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Mrs Dot

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Learning about jacking off Part Three Mrs. Wilson

I know I was very quiet that evening when we all ate dinner. Mom asked how my day had gone and I believe I must have turned bright red because she asked if I was all right. "Oh...I had a good know...hanging around and...stuff."

Mom smiled and said, "You need to get out of the house more Peter. Surely your friends in the neighborhood are out doing fun things. Just as long as you're home for supper, summer is a time for having fun!" I nodded my head, then smiled and said I would get outside of the house and hang out with friends.

After I finished dinner I asked, "Mom, is it okay if I use the phone and call to see if anyone wants to do something tomorrow?" Back in those days the telephone was really more for important calls, not like today when k**s use phones all the time and talk for hours. At least that's how it was in my house. Mom looked at Dad and he nodded his head. "Sure honey, just don't stay on too long."

I went into the hallway where the phone was kept, looked around to be sure my parents weren't within hearing distance. I took the slip of paper Mrs. Wilson had given me from my pocket and dialed the number. I didn't know what I was going to do if it wasn't Mrs. Wilson who answered. I knew that their daughter Ellen, who was a few years behind me in school was there. I knew that her husband Dan was there too. Then I thought about Mrs. Wilson stuffing her panties into her pussy so she could share all that semen with him. I had no idea what she meant by that, but who can always understand what grown-ups do?

The phone rang three times. I heard the receiver picked up and heard Mrs. Wilson say, "Hello, this is Laurie." I couldn't speak at first, but my breathing was very heavy. "Peter? Is that you? Do you have something to say to me?"

In a rush I said, "Yes Mrs. Wilson, I was kind of wondering if I could maybe come over tomorrow and we know." Her voice became a whisper and she told me that tomorrow after 8:00 a.m. would be the best time. She said that Dan would be taking Ellen to her grandparents house before he went to work. I nodded my head then realized she couldn't tell I was doing that and said, "Okay, fine then. I will be over at 8:00."

Mrs Wilson hesitated, then said, "Well Peter, I suggest you watch from your window in your bedroom for Dan and Ellen to leave. When they go you may come over right away. By the way Peter. Come to the back door."

My parents always drive off to work together. They leave at seven-thirty on the dot. I came downstairs before they left, dressed for my day next door with Mrs. Wilson. I had on my best tee shirt, my jeans and my red Converse sneakers.
Mom hugged me and said, "Now Bill. Doesn't Peter look like a boy who's going to have a wonderful summer day today?" Dad rolled his eyes then said, "Don't do anything that will get you into trouble Sport. Got that?" I nodded my head and tried to look directly at him so he would see I was hearing and understanding what he had to say. That was kind of an issue with us, so I had been working on the direct and non-vacant look.

As soon as I heard the car wheels move on the gravel driveway, I sprinted upstairs to look down at the Wilson home to watch for Dan and Ellen to leave.

Soon enough I saw Dan, Ellen and Mrs. Wilson out in the drive way. Mrs. Wilson seemed to be giving some instructions to Ellen, who was nodding her head 'yes'.
She waved as she watched them drive away, then she looked up to my window and waved in my direction.

I was down the stairs and out our back door in a minute. I walked to the white picket fence that separated our yards, following it to the alley. There they had a large gate. I opened that and started walking to their house. I moved the palm of my hand over the top of my hair to keep my cowlick down. It seemed to be okay. My cock was very hard, but I wasn't shy about that anymore. I was going to fuck Mrs. Wilson again and she wanted it to be hard.

I walked up to their back door and knocked on it lightly several times. Mrs. Wilson had actually been by a window in the kitchen watching me walk to their house through the split in the curtain. I was surprised when she was instantly standing in front of me.

Mrs. Wilson opened the door, looked me up and down, stared at the bulge in my jeans and said, "I hope you have plenty of time Peter. Dan was very pleased with your gift. I nodded my head non-committally and acted like I was happy to give him that gift. She was wearing a bedroom robe and slippers.

"Dan is going to drop off Ellen, then he will be coming home right after that." My body jerked at that information, but Mrs. Wilson acted like that was the most natural thing in the world. He wants to be here when you fuck me Peter. I'm sure you won't mind?" What choice did I have? I wanted to fuck this lady and having her husband there wasn't going to stop that, so I shook my head 'no'.

She asked if I needed to urinate, which I found kind of strange, but I said, "yeah, sure. That's a good idea." She led me to a bathroom and leaned on the open door frame as she watched me unzip my pants. No one had ever watched me pee before...or at least not in it was a bit daunting to start the flow. Once I started though I pissed like a racehorse. Mrs. Wilson watched me tuck my cock back into my jeans. She smiled brightly as I did so.

She led me into the living room. We sat together on the couch. Mrs Wilson said it would be fine if I wanted to feel her tits while we waited for Dan. She patted the couch close to where she sat and I scooched over on the couch to be there. She opened her robe and was gloriously naked underneath. Her left breast was right next to my face. I knew what I wanted and placed my left hand on her breast, holding it so I could get my mouth onto that hard red nipple. I was still working on that nipple when the front door opened.

I pulled my mouth away from her and stared at Mr. Wilson...Dan...who was standing at the doorway drinking in the sight of his wife's tits being sucked by the neighbor boy. "Hey, Hey, don't stop! Maybe we all can go up to our bedroom and get a bit more comfortable." He held his hand out and we shook hands. "Laurie was all excited about having you come over today to fuck her. I hope you won't mind if I get out my polaroid and take a few pictures." I didn't see any way I could object to that since he was going to let me fuck his wife.

I followed them up the stairs. Mrs. Wilson had taken off her robe and had it slung over her right shoulder. My face was right level with her ass as she walked in front of me up the stairs. She and Dan talked about several things in what appeared to be some sort of code. At least it was adult talk that meant nothing at all to me.

Dan went to the closet and took off his shoes and socks. He placed the shoes in some sort of hanging thing on the closet door and placed his sock in a hamper in the closet. He pulled off his shirt and then his slacks. I found out later that he had dressed as if he were going to work so Ellen wouldn't wonder what he and Mom were going to be doing.

When he turned around I was shocked by his hard cock. It was much bigger than mine, but I didn't know if it was really big or just normal. Mrs. Wilson said, "Peter, it might be a good idea for you to get out of your clothes now." I was kind of shy getting undressed in front of Dan, but I figured he was going to see me naked anyway, so got over the shyness. I threw my jeans on the floor next to my shoes and socks. I pulled my tee-shirt over my head. Dan was smiling as he looked down at the tent my cock was pitching inside my shorts.

Mrs. Wilson knelt in front of me, her breasts hanging down in front of her. I was mesmerized by the swaying of them. She put her fingers into the elastic of my Hanes shorts and pulled them down my legs. Almost immediately I heard a sound like 'chik...zooop' as Dan took a polaroid of Mrs. Wilson's face inches from my cock. She grasped my shaft and licked the head. I put my hands in her hair as she did that and tried to ignore the sounds of the instant camera.

Dan spoke up then, "Laurie I think you should have your tits and head on the bed while Peter fucks you from behind." She went to that position and I dutifully moved behind her. I had to stand though and kind of squat down so my cock would be able to go into her pussy. "Peter, use your hands and spread Laurie's cunt lips wide apart." I did that and the camera continued to click and whir. I looked at him for instructions and he said,"Just do what comes naturally son."

I pressed the head into the red juicy opening there. I was deaf now to the sounds of the camera which went on during the entire time I was with her. After my cock was all the way into her cunt I had my hands on her ass, holding onto the mounds as I thrust and pulled into and out of her cunt. Mrs Wilson was making much more noise than she did the first time we fucked. "Oh God Peter...fuck my wet cunt...fuck me with your hard young cock!" That propelled me into faster movement and I was slamming and splatting into her wet hole in a rapid-fire motion. She started coming then. I felt her cunt try to squeeze my skinny cock. When she was done, I was still going. "Peter," said Dan. "Let us know when you are going to cum." I nodded my head and then it started right away and I couldn't say more than, "nuh,nuh,nuh,now!"

I felt that intense pleasure again as the semen rippled down the cum tube in my cock and spit out into her cunt. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was punctuating each hard slam into her with an "mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!"

When I was done, Mrs Wilson put her hand over her cunt and moved onto her back at the edge of the bed. She told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees so my cock would be over her mouth. I did so. She moved her head up a bit and took my entire cock into her mouth, her tongue moving all around the shaft. She sucked all the cock juice and cunt juice from my prick and then Dan moved in.

I sat by the edge of the bed and watched as Dan pulled her thighs up over his shoulders. His cock was very hard. Mrs. Wilson took her hand from her cunt then and he slid his stiff cock into her cum-juicy hole. It was amazing to see his cock instantly covered with the cum I had put there. He had his fingers on each of her nipples, twisting and pulling on them. Mrs. Wilson moaned and screeched from time to time. The sound of their fucking was a very juicy kind of sound.

Finally, he was done and he obviously shot a huge load of cum into his wife. He made some last strokes, then pulled out. Instantly Mrs. Wilson was on the floor on her knees. She took his coated cock into her mouth and sucked it all the way down her throat. When she was done, she turned and looked at me. They both smiled. She used her wrist to clean the cum off her face and we all looked at each other for what came next.

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my mrs first time on holiday

hi firstly let me introduce myself,im tim 42yold and my partner is miss t,shes 41 weve been together years ,and have always fantasised about having a threesome!role play when having sex etc,and on our recent holiday to ibiza it all came real!!on arriving at san antonio bay,we checked in to our 4 star hotel,very nice it was too,the only problem was the place was full of germans and spanish,but it turned out not to be a problem!lol on the first morning miss t was sunbathing in a very nice black bikini,i was just swimming in the pool talking to everyone,and then started talkin to two guys ,one was called franz the other joseph they were both 22,on holiday together,a clubbin holiday they said,we had a few beers together at the pool bar,when miss t approached,straight away i could see both lads looking fondly at her,she is stunning 36d breasts size 12 waist dark hair and curves in the right places,i introduced my two new friends and miss t had a drink with us,that night they was having a drink in the bar when we got there,and invited us to go out with them that night,but we said no we was just chilling out that evening!they said shame,and off they went!about 12.30 that evening they came back as they said they were tired,me and miss t wee a bit tipsy and started makin fun saying were double your age and can handle it better than you two!at this they started bringing us shots back from the bar ,after about 5 drinks later we was a bit worse for wear,and said were goin to our room!they started poking fun at us then,saying we was boring!i said bring a couple of bottles to our room then!which they did!it wasnt long before we got talking about sex,it was getting horny!i said do u think miss t is sexy?they both replied yes straight away!then we started saying weve always fantasied about a threesome!there faces were a picture!excitement is not the word!then me and miss t went in the bathroom to chat!she said i know what your thinking,but no!i said it will be amazing, she was all blotchy red so i knew she was turned on,i said if you dont want to then ok dont!and left her in the bathroom,as i returned to the guys i said to franz,miss t wants a word! thinking fast i thought,maybe on there own something may happen!fingers crossed!he then went inside,after about 5 mins they hadent returned,so me and joseph went to look,sneaking to the bathroom door we peeked in,there they were kissing so passionately,his hands roming all over my mrs,it was electric,joseph stumbled and made a noise,they stopped immidiately and looked rather embaresed,miss t looked to the floor ,i said dont stop its so hot !but i think joseph feels left out!miss t then walked to the bedroom,she was so red with excitement,i said can joseph have a kiss?she nodded and he walked to her followed closely by franz,they started to kiss his hands like franzs were everywere, franz started running his fingers inside her skirt,raising it so you could see her polker dot pants,she was starting to groan in pleasure he then slipped his finger inside her pants,she then opened her legs so he could gain access!you could hear how wet she was as her pussy was squelching when his fingers were playing with her!i was loving every second, there she was with 2 guys twenty years younger than her,and she was in heaven!she pulled away from them both, stood there and took off her skimpy blouse to reveal her gorgeous big suntantanned tits still in her bra tho!she reached round and ping it was off,her rock hard brown nipples stood to attention both guys said wow!she gave a cute smile then took the top of her skirt and pulled it to the ground,then proceeded to take her pants off!she looked amazing all women stood there,her pussy freshly shaven,not a hair in sight,she then got a hair bobble and tied her hair back!she then said to the guys what you waiting for and pointed at there shorts take off yours!she was in absolute controll
!they did as she asked ,both pulled off there shorts!wow joseph was aout 8 inches and very thick no foreskin,franz must have been 9 half but uncut and not as thick!she walked towards them,then knelt on the floor,talking a cock in each hand,she went for joseph first,opened her mouth then took his big fat end in her mouth,whilst wanking franz with other hand,then after about 20 secs changed over to franz!the guys were stood there with there cocks rigid,and the groans of pleasure from the two were so erotic!after 5 mins miss t stood up ,then got on all fours on the bed,she looked amazing,her puss was dripping and no one had really done anything to her yet!joseph got behind her and started to lick and suck her pussy,the sound was beautiful,wet sounding flesh with groan after groan,franz went to her front and offered his cock to her mouth again,she started deepthroatin him nearly all of it!she was a real pro!she then turned to me and said get them some condoms,i nodded then went to the drawer,and got 2,passed them to each of them,they couldnt wait putting them on fumbling with excite ment!she then layed on her back and opened her legs as wide as she could,they stood at the base of the bed waiting!she then said,franz you first,he looked at joseph and laughed,then he placed his solid 9 andhalf inch cock on her pussy lips,she moaned softly,he began to rub it up and down her bulbus clit,she bucked up and he then rammed it in hard,she groaned mmmmmmmm as he entered her, he then started to pick up the pace,me and joseph stood at he base of the bed, watching him spread her pussy wider each shove!they was in ectasy kissing each other,the young gun was seriously giving her a good seeeing too!she was loving every second,her tits bouncing up and down fast,with every beat of his rythmn, they were making loads of groans and grunts as they fucked,after 5 mins franz said im going to come,she said dont you dare pull out,give me all your cum,and started to kiss him,he started going faster,he was about to blow his load,with a loud ahhhhhhhh he was emptying his seed into her!his body then went limp as he collapsed on top of her!she gave a smile as she looked at me!he then began to get off her,as his cock flopped out of her now soaking wet pussy,his big cock hung down,with the condom dangling full of his cum,he bent down and kissed her again,then took off his condom and held it to us like it was a trophy!full of his own gold!he laughed then went to the bathroom,come on joseph dont be she she said,he got on the bed,she said i will ride you,as your cock has girth i want to grind and feel it all,he layed flat and she straddled him,rubbin her clit with his fat cock,her own cum lubricating the condom more and more she then let her weight down,and her pussy stretched round his thick shaft,oooooooooo she cooed mmmmmmmm and she slowly rocked backwards and forwards her head streching back she was in her zone,joseph started rubbing her big swollen nipples pinching them hard,she started going a bit faster,i knew the signs, she was close to her final big orgasm,i love your fat cock joseph you feel soooo good,he replied your an amazing woman,your so tight,after 10 mins they were kissing passionately, she started losing her rythymn ,she was about to come,her face changed,really serious looking she was feeling every emotion,her pussy was white with her cum,she groaned yes and started to buck furiously she was coming hard,he cried out ahhhhh he too was reaching his final climax after a couple more mins she kissed him then got off his tool,her pussy stayed stretched for a while it looked so hot,she then went for a shower!i wanked off and came in my hand what an amazing night!!!!!please comment... Continue»
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Polka Dot Passion

Her apartment smelled of fabric softener, Om Nagchampa incense, and sweet cannabis. The balcony doors were all open and the heat of his anxiousness steadily seeped out into the tropical January night chill. She was wearing less than usual, this was the first time he had ever seen her shapely long legs. His eyes traced their way from her bare feet to her toned calves, lingering for a moment on her silky thighs, then up to her short fuzzy white and teal polka dot pajama shorts. He realized he was staring and flinched to bend over and remove his shoes at the door where he stood… desperately hoping she hadn’t caught him gawking awkwardly.

“Found it ok?” She chimed. “Yup, that wasn’t too far at all!” He smiled, relieved that she was oblivious and admiring her pretty smile. She leaned in to give him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. He had hoped to have been greeted with a kiss. He breathed her in and held her in a hug for a moment after she had already reflexively released. Her long soft curls d****d over his hand loosely as it found the small of her back. She stood in his arm, very aware of his anchoring hand on her lower back and his pulse against her breasts. He inhaled deeply savoring the smell of her; his breath in the curve of her neck caused a sensuous shiver down her spine, briefly paralyzing her retreat, her neck had always been her weak spot. She was glad that he hadn’t tried to kiss her, she enjoyed his warmth in their momentary embrace and smelled his cologne, the one which she complimented him on the other day when they met. She smiled to herself… that smell turned her on.

“Come on in” She led him in by the hand and closed the door behind him. Her place was artsy and very clean and tidy, he was relieved. The last girl he dated was even messier than him. They made their way to the couch where he strategically sat in the middle. She went to set her phone on the dock to play some music then went to sit down beside him. They made casual conversation, laughing and listening. They eventually eased themselves closer together into a comfortable interlocking of limbs sunk deeply into the plush sofa and satin throw pillows. Hours had passed. He realized that he would have to take some initiative in seducing her. This would be the type of woman who was going to make him work for it. The prospect of that challenge instantly excited him and he u*********sly adjusted his shorts. He watched her as she talked, her gestures, her hands so graceful and expressive. Her exotic brown eyes were bright and mysterious and almost appeared to see right through him. Her teeth were bright and she flashed them each time he would make her laugh or smile. He was aching to get closer but didn’t want to get slapped in the process. He watched her mouth intently and at one point even caught himself mouthing her words along as she spoke, being so engrossed in the movement of her lips.

She was amused, and appreciated his willingness to hear about her career aspirations and academic goals, fully aware that he wouldn’t remember much of what she was saying. None the less, she continued talking for fear that if the conversation were to dwindle he would pounce on her like a cat planning a ninja attack on its favorite toy. She listened as he told her about his music, his friends and football… or was it baseball? She didn’t care much for sports and her mind was wandering as she struggled to maintain eye contact. She inhaled deeply, and something about that damn cologne hit her again all at once before she could even exhale. Triggering a surge of excitement to race through her body, she was completely caught off guard by her responsiveness to his masculine scent. She felt an instant rise in her body temperature emanating from deep in her core, her face became flushed and her supple skin was again enveloped by that familiar prickly chill. She blinked slowly, deliberately; trying to compose herself discreetly and regain some control over her flustered body. She met his eyes and realized he was no longer talking, but was watching her with a mischievous smile… Did he know? When had he stopped talking? Why was he looking at her like that? She became anxious and rhetorically offered to go get them some water from the fridge.

She shifted, extending her leg from under her to put her feet on the ground in an attempt to escape the awkwardness in her living room for the refuge of her kitchen only a few feet away. His primal instincts took over him and he became a hunter calculating the optimal point of attack. In his peripheral view he watched as she outstretched her bare leg and began to lean forward, never breaking their eye contact. The moment one foot touched the ground he saw his moment of opportunity and sprang forward. His lips met their target straight on and his hands reached out to the arm rest behind her, cornering her against it as he pressed his body to hers. With one leg still folded underneath her and the other on the floor, it was a matter of seconds before she had no choice but to position herself under him horizontally to avoid twisting the foot that was still tucked under her. The fact that she wasn’t fighting it actually shocked her more than the bold act itself.

He was lying on top of her now, kissing her passionately and greedily. She parted her lips slightly, whether it was an innate reaction to his unintentional gyrating against her or an attempt to object, neither of them could really tell. She leaned back on her elbow and lifted her free hand to his chest, applying only a very slight pressure against him as if to communicate “I could stop this at any moment, so don’t get carried away…”. She at least wanted to retain the illusion of some control in the situation. It seemed her body was winning the fight with her better judgment and she realized the unsolicited domination of this blue eyed stranger in her home was making her undeniably wet in her little polka dot pajama bottoms. Almost intuitively he sensed her arousal and decided to push her further. He took her passively opposing hand by the wrist and lifted it above her head. She uttered what was almost a protest to her new constricted predicament just as his mouth moved to her hypersensitive neck and the only noise that escaped her lips was a breathless feminine moan of surrender.

Her reluctant groan hummed into his ear. Its vibration amplified by his own trembling anticipation and excitement, eliciting an a****listic hunger as he devoured the sweet taste of her flesh. His mouth moved with a passionate aggression from her ear down her neck, he found her collar bone and moved further to continue this exploration of her throbbing chest. His hand wandered behind her back in search of the arm that she was propping herself up on. He found her wrist easily and lifted it above her head to join the other, rendering her incapable of getting away, even though by then there was nowhere else she’ d have rather been. With both hands now bound above her head she sank deeper into the corner of the sofa, his mouth following her down. He took both of her wrists above her head with his one big hand, freeing the other for his conquest.

The pulsating constriction of his shorts intensified when he looked down at her for a moment, soaking in the site of the beautiful brunette below him, submitting to his control and squirming in anticipation. She was hot and flustered, hair disheveled, flushed cheeks and chest heaving rhythmically as she helplessly awaited his next move. He admired her erect nipples pointing up at him as they rose and fell under her tight aquamarine spaghetti strap tank top now stuck to her skin from the moistness of their body heat, lewdly outlining her perky voluptuous breasts. He looked back up at her face, her mouth was ajar as she stared him right back in the eye, almost challenging him. He gave her a devilish smirk and surprised her with a sudden suggestive thrust of his groin. He had tactfully managed to position himself directly between her now open legs and was pressing his erection against the wet crotch of her little shorts. The unexpected pressure directly on her sensitive clit caused her pussy to suddenly spasm uncontrollably. He watched her eyes roll back and close as a soft involuntary whimper escaped her pink lips. That was the only invitation he needed. He moved his free hand up to the back of her neck to her bouncy soft curls, entwining her hair around his fingers and then tightening his grip. Her eyes reopened and she looked up at him. He tightened his grip even more and when he was content with the leverage of his grasp he held her head so that she was f***ed to look him directly in the eye. She was hungry for more and he could see it, he was going to give her everything she wanted and more, much more. Slowly he began grinding his pelvis against her, looking her in the eye, tightening his grips on her hands and her hair. His thrusting intensified and became more calculated, he was teasing her and himself. Deep hard strokes and rocking in circular rhythms followed purposeful successions of repeated forward thrusts, all the while she tried her damnedest not to break eye contact, but once in a while would slip in the bliss and he would tighten his grip on her hair forcing her to come back to him.

As he continued to dry hump her with vigor he didn’t realize his shorts had been working their way further and further down. He was so enthralled with the pleasure that he was deriving from the simulated sex he was having that he didn’t immediately notice the front of his shorts had worked their way down about 6 inches, subsequently leaving the only thing obstructing his engorged member from its prized target to be his thin boxer brief with a missing button on the flap, and her now soaking wet polka dot pajama shorts. When he finally acknowledged this new unrestricted sensation, he began pumping even harder, until the head of his dribbling cock made its way through the opening in his briefs and found her warm wet shorts were not doing a very good job at keeping her covered. It wasn’t long before his determined prick found its way around the crotch of her shorts and through the leg opening. He almost exploded right then and there when his dick made direct contact with her tight slippery slit. He had assumed she would have been wearing panties, and she definitely was not.

He lowered his head to her and kissed her hard on the lips, exploring her with his tongue and growling primitively into her mouth. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, communicating her desire for more. He took his queue and aligned his member in preparation to enter her. He pulled away from their kiss and with his mouth against her ear he whispered coarsely “Mmm, you naughty girl… I’ll have to teach you a lesson about what happens to naughty little girls who don’t wear panties…” and just as a despairing moan escaped her lips he plunged himself deep inside her to the hilt. She cried out in pain and ecstasy, and within minutes exploded into a drenching, quivering, convulsing orgasm all over his engorged tingling man meat. He grunted loudly and tried to keep his composure as her vice like cunt sucked him in to its velvety wet walls and squeezed him repeatedly tighter and tighter until her intense climax subsided. He was so deep inside of her that he could feel his head against her cervix and he knew in that moment if he didn’t pull out soon he would blow his pent up load all over it. The fervid geyser that was emanating from his swollen balls was fighting its way out; quickly he tried to pull all 7.5 inches of his thick meat out of her hollow clutches, this time not quite as abruptly as his initial entry. One inch, two, three inches…. Four inches… she was moaning and rubbing her beautiful breast while running her hand up and down his chest and torso, he knew he would probably still be hard even after he came, this was just too damn hot, and he was anxious to fuck her right, and a bit embarrassed that he couldn’t last longer… 5 inches… almost there, he can feel it about to blow…6 inches… Suddenly her legs wrapped around him again, pulling him back in.

“Shit, I am going to cum, hang on I need to pull out!” He said frantically, his voice cracked. She grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and pulled him into her, bringing his face down half way. His cock now completely back inside her, she leaned forward to meet his face, the juicy clutch was too much for him to bear when she maneuvered forward to lean into him. She kissed him hard, her tongue probed his mouth and he blasted his gooey cream with abandon deep into her pussy, whimpering and grunting into her mouth as spurt after spurt projected from his still rock hard erection. He was trembling against her as she pulled her mouth from his, brought it up to his ear and whispered “Mmm… you naughty boy, I’ll have to teach you a lesson about what happens to naughty boys who cum before I say they can..."

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Doing Mrs. Pierce

(I was f***ed to help the girls' injured coach)

Mrs. Pierce was a real piece of work. That's all there was to it. She was the girls' softball coach and the reason they had been the most winning team in county history but that didn't change the fact that she was a real bitch. All the girls hated Mrs. Pierce, partly because of her nasty temper but mostly because of her cutting, condescending remarks but each member of the team played their very best to avoid becoming the target of her ridicule.

The girls weren't the only ones scared of Mrs. Pierce; us guys were afraid of her too. Nobody wanted to be dressed down by that little dynamo, and I do mean undressed. By the time she finished with you, you'd feel like you'd been stripped naked and your poor, frightened little willy, looking like it had been submerged in arctic waters for months, would be on display for all to see. Nope, nobody wanted to cross Mrs. Pierce and that's why I was scared out of my wits after I left Coach's office.

"Emerson," he had yelled as we all started for the showers. "Come see me when you're done."

"Can't you get someone else, Coach?" I had pleaded after he made my assignment known.

"Of course I can," he retorted, fixing me with his steely glare. "But I'm sending you!"

"Right, Coach," I backed down immediately.

"Saturday morning. Here's the address." He held out a wrinkled piece of paper torn from the corner of his coffee-stained pad. "Be there at nine sharp."

I read the address scrawled on the scruffy piece of paper.

"Don't let me down, Paul," Coach added in a softer tone. "The school needs Mrs. Pierce in top form this season if both the teams are to win five years in a row. It'll be pretty hard for anyone to match that record. "

"I won't Coach," I promised.

"Make sure you don't," his parting warning sounded ominous.

Before I reached the door, he said, "She's not as bad as they make her out to be."

I didn't believe that for a second and Coach's lopsided smile wasn't encouraging either. I opened the door and walked down the hall, my heart filled with dread.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As I walked down the tree-lined avenue, I checked the numbers on each house. The leaves were already changing color despite the warmth imparted by the still strong sun. I was almost there, at Mrs. Pierce's house. She injures herself and I have to do chores for her? It wasn't fair. I knew I couldn't be f***ed to but if I wanted to stay on the team, I had to do Coach's bidding and keep quiet about it. There it was, 2709, a low, rambling rancher on a large lot with shrubs lining the curved walkway to the front door and flower gardens bordering the house itself. I walked up to the door, careful not to tread on the grass, vacillating between ringing the bell and knocking on the door. Which would be least disturbing? I pressed the doorbell and winced at the series of clanging chimes my tentative touch had set off. The door opened and she was there, somehow managing to appear haughty and aloof despite her diminutive frame.

"Yes?" she inquired, one hand holding the partially open door.

"I'm Paul," I said, pausing to await her recognition of who I was and why I was there but her expression didn't change.

"Uh... Coach sent me."

"Oh yes, of course. I'll meet you out back. There's a gate around the side." Mrs. Pierce waved her free hand and then abruptly closed the door.

I stared at the door for a few seconds, then shuffled around the side of the house, unlatched the gate, and walked into the back yard. There was a swimming pool filled with sparkling turquoise water in the center of a large yard rimmed with tall hedges and flower gardens, nicely set off by a large willow tree at the back with a picnic table set under the shade of its drooping branches. I stopped to survey the beauty of it all which the front of the property, although nice, hadn't prepared me for. This had to be the nicest yard on the street, by far. Mrs. Pierce appeared through the French doors at the rear of the house and walked gingerly across the cement patio favoring her right heel. That was the only evidence of her injury that I had seen. She walked to the far side of the pool and stopped, ignoring me as she surveyed the flower gardens. I walked up behind her and quietly waited for her to acknowledge my presence.

"Do you think you can mow the lawn without scarring the edges or blowing grass on the flowers?" she asked.

"I'll be careful," I replied. The last thing I needed was for her to complain to Coach. "It's a very beautiful yard," I added, sucking up and trying to provide assurance that I meant it when I said I'd be careful.

"I won't let my husband do it. He doesn't understand the commitment required to achieve a lawn like this, how meticulous you have to be at every step, and the constant diligence, so... well, he doesn't appreciate it. Nor, I suppose, do you, so if you can't do it, just say so before you ruin it."

Mrs. Pierce turned and fixed her gaze on me. It seemed now that she was the taller person. I looked down and shuffled my feet.

"I can do it."

"All right, but remember, doing a job properly is better than getting it done quickly."

I nodded.

"You'll find everything you need in the shed," she said, dismissively, waving her hand toward the back corner of the yard as she brushed by me. I turned to watch her go. I meant to fix her with an evil eye while she wasn't looking but that changed as she walked away. Even with a slight limp, her shapely legs were appealing. Mrs. Pierce may be a bitch but she was a damn good looking one. Despite her age, her body wore the confidence of years and years of fine-tuned, proper physical exercise. The twin lines from the side of her nose to the corners of her mouth indicated her true age but her body exuded youthful strength. The girls on the softball team said there wasn't a single position Mrs. Pierce couldn't play better than any girl in the league. I believed it watching those tight shorts track back to the house and only tore my eyes away when I belatedly saw my reflection in the glass door.

It took me way longer than I thought to finish the lawn. I was petrified of accidentally lowering the mower unevenly over the edges along the garden in order not to scar the grass. Thankfully, I was successful. As soon as I shut the mower off, Mrs. Pierce appeared. She strode purposely to the edge of the grass by the side of the house. As I gathered the electric cord, I watched her, admiring her legs, a crazy thing to do. God help me if she caught me scoping her body. Coach would understand but he'd have my ass anyway.

Mrs Pierce walked around the edge of the yard. I put the mower away and followed her for the last half of the yard about a dozen feet back. As she scrutinized the edge of the grass, I perused her taut legs and pleasingly tight yet supple butt. At the opposite end of the yard, and not before, Mrs. Pierce turned to me and smiled.

"You did a fine job. You should be pleased," she said. "Come back after lunch and we'll see if you can handle gardening."

I guess I wasn't going to get a cold drink, let alone any lunch, or even a thank you. Oh, well. I was better off leaving than trying to eat in her domineering presence. I watched her walk to the house but looked away before she entered in case she turned around to impart further instructions. I felt ridiculous walking home because the front of my shorts kept swelling up. Come on, man, I chided myself. She's over forty. I guess I was too scared to get an erection while I was in her yard looking at her PE-teacher butt. Thank God for that.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After lunch, I walked directly into the back yard without announcing myself. Mrs. Pierce was lying on a cushioned lounge in the back yard, one of two set on the patio at the end of the pool nearest the house. The head end was raised up about a foot or so allowing Mrs. Pierce to lay comfortably yet still read a magazine, or look at her garden. I walked up quietly and stood several feet away behind and to one side. I waited for her to notice I was there but soon realized she must be sl**ping. About to cough to announce my presence, I stopped myself, afraid of her wrath if she didn't want to be disturbed. I thought about creeping back and knocking on the gate but in the end just stood there.

Mrs. Pierce was wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts that were neither tight nor loose around her legs. Her tanned and bare midriff bristled with tiny reddish blonde hairs a little lighter than the color of her shoulder-length hair. She had obviously never had c***dren, at least, none that could conquer the strength of her abs. Her breasts sat proudly upon her chest, falling slightly to the sides but sweeping up to fill the tank top in a very pleasing manner. Her left arm was stretched up and bent back to allow her hand to rest behind her head, a posture which pushed the nipple on that side nicely into the tank top in spite of the bra whose dim outline I could discern underneath.

Mrs. Pierce's right leg was bent so that the sole of her foot fit snugly under the calf of her left leg. Her parted thighs were covered in a sprinkling of fine hairs similar to that visible on her stomach but glinting more brightly in the sun. I stared long enough to notice that their distribution became more sparse as her legs approached their natural juncture. My eyes had just traveled up onto the swollen front of Mrs. Pierce's shorts when she spoke without turning to look at me.

"It's alright. I'm not sl**ping."

"Oh, I... uh..."

"Come around here where I can see you," Mrs. Pierce gestured for me to walk in front of the lounge.

She regarded me with a faint smile for several long seconds and I began to blush, realizing she must have been aware of my presence for some time and perhaps knew I had been looking at her. Thankfully, she looked away at the garden just as my cheeks began to glow.

"I think we should start down there in the corner, in case you mess up."

Mrs. Pierce got up awkwardly and stood, favoring her heel more than she had in the morning. She limped toward the end of the yard and I followed. When we got to the corner, she told me what to do. There was a bag of garden tools already there. She bent to retrieve the appropriate tool and handed it to me, then started back toward her chair but stumbled after two steps. Quickly, I stepped forward and grabbed her, one hand grabbing her flailing arm and the other circling around her waist to keep her from falling. Regaining her feet, she angrily flung my hands away.

"I'm fine," she barked.

Mrs. Pierce took two more steps and fell to one knee. I waited, unmoving. She held one arm out.

"Help me up, please," she said, tersely.

I took the offered hand and braced the other under her elbow, pulling her up.

"Perhaps, I do need a little help," she said, her admission surprising the hell out of me.

We started walking but she quickly stopped.

"Actually, bring my chair over here. I'll need to give you instructions."

I brought the lounge and Mrs. Pierce set herself down, carefully keeping her right heel elevated from the ground. I turned around and got to work. The afternoon whiled away with me working and Mrs. Pierce periodically giving instructions, but less and less often as time wore on. I was acutely conscious of her attention and tried my best to work around the flowers without disturbing a single petal.

About every half hour, Mrs. Pierce got up and I moved her chair a few feet farther along so she could be close enough to see what I was doing. On the third move, she was napping. Still on my knees, I took the time to look at her. Her knees were drawn up and held tightly together, blocking my view of her face and mine from her, which was good should she suddenly open her eyes. However, though her knees were held demurely together, her feet were spaced as widely as they could be while remaining on the lounge cushion, offering an unobstructed view of the back of Mrs. Pierce's well-muscled thighs. Something in my shorts began to stir, and it wasn't a mouse.

Mrs. Pierce had slid down in the lounge, forcing her shorts tightly against her legs and pelvis. I could see the outline of her panty legs under the shorts and the form of her mature pussy pressing against the restraining material. The tip of my tongue slipped through my lips and my cock grew an inch, shifting inside my shorts. I imagined myself hovering over her, looking down while those puffy panties — somehow, in my mind, the shorts had disappeared — strained upward to meet my bulging loins.

"That should be enough for today. You've done a fine job."

Her voice shocked me back to reality. Mrs. Pierce was looking at me through her open legs, her knees having parted without my awareness. My face flushed red.

"I can do more if you want," I protested.

"Nonsense. You've worked so hard your face is red."

Mrs. Pierce struggled to get up and I leapt to my feet to help her.

"Thank you, Paul."

The sound of my name on her lips sent a shiver through me.

"Can you help me to the house?"

This time, Mrs. Pierce didn't object when I slipped my arm around her waist. I paused at the sliding doors but she indicated that I should help her right into the house. She guided me toward a large stuffy chair in the living room near the front door. The place was elegantly furnished. Very tasteful, even to my uncultivated eyes. I knew my mom would like it and that meant it was very good.

"Can you come again next week?" she asked.

"I can come over tomorrow, if you like." I hoped I didn't sound too eager.

"No, my husband is home tomorrow," she said, as if that fact required no further explanation.

I was strangely disappointed having to wait a whole week to work for this so-called "bitch".

"Well, I could come over Wednesday afternoon. My classes are over at noon and I think Coach wouldn't mind if I skipped practice."

"That's very thoughtful but you shouldn't skip practice."

"Coach says I don't need any more practice," I said proudly.

Mrs. Pierce smiled.

"Well then, ok, Paul."

This time my name had a throaty sound to it. All the way home, I replayed that sound over and over in my head. I had to adjust my shorts several times but in the end gave up, allowing my erection to bulge like a sausage down my right leg. Why did they think she was such a bitch? For that matter, why had I thought so? At school, she was this overly tough little woman running rough shod over the girls. She looked fit in her perennial gym wear but not sexy but in her own backyard she could be soft and yielding, feminine and sexy. I could hardly wait until Wednesday.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wednesday couldn't come soon enough. If it had been any longer, I would have worn my pecker off. Mrs. Pierce was waiting on the lounge which was situated right where I'd left off on Saturday. There was a jug of what looked like lemonade beside a glass with a lime in it on a small round glass-topped table . When I got closer, I noticed that there was an extra glass on the table but it was empty.

Mrs. Pierce was wearing a halter top. One of her legs was stretched out and the foot of the other was set beside its knee, holding its own bent knee up against which a magazine was pressed.

"Good afternoon, Paul," she said as I approached.

I acknowledged her greeting but quickly knelt down to begin gardening when further conversation wasn't forthcoming. I shifted to the right after fifteen minutes and turned to look back at Mrs. Pierce, knowing I was directly in front of her and that, as on Saturday, I could probably look at her legs without being seen. I forgot that one leg was stretched out straight which meant the coveted display wouldn't be available and Mrs Pierce would be able to see me anyway.

Fortunately, Mrs. Pierce had lifted that leg up too and both knees were now together and would have offered an unprotected view of the back of her thighs if her feet weren't placed demurely together in front of them. Disappointed, I returned to gardening. Five minutes later, I turned to sneak another look. Bingo!

Mrs. Pierce's feet were now braced on the corners of the lounge, leaving the back of her thighs unprotected. My scrotum was wrapped in pleasant tingles as soon as I noticed that the shorts worn on Saturday had been replaced by a short skirt which wasn't long enough to cover Mrs. Pierce's panties with her legs lifted up like that. They were pale blue and didn't match the green skirt that was supposed to cover them.

Recovering from my initial surprise, I moved my trowel in the dirt to make it sound like I was still working but kept my eyes on those out-of-place panties. As I watched, Mrs. Pierce's right hand appeared and lightly scratched across the bottom of her thigh. I stared as the flesh of her leg rippled back and forth in front of the scratching fingers and stiffened when her hand began stroking up her leg. At the underside of her knee, Mrs. Pierce's fingers retraced their path down her leg, paused, and then repeated the long, caressing stroke.

I was mesmerized. Mrs. Pierce continued stroking the back of her thigh and I completely forgot about moving the trowel around in the garden to make it sound like I was working. I almost managed to lift my offending eyes off her legs when her knees suddenly moved to one side... almost, but not quite.

"Would you like a break?" Mrs. Pierce asked. Then, in response to my blank look, "For a drink?"

"Oh, yes," I stammered, fixing my gaze on the pitcher.

"Pour yourself a glass, then," she said, continuing to scratch the underside of her thigh. I crawled around to the other side of the table and poured myself a glass while I watched Mrs. Pierce who was looking at her magazine and paying no attention to me. I almost choked when I took the first gulp to quench my thirst. It was gin and tonic!

Mrs. Pierce continued stroking her leg and ignoring me. I drank more slowly and watched her hand and leg. She leaned forward onto her magazine as she stroked and her breast pushed around the outside of her thigh. It was then I noticed that there were no telltale signs of a bra under Mrs. Pierce's halter. When she pulled back slightly on the upstroke, the nipple poked into the cotton halter top, registering its presence to my eager eyes.

"That feels so good," Mrs. Pierce said, thankfully keeping her owns eyes on her leg. "Ever since my injury, I haven't been able to exercise and my muscles have tightened up. This seems to help."

I nodded, and gulped another mouthful of gin and tonic. It went down smoothly this time.

"Except my fingers aren't strong enough to knead the muscles very well, especially on my calves." I looked at Mrs. Pierce's muscular calves. I couldn't believe her fingers weren't as strong as her legs. When I looked back, Mrs. Pierce was looking right at me.

"Do you think you could help?"

"Help?" I said, lamely.

"Yes. Do you think you could massage my leg muscles?"

I looked at her legs, then at my hands, dusty with the dirt from the garden.

"Don't worry about that. I'm not afraid of a little dirt like my husband."

Mrs. Pierce lifted the back of the lounge up and forward, then eased it back until it was flat. She turned onto her side and then onto her stomach, placing her head on crossed arms.

"When you finish your drink, you can rub my legs."

"What about the garden?" I asked, stupidly.

"You can do that later. It would be better to do my legs before Mr. Pierce gets home."

So with that, I quickly downed the rest of the drink and moved in front of the table, beside the lower part of the lounge and next to Mrs. Pierce's legs. Tentatively, I placed my right hand on the back of her ankle.

"That's it," Mrs. Pierce said. "Start at the bottom."

I rubbed the first six inches of leg above her foot.

"Massage it," Mrs. Pierce said. "Make the muscle work."

So I started massaging Mrs. Pierce's leg, slowly working my way up until I was squeezing and releasing the muscles of her entire right calf. Mrs. Pierce rewarded my effort with encouraging sounds and it was with confidence that I moved to her right leg without prompting and received similarly pleased sounds as I worked on that leg too. Mrs. Pierce kept her eyes closed the whole time I worked on her legs so I cast my eyes above her knees to admire the back of her taut thighs as I let my fingers automatically find the muscles of her calves.

When Mrs. Pierce had first turned around on the lounge, the little skirt had ridden up her legs but her thighs were too close together for the pale blue panties to show. As I worked her lower legs I tried to push them apart, and succeeded, but Mrs. Pierce's knees stayed together, thwarting my plan. Slowly, I kneaded her legs less strenuously, allowing my fingers to stroke more than massage, similar to the way she had scratched her leg herself. My eyes and mind kept wandering under Mrs. Pierce's skirt and my strokes became more and more like light caresses. I was startled when she spoke.

"Go higher," she whispered.

"Pardon me?" I replied, not sure what she meant, moving my hands to the upper part of her calves.

"Work the muscles above my knees," Mrs. Pierce whispered.

I slid my hands onto the back of Mrs. Pierce's knees and then above, onto her lower thighs. Mrs. Pierce sighed contentedly and her knees relaxed, creating a gap between her legs. A narrow band of pale blue panties appeared through the hem of her skirt. I started massaging Mrs. Pierce's thighs, near her knees, the way I had started near her ankles with her calves.

I took my time working my way higher, leery of making a mistake, of taking a liberty beyond what was intended. Eventually, I tried to move her legs further apart and this time they responded to my urges. A greater expanse of panty now greeted my eyes, encouraging me to deliver the best massage I could manage. My eyes roved over Mrs. Pierce's entire body but especially on her red hair and the side of her freckled face which was contentedly serene. That is, when I wasn't staring lovingly at her sleek thighs and peeking under her skirt at her panties. After a long while my fingers were kneading the most tender part of the inside of Mrs. Pierce's thighs. They even ventured into what I would have thought would be a forbidden area under the hem of her skirt, near the blue panties, in my mind responding to the invitation implied by her yielding flesh.

Suddenly, Mrs. Pierce lifted up on her elbows and looked at me over her shoulders past her arched back. My hands when rigid, freezing on her thighs upon the entrance to her skirt.

"Oh my," she said, looking at the back of her skirt. "It's a good thing Mr. Pierce didn't come home."

I instinctively jerked my head toward the back of the house and Mrs. Pierce laughed.

"Don't panic. He's not due home for a while yet. You did such a good job, I got a little carried away. I hope you don't mind?" she purred.

I shook my head. Not in the least, I tried to say but the words wouldn't form in my throat.

"Maybe you should let me turn around now," Mrs. Pierce smiled, looking at my hands still inserted between her thighs.

"Oh... of course," I yanked my hands away from her legs as if they were burning.

Mrs. Pierce laughed and turned around on the lounge. She picked up the pitcher and topped up her glass and then mine. "Cheers," she said, setting the pitcher down, then picking up her glass and holding it out to me. I picked up mine and clinked her glass. Mrs. Pierce sipped hers and looked at me. After I matched her drink she said, "I trust you don't have a loose tongue."

"No. Of course not, Mrs. Pierce," I assured her.

"Good. This is the kind of thing that could easily be misunderstood."

I nodded my understanding and took a large gulp of gin. I needed it.

"We have an understanding, then?"

I nodded.

Mrs. Pierce smiled and sipped her drink. As she did, her right knee slid up higher on the lounge and her pale blue panties appeared under the green skirt. This time, it was the front of the pale blue panties that showed. There was no way I couldn't look right at them. No way. When I came to my senses, I looked up to find Mrs. Pierce looking at me, amused.

"Drink up," she said.

She raised her glass to her lips in concert with me and took a small sip. Mrs. Pierce smiled and I looked down between her legs, then up her thighs and under her skirt, latching onto those sexy blue panties. My eyes may have overstayed their welcome because Mrs. Pierce prodded me again.

"You better finish your drink, Paul," she said, rolling my name around with a wonderful lilt. "Mr. Pierce wouldn't like it if he found a minor drinking liquor in my back yard."

I took a bigger drink and Mrs. Pierce laughed softly but she moved her left leg, exposing more blue panty. I drained my glass, all the while straining my eyes toward her skirt. Mrs. Pierce's light laughter tinkled one last time as she got up. We walked back to the house and just before we got there Mr. Pierce appeared, poking his head through the glass doors.

"I'm home, dear," he said, ignoring me. "I'll be in my study until dinner."

Mrs. Pierce acknowledged her husband, asked him to wait a moment and then, in his presence, turned to face me.

"Can you come again on Saturday?" she asked in an officious voice.

"Yes ma'am," I responded in kind.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

By the next Saturday, my little monkey had been spanked numerous times. I wasn't sure if Mrs. Pierce was giving me the come on or just having fun teasing me. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced she was setting me up for a fall, waiting for me to do something inappropriate so she could get Coach to kick me off the team. Paranoia, what a wonderful thing. But that didn't stop me from fucking Mrs. Pierce many times, in my dreams.

Mrs. Pierce was sitting in the same place in the yard on the lounge. A pitcher and a single glass stood on the small table. I stopped beside her, ready to massage her legs. She was wearing shorts and a simple white blouse instead of a halter top that would show her bare midriff and a skirt that would let me... well, you know. She was reading a magazine. Several more were piled beside the pitcher on the table.

"You're early," Mrs. Pierce admonished me. "Well, you can start gardening anyway."

Disappointed by her demeanor, I picked up the trowel and began weeding around the flowers. I turned often to check out Mrs. Pierce's legs but her feet were always held demurely together, blocking any view of the backs of her thighs. Damn!

She moved the lounge herself when I shifted further along the garden to stay behind me. I checked her legs again but the story was the same: a blocked view.

"I better see if Mr. Pierce needs anything. I'll be back in a minute."

Ah, so Mr. Pierce was home. I was both relieved to know the likely reason for her cool behavior and severely disappointed by her husband's presence. I surely wouldn't be doing any leg massaging now until next Wednesday.

I was so busy with my negative thoughts I didn't realize Mrs. Pierce had returned until she sat behind me again though my ears had registered the patio door closing. Since she hadn't remarked on the current location of her husband I assumed, with regret, that he was still in the house. A few minutes later, another chair shift along the garden toward the house shrank the viewing angle from the patio doors sufficiently that Mr. Pierce would have to step outside to see us and even then his view would be blocked by the back of the lounge chair. I shoveled a little dirt and then turned to look at Mrs. Pierce.

Mrs. Pierce had changed skirts! She was not wearing a black, knee-length pleated skirt that, while covering her knees on top of her thighs, was open across the bottom. It was loose and the rear hem drooped low enough that I could see her lacy black panties without straining my neck. I put my hand on the ground behind my hip and rested on it while I gazed at Mrs. Pierce's delicious thighs, easily seen through her widely spaced lower legs. When she leaned her knees to one side to look at me, I brazenly didn't turn away to pretend I was gardening.

"Would you like a drink, Paul?" she asked.

"There's only one glass," I said.

"You can use mine while you take a break," she replied, picking up her gin and tonic and holding it out to me. I took the drink and brought it to my lips. "Just don't let Mr. Pierce see you. He wouldn't appreciate me giving alcohol to a minor."

Mrs. Pierce swung her knees back into place. He'd like it even less if he caught me staring at your panties, I thought. I tipped my head back for a long, slow drink, my eyes remaining between Mrs. Pierce's thighs. As the cool mix trickled down my throat, Mrs. Pierce's knees parted and a gap appeared between her thighs. Caught staring at her panty-covered pussy, I corrected myself.

I took my time with the drink and Mrs. Pierce didn't make a single comment or motion to hurry me. The only sound in the backyard was the swish Mrs. Pierce made as she flipped the pages in her magazine. I couldn't see the tiny hairs on her thighs under the shade of her skirt but there was enough light to notice the puffy rise of her pussy and the faint presence of a vertical groove running through the lower front of her panties. Her hole is in there, I thought. Her cunt. I stifled a groan and twisted my hips to ease the pressure on my burgeoning cock. I swigged the rest of the gin and stretched my hand around Mrs. Pierce's knees to give her the glass.

"Would you like some more?" she asked.

"No thanks," I croaked. I was afraid if I kept looking up her skirt I'd pull my cock out and start wanking it in front of her.

Mrs. Pierce put the glass down and returned to her magazine. Flip... flip.

I didn't start gardening again. I meant to, but instead, I put my hand behind her foot and let it hover in the air near her ankle. I pulled my arm toward me until my fingers curled around the back of Mrs. Pierce's foot. She tensed, but said nothing. I moved my hand up and down and few inches, slowly, my fingers pinching lightly on either side of her Achilles tendon. I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. Mrs. Pierce remained silent, and still. I moved my hand higher, slipping up until the muscle of her calf filled my palm.

"Mr. Pierce is still home," she spoke quietly without a hint of any other sanction in her voice. I kept rubbing the back of her calf but didn't reply. A minute later, Mrs. Pierce repeated her comment. When I ignored her again, she said, "Did you hear me, Paul?"

"Yes," I replied quietly, letting my hand slip up her entire calf muscle and into the hollow behind her knee. She allowed me several more full strokes before she queried me again.


"He can't see even if he comes out," I said. "Not unless he comes all the way here."

"That's not the point," Mrs. Pierce replied, her voice beginning to assume its officious tone.

"Does this help your injury?" I asked. Before she could say anything, I added, "Doesn't it make you feel better?"

"Yes, but..."

"Why should you be in pain just because he's home. He could help, but he doesn't."

Mrs. Pierce didn't reply. I continued stroking the back of her leg, waiting for a tensing muscle that would signal her decision to get up and leave. Five strokes, ten, fifteen. The muscles in Mrs. Pierce's calf seemed to relax rather than tense up. Twenty strokes. Cautiously, I raised my left hand up and brought it up under her knee. Telling myself not to do it, I ignored myself and moved my hand higher to connect with the underside of Mrs. Pierce's thigh and let my fingers curl around the bottom of her thigh muscles. I squeezed and pushed my hand higher, or rather downward, but further up her thigh.

The resigned but satisfied sigh was music to my ears. Within minutes, I was stroking the full length of Mrs. Pierce's leg. I twisted her lower leg to pry her thighs wider, increasing the yawning gap of her puffy lace panties. I was using the thumb of my left hand to rub the bottom of her thigh now, the fingers stretching up onto the inner side of that thigh. My fingertips were reaching to within less than an inch from the edge of Mrs. Pierce's panties. Perhaps getting a little carried away, I leaned way over and ducked my head under her skirt.

"I'm going now," Mr. Pierce's voice crashed into my reverie. I hadn't even heard the patio door open.

Mrs. Pierce's left hand slipped under her legs and grabbed my hair, holding my head in place.

"Do you want me to get you anything before I go?" Mr. Pierce yelled.

"No thanks, dear," Mrs. Pierce yelled back, her voice unsteady, unlike the firm grip she maintained on my hair.

"Has your young man left, then?" her husband asked.

He couldn't see me sitting on the grass in front of the lounge, hidden by the upright back of the chair and the long skirt stretched across her bent knees covering my head and shoulders. In that moment I made the most ridiculously dangerous move of my short life. I let my left hand fall to the apex of Mrs. Pierce's legs and, turning it over, let the back of my hand graze across the front of her panties.

Mrs. Pierce went rigid. Her legs started to close to clamp my hand in place but then widened as the skirt began to sink between her knees, stretching it back to its previous taut state covering my upper body. I twisted my wrist, rubbing my knuckles back and forth across those puffy lace panties.

"Yes," Mrs. Pierce coughed, then more firmly, "Yes. He's gone."

If Mr. Pierce approached now, all hell would break loose.

"How's he working out?"

"Quite well," Mrs. Pierce replied.

I applied firmer pressure and was sure that the knuckle of my longest finger briefly penetrated the intriguing groove I had spied when I first looked under Mrs. Pierce's skirt.

"Say what?" Mr. Pierce inquired.

"I said, yes, he's working out quite well."

I turned my hand around and cupped Mrs. Pierce's pussy, stretching my thumb over the bottom of her panties and into the base of her ass. Mrs. Pierce's hand tightened so hard I thought it would yank all my hair out.

"That's good. I'm off, then."

Mrs. Pierce's stomach muscles tensed and I imagined her nodding her head and waving her free hand to say farewell to her husband. The patio door snapped shut and Mrs. Pierce's grip loosened on my head. I let go of her ankle and pushed my hand under her butt as I stretched further onto the lounge, bringing my face in close proximity to her musky panties. I grasped the rear waistband of the lace panties and pulled. As soon as they cleared her butt, I pulled them up to her knees with my left hand along her right leg and pushed them up the left with my right. My face landed squarely on a moist pussy already pushing up to meet me.

"Ohhhh, God!" Mrs. Pierce cried, yanking my head onto her throbbing clit.

I grabbed Mrs. Pierce's thighs and slid my hands up to the underside of her knees, then used them as handholds to grip her legs and shove them up and back onto her chest while she steered my face around on her vibrating pussy.

"Eat me, you cocky little bastard," she cried, bucking her hips against my face.

I dropped my left hand beneath my chin and probed under my tongue, finding her hole and pushing the tips of two fingers into its wet, pulpy mass. Mrs. Pierce released my head and replaced my hand behind her knee. I let my left hand fall to her stomach and stretched its thumb down to rub her clit while my tongue got busy lapping between her hairy lips. My fingers were now busy pushing in and out, finger fucking her hole, almost as much as her churning hips were fucking my face. I had meant to just get her hot enough to fuck but she was so horny and held my head so firmly I kept eating her pussy. She really deserved a treat and I decided to give her one. I pulled out of her pussy and surrounded her clit with my mouth and sucked it for twenty seconds or so, then pushed my rigid tongue as far into her cunt as I could and moved my head up and down, tongue-fucking this hot woman everyone mistakenly called a bitch. Thank you, Coach. Thank you, for this crappy assignment. I smiled inwardly. The intensity of the morning's teasing was taking effect. Mrs. Pierce was moaning constantly now, broken only by verbal encouragements.

"Yeah, Paul. That's it... like that... oh yeah, yeah."

I stuck my tongue deep and shook my head, rubbing my thumb rapidly across her swollen clit. I vibrated my head so rapidly it started to hurt.

"Oh yeah... God yeah... eat it... eat it... Gooooddd, ohhhhhhhh, God, oh God, oh God!"

Mrs. Pierce's legs fell on either side of my head and she shoved my face off her pussy. She was twisting from side to side, enjoying the rapture of her orgasm. I stood up and watched as a series of intense expressions flitted across her face, expressing the variety of sensations a woman can experience while in the throes of such bliss. Eventually, her closed eyes tightened one final time and then relaxed. I pushed my shorts down and released my aching cock.

