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Mrs Graham the Librarian

Mrs Graham the Librarian

Mrs Graham isn't her real name but it started with a "G". She was our school librarian, and I had fantasised ... crafts, cooking, Mrs Graham did book binding; and all the k**s knew where all the staff lived. I went to Mrs Graham's house, ... ... Continue»
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The Librarian Who Loved To Fuck

... shook with each shot of cum that spurted into the librarian's sucking mouth. He thought he would never stop coming ... Mrs. Weber. It's even prettier than I thought it would be!" he said in amazement, staring up at the luscious looking crevice of the librarian ... ... Continue»
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Kate the Librarian

... I will have to hustle them out with the other patrons.
I help old Mrs. Whittaker to the door with her books and close it ... think that this could turn nasty or I could be the luckiest librarian on the planet tonight!
“It’s too late, you boys will have ... ... Continue»
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... of vicious gossip. The people of Carterville
would be shocked and enraged to find that their head
librarian was having an ... freely
flowing cunt juice.

"Oh, shit! That's somethin' else, Mrs. Banner! I didn't
know it would feel like that! Jesus ... ... Continue»
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The Pantyhose Stalker

... ."

"I'm sorry we have to do this Mrs Bouvier; but the details matter," Janine Munner said, compassion evident ... My daughter Nadine," Michele explained to the two detectives.

Nadine Bouvier was a freshman at the Graham Academy; a community college. She ... ... Continue»
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... Mrs Harriet Henderson was a normal quiet widowed lady of 53 years of age. She looked like everyone's perfect idea of a librarian ... cum so much. I have to return the favour”

Mrs Henderson plea.......”

Mrs Henderson? After you drank my milk and ... ... Continue»
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The Librarian

... relaxing in the peace and quiet of the adult section on the second floor.

Isabelle worked as a full-time librarian. The monotony of ... . This man was actually flirting with her. She, the lowly librarian might actually have an admirer. It was too good ... ... Continue»
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The Caught in the Library

... comfortably in a chair flicking through a magazine. The librarian was one her own at the back of the room, organising a pile of books. She ...
“What is going on here?” asked the same quiet voice as before. The librarian had come over and stood hands on hips ... ... Continue»
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the librarian

... lay down on my bad.The voice from the other side of cell phone was ... years old, librarian from San Diego, she joined to university research with the students, and ... happened, i was worried, and angry, then in the morning message : I miss you. And Saturday 7 ... ... Continue»
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The Librarian

... you've got, that sexy business woman/librarian look. I see you eveytime I come to the library. My god I think you are ... , huh? I don't think you need it....... I've seen the way the guys around here gawk when you walk by..... Watching........wanting ... ... Continue»
Posted by favorite_comments 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 967  |  

Exposing s****r in the Library

... had done together. After hours there was only one librarian, and the best way I can think to describe her would be ... and as I closed my last book I could hear the telltale heavy breathing that meant the librarian had checked out for a few hours. I slid ... ... Continue»
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The Librarian

... the far end of the hall I peek around the shelves and my jaw drops to the floor by the sight that greets me.

The pretty young librarian ... ... Continue»
Posted by kap007 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Voyeur  |  Views: 1015  |  

Sammie the Librarian

... often. I'd become pretty good friends with the people who worked there and knew them all ... a Librarian. We park the car and it's a very quick stroll to the museum where the exhibition ... off her and kneel down at the bottom of the bed where her legs are hanging ... ... Continue»
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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 19

... was more interested in sucking on the tongue of Mrs. Doyle, while the hands of both the women tore their flimsy nightgowns. ... already knew and something he saw again when Mrs. Doyle lifted the nightgown over Mrs. Rooney’s head for another exciting unveiling. ... ... Continue»
Posted by vicvitale 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  Views: 686  |  
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The Maid

... the flowers into the vase, picked up the debris
and hurried in to see Mrs Williams. She dropped the debris in
the trash on the ... way by a can, and laid the scissors on the
hallway table. ... ... Continue»
Posted by jimblund 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Taboo  |  Views: 1635  |  
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Doing Mrs. Pierce

... to be the nicest yard on the street, by far. Mrs. Pierce appeared through the French doors at the rear of the house ... shut the mower off, Mrs. Pierce appeared. She strode purposely to the edge of the grass by the side of the house. As I gathered the electric ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Insatiable

... and just stride past as quickly as possible with Mrs I. The girl at the desk said "good evening" as we walked by, I'm sure ... up a bag from the corner of the room an tipped the contents out onto the bed "Now Mrs I, I want you to put the strap-on on ... ... Continue»
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The Submission of Mrs. K

... together, relaxed herself and waited as the two boys came into the room.

‘Hi Mrs K,’ the boys both politely spoke. Robin smiled ... doesn’t she? You really look fuckin’ hot Mrs K.’ The two boys could see the huge breasts hanging and swaying, melon like, ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt6

... and looked out. She could see Mrs. Whitman sitting at the table with Mrs. Beecham. At the moment, Mrs. Whitman was happily feeling up ... then closed and locked the door. On the way, Mrs. Whitman asked Angel if the maid had told her of the little fantasy game ... ... Continue»
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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 9

... for Vic, he couldn’t help but let loose too. Mrs. Criscola, the once staid and strict Social Studies teacher, did her very ... out after he found out who was setting off all the flashes.

Mrs. Criscola was too busy fucking and cumming to notice ... ... Continue»
Posted by vicvitale 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Voyeur  |  Views: 215  |