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Ms. Nora Milks Him Dry

Ms. Nora Milks Him Dry

... Ms. Nora Milks Him Dry

John, the 18-year old son of the owner of the printing company ... to examine the document in front of him.

"It's further down the page..." Ms. Nora purred ... and all he could see were Ms. Nora's two mountainous 40D black melons looming over him. Her eyes... Continue»
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Fiances Father 1

... to shed her promiscuous behavior and to become Ms. Prim and Proper. She kept busy and somehow managed ... just how long the charade could be maintained. She managed to keep John at bay, often scolding him ... sweetheart as the goody-goody Ms. Prim and Proper. Then in her senior year of college... Continue»
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Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience

... , milking your pre-cum out quite effectively into her bowels -

I move my hand from her hair to her ... wanted, yet in here she was this man's toy, a trophy goddess for him to use and abuse. She had ... can blow my load inside your pussy or you can milk my cock with your feet."

- She smiles as she... Continue»
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Mind fucking Hayden Panettiere

... clamp down around him and milk up every last drop he could pour into her for this exchange. He didn’t ... in one hand, and a small box in the other.
“Ms. Panettiere,” he asked with an unusual sort of smile ... odd, as the foundation had never given her such a gift, but she accepted it from him and opened... Continue»
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sunbathing...blackmailed by sisstr part 4

... the furniture..
" you like m*ms tits?" it was Clare...i nod
She has her bikini top on now...
"Come ... , i gently applied pressure and began to lead her hand in long firm milking movements she licked her ... to read but alternating my glances between my d*ds eyes, Clare and M*ms bum and legs. My cock feels warm... Continue»
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... . It was cold, sincere and she obviously controlled the situation. I grabbed a towel to dry myself ... putting a chastity belt on him, might cause the Bar Association to ask a few embarrassing questions ... down stairs. Gloria has this smile from ear to ear. I turned beet red. You will address us as Ms. K... Continue»
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Funny Thing Happened...

... , waving her fingertips at him.

"Miss Nichols?" he answered, confused. "Didn't you just leave? On foot ... is helping me home. Can you let us in, and give him a guest pass, please?"

"Of course, Ma'am," he ... subconscious. I picked it up.

"Hello, Ms. Nichols," I answered, trying not to sound like I had been... Continue»
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An Exquisitely Ordered Lifestyle

... a dry swallow as his head spun! Madge noticed him blushing.
"Now now, none of that. We both know ... told you? From now on you will address
me as Ms. Greystone," she said as she moved him into the room ... had learned about Tim's "hobby" after catching him one
afternoon dressed in his women's things... Continue»
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... going to do?"

"Sorry," I murmured. Then I sat up straighter and said, "Then my hat is off to you, Ms ... which she shook as I replied, "Definitely my pleasure, Ms. Page. You two have a wonderful weekend." I ... pulsed in my jeans in response. Nearly dry-mouthed, I said, "I'm not worried about her. She has a great... Continue»
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... in


“Ugh…ugh…ugh…,” he cried, as he felt her muscles contract and milk him dry.

When ... , Ms. V – it got away

from me,” and he planted a kiss on her cheek.

Her boys – best friends ... sports. Chris defended

Henry against every bully that went after him.

Diane thought back... Continue»
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My Pet Teacher

... bartenders. A fellow by the name of Jim Henderson. You might know him?"

The look of shock on Ms. O'Hare's ... . Of course, when I lamented to him about how Ms. O'Hare had failed me in two subjects last year, he ... hated that bitch of a teacher Ms. O'Hare. She failed me last year in science and math which meant I... Continue»
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Foster Daughter

... finally he had milked himself dry into her tight pussy.

He collapsed on top of her, panting as he ... Ms. Troy sighed heavily. Sarah had been brought to her four years ago. Her mother had died of a d ... mature, making her seem older than her thirteen years. Ms. Troy had thought it would be very easy... Continue»
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Jesse's Dream Job

... had arrived the receptionist called his potential employer on the phone and told him that Ms. Angel ... !” Ms. Angel said with a laugh. “Why yes he is, but that is not why I hired him. No, the reason ... him full access to her turgid member. Jesse could hear the men talking and Ms. Angel giving non... Continue»
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Alicia Saves Her Moms Job

... expectantly at me. This was going to be tough I knew.

“ Tammy…ah Ms. Goodhead, may I speak ... this wasn‘t easy.

“Please sit Ms. Goodhead” I said indicating the seat on the other side of my desk. I ... disparaging borderline sexist comments about Ms. Goodhead, as if as men we shared some solidarity because... Continue»
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The Sexual Awakening

... the tray. "Chocolate Chip Pancakes with sausage and pure Maple syrup..." "And a tall glass of milk ... . "Property of Sgt. Cameron O'Hare US Army". I read "Cameron O'Hare had that watch with him when he ... to your father, in fact he had it when we met. And when your dad got sick I promised him I'd give... Continue»
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Auntie Babs farm

... nipples stimulated like that, she had never been so turned on. She felt him dry humping at her ass ... strenuous chores, like collecting the eggs, milking the cows, cleaning out the stalls with a zeal ... , he was 25 years old, and she'd hired him as the lead ranch hand. He had shown that he knew how... Continue»
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... cunt was milking his cock, urging him on. She
came yet again and that put him over the edge. He felt ...
and no holidays. She'd been thinking about him a lot as
the day for his homecoming neared. Donnie was a year ... . And she wanted to
fuck him.

Oh she knew that it was something wrong, taboo,
disgusting and just... Continue»
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High School Girls

hadn't bothered blow-drying his long blonde hair, and is hung down
behind him like a mat. He looked ... and loose.

"Well..." Darren said, his mouth dry, "you could... practice."

Sam looked at him ... at him, his books spilling from his
hands. His breath burst out of him as he impacted on the floor... Continue»
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Doggy Deepthroat

... big balls, suck him fuckin dry." Susan urged.

Karen became aware that Susan had let go of her ... untie me, I want to eat your dogs prick like the whore I am.""Let me milk that big bastard knot dry ... here for awhile and assumed it belonged to MS Richard's the client she was supposed to go over... Continue»
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The Babymaker (Part 4)

... ever
like to fuck!

"Robert," Krissy said. "Mr. Hutchins. I like to call him Bobby because
he's ... fucking, sorta dry
humping or whatever, and I'd grind the ache of my swollen cock against
her ... and I could see her tummy getting big and
round, and her sweet little tits getting fat with milk... Continue»
Posted by brianbigdogsmith 4 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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