Mrs. Pierce stopped twisting about. She was making a barely audible whimpering sound. I straddled the lounge and picked up her legs by the ankles, pushing them back until her knees were against her chest. Once more, I gripped her legs under the knees and lined my cock up with her wet pussy. Her panties were still stretched across her knees. Mrs. Pierce opened her eyes when my tip nudged her nether lips. She didn't speak and her eyes gave neither permission nor denial. I pushed the purple helmet of my cock between her lips, found her hole, and shoved my entire length inside her until my root collided with her rubbery lips. I gave an extra shove and was rewarded with a satisfying grunt from Mrs. Pierce.

Mrs. Pierce watched me calmly as I fucked her. I started with long, slow strokes fully in and out, always pausing to give her an extra shove, driving her ass firmly into the lounge. My strokes became more frequent as our fucking increased in speed but the length didn't change. I kept banging Mrs. Pierce with full-length strokes, harder and harder. The only sound was our ragged breathing and the occasional moan or grunt, from both of us, until the loud slap of merging thighs began filling the backyard.

It was a dangerous sound that could have carried beyond the hedges surrounding Mrs. Pierce's yard but she didn't try to abate it herself or signal me to slow down. On the contrary, she cranked her hips up even harder to meet my thrusts. SLAP,SLAP, SLAP. I was really pounding on her now. I had her legs pushed back so far her butt was twisted almost straight up. My legs ached from stretching over the lounge but I would have gladly fucked her until they fell off, it felt so good.

Never before had I felt a pussy like this. Sure, I hadn't had many but the few women, well girls, that I had been with didn't fuck like this. Mrs. Pierce was my first real woman. Just the expressions on her face as looked at me, holding my eyes steadily with hers, made me want to really give it to her but no matter how hard I lunged into her, I knew I couldn't best her. I knew I couldn't make her beg me to stop.

Suddenly, my hips took control and I started to really jack-hammer Mrs. Pierce. I tried to slow down but I couldn't control myself, and that's when Mrs. Pierce smiled. A smile that turned into a quiet laugh as she tilted her head back, squeezing my cock tight, pulling my cum from deep inside me to hose her innards, laughing triumphantly.

She rubbed the back of my neck and tousled my hair for several minutes after I collapsed on top of her. When she finally extricated herself, she pulled her panties up and smoothed her skirt down her legs.

"Bring my drink upstairs before you go," she said.

As I watched Mrs. Pierce walk to the house, I realized hadn't even taken the time to undo her blouse. I hadn't seen her tits and the way she carried herself away from me, I felt I never would.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I knocked tentatively on the bedroom door.

"Come in. You don't need to knock for God's sake."

I pushed the door open and carried the glass and pitcher of gin and tonic into Mrs. Pierce's room. She was standing in front of her dresser, fixing her make-up. She pointed to the bedside table on the far side of the bed from her. I put the glass down and refilled the glass.

"Would you like a drink before you go?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Well, then drink."

I lifted the glass to my lips and tipped it up enough for a small trickle to stream into my mouth. Mrs. Pierce's hands reached to the side of her hip and the pleated skirt slipped down her legs. Her hands were already unbuttoning the blouse when the glass pulled away from my lips. Mrs. Pierce smiled.

"Drink all of it," she said.

I drank the gin while Mrs. Pierce unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and shucked it off. She was wearing a lacy, black bra that covered her nipples but allowed the skin of her breasts to show through. The matching panties had magically disappeared. Her pussy looked well-exercised from our recent exertions. The bra came off and Mrs. Pierce's tits bounced free, a little low slung but not too much. They were a nice size for such an athletic woman and jutted off her chest, angled slightly to the side with nipples that stabbed upwards.

"You forgot to look at these in your haste. Do they meet your approval?" she smiled.

I nodded intensely.

"Well, then," she laughed. "Drink up."

Mrs. Pierce crawled onto the bed and lay prone on her back. She curled her left arm under her head and fluffed her red hair onto the pillow with her right. She seemed amused.

"Well, I know you can fuck. Let's see if you know how to make love."

The rapidity with which I shed my clothes intensified the amused expression on Mrs. Pierce's face. As she watched me, she opened her legs and beckoned me with a cock-stiffening come-on look but when I climbed onto the bed her legs clothes and she turned on her side to face me.

"Slow down, baby," she said in a throaty voice.

When I tried to pull her toward me she resisted, pushing on my chest. I lowered my face and tried to lift her tit to my mouth but she swept me my hand away and pulled back. I looked at her, perplexed, but she only smiled back at me. I tried to capture her nipple in my mouth but was again pushed away. She appeared quite amused now but I was getting frustrated. When she pouted her lips in an exaggerated fashion, I got the idea. Of course, she wanted to make love, and that meant kissing. Well, I could do that for a few minutes.

I kissed her, and kept kissing her for what seemed an eternity. I tried to fondle her breasts but was denied. When I tried to palm her pussy, my hand was pushed away. Grasping her leg behind the knee and lifting it over my hip so I could rub my cock on her pussy was a no-no too. Resigned, I stopped trying and continued kissing her.

Later, much later, Mrs. Pierce grasped a handful of my hair and pulled my head away from her face. She whispered, "Kiss me everywhere."

Finally! I trailed kisses down her cheek to her neck, then quickly made a beeline for her tits. Shit! She pushed my face away again.

"Not there. Not yet," she whispered hoarsely. "Kiss me everywhere but there and here," she grabbed my hand and briefly covered her pussy with it, then flung it away. "I'll let you know when I want you there."

So I did what she said. I kissed and sucked and nibbled Mrs. Pierce's entire body: shoulders, neck, arms, underarms, sides, legs, feet, toes, and yes, even her ass. In fact, eventually I even tried to beat her at her own game. At first, whenever I came near her tits or pussy I kept approaching until her body signaled me away but now I refrained from getting as close as she had allowed me to before. It pleased me to detect a faint disappointment in the soft murmurs emitted in response to my caresses and I felt a transfer of power, from one being denied to one deciding when to give. I began to enjoy this 'love-making' thing.

I loved the way Mrs. Pierce's body reacted to my touch. The way she shuddered when my tongue trailed alongside her pussy but not on it, indicating the sheer need underlying her anticipation brought rings of teasing tingles up and down my cock, culminating in a shower of needle-pricking delight that covered my entire helmet. My own anticipation was almost overwhelming and I nearly came when I finally decided that enough was enough and rolled Mrs. Pierce onto her back.

She raised her legs and opened them wide as I nestled between them, cocking her hips up to ease my entry, but I paused to suck her nipple into my mouth at the exact instant that I slipped inside her. I didn't ram my cock home as it and her pussy urged me to do. Instead, I slid my shaft inside Mrs. Pierce's love tunnel as slowly as I could, even pulling up when she tried to impale her slippery cunt on my cock. I let her nipple slide from my lips and brought my mouth to her ear, chuckling in triumph at her need, now even greater than mine if only marginally so.

"Make love to me, Paul," she gasped.

"I will," I groaned in response.

We moved slowly, straining constantly, writhing together, striving to keep as much skin contact as possible. Mrs. Pierce had lowered her legs soon after my entry and we were now aligned, my feet on hers, my legs pressing her thighs, our torsos twisting together and my arms wrapped around her shoulders, holding her head, kissing her feverishly.

I loved the feel of her, inside and out, loved her intensity, her sounds, her smell. I simply loved, and tried with every motion and sound to convey my feeling. When it came, it was the longest orgasm I ever experienced. It sounds funny, but it lasted well beyond the point where my cock stop spurting inside her womb, even after it had no more to even seep inside her. When it was finally over, I rolled off her onto my back. We both sighed loudly, gasping for the breath we so desperately needed, more from the intensity of our acts than the exertion of it all.

"Wow," I gasped.

"Wow," she echoed my sentiment.

Mrs. Pierce rolled on top of me and kissed me quickly on the mouth.

"Which did you like better, the lounge or the bed. Tell me the truth."

"Um... the lounge."

She shrieked like a girl. "Oh, you brat," she cried, pummeling my the chest.

We stayed in bed for almost an hour after before getting a shower. Though I started to get hard watching her dress, I didn't try to start anything because anything that day would have been anticlimactic. We kissed tenderly before exiting the bedroom and Mrs. Pierce walked me to the patio door, her arm around my waist and mine around her shoulder, where we kissed and made plans to meet again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mrs. Pierce's injury healed by Christmas in time for her to take charge of spring training and both teams won again. Coach was ecstatic with the 'exceptional service' Mrs. Pierce told him I had provided. I was in his good books.

The following fall I moved to attend college where I maintained a small, crappy apartment that I stayed in when my mother came to visit me. The rest of the year, I lived with Mrs. Pierce who had followed me to take a new job after she left her husband, as we had planned that summer. The second year, I didn't bother with the apartment, and by the next summer, Mrs. Pierce and I married, secretly, without my parents knowing. We moved to the opposite coast after I finished college. I didn't mind signing a prenuptial agreement. After all, I had nothing. Mrs. Pierce evidently had a fair amount of money from an inheritance. She didn't need to work. We were quite happy and lived to be together.

Sex was mostly making love but on special occasions, Mrs. Pierce allowed me anything I wanted. On my birthday, she let me take her mouth and even tied her own hands behind her back to prevent them from interfering with my control of her face. I wished I could do her like that more often but it was all the more enjoyable knowing the act was special. She even adopted a haughty expression, knowing it would please me even more to splash my spend all over it. As long as pain and debasement weren't involved, Mrs. Pierce was game, for that day, New Year's Day, and one day a year that always came to me as a complete surprise.

The rest of the year, we make love the way Mrs. Pierce wanted to. Oh yeah, and that was a real quirk of hers too. I had to call her Mrs. Pierce. I never used or even knew her first name. On those special days, when I fucked her hard, squatting over her haunches and literally plunging my cock into her cunt, she would laugh at me, crying, "Don't you just love fucking Mrs. Pierce?"

Yes, I did. Indeed, I did.

There was one thing Mrs. Pierce would simply not do. Anal sex. It was four years before I even tried. It was an emphatic NO! Not then, not ever. I didn't broach the subject again.

Our sex had perhaps peeked by the sixth year but it was still pretty good, at least from my perspective. I was twenty-five years old and she had to be about forty-five, though I never knew her exact age. That's why it came as a complete surprise to me when I arrived home to find Mrs. Pierce waiting for me in the front hallway with the door open, coat on, purse slung over her shoulder.

"I'm leaving, Paul. I wanted to tell you in person, rather than in a note, how wonderful it's been and that, in my own way, I'll always love you... but now our time is over."

With that, she stepped close to me and stretched up to kiss me quickly on my stunned lips, then slipped around me and walked briskly out the door and down the cement stairs to the taxi I hadn't noticed waiting outside with the motor running. I guess her bags were already in the trunk because she wasn't carrying any luggage with her, nor did she come back for any. She was in the car by the time I ran down the stairs and it whisked away before I could reach it to pull the door open. I never saw her again. Everything was handled through a lawyer. She had left me a small sum to get through the year even if I quit my job.

To say I was bewildered would be an enormous understatement. I mean, wouldn't you be? I moped around feeling sorry for myself for almost a year, running through all the stages of catastrophic loss. I searched my mind for every memory, every scrap of sensation, the way she moved, laughed, and smelled. I dredged my cortex for missed indications of what was to come but could find no such previews. For hours each day I brooded, sitting in the over-stuffed chair in front of the fireplace or languishing in bed, eyes closed, dreaming, trying to recapture the fading sense of her skin which was always so amazingly soft and warm. The memory of her standing in front of the tall, old-fashioned bedroom window, the morning light streaming past her nude body, one hand combing out her red hair, turning toward with a seductive smile and saying, 'Let's stay home and make love all day?' Funny, but now that I thought about it, with all that intense focus on making love, Mrs. Pierce never told me she loved me, not even once, despite the thousands of times she heard it from me.

I was in the midst of deep depression one miserable fall day when I answered a persistent knock at the door. Whoever it was ignored my repeated calls to 'go away'. A man in a uniform stood on the doorstep holding an envelope. It wasn't a summons or anything ominous; it was too square-like for that. It looked more like an invitation and it was, an invitation to a funeral for one of Mrs. Pierce's friends. After the man returned to the black limo waiting at the curb, I shut the door and threw it into the fireplace but changed my mind and barely managed to retrieve it before it burst into flames.

Would she be there? The funeral was for the only close friend of hers that I knew of, the only one that had known her before we moved here, and who had evidently known her before she came to teach at my school. I had to go.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The funeral was very formal, kind of like large funerals I had seen in movies. Mr. Pearson was evidently a wealthy man. Mrs. Pierce wasn't there and I didn't recognize anyone else. I tagged along to the gathering held afterwards at his home mostly out of curiosity. I would have liked to talk to his widow to see if she knew Mrs. Pierce but I knew it wasn't appropriate. I was surprised by Mrs. Pearson. I had only seen Mr. Pearson once a few years before and he had been about fifty then. Mrs. Pearson appeared to be about thirty-five at most. Even in her long, black funeral dress it was apparent she had a lovely figure, enough of one anyway to cause a reaction in me for which I immediately berated myself. When she lifted her veil briefly after the ceremony, I was struck by her beauty, a younger, brunette version of Mrs. Pierce.

I was standing at the edge of one of the large rooms in the house, mansion really, near the doorway when Mrs. Pearson entered from the far end. She greeted several people as she passed through the room, exchanging a few solemn words with each. As she approached, I backed into the hallway so as not to impede her exit. She walked past me with her head down, then turned after a few steps just as she was about to go up the stairs.

"It's Paul, isn't it?" she said through the veil.

"Why, yes," I stammered, surprised that she knew me.

"Thank you for coming. I didn't know you knew Peter... Mr. Pearson," she added in response to my confused expression. "Actually, I'm surprised Carol introduced you."

"I only met him briefly, by accident. I don't think we were meant to be introduced," I said.

Mrs. Pearson nodded, then turned to continue up the stairs.

"Did you say Carol?" I asked.

Mrs. Pearson turned back to me. "Yes. You were living together, weren't you?"

"Of course," I said. "Forgive me. I thought you meant someone else."

Mrs. Pearson regarded me carefully, one hand on the banister. It was impossible to imagine what she was thinking since her face was still hidden by the black veil.

"Would you join me for a few minutes? Upstairs?"

She turned and ascended the stairs without waiting for my answer. I followed, admonishing myself again as my eyes found her shapely bottom which simply couldn't be ignored as it swished from side to side, its contours revealing themselves with each step. Well, now I would have the opportunity to ask about Mrs. Pierce's whereabouts. Or Carol, if that really was her first name. Almost seven years we lived together and I didn't even know her name until today. Mrs. Pearson led me into a large room that turned out to be her bedroom which was surprising, given its size. She walked to a large dresser and removed her veil and headdress, then shook her head, freeing a thick, luxuriant mass of chocolate brown hair until it spilled evenly over her shoulders. She was truly beautiful.

"So, you didn't really know my husband, then, even though you lived with his s****r for seven years?"

His s****r! Mr. Pearson was Mrs. Pierce's s****r? I was speechless.

Mrs. Pearson chuckled. "I see you didn't know she had a b*****r. Their penchant for secrecy was a tad overboard."

"I didn't even know her name was Carol," I mumbled, distracted, still struggling to get my mind around what I'd just heard.

"What did you call her?" Mrs. Pearson asked, pulling her long dress up to her knee and leaning over to one side to remove a high heel. Her hair tumbled into the air as her face leaned to the side, making her beauty even more apparent.

"I called her Mrs. Pierce," I said.

"Mrs. Pierce," Mrs. Pearson laughed out loud, leaning the other way to remove the other shoe. She stepped toward me. "You're serious?"

"Yes," I shrugged. "For seven years, I called her Mrs. Pierce. I never knew her first name until you said it downstairs."

"Incredible," she said. "I hate to tell you, but her real name is Miss Pearson. She never married."

"No, that can't be. She was married to Mr. Pierce and then to me."

"Did you see the Marriage Certificate?"

"No. We were married in a private, civil ceremony in our home."

"Paul, you were never married, believe me, and she never married this Mr. Pierce either."

I scrutinized her face, looking for doubt, but I knew she was telling me the truth. This was unbelievable.

"But how do you know my name? If you didn't even know I had met your husband. Please forgive me for asking on this day, but how did you know my name?"

"I've heard her say it many times."

"So you knew her well? She came here often?"

"Almost never. I only met her two or three times, accidently, like you met Peter."

"Then how did you hear her speak my name so many times."

Mrs. Pearson nodded to the door behind me. "Lock the door and I'll show you."

I locked the door and turned back to get my answers. I was angry, though I knew I had no reason to be angry with her. Mrs. Pearson was standing in front of an overstuffed couch, pointing a remote at a large screen mounted on the wall.

"Tell me, Mrs. Pearson. Why have you heard my name so often?" I said in a loud, demanding voice, unable to keep my frustration and anger hidden.

"Shhhh," she whispered. "Just wait and I'll show you. And my name is Karen, not Mrs. Pearson."

The screen sprang to life, mid-movie, as if it had been paused and was waiting to be started again where it had been left, or at the start of a favorite segment. Mrs. Pierce was kneeling with her hands tied behind her back, her bare bottom resting on her heels. A man was holding the top of her head with one hand and feeding his cock into her mouth with the other. He was thrusting his meat into her face, pulling her head forward with a handful of hair. After a minute he withdrew, allowing her to gulp for air, saliva dripping from her chin. Mrs. Pierce looked up at the man dominating her.

"Happy Birthday, Paul."

Mrs. Pearson... Karen... turned and smiled at me. Behind her, on the screen, I was thrusting my cock vigorously in and out of Mrs. Pierce's mouth.

"We have hours and hours of this, mostly boring, romantic love-making, but I love these scenes and the ones with the real hard fucking. I've been an admirer of yours for years, Paul."

For not the first time that day, my mouth dropped open. I looked blankly at Karen, then at the scene unfolding behind her. Karen's hands reached up behind her head and I knew she was undoing the clasp at the back of her neck, that her hands, now lowering, were unzipping her funeral dress.

"Can you imagine what it would be like if every day was like that, Paul?"

I was still too stunned to react.

"Can you imagine dominating your woman like that, every day of the year?"

Karen reached down to grasp the sides of her long, black dress and pulled it up until the hem was by her knees. She turned and knelt on the overstuffed couch, then leaned forward until her head fell over its rounded top. Her hands, still grasping the sides of her dress, pulled it up to her hips, exposing a small triangular pair of panties covering a luscious ass, deliciously emphasized by the dark stockings that ended six inches below it.

"My husband is dead," she whispered. "I need a strong man to look after me, Paul."

She looked back at the screen where I was still pumping Mrs. Pierce's face with full strokes of my very hard cock.

"Do you think you can be strong like that, Paul. Can you be a man, all the time?"

I started shredding my clothes. Not shedding... shredding. I was desperate to get them off, to throw away the years of restraint, the careful, controlled lovemaking that Mrs. Pierce had f***ed upon me, made me believe I wanted. I needed to get rid of her, in one wild, senseless, abandoned fuck. Mrs. Pearson... Karen, was laughing, goading me, begging me to split her with my pole.

I knelt behind her, my suit coat off, the shirt in shreds, my pants bunched on my knees, around my feet, one of which was still wearing its shoe. My hands found her panties and ripped them off to loud squeals of delight. I grasped her hair in my left hand and tugged her head up as I leaned over her back while my right hand guided my cock, nosing it through her cheeks in search of her slit.

"Shut up," I hissed.

"Make me," she husked.

I shoved into her, roughly, all the way, lifting her up on the back of the couch. Immediately, I started slamming into her, huffing loudly, grasping her shoulders and banging her soft cheeks as hard as I could. We didn't speak any more, we were both fucking our hearts out, shedding the past and finding our future. She was so fucking sexy, so earthy and heathen. This was real love, no control and no hurt, just passion. I thrust harder, and harder, and harder.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah."

I pulled Karen's hair up and grasped it in both hands. I loved the way she looked, eyes closed, mouth open, her whole body jolting with every thrust. I wanted this woman so much, I needed her to be mine.

Shit! I was coming already. It felt like molten lava shooting up my shaft, bursting from the head of my cock, filling her. I could feel it, several squirts later, squeezing through the tight grip her lips held around my post. I was kissing her, whispering inanely, "I love you, I love you," to this woman I'd only just met.

You might think we would have been embarrassed after that, a little sheepish, that we would both pull on our clothes without looking at each other again, but we didn't. I flopped onto the couch and Karen got up, straightened her dress and calmly walked, the back of the dress still open, to the bathroom. She appeared a few moments later carrying a large comforter which she spread over me. She stooped to pick up her shredded panties and tossed them onto a chair, then casually slipped the dress off her shoulders and shimmied it down over her hips. She watched me watch her remove her lacy black bra which seemed far too sexy to be mated with the conservative dress now lying at her feet. Her breasts sprang free, bouncing with youthful enthusiasm despite her ten years or so on me and I wished I had thought to grab them. I remembered, strangely, how I had forgotten to sample Mrs. Pierce's tits the first time I had fucked her too. Now nude except for the black stockings, Karen picked up the remote and slipped under the comforter.

She pointed the remote at the screen and said, "Let's start at the beginning. We've got lots of discs to go through."

Before the first minute had passed, I had those gorgeous tits in my hands, both of them, with nipples poking through the circles formed by thumbs and forefingers leaving just a tiny bit to be licked and sucked.

"I bet you can't make it fifteen minutes without fucking me again," she whispered.

She was right.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I didn't even return to my apartment. Karen had some people bring my personal effects over and everything else was disposed of. Karen hired me as one of her staff but she explained it was only for pocket money and to legally establish that I would never have a claim on her estate since I was considered an employee and not living with her. It was an uncomfortable reminder of Mrs. Pierce — I still don't think of her as Carol — but one that was easily erased by a very satisfying bout in bed.

Karen was everything she promised to be. Every day she was mine to have in whatever way I wished. For example, the afternoon that I signed the paper recognizing myself as an employee, Karen said she felt tired and wanted to rest for awhile. After a couple of hours, I went upstairs to see if she was still sl**ping. She was in the bed alright, but curled up into a ball. Her knees were held tight to her chest by a belt wrapped around her back and thighs just under her knees. Her feet were similarly held tight to her bottom with a soft kimono belt looped at each end around the balls of her feet and stretching around her back to make her toes point outward. Karen's arms were wrapped around her knees and another looped kimono belt secured her wrists. Someone had obviously assisted her to get into this awkward position but she was quite alone now, and very naked.

"Where have you been?" she panted. "I've been waiting for hours."

It didn't take me long to get rid of my clothes and crawl up on the bed. I manoeuvred the little Karen-ball in front of my cock and plunged it inside her already wet pussy. As I leaned over her, pumping her needy body, I could smell her odor on her fingers and realized she'd been able to reach herself while she was waiting for me. The thought of her fingering herself while wantonly imagining my reaction when I found her made me go almost berserk. I fucked her so hard I kept rolling over onto my side and slipping out of her pussy so I released the ties holding her feet to her thighs. Holding her feet up, I steered her back onto my cock and began pumping her vigorously again.

She was like Mrs. Pierce in a way. She loved to either look intensely in my eyes while she got fucked or she closed them tight and flung her head back, abandoned to the sensations percolating from her womb. She really liked getting fucked. At least, she made all the appropriate sounds and motions one would expect from a woman that loved a good-sized cock in her. I believed it. I don't think anyone could act that horny.

The next day, she had several interior design consultants in presenting some concepts for remodeling the west wing of her home. She politely excused us to consider their suggestions privately for a few moments and led me into the opposite side of the house. As soon as we were on that side, she bent over a side table and reach back to pull her dress up. Within seconds, I had pulled her panties down and filled her from behind. We were a ways away from the consultants but they may have wondered what the faint rattling was all about as I lunged into my lover's backside and bounced the table off the wall.

I'm sure the staff also either heard or stumbled upon us when we spontaneously had sex in the house or on the grounds but discretely made themselves scarce. I gradually realized that I could have Karen any way I wanted, any time I wanted to, but I also had to perform whenever she felt the need, which was often. It was quite a change from doing Mrs. Pierce where I had to pay my dues and satisfy her first through a long bout of tender love-making before seeking my own gratification. Fucking Karen was much better but very exhausting.

After three years, I was almost tired of it. In fact, I was getting bored with constant, spontaneous and raucous sex after two years and only retained my interest after I discovered that Karen would let me fuck her in the ass, something I had never done before. I was a little gun-shy to try after the vehement denial of my attempt to get inside Mrs. Pierce's butt, which perhaps explains why I didn't try for so long with such a willing woman available to do my sexual bidding.

Anyway, one day I came home to find Karen on her knees on our bed. Her feet were tied to the corner posts and though her hands were free, a light lead attached to a collar around her neck was tied somewhere behind the headboard. Karen's head was lying sideways on a pillow and she watched me enter the room. My reaction was clearly amusing to her since her smile grew as my face changed from surprise to confusion to comprehension and finally raging desire when I saw how greasy her buttocks were and then discovered the ring protruding from her asshole. A butt plug.

"Be gentle," she said, speaking so hoarsely I could hardly understand those two simple words. "Take my ass cherry, baby," she whispered, wiggling her butt.

I slipped my finger through the ring and tugged.

"Ooooohhhh... slowly, baby, slowly," she cried.

I relaxed and then tugged again.

"Ohhhh, yeah."

I twisted the plug around and pulled, then eased, then pulled. I played around like that for several minutes but eventually it came out with a loud, wet plop. I held it up and looked at it, surprised by how wide the inside part was, then looked down at the gaping, dark hole it had left in Karen's ass. Why that made me incredibly horny in an mere instant, I don't know, but it did. I grunted and got up on my feet, crouched over her ass, and steered my cock into this new, virgin territory for us both.

Holding her cheeks apart with my hands, I sank deep inside her. I loved the way she groaned. It was a completely different kind of sound and I tried varying my strokes in many ways to pull that same sound from her lips as I fucked her ass. As with every other time we fucked, Karen seemed to absolutely love it. Together with the novelty and Karen's primitive noises, I came very quickly.

Karen wanted it in the ass again that night and the next morning. It became her favorite way to fuck and there was rarely a week that we didn't do it at least three times that way. I hate to say it, but it became kind of boring for me.

And that's what ended our relationship. Karen was all about fucking and nothing else. One day, I simply left. I didn't have the courage to face Karen the way Mrs. Pierce had waited to see me. I didn't trust myself not to stay, or rather, I didn't underestimate Karen's ability to keep me.

Now, I'm seeking a relationship somewhere between Mrs. Pierce and Karen. It isn't easy. These women have spoiled me too much to accept anyone ordinary. I yearn for the intense, writhing love-making that I experienced with Mrs. Pierce but also need the wild, abandoned fucking that Karen taught me to love so much. I also find young women, women my own age, boring. They act so confident and with it but they aren't sophisticated or in control at all. I guess it shows in me because older woman seem to know at a glance that I'm interested in them. I never lack for sex because these women don't play games, they just get on with it. The only problem is finding one that is willing to change her life for me, and to be sure that that woman is the right one, the perfect woman.

I haven't found her yet after two years of trying, but Lynn is close to filling the bill. At least, I think she is. I pulled her head up off my cock.

"Lynn, you've got to learn to keep your teeth back."

She nodded and pushed her face forward, enveloping the slippery helmet, eager to show me that she knew how to do it. Her lips slid down my shaft, pausing part way, and then proceeded after a short swallow, the way I'd taught her. I grabbed her hair and held her head firmly on my cock, then leaned forward and slipped a crooked finger into her butt, pleased by the muffled grunt she emitted around my root.

"Are you sure your husband never fucks you here? I think it's ready for me already." ... Continue»
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Mrs. Robinson Stays In

She takes best friend's son in front of her cheating husband.

"Have you ever done any riding Dan? You've grown up a lot in the last couple of years. You look like you'd be pretty comfortable in the saddle."

"Well mom did take me to a pony ride when I was eight..." Dan answered, rather cleverly he thought given how much trouble he was having keeping focused on Mrs. Robinson's casual banter.

She had asked him to come over and do some stone work on the artificial waterfall by her pool. Dan could use the extra money but that wasn't what had made him jump at the offer.

A couple of weeks earlier he had picked his mother up after she had spent the afternoon around the pool at her best friend's house. Christine Robinson had walked his mother out to the driveway wearing the most daring little swimsuit he had ever seen. It was just a tiny width of white nylon that looped around her neck, criss crossed over her voluptuous tits and then plunged down into the vee at the top of her loins. The skimpy material then reversed direction through the crack of her ass and fastened to a gold chain that cinched her waist.

She was wearing high heeled flip flops and with every step she took her pendulous jugs jiggled and heaved, threatening to spill out either side of her skimpy top.

Mrs. Robinson had an incredible body for a woman her age. She must have had her daughter Nikki, who was a couple of years older than Dan, when she was still a girl.

Dan would never have admitted it but he thought Christine Robinson was incredibly hot. The thought that she might be lying around the pool in that same suit or something equally revealing while he spent a couple of hours over there doing some work made the choice easy. But things weren't working out exactly the way he had hoped.

After getting him started on the job Christine had disappeared for a little while. When she came back she wasn't dressed for the pool which was a big disappointment. Her lustrous dark hair was pulled back and braided tightly behind her head. She had on high black boots and skin tight, wine colored riding breeches. Her melon sized breasts were thrusting boldly our above her waspishly thin waist through the white nylon jersey that she was wearing. She had a little black riding helmet clutched under her arm against her side. She was also holding a riding crop across her chest with both hands, idly playing with the leather square on the business end of it while she talked to Dan. Although he was transfixed by Mrs. Robinson's massive mammaries, he couldn't help but notice the nasty looking studded brass ferrule that she was toying with on the end of the whip.

'That would leave a mark' he couldn't help but think.

Mrs. Robinson smiled indulgently at Dan's rather feeble joke.

"The feeling of all that power coiled up beneath you. The acceleration as you approach the hurdle. A well timed stroke of encouragement with the whip. Then the shuddering impact on the other side before your mount lunges forward again. It really is quite exhilarating..." Mrs. Robinson enthused, her eyes smoldering into Dan's.

"I can only...ahhh... imagine..." Dan stuttered, struggling mightily to maintain eye contact with the statuesque equestrienne. Then shaking his head as if to clear it he added...

"But if you're not going to be here, what if I have a question about the stone work? What should I do?"

"Oh not to worry. Nikki is here with a friend of hers. She can tell you what to do. Now don't you let those college girls distract you. You've got work to do. I'll see you later..." Mrs. Robinson said, slapping Dan's chest playfully with her little whip. Even though it was just the merest tap Dan could feel those little studs nipping at his flesh. Then she turned on her heel and headed for the gate at the end of the yard.

Dan was truly sad to see her go. And he also wasn't wildly enthusiastic to be left to be supervised by Mrs. Robinson's snotty daughter Nikki. Although this younger version of her mother was very pretty, Nikki was all caught up in the dumb sorority she belonged to at college. If you weren't on the football team or in some stuck up fraternity there, you weren't going to get the time of day from her.

Well with any luck she'd stay inside and he wouldn't have to see her. He could handle any difficulties with the stone work. That would be no problem.

But the gods weren't smiling on Dan Brown that day. He had barely begun to mix the first batch of mortar when who came giggling out of the rec room door towards the pool but Nicky and her friend.

Rather than be totally rude Dan tried a friendly..."Hi!..." as the girls pulled a couple of lounge chairs nearer to the water.

They looked in his direction. Nikki managed the faintest smile and a half hearted little wave before returning to her conversation with her friend. Well at least she hadn't ignored him totally. Dan went back to mixing his mortar. It was hot work and he had soon taken his shirt off and was working in just his jeans.

He couldn't help but notice out of the corner of his eye that the girls were taking off their shorts and sloppy blouses. They were obviously planning on enjoying the sun, maybe even go for a swim. Well it was their pool.

But as the outer wear was removed and more girlish flesh was revealed, Dan was finding it more and more difficult to keep his mind on his work.

Both girls were wearing powder blue swimsuits. Nikki's was a fairly minimal bikini. She had darkish hair like her mother and a great figure. Not the oversized chest that her mother had but a nice curvaceous body nonetheless. Her friend however was the one that had really got Dan's attention. She was a big girl, half a head taller that Nikki with the broad shoulders of a competitive swimmer. But swimmers didn't usually have the breast work that this young lady had been blessed with. She was like an amazon goddess. Her generous cleavage was clearly visible even from a distance beneath the plunging neckline of her one piece swimsuit. She had short cropped blonde hair, long muscular legs and a narrow waist. Amazing!

Dan had to give his head a shake and tried to focus once more on the huge pile of odd sized stones awaiting his attention. He went back to it and had been at it for a while when he heard the girls splashing around in the pool. This time when he turned to look he found that they were both staring back at him. Nikki sidled over closer to her friend and d****d an arm around her back. It looked to Dan like she was deliberately rubbing her tits against her friend's. He must be imagining things. Nikki was holding his gaze, smiling at him while at the same time speaking at some length to her friend. The blonde was also looking directly at Dan as she listened to Nikki.

Then Dan was almost positive that he saw Nikki's hand edge around the blonde's back and caress the side of her boob. The other girl's smile got a little broader as she held Dan's gaze. Then Nikki nodded towards Dan and gave her friend a quick kiss on the cheek.

Both girls turned to step out of the pool. Nikki slid into the nearest lounge chair but her friend started walking towards Dan.

He really didn't want to stare. He should be paying attention to his work. But the tall blonde walked towards him with the hypnotic gait of a runway model. Her arms swung at her sides and her shoulders twisted, making her pendulous tits sway rhythmically as she stalked towards him. Dan couldn't take his eyes off her. It was all he could do to keep his jaw from dropping down on his chest.

The blonde stopped in front of him. She stuck out her hand towards him and said..."Hi. I'm Karla. Nikki wants you to come..."

Dan put his hand in Karla's and began to shake. "Pardon me..." he said, not sure he was hearing correctly.

Karla didn't release his hand. She half turned and pulled him after her like she was leading a small c***d..."Nikki wants you to come...Please..." she said again, pulling Dan after her.

It was only then that he realized that Karla had a European accent and that she wasn't suggesting any sexual inclination on Nikki's part. He relaxed a little and was happy to follow Karla. The view from the rear was almost as awesome as the one from the front. As she walked ahead of him her gum dropped shaped ass cheeks looked like two cats wrestling in a bag beneath her form fitting swim suit.

They stopped when they reached Nikki in her chair. Karla remained standing next to Dan.

"Hello Dan. Mother said she had you doing some odd jobs around the house. I was wondering if you would mind helping us. This Friday is Delta Nu's annual Blues Night. Karla and I are involved in a little contest that is sort of the finale of the evening. Karla's from Germany by the way. She's here on a hockey scholarship. Anyway, she's pledging for my sorority. She's my little s****r and partner for the contest. So do you think you could help us?"

Karla was lightly running her fingertip up and down Dan's shoulder while Nikki talked to him. Dan found her touch very distracting.

"Well I don't really know much about the blues Nikki. I more of a Rock and Roll guy myself. But do you need some help with decorations or what?..." he asked.

Nikki smiled as if Dan had said something humorous.

"It's not that kind of blues Dan. But if it's alright with you we'll show you exactly what we need."

"Sure. I guess." Dan said, wondering what he was letting himself in for.

"Great. Now Karla's going to open your pants and get your cock out. Don't freak out. It's all part of the contest. Just think of us like we're your doctors. And don't worry. It's not like we haven't seen one before."

"What?...No!...You're not serious..." Dan protested, just standing there, not believing what he was hearing.

Nikki looked at her friend and nodded towards the front of Dan's pants.

"Go on..." she said.

Karla never hesitated. She reached out with both hands and had Dan's belt and pants open in a heartbeat. Her pneumatic tits brushed his chest thrillingly as she slid to her knees in front of him. As she descended she pulled his pants and his shorts to his knees, baring his surprised tool to the girls' eager gaze.

Before Dan fully realized that Nikki wasn't k**ding, Karla had reached out and closed her hand around the middle of his prick. Dan could feel himself stiffening quickly under her soft touch.

"Oh my! You do have a nice one! It's exactly what we need. Now hold still. Karla's just going to get you hard. ..Mmm Hmm!... Wow!... Just like that!..." Nikki snickered.

It took Dan a moment to get over his initial shock but when he finally did he tried to free himself from Karla's sensuously caressing hand. But as he went to take a step backwards Nikki sat up straight in her chair. Her hand flashed out and she sank her sharp nails deep into the back of Dan's thigh.

"Now don't be like that baby. You said you'd help and we'd really, really appreciate it wouldn't we Karla?..."

"Oh yahh! Nikki and I, we think we will make your cock happy to help us Dan. Wouldn't that be very good?..." Karla asked as she continued to work the blushing young man over with her practiced hand.

Dan stopped trying to writhe away as Nikki's nails dug painfully into the back of his leg.

"Ahh Ahh!...Alright! Alright!...Easy Nikki!...But what's this got to do with your party?..."

Nikki smiled brightly when Dan stepped forward again, seemingly resigned to Karla's shameless fondling.

"Well our 'Blues' contest pits seven teams against each other. Each team is made up of one senior and her pledge s****r or b*****r, from Delta Nu on the girls side and Phi Tau on the boys side. Karla and I will be paired with two boys from Phi Tau. All seven foursomes start together. The girls must be sexually stimulating one of the boys at all times, without letting them come. The boys will have all sworn to have gone without any sex, including jerking off, for at least seven days. That's what makes it so interesting. I don't suppose you've had any sex in the last seven days have you Dan?"

"Unn!...Unn!...Nooo!..." Dan grunted. But whether this was acknowledging Nikki's rude question or in response to Karla's rhythmically stroking hand was not clear. What was obvious was his growing arousal. He was now rock hard and his balls were starting to tighten up in his groin. The first clear drop of pre-come was just starting to trickle from his pee slit.

"I didn't think so. Oh, by the way. Tell us before you come O.K.? That's important. That's where we need your help. 'Cause I won this contest two years ago. Last year that bitch Cindy Crawford and her pledge s****r won but that was only because my pledge s****r was so inexperienced. She had those boys popping like fireworks on the fourth of July before we'd barely got started. She never did make it into Delta Nu by the way. I saw to that. Anyway, I'm going to make sure that Karla knows what she's doing on Friday night. We're going to win this year if we have to keep you up all night."

"How are you doing by the way? Your knob is getting pretty purple. Karla, what do you think? Is he getting close?..."

"Oh yahh!...He is very hard and is getting, how you say, sticky? Is that right? I think it won't be long now..." the kneeling blonde said, never taking her eyes off the livid tool gleaming under her continuously shuttling hand.

And Dan couldn't argue with Karla's assessment of the matter. The tickly tingling sensation searing his cock was reaching critical mass. He knew he couldn't last much longer.

"I'm... Ahhh...pretty close Nikki!...Ahhh.... Real close!...Unnn!...In Fact...I think..I'm gonna'...gonna..."

"Stop Karla!...Take your hand off!...Now!..." Nikki hissed.

Karla reacted immediately and snatched her hand away from Dan's prick like it was on fire.

"Nahhh!...Wait!...Ahhh!...Don't stop!..." Dan whimpered.

But the two girls ignored his pitiful cry and just stared at his quivering erection.

"Now look for the tell tale signs..." Nikki instructed.

"See how his thighs are all knotted up and he's tipped forward at the waist. Those are signs of how close he is. Also, did you notice how he was holding his breath just before he said he was going to shoot. And look at the way his cock is twitching and how his pee slit is fluttering open and closed. If you watch for the signs you can always stop just before he loses it, understand?..."

"Yah Nikki. Of course. I have made many hand jobs with the boys back in Munchen. But it was always quick in my parent's basement or in their car. This is more fun. Much!.." Karla enthused, her eyes dancing merrily as she looked up at Dan.

"But!...But!...No!..You can't just stop like that..." Dan stammered as he u*********sly started reaching for his aching boner with his right hand.

Again Nikki's hand darted out and she laced her fingers into Dan's and f***ed his hand back towards his wrist. A sharp pain darted up all the way to his shoulder. He had to flex his knees to ease the excruciating tension in his arm.

"Don't even think about it sweetheart. You'll get to come when we're done with you but not until we're ready, understand?..."

"Yeah!... Unn Hnn!...O.K.! ...I get it!..." Dan whimpered, looking at Nikki with pleading eyes until she gradually relaxed her punishing grip on his hand.

"Good. I knew we could count on you Danny. Now at this point Karla and I would switch to the other Phi Tau boy and get to work on him until he's ready to shoot. Give our first victim a little breather. In this case we'll just wait for you to settle down a little bit. So take deep breaths and try not to think about how blue you're balls are getting. Believe me, we're just getting started."

And with that Nikki nodded to Karla and the two girls stepped over towards the house to give Dan a little space to cool down. Even so Nikki kept one eye on Dan's crotch, waiting for him to start to wilt a little bit. Judging by the way that Dan was shifting his weight from foot to foot in discomfort, she knew it was going to be a couple of minutes. When they were out of earshot of the young man she said to Karla...

"Now this next time we're going to have to be even more careful. When you've brought them to the edge once and then left them hanging, they get excited even more quickly when you start up on them again. I'll do him this time but I want you to look for the warning signals that he's ready to shoot like we talked about. Understand?.."

"Oh yahhh. I see now how it is. I think I like this game..." Karla said, stealing a calculating glance at Dan as well. The two girls talked over their strategy for a couple of more minutes and then, when Nikki thought that Dan looked ready they went back over to him.

This time it was the bikini clad girl who went to her knees in front of him while Karla perched on the edge of the sun lounger.

"You look like you're ready for round two..." said Nikki with a sassy smile as she closed her outstretched fingers around Dan's now semi rigid prick. But she only had to start a gentle up and down motion with her tiny hand to make the bl**d surge hotly back into his tool.

"Oh God I'm ready alright. You don't know how ready..." Dan gasped looking down hungrily at Nikki's little fist stroking him.

"Well that's good lover. And this time you don't have to tell me when you're going to come! We're going to continue our little practice session under real game day conditions. So you just go for it when you're ready O.K.?..." Nikki instructed, turning to give a startled looking Karla a confident wink.

"Sure Nikki. Whatever you want..." Dan said happily. He was pretty sure he could control himself enough that Nikki would never know when he was about to lose it. He could hardly wait to see her surprised look when he unleashed a gooey stream of come all over her face. This was going to be sweet. He tried to relax as much as was humanly possible. The way this little sorority bitch and her friend were teasing him he knew he was going to shoot a really big load.

Nikki had a pretty good idea what Dan was thinking but she wasn't worried about it. He had no idea what a master prick tease he was dealing with. But he was about to find out. She slid her hand up to the top of his hard-on and started swirling the pad of her thumb around and around against that little knot of nerves just under his cock crown. A fresh dribble of pre-come was just emerging which she used to lubricate her devilishly cruising thumb. She smiled up into his eyes.

"You know when I won this contest two years ago..." she said, without slowing the motion of her endlessly roving fingertip..."my pledge s****r and I had these two great big football players. I think they were linemen or something. Really big. Anyway my little s****r she got the one guy crying, literally sobbing like a baby, he was so desperate for it. And my guy got so excited he started hyperventilating. But I knew exactly how close he was. I was working on the tip of his prick just like this. How you doin' by the way Dan? You getting close?..."

"Unnn...Jeez Nikki!...That feels so good...Ahh...but I think I can...nahhh...hold it a bit... Ummm..." Dan said, trying to speak as clearly as he could through his gritted teeth. In fact his balls were starting to knot up pretty tight and he didn't really think he could take too much more of her skilled fondling. But she said just to let it go and that was what he was going to do!

"Oh that's good baby. So let's really have some fun. Does it feel good when I do this?..." Nikki asked casually as she brought her free hand in and placed the tip of her index and middle finger over Dan's pee slit. She started tracing circles from there, around and around over his knob. She fractioned every millimeter of his drum taut flesh from the apex of his cock crown and down to the swollen ridge just above his shaft. And at the same time she continued to massage the underside of his glistening helmet with her thumb.

"Mmmmm...Yeahhh!...Goood!..." Dan gasped, trying not to stiffen up as lightening bolts of excitement lanced his groin.

"So anyway this big guy is moaning and groaning and sucking in breath like he's dying. Then he passes out. Luckily Patricia Watt, who was running the contest and who's in pre-med brought him around. So anyway he wakes up and he starts getting belligerent and saying that he'd been so close and he was just getting ready to pop, and I couldn't leave him like that and I better not be that kind of tease. So I thought 'Well it's his funeral' and I went back to work on him and in about ten minutes he passes out again. So then this time when Patricia brings him to she tells him to fuck off and declares me the winner of the contest. But then she says I better be careful. 'Cause like if this had been some old guy with some kind of heart condition, I could have killed him. And so I thought 'Wow'. Maybe I could be like some kind of spy or something and lure all these old Russian diplomats into bed and get all their secrets and then kill them with hand jobs and nobody would ever know that they had been eliminated on purpose. What do you think Dan?..."

But Dan wasn't really listening. He was going to come. His balls were just on the verge... He was trying so hard to keep his eyes open and his breathing regular. He was going to come...come... right...right...

And that was when Nikki's right hand flew down to the base of his cock which she encircled with the ring of her thumb and her forefinger.

"Nahhhh!...." Dan wailed as the kneeling little bitch squeezed his throbbing flesh, roughly choking off his imminent explosion with her tightly constricting digits.

"Noo!...Goddd!..Oh pleasee!..." Dan moaned, bucking his hips futilely into Nikki's pitilessly gripping fingers

But Nikki just smiled back at him with dancing eyes.

"I said you didn't have to tell me when you were going to come lover boy. I didn't say that you could come. That won't be for a while yet. Now Karla, this is what we call a 'squeeze back'. You circle the root of the guy's cock at the base just before he explodes and you squeeze him there really, really hard. You're allowed two 'squeeze backs' per boy and you can't hold it for more than twenty seconds. But that's usually enough especially if you squeeze him hard enough to make it a little uncomfortable."

And that was exactly what Nikki was doing, squeezing Dan's cock so hard her knuckles had turned white. The come was churning ferociously in his balls and his erection was hugely engorged without any chance of going down as long as she was squeezing him like that. The result of this relentless pressure was that a nauseous ache was beginning to sweep through his loins.

"Oh Godd Nikki!...It hurts!...Just let me go!..." Dan pleaded, starting to hop from foot to foot like he was standing on hot coals.

"Just a few more seconds baby...s*******n...eighteen...nineteen...twenty..." Nikki counted then let go her crushing squeeze like a rodeo cowboy tying up a calf.

"There! That should hold you for a little while. Now Karla why don't we go back and talk in my office..." Nikki said, getting up and puckering a mocking kiss at Dan. They stepped back towards the house where they had talked earlier and began to whisper together with huge smiles on their faces.

Dan just stood there literally trembling. His groin felt almost numb. Oh there was still a little tickling buzz at the base of his cock. But Nikki had done an expert job of suppressing what Dan was sure would have been a devastating orgasm. His cock was still ferociously erect but the urge to come was only a faint spark in his loins. He didn't know how much more of this he could take.

He was watching the girls discuss their next move when he noticed the smile leave their faces. Their eyes seemed to get bigger as they stared over his shoulder.

Dan didn't have any time to fathom what was distracting them before he heard a soft hiss followed by a snap. A sharp pain stabbed his left buttock like he had just been stung by a huge hornet.

Reflexively he grabbed his butt with one hand and whirled around. When he stopped on his heel, his erection waved around in front of him like a flag in a hurricane wind. He was stunned to see Christine Robinson standing behind him, her little whip raised up over her shoulder and her eyes flashing in anger. Her voluptuous chest was heaving under her raised arm.

"Just what the hell are you up to Mr. Brown. What are you thinking? You can't possibly imagine that this kind of nonsense is acceptable in front of my daughter and her friend. How could you behave like this?..."

And as she spoke Mrs. Robinson was stepping sideways to Dan. The young man was too surprised by Nikki's mother's unexpected arrival to say anything. His jaws moved but nothing came out.

"Well?...Answer me?..." Mrs. Robinson barked, underlining her demand with another sharp slash of her riding crop. This time the leather tab with its little barb caught him in his low back just above his ass crack.

"Owww!..." Dan yelped as he turned, trying to keep the angry older woman in front of him where she couldn't get another shot at his naked posterior.

"Mrs. Robinson!...Listen!...I can imagine what it looks like!...But it isn't...!...I mean I wouldn't... I don't want you to... to think that I would... that I was...." Dan stammered, clearly having trouble trying to explain the situation that Mrs. Robinson had walked in on.

"Oh no?...That's not a naked erection you're flaunting in front of me and the girls. Because that's certainly what it looks like to me. Have you no respect whatsoever. I can see what you want young man. But that's not what you're going to get, believe me. What you're going to get is a lesson in manners . That's what you're going to get. Now stop dancing around and waving that big thing at me..." Christine said threateningly as she tried to get behind him.

But Dan wasn't eager to experience any more of that vicious little riding crop. He kept turning in front of Mrs. Robinson.

Finally in exasperation Barbara turned and spoke over her shoulder to the girls.

"Will one of you come hold him still!..."

Dan threw a pleading look at the girls. But they just returned his glance with amused grins.

"Yes certainly..." Karla said as she walked around Mrs. Robinson and stopped face to face with Dan. In her designer sandals she was just as tall as he was. She put her arms around his waist, locked her right hand on her left wrist and pulled him tight against her. Holding him like that she had his arms pinned effectively at his sides.

Dan noticed three things immediately. One was that Karla was very strong. Her arms felt like steel bands around him. Second he was thrilled at the sensation of her pneumatic tits pancaking against him. He could distinctly feel the impression of her bullet shaped nipples gouging his chest. And lastly the sultry scent of her perfume clouded his brain even more than it already was.

Dan was so struck by these impressions that he had almost forgotten about Mrs. Robinson, but not for long.

Christine had stepped around the young man and settled herself into a comfortable stance behind him.

"You need something to think about to get your mind out of the gutter. Something like this!..." she declared, lashing out with her crop and snapping Dan's ass right in the center of his left cheek.

"Ahhhh!..." Dan yelped, bucking forward with his hips. His cock rammed into the cushion of Karla's well toned stomach. The sensation of thrusting his exposed tool into her resilient flesh through her swimsuit was incredibly exciting.

And all of a sudden all of the feeling returned to Dan's prick in a rush. His erection was once again jutting urgently from his loins and as hard as a steel bar.

Karla could feel it and smiled into his eyes.

Christine took her time as she walked behind Dan to his other side. Then there was the hissing sound again and another pop as she struck him again, this time raising a welt on his right cheek that perfectly matched the one on the left.

"Naahhh!..." Dan squeaked again, burying his face in Karla's scented neck as he thrust his loins fiercely into hers.

Karla tilted her hips up so that her body fit more snugly against Dan's and pulled him even tighter to her. She could feel the straining spire of his erection pulsing against her.

"Now I want you to say 'Thank you Mrs. Robinson. Thank you for reminding me to be a gentlemen'...Say it!..." Christine hissed lashing out again and laying her whip across the top of Dan's legs. The brass studded tip marked his outer thigh while the crop itself nipped the underside of his tightly knotted balls.

"Ohhhh..." Dan gasped as he hunched into Karla's stomach and a searing drop of pre-come burned from his pee slit. Suddenly he realized he was on the verge of coming. "Thank you...Mrs. Robinson!...Thank you for...."

"Louder!..." Christine demanded, hitting him again in exactly the same spot.

"Ahhhhh!...." Dan panted, trying to hold it back as he realized he was teetering on the brink of a violent orgasm.

Karla too could tell how close he was. She watched his face with a knowing smile to see what would happen.

"Thank you Mrs. Robinson for reminding me to be a gentleman" he barked out desperately.

"Well Daniel. That's better. Now I hope we can put this whole matter behind us. I know you're a better man than this."

Dan let out a sigh of relief as he stood there in Karla's clutching arms. Just the thought of coming against her like this made him cringe with embarrassment. And then the blonde said...

"Mrs. Robinson you are being too soft I think. My little b*****r gets more spanks than this for being late to school. Two more I think are needed for good measure."

"What!...No!..You can't!..." Dan whimpered. He couldn't believe that Karla would give him up like this. She knew perfectly well that he didn't deserve the punishment he was getting. It was girls who had dropped his drawers and put him on display by the pool. It wasn't fair!

Dan turned his head as much as he was able and, looking into Christine's flashing eyes he said..."Don't listen to her Mrs. Robinson. Trust me. I've learned my lesson!"

But Mrs. Robinson evidently was more inclined to Karla's suggestion.

"You have a point dear... " she said to Karla, ignoring Dan's plaintive appeal.

"Daniel...remember this the next time you think of exposing yourself in the company of innocent young ladies."

Karla at that moment insinuated her leg between Dan's, raised her knee and pressed it encouragingly up into his balls.

Dan caught his breath with excitement when she did that. What she had also done was open Dan's stance slightly, exposing some interesting new targets to Mrs. Robinson's wicked whip.

Christine let loose another vicious swipe, a little higher this time, catching that tender strip of skin between his balls and his anus with the metal tipped end of her little lash.

"Naahhh..." Dan cried, wondering how he had come to be the victim of these vicious women. He reflexively heaved himself against Karla's unyielding frame. His boner thrust frenziedly against her tummy and suddenly his balls kicked and a fiery deluge of sperm erupted from his balls.

Karla could immediately feel the heat of his discharge blossoming against her stomach.

"Oh Yahhh! Das is soo gut!..." she murmured into Dan's ear, subtly shifting her loins against his to encourage his frantic release.

"Nahhh!...Ahhh!...Unnn!..." Dan grunted into the crook of Karla's neck. He shuddered helplessly in time with his wracking ejaculation and it was only the blonde's strong arms holding him still that kept Mrs. Robinson from seeing what was happening.

His legs were turning to rubber and he probably would have fallen but Karla easily held him upright. She thrilled at the feel of his sperm spewing against her in fiery little jets. His come was drenching her from her waist to the undersides of her breasts.

She saw Mrs. Robinson raising her arm for her final stroke and she purred... "Wait!..."

Christine was surprised at Karla's command but she held back.

Dan continued to gasp and shudder in the blonde's encompassing arms. When she felt his feverish eruptions beginning to abate she lifted him by the waist until he was just barely touching the ground with his tip toes.

"Now!..." she said, nodding at Mrs. Robinson.

Christine noticed that Dan's balls were now fully exposed to her and she didn't hesitate.

"Hahh!..." she cried as she delivered a vicious back hand swipe across his butt. With a deft twitch of her wrist, she caught the exposed underside of his nut bag with the barbed leather switch.

"Phwahhh!..." Dan wailed in a strangled cry. Tears sprang from his tightly closed eyes as he burrowed his grimacing face even deeper into Karla's shoulder.

His loins completely seized up for a moment and then the final outpouring of his sperm continued in jolting little spasms.

"Unn!...Unn!...Unn!..." he grunted quietly.

"Ummm!...Ummm Hmmm!...That is so much better!..." Karla murmured to Mrs. Robinson as all the tension finally started to ease from Daniel's body and he slumped against her.

"No doubt you are right dear. I'm sure Daniel has no more difficulty learning from his mistakes than your little b*****r, do you Daniel?"

Dan was barely aware of what was going on around him there was so much adrenalin running through his system. But he knew that Mrs. Robinson expected an answer and he didn't want to provoke her any further.

"No ma'm...I mean yes...ahh...I mean...ahhh...I'll try to do better..." he stammered. He was trying to recover himself as Karla slowly eased the pressure of her arms around him. At first it seemed like he was going to fall and she had to bump him on his feet to stabilize him. But in another moment he gathered himself.

And then, as Karla stepped back from him he realized that her swimsuit was completely stained with his come. The material covering her stomach was darkly saturated and there were creamy white trails of sperm running up the undersides of her gently heaving breasts.

Dan's heart began to race again as he imagined Mrs. Robinson's reaction when she saw what he had just done.

But Karla seemed unfazed. Cooly she reached out one hand and swiped it down Dan's chest gathering his come with her palm. Then she fisted his cock and gave it a swift yank, cleaning up the excess goo that was there as well. Daniel sucked in a sharp breath when she pulled his tender prick.

