn, Du bist ja schon wach. Mach Dir keine Sorgen, alles ist ausgezeichnet verlaufen. Ich kann Dir sagen das Du richtig geil aussiehst. Wie eine Pornoqueen! Du liegst übrigens schon seit einer Woche hier im Krankenflügel. Wir haben einiges an Dir ändern müssen. Aber Du brauchst nur noch diese Nacht hier zu bleiben und Morgen kannst Du wieder am Unterricht teilnehmen. Man, werden deine Mitschülerinnen Augen machen. So versaut wie Du sieht hier keine aus. Aber dein Tutor hat Dir ja sicherlich gesagt, dass Du in ein ganz spezielles Programm gekommen bist. Nun, die Op's gehören da einfach dazu. Aber ich werde Dir jetzt noch nicht sagen was wir alles an Dir verändert haben.

Morgen wenn Du entlassen wirst wirst Du das schon selbst feststellen können. Jetzt ruhe Dich erstmal noch etwas aus und schlafe.“

Am nächsten Nachmittag wurde Lynn in ihrem Zimmer wach. Ihre Mitbewohnerin Nicole saß auf ihrem Bett und starrte sie mit offenem Mund an. „Hey Nicole, was guckst Du denn so? Ist was nicht in Ordnung? Hast Du einen Geist gesehen oder so?“ „Nein, keinen Geist. Aber eine total verkommen Drecksnutte! Hast Du schonmal in den Spiegel geschaut?“ „Nein natürlich nicht. Ey ich lag eine Woche im Krankenflügel.“ „Na dann beweg' Deinen verhurten Arsch aus dem Bett und guck rein!“

Lynn tat was Nicole ihr gesagt hatte. An die verbalen Erniedrigungen hatte sie sich längst gewöhnt. Sie wurden normal für Lynn und mittlerweile brauchte sie diese Demütigung einfach. Sie stand auf und musste erstmal aufpassen das sie nicht nach Vorn' über kippte. Das Gewicht ihrer Titten war vollkommen neu für sie und sie musste sich erstmal daran gewöhnen. Dann stand sie vor dem Spiegel und ihr fiel nun selbst die Kinnlade hinunter. Was sie da sah war eine völlig andere Person. Das war kein hübscher Teenager mehr, dass war ein ordinärer Fickfetzen! Ihre Titten waren im Vergleich zu vorher gewaltig. Auf ihrem BH den die Schwestern ihr wohl zur Unterstützung nach der Op angezogen hatten stand 90DD was für ihre zarte Figur gewaltig war. Hatte sie doch vor der Op lediglich ein B-Körbchen gehabt. Ihre Lippen waren enorm aufgespritzt worden so das sie ein richtig geiles künstliches Blasmaul bekomme hatte. An dieser Stelle war es aber noch nicht vorbei. Jetzt wurde es Lynn sogar richtig mulmig als sie feststellte, dass man ihr jede Menge Piercings verpasst hatte. Sie hatte einen Stift in ihrer linken Augenbraue, ein Bauchnabelpiercing, ihre Unterlippe war auf der rechten Seite mit einem Ring verziert und ihre Ohren zierten insgesamt zehn Ringe sowie Fleshtunnels auf beiden Seiten in den Ohrläppchen. Als sie ihre großen Titten befühlte stellte sie fest, dass man ihr auch da links und rechts jeweils einen dicken Stift eingezogen hatte. Ihr schwante Böses. Vorsichtig zog sie ihr Höschen zur Seite und Nicole die immernoch fassungslos neben ihr saß verschluckte sich beim Luftholen. „Guck Dir deine dreckige Fotze an Du Sau! Die ist total durchlöchert! Was für ein ausgeleiertes Fickloch ist das denn?!“

Lynn konnte es nicht glauben. Ihre äußeren Fotzenlappen waren mit ca. 8mm großen Metallösen verziert in denen große schwere Ringe hingen. Auf jeder Seite 5 Stück! Ihre Schamlippen wurden dadurch wirklich ein gutes Stück nach Unten gezogen und ließ ihre Fotze wirklich wie ausgeleiert aussehen. Lynns Mund stand offen. Vorsichtig wackelte sie mit ihrer Hüfte und stellte fest was ihre Fotze für ein schepperndes Geräusch machte. Was hatte man aus ihr gemacht?! Sie war gerade 18 Jahre alt geworden und schon jetzt sah sie unwiderruflich wie eine verkommene Schlampe der allerschlimmsten Sorte aus. Wie sollte es noch mit ihr Enden. Natürlich hatten sie die letzten Wochen im Internat geil gemacht. Natürlich genoss sie es immer mehr gedemütigt und erniedrigt zu werden.

Wie das letzte Fickstück behandelt zu werden ging ihr immer mehr in Fleisch und Blut über, doch war sie bisher immernoch ein ganz normales Mädchen gewesen. Das war jetzt vorbei. Niemand würde sie mehr als das nette Mädchen von Nebenan betrachten. Jeder konnte jetzt sehen was sie war, wozu sie da war. Ihr Weg war nun endgültig vorgezeichnet und festgelegt. Und hatte sie bisher noch an dem gezweifelt was ihre Eltern aus ihr machen wollten, hatte sie bisher noch gedacht, sie wollten ihr nur eine Lehre erteilen und sie zur Vernunft bringen, diese Zweifel waren nun restlos beseitigt. Sie wollten aus ihr wohl wirklich nur eine völlig versaute Ficksklavin machen. Ein Stück Fleisch das nur dazu da war um zu dienen. Noch war Lynn einfach zu perplex, zu verwirrt und durcheinander um all das zu verarbeiten oder geil zu werden. Wie würde nun ihre Zukunft aussehen? Wie würde es weiter gehen und vor allem, was würde man noch alles mit ihr anstellen in diesem total bizarren Internat?

Seit der vergangenen Operationen und einer alptraummäßigen Nacht auf den Fickmaschinen die dazu dienen sollten Lynns Löcher weiter zu dehnen, weiß Lynn gar nicht mehr wie ihr geschieht. Alles fing mit diesen Pillen an die Frau Schwarz, eine der Schwestern des Krankenflügels, ihr verabreichte. Nach dem sie das Zungenpiercing erhalten hatte, mussten diese erstmal in Wasser aufgelöst werden damit Lynn sie hinunter bekam ... aber was passierte dann? Eine wohlige Wärme durchzog langsam ihren Körper und sie stellte fest, dass ihre Fotze, ohne das sie sich befingerte oder das es einen äußeren Anreiz gegeben hätte klitschnass wurde. Ihre Nippel richteten sich steil auf und wurden so empfindlich, dass jeder Windhauch ihr einen geilen Schauer verpasste. In ihrem Kopf ging es nur noch um Schwänze, Sperma und Ficken. Es war einfach gar kein Platz mehr für andere Gedanken.

Natürlich war sie auch vorher schon geil gewesen, aber mit diesem Zustand war das gar nicht mehr zu vergleichen. Ihr war nicht einmal mehr bewusst das sie nur noch an Sex dachte. Für sie wurde es zur völligen Normalität. Wahrscheinlich würde sie mittlerweile jeder für ein Dummchen halten, denn zu einer gepflegten Unterhaltung war Lynn nun nicht mehr in der Lage. Aber auch das war ihr überhaupt nicht bewusst und daher störte es sie auch in keiner Weise. Das Einzige was sie noch interessierte war Sex. Sie wollte Ficken und für sie stand ab diesem Moment fest, sie würde alles tun um die Beste ihres Jahrgangs zu werden. Nein, des ganzen Internats!

Dennoch, obwohl sie geil war und obwohl die Wirkung der Pillen ziemlich fatal zu sein schien, war die Nacht auf dem Dehnbock für sie ein Alptraum. Hatte Frau Clarissa Schwarz von einem Völlegefühl gesprochen, war dies ja wohl die Untertreibung des Jahres gewesen. Lynn dachte zeitweise sie müsse sich übergeben, dermaßen abgefüllt hat sie sich gefühlt wenn die Ballons sich in ihr aufpumpten. Sie spürte sie so groß in sich drin, es war kaum zu beschreiben. Sicher wäre es bald kein Problem mehr eine große Männerfaust in ihrer gierigen jungen Fotze verschwinden zu lassen oder auch in ihrem Hurenarsch. Ja, nichts weiter als ordinär ausgeleierte Hurenlöcher würde sie haben. Bei dem Gedanken wurde Lynn richtig geil. Ihr wurde mehr und mehr klar, was man hier aus ihrem zarten und jugendlichen Körper gemacht hatte. Es würde wahrscheinlich nicht mehr lange dauern und sie würde selbst zu einer Fickmaschine werden und es gab nichts und niemanden der diesen Vorgang noch hätte verhindern können. Im Gegenteil, es wurde alles getan um diese Entwicklung noch weiter voran zu treiben. Selbst ihre Eltern gehörten zu diesem perfiden Plan, wenn diese ihn sich nicht sogar ausgedacht hatten. Was waren das nur für perverse Schweine! Lynn würde zu nichts mehr zu gebrauchen sein außer dicke Schwänze in sich aufzunehmen, zu verwöhnen, zum Abspritzen zu bringen. In diesem Moment hatte Lynn ihren ersten Orgasmus. Was war eigentlich in sie gefahren? Andere Mädchen in ihrer Situation, in ihrem Alter ... bei all dem was sie durchlebt hatte die letzten Wochen, wären vermutlich völlig verzweifelt, würden nur noch heulen, betteln und darum flehen das dieser Alptraum ein Ende hatte. Doch Lynn, sie wurde nass, bekam Orgasmen bei diesen Gedanken. Für sie wurde es langsam zur Erfüllung ihrer Träume. Ja, sie war ein Fickfetzen, eine notgeile billige Hure und sie wollte auch nichts anderes mehr sein. Schon bahnte sich ein weiterer Orgasmus an und Lynn stöhnte und zitterte vor Wollust auf dem Dehnbock von welchem sie sich nicht befreien konnte. Die Orgasmen waren Anfangs auch nicht der Alptraum, dass kam erst später, so nach dem 8-10 in dieser Nacht. Nein, der Alptraum war, dass sie einfach keine Chance hatte zu schlafen. Dieser Schlafentzug setzte ihrem doch noch recht unerfahren Körper einfach sehr zu. Jedes Mal wenn ihr die Augen vor Erschöpfung und Müdigkeit zufielen, blies sich einer der Ballons wieder in ihr auf um sie prall auszufüllen und dann dauerte es auch nicht lange, bis der nächste Orgasmus sich ankündigte.

Irgendwann jedoch war auch diese Nacht vorbei. Am Morgen kam Dr.Specht und schaute sich die Sauerei an. Unter dem Dehnbock auf welchem Lynn die ganze Nacht gesessen hatte, hatte sich eine große Lake ihrer Flüssigkeiten angesammelt. Nicht allein ihr glitschiger Mösensaft sonder auch jede Menge Urin welchen Lynn bei dieser Belastung einfach nicht bei sich behalten konnte. Dr. Specht machte Lynn von dem Bock los und zusammen mit der Hilfe von Clarissa Schwarz wurde sie hinuntergezogen. Lynn ließ sich wie ein nasser Sack auf den Boden fallen. Ihre Löcher fühlten sich ausgeleiert an wie ein Luftballon aus dem man nach langer Zeit die Luft abgelassen hatte.

Dennoch, als sie wieder einigermaßen zu sich kam bemerkte sie das sie mit der Nase in ihrer Pfütze lag. Sie nahm den penetranten Geruch war und sofort wurde ihre dreckige Spalte wieder nass. Sie war unendlich geil. Bestimmt würde es an den Medikamenten, diesen Pillen gelegen haben. Wer weiß was diese in ihrem Gehirn anrichteten. Egal. Voller Gier und Geilheit fing Lynn an ihre eigenen Fotzensäfte und ihren Urin von dem Klinikboden aufzulecken.

„Nun sehen Sie sich diese dreckige Sau an Fräulein Schwarz, haben Sie so etwas abartiges schonmal gesehen? Die Medikamente wirken ja wirklich wunder.“ Mit angewidertem Blick sah sich Frau Schwarz dieses Schauspiel an. „Ja, Herr Doktor, Sie haben wirklich recht. Sowas ekelhaftes habe ich wirklich noch nicht gesehen. Die Pillen sind ein Wunder. Und das nach nur so kurzer Einnahme? Diese Drecksau hat ja jegliche Schamgefühle verloren!“ „Schamgefühle? Fräulein Schwarz, diese dumme Nutte könnte Ihnen nicht einmal mehr die Bedeutung des Wortes erklären. Ich wette mit Ihnen, die würde jetzt ohne zu zögern ...“ Doktor Specht hatte seinen Satz noch nicht beendet als Lynn sich auf ihre Knie aufrichtete und durch die Lake auf dem Boden näher an ihn heran kroch. Völlig enthemmt machte sie sich gierig an seinem Hosenstall zu schaffen und wollte seinen Schwanz rausholen um ihn sich in den Mund zu stecken. „Nein, dass geht nicht Du dumme Sau! Hast Du schon Dein Zungenpiercing vergessen? Da sehen sie es Fräulein Schwarz, genau wie ich es sagte, sie hat nichts anderes mehr als Ficken im Kopf. Ihr ist noch nicht einmal mehr klar, dass sie aufgrund ihres Piercings meinen Schwanz gar nicht blasen kann. Ihre dumme Fresse ist doch noch viel zu geschwollen. Aber denkt sie daran? Nein!“ Frau Schwarz stand einfach nur fassungslos da und schüttelte mit dem Kopf. „Fräulein Schwarz, holen Sie mir doch bitte das Desinfektionsmittel. Wir müssen dieser dämlichen Fotze erstmal den Mund auswaschen damit sie sich keine Infektion holt. Die notgeile Hure musste ja unbedingt den Boden abschlabbern.“

Die nächsten 3 Tage waren für Lynn noch viel Schlimmer als die Nacht auf dem Dehnbock. Wegen ihres Verhaltens beschloss Doktor Specht sie wieder am Krankenbett zu fixieren. Er war sich sicher, dass Lynn ganz bestimmt nur Unsinn anstellen würde, wenn er sie jetzt einfach gehen lassen würde und dann gäbe es womöglich noch schlimme Infektionen oder Entzündungen. Da sie auch ihre Pillen noch nicht schlucken konnte, wurde sie an einen Tropf angeschlossen durch welchen die Substanz in regelmäßigen Abständen in ihre Blutbahn gepumpt wurde. Dauernd musste das Laken des Bettes gewechselt werden, weil Lynns Fotze durch die Medikamente dermaßen nass war, dass sie ständig auslief. Lynn wäre vor Geilheit vermutlich verrückt geworden wenn Frau Schwarz ihr nicht ab und an mal einen dicken konischen Vibrator in ihr gieriges Loch geschoben hätte um ihr auf diese Weise wenigstens ein klein wenig Erleichterung zu verschaffen.

Als Dr. Specht am Nachmittag kam um nach dem rechten zu sehen fiel ihm auf, dass Lynns Körper noch gar nicht durch Tätowierungen verziert wurde. Eigentlich hätte er am liebsten gleich den Fachmann dafür kommen lassen, doch er dachte sich das er dieses Thema wohl doch erst mit Lynns Tutor besprechen sollte. Dieser hatte vielleicht schon bestimmte Pläne was dieses Thema betraf. Er beschloss Herrn Rorgal anzurufen.

„Rorgal!“ „Ja, Specht hier. Herr Rorgal, ich wollte Sie nur darüber informieren das mit ihrer Nutte Lynn alles nach Plan verläuft. Sie wird in zwei Tagen wieder regulär am Unterricht teilnehmen können. Es sei denn ...“ „Es sei denn? Herr Dr. Specht, was meinen Sie?“ „Nun, mir fiel auf das die verkommen Schlampe noch gar nicht tätowiert ist.“ „Ja, da haben Sie recht. Allerdings haben wir da besondere Pläne. Wir wollen das die Fotze sich selbst so erniedrigt, dass sie sich versaute Tattoos wünscht und diese sich auch selbst aussucht. Wir werden das in der nächsten Zeit ein wenig forcieren. Es gibt doch nichts geileres als eine junge Nutte die sich selbst demütigt meinen Sie nicht auch?“ Herr Specht musste laut lachen. „Ja Herr Rorgal, da sind wird genau einer Meinung. Also gut, dann schicke ich Ihnen die Schlampe in zwei Tagen wieder rüber. Bis dahin.“

Nach zwei weiteren Tagen an diesem unbarmherzigen Tropf und unzähligen Orgasmen war von Lynns Hirn wirklich nur noch das Allernötigste übrig geblieben. Als Dr. Specht sie vom Bett losband, fiel sie ohne ein Wort über ihn her und riss ihm voller Überschwang die Hose vom Arsch. Vor ihr lag nun sein Schwanz, welchen sie gierig in ihren Blasmund nahm. „Na na, langsam Du kleine Drecksau, Du hast doch Zeit!“ „Nein mein Gebieter, habe keine Zeit, bin geil“, hechelte Lynn kurz und sein Glied verschwand wieder in ihrem Mund. Von dieser enormen Bewusstseinsveränderung war Doktor Specht nun doch ein wenig überrascht. Na klar, Lynn war auch vor dem Aufenthalt im Krankenflügel bereits eine kleine versaute Nutte, aber sowas hier hatte selbst er noch nicht erlebt. Sie würde nichts anderes mehr tun in ihrem Leben, soviel stand fest. Dem Doktor war es egal. Er war nur dafür da die Wünsche des Internats zu erfüllen, mit den Konsequenzen hatte er nichts zu tun. Er genoss einfach nur diesen geilen Blowjob dieser jungen Hure, welcher nun langsam zu einem Deepthroat wurde. Er selbst brauchte gar nichts weiter dazu tun, denn Lynn war dermaßen gierig das sie selbst ihren Kopf hin und her bewegte und sich mit seinem harten Schwanz penetrierte. Es dauerte noch etwa 5 weitere Minuten bis Doktor Specht seine ganze Ladung in ihrem Gesicht verteilte. Nachdem sie fertig war, zog Lynn sich ihre Latex-Schuluniform an und sprang auf. „Ich muss in den Unterricht, danke mein Gebieter.“ „Warte Du Nutte, willst Du so vollgesaut in den Unterricht gehen?“ „Ist doch egal“, warf Lynn spitz zurück und rannte in das Klassenzimmer.

