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Mrs Morgan picks up Mark


... just like you. Besides, <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. <ddd>Morgan</ddd> sent them along
with the slacks and shirts. Now hurry <ddd>up</ddd>. <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. <ddd>Morgan</ddd> is
expecting you in 3/4 ... you what. You can wear this one home when
<ddd>Mrs</ddd>. <ddd>Morgan</ddd> <ddd>picks</ddd> you <ddd>up</ddd>. I guarantee that she will notice your
new figure, ... ... Continue»
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With Mrs Sharma, Mom And Maid - Part II

... phone in my home rang and I picked it <ddd>up</ddd>

<ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Sharma: hello?
Me: yes <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Sharma!
<ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Sharma: ha shanu today Prakash (Mr. ... to jerk off but to excite myself I watched mine and <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Sharma <ddd>picks</ddd>. I really didn’t know what happened after that but I ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Five Mrs. Wilson

... if I was <ddd>up</ddd> for another meeting. I asked, "Tomorrow?" She shook her head and told me that another friend, <ddd>Mrs</ddd> <ddd>Morgan</ddd> had said she had some time on Thursday. I told <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Wilson that Thursday would ... ... Continue»
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Mark Has a Threesome

... 3 hours. 'Now is a good time.' He thinks to himself.

He <ddd>picks</ddd> <ddd>up</ddd> the blindfold, some rope and a rubber strap on then places ... each thrust, enjoying the feeling.

"Push it in <ddd>Mark</ddd>. Don't tease me."

<ddd>Mark</ddd> wraps his arms around Tina, and pulls her roughly ... ... Continue»
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Mark and the Lady Teacher, part Deux

... page wrote " See me 7.00pm at home"
<ddd>Mark</ddd> went round, <ddd>Mrs</ddd> Swift said " Hi <ddd>Mark</ddd>, it was my 37th Birthday yesterday and that ... Sir, I had 2 one earlier before you came!!" " Right!" <ddd>Mark</ddd> undid Lyn, stood her <ddd>up</ddd> against the back of a chair, bent her over ... ... Continue»
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Doing Mrs. Pierce

... down there in the corner, in case you mess <ddd>up</ddd>."

<ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Pierce got <ddd>up</ddd> awkwardly and stood, favoring her heel more than she ... in <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Pierce's calf seemed to relax rather than tense <ddd>up</ddd>. Twenty strokes. Cautiously, I raised my left hand <ddd>up</ddd> and brought it <ddd>up</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Her Name Was Mrs. Perkins

... . What she lacked in looks, she more than made <ddd>up</ddd> in personality. <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Perkins was a hoot! Especially after she too, had downed ... have happened if it was not meant to be."

<ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Perkins rose <ddd>up</ddd> and looked at me.

"What is it between us ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Two Mrs. Wilson

... went to open the door.

There stood <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Wilson! She was wearing a big straw hat, ... glass <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Wilson smiled sweetly at me, her fingers grazing mine as she looked me <ddd>up</ddd> ... crossed in front of it.

<ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Wilson stood <ddd>up</ddd> then and stepped in front of ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Jensen Relapses

... , especially now that she had given <ddd>up</ddd> her fuck buddy trainer.

On this day of what <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Jensen has been calling her ... ass.

"I think I have good taste." the young man said.

<ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Jensen looked <ddd>up</ddd> into the mirror. Behind her, down the hall at ... ... Continue»
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... she reached <ddd>up</ddd> and rang the bell pulling on the chord wildly.

