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Mrs Jones (my teen years) part 3 the party

Mrs. Jones

... Mrs. Jones has been a crush for three years now I was in the gym and she was running we both were in the shower at the ... the moaning and groaning told her the training helped and the teen did the teacher proud. Pounding Mrs. Jones silly the whole night in the ... ... Continue»
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The Party

... in my parents bathroom watching the party go on from their bathroom window. It was the best spot to watch the hot tub and the hot tub was where all the d***k naked women would be. As I watched, Mrs. ... ... Continue»
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Angelo: A taboo revealed from my teen years

... , but the name for the one comfortable withk my virginity is fake due to me having relations with him. The story takes place 3 years ago ... but enjoy being ****d by my own cousin. I've had fantasies of him m*****ing me as a pre teen but never tested it out ... ... Continue»
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The Party Encounter - for Porn Mom

... on the sofa nurturing my drink. I just sat there for a few minutes, not really wanting to join the rest of the party but ... closed my shirt and trousers. Then as quickly as she came back into the library, she opened the door and vanished into the party.

I ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Jones and her Black neighbor

... information about myself. My name is Carol and I'm 48 years old, I have ... the way, when I let him in his instantly dropped to my tits and he became visible nervous.

"Hi, Mrs. Jones ... it was part of the thrill, doing it right out in the open.

" ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part V

... my tit.

“YES YES YES! SLAP MY TITS! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK! RUIN MY LITTLE TEEN ... the other room. Ten minutes later I was on my way back to the party.

I passed room after empty room but something drew my ... the floor with Paul Jones fucking her up the ... ... Continue»
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New year revelations Part 1.

My name is Ashley Jones. My past isn't the usual male past. Due to a accident some of my ... the day before new years eve and my boss has been chewing my ass off, as I was heading to his office I catch a glimpse of Mrs ... . If so I will continue with the 2nd part ... ... Continue»
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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 2

... tortured just like this over the years. It's made us a very ... my whores licking your cunt and ass slut, those prim and proper ladies from the ... Mrs. Jones tonguing your virgin asshole before one of the men takes it, and Mrs Green licking your clit while Mrs ... ... Continue»
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My shemale boss part 3

... the glorious sound of me slurping and sucking came. I could hear Mrs Jones start to moan and heard the electric motor on the ... ... Continue»
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The neighbour, continued...

... goes, only old Mrs. Jones was outside, foraging around the front garden, which was straight opposite the bus stop. The poor old dear ... Soon after, Mrs. Brown showed up to wait on the bus. She is maybe a few years my senior, early 60’s was my best estimate, ... ... Continue»
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... the first guy that I really explored sex with. It wasn't the puppy love of the teen years or the ... got to the party. I wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived at the house, but ... My eyes shifted from mother to daughter. "So tell me about the other part of ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Jones

... control of me, pulled my shirt off, then my boxers and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. I did as I was ... since it was in a b and b, let's just say it was mrs jones,,,,,,,or mrs smith lol. ... Continue»
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My early troubles: Part 3

... years ago because mom didn't have the money to pay the bills. Once I was passed the gates the bus driver took off and I walked to my ... my cheek as he looked down at my completely naked pre teen body. My long hair reached a few inches below my ... ... Continue»
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My shemale boss part 2

... my bosses door part excitement part apprehension ran through my body.

A clear come in could be heard from within by my boss Miss Jones ... ... Continue»
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Mom the party-favor!!!

... wanted to keep the meat they were going to barbecue at the party later cool ... my time!”.
“Come on than”, Mike-one of Roberts best mates- yelled, “put your money where your mouth is, Mrs ... contract deep within the very same womb that birthed him 19 years ago, ... ... Continue»
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The sl**p Over - An Adult Story

... the boys from the sl**p over. I'm Jeff Mom! Mrs. Knight. You can call me Sarah. How was the party?" she said. My mouth fell open. Mrs ... my up and down. "The party was nice." I think I said. "Cool! I see you were the first to have to use the bathroom. ... ... Continue»
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3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck part 1

... my opinion not nearly intoxicated enough to go through with it. I have been married to her for s*******n years, but seriously, in the ... part of her wardrobe as she gave me a sneaky grin.

On the ... so fucking hot. Oh, my God you're hot. Mrs. Arnett, you're so ... ... Continue»
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The Craving - Must Read


Up until he had died, starting in my teen years, I had been having sex with my father. It began so innocently, so ... "The company was the worst part."

We all laughed, but I was actually surprised that Breanna was keeping up the appearance of the normal ... ... Continue»
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Making My Mother Pregnant Part 2

... Jones did before pilfering the golden treasure... drawing sweet tiny kisses down her chest, and across her lavish stomach. Using the ... my tongue inside, probing the swollen pucker. Throughout my ass worship, all I could think about were the years ... ... Continue»
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I was Teen Shemale for the US Army

... the
full 3 years for car theft.

Funny thing though, this place isn't all that bad, I
made some new friends, and since my ... Every night's the same thing, just like every morning. We
were waiting for inspection by Trusty Jones, our house monitor ... ... Continue»
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