Dort angekommen wurde sie mit großen Augen von ihren Lehrer Herrn Jeremaier begrüsst. „Ah, Du musst Lynn sein? Wow Du siehst ja ... ja ...“ „Total geil und verkommen aus Herr Lehrer“, fiel Lynn ihm ins Wort. „Ja, Du siehst wirklich wie eine völlig verkommene Nutte aus. Bist Du nicht erst 18 Jahre alt?“ „Ja bin ich, na und?!“ „Na gut, dann setz' Dich jetzt erstmal hin, ich will mit dem Unterricht beginnen.“

„Also nochmal von Vorn' ... Mein Name ist also Herr Jeremaier. Wie gesagt bin ich hier im Internat dafür zuständig das ihr etwas über Körpersäfte lernt. Allerdings werden wir uns Heute erstmal mit Pisse beschäftigen.“ Einige Mädels verzogen das Gesicht als sie das hörten, andere leckten sich über die Lippen und schauten gierig, nur Lynn brüllte in die Klasse: „Geil Pisse! Ja da steh ich drauf. Pissen Sie mich jetzt an mein Herr?“ Die Mädchen starrten Lynn ungläubig an. Sie wunderten sich darüber was mit ihr los war. Sie war doch Früher immer so still und wenn sie mal etwas sagte war sie widerspenstig und machte nur Zicken. Und, wie sah diese Schlampe überhaupt aus? Die Mädels tuschelten miteinander und waren sich darüber einig, dass Lynn so aussah als hätte man sie aus einem Fetischporno rausgezogen und direkt hier in die Klasse gesetzt. Klar, bei einigen Mädchen war es blanker Neid, andere wiederum waren wirklich angewidert von ihrem ordinären und billigen aussehen. Und wie sie sich verhielt. Sie kannte wohl keinerlei Schamgefühle mehr. Hielt sich wohl für die Oberstreberin!

Jetzt mischte sich Herr Jeremaier wieder ein. „Ruhe jetzt hier in der Klasse! Sonst gibt es für jede Schülerin 20 Strafpunkte habt ihr mich verstanden! Ihr billigen Fotzen, passt gefälligst auf falls ihr dazu noch fähig seid! Nun zu Dir Lynn. Nein ich werde Dich jetzt nicht vollpissen. Aber wenn Du so heiß drauf bist kannst Du dich ja für die zweite Stunde zur Verfügung stellen. Jetzt werdet ihr erstmal lernen Pisse zu trinken. Nehmt jetzt alle eure Becher heraus die ihr mitbringen solltet und dann bekommt ihr von mir einen Strohhalm.“ Alle Mädchen stellten die Becher vor sich auf das Pult. Dann ging Herr Jeremaier herum und steckte in jeden Becher einen Strohhalm. „So, nun füllt ihr die Becher mit eurer Pisse und dann saugt ihr erstmal einen Schluck ein.“ Die Mädchen befüllten wie vorgeschrieben die Becher und zogen dann an den Strohhalmen. Was für ein Bild. Das dachte sich auch Herr Jeremaier und plötzliche blitzte es im Klassenzimmer. Warum nicht ein paar geile Fotos von diesen Nutten machen dachte er sich.

Auch Lynn zog an dem Strohhalm und als der erste Schluck Pisse ihre Lippen benetzte spürte sie schonwieder ein Zucken zwischen den Schenkeln. Sie warf den Strohhalm weg, setzte den Becher an und schlang alles in einem Zug hinunter. „Fertig“, rief sie in die Klasse. Wieder blickten die anderen Mädchen sie fassungslos an. Auch Herr Jeremaier stand mit offenem Mund da. „Also sowas hab ich in der ersten Stunde auch noch nicht erlebt! Ausgezeichnet Lynn. Dafür bekommst Du 35 Punkte von deinem Strafkonto abgezogen.“ Die Mädchen der Klasse sahen sich grimmig an und dann ging es los: „Streberin, Streberin“, riefen sie alle wie im Chor. Lynn machte das nichts aus. Im Gegenteil, sie war geil und sie war stolz. „Wie würde wohl die zweite Stunde werden“, fragte sie sich. Es war ihr egal, Hauptsache es würde mehr Pisse geben und sie würde endlich ordentlich durchgevögelt werden!

„Herr Rorgal, Sie wollten mich sprechen?“ Lynn war noch keine zwei Minuten im Besprechungszimmer, da hatte ihr Tutor schon eine riesen Beule in der Hose. Natürlich blieb gerade das auch Lynn nicht verborgen. Voller Elan stürmte sie auf ihren Tutor zu, warf sich vor ihm auf die Knie und wollte sein hartes Ding auspacken. Im selben Moment hatte sie schon eine saftige Ohrfeige sitzen. Verdutzt und lüstern sah sie Herrn Rorgal an. „Was guckst Du so blöd Du versaute Schlampe? Dafür haben wir später noch Zeit. Ich will jetzt endlich mal von Dir hören was Du in der letzten Zeit erlebt hast und wie es Dir dabei ging. Schließlich ist das meine Aufgabe hier und wir haben uns seit Tagen nicht gesehen. Einzig Dein Dad hat mir per Telefon erzählt was abgelaufen ist und von Dr. Specht weiß ich das alle Op's gut verlaufen sind. Was ich auch bestätigen kann wenn ich Dich perverse Nutte so ansehe. Also, was ist jetzt, mach Dein dreckiges Maul auf!“

Mit dem Fuß gab Herr Rorgal seinem Schützling einen leichten tritt und Lynn landete einen halben Meter vor ihm auf dem Arsch. Sie schaute in grimmig, enttäuscht an. „Ich weiß das Du Fotze nur Schwänze im Kopf hast. Also dann wird es Dir ja auch wohl nichts ausmachen mir davon zu erzählen. Also, was ist jetzt?!“

„Naja, an diesem einen Mittwoch als mein Dad mich aus dem Internat abgeholt hatte, kamen diese fünf Jungs aus meiner alten Klasse zu uns nach Hause. Mein Dad hatte mich an die verkauft. Ey das ist so eine Drecksau. Aber ich fand's super das der das gemacht hat, weil ich voll geil auf Ficken war. Aber das war auch voll komisch irgendwie. Ich mein, ich hab die zwar in der Schule schon gefickt, aber trotzdem war das komisch.“ „Komisch? Ich glaub das Wort das Du suchst ist demütigend oder? Ich meine, früher hast Du die Jungs nicht ran gelassen und jetzt hast Du sie gleich alle auf einmal gefickt weil Du dumme Nutte es nicht ausgehalten hast vor Geilheit. Stimmt doch oder?“ „Ja das stimmt, dass macht aber nix, weil auch wenn es kom ... wie haben Sie das genannt, demütigend war ... die Situation hat mich geil gemacht.“ „Natürlich hat Dich das geil gemacht, weil Du eine devote Fotze bist. Dich macht es einfach geil wenn man Dich demütigt und erniedrigt. Du brauchst es eben so. Deshalb wirst Du auch eine geile Sklavin abgeben.

Erzähl weiter!“ „Naja, als die Jungs da waren hat mein Dad mich gerufen und ich bin runter gekommen. Sie hätten mal die Gesichter von denen sehn' sollen. Die haben mich voll gierig angeglotzt und dabei war ich da noch die alte ... ähm ... ah, Lynn.“ „Man, bist jetzt echt schon so dran gewöhnt Nutte, Hure, Fotze genannt zu werden, dass Du wirklich Deinen Namen vergisst, hm? Das find ich lustig! Was meinst Du mit, Du warst noch die alte Lynn?“ „Naja, da sah ich noch nicht so geil aus wie jetzt.“ „Ah, Du gewöhnst Dich also an Dein Pornoaussehen. Darüber reden wir später noch. Weiter jetzt.“ Naja die Jungs haben dann meinem Dad die Kohle gegeben und ich bin dann mit denen auf mein Zimmer. Die reißen zwar immer das Maul auf, aber am Anfang waren die ziemlich schüchtern. Ich hab dann einfach mal angefangen denen die Schwänze rauszuholen und dann habe ich die alle angeblasen. Dann kamen die langsam in Stimmung und haben angefangen mich nacheinander durchzuficken. Eine Runde haben wir geschafft und alle haben mir die Löcher vollgekleistert und mich auch angespuckt. Das war total geil. Ich war völlig nass. Aber gerade wo das lustig wurde kam mein Dad rein und hat die Jungs weggeschickt. Er hat mich dann ins Internat zurückgebracht.

Naja und dann haben die mich zu Doktor Specht oder wie der hieß gebracht. Das war voll der unfreundliche Sack. Aber seinen Schwanz wollte ich trotzdem.“ „Ah ja, genau ... was sagst Du kleine Hure denn eigentlich zu Deinen Bodymods? Ich finde ja die sind richtig sexy und versaut geworden.“ „Ich finde die total hyper mega geil! Ehrlich mein Gebieter, als ich mit Nicole auf dem Zimmer war hab ich die ja zum ersten Mal gesehen. Ich glaub' Nicole war total eifersüchtig weil ich so geil aussehe. Zuerst war es aber voll komisch, weil ich so anders aussehe. Aber mir gefällt das voll gut. Ich hoffe ich krieg' da noch mehr. Dauernd wenn ich frei hab' oder manchmal auch im Unterricht spiele ich an meiner Fotze rum, ich find' die Piercings und die großen Löcher total geil. Das fühlt sich cool an weil die Ringe so schwer sind, da wird meine Fotze voll lang gezogen. Das sieht so schön ordinär aus.“ „Ordinär ja? Kannst Du mir überhaupt erklären was das Wort bedeutet?“ „Ach das ist doch egal ... es ist halt geil. Aber ich find' auch meine Fleshtunnels geil. Wollte ich Früher schonmal haben, aber ich hab mich nicht getraut. Naja aber meine Titten sind am geilsten. Die sehen megagroß aus an mir und die fühlen sich geil an. Aber am geilsten fühlt es sich an wenn irgendein Typ mir seinen Schwanz dazwischen reibt und dann abspritzt.“ „Ach, irgendein Typ? Es ist Dir also völlig egal wer, Hauptsache ein Schwanz, hm?“ „Ja klar! Ich will einfach nur Schwänze ficken und lutschen. Ham' Sie schon meine geilen Lippen gesehen?“ „Natürlich, meinst Du man könnte die noch übersehen? Die wird niemand mehr übersehen. Du hast so ein künstliches Fickmaul, da wirst Du jede Menge Schwänze mit lutschen können.“ „Ja, dass hoffe ich! Aber ich freu' mich voll das ich Ihnen gefallen mein Gebieter.“ „Ja Du gefällst mir. Auch Deine vielen Piercings machen mich scharf. Du siehst wie eine richtige Fetischnutte aus. Aber eigentlich fehlt da noch etwas oder meinst Du nicht?“

„Fehlen? Ja bestimmt. Ich will auf jeden Fall noch mehr verändert werden. Ich will das alle Fotzen neidisch auf mich sind und ich will das mir jeder ansehen kann was ich bin, dass macht mich total nass. Aber was meinen Sie denn?“ „Du hast echt keine Ahnung, hm? Du bist ein junges hübsches Ding, hast Du noch nie dran gedacht Dich tätowieren zu lassen?“ „Tattoos? Ja die find' ich schon voll geil, aber das tut doch voll weh.“ „Du bist vielleicht ein dummes Stück Fleisch. Hast den ganzen Körper voll mit Piercings und fürchtest Dich weil Tattoos wehtun? Die tun weniger weh wie das Piercen.“ „Echt? Dann will ich ganz viele Tattoos haben!“ „Na das klingt doch gut, da sind wir uns einig. Aber was für welche willst Du denn haben?“ „Hm, weiß nich' irgendwelche geilen.“ „Geile Tattoos? Na da wird uns doch bestimmt etwas einfallen nicht wahr?“ (In diesem Moment nervte er Rorgal schon etwas das Lynn so blöde geworden war, sonst wäre das einfacher gewesen.) „Hmm, ja vielleicht.“ „Hast Du denn eine Idee Du verkommene Schlampe? Ich meine, die sollten doch schon zu Dir passen und zu dem was Du bist oder?“ „Ja unbedingt! Stimmt, Sie haben recht mein Gebieter, die sollen zu mir passen. Wie finden Sie wenn ich ein Tattoo mit 'Nutte' tätowieren lasse?“ „Na das wäre doch schonmal ein Anfang. Aber vielleicht fällt uns ja noch etwas besseres ein. Ich finde die Tattoos könnten doch ruhig ein wenig mehr beschreiben was Du so bist oder was Du machst, oder?“ „Ja eigentlich sollten die das, dann können das gleich alle lesen die mich sehen und müssen nicht erst fragen oder so.“ „Da hast Du recht. Du bist ein kluges Mädchen Lynn.“ „Hihi, Danke mein Gebieter. Hmm, vielleicht kann man auch Dreckschlampe oder Fickhure oder sowas als Tattoo machen?“ „Na klar kann man das, wenn Du das gerne möchtest?“ „Ja das wär' endgeil!“ „Und was meinst Du zu Bildern?“ „Das geht auch?“ „Klar geht das, man kann alles tätowieren.“ „Wie geil is' dass denn?! Dann will ich einen dicken fetten Schwanz als Tattoo! Am besten mit Sperma!“ „Hey Du kleine Nutte hast ja richtig gute Ideen. Das wird Deine Kunden bestimmt auch geil machen.“ „Dankeschön! Ja ich hoffe das es sie geil machen wird, dann wollen die mich öfter durchficken.“ „Ja genau. Mensch, Du bist richtig schlau Du kleine Sau! Ich bin mir sicher dass wir das hinkriegen können, ich werd' da mal mit dem Rektor und Deinen Eltern drüber reden. Das macht Dir doch nichts aus oder?“

„Nä wieso? Im Gegenteil, sollen doch alle wissen. Mein Eltern ham' mich ja sowieso zur Drecksau gemacht und wenn die im Internat das wissen finde ich das nur geil. Die dämlichen Fotzen werden bloß wieder voll neidisch werden.“ „Na gut abgemacht, ich kümmere mich darum.“ „Dankeschön mein Gebieter, dass ist voll nett von Ihnen!“ „Ja, ich weiß ich bin ein Geschenk an Euch Mädchen.“

„Aber jetzt erzähl' doch mal, ich hab gehört Herr Jeremair war sehr zufrieden mit Dir?“ „Herr wer?“ „Na Dein Lehrer für Körpersäfte. Ich hab gehört Du stehst auf Pisse und hast als einzige alles ausgetrunken, stimmt das denn?“ „Ja das Stimmt mein Gebieter, ich find' das mega geil.“ „Du findest Pisse saufen mega geil? Du dreckige Nutte, weißt Du eigentlich wie abartig Du bist?“ „Wieso? Nä, dass kapier' ich nicht. Schmeckt doch geil und außerdem macht das meine Fotze nass.“ „Ah ja, okay. Naja macht ja auch nichts. Du sollst ja auch geil sein, zu was anderem bist Du ja ohnehin nicht zu gebrauchen.“ „Ja da haben Sie recht mein Gebieter, ich bin nur zum Ficken gut.“ „Und das macht Dir gar nichts aus wenn alle so über Dich denken?“ „Nää, wieso das denn? Ficken macht doch Spaß!“ „Nagut, dann komm' jetzt hier her Du Stück Dreck und lutsch' meinen Schwanz! Ich will Dein Zungenpiercing und Deine geilen Blaslippen spüren. Wenn Du Deine Sache gut machst darfst Du vielleicht noch am Ende meine Pisse schlucken.“

Das ließ Lynn sich nicht zweimal sagen. Sie riss sich ihre Kleider vom Leib und präsentierte Herrn Rorgal erstmal ihre prallen Kunsteuter. Wie hatte Sie sich nur verändert. Aus dem jungen Mauerblümchen war ein völlig hemmungsloses und sexsüchtiges Flittchen geworden. Herr Rorgal dachte sich in diesem Moment das er sich unbedingt bei Dr.Specht bedanken musste. Diese Pillen waren ja wirklich ein Wunder. Vielleicht sollte er sich ein paar davon geben lassen, für seine doch recht prüde Freundin. Aber jetzt wollte er sich erstmal auf diese notgeile Teenynutte konzentrieren. Das fiel ihm auch nicht wirklich schwer, weil es sich unbeschreiblich geil anfühlte wie sich ihre Blaslippen um sein steifes Glied schmiegten und ihr Zungenpiercing mit kreisenden Bewegungen seine Eichel massierten. Lange hielt er das auch nicht aus, stieß Lynn zurück und schmiss sie bäuchlings auf sein Pult. Vor ihm lag jetzt ihre durchlöcherte Fotze die vor Gier tropfte. Er genoss diesen Anblick und versenkte seinen harten Riemen mit voller Wucht in ihrem Loch. Lynn stöhnte laut auf und bettelte darum noch härter durchgezogen zu werden. Genau das waren ihre Worte.