Karla did that while Mrs. Robinson was standing directly behind him and couldn't see what she was doing.

Then as Christine stepped around to Dan's side, Karla calmly turned away and stepped into the pool, descending the steps until the water was well over her waist. She turned to smile at Dan.

Mrs. Robinson in the mean time stood in front of the cringing youth and looked directly at his much diminished penis.

"Put away your tool and your tools Daniel. I think you've done enough around here for one day. I'll call your mother when we want you to finish up the stone work. And Daniel, next time I see you I'll expect a sincere apology."

And with that the dark haired beauty turned to her daughter.

"Nikki, Karla, come inside please. I want to talk to you."

The girls looked at each other, a little apprehensively Dan thought. But that didn't stop Nikki from puckering a mocking kiss at him and making a rude 'jack-off' gesture behind her mother's back. Karla joined her from the pool, picked up a towel and they headed off into the house.

Dan stood there momentarily wondering what had just happened. His loins were numb and there was a fiery ache inflaming his whole backside. Gingerly he pulled up his pants and started getting his stuff together to head home. Ultimately he let himself out through the back gate. He didn't think it would be a good idea to go through the house.

It was two weeks before Dan heard from Mrs. Robinson again. And then his mother said that her friend had called and asked if he could go over after school on Friday to do some more of the stone work. They were having a party on Saturday and hoped the waterfall would be finished.

Dan thought about making some excuses. He was really embarrassed to have to meet up with Mrs. Robinson again. But in the end he figured if he didn't go his mother might start asking her friend some questions and that could lead to her hearing about what had happened and he didn't want that to happen. So in the end he went.

He rang the doorbell at Mrs. Robinson's house at 5:00 that Friday. He waited for a moment and then the door opened slowly. Mrs. Robinson was wearing a man's dress shirt, open at the neck and tied in a knot below her formidable breasts. Her waist was bare and she was wearing a pair of cut off jeans and sandals below that. She was talking on her cell phone as she opened the door and held her finger up for Dan to be quiet. She was having a very intense conversation with someone.

"No....No really!.... Well of course it's a shock! ....No I don't blame you and you shouldn't blame yourself either!... Honestly, it's not your fault...There's only one person who's at fault!... What an asshole!....Yes!...Yes of course I will...No!...Oh I promise alright!...He won't!... Not when I'm finished with him!...You can count on that!..."

And while she was engaging in this one sided dialogue she was leading Dan through the house. Finally she pointed him out the back door towards the half finished waterfall without a word and barely a glance.

Dan hadn't expected to get off so lightly and was almost disappointed he hadn't gotten to make his apology speech. But as the saying goes he thought...'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth'... whatever that means. He rolled up his sleeves, got out the mortar and the tools and went to work.

Just before 6:00 Mr. Robinson drove up in his big Lexus and then came in through the back gate. He stopped and said a couple of complimentary things about Dan's work. Dan thanked him and they bantered for a moment and then Mr. Robinson went into the house.

It wasn't long after that that Dan could hear the couple's voices in the kitchen rising. Mr. Robinson would get in a couple of loud words and then Mrs. Robinson was right back at him in a screeching tirade. Dan couldn't actually hear what they were yelling at each other but there was no mistaking the tone. All was not well at castle Robinson. Eventually the argument moved from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom.

The hollering went on for quite a while and then stopped. Dan assumed that Mr. Robinson had probably stormed out through the front.

Dan continued working the whole while, glad that he wasn't on the receiving end of Mrs. Robinson's ire this time. He had been at it for some time and was just getting to the final small pieces when the woman of the house appeared at the back door.

"Dan. Go take a shower in the pool house and then get in here. We need to have a talk."

"I just have the last pieces to finish Mrs. Robinson. It'll only take about fifteen minutes."

"Now Daniel! Get cleaned up and get in here!..." Mrs. Robinson commanded in a tone that told Dan it wouldn't be smart to argue. He could see that she was pissed and he did not want to be the beneficiary of the fall out from her fight with her husband.

"Sure Mrs. Robinson. I'll be just a jiff..." Dan said as he piled his tools along side the almost finished waterfall and headed for the pool house.

Some few minutes later he made his way into the house. It was dark and there was a dim light over the bar in the rec. room. He stood there waiting and then Mrs. Robinson appeared at the head of the stairs.

She had changed into a clingy grey knit dress that ended just above her knees and fit her like a second skin. The little dress had a deeply scooped neckline that offered a mesmerizing display of the tops of her breasts. The way those magnificent hemispheres jiggled like two mounds of jello as she gracefully descended the stairs suggested she wasn't wearing a bra. Surrounding her narrow waist was a broad black leather belt. Smoky grey nylons and black high heels completed her ensemble. She used measured steps as she came down, probably because she didn't want to spill the cocktail she was holding in her hand.

"There you are Daniel..." she said, smiling into the young man's eyes as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Her heady perfume preceded her across the room. Her lustrous black hair was hanging loose, tapered in a way that framed her face in an oval. She was wearing her wedding ring, a gold necklace and matching bracelet. She must have spent some time on her make-up because her eyes were skillfully outlined with mascara and her lips with a gleaming crimson lip gloss.

Dan guessed that she and her husband had reached some kind of a truce and were heading out to a party. He thought Mrs. Robinson looked very glamorous.

"I was just going to refill my drink. I'm having scotch. Won't you join me?..." Christine asked as she stepped up to the bar, grabbed the scotch bottle and another glass.

"Ahhh... thanks Mrs. Robinson but I don't usually drink scotch. I'd enjoy a beer though if you've got one."

Christine appeared not to have heard him as she walked over to Daniel with two scotches and handed him one.

"Here you are sir. The cure for what ails you. Cheers!..." she said, raising her glass, clinking his and taking a healthy swig.

Daniel didn't want to make a fuss so he raised his glass, said..."Cheers!..." and took a healthy swig as well.

His eyes immediately teared up and he only just managed not to choke on the fiery liquid. He really wasn't used to hard alcohol.

Mrs. Robinson smiled as his cheeks became a flaming crimson.

"Why don't we sit at the bar for our little talk,,," she said with a smile, taking Dan's arm and hugging it tightly against the side of one pneumatic tit. Dan was acutely aware of her curvaceous body pressing against his as she walked him over to the bar. They sat down on the high stools facing each other with their knees touching.

'Oh Oh...' Dan thought...'I guess she's gonna' want the grand apology now.'

"Mrs. Robinson. If it's about what happened two weeks ago, I really do want to..."

But at that point Christine reached out and put two fingers to Dan's lips to stop his words.

Dan couldn't help but notice the way one of her creamy tits lifted almost out of her dress when she did that.

"It appears I may have misjudged matters somewhat at our last meeting. I talked to Nikki and Karla after you left and they admitted that you weren't totally to blame for what I saw when I got home from the stables. They told me about their little sorority party and the...the... ahh...contest. After having been so hard on you I guess I should have been more upset with the girls. But really I couldn't help but laugh about it when they told me what they were doing to you. It reminded me so much of my own college days. So I guess if anyone should be making an apology it would be me. I beg your pardon young man..." Mrs. Robinson said holding her glass towards him and bending from the waist in a kind of seated bow.

As she did so her dress slipped down precariously. Dan had an unobstructed view of both her conical tits all the way down to her swollen red nipples. Those gently heaving orbs swayed provocatively under her little dress as she leaned towards him.

Dan could feel himself hardening in response to this enticing display and he squirmed on his stool to try to ease the growing tension in his pants.

"Cheers!..." Mrs. Robinson toasted again, her eyes dancing wickedly.

"Cheers!..." responded Dan while struggling to tear his eyes away from Christine's captivating boobs. He took another drink of the fiery scotch and felt it burn its way all the way down to the pit of his stomach.

He was quite relieved that he seemed to be out of the dog house with the voluptuous older woman sitting beside him. She was so attractive, so sexy he thought he might be in love. He was happy just to sit there next to her and wanted to keep her talking.

"You and my mom went to college together didn't you? What kind of trouble did you two get into. My mother never told me anything like that about those days."

"Well handsome, a mother isn't going to tell her son everything. But I don't mind telling you a couple of stories. Candy, your mother called herself Candy back then, Candy and I got pledged by a sorority that prided itself on its high academic levels. I don't know how they ever picked us."

Anyway, by the end of the first semester it was obvious that we were no rocket scientists. And your mother and I didn't want to get kicked out of this sorority so we came up with a plan."

"Did you sign up for some tutoring?"

"No we decided we'd do blowjobs."

"Excuse me?..." Dan asked, choking on his sip of scotch. He was sure he must have misheard Mrs. Robinson.

" know. Sex for grades. It's a simple system but your mother and I refined it to an art form. She or I would alternate hanging around the teacher's lounge in the evenings.

My plan was, when one of our profs came out I'd pretend to bump into him and ask if he'd mind dropping me at a girlfriend's on his way home."

Dan couldn't believe she was telling him this.

"I don't think any of them ever said no to me. And then I'd be real friendly with them in the car and ultimately point out a church parking lot or a park entrance and say my friend lived just across the street. Once we got stopped I'd say...'By the way Professor Brown. I'm sure you've noticed I'm not doing real well in your course. That's starting to worry me a little. Now I think you should know that I don't do well on written exams. But I do have excellent oral skills. Perhaps you'd like me to demonstrate...'While I was saying that I'd be reaching over and slowly sliding my hand up their thigh."

Which is exactly what she was doing to Dan as she related her story. The young man was terrified that she wouldn't stop her hand until she discovered just how hard she was making him with her raunchy tale.

"Now you've got to remember that your mother and I went to that little rinky dink college out in Boise. Most of the teachers there were these uptight Methodists, young guys who had married their college sweethearts seven or eight years earlier and who hadn't been getting any regular sex since the babies started to come."

"Oh they might start out by saying...'No Miss Cassidy. You can't! How would I ever face my wife?.'...But once I got my head in their laps and their nuts in my hands they weren't thinking about the little woman any more. All they were thinking about was trying not to come too soon. Once you get a guy by the balls you can make him do anything you want. Did you know that baby?..."

"Ahhh...Whaaa!...Unnn...I guess I never thought about it..." Dan stammered, sure that Mrs. Robinson must have noticed by now the way his erection was tenting the front of his pants, just above her caressing hand.

"Anyway, there'd I'd be, going down on these guys in the front seat of their cars and they'd be moaning and squirming around. Your mother and I learned a few tricks and we became quite an amazing pair of little sluts back then. So I'd be working them over real slow and sloppy and just when they were about to pop I'd slide off them for a moment and look them in the eye. In my sexiest voice I'd say...'Does your wife swallow baby? Because for a 3.7 on my mid- term, I will!'...And then, still keeping my eyes on theirs, I'd suck them all the way back to the opening of my throat and start humming, you know going...'Umm Hmm...Umm Hmm... Umm...Ummm....Ummmm...'."

"They'd always come when I did that. They probably never even got blown at home let alone see their frumpy little wives swallow it. They'd usually shoot these really enormous loads like they were trying to drown me in it. Fortunately I learned to love the taste of come so I never minded. In fact I really enjoyed being able to control them like that, hold them off or make them come whenever I wanted to. Really it was all over from the moment I got into their pants. And your mother was even worse. She loved doin' the guys but if we were having a problem in a class with a female teacher she'd approach her the same way. She always said those over-educated bitches were all latent lesbians and that once you got your tongue up their twat you could make them sing an opera while they were coming on your face. We finished our first year with a 3.6 and a 3.7 grade point average. We had the highest marks of anyone in our sorority and we learned some really important life skills. Would you like me to show you?"

Dan's mind was racing as he pictured all the lurid images that Christine's story had planted in his brain. He barely heard the last thing she said and had to ask..."I'm sorry, would I like to what?..."

"Would you like me to give you a blow job?..."

Dan just looked back at the voluptuous older woman, totally speechless. She must have said something else that he missed. She couldn't actually be offering to blow him. He was sure if he said anything at all she would know what he was thinking and a) she would be outraged at his lewd ideas or b) she would simply laugh at him for having such a perverted imagination.

It was better to just say nothing and see what happened next.

"Come on sweetheart. I know I was kind of rough on you out by the pool last time but I want to make it up to you. I've seen the way you've been sneaking peeks at these big old titties of mine..." Christine purred, idly drifting the index finger of her left hand through her beckoning cleavage. At the same time she moved her right hand up even higher on the inside of Dan's thigh so that the edge of her palm was gently nudging his balls.

Dan sucked back a moan of arousal when she did that.

"You'd love to get your hands on these big babies wouldn't you sweetheart? I might let you play with them if you ask me nicely. I might let you do a lot more than that..." she said her eyes sparkling wickedly. Then she leaned forward so that her moist lips were just brushing Dan's ear and she whispered..."Why don't you come upstairs with me and we'll have some fun?"

Finally Dan came to the amazing realization that Mrs. Robinson, his fantasy older woman, was really offering herself to him. He knew he'd better get off his ass before she changed her mind. Clumsily he slid off his stool, putting his empty scotch glass on the bar.

"Mrs. Robinson it would be my pleasure to accompany you to the ends of the earth."

Dan cringed to hear himself say something so doofus. He blamed it on the scotch and offered up a blushing smile.

Christine smiled at his awkwardness while she finished her own drink. Then she put her glass down, got up, took his hand and turned toward the stairs.

"Just imagine all the things I'm going to do to you!..." she murmured over her shoulder as she led him up to her room.

Dan was practically trembling with excitement as Mrs. Robinson led him into her bedroom. His eyes had been locked on the taut globes of her ass as they were going up the stairs and into her room. The way those two sculpted spheres swayed up and down beneath her clingy little knit skirt as she moved was truly amazing.

Mrs. Robinson drew him right up to the bed and then turned to stand in front of him.

"Take off your clothes,,," she purred as she started to undo the wide leather belt that cinched her waist.

Dan was hastily obeying her request and had just gotten his pants fully unzipped when a plaintive voice whined...

"Please Chrissy. You're not going to do this are you?..."

"Oh my God!..." Dan gasped, freezing where he stood. Following the sound of the voice he looked over Mrs. Robinson's shoulder.

Behind her, next to the dressing table, sitting in a hard chair in just his boxer shorts was Mr. Robinson. He was looking anxiously at his wife's back and seemed to be about to get up from his chair and yet he didn't. Then Dan realized that he wasn't just sitting in the chair. His hands and his ankles were tied to the chair legs with some kind of Velcro straps. He wasn't going anywhere tied up like that.

"What's he doing here?..." Dan asked in utter confusion.

"He? You mean John? My husband? Well actually that's an interesting story..." Christine began, turning her head to glare angrily at her husband.

"Earlier today I got a phone call from one of John's little friends. It turns out he's been banging the new intern at the office for over a month now. Tiffany or Stephanie or something like that."

"Kimberly..." her husband said quietly.

"Kimberly! Of course it would be a Kimberly..."

"Anyway Kimberly wasn't very happy with the situation and decided to call me to confess all, the little slut. So the short version is that John is now officially cut off for the foreseeable future. His pussy privileges are officially revoked around here. And I've decided that I want him to see exactly what it is that he won't be getting for a long, long time. That's why we're going to do it right now. Right here! You and me! In front of him!...." Mrs. Robinson purred, turning her fiery gaze back on Daniel.

John just groaned and squirmed in his chair. It hadn't really been like that. That little witch Kimberly had been all over him at the office. She was always leaning over him from behind, shoving those little apple tits of hers into the back of his neck, sitting on his desk in front of him and rubbing his leg with hers. He was only human for God's sake. He had told Christine that it had just been a little fling, that the girl didn't mean anything to him.

But Christine had been really building up a head of steam after she got that phone call. She seemed reasonable at first. Said that if he let her tie him up and have her way with him, which was a little game they played sometimes, that she might forgive him. But once she got him tied up she really raised the roof. She called him every name under the sun and told him he was going to be really, really sorry. Then she had got dolled up and headed down stairs. He didn't know what she had in mind but he never expected anything like this.

"Please sweetheart. I'll make it up to you. Please don't do this..." he pleaded.

"Shut up!..." Christine snarled over her shoulder, then turned her eyes back to Dan's.

"Mrs. Robinson. I don't think I can do this. Not with him right there..." Dan said, his eyes shifting back and forth apprehensively from Mr. to Mrs. Robinson.

"Dan. Look at me baby! Look at me! Ignore dickhead over there..."

As Dan refocused his gaze, Christine stepped a little sideways to block his view of her husband. Then she reached down for the hem of her dress and calmly pulled it up over her head. When she had it off she held it out to her side for a moment as she shook out her mane of lustrous black hair. She coolly dropped the grey fabric on the floor, pulled her shoulders back and the put her hands on her waist.

"You've really hit the jackpot tonight lover..." she purred, standing in a totally shameless pose in front of the gaping young man

Christine's creamy bare tits were thrusting arrogantly towards him. They had an incredible fulsome weight to them but the conical ends of them still tilted up with youthful energy. Her puffy aureole were a dusky maroon color capped with crimson nipples. She was wearing nothing more than her high heels and a garter belt with taut nylon straps attached to the tops of her smoky nylons. For panties she wore black cami knickers, lacy and loose around her hips but so tight between her loins that Dan could clearly see the outline of her fleshy labia through the material. She looked incredibly hot and she knew it.

As Dan stood there staring, nervously stammering..." I...Ahhh... I'm not... Ahhh...I don't ..." Christine calmly walked up to him. Dan could hear her nylons swishing together as she moved.

The raven haired beauty stopped in front of him, raised one hand and cupped the side of his face. She reached her other hand into his shorts and closed it around his faltering erection. Then she leaned close so that her naked breasts were mushed into his chest and her lips were next to his ear.

"You know when I found you with your cock out in front of the girls last week I wanted you right then..." she purred, her arm moving up and down as she stroked him in his shorts.

"While you were squirming in Karla's arms I couldn't help imagining myself in her place, that huge boner of yours rubbing against my pussy the whole time. When we were done I was so wet I had to come up here and get myself off right on this bed."

"Ohh Goddd!..." Dan groaned in response to Mrs. Robinson's skilled touch and her provocative story.

The wanton older woman smiled to feel Dan's cock turning steel hard once more under her insistently shuttling hand.

"I could just feel this big tool of yours sliding in and out of me, faster and faster. You were trying to hold it back so I clenched myself around your cock so that you had to really pound me to get it all the way in. I pictured myself grabbing you with my arms and my legs and pulling you as deep inside me as I could, deeper than anyone has ever been in me before and that's when you lost it. Of course you couldn't hold it when I did that. You stiffened up and blew an enormous load deep inside me. It was so hot and gushing so deep in me and that's when I came too. There was so much goo that it was just rushing out of me, dripping onto the bed. And it was sooo good!..." Christine enthused.

"Ahhhh!..." Dan moaned. Helplessly he wrapped his arms around Mrs. Robinson's waist as he ducked his head down and buried his face in the scented valley between her tits.

"You want to fuck me like that lover. Your cock wants to fuck me like that. I can feel it!..." Mrs. Robinson purred, giving his resurgent tool a hard squeeze that made him weak in the knees.

"Mmmmm!... he groaned into the sultry press of her boobs.

"I'm going to do things to you that you never even imagined. When I'm done with you, you won't be able to get it up for a week. Now let's get you out of these clothes."

And with that she took her hand out of his underwear and wrestled his pants and shorts to the floor. While Dan fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, Mrs. Robinson reached out for a gold lipstick tube on the bedside table. She took off the top and started to apply a vivid scarlet red sheen to her pursed lips.

When she had finished with the lipstick she smacked her lips together moistly a couple of times and then did a slow cruise around the oval of her parted lips with the tip of her tongue.

Dan watched her hungrily.

With her lips still parted she took Dan's arm and stood him sideways next to the bed. This way John would be able to see everything.

When Dan's eyes started to drift over to her husband she said sharply..." Look at me Dan. Look at my mouth!"

And with that Barbara sank to her knees in front of the wide eyed young man. She pulled his quivering shaft away from his belly and held it out towards her. Then without ever taking her eyes from his, she leaned forward and slipped her scarlet lips around his knob.

"Mmmm!..." she purred as she siphoned the head of his cock into her mouth and went to work on its sensitive underside with her tongue.

"Ohh Godddd!..." Dan moaned in excitement. The humid heat of her mouth surrounding him, her gleaming red lips shaped into a perfect O around his shaft, her tongue twisting around and around his cock crown, all these things were sending him into a sensory overload. The way his balls were tensing up already he knew he wasn't going to be able to hold it very long. His hands were sort of hovering at his side, afraid to reach out and grab Mrs. Robinson's mane of dark hair and slam her face into his crotch which is what he really wanted to do.

"Unn!...Unnn!..." he groaned as the tension in his groin grew rapidly. He was barely aware of Christine's left hand sliding up between his parted thighs. She moved her hand up until she was lightly prodding his unsuspecting sphincter with her sharp nailed fingertip. She could tell he was going to loose it quickly and she wanted to have a little more fun with him before he did. With a loud slurp she slid off his throbbing meat.

She smiled up at him, gripping the base of his cock tightly with her little hand as his glistening erection strained frantically towards the ceiling.

"Would you like me to put my finger up your ass?..." she asked Dan sweetly.

"Ahhh!?...I...I don't...I mean I never one ever..." Dan stammered in bewilderment.

"Ahhh! Listen to that John. He's a cherry! Isn't that sweet?...Oops!... Well...He was a cherry!..." Barbara giggled as she augured her extended digit up into the depths of Dan's virgin nether hole.

"Wahhhh!..." the young man yelped at the unexpected intrusion. He lunged his hips forward into Christine's restraining hand. She twisted her delving finger around inside him, slid it out a little then jammed it back in there. In no time she had Dan fucking her hand in time with her lewdly thrusting digit.

"That's it baby. I knew you'd like it! My husband does too don't you John? Did you ask your little Tammy to put her finger up your ass? I'll bet you did, didn't you? And I bet she wouldn't. She probably called you a pervert. Which is what you are! You're so pathetic! Maybe if you ask her again...really beg for it. I think Dan likes it, don't you baby? Don't you?..." Barbara teased as the younger man helplessly hunched himself in and out of her clutching hand in time with her rude finger play.

"Ahhh Goddd Mrs. Robinson!... It just so...nahhhh!...dirty!..." Dan groaned. The feeling of her finger penetrating him had been uncomfortable at first but that feeling quickly changed to one of lewd pleasure.

"For God's sakes Chissy! You've made your point! I'll make it up to you I promise! Now just stop all this. Please!..." John cried, squirming in his chair.

"Stop! I'm just getting started dickhead! Now stop distracting me. I think poor Danny here is getting close. You are, aren't you baby? Getting close? I don't think you can hold it much longer, do you?... Especially if I do... this!..." Barbara purred, thrusting her digit in deep, finding Dan's prostate and stabbing it with her sharp nailed finger. She only rubbed him like that for a second or two and then she eased off.

Dan's insides turned to water when she did that and his knees started to buckle. A fiery rush of sensation washed though his loins and he thought he was coming but he wasn't.

"Nahhhh!...Nooo!...Yess!......" he cried as his loins stiffened up unbearably. He wasn't quite coming yet but he wasn't going to be able to take much more.

"That's what I thought!..."

Christine's face darted back into Dan's loins, her ovaled lips parting around his knob and then sliding down his shaft all the way to his balls. When she had his pulsing cock lodged at the entrance to her throat she started sucking so hard that her cheeks inverted around it. At the same time she found his tender prostate again and started pressing it like she was ringing a door bell. It was way more than the trembling young man could stand.

Dan rose up on his toes and gripped Mrs. Robinson's head in his hands.

"Gahhhh!..." he cried as is testicles convulsed and a huge steamy bolt of come erupted from his cock, shooting straight into Christine's stomach. There was long, tense hesitation after that and then his balls started shooting a continuous barrage of come, his nuts pounding frantically in a frenzied rhythm.

"Ahhhh!...Ahhh!...Unnnn!..." he whimpered.

"Mmm!...Mmmm!...Mmm!...Umm Hmmm!...Umm Hmm!.." Christine encouraged, swallowing frantically to keep up with the deluge of sperm.

And then, while Dan was still coming in shuddering spasms, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and held it in front of her face.

"That's it!...Come for me!...Come on my face!...Cover me in your come!..." the dark haired beauty enthused. And Dan was doing just that, coming all over her smiling, upturned face.

"Ohh my Goddd!..." he groaned at the sight of long creamy trails of come spurting across Mrs. Robinson's cheeks, her nose and even up into her hair. It was the most erotic thing he had even seen.

Christine jacked him off like that, pumping him for several more fiery spurts before she guided him back to her parted lips and continued to stroke him off into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!...Mmmm!...Mmmm!..." she continued, prolonging his wracking orgasm by pressuring his prostate whenever his fiery flow seemed to be easing.

"Ahhh!...Ahh!...Ahhh!..." Dan moaned starting to sag weakly at the knees. He had never come so much in his life. And still the hot goo continued to surge out of him every time Christine wrenched her impaling finger around in his rudely stretched anus.

Finally it got to a point that, even though his balls were still spasming, no more juice was coming out. She had drained him dry, for the moment. Dan dropped one hand to the bed and had to lean on it for support. It was only then that Christine raised her head and smiled up at her young conquest.

"I think you enjoyed that.." she said with a sly wink.

Then she turned towards her husband and smiled at him as well. She got up off her knees, took Dan by the shoulders and had him sit on the edge of the bed.

"I'll be right back..." she said as she then turned and walked over to John. She didn't bother to try and wipe the come off her face. She wanted him to see it.

"He comes like a race horse doesn't he lover? And did you see how big his cock is? He's a lot bigger than you are. He's probably going to stretch me out a lot when he puts it in me..."

In truth Daniel wasn't that much bigger than her husband but Christine knew that emotionally John was very insecure. She had decided that the best way to punish him was to plant the seed that he'd never be able to satisfy her after she'd fucked Daniel. And her plan seemed to be working.

"Oh God Chrissy! Don't do this! Please. I'm so sorry!..."

But the scheming vixen didn't pay any attention to her husband's pleading. She stopped in front of him and gracefully stripped off her satin panties. She didn't drop them on the floor but held them dangling from her hand.

"Look at my pussy baby. I just shaved it. It's as smooth as a baby's bottom. Pretty sexy don't you think?..." Christine purred idly tracing one finger around and around on top of her pinkly gleaming mons.

"It was the first thing I did after I got that call from your little Bethany. I decided right then that there was going to be some changes around here. It's pretty ironic don't you think? I know you always wanted me to shave it for you and now that I have you can't have it. But I think Danny boy's going to enjoy it."

"Chrissy. I don't know what else to say. I know you're angry but it's not fair to do this. You know I really love you. I can do better, be a better husband. Let me show you I can. Please!"

"Ummm. I love the sincerity sweetheart. And I want you to show me what a great husband you can be. Right after I finish fucking Danny's brains out."

As she was saying this, Mrs. Robinson was using her panties to wipe Dan's come from her smiling face.

"But while I'm doing that I don't think we want to listen to your whining. So why don't you chew on these for a while..." Mrs. Robinson asked, holding out the now come stained string of satin in front of her husband's face.

"No honey. No thanks!..." John answered bitterly, turning his face to avoid the proferred panties.

"No?...Are you sure?..." Chistine asked sweetly, reaching down into her husband's crotch and cupping his balls through his shorts.

"Umm Umm!..." John muttered through pursed lips like a petulant c***d.

"Sure?..." she asked once more. She waited and when John refused to answer her she squeezed his defenseless nuts fiercely in her gripping hand.

"Nahhhh!...." the helpless husband wailed in distress, his mouth popping open.

His wife calmly pressed the cummy panties into his mouth, leaving a couple of inches of material dangling from his lips.

"Mmmmph!..." he moaned unhappily. But the hogtied older man could do nothing other than sit there and grind his teeth on his wife's unwanted gift.

Christine released her husband's balls then tenderly caressed his face with her hand.

"You should do what I say John! You should always do what I say!.." she purred.

She puckered a mocking kiss down at her husband and then turned back to Dan.

Her young lover was a little shocked that Mrs. Robinson would so casually abuse her husband. That little display along with the way she looked as she so deliberately strode across the room towards him, her pendulous breasts swinging like bells from her chest with every step she took, made Dan anxiously pull himself further back on the bed in front of her.

Christine just smiled at his nervousness. When she reached the bed Dan was still supporting himself on his elbows but Christine reached out, put her fingers on his chest and pushed him down flat on the bed.

In her stockings and heels she climbed up on her knees and straddled his torso. Then she took his hands and pulled them up over his shoulders. Smiling into his eyes she moved up over him, pinning his forearms to the bed with her knees and shifting slightly higher until her hairless pussy was positioned right over his face. She pressed one nylon sheathed thigh against his face.

"Do you like the way my pussy looks Dan? I just shaved it. Do you think it looks sexy?"

Flat on his back Dan was spellbound by the view above him. Mrs. Robinson's sparkling eyes just barely visible above her looming breasts. The gleaming smooth delta between her thighs. Her crimson slit just peeking out between her puffy labia. Her cool nylon stocking brushing his cheek. The warm flesh above her nylons drawing his mouth upwards like a magnet. All these things had his heart racing with excitement.

"Oh yesss!..." he murmured as he moved his lips across her stocking tops to kiss her inner thigh.

"Ummm!...That's nice!. ..You couldn't know it but I got the idea to shave my pussy from your mom. She keeps hers shaved all the time. She says it's like a sign that says 'Open for Business.'"

Dan strained to move his mouth higher, trying to reach Christine's enticing slit. But the way she had his arms pinned to the bed he couldn't quite raise his head high enough to get there. So he contented himself with working his tongue up and down at the very top of her inner thigh.

"Mmm Hmm! Your mom says what she likes is to open herself with two fingers so the guy can start at the bottom of her pussy and then work his tongue slowly up to her clit. When he gets there she tells him to just circle his tongue around it, gently, without touching it, before going back down to the bottom of her slit."

As she spoke Christine arched her back and tilted her pelvis down. She spread her moist opening with two fingers, giving Dan access to her glistening center.

The young man didn't hesitate but followed Mrs. Robinson's instructions closely. He worked his tongue up through her silky gash until he found her clit. Then he ran his tongue around and around that little bud before moving his lips back down to the bottom of her juicy opening.

"Ohhh! That's... very... gooddd!...Keep doing that!..." Christine enthused in a husky murmur.

She had to extend her free arm behind her to keep her balance. When she did that her hand happened to fall on Dan's cock. It wasn't totally hard but it was getting there. Mrs. Robinson circled his shaft with her thumb and her index finger in a sort of back handed grip. As Dan continued to explore her greasy opening with his tongue she started to pump his cock up and down with her encircling fingers. That brought the bl**d rushing back into his responsive tool.

"Your mother says she can come for hours if the guy is really good... Ummm!...I can see what she means..." the older woman purred, starting to hunch herself into Dan's face in counterpoint to the movement of his tongue.

Dan too was starting to buck his hips up into Christine's encouraging hand. She really knew how to push his buttons.

"Did you ever think about doing this with your mother Dan?"

"Mmmm?..." Dan moaned in surprise. And suddenly he couldn't help but imagine that it was his mother squirming on his face and not Mrs. Robinson.

"Unn Unn!..." he moaned gutturally, closing his eyes and giving his head a quick shake. But her obscene suggestion prompted him to start nodding his head more frantically up and down between Mrs. Robinson's thighs. This elicited an excited groan from the raven haired beauty crouched over him.

"Are you sure? Most boys have some sort of sexual fantasy about their mothers at one time or other. And your mother is quite the hottie. I could set it up for you if you want. Do you want me to talk to her? She'd love to get you between her thighs for one night! Does it make you hot to think about doing your mom?..." Christine asked innocently, knowing full well how excited her lurid suggestions were making poor Dan. She could feel it in the way his hard-on throbbed beneath her shuttling fingers.

"Unn Unn!..." Dan groaned anxiously. He didn't even want to admit to himself what he was thinking as he slashed his tongue through Mrs. Robinson's cunt like a starving man. And when he got to her clit, he 'accidentally' flailed it with his tongue. She mewed like a kitten and yanked his face up tight against her in response to his oral assault.

'Two can play at this game..." she thought. She closed the rest of her fingers around Dan's erection and started jerking it with short hard strokes.

"Mwahhh!..." he groaned when she did that. Christine smiled to feel him madly trying to fuck her hand in time with her insistent tugging. She closed her eyes and started grinding on the bridge of his nose.

"Oh God baby!...I'm gonna come!...You're gonna' make me come if you keep doin' ... Nahhh!... that!...Umm Hmm!....Watch John!...Yesss!... Right there!...Umm Hmm!... That's it!... That's it!.... Ahhhh!..." Christine cried as a little tremor of pleasure darted through her groin. That was followed by a bigger spasm, then a bigger one and a bigger one. As her orgasm grew, she pulled Dan's face as tight to her groin as she could and slammed her nylon clad thighs around his ears. In a minute more she was convulsing on the young man's face like she was being electrocuted.

Dan's eyes were bulging out of his head. He couldn't breathe and there was a torrent of steamy girl goo flooding his mouth. All he could see above him was the quaking pink curve of Christine's bald pussy and above that her conical tits thrusting skywards, heaving and shaking as her loins shuddered with passion.

He tried to struggle free but with his arms pinned to the bed he couldn't get any leverage. And Mrs. Robinson was completely oblivious to his plight as her orgasm consumed her.

Finally she sort of collapsed forward on to an outstretched arm and eased herself off of Dan's gasping face.

The barely conscious young man lay there, sucking in air with all his might as Mrs. Robinson recovered herself.

After several long moments she lay down beside him on her back. She started pressuring him sideways with her hip. Dan wondered what she was doing. It seemed like she was trying to push him off the bed.

But then she was reaching for his hands and pulling him towards her.

He wasn't sure actually how she managed it but in a moment more she had Dan on his knees between her spread thighs. Her right hand was back on his hard-on and pulling it towards her pussy.

"Are you going to fuck me now Dan? I'm ready for you. Sooo ready!..." Christine hissed, pulling Dan's cock firmly toward the center of her loins.

"Oh God!...Me too Mrs. Robinson!....I want it so bad!..."

Dan was holding himself above Mrs. Robinson on stiff arms, squirming with arousal as she dragged him to her by his tool.

"I know baby! You're so big! I can hardly get my hand around it! My God John he's huge! I've never had one this big before. I hope I can take it all. Just put it in a little at a time O.K.?..." Christine said, winking slyly at Dan. The she turned her head towards her husband.

"If I do ever let you fuck me again John, I want you to know that I'll be thinking of Dan's big cock when you do it. Not that pencil dick of yours!..." she said maliciously.

This prompted a muted tirade of grunts and moans as well as the bumping of chair legs on the floor as the helpless husband struggled against his bonds. He had been remarkably quiet up to this point but Christine figured she was finally getting to him

She was thinking that he probably didn't care that much if she sucked some guy off or got someone to eat her out. But she knew he wouldn't like it if she let someone else fuck her. Well tough tittie! He should have thought about that when he started screwing the office help. She was going to enjoy making him squirm.

She moved Dan's cock up and down in her juicy slit, teasing her clit with his engorged cock crown. Then she tilted her hips up so that her swollen labia spread invitingly around his knob.

"Ahhhh Goddd!..." Dan groaned. The heat from her molten tunnel was scorching the end of his cock.

Mrs. Robinson was looking up at him with sparkling eyes. She moved her hand down under him, extending her index and middle finger until she was lightly teasing his sphincter with her sharp finger nails.

"Well baby?...We both know what happens now!...Don't keep me waiting!...Do it!..." Christine instructed, raking her sharp nails slowly from Dan's asshole and across his drum taut testicles.

"Wahhhh!..." the overexcited young man cried thrusting himself frenziedly into Christine's seething pussy. He lunged into her without restraint, burying himself in her silky tunnel right up to his balls.

"Yessss!...." Christine cried in her own excitement.

"That's it!....Fuck me baby!...Fuck me like that!..." she hissed

And Dan responded by hunching into her receptive loins.

"Unn!...Unn!...Unnn!..." he panted as he sawed his big cock in and out of Christine's cunt. Her insides were silky slick, clinging hotly to him as he hammered away at her.

Christine whimpered and mewed loudly in enjoyment. Slowly she brought her knees up, opening herself more and more to Dan's feverish onslaught.

"Nahh Goddd!..." Dan moaned at the feel of Mrs. Robinson's nylons and her high heels sliding up his legs. Her pendulous breasts were bouncing crazily on her chest in time with his eager thrusting. A fine sheen of sweat appeared on his body as he attacked her leeching pussy even more fiercely.

"Yeahhh!...Unn Hnn!...Unn Hnn!...Don't stop!.....Bang the shit out of me Danny!...I looove itt!..." Christine gasped, thrusting her loins up to meet her young lovers. At the same time she reached between their coupled loins until she was able to cup Dan's balls in the palm of her hand.

"Gahhhh!...Nahhh!...Don'tt!..." Dan moaned, knowing that if she squeezed him there he wouldn't be able to hold it.

And of course that's exactly what Mrs. Robinson did.

"Don't what baby?..Hmmmm?...Don't this?...." she asked innocently as she closed her fingers on Dan's nuts and gave them a slow, tortuous twist.

"Please!..." Dan cried, holding himself rigidly still on his stiffened arms. He hoped that he could get himself under control if he could just resist Christine's seductive pussy for a few moments.

But then she drew her legs up a little higher and jabbed her stiletto heels into Dan's ass.

"Nahhhh!..." he barked, lunging back into the steamy sheath of her cunt.

"Come baby!...Come for me!...I want to feel it!..." hissed Christine, keeping him pinned to her loins with her stabbing heels. At the same time she stopped twisting his balls and pushed them gently up into his groin.

"Phwahhhh!..." Dan cried, arching his back as his loins stiffened up excruciatingly. And then his testicles convulsed in frantic spasms. Suddenly he was coming and he was coming hard.

"Nahhh!..Ahh!..Unn!..Unn!.." he moaned, shuddering helplessly as bolt after bolt of searing jism erupted inside Christine's gripping tunnel.

"Ummmm!...Yesss!...I can feel you...Ahhh!...shooting!...Every spurt!...Unnn!...You're gonna' make me...Ohhhh!..." Christine cried in a rising voice. The feel of Dan's hot sperm pulsing directly into her womb was pushing her to another orgasm of her own.

And then it was on her. She raked her heels across his butt as she locked her legs around him.

"Ahhh Goddd!...Yesss!..."

And as much as he wanted to, John, the helpless husband, couldn't tear his eyes away from the writhing couple across from him. He rocked back and forth against the straps restraining him and moaned..."Noooo!..." in a muffled murmur.

It looked like Dan and his wife were locked in a mortal struggle. Their gasps and groans echoed in his ears as they hammered their groins one against the other in their frenzied fucking.

Finally it was Dan whose body started to sag towards the bed while Christine continued to hold him locked to her loins, her whole body still twitching fitfully.

Then she released the python like clasp of her legs and allowed her young lover to slip to the bed beside her. There Dan lay on his back, dazed and spent, gazing with unfocused eyes at the ceiling as he panted to regain his breath.

It was Mrs. Robinson who stirred first. She looked over to her husband, smiled then got up and walked towards him.

She was all pink and sweaty and had that freshly fucked glow about her.

"Did you enjoy that lover? Watching another man fuck me?"

"Unn Unn!..." John grunted.

"No?...Well I'm not surprised. Now you know how I felt when I found out you'd been cheating on me. I'm going to take those panties out of your mouth for now. But if you say anything to annoy me I'm going to stuff them back down your throat quicker than you can say Kimberly. You know I will don't you sweetheart?"

"Unn Hnn!..."

She snatched the panties out of her husband's mouth and he sucked in a gasping breath when she did. Christine turned on her heel, straddled one of his legs and sat down on his lap with her back to him. As she leaned back into him she wasn't surprised to feel that his cock was rock hard and jutting into one of her ass cheeks. She snuggled back against him and started to fondle her breasts.

"I can't believe how much he comes. My pussy is just swimming in it..."

And to illustrate her point, Christine relaxed her inner muscles, allowing the pool of gooey come inside her to trickle out onto her husband's leg.

John felt it and he wanted to cry with jealousy and frustration.

"Chrissie, I guess I had it coming...I know I shouldn't have done what I did... It won't happen again I promise you that. You've got what you wanted. Won't you just send Dan home and we can talk."

"Oh that's so sweet baby. I'll be happy to send Dan home, when I'm done with him. I haven't gotten everything I want from him just yet. But I will. You see I still have one more special little punishment in mind for you...."

She tilted her head back so that she could purr directly into John's ear.

"You know how many times you've begged me to take it up the ass for you. Well that's not going to happen now or ever since you've been such a bastard. But ...." she said, nodding towards the young man sprawled across the bed.

"You see where I'm going with this?..."

It took John a couple of seconds to figure it out but then he sputtered in disbelief... "You're not going to give it up for the k** are you?..."

"Unn Hnn! He's going to get my virgin heinie while you watch. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Christine smiled to see her husband's astonishment give way to anger.

"You vindictive bitch..." he growled..." I may not be perfect but at least I'm not a malicious, scheming little..."

"Ahh ahh!..." Christine said, rising from her husband's lap. Turning she held out her saturated panties towards his face.

"You're going to spoil the mood baby. I guess it's panty time again!"

"You think you're going to get away with this? That you can do whatever you want? Well I've got news for you, you slut...Wahhh!...Nooo!...Mmmmff!...Mfffff!...." was the aborted end of John's little speech. Christine had once more reached down for his balls. Giving them an especially vicious squeeze she stuffed her frilly underwear back in his mouth, just as she had promised.

She made a mocking sad face at John, turned and bent over in front of him so that her creamy ass was jutting into his face.

"Do you want to kiss it goodbye baby?..."

"Mmm.!...Nnn!...Mmmm!..." was John's angry reply.

"Well it's your loss sweetheart. Now where was I. Oh yesss!..." Christine murmured turning her predatory eyes on her young lover sprawled on the bed. She walked back towards him with a purposeful stride. When she reached the bed she stopped, picked up her lipstick and repainted her lips.

"Are you ready for some more fun baby? I know I am!"

In fact Dan was more than a little distracted by Christine's husband who was glaring furiously at him from across the room. Although he hadn't been able to hear exactly what they had said to each other, it was pretty obvious that he wasn't likely to be on John's Christmas card list that year.

"Geez Mrs. Robinson. Couldn't we go somewhere else or something. I don't know that doing this, you know, what we're doing... like is such a... such a good idea..." Dan said in a real quiet voice like he didn't want Christine's husband to hear.

Christine smiled at his nervousness. She walked towards the foot of the bed.

"Don't worry lover. I'm going to take you someplace you've never been before. Now why don't you roll over on your tummy..." the raven haired beauty instructed.

"That's it!..." she said as Dan reluctantly did as he was told. He could feel the bed sag as Christine crawled up onto it behind him. She spread his legs apart as she moved up the bed

"Now get that candy butt of yours up in the air for me..." she purred, grabbing Dan's hips and pulling them back towards her.

He scooched his legs up under him but when he started to raise up on his hands as well Christine stretched out over him from behind, put one hand on the back of his neck and pushed his face back down.

"You just keep your head down for now baby. That'll be better."

Dan of course did exactly what she told him to, too distracted by the feel of her big, hard nippled breasts dragging over his back to do anything else. He did feel awfully vulnerable though. Kneeling there like that, his genitals were completely exposed, just hanging out there at the apex of his parted thighs.

Christine wasn't surprised that his cock was dangling downwards and his balls had slackened. It was to be expected after she had got him off twice in quick succession. And her husband, tied up in the chair by the bureau, was making him pretty nervous too. She knew that.

But he was young and she knew a dozen different ways to turn into a quivering puddle of excitement. She was enjoying herself. As she leaned over him from behind, holding his head down, she let her other hand drift down his back, searching out his puckered anus with her extended fingers.

Leaning close so that her moist breath gusted in his ear she murmured..."Tell me Danny. Did you like it before when I stuck my finger up your ass?"

To refresh his memory she entwined her index and her middle fingers together and slipped them through his cringing sphincter.

Danny immediately stiffened up, fearful that she was going to drive her fingers deep up inside him like she had done earlier, but she didn't. Instead she contented herself with tweezering those two fingers open and closed, twisting them around to stretch his little nether hole outrageously.

The feeling was so lewd and arousing that Danny could hardly speak. He started to squirm ahead of Christin'e's rudely prodding digits as he whimpered..."Nahhh!...Ahh!..It was so...Ahhh!...Yeahhh!...I liked it!...".

"Do you like what I'm doing now?...Tell me!..." Christine demanded, working her obscenely penetrating fingers ever faster inside him.

"Ahh!...Yess!...It feels...neat!.." he managed to croak.

"Because I can stop if you want me to..." she said, yanking her fingers out of Dan's greasy ass. She made sure her fingers were crooked over ever so slightly so that her fingernails sliced his tautly stretched sphincter as she snapped them out of him.

"Ahhhh!..." Dan yelped in pained surprise.

"Aww! Did I hurt you baby? I'm sorry. Do you want me to kiss it better?"

"What? don't have to do that..." Danny stammered in confusion.

"Oh but I want to!..." Christine said, releasing his neck and easing backwards until she was squatting right behind Dan's ass. She gripped his upraised cheeks in her hands and pulled them apart. His crinkled anus was stretched into a gaping oval by her pressing thumbs.

Dan peeked around his knees to see what the voluptuous older woman was going to do. She caught his eye and puckered a mocking kiss at him. Without taking her eyes from Dan she said to her husband...

"John? Are you watching this? I'm gonna' kiss his sweet ass sweetheart. I bet you'd like me to do that for you wouldn't you lover? You always said you wanted me to. But I'm very picky about whose ass I kiss and you're not even on my radar screen. So you can just watch O.K.?'..."

There was a renewed spate of muffled swearing and the scr****g of chair legs but that was about as much as poor John could do about it. He had no choice but to sit there and watch his wanton wife and the young man she was entertaining on their bed.

And then Dan was no longer able to see Mrs. Robinson's face as she moved in on his exposed butt. Bur he could sure feel it when her crimson lips surrounded his crinkled little hole. And he thought he might faint with excitement when she started auguring her pointed tongue into that quivering opening.

"Oh my Goddd!..." Dan gasped loudly. His eyes were wide open now as Christine applied a leeching suck to his tense nether hole .

"Mnoo!...Nahhh!...Nnnn!!..." groaned John from across the room

Christine reached between Dan's thighs, ringed his cock with her thumb and forefinger and started milking it like she was ringing a bell.

With her moist lips twisting around in his ass crack and her little hand jacking him firmly, it was no time at all before Dan's cock became rigidly erect. Christine couldn't hold him down and in fact she didn't try too.

"Umm Hmm!..." she groaned into the crack of his ass. She just kept slavering away at his butt and stroking his cock, even as it jutted out horizontally from his loins.

By now Dan was up on straight arms on the bed, his groin starting to thrust into Christine's irresistibly shuttling hand.

That's when the older woman came up for air. She gave Dan's hard-on a couple of more sensuous pulls and then she stopped her hand at the base of his shaft. She started sliding off the bed and pulled Dan with her by his unyielding tool.

"Oh Goddd Mrs. Robinson!...I don't want to go anywhere!...This is fine!... Right...right here on the bed is fine!..." Dan moaned, his erection pulsing urgently under Christine's twisting hand.

"I thought you might change your mind. But wait. There's more!"

And with that Christine turned away from Dan and picked up a tube of lube off the bedside table. Twisting the top off she applied a liberal coating of the creamy goo to her outstretched index and middle fingers.

Holding Dan's eyes with hers she turned towards the bed, bending gracefully at the waist until her ass was pointing directly at the young man standing just behind her.

"Have any of your little girl friends ever taken it up the ass for you baby?..." Mrs. Robinson asked sweetly as she grabbed one of her creamy globes with one hand and pulled it to the side. She moved her other hand back, poising her cream laden fingers at her own puckered anus. Without hesitation she jabbed those entwined fingertips through that tiny opening, twisting them up into the depths of her unresisting asshole.

"Ahhhh!..." she crooned, her eyes turning to slits as she fingered that ovaled aperture. It must have been tight because she pushed her fingers up her ass fitfully, backing off and then shoving them back up inside, a little deeper each time. Finally her knuckles were no longer visible, buried deep between her rosy cheeks.

After a few moments more of this Mrs. Robinson pulled her thrusting digits out of her posterior. But she held her pose for a moment longer. She clenched and unclenched herself so that her crinkled little hole winked at Danny invitingly.

Dan watched this lewd display with a mixture of amazement and arousal. He couldn't believe that his mother's best friend could behave so shamelessly. He was mesmerized by the sight of her forbidden little hole twitching in front of him. That fluttering aperture was now gleaming with a greasy layer of lube

Christine straightened up and moved to the gaping young man. She stopped right in front of him and he reached out to take her in his arms. As he did she turned to snuggle up with her back to him, twisting her hips so that Dan's steely erection was slotted into the crease of her ass.

"Oh I'm so bad, playing with my ass like that right in front of you! I can feel that greasy goo leaking out of me. Did you see it Danny? Did you see all that white creamy stuff dripping out of me?"

"Oh God!...Yes Mrs. Robinson. That was so hot!..." Dan groaned. The smell of the older woman's perfume, the feel of her luscious curves pressing against him were driving him crazy with excitement.

"Did it look like come baby? Come dripping out of my ass?..."Christine purred turning her head to look into Dan's fevered eyes. She could clearly see that he was beginning to figure out what she was suggesting.

And he was although he couldn't believe it. Dan had only ever heard some crude references to anal sex. He never for an instant imagined it was something he would ever try. He wasn't even sure that people actually did that. But apparently he was about to find out. He never expected to be involved with a woman as uninhibited as Mrs. Robinson.

And the dark haired seductress knew just what she was doing. Rising up on her tip toes, she reached down and grabbed the barrel of Dan's erection. She bent slightly forward at the waist so that she could rub his knob against her greasy sphincter.

"Would you like to put some of your own cream up there? You can have my ass if you want it! I'll be a total slut for you. I'll bend over and take it up the ass for you! I wouldn't even do that for my husband but I'll do it for you! Do you want it baby?...Do you?..." Christine purred in lewd invitation.

And of course poor Dan couldn't refuse such a lurid offer. He grabbed Mrs. Robinson's hips and began to tentatively thrust himself against her swiveling butt.

"Goddd yesss Christine!...I want it so bad!..."

"Call me Mrs. Robinson lover. I want you to still respect me in the morning after all. Now come here..." Christine directed as she moved away from Dan's grasping hands and turned towards the bed. She bent over it, propping herself on one hand and making sure that her husband had a clear view of what Dan was going to do to her.

She reached between her parted thighs and crooked her fingers at the young man invitingly.

"Come her baby!...Bring it over here!..." she instructed.

Dan shuffled awkwardly up behind the wanton temptress, leading with his hips. This allowed Christine to grab his cock and pull it towards her nether opening. Dan was awestruck by the sight of her little rosebud puckering against his knob. He didn't even realize he was holding his breath as he dropped his hands to Christine's hips.

"It's right there lover!... Go on!...Take it!...Do me!...Put it in my ass!..." Christine demanded.

Obediently Dan pushed his hips forward although he was terrified he was going to hurt her.

"Come on!...Do it!..." Christine urged. Using the bed for leverage she pushed herself back and suddenly Dan's cock crown breeched her resisting anus.

"Shittt!...." she hissed as the end of Dan's prick stretched and filled her.

"Nahhhh!..." Dan cried. It felt like he had shoved his dick into a garden hose, she was that tight. He held himself still as a statue, wondering if he should pull back out.

But he wasn't the one making those decisions. Christine reached back and sank the nails of one hand into Dan's hip while grinding back onto him. She didn't stop until she had impaled herself completely on his distended shaft.

"Holy Godddd!..." she moaned, her breath coming in gasping little pants. She tried to relax enough to enjoy the sensation of Dan's steely tool stuffing her back channel.

"Goddd John!...Ahhh!...It feels like he's got a...Ohh!... baseball bat stuffed up my ass. It's...Umm!... amazing!..."

This little aside was greeted with an anguished moan from across the room.

But it was Dan who was really feeling the heat at that moment. Christine's tight butt had stripped his shaft agonizingly as she pushed back onto him. His loins were on fire and a current of buzzing excitement was quickly building at the base of his cock.

"Mrs. Robinson!...Ahhhh!...I can't believe we're...Nahh!...doing...Ahh!...this!..." he groaned, making little squirming movements in and out of her incendiary rear passage.

"You like that? You like butt fucking me? Go on! Do it! Give me a real reaming with that big cock of yours!..." Christine urged, bracing herself on her stiff arm ahead of Dan's ever more urgent hunching. She moved her feet a little further apart to open herself to his thrusting loins.

She must have been loosening up or the lube was doing its job because Dan's cock was starting to glide in and out of her magnificent ass like it was on rails. But there was still plenty of friction, enough to send fiery bolts of excitement darting through his genitals as he banged in and out of Christine's gripping channel.

"Ahhh!...Ahhhh!...Unnn!..." Dan groaned, his groin slapping loudly against her butt as he hammered her from behind.

"Oh yeahhh!...That's it!...Unn Hnn!...Fuck it!...Fuck my ass!..." Mrs. Robinson encouraged, looking back over her shoulder with blazing eyes.

Dan's arousal was rising but slowly as he pistoned his length in and out of Christine's clinging nether hole. It felt amazing but he wasn't really sure if he was going to make it this time. He was all wound up but he also felt kind of numb, like the fiery climax he wanted was somehow just not going to happen. He didn't know if he had come too much already or if it was having Mrs. Robinson's husband in the same room but he didn't think he was going to be able to come. And that made him really worried that Mrs. Robinson would take it personally and think he was some kind of wimp if he couldn't do it. He tightened his grip on the older woman's hips preparing to really pound her, hoping that would get him there.

The raven haired beauty sensed that he needed a little bit of extra encouragement and she knew just how to give it to him.

"Come on baby! I'll be your fuck puppet! Use me any way you want!..." she purred, jack -knifing her body forward and planting her hands on the floor between her feet. When she did that her asshole tightened excruciatingly around Dan's plundering tool, wrenching it away from his body and down towards the floor.

"Oh my Goddd!...Dan moaned, unable to believe that she could fold herself up like that. The sweating young man had no choice but to rise up on his toes and then bend himself over Mrs. Robinson's upraised posterior.

"Nahhh!...Ahhh!..." he moaned, clumsily reaching down to embrace her from behind. Clutching the sides of her dangling breasts in his hands he frantically started fucking down into that gaping anus being so brazenly being offered to him.

"Unn Hnn!...Unn Hnnn!...That's it!...Don't stop!...Umm hmm!...Do me baby!...Use your little come slut!...Use me then fill with your come!...Do it in my ass!..." Christine panted, rocking her gum drop shaped butt under Dan's hammering tool as much as her contorted position would allow.

Dan fucked her like that for a couple of more moments then straightened up behind her. He grabbed her ass and steadied it under his plunging loins. it was like holding onto a warm pillow and fucking himself down into the silky center of it. The sight and sensations of Christine's molten rear hole clutching his cock as he plowed in and out of her was too much for him.

He pulled her up by her hips with all his might, burying his length in the depths of her bowels. And it was at that moment that Christine shot one hand up between her legs and grabbed his balls.

"Come on baby!...Give it up!..." she coaxed, enfolding those taut little spheres in her palm and squeezing them warmly.

"Phwahhh!...." Dan roared as his testicles tightened up excruciatingly for a split second. Then, with a violent shudder he unleashed a fiery burst of sperm into Mrs. Robinson's clenching anus.

"Unnn!...Unn!...Unn!..." he cried as that first jet of come was followed by a rapid fire series of blazing eruptions that sliced through his boner like a surgeon's scalpel. His hands trembled and his knuckles turned white as he held on desperately to the fleshy hemispheres that surrounded his prick.

"Yessss!...Oh Yessss!...I can feel you coming!...Umm Hmm!...He's coming in my ass John!... Coming so much!...Unn Hnn!...Yeah!...More!...That's it!...Unn Hnn!...So hot!...I can feel every...Unnn... spurt of it!..." hissed Mrs. Robinson as Dan spewed his scorching load of sperm deep up her twisting butt.

