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Mum and Aunt help me cum!!

Mum and Aunt help me cum!!

... thinking about you and I was hoping you could come over and help me out with something.”

She ... to see my aunt blushing and catching quick glimpses of me through the corner of her eye which turned my ... , and with a girlfriend who now wanted me I could get all the action I wanted. I just hope that doctor can help me... Continue»
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mom and aunt help me cum

... with the thought of my mom’s naked ass and my aunt’s beautiful wet cleavage to help me.

I hit the shower ... could come over and help me out with something.”

She sounded strange but very enticing ... movies I thought to myself! My aunt would never hit on me like that. But the experience left me... Continue»
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Mum gets to see and help me wank.

... , where to eat and all that. Which left me and mum lazy round the pool area. This was ideal for me ... .

'this is to hot for me!' mum said getting up from laying on her stomach sunbathing. I loved it when she ... for me as i see side on of her big 34dd tits.

Sitting up and cupping her tits mum says
'im... Continue»
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Mum helps me become a girl pt1

... me sir can you give me a hand ,he looks at me and walks to the change rooms to help mum ... for me to confess to my mum as its all I can think about is being a girl . I knew my mum would ... our talk I was so happy when my mum told me to go get dressed... Continue»
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me and my aunt i will cheat bas a other man

... Wakee Salud
8/29, 6:46pm
Rex Wakee Salud

huh?nakuha na diay na?ala pa ui...dli na nila makuha....

ayaw pa sir ui.....

rex lang ang e tawag nimo... Continue»
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Slutty Kerry gets into debt

... was very thankful that I had helped her out and she gave me a hug and I loved the feel of her large ... her arms round me and kissed me and said, ‘I really appreciate you helping me out with my debts ... and watch me cum, I want you to look at me as I cum,’ she gasped.
As I sat down again and pulled... Continue»
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Perfect Neighbor's Part 2

... , Oh Fuck, I'm cumming, pump me full. Fuck ME................"

From sex kitten to Cat and back in 60 ... to do was get him fucking Jane, then Sue and god help me, ME. So help me god, I wanted my son to fuck ... , cum in me now. OH FUCK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

We were both breathing heavy, gasping for air. We had... Continue»
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Magic Wanda

... there was some magic somewhere that helped me to this destiny, which was my Aunt Wanda.

I’d never had ... help.”

“Aunt Wanda, you’ve been brilliant to me and the lads tonight. I’m guessing I can talk ... sticky cum erupt from my cock.

Aunt Wanda had got her hands on my ass now and was pulling me down... Continue»
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Linda's wider f****y

... to be when they were younger. When we arrived home, Linda’s mum and her Aunt Ellen were ... was a very big man and he asked me to help him carry in a large box which was in his car a fair way ... . “My dad’s making me cum. Oh, I’m cumming” she gasped. Her back arched and her dad thrust his cock... Continue»
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sissy for mum and friends p4

... little slut” my mind flashed back to my Aunt telling me not to get any on my dress. I never for one ... this happen, being tricked so easily by first my mum and aunt and now my friends. Ali then pulled his ... . It took me a bit longer this time but soon I was cumming all over my dress again. Chris shot his... Continue»
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When I Learn To Fly

... her chin as she leaned over me. "'Cause I'm here with you."

"My mum's in the next room, remember ... . "I'm so glad your mum let you bring me."

"Mom is very supportive of our girl-love. I think she ... ."

"Will you get your brain out of the gutter for a minute and come help me?"

But I'd done something... Continue»
Posted by swapx 3 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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Granny becomes Slut

... This happened early 70's when I was 16 .
I was in disagreement with my Mum as she wanted me ... 2weeks with mum & aunt was something I was going to avoid at all costs and which I won ... , also pictures of my Aunt with guys & females including my mum both licking each other and kissing... Continue»
Posted by oralman12 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Masturbation  |  

The Passage of Lydia Part 3

... began rubbing me all over in a body lotion.
“This will help stop any shaving rashes and keep your ... with your mum when she tried to fix me with blind dates. I have not neglected my sex life and still have ... the happiest I have ever been. It broke my heart when mum told me about moving back. And as for this, us... Continue»
Posted by fifebi 3 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Shemales  |  
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Rob's stay with Auntie Serena

... to watch me auntie, look at the way I rub my cock for you, I’m going to shoot my cum all over your red ... to watch him cum, I had to see him splatter his cum in my panties.

It was as if he could see me ... smelling your cunt juices auntie, you do want me to cum on your lips, don’t you auntie?”

Suddenly... Continue»
Posted by arbymore 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Hardcore  |  
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Mother and I wanted sex with the same old man.

... , and that was putting it kindly, mum summed it up nicely, by teasing me by saying, 'He had the 'Hots' for me ... on the first floor, staring up my skirt as I walked up them, and talking incessantly to me, mum ... , never mind everything that had happened four years, back when mum and dad separated, I started my... Continue»
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Becoming My Mother's Lover

... wanted, and that was more than enough for me.

Mum was off limits mainly because the thought of my dad ... me orgasm harder than anything.

Anyway, by my late 20's my mum and s****r made only rare ... and said something like 'what a crazy night' to my mum. She smiled back but immediately told me... Continue»
Posted by mymotherslover 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned

... about boys penises."

"Hah! You had me when you were s*******n. You must have known something about ... ."

"Yeah, but look, you had me," her daughter smiled in response.

"Luckiest day in my life," her ... finally slipped away.

"What? He was? How big? Mum."


"Hi Mrs. Coursey, hi Patty... Continue»
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The Italian Job 13

... “morning Kim” she said, as Kim shot out from under the covers, she looked at me “how did she know I ... , she stirred a bit and turned then put her arms around my neck and came in close to me, my cock ... left, I rolled back on my side, Maria was still holding on to me around my neck with her body very... Continue»
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High School Girls

... with him.

"Can I hold you? It will help me warm up." Amy asked. Sam gulped.

Without waiting ... didn't hear that. You're supposed to be saying
something to me!"

"OWWWW! I'm sorry, Mike ... to puke.

"I don't want to talk about it, Sam! I appreciate that you're trying to
help, but it won't... Continue»
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Mom Get's Adventurous

... obliged and furiously fucked his mother’s dripping wet cunt from behind. Rose screamed out “cum with me ... was the only man who had ever helped her achieve multiple orgasms with his skilled fingers and tongue. She ... sex regularly, she didn't always cum and her husband would usually always be sl**ping within minutes... Continue»
Posted by mumlover1987 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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