Für Herrn Rorgal wurde es richtig Arbeit. Dennoch, diese junge verkommene Schlampe zu vögeln war ihm wirklich ein Vergnügen. Nach etwa fünfzehn Minuten war er dann soweit und rotzte ihr das Loch voll. Lynn spürte seinen Samen tief in sich eindringen und kam bei diesem Gefühl zum Orgasmus. Endlich hatte man sie wieder besamt, endlich war ihr Loch wieder gestopft worden. Außer Atem war sie allerdings nicht, denn sie schien schier unersättlich. Sie drehte sich wieder um und kniete sich vor ihren Tutor. Schamlos fing sie an zu betteln: „Bitte mein Gebieter, ich flehe Sie an, Sie haben mir Ihre Pisse versprochen. Bitte pissen sie mir in mein dreckiges Hurenmaul. Ich flehe Sie an mein Herr, ich brauche es, ich liebe es, bitte lassen Sie mich Ihre Pisse saufen.“ Rorgal war schon echt überrascht von der Entwicklung die Lynn durchlaufen hatte und das in so kurzer Zeit. Es war noch nicht lange her als sie ihm Stein und Bein geschworen hatte, dass sie niemals zu einer Schlampe werden würde und nun kniete sie vor ihm und bettelte um seine Pisse. Es war einfach unglaublich! Immer wieder machte er diese Erfahrungen, aber er staunte auch immer wieder. Leid tat ihm nicht was aus diesen Mädchen wurde, im Gegenteil, es erregte ihn unheimlich live mitzuerleben wie aus diesen unschuldigen Dingern die abartigsten Nutten wurden und jede hielt sich für etwas Besonderes. Er lachte in sich hinein, hielt seinen Riemen vor Lynns Maul und fing an sie vollzupissen. Gierig schluckte sie so schnell sie konnte, doch natürlich konnte sie nicht verhindern das einiges daneben ging. Lüstern blickte sie ihren Tutor an und begann damit alles vom Parkettboden aufzulecken wie ein braves Hündchen. Wieder musste Herr Rorgal lachen. „So, jetzt ist es aber genug zu widerliche Sau! Zieh Dich an und verschwinde, ich hab Heute noch mit anderen Fotzen zu sprechen.“ Wortlos nahm Lynn ihre Kleidung und verließ das Zimmer. Ankleiden würde sie sich auch noch auf dem Flur können.

In der vergangenen Woche veranlassten Lynns Eltern auf anraten der Ärzteschaft des Krankenabteils im Internat, dass ihr ein experimentelles Implantat in den Kopf gepflanzt wurde. Diese sollte durch eine externe Fernsteuerung Lynns Geilheit steuern können, ohne das sie sich dagegen hätte wehren können. Lynns Eltern waren nicht schwer zu überreden, doch während der Operation ging etwas schief. Nach dem ersten Testlauf gab es einen Kurzschluss, welcher sowohl das externe Steuergerät wie auch den Chip selbst beschädigten. Dies sollte noch weitreichende Konsequenzen nach sich ziehen ...

Lynn war völlig verzweifelt, sie war Opfer von medizinischen Versuchen geworden. Klar, man hatte sie auch sonst modifiziert, aber alle anderen Op's waren doch eher eine Routinesache. Dieser Chip war etwas, was noch nie erprobt wurde und jetzt? Ja, jetzt war er defekt. Was würde jetzt werden? Nur weil Dr.Specht ihr Beruhigungsmittel verabreicht hatte, verlor sie ihren Verstand noch nicht völlig. Auch Dr. Specht war ein wenig ratlos. Da die Steuereinheit, ebenso wie auch die Software zerstört wurden, war ihm noch nicht ganz klar was er jetzt machen sollte. Auf der anderen Seite gab er sich jedoch keineswegs die Schuld. Immerhin, es waren Lynns versaute Eltern die diese Op wollten. Als man ihnen von dieser experimentellen Apparatur erzählte, konnte es ihnen ja nicht schnell genug gehen. Die waren dermaßen geil darauf das Hirn ihrer verkommenen Tochter direkt ansteuern zu können. Naja und das hatten sie jetzt halt davon. Was kann denn er dafür wenn diese dämliche Nutte jetzt ihr kleines bisschen Restverstand verlieren würde. In diesem Moment beschloss er einfach erstmal abzuwarten was passieren würde. Aber wenn Lynn schonmal hier völlig sediert im Krankenflügel liegen würde, könnte er ja auch den Tattoo-Künstler kommen lassen. Immerhin hatte Rorgal ihm schon mitgeteilt was dieser an der Fotze verändern sollte. Außerdem, der geile Teil von Lynns Hirn hatte ja darum gebettelt weiter modifiziert zu werden. Sie wollte sich ja selbst so kennzeichnen lassen und damit immer weiter selbst erniedrigen. Das konnte sie haben!

Die Durchlaufgeschwindigkeit am Tropf wurde erhöht und Lynn schlummerte plötzlich ein. An diesem Tag sollte sie nicht mehr wach werden. Dafür war der Tättowierer hell wach als er ihren jungen versauten Körper sah. Er wurde schon öfter in das Internat bestellt um die ein oder andere Schlampe ein wenig zu verschönern, aber so einen Großauftrag hatte er bisher noch nicht bekommen. Er würde den ganze Tag zu tun haben. Auf der anderen Seite hatte er nun wenigstens mal eine Kundin die nicht rum jammert, da sie ja gar nichts mitbekam. Er freute sich auf seine Arbeit und es machte auch ihn geil diesen jugendlichen Körper weiter zu demütigen und dermaßen zu verzieren. Stundenlang hörte man das Surren der Nadel aus Lynns Krankenzimmer. Zwischendurch machte der Künstler eine Pause und dann ging es wieder weiter. Es war 21 Uhr als er endlich fertig war. Zum Abschluss ließ er es sich nicht nehmen, zusätzlich zu seiner Entlohnung noch etwas anderes einzufordern. Er öffnete seine Hose und fing damit an die schlafende Lynn zu ficken. Diese Wehrlosigkeit des Mädchens spornte ihn an und machte ihn geil. Nach einer Weile zog er seinen dicken Schwanz schmatzend aus ihrer Fotze und nach und nach lief seine Sahne aus ihrem Loch wieder heraus. Was für ein Anblick. Er machte ein paar Fotos für sein Studio. Lynn hatte in der Zwischenzeit äußerst absonderliche Träume. Immer hin- und hergerissen zwischen Traum und Alptraum. Einmal träumte sie wie herrlich ein Gangbang mit jeder Menge großer Schwänze wäre und wie sie von all denen als Wichsvorlage benutzt wurde. Sie wurde angespuckt, erhielt Ohrfeigen und erniedrigende Ausdrücke gesagt und ein anderes Mal erlebte sie genau den selben Traum und litt unter den Schmerzen der Penetrationen, heulte vor Schmerzen und schämte sich für das, was diese vielen Männer mit ihr anstellten. Sie träumte davon ein normales Leben zu führen, eine erfolgreiche Schülerin zu sein und sie träumte von dem Moment in dem sie ihr Abitur erhielt. Bestnoten. Dann die Aufnahme an der Universität und der Abschluss als Ärztin. Was hätte aus ihr werden können, was hätte sie für ein schönes Leben führen können. Einen netten Mann kennenlernen, Kinder bekommen, eine glückliche Familie. Kinder? Warum eigentlich wurde sie nie schwanger? Man hatte sie unzählige Male vollgespritzt. Ihre Mitschüler, irgendwelche Penner, Herr Rorgal, dieser Tättowierer ... alle hatten sie in ihrer ungeschützte Fotze gefickt und nichts passierte. Sie müsste danach mal fragen.

Irgendwann endeten diese merkwürdigen Gedanken und Lynn wurde langsam wieder wach. Zwei Tage hatte sie geschlafen und überall an ihrem Körper hatte sie Schmerzen. Was war passiert? Wo war sie überhaupt? Immer mehr kam sie in das Hier und Jetzt zurück. Sie sah sich um und stellte fest, dass sie wohl in einem Krankenhaus liegen musste. Was war geschehen, hatte sie einen Unfall? Vorsichtig befühlte sie ihren Körper. „Autsch“, überall diese Plastikfolien. Was war das? Sie konnte nicht viel darunter erkennen. Nur irgendwelche undefinierbaren Farben und Muster. Tattoos? „Wieso hab' ich Tattoos“, fragte sie sich selbst. Sie konnte es sich nicht erklären. Aber da war noch mehr. Ihre Muschi fühlte sich schleimig an. Was war das? Sie war doch gar nicht geil. Sie befühlte sich auch dort nochmals mit der Hand und führte diese vor ihre Augen. „Sperma!?“ Irgendwelche Schweine mussten sie hier im Krankenhaus vergewaltigt haben. „Vielleicht die Ärzte? Oder die Pfleger?“ Lynn hatte keine Ahnung. Jetzt stellte sie auch fest, dass etwas mit ihren Brüsten nicht stimmte. Warum waren die so groß? Und überall diese Piercings. Ihre Lippen fühlte sich auch so merkwürdig prall an. An was für einem Ort war sie hier und was hatte man aus ihrem Körper gemacht? Lynn war verzweifelt und begann zu weinen.

Nach ungefähr dreißig Minuten betrat Dr.Specht das Krankenzimmer. „Ah Du dreckige kleine Nutte bist ja wach. Warum weinst Du denn? Was nicht in Ordnung?“ „Wer sind Sie! Wo bin ich hier? Wieso sagen Sie Nutte zu mir? Ich heiße Lynn! Ich will sofort nach Hause! Was haben Sie aus mir gemacht? Was soll das alles?“ Wie ein Wasserfall prasselten Lynns Fragen auf Dr.Specht ein. „Was war mit der denn los“, fragte er sich. Das musste an diesem Chip liegen. Sie erinnert sich an nichts? Oder war es doch die Narkose die eine vorübergehende Amnesie hervorgerufen hatte? „Sag mal was ist mit Dir denn los Fotze? Erinnerst Du dich etwa nicht?“ „Ich mich erinnern? An was? Nennen Sie mich nicht Fotze“, warf Lynn wütend und verwirrt zurück. „Na Du bist hier im Krankenflügel des Internats. Du hattest einen Nervenzusammenbruch und da mussten wir Dich erstmal wieder stabilisieren.“ „Hä, was denn für ein Internat?“ „Deine Eltern haben Dich vor einigen Monaten hier abgegeben. Sie wollten das etwas 'Anständiges' aus Dir wird. Du hattest ja keine Lust mehr auf Schule. Erinnerst Du dich wirklich nicht?“ „Nein, ich erinnere mich nicht. Aber was für ein Internat soll denn das sein? Was haben Sie aus mir gemacht? Was haben Sie mit meinem Körper gemacht? Ich sehe total krass aus!“ „Gefällt es Dir denn nicht? Das wurde alles nur gemacht weil Du es selbst so haben wolltest.“ „Ich wollte das so haben? Sie erzählen mir doch Schwachsinn. Wieso hätte ich wie eine abartige Nutte aussehen wollen? Ich kann mich doch nirgendwo mehr blicken lassen. Alle werden mit dem Finger auf mich zeigen und mich nur als Fickobjekt sehen!“ „Da hast Du vollkommen recht. Aber genau das war es was Du dir gewünscht hattest. Du wolltest eine dreckige versaute Nutte sein. Wir haben Dir hier nur Deine Wünsche erfüllt.“ „Das glaube ich nicht! Sowas hätte ich niemals gewollt. Ich will sofort mit meinen Eltern sprechen.“ „Deine Eltern? Die sind doch auch nicht besser als Du! Hast Du schon vergessen wie Dein eigener Dad Dich als Nutte an deine ehemaligen Mitschüler verkauft hat?“ „Ey in was für einem Irrenhaus bin ich hier? Der würde niemals sowas tun, der liebt mich doch.“ „Lieben? Ja ich denke auch das er Dich liebt, aber nicht so wie Du denkst. Hier schau doch selbst.“ Mit diesen Worten schaltete Dr.Specht den Fernseher ein der sich, wie in anderen Krankenhäusern auch oberhalb des Bettes befand. Lynn traute ihren Augen nicht. Sie sah aber alles ganz genau. Das auf dem Fernseher was sie. Sie benahm sich wie eine dreckige Hure, bettelte um Schwänze und Sperma und sah zu, wie sie von fünf Jungs durchgevögelt wurde, wie ihr Dad das Geld für sie kassierte und sie sich noch dafür bedankte das sie verkauft wurde. Alles war wahr. Man log sie nicht an. Aber wie konnte das sein? Lynn fing wieder an zu weinen als einen Moment später ...

Ihre Fotze klatschnass wurde ... „Herr Dr. Specht, da sind sie ja. Ficken Sie mich jetzt bitte wieder? Ich brauche nötig ihren geilen harten Schwanz in meinem Fickloch, ich halte es einfach nicht mehr aus. Ich hab' das Gefühl seit Tagen nicht gefickt worden zu sein. Los, zeigen Sie mir was ich für eine versaute Nutte bin. Ich brauche ihren Schwanz, bitte besorgen sie es mir, ziehen Sie mich durch.“ Dr.Specht zuckte einfach nur mit den Schultern, trat an Lynn heran und schob ihr ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste seinen harten Schwanz rein. Lynn stöhnte voller Lust und warf sich ihm entgegen. Sie bewegte ihr Becken wild auf und ab worauf ihre gepiercte Fotze laut klirrte. Sie rieb sich ihre Titten und bettelte darum das Dr. Specht sie doch härter Ficken sollte. In diesem Moment kam Herr Rorgal in das Krankenzimmer und staunte nicht schlecht. „Ah, wie ich sehe ist alles wieder in Ordnung?!“ „Oh Rorgal, wenn Sie wüssten“, stöhnte Dr.Specht ihm entgegen. „Ja fickt mich, fickt mich“, stöhnte auch Lynn, „los besorgt es mir richtig. Bitte mein Gebieter, Sie müssen mich auch ficken. In meiner Arschfotze ist noch Platz, bitte stecken Sie mir Ihren großen Schwanz tief rein. Reissen Sie mir den Arsch auf!“ Auch Rorgal zuckte jetzt mit den Schultern, zog sich die Hose aus und stieß seinen Riemen in Lynns kleines Arschloch. Voller Ekstase schrie Lynn ihre Geilheit heraus, sagte den Beteiligten was für eine verkommen Hure sie doch sei und wie gerne sie ihre Schwänze in sich spürt. Diese wilde Fickerrei ging einige Minuten. Specht und Rorgal waren ganz in ihrem Element als plötzlich: „Ahhhhhh!“ Ein spitzer Schrei durchbrach die Orgie. „Sie widerlichen Schweine! Was machen Sie mit mir? Hilfe! Hilfe! Die vergewaltigen mich hier! Hilfe, hört sofort auf damit! Aua! Nein, ich will das nicht, hört auf!“ Specht sah Rorgal an und sagte: „Sehen Sie, genau das ist das Problem. Die Kleine Fotze dreht total durch. Der Chip in ihrem Kopf ist defekt und jetzt spinnt die total. Dauernd wechselt ihr Hirn zwischen geil und nicht geil.“ „Chip? Was denn für ein Chip? Davon weiß ich ja gar nichts.“ „Nun ja, dass war mit ihren Eltern vereinbart worden. Die wollten das so haben. Wir haben denen aber gesagt das sich alles noch im experimentellen Zustand befindet. Naja und jetzt ist die Nutte ... kaputt.“ „So eine Scheiße! Da müssen wir doch was machen können?“ „Eben nicht, die Steuereinheit, ein Prototyp, wurde zerstört. Der sollte eigentlich dazu da sein den Chip anzusteuern und die Geilheit dieser Fotze stufenlos zu regeln.“ „Na klasse und was machen wir jetzt? Mit so einer Irren können wir doch nichts anfangen!“ „Ich bin mir da noch nicht ganz sicher. Eigentlich gibt es da nur die Möglichkeit den Chip zu zerstören. Ich weiß nur noch nicht genau wie. Aber niemand kann sagen, was dann geschieht. Entweder der Chip bleibt auf 'unendlich geil' eingestellt, oder er schaltet sich ganz ab. Dann hätten sie eine ziemlich prüde Fotze die wie eine Fetischnutte aussieht.“ „Das ist natürlich echt ein Problem. Ich schlage vor ich bespreche das mal mit ihren Eltern und dann sage ich Ihnen bescheid. Bis dahin lassen Sie Nicole kommen. Sie ist Lynn Mitbewohnerin. Ich will das sie Lynn die nächste Zeit nicht mehr aus den Augen lässt, bis wir uns auf eine Lösung geeinigt haben.“ „Alles klar Herr Rorgal, kein Problem.“