"Nahhh!..." was the despairing cry that her helpless husband issued in response to his wife's cruel taunting.

"Unnn!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!..." Dan groaned as the first rush of jolting bursts began to slow. And though the spasms that then wracked his loins were more measured, they were still as intense as the ones that had first claimed him. The poor young man was gasping so mightily that he was on the verge of passing out. As his balls continued to shudder, he sagged over Christine's upraised ass and pressed his face into the back of her neck.

"Ummm!...Yesss!...That's so good!...So much come for me baby!...Give me every drop!...I want to feel it running down my leg!..." the smiling older woman enthused, milking Dan's balls with her gripping hand.

And how could the well used young man refuse such expert enducement. He could do little more than just lie against her, shuddering as the wanton seductress milked him dry with her skilled fondling.

Eventually he had no more to give and his overworked tool began to wilt inside Mrs. Robinson's sodden rear passage. She was thrilled at the feel of his searing sperm filling her and just to be sure he was done she bore down on him with her well toned interior muscles.

"Oh Goddd!...Wait!...Don't!...Please!..." Dan moaned as Christine's rear channel clamped down excruciatingly on his now very tender meat.

But the bent over beauty ignored his anxious pleading and squeezed whatever remaining stiffness he might have had out of him. She was rewarded with a final tiny dribble of sperm before his shriveled cock slipped out of her bung hole.

"I think I got it all don't you?...You can get off me now darling!..."

Dan seemed not to hear Mrs. Robinson for a moment. And then, as if he was awakening from a dream, he snapped upright behind her. Unfortunately when he did so, the bl**d rushed out of his head and he dropped to his knees with a loud thud as he just about fainted.

Christine straightened herself more calmly and smiled at the young man who was swaying precariously on his knees beside her. She turned then to look at her poor husband who was slumped limply in the chair he was tied to. With her eyes fixed on John's she said to Dan...

"That was a lot of fun sweetheart. It feels like I'm going to be dripping for a week. I'll have to remember to wipe the chairs. Now I think it's time for you to gather up your things. My husband and I have a lot to talk about."

It took Dan a moment to figure out that he had just been dismissed. He wasn't sure what he had expected in this bizarre situation but he had thought he might get something like a kiss on the cheek to say good bye. But it was obvious that Mrs. Robinson had something else in mind and he quickly realized that his best move at that point was to do exactly what he'd been told.

He shakily got to his feet, picked up his clothes and struggled into them. In a moment more he was heading for the door with his sneakers in his hand.

"That was incredible Mrs. Robinson. I don't know what to say..." he mumbled.

Turning her head to pucker an exaggerated kiss at the young man Christine replied..."Aren't you sweet! I'll call you lover. Tell your mother I said hi!."

And then she turned and started towards her husband with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"Do you want to kiss it now baby?..." was the last thing that Dan heard as he closed the bedroom door behind him. He didn't hang around to hear the answer.... Continue»
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Mrs. T & The Sales Girl and Me - Dressing Room

Upon Mrs. T request

I read her this story as she stroked my cock

she did not let any leak out her sexy red lips

I love to shop. It always better to go shopping with someone else. There is nothing more fun then going shopping with Mrs. T. We always seem to have fun. On some occasion we have a little too much fun. I usually buy her what ever she wants. On most shopping trips she buys everything with her husband credit card or cash. She likes to make a game out of shopping sometimes. She likes to make a game out of just about everything. She loves watching Wheel of Fortune. We play this game I lick her pussy every time someone buys a vowel or if she gets the puzzle correct. She sucks me off if I get the puzzles right. Just makes the show more fun.

The first time I met Mrs. T. was at Lane Bryant. I sat outside the dressing room. She tried on some hot clothes. I had the sales girl ring up everything. We met later to have some coffee. About a week later I went shopping with Mrs. T. She tried on a whole bunch of outfits. I sat outside and watched her put on a small fashion show for me. It had been that way for a few weeks. We did nothing to out of control, besides maybe kiss and she flashed me once or twice. Nothing to bad that would get us banned. It was just some clean fun.

Maybe a month later we went back to the original Lane Bryant at Arundel Mills Mall were we met. It was maybe twenty minutes before closing. We stopped to get something to eat. Mrs. T. wanted to find a new pair of jeans. I suggested going to Lane Bryant to find a pair. She smiled and I followed her to the store in the mall. It was pretty quite on a Sunday. Most of the people were leaving for the day. I was worried we might be to late. But the door was still unlocked as we got to the store. I sat down near the dressing room and waited.

It was maybe ten minutes later that I heard Mrs. T. and a young girl come toward the dressing room. I smiled as I saw the young sales girl. I had sat down so quickly that I did not look around the store. She was very cute as she handed Mrs. T. a pair of blue jeans. Mrs. T. was wearing a short a****l print mini skirt. A tight black big open scoop blouse that showed off her large breast. She was wearing some 4 inch a****l print wooden heels. Some of my favorite heels on her. She had on some dark red lip stick that matched her finger and toe nails. She also had a matching a****l print thong and bra underneath. I did not see the thong as she flashed me in my SUV on the way to the mall. I had picked out her outfit from her closet before she got dressed to go out. We were suppose to got the movies but we went shopping instead.

The sales girl was young. She was maybe 5 ft 3. She had short platinum blond hair just down to her ear lopes. She had on some big gold hoop earrings. She was wearing a white dress with red flowers on it. They looked like cherry blossoms. The dress hung down to the middle of her thick thighs. She had on some 3inch red platform heels. Both the front of the heels and the back were the some height and width. Her finger and toenails were cherry red. She had on some dark red cherry lipstick. She had maybe 20 black rubber bracelets on both her arms. She had on some black liner around her lips and eyes. She had some big curves under her tight dress. She was more curvier than Mrs. T. in both the breast and the butt.

I smiled when she looked over and saw me. Mrs. T. went inside the dressing room. The sales girl walked around the store. I stood up when Mrs. T. came out. The jeans looked like they were painted on her. They were very tight. She looked at me. She could barely breath. "Oh Audrey! Do you have this in a larger size. Maybe one more higher." said Mrs. T. I saw the sales girl smile. She walked over to get another pair of jeans. She then walked over to Mrs. T. "Here you go. You look very nice in them. Maybe these will be better. Is there anything else I can get for you?" said the sales girl. "I love to try on some different bras and panties. Can you go pick me out some. I would love it Audrey." said Mrs. T. The sales girl smiled. She turned. I could see her name tag. "Audrey!"

I watched Audrey go in the back. "Quick Buck get in here. I need your sexy eyes. Take a look at these jeans compared to these." said Mrs. T. I looked around the store. It looked empty. I walked in the dressing room. There was a small wooden bench on the opposite side of a big mirror. There was a red curtain that Mrs. T. closed as I sat down. I saw her mini skirt hung on a hanger next to my head. I crossed my legs as I sat and watched her. She undid the top button on her jeans. She shimmed her ass back n forth until they fell around her ankles. She then bent over to pick them up. She had moved her thong back to cover her bald pussy. I smiled as her ass looked amazing in the mirror.

She pulled the next pair of jeans up. She put her hand on my shoulder as I pulled her jeans over her ass. I smiled as they fit just as well. But now she could breath. "Oh! Those are hot. I like them. Very nice." I said. "Thanks Bucky. What do you think about the sales girl. Damn she cute. So young and innocent I bet." said Mrs. T. "I bet. She is very cute." I said.

We waited a few minutes as Mrs. T. strutted around in the dressing room. She gave me a big kiss and let me squeeze her big breast in her bra. She moaned. A minute later I looked down to see Audrey red heels outside the curtain. "Hello! I found some bras and panties for you. I hope you like." said Audrey. "Come on in honey. Oh! Don't mind him. That is Buck. He was just helping me out. Right baby." said Mrs. T. "Yes!" I said. "OK! Well he not suppose to be in here. But since you two are the last ones in the store. I guess its alright. My boss just went home. I just pulled down the shades and locked the door. I will have to walk you both out the back of the store to the parking lot. I hope that is OK?" said Audrey. "Sure!" I said.

"Let me see what you brought. Oh! Those are very sexy. I love red and black." said Mrs. T. "I thought you might like them." said Audrey. "Do you think the jeans are cute." said Mrs. T. "They fit you real nice. I have a pair to. Let me step out so you can try these on." said Audrey. "Audrey your OK. I need a girls opion. I also need some help taking off this bra I am wearing." said Mrs. T. With that Mrs. T. pulled her black blouse over her head. She tossed it over to me. I reached up to hang it on a hangar. Now Mrs. T. was just in her a****l print bra and thong. She moved to her right side on her wooden heels. She smiled in the mirror when she noticed my eyes getting bigger. I moved my hand on the front of my cargo shorts. My cock was now getting harder. It had been a few days since the last time I had sex. It had been about two weeks with Mrs. T.

Audrey was standing with her back to the red curtain. Mrs. T. was opposite of her next to a wall. They stood with there side facing me and the big full length mirror. I smiled again. Mrs. T. looked slightly down on Audrey. Both girls bodies shook as Mrs. T. turned around. Audrey reached up to unclasp the 4 hooks on Mrs. T. bra. I shifted my feet in front of me. I put my right leg over my knee. I stayed very quite not wanting to say something that would break the moment. I was hoping Audrey would forget about me for a minutes and help Mrs. T.

Audrey took a big black bra off a hangar to hand it to Mrs. T. She then watched as Mrs. T. scooped up her breast to slide on the new black bra. Audrey helped her clasp the back of the bra. Mrs. T big breast squeezed out the top. The bra was just to small. I was not going to say anything. "Mmmm just a bit small on you. I have the same problem sometimes. Try this one instead." said Audrey. I watched as Mrs. T. turned around again. Audrey small hands and fingers unclasp the black bra. Then she handed Mrs. T. a bigger red bra. Mrs. T. held her breast in her small hands as Audrey moved the bra under Mrs. T. breast and pulled back. She then clasped the big 4 hooks on the back.

"Oh that is nice Audrey. You have great taste. I just love it. Buck! What do you think?" said Mrs. T. I gave her a big smile. "I think he likes it Audrey. Do you have any more like this one? Different colors maybe." said Mrs. T. "Yes! We have black, blue, gold, and white." said Audrey. "I'll take one of each honey." said Mrs. T. Both girls smiled. Next she tried on a yellow bra that was a perfect fit. It made her breast push up. My mouth dropped open. Even Audrey eyes got bigger as Mrs. T. moved around in the changing room. "Here these are the panties that go with the bra." said Audrey. Mrs. T. pulled down her a****l print thong. She kicked it off with her feet next to the mirror. She grabbed the yellow pair from Audrey right hand. She bent down to slide them on. I watched Audrey eyes follow Mrs. T. hands go up to the front of her bald pussy. I knew Mrs. T. was getting wet. I could tell by the glow around her. Plus she had to steady herself on her heels.

"They fit perfect Audrey. I love them. Your a great sales girl. Can I get the matching panties with the bras also. What do you like to wear when you go out?" said Mrs. T. "Mmmm... Well to be honest. I don't usually like to wear a bra or panties when I go out. Just for work. Nothing to special underneath. As long as everything is supported when I go out. You know how that is?" said Audrey with a big smile. Mrs. T. smiled. "I'm the same way. I'm not a big fan of them either. I work from home now. I don't have to get dressed up as much as before. I just love your dress. I love the flowers." said Mrs. T. Both girls made some more small talk. I just watched and kept quite.

"Do you have any bras or panties that are a little bit more sexier?" said Mrs. T. Audrey smiled as she walked out of the dressing room. She came back before I could say anything to Mrs. T. "Here try this one." said Audrey. She had picked out a black fishnet bra and matching thong. My mouth watered. She held it up with her pinkie in front of Mrs. T. face. I saw her eyes get big. "Oh! That is nice. Can you help me try it on?" said Mrs. T. Audrey smiled again.

Mrs. T. turned around. Audrey help take off the yellow bra. Audrey took the black fishnet bra and moved it around Mrs. T. waist. She then pulled up catching Mrs. T. big breast in the front. She pulled it tight as she clasped the three hooks in the back. Mrs. T. pulled down her yellow panties. She then watched as Audrey got low on her heels. She put the black fishnet thong around the bottom of Mrs. T. right foot. She then helped her with the left foot. Mrs. T. put her hands on Audrey shoulder as she steady herself. Her big breast hung low almost touching the top of Audrey platinum blonde hair. I almost fainted. I then watch Mrs. T. pull the thong high on her hips.

Audrey stood up. She looked up at Mrs. T. The front of Mrs. T. breast were trying to push out the holes in the fishnets. Her pussy could be seen through the small holes in the fishnet thong. My cock ached. I watched as Audrey moved her hands on the side of Mrs. T. bra. She was adjusting the straps to fit better. "How that?" said Audrey. "Very nice! You have such soft hands. This looks really good on me. I'll take it. God its making me so hot. Is it hot in here?" said Mrs. T. "You look great. You fill it out very nice." said Audrey.

Mrs. T. big fat pink nipple was just poking through the fishnets. My eyes watched as Audrey spotted the same thing. She moved her right hand up to the front of Mrs. T. fishnet bra. She used her tiny index finger on her right hand to rub against the exposed nipple. Mrs. T. let out a soft moan. Next Mrs. T. grabbed the back of Audrey neck. She leaned down to kiss her full on the lips. Audrey shot her tongue inside Mrs. T. mouth. I watched as both girls started to make out. Mrs. T. ran her fingers through Audrey hair. Next Audrey broke Mrs. T. kiss. She started to lick Mrs. T. nipple. She then pinched Mrs. T. left nipple causing it to just peek out the fishnets. She grabbed both of Mrs. T. breast. She pushed them together licking on her big nipples. I moved both my feet on the floor. My mouth was open.

I saw Mrs. T. head move back and to the side. She was moaning as the sales gurl licked her nipples. Finally Audrey reached around to let the fishnet bra fall on the floor of the dressing room. Next Mrs. T. spun Audrey around. She unzipped her dress. Audrey moaned as her dress fell down her curvy body. I bite my right finger to cover my groan. Audrey had a small red bra and black panties on. Mrs. T. pulled them off and left them on the ground next to her fishnets. They were both naked. Except for there heels. They stood in front of the mirror. I was about 6 feet away enjoying the view. I waited to get invited. I did not want to assume anything at that moment.

Mrs. T. moved Audrey in front of the mirror. "God! I have been wet all night since I came into the store. I wanted to see you naked in front of me sweetie." said Mrs. T. Audrey moaned as Mrs. T. moved her hands down Audrey back. She then moved them around her side. She stopped on her big hips. She then moved around to fondle her big breast. They were pressed up against the mirror. "I love what your doing to me. I saw you and I had to go lock up. I' ve never done anyhting like this before. What about your husband over there." said Audrey. "Oh! No! Buck and I are just really good friends. My husband at home. Buck picked me up tonight for a date. I am so naughty. I love your soft skin. Do you like that honey?" said Mrs. T.

She was rubbing her pussy on the back of Audrey ass. Almost humping her. She was breathing in Audrey right ear. "Do you like Buck?" said Mrs. T. "MMmmm! Yes! Is he going to sit and watch all night?" said Audrey. "Maybe! Why do you want him to join us?" said Mrs. T. Audrey shook her head "Yes!" "Arch you back. Stick out that ass for me. I need to give you some spanking. Oh you like that. Smack! Smack! Whack! Whack! Thump! Thump!" said Mrs. T. as she spanked Audrey. She then pulled Audrey hair back. Next Mrs. T. began to use her long nails to scratch Audrey very white skin making it pink.

After a few minutes. "Do you want me to stop?" said Mrs. T. She pulled her hand off Audrey big right butt cheek. It was turning bright pink. Audrey moaned and shook her big ass in front of Mrs. T. I smiled. Mrs. T. motion for me to come over. "I think our sales girl been bad. She needs a good hard spanking. Do that side." said Mrs. T. I began to spank Audrey soft white skin. Her left butt cheek shook as I spanked her soft skin. Than harder as she shook her butt. She looked over her shoulder to see us spanking her. I moved my free hand to reach around to find her big breast smashed against the mirror. I found her big nipple and began to play with it. Audrey moaned very loud this time. I looked down to see Mrs. T. had stuck a finger in Audrey shaved pussy from behind. Her hand was under Audrey ass. She had her middle finger inside Audrey pussy. I could smell her perfume as I kissed her neck. Audrey turned to kiss me on the lips.

"Wait! Buck! Your still dressed honey. Audrey help me take off his clothes. Pull off that belt. Just pull his shirt off." said Mrs. T. Audrey turned around to help take off my clothes. I watched as both girls ran there long finger nails on my chest and abs. "Mmmmmm!" said Audrey. "You can say that again." said Mrs. T. Both girls had a hold of my white boxer briefs. I could not tell who hands were groping my cock. I then felt some air on my naked skin. "I love when you just shaved them. I see you kept a little for me on top. Audrey wrap your hands around this." said Mrs. T. She pushed my hard 9 3/4 inches into Audrey hands. Audrey gasped. "Wow! I never!!!!" said Audrey.

I watched as both girl got on there heels very low. They squatted down next my legs as I stood in front of them. I felt there hands on my cock. My naked balls. My ass. My thighs, legs and ankles. I could feel there breast rub against my skin. I looked down to see two girls sucking my cock. They each took turns as they passed me from one mouth to another. I moved my hips forward when Mrs. T. had my cock in her mouth. She could get alot more in her mouth then Audrey. Mrs. T. showed her a few tricks to get more of me down in her hot mouth.

Next I sat down on the wooden bench. Both girls crawled over giggling. They took turns wrapping there big breast around my cock. I held on to the bench. As they used my cock for there pleasure. There hot cleavage milked my cock between there hot breast. Next Mrs. T. got up off the floor. She sat next to me. We began to kiss very hard. She had the back of my head. I felt her lips open as she moved her tongue inside my mouth. I then felt her legs move. I looked down to see Audrey jacking my cock as she moved in front of Mrs. T. Next I saw her open Mrs. T. legs as we were still kissing. Next Audrey began to lick Mrs. T. pussy. Mrs. T. eyes open. She put her hands on Audrey blonde hair. She broke our kiss. I moved my lips down to Mrs. T. large left breast. I began to suck on her nipple. I then turned to have my cock on her thigh as Audrey put her finger inside Mrs. T. pussy. I pushed her big tits together sucking on them as Audrey continued to eat Mrs. T. juicy pussy.

After a few minutes Mrs. T. pulled Audrey up onto her lap. She put Audrey knees on the side of her hips. They were making out as I got up. I spit in my hand. Mrs. T. moved her hand to motion for me to fuck Audrey. I saw her Audrey big ass on Mrs. T. lap. Mrs. T. was sucking Audrey breast now. She held Audrey ankles as her butt was perfect aligned for me to fuck her now. I wet my cock again with some spit. I moved behind Audrey. I brought the tip of my cock under her ass. I found her very tight pussy entrance. Audrey moaned and turned her head when she felt my cock at the tip of her pussy. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Shove that big cock in me Buck." said Audrey. Mrs. T. slapped Audrey big ass and bite down on Audrey nipples.

I eased my cock into Audrey hot pussy. It took a few minutes to let her get used to my size. I smiled when she finally relaxed and let my cock go almost all the way in. I began to fuck Audrey nice and slow. She moaned in Mrs. T. ear. I started to pick up the pace. Really fucking her nice and hard. My skin was slapping her big ass. Mrs. T. moaned next. I grunted. They were driving me crazy. It seem like only days ago I sat outside these changing rooms. Now I was inside fucking two very hot girls. Mrs. T. was loving it as much as me.

Audrey got off Mrs. T. lap. I got on my knees and crawled over to Mrs. T. She moved my cock into her tight pussy. I really started to fuck Mrs. T. very hard. I got up and was fucking her from the top. Audrey was licking my balls and part of my cock that was not inside Mrs. T. I grabbed Mrs. T. ankles and began to slam my cock in her faster. I felt like a jack hammer going in her. She moaned and them had a big orgasm on my cock. I just love when she cums on my cock. Audrey began to lick her juices from my cock. I stopped for a few minutes to let Audrey feed on Mrs. T. pussy. I then pushed deep inside her. After a few more strokes. Mrs. T. held onto my ass keeping me buried deep inside her. I started to erupted. I grunted. My legs shook. I clinched my ass. Mrs. T. moaned. Audrey started to lick us clean.

Next I laid on the floor. Mrs. T. put Audrey pussy on my mouth. She showed Audrey how to sit on my face and smother me. I came up for air after I brought Audrey to orgasm. She clamped her big thighs on my face. I then felt Mrs. T. hot mouth on my half erect cock. She made my cock hard again in no time. I then felt Mrs. T. climb on my cock. Both girls rubbed there pussy on me. I could hear them kissing and rubbing there hands on my chest. They rubbed there chest. I rubbed Audrey big ass on my face.

"Pick her up Buck. I want you to fuck her against the mirror. But your back against the mirror. Audrey hold his neck." said Mrs. T. I picked up Audrey. I pushed her against the mirror. She held on as I bounced her up and down on my cock. Mrs. T. slapped my ass a few times. She then sucked Audrey big fat breast. I started to suck the opposite breast. We then started to suck on her right nipple. Audrey moaned and groaned. I could feel her finger nails on my back. She had lost her grip. Mrs. T. moved to bite Audrey neck. I then felt her legs tighten around my waist. Audrey started to scream. I then felt her pussy orgasm on my cock. She tried to catch her breath. "Fuck! Yes! You made my cum. I never cum like that before. I want your cock in my mouth." screamed Audrey.

I let her down as she dropped to her knees in front of my cock. Mrs. T. jacked my cock into Audrey open mouth. Audrey put her hands to her side. I rubbed my big balls on her chin. She had almost all my cock in her mouth. Mrs. T. kept feeding her my cock as Audrey gagged on it. I then felt Mrs. T. move her finger to my ass. She massaged my butt before putting her finger in my ass. I looked down to Audrey gagging and Mrs. T. finger banging my ass making me moan. I then began to cum down Audrey throat.

I stood in front of my SUV. Both Mrs. T. and Audrey were talking on the side of my ride as I looked for my keys. I had two big bags from Lane Bryant. We got the employee discount for the items in the bags. Mrs. T. even had Audrey pick out a matching black fishnet set for her. I took Mrs. T. back to my house for the next couple of nights.

About a week later we went back to see the movie at the mall. Mrs. T. pulled out her cell. A few minutes later she stood up to let Audrey sit next to us. They talked through out the movie. They took turns making out with me during the movie. We all went back to my house after. Audrey had brought some bikini to show Mrs. T. But when she found out bikini were optional at my house. She left them in the Lane Bryant bag.

Sometimes when were out. Mrs. T. will tell people that Audrey her s****r, or daughter, or cousin. Then they will start making out. Just another game Mrs. T. likes to play.



xoox... Continue»
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A Smokey Night With Mrs. J.

I had come home for Christmas break during my second year of college and decided to get together with a longtime buddy, a guy I’d known since I was ten. He’d elected to go to a local college and was still living at home so we decided to meet up at his place, about five blocks from where I grew up.

On the walk over, via a route I’d taken hundreds of times before, I was visited by a series of mental images that first took shape during my post-puberty years. That time when I began discovering and developing the fantasies that would drive me to cum in my bed late at night, frantically jerking my cock as the mental movie played out in my mind. And the images that drove those movies were fresh, usually just hours old. The truth is, when I would go to see my buddy…he wasn’t the only one I was going to see.

She may not have been best described as ‘beautiful’ but she definitely wasn’t unattractive. She was in her mid-40’s with longer, brownish-red hair, only about 5’2” and a little on the chubbier side. You could tell she had ample breasts but they weren’t highlighted by her everyday clothing. Her look was decidedly Mid-Western although she lived in the Southwest. All in all…she was a “Mom.”

And maybe because Moms in the good ol’ days seemed to inspire a different kind of respect; she was still “Mrs.” to me. Even though I’d cum to her many times in my fantasies, whenever I was around her I could flip the switch, turn off the lust, and stay in line. So when I approached the door it was more about seeing a woman who had made me a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches over the years than who had been the object of a fantasy.

“Hey, there he is,” she said while giving me a nice, brief hug. She invited me in as my buddy came around the corner with his “Hey Man’s.” We all stood in the entry way for a few minutes as we made small talk. Mrs. J mentioned her road warrior husband was out of town on a sales trip but sent his best. I never really understood that relationship. He was one of those jowly, loud types who laughed too hard at his own jokes and didn’t have an edit button. She was a lot more cerebral and introspective. Opposites attract I guess.

My buddy and I didn’t have any real plans but Mrs. J wanted to leave us alone so we could, “…go have fun but be careful.” So we did what most guys who were too young to get in to bars did in those days. We drove around. After making a few passes down the main drag trying to look cool for girls, no easy task in my buddy’s beat-up 1972 Vega, we headed over to a parking spot on top of a hill on the outskirts of town.

It was the spot that most towns had. Ours was called Flat Top which I never understood because the ground wasn’t level. It was where I got my first hand job along with countless other teenagers over the decades. But tonight it would serve another purpose which became apparent when my buddy parked, reached in to the broken glove compartment and pulled out a joint the size of my finger filled with some of Humboldt County’s finest.

I enjoyed smoking weed but my friend was a fiend and after too many ‘just one mores’ we found ourselves thoroughly and blissfully high. We laughed until we snotted, decided that the universe is so vast that our galaxy is a speck of sand on another galaxies beach and agreed that my friend’s ex-girlfriend was a bitch. When food became more of a necessity than an option we decided to head back to his place and fulfill our stoney needs.

We came in the front door and headed to the kitchen. When we did, we walked past the living room where Mrs. J was sitting on the couch and reading a book.

“Hi guys,” she said not looking up, completely focused on the pages and oblivious to the world. And I’m glad she was because what my stoned, lustful eyes zeroed in on was the kind of scene that never failed to stir a reaction in me. Mrs. J was curled up on the couch, wearing an oversized, light pink robe, reading a mystery novel and holding a cigarette. The smoke curled up from her hand that rested on the arm of the couch and changed colors as it rose past the lampshade.

I became aware of Mrs. J’s smoking at about 15. Something about getting a hard on every time she lit up clued me in. I also knew this attraction I had was a little outside the ‘norm’ and needed to be kept private. But that sure as hell didn’t stop me from sneaking glances when I knew she wasn’t looking. This was before the days of the Internet. We didn’t have access to the never-ending stream of porn of any kind that’s available today. So those mental photographs mattered.

Her smoking style was always relaxed and easy but with the way she performed a small cheek- pop before a quick snap after each drag before inhaling deeply and executing a tight, cone exhale she always conveyed a certain decadence and indulgence. It was easy to tell that she liked smoking and took time to properly enjoy it.

While I never believed she was smoking for me personally, those occasions where I would steal glances felt like private moments. I would try and find ways to be around her so that if she smoked I could watch without being obvious. There were quite a few nights where the three of us would watch a movie where I was actually getting my own ‘private screening.’

My friend and I moved past her towards the kitchen and began rooting around for the quickest, tastiest, saltiest, sweetest food we could find. As we were foraging through the kitchen Mrs. K. called to her son from the next room.

“Honey, please grab me a beer and bring it here, ok?” With a heavy sigh my friend made it seem like an imposition. But I saw it as an invitation to embed an image in my mind that would come in handy later when I was laying naked in my bed.

“It’s cool. I got it,” I said to my friend and reaching past him to grab a Budweiser out of one of three six-packs in the fridge.

“Cool,” he said and went back to trying to decide if chocolate and cheese would go together.

As I walked out of the kitchen and turned the corner to the living room I was greeted with the powerfully erotic image of one of Mrs. K’s long, streaming exhales. The lights in the room were dim, except for the low reading light behind the long, beige couch where she sat, and the smoke from her full lips took on a bluish grey color. She was dressed in her flannel pajamas with her reading glasses dipped low on her nose and seemed engrossed in the reading she was finishing.

Watching her in this private moment, I immediately felt my cock began to stiffen and I had to subdue the desire to rub the palm of my hand against its hardness. Luckily, I was wearing a long shirt that covered my quickly growing bulge but it didn’t stop me from making sure it was pulled as low as possible. The idea of walking up to Mrs. J with a beer and a hard on, with my buddy in the next room, had “awkward” written all over it.

“Here you go,” Mrs. J I said as casually as possible.

“Thanks very much,” she replied, looking up from her book. “Where’s yours?”

I’d never had a beer in front of her before so I was a little surprised she asked. I was always a ”good k**.” At least in front of her.

“Go grab a beer and tell me about school,” she said with that kind of playful “Mom” sternness which immediately turned me around on my heels to head back in to the kitchen.

My friend was still rooting around for food when I nudged past him to grab a beer. As casually as I could I said, “Your Mom said it was cool if I had a beer.” He barely looked up and instead, in his stoned state, seemed more concerned with sizing up the leftovers.

I went back the living room and took a chair by the far end of the couch which was positioned at a slight angle to Mrs. J. Although there was room on the couch I wasn’t too confident in my abilities to be relaxed and casual to get much closer. I was also stoned out of my skull so a little distance would be a good thing.

“Glad to be back?” she asked which started us off on a conversation about college life, my classes and just general catching up. I asked her about her work and hobbies and while she was polite in answering I got a sense there was a little boredom setting in. Her husband was always traveling and the only entertainment it seemed she was getting was from her mystery novels. The only time she seemed to get excited about something was when I asked her what she was reading.

Now my excitement was a whole other story. It was building with each long slow drag she took off her Marlboro 100. Invariably, those drags would come in the middle of me relaying some story about college. It demanded me to focus on what I was saying and not what I was looking at. I always liked this part of my Mrs. J. fantasy. To keep the fantasy I had to keep it secret…in every way.

Eventually, my buddy came back in with a frozen pizza and waffle combination, (if Mrs. J didn’t know we were stoned before she probably did now) and we decided to flip on the T.V. for a bit. My friend set the pizza down on the coffee table in front of the couch which meant I needed to move over to sit a little closer to Mrs. J. By now, my cock had kindly decided to show some manners so I wasn’t f***ed to crawl over to the side of the couch in an attempt to hide my hard on.

We dug in to the pizza and turned on the T.V. My friend started flipping through the channels and when he landed on an old movie Mrs. J. quickly said, “Stop there. Can we watch this one for just a little while? Just a little while, I promise.”

What we stopped on was Casablanca. Bogie and Bacall. And it just so happens that about 15 seconds after turning it on Lauren Bacall reached for a cigarette and in a way only she could, brought it to life with sensuality and power. As we watched the movie silently and with the pizza finished, Mrs. J. took the last sip of her beer and noticed mine was gone too.

“Up for another one?” she asked with a slight smile on her face. It was a little less “Mom” and a little more “friend.”

“Sure,” I quickly said and got up asking my friend if he wanted one too. He passed because he had to be at work in the morning, so I headed off to the kitchen, grabbed the beers and took my seat…this time on the couch next to Mrs. J. She gave me another little smile when I brought her the beer, took a long drink, set down the bottle and almost absentmindedly reached for her cigarettes, her eyes glued to the screen.

From where I was sitting, and the angle of the couch to the TV, I was able to subtly see the profile of her face without her, or my friend, seeing me. She tapped a cigarette out of the pack, reached for her lighter and then placed the cigarette in her mouth. But as the scene in the movie was particularly dramatic, she just let it dangle there, the lighter at the ready just inches away but with her total concentration on the movie.

My cock grew harder with each moment. I was still very high and the dream-like state only allowed me to fall deeper in to the depths of my fantasy. Mercifully, she fired up the lighter and, never taking her eyes off the screen, moved it to the tip of her cigarette, collapsed her cheeks with a hard drag, inhaled without removing it from her pursed lips and slowly put the lighter back down on the table. The first blast of smoke came in a rush out of her nose as she then again dragged hard, popped her cheeks slightly as was her style, held the smoke in her mouth before executing a perfect quick snap, inhaled deeply again before exhaling a long, thin stream of smoke that danced across the flickering TV screen.

My cock was as big and full and hard as I’d ever felt it before.

We sat like that quietly and watched the movie. I would try and concentrate on the screen but kept sneaking glances at Mrs. J. It felt different this time. Maybe it’s that I’d been away at school and grown up a bit but I was looking at her less as the sexy smoking Mom I used to stroke my cock to and more like the sexy smoking woman I wanted to kiss.

We finished our beers at about the same time and she wordlessly nudged me to the refrigerator for another round…and then another. In addition to being high I started feeling the effects of the alcohol and I have a feeling Mrs. J was as well. She was sitting on the couch with her legs pulled up and to her side and seemed very relaxed. Actually, she looked a lot younger than I remember.

As the light from the black and white movie cast a moody glow around the room both Mrs. J and I heard a large snort from my friend who had fallen asl**p in the reclining chair. We looked towards each other and smiled and went back to watching the movie. In my mind, it was like we were now alone…just the two of us curled up on the couch watching a great old movie.

Before long a scene came on where Bogie lit Lauren Bacall’s cigarette. The black and white photography enhancing the obviously sexual undertone’s the director was seeking. As I watched through my burgeoning fetishist’s eyes Mrs. J, without taking her eyes off the screen said, “You know, this movie was one of the reason’s I started to smoke.”

Just the fact that she mentioned something about her smoking was enough to send my mind in a million directions at once. With all the casualness I could muster I came back with, “Yeah...they sure make it look good, don’t they?”

“Yes they do,’ she said but offered nothing additional. We sat for a moment more and then she again, reached for her cigarettes. Only this time when she reached for her lighter and tried to get it lit all it fired was blanks. She tried unsuccessfully a few times to bring to bring the flame alive before she set it down and started looking around the room. Noticing some matches on the table by her son she asked me,

“Could you grab those matches for me? And maybe one more round while you’re up?” she asked, pointing to her only half-empty beer bottle.

I was fine with both those requests and got up to grab the matches. But instead of just handing them to her I made a half lame attempt at both with and charm with “Let me get that for you Miss Bacall” as I struck the match against the box.
Considering my buzzed state, and lack of experience with women, I remember being pretty pleased with myself for that line.

She played right along and as my slightly shaky hand moved towards the long cigarette positioned just right of center of her perfectly formed mouth, she leaned in to it, holding my hand with hers which sent a warm shiver through my body, and drew hard, sucking the flame up in to the now smoldering tip. She pulled hard and after inhaling deeply said, “Thanks Bogie,” before exhaling a long, slow of smoke upwards and away from me face. I was mesmerized and stood staring at her face, the match still smoldering in my hand. She graciously leaned in to the match and blew it out.

“Uh…another beer, right?” I stammered before turning and heading back to the kitchen. The cold of the refrigerator felt good as I leaned in to grab two beers from the back. It was like the cold shower I could have used as my cock stood rock hard against my belly and I, yet again, made sure my shirt was pulled as low as possible to hide my obvious arousal.

As I moved out of the kitchen towards the living room I was immediately stopped in my tracks. Mrs. J. was lying back in the couch and gently caressing the side of one of her ample tits. It was almost an absent-minded gesture. I took a step back behind the wall where I had a perfect sightline to see her take a hard drag and execute the kind of snap inhale only someone who was really concentrating on performing a perfect, slow snap could do. It was beyond smoking. It was smoking for pleasure, both visual and physical. Coupled with the totally unexpected image of her touching her own breast and my mind began to race. Was she excited or just scratching herself? She couldn’t have known I could see her…could she?

As these thoughts flooded my mind I did my best to gather myself and headed back in to the living room. I must not have been as gathered as I thought because I walked right in to a telephone stand by the wall, sending the phone crashing to the floor. And in those days phones had bells. No way to hide this one. The noise jerked me back to reality and brought my sl**ping friend right out of his chair. Shit.

I quickly picked up the phone and offered my “Sorry’s.” I noticed Mrs. J with a smile on her face. My buddy wasn’t wanted one of those people who wake up well. He started mumbling to himself; obviously a little pissed off and noticed the movie was still on.

“Isn’t this stupid thing over yet,” he whined.

“No it’s not over and if you hadn’t fallen asl**p you would have enjoyed it as much as we are,” she mock scolded before turning to me and asking, “Right?”

“Yeah, it’s kinda’ cool man,” I replied immediately, kind of happy that she and I were ‘team’ on this one and we’d moved past the jarring scene I’d just caused. He grumbled a bit more before saying he had to go to work in the morning and was going to sl**p.

“You don’t have to stay man,” he said to me, maybe thinking I felt some kind of obligation to his mother. “No, that’s ok” I answered. “The movie’s actually pretty good. Is it cool if I stay to watch the end of it?” I asked him before turning to Mrs. J and saying, “If that’s ok.”

Before she could answer he said, “Whatever man. I’m going to crash. I’ll give you a call tomorrow. Later.”

And with that he walked up the stairs to his bedroom and I went and took my place on the couch next to Mrs. J. and handed her a beer.

“Now listen. You don’t really need to stay if you don’t want to,” she said.

“No, no,” I too quickly answered. “I really do want to watch the end of this. It’s pretty good.” That seemed to make her happy and she took a big swig of beer before falling back in to the couch, shifting her legs again so that her bare feet where about a foot away from my leg.

We both turned our attention back to the movie but, being in such close proximity to her while my mind was racing with sexual thoughts, I was having a hard time concentrating on the great acting and story but, given the circumstances, I tried to put what I’d just seen out of my mind. But the image of her languidly touching her breast kept crashing back. At least I knew I’d have the mental picture of what I’d be stroking my cock to the second I got in to bed that night.

We sat like that for about five minutes when yet again, there was Lauren Bacall lighting up a smoke. After one of her classic drags Mrs. J. said, “Damn. I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs. When I see her smoke I need one too!” And with that she reached to take her matches and Marlboro 100’s off the table beside the couch.

“You know, I never asked you this,” she said. “But do you ever smoke?”

Like a lot of people who enjoy the image of smoking I did smoke, but it was very much in the closet and not daily. My smoking at the time was only reserved for special occasions like being d***k or high, which I certainly qualified for at the moment, or if I was really horny and masturbating. And since her question was more of an invite than curiosity, and the idea of sharing something as intimate as smoking with her set my testosterone in to high gear, there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity.

“I guess I’m a rare, once-in-a-while, after I’ve had a few beers smoker,” I said with a little embarrassment in my voice. I mean, this still was my friend’s Mom for crying out loud. She knew me when I was 12 and I almost felt that I was doing something “bad” by admitting to her that I sometimes smoked.

“Well I know you’ve had a few beers. So what do you say? Is this a “once-in-a-while” Mr. Bogart,” she coyly asked as she tapped out a cigarette from the bank and held it between two fingers in an offering gesture. “Oh good,” she giggled. “Bogie’s going to smoke for me. I just love a man who smokes,” and with that she handed me first a cigarette and then the matches.

So not only was I feeling the rush of doing something as “adult” as smoking with an older woman but I was doing so with a woman I had fantasized about for many years. As she brought the flame to my cigarette I repeated her actions from earlier and softly guided her hand to accept the flame.

After taking a hard drag, fighting the brief urge to cough, and feeling the rush of nicotine fill my body and altered state of mind, I exhaled with an audible ‘ahhh.’ “Feels good, doesn’t it?” she said as she took the still burning match and lit her own. She too took a long drag and made a little ‘ahhh’ with her exhale as well which caused us both to laugh.

“It’s good to feel good, isn’t it?” she asked.

She didn’t know the half of it.

“Yes it is. I try to keep ‘feeling good’ on my To-Do list,” I said prior to replying with my own over-the-top pleasurable exhale.

She encouraged me by smiling and offering a “That’s the way to do it,” before giving my leg a little pat and repositioning herself on the couch to turn directly towards me, foregoing any pretense about watching the movie.

“You know, there was another reason I started to smoke,” she said almost conspiratorially. “I was about your age and my first real boyfriend used to tell me he thought girls looked really sexy when they smoked.”

“Oh, yeah?” I responded as casually as possible in an attempt to hide my excitement.

“And you may not know this but 18-year-old girls really want the boy they like to think they’re sexy,” she said, reminiscing with a smile.

“So he helped get you started smoking,” I asked, hoping she would continue down this train of thought.

“Yeah, “ she said, taking an deep, cheek-hollowing drag before pulling the smoke in to her lungs with a jolt and quickly blowing a long steady stream in to the air. “I’ll blame him,” she said giggling. “We used to like to go up Flat Top…you’ve probably been up there once or twice, right?” she said teasingly.

I didn’t want to tell her that I’d been up there about earlier that night getting incredibly stoned with her son so I just off-handedly tossed off, “Maybe once or twice.” She giggled a bit. “Well, then you know what happens up there,” she said as if we now shared a secret.

“So he got you smoking up at Flat Top,” I asked, trying to gear her back towards the subject I needed to hear most about. “Is that what you’d do up there?”

She laughed, “Among other things but yeah, that’s where he got me smoking.” She paused to take another drag on her now half-smoked Marlboro. I did as well, mimicking the length of her inhale so when we each exhaled towards the same side, our smoke met and mingled in the air creating a sort of smoky communion.

I think she noticed it too.

“I remember we were talking about how my friend Paula had started smoking. He asked if I’d ever wanted to smoke. I had an Aunt that smoked and I’d always kind of liked being around it. I remember sneaking a cigarette from her when I was about 14. I snuck in to the bathroom when she wasn’t around and watched myself in the mirror.”

“I did the same thing when I smoked for the first time,” I blurted out too quickly. She paused. “I mean,” I explained with a little less energy. “I kind of watched myself too. Just to see what it looks like, you know?”

“Did you cough you lungs up too?” she asked and we both laughed at the shared memory of our first cigarettes.

She continued with her story. “So when my boyfriend asked if I’d ever smoked I told him that story. I remember how embarrassed he was when he told me he thought girls who smoked were sexy. When I told him I’d like to try and smoke for him he got all excited. But we didn’t have any cigarettes!”

“Ha!” I laughed.

“But the next time we went up to Flat Top he came prepared,” she said, taking one last hard drag and efficiently crushing out the cigarette in the ashtray.

“All I really remember about the smoking part was that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, she said. “But I definitely remembered what it did to him,” she added, alluding to the fact that it obviously turned her boyfriend on. Then she switched gears. “Hey, I hope you don’t mind me telling you this. I haven’t thought about this for years. Maybe’s it’s the beers,” she said almost apologetically.

“Are you k**ding,” I said. “I love hearing stuff like this. So…you started smoking more after that first night.”

“I did,’ she replied reaching for yet another Marlboro 100. “See what happens when I talk about smoking? I already want another one,” at which time she brought the cigarette to her mouth for her practiced light up and drag.

With the smoke still in her lungs she said, “So…”, before exhaling a large thick plume of smoke up in the air and over my head and continuing with, “I guess with his liking to watch me and how it made me look and feel, I got in to it really quick.”

We both were quiet for a second. She took another drag and then said, “You can have another if you want.”

I did want another. I wanted to smoke with her. I also wanted to tell her how hot she was, how I’d jacked off to her and how I’d be jacking off to her later tonight.

Instead I said, “You’re going to get me hooked,” and reached over to the cigarettes on the coffee table. As I leaned over the table, cigarette in hand, I didn’t see the matches. She noticed she had them sitting in her lap but instead of handing them to me she lit one, and held it up.

“Here you go,” in a voice that was both throaty and friendly. Our faces were very close.

“Thanks,” I said leaning in to accept her flame.

She put the match out with a flick of the wrist, tossed it in to the ashtray, took a long pull from her cold beer and then an equally long drag off her cigarette. The commitment she gave to each drag pulled me in like a moth to a flame. I had to turn avert my gaze which was threatening to become a stare.

“I guess everyone has a reason for starting to smoke, huh” she asked. “Some people want to look more grown up. Maybe some people have always been around it and it’s no big deal. For me it was because I had a boyfriend who liked to watch me.” She paused for a second and then in a quieter, almost coy tone said, “And I guess I liked to be watched.”

It was as if was talking to a girl my own age. There was still maturity in her ways but her tone was that of a younger woman. She was admitting a secret to a friend.

“And you know what?” she said.

“What?” I mumbled.

“Are we talking as friends? Just between us?”

“Absolutely,” I replied, excited at the idea that she considered us “friends.”

“You like watching me smoke too, don’t you?”

She said it very matter of factly. It was more a statement than a question. Her eyes were locked in to mine and it was like she was seeing right through me. I didn’t know what to say.

And then, with a soothing voice that was one part motherly and one part temptress, she reached over and rested her hand atop mind.

“It’s ok. I understand.”

Still looking in to my eyes she brought the cigarette to her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks on the long, slow draw, gave a subtle yet perfect snap and with the smoke still in her lungs said, “It’s not like I haven’t noticed you watching me, you know?”

When the last word came out of her mouth she slowly, languidly exhaled just to the side of my face, her lips pursed and her aim purposeful.

“And to tell you the truth, and remember this is between us, OK? I think I like it.”

Her body was faced toward me. I had my feet on the ground, my shirt pulled as low as possible over my very hard cock that was pushing so hard against my jeans it was becoming painful. I didn’t move.

“Yeah?” I asked softly.

“Yeah,” she said. “So do you? Do you like to watch me smoke?” And with that she took a very hard drag, sucked it deep within her lungs and without moving her hand away from her mouth, hit the cigarette just as hard. She held it in for just a moment and then slowly, ever so slowly, again slowly exhaled past my face, but closer this time. So close.

“Yes,” I breathlessly admitted. “I like to watch you smoke.”

Saying out loud to someone for the first time that I found smoking attractive was one thing. But saying it to the woman who had fueled my smoking fantasy in the first place was pushing the limits to what a 19-year-old could handle.

She looked at me for a moment and then with equal parts curiosity and playfulness said, “I wonder if you’d like what my boyfriend used to like?” She gestured me towards her with the hand the held the cigarette between her small fingers. “C’mere,” she said.

As I dutifully, and nervously, leaned in towards her, she took another cheek-hollowing, power drag only this time she executed a stunningly slow open mouth inhale; the smoke floating slowly past her opened lips before she jerked it quickly in to her lungs. She then whispered, “Close your eyes.” I did as I was told.

After a moment I felt what could only be described as the most intoxicating smell I’d ever encountered. I felt the coolness of her breath and tasted the sweetness of her smoke as she gently bathed my face with her exhale. I’d never smelled anything like it. It reeked of sex.

“Oh wow,” I said. More words than that wasn’t an option.

“ you like that too, huh?” A smile crept across her face at her discovery.

“Yeah….that was wild.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” she said, letting me know this pleasure wasn’t a one sided affair. She looked at me for a couple of seconds as if she were making a decision. “Would you like to see something,” she asked more rhetorically than anything. She must have known that the word ‘no’ wasn’t in my vocabulary at that moment.

“Don’t move. I’ll be right back.” And just that quickly she got off the couch and headed towards the kitchen.

I don’t think I’d ever been as turned on, nervous, scared or excited before in my life. As soon as she left the room and I heard her heading upstairs I stood, unzipped my jeans and allowed my cock to escape from its confines. I happen to have a rather large penis and the relief I felt as I pulled it free and it slapped flat against my body was heaven. I wanted nothing more than to stroke it right there but quickly zipped up and again pulled my shirt low before sitting down. And as I sat there for what seemed like an eternity I kept pressing my hand against my rigid dick, running it from my balls to the tip. My heart was pounding with the uncertainty of what was next.

I heard her coming down the stairs and stop in the kitchen. The sound of the refrigerator door opening was followed by the clank of bottles and then two tops being removed. She entered back in to the living room carrying the two bottles and an envelope.

“Tell me you’re ready for another one,” she asked without giving me a chance to reply as she moved to set the bottle on the table in front of me. She moved around the coffee table and then to the couch. This time, when she sat, she patted the cushion next to me as a sign to come sit with her. It was like we were getting ready to look at pictures from her f****y vacation. I was a little confused but dutifully went and took a seat beside her.

“OK,” she started. “I’m going to show you something no one…and I mean no one has ever seen before. So you have to promise me that you’ll never, ever, ever share this with anyone else. Got it?”

“I promise,” I said, a little scared about the responsibility she was giving me.

“Now I mean it,” she continued. “If I ever hear about this getting out I’ll tell everyone you tried to get physical with me and this is just your way of getting back.”

“I would NEVER….”

“Ssssh…ssssh…It’s OK sweetie,” she said soothingly. “I know you would never say anything. I just want you to know how serious I am about this. Like I said, I’ve never shown these to anyone before and I really need to know it’s going to stay between us. It’s just something I think you’d enjoy and I want to make you happy. OK?”

“Of course,” I said with real sincerity.”You have my word. I will never ever say anything. No matter what it is. I promise.” And I meant it too.

“OK,” she said as she began opening the envelope. “My boyfriend didn’t only like to watch me smoke. He liked to take pictures too. Would you like to see some of the pictures?

Does a fish like water?

“Really? Oh wow,” I quickly replied, maybe a bit too anxiously. “I’d love to see some pictures of you when you were 18.” Realizing that she may have taken that as my lack of interest in an older woman, I quickly added, “Not that you don’t look great now. You do. I mean…well, you know…”

She sensed my embarrassment and gently put her hand on my arm. “I know what you meant. And thank you. That means a lot.” I think she meant it. “So,” she continued. “Do you want to see them?”

She took out a stack of maybe ten, 4x6 photos. They were in black and white, a color palette I’d always enjoyed when it came to photographs. She went to hand them to me and then pulled them back,” But there’s one rule. You can’t look at a new picture until I say it’s ok, deal?”

“Deal,” I said and she handed me the envelope.

“Well, you know I’m going to need a cigarette for this one,” and with that she tapped out another Marlboro 100. She put it in her lips and brought the match to the tip. I had lost all care about watching her and did so like a hawk. And with her knowledge of my interest, and her enjoyment because of it, she made a great spectacle of blowing out the match with her smoky exhale. Just like in Casablanca.

“Ok. Go ahead and open the envelope and look at the first picture.”

I held myself back from opening the envelope like a 6-year-old opening a package at Christmas. The first picture was of Mrs. J. Only it was an 18 year old Mrs. J. And she was cute! She was dressed in a button up sweater and had a youthful exuberance punctuated by a big smile. The photo was taken from the driver’s side of a car. There was still daylight out and I could tell that it was taken at Flat Top.

“Wow. Look at you!” I said. “You were fine.” I could have gone with “Foxy,” which was interchangeable back in those days, but ‘fine’ seemed a little more grown up.

“Yeah…” she laughed. “I was fine. Ok…now look at the next picture.”

The next shot changed the energy in the room immediately…at least for me. It was a picture of Mrs. J. holding an unlit cigarette in her hand. She had it poised against her mouth as if she were waiting for a light. A look of seduction was in her eye. As I turned my head towards her I saw that same look. She brought the cigarette to her lips, snap inhaled so I could see it and then before she exhaled, “Look at the next one now.”

I did as I was told. In this one, Mrs. J’s cigarette was lit and she was just pulling it away from her lips. I could see the tiniest bit of smoke in her mouth and it was obvious to me that she was in the early stages of perfecting her snap inhales. At her boyfriend’s request no doubt.

“Wow. This looks great,” I said, turning my gaze from the picture to her and then back again.

“Thank you. Now look at the next one.” We went like this through four or five more pictures, each taken at varied times of her smoking. Mrs. J. dragging, Mrs. J. inhaling and then Mrs. J blowing the smoke directly in the camera. In that one her lips were pursed like she was whistling and a thin stream was just inches away from the camera when the photo was taken.

“I bet he liked this one the best,” I said knowingly. “I know I would.”

“Really? Is that the one you’d like best? You bad boy,” she said playfully before she took another hard drag and, sitting just a foot apart from me, emptied her smoke all over my face. The smell drove me to new depths of desire and I felt my cock twitch against my belly. She kept my gaze and said, “Now look at the next one.”

I tore away from her gaze and couldn’t believe what I saw in the next picture. It was a hand, obviously Mrs. J’s, holding a cigarette while resting her hand on a very large bulge tenting a pair of khaki’s.

“Holy shit,” I whispered.

“Do you like it?”


“Look at the next one.”

There was the same hand and the same cigarette but in this one the guy’s big cock had been freed from his pants and was standing straight in the air. The little hand holding the cigarette was wrapped around the thick shaft. This was before the internet so my experience looking at dicks was limited at best. It looked long and fat and hard in her little hand.

I looked at Mrs. J. and she had a look of both apprehension and excitement. It matched mine I’m sure.

“This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen,” I told her. “Wow.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I stared. Neither of us said a word. She was probably thinking about her ex-boyfriends big cock and how she had once been 18 and a little wild. I was thinking that I was sitting next to a woman on a couch while she was showing me photos of her jacking a cock off. We were both lost in worlds of our own but at the same time sharing the same experience.

Her voice got quieter…more breathy. “Now look at the next one.”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was Mrs. J…that huge rod stuffed in her mouth as smoke billowed from her lips. She was giving him a smoking blowjob. Her eyes were closed with her mouth taking maybe half of his cock in to her mouth. Just as I was taking all this in I felt a powerful blast of Mrs. J’s exhaled smoke hit my nose. It was like a jolt of electricity. “Do you like that one best,” she asked.

“Yes,” was all I could muster.

“Look at the next one. I think you’ll like this one too.”

She had moved her lips off his cock in this one and instead, rested against the fat mushroom head. Her mouth was filled with smoke which was lit perfectly by the fading sun in the background. Again, as I lost myself in the image I smelled the sweet exhaled smoke coming from Mrs. J’s mouth that she had directed towards me.

“Ok…last one. Are you ready?” I nodded. “Go ahead.”

I moved the final picture to the top of the stack and there it was. Cum. It was cum. And lots of it. All over Mrs. J’s face. She had her mouth open and filled with smoke. Hot spunk was dripping from her cheeks, there were drops in her hair and her lips framing the smoke were wet and glistening. A beautiful, sweet 18-year-old girl covered in thick cum.

“That’s hot, isn’t it” she said, her face nearly touching mine. “Do you like that?”


“Does it turn you on?”

“So much.”

“Do I turn you on?”

I turned my head to face her. “More than you know.”

“Is your cock hard,” she whispered. I didn’t know what to say.

“Is it?” she asked. “Is your cock hard for me?” And with that she smoked my face again, forcibly exhaling a thick cloud that enveloped me. “Tell me. Is your cock hard for me?”

“Yes. Yes. My cock is hard for you. So hard. I’m so fucking hard.”

“Tell me again. Is your cock hard for me? Tell me your cock is hard for me,” she said almost pleading.

“Yes. Oh god yes. My cock is so hard for you. All for you.”

“Do you want to touch your cock,” she implored. “Do you want to show me your hard cock and touch it for me? Do you want me to smoke for you while you stroke your big dick?”

“Yesss,” I hissed, more turned on and harder than I ever felt possible.

“Do it. Show it to me. I want to see it. Please. I want to see your cock.”

I began fumbling at my jeans…my hands shaking as I looked in to her eyes searching for a sign if this was really what she wanted. They were glued to my crotch and I was as hard as I’ve ever been. As I pulled my shirt up the head of my cock peeked over the tops of my jeans.

“Ohhhh….” she whispered. “You’re very big.”

This vote of confidence did wonders for my young libido. I stood up from the couch, slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down past my hips. Fruit-of-the-Looms were the underwear of choice in those days and they were under the fire-eyed scrutiny of Mrs. J as she scanned up and down the length of my dick.

I felt my breath getting more rapid and noticed Mrs. J’s was as well. We stayed like that for a moment, me standing in front of her in my underwear and she gazing.

“Can I see it,” she said quietly.

I grabbed the band in my underwear, pulled them slightly away from my body, and slowly moved them down, each inch exposing more of my throbbing dick. I noticed a slight glistening on the head. Pre-cum. I was so hard.

As I moved the band lower I could hear Mrs. J murmur, “Yes.” Finally I reached my balls and then rolled the underwear down to meet my pants, about half way down my legs.

‘You, young man. Have a beautiful penis.”

Maybe it was the word “penis” or the seriousness in which we said it but I started to laugh and she laughed right along with me. I think the craziness of the moment hit us at the same time. But instead of our laughter causing us to think twice it created a nice, playful feeling. And it’s safe to say that we were both ready to play.

“Sit down,” she said, motioning me beside her. “Lay back.’