"Remember this <ddd>Mark</ddd>; it ... yes, Jenny's tongue is a real pussy pleaser <ddd>Mark</ddd> hold me <ddd>up</ddd>, don't let me fall." Diane ... moist lips as she squealed out, "Hurry <ddd>up</ddd> <ddd>Mark</ddd>, Laurel will be back real soon, ... ... Continue»
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... straight from <ddd>Mrs</ddd> Mac's snatch My young cock would be sticking <ddd>up</ddd> in the ... . '<ddd>Mrs</ddd> Mac,' I said. 'I'm sorry .. I'll never..
'Shut <ddd>up</ddd>,' ... but I still felt excited and when <ddd>Mrs</ddd> Mac stood <ddd>up</ddd> and undid her skirt I felt ... ... Continue»
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SluttySchoolgirl Pick-up

... Emily's shapley legs going all the way <ddd>up</ddd> to her short School skirt.
Living ... looking arsehole.
He pushes a couple of fingers <ddd>up</ddd> her tight teenage cunt and presses against ...
He pulls out of her mouth and <ddd>picks</ddd> <ddd>up</ddd> her knickers, wiping his cock clean with ... ... Continue»
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All tied up (and no place to go) Part 1

... a penetrating lock into your eyes. You smile.

His hands move <ddd>up</ddd> under your top, exposing your soft but firm breasts and ... <ddd>up</ddd> to a standing position, and sets you back on the bed. “Now,” he announces, “we can do this several ways.”. He <ddd>picks</ddd> <ddd>up</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The Lady Who Picked Me Up -- Part One of the Bubbl


The Scott Chronicles, is the sexual conquests of a young boy <ddd>up</ddd> until age twenty. Depending on his age, is what ... my cum muscle. The whole situation of "strange older lady <ddd>picks</ddd> <ddd>up</ddd> boy going to school" sexual perversion, was definitely crossing ... ... Continue»
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Cute Gay Picks Up a Straight Teen

... UK. Andrew had a slight British accent that he obviously picked <ddd>up</ddd> while at college. He had just finished his sophomore year ... his breath as the thick but soft mushroom head opened <ddd>up</ddd> Andrew's anus and stretched the sphincter. Brad was thoughtful and ... ... Continue»
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Hynotist Next Door: Chapter Three


“I'm sorry Lonnie. So, as I was saying, <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Wilson is here uninvited. She ... from behind while I...I sucked <ddd>Mark</ddd>'s cock and then <ddd>Mark</ddd> told him to cum ... 's breathing <ddd>picks</ddd> <ddd>up</ddd> but her eyes remained closed.

“Such a good little puppet.” Dr. <ddd>Morgan</ddd> slides ... ... Continue»
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Hynotist Next Door.

... in a trance, head hanging forward, breathing deeply.

Dr <ddd>Morgan</ddd> stood <ddd>up</ddd> and looked <ddd>Mark</ddd> firmly in the eyes commanding his full attention. ... . And I've known for quite some time that you, <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Wils0n, are an imposter, a fraud".
She begins to caress ... ... Continue»
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Hyp-notist Next Door: Chapter Six

... loudly back <ddd>up</ddd> his shaft, leaving a trail of cream and saliva behind. "Oh God, Dr <ddd>Morgan</ddd>,!" <ddd>Mark</ddd> gasped. ... her hungry mouth. .

“Such a greedy slut you've become, <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. Wilson” Claudia said as she leered down at Jeanette ... ... Continue»
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Hyp-notist Next Door. Chapter 5

... so good!"

Dr <ddd>Morgan</ddd> looked <ddd>up</ddd> at him and smiled sweetly as she continued to pin Emily's face against <ddd>Mark</ddd>'s groin. "See I told ... hard cock. Dr <ddd>Morgan</ddd> settled into a brutal rhythm shoving her head <ddd>up</ddd> and down in a f***ed face-fucking that drove <ddd>Mark</ddd> wild. ... ... Continue»
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Her Mother pt 1


“Don’t worry <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. <ddd>Morgan</ddd>, I’ll take real good care of her”.

“I’m sure you will, and please, enough with the <ddd>Mrs</ddd>. <ddd>Morgan</ddd>, you are ... ravaged my mouth with hers. No slow seductive build <ddd>up</ddd>, just wild abandoned passion being unleashed from with in.

I ... ... Continue»
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