Nicole wurde genauestens von Rorgal und Specht informiert, jedenfalls mit den Informationen die sie brauchte und wich die nächsten Tage nicht von Lynns Seite. Es war unfassbar was sie in dieser Zeit mit ihrer Mitschülerin erlebte. In einem Moment leckte Lynn ihr die Fotze, baggerte sie pausenlos an und verhielt sich total ordinär und im nächsten Moment war sie angewidert, wütend, mit den Nerven am Ende und heulte nur rum. Ehrlich gesagt war dies ein unerträglicher Zustand. Aber besonders schlimm wurde es als Nicole Lynn die Plastikfolien von ihren Tattoos entfernte. Zum ersten Mal konnten Beide die Kunstwerke richtig betrachten. Nicoles Fotze wurde nass dabei und ja, sie war neidisch. Sie war ja selbst schon einige Jahre im Internat und eine total versaute Schlampe, aber solche Tattoos zu tragen, dass hätte selbst sie sich nicht getraut. Zuerst entfernte Nicole sämtliche Folien die sich auf Lynns Rückseite befanden. Sie staunte nicht schlecht als sie in großen schwarzen Buchstaben "Perverse Fickschlampe" auf ihrem Steiß las eingerahmt von einem schönen große Tribel als Arschgeweih, welches sich an der Außenseite ihres linken Beines fortsetzte. Als Nächstes zeigte sich ihr, dass man Lynn große Engelsflügel auf den Rücken tätowierte. "War das zynisch", dachte sie sich, "so eine versaute Drecksnutte als Engel darzustellen." Das letzte Tattoo auf Lynns Rückseite war das Wort "Blasengel", welches in ihrem Nacken und damit über den Flügeln angebracht war. Aber das war noch nicht alles. Auf ihren rechten Fingerknöcheln stand in einzelnen Buchstaben das Wort "Hure" tätowiert und auf denen der linken Hand stand "Fuck". Jetzt ging es aber Vorne auch noch weiter. Da wo andere Frauen sich ab und an zwei Pistolen rechts und links auf die Hüften machen lassen, hatte man Lynn zwei große Schwänze tätowiert welche gerade abspritzten. Sowas versautes hatte Nicole überhaupt noch nicht gesehen. Es machte sie aber auch wahnsinnig geil. Das Sperma dieser Schwänze traf sich in etwa da wo ihr Bauchnabel saß und darüber stand wieder in schwarz geschrieben "Spritz' mich voll". Es war einfach unfassbar geil. Lynn selbst fand das in diesem Moment gar nicht. Sie bekam wieder einen Heulkrampf. Sie brach auf dem Campus zusammen und war gar nicht mehr zu beruhigen. Dauernd schluchzte sie, wie grausam das doch war was man ihr da angetan hatte und das sie sich doch nirgendwo mehr sehen lassen könnte, was doch die Leute über sie denken würden. Bestimmt würde man sie dauernd beleidigen, anglotzen, anspucken oder einfach nur so angrabbeln. Es war nicht mehr möglich auf die Strasse zu gehen ohne das jemand merken würde, dass sie nichts weiter war als ein Stück Fleisch zum Ficken. Nein, durch diese Tattoos würde sie die Leute sogar auffordern sie zu ficken, sie würde sich jedem anbieten und bestimmt würde es viele geben, die dieses Angebot auch nutzen wollten. Einen Augenblick später jedoch hatte Lynn schonwieder ihre ganze Faust in ihrer löchrigen Fotze und fickte sich voller Inbrunst. Nicole hielt diesen Zustand einfach nicht mehr aus. Würde das noch lange so gehen wäre sie diejenige die den Verstand verlieren würden, einfach nur weil sie so genervt und wütend wurde durch das Verhalten dieser blöden Zicke. Sie hatte genug!

Links und rechts schlug sie der armen Lynn ins Gesicht. Sie wollte sie zur Vernunft bringen. Das bewirkte aber nichts. Jetzt steigerte Lynn sich hinein. Sie war einfach nicht mehr Herr ihrer Sinne und griff ihrer Mitbewohnerin in die Haare und schlug ihren Kopf auf das Pflaster des Campus. Ruhe. Endlich! Herr Rorgal der das Schauspiel aus seinem Fenster sehen konnte eilte hinunter und fragte Nicole: „Was zum Teufel machst Du da? Erklär' mir mal was der Scheiß hier soll!“ „Tut mir leid Herr Rorgal aber ich habe dieses Rumgezicke von der dummen Schlampe einfach nicht mehr ausgehalten. 'Ja ich bin so geil ... fick mich! Nein, ich halte es nicht mehr aus, was haben die aus mir gemacht ...' das erträgt doch niemand!“ „Ich verstehe Dich. Aber mach Dir keine Sorgen, ich habe mit Lynns Eltern gesprochen. Wir haben uns darauf geeinigt diesen Chip zu zerstören. Wenn Lynn dann nicht mehr eine notgeile Drecksnutte sein will und der Chip auf 'Aus' stehen sollte, hat sie eben Pech gehabt, denn sie wird trotzdem zur Nutte weiter erzogen. Was anderes kann man mit der nun mal nicht machen, guck sie dir doch an. Dann muss sie eben so lange leiden, bis sie sich dran gewöhnt hat. Naja und wenn der Chip auf 'An' stehenbleibt, hat sie Glück gehabt und dann ist ja alles in Ordnung.“ „Na Gott sei Dank Herr Rorgal, ich hätte es auch wirklich nicht mehr länger ausgehalten.“

Langsam kam Lynn wieder zu sich. Sie hatte eine Platzwunde an der Stirn und blutete leicht. Aber darauf ging sie gar nicht ein. Gleich steckte sie sich wieder ihre Faust in ihr Loch und fickte sich erneut. Als wäre gar nichts geschehen. Herr Rorgal war jetzt neugierig. „Komm Nicole mach mit, tu einfach was ich tue ...“ Er stand auf, packte sein Ding aus und pisste die auf dem Boden liegenden Lynn voll. Nicole tat es ihm gleich. „Jaa jaaa ihr seit so geil! Los pisst mich voll“, rief Lynn, die sich voller Lust in der Pisse wälzte. „Los besorgt es mir. Bitte Herr Rorgal ficken Sie mich in meinen Hurenarsch. Nicole komm her Du geiles Fickloch ich will Dir die Fotze auslecken!“ Gesagt getan. Nicole und Rorgal besorgten es der nun wieder notgeilen Lynn mitten auf dem Campus. Allerdings waren sie noch nicht wirklich entspannt, denn sie rechneten ständig damit, dass Lynn wieder 'umschaltete' und anfing zu heulen und rumzumeckern. Aber das geschah nicht. „Nicole, ich glaube Du hast sie 'repariert'. Der Schlag ihres Kopfes auf den Boden muss den Chip zerstört haben. Nicole Du bist ein Genie! Dafür ziehe ich Dir 50 Punkte von Deinem Strafkonto ab.“ Nicole strahlte bis über beide Ohren und bedankte sich bei ihrem Tutor dafür indem sie ihm einen herrlichen Blowjob verschaffte. Lynn war wieder die Alte. Wobei, dass stimmt nicht ganz. Sie schien noch hemmungsloser, noch versauter zu geworden zu sein und ihre perversen Tattoos unterstrichen dieses Verhalten zudem noch sehr schön. Nun konnte ihre Abrichtung weitergehen. Nun würde sie vollkommen aufgehen in ihrem Dasein und Herr Rorgal würde schon noch dafür sorgen, dass diese kleine Fotze eine absolut beispiellose Karriere als Dreckshure machen würde.

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Lynn - Sklavin aus Leidenschaft?! - Teil 2

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Die Geschichte enthält extreme und teilweise sehr harte Darstellungen von Sexualität und sexuellen Praktiken. User bzw. Leser die sich dadurch gestört fühlen und/oder das 18. Lebensjahr noch nicht vollendet haben sollten die Story nicht lesen. Inhalte sind BDSM, Hörigkeit, Demütigung, Interracial Sex, Prostitution, Bodymodifikationen (Bodymods) sowie Gangbang und „Erziehungsmaßnahmen“ usw.

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Nachdem Lynn im Wohnzimmer fertig war und ihre verkommene Verwandtschaft sie ebenfall benutzt hatte und sich darüber lustig gemacht hatte, ihre Nichte wie ein Hündchen zu sehen, kamen Lynn die Gedanken an das Gespräch mit ihrer Mom wieder in den Sinn.
Diese Gedanken machten sie so unglaublich geil, dass ihr Saft schonwieder ihre Schenkel hinablief. Überhaupt war dies zu einem Dauerzustand geworden, welcher ihr Hirn vollständig vernebelte. Sie hatte gar keine Vorstellung mehr daran, wie es ist wenn man nicht pausenlos ans Ficken denkt. Jemand anders hätte vermutlich gestaunt das ihr Körper diesen Zustand überhaupt aushält, für Lynn war das kein Thema. An dieser Stelle sei erwähnt, dass ihr Körper diese Dauererregung durchhält, da die experimentellen Medikamente welche Lynn bekommen hatte dies ermöglichten. Ihr Körper wurde dermaßen umprogramiert, dass er sich genetisch darauf einstellte. Es wurde sozusagen zu ihrer Natur. Auf der anderen Seite schlief Lynn auch viel, immer dann wenn sie nichts zu tun hatte. Zwar waren ihre Träume auch nur noch sexueller Natur, aber auch daran hatte Lynn sich gewöhnt und es war normal für sie. Sie war im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zu einem sexuellen Wesen, ja in gewisserweise a****lisch geworden.
Was hatte ihre Mom also gesagt, was war hängen geblieben? Mehr Tattoos, größere Nippel, künstliche Nägel, tätowierte Nippel und Make-up. Da fiel Lynn ein, dass sie sich unbedingt ihre Fotze tätowieren lassen wollte. Sie müsste das unbedingt ihrem Tutor erzählen. Mit Dicken sollte sie ficken? Na und! Die haben auch Schwänze. Was war noch ... Lynn wurde immer nasser und nasser. Achja die Typen mit den riesen Schwänzen und sie sollte zu einer richtigen Sklavin werden. War sie das denn nicht schon? Man würde ihr eine Glatze schneiden. Das fand Lynn irgendwie komisch und unangenehm, gleichzeitig erregte sie aber dieser Gedanke auch. Vor allem, jederzeit die geilsten und coolsten Perrücken zu tragen hatte auch etwas. Lynn fing an zu sabbern. Aber was sie am meisten erregte waren die Pornos und die Tatsache das ihr Dad diese Flyer in der Nachbarschaft verteilte. Wie verdorben war das denn bitteschön?! Jeder in diesem verdammten Land würde sie bald sehen können, würde mitbekommen was aus ihr geworden war, wie ordinär sie in ihren jungen Jahren bereits war und wie unendlich versaut sie war. Alle möglichen Kerle würden sich auf sie einen runterholen, davon träumen sie durchzuficken und wie eine Nutte zu benutzen und haufenweise Frauen würden den Kopf über sie schütteln, weil sie entweder neidisch waren oder aber total angewidert davon wie hemmungslos und pervers sie doch war. Wahrscheinlich würden einige auch sehr wütend auf sie sein, wegen des Frauenbildes welches sie vertrat. Bei all diesen Gedanken bekam Lynn einen Orgasmus. Sogar ohne das sie sich befingerte. Sie wurde dermaßen geil das der Orgasmus sich einfach so seinen Weg durch ihren Körper bahnte, sie musste sich nichteinmal mehr berühren. Es war unglaublich.
Natürlich erzählte Lynn ihrem Tutor von all diesen Erlebnissen und der stand tatsächlich mal völlig sprachlos mit offenem Mund da. Er musste immer wieder daran denken, dass Lynn erst seit ein paar Monaten im Internat war und er hatte noch immer das Bild von diesem unschuldigen Mauerblümchen im Sinn welches sie noch vor kurzer Zeit gewesen war. So eine Entwicklung wie bei Lynn hatte er noch nie beobachtet. Sie war in dieser Hinsicht schon tatsächlich etwas Besonderes. Wobei, ein Großteil ihrer Verwandlung war natürlich den Medikamenten geschuldet. Diese Medikation wurde an Lynn zum ersten Mal ausprobiert. Was für Aussichten, welch' Potential! Bald würden nur noch so abartige perverse Nutten aus diesen Internat kommen. Rorgal hatte eine Beule in der Hose.
"Lynn Du bist eine abartige Pottsau!" "Oh Danke Herr ..." "Halt die Klappe!!! Ist mir schon klar das Dir das auch noch gefällt. Mein Gott, was sollen wir mit Dir machen? Ich glaube ich muss bald eine Konferenz einberufen, denn Du wirst mir langsam ein wenig unheimlich. Ich denke ich benötige bei Dir etwas Unterstützung." "Hab ich denn etwas Falsches gemacht?" "Nein! Das ist es ja. Du bist dermaßen versaut das ich bald nicht mehr weiter weiß. Lynn Du bist gerade mal 18 Jahre alt. Wie soll das erst werden wenn Du 25 bist? Das sind noch 7 Jahre! Wenn ich mir überlege wie enorm Deine Veränderungen in den letzten 3 Monaten waren, kann ich mir einfach nicht vorstellen was dann sein wird. Ich meine, irgendwann wird das Ende der Fahnenstange erreicht sein. Ich denke ganz egal wie pervers die Praktiken, Strafen oder Veränderungen an Deinen Körper auch sein mögen die wir uns hier für Dich ausdenken, Du wirst einfach nur brav da sitzten und dich auch noch dafür bedanken. Es wird Dir gefallen. Richtig?!" "Hm ja, also ich denke schon. Ich kann doch nichts dafür, ich bin einfach so geil. Ich bin immer geil. Geil geil geil!!!" "Ich weiß Kleines. Keine Angst, wir bekommen das schon hin."
In diesem Moment wirkte Lynns Intuition. Sie hätte es nicht benennen können, aber sie spürte das ihr Tutor überfordert und gestresst war in diesem Moment. Langsam ging sie auf ihn zu, nicht ohne sich sexy zu bewegen. Sie schmigte sich lasziv an ihn und legte zärtlich einen Arm um ihn. Dann lächelte sie ihn an. Er ließ sie gewähren, war irgendwie einfach nur 'geschafft'. Beinnahe tröstend streichelte sie mit der einen Hand seine Schulter während sie mit der anderen die Beule in seiner Hose massierte und kunstvoll seinen Hosenstall öffnete. Sie glitt an seinem Körper hinunter und nahm sein steifes Glied zwischen ihre Blaslippen. Langsam doch intensiv begann sie damit seinen Harten zu lutschen. Rorgal ließ sich gehen, genoss die Behandlung und Lynn ging immer mehr dazu über seinen Schwanz immer tiefer in ihrem Mund aufzunehmen bis sie einen richtig Deep Throat vollführte. Rorgal kam schnell und Lynn schluckte mit Freude seinen Saft. Mit dem Handrücken wischte sie sich über den Mund, richtete sich wieder auf, zog ihren kurzen Rock zurecht und sah Rorgal mit treulieben Augen an. "Alles wieder gut", fragte sie mit ruhiger Stimme. Rorgal war begeistert und entspannt zugleich. So viel Einfühlungsvermögen hatte er dieser Fickmatratze gar nicht mehr zugetraut. Es machte ihm irgendwie Mut das noch etwas Menschlichkeit in ihr steckte. Auch wenn diese sich nur auf den sexuellen Bereich beschränkte, aber es verlieh ihr eine sanfte Seite und das war doch sehr angenehm. An dieser Stelle staunte Rorgal über sich selbt, hätte er doch nicht gedacht das er so eine Eigenschaft einmal vermissen würde bei einer Frau. Er wollte doch immer hemmungslose Fickschweine züchten. Aber offenbar war es gar nicht so erregend wenn diese Mädchen all zu diabolisch, all zu wenig menschlich waren. Eine interessante Erkenntnis.
"Ja Lynn, alles wieder gut. Ich danke Dir." Lynn lächelte. "Weißt Du Mädchen, ich werde mit dem Rektorat, dem Ärzteteam und Deinen Eltern sprechen, wir werden Dir Deine Wünschen schon erfüllen." "Oh super, dass macht mich total ..." "Geil. Ich weiß." Auch Rorgal selbst war irgendwie recht sanft in diesem Moment. Ihm fiel es schwer Lynn nur als willenlose Fickmaschine zu sehen. Was war nur los mit ihm?
"So Kleine, ich fahr Dich jetzt erstmal zum Nagelstudio und dann bring ich Dich wieder in den Unterricht. Heute Nachmittag hast Du Deine 'Ü100' Party haben mir Deine Eltern erzählt. Wenn Du willst komme ich mit und nehme alles auf Video auf. Würde Dir das gefallen?" Natürlich kannte Rorgal die Antwort bereits. Voller Begeisterung fiel Lynn ihrem Tutor um den Hals und hauchte ihm ein "ja, dass würde mir sehr gefallen", in sein Ohr.
Während Lynn im Nagelstudio saß wartet Rorgal im Auto auf sie und nutze die Zeit, dass weitere Vorgehen mit ihren Eltern zu besprechen. Als er diese Anrief staunte er nicht schlecht, dass die Ideen welche Lynn ihr erzählte zum überwiegenden Teil gar nicht ihre, sondern die Idee ihrer Mom gewesen waren. Was war das bloß für eine kranke Familie. Aber Rorgal dachte sich, es wird wohl so sein, dass wenn man eine gewisse Grenze erstmal überschritten hat, der Rest dann auch egal sein musste und es einfach zur Sucht, zu einem Automatismus werden müsse. Wie dem auch sei, die nächsten Schritte wurden besprochen und man einigte sich darauf, dass die neusten Veränderungen nach Lynns erstem Pornofilm durchgeführt werden sollte. Die Zuschauer sollten Lynns Veränderungen beobachten können um zu sehen, wie sie immer mehr zu einer versauten Sexsklavin würde. Ja, es war beschlossene Sache. Lynn würde zu einer absoluten Sklavin ausgebildet werden und ihre äußerlichen Veränderungen sollten noch wesentlich weiter gehen, ihren Status für alle Zeit festlegen. Sie sollte nicht einfach nur wie eine Nutte aussehen sondern wie eine totale Fetischsklavin.
Einige Zeit später kam Lynn freudestrahlend aus dem Nagelstudio heraus und hielt ihrem Tutor ihre langen künstlichen Nägel entgegen. "Hübsch", sagte dieser nur und zog Lynn in das Auto. "Wir müssen uns beeilen, Deine Party geht gleich los." Lynn war nervös. Nicht angewidert weil sie es mit Dicken treiben sollte oder ängstlich, sondern nervös weil ihre Fotze schonwieder so sehr juckte und sie es nicht erwarten konnte mit Sperma vollgespritzt zu werden. Auf der Fahrt durch die Stadt bemerkte Rorgal, wie die Passanten immer wieder in sein Auto glotzten und mit großen Augen und offenen Mündern darstanden. Klar, es lag an Lynn, an ihrem verhurten Aussehen. Unfassbar das sie diese Demütigungen einfach so hinnahm. Sie hatte sich vollständig daran gewöhnt. Er könnte sie nackt auf dem Marktplatz vor einer Menschenmenge durchficken und es würde ihr absolut nichts mehr ausmachen.
Nach etwa 35min. kam er mit Lynn im Industriegebiet an. Vor einer alten Lagerhalle hielt er an und stieg aus. Er ging zum Kofferraum und nahm eine schwere Eisenkette mit großen Gliedern und eine Videokamera heraus. Dann öffnete er die Beifahrertür des Fahrzeuges und hakte die Kette an Lynn Hundehalsband (welches wohl bald durch ein anderes ersetzt werden würde) ein und zog sie aus dem Auto. Er hielt die Kette in der einen und die Videokamera in der anderen Hand. "So Kleine los gehts." Rorgal bewegte sich auf das große Tor der Lagerhalle zu. Er klopfte und ein großer Schwerer Kerl, der bestimmt 140kg hatte zog das Tor auf. Als er Lynn sah fielen ihm fast die Augen aus dem Kopf. "Das ist aber ein richtig süßes kleines Ding. Kommt mit, hier entlang." Lynn und Rorgal bewegten sich auf die Mitte der großen Halle zu. Dort standen etwa 10 weitere dicke Typen in einem Halbkreis um eine alte Matratze die auf dem Boden lag. Das Sonnenlicht fiel in einzelnen Strahlen durch die zersplitterten Fenster. Alles sah ziemlich rostig, zerfallen ... industrialmäßig aus.
"Los auf die Knie Du dreckige Schlampe, zeig' den Herrn was für eine notgeile Sau Du bist", sprach Rorgal jetzt mit harter Stimme und spürte, dass ihn das einiges an Überwindung kostete. Er wusste immernoch nicht was mit ihm los war. Lynn gehorchte jedoch und kroch langsam auf die Matratze zu. Die fetten Säcke jubelten und klatschten. "Mein Gott, wie demütigend. Das arme Ding", ging es Rorgal durch den Kopf und er hätte sich am liebsten selbst geohrfeigt für diese absonderlichen Gedanken. Als Lynn sich dann breitbeinig auf der Matratze platzierte und allen ihre tropfende Fotze zeigte, ließ Rorgal die Kette fallen und legte die Kamera an. "Ganz gut so, etwas mehr Distanz", dachte er dann wieder und wunderte sich über sich selbst. Er schaltete die Kamera ein und wartete ab was passiert.
Was passierte war, dass Lynn notgeil in der Mitte lag, ihre Muschi spreitzte und anfing sich selbst zu fingern vor den Augen der gierigen fetten Säcke. Sie stöhnte und fickte sich selbt immer wilder und tiefer. Die Typen hatten zwar Beulen in der Hose aber nichts passierte. Klar, die meisten hatten noch nie gefickt und waren einfach ... naja sie trauten sich nicht so recht. Lynn schien fast ein wenig enttäuscht weil keiner seinen Schwanz rausholte. Ihr wurde klar, dass sie die Initiative ergreifen musste. Sie leckte sich die Finger ab, kniete sich hin und fing an, allen 10 Typen die Hosen aufzumachen. Der ein oder andere genierte sich noch immer und Rorgal fragte sich wozu sie dann denn eigentlich gekommen waren. Lynn gab sich jedoch die größte Mühe, begann damit alle der Reihe nach anzublasen und sprach ordinär davon wie sehr sie es brauchte und wie geil sie auf die Schwänze war. Langsam aber sicher lockerte sich die Stimmung. Der erste fette Kerl legte sich jetzt unter dem Applaus der anderen auf die zierliche Lynn und fickte sie. Lynn atmete schwer, denn so einen Brocken hatte sie noch nie auf sich liegen. Er brauchte aber nicht lange, denn Mangels Erfahrung hatte er ruckzuck ihr Loch besamt. So ging das bei den Meisten vor sich nur zwei von ihnen schienen etwas mehr Erfahrung zu haben. Diese blickten sich an und grinsten. Wahrscheinlich waren es die Zwei, die diese Veranstaltung überhaupt erst ins Leben gerufen hatten. Sie näherten sich der bereits ziemlich vollgespritzen Lynn. Einer legte sich unter sie und befahl ihr ihn zu reiten. Sie ließ sich langsam auf seinen Phallus nieder und fing an ihn zu reiten. Während des Ficks gab er ihr immer wieder Ohrfeigen, was Lynn natürlich nur noch geiler und zügelloser machte. Sie bedankte sich dafür und bettelte um mehr als plötzlich der zweite Typ von Hinten kam. "Du willst mehr Du kleine dreckige Nutte? Das kannst Du gerne haben!" Gewaltsam griff er in ihre Langen blonden Haare und wickelte sie sich um seine Hand. Auch er gab ihr mit der anderen Hand Ohrfeigen und positionierte sich nun so, dass er von Hinten in ihre Arschfotze eindringen konnte. Diese beiden Kerle wussten genau was sie wollte. Beide spießten Lynn nun gleichzeitig auf und fickten sie hart durch. Sie jaulte und stöhnte voller Verlangen und bewegte ihr Becken immer heftiger hin und her um die Schwänze der Typen tiefer in sich zu spüren. Sie spürte wie ihr Arschloch sich dehnte und genoss dieses Gefühl. "Ach wäre mein Arschloch doch immer so weit offen", träumte sie während des Ficks vor sich hin. "Idee gespeichert", grinste sie in sich hinein. Nun spritzte der hintere Typ Lynn seine volle Ladung in der Arsch und sie spürte wie sein heißer Saft tief in ihren Darm eindrang. Ein erster Orgasmus schüttelte ihren Körper. Der Zweite jedoch hatte andere Pläne. Er zog sich aus ihr zurück und zog sie an der schweren Eisenkette auf die Knie. Nun wichste er selbst seinen Schwanz und spritzte seine Sahne in ihre blonden Haare. Zum Abschluss gab er ihr noch eine kräftige Ohrfeige das es nur so schepperte und sein Abdruck sich auf ihre Wange abzeichnete. "Das ist dafür das Du in Deinem Alter so eine perverse Hure bist!" "Jetzt leg dich auf den Rücken auf die Matratze Du verkommene Sau", sprach der andere der Beiden. Lynn wunderte sich, waren sie denn noch nicht fertig mit ihr? Sie gehorchte aber und legte sich wieder brav in die Mitte. "So Jungs los gehts", sagte der eine in die Runde. Alle 10 Typen stellten sich um sie herum und holten wieder ihre Dinger raus. Dann pissten sie Lynn voll. Alle gleichzeitig und Lynn schien beinahe in der Menge an Urin zu ertrinken. Sie wälzte sich in der Soße und stöhnte und schrie. Als alle ihre Blase auf der kleinen Nutte entleert hatten, klatschten sie erneut und bedankten sich dann bei Rorgal für die Nummer. Sie gaben ihm noch den Hinweis, dass am anderen Ende der Halle ein Schlauch hing mit welchem er sie reinigen konnte. Dann zogen sie sich an und verschwanden.
Nun schaltete Rorgal die Kamera aus und legte sie weg. "Du armes Mädchen", sagte er zu Lynn, "komm ich mache Dich erstmal sauber." "Armes Mädchen? Verdammt, was war das nunwieder", dachte Rorgal. Zärtlich half er Lynn auf und ging mit ihr zum Schlauch um sie zu säubern. Er trocknete sie danach ab mit einem alten Handtuch welches neben dem Schlauch hin und ging dann mit ihr zurück zum Auto.
Zurück im Internat versuchte Rorgal zu ergründen was mit ihm los war während Lynn im Unterricht saß. "Eure Löcher sind nicht nur für Männerschwänze" hieß das neue Fach. Als Rorgal langsam zur Ruhe kam, schossen ihm immer wieder Bilder von Lynn in den Kopf. Natürlich, er musste es sich eingestehen, er hatte sich in dieses Mädchen verliebt! Sowas war ihm noch nie passiert. Wie konnte das nur sein und vor allem wie sollte es jetzt weiter gehen. Könnte er noch ihr Tutor sein? Abgeben an jemand anderen wollte er sie nicht. Nein, er wollte weitermachen, sehen was passiert, bei ihr sein. Bei dieser geilen süßen, zärtlichen und heißen kleinen Maus. "Oh man, dass kann ja was werden", dachte er, "aber ich werde einen Weg finden und wenn sie meine eigene persönliche Sklavin wird!"