I moved so my back was against the couch. She grabbed her pack of Marlboro 100’s and the ashtray which she set on the table to my left. She needed to lean over me to reach them and as she did her dangling robe rubbed against my exposed dick. I jumped.

“Oops, sorry,” she mischievously said as she moved back, brought her feet up under her legs and positioned herself to my side. Her robe was still cinched tight around her chest but as she sat it rose up her leg, fully exposing about a foot above her knee. She was suddenly much less a woman and much more a girl.

Sensing my nervousness at being naked like this in front of her she helped put me at ease. “Relax. This is about you feeling good, ok? I want you to feel good. You like to feel good, don’t you?”

I did. I do. I was.

“Yes. I like to feel good.”

“Would it feel good to touch your cock again,” she asked.


“Yes what?”

“Yes. It would feel good to touch my cock again.”

“Then touch it. Touch it for me.”

I started slowly running my fingertips along my very hard cock. As I said, I got pretty lucky in the size department and knew by the look on her face that she was enjoying what she was seeing. While it took everything in my power to not roughly grab my dick, stroke it furiously and cum all over each of us I refrained. The moment demanded sensuality…not sexuality.

“That feels good, doesn’t it? Mmm…it sure looks good. I love it” she said encouragingly and then with a grin added, “Is there anything I can do to help?” As she said this she was bringing a fresh cigarette to her lips. We both knew exactly what she could, and would, do to help.

“Would you like me to smoke for you,” she asked coyly. “Will you play with your big cock if I do? Do you want that? Do you want me to smoke for you?” She had the lighter in her hand and was holding it close to the cigarette that she had placed dangling between her full lips.

“Oh yes.”

“Tell me.”

“I want you to smoke for me. Please smoke for me. I want it. I want to stroke my cock and watch you smoke,” I said, completely giving in to the moment and my desires. I was in an arena where fantasy met reality.

I lustfully watched as she brought the flame to life and directed it to the tip of her long cigarette. I instinctively moved my hand to the base of my cock again and slowly stroked upward, covering the head and slowly moving it down again. She drew hard, the orange glow of her cigarette turning brighter throughout her incredibly long, slow and measured drag. She inhaled fully before exhaling with purpose, focusing a tight stream of smoke from my chest to my cock that bounced off my body and lingered for a moment before wafting away.

“Yessss," I sighed. “So hot. So fucking hot.” She took another cheek hollowing drag as she kept her eyes glued to my hand languidly moving from the base to the head and back again. Her exhale this time was directed right at my cock, the smoke swirling around its length and my hand. I stroked a little faster, moving my hips up a bit to match my strokes.

She leaned away from me to ash her cigarette in the ashtray on the table and I noticed her robe was now looser around the top. As she bent over, her extended finger applying a firm tap to the half-smoked Marlboro, she looked over her shoulder and noticed my eyes glued to the tits. Still leaning over, and her eyes never leaving mine, she gently clutched her robe and gave a slow, steady pull to the fabric, slowly exposing her ripe, luscious and plump right tit…the fabric purposefully covering her nipple. I stroked a little faster. She smiled.

“Do you like that?” she asked, nodding subtly in the direction of her ample breast.


A smile crept across her face as she pulled it back even more, now exposing the very top of her areola which, despite her lighter coloring, was a rich brown; thick and large. I stroked faster.

“Ok….tell me this,” she said while positioning herself next to me on the couch. She sat on her knees which had me looking up at her and asked, “Do you like this too?”

With that she leaned in slightly, took an enormous drag, inhaled sharply and deeply and once the smoke was nestled in her lung quickly took another. Reaching in to the opening of her robe she cupped the underside of her tit, pulled it free and exposed it fully to me. As she did this she moved her face towards mine and bathed me with a massive amount of exhaled smoke.

“Oh fuck…” was all I could say.

She didn’t say a word as she gently and slowly began rubbing her hand over her breast. She took another drag as I quickened the pace on my cock. After executing a perfect snap inhale she directed her exhale towards her hardening nipple, pinching it as the smoke reached its target. She moaned.

“Do you like my tits?”

“I love them,” I croaked, my voice filled with lust.

“I love your cock. Your big hard cock. Does it feel good to stroke your hard dick to my big tits,” she said as she took another drag and then drove her exhale at my face with more f***e. The smell was turning me on in a way I’d never experienced. It was transporting me to a place that seemed to move in slow motion, filling my senses and driving my lust to new heights. I didn’t respond. I was lost in the moment.

“Tell me you love stroking your dick to me,” she almost pleaded.

“I love stroking my dick to you. I’m so fucking hard. You’re turning me on so much. I…I…”

I couldn’t finish my thought. My hand started beating faster, up and down as she began working her tit harder, grabbing it and squeezing it tight. She put the almost extinguished cigarette in her full lips, and then, clamping it between her teeth, moved her free hand to expose her other tit. She began rubbing them in unison, each hand melding the soft flesh before coming to together on her now very hard, big nipples and squeezing them hard enough to obviously walk the line between pleasure and pain. She powered a drag on the cigarette, inhaled deeply and exhaled just as sharply out her nose, the smoke driving down towards her now frantic hands as I stroked my dick with abandon.

She took one more hard drag while dangling the now depleted cigarette from her lips and then pulled it away, turning sharply toward the ashtray to extinguish it before quickly taking another, lighting it, dragging hard and turning back towards me, the top of her robe fully open and her big tits fully exposed, her exhaled smoke splashing against my stomach.

I wanted to grab her. I wanted to pull her close to me and feel her big tits pressed against my face. I wanted to take one of her thick nipples and suck it hard, giving her the erotic pain she obviously enjoyed. But I didn’t. To this point we hadn’t had any real body contact at all and I wasn’t going to make the first move. She was the engineer of this train and I was only too happy to be along for the ride.

She moved up next to me, tucking her legs and sitting on her knees she positioned herself to my side so I was looking up at her, her tits full and hanging boldly just a few feet from my face. Looking in to my eyes she took hard drag, inhaled sharply and leaned her head back, holding the smoke deep into her lungs before blowing a plume of satisfied smoke in to the air with a sound of satisfaction. I had slowed the pace of my hand on my cock and began a slow steady rhythm. I wanted this to last.

With her head still tilted back, she immediately took another drag, inhaled slowly, deeply and audibly, and then leaned forward until her face was no more than a foot from mine. She began exhaling slowly, the smoke building in volume as it exited her lungs, as she directed it with pursed lips all over my face, paying special attention to my nose. I breathed in, taking as much of her smoke as I could and began beating my cock faster.

Without moving, she took another cheek-hollowing drag, performed a hard snap and immediately took another. She reached out and touched my chin, directing my mouth towards hers. This was the first time we’d hard real physical contact and a jolt went through my body. Her exhale this time at one target…my mouth. She leaned in and steadily blew a thin stream past my lips, her face now just inches from mine. I inhaled it like it was pure energy, feeling it fill my lungs. I held it for a moment and let it escape from my body. The smoke danced in front of Mrs. J’s face and I could see her breathe deeply.

“Now me,” she whispered, holding the cigarette to my mouth. Without questioning I dragged hard and tried to match her level of sensuality as I exhaled towards her face. She breathed it in deeply, leaned back and began noticeably gyrating her hips. She slowly leaned forward and with a sort of stunned look on her face she quietly said, “Wow.”

Her eyes trailed down my stomach to see my hand rhythmically beating my stiff cock. While she watched my hand move up and down my shaft I watched her bring her cigarette to her lips and suck the smoke directly in to her lungs, exhale with an audible sigh out her nose and then another drag, her eyes never leaving my cock. She then turned towards me and with the smoke still in her mouth, moved her face just inches from mine. She held it as if it were water and then opened her mouth wide. The white smoke seemed suspended in time. It slowly swirled but didn’t try to escape. And then, like a shot, it was gone. Mrs. J. held the smoke in her lungs for what seemed like forever before moving even closer to my face and bathing me with the smell of sex.

She whispered, “Jack your dick.”

I did. Harder and faster. She took another drag and repeated the performance, this time paying special attention to direct her exhale right in to my nostrils. I audibly moaned and her breathing got heavier. She then took a deep double drag, held it for just a moment and her face just inches from mine aggressively said, “Fuck yeah. Work that cock,” a pulsating wall of smoke coming out with her words.

Something about hearing Mrs. J. say “Fuck,” almost pushed me over the top. I wanted to drive my tongue in to her mouth. I wanted to grab her…take her. But I didn’t. She had a lot more to lose in this situation if anyone found out and I figured that was a decision for her. And right now she wanted to watch me stroke my cock. And that was just fine with me.

She had power-smoked her last cigarette so she moved away towards the ashtray. I wasn’t too worried, but was still hopeful, that she would light another. With her back to me I heard the sound of her tapping the bottom of the box to exude a smoke and the flick of the lighter. I continued stroking my cock, feeling almost like I was a voyeur who was getting off without being seen. Before lighting the cigarette she turned her head over her shoulder and smiled, her eyes dancing down to my rock hard dick and then back to meet mine. I’m sure all she saw was lust.

With her face in profile, she provocatively brought the flame to the tip, well aware of the effect her show was having on me. Her exhale was backlight from the still flickering but quiet TV and maintained the perfect shape of a cone until it dissipated in a mist across the room.

She set the lighter down on the table and moved back towards me. Only this time she slid towards the end of the couch, so she was looking almost directly down at my dick. She stared for a moment and then looked up at me, took a drag and then, keeping her eyes locked in to mine, twisted her mouth and dropped her head slightly to direct a stream of smoke at my cock. She smiled, dragged again and this time turned her face so she could concentrate her exhale on her target. When the smoke danced on my body I stroked even faster. It was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen.

“That looks good, doesn’t it?” she asked, knowing what my answer would be. “You like stroking your cock for me, don’t you?

“So much,” I whimpered.

And then with a voice that was part maternal and part vixen she asked, “Do you want to cum?”

I didn’t respond. I couldn’t. Hearing her say that was the encapsulation of the countless times I’d cum to her in my dreams. I was speechless.

“You do, don’t you,” she said, this time a lot more vixen that matron. She took a long, hard drag, inhaled slowly and without exhaling leaned towards me and said, “And I do too. I want you to cum.” She then slowly, seductively expelled her smoke across my eyes, down my nose and then blew the last of it past my open, hungry mouth.

Her lips were now just inches from mine. She dragged again, the tip glowing cherry red, inhaled sharply and drove the smoke into my mouth.

“Yes. Do it. Work your fucking cock,” she implored.

To hear her talk this way, to act this way, to smoke this way was too much. I could feel my cock begin to throb and my balls begin to tighten. I moaned.

“Yes baby…do it for me. I want to see it. I want to see your cum,” she panted. She began hitting her cigarette again and again. Drags, inhales and exhales became one as she leaned over my face, the smoke thick between us and we each fell further in to the depths of a****l satisfaction. My hand was now a blur as I pumped my cock as hard and as fast as I can ever remember. I bucked my hips and felt the familiar rise of an impending orgasm. But this was different. It was coming from a place I’d never experienced before. It was deep and unknown and had captured me totally. I was in a state of complete indulgence while continued to immerse me in her smokey world.

“I’m cumming,” I whispered. “Holy shit…I’m cumming…I’m cumming….”

Mrs. J. practically threw herself at my cock. She grabbed it from me and drove her mouth deep down the shaft, pumping her hand up and down to match her bobbing head. Her mouth hot and wet. I came instantly…huge jets of cum exploded from my dick, over and over as she moaned, her lips glued over the head, struggling to breathe through her nose as my load filled her hot mouth. Little streams of cum slid down the side of her face. It was the most intense physical moment I had ever felt.

As I drifted off in to a post-coital state that felt like electricity coursing through my veins, Mrs. J. slowly brought her mouth off my cock, brought the now small cigarette to her lips, dragged and opened her mouth wide. There amidst the dancing smoke was my cum, more than I’d ever seen from a jack off session. She inhaled the smoke and then with a gleam in her eye, swallowed my load. When it was gone she gave her lips one last lick and then sensually exhaled her smoke in my direction. In all the movies I’d written in my mind I couldn’t have come up with a better ending.

“Thank you,” was all I could utter. And actually, I think that said it all.

“No,” she replied. “Thank you.” She moved her hand to the side of my face. “I mean that, “she said with some seriousness. “Thank you.”

Later, after we had cleaned up and were standing on her porch saying goodnight, me with still wobbly legs, I felt awkward. This was such a departure from how we had known each other I didn’t really know what it all meant. I think she knew I was a little lost.

“You know what I liked most about tonight,” she asked adding with a giggle, “Besides the obvious?”

“What,” I answered.

“You were respectful of me,” she explained. “You didn’t try and grab me. I felt safe. I liked that.”

I told her that she better know I really wanted to though. She laughed and said she had an idea. But there was something I need to know.

“When I was, you know…,” I stammered, too embarrassed say the word “cumming” now that we were back to reality, “Well, what you did. I have to tell you it kind of blew my mind. I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Well now,” she said conspiratorially as she leaned in to me, “I’m a good homemaker. We couldn’t have all that hot, thick sweet cum messing up my nice couch, could we?”

And with that she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and turned to head back in to the house. As she opened the door she stopped and said, “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. There’s a Bacall marathon on next Friday night."

"Oh yeah?" I replied, hoping but not expecting what was to come next.

"Yeah. Turns out I'll be home alone so I figured I'd just curl up on the couch and watch it." Her invitation was becoming crystal clear. "Just thought you'd like to know."

“Well, thanks for telling me," I said barely able to contain my excitement.

"'re welcome," she said with a young girl's tone that I didn't know existed before tonight.

“I mean," she continued. "Who can get enough of Lauren Bacall, right? I could watch her all night. And I have to say, I think she's a great smoker, don't you?" And with a knowing look and a slow turn she walked into the house, gently closing the door behind her.

Yeah, she's a great smoker. But not as good as you Mrs. J....not as good as you.

... Continue»
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Mrs Jensea

Mrs. Jansen is my 5th grade teacher. She is a beautiful
blonde with long flowing wavy hair down to her
shoulders. I often wished I was as pretty as she is.

I have a hard time comprehending what she is saying, so
there has been times I would stay after school to study
more and ask Mrs. Jansen questions so I can maintain a
higher grade average. There was a couple of times she
said she would be right back needing to go to the
restroom, and she would come back wearing the same
miniskirt she has been wearing, seat herself behind her
desk, and sometimes open her legs a bit showing me her
shaved pubes. She was completely hairless like me, but,
I don't need to shave.

Mrs. Jansen's favorite subject to teach was Biology. I
had to really admit, she knew her biology very well.
During this particular section of Biology, reproduction,
she taught us about how sperm fertilizes the egg and
attaches itself to the uterine wall to develop into a
fetus and eventually become a baby. "This also applies
to other a****ls such as dogs, cats, horses, and what
not," she said.

She was using terms I was not familiar with, so today I
stayed after school so I can ask her questions about the
terminologies she used, and what they meant, things of
that nature.

Today, when she seen I was staying after school she
excused herself to go to the restroom, coming back
sitting behind her desk as she always does. The thing
that was so different today compared to the previous
times I stayed after school, she made no attempt to hide
her pubes from me, as if she invited me to look. I have
to admit, I do like looking at the pubes of other girls,
comparing mine to theirs. Sometimes I would get all
tingly, wet, and hot in my lower belly and feel quite
flushed in my face. Seeing Mrs. Jansen sitting there the
way she was created one of those times.

"Mrs. Jansen, earlier today you mentioned how the sperm
penetrates the egg to fertilize the egg to eventually
become a baby. You never mentioned how the sperm gets
into the uterus to begin with. How does that happen?" I

"I know. Actually, I am not allowed to go that far in
the classroom on specific subjects. Are you really
interested how that happens?" she asked, as if she
already knew how I was going to react to that question.

Without thinking, I replied, "Yes, definitely. It
wouldn't do any good to know what happens if you don't
know how it happens in the first place." She looked at
me only to say, "Very good point. I'll tell you what.
You live two blocks from me. Why don't you come to my
house tomorrow around noon time, we'll have a nice lunch
and we can discuss this in detail. The only thing is,
what I teach you at home has to stay between us." I told
her I would keep quiet about it, and that I would be

I went home after this, still picturing in my mind her
pubes looking directly at me, as if her displaying
herself was actually an invitation of sorts. The
remainder of the day went by rather quickly. I couldn't
wait for noon tomorrow, Saturday, to go to her house so
she could teach me something she couldn't teach in
school. I had to admit, I really admired her desires to
be a real teacher, going out of her way to teach on a

Saturday morning finally arrived. I got out of bed
anxiously awaiting for the time to arrive at her house.
At 11:30, I couldn't wait any longer so I told my mom I
was going to Mrs. Jansen's house for a while, and I
didn't know how long it was going to be before I came
home. She said that would be fine with her since she had
some things she wanted to do today, so with me out of
the house, it would be better for her.

I quickly found her lovely home. I knocked on the front
door and eventually Mrs. Jansen opened the door inviting
me inside the house. I was impressed with the furniture
and other décor all throughout the living room. She
seated me on the couch directly across from the TV. "I
have a movie I would like you to watch, Suzy. This movie
will show you everything you will want to know about how
sperm is injected into the uterus."

She pressed the PLAY button on the remote and instantly
a movie started. It showed a young woman with a man in
the bedroom, kissing while laying on the bed side by
side. He was rubbing her chest while slowly removing her
blouse exposing her tits. I don't have any tits, yet. He
started to rub her belly lower and lower until his hand
was going under the elastic band of her panty, and then
working its way lower towards her pubes.

I was started to feel flushed at this time, and still
interested in the movie, I didn't notice Mrs. Jansen
leave the living room until she came back and sat down
next to me wearing a thin robe. As I watched the movie,
I felt something on my leg. I looked down to see Mrs.
Jansen's hand rubbing just above my knee in a slow up
and down movement, sometimes lower around the inside of
my thigh.

The woman in the movie started rubbing something
sticking out of the man's crotch. Mrs. Jansen stopped
the movie at this time to tell me, "The long skin
covered rod you see is called a penis. Men have those so
he can put it inside the woman's vagina, only to work it
in and out. You'll see what I mean shortly," she
informed me matter-of-factly.

So right she was, in a few minutes, he laid on his back
and she sort of stood up facing the camera. Reaching
down, she found his rod and aimed it up to her pubes,
slowly lowering herself down. I could see her rubbing
the end of his rod up and down her slit, causing her
slit to open to some extent. She must have found where
she wanted it to be since she quit rubbing it through
her slit, and lowered herself down on this rod so the
rod was completely hidden from my view. "Where did it
go?" I asked.

"It is inside her, Suzy," she answered. "Where did she
hide it?"

"Why don't we go for a swim, and I can answer your
question then," Mrs. Jansen offered. "I didn't know you
had a pool, and besides, I didn't bring anything to swim
in with me." She smiled and said, "We are both women, so
it would be no big deal for us to swim in the nude,
would it?" she asked. Being referred by Mrs. Jansen as
me being a woman bolstered my spirits, so without
thinking I stood in front of her and began to remove my
clothes, as she was doing the same before me.

When I was beginning to roll down the top of my panty, I
did notice how Mrs. Jansen's eyes appeared to be locked
on me, watching my every move. Instead of being alarmed
or anything like that, it sort of excited me to know she
was about to see me fully nude before her. I stooped
down to remove my panty from my hips and over my knees.
I stood up to take my feet out of the leg holes and Mrs.
Jansen's eyes never left my pubes. I watched her remove
her panty just after this, and I never took my eyes off
her pubes.

Not saying anything to each other, Mrs. Jansen simply
turned and jumped head first into the pool making a very
little splash. I followed behind her, diving head first
as well. When I was coming up towards the surface, I
accidentally bumped into Mrs. Jansen. She helped me come
to the surface by grabbing my waist. Once I was able to
breathe, she held me at arm's length telling me how
pretty I am and that I will become an adorable woman,
making me feel great about myself.

We swam around a bit before going to the pool deck to
lie down on the lounge chairs to dry off with the help
of the sun cooking down on us. She left me momentarily
to come back with sun tan ointment asking if I would
like some ointment on my back. When I thanked her for
the suggestion, she squirted ointment into her hands and
started rubbing it into my shoulders and upper back.
Getting more ointment, she continued her rubbing motions
down the length of my back.

She got more ointment into her hands and this time she
started at my feet working her way up my legs. I noticed
the higher she went on my legs, the longer it would take
for her to get to the tops of my legs. Sensing she was
looking at my hairless pubes, I began to feel an itch, a
warmth, a glowing feeling within my lower belly, and
felt as if something was beginning to leak out of my
lower body.

Mrs. Jansen then began to rub the other leg, and once
again, taking her dear old sweet time rubbing the upper
leg. Only this time, she went higher on this leg than
she did with the other leg. I felt the back of her hand
accidentally brush against my firm hairless pubes, and
then the more she rubbed my extreme upper thigh, the
more contact she made with the back of her hand against
my pubes, to the point she was rubbing my pubes

"Turn over, and I'll get the rest of you," she
suggested, which I did rollover onto my back. She began
to rub the front of my shoulders without the ointment at
first, and then she took the tube of ointment squirting
a long line of it onto my chest and abdomen. She worked
the ointment into the upper part of my chest and when
she reached my flat chest where my boobs would be
growing someday, she slowed down her advancement only to
concentrate her manipulation of my nipples which became
quite firm, something I never experienced before.

She then increased the speed of her rubbing lower down
my abdomen, and when she ran out of the line of
ointment, she surprised me by squirting more ointment on
me, from where she left off and down the length of the
slit separating my hairless pubes. It was cool, and even
though it caught me off guard by not expecting her to
put ointment there, it still felt good, and quite
exciting, since I never experienced this before.

She was rubbing the very lower end of my abdomen when
she said, "I need to rub the ointment in "there" as
well. Women more often than not, forget about sunburning
themselves down there which can cause some very nasty
sunburns." Feeling as if she was telling me the truth, I
told her, "I never thought about that before. Go ahead
and do what you think is right."

Smiling, she began to rub beside my pubes and towards my
thighs on both sides. Eventually she ran a finger the
length of my hairless slit in an effort to collect the
ointment she squirted between my pubes, only to pause at
the top of the slit. She ran her finger in circles at
this one magical spot creating some very good feelings
throughout my entire body. She ran her fingers through
the slit again, this time from the top of my slit down
to the bottom.

When she reached the bottom of my slit, she gently
pushed and I felt her finger slide inside my very tight
little hole. "Nice," she said, taking her finger out of
my hole to only push it back inside me. She did this
several times before sliding back to the top of my slit.

"Have you ever wondered what you look like down there?"
she asked. When I told her No, I never thought about
looking, she sat down on the lounge chair next to me
only to spread her legs wide while facing me, giving me
a completely unobstructed view of her shaved pubes. I
noticed how her fat lips were somewhat parted with a
little bit of loose skin hanging out between them.

I asked why the skin was hanging out, so she showed me
by pulling her lips apart giving me a full view of her
most intimate area. She told me these were the smaller
lips which helps protects her vagina from disease,
water, air, and other things from entering her body
unwillingly and that someday I will also have the same
little lips she has.

By this time, we both felt as if we had enough sun on us
and being dry enough to return inside her house and not
get her furniture wet, she indicated we should go back
inside for a while. I followed her into the house only
to sit in front of the TV as I did earlier. She picked
up the remote control only to hit PLAY to continue the
move we were watching before we went swimming.

I was really interested with what the man and woman in
the movie were doing, putting his penis into her mouth,
her going up and down with her mouth on his penis, and
then finally putting his penis between her pubes before
hiding it from the camera's view. "I guess she has it
inside her again," I suggested. "Yes, she does, and if
you listen to her, judging by the way she is moaning,
she is really liking the feeling she is getting feeling
his penis move in and out of her vagina.

"Will I ever enjoy that myself someday?" I asked. Mrs.
Jansen replied with, "You will, and it may not be that
far along from now, if you want."

"I would like that very much. If she feels that good by
doing that to cause her to moan like that, it has to
feel good, and I would surely welcome that experience."

Not saying anything, Mrs. Jansen kneeled on the carpeted
floor in front of me, gently pulling on my hips sliding
my butt to the edge of the cushion. She looked at my
pubes saying some ointment still needs to be "rubbed in,
running her finger up and down my hairless slit. Only
this time, she pushed her finger inside my little hole,
she pushed up inside me far enough to make me hurt some.

When I told her that hurts some, she said that is to be
expected since I am a virgin. I asked what she meant by
that, she said, "A virgin is a woman who has never had a
penis inside her hole down there, and a growth of thin
skin is across the hole to indicate she has never had
anything inside her body. A man pushes his penis through
this layer of skin called a membrane, or maiden head,
hymen, and it tears. When it tears, it can hurt a lot or
very little, depending on how thick or thin this layer
of skin is inside the woman. It can hurt a lot, or very
little when it rips. Either way, it will bleed a little.
After the virginity is removed, it will never hurt or
bleed like that again and feel great when a penis is
inserted into your vagina very deep into your lower

"Have you ever seen a penis before, Suzy?" she asked.
When I said NO, she said if she had a man around, she
would have the man show me his penis. "The closet thing
I have for a penis to show you is Duke's penis." When I
asked her who Duke was, she said, "My dog. Male dogs
have a penis to inject their semen and sperm into a
female dog's vagina to reproduce in the same way as
humans do. True there are a couple of differences
between a human penis and a dog's penis, but, I don't
think you would be interested in this subject."

I think surprised her when I responded with, "No, Mrs.
Jansen, I would love to see Duke's penis. Not seeing one
before, I am curious as to what they look like."

Getting off the floor, she went into the hallway,
opening the bedroom door, "Duke, come her boy," she
called out. I heard what sounded like a tail beating
against the wall and the door and this big dog followed
her back into the living room. She sat down beside me
with Duke sitting on his back legs, holding his forward
part of his body up on his front legs. Within a couple
of minutes I noticed this long narrow sack at the base
of Duke's belly having a narrow pointed meaty tip
sticking out of it. "See that?" Mrs. Jansen asked.

When I said I did, she said that is the dog's penis. She
began telling me how a dog will lick the female under
her tail, getting him all excited, and then mount the
female to insert his excited penis into the female,
causing him to push and pull his penis in and out of the
female. Once the male dog gets too excited, he releases
his sperm into the female. "Do you understand what I am
saying?" she asked me.

"Sort of, but, it is very hard to imagine something like
that since I've never seen anything like that before,"
answered. She didn't say anything for a couple of
minutes before she got up from the couch and opened the
door below the TV. Removing a CD from below the TV, she
removed the movie we were first watching and put the new
movie in the CD player and hit PLAY.

Instantly, we were watching a dog go up to this nude
woman, standing between her legs, lowering his head
between her legs. I could see him sniff her slit and
began licking her. This unknown woman was quickly
becoming excited by the dog's tongue licking her slit,
and what appeared to be his tongue entering her little
hole at the bottom of her slit.

The dog must have gotten tired of licking her shaved
slit, and put his front legs on each side of this woman
in the movie. She pushed him down and put her knees on
the floor while laying her upper body on the cushion of
the sofa she was sitting on. Once again the dog put both
front paws on both sides of this woman, only this time
his forelegs reached around her waist as if he was
grabbing her and hanging on as his back legs started to
rock back and forth, causing his bright red pointy penis
to get longer and longer, as well as getting fatter and

I saw a big round bulb coming out of his long sack under
the base of his belly, so I asked Mrs. Jansen about this
bulb. "That is his knot. When he has his penis inside a
vagina, he will try to be sure to push that bulb, as you
call it, into the vagina, and when he does that, it will
cause that bulb to expand so big he won't be able to
pull it out . . . . That is called a "tie."

"I would love to see that." Soon enough, his penis
entered the woman's vagina and he stepped forward to be
sure he was all the way inside the woman, rocking back
and forth really fast. I watched his bulb going in and
out of the woman's vagina, appearing to be getting
bigger and bigger all the time, until one time the bulb
went inside the vagina and not come back out. "See that,
his bulb is now inside her getting bigger and bigger,
and he won't be able to pull it out of her for a while,
maybe half an hour or more. Duke and I have been tied
for over an hour before," Mrs. Jansen volunteered.

"You mean to tell me you and Duke have done this
before?" I asked, now noticing how my fingers were
tracking the hairless slit between my legs. "Many times,
haven't we Duke?" she asked of her dog.

"You appear to be quite excited learning all of this.
Why do you ask if Duke and I have done this? Would you
really like to watch us do it?"

I told her I would love to. "Okay, if that is what you
want, but, I have something to ask you as well. Would
you like to feel what it is like to have a penis inside
you, no matter if it is a human's or a dog's penis?"
Without thinking, "Yes, I would love it."

Smiling, Mrs. Jansen sat on the couch with her legs wide
spread, exposing her vagina to the direction of Duke.
Patting her thighs, "Duke . . . . Come here, boy," she
commanded, causing Duke to walk between her legs. With
no encouragement, Duke lowered his head like the dog in
the movie, quickly extending his tongue to Mrs. Jansen's
slit, and started licking it just like the dog in the
movie. Ten minutes later, Mrs. Jansen's body tensed up
very rigid, nearly screaming in pleasure. Once she
relaxed she kneeled on the floor like the woman in the
movie. I knew now what to expect from Duke, and sure
enough, he jumped up on her back to wrap his forelegs
around her and started to hunch his butt back and forth.

Just as in the movie, his penis got long and fat, and
his bulb appeared as well. "See my little hole?" she
asked. When I said I did, she instructed me, "Grab his
penis and put the tip of it inside the hole. He'll know
what to do from that point."

I did as she instructed me, and nearly instantly, Duke
pushed forward driving his penis into Mrs. Jansen. He
stepped forward like the dog in the movie did and his
bulb started going in and out of Mrs. Jansen's vagina as
like the movie.

Finally the bulb didn't reappear. Mrs. Jansen had the
look of pure pleasure on her face. "Oh, yes, I feel your
cum," I asked her what is cum, she informed me, "His
sperm. He thinks I am a female dog and he is trying to
get me pregnant with his puppies," she informed me. "The
bulb will not only trap his penis inside me, it will
keep his sperm from coming out of me to be sure his
sperm all go in the same direction, into my uterus
looking for an egg to fertilize. His sperm is so warm,
it nearly feels hot inside me. I can now feel him
shooting his sperm so very deep inside me, slowly
filling my body with his sperm and semen."

Duke stayed still now, excepting when he was trying to
get one of his back legs over the top of Mrs. Jansen's
butt. He finally accomplished getting his leg over her
butt, only to stand perfectly still, just putting a
pulling sensation on his penis as if he was trying to
remove his trapped penis from Mrs. Jansen's vagina.
Twenty minutes or so later, Duke did remove his doggy
penis from Mrs. Jansen's vagina, allowing a lot of white
liquid to flow from Mrs. Jansen's hole. "The white stuff
is his semen, his sperm are still inside me looking for
an egg."

By this time, not only did I quit rubbing my slit, I had
my finger going in and out of my tiny hole where Mrs.,
Jansen could watch me. This really excited me to no end.
"I wish I could have Duke do the same thing to me as he
did to you."

"Are you sure, Suzy?" When I said yes, I would love it,
she grabbed the phone on the table next to the end of
the couch, dialing a number by memory. "Helen, why don't
you bring Bullet with you to my house. I have a job for
him here." Pausing for a brief moment, "Ok, see you
then," hanging up the phone. "She said she will be here
in about five minutes." I was excited, nervous, and
somewhat scared now knowing something new to me was
going to happen. I started reaching for my panty only to
have Mrs. Jansen stop me. "Helen will appreciate seeing
you in the nude." I somewhat reluctantly leaned back
into the couch, and no sooner did my back hit the back
of the couch's upper cushion, we heard the door bell
ring. "That will be Helen."

Getting off the couch, Mrs. Jansen answered the doorbell
by opening the door slightly to be sure it was Helen.
Standing behind the door, she opened the way, "Come in,
Helen, we are in the living room." I first seen Helen
looking at me, and a Bagel dog coming my direction.
Standing in front of me, Helen said, "Hello... Why not
show Bullet and me the goodies?"

I spread my legs, moving my butt to the edge of the
cushion, Bullet needed no instruction, he just lowered
his head between my widespread legs only to lick my
hairless slit. WOW!!! Did that feel great. I noticed
Bullet's penis sack getting bigger like Duke's did.
Bullet's penis was quite as long, but, it appeared to be
somewhat fatter.

"How come I can't have Duke?" I asked.

Helen answered me saying Duke's legs would be too long
now allowing his penis to reach my vagina, whereas
Bullet's legs would be the right length giving me a dog
with the proper height allowing him to push his penis
into me comfortably. I welcomed this.

Helen pulled Bullet back a tiny bit only to insert her
finger inside my hole. "How would you like this to be
removed? My finger? Mrs., Jansen's finger? Or by
Bullet's cock?" I didn't know his penis was also a cock,
so I said, "By Bullet."

Helen replied, "That would be the best choice. Even
though our fingernails are long enough to be sharp and
penetrate your hymen easily, Bullet's cock tip is small
enough to enter your hymen and stretch it out and break
it easily without much pain or discomfort. Why don't you
get on your knees now, and I'll show you what I mean." I
did, and instantly I felt Bullet jump up on me in the
same fashion as Duke jumping up on Mrs. Jansen's back.

Instantly, I felt the skin on my back going back and
forth. I assumed I was feeling Bullet's back legs
hunching his butt back and forth as Duke did. I seen
Helen get close to me, on her knees, reaching under
Bullet's belly. I now knew she was guiding Bullet's
penis to my tiny hole. I felt the tip spread my pubes to
some extent, and finally he gave a big push. His penis
entered me far enough to make me feel a bit of a sting
inside my vagina, and then I could tell by the movements
behind me he stepped forward as Duke and the dog in the
movie did. When Bullet stepped forward, I felt the penis
push deeper into me, and he started to hump like mad.

Within a few seconds, I felt my opening begin to get big
and small, big and small, in a real fast rapid
succession, getting bigger and bigger with every push
and pull. I realized it was his bulb going in and out of
me. Finally, the bulb got big enough, it stayed inside
me. I could feel it swell inside me, following the speed
of his heart, feeling the pulse within the bulb, making
it get bigger and bigger, even though he couldn't pull
it out now, and still getting bigger. "They are tied,"
Helen announced.

Bullet hunched back and forth for two or three minutes
before he finally stopped. I then began to feel
something like what Mrs. Jansen described, a very warm
liquid being shot into her body. It felt great. I began
to feel something really great, and soon enough, I think
I passed out, feeling so good. When I came to, I noticed
Bullet was not standing over me like Duke did Mrs.
Jansen for a long time, Bullet was already pulling away
from me, standing behind me butt to butt.

I felt my insides getting heavy, warm, and a wet
sensation. Bullet was doing the same thing to me as Duke
did Mrs. Jansen, injecting his sperm into me. For a long
long time, I kept feeling him squirt his juice into me.
When the spurting finally quit, my belly felt really
heavy. I knew enough to know my belly was full of his
sperm and semen.

After what appeared to be a long time later, fifteen
minutes or so, Bullet’s bulb began to shrink inside me
allowing him to pull his bulb out of me, and his penis,
allowing a tremendous amount of white liquid to flow out
of me and onto the floor. As the liquid flowed out of
me, the pressure in my belly instantly was reduced.
Looking at the clock, Mrs. Jansen said, “You will
needing to be going home soon, so we better get you
cleaned up.”

She instructed me to follow her, and we went inside her
master bathroom. She told me to sit on the toilet
allowing Bullet’s semen drip out of my tiny hole as she
turned on the hot water tap. As the water was running to
get warm water, Mrs. Jansen removed a bag from her
drawer with a long white hose on it with a funny looking
tip on the end of the hose. She filled it with water and
holding it with the hose coming from the top of this
funny looking pink water bottle like bag. She tapped my
knees indicating I should spread them. When I did, she
leaned forward placing the white tip at the entrance to
my tiny hole, easily pushing upwards.

I felt the plastic tip spread my hole open and once it
was inside me all the way to the hose, she turned the
bag upside down and instantly I felt warm water rushing
softly into me. I tried to hold it back, but, Mrs.
Jansen said, “Just relax and let the water run out of
you. Along with the water, Bullet’s sperm and semen will
flow out as well, and that is what we want. It is called

The bag ran empty, the water quit flowing out of me, so
Helen reached down with a towel to wipe off my pubes.
“Feel better now?” How could I say no?
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Learning about jacking off Part Four Mrs. Wilson

For the rest of that week I fucked Mrs Wilson every day. On Friday she told me her daughter Ellen was coming home from her grandparents house that afternoon and I would not be able to visit her for a while. She told me then about her friends Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Brady. It seems these two women knew all about Mrs. Wilson and me. I was kind of embarrassed that she had told them, but happy to know that both women wanted me to visit them. It seems there was a flipping of a coin and Mrs. Martin won the first visit. Mrs Wilson knew my parents left at 7:30 each morning, so she had told her friends that picking me up on the street several blocks from my house would be the best.

On Monday,right around 8:00, I was standing on the corner of Sunflower and Johnson when a really cool blue and white Chevy pulled up. I had seen pictures of both Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Brady, so I recognized Mrs. Martin. I shyly waved to her when she tooted her horn. She waited as I opened the door and climbed into the front seat. Mrs. Martin seemed kind of nervous, but was no more so than I. She looked at me nervously and said, "Good morning Peter. After a hesitation she said, "Laurie told me you are a nice looking young man," She gulped then and darted a glance at me. "I see she was right about that. She drove for a while saying nothing then said, "Uh...I know Dan has been part of...well everything with you and Laurie. My husband doesn't know I will be having you ...visit me. I hope that's all right...I mean all right that he doesn't know. He CAN'T know. So can this be our secret Peter? Can it?"

I said that I would never tell anyone about it." She relaxed a bit then and turned on the radio while went across town to her house. She liked rock and roll too, which surprised me because Mrs. Martin liked Frank Sinatra and Perry Como...stuff like that.

While she drove I took quick peeks at her. She was prettier, at least to me, than Mrs. Wilson. Her hair was long and blonde. She had smaller tits, but the capris pants she was wearing showed she had very nice legs. She had bracelets that rattled on her wrists as she drove the car. She looked over at me a lot now that the information about not telling anyone was clear between us. She had this nervous smile that was accentuated by the red lipstick she wore.

Finally we arrived at 312 Elm Street. She pulled the car into the driveway and into the garage. She closed the garage door, then said,"Well! I guess we're here! Why don't we...why don't we...go on inside Peter."

I followed her into the house. Mrs. Martin suddenly turned to me and pulled me tight against her. She kissed me on the lips, holding it for a while. I knew she was a bit nervous, so I slid my tongue into her mouth like Mrs. Wilson liked. Her eyes opened wide, but not as wide as they did when I put my right hand on her tit. She released a blast of air into my mouth which pushed our mouths apart. She looked down at my hand on her tit for a few seconds then clamped her hand over mine so I couldn't pull it away. She slid her tongue into my mouth then and ground her hips against mine. Fortunately we were almost exactly the same height.

Finally we pulled apart from each other. Mrs. Martin was gasping. "Well! Laurie was sure right about you Peter. How long have you been doing this then?" I gave her a confused look. She said,"You know, with Laurie. You've been with her long?" I realized then what she meant and said brightly, "We did it the first time in my bedroom last week Mrs. Martin." She gave me a look and said, "In YOUR bedroom?" I told her about the times I had watched her from my window while she was sunning herself. "She noticed me watching and uh...well I was..." I made a jacking motion in front of my cock to illustrate. She nodded then and asked, "So she saw you uh..." She made the same motion in front of her crotch that I had made. I smiled and said, "Yeah she saw me jacking off while I looked down at her. It seems she could see everything from way down there."

Mrs Martin leaned against the counter, breathing through her mouth as she looked at me appraisingly. Finally she spoke. "I am so happy she has told me about you. When you are married someday Peter you must...MUST...give lots of attention to your wife." She said no more, but I figured out that Mr. Martin didn't fuck Mrs. Martin very much. I nodded my head and asked, "I would love to fuck you Mrs. Martin...I that why I'm here?"

She smiled then and said, "Yes Peter! That's EXACTLY why you are here." She led me down the hall to what she told me was the guest bedroom. "We SHOULD do it on the bed I share with Charles. It would be the first fuck I would have had in THAT bed in almost a month. This time though I want to do it in another room."

Once we were in the room she closed the door then sat on the bed staring at me. I waited for her to say something, but realized she was waiting for me to do something. After a week with Mrs. Wilson and sometimes Dan I was no longer shy. I knelt on the floor and untied my red Converse sneakers, pulled them and my socks off. I peeled my tee shirt over my head and watched her as she watched me. I unbuckled my belt and pulled my legs out of my pants. My cock was very hard. Mrs. Martin stared at my shorts. She licked her lips a bit, which I don't think she knew she was doing.

"So do you want to see it?" I asked, my fingers in the elastic of my shorts. She sighed out a long "Yesssss". I pulled my shorts to the floor and stood there so she could look at my hairless cock and balls. I pointed to the place she didn't need to have pointed out to her. "Last week Mrs. Martin shaved the hair that was there. I didn't have much anyway. Hope that's okay."

Mrs. Martin shook her head 'yes' and patted the bed next to her. I sat on the bed and she started kissing my lips again. While she did that her right hand moved lightly over my smooth chest and, with an eye open, she slid that hand down my belly right to my thigh. She rested it there for several seconds then broke away from the kiss. She was panting with excitement. She placed her hand right on my hard cock, wrapping her cool fingers around it. She moved her thumb over the precum at the tip and spread the slippery fluid all over the head of my cock.

"Peter, I can't believe we get to do this," she whispered. Then she lowered her head to my cock, poised right above it for several very long seconds. I felt her warm breath on my hard flesh. She looked up at my face once, smiled conspiratorially and licked her lips. She turned back to my cock and slid her red lips down my shaft until her nose was against my balls. She stayed down on it like that while her tongue moved all around my prick.

"I hope you have taken your pill Mrs. Martin. Mrs. Wilson almost forgot that once." I said as her tongue was twirling around my prick. She pulled her face from my cock, kissed me on the lips again and said, "Oh Yesss. I have taken my pill and...just sit there and watch...I think you will like my body Peter."

She stood up then, no longer a nervous, more like a wild woman...much like Mrs. Wilson. She unbuttoned the blouse she had on, opened it so I could see her tits in a very nice black bra. She squeezed her small tits with the bra still on, then tipped the top of the bra down under her tits, leaving it there while she pulled on her brown nipples. "Do you like my tits Peter? Charles doesn't think they're big enough. I know they are smaller than Laurie's tits." I nodded my head and said, "Oh I like your tits VERY much Mrs. Martin!"

She looked down at me as she removed the open blouse and the bra. She threw them on the floor. She peeled the tight capris pants down her gorgeous legs. Wearing just her black panties now, she moved her hands up and down her shaved legs and said, "I'll bet you like my legs. Do you?" I smiled and said she had beautiful legs. She smiled back and moved her right hand right at the crotch of her panties. "I am very very wet Peter. Would you like to take my panties off for me?" I hopped to the edge of the bed. Mrs. Martin moved in front of me and when I touched the flesh at the place where the elastic made its mark, she instantly had goosebumps and shivered.

I could smell her cunt already as I slid her panties down her thighs. Unlike Mrs. Martin, she had a very hairy cunt. It was the first hairy cunt I had ever seen. The panties were now in a puddle of silk at her feet. She stepped out of them and stood in front of me so I could admire her body. Just then the telephone rang. She jumped up like she had seen a snake. "Just a minute Peter," she said as she moved to the desk and picked up the black receiver of the phone.

She reddened when she heard the voice. "Hello Dear. No, I haven't thought about what to make for dinner yet. What would you like?" She nodded at the phone, just as I had once with Mrs. Wilson, then said, "Well sure. I'll thaw out some hamburger. Do you want me to fry them or do you want to grill them? Okay, sure will. Okay Dear. Have a good day. Thank you, I will try to have a good day too. Goodbye hon."

She put the phone down then, turned to me and stood there with her eyes closed for a while as she got her breathing back to what was normal for the situation.

She breathed out a "Whew" then looked down at me and asked if Mrs. Martin had done oral sex with me. I said, "Sure. She likes sucking my cock. Do you want to do that?" She looked at me for a moment then put one foot on the bed. My eyes went to her bushy cunt. The hair there was brown, unlike the hair on her head. I figured out that she probably had her hair dyed blonde. Mrs Martin moved her fingers through her cunt hair and asked, "Have you done oral sex on HER Peter?" I looked up at Mrs. Martin's face and said, "No I haven't." I took a deep breath and asked, "Would you like for me to do that to...uh...for you?"

Mrs. Martin smiled and said, "Oh Yesss Please! I will tell you how I like it. You know about the smell there...the perfume of the pussy?" I smiled and said I really liked that smell. She clapped her hands together and said, "Excellent! I haven't had a mouth on my pussy since before I married Charles."

Mrs. Martin sat on the bed, took one of the pillows, folded it over to make it thicker and put it under her butt, then she leaned back against the pillow at the head of the bed and opened her legs. I was at the foot of the head. She used the fingers of both hands to give me a come forward signal as she wore a huge grin on her face.

I crawled forward to her furry cunt. She whispered, "touch my hair lightly on top like this Peter. He moved her palm lightly and slowly over the very tip of the hair that stood up there. "Use a light touch," she hissed. Her smell was very strong and I loved it. I moved my hand to touch the tips of the brown hair. It was so thick I couldn't even see her slit. She gasped as my palm moved as she had shown me. Her eyes closed as her hips moved back and forth a bit. When she opened them again she smiled almost wickedly down at me and said, "Pull the lips of my vagina open please Peter. I moved my fingers through the hair and found the lips, nice and slippery. I pulled them apart and her perfume was even stronger now. "What do you want me to do now Mrs. Martin?" She put her hands in my hair and said, "Lick me where you have me open. Slide your tongue from low down all the way up to the little button you see at the top of my opening."

Fortunately she had placed the pillow there so it was easy to put my tongue right at the very bottom of her slit. The taste was unusual, but very interesting. Very soon I liked the taste quite a bit. I looked at her red insides as my tongue moved along just inside her lips. My nose pressed against that button she told me about and she put her hands on my head holding me there. She moved my head in small movements, keeping my nose on that button. She pressed her hips up into my face so my tongue could move inside her open slit. She moved her hips and my head like that for several minutes. Her thighs pressed against the sides of my head. I recognized the movements and sounds she made when she had her first orgasm.

She gasped, still holding my head right there against her open cunt. Finally she looked down and said, "Lick me on my clit...the little button...and slide your fingers...two,to start, into my pussy. Do you like that word Peter? Pussy." I said I liked that word and the other one very much. She asked what other word I knew. "Mrs. Wilson likes for me to call hers a Cunt. She says it's really a kind of very dirty word that most women don't like. So I will call yours a pussy if that's what you want."

Mrs. Martin seemed to think it over and said, "No, Charles calls it a pussy. For you and me though, I want you to use the word 'Cunt'. It is a VERY dirty word Peter. What we are doing is VERY dirty...don't you think?" I nodded my head and said, "I liked playing nasty."

I remembered about licking her clit, so started doing that. She whispered, "Fingers Peter...Two fingers...Now!" I slid two fingers into her hole. She was very very slippery and warm inside. I pulled my head from her clit as I watched my fingers moving into her. I pressed my thumb against her clit. She held onto my hand then and moved her hips as I heard the squishy sounds from inside where my fingers were slipping through her juicy cunt.

She had her head up looking at my hand she was holding there and said, "One more finger Peter!" I slipped a third into her, curling up my little finger so it wouldn't get hurt when she pushed my hand hard into her cunt. She gasped,"Twist your fingers inside of me." I started rotating my hand, my fingers as deep insider her as I could. I was really enjoying myself. I had cunt juice all over the back of my hand. I felt it on the palm too. "One more finger Peter," She gasped, "One more...NOW."

I slipped the little finger into her cunt and it seemed that there was more room there, so I pushed farther up into her cunt. My thumb just naturally curled up into my palm. For some reason I knew exactly what she wanted. I pushed my fingers, now bunched into a fist, deeper into the slippery hole and was kind of surprised when my hand popped inside her. Mrs. Martin screamed then and I tried to pull my hand out, but her hand clamped onto my wrist and she looked down at me with wild eyes and screeched, "How did you KNOW Peter?"

I just shook my head, not knowing what she meant. Her cunt muscles were squeezed my fist tightly. "Move your fist inside of me Peter. Punch it into my cunt...punch my slutty fuckhole Peter!" I moved my fist back and forth inside her cunt. The suction sounds from her juicy hole were amazing.

She came then and then again. She came six times before she finally said, "Enough! I can't take anymore Peter." I pulled my fist from her cunt, watching her cunt lips bulge apart as I pulled the fist out of her.

I didn't want to get the sticky juices on her bedspread, so lay my hand on her stomach as she gasped and cried. Eventually she fell asl**p. I was thinking that I didn't get to fuck her yet. Her breathing was steady and she was snoring quietly. I crawled up over her body then, pushed her left leg farther apart and she didn't wake up. I was on my knees as I pushed my prick to her hole, the hair at the opening plastered down from her cunt juice. Her hole was easy to find and my cock slipped into her. She seemed a bit looser inside than Mrs. Martin, but I figured my fist might have had something to do with that.

Fortunately her insides started to grasp my cock better. I fucked her for the longest time, taking my time to look down at her tits and her sl**ping face. It was fun to look down at her hairy cunt and see my cock sliding in and out past the plastered cunt hair. Finally I knew I was close, so I lay on top of her, my head beside hers as my hips moved quickly now driving my prick into her...fuckhole. I was thinking of how much I liked that word as I started to shoot my semen inside the sl**ping woman's cunt.

I got up then, took a shower and was dressed when she finally woke up. Her eyes fluttered and she gasped deeply. She lifted her head and saw me sitting on the edge of the bed dressed and ready to go home. She struggled to sit up. When she did, she reached to the nightstand and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She lit one and smiled at me. "Next time Peter, I promise, I will let you fuck me BEFORE we do any of those other things." I decided not to tell her I had fucked her while she was asl**p. I figured she would know when she stood up and my semen started to slide down her leg.

She finished her cigarette, looked at the clock and her eyes opened wide. "Holy shit Peter. Charles will be home soon. I have to get you home. Would you mind taking the bus? I have to thaw out some hamburger before Charles gets home. Would that be okay?"

I had ridden the bus several times and said that would be fine. She asked for me to hand her the purse sitting on the desk. I brought it to her. She fished through it and found her wallet. She pulled out two twenty dollar bills and handed them to me. I looked at them curiously and asked, "They only take dimes on the bus Mrs. Martin." She laughed and took five dimes from her coin purse. I asked what she gave me the twenty-dollar bills for and she said, "I don't supposed Laurie told you. One of those is for her and one of them is for you."

I puzzled over that. She said, "It's for what you did for me today Peter. Please tell Laurie I want to see you in two more days." I stood up then, confused, but tucked the twenties into my pocket. "Okay Mrs. Martin, I will tell her." She got up then, and stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I watched as she got into the stream. She used the washcloth to wash the red lipstick from her face. She turned to me and said, "Go! I don't want you hear now Peter. Charles will be home soon. Go out the back door. You turn right when you step out into the alley. The bus stop is on corner of Willow and First. She said, "I'll pick you up the day after tomorrow. You were great!"

... Continue»
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Mrs Insatiable

This is a story about a woman on xhamster, she told me she doesn't have any fantasies left because she has aleady experienced all of them. Which I think is a bit of a shame. This story is dedicated to her and hopefully it'll give her something to think about.

Everyone hold on to their hats, cocks or dildos, this lady has done just about everything, so I'm going extreme!!! Ehm for this, I'll play the stunt cock. Enjoy and leave a comment please.

Mrs I is married, but her husband lets her play away from home. I've seen her pics and read her stories, so I know he isn't neglected in any way by her, lucky guy! She is in her 30's, has beautiful big tits that are perfect for bouncing around and she has a work friend that lets her suck his cock.

This is about what I'd like to do with her.

I'd arranged to meet her, from our chat I knew she was going to be hard to shock. I was driving towards where i was to pick her up and my heart was already jumping out my mouth with the anticipation of meeting such a sexy horny slut. I had made preparations for her and I was hoping like hell she was going to be into what I had planned. Mrs I knew I'd made plans and I think that was the reason she had agreed to meet, she must've been curious.

I pulled up at where we were to meet, I'd arranged to meet her in a quiet car park and her hubby was to come and drop her off. There was nobody about, we had arranged to meet at 8pm and it was already 10 mintues after. I was starting to wonder whether they would show up when a set of headlights appeared. It was them.

Her husband pulled in next to me and she got out and quickly hopped into my car. we gave her husband a wave and off we went. I could hardly take my eyes off her, the first thing I noticed were her huge tits that were flwing over the basque she was wearing, as we left the car park it was quite bouncy and the basque was struggling to control her tits as they jiggled going over the bumps. When I looked down I wasn't even sure she was wearing a skirt it was so short, she had stockings and suspenders on and as she was sitting in the car there was plenty naked flesh to see between her stockings and skirt. As we drove along I told her what a sexy slut she was and that she would have to wait to find out my surprise for her. I put my hand on her leg and opened them up, I quickly moved my hand up her leg, her flesh felt nice and soft. My cock was already bursting to get out of my trousers. As my hand reached the top of her leg, she turned towards me leaning against the door, hooked a foot behind my head and exposed her naked pussy to me. I was still driving as I sank two fingers into her already wet pussy, by the feel of it i ws sure her hubby had fucked her before he had dropped her off.

I'd booked a hotel room and her surprise was waiting for her but I had to pull over, my cock needed attention and this filthy whore was going to do as she was told. I stopped on a street, I couldn't wait to be looking for somewhere quiet. As soon as we stopped I told her to take my cock out. She had my cock out and I told her that the rules were she had to do as she was told. Funnily enough she knew what I needed first, but that didn't stop me from pulling her head down towards my cock. She sucked my cock like a good little girl, she managed to take quite a lot of it down her throat but I held her head and pushed my cock down her throat until i could feel her lips at the base of my dick. She gagged a little but got to work like a good little whore sucking me off. I'd stopped on a residential street, nice house with hedges and the street lights were shining right into the car. A couple came walking along the street towards us with their dog, Mrs I had no idea that the couple about to walk past, but I watched them approach not giving a fuck. As they drew next to us I'm sure the had already guessed what was going on but to make sure they knew just as they passed I pulled Mrs I's head to the side, pulled my rock solid cock out, slapped it on her face a couple of times and gave it to her to put back down her throat. They must've seen, they were in there 40's and as they went past I heard the woman shriek a little, they looked like they were on their way to the local library. I was now desperate to cum, I pulled her head up to the tip of my cock and I face fucked her, Mrs I was good at this, her saliva was running down my shaft as I fucked her throat. I was going to cum, and I pushed her face hard down on my cock again, I could feel me cock jump around in her throat as I came. She sat up and I told her, "don't worry that wasn't your surprise".

I set off again fast for the hotel, wondering as I drove how I was going to get her past reception without getting strange looks, she was dressed like a whore and her eyes were all red and watering after having my cock down her throat. The only way in was past the reception desk, I decided not to make too much of it and just stride past as quickly as possible with Mrs I. The girl at the desk said "good evening" as we walked by, I'm sure she'd seen it all before.

I was eager to show Mrs I what I'd arranged for her, I opened the door and led her in, my friends Stef and Karen were waiting for us, two other horny women I'd met on xhamster. What I hadn't told Mrs I was that I liked to shoot xxx films. The lights were already set up and a couple of cameras were already set up in strategic places around the bed. Stef and Karen were laying there in there sexy underwear and I think they has being playing together since I left, both there hairs seemed a bit ruffled, they were both dirty bitches. Stef was 20, thin little body, little tits but topped off with the large puffy pink nipples and Karen was a black lady, beautiful big body similar to Mrs I's. I told them all to get ready and to take Mrs I into the en-suite with them. I don't know what was going on in there but there but I heard Mrs I burst out laughing a couple of times.

The bitches made me wait ages until they came out! I vowed to myself that each of them were going to walk out of the room walking like John Wayne.

