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Mrs Graham the Librarian

Mrs Graham the Librarian

... Mrs Graham isn't her real name but it started with a "G". She was our school ... and studying hard and spending a lot of time in the Library.

Mrs Graham was about 40, blonde ... for girls. They would do arts and crafts, cooking, Mrs Graham did book binding; and all the k**s knew... Continue»
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Rubber Restriction (Part 4 )

... are coming in !" Stephany was another one of the Head Librarians , who was on the saturday shift ... to the counter "Hello Miranda" Mrs Sandford smiled at her "Always nice to see our favourite customer, isn't ... it Audery?" mrs Sandford ran the Charity shop with her friend Audery Tilford, it was a place where... Continue»
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... , "The problem is her b*****r, Graham, he
will be there and Lauren is concerned about what he ... grade, remember she and I were in Mrs.
Lawson's class together? We been best friends ever
since ... , Graham, came into
the room, we had our panties off, but we both still had
our dresses on. Anyway... Continue»
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... generation of readers. I cleaned up and
left in a hurry, my face turned from the librarian. [Two hours ... won't be back. But I'm
hedging. Would you take your pants off for us please, Ed?

Mr. Sulu, take us ... over his cock. He was
soaked with sticky pre-goo. I fished around in the flap and found
Mr... Continue»
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... generation of readers. I cleaned up and
left in a hurry, my face turned from the librarian. [Two ... , and she won't be back. But I'm
hedging. Would you take your pants off for us please, Ed?

Mr ... with sticky pre-goo. I fished around in the flap and found
Mr. Richard. What a big boy he was - at least... Continue»
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The MILF Finder

... a month since I had rubbed one out and about six months since scoring with a librarian on a sales call ... remember her. Her screen name was MRS. French but I remember her as MRS. Shear, her husband had bought ... **s and I found a photo of MRS. Shear on his oak desk in the den. It was a picture of her... Continue»
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... . I saw it done. It's John Graham's k**." I said, "Do you mean Mr. Graham?" "Of course. " He ... you're beautiful and I love you being in my f****y. I would love to be Mr Graham." I said softly. "Ask ... , that John Graham had said, after he had knocked her up, that once she had his baby. He wanted his 18... Continue»
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Aditi Didi-mara Sab Kuchh

... businessman the. Me aur didi ek acche dost ki tarah rahte the. Didi ka college khatam ho chukka tha vo b.Sc ... unki collage se hi padai kar raha tha. Us time didi ke sath vale ladke m.Sc. Kar rahe the unse thodi ... mangte the lekin me mana karta tha. Didi sabke dil dhadkan thi, vo log abhi tak didi k jaisi khubsurat... Continue»
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Gemeinsam benutzte Mütter (Sharing Moms)

... Gemeinsam benutzte Mütter (Sharing Moms)
© by The MadHatter

übersetzt von Mysterya

David ... eure wunderschönen Schwäne!"
"Ich glaube du bist jetzt dran dich auszuziehen, Mama!“
"Ja, Mrs. Taylor ... Sommerkleid, welches mit blauen Blumen bedruckt war.
"Hallo, Mrs. Doyle," sagte David... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part I

... said, “Hi Jamie, hello Mrs. Bradley… Dr. Alexander will see you now.”

Both mother and son ... a striking resemblance to the actress Heather Graham. Jamie had hardly paid attention to Dr ... , “And Mrs. Bradley, I’d like you to keep track of the duration between his ejaculation and his next... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV

... , and then Julie said, “I was just complimenting Mrs. Bradley’s body,” and then she added, “And you ... in her throat. He could also see Mrs. Bradley’s head drop back and her eyes close as her hand ... , “As a matter of fact, she looks like that actress, ummm, Heather… something…”

“Graham,” Tyler... Continue»
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The Training of Jennifer

... the fantasy and the situation.


Graham moved to answer the door even ... down and you can take her home." Graham turned from within the spacious living area to face ... none of that here."

Graham walked around Jennifer inspecting her face and hair. He stared directly... Continue»
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Helen has a bad week

... Graham?”

Helen had had Lucy in one of her classes and she nodded, “Yes, I know her ... the corner near the main office she was surprised to see the headmaster, Mr. Worth, approaching her. She... Continue»
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A real woman - called Rachel

... panic, but ended up grinning along with the new Mrs Everett. Rachel had an image of them heatedly ... . Then there was best man Graham with partner Teri. An amiable f****y group and Rachel mixed ... . In the couple’s absence the others had the run of the house, best man Graham leading the entertainments... Continue»
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High School Girls

... !".

A loud stentorian voice broke through the noise. "SILENCE!" Mr.
McMannister, the science teacher ... some help with that science project that Mr. McMannister
assigned us, you know, the one about ... twitching wildly.

"What's going on here?" Mrs. Heart walked into the bathroom, looking
disapprovingly... Continue»
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The Training Of Jennifer 2

... games turn us both on.

The Training of Jennifer 2

Graham, sat before the screen and observed ... it up. Her hand lingered on his as she did so. “You know Mr. Grover, that it is your fault that I am ... are.”
“Good girl.” Graham spoke to the screen. “Very clever.”

She lead Grover to the opposing... Continue»
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... ! Hello-hello...thank you Mr. Gin & Tonic! Hallelujah!! I laughed at that and said well, here’s ... with the porn star being my shy “librarian type” wife, who was now moaning as another man fucked her... Continue»
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Loren Picking up My Toys

... the street Mr. Jackson. One of the men and I won't say who shouted at Mr. Jackson, "shut the fuck ... up dude before I throw you out of that door. Mr. Jackson squared up to the big man and told him ... ." Before Mr. Jackson could say anything else I answered the group, "no, I mean yes, this is what I... Continue»
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My Mature Obsession

... be different though, because Mrs Mitchell would be the School principal. She would be taking the place of her ... principal was actually kind of a strange request in my opinion. Mrs. Mitchell called me into her ... , One for the librarian and one for the school nurse. She also handed me a hall pass and told me... Continue»
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soirée chez la belle famille/an evening wit

... dans cette maison…
tonight is the night. she will finally introduce me to her f****y. Mr and Mrs ... Ce soir c’est le grand soir. Elle me présente enfin à sa famille. Mr et Mme de La Taille, héritiers ... de La Taille, heirs of a fortune from the 19th century. i will have to be smart to enter the f... Continue»
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