Lynns erster Porno - Part 1

Es war Morgens um 5:30Uhr als Rorgal in Lynns Zimmer schlich, da er ihre Mitbewohnerin nicht wecken wollte. Er setzte sich auf ihre Bettkannte. Ruhig betrachtete er ihren Körper, nur das Licht welches durch den offenen Türspalt fiel beleuchtete schemenhaft ihren nackten Leib. Rorgal bekam eine Beule in der Hose als er anfing seinen Schützling zärtlich zu streicheln. Leise stöhnte Lynn im Schlaf vor sich hin. Am liebsten wäre der Tutor jetzt über diese kleine angehende Sklavin hergefallen, aber er war nur gekommen um sie zu wecken. Es war Lynns großer Tag. Heute würde sie ihren ersten richtigen Porno drehen. Da Rorgal beschleunigen wollte dass Lynn die neuen Bodymods bekommt, vereinbarte er mit ihren Eltern das man die "A25" Party und den "Porno" doch verbinden könnte. Danach könnte man die kleine Schlampe direkt wieder in den Krankenflügel des Internats verfrachten um sie weiter zu modifizieren.
Gesagt getan. Und jetzt war es soweit. Zehn Minuten dauerte es bevor Lynn richtig wach war. Wahrscheinlich hatte sie sich wieder die halbe Nacht ihre nasse Fotze gerieben. Ihr Bettlaken sah jedenfalls entsprechend aus. Zu dumm das Rorgal keine Zeit hatte es noch ein wenig mehr zu versauen. Er nahm Lynn am Oberarm und bugsierte sie aus dem Zimmer heraus. Splitternackt stand sie auf dem Flur des Internats als ihr Tutor anfing ihr zu erklären was Heute ihre Aufgabe war. Nachdem sie ihre Instruktionen bekommen hatte lief ihr der Saft auch schon wieder die Schenkel hinunter so geil hatte sie das Gerede ihres Tutors gemacht. Sie konnte es einfach nicht abwarten endlich von diesen ganzen Riesenschwänzen durchgefickt zu werden und die Tatsache das alles auch noch aufgezeichnet wurde und später in jedem Pornoshop auszuleihen oder zu kaufen war machte sie nur noch geiler. Jeder Mann in diesem Land würde bald sehen können was sie für eine dreckige versaute Schlampe ist und jeder wird sich auf sie Einen runterholen können. Sie wollte gerade ihre Finger in ihr nasses Loch stecken als Rorgal ihr die Hand wegzog und ihr klarmachte, dass sie dafür jetzt keine Zeit hatte. Schmollend folgte sie ihm nackt über den Campus des Internats bis zu seinem Auto. Das sie nackt war, nichts zum Anziehen bekam, stellte sie gar nicht in Frage und sie wunderte sich auch nicht darüber. Solche Zweifel und Fragen hatten in ihrem Kopf keinen Platz mehr, fanden nicht mehr statt. In dieser Hinsicht war sich völlig arglos, für Außenstehende vielleicht hemmungslos und schamlos. Für Lynn war das aber völlig normal.
Die Fahrt dauerte ziemlich lange. Es ging auf die Autobahn als die Beiden schon eine Stunde unterwegs waren. Was Lynn genau zu erwarten hatte wusste sie nicht. Sie war einfach nur gespannt und dauergeil. Rorgal dachte noch viel über seine Gefühle ihr gegenüber nach und immer wieder sah er seinen nackten Schützling an. Sie so vielen Schwänzen zuzuführen fühlte sich für ihn irgendwie merkwürdig an. War es Eifersucht? Er wusste es nicht genau. Aber, was sollte er machen? Er musste sich klar darüber sein, dass Lynn es nunmal so brauchte, dass sie eine verkommene Hure ist, selbst wenn sie seine persönliche Sklavin wäre, würde sich daran nichts ändern. Er allein wäre niemals in der Lage sie zu befriedigen, so oft wie sie es brauchte. Sie war süchtig nach Schwänzen, süchtig nach Sperma und Sex und sie war süchtig nach Demütigung. Immerhin, dass war ja der Sinn der ganzen Sache. Genau aus diesem Grunde wurde sie ja überhaupt erst in das Internat gebracht, um aus ihr eine willenlose dauergeile Teeny-Nutte zu machen, der nichts zu versaut und nichts zu verdorben sein würde.
Nach einer weiteren Stunde quängelte Lynn ständig rum das sie pissen müsse. Da Rorgal nicht wollte das die kleine Hure seinen schönen Wagen vollsaut, fuhr er den nächsten Parkplatz an und hielt. Ohne darüber nachzudenken oder zu zögern stieg Lynn splitternackt aus dem Auto. Sie suchte sich einen Baum und hockte sich daneben. "Ah, was für eine Erleichterung", dachte sie sich als Rorgal plötzlich mit einem Fremden ankam. "Oh Wanhsinn, was ist das denn für ein geiles Fickspielzeug?", rief der Fremde aus als er Lynn sah, "ehrlich, sie haben nicht gelogen! Und diese kleine Sau braucht nötig einen Schwanz, ja?" "Wenn ich es Ihnen doch sage. 50 Euro und Sie können die kleine Nutte ordentlich durchziehen. Glauben Sie mir, sie wird sich noch bedanken dafür!" "Na wenn das so ist." Der Fremde trat näher an Lynn heran, die noch immer neben dem Baum kniete. Sie fingerte sich und sah dem Mann dabei tief in die Augen. Der Fremde war überzeugt. Er drückte Rorgal 50 Euro in die Hand und holte sein Ding aus der Hose. "Du lutscht mir jetzt erstmal den Schwanz Du kleine Schlampe, dann ficke ich Dich." Das Gerede des Fremden sorgte dafür das Lynns Puls sich immer mehr beschleunigte. Sie war nun nicht mehr zu halten und stürtzte sich regelrecht auf die Latte des fremden Mannes. Voller Gier saugte und lutschte sie seinen harten Riemen bis dieser zu einer stattlichen Größe angeschwollen war. Dann drehte sie sich zu ihm um. "Sie können sich das Loch aussuchen, ficken Sie mich wie sie wollen! Bitte stecken Sie mir ihren Schwanz tief rein, ich brauche es so sehr, ich halte es einfach nicht mehr aus!" Der Fremde hatte so eine Drecksau noch nie gesehen. Er war überrascht aber ebenso geil. Mit beiden Händen packte er Lynns schlanke Taille und rammte ihr seinen Schwanz von Hinten tief in ihre triefende schmatzende Fotze. Lynn stöhnte laut auf. Ob das vielleicht jemand anderes auf dem Parkplatz mitbekam oder nicht, darüber machte sie sich keine Gedanken. Wahrscheinlich würde es ihr noch gefallen wenn es jemand sehe würde wie sie hier von wildfremden Männern durchgefickt wird. Der Fremde holte richtig aus um Lynn immer wieder besonders hart ficken zu können. Rorgal stand in der Zwischenzeit mit der Kamera daneben und filmte alles mit. Seine Hose war kurz davor zu platzen und in diesem Moment hatte er beschlossen sich nachher auch noch ordentlich abblasen zu lassen. Nachdem der Fremde eine große Ladung tief in Lynns Fotze abrotzte, griff er ihr in die Haare, zog sie herum und gab ihr eine Ohrfeige. Er spuckte ihr ins Gesicht und teilte ihr mit, dass sie nichts weiter sei als eine billge Drecksnutte. Natürlich bedankte sich Lynn brav für diese Bezeichnungen woraufhin der Fremde sie auf den Boden drückte. "Jetzt leck mir die Schuhe sauber Du dummes Stück Fickfleisch." Diese Erniedrigungen ließen Lynns Fotze überlaufen. Sie nickte brav und leckte dem fremden Mann die Schuhe. "Mein Gott ist das eine dreckige Sau! Wie kann man in dem Alter nur so verkommen und abartig sein?! Sie haben mir nicht zu viel verprochen. Aber ich muss jetzt weiter, habe noch einen Termin. Danke für den geilen Fick." Nocheinmal spuckte der Fremde auf Lynn, die noch immer am Boden lag und ging dann zurück zu seinem Auto. "Wahnsinn Lynn, Du bist echt eine geile Drecksau! Was guckst Du denn so, war das nicht in Deinem Sinne? Ich muss nachher noch Tanken und brauche das Geld dafür." Lynn fiel ihrem Tutor um den Hals und bedankte sich mit vielen Küßen für dieses geile Erlebnis bei ihm. "Du kannst Dich anders bedanken meine kleine Schlampe", sprach Rorgal und öffnete nun endlich seine Hose. Lynn sprang ein großer steifer Schwanz entgegen der schon ganz feucht glänzte. Sie sah ihrem Tutor tief in die Augen während sie langsam ihre Lippen um sein bestes Stück legte. Irgendwie schien es ihm, als wisse Lynn ganz genau was sie da tut. "Wollte sie seine Sklavin sein, ihm gehören", überlegte er, während er ihre gepiercte Zunge genoss die seine Eichel verwöhnte. Irgendwie schien es, als würde Lynn sich bei ihrem Tutor immer ganz besonders viel Mühe geben, ihn mit besonders viel Gefühl verwöhnen. War sie ebenfalls in ihn verliebt? War sie denn überhaupt noch fähig zu lieben? Immer tiefer nahm sie seinen Schwanz und griff jetzt seine Hände, die sie hinter ihren Kopf legte. Sie wollte das er sie richtig in die Kehle fickte, sah ihn mit treuen Augen an. Er lächelte und wusste was er zu tun hatte. Sein Griff wurde fester und er begann mit fickenden Bewegungen ihre Kehle zu benutzen. Lynn gurgelte und sabberte aber sie genoss diese raue Behandlung und konnte nicht genug von dem Schwanz ihres Tutors bekommen. Endlich spritzte er seinen Saft tief in ihren Rachen, so das Lynn gar nicht schlucken musste. Als sie dann seinen Schwanz liebevoll saubergeleckt hatte setzte sie sich auf seinen Schoß. Das Sperma des Fremden tropfte aus ihre Muschi auf den Parkplatz während sie ihren Arm um Rorgal legte und ihm ins Ohr flüsterte: "Ich liebe Dich mein Tutor, ich will Dir gehören, Deine Sklavin sein und alles für Dich machen was Du Dir wünscht. Aber Du musst mir verprechen das Du mich immer wie eine versaute Nutte behandelst. Ich bin einfach nichts anderes, dass weißt Du ja." Rorgal traute seinen Ohren nicht. Da war sie wieder, diese menschliche Lynn, dieses süße Mädchen das er so liebte, dass er besitzten wollte. "Ich liebe Dich auch Lynn. Du bist einfach die geilste Sau die ich je gesehen habe. Ich werde mit Deinen Eltern darüber sprechen. Und ich verspreche Dir, Du wirst die perverste Nutte und Sklavin sein die man sich nur vorstellen kann."
Um den Autositz nicht völlig zu ruinieren gab Rorgal Lynn ein Handtuch aus dem Kofferraum damit sie sich wenigstens ein bisschen saubermachen konnte. "Wir müssen jetzt aber echt weiterfahren Süße, denk dran, Dein erster Porno. Ich hoffe Du hast noch Lust?" "Na klar habe ich Lust! Ich bin total geil auf diese riesen Fickknüppel und außerdem will ich endlich als Schlampe im Pornoregal stehen. Wenn ich daran denke werd ich total nass!" "Hm, vielleicht nimmst Du das Handtuch besser mit nach Vorne und setzt Dich drauf", lachte Rorgal und endlich ging es weiter. Mal abgesehen davon, dass die Frauen die Rorgal privat kannte es niemals mit wildfremden Männern getrieben hätten, nach so einer Fickerrei wie auf dem Rastplatz, hätten diese niemals noch Lust sich von einer Horde Großschwanzträger durchziehen zu lassen. Lynn war einfach unersättlich und sie konnte nicht genug bekommen. Rorgal fanszinierte das immer noch unheimlich. Alles nur wegen ein paar Medikamenten und ein paar Monaten Erziehung, es war nicht zu fassen. Was war da wohl noch alles möglich?
Nach weiteren 1 1/2 Stunden Autofahrt hatten die Beiden ihr Ziel erreicht. Es war wieder ein Industriegebiet. Als Rorgal mit Lynn (natürlich wieder standesgemäß an einer schweren Kette) eine der Hallen betrat staunten sie nicht schlecht wer da die Tür öffnete. Das Gesicht war Lynn aus dem Unterricht bekannt. In "Bukkake für Anfängerinnen" hatten sie sich seine Filme schon öfter angeschaut. Es war JT. Sie würde tatsächlich in einem GGG Movie die Hauptrolle spielen. Wären Lynns Hände nicht auf dem Rücken gefesselt gewesen, sie hätte sich wohl sofort wieder ihre Fotze gerieben vor Geilheit. Sie strahlte über das ganze Gesicht. "Ah, Du bist also Lynn? Du siehst ja wirklich bezaubernd aus. Aber ganz anders als meine anderen Mädchen. Du bist wohl gar nicht schüchtern wie ich sehe. Unglaublich Deine Tattoos! Ich glaub das wird unser bester Film. Und Du willst Heute mit jeder Menge Großschwänzen ficken ist das richtig?" (Während dieser ganzen Feststellungen und Fragen lief die Kamera natürlich bereits, wie man es aus seinen Filmem kennt). "Ja, unbedingt. Ich bin total notgeil und wollte schon immer mal ganz viele Riesenschwänze abficken." "Okay, Du bist also eine richtige kleine Schlampe, ein richtiges Fickschwein, ja?" "Ja das bin ich. Ich kann einfach nicht genug Schwänze und Sperma bekommen, ich bin süchtig!" "Und das in Deinem Alter? Donnerwetter! Nagut, dann komm mal mit, ich glaube ich habe hier etwas was Dir gefällt." Mit diesen Worten führte JT Lynn in einen weiteren Raum. Rorgal folgte, war aber nur Beobachter im Hindergrund. In diesem Raum standen bereits jede menge nackter Männer. Einige mit Masken, einige auch ohne. Alle standen in einer Reihe und als Lynn ihre Prachtschwänze sah (natürlich hatte JT ihre Hände befreit) rieb sie sich sofort ihr Loch und ging auf den ersten Typen zu. Ohne ein Wort kniete sie sich vor ihn und nahm seinen großen 25cm Lümmel in die Hand. Alle hatte so große Schwänze und Lynn war Augenblicklich klar, dass sie heute richtig aufgespießt werden würde. Insgeheim hoffte sie, dass diese Kerle genausoviel Sperma zu Verfügung hatten wie ihre Schwänze groß waren.