The lights were on, I picked up the camera and told them all to get on the bed together, Mrs I in the middle. She was looking great and wasn't nervous at all, infact she had her hands busy touching the other 2 with a big smile on her face. They all had their sexy underwear on, the girls had taken Mrs I's little jacket and skirt off in the toilet. Stef and Karen knew what was coming but Mrs I didn't have a clue, although she obviously knew she was about to be fucked by two horny girls. This movie was going to be all about Mrs I. I didn't have to say anything to start with, Stef and Karen were already taking turns kissing Mrs I, each of them had a hand on one of her tits as they lay each side of her. Mrs I unbuttoned her basque and released her tits. I wasn't too pleased about this as but I let it go, the cameras were on and the sight of her massive melons had my cock instantly hard again. I let them continue, both Stef and Karen looked pleased with what I'd brought them, they were touching her nipples and all three of them had a kiss together, their tongues swirling around Mrs I's. "Ok girls, suck her nipples" I zoomed the hand held camera in as they went to work, Mrs I let out a sigh as her nippls were given a treat, "suck them hard" and both girls sucked their nipple deep into their mouths. "start to touch her pussy" Mrs I was loving it, in an instant her legs had spread wide open, both girls slid a hand down to Mrs I's pussy and Stef massaged her clit whilst Karen ran her finger up and down from her clit to her bum hole. "nobody go inside her pussy until I say, Stef, spread her pussy open!" I zoomed in as she did so and I nearly fell over, the sight of Mrs I's wet pussy once it was spread open was magnificent, I zoomed in close. "ok, now each of you spread one side of the pussy each,,,spread her open as far as her pussy will go". I could see pussy juice already starting to drip from the entrance to her bright pink cunt. "Now one finger each start to finger her" Mrs I was starting to whimper and arch her body as the two girls sank their fingers in up to their knuckles. Karen and Stef were kissing eachother as they fingered Mrs I "two fingers each" I told them and started to pant, I brought the camera up to her face, she had her eyes shut and her face was flushed as she enjoyed the treatment, "show me your tits Mrs I", she opened her eyes, smiled at the camera and cupped her tits together, she said to the camera, "this is fucking great" as she jiggled her tits about. I moved the camera back down to the her pussy, the girls had her cunt drenched. "Open her up" each girl hooked their fingers inside Mrs I and as they slowly slid them out they spread her open, Mrs I started to cum, I noticed her toes curl and as I zoomed in I could see her pussy walls contracting then a second later her pussy started to drip, then all of a sudden she squirted in such a strong powerful jet she covered me and the camera. "Make her cum again" her first orgasm and barely passed and Mrs I tried to push their hands away, her pussy was still sensitive "GO" I told them and Stef sank her fist into Mrs I, whilst Karen furioulsy rubbed her clit, "get ready to lick it up this time", we all moved around so the camera could see. Mrs I was away with the fairies, she pulled up off Stef's fist and squirted again over Stef and Karens faces. She was left trembling this time as Karen and Stef licked the juice of each others face.

I asked Mrs I if she was ok and she started to laugh. "Ok, get the toys" Karen picked up a bag from the corner of the room an tipped the contents out onto the bed "Now Mrs I, I want you to put the strap-on on and fuck these two" she pulled it on and tightened the buckles " the strap-on was armed with a thick 10 inch black dildo, the girls got on the edge of the bed on all fours "Mrs I knew what to do, she got the two fingers in each of their sexy pussys and started to finger them both at the same time I asked her "now tell the camera what your about to do", she turned to the camera her tits bouncing around as she fingered the two hot pussies and said with a wicked smile on her face "I'm going to return the favour to these dirty bitches, I'm going fuck them hard with this dildo" and with that, she took her fingers out of Karens pussy and f***ed the dildo in all in one go, right up to the hilt. Karen screamed as Mrs I started to slam in and out of her, I got a close up of the dildo being fucked in and out as I did so I couldn't help but slap Mrs I's tits then I told her "come on, fuck her harder she loves it" Mrs I wasn't shy to give it hard. I focused on Karens sexy brown body, her tits were bouncing furiously as she was pounded. Stef was feeling left out and without me telling her spread her pussy in front of Karens face. Karen couldnt lick it as she was taking a serious fucking from Mrs I but she did manage to slowly insert her fist into Stefs little cunt. I stood back and took in the scene, it was amazing and it was going to make a great film. I moved back to see the dildo going in and out of Karen, she was staring to cream on the dildo. All this was getting too much for me, I pu the camera down for a second and took my trouser and boxers off. When I picked up the camera again I shot it over Mrs I's shoulder, she was playing with her tits and as she opened and closed her big cleavage it revealed the dildo with lots of creamy cum from Karen on it. I let my big cock press against Mrs I's sexy ass I did so and I reached around with my free hand and had a good feel of her tits. Karen couldn't take anymore from Mrs I and as she slid off the dildo the full extent of her battered pussy was plain to see. "Very good, now Mrs I lay on the bed, Stef you ride the dildo thid time and Karen, you let Mrs I lick the pussy juices from your pussy".

Stef got up and impaled herself onto the dildo, she squated on her feet and i got a close up of her sliding onto that monster plastic cock. It was all becoming too much for me, with my spare hand I started wanking my cock. Karen sat her pussy onto Mrs I's face and it looked like she was trying to smother Mrs I with her cunt, as Karen was having her pussy licked she started to spank Mrs I's tits, that and Stef bouncing on the dildo and Mrs I's tits were a glorious site to see as the bounced around. I needed relief,,,I guided Mrs I's hand to my cock and she started to wank me off nice and fast, after all I'd seen my cum didn't take long to rise up from my balls. "Karen, sit back and let me cum on your pussy", Mrs I was still directly underneath her pussy as I came, my cum dripping off Karens cunt onto Mrs I's face "Ok, let her clean it up" I zoomed in again to watch Mrs I's tongue dance around Karens pussy licking up my thick white cum. Just as the last drop was swallowed. Stef shouted "Watch out! watch out!!" with that she stood up off the dildo and squirted long hot streams of girl cum all over Mrs I's tits and face.

It was over, the girls were finished, they lay together for a few minuted before they could even speak. Mrs I had done herself proud, the film was going to be amazing. I started to pack everything away and the girls went to the en-suite together to have a shower, I heard more laughing, god only knows what they were getting up to.

When they came out Mrs I was dressed,,,or at least she had her skirt and little jacket back on again. The girls all said there goodbyes and I e****ted Mrs I back to the car. I had to make sure she got home safe and sound or her husband incase he decided to put a stop to this kind of fun and I had a few other movie ideas for Mrs I.

On the way back to her house I pulled over in a quiet car park, it was surrounded by trees and nobody else seemed to be around. I put her on the bonnet of the car and fucked her, she was on her back to begin with but then I turned her over and fucked her tight little ass. I came deep inside her with what spunk hadn't already been drained from me. I pulled her knickers up for her and 5 minutes later I was dropping her off at her house.

Mrs I, your a naughty girl!!! I hope you like the story xxx ... Continue»
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The Submission of Mrs. K

She had a body to die for, and she was on her knees, lovingly tending the flower beds that she cherished. Robin loved her garden and spent many a happy hour tinkering away outside, pruning the roses, mowing the lawn, sweeping the leaves away or planting little flowers, ready to watch them grow to full bloom as the weeks progressed.

But it was her aching body that Robin thought about most while she was alone in the garden.

From a teenager, she had always been admired, and no wonder! At 18, she had been a beauty queen and attended many of the pageants in many of the towns in the Mid-West state where she came from. She was 5’9, dark haired, with legs that went on forever, and huge, hard breasts that dazzled the k**s at college, the men in the district where she lived, and anybody that came into contact with the college girl. She had thought nothing of parading up and down the cat walk in a skimpy bathing costume that showed off her superb curves to their fullest. But the thought that people were lusting after her never crossed Robin’s naïve, young mind. Now, Robin had just turned forty, but her breasts were still 39DD, shapely with just a hint of drop, topped with rigid, dark nipples, and she still had the feminine curves that brought leering looks from men and boys alike.

She had c***dren, she was married to a good man, had a nice house in a new development, and she had an interesting job, which enabled her to work from home for much of the time, sending in work to the company by Email, but it was her private thoughts as she worked in the garden that most occupied Robin’s mind.

Coming from a good, God fearing, home in her younger days, Robin had never taken advantage of all the offers or opportunities that might have come her way. Sex was for the bedroom, private and conventional, to be enjoyed with the man you love, and sacred. God, how she wished that she had explored herself more at that time, doing things that others seemed to be doing, letting the boys feel her body whenever the urge overcame her. She hadn’t indulged as it ‘wasn’t what good girls did,’ it wasn’t what was taught at the little Sunday school she went to each week. How she regretted it now!

She found it very difficult to talk to her husband about her urges, frightened that he would think her strange or frustrated, or perhaps take advantage of her. Little did she know that her husband would allow Robin to come out of her shell if only she’d drop a few hints now and again, and act a bit more bravely. But Robin never would. When they first got married, Robin occasionally gave in to her husband’s demands of wanting to film or take pictures of her sexy body, or wear daring clothes when they went out to a lounge club or a nice restaurant. As the years went by, however, she found it more and more difficult to express her inner feelings, and instead of letting herself go completely, she receded into her shell again, and became even more distant.

When her husband fucked her, she would sometimes wear sexy and colourful underwear to placate her husband’s wishes, and it was wonderful, and the feelings that went round Robin’s body were fantastic………..but she couldn’t bring herself to let herself go, she wouldn’t take cum in her mouth or have his big cock slide beautifully into her bottom……….and Robin was tearing herself apart because these were really the things that she wanted to do, be a daredevil and knock convention aside, be reckless and rampant and give herself up totally into a submissive state. She wanted it, by God, she wanted it, but she wanted to be in control of her emotions all the time, and just couldn’t go that one step further. It was frustrating for both Robin and her husband, but otherwise their lives were good and the matter was just something that stayed in the background.

Except when Robin was alone with her thoughts.

Weeding in the garden, Robin grew to realise that there was possibly an opportunity to have some hidden pleasures without having to admit her needs, or without anybody realising what she was up to. It could be fun, it could be a bit dangerous, but it seemed harmless. She felt excited for once as the ideas ran round her head, butterflies in her stomach, and that night in bed, she let her husband really screw her into the sheets, thrusting her legs right up round his back so that his cock became embedded deep inside her as she came to orgasm. She cuddled down, a feeling of contentment and excitement flowing round her body for the first time in ages. She just couldn’t talk to her husband about it though. He would be horrified. Or so she thought.

A few months previously, their son had started to play baseball for the high school team, and just to boost his morale, his parents often went along to show their support. Robin began to enjoy the games, as it got her out of the house for a good reason, and she’d suddenly realised that there were some good looking, hunky young guys playing for the team. Her mind thought of all those muscles and fit bodies that tore around the pitch, and soon, Robin was fantasising about the effect they were having on her. Sometimes, her husband had to work, and she’d take her son on her own to the games, and she’d sit in the stand and just glaze over as the thoughts of what these guys could do for her body took over her whole afternoon. In the evenings, back at home, she’d let her husband really go to town in his sexual lust for her body, and Robin would imagine that the young players were using her just how she wanted to be used.

The next time Robin took her son to a game, she dressed a little more daringly. Her skirt was a little shorter and tighter, her jumper was tighter round her fabulous breasts, and her heels were a bit higher. That was all she did, but she imagined the young guys looking at her as she sat in the stand. She let her skirt ride up her long legs as she sat down in her seat, not bothering to pull the hem down and imagining the guys seeing her shapely calves, and even further up her legs. She would wave to her son as he played the game, but it was the other guys she was attracting. Robin would make sure her legs were crossed high so that the boys might see right up to the tops of her thighs, or she would subtly make sure the skirt was high enough so that there was possibly a glimpse of her panties through her hose as the boys looked up from the diamond.

These displays got Robin very wet between her legs, and her nipples became hard against her tight jumpers, and she realised that these type of thrills were just what she wanted, as it was harmless fun (or so she thought), but it gave her fantasies that she could think about when she was on her own. Many was the time when alone at home, Robin would imagine the guys on the team looking up her skirt all the way to the darkness between her legs, or shiver as she thought of them watching her heaving breasts as they moved seductively under her clothing. This led to some wonderful sessions at home when Robin, gently playing her fingers in her cunt, imagined what might happen to her if she was a little more risqué, until she finally brought herself to a magnificent orgasm with her skirt up round her waist and her panties laying on the floor.

Because of her strict upbringing, she couldn’t dare tell her husband of her thoughts, but it inspired her on to see just what might lay ahead if she continued the tease. Her son asked his father if some of the team could come over to the house after a game to play pool or watch a film, and both Robin and her husband readily agreed as the k**s were no trouble and her son would be kept amused at the same time. Robin became tense and nervous, knowing this was another opportunity to look smart and chic for the boys, this time within her own home, but she had to be discreet as her husband would be there and she didn’t want to appear cheap or tartish. She put on a long coat for the game, even though it was a warm afternoon, but underneath she put on her tights, heels, a short skirt and a revealing, low cut jumper that plunged to show a wonderful amount of cleavage.

She enjoyed the game with her husband as they watched her son flying around the diamond with youthful energy, but Robin kept her coat tightly done up, not wanting to reveal her legs to the guys below while her husband was there, but she was so looking forward to them returning home after the game. She knew her husband would go into the office at home to have a beer and watch the TV while the boys played pool in the basement, or watched a video in the dark room, and Robin knew exactly how she would play it.

After dishing out food and pop to the 4 or 5 boys who had come back with her son, Robin decided to take a nap on the couch in the lounge. Her coat had come off and now she looked so fetching in her attire. Sure enough, her husband took a beer into the office and Robin settled down onto the couch, knowing that the guys would be going between the basement downstairs and the film room next to the lounge, and the kitchen where the pop was. Any change of room would certainly involve them passing her on the couch in the lounge.

Robin slipped her long legs in the high heels onto the couch and rested her head onto a pillow. She was in front of the open lounge, and was ready to let herself be admired. She moved her legs and bottom so that her skirt went right up her thighs and rested just a few inches below her panties. She also moved one of the shoulders of her jumper slightly off the shoulder so that anyone passing her on the couch would have a generous view down her cleavage. She gently closed her eyes, and her breathing became heavy with excitement and anticipation. The thoughts racing through her mind were also making her damp between her legs. God, this was exciting Robin so much, yet she appeared so innocent.

Sure enough, within 10 minutes or so, a couple of the boys came up from the basement and Robin felt them pass her as they went to the kitchen to get some more pop from the fridge. On the way back, she felt them briefly stop just behind her and then move back to the top of the stairs, whispering to one another as they went. This happened three or four times with different guys, and each time Robin knew that she was being looked at as she pretended to sl**p. She knew her skirt was right at the top of her thighs, and even though she kept her thighs together, the view would be wonderful. Her big, 39DD breasts were straining at the jumper and it would be easy to see down the front if the boys were standing over her looking down, and this only had the effect of making Robin’s panties even damper.

As a couple of hours went by, the boys moved up from the basement and went into the film room to watch a movie, but this didn’t stop them keep going back to the kitchen for crisps, cookies and pop. Occasionally, Robin’s husband would come out of the office to get himself a beer, and it gave him a wonderful thrill to see how his wife was laying and how her clothes were bunched up, and he knew that Robin’s body was on view for any of the guys who cared to look. It was the kind of sexual excitement that didn’t come around too often these days with his wife, so occasionally he would peep out of the office, no-one able to see him, to see what, if anything, was going on.

Two of the guys came out again, and closed the film room door behind them. Robin could hear them talking in the kitchen and recognised the voices as that of James and Charlie. They were both players in the team and were handsome, polite young men, friends of Robin’s son. They were also muscular, handsome, tall college boys, and Robin had often seen them looking up at her in the stands as she sat with her stunning legs on view, and her stomach churned again now as she knew that they would both, from very close range, be able to stop and watch her as she feigned sl**p on the couch.

Robin heard them pour the pop and then the fridge door closed, and then she felt the two guys stop when they got very close to her. She hardly moved and her breathing became heavier as she knew what James and Charlie would be doing. They would be looking down her jumper or trying to see right up her skirt, and she felt her breasts expanding with each breath, pushing out her tight top and straining against the sexy, red bra that she had deliberately worn.

Suddenly, Robin heard a ‘click’, coming from around her knee area, and then another ‘click’ from the same area. Christ, what was that, she thought. She tried to open her eyes a fraction without moving her lids, and then another ‘click’ and then two or three more came from just under her neck. Robin managed to see out of one eye and was shocked….and then excited, as she watched James holding a mobile phone in his hand and pointing it down Robin’s cleavage. God, he’s taking pictures of me, and Robin felt a gush of wetness between her legs. She closed her eyes tightly again, and her chest heaved even more heavily, her instinct telling Robin to pull the hem of her skirt down…………but she didn’t!!

James must have taken at least half a dozen snaps of Robin’s breasts and up her skirt, and probably her face as well, before the two boys went back into the film room. Opening her eyes briefly, Robin couldn’t control herself and quickly slid her fingers down onto her panties under the tights, and pressed hard against her clit, working herself into a frenzy at the thoughts going on in her mind. Two of the team, two handsome, rugged, teenage boys, had taken photos of her most intimate areas, and no doubt they were showing them to their friends in the movie room (apart from her son of course). Robin quickly stopped her assault on her clit as she thought that others might come out from the film room to see this sexy sight on the couch.

By the time all the guys went home, they had all taken a look at the sexy, mature mother with the wonderful tits and long, long legs, and Robin was feeling rampant. She had to have a cock inside her, and she almost dragged Jeff, her husband, to the bedroom shortly after the guys had left, and gave herself up on a plate. She lay there, legs open, stroking her dark, pubic hair and very soon, Robin had her legs wrapped around her husband’s back as she was brought to a shuddering climax in one of the best orgasms she had enjoyed in her entire married life.

Jeff didn’t need to ask why his wife was so turned on….in the darkness of the office, he was able to see without being seen, and he had witnessed all the guys ogling his wife, and he also saw James using his phone camera, to take the erotic photos. Jeff wasn’t going to let on that he knew, as it might spoil anything that might occur on future occasions. If it was going to benefit him when his wife came to the bedroom, then Jeff would just keep quiet and hope that he would be able to enjoy further events when the guys came round.

Robin never mentioned a thing in the following days. She had a job to admit her actions even to herself, so she was hardly likely to discuss with her husband the fact that she let the guys look right up her skirt, or watch her big tits move about under her jumper. God though, she was so turned on, and even the thought that her photos might be being downloaded from the phone onto the internet filled her with excitement and physical lust. If her reticent character stopped her from discussing sexual fantasies with her husband, getting excited over young, hunky guys ogling her body was certainly making up for it.

The following week almost the same thing happened, only this time, Robin was not asl**p and was actually making eye contact with her admirers. She and Jeff had gone out to dinner, enjoying a superb meal, wine and spirits, and had arrived back home to find an empty house. Jeff had teased her about wanting her to dress up sexily as they were going out, and he especially asked Robin not to wear any panties. He hoped she might put on stockings for him, but she drew the line at that and wore shiny, dark tights that felt so erotic against her pubes and between her legs. The red dress was short, Robin wore high heels, and there was a deep plunge in the square neckline, and an open, sling bra under the dress to show off her greatest assets, allowing the fabulous nipples and front of her breasts to push without hindrance against the red dress. Robin was hot, but mainly at the thoughts of what might happen when her son came home.

What a contrast this was for Robin compared to the prim and proper lady who turned up for church each Sunday morning, mixing with the righteous and looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She helped with the coffees after morning service, and spoke about her f****y with the other ladies who went along to repent their sins! How could she become sexy and filthy with her husband when she was a respectable member of the community, going to church each Sunday and being regarded as an upright and God-fearing citizen? Robin convinced herself that these weekly visits made all her hidden thoughts quite acceptable, and she was determined to allow events to follow their own path without any further guilt.

Their son had asked if the guys could come round again, and Robin and Jeff had both said ‘Yes, of course,’ but for varying reasons, and not before Mom and Dad had returned from their evening out. (You never know what k**s will get up to if you’re not there). It wasn’t long after Robin and Jeff arrived home, perhaps a little worse for a couple of drinks, that their son turned up with his friends. They all trooped in and politely said ‘Hi’ to Robin and Jeff before going to the basement, and Robin shivered a little when she noticed that James and Charlie were there again. Jeff was pleased that his wife chose to keep her sexy dress on, rather than change into baggy sweats, and he grabbed his customary beer and sidled off to the office.

Robin relaxed herself and sat back on her couch, feeling quite merry after her evening out, and she knew full well that the guys would come up from the basement in due course. She was right. Hardly ten minutes had gone by before Robin could hear Charlie and James chattering as they came up the stairs. The mature wife suddenly had butterflies in her stomach, she was nervous and excited all at the same time. She sat back in the deep cushions, and the Dutch courage from the earlier drinks made Robin do the unthinkable again. She gently allowed her red dress to slide up her legs as far as she dare, so that nearly all of her stunning thighs in the dark, shiny tights were on view. She hadn’t put panties on, as her husband had asked, and this only added to her feelings of daring, but she kept her legs together, relaxed herself and waited as the two boys came into the room.

‘Hi Mrs K,’ the boys both politely spoke. Robin smiled as James and Charlie went and refilled their glasses from the fridge, and then they returned to her side. There was no doubt that they could see down Robin’s top as they stood over her, and she shivered as she knew that her breasts would be visible down the front of the material. She felt her nipples harden.

‘Mind if we sit and talk with you for a while?’ asked James. ‘It’s a bit boring down in the basement at the moment.’ Robin smiled again, even more nervous and excited.

‘Absolutely. That would be nice. Grab a chair,’ and she watched as James and his pal sat down on chairs almost opposite Robin on the couch. God, she thought. They can see all of me right opposite them, they can see my legs and my tits pressing against the dress. The three idly talked about the baseball games, college, if they had girlfriends and how their families were, but most of all, the two guys talked about their keep fit and pumping weights at the gym. Already turned on by the presence of two hunky guys sitting with her, Robin got even hotter as she thought of those young, muscular, sweaty bodies pumping their muscles in the gym. She was becoming turned on and thanked heavens that her son was still down in the basement with the others.

Robin was becoming seriously wet between her legs, and her lack of panties was getting her tights really damp as they rubbed right into her. It only became worse as she continued to small talk with the two boys, knowing that they were glancing at her legs, all the way up to the hem of the red dress, and possibly beyond. She also felt her nipples, free of constricting material in the sling bra, pushing like bullets against the material of the dress, and Robin could only try and hold her blushes as Charlie and James brazenly watched her heavy tits heave up and down with each breath she took. It had been years since Robin had been so worked up and sexually excited, and she ached to put her hand down her tights to plunge her fingers into the sopping cunt that craved attention.

She wanted to prolong the conversation with the boys as she was now very hot, and didn’t want them rushing away to leave her helpless and frustrated on the couch, so Robin upped the stakes a little.

‘You must both work very hard in the gym, you two, as you have wonderful muscles,’ and as she spoke, Robin lifted a leg and slowly moved it as high as possible across onto her other leg. It was done deliberately and slowly, and she knew that both James and Charlie would be able to see all the way up between her thighs to where she wasn’t wearing any panties. Would they notice the dark, pubic hair under the tights……Robin knew it was a wonderful possibility.

‘Thank you, Mrs K. Are you sure you don’t go to the gym yourself? You still look really fit and shapely,’ and James grinned and deliberately looked into Robin’s eyes from his seat a few feet away, and then slowly let his eyes wander down and go all the way up her legs to look at the superb view beyond. This was the first time that the boys had grabbed the initiative and hinted to Robin that she was a sexy woman and they admired her body. Robin shivered once more. She had a job to meet the boys’ eyes now, as they had taken the sexy banter to her. She blushed and said she didn’t go to the gym but thank you for the compliment anyway.

‘Well, how do you keep your figure so shapely then, Mrs K?’ James continued, looking straight at Robin’s tits that strained and moved seductively, the nipples perfectly outlined as they pushed against the dress. Robin tried to cover her breasts with a subtle arm across her chest, but at the same time she crossed her legs once more, and again the view went straight between her legs to the dark fruits under her tights. Suddenly, Robin heard Jeff coming from the office, and she managed to get the hem of the dress down to a decent level before her husband entered the room. It needn’t have mattered as, once again, Jeff had managed to watch the events unfolding from his hidden vantage point.

He was loving every minute of watching his wife succumb to the boys’ attention, and he smiled and spoke briefly with the group before getting another beer and disappearing back towards the office. Robin sighed with relief and tried to reply to James’s question.

‘It’s just keeping busy, I suppose. Work, doing the garden, general housework…you know,’ and she shuffled gently in the cushions, a move designed to let the hem of the dress rise up again, as near to the top of her legs as she could once more. Her loins were on fire, her nipples hammering against the dress, and now Robin wanted the hunky guys to see her, to admire her mature figure and perhaps have lustful thoughts about her. This really was doing her ego a wonderful service. Her husband seemed quite happy to carry on his ‘work’ in the office, so Robin was determined to enjoy the little escapade while it lasted.

The scene lasted a few more minutes before calls came from the basement for James and Charlie to join the others, but Robin took the opportunity to re-fill the two boys’ glasses with pop before they went. They watched her walk to the fridge, that sexy arse moving so wonderfully, and the breasts bouncing in the dress, and then Robin returned with the two glasses and stood oh so close to them. Her heels took her nearly to 6’ and she looked each boy straight in the eye and bent right over to hand them their glasses of pop. The cleavage of the dress fell away an inch or so as Robin bent, and she knew that she was giving both James and Charlie an uninterrupted view of her swollen tits right down to where the huge nipples sc****d seductively against the dress.

‘I hope you can come over again, soon,’ Robin whispered as she slowly raised her body to a standing position again. ‘Enjoy the rest of the evening with the guys,’ she finished seductively, her eyes darting back and forth between each boy.

‘I already have,’ replied James in that brazen manner, getting up from his seat and looking Robin straight in the eye. Robin’s cunt almost dripped her juices into her tights at the way this muscular teenager was moving her mind into areas she knew it shouldn’t be going. ‘By the way, Mrs K,’ James whispered again, his back to the passage where Mr K had disappeared to, ‘We’re at the gym until 11 on Wednesday morning. Will you be shopping at the Mall round about that time……we have some lovely photos you might like to see……….’ and the two boys smiled as they made their way down to the basement.

Robin was on a high, her tits still heaving and her pussy throbbing with excitement, the innuendos having really taken her to a new level. Was that an instruction from James? Did she have to go to the Mall at 11 on Wednesday? Did he have such a hold over her already? Then it struck her suddenly!! The photos……the mobile phone, when she was pretending to be asl**p. God, he had got her, and they were talking about the photos of her, and wanting her to meet them after gym. Christ, Robin needed Jeff’s cock now, it was all she was going to get tonight, but she wanted it badly, she wanted fucking hard while she thought about the two guys ogling her tits and up her legs. What were they going to do on Wednesday………if I go, she thought.

After watching the scene in the lounge, Jeff was up for it, and before the guys even left for home, Robin needed no persuading in going to the bedroom where Jeff stuffed his hard cock up inside his wife until she was almost screaming when she ‘came.’ He had to clamp her mouth, telling her to calm down as the guys were still in the basement, but Robin didn’t care, secretly wishing perhaps that she could be heard, and she couldn’t get her mind off how James had been so brazen with her, and the effect her shapely body could have on these fine specimens of muscular youth. Robin’s juices were seeping all round her husband’s cock as he fucked her, and that night Robin slept like a baby, the excitement still bubbling inside her when she woke the next morning.

Jeff didn’t mention a thing before he went off to work, but Robin was sure that he hadn’t heard the instruction about Wednesday morning. What was she going to do? She couldn’t rely on Jeff being at work all day, but did she really want to go? Of course she did. This was exciting, thrilling, and just for a while, Robin sat at her computer, trying to work, but eventually all she could think about was how the boys had ogled her body, watching her big tits move about and seeing right up her legs to her pussy. She was quickly very wet again, and ran her fingers down her baggy shorts and played with her vaginal lips and clit until she had that wonderful feeling wash all over her as a fabulous orgasm shook her body endlessly.

She couldn’t not go to the shopping mall now, and even though Jeff was home for the morning on Wednesday, Robin said she was off to get some groceries and would be a couple of hours, a not unusual occurrence. She drove the car down to the parking bay near the shops, but it was also just across the way from the gym. Robin had put on a tight sweater and an equally tight pair of denim jeans, not too glamorous to arouse suspicion, but form fitting enough to accentuate her beautiful breasts and firm bottom, and she quickly did some grocery shopping and was back in the car by 11o’clock.

Robin felt nervous but excited at the same time, and spotted James and Charlie as soon as they came out of the door from the gym. She knew that her own son was at school for the whole day, so there was no chance that he would be at the gym too, and she saw the boys making their way over to where she was parked.

‘Hi Mrs K,’ they both grinned, and James got in the front while his pal got in the back seats. ‘It’s great to see you again, and you really look sexy again, doesn’t she Charlie?’ Charlie mumbled his agreement from the back.

‘What are these photos then, James. I don’t have a great deal of time. Mr K is at home today.’ Robin asked bluntly.

‘Oh, I think you’ll like them Mrs K,’ and he smirked all over his face as he briefly looked at the huge bosoms nestling only a few inches away. Robin blushed but felt excited again. ‘We need to go somewhere quiet, though, so that we won’t be disturbed, Mrs K. How about going out to the park…it won’t take long, and then you can go back home as if nothing had happened’ It didn’t take long to persuade Robin to drive the 5 minutes or so out of the built up area to the huge park where there were some peaceful areas surrounded by trees. The sun was shining down through the trees, and it was such a peaceful setting as Robin pulled the car into a quiet glade and turned off the engine.

‘Charlie, isn’t it nice here today? So quiet and peaceful, and it’s even better being here with this lovely lady, isn’t it? No-one to disturb us at all. Would you like to see the pictures then, Mrs K?’ and James took his mobile from his pocket and clipped the screen open. He pressed a few buttons and up popped a clear picture of Robin’s face, supposedly fast asl**p on the couch. Nothing untoward, with just a hint of cleavage from the low cut jumper. Then another picture, only this time, it was showing nearly all of Robin’s wonderful breasts right down the jumper.

Robin knew what was coming as she had been aware at the time of what was happening, but to see the actual pictures brought home the reality of the situation.

‘Why did you do this, James? This is rude, and you shouldn’t do this sort of thing to a lady. I should be angry and tell my husband, shouldn’t I?’ Robin tried to be serious and shocked, but it didn’t put the two boys off.

‘It’s because you’re a very sexy lady, Mrs K, and we both know that you like us seeing up your legs or right down your jumper to your lovely big breasts. You want us to see, don’t you? You can’t deny it. Here, look at this one,’ and James flicked the button and Robin took in a deep breath. The picture was one which showed right up under her skirt, between her thighs and clearly visible were her tight, red panties. ‘Isn’t that a great photo, Mrs K?’ and James laughed again.

Robin could feel her panties getting moist once more, and that slightly dizzy feeling was washing over her. She was overwhelmed that young guys would take such pornographic photos of a mature, married woman who was the mother of one of their friends, but she still had that itchy excitement between her legs and wanted desperately to stroke her clit as she eyed yet another picture of her panties that James had taken. She softened her approach to James and Charlie, wondering where this was going.

‘So you admire my figure boys. I feel flattered but I ought to be going back now.’

‘Oh, Mrs K. I hoped you weren’t going to say that quite so soon. You see, we really would like you to let us see if your breasts are as real as they look. Please, Mrs K. Just let us have one little look at your tits, and then perhaps I will wipe the photos off the phone. I think that’s fair, don’t you Charlie?’ Charlie was goggle eyed in the back, trying to lean over the seat, as close as he could get to Robin.

‘What……..’ exclaimed Robin. ‘Are you serious? You want to see my breasts? No chance!’ and she started up the car engine.

‘Well, OK then, Mrs K, but you won’t mind if we show the photos to your son and all the other guys at school and……and you won’t mind if we put them on the Net, will you, on sites like ‘My Friend’s Hot Mom.’ Again, James and Charlie giggled, and they watched Robin going red with anger….or was it excitement. She turned off the engine again. Secretly, the devil inside her was telling Robin that this is what she was craving, and the dampness in her panties was getting worse. It wasn’t her fault, was it, that James was blackmailing her and wanted to see her tits. She had allowed the two guys to enjoy her display back at the house, and now they wanted more. She had to obey, didn’t she, Robin told herself, and the butterflies in her tummy told her that she really wanted to do it, she really wanted the excitement and danger that she had refused as a teenager. She had played a dangerous game, and now the two boys were calling the shots.

‘You little shit, James,’ but Robin started at the hem of the tight jumper.

‘Not so fast, Mrs K,’ James interrupted. ‘Let’s get in the back where it will be more comfortable,’ and he nipped from his seat round to Robin’s door and quickly opened it. Gingerly, Robin got out of the car and went into the back seat next to Charlie. James followed so that Robin was now sat between the young guys who were smiling and feasting their eyes on the mature woman. Both boys put an arm along the seat behind Robin, but their other hands began to caress her arms and then her tummy, and Robin felt the electricity shooting round her nerves. God, she was in her car, in a secluded part of the park, and under the control of two teenage boys who were going to make her display herself. She was on fire and she briefly felt the inside of one of her thighs as the temptation to squeeze her vagina nearly overcame her.

‘So what do you want me to do then, James. This is awful,’ she lied, ‘and I have to get home real soon.’ Again, Robin held the hem of her jumper but James was quick to assist and his hand went down to help Robin slide the material up her tummy. The voluptuous breasts stood out and James had to pull the jumper way out just to lift the jumper over the bra holding these wonderful orbs in place. Charlie already had his hand on Robin’s stomach and just caressed her skin as he watched the stunning red bra come into view. Robin just capitulated and held the jumper up to her neck with both hands, now eying each boy as they took in the fantastic view and the mounds of flesh now moving so seductively in the bra.

The red bra was a wonderful shape, wired but flimsy, and it held Robin’s tits right up and forward, but there was still a huge amount of flesh spilling over the brim, and the nipples were almost visible as they pushed and grew harder as Robin’s eroticism increased. Now, James ran his hand up Robin’s tummy until finally his hand reached the red material where he just cupped the huge breast and ran his thumb over the hidden nipple.

‘Christ, Mrs K, these are fabulous, aren’t they Charlie,’ and Robin shivered at the soft touch and watched as Charlie also moved his hand up to caress the other breast in the bra cup.

‘Satisfied then?’ Robin enquired, but she still held her jumper up as the boys played with her tits. ‘I think you’ll agree that they’re not fakes, are they?’ and Robin gave a little grin now, the gentle caresses bringing her out in little goose bumps all over her body. Suddenly James eased the cup of the bra down so that Robin’s full tit was revealed, and James quickly bent and licked and suckled at the nipple pointing up at him.

‘James, James, you shouldn’t be doing that, no……………,…….. oh my God, James,’ but Robin closed her eyes and just wallowed in the feelings as this hunky teenager nibbled and sucked and licked all around her huge breast, paying particular attention to the bullet like nipple. Not to be outdone, Charlie did the same on Robin’s other tit, and soon Robin had both guys hanging onto her breasts with their mouths, mauling them about, gently biting the nipples, lifting each orb, squeezing the flesh softly and then with more f***e. Their hands were certainly full of the pliant flesh and there were no signs of them stopping.

Robin watched them and then closed her eyes in ecstasy, and then watched them some more, and in her panties, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She was under the boys control now, and she just didn’t have the nerve to bring the episode to a halt….nor did she really want to. Her breasts were so sensitive, and to have them both suckled on at the same time was bringing her feelings that she had never experienced previously. She rubbed the legs of her jeans together, just to try and bring relief, but she was stuck where she was, holding the sweater up for the two boys, and she wondered if she would ‘cum’ by just being suckled.

As she squeezed her thighs together, Robin suddenly felt a hand on her thigh, running gently up and down her denims, getting nearer and nearer to the top of her leg. Of course, it was James, the brazen hunk. His huge hand spread right across her thigh, and as it reached the top, Robin could feel his fingers rubbing the material almost between her legs. God, he was so forward she thought, so f***eful, and then he lifted his head from her nipple, looked up at her face and said,

‘Let’s take your bra off, Mrs K, just so you can be more comfortable.’ and he started to lift Robin’s jumper over her head.

‘No, no, you can’t do that, it’s not…………’ but both boys were holding the tight sweater and easing it upwards. James used his other hand to unclip the catch on Robin’s back and suddenly the bra was loose, and Robin gave up trying to hold her jumper in place. She had no control as the jumper went over her head, and she felt the straps of the bra being slid down her arms and off, and then James cast the bra onto the floor of the car. The huge breasts were free and Robin was naked from the waist up. Immediately, her breasts were lifted and held and rubbed and mauled, and the mature mother was at the mercy of these two teenagers. She didn’t try to stop them, she just sat back with her eyes closed again as the two college boys enjoyed the sensations of playing with a fabulous pair of tits belonging to one hell of a sexy mother.

‘You’ve got to let me go. I’ve got to get back home, or you’re going to be in serious trouble. You’ve seen my tits, you’ve seen that they’re real enough, haven’t you. Now just let me get back home, and nobody will say anything. You can still come round and play pool or whatever, but I really must go,’ pleaded Robin, even though the feelings in her body were taking her higher and higher to a new sexual plain.

‘Just 5 minutes more, Mrs K. We promise to let you go in just 5 minutes. You’re so sexy and your tits are fabulous……… know you’re loving it, aren’t you,’ and James went back to sucking and lifting and nibbling the stunning orbs. Robin almost smiled to herself as she watched and felt the wonderful exploration of her naked chest. James’s hand slid down her naked tummy to the top of Robin’s jeans, and then his fingers went ever so slowly down the tight seam and zip covering Robin’s wet vagina. She almost jumped at the feelings in her cunt, and tried to keep her thighs as tightly closed as possible.

‘No, no James, what are you doing,’ but the two boys kept suckling and nibbling on the huge tits, and James’s hand kept rubbing gently on the zip of the jeans. Robin tried to move her hand down to fight James away, but she was not strong enough, nor was she putting too much effort into it. The boys had her trapped between them, and she just had to sit back against the seat and allow the exploration to continue. The hand on her jeans was touching and caressing her just in the right spot, and she could also feel Charlie’s hand at the top of her jeans, on her belly, sliding along with the tips of his fingers just pushing an inch or so under the waistband of the jeans.

God, Robin was being slowly seduced against her will………but was it against her will? The feelings in her cunt were overwhelming, the wetness in her panties now reaching saturation point, and she did so long for her body to be ravaged like a slave by these two hunky men who were treating her like a rag doll. If she’d only given in to these feelings when she was a teenager, she could have had the time of her life………..if only!!

The sensations in her nipples, the feelings as the fingers moved around the top of her jeans, and the pressure being applied to the zip over her vagina were driving Robin wild, and she just didn’t have the energy or the will power to object or fight when James started to slide the zip down the front of her jeans. At the same time, Charlie’s fingers slid down a little further under the waistband and Robin could feel him touching the top of her panties. Her hips shuffled a little in token resistance and she implored the boys to stop, but they just carried on (thankfully, Robin thought) and very soon, her zip was wide open, the top button unclipped, and fingers were caressing the front of her panties, slipping lower to feel the sodden pubic hair and the slippery cunt lips under the thin material.

‘Christ, you guys, you have got to stop it……oh my God………..enough! Enought! How dare you!’ moaned Robin, but it really was a moan, from a woman who liked the submissive position that she had been put in. ‘Ummmmm, oh God, please, please sto……….,’ but Robin was entranced now and couldn’t help but assist. Her legs opened slightly, and James’s fingers went down and pushed against the red panties, feeling Robin’s cunt give way and open, the wetness so beautiful as he pushed the panties between her lips and up into the opening orifice. Charlie had his fingers in the top of the panties and was running through the black hair, finding Robin’s clit and, God, did she start to moan at this fabulous intrusion.

‘No, no, nooo……….., ummmmm,’ and Robin just pushed her shapely thighs wider still. All the time, the two mouths were still fixed on her throbbing tits while their hands explored in her cunt. The park was still secluded but it was daylight and there was always a touch of danger………and what about Jeff, her husband. Christ, this was sooooooo good, but he would go crazy if she was away much longer.

‘Listen you two boys, I can’t stay any longer. Please. I……I love……’(she was almost too shy to admit the wonderful feelings she was having) ‘I love what you are doing,………oh, my breasts feel so on fire…………..and your fingers in my panties….you are terrible,’ and Robin managed a little grin. ‘Let me get back home and I promise you can come round to the house when my son and Mr K are away.’ James saw the opportunity and grabbed at it.

‘That’s great, Mrs K. When will that be then,’ and he wanted to tie her down to a definite date, and pushed his fingers up inside her open cunt again. ‘Give us a date.’

‘Next week. Mr K is away at a convention for 3 days and my son should be at school each day. You can only stay for a few hours, though, have a game of pool and some pop,’ and Robin became a little naïve again.

‘Absolutely, Mrs K.’ grinned James. Wednesday again then, after we’ve been to the gym, eh Charlie?’ Both boys were now looking at Robin’s eyes as they began to relax from abusing her body. ‘Of course, we’ve got to be sure that you’ll still invite us in, so I think I just need to do this Mrs K,’ and James quickly took out his phone, flipped the lid and pointed the face at the pendulous breasts that were wet and aroused, the nipples standing out like hat pegs.

‘No, no, James……….,’ but it was too late as James pressed the button. He had managed to get Robin’s face in the picture as well, and then he held Robin’s arm with his own and instructed Charlie to do the same with the other. She was being held firmly, without any means of escape, and James focussed again.

‘You are fabulous, Mrs K,’ James went on, and he took one more picture of the stunning tits, including Robin’s face, before he put away the mini camera. ‘I think we’ll keep the sexy bra as well, just as a souvenir, Mrs K,’ and he picked up the bra from the floor, and shoved it into his waist band. ‘Shall we get back then, we don’t want you getting into trouble. We look forward to Wednesday, don’t we Charlie?’ and the two boys smiled at the gorgeous mother as she slid from the seat, pulled her sweater down into place, and got back into the driving seat.

Robin tried to get indoors with the groceries as quietly as possible, but was surprised to see Jeff still there. Christ, she wanted to get a bra on as soon as possible, as he would be sure to notice. Nothing was said, fortunately, and Robin managed to get to the bathroom with a different bra and get properly dressed before she rejoined her husband. The thoughts going round and round in her mind left Robin in a daze, but she tried to act as normally as possible for the next few days, and even allowed Jeff to fuck her beautifully after they had been out for a nice meal on Friday night. She hoped that nothing would arouse his suspicions, but what could arouse him as she was acting like the innocent wife, looking after the home and f****y, and opening her legs to accommodate her husband’s sexual wishes before he went away on his business trip.

Robin just couldn’t go that extra distance though and get dressed up sexily to go out with Jeff for the evening. He would love to show off that fabulous body to his drinking pals, getting Robin to wear a short, tight skirt to the club, or put on a halter neck dress which allowed her great tits to display themselves to all the lusty onlookers. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t go that far, though, she was respectable and conventional, a church-goer, and Jeff had to content himself with just thrusting his cock up Robin’s cunt as she lay back on the bed, taking out his pent up frustrations on ramming himself up inside her until he flooded his seed right into the depths of her body.

As soon as Jeff left for his flight on Tuesday, and their son had gone off to school, Robin drove into town to visit the boutiques. She was already nervous about the guys visit on Wednesday, but she was relaxed and excited once more. She got back home a couple of hours later and excitedly put the contents of her bags into her bedroom cupboard. She did some work in the office, then some house work, and watched a TV movie with her son in the evening. On Wednesday, she kissed her son goodbye as he left, and then had a shower. God, Robin was so nervous……..what was she doing inviting high school boys around to the house, but she had so many mixed emotions, some of guilt, frightened of what the consequences might be, but she was excited, horny and almost shaking all over her body.

She was determined to be strong and in control, and not let things get out of hand, but half the excitement for Robin was NOT being in control, and having to obey as events overtook her. The shower was wonderful, she soaped every part of her body, slowly caressing her breasts which were already as hard as rocks, and then down onto her stomach, and in her pubic hairs, but she daren’t touch her clit as it would only set her off, and she just wanted to be relaxed and fresh when James and Charlie arrived. She dried thoroughly and then went to her bedroom.

As she sat on her dressing room chair, drying her hair and looking at herself in the mirror, Robin wondered if she should just go out, down to the mall to window shop, or perhaps get on with some office work, avoiding the issue and avoiding the boys. But she was already under the spell, she had to be here………James had said he would be here, he had the photos, and he would catch up with her anytime, wouldn’t he? She had to be a ‘good girl’ and do what she’d arranged, didn’t she?

The baby powder felt soft and aromatic on her skin, the subtle perfume splashed in all the right places, and then Robin found her new red underwear. She had dared herself to buy a little thong, and when she slid it up her long legs and fitted the tiny piece of red material over her cunt, Robin felt exhilarated and hot almost immediately. She caressed herself briefly between her legs and shivered once more. The 39DD half-cup bra was also flowery and Robin had a job to do it up at the back, it was so tight. The wiring moved her big tits right up, like a fork lift truck, and they just lay there almost horizontal, brimming over the material and wonderfully full and hard. Next, Robin rolled on the thin, black, hold up stockings, each one reaching almost to the top of her long leg, and she moved in front of the full length mirror, ashamed but excited at her still fabulous figure in the new underwear. Her damp, black hair was really offset by the red material of the underwear, and Robin took a long, deep breath, watching her tits expand and push the wiring to its limits.

She had already tried on the skirt and top and knew how they looked….fantastic. The skirt was black but tight and very short, clinging to her superb thighs so majestically. The full zip, which went from the top to the bottom of the skirt at the front, could be unzipped at either end, but at the moment, it was fully done up. Then Robin put on the blouse. It was an off white colour, but very thin and almost see-through, with tiny buttons from the neck to the waist where it tucked into her skirt. As Robin worked each button, it became tighter and tighter across her breasts until it was stretched right across her chest and done up almost to the neck. She wouldn’t dare wear this outfit out of the house, and in the last few years, she wouldn’t even wear it in order to get her husband horny. This was something special for this one off occasion.

The high heel shoes were strappy and black and as Robin put them on, she looked sensational, again looking nearly 6 feet tall. One more look in the full length mirror, and she ran her hands over her breasts and down over her thighs, not quite believing the fabulous figure in the sexy clothes was actually her.

Nervously she read a magazine as she sat on her couch in the lounge, and then she heard a car draw up outside. She knew who it was. As the front door opened, not even a knock, she heard James shout out up the stairs.

‘Hi, Mrs K. Come round for some pop. Where are you?’ Robin didn’t answer, but just sat twitching as she held the magazine and waited, hardly daring to breathe. As Charlie and James came to the top of the stairs and slid into the lounge, both sets of eyes nearly popped out as they eyed the mature mother of their school buddy sitting on the couch.

‘Christ Charlie. Doesn’t Mrs K look really hot today. You look fantastic Mrs K.’ James and Charlie both wore tatty old jeans, full of holes round the knees and thighs, which seemed to be the current fashion, the clothing hanging on their hips showing off their coloured boxers underneath. They also both wore vests and nothing else, showing off their youthful muscles again. Robin smiled and said hello.

‘Some pop, then, Mrs K? We’re really thirsty after the work-out.’ and they watched as Robin rose from her seat.

‘Nice to see you boys. Had a good session at the gym?’ but she got no reply as she felt their eyes drilling into her body as she moved away from them towards the kitchen. Robin knew that her short skirt and tight blouse would be holding the guys attention, so she made a point of bending over as she went into the fridge for the iced pop. When she returned to the lounge, both boys were sitting in separate chairs, opposite the couch again, so Robin was f***ed to deliver the chips and pop over to them. She was now less than two feet from leering eyes, and she could feel herself being mentally undressed as she bent over. Already, her thong was feeling very warm between her legs.

‘Thankyou, Mrs K. Very kind of you,’ started James. ‘Now go and sit on the couch there, so we can look at that fabulous body some more.’ He was as brazen as hell again, but what the hell. Mrs K had dressed to please, hadn’t she, and they still had the upper hand and could call all the shots. Robin obeyed and sat back on the couch. She loved the sense of being helpless.

‘Cross your legs, Mrs K. Go on.’ Robin shivered again but crossed one long, shapely leg over the other, knowing that the short skirt was riding right up her thighs to give her no modesty. She tried to gain the upper hand.

‘What about the photos then, James? You’re here as we arranged, so what have you done with the phone pictures?’

‘Don’t worry, Mrs K. They’re quite safe. I went and forgot my phone and left it at my b*****r’s house, but I’ll collect it later. Charlie has got his phone, though, haven’t you Charlie, so if we want to take more pictures, we can carry on if we want to,’ and James laughed as he saw Robin start to blush and get flustered.

‘You said you’d bring it today. You’d better look after those pics, and not let anybody see them.’

‘Aw…..Mrs K, you worry too much, don’t you,’ and James was getting up from his seat and walking round behind the couch. Charlie rose from his seat too. ‘Those tits look great again, Mrs K. How about undoing the top buttons of that tight blouse, just a few.’ Robin took a deep breath again.

‘I’m not undoing my clothes for you. You can admire them………do you like the outfit?’ and she didn’t react at all when James reached over the couch and put both his hands onto the blouse, right over the two straining orbs. He began to lift and hold the wonderful breasts and Robin almost gave in without so much as a whimper.

‘You know this is wrong, you two boys,’ she whispered, her eyes closing already. Charlie sat down at Robin’s side on the couch and watched his friend playing on the front of Robin’s see through blouse. The high heels had pushed Robin’s legs up higher and, even as she sat back on the couch, she looked so wanton and available.

‘Oh you know you love it, Mrs K. You wouldn’t have gotten dressed so sexy if you didn’t love guys admiring you. Lift the zip Charlie!’ While James began to undo the little buttons on the blouse, Charlie reached down and ran his hand up Robin’s hold-ups and then grabbed the bottom end of the zip on the little skirt. Robin’s breathing became heavier, her little sighs showing her excitement at what was happening. These two young guys had put her into such a position that she was torn between feeling so guilty, and yet wanting to submit to their every idea and desire. She didn’t have the will power and she was being put into such a submissive state of mind that she could only sit still with her eyes closed and feel the gentle seduction take place.

The buttons on the blouse were all opened one by one by James to reveal the tight, flowery bra, and Charlie had moved the zip up the front of the skirt at least 6 inches, so that it opened and showed Robin’s legs up to the top of the hold up stockings.

‘Hold-ups! Look Charlie, she’s wearing hold-ups. Gee, Mrs K, I’ve always wondered what you’d look like in hold-ups.’ Robin didn’t reply but just smiled as she sat with her eyes closed. ‘And these tits, Charlie. They’re almost coming over the top of her bra,’ and James ran his hands all over the bra and the flesh that was fighting to spill over the top. Charlie bravely ran his hand up Robin’s thigh, above the nylon and onto the soft, white flesh.

‘Open your legs, Mrs K, let Charlie look right up your legs. Come on, you’re loving this aren’t you?’

‘No, no, please don’tttt……….,’ and Robin tried to keep her thighs together as Charlie’s hand pushed up her leg.

‘Look Mrs K. Don’t be a prick tease. You want it, don’t you. You want us to play with you, don’t you, and you’re begging for it really. We’ve got photos, don’t forget. You dress up all sexy and hot for the baseball games, you come out in the car and let us play with your tits and undo your jeans, and today you’re looking like a dirty slut in these little clothes. You know you love it, so open your legs and let’s see your little panties.’

‘Christ, you boys. What more do you want?’ but Robin slowly let her thighs inch open as Charlie’s hand went higher up her legs. She was totally gone, on a cloud, and unable to resist any movement from the boys. As her legs moved wider, the zip slid open even further until the flowery red thong could be seen pushed up against Robin’s bushy cunt. Little tufts of black hair could be seen poking from the sides of the thong, as well as the whole bush through the see-through material. Hands moved over her skin, James pushed the bra cups down to lift out the huge mammeries, and now there was no way back for Robin.

James came round to the front again to sit on the couch and Robin was sandwiched between the two eager teenagers. They each held one of Robin’s arms at her side, as before, and began to work again on slobbering all over her breasts. Their other hands were going up the luscious legs, up above the nylon hold-ups to the little thong.

‘Wider, Mrs K,’ instructed James, and his hand pushed Robin’s thigh wider so that her legs were as far as apart as possible. Still they suckled and nibbled on her straining nipples, but their fingers were now under the thong, feeling the wet lips of Robin’s cunt, playing in her pubes, caressing the hard clit that was opening like a flower in spring. Never before in her life had Robin had two males inside her pants at once. The feelings emanating around her body were wonderful, the tingling in her stomach and the aching in her cunt so intoxicating. Dare she stop them, could she stop them? The guilt washed through her body, but only briefly, and then she just thought of the feelings in her body again.

Robin felt a finger slide into her cunt, and then her nipple was bitten and pulled with a set of teeth. She didn’t feel the pain, she only felt the warmth of a strange finger pushing her cunt lips apart. Then another finger went in and pushed deeper.
‘She’s really hot Charlie, the dirty bitch. She loves it, don’t you Mrs K?’ Robin couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t admit that YES, she was loving it, but she couldn’t deny it either. James moved up a few inches until his face was close to Robins, and then he pushed his lips against the sexy mouth gaping open. He began to kiss Robin’s mouth and pushed his tongue straight in. She startled and then returned the snog by fighting James’s tongue with her own, James’s hand now grabbing the big tits and pulling and lifting them roughly.

Charlie’s fingers had now gone into Robin’s open cunt and he was pushing in and out slowly as the mature tart lay wide open for him. When James looked down at the action between the nylon clad legs, he moved the zip of the skirt right up to the top until the black skirt fell apart and Robin’s body was fully on view. It looked even sexier than either boy could have imagined. James couldn’t resist any longer. He started to unzip his own tattered jeans.

‘Look Mrs K, you tart. Just for you. This is what you want, isn’t it? Some young, big cock!’ and he slid his penis from his boxers and held it firmly in his fingers. He was already rock hard and pointing at the ceiling, and James gently stroked himself between thumb and forefinger. Then he took Robin’s hand and wrapped it around his member, and Robin’s eyes opened wide at the new, thick, vibrant cock in her fingers………she couldn’t believe her own eyes at what she was feeling. She still had her thighs wide open as Charlie’s fingers kept up the motions in her cunt, but now Robin stared at the huge, young cock in her hand. James grinned, and grasped the nearest nipple again. He pulled the nipple hard again, wanting to see her grimace, and Robin was f***ed to follow her breast as James pulled the nipple tightly.

‘Come on Charlie, let’s get her undressed properly, she wants more of this. Look, she can’t take her eyes off a new, young cock, can you Mrs K?’ The two boys stood up, and Robin let go of the cock. She tried to make a mock protest but she was no match anymore for James and Charlie and in no time at all, her clothes were stripped from her and she was down to her heels, hold up nylons, and just her perfume. She slumped back into the couch.

‘Charlie, get your phone out. She looks fabulous and we need a picture, don’t we, Mrs K?’

‘No, no, not like this,’ and Robin tried to keep her legs shut and put her hand across her tits. James moved round her back again, leaned over and took both of Robin’s arms and held them at her sides.

‘Open your legs, bitch. Go on. Push those long legs apart.’ He held Robin firmly as Charlie flicked the button on his phone. She had no option but to obey, and the camera captured a naked Robin with her legs apart and James holding her arms at her sides.

‘Another one Charlie…..just between her legs,’ and James leant over and slid his fingers into Robin’s pubic hairs and they heard the camera ‘click.’ James stroked his cock again and turned Robin’s face to the side as he held his cock at the top of the couch. He held the dark head of hair in his big hand, and Robin could see this wonderful, vibrant cock only an inch or so from her face. Charlie took aim and ‘click’ again, and on screen was Robin’s face within licking distance of James’s manhood. James grinned, as he was now tormenting the obedient woman.

‘You want this, don’t you slut. Say it. You want some young cock, don’t you,’ and James still held Robin’s face in his hand, and waved his cock across in front of her lips. ‘Go on, say it, you want it!’

