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Mrs Jones (my teen years) part 4 after the party

Her and Mr Jones Part 1

... It was another dull day of teaching for Simon Jones at Newtown catholic school. Simon, Mr Jones ... incredibly dull. Which in turn made Simon's job very dull. He'd fallen into the job by mistake after being ... as well? Thought not. Put it down on my desk. You can collect it at the end of the day... Continue»
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After the Derby with Mrs Jones.

... , Mrs Smith had not had much chance to talk to me on my own, but hear on the ferry she made her move ... then?” To which I replyed honestly, “ YES!” “I adore Married Ladies and after ... seamen running out of her!” I didn’t know what to say and i could feel my face going red... Continue»
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Mr. Jones Pops my Cherry

... pushed and pushed, until I reached my arm pit, and said, Mr. Jones, that’s all the arm I’ve got. He ... , and he said to keep my foot pointed straight, and stick it on up there.
Mr. Jones is a tall man ... . Jones put his humongous co-k into my tiny, virgin pussy. He has had his fingers in there up... Continue»
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My birthday sex party part 4

... My Birthday Sex Party Part 4

…………………..shall we go get another drink lads and leave the girls ... she started to like above my pussy at all the cum that had been spilt there. She made sure it was all ... was completely naked like her. She move round and positioned herself over me so her pussy was above my... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 4

... ://

Part 4:

I was hearing Susie again. This time she was making ... another guy off! These two suburban, middle-aged shits were loving it. They were all over my 28-year ...

Please read the first three parts of this story.

Part 1: Continue»
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My Best Friend: the last party (Part 1)

... groaned. 2, i felt the sweat on his body all over my chest. 3, 4, my toes curled as my hole had been ... ...

It was the middle of summer and Blake and i were at a party. it was the very last time any of us would see any ... . They were very much in love and were even considering getting married after they finished college. Amber's... Continue»
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Cocksucker Part 4 - Giving my ass to Mick.

... The increasingly mis-named cocksucker saga. Part 4

It wasn't until the following week that Mick ... . But maybe I could get both....
"I'm sorry, Mr Dixon, but I have to meet my friend this afternoon ... on my way to my 'date' with Mick.
So Mr Dixon was making an offer and letting me decide. Maybe I... Continue»
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After the party my b*****r's 19 year-old girl

... My younger b*****r's 19 year-old girlfriend and her friends have always been really up for a good ... them party so I switched on my lamp to startle the intruder.

Standing at the side of my bed ... in the latest fashions and looked hot. They regularly stay out partying till all hours of the morning... Continue»
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My Teen Hitchhiking Experience – Part II &nd

... wants me to dress like this that is just part of pleasing him.

I took off my shirt first ... lingerie lacey part that goes over my shoulders like a shirt, but there wasn’t anything covering my chess ... the strap was at least centered in my butt.

The next part kind of scared me as I wasn’t sure why... Continue»
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My First teen experience (STORY BASED ON OUR PARTY

... fucked this teen, she was only a year older than my daughter and she was the same age as my son ... whom was sat on my other side.
Within moments I was drawn back to the charms of the young teen beside ... of what she and her boyfriend were doing, “oh I wish” I thought as I imagined her teen mouth sucking on my... Continue»
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My Dirtiest Teen Night Part 1

... refering to my time in Angola, where I spent two years and caught Malaria, but never a STD, which ... into it and draw his sperm into my fallopian tube, thus fertilizing me, not bad for a teen girl on her third man ... , but I shall save that for part 2 of this dirtiest night in my life... Continue»
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My true story Part 4

... bringing pleasure to different parts of her cunt.

"Let go of my ass, bitch" Tonisha commmanded. "Now ... would she act this morning after a night of forbidden sexual passion? The ear to ear smile on Lynn's ... oozing from the slit.

"Oh my God" Tonisha thought, "what have I done?" She watched as Lynn cunningly... Continue»
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Angelo: A taboo revealed from my teen years

... wanted to see his cock since he was living with my mom and I last year. When I turned up to look ... as he began to pump my mouth with precum. After what seemed 20 minutes, Angelo said in a erotic ... in my ass, but started plowing me slowly. After getting used to a cock being in me, Ang then began... Continue»
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My girlfriends mother part 4

... My girlfriend’s mother, Part 4

Those of you who have been following my adventures with my ... would suggest that you go to the original and start there.

My next story has quite a few different ... facets that I hope you will enjoy.

It starts with one of my visits to service my girlfriends... Continue»
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My 18 year old mistress. Part two

... smooth, puffy, beautiful pussy. She was so wet my cock slid in with little resistance. After a few ... exactly how many. After another she paused with my length buried in her tight, smooth hole. Then she ... and immediately began to spray my jizz into her cute little shit hole. I pumped strand after strand of my... Continue»
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My Eighteenth Birthday Part 4

... This is not my work, its cut and paste.
In parts one, two ... of acceptance from the finest university in the country. Both bribes had cost him dearly. After my fabulous ... with a "training tape" that Daddy had made with my mother, whom he had divorced years before because... Continue»
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My Freshman Year of college part 4

... Between all the hardcore slut training and my school work I was kept very busy, Sam and I were ... , I was, informed of the wickedly sinful party Daddy had every year.Sam gushed like a school girl ... the party would be held.Within hours Sam and I were on our way.Even though Sam had been to many other... Continue»
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Couple Fun

... his cock, even after she cleaned it, something she shouldn't be doing. It's been ten years since ... , after twenty years of being together, she knew him well.

She turned and went on out ... that she fucked him dry, amazing even after all these years they've been married.

He also knew that Dave... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #5

... to kill another human being?"

"You said you wanted to kill my cousin after I told you what he did ... iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #5 – Chapter 5

August 28
4:39 pm
UCLA- Scott Hall
Room 339 ... freshly dressed after their showers.

"Yeah…" Noelle said, looking a little embarrassed.

"I'm... Continue»
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... year and get this, to motherfucking Alex Jones."

"Alex, my college roommate, Alex?"

"Yeah ... me now?'

'Because our marriage is shame Joe, for years it's been routine after routine. I'm sick ... Leanne and that was all that mattered to him. Joseph returned home not long after 4, he saw... Continue»
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