Lynns erster Porno - Part 2

Das war aber noch nicht alles, einige der Stecher die JT für Lynn ausgesucht hatte waren schwarz. Ihre Schwänze waren besonders groß . Es machte Lynn unglaublich geil. Sie hatte es bisher noch nie mit einem Schwarzen getrieben. Sie wäre von allein vielleicht auch gar nicht auf die Idee gekommen. Aber das JT diesen Einfall hatte gefiel ihr enorm. Der Kontrast zwischen der weißen Lynn mit ihren wasserstoffblonden Haaren und den Schwarz-Afrikanern hatte einen besonderen Reiz. Allerdings wirkte sie zwischen diesen großen muskulösen Männern mit ihren riesen Schwänzen noch zierlicher als sie ohnehin schon war. JT hatte Recht, ganz bestimmt würde dieser Film sämtliche Rekorde brechen. Das war allerdings das Letzte was Lynn in diesem Moment im Sinn hatte. Sie hatte nur Augen für die großen schwarzen Fickprügel. Hätte Lynn nicht sowieso schon einen umgelegten Schalter im Kopf gehabt, spätestens in diesem Moment hätte er sich umgelegt. Sie war einfach nur noch williges Fickfleisch. Wild. Zügellos. a****lisch. Sie stürzte sich regelrecht auf die potenten prallen Schwänze und war schon fast ein wenig enttäuscht darüber, dass sie keine Chance hatte diese ganz in ihrem Mund aufzunehmen. Natürlich ging das nicht, die waren viel zu lang und dick. Sie beherrschte zwar den Deep-Throat mittlerweile recht gut, doch auch das half nichts. Es führte nur dazu das sie würgte, gurgelte und ihr der Speichel in Massen am Hals hinunterlief. Die weißen Männer die ebenfalls um Lynn herumstanden, sich wichsten und blasen ließen waren von dem Anblick total übereregt und so kam es, dass diese auch die ersten waren die auf ihren nackten Körper abspritzten. Das Sperma dieser Männer traf Lynn überall: In den Haaren, im Gesicht, auf den Brüsten auf dem Bauch, auf dem Arsch ... sie genoss jeden Treffer und es erregte sie nur noch mehr überall mit der heißen Ficksahne verziert zu sein. Jetzt bildeten die schwarzen Männer um Lynn einen Kreis. Einige schlugen ihr ihre riesen Schwänze ins Gesicht und ohrfeigten sie damit. Sowas hatte sie noch nie erlebt. Sie wurde immer geiler und gieriger, bettelte darum endlich von ihnen durchgefickt zu werden, brüllte heraus das sie eine schwanzgeile Negerhure ist und das sie ihre Löcher richtig aufgerissen haben will. Das ließen sich die Männer natürlich nicht zweimal sagen. Drei von ihnen hoben Lynn in die Luft und der Vierte setzte seinen großen Phallus an ihrer klitschnassen Fotze an. Mit einem festen Stoß drang er in sie ein, was ihr ein lautes Kreischen entlockte. Sie war noch niemals so tief aufgepießt worden. Der ganze Schwanz war in ihrem Loch verschwunden und sie schaute auf ihren Unterleib und sah die prallen Eier des Schwarzen an ihren Arsch klatschen. Lynn verdrehte die Augen. "Jaaa, jaaaa! Das ist so geil, sowas Geiles! Oh man, dass halte ich nicht aus! Fickt mich weiter, besorgt es mir, reißt mir die Löcher auf!" Lynn war völlig von Sinnen und befand sich in einer anderen Welt. Sie nahm nichts mehr war was um sie herum passierte. Sie legte ihre Arme um den Hals des Schwarzen der gerade in ihr steckte und die anderen Drei ließen sie los. Jetzt ritt sie seinen Schwanz und klammerte sich fest an ihn, küsste ihn, steckte ihm ihre gepiercte Zunge in den Hals. Am liebsten wäre sie mit ihrem Ficker verschmolzen. Obwohl, eigentlich fühlte es sich auch so an. Seine Stöße waren tief und kraftvoll und Lynn spürte wie sie den ersten Orgasmus bekam. Doch der Schwarze fickte sie einfach immer weiter, völlig rücksichtlos und ungeachtet ihres Zustandes. Einige Minuten später spritzte er ihr seine ganze Ladung tief in die Fotze. Es war eine riesen Ladung die sich in mehreren Schüben ihren Weg tief in Lynns Leib bahnte. Sie war fertig, doch war es erst der Erste der sie durchgefickt hatte.

Um sie herum standen noch 5 weitere Männer von diesem Kaliber die alle noch ihren Spaß mit ihr haben wollten. Lynns Körper zeigte zwar erste Erschöpfung, doch ihr Geist wollte einfach immer mehr und konnte nicht genug bekommen. "Bitte fickt mich weiter, ich flehe Euch an. Laßt mich Eure weiße Hure sein, Eure verkommene Ficksklavin. Ja ich will Euren Saft tief in meinen Löchern, pumpt mich voll, macht mich fertig!! Bitte, bitte ich halte es einfach nicht mehr aus! Fickt mich in alle Löcher, ich brauche es unbedingt!" Die Männerhorde grinste sich an. So eine verkommene weiße Schlampe hatten sie noch nie gesehen. Der würden sie jetzt mal richtig zeigen was es heißt eine weiße Fickhure von großen schwarzen Männern zu sein. Sie wollte aufgerissene Löcher? Die könnte sie haben! Der Erste steckte Lynn seinen Fickriemen jetzt ins Blasmaul und dieses Mal nahm er keine Rücksicht mehr. Er griff ihren Kopf und fickte ihren Rachen mit seinen 27cm. Lynn hatte Not Luft zu bekommen, doch er fickte einfach weiter. Sie gurgelte und würgte, spürte seinen Schwanz so tief in ihrem Mund wie noch keinen zuvor. Dann passierte es, sie übergab sich. Ihren Ficker beeindruckte das gar nicht, er befriedigte sich weiter an ihrem Blasmaul und auch er schlug ihr seine lange harte Latte immer wieder mit voller Wucht ins Gesicht. Währenddessen drang der nächste Typ wieder in ihr bereits gedehntes Loch ein und vögelte sie mit voller Härte. Lynns Körper wurde hin- und hergeworfen, sie hatte keine Kontrolle mehr über ihn. Der nächste Orgasmus kam in dem Moment als der dritte Mann sich an ihrer Arschvotze verging. Seine dicke Eichel spaltete ihren Anus auf und bahnte sich erbarmungslos seinen Weg. Irgendwann fühlte Lynn nur noch, wie ihr Darm komplett ausgefüllt schien. Alle drei Schwänze fickten sie hart durch, wähend die übrigen Männer auf ihren Körper abspritzten und sie diese üppigen Ladungen der schwarzen Männer aufklatschen spürte. Dann kam der Erste in ihre wundgefickte Fotze und sie fühlte die heiße Soße tief in sich eindringen. Als nächstes bemerkte sie einen enormen Schwall in ihrem Mund den sie augenblicklich schluckte, weil sie auch gar keine andere Chance hatte. Der Dritte, der ihren Arsch fickte, nahm sich mehr Zeit. Nachdem die anderen Beiden sich zurückgezogen hatten, drehte er die völlig erschöpfte Lynn auf den Bauch, um sie wie eine Hündin von Hinten zu ficken. Sie lag mit dem Oberkörper auf dem Boden und schlürfte das Sperma vom Boden auf während er seinen mächtigen Schwanz immer wieder tief in ihren Arsch hämmerte. Es passierte was passieren musste, ihr Anus wurde tatsächlich aufgerissen. Er riss ein kleines Stück ein und Lynn schrie laut auf. In diesem Moment kam der Schwarze und spritzte seine Ladung auf ihre Rosette so das sich das Sperma mit dem Blut vermischte.

Es wurde dunkel.

Als Lynn wieder wach wurde, saß sie bereits bei ihrem Tutor im Auto und Beide befanden sich auf dem Rückweg. "Schatz, Du warst einfach unglaublich! Du bist das geilste Fickstück das mir je untergekommen ist. Ganz ehrlich Süße, der Film ist großartig geworden. Sieh' mal, das Cover habe ich schon: 'Lynn wird zur Negerhure'. Dein erster professioneller Pornofilm. JT sagte es dauert noch ein paar Tage bevor Du den Film bekommst. Er muss erst noch nachbearbeitet werden. Es wird auch Poster davon geben für die Pornoshops. Die bekommst Du natürlich auch. Die kannst Du dann in deinem Internatszimmer aufhängen und ich hänge mir eins davon ins Büro. Ehrlich mein Schatz ich bin stolz auf Dich!" Lynn lächelte leicht. Sie war ebenfalls stolz auf ihre Leistung, doch war sie noch zu erschöpft um richtig reagieren zu können. Ihre Fotze war wund und schmerzte, ihr Kiefer war total überdehnt und ihre Muskeln taten weh. Am schlimmsten war allerdings ihr Arsch, denn er brannte wie Feuer. Aber irgendwie ging es in ihrem Kopf schonwieder los. Gerade diese Schmerzen machten sie geil. Sie machten ihr bewusst was sie getan hatte, wie derbe sie gefickt und benutzt wurde und das gefiel ihr. Trotzdem, sie schlief kurz darauf wieder ein. Ihr Körper musste sich einfach regenerieren. Rorgal streichelte seiner Süßen sanft über den Kopf und konzentrierte sich dann wieder auf den Verkehr. Obwohl ihm das stellenweise nicht ganz leicht fiel, denn auch ihn machte dieser Filmdreh ungeheuer scharf und er hatte seit Stunden nicht mehr gefickt. Immer wieder gingen ihm die Szenen durch den Kopf wie seine süße Lynn durchgevögelt und vollgespritzt wurde. Sie mit diesen großen Afrikanern zu sehen ... das hatte schon etwas, dass musste er zugeben. In diesem Moment beschloss er die nächste Haltebucht anzufahren. Er stieg aus, öffnete seine Hose und steckte der schlafenden Lynn seinen steifen Schwanz in den Mund. Sie wurde nicht wach davon, war einfach zu erschöpft. Aber ihm war das in diesem Moment egal. Sie hätte sowieso nichts dagegen gehabt, im Gegenteil. Er fickte ihren Mund, spritze ihr ins Gesicht und setzte sich wieder auf den Fahrersitz. "So, schon besser", dachte er und fuhr das letzte Stück bis zum Internat.