‘Not here. Not here. Anybody could come to the door. Let’s go down to the basement,’ and Robin had more or less given her consent to the inevitable. The three made their way down the stairs and as soon as they reached the basement, James moved the sexy woman in the high heels back against the pool table. They stood either side of the naked body and held Robin against the table as they started to fumble with her again. James grabbed her head and pulled it to him for another open mouthed kiss, while his other hand went up between her legs, running through the wet hair and pushing into the soaking cunt. Robin was rampant. She opened her legs without asking and her own hand went back to James’s monster cock.

Charlie played with whatever was available, tits, thighs, arse and he, too, ran his fingers into Robin’s vaginal area, in amongst the nest of hair. She started to groan quietly. Still, James tried to humiliate her.

‘Go on then, I want you to say it. Say you want some young cock, slut. Don’t forget the photos,’ and James was turning up the pressure. He could feel Robin start to rub his cock up and down, her touch so delicate and soft, and he knew she was putty. ‘Go on, Mrs K. Whisper it.’

‘I wa……I want…..I want some of your……some of your ccc…I want some of your cock,’ and Robin’s eyes closed in embarrassment at her words, but she kept hold tightly to the cock in her hand, and opened her legs a little wider.

‘Turn round, Mrs K. Turn round and lean over the pool table. We want you to, don’t we Charlie?’ By now, Charlie had got his weapon out as well, and was gently caressing it as James held Robin by the waist and moved her round to face the green baize. Robin didn’t protest, or speak, but just slid her heels round until she was facing the table, and then she leant down to put her head on her arms and rest them onto the table below.

‘Christ Charlie. She looks hot, doesn’t she? You really look fuckin’ hot Mrs K.’ The two boys could see the huge breasts hanging and swaying, melon like, below the shapely body, the long legs in the hold-ups and heels, and the superb arse which looked good enough to eat. James moved close to Robin’s bottom, his cock in his hand, and he gently caressed the wonderful cheeks of her arse, pulling them apart gently and squeezing the flesh in his fingers. Charlie’s hand went under the still body to touch and manipulate the swaying chest hanging down, and then Robin suddenly felt the rod like touch of James’s cock on her skin. He was rubbing his weapon up and down the back of Robin’s thigh, touching the skin of her arse where it parted, and then James moved closer, aiming between the wonderful thighs.

‘Say it then, Mrs K. Tell me again what you want,’ and his free hand went between Robin’s thighs to feel the soaking cunt that was fired up with anticipation. James had Robin completely under control, in the palm of his hand, and he was milking the situation for all it was worth. ‘Tell me where you want me to put my cock, Mrs K.’ and he slid the bulbous head just to the lips of Robin’s waiting body. Robin was almost shaking with lust and embarrassment, but it didn’t stop her gliding her heels further and further apart, knowing exactly what she was wanting and what she was about to receive.

‘Oh, do it to me. Do me you horrible boy. Just put it up me, and do me.’ She was frantic and almost convulsing by now, but at this very moment, after being seduced and put into a position of no return, Robin wanted fucking by the young hunk behind her.

Birth control never entered the big breasted slut's mind. Her husband had been clipped when their son was two years old. The consequence of her adultress behavior would only occure to her after the fact.

‘Good girl. You are very obedient, Mrs K,’ and as he spoke, James pushed forward and slid very easily into the raging torrent of Robin’s waiting cunt. It was heaven, it was waiting, it took him in and allowed him to go right down into the depths of her body.

‘Ahhhhh, oh God……,’ was all Robin could mutter under her breath as the feeling of being completely full up totally overwhelmed her. James held the naked hips and began to push back and forth. He did not have to build up as Robin was so lubricated, with such a magnificent cunt, that James was able to get straight into his stride and just pummel the woman on the end of his rampant cock. Robin’s huge breasts had immediately begun to thrash back and forth as James fucked her, and Charlie soon latched onto these, trying to suck a solid nipple as Robin leant over, her eyes closed and her mouth open, mouthing all sorts of non-descript words.

‘She’s a good fuck, Charlie, not like all those k**s at college. She goes all the way inside and it’s like velvet.’ James moved his hands round to Robin’s stomach and began to pull the mature sex kitten onto his body. As he pushed his cock in as far as he could, he pulled Robin back sharply onto him, and he’d never had a shag like it. This woman was dynamite, with a magnificent body, and an obvious desire to have her body ravaged. With each thrust, Robin went up onto her high-heeled toes, and James slammed her arse back into his groin, and soon Robin was whelping and groaning at the harsh sensations.

‘Ha…..ah……ah…….Christ…….yes, yeeeeee……………ah..ah..ahhhhhhh,’ she moaned on, not feeling the pain at all as Charlie really gave her tits a hard mauling as they hung under her body.

‘Flip the phone, Charlie.’

‘No, no, notttt………..,’ but Charlie ignored Robin’s pleas and opened his mobile to the camera and took aim. He took two or three pics of James with his cock up Robin’s cunt, then from the front to get in all of Robin’s face and body as James slammed into her, and then he went back to her tits.

‘You have a go now, Charlie,’ enthused James. ‘She wants lots of it, don’t you, Mrs K?’ Quickly, James and his friend changed places, and Charlie was able to slide right up into the waiting body, and the strokes almost didn’t miss a beat. Back and forth, back and forth and Charlie was fucking Mrs K just as vehemently as James had.

‘Ugh…..uhhhhhh,………oh my Godddddd,’ continued the moaning, and Robin still moved her body as much as she could to get the maximum amount of feeling from the onslaught. Her head lolled about, her mouth gaped open, and she had a job to hold onto the pool table. James knew how to occupy her! His cock, covered in juices from Robin’s cunt, needed further attention, and he grabbed Robin’s hair and gently pointed her down at his rampant member. Oh my God, thought Robin, but the thrills in her cunt and deep in her body cast aside any more thoughts, and she eagerly went down over James cock and took him right into her mouth.

‘That’s a good girl, Mrs K, you naughty little slut. Suck that cock right into your mouth. You know you’ve wanted to suck my cock for months, haven’t you? Suck it deep. Go on, deeper, right into your throat. You know you want to.’

Both boys now had their cocks stuffed right into the mature housewife, and Robin was giving her all. She was bent at right angles, one hand on the table, the other round James’s cock, and her straight legs stood apart and firm as Charlie hit her from behind.
The fucking, doggie style, was driving her insane with lust, and she was doing her best to give as good a gobble on James’s wonderful specimen as she had ever done. James held her head, Robin’s dark hair now unkempt at the effort she was making, and James looked at his friend and indicated the ‘flip’ again.

Without stopping their motions, Charlie passed the mobile to James, and he focussed on the beautiful mouth full of cock, just a few inches away. ‘Click, click, click,’ and he had the photos before Robin could even empty her mouth and protest. He held the phone so Robin could see one of the results…………her eyes looking up, and her mouth holding James’s cock, her lips stretched right around the youthful, thick prick.

James grinned at her, but kept her head down over his cock, and Robin just narrowed her eyes in mock anger as she continued to slurp and suck and lick James as he fucked her mouth incessantly. Is this what she had thought about while tending her roses in the garden? Is this what she had missed as a young girl? Being fucked and ravaged and giving up her body completely in order to be dominated and satisfied in the most a****listic way? Robin didn’t care, as the feelings and horniness surrounding her now were out of this world, and she just followed orders as her body felt on fire, and so near to satisfaction.

She was getting nearer and nearer to an almighty climax and just shoved her arse back at Charlie’s cock ramming into her from behind, his strokes quickening with his own excitement. With one of her hands, Robin began to wank James’s cock as she fed it in and out of her throat, and James in turn pulled the mop of dark hair nearer and nearer to his groin. Robin’s mouth was being tickled by James’s pubic hairs each time she pushed his cock deep into her mouth, and she knew he was going to cum at any moment.

‘Come on, Mrs K, you dirty bitch, take it all down inside you. Suck that cock right into your body, you know you want some of my cum right down your throat.’ Robin was torn between her lust and her natural aversion to swallowing. She didn’t like doing it for her husband, and had always shied away, but her current state was out of control, and the big cock fucking her from behind was giving her more courage than she’d ever known. She just kept sucking and licking, and then she felt Charlie suddenly stop and hold himself deeply within her body.

Robin felt the first splash whoosh into her cunt, and then it was like a torrent firing into her body. Her eyes widened and she looked straight into James’s eyes as she felt the cum oozing round inside her, but still James held her head tightly.

‘Can you feel Charlie’s cum inside you, Mrs K?’ but it had no meaning as Robin began to feel her own body shake and convulse at the start of her own magnificent orgasm. It was like nothing she had experienced previously. Like a tornado washing over her whole being, taking everything before it, and leaving devastation behind. Robin just closed her eyes again, feeling herself lose control, and like a robot she just allowed James to keep fucking her mouth as her body shivered from fingertip to toe as the orgasm shaking her went on and on. Even when James’s cock erupted in her mouth, Robin opened her lips wider and tried to swallow. She didn’t care, her body was jerking through the storm and her dignity had disappeared completely. She gulped and swallowed again, the white liquid flowing round her mouth and down her throat, until James eased his cock from her lips, both boys having achieved their aim and fucked themselves rigid into the curves and charms of this fabulous ‘Mother I’d like to Fuck.’

James finally slipped from Robin’s mouth, but remained holding onto the fine head of dark hair. Robin felt Charlie slide his cock out from behind, but her cunt still felt stretched and sore from the wonderful pounding. As James held Robin under his control, he was going to make sure that the mature wife now knew her place in the scheme of things.

‘There, Mrs K. You really needed that didn’t you? Young cocks satisfying your basic needs, and giving you the fucking that you wanted.’ Robin didn’t speak. ‘Don’t be shy, Mrs K, you dirty slut. There’s nothing wrong in letting young guys fuck you, and opening your legs to appreciate their efforts. You really are very good, and you need to keep that busty body as fit as you can for me.’ He let go of Robin’s head, but as she attempted to stand he flipped her onto her stomach and climbed onto the table. Sitting on her back, facing her ass he told Jon to get a pool stick.

"What? What are you doing?" Robin asked pleadingly. and allowed her to stand up, watching her panting and breathing with effort as she turned and leant against the pool table.

‘Let’s see the photos, Charlie,’ grinned James, and Charlie opened his mobile and flicked through the numerous shots that they had accumulated that day. Robin looked sheepish and unsure of herself but couldn’t find any adequate words as the two boys ogled the pictures.

‘I hope you’re going to get rid of those,’ was all that Robin could say finally.

‘Of course, Mrs K. Of course. But they’re a sort of guarantee, aren’t they? Knowing that you really need a regular service from young cocks means that the photos guarantee that you’ll do just as I tell you,’ and James ran his hand gently over the enormous, naked breast that was just within reach. Robin shivered and knew just what he was implying.

‘What……..what…… bastard, James. What are you saying?’

‘Well, Mrs K. I don’t think Mr K returns home ‘til Friday, does he? So, you can pick me up in your car on Thursday, outside the gym at 11 o’clock, and maybe we can talk about the photos, can’t we? We have to go now, don’t we, Charlie, so see you on Thursday……….oh, and don’t forget to wear something hot, Mrs K,’ and within 5 minutes, the two boys had dressed and had slid out the basement door, their car roaring off down the street.

Robin decided to tend her garden again, frightened of thinking about what she should do on Thursday!

... Continue»
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Mrs.Yu Tan, 27, is a very self-confident and pretty business woman. She grew up in China so she doesn't speak much English, much more tagalog. She wanted to open business here because she heard a lot of chinese coming here for business.

Mrs. had a sexy body and enjoys lathering a thick layer of soap all over her naked body and allowing the jets of water to strike her ripe breasts enlarging her nipples. She had large brown nipples that always appeared hard.

After drying off, Mrs. Yu Tan dressed for her business meeting even though it was still 2 hours off. She wore thin, blue, floral panties with a matching strapless bra. Over the bra she wore a conservative, white, opaque button up blouse with a narrow collar.

Next, being very near-sighted, she put on her square shaped glasses so she could see clear enough to put her dark, brown hair up in an old-fashioned bun. A real pearl necklace highlighted her smooth, delicate neck while a pair of dangling pearl earrings completed the effect.

Finally, she pulled on her navy skirt and navy jacket. Observing herself in the mirror she smiled. She was full of confidence; after all, her fortune cookie last night had said "strangers will enjoy your wares".

Outside on the busy street in binondo she looked around wondering which way was going to ongpin and approached a local guy. After much gesturing, the guy gave up and waved vaguely down the street. Mrs. walked in the direction she thought was pointed out to her but in a different direction. Instead of ongpin her direction was going to the piers, and she got confused and ended up somewhere near parola in delpan.

Mrs. turned left and strode confidently hoping to find the way to her meeting.

After about a half-hour, Mrs. noticed that the street had become rather seedy looking so she stopped a trio of young men at the street corner to once again ask directions.

"Scuse," she said.

The muscular young men turned to look at the foreigner interrupting their conversation about a new chick in the neighborhood. Two wore bandannas and sleeveless shirts while the third wore a filthy sando.

"I go?" Mrs. Yu Tan smiled as she showed them the address.

One said to the other in the local dialect she didn't understand, "Looks like we have a new dilihensya and fresh meat!"

Mrs. said, "Scuse? I go? You show?" Again she showed them the address.

The third man with the shaven head and tattooed arms told her in tagalog, "Sarap ng dyoga mo ah, maalog. Gusto mo iyot?"

Mrs. misunderstood and replied, "Here? You show?"

The trio grinned at each other realizing that Mrs. understood nothing. They openly discussed what they would do to her while she smiled hopefully.

The boy of the slums smirked and waved for her to follow him across the street.

Hearing "come", Mrs. was very pleased that these kind boys would help her and said, "Good. I go." She followed him across the street while the other two big boys accompanied her, one on each side of her.

Unknown to Mrs., their cocks were quickly hardening at the thought of the unexpected opportunity that had just come their way. They intended to e****t Mrs. to a suitable location and then "sample her wares".

Turning a corner to go down an even filthier street, they stopped, looked down at Mrs. and asked, "Mam Puta, What's your name?"

Mrs. smiled as she didn't understand the derisive tagalog word but heard "name". Pointing to herself she replied, "Mrs. Yu Tan." She didn't understand why all three burst out into laughter.

The one with the shaved head hooted, fucking right she will. Right after they rip her clothes off they're going to stick their prick up her pussy.

Mrs. politely laughed with them while wondering what was so funny.But Mrs. was just a little perturbed at the squalid area they were walking through. If the area was this run-down, could the merchants she was going to present to afford her merchandise?

A couple other young men waved at her e****t and jerked his thumb toward her and made an odd gesture with his hands: he put the thumb and forefinger of one hand to form a circle and then repeatedly jabbed the forefinger of the other hand in and out of the circle. The other young men laughed uproariously and joined with her e****t.

Now she had five young men helping her – one in front, one on each side of her and two behind. Mrs. felt quite puzzled at the meaning of the boys' gestures.

Soon they reached the entrance to a shabby 2 storey brick building. A few windows were broken and the entrance was spray-painted with graffiti. A broken sign over the entrance read "".

Mrs. didn't like the looks of the place. Maybe it was the wrong place? She asked, "Inside? No." She showed them the paper with the address again.

That was when everything went bad. The young man flung the door open and the men behind shoved her roughly inside. Turning in a panic, she saw a huge bulge pushing out the front of the young man's pants. Mrs. suddenly realized what the men actually had in mind.

Opening her mouth to scream, Mrs. felt a large hand clamp over her face. One of her e****ts pulled out a balisong, waved it at her and put a finger to his lips. Mrs. understood that he meant she must be quiet. Her wide, brown eyes just stared at the blade he had aimed at her. Tears welled up in her eyes.

They pushed her into a lounge area containing a couple beat up old sofas, a broken coffee table and a stained, dirty carpet.

Mrs. found herself encircled by five big, strong boys. Sobbing, she put her hands together and pleaded, "Please. No. I go? Please?" She stuck her hand into her purse, pulled out a large wad of cash, pushed it toward her assailants and repeated, "Please? I go?"

One man took the cash, said "salamat" and pushed her roughly into another guy. The rough boys started pushing her from one to the other. Mrs. tried to keep her footing while trying to plead in her unintelligible English.

A hand grabbed the front of her navy jacket, yanked and Mrs. heard a ripping sound as the two buttons fastening the jacket tore off. Another hand pulled the jacket from behind at the neck and the jacket slid down her back. In seconds, Mrs.'s crisp, new business jacket lay on the floor; her assailant's feet trampling it into the filth.

As one man pushed her backward, a black man spanked her knocking the thick, square-shaped glasses off her face. Her assailants' instantly went out of focus.

A voice said, "Hey look at the pearl necklace on the bitch. It looks real!" She had no idea what the voice said but felt her pearl necklace ripped from her delicate neck. Her pearl earrings were pulled off next. Luckily she didn't have pierced ears.

Again the voice, "They're real. This will sell for a fortune!" Again Mrs. had no idea what they said but she did know she had just been robbed of her expensive pearls as well as all of her cash.

A hand grabbed her hair bun and pulled until it came loose sending her long, dark brown hair cascading down her back.

The men continued to shove Poor Mrs. back and forth. One pinched her bum hard, and another one grabbed her tits through her conservative, white blouse.

She wanted to scream for help she could still see the blade and in her mind her fear grew bigger by the second.

The hooded man with the tattoos yanked her newly dry-cleaned navy skirt downward. Mrs. heard a loud tearing sound as it fell to the floor in tatters; trampled underfoot together with her jacket.

Tears' streaming down her face, poor Mrs. was now protected only by her crisp white blouse, her thin blue, floral panties and her matching strapless bra. Not for long.

Without her glasses, she could only see an indistinct face hovering into view. A hand clutched the top of her blouse where it touched her throat. A rough downward motion resulted in another tearing sound as the front of her once pristine white blouse shredded. Another hand ripped the off the back of her blouse leaving poor Mrs. clad only in her pretty underwear.

Two large hands gripped and twisted the front of her bra causing yet another ripping sound. Suddenly, Mrs.'s ripe tits with their large brown nipples were fully exposed. Mrs. in vain tried to protect and hide her breasts as another hand grabbed the front of her panties and tore them off too.

The pushing and shoving stopped. The once confident, proud Mrs. Yu Tan, business woman, stood shaking in the middle of the circle of r****ts. One hand tried to cover her ripe breasts while the other tried to cover her black-haired pussy to little effect. Reluctantly she felt her nipple harden, as well as her clitoris, engorged with hormone swelling up getting noticeable!

The five men, large bulges swelling the front of their pants, when they noticed it laughed at her knowing she was too frightened to scream and probably couldn't identify any of them, is getting horny too. After all, to a Chinese woman, all of them looked pretty much the same filthy and scary.

One of them seized her wrists and f***ed her arms to extend straight above her head so they could get a better look at their naked, trembling prize.......................


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Mrs.Yu Tan, 27, is a very self-confident and pretty business woman. She grew up in China so she doesn't speak much English, much more tagalog. She wanted to open business here because she heard a lot of chinese coming here for business.

Mrs. had a sexy body and enjoys lathering a thick layer of soap all over her naked body and allowing the jets of water to strike her ripe breasts enlarging her nipples. She had large brown nipples that always appeared hard.

After drying off, Mrs. Yu Tan dressed for her business meeting even though it was still 2 hours off. She wore thin, blue, floral panties with a matching strapless bra. Over the bra she wore a conservative, white, opaque button up blouse with a narrow collar.

Next, being very near-sighted, she put on her square shaped glasses so she could see clear enough to put her dark, brown hair up in an old-fashioned bun. A real pearl necklace highlighted her smooth, delicate neck while a pair of dangling pearl earrings completed the effect.

Finally, she pulled on her navy skirt and navy jacket. Observing herself in the mirror she smiled. She was full of confidence; after all, her fortune cookie last night had said "strangers will enjoy your wares".

Outside on the busy street in binondo she looked around wondering which way was going to ongpin and approached a local guy. After much gesturing, the guy gave up and waved vaguely down the street. Mrs. walked in the direction she thought was pointed out to her but in a different direction. Instead of ongpin her direction was going to the piers, and she got confused and ended up somewhere near parola in delpan.

Mrs. turned left and strode confidently hoping to find the way to her meeting.

After about a half-hour, Mrs. noticed that the street had become rather seedy looking so she stopped a trio of young men at the street corner to once again ask directions.

"Scuse," she said.

The muscular young men turned to look at the foreigner interrupting their conversation about a new chick in the neighborhood. Two wore bandannas and sleeveless shirts while the third wore a filthy sando.

"I go?" Mrs. Yu Tan smiled as she showed them the address.

One said to the other in the local dialect she didn't understand, "Looks like we have a new dilihensya and fresh meat!"

Mrs. said, "Scuse? I go? You show?" Again she showed them the address.

The third man with the shaven head and tattooed arms told her in tagalog, "Sarap ng dyoga mo ah, maalog. Gusto mo iyot?"

Mrs. misunderstood and replied, "Here? You show?"

The trio grinned at each other realizing that Mrs. understood nothing. They openly discussed what they would do to her while she smiled hopefully.

The boy of the slums smirked and waved for her to follow him across the street.

Hearing "come", Mrs. was very pleased that these kind boys would help her and said, "Good. I go." She followed him across the street while the other two big boys accompanied her, one on each side of her.

Unknown to Mrs., their cocks were quickly hardening at the thought of the unexpected opportunity that had just come their way. They intended to e****t Mrs. to a suitable location and then "sample her wares".

Turning a corner to go down an even filthier street, they stopped, looked down at Mrs. and asked, "Mam Puta, What's your name?"

Mrs. smiled as she didn't understand the derisive tagalog word but heard "name". Pointing to herself she replied, "Mrs. Yu Tan." She didn't understand why all three burst out into laughter.

The one with the shaved head hooted, fucking right she will. Right after they rip her clothes off they're going to stick their prick up her pussy.

Mrs. politely laughed with them while wondering what was so funny.But Mrs. was just a little perturbed at the squalid area they were walking through. If the area was this run-down, could the merchants she was going to present to afford her merchandise?

A couple other young men waved at her e****t and jerked his thumb toward her and made an odd gesture with his hands: he put the thumb and forefinger of one hand to form a circle and then repeatedly jabbed the forefinger of the other hand in and out of the circle. The other young men laughed uproariously and joined with her e****t.

Now she had five young men helping her – one in front, one on each side of her and two behind. Mrs. felt quite puzzled at the meaning of the boys' gestures.

Soon they reached the entrance to a shabby 2 storey brick building. A few windows were broken and the entrance was spray-painted with graffiti. A broken sign over the entrance read "".

Mrs. didn't like the looks of the place. Maybe it was the wrong place? She asked, "Inside? No." She showed them the paper with the address again.

That was when everything went bad. The young man flung the door open and the men behind shoved her roughly inside. Turning in a panic, she saw a huge bulge pushing out the front of the young man's pants. Mrs. suddenly realized what the men actually had in mind.

Opening her mouth to scream, Mrs. felt a large hand clamp over her face. One of her e****ts pulled out a balisong, waved it at her and put a finger to his lips. Mrs. understood that he meant she must be quiet. Her wide, brown eyes just stared at the blade he had aimed at her. Tears welled up in her eyes.

They pushed her into a lounge area containing a couple beat up old sofas, a broken coffee table and a stained, dirty carpet.

Mrs. found herself encircled by five big, strong boys. Sobbing, she put her hands together and pleaded, "Please. No. I go? Please?" She stuck her hand into her purse, pulled out a large wad of cash, pushed it toward her assailants and repeated, "Please? I go?"

One man took the cash, said "salamat" and pushed her roughly into another guy. The rough boys started pushing her from one to the other. Mrs. tried to keep her footing while trying to plead in her unintelligible English.

A hand grabbed the front of her navy jacket, yanked and Mrs. heard a ripping sound as the two buttons fastening the jacket tore off. Another hand pulled the jacket from behind at the neck and the jacket slid down her back. In seconds, Mrs.'s crisp, new business jacket lay on the floor; her assailant's feet trampling it into the filth.

As one man pushed her backward, a black man spanked her knocking the thick, square-shaped glasses off her face. Her assailants' instantly went out of focus.

A voice said, "Hey look at the pearl necklace on the bitch. It looks real!" She had no idea what the voice said but felt her pearl necklace ripped from her delicate neck. Her pearl earrings were pulled off next. Luckily she didn't have pierced ears.

Again the voice, "They're real. This will sell for a fortune!" Again Mrs. had no idea what they said but she did know she had just been robbed of her expensive pearls as well as all of her cash.

A hand grabbed her hair bun and pulled until it came loose sending her long, dark brown hair cascading down her back.

The men continued to shove Poor Mrs. back and forth. One pinched her bum hard, and another one grabbed her tits through her conservative, white blouse.

She wanted to scream for help she could still see the blade and in her mind her fear grew bigger by the second.

The hooded man with the tattoos yanked her newly dry-cleaned navy skirt downward. Mrs. heard a loud tearing sound as it fell to the floor in tatters; trampled underfoot together with her jacket.

Tears' streaming down her face, poor Mrs. was now protected only by her crisp white blouse, her thin blue, floral panties and her matching strapless bra. Not for long.

Without her glasses, she could only see an indistinct face hovering into view. A hand clutched the top of her blouse where it touched her throat. A rough downward motion resulted in another tearing sound as the front of her once pristine white blouse shredded. Another hand ripped the off the back of her blouse leaving poor Mrs. clad only in her pretty underwear.

Two large hands gripped and twisted the front of her bra causing yet another ripping sound. Suddenly, Mrs.'s ripe tits with their large brown nipples were fully exposed. Mrs. in vain tried to protect and hide her breasts as another hand grabbed the front of her panties and tore them off too.

The pushing and shoving stopped. The once confident, proud Mrs. Yu Tan, business woman, stood shaking in the middle of the circle of r****ts. One hand tried to cover her ripe breasts while the other tried to cover her black-haired pussy to little effect. Reluctantly she felt her nipple harden, as well as her clitoris, engorged with hormone swelling up getting noticeable!

The five men, large bulges swelling the front of their pants, when they noticed it laughed at her knowing she was too frightened to scream and probably couldn't identify any of them, is getting horny too. After all, to a Chinese woman, all of them looked pretty much the same filthy and scary.

One of them seized her wrists and f***ed her arms to extend straight above her head so they could get a better look at their naked, trembling prize.......................




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Her Name Was Mrs. Perkins

In 1973 I was 18 years old and working at a grocery store called the "Warehouse Market" in east Tulsa. Grocery stores are great places to meet girls or women and I had many a sexual rendezvous with females I met at the store.

In the same shopping center was a small Mexican food joint called the "Taco Hut". I would pop in over there for lunch once in awhile, not because of the fine cuisine but mainly due to the cute girl that worked there named Debbie Perkins. She was younger than me but had a great body and a very pretty face. She was very petite at five foot tall with a dynamite ass, long light brown hair and dark brown eyes.

I was dating two or three other girls at the same time, mainly for sex, as well as having a steady girlfriend who eventually became my first wife. I was pretty busy with all the girls I was messing with plus working fulltime at the grocery store. But I could always find time for one more girl and Debbie would be just one more notch on my coup stick of conquests. Yeah, I was a real butthead back then. I guess I'd be what is called today as a "Player".

I won't go into how we got together as there is nothing unusual or sexy to tell. Suffice it to say Debbie liked me as well and we started messing around together. Sex though was not happening. Oh, I got to play with her titties and she'd suck my cock but that was it.

Debbie lived about a half mile behind the Warehouse Market. During the course of our relationship, I had started going over to her house to hang out when I was not working or didn't have some other extracurricular sexual activity to do. She had a younger s****r, one older b*****r and of course her mom and dad. Her dad was a heavy equipment operator who was gone usually during the week on construction jobs out of town but would come home on the weekend to mainly sit around and drink beer. He was a friendly guy and seemed to enjoy life to the fullest. He would always ensure I had a beer in hand when I came over to visit and he was home, even though I was u******e and would be driving his daughter around. Mrs. Perkins would drink a little with him but apparently she was not the drinking partner he wanted. Debbie's older b*****r worked with his dad so he too, was gone except for the weekends. He also would drink with us if he was home.

I soon was regarded as one of the f****y by everyone, especially Mrs. Perkins. She was small and petite like Debbie and wore those gawd-awful horn-rimmed glasses that had been so popular in the 1960's. In 1973 she was about 40 to 45 years old. Her petite body wasn't bad at all with a nice slim waist and small but perky looking breasts. I could see where Debbie got her fantastic ass as well as Mrs. Perkins had an ass you could definitely go to town on. Her only real negative quality was she was not a beauty queen. No, she was not homely or ugly; she just was rather plain and did not wear make-up and her hair was rather dead and frizzy. And those glasses really didn't help. Debbie obviously got her beauty from someone else in the f****y. Now hold on....I'm no "Shallow Hal" here. I don't judge a person just based on physical beauty. I just want you to get an idea of what she looked like. What she lacked in looks, she more than made up in personality. Mrs. Perkins was a hoot! Especially after she too, had downed a beer or two.

After a few months Debbie and I stopped dating. It was mainly my fault as I never took her anywhere except to go make-out somewhere. And while she was pretty, her blowjobs were terrible. She could not quite get the technique down of not using her teeth and if I did cum, she'd just let it shoot into the air and wouldn't swallow or clean up my cock with her tongue afterwards. Now some guys like that I guess but I am not one of them. And since we were not having sex, I was losing interest in her. I guess I am a little shallow after all.

After Debbie and I "broke up", I took a break from going over to her house. But soon I was back, hanging out with the f****y again. Debbie had started dating a guy who had been in my high school graduating class. I remember he would look at me weird when he would come over to pick her up and find me there with her parents drinking beer and having a good time.

One Wednesday I was off work and had no plans for the day. I was bored. All my girlfriends were busy, my buddies were busy and I sure didn't want to stay at home as I wanted to "get busy". I had not been over to the Perkins house in over a month so I thought I'd run over there and see what was going on and maybe have a beer or two with Mrs. Perkins as I knew she would be there alone as Debbie and her little s****r would be in school and her husband and son would be in Arkansas working.

Mrs. Perkins was glad to see me. She had been ironing clothes and was ready for a break when I got there. She popped the top on a couple of beers and we sat down and talked as she watched some insipid soap opera on television and made small talk. As we chatted she began talking about needing to work in her vegetable garden that afternoon and asked if I would like to see how big it had got. Why not? I had nothing else to do so I told her I did.

We got up and went to patio door that lead to the backyard. She pulled the curtain to the side and as I stood over her, I leaned forward to look out the glass door at her garden as she talked about it. Remember I am 6"4" tall and wore cowboy boots so I towered over her small frame.

I was very close to Mrs. Perkins as I peered through the glass out at the garden and my hand came up and rested on her hip as I leaned over her to see what she was talking about.

Mrs. Perkins stopped talking and looked up at me. I could feel her eyes on me and looked down into her face and without thinking, lowered my lips and kissed her. There was no resistance, no pushing me away. Instead my lips were matched by hers and she was soon the aggressor in this unexpected kiss.

She turned her body around and wrapped her arms around my neck as she melted into me. Her kiss was hot and passionate and Mrs. Perkins was obviously hungry for something.

After a long wet kiss, our lips parted and she panted for breath, holding onto me tightly.

"Oh Rick", she said. "We shouldn't be doing this. But I need it so bad". She was hugging me tightly and I could feel her pelvis slightly rotating against me.

Well, I may have been only 18 but I wasn't stupid. I had an older woman in my arms who obviously wanted to fuck, or at the very least needed "a" fuck and my cock was getting hard at the excitement of what was happening. Well, I was just the young cowboy to ride this filly. I didn't say a word. I bent down and picked her up in my arms ala Rhett Butler from "Gone with the Wind" and carried her from the patio door to the master bedroom and deposited her on her marital bed. I climbed in next to her and we started to kiss again.

Mrs. Perkins was almost frantic in her kissing. There was no tenderness in those kisses. She kissed long, hard, deep tongue kisses interlaced with short rapid fire kisses that danced over my lips, face and neck. This woman was horny and had no time for romance or tenderness. I was caught up in the moment and did the same to her as we both rubbed and squeezed each other's bodies and pulled at our clothes.

Several times she would utter "we shouldn't do this" but never stopped pulling off my boots or pants as she would say it. In seconds my clothes were gone, lying in a heap in the floor with hers on top.

As I lay back on the bed, Mrs. Perkins wasted no time in getting my cock in her mouth. She moaned and mewled as her lips sucked the head of my cock or as she bobbed her head up and down the entire length. Debbie obviously had not been taught how to suck cock by her mom as Mrs. Perkins was a master at what she was doing.

She sucked me for about a minute then took her mouth off of my cock and looked up at me through those horn-rimmed glasses as she fisted my cock up and down. Our eyes met for only a couple of seconds and she said, "Mmm ... Rickey. You taste so good! I can't wait to have you inside my pussy. We shouldn't be doing this but... do you want to be in my pussy?"

"Yes ma'am," was all I could say.

Mrs. Perkins immediately scooted up my body and straddled my waist poising her pussy over my crotch. She continued to look me in the eye as she began to lower herself onto the head of my cock. She paused as it penetrated the lips of her pussy for just a second and drew in a breath, as if she was relishing what she was feeling. Then she began to sink down in one smooth, fluid motion. I had felt some wet pussies before, but this was a wet pussy!

I will never forget the next moment for as long as I live. As Mrs. Perkins slid down my cock, she started making little gasping sounds and her eyes rolled up into her head and only the whites of her eyes were showing. It scared the shit out of me! I thought of the movie "The Exorcist" and just knew she was going to start talking in some demonic voice or upchuck some green pea soup at any moment. I'd never seen anything like that before. But those feelings were soon vanquished as she began to move her wet pussy back and forth; riding my cock like you would a horse, sliding back and forth on my hard dick. Well, ride cowgirl ride!

"Oh baby, baby. Oh damn this is nice....ooohhhh... I need this so bad ... so bad. Oh fuck baby...oh fuck. Oh I love your dick in me!"

I always enjoyed hearing a woman say things sexual while fucking. It was and still is, a turn on for me and at this point in my life, I had not heard a lot of it and found my cock getting harder listening to her as she rode my cock from Tulsa to Texas.

Mrs. Perkins' eyes had returned to normal and she was looking at me again through those glasses. I reached up and took them off of her face and laid them on the nightstand next to us. As she hunched her ass back and forth on my cock she continued to look me in the eye as she moaned her pleasure to me.

"Mmmmm we shouldn't be doing this. No, no.... no we shouldn't. But it feels so feels so right! Oh your cock is so wonderful! It fits perfectly in me baby. Do you like it? Do you like how my pussy feels?"

Well what could I say? Of course it felt great!

" Oh yeah feels good. Ride my cock. Slide that wet pussy all over me!" Hell, I didn't know what to say! I had never had anyone ask me questions before while we were fucking. But I liked it! I liked talking back to her, giving her dirty talk while she was giving it to me. But it excited me too much as I could feel my cum starting to boil over. I told her I was going to cum. It was what she wanted to hear.

"Yes! Oh yes! Give it to me...give me your cum! Oh I want it...I want it in me! That's it baby, cum for mama, cum in her tight pussy."

Mrs. Perkins began fucking me faster and was like a mad woman as she rode my cum-spewing cock. She was screaming out her own orgasm at the same time, telling me she was cumming with me and to fill her pussy with my cum. I was barely conscious of her cum as mine was so intense it was as if Elton john's "Rocket Man" had just blasted from the launching pad at the base of my spine and into her womb.

As our orgasms began to subside, Mrs. Perkins stopped her thrusting and dropped onto my chest, scooting up some so as to french kiss me and allowing my cock to pop free from her soaked pussy. I felt like I was sitting in a tub of water as she had cum a great deal and it had run down my cock and pooled underneath me. I did not know about "squirters" at the time but I now believe she may have been one to a small degree considering how much fluid came from her body when she came.

As we kissed, Mrs. Perkins mumbled again how "we should not have done this" but continued to kiss me hungrily. My cock was still half hard (remember, I was only 18 then) and I had no interest in leaving as I could tell she was not yet ready for me to go. I rolled her over onto her back and started to kiss my way down her neck and down to her titties. They weren't very big but she had some nice plump nipples that looked as if they were begging to be chewed and sucked. Well, if they were begging, the least I could do was help them out some! I flicked my tongue over one of her nips and she thrust her chest up in to my face, grabbing the back of my head and pushing my face down onto her breast. I heard her gasp as I took her nipple between my teeth and rolled it about as I lightly chewed and sucked on it.

"Oh! Bite my nipple...oh my, yes! Just like that! Oh momma likes that!"

"Momma?" I remember thinking. Didn't she say that earlier? Oh's sex. No big deal. After all, she's not my mom so who cares what she says?

Mrs. Perkins continued to mewl her pleasure to me. My cock was getting hard again and I moved up her body and placed my cock at her lips to suck for a minute. I knew this would bring me back to full harness in no time and I was correct. Mrs. Perkins placed her hands on my ass and pulled me into her mouth as she sucked me in. I began to slowly move my ass back and forth, pistoning my cock in and out of her mouth. It wasn't long until my cock was as hard as a diamond cutter again. I pulled away from the suction of her lips and moved into position, pulling her legs up to her chest with my arms underneath her knees so they could rest there. I looked down at her pussy and could see her pubic hair was matted with our cum. Her pussy lips were open and waiting for me, and I could see a stream of my thick white cum seeping down them heading for the crack of her ass. I also noticed the huge wet spot on the bed were we had been laying and wondered if she had peed the bed when she came.

I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed my hips forward. There was no resistance and my cock easily slid fully into her. It wasn't tight but it also wasn't loose. It was jussst right!

I looked up at her and sure enough, there were the whites of her eyes again. It wasn't scary this time, but it still was weird and I could not look at it but for a second or two. I ducked my head and started to grind my pelvis into hers. She liked that.

"Oh yes baby...just like that. Oh yes...oh yes. Grind my pussy baby...grind my clit. Give me that hard dick! Oh that's wonderful baby....oh baby!" she moaned.

I continued to grind her for a while, then stopped and fucked in and out. Then I'd go back and grind, then fuck in and out again. It was with Mrs. Perkins that I discovered I could last a lot longer in bed by alternating these techniques every so often. If I was fucking in and out and felt an orgasm brewing, I could switch to grinding and it would help me to abate the urge to cum for a bit. Plus the women all liked that grinding motion against their clits.

I fucked Mrs. Perkins for about 15, maybe 20 minutes before I came again. During that time, she too had an orgasm that was so violent it nearly threw me off of her. That gal sure could cum! And it too, was a wet one. My second orgasms have always been less of a climactic event when compared to the first one of the day/night. This one was no exception. But it was still damn good!

After our orgasm's abated, I lay next to her and she snuggled up on her side against me with her hand on my chest. We made small talk and once again she mentioned how we should not have done this. Up until then I had not responded as to whether we should have or should not have "done this". But this time I did.

"Why not? I enjoyed it and you enjoyed it. It would not have happened if it was not meant to be."

Mrs. Perkins rose up and looked at me.

"What is it between us? I've felt it for a long time and I've wanted this to happen. What is this connection we have?"

"I don't know," I said. "But I'm sure glad it's there. Aren't you?"

"Oh yes. I am very glad". With that she lay back down beside me and rubbed my torso some more.

I had no idea what she had been talking about. What "connection" was she referring to? She was horny, I was horny and we relieved our needs with each other. "Connection"? Oh well, if it makes her happy to think we are connected, then so be it. I suspect she was just looking for some kind of justification to be fucking someone other than her husband.

I had thoughts of fucking her once more but a look at the clock next to the bed ended that thought as Debbie and her little s****r would soon be in from school. I pointed that out to Mrs. Perkins and she jumped up, as she also had not realized how late it had become. We giggled as we ran to the bathroom and jumped into the shower for a quick wash. We kissed some in the shower and she briefly sucked my cock again just to tease me. After we dried each other off, we got dressed and I headed for the door.

"Ah, Rick. Will you be coming back or is this the last time I'll see you."

"No ma'am. I'll be back."

I kissed her again and was out the door. As I drove off, I saw Debbie's little s****r come around the corner from the bus stop. We'd just barely made it!

I continued to go over to the Perkins house and socialize in the evenings as I had been doing. And I'd stop in at least once during the week to fuck Mrs. Perkins before the girls got home from school. I did not however, go over on the weekends as much as I felt guilty drinking beer with Mr. Perkins and then coming back a couple of days later to fuck his wife while he was in Arkansas working. I may be sexually immoral but I do have a little bit of a conscious.

Our affair went on for a little over a year. While I did not always go see Mrs. Perkins every week, I did see her quite a bit. We fucked in every room in the house at some point to include the girls' bedroom. I also fucked her in my car a few times at night when I'd pop in at her house and she's ask me to take her to the grocery store or to the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream parlor. We'd leave everyone else at the house and immediately drive behind the Warehouse Market and get in a quickie. Damn but that woman liked to fuck! I never could go back in to her house afterwards though due to the wetness of my crotch after I had fucked her. I began to take a towel with me when I'd go over to see her and would put under me or her and help absorb the cum she'd let fly. No matter how much I tried to clean it, my car had wet stains on the upholstery until the day I traded it in. My gawd but that woman had great orgasms!

In November 1974 I left for the Marines. I had a busy week seeing several girls and telling them goodbye. Mrs. Perkins was no exception and we had a wonder afternoon together at a cheap local motel. It was the only time she and I actually made love as every other interlude we ever had, had been pure hardcore fucking. It was a memorable afternoon and one I still think of to this day.

In September of 1975 I came home on two weeks leave. I went to see Mrs. Perkins but it was late in the afternoon so going to bed was out of the question, especially after we had sat and talked at length about the Marines and how I liked California. I was preparing to leave when Mrs. Perkins reached over and started to rub my cock through my pants.... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Five Mrs. Wilson

I called Mrs. Wilson as soon as I got home. The phone rang twice before her daughter Ellen answered the phone. I asked for Mrs Wilson and she told me her mother was taking a short nap before her Daddy got home from work. I was all of a sudden awkward talking to a female who was much closer to my own age.

I didn't know what I could say, so went all dork with her. "Uh...well...hello are you?" She told me she was doing fine and asked back how was I. It seems she was just as nervous talking to someone about her own age, especially since we didn't really know each other because she was a couple of grades behind me at school. "Do you want me to tell her you called?" she asked.

"Oh, no, no no!" I said quickly. I surely didn't want Mrs. Wilson to be calling when my parents might be home and maybe answer the phone before I could get to it. "Just tell her that I called about...," then I didn't know how to finish that. "Ask her if she has any odd jobs I might mowing the lawn or something." Ellen got it then. "Oh, Oh yeah sure. Maybe she would like to have someone else mow it because it seems that Dad is busy all the time now."

Mrs. Wilson did call me back though. She must have gotten up soon after Ellen and I hung up. I had turned away from the phone and gone five or six steps when it rang. She knew my parents schedule as well as I did. We had ten or fifteen minutes to talk before the time they usually got home.

She asked me how my day had gone with Mrs. Martin. I didn't give her details of the sex but said it was really fun. Then I asked, "She gave me forty dollars Mrs. Wilson. I was kind of confused by that. She said twenty dollars was for you and the other twenty dollars was for me. Can I keep that twenty?" Mrs Wilson laughed a bit and said that she had made an arrangement with her friends that would pay her and me for the time I spent with each of them and the time it took Mrs. Wilson to keep all the details of the meetings straight.

"You will be meeting Mrs. Brady tomorrow on the same street corner at about 8:00 a.m. Be sure to have a shower before you go and wear nice clean clothes. Mrs. Martin was very pleased that you dressed like a "k** who was enjoying his summer."

"If one of my friends wants you to dress differently I will let you know. As long as you wear clean clothes and have a shower, my friends will all be very happy to have you visit them." I thanked her for what she was doing for me. "It's all been so much fun Mrs. Wilson. I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for me."

I heard my parents pull into the driveway and said, "Mom and Dad are here now." Mrs. Wilson said she had one thing, one very important thing she needed to tell me. "When you are with your friends Peter you can NEVER tell them what you have been doing. I know guys like to brag. If you brag, that might bring all of this to a fast stop because someone might find out that would be angry about all this. That would mean no more pussy for you and no more money. Do you understand?"

I thought about it for a second and said, "Yes, I can see how that might bring problems for your friends. Mrs. Martin said I was never to tell her husband what we were doing." Mrs. Wilson sighed happily and said, "Yes Peter. With me, you can always...uh spend time with me when Ellen isn't home. Remember now, tomorrow on the corner of Sunflower and Johnson at 8:00 a.m." I told her that I got it and would be there on time. Then I said I had to go because I heard my parents at the front door. She said okay and hung up.

At dinner that night my Mother asked me what my day had been like. I had anticipated the question and had an answer for her. "I walked over to the school and played a game of basketball with some k**s there." Both my parents thought that was a great thing to do. Dad though kept up with his Dad theme, "Just be sure you don't wind up getting together with friends who might lead you into trouble Peter." I told him I just wanted to have some fun and no one could get me to do something I didn't want to do.

We watched some TV that night. I was allowed to stay up late in the summer, but I turned in at 8:30 saying I was "kinda tired."

In my room I stood at my window and looked down into Mrs. Wilson's back yard thinking back to just over a week ago when cousin Tom had taught me how to jack off and the whirlwind that had happened since then. Now that I was meeting women through Mrs. Wilson, I had no desire to jack off. My cock was hard though as I thought about the times with Mrs. Wilson and the time yesterday with Mrs. Martin. Both had been fun, but I thought about how crazy Mrs. Martin was when my fist was in her cunt. I thought also about licking her pussy and decided that sex had lots of different fun parts to look forward to.

The next morning I was standing on Sunflower and Johnson when I saw a very fancy car approaching. I knew it was Mrs. Brady from her picture and the description of her car. She was much older than the other ladies I had been with, but fucking was fucking. She grinned at me when I opened the door and said gustily, "Well hello there stud! I am so glad to meet you!" She held out her right hand and said, "Lucille Brady." I shook it and said, "I'm Peter." She put the car in gear and said, "You look just like your photographs."

I looked at her curiously and said, "Photographs?" She laughed and told me how much she had enjoyed Mr. Martin's pictures. "You really have natural talent Peter. How many times have you fucked now?" I thought about it a moment and said, "Well twice with Mrs. Wilson and once more yesterday with someone else."

She kind of cackled like and said, "I love a man who doesn't kiss and tell Peter." She started talking about herself then. "I divorced Mr. Brady three years ago and while I have had some dates since then, most men seem to want the younger women." She cackled again, looked at me and said, "I kind of get what they are thinking now that you and I are going to be such good friends today."

My cock was hard and I positioned it so it would be less cramped in my pants. Mrs. Brady glanced down at the bulge and whistled.

"Laurie tells me you are a really good fuck. I looked at the whole album of pictures and I know you will be just right for me." I smiled at her and said, "I am really looking forward to fucking you Mrs. Brady. She laughed and said, "Oh Hell Peter. Your cock is going to be in my mouth and other places today. Just call me Lucy."

She took me clear across town to a very nice neighborhood. Mrs. Martin's neighborhood was nice too, but not as nice as this one. Like all the other houses on the block, her house was huge with lots of trees in the very large yard. She had one of those garages where she pressed on a remote control and the door opened up. I marveled at that as we pulled inside. She hit the remote and the door closed.

She led me into the house and asked if I would like something to drink. I hesitated and she said, "I have beer, wine and even some tequila. If you want any of those, that would be fine. If you would prefer lemonade or a Coke I have those too." I watched Lucy pour herself a glass of wine. She sipped it as she led me into her bedroom. Once we were there she reached into her purse and took out some bills. One was a twenty and the other was a fifty. She made sure I saw the fifty. "I know I am only supposed to give you twenty Peter. If you don't tell Laurie I won't tell. I plan to use you all day long. I haven't had a cock in this old pussy in some time. Someone your age should be able to go all day." She gave me a look kind of asking 'am I right'. I smiled and said that one day I had jacked off six times and could have done more but my parents got home.

Lucy clapped her hands, took another sip of her wine and said, "Perfect!" She sat on the bed then and said, "Take off your clothes Peter. I will sip my wine and enjoy the show."

She smiled as I undressed. When the underwear came off she clapped her hands again and said, "Laurie told me she shaved you Peter. How much hair did you have before she did that?" I pointed out the one area where there were sprouts of hair. "I'm not hairy like," I almost said Dan's name but recovered and said, "some men are hairy."

"Come here Peter and help me undress. She sat there sipping her wine while I unbuttoned her shirt. I made sure to have my hands touch her tits while I did that. She leaned forward then so I could see to unlatch the hook on her bra. When I had it off she sat up. Her tits were sagging a little, but they were very nice. A month ago I would have jumped through hoops for a chance to see any tits at all. Her nipples were like little pink marbles. She held out a foot then so I could remove her shoe and sock. When her foot was bare she moved it along my hard cock gently. I took off the other shoe and sock. She stood up then and had me pull her skirt which was held on with an elastic kind of thing at the top near her waist.

She had on very pretty turquoise panties. There was a very wet spot in the part between her legs. I slipped my fingers inside the elastic and as I slid them down her thighs, I slid down to the floor. I was on my knees now right in front of her cunt. She was shaved bare like Mrs. Wilson. Her cunt lips though were very different. Lucy's lips hung down from her slit and were quite long. I stared at them and Lucy laughed. "Mr. Brady was a fan of long lips Peter, so he would always pull on them. She finished her wine and said, "Watch this."

She grasped each lip with the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pulled them down so they were three or more inches from her hole. Mrs. Wilson's cunt lips had been kind of tucked in some and she had a very deep and prominent slit. I guessed then that all women's cunts were different. I whistled and said, "Wow. I like your cunt lips Lucy! Could I pull on them too?"

She laughed and said, "Another big lips fan. Go for it stud!" I gripped her lips and pulled them down till they were like thin sheets of flesh. "Sit down please Lucy," I said a bit in awe.

She sat on the bed, with her ass right on the edge. I leaned forward them, pulling on her lips. I took one of them into my mouth and sucked on it while my nose pressed against her very prominent clit. I pushed my nose on her clit from underneath and letting it pop off of my nose. I did that repeatedly and Lucy was loving it. I pressed her long lips together then and took them both into my mouth sucking on them and pulling back hard on them until they popped out of my mouth. I was having fun playing with her pussy. She tapped me on the shoulder then and said, "This is all great fun stud, but I want to suck your cock. You know about 69 yet?" I looked at her questioningly. She clapped her hands and said, "Oh boy I get a first time on this one! Have you eaten pussy yet?" I told her I had done that yesterday and really liked it. She rubbed her tits and said, "Then you are going to LOVE this."

She laid down on her back on the bed and directed me to crawl over her so my cock was over her face and her cunt was right there at my face. I figured it out then. Lucy ran her fingers lightly over my smooth cock and balls. Then she sucked my cock while her fingers played with my balls. She opened her mouth wider then and took my balls into her mouth along with my cock. I put my face down on her cunt and licked her bare slit. I found I liked licking a shaved pussy very much and went kind of wild on it. I pulled her lips wide apart and had my tongue inside her slit. After a bit I had her cunt lips stretched and placed right on either side onto my cheeks.

Lucy was laughing on my cock. She pulled away from it and said, "You are a very talented young man Peter." I didn't say anything, pressing my chin now against her very prominent clit. Lucy held my cock straight down then licked my balls. She went from there straight up and started to lick my ass crack. I jumped a little at that because it felt so good. She held my ass cheeks apart and stuck the tip of her tongue inside my asshole. I jumped at that too and yelled out, "Wow! That feels Great!"

She cackled again and said, "Well, if it feels great to you, it will feel great to me too. Lick my asshole Peter. Have you ever done that before?" I told her no and she exulted in another first.

I was hoping it wouldn't smell too much, but Lucy had obviously washed up for me. She pulled her legs back and spread them apart. Her ass was raised above the bed now. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Her asshole was the first I had ever really looked at. I thought the crinkled hole was kind of cute. I licked her entire ass crack as she had done for me. She shrieked and laughed out loud. "Keep doing that stud. Earn your money honey." I licked her ass until it was glistening with my saliva. Finally she gasped,"Put the tip of your tongue into my asshole stud. Get it as deep in there as you can." I thought about this and decided that for $50 I could do things I never imagined doing.

I wiggled the tip of my tongue into her little crinkly hole. It gave way and the tip went inside. I put my fingers closer to her asshole and pulled harder on it so that it opened up a bit. With that space I pushed my tongue further into her ass. I guessed it wouldn't go any farther, so started wiggling it around in there. Lucy went crazy!

She screamed and laughed, her hand slapping my ass hard. It stung, but wasn't so bad I would tell her to stop. She stopped on her own. She reached down behind her and moved her finger to her asshole when I pulled away. I watched her slide the tip of her finger into her hole. She put her other hand down there then and put it into her hole too. I was shocked when she opened her asshole wide apart. She gasped, "Stand up Peter." I did so and watched her open her ass even wider apart. Finally she pulled her fingers out and the hole closed tight.

My cunt needs your hard cock now Peter. Fuck it hard and fast. When I am ready for something else I will let you know. Remember, hard and fast and don't fucking stop!"

I nodded my head and said, "Spread your cunt lips Lucy." She said, "Call me whore now...I feel like a whore...(giggling now)when you are really the whore." I didn't think about that right then. I looked at her face and said, "Spread your cunt lips whore!" Lucy grasped her lips and stretched them wide apart. I moved my shaft along the juice slit and she wrapped her lips around my cock and held them over it as I did that. When she was ready for my cock to go into her cunt she said, "Fuck my whore cunt stud! Fuck me HARD!"

I put my hands on her hip bones now and with a wild look started fucking this woman's cunt hard. I didn't stop. Fortunately her old cunt wasn't as tight as the other two women and my cock didn't get to a point of needing to cum with all that motion. She was screaming and her juicy cunt being slammed by my hard cock made that delicious noise I already loved so much. After about five minutes or so of that she screamed, "My asshole. FUCK MY ASSHOLE!" I pulled out and looked down at the little brown hole, closed all tight now. My cock was very slippery now from her cunt juice. The head of my cock was so wet it glistened from the reflection of the lights in the room. I pressed the large head down at the crinkly hole. I knew it would open, but was surprised at how it wasn't easy, but I was able to push it in. Her ass was very very tight on my cock. It was a delicious feeling to fuck this tight hole. I watched my shaft move in and out of her. She had a hand mirror in her hand and held it so she could watch me fuck her ass. I never would have thought of that. I guessed that with age you learn things.

"I am going to come Lucy! Do you want me to cum in your ass?" She told me to fill it up so I did. This was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. All the women had pussies that didn't really squeeze my cock like Lucy's asshole did. I groaned as my seed spurted down deep in her ass.

When I finished, I pulled out. Lucy held her arms open so I moved up to rest on her chest. She held my face and we kissed for quite a while. "That was a great fuck Peter," she sighed with joy. We rested a bit then Lucy asked if I had more lead in my pencil. I looked at her oddly and she asked, "Is your cock ready for more?" I smiled and asked, "What would you like whore?" She said, "tell your whore what you want stud."

I thought about it for a minute then remembered something I had heard about. Cousin Tom told me that whores will get on their knees and will suck a man's cock until he comes inside it. He said some whores will even let you fuck their mouth. All that seemed brutal and awful, but now it didn't seem like it would be bad at all.

I stood up at the foot of her bed and pointed at the floor. "On your knees whore. I want to fuck your mouth." She scurried to move there. She looked up at my face and said, "You will need to hold my head Peter. Have you done this before?" I told her I hadn't done it exactly like this. I continued by telling her about my cousin who had taught me to jack off. "He said there are whores who will let a man fuck her mouth. I want to fuck your mouth whore!"

I held her head in my hands and said, "Open your mouth and suck my cock!" She did as I said. I was surprised that she could take my cock all the way down her throat. She looked at me questioningly and raised her eyebrows. I took that as the signal to fuck her mouth. I pressed her head back against the foot of the bed and started driving my cock hard all the way down her throat. She made a wonderful gagging sound and I got carried away. My balls were slapping against her chin. I thought only then about where my cock had just been before I put it in her mouth.

