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Mrs Jones (my teen years) part 3 the party

Mrs. Jones

... I see her. Well that's Mrs. Jones my History teacher and I want her. Kat looks at the young woman WANT HER? Yes want ... the moaning and groaning told her the training helped and the teen did the teacher proud. Pounding Mrs. Jones silly the whole night in the ... ... Continue»
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The Party

... I was in my parents bathroom watching the party go on from their bathroom window. It was the best spot to watch the hot tub and the hot ... tub was where all the d***k naked women would be. As I watched, Mrs. Hamelton took ... ... Continue»
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Angelo: A taboo revealed from my teen years

... , but the name for the one comfortable withk my virginity is fake due to me having relations with him. The story takes place 3 years ago ... but enjoy being ****d by my own cousin. I've had fantasies of him m*****ing me as a pre teen but never tested it out ... ... Continue»
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The Party Encounter - for Porn Mom

... formal parties you had to attend to keep a job. My client was hosting the party in his home and there I was, bored out ... sitting on the sofa nurturing my drink. I just sat there for a few minutes, not really wanting to join the rest of the party but knowing ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Jones and her Black neighbor

... the way, when I let him in his instantly dropped to my tits and he became visible nervous.

"Hi, Mrs. Jones ... care it was part of the thrill, doing it right out in the open.

"There ... bent over by a black boy 30 years younger than me.

Finally I could ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part V

... McMannis fucking this young teen hooker hard and rough.

“What the hell you got going ... boned in the other room. Ten minutes later I was on my way back to the party.

I passed ... her bent over on the floor with Paul Jones fucking her up the ass. Her face was ... ... Continue»
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New year revelations Part 1.

My name is Ashley Jones. My past isn't the usual male past. Due to a accident some of my ... the day before new years eve and my boss has been chewing my ass off, as I was heading to his office I catch a glimpse of Mrs ... with the 2nd part and possibly new ideas. ... Continue»
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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 2

... with her Supervisor from work, Mrs Jones.
As she stared into the eyes of her boss she ... been ****d and tortured just like this over the years. It's made us a very very close ... and roughly raised her head saying, "see my whores licking your cunt and ass slut, ... ... Continue»
Posted by eatmebubba 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  
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My shemale boss part 3

... woken by the vibrating noise of my mobile and looked over at the time, the bedside clock said 1am. The caller I'D on the phone simply ... and sucking came. I could hear Mrs Jones start to moan and heard the electric motor on the seat start to work as she ... ... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.5 - The Party

... my blouse, my nipples making sharp points in the material. Every thing was visible through the blouse. We were all ready for the party to begin.

The ... ... Continue»
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The neighbour, continued...

... goes, only old Mrs. Jones was outside, foraging around the front garden, which was straight opposite the bus stop. The poor old dear ... Soon after, Mrs. Brown showed up to wait on the bus. She is maybe a few years my senior, early 60’s was my best estimate, ... ... Continue»
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humiliated at my sons party

... to know that for the most part she would be ... belonging to some of my son's friends. The party was only supposed to ... I saw, not in a million years.

The curtains were more open here, giving me ... whimpered as his teen firehose spewed cum up my ravaged ass.

... ... Continue»
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My Teen Hitchhiking Experience – Part II &nd

... string in the back. The thong part was a baby blue and it matched the same color as the nylons. ... own age; well actually I almost two years younger than her.

I told Robyn I ... hours when my anal virginity was taken. The other guests from the party left and ... ... Continue»
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... with. It wasn't the puppy love of the teen years or the intense passion that a ... party was after the pick-up lines worked and the new couples left for their own place.

My ... The fantasy was the easy part for us. Finding the people that could fulfill the ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Jones

... mouth and spat on it and wanked the spit into my cock, she went back down on me ... sounded a little like she struggled with the fourth, then I added my thumb too, her pussy was stretched wide ... a b and b, let's just say it was mrs jones,,,,,,,or mrs smith lol. ... Continue»
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My shemale boss part 2

... at my bosses door part excitement part apprehension ran through my body.

A clear come in could be heard from within by my boss Miss Jones so ... to study her paperwork. Her black rimmed glasses were on the tip of her nose and with her finger, she curled ... ... Continue»
Posted by big_rob49 2 years ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  
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6 Sex and my amazing wife part 1

... my amazing wife part 1
[heavy bdms]
The Lady Susana Louisa Hollowbrook-Shaw my wife and the lady of the ... the blistered rump working against the carpet, not the vanilla love of the last two years, or the passionate love of the ... Christmas party for the ... ... Continue»
Posted by alibodge 29 days ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Hardcore  |  

The sl**p Over - An Adult Story

... one of the boys from the sl**p over. I'm Jeff Mom! Mrs. Knight. You can call me Sarah. How was the party?" she said. My mouth ... fell open. Mrs. Knight was about 5ft 6 with short blond ... ... Continue»
Posted by buckkelly123 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Mature  |  
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Mom the party-favor!!!

... money where your mouth is, Mrs.S.!”.
She looked directly at Robert, ... ”, she overheard one of the guys say,”My mom doesn’t look anything ... within the very same womb that birthed him 19 years ago ... to another, and when the party-attendants finally were all spent ... ... Continue»
Posted by flapperann 3 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck part 1

... my opinion not nearly intoxicated enough to go through with it. I have been married to her for s*******n years, but seriously, in the ... she was going to consider that part of her wardrobe as she gave ... , "Not as fine as yours, Mrs. Arnett, not as fine as yours ... ... Continue»
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