Dort angekommen schlief Lynn immernoch. Rorgal nahm sie vorsichtig aus dem Auto und trug sie bis in ihr Zimmer, wo er sie dann ins Bett legte. Am nächsten Morgen hatte Lynn immernoch Schmerzen als sie wach wurde. Das Duschen war die Hölle, denn ihr Arsch brannte unbeschreiblich. Sie zog sich ihr Internats-Dress an und machte sich auf den Weg zum Büro ihres Tutors. Sie klopfte an und betrat das Zimmer. Rorgal lächelte. "Lynn, na bist Du ausgeschlafen? War doch ganz schön anstrengend Gestern, oder?" "Ja ich bin ausgeschlafen mein Herr. Ich habe aber immernoch starke Schmerzen. Mein Arsch brennt einfach total und ich hab' es in der Dusche fast nicht ausgehalten." "Na dann zeig mal her meine Süße ich schau mir das mal an." Lynn ging vor zum Schreibtisch und drehte sich um. Sie hob ihren kurzen Latex-Mini hoch und streckte ihrem Tutor ihren Arsch entgegen. Für ihn war es gar nicht leicht nicht gleich wieder seinen Schwanz reinzustecken, aber er riss sich zusammen und sah, dass das jetzt wohl auch nicht ging. Er betrachtete die Verletzung und wandte sich dann wieder seiner Schülerin zu. "Ja meine Süße, der ist richtig aufgerissen. Du kleine dreckige Schlampe. Ich denke wir gehen mal lieber zum Krankenflügel und lassen mal den Doc draufgucken. Nicht das es da noch eine Entzündung gibt. Immerhin brauchst Du deine Löcher ja noch."

Während Lynn auf den Arzt wartete telefonierte Rorgal wieder einmal mit Lynns Eltern. Er hatte ihr ja versprochen das er mit ihnen sprechen wollte. Wegen der neusten Bodymods, aber auch weil sie sich liebten und weil sie seine Sklavin werden wollte. Er sagte es ihnen aber nicht so am Telefon, er erwähnte nur, dass er sie gern mal persönlich besuchen würde um mit ihnen über Lynn zu sprechen. Ein Termin wurde vereinbart. Aber die neuen Bodymods wurden direkt am Telefon abgesprochen und wurden sozusagen freigegeben. Währenddessen hatte der Arzt Lynn schon untersucht und ihr mitgeteilt das sie jetzt ein paar Tage keinen Sex haben könne. Sie war verzweifelt als sie diese Nachricht hörte. Rorgal beruhigte sie aber und mischte sich in das Gespräch mit ein. "Lynn beruhige Dich, ich wette ich habe Nachrichten die Dich und auch den Doc interessieren werden. Ich habe gerade mit Deinen Eltern gesprochen und sie haben zugestimmt das Du weiter modifiziert wirst. Wie wäre es denn wenn wir die Zeit in der Du jetzt keinen Sex haben kannst dafür nutzen würden?" Lynns Blick hellte sich auf. "Wie wäre das Doktor, können wir das so machen?" "Nun, ich habe da zwar noch zwei Brustvergrößerungen, aber die gehen schnell. Ja ich denke das ist kein Problem. Was für Mods sollen es denn werden?" "Oh ich denke das bespreche ich mit ihnen lieber ohne Lynn. Sie braucht das gar nicht zu wissen. Diese verkommene Hure wird sowieso mit allem einverstanden sein. Selbst wenn nicht, was soll sie denn schon dagegen machen. Rorgal und der Dokter lachten und verließen das Zimmer. In der Zwischenzeit lag Lynn im Bett und war aufgeregt und gespannt, was für Modifications sie als nächstes bekommen würde.

"Ah Guten Tag Herr Rorgal, was können wir für Sie tun? Kommen Sie doch rein." "Guten Tag Herr und Frau Eisenbruch. Wie gesagt, ich habe da ein Anliegen ihre Tochter betreffend." "Ja Lynn die versaute Schlampe, wie macht sie sich denn auf dem Internat? Wie verlief der Pornodreh?" "Ja der Dreh, dass war wirklich der Wahnsinn. Hier, ich habe Ihnen die DVD mitgebracht. JT sagt die verkauft sich wie geschnitten Brot. Bald wird jeder ihre verkommene Tochter kennen. Die ging unglaublich auf die Schwarz-Afrikaner ab." "Aha, sowas. Dachte ich mir doch das die kleine Drecksfotze darauf abgeht." "Ja Frau Eisenbruch, da scheint sie ja nicht die Einzige zu sein nicht wahr? Das ist auch noch ein Thema, aber zuerst wollte ich über etwas anderes mit Ihnen beiden sprechen." "Na dann schießen Sie mal los." "Also es klingt vielleicht ein wenig merkwürdig und sowas ist mir auch noch nie passiert, aber ich habe mich verliebt in Ihre Tochter." "Was! Das gibt es doch wohl nicht, da geben wir unsere Tochter in ..." "Schatz, nun beruhige Dich. Lass' doch Herrn Rorgal erstmal aussprechen." "Vielen Dank Herr Eisenbruch. Wie gesagt mir ist sowas noch nie passiert mit einer Schülerin aber es ist ganz einfach so. Allerdings scheint es nicht nur mir so zu gehen. Auch ihre Tochter hat mir ihre Liebe gestanden." "Oh was? Zu sowas ist die noch in der Lage? Das hätte ich gar nicht gedacht." "Ich auch nicht Herr Eisenbruch, dass können Sie mir glauben." "Nun gut und ... wie soll das jetzt, ich meine was wollen Sie uns denn jetzt eigentlich damit sagen?" "Nunja also Lynn hat den Wunsch geäußert meine persönliche Sklavin sein zu wollen. Eine richtige Sklavin. Eine richtige Sklavin braucht natürlich auch einen eigenen dominanten Herrn und naja, da ich sie ohnehin liebe, wäre ich bereit ..." "Sie wären bereit unsere Tochter zu versklaven?" "Genau so ist es Herr Eisenbruch." "Nun, was soll ich dazu sagen. Unsere Pläne sahen natürlich anders aus. Eigentlich wollten wir Lynn benutzten damit ein bisschen mehr Geld ins Haus kommt."

"Oh also wenn es um Geld geht, dass sollte kein Problem sein. Ich habe ziemlich viel Geld und wenn Sie wollen kaufe ich Ihnen ihre Tochter ab. Sie hätten ganz sicher ausgesorgt und würden einen Schwiegersohn bekommen der in Ihrem Sinne 'gut' für ihre Tochter sorgt." "Na Schatz was sagst Du, dass klingt doch gar nicht so schlecht oder?" "Ja, Du hast schon recht. Das klingt schon ziemlich geil." Also gut Herr Rorgal, Sie haben unseren Segen dazu." "Bitte sagt doch Robert, wir sind doch bald eine Familie. Allerdings bedeutet das auch das ich von nunan 'freie Hand' habe was Lynns, sagen wir mal 'Entwicklung' anbelangt." "Selbst verständlich Robert, Du kannst doch mit deiner dreckigen Schlampe von Ehefrau machen was Du willst." "Fein, wie schön das wir uns einig geworden sind."

"Du sagtest da wäre noch etwas anderes?" "Oh ja, beinahe hätte ich das vergessen. Also ich habe ja gesehen wie enorm Lynn auf die Afrikaner abgegangen ist. Sowas hab' ich vorher wirklich noch nicht gesehen. Dabei kam mir die Idee für unsere Flitterwochen. Ich dachte mir ich fliege mit Lynn nach Kenia für ein paar Wochen, dort hätte sie Gelegenheit 'Land und Leute' zu studieren." "Mensch Robert, dass klingt fantastisch. Vielleicht bringt ihr uns ja sogar ein paar Engelkinder mit." "Haha, ja wer weiß, wäre doch durchaus möglich."

Meanwhile ...

Doktor Specht hatte wieder mal einen Großauftrag vor sich. Natürlich wurde er von Rorgal bereits genaustens instruiert wie er seine Sklavin zu modifizieren hatte. Das Lynns Eltern zustimmen würden bezweifelte er schließlich nicht. Im war vollkommen klar das er nur mit ausreichend Geldscheinen winken brauchte. Also gab er dem Doktor eine Liste von bereits erfolgten Bodymods und denen, die noch folgen sollten, damit er nicht durcheinander käme. Schließlich waren es mittlerweile doch schon eine Menge Veränderungen und noch Einiges sollte hinzukommen. Lynn wurde in der Zwischenzeit bereits sediert und dann in den Op-Saal gefahren. Die nächsten Tage sollte sie nicht mehr wach werden. Dr. Specht ging die Liste durch ...

Bereits durchgeführt:

- Wasserstoffblonde Haare, künstliche Fingernägel, Blaslippen
- Sillikontitten Größe 90DD, Medikamente zur Steigerung der sexuellen Aktivität
- Piercing in der linken Augenbraue, im Bauchnabel, Unterlippe rechts, 10 Ringe in den Ohren, je ein Fleshtunnel 0,5cm in den Ohrläppchen, Stifte in den Nippeln links und rechts, Zungenpiercing, äußere Schamlippen 0,8cm Ösen mit Ringen je 5 Stück links und rechts
- Tattoos: Arschgeweih-Tribal mit dem Wort "Perverse Fickschlampe", Ober und Unterschenkel des linken Beines Fortführung des Tribals, Engelsflügel auf dem Rücken, "BlaseEngel" im Nacken, Fingerknöchel rechts "Hure", Fingerknöchel links "Fuck", abspritzende Schwänze links und rechts auf der Hüfte, "Spritz mich voll" über dem Bauchnabel

Nun durchzuführen:

- Nippelvergrößerung, Stifte der Nippel durch Ringe ersetzten, Nippel tättowieren
- Brustvergrößerung
- Fotze tättowieren, Entfernung der Augenbrauen und permanent Make-Up
- "I love black Cocks" mit rotem Herz über der linken Brust als Tattoo
- "Barcode-Tattoo" rechtes Handgelenk innen, zum Auslesen
- Oberschenkel rechts "Strumpf- bzw. Strapsband-Tattoo, Anustattoo
- größere Fleshtunnels, Zunge spalten, Anusring zum Offenhalten des Lochs,
- Kitzlerpiercing sowie Implant zur Stimmulanz, sowie
- Stahlhalsband mit Gravur "Slave-Girl"

"Oh man, die kleine Nutte wird dermaßen verkommen und pervers aussehen", dachte Doktor Specht als er diese Liste las. Allerdings dachte er auch daran das es ihn jede Menge Arbeit kosten würde und das es wohl Zeit würde den Tättowierer anzurufen, da dieser auch einen Haufen zu tun bekommt. Gesagt getan. "Also an die Arbeit Mädels, wir haben eine lange Liste und Heute wird es spät", sagte er als er den Op-Saal betrat wo das Team bereits auf ihn wartete. Specht dachte sich, dass er am besten mit dem heikelsten und umständlichsten anfangen sollte und so machte er sich daran, Lynns Schließmuskel zu zerstören um dann einen Ring aus einem speziellen Gummimaterial einzusetzen. Dieses würde mit der Zeit einwachsen und dafür sorgen das die Hure ihr Arschloch nicht mehr schließen kann. Natürlich war der Ring extrem dehnbar, so das man spielend eine große Faust in ihre Arschfotze stecken kann, aber schließen würde es sich niewieder vollständig. Er wählte eine Größe von etwa 3cm Durchmesser, weiter würde es sich nicht mehr schließen. Nachdem dieser Punkt abgehakt war, machte er sich an Lynns Klit zu schaffen. Hier musste er nun besonders vorsichtig sein um keine Nerven zu beschädigen. Schließlich wollte er ihre Geilheit vergrößern und nicht verringern. Dazu setzte er Lynn eine kleine Metallkugel als Implantat unter der Klitoris ein. Diese Kugel war ein wahres technisches Kunstwerk. Zum Einen führte sie dazu, dass Lynns Klit ein wenig hervorgehoben wurde und dadurch größer wirkte, zum Anderen stellte sie einen Widerstand da, der die Erregung erhöhte wenn Druck auf ihre Klit ausgeübt wurde, zudem war diese Kugel aber mit einem Mikrochip ausgestattet, welcher über ein Signal von Außen angesteuert werden konnte. Das wiederrum führte zu Vibrationen der Kugel, was Lynn in einen rauschartigen Zustand der Erregung versetzen konnte. Jetzt kamen ein paar einfachere Eingriffe. Specht nahm die 0,5cm großen Fleshtunnels aus Lynns Ohrläppchen und ersetzte sie durch 1,5cm große. Danach tauschte er noch die Sillikonimplantate ihrer Titten aus und ersetzte sie durch größere, wodurch Lynn Euter von 90DD auf 90DDD bzw. G anwuchsen. Als er diesen Eingriff fertig hatte, spritze er ihr noch eine neuartige Lösung in beide Nippel, welche diese in den nächsten Tagen um 1-2cm anwachsen ließen. Neuartig war daran, dass die Nippel diese Größe behalten würden und nicht etwa wie bei einer Kochsalzlösung wieder vom Körper abgebaut werden würde. Zum Schluss kam Lynns Zunge an die Reihe. Der Doktor dachte noch daran, dass dieses junge Mädchen wohl niewieder eine klare Aussprache haben würde als er das Skalpel ansetzte und ihr die Zunge spaltete wie bei einer Schlange. "So, fertig," sagte er doch einigermaßen erschöpft zu seinen Mädels. Natürlich gab es Pausen zwischen den Op's, inzwischen waren fast 3 Tage vergangen. Schneller war es einfach nicht zu machen. Nicht nur weil es ein Marathon für den Arzt und sein Team war, sondern auch weil man Lynns Körper ja nicht zuviel zumuten konnte. Immerhin waren sie medizinsch schon auf dem letzten Stand der Technik, was die Risiken minimierte und die Durchführung perfektionierte. Die Arbeit von Doktor Specht war jedenfalls getan. Jetzt müsste man Lynn nicht mehr in Narkose halten, schwere Beruhigung- bzw. Schlafmittel würden auch ausreichen damit der Tättowierer sich nun ans Werk machen konnte.

"Ah John, da sind Sie ja. Die Liste der Tattoos habe ich Ihnen ja bereits gefaxt. Sie müssen allerdings noch etwas vorsichtig sein wegen der Op's die ich durchgeführt habe. Ich weiß, es ist eine menge Arbeit, aber Lynn ist nach wie vor sediert, Sie können also in Ruhe arbeiten und brauchen keine Angst zu haben das sie aufwacht." "Okay, wunderbar, dann werde ich mich mal an die Arbeit machen."

Der Tätowierer musste tatsächlich mit Bedacht vorgehen, aus dem Grund fing er auch in Lynns Gesicht an. Er laserte ihr die Augenbrauen weg, so das die auch nicht mehr nachwachsen konnten und begann dann damit ihr 'künstliche' mit der Nadel nachzuziehen. Das sah zwar enorm ordinär aus, aber es war ja schließlich nicht seine Freundin oder so. Als Nächstes waren dann die dicken Blaslippen dran die in einem schönen Rot gestochen wurden. Mit einer neuartigen Masse überzogen welche ebenso wie die Tattoos permanent hielt, sahen sie richtig schön nass aus, wie frisch mit Lipgloss überzogen. Dann kamen die Augen dran, Kajal würde Lynn in Zukunft niewieder kaufen müssen. John beschloss allerdings das Ganze 'elegant' und 'sexy' aussehen zu lassen und nicht all zu nuttig. Er war der Meinung, wenn Lynn es nuttig haben wollte, könnte sie es ja dann noch mit normalem Make-Up dem Anlass entsprechend erweitern. Als er nun das nächste Tattoo stach, spürte er die Beule in seiner Hose wachsen: "So eine versaute Hure", 'I love black Cocks', tsss Miststück, die steht also auch auf große schwarze Schwänze. Er stach ein schönes große rotes Herz oberhalb ihrer linken Titte und stach dann die Worte in gut lesbaren schwarzen Lettern leicht geschwungen darüber. Der Barcode hatte es jetzt allerdings in sich. Es war eine ganz neue Methode, bei der es wirklich auf Genauigkeit ankam. Ein Computer errechnete die Anzahl und Breite des Codes, der einzelnen Streifen und Zahlen, je nach dem was man nachher auslesen wollte. Durch Lynns Code sollte übermittelt werden: Ficksklavin Lynn, Eigentum von Robert Rorgal. Whore4BBC and all Other. Dadruch hatte der Tättowierer genaue Vorgaben und setzte diese jetzt auf Lynns rechtem Handgelenk um. "Klasse, dass gefällt mir viel besser als das Chippen bei den Haustieren", dachte er während er die Nadel führte. Jetzt waren immer noch die Nippel und die Fotze zu tättowieren. John zögerte. Er schwankte zwischen 'Rosa' und 'Rot'. Doch dann entschloss er sich Beides in dem selben Rotton zu stechen wie das Herz und ihre Lippen. Er war der Ansicht dass das besser für das Gesamtbild wäre. Wo er gerade an Lynns Fotze beschäftigt war, steckte er auch mal ein bisschen seine Finger rein um sie zu stimmulieren. Selbst im Schlaf war Lynn klatschnass. Jetzt setzte er eine Kanüle an ihrer Klit an und durchstach auch diese. Dann zog er einen schönen dicken Stift ein. "Sitzt doch perfekt", lobte er sich selbst und machte 'Oben' weiter. Stifte aus dem Nippeln raus, schöne große Silberringe rein. "So, noch zwei Punkte, dann wäre das auch geschafft. Wieder ein junges hübsches Ding in eine Fetischnutte verwandelt." John drehte Lynn jetzt leicht auf die Seite und begann damit das 'Strapsband' auf ihren rechten Oberschenkel zu tättowieren. Dabei gab er sich besondere Mühe. Er wollte das es richtig sexy aussieht, als wäre es aus echter schwarzer Spitze mit einer schönen Schleife verziert. Drei Stunden hat er allein dafür benötigt, aber es hatte sich gelohnt, es sah fantastisch aus. Jetzt nahm er nur noch das silberne Stahlshalsband aus dem Koffer, legte er Lynn um den Hals und klickte es ein. "So das wars! Endlich! Geiles Miststück!"

John machte noch ein paar Fotos für sein Studio und verließ dann das Zimmer. "So Doktor Specht, ich bin fertig mit der Nutte. Sieht alles wunderbar aus. Allerdings sollten Sie ihr noch ein paar ihrer 'Wundermittelchen' verabreichen damit die Heilung schneller vorangeht." "Na wunderbar! Klar John, daran hatte ich schon gedacht, immerhin muss ihr Körper die Op's ja auch verarbeiten. Ich gehe gleich und wechsle den Topf."

Am nächsten Morgen kam Robert in den Krankenflügel um da er sich um 'seine' Sklavin sorgte. Der Arzt beruhigte ihn jedoch schnell und teilte ihm mit das alles nach Plan und ohne Komplikationen verlaufen sei. Schnell, aufgeregt lief Robert in das Krankenzimmer und setzte sich zu Lynn auf die Bettkannte. Er nahm ihre Hand in seine und langsam schlug Lynn die Augen auf ...

„Desgleichen sollt ihr Frauen euren Männern Untertan sein und ihnen gehorchen“ (1. Petrus 3,1)

Lynn versuchte zu sprechen als sie ihren Geliebten erkannte, doch es gelang ihr nicht. Alles was sie herausbrachte war ein Lallen zusammen mit jeder Menge Speichel. "Sprich jetzt nicht mein Schatz, Du musst Dich noch schonen. Deine neuen Bodymods waren sehr umfangreich und dein Körper muss sich noch regenerieren." Lynn schaute ihren Tutor verliebt aber auch etwas traurig an. Sie wollte ihn umarmen, küssen, ihm den Schwanz blasen, ihn in sich spüren. Natürlich war ihr noch gar nicht klar wie umfangreich die Veränderungen an ihrem Körper waren. Sie wusste nicht das sie bereits seit 5 Tagen nicht mehr bei Bewusstsein gewesen war. Sie spürte lediglich das sie überall Schmerzen hatte, die zwar zu ertragen waren, aber doch dazu führten, dass sie sich völlig zerschlagen fühlte. Alles was sie wahrnahm war ihr Tutor und das sich ihre Zunge so seltsam anfühlte. Ihr Piercing schien weg zu sein. Kurz darauf schlief sie auch schon wieder ein.

"Doktor Specht, meine Kleine scheint ja noch völlig fertig zu sein, wann denken Sie werde ich sie mitnehmen können?" "Ich denke in 2-3 Tagen wird die kleine Fotze soweit sein, dass Sie sie erstmal mitnehmen können. Unsere Medikamente sind sehr wirksam wie Sie wissen. Mit dem Sex sollten Sie allerdings noch vorsichtig sein." "Gut Doktor Specht, dass klingt ja gar nicht so schlecht. Auch wenn das lange Tage werden." Robert beschloss in der Zwischenzeit alles für die Hochzeit vorzubereiten. Es sollte nichts großes werden, eher obligatorisch damit er mit Lynn schnell nach Kenia fliegen konnte und damit sie wieder ein paar Pornos drehen konnte. Auch ihre Erziehung zur Sklavin musste ja noch Formen annehmen. Sie war zwar ein williges Fickstück, aber was es bedeutet eine Sklavin zu sein, in diesem Bereich war sie noch Novizin.

Robert hoffte das Sie dazu überhaupt in der Lage sein würde. Aber er hatte ihre menschliche Seite ja bereits kennenlernen können und er wusste das noch Intellekt vorhanden war, auch wenn Lynn eine dauergeile Stute war. Er überlegte auch, ob er seine Sklavin jetzt noch länger auf dem Internat lassen sollte oder ob er die Erziehung komplett selbst in die Hand nehmen sollte. Er kam aber dann zu dem Schluss, dass sie ruhig die ein oder andere Vorlesung oder Unterrichtsstunde besuchen sollte. Immerhin hatten sie hier im Internat eine gute Ausstattung und er hatte sie ja so auch bei sich. Allerdings würde es sehr spannend werden wie die anderen Mädchen auf sie reagieren würden. Natürlich gab es jede Menge versauter Schlampen auf dem Internat, dass war ja der Sinn dieser Institution. Auf der anderen Seite waren sie aber alle nicht so pervers und extrem Modifiziert wie seine Lynn. "Naja, wenn es 'böses Blut' geben sollte, muss ich sie eben doch runternehmen", dachte Robert, "aber erstmal werde ich es so versuchen."

Drei Tage waren vergangen und Lynn war immernoch nicht so richtig auf dem Damm. Es ging ihr zwar schon bedeutend besser, aber sie kurierte sich jetzt mittlerweile bei Robert zu Hause aus. Das sie in ihrem zukunftigen Ehebett lag war ihr natürlich nicht klar. An diesem Morgen kam Robert mit einem großen Karton ins Schlafzimmer. "Wasch isch dasch", fragte Lynn, die aufgrund ihrer gespaltenen Zunge noch gar nicht anständig sprechen konnte. Naja, eine klare deutliche Aussprache würde sie wohl ohnehin nicht mehr haben. "Mach es auf mein Schatz uns sieh rein." "Ein Schleid?! Wie schön. Woschür isch dasch?" "Für unseren Termin Morgen Nachmittag meine Süße. Wir haben dann eine Verabredung auf dem Standesamt." "Wasch?!" Lynns Augen strahlten als sie Roberts Worte hörte. "Ja mein Schatz. Ich habe mit Deinen Eltern gesprochen und sie haben sich sehr gefreut, dass sie so einen tollen Schwiegersohn bekommen." "Isch liebe Disch mein Scheer!" "Ich weiß meine Süße, ich liebe Dich auch. Und Morgen um Drei ist es soweit, dann gehörst Du auch von Staatswegen mir." Robert lächelte als er das sagte. Die Hochzeit selbst ging wie gesagt ziemlich rasch. Anwesend waren nur Lynns Eltern, die zukünftigen Eheleute und ein guter alter Freund von Robert als Trauzeuge. Da dieser ein gut gebauter Schwarzer war, juckte es Lynn schonwieder zwischen den Schenkeln als sie ihn sah. Natürlich blieb das den Anwesenden nicht verborgen, da sie keine Anstalten machte es irgendwie zu verstecken. Bis auf die Standesbeamten, die verständnislos mit dem Kopf schüttelten machte das aber niemandem etwas aus. Vermutlich wunderten sie sich darüber, dass ein so attraktiver Mann so eine abartige Schlampe heiraten wollte. Wie hätten sie auch wissen sollen, wie es wirklich war.

Jedenfalls wurde die alte Formel zum Eheschluss verwendent, in der die Braut Gehorsamkeit verpricht und ihrem Manne untertan zu sein. Es war gar nicht so leicht die Standesbeamten davon zu überzeugen, doch sie ließen sich dann doch darauf ein. Es wurde unterschrieben, es wurde sich geküsst und alles war unter Dach und Fach. Noch in dem Moment als die Beiden nach Draußen traten nahm Robert seiner Frau das Stahlhalsband ab und ersetzte es durch eines aus Titan. Es war ein breiter runder Ring mit Öse vorn zum Einhaken von Ketten, Leinen und ähnlichem. Natürlich war auch dieses Halsband ebenso graviert wie das alte. Der Unterschied war, dass nirgendwo irgendwelche Verschlüsse oder Schlösser zu sehen waren. Es macht einfach nur Klick als Robert seiner Sklavin ins Ohr flüsterte, dass man dieses Halsband niemehr abnehmen kann. Als er die Worte sprach, spürte Lynn wie ihre Fotze überschäumte und ihr etwas ihrer Flüssigkeit den Oberschenkel hinunterlief. Sie wollte ihn jetzt sofort! Ob das wohl ginge? Dank der Medikamente fühlte sie sich jetzt 9 Tage nach den Op's schonwieder ganz fit. Schließlich war heute doch ihre Hochzeitsnacht. Sie hatte noch nichteinmal die Gelegenheit sich ihre neuen Mods erklären zu lassen oder sie zu bewundern.

Zu Hause angekommen riss Lynn sich sofort ihre Kleider vom Leib und wollte Robert an die Hose. "Hör sofort auf Du perverse Ehehure!" Verschreckt sah Lynn ihren Mann an. "Du fragst Dich was los ist? Erstens bist Du meine Frau und Sklavin, dass heißt Du tust was ich sage, wann ich es sage und nichts anderes! Und Zweitens will ich Dich erstmal über Deine neuen Mods aufklären bevor ich Dich durchziehe wie eine läufige Hündin." "Ja Meischter, bitte enschulige, isch wersche Dir gehorschen", gab Lynn kleinlaut aber absolut notgeil zurück. "Gut. Wie Du sicher schon gemerkt hast habe ich Deine Euter noch weiter aufblasen lassen. Ich finde es einfach nur geil wenn so junger Hühner wie Du mit so künstlichen Sillikontitten rumlaufen und jeder sehen kann das sie künstlich sind. Aber wie ich Dich kenne kommt Dir Fotze das sowieso entgegen. Deine Nippel haben wir auch künstlich vergrößern lassen, nur damit Du Dich nicht wunderst warum die nicht mehr kleiner werden, die bleiben jetzt immer so steil aufgerichtet. Wie es sich für eine ordinäre Hure gehört. Dazu dachte ich mir wäre es angebracht sie, genau wie Deine immergeile Fotze auch schön tättowieren zu lassen. Apropros Tattoos ... falls Du Dich wunderst, dass an Deinem Handgelenk dürftest Du ja vielleicht aus dem Supermarkt kennen. Das ist ein Barcode. Jeder mit dem passenden Gerät kann den Code auslesen und erfährt auf diese Weise wessen Eigentum Du bist und was Du für eine Aufgabe hast. Außerdem, da Du bei dem Pornodreh ja so tierisch auf die Afrikaner abgegangen bist (ich habe übrigens gesehen wie Du meinen Freund Jamal angesehen hast) dachte ich mir, Du willst doch sicher jedem zeigen wie geil Du auf schwarze Schwänze bist - ich denke das Tattoo auf Deiner Brust erklärt sich dadurch von selbst. Deine Fleshtunnels haben wir in der Klink um das 3-fache vergrößert, mir gefallen diese mikriegen kleinen Dinger nicht. Ich bin der Meinung, wenn schon Fleshtunnels, dann sollten sie auch gut sichtbar sein und Deine Ohren für immer verunstalten. Zu verunstalten fällt mir noch etwas anderes ein. Du wunderst Dich doch schon seit Tagen warum sich Deine Zunge so komisch anfühlt und Du nicht richtig sprechen kannst. Nun, ich habe sie Dir spalten lassen. Ja, glaub es ruhig! Sieh' in den Spiegel wenn Du es nicht glaubst. Du wirst vermutlich für den Rest Deines Lebens ein Lispeln behalten, aber das macht nichts finde ich. Das lässt Dich noch etwas dümmlicher wirken und führt dazu das Du mich (und natürlich auch Deine Freier) noch geiler blasen kannst. Du wirst, wenn Du es nicht selbst lernst ein Training bekommen um die beiden Hälften seperat bewegen zu können damit Du die Schwänze schön verwöhnen kannst. Ach und wenn Du schon in den Spiegel schaust, gefallen Dir Deine tättowierten Augenbrauen? Die sind wenigstens mal 'richtig' schwarz und bleiben es auch. Genau wie der Kajal und der Lippenstift. Das wird Dir eine Menge Zeit sparen wenn Du Dich in Zukunft schminkst. Zum Schluss ... zieht es Zufällig am Arsch? Falls ja liegt das daran, dass Dein dreckiger Hurenarsch 'offen' ist. Doktor Specht hat Deinen Schließmuskel zerstört, damit sich Dein Arsch niewieder schließen kann. Du wirst also für den Rest Deines Lebens mit einem offenen Arschloch herumlaufen. Ich finde das sehr praktisch, immerhin bist Du dann immer sofort gedehnt und zugänglich. Eigentlich nicht zu fassen das ein Mädchen von 18 Jahren sich so zurichten lässt oder? Aber ich weiß Du wolltest es ja so und jetzt gibt es für Dich wirklich kein Zurück mehr, selbst wenn Du es wolltest. Achso, was es mit Deiner modifizierten Fotze auf sich hat zeige ich Dir später noch. Eigentlich wollte ich auch das Dein Arschloch ein schönes Tattoo bekommt, aber dieser Idiot von Specht hat das vergessen. Na' seis drum, dass können wir ja noch nachholen wenn wir in Kenia sind. Wer weiß was uns Beiden da noch nettes einfällt."

In der Zwischenzeit kniete Lynn auf dem Fußboden vor ihrem Herrn und wandt sich vor Lust und Begierde. Sie konnte nicht glauben was ihr Ehemann aus ihr gemacht hatte. Sie war nichts weiter als ein reines Fetischobjekt. Fickpüppchen gab es ja viele, auch Bimbos oder Schlampen ... aber sie war nun wirklich total extrem modifiziert worden. Das Ganze machte sie dermaßen geil, dass sie schon einen riesen Fleck auf den Teppich gemacht hatte. In diesem Moment berührte sie ihre Fotze und verlor wirklich um ein Haar das Bewusstsein. Ihr war nicht klar warum, sie spürte nur einen derben Blitz der Erregung durch ihren Körper zucken, nur für einen Augenblick. Mit einem großen Fragezeichen im Gesicht sah sie Robert an. Ja, schön nicht war? Das ist Deine neue mod. Fotze. Komm mit ins Schlafzimmer ich erkläre sie Dir.

Im Schlafzimmer angekommen legte Lynn sich mit gespreitzten Beinen auf das Bett. "So mein Schatz. Also ich habe beschlossen die geilmachenden Medikamente die Du bekommst absetzen zu lassen." "Wasch? Aber aber ... wiescho? Isch brausche die dosch, isch will dauernd geil schein." "Keine Panik meine kleine Nutte. Ich wette mit Dir die brauchst Du gar nicht mehr. Erstens hat die bisherige Einnahme die Strukturen in Deinem Hirn völlig verändert und das wird auch so bleiben und Zweitens, sieh Dich dochmal an. Allein durch Deinen Anblick, wenn Du Dir bewusstmachst was aus Dir geworden ist, wirst Du schon dauernd nass werden. Das ist aber noch nicht alles. Ich werde Dich ja weiter zur Sklavin erziehen und schon dafür sorgen das Du dauergeil bleiben wirst. Ich will aber auch nicht, jetzt wo Du meine Frau bist, dass die Pillen Dein Gehirn total zerstören und ich mich nicht mehr mit Dir unterhalten kann. Mir liegt was an Dir, ich liebe Dich und ich will auch mal mit Dir reden können, Deine Wünsche und Bedürfnisse hören." Lynn war richtig gerührt aber Robert war noch nicht fertig. "Außerdem, ich wollte Dir doch Deine geile neue Fotze erklären. Sieh sie Dir mal genau an. Nur angucken, nicht anfassen!" Lynn sah genau hin und stellte fest wie groß ihre Klit geworden war. Sie zeigte mit dem Finger darauf. "Rieschig", sagte sie zu Robert. "Ja genau, Deine Klit ist ganz schön groß geworden nicht war? Das liegt an der Metallkugel die Dir darunter implantiert wurde. Daher kam der 'Blitz' gerade im Flur. Du bist um ein Vielfaches sensibler geworden da Unten. Aber ich kann die Kugel auch fernsteuern. Hiermit, siehst Du ..." Mit diesem Worten hielt Robert seiner Frau sein Smartphone vor die Nase und drückte eine bestimmte Einstellung. Plötzlich schoss wieder dieser Blitz in Lynns Körper und sie streckte die Beine durch, bog ihren Rücken, zappelte wie wild auf dem Bett herum und schrie und stöhnte. Sie hatte keine Chance sich gegen diese unbändige Geilheit zur Wehr zu setzten die ihren Schoss durchfloss und sie spritzte das ganze Bett voll. Plötzlich war das Gefühl, dass beinahe Schmerzen verursachte wieder verschwunden. "Na gefällt das meiner notgeilen Ehehure?" Mit fuckelnden Augen sah Lynn ihren Mann an, grinste verdorben und hechelte: "Jaaa, oh man, dass ist sooo geil, sowas habe ich noch nie empfunden!" Na siehst Du, dass ist auch ein Grund warum ich nicht mehr will das Du diese Pillen bekommst. Ich bin Dein Herr und 'ich allein' will die Macht über Deine Geilheit haben. Was meinst Du wie genial das ist, wenn Du gerade mal nicht geil bist und ich schalte Deine Pussy ein, egal wo wir gerade sind und Du kannst Dich nicht mehr beherrschen. Die Kontrolle über Deinen Körper gehört jetzt mir! Im Übrigen, ich kann das Implantat stufenlos regeln, dass heißt ich kann auch eine ganz leichte unterschwellige Geilheit einstellen, die Dich den ganzen Tag lang feucht hält. Und falls Du mal bestraft werden musst, dass gerade eben war erst die halbe Leistung und da hattest Du schon beinahe Schmerzen vor Geilheit, Du kannst Dir ja vorstellen was passiert wenn ich das Implantat auf volle Leistung stelle." Mit diesen Worten stellte Robert das Impantat wieder ein. Dieses Mal auf eine 'leichte' Stufe. In diesere Nacht vögelte er seine Sklavin um den Verstand und lud auch noch seinen Freund Jamal ein der ihn ablöste wenn er mal eine Pause brauchte. Einfach ein geiler Anblick diese junge Drecksnutte, gefickt von diesem schwarzen Hengst mit seinem riesen Schwanz - selbst in der Hochzeitsnacht.

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