She moved a hand up my thigh. She must have dipped it into her cunt because when she pressed it against my asshole her finger popped right in. Her hand was able to move with my ass as I ground my hips forward to drive my cock down her throat. I stared at her face, grinning at the woman who was taking my cock in her mouth. My orgasm was seconds away. I yelled out, "Fuck you whore!" as my semen spurted down her throat. When we were done, she lay there against the foot of the bead breathing hard through her mouth. Tears were in her eyes. Her saggy tits made her look old, but that wasn't bad at all. I realized then that she reminded me a bit of my grandmother, my mom's mother. I instantly felt ashamed, but got over it.

Finally Lucy held up her hands. I took them and pulled her up to her feet.
I helped her sit on the foot of the bed and sat next to her. She took several minutes to get her breath back. "Peter, you are an incredible lover. I have done with you almost all I wanted to do." I waited for her to continue. "There is one more thing I want today Peter." After what I had been through, and enjoyed every minute of, said bravely, "Tell me what you want Lucy and I will do it."

She smiled sweetly and asked if my parents ever spanked me. I told her I had to get a switch only two times. One time for breaking a vase my grandmother had given my Mother and once for saying a word that I didn't truly understand at the time.

She thought about that and then said, "Have you ever had your bare ass spanked Peter?" I shook my head 'no'. I wondered how I would deal with that, but said, "Is that what you want to do Lucy? You want to spank me?" She laughed and said, "Oh Heavens No Peter. I want YOU to spank ME!"

That seemed okay to me and thought she was really making me earn my money. I want you to treat me like I have been a bad girl. I am your little girl and you are my Daddy. I have been bad. You make me strip off all my clothes and you have taken off your clothes too. You make me lay over your lap and you spank my bottom until it gets bright red. After we do that I will tell you what is next.

One of my favorite television shows at the time were re-runs of the Lucy and Desi Arnaz shows. I said, "Lucy, you have some explaining to do." She smiled at that and whispered, "make it sound real Peter. I want my Daddy to spank me to teach me a lesson." I went to her desk, pulled the wooden chair out from it and sat down. "Come here Lucy! To think a girl your age would do something like that."

Lucy stood there looking worried. "What did I do Daddy?" I thought for a minute and said, "You were playing with the ball in the house and you broke Mommy's favorite vase. A girl your age should know better than that." Lucy whimpered and whispered, "but I'm only ten daddy. I didn't think it would happen." I used the words then my Dad had used. "I'll give you something to think about."

I pulled her to me. Lucy tried to pull away. I pulled her harder and pushed her down onto my lap. My cock was hard again. Her head was to my left so I could use my right hand. I started spanking her ass. Lucy whispered, "Much harder than that Peter." I hit her ass so hard now it made my hand sting. I growled, "This is hurting me more than it is hurting you!" I was fascinated at how my hand left red hand shaped marks on her ass. I got really into it and Lucy was crying, getting tears all over my thighs. I used my left hand to keep her hands from protecting her ass.

Finally Lucy said, "Well Daddy this all hurts. I hope you don't spank my pussy this time. That hurt so so much." I got the clue and had her lay on her back on the foot of the bed. I held her down at her breasts with my left hand and started spanking her cunt. Soon it was bright red too. She cried and moaned that she would never do it again. Then she said, once her cunt had been punished for about ten minutes, "Please Daddy, Don't fuck my little pussy like you did last time. That hurt me a lot Daddy. Please, please don't."

I turned her on the bed and used my knees to hold her knees apart. I lowered my hard cock down to her red naked cunt. She screamed when my cock went inside. "No Daddy, please no!" I really enjoyed fucking her red cunt while she cried. I knew it was something different that most women wouldn't want, but this was something good to know about. I fucked her had and when I came inside her I put my fingers onto her nipples and twisted them. She hadn't told me to do that.

By this time it was close to three p.m. I said, "Lucy, my parents get home at four. I need to have a shower and get dressed." She smiled and said, "Of course, of course Peter." We took a shower together. We dressed and she dropped me off at Sunflower and Johnson. I had the fifty in one pocket and the twenty in the other.

That night at dinner Mother asked how my day had gone. I told her I had gone to the school and we played basketball for hours. I said I was really tired and asked when dinner was going to be ready because I was really tired. She asked what I had for lunch. I didn't tell her about the steak Lucy had broiled for me or the ice cream that came after that. I said I had a hamburger and french fries and wasn't very hungry.

When I was in my room and had the light on, I looked down into Mrs. Wilson's back yard. She must have been watching for me. I saw her walk out to the chaise lounge where she normally did her sunbathing. I snuck down the back stairs and walked out to talk to her. The first thing I did was to give her the two twenties. She tucked them into her bra. I didn't mention the fifty. "How was your day Peter?" I told her that Lucy had been a lot of fun. She asked if I was up for another meeting. I asked, "Tomorrow?" She shook her head and told me that another friend, Mrs Morgan had said she had some time on Thursday. I told Mrs. Wilson that Thursday would be just fine.

... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Six Mrs. Wilson

The morning after my visit to Mrs. Brady I got a call from Mrs. Wilson. She said that Mrs. Martin had just called and asked why I hadn't been on the corner of Sunflower and Johnson when she came by at 8:00 this morning. She asked "Did you make an appointment with her without telling me about it? You MUST always tell me when a client wants to meet with you without her contacting me first"

I said that she had said she wanted me back in two days. I told her I was sorry that I forgot. Then I asked what a client was.

Angrily she said, "The women I find for you to fuck Peter...the women who give you money for you to keep and money for you to give me...those are the clients. They pay me, as you may recall, for my giving them access to you. If Mrs. Martin ever asks you to meet her again without telling me I want you to say that everything must ALWAYS go through me. Do you understand that?" I was shaking.

There was the time when I thought she would be mad at me, how long ago...just over a week, for jacking off while I looked down at her from my bedroom as she lay on her chaise lounge in her back yard. She had never yelled at me before. What could I do but say I was sorry for something I had no clue was wrong. Jacking off while looking at her had seemed wrong, but agreeing to meet a...a...client without checking on Mrs. Wilson first really surprised me.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Wilson. Do you want me to take the bus and go over to Mrs. Martin's house? I know the route. You could call her and ask if she still wants me. It's only about 8:30 now. I could be there before nine. She was silent for a while, then with a sigh said, "All right. I'll call her. I will tell her to always make the appointments through me so I can remind you." I said okay and waited until Mrs. Wilson called me back.

"Mrs Martin didn't realize that you wouldn't tell me about this. She has apologized and everything is okay now. She said as long as you're there before 9:30 she will be fine. She wants you to come to the back door. She said you should just walk into the house. She will be waiting for you in the living room." I thanked her and was very relieved that Mrs. Wilson wasn't mad at me anymore.

I took a quick shower dressed in a different tee shirt than I had worn last time with her. I just got there in time for the right bus. The driver dropped me off the bus drop-off point. I thanked her and went walking down the street to 312 Elm Street... Mrs. Martin's house.

I went out into her back yard, found the back door and walked into the house. I called out, "Mrs. Martin! I'm here!" I was excited because I had really enjoyed the last time with her.

When I walked into her living room I was very surprised to see another woman there sitting with her. Both of them were sipping glasses of wine and seemed very relaxed. The strange woman's face perked up as she watched me walk into the room. She said, "Well HELLO PETER!" I smiled shyly and waved at her then said "hi."

She turned to Mrs. Martin and said, "Oh fuck Barbara! You were so very right about Peter!"

She looked at me, her eyes moving up and down my body and said, while staring at me, "What a delicious young man!" She looked at Mrs. Martin, eyebrows raised. Mrs. Martin nodded and smiled.

The woman crooked her finger and indicated I should walk over to her. I did as she wished and stood in front of her. She asked how old I was and I told her. She grinned at that and reached into her purse, pulling out a twenty dollar bill. She held it up toward me with two fingers and said, "This is for you Peter if you will kneel on the floor right now and eat my nasty cunt." I looked at Mrs. Martin and she said, "Go ahead Peter, I will pay later for what you do with me. Gloria is an old high school friend of mine. When I told her about you she just HAD to be here." I nodded my head, then knelt on the floor in front of the woman she called Gloria.

Gloria was wearing a skirt with flowers all over it. She scooted her butt to the edge of the couch and, grinning lasciviously at me, she slowly raised her skirt until it was above her waist. She had a beautiful pussy. The mound was very pronounced. I liked that in a woman now that I knew about that. I also liked that she had shaved off every hair from her pussy. Her slit was also very pronounced, probably a result of having such a prominent mound.

I smiled at her and said, "Spread your legs for me please." Gloria howled at that and said, "Oh anything you want Cutie." She asked again how old I was and I told her. She giggled at that. She moved her knees wide apart and I put my hands on the floor as I moved my head to her slit. I asked her to move her butt just a bit farther over the edge of the couch. Both the women giggled at that. She did as I requested. I stared hard at her cunt, then with a smile said, "You have a beautiful cunt Gloria!" She reddened and grinned at that. I could see the juices already where her slit was partially open.

I moved my face to her cunt and sniffed her perfume. I realized that she had put a bit of perfume from a bottle there. I kind of liked the blend of the two smells. I looked up at her face and winked at her. She flushed and grinned. I moved my tongue from my mouth and made a long slow slow lick up Gloria's slit. She partly raised her knees with excitement, then put them back down and watched me. The third wet slide of my tongue up her slit I pushed it into her puss, plowing through that juicy slice of cunt. I dipped my nose into her slit and made it shiny with her juices. I used my nose then to slip it across her hard little clit. I had my tongue now deeper inside of her. She put her hands on my head, thus keeping my nose right on her clit. Her breathing was rapid, then would stop, then would start up again with a vengeance. I heard her moan, "Oh my fucking God!"

I moved closer to her then, now on my knees. I pushed her thighs apart with my forearms and used my hands to spread her cunt lips wide open. The room lights reflected off the juicy tender reddened flesh inside. I opened my mouth and put it over her clit and the part of her mound just above it. My tongue worked in her hole. Gloria screamed, and Mrs Martin moved so she could watch more clearly. I saw in my peripheral vision that she had her skirt up and was fucking her hairy cunt with several fingers.

"Peter," Mrs. Martin cooed to me. " I told Gloria and your magic fingers...and that wonderful fist. She has never had that done to her before. Be gentle as you go in...but then fuck her cunt hard with your tight fist." I nodded, my tongue still in Gloria's cunt...the effect of that movement giving this delicious stranger what may have been her second or third orgasm.

I looked up at Gloria's face and saw what seemed to be fear mixed with excitement. Kind of like riding a roller coaster. I wouldn't have been surprised if she raised her arms and yelled "Wheeee!"

I now had the sense of drama. I leaned back and the cunt juice all around my mouth, nose and on my chin must have been a sight to see. I stood up then, leaned forward with my arms extended and my hands out. I slowly fell forward to Gloria's shocked face. Mrs. Martin laughed when I kissed Gloria with my cunt-juice covered mouth and lips. She was almost in shock, but recovered soon enough to embrace me and slide her tongue into my mouth. "Oh my...I DO taste delicious!" she said with a wicked smile. "I am ready for this Peter. DO ME!"

I knelt back down in front of her and casually moved several fingers across her reddened out lips. I did that several times, then hooked my thumb and brought it up into her cunt just below her clit. I squeezed hard with fingers on the outside against the thumb inside. Gloria squealed. I pulled the hand away from her and held up my middle finger, the bird finger, and turning my fist upside down pushed that finger all the way into her as far as it would go. I kind of battered her cunt with my fist on the outside lightly hitting the lips on the outside while in between them was my fuck finger. Gloria now was squeezing her tits through her blouse. I pulled the one finger out, held up my hand with that digit still extended, then using my other hand, I pulled out my index finger like it was the blade on a jack knife. Now I held up two fingers. I moved the fingers up to Gloria's mouth. She was confused at first, then opened her mouth and sucked on those fingers. When she was really getting into that I pulled them out rapidly and moved them down to her slit. When I shoved my fingers into her she gasped and squealed again.

She was grinding her hips against my hand when I suddenly slipped the third finger into her cunt. I twisted my hand now so those fingers reamed her insides. I was having a great time. Mrs. Martin was enjoying the show, with three fingers in her own cunt. "Gloria, I want you to use your fingers to spread your cunt lips nice and wide for me. Would you do that please?" She looked almost confused, then grinned and peeled her lips wide for me. I moved the back of my hand all over her open cunt, getting that part soaked in her slippery juices. Then while she held herself open, I held up my hand with three fingers extended again. I shoved them into her open hole, fucking them in and out of her. The third shove, I moved the fourth finger inside. Again I reamed her cunthole with my hand just outside her. She was gasping and groaning. She saw when I held up my thumb as those fingers invaded her. With a show, I tucked the thumb under my fingers and started to push my fist into her.

I went slowly, rotating my wrist so my fist was soaked all over in her juices. Slowly the fist started moving into her. I kept twisting. I moved it a bit more into her and she was groaning almost like she was in pain. I spit on the last part of the back of my hand so it was as wet as possible and pushed my fist all the way into this woman's cunt.

She screamed like she was being assaulted...which she was...I kept my fist still in her cunt for a few seconds, then started to push and pull without going much further in and certainly not at all out. Her cunt lips bulged against my fist near my wrist. Gloria moved a hand down to feel the tight seal my fist made on her fuckhole. She was sobbing now and smiling at the same time.

Mrs. Martin said, "Punch her cunt you did with me!" I started jabbing my fist into the juicy internal cuntmeat. Gloria had her knees up now and was staring down at where my fist was fucking her cunt. She somehow had gotten her top unbuttoned and her bra off. She was twisting her long hard nipples and sobbing. I punched her cunt in that slow-motion inside the cunt sort of way. When she started cumming she didn't stop. Her cunt muscles squeezed my fist and I kept punching her cunt. Finally she yelled, "Take it out! Take It OUT NOW!" I pulled my fist slowly, enjoying the sight of her cunt lips bulging around my fist. I was in for a surprise. As soon as my fist was out it seemed like she was peeing on me...only the pee was coming out really hard and fast, kind of like putting your thumb over most of the end of a hose to make the stream faster.

My clothes were soaked and I couldn't believe what was happening. I was also very very hard. Gloria's face seemed to be a cross between extreme excitement and extreme horror. When she was done she broke down in tears and said she had never done that before. Mrs. Martin said, "Holy fuck Gloria! You just squirted all over Peter! I've heard of it before, but never have I seen it happen!"

Mrs. Martin had me stand up then. She undressed me like a mother might do to a two year old. She took my soaking tee shirt, shorts, underwear and socks. I stood there naked and hard now in front of these two women. Mrs. Martin chuckled as she went off to put my clothes in the washing machine. I sat on the couch next to Gloria and asked if she was all right. There was a tiny amount of bl**d in her cunt. I decided that from now on I would keep my fingernails short.

When Mrs. Martin came back she suggested we all have some lunch. Gloria had taken her clothes off because parts were soaked. She said,"I'll just throw these in before the wash gets too far along." When she got back we went into the kitchen. Mrs. Martin made tuna salad sandwiches and tomato soup for us. She poured wine for her and Gloria. Mrs. Martin asked if I would like some wine. I thought about it and said, "Okay. I would like to see what that's like."

After lunch we had more fun.

... Continue»
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Mrs.Taylor, Will & Jason

Mrs. Taylor was by far the sexiest teacher to ever walk the halls. Jason and Will were the horniest 18 year old football studs to ever lust after such a sexy woman. Jason the taller and dark haired of the two was always talking about her. But today it was more than his imagination that has him excited.
“Dude, today she told me she needed me to come over after school. She said it was really important that I bring you and not tell anyone!”
Mrs. Taylor conveniently lived next door to Will, the some-what shorter, ashy blonde quarterback of the team. That past Saturday he had Jason over and Mrs. Taylor caught them looking across the windows into her room while she was naked. She quickly shut the curtains but didn’t seem too angry when she stopped Jason earlier to invite them over.
Will was just as excited about the idea of Mrs. Taylor being a closet sex freak who’s waiting to pounce on the two hung buddies but worried that they might just be in trouble. However, after listening to Jason rant about gangbanging Mrs. Taylor backstage at a rave someday, the possibilities overcame the worry.
“Fine, I’ll go with you.”
“Yes!...and don’t be shy when she wants us to double stuff her !”
“Haha, yeah right. You better hope that’s why we’re over there. ‘cause my mom is going to be pissed if she tells her we were caught peeping.”
Jason jokingly humped Will’s dashboard for a moment, “Fuck yeah that’s why she wants us over there! She wants some young meat in her, b*o. You know that husband of hers ain’t givin it right.”
The guys arrive at her house and she is looking finer than ever. She e****ts them into the living room and sits them on the sofa as she sits across the room. Her big full breasts barely contained in her white low-cut blouse. Her soft brown hair was down and sexy instead of pulled back like it was at school. She was also wearing an unusually short black skirt. Her beautiful pink lips parted slowly as she spoke.
“I know you boys saw me. And I was very disappointed …when you didn’t come over afterward.
They were stunned. How could this be that good? Jason looked over at Will with a smart smirk, almost saying ‘told ya so’.
“I just know that if you two had come over, you would have definitely liked to see these taste these fuckholes.”
Their jaws almost hit the floor. She spread her legs and her tight skirt slid up her hips. She lifted them open and rested them on either side of the chair’s arm rests, her feet up and her beautiful pussy and tight asshole on display for the young studs.
“I need your strong hands and warm lips all over me boys”
She opened her shirt and rubbed her beautiful tits. Jason quickly got off of the couch and kneeled in front of her. He caressed her thighs while slowly kissing her pussy and rubbing her ass. Teasing her as she began to drip onto her perfect tight asshole.
“I’ve wanted to taste you since I saw you, Mrs. Taylor.”
She shoved his head into her holes. His tongue plunging into her ass as his nose dug into her fresh wet pussy. He vigorously tongue-fucked her sweet ass as she moaned and played with her tits. Will sat on the couch watching, pulling his cock out of his jeans as they get more and more intense. His cock was already hard and ready to be touched. He moaned softly as he began to stroke his surprisingly 9 inch dick. Mrs. Taylor pushed Jason on the floor with her foot and took off his clothes as he laid there. She stood over him wearing only her black high heels. The view of her dripping wet asshole and pussy had him rock hard. She kneeled down and shoved his cock in her mouth balls deep. His cock wasn’t as big as Will’s but it was impressively thick.
“Oh fuck yeah! Mrs. Taylor gag on my dick!”
“Then you have to fuck my ass, Jason,” she looked up at Will on the couch, who was seriously stroking his huge cock at this point, “You boys have to earn your grades in this classroom.”
Jason grabbed her hair and began skull fucking their hot teacher. Her gags were loud and her spit running down his balls all thick and warm. He laughed and moaned all at the same time as he mercilessly throat fucked her with his fat cock. Will stroking himself more and more before he took off his clothes and laid on the ground next to Jason. He grabbed Mrs. Taylor’s hand and told her to come to him. Jason’s dick was left covered in her saliva. He used it to work up a good stroke as Mrs. Taylor squatted her mature yet tight body down on Will’s cock. He put both hands on her ass and slowly pushed her down. Her low whispery moans from earlier were now high pitched and getting louder. Her pussy was so warm and slick as his 9 inch cock spread her surprisingly tight hole till her lips were nestled on his swollen balls.
“I haven’t had big dick like this in ages, baby.” She managed to say as she was trying to control her excitement and instant pleasure, “Oh fuck me. Please, boys!”
Will began thrusting hard and deep. In and out as her beautiful tits smothered his grinning face. She yelped and begged for more. Her pussy soaking his big balls as he pounding her from below, his balls slapping her perfect asshole.
“Oh My God! I fucking love it!” she screamed.
Suddenly to her surprise Jason was behind her whispering in her ear.
“Mrs. Taylor, you said I had to fuck your ass remember?”
“oh fuck yeah,” said Will as he grabbed Mrs. Taylor by the waste and pulled her tits down to his chest, making perfect view and access for Jason to take that asshole.
“Oh fuck, boys! Yes, I fucking want those big dicks in me! Give it to me.”
Jason straddled Will’s right thigh as he got right up on Mrs. Taylor’s fat ass. Will’s huge cock sat in her pussy balls deep. He was slowly grinding in and out of her, throbbing in her warm cunt. Jason looked down to see and loved it. He pushed the head of his thick cock into her tight ass. She was wet and ready for it. All three of them let out a huge moan as Jason finished stretching his fat 8 incher all the way into her. Her holes were warm and tight as they were stretched to new limits by these young throbbing cocks. Jason slowly picked up a rhythm behind her as Will continued to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy, which had gotten tighter and now wetter after Jason’s intense anal entry. Jason started fucking faster and faster, her asshole so slick and warm as their cocks worked her out. She began screaming in pleasure as her holes began sending shivers all over her perfect thighs and tits. Will shoved her nipples in his mouth and fucked deeper and deeper from below. The room filled with sounds of Will’s moans, Jason’s swearing and Mrs. Taylor’s cries of pleasure. Her holes tightened as she began to seep their throbbing swords in sweet nectar. Jason pulled her hair as his hips drove his thick cock deeper into her warm ass, making her cheeks clap.
“Oh my God! I’m gonna fuckin cum!” moaned Jason
But Mrs. Taylor interrupted him, “No, please! I want both of you in my ass first…mmm…fuck my ass with those big dicks, please! Treat me like a filthy whore, boys! Double stuff my tight wet asshole like I’m your dirty fuck doll!”
With those words, Jason pulled out with a huge smile on his face. He stood up and helped Mrs. Taylor up. He spun her around to face him and pushed her back down on Will’s dick. She sat her already used asshole on Will. The extra bit of length he had gave her a good jolt of energy.
“Oh yeah, b*o!” said Jason as he watched and stroked his fat cock, “That fuckin ass feels good, don’t it!”
“Oh fuck yeah dude,” replied Will, “mmmm….oooh fuck….come get in this bitch!”
Jason pulled back up to them and sat his throbbing cock on top of Will’s. Mrs. Taylor looking down was breathing so hard in anticipation. Jason’s pulsating head slid up Will’s warm shaft, into her slick asshole. She let out a high pitched scream as they both thrusted balls deep into her. All of their hearts beating so fast as they realized what was happening. Jason began stroking his cock in out of her first, very slowly. As soon as he moved Mrs. Taylor closed her eyes and started rubbing her pussy. Will began moaning underneath them as his friend’s fat dick started to stroke his, feeling every vein and curve as their cocks slid in and out of her widening warm asshole. It was so slick and warm. Their cocks fucked her steadily as she screamed, her pussy dripping down and soaking their smashing ball sacks. Jason grabbed Mrs. Taylor by the face as he began pumping faster.
“Oh my God, Mrs. Taylor!” he kissed her deeply, “Your so fucking nasty!” he tongue fucked her mouth sloppily and spit into her open throat as they stretched her cock-filled ass mercilessly, “Mmmm…it feels so fucking good baby!.... oh fuck…oh yeah I fuckin love it!”
He looked down at both of their cocks stroking in and out of her like a****ls. He looked down at Will whose face was turned in ecstasy, his voice filling up the room with deep moans. Jason’s excitement was even more intensified by his best friend’s expression.
“Oh yeah fuck her dude! Fuck that ass with me!” yelled Jason as he dug deeper and pounded even harder. Will looked up at him and flashed a sly smirk. At that moment he plunged the rest of his pounding 9 inch dick balls deep into her and stayed that way for a moment. Mrs. Taylor screamed and shoved her fingers in her tight pussy. Jason stopped thrusting and plunged balls deep into her ass too. Their hot, cum soaked balls smashed into each other as their cocks throbbed side by side in her abused asshole. They stayed there for a moment and caught their breath, then Jason looked down and smiled. Their big dicks disappearing into her ass was a beautiful sight. He slowly began stroking in and out of her double stuffed ass, once again filling the room with more moans. Mrs. Taylor began shaking and could barely speak. She rubbed her clit faster but Jason’s strokes stayed long and slow, Will began to move his big dick in and out too. His mouth wide open, moaning as he and Jason slide in out, their big cocks sticky and rock hard. She rubbed her clit wildly as their dicks ravished her abused asshole and Jason was cheek-to-cheek with her as she looked down at them fucking her.
“Oh baby, do these dicks feel good in that ass, Mrs. Taylor? Huh!? Answer me, slut!” he tongue fucked her moaning mouth, “We’re gonna make you cum, whore! Ooohh yes! Then we’re gonna fill your used ass up with our thick loads!”
She could barely reply as she began squirting in ecstasy. Her wet asshole clinched on the big cocks that were feverishly fucking it. Her pussy squirted on Jasons abs and dripped down the guys’ cocks as they continued to double stuff her, their hard cocks pulsating and jerking.

“Oh f-f-fuck!....boys!..two fuckin dicks! Two fuckin dicks!..AAAH…oh dirty boys!!!” her pussy dripped with sweet cum as she screamed. Her cum ran down to her tightly stuffed asshole, silking up their rubbing shafts. Jason licked, bit and sucked all over her perfect tits while she came, both his and Will’s strong hands rubbed and grabbed at her smooth curves as she convulsed in pleasure.
“Oh yeah” moaned Will, “Oh fuck!….oh….oh my fucking god, b*o! Get up, I’m going to cum!”
“Ooh! Nah dude, stay in it with me!” moaned Jason as he closed his eyes and began fucking a little faster.He grinded down onto them as he pile drived into the double anal. Will’s big cock began pulsating under Jason’s fast thrusts and his chest got hot. “Oh fuck!” he yelled. Will fealt the orgasm coming on hard. He moaned as he let out streams of warm cum into her double cocked asshole.
“Ooooh! Fuckin Shit!!..GOD! yes! Fuck!” he whimperd as he filled her up, “Oh fuck yes.” His warm white cum started to seep out of her all over the both of them. His giant dick throbbing next to Jason’s while he came relentlessly. Jason fucking even faster and grabbed Mrs. Taylor by the throat. Will’s huge, warm load lubing up her filthy, cock-filled asshole. Jason immediately reacted to the sensation on his deeply penetrated meat.
“Oh yeah! Oh I know u fuckin felt that load…?” he couldn’t finish his sentence, “..ooh yeah here comes more, baby!”! Yeah..yeah…yeah…yeah…OOOH!!!!”, Jason’s dick then unleashed shot after shot of cum that just quickly spewed out of her overflowing ass.
“Woah! Oh fuck!...look at that cum seeping out of you, baby!”
They both looked down. Jason and Will were still inside of her, their cocks throbbing and covered in cum. Her pussy was glistening and her rim was squeezing and releasing their shafts as they remained in her. Warm cum was leaking out onto everyone as her asshole pulsated around them.
Jason rested his heaving warm chest on Mrs. Taylor’s sweaty breasts, fully sitting on Will’s thigh as all their cum ran down. He looked down as he pulled his throbbing fat dick out of her. With that, both cocks popped out of her hole, slinging cum everywhere. A huge gush of thick white cum ran down onto Will’s cock and balls. Will was covered in all three of them. Jason opened up her holes over Will’s fat throbbing cock. Mrs. Taylor’s ass and pussy pulsating and winking as cum trickled out to a finish.
“Get all that cum out your ass Mrs. Taylor.” Said Jason slyly as he fingerd her used asshole and spewed thick warm cum all over his friends cock and balls.
“mmm that’s right. Now come here you nasty slut.”
He took Mrs. Taylor by the face and ordered her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue as he lead her head to Will’s filthy soaked junk.
“Clean it up baby. Mmm fucking taste it”
“Mmmm..tastes so fucking good out of my ass…..mmm… I love young cocks in my ass.”
“Well,” said Jason, “we love putting our cocks in your ass.”
Jason knelt his cock down to Will’s and she pushed them together for an oral clean-up. “Mmmmm…tastes like an ‘A+’”
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Mrs. Henderson is my slut

When I was 17 years old my neighbor Mrs. Henderson asked
me to come over and help her move some boxes in her
attic. I had always had the hots for Mrs. Henderson
because she was a very attractive woman. She was white
and around forty-eight years old, about 5'10 with auburn
hair. She had a big fat ass with wide hips, and a nice
set of plump tits that I would have loved to stick my
face in forever.

When I got to her house that day she was wearing a short
blue skirt and a sweatshirt. "Thanks for coming over to
help me out King, this won't take long," she said. She
was such a sweet women, and I knew she would give me at
least twenty bucks for helping her out.

When we reached upstairs we went straight into her
bedroom. I had been in her home plenty of times, but
never in her bedroom before. It was a real nice room.
Everything was pink and white.

Mrs. Henderson attic was huge. I'd never seen so many
Boxes and pictures in my life. Her attic was as big as
my bedroom. I guess she had already set up, because
there was a 6 ft. ladder already set up in the hallway.

King, I want you to hold the ladder while I pass you
some boxes ok?"

I said, "Ok."

She started heading up the ladder. When she got almost
to the top step, she started fumbling boxes. That's when
I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. My heart
started pounding, as I stared at the thickest white ass
I had ever seen. To me her ass was perfect, just how I
had imagined it when I jerked off while thinking about
her. I could see just a little bit of her pussy mound.

My cock started to swell up big time. When she spread
her legs and reached for a box at the very top of the
attic I saw it all, her pussy was fully exposed. She
had a very thick bush, it was fat and hairy.

I was frozen. This was the first real live pussy I had
ever seen. Then all of sudden she said, "Oh my GOD!
King, don't look up, I forgot to put on my panties." She
looked down at me and saw me looking right up her dress.
I have never seen anyone come down a ladder so fast.

When she was down she was right in my face. She was very
angry, I don't know if she was mad at herself or mad at
me. Mrs. Henderson looked me dead in my eyes and said,
"Were you looking up my dress King?"

"Umm no Mrs. Henderson," I said with my best innocent

"I know your lying young man, tell me the truth," she

I was so embarrassed. I was a little afraid from the
tone in her voice.

"Well what did you see King?"

I was busted if I lied she would know. I slowly lifted
my head and said, "Everything."

She then said, "I'm going to tell your mother."

I knew I was fucked. About two weeks before my mother
had caught me looking up my s****r’s friend’s dress when
she was lying on the couch watching TV. She'd told me if I
ever did that again she was going to give me a beating
that I would never forget.

"Please Mrs. Henderson don't tell my mother, I'm very
sorry, it wasn't my fault I couldn't help it. It’s not my
fault you forgot to put on your panties."

She replied, "Well even though I forgot to put on my
panties, you should have at least shown me some respect
and not looked up."

I was so scared, I prayed that she would not tell my
mom. I needed to make a deal with her, and then maybe
she wouldn't tell my mother.

I said, "Please Mrs. Henderson don't tell my mom, I'll do
what ever you want me to do to make things right, I'll
cut your grass for free all summer."

Then she stepped back and looked down at my crotch. She
gasped, with her hand over her mouth. "Oh MY GOD! You
even have an erection!" she cried.

She was right, my cock had not lost its will, and it was
still bulging out. I was really embarrassed. I just
stood there. It was quiet in the room for a moment. Then
she said "Ok King, I'm not going to tell your mom this

I was finally able to take a breath of relief. I guess
I'll be cutting her grass for free this summer, so I

Then she said, "But I'm going to have to teach you a
lesson young man."

Oh shit! What the hell is she talking about?

"I'm going to teach you a lesson about sneaking peaks at
people. I want you to pull your pants off right know
King or I will pull them down myself."

I was stunned, did she just say what I thought she said.
"But Mrs. Henderson
But before I could say another word she said, "No buts
King, you pull your pants off right now or I'm
going over to tell your momma that you're a little

I was more afraid of my mother then I was of her, so I
slowly pulled my pant down. Mrs. Henderson stepped back a
few step and folded her arms watching.

After I pushed my pants to the ground, I stood straight
up with my hands in front of my crotch trying to hide my
still growing cock.

Then she looked at me and said, "the underwear too!"

"But Mrs. Henderson..." I said.

An angry look came across her face, "I didn't have any
underwear on, and you looked at me! Come on King I
don't have all day," she said.

Out of fear I slowly pulled my fruit of the loom
underwear to my ankles and stood there with my hands
over my now naked crotch.

She said sternly, "Move your hands away so I can see."

With no fight left in me, I moved my hands to my sides
and my eight-inch black cock was pointing straight at
her. Her eyes locked onto it. I felt my body getting
really hot all over. She just looked intently at my

Now instead of being scared, I was even more aroused
then before. My cock seemed to have a mind of its own,
it started to pulse, and move all by itself.

Mrs. Henderson said, "Why is your thing moving around like
that King?"

"It does that all the time," I mumbled.

Then she said in a much softer tone, "You sure have a
big one for a boy your age."

I kind of felt the attitude in the room change. Then she
walked over to me and said, "Did looking up my skirt
cause you to have such a huge hard on?"

I said, "I can help it, my umm.... thing gets hard all
the time." With that I felt her hand wrap around the
shaft of my cock. A soft moan escaped my lips, it was so
strange to have this happen.

In what seemed like a few seconds the whole situation
had changed. Mrs. Henderson slowly moved her hand back and
forth; ever so gently she pulled on my cock. For the
first time in my life, someone else was touching me.

I looked up at her and then she said, "My god King, its
so hard, does it hurt?"

"Yes ma’am,"

Then she said, "Do you like it when I rub it little

"Yes ma’am."

Her hand was so soft, much softer then my own. Then she
said in a very sexy voice, "That's what you get when you
look up an old lady's skirt," as she
continued to stroke my cock.

Mrs. Henderson then asked me, "Do you jerk off

"Yes ma’am," was the only word that could come out of my
mouth. I was totally lost, I started sweating. It felt
like it was 110 degrees in that attic. I just closed my
eyes and relaxed against the wall while she stroked my

Then I felt something warm and wet engulf my dick. I
looked down and Mrs. Henderson was kneeling in front of me
and sucking on my cock. Her mouth was warm and wet and I
could see my black cock sliding in and out between her
pink lips.

After a while she pulled my cock out of her mouth and
asked, "Do you like that, Do you like having a white lady suck your big black dick?"

"Oh yes Mrs. Henderson, that feels really good, I never
thought it would feel this good."

She then licked the shaft of my cock and started to
tickle my balls with her wet tongue. I could hear the
slurping sounds that her mouth made as she sucked my
black cock. I was in heaven. I knew I wouldn't last much

I guess she felt the same way because she started really
sucking my cock a lot faster. I put my hands on the
sides or her face and started to hump her face. The
sound of her moaning with my cock in her mouth, and the
slurping sounds of her saliva coating my thrusting dick
sent me over the edge.

"Mrs. Henderson I'm cumming!" I shouted.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her throat.
My cock exploded sending a big thick blast down her
throat, blast after blast of hot cum shot out of my
dick. It felt like I would never stop cumming. I shot so
much cum into her mouth that it started to overflow and
run down her cheek, it was thick and heavy looking. Big
goops of cum were leaking out of her mouth and landing
on her sweatshirt. It was really cool to watch.

It took me a moment to catch my breath. My cock was all
shiny, cum still slowly oozing out of the head. Mrs.
Henderson continued to suck on my over-sized love tool, licking the
last bit of cum of it.

"Did you like having a white lady suck your nigga dick?" she asked.

"Oh yes Mrs. Henderson that was great, thank you so

Then she said, "Damn King, your still hard as steel!"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Henderson I can't help it, you're such a
beautiful women." Then I said, "You're the most
attractive women on the block. I've always found myself
excited around you.

She replied in a soft voice, "You're just saying that
King, I'm an old lady. There are a lot of pretty girls
around here."

I said, "You've always been so nice to me Mrs. Henderson.
When we first moved into the neighborhood, the other
white people wouldn't even talk to us. You're the first
white person to except my f****y into the neighborhood."

She started stroking my cock again, and then she looked
at me and said, "I always knew you liked me King, I
could always tell by the bulge in your pants."

It took me a moment to realize what she just said. I
thought to myself, "She set me up, she knew she wasn't
wearing any panties when she went up that ladder." Mrs.
Henderson set me up big time. The thought of this women
going through all this careful planning to seduce me,
energized me even more. "King come here, lay down on the

I took a few steps forward and laid down on my back,
right there in the middle of the closet. I didn't care
anymore about anything. Mrs. Henderson could do whatever
she wanted to me. My cock was sticking stiffly out into
the air. I couldn't wait to see what she would do next.

She started pulling my pants completely off. Then she
crumpled up her skirt and straddled me.

I was on fire, I could feel her warm body sitting on me,
her flesh was so soft. I could feel her pussy hairs on
my abdomen. My cock started to pulse again. She bent
forward and gave me a very soft passionate kiss on the
lips. It felt magnificent.

She pulled her face about 5 inches from me and started
to smile. That's when it hit me. I truly treasured this
woman. Without saying a word almost like she could read
my mind she gave me another deep passionate kiss. I
wrapped my arms around her and just sucked her into my

We kissed passionately for a few minutes. I could feel
her pussy heating up, and getting moist. Then she put
her cheek next to mine and whispered in to my ear, ever
so softly, "Do you want to fuck my old white pussy?"

"Oh yes I would like that!" I was burning up with

She slipped her hand down between our bodies and wrapped
her fingers around my throbbing black cock, and brought
the tip to the entrance of her pussy. I could feel the
intense heat of her pussy on the tip of my cock. Her
sweet pussy was dripping pussy juice now.

I think she was enjoying watching me suffer, because she
had the most devilish little grin on her face. "Would
you like to stick your big dick in my tight white pussy?"

"Oh yes, please I can't wait any longer, PLEASE!"

Mrs. Henderson then said, "Tell me that you want to fuck me, tell me you
want to stick your cock in my pussy."

"Yes, yes Mrs. Henderson, I want to stick my black dick in your
pussy, please let me stick it in, please!" I begged.

She continued to stroke my cock. I could feel the outer
lips of her pussy massaging the tip of my cock. For a
second I thought I was dreaming, but when I felt the
warm, wet, silky folds of her pussy push ever so
slightly against the tip of my throbbing cock, I knew I
was awake and this was not a dream.

She then said, "I need to hear it again King, tell me
you want to fuck me, say it baby, just say it again."

I looked into her eyes and said, "I want you Mrs.
Henderson, I want to fuck you, I want to fill you up with a huge load of my black sperm,
please let me fuck you." I kept on whispering, "Please
let me fuck you," over and over again. I guess that did
it for her because, the next thing I felt was my cock
sliding deep inside her body.

The warmth of her inner flesh was incredible. She was
soaking wet and so hot. When my cock was all the way in
she let out a soft moan. She looked at me and said, "Do
you like that, does my tight pussy feel good?"

The only thing I could say was, "Yes Mrs. Henderson your
pussy feels really good."

She started to slowly move back and forth on my cock. I
could feel her pussy squeezing my cock, as she road up
and down on it. Mrs. Henderson had her eyes closed while
she fucked me real slow. She looked like she was in
another dimension, lost in another sexual world. I
thought to myself "How many guys actually get to fuck
the women of their dreams?"

Then she increased her pace. And soon she began bouncing
up and down on my cock like a wild women. Then I felt
her pussy contract around my cock, and she started to
shake violently. Mrs. Henderson bent over and began to
kiss me even more passionately then before. I don't know
what possessed me; I put my arm around her waist, and
rolled over. Now I was on top. I broke our kiss and
said, "You just fucked me Mrs. Henderson, now I'm going to
fuck you."

Then I slammed my cock deep into her sweet pussy, and
started to pound her pussy like some kind of caged
a****l. Finally I was the one in control, and man did it
feel good.

She was moaning so loud. Thank god we were in her
Sound proof attic. Her pussy was leaking so much pussy juice; I
could feel her sticky goo on my balls. For some reason I
can't really explain I grabbed her by her ankles and
spread her legs as far apart as I could. She had a huge
wingspan with the juiciest pussy in the middle.

I watched as my big black cock disappeared and the
reappeared from her delicious pussy. That's was all I
could take. "Oh Mrs. Henderson I'm going to cum, I can't hold

"Do it baby! Cum in my pussy! Harder baby, harder, cum
deep in my pussy! Fuck me with the fat black dick!"

When she said, "come in my pussy" I exploded
into her, I couldn't help myself, I shot my load deep
into her womb not caring about anything else but getting
off in her.

She started screaming, "Yes. Yes. YES! Do it, do it, cum
baby, cum, cum."

My cock kept on spewing cum in to her body. Her pussy
was doing things I hadn't known were possible. It felt
like her pussy was sucking my cum from deep within my

Finally breathless I sat back on my heels to catch my
breath. Then it happened, I watched my thick hot cum
slowly start to leak out of her pussy. Thick globs of
white gooey cum leaked out of her pussy and down the
crack of her ass. I bent over to her and gave her a
passionate kiss. Then I whispered into her ear, "Thank
you Mrs. Henderson. For the next few years I got a chance to fill up her tight pussy at least twice a week.

King Hut
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Mrs Walker

Mrs Walker
I was born in a very small village in the Cotswold area of the UK, with about twenty-five houses a small pub, and village shop come post office. Everyone knew everyone’s business, and my nearest friend lived thirty minutes away by bicycle, I attended an all boys school, and I’m an only c***d. My sex education was none existent, the local shop didn't have a top-shelf magazine section, there was no internet, and the girls of my village were too old to take notice of me or too young.
Our house was the biggest of the village, situated on a small rise next to the new vicarage, new vicarage because our house is the old vicarage. The church was a the centre of the village, by location and by the way of village life.
When I was about twelve years old, my Mom almost had to drag me across the gravel driveway to the vicarage door, we were to meet the vicars new wife, and I wasn't too happy about spending a Saturday afternoon listening to grown ups chatting about village life.
The door opened and out sprang the bouncing vicar, he always seemed to be bobbing about like a fishing float in a river, he was tall and in his early thirties, he had been our vicar for almost five years before setting off somewhere a few months previously, and returning with a new wife.
After greeting us in his usual bobbing way, he lead us to the drawing-room, when I entered I saw a vision of loveliness. She was about five feet four, her hair was blond, long and thick, her eyes were of the deepest blue, and she just radiated warmth from her smile. She was a little taller than myself, and bending slightly as she took my hand allowed me a clear view of her cleavage, large full firm breasts, supported by a white and pink flowered bra. This was the closest I had come to seeing real tits, I happily spent the remaining time sitting on a chair just behind the new Mrs Walker, catching a glimpse of boobs whenever the chance presented itself.
A few nights later, I was almost asl**p in my bed, when the room grow brighter, I opened my eyes to see where the light was coming from. Noticing the light from the vicarage bedroom window, I walked slowly to the window, and there was the figure of Mrs Walker, undressing in silhouette. Many nights after I would wait for lights to go on, sometimes I was lucky, others not, but for years I would watch that window.
One day after school, I had showered and wearing only a towel, I happened to look down from my window to see Mrs Walker cutting the garden privet hedge. She was standing on a set of stepladders inside her garden and facing my house. She was using the old hand type of hedge cutter they looked like very large scissors. Under her white T-shirt, with each cut her breasts would give a wobble.
Next to my window was a small window seat, this seat was positioned so one could see out, but not be seen. I watched in amazement as her big tits swung to and throw. After a short time I found that my hand was rubbing my dick through the towel, it felt good so I continued, the more I watched her tits bouncing the more excited I became, she came round to the front of the hedge and I saw she was wearing a short black skirt, and she began to sweep the cuttings towards the gate, now I could see her lovely tits swing, and her shapely legs, my hand was rubbing my cock even faster now, and when she went to the boot of her car her skirt rolled up and exposed her white knickers, I felt a shudder race through my body, and white stuff shot from my dick, loads of it, on the floor and windowpane. I quickly forgot all bout Mrs Walker and continued to clean up my mess.
It took a week or so before I found out what had happened, I overheard the older boys on the school bus talking about wanking, then it became clear to me, I didn't know a thing about sex, but that didn't stop me for the next six years or so wanking over every woman in the village.
My f****y had money, but I liked to earn my own way, I would do gardening in the summer. and shift snow in the winter, I had a paper delivery round, and I also worked on farms around the village. My story starts when I was s*******n, one of my jobs was to help the vicar with his new garden pond, the work was almost complete, just a little tidying up and planting the odd shrub here and there. It was Monday morning and I was to work alone, the vicar had just left for a four day conference, and I was sitting at the table in the vicarage kitchen, for every morning the vicar would insist that I had breakfast with them.
“You're doing it again Ben.” Mrs Walker said without turning from the washing up.
“What's that, Mrs Walker?” I asked.
“You're watching me.” She said.
She was standing at the kitchen sink with her back to me and she was wearing a white blouse and black skirt. Then I said something that made me wish the earth would open up and swallow me.
“But you're so beautiful Mrs Walker.”
“That's very sweet of you Ben, but you're not a k**, you're a nice young man, and people will start to notice.” She turned and smiled. “Are there no girls in your life, I think you need a girl friend.”
“No girls, none in the village.” I answered. “They'd only laugh at me anyway, just like the boys back in school did.”
“Why would they do that Ben?” She asked.
“It doesn't matter Mrs Walker, I'm sorry that I said you are beautiful.” My head sank slowly.
“Ben, it's okay to tell a woman that she's beautiful, but every time I turn around it seems that you are watching me. Now tell me, why would they laugh at you?” She pulled out a chair and sat next to me.
Had she seen me, watching from my window all these years? Oh my God I wanted to die.
“Come on, you can tell me Ben.” She patted my hand and smiled.
They would laugh at me, and call me names. Especially after games afternoon, in the showers.”
“Are you worried about the size of your... You know... Willy?” She asked.
“Well... yes. Yes I am.” I answered slowly.
“I think that most men go through a stage like that Ben, and I'm sure that they find that they have a nice average size.” She smiled and tapped my hand again.
“I'm sure that mine is not average, or why would they make fun of me?”
“I'm sure it's fine Ben, you have nothing to worry about, I'm sure that you will make some girl really happy.” She smiled and nodded her head reassuringly.
“They would run up to me and compare sizes, and run away calling me bad names, What can I do Mrs Walker, I'm due to start university soon, and they say that its going to be parties and girls everyday, and I don't know a thing about sex, girls, anything. They'll just start laughing at me again.” Sadly I lowered my head and gazed into my coffee cup.
“How about asking the Doctor?” She asked.
“I did, just before he retired... He just laughed and told me to get out of his office.” I sighed.
“It's worrying you a great deal, and I don't like to see you like this, so let's get this thing sorted once and for all, right now. Ben show me your willy.” She said.
“Right now, here?” I said in amazement.
“This is a one time offer Ben, I'll tell you if I think anything is wrong, just a quick look and you're not to tell anyone, do you hear me Ben? not a soul.”
I stood and began to unfasten my shorts. When she said. “Better remove your T-shirt too, I'll be able to see how it's comparison with the rest of your body.”
I pulled my shirt over my head and let it drop to the kitchen floor.
“So far so good Ben, you're really nicely defined, must be all that hard work that we've had you doing. Now come on just drop your shorts, and let's get this over with.” She said smiling.
And that's just what I did, my shorts fell to the floor and I stood there in all my glory only inches away from her lovely face.
“Oh my God, I wasn't expecting anything like that Ben.” She said with very wide eyes.
“I knew it” I cried, and reached to pull my shorts back up.
“No Ben, just a while longer, it's beautiful and so big.” She gasped.
“It gets bigger Mrs Walker, and that what I’m worried about.” I Whispered.
“Why?” She asked.
“Well, will it fit? They said I would kill a girl if I tried to... You know fuck her.”
“There's nothing wrong with your cock Ben, and the girls are going to really enjoy what you do to them. Look it's twitching.” She said.
“It's starting to grow Mrs Walker, I’m not doing it.” I panicked.
“I would love to see you erect Ben, let it grow bigger please.” She asked,
I had no choice, the bl**d pumped into my cock making it bigger than I’ve ever been. Forcing it out and up, pointing towards her face.
“That's one special cock you have there Ben, long and so thick. Yes the girls will love this.” she said.
“Thank you Mrs Walker, I feel a lot better now that I know.” I Said.
“Tell me Ben, how do you make it go soft again?” she smiled.
“I have to wait...” I began.
“Don't you masturbate Ben?” She asked.
“Yes...” I whispered.
“Do you masturbate after looking at me? She whispered.
“Mrs Walker …. I...”
“It's okay Ben, I've not always been a vicars wife you know.” She looked longingly at my stiff cock. “ I think you should masturbate now, Just to make it go down again, you understand Ben, I can't have you walking around the garden with that thing sticking out of you shorts can I? “ She smiled.
“I couldn't do that Mrs Walker, not now, not in front of you... I just...” I stammered.
“Then I should give you some encouragement, you would like to see my tits wouldn't you Ben?” She shifted in her seat, her legs opened a little and skirt rolled up to show her panties, she began to undo the buttons on her blouse.
“Come on Ben, start pulling on that lovely cock of yours. I want you to cum on my tits, you can do that for me Ben, cum on my lovely big tits.”. She scooped her boobs from their bra, and I saw her soft firm skin and pink nipples.” I'll make my nipples so hard for you Ben.” She began to pull on her nipples, stretching them long before letting them flop back.
“Fucking hell Ben you have a wonderful cock, I want you to shoot your big load over my tits, come on Ben, you can do, do it for me. Cum on my tits Ben.”
She had changed, become almost a****l like, her breathing was quick and shallow, her face had become red, flushed.
“Your cock is making me feel very naughty, come on Ben, shoot on my big tits. Please Ben.”
She began to say things under her breath. “What a lovely cock you have, come closer.” She whispered and moved her legs between mine, and said, pointing to the space between her breasts. “Rub it here Ben.”
I hesitated, she grabbed my arse and pulled me towards her and folded her soft tits around my pulsing dick. She pushed and pulled me by the hips, I soon got the idea and started to fuck her tits.
I began to pump my cock harder, as I listened to what she was saying.
“Oh my God, look at all that pre-cum: That's it Ben, cum on my tits, cover them with your hot cum. Let me see it shoot out, please Ben.” She started to jerk. “ Do it Ben, you can... cum on me Ben cover me in your cum. Please Ben do it now, Ben do it now.”
My cock responded to her command and I blasted my cum on to her boobs. A little at first, it was like my cum was all trying to escape at the same time, and that there was some kind of a blockage, until my legs went weak, and I started to tremble, before releasing the biggest load of my life. My cum splashed over her tits and to my horror onto her face and hair.
“Yes Ben, what a fucking load, I knew it, I know it... fucking hell... I love to have that shoot up my cunt, fucking hell Ben.”
I watched in amazement how she was rubbing my cum into her tits, before finding a small amount that had found it way onto her cheek, with her index finger she slowly sucked it in her mouth. She was reaching for my cock when we heard the sound of car tiers upon the the gravel drive.
“Oh my God, it's Mrs Baker... I'd forgotten about her coming to pick me up. Quick Ben out the back door.” She ordered. I pulled on my shorts, and grabbed my shirt and made my way to the door; looking back she stood by the kitchen sink wiping herself down in an attempt to make herself presentable.
I heard the car pull away, and the rest of the day I worked in a daze, I couldn't comprehend what had happened to Mrs Walker, was she okay? She had changed in her manner so much. What the hell had happened. I had so many questions.
The next day I made my way to the vicarage with some trepidation; 'Did she still want to see me? Was she angry with me? Had she told the vicar?' All this type of questions were running through my mind. I had reached the shed door to which a note had been pinned. “Ben. Come to the house at once.” I walked slowly to the kitchen door and knocked. It was opened almost at once by Mrs Walker who grabbed my arm and pulled me inside, and shut the door.
“You've not told anyone about yesterday have you...?” She whispered urgently.
“No... Of course not. Why would I...?” I began.
“Good, because it never happened, okay Ben? It never happened... do you hear me Ben? Do you understand. It never happened.” She walked into the kitchen saying. “Good, sit down and I'll make you breakfast, just like any other morning.” She was wearing a floral dress and white shoes.
“Mrs Walker, please don't worry, I'm not a fool, what you did for me yesterday... Well thank you...”
“Thank you.” She said. “Thank you. I gave the boy next door a tit fuck... That's no way for a vicars wife to... that's unacceptable behaviour for any married woman. If this ever got out.” She sighed.
I approached and put my hands on her shoulders and turned her to face me.
“What you did was to put my mind to rest about a problem that I had, I can't thank you enough for that, and it's our secret... There is one thing that been worrying me, are you okay? I asked.
“I'm worried shitless, but otherwise I’m fine,. Why, what’s wrong?” She asked. I pulled her into my arms and felt her warm hands on my back as she nestled her head on my chest.
“What are you doing Ben?” She asked.
“You were acting very weird Mrs Walker, it was like you were having some kind of a fit or something. I've been worried ever since.” I said.
“How did you expect me to react, when you were rubbing that big cock between my tits...” She held me tighter, I could smell the scent of her hair, and feel her big soft boobs squashing into me. “...No, no I’m not going to think about it...” She said, as gently pushed me away, saying “I was cumming... the sight of your cock made me feel very naughty... in a way that I’ve not felt for many years. I’ve not always been a Vicars wife, I had a full sex life before I got married, but the vicar doesn't... we... we don't do things like..., and it just made me feel like I was single again. Oh if this ever gets out...”
“What do you mean, you were cumming?” I said in amazement.”Men cum, not women...”
“Ben, you are so innocent aren’t you! Women cum too you ninny. It wouldn't be much fun if it was all one sided now would it?” She smiled.
“How did you cum, I don't understand.” I said.
“When you were... you know... I was rubbing my clit... This made me cum... In other words Ben I was wanking myself too.” Her face reddened.
“What's a clit? Do you mean your pussy?” I whispered.
“Yes and No... it's a small... well... like a button. Rubbing this makes a girl cum.” She said.
“I thought you had a hole, where's your clit thing?” I asked.
“It's not just a hole, you silly thing. There's a lot more to it than that.” She laughed.
“Show me... Please.” I asked.
“Ben! Do you know what you are asking... No way am I showing you my pussy.” She walked into the living room. “What do you think of me... To imagine that I would do such thing.” She stood looking out of the window to the unfinished garden pond. “You should be thinking about completing this pond, not what my lady bits look like.” She said.
“I am sorry Mrs Walker... It's just I have no one else to turn to, and you were so good to me... I just thought that... maybe... just a quick look.” I said. “I'll not tell anyone.”
“Ben I know that, you're so innocent. Yesterday was just a one off sort of thing, I have to make it in my mind that it never happened. I lost control, it's not you that I’m really worried about, but me.” When she saw my look of despair she gently raised her hand to the side of my face. “Oh Ben please don't look like that. I’m a married woman and...” The phone rang, and she picked up the receiver.
“Hello Darling...” She said. I motioned to leave, but she pointed to a chair that I should sit and wait. “How's thing's going?” She paused. “He worked very hard yesterday, and he should be finished by the time you get home.”
“No, he's not here yet. Of course I’m alone... I miss you too... I really miss you silly... Oh you miss me in that way do you? Well you will just have to wait until you get home... Yes I remember that film, she was on the bed with the phone... What you getting at?... What on earth has brought this on? We've never done anything like that...”
She listened to her husband for a few moments before saying. “Well... okay then. What do you want me to do... I’m in the living room... are you going to be doing it too? You're what! Already... Naughty boy... give me a minute.” She placed the phone on the table and came over to where I was sitting and pulled me up. “It's your lucky day.” She whispered. “Don't make a sound.” She then unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She then unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. Turning her back to me she unfastened her bra and removed her knickers. She picked up the phone and fell onto the sofa.
“I'm ready... honestly, I’m only wearing my wedding ring.” She said smiling at me.
She looked absolutely beautiful, long blond hair, big blue eye's, lovely big boobs and a English Rose complexion.
“Are you... you can't say that... you want me to talk dirty? Big swears... Is your cock hard darling? Are you rubbing it? Not too fast... yes I’m very much so turned on... I can feel myself getting very wet down there... Suck my nipples! I’m pulling on them.... Oh... it's like you sucking them, oh yes. Rub that hard cock for me. That's it. I wish that I could touch it. Hold it in my hand. You would like to do what? In my mouth... that's a new one... yes before we meet... I do like having... well I’m a woman. Okay I’ll suck you, but you have to do it to me... deal? She pulled her legs up and opened them wide, she pointed to a space on the sofa, and I sat, looking at her shaven pussy.
“I'm rubbing myself, you know that place I like you to rub, before you push it in me... Talk dirty... Talk dirty... okay then... I'll be a whore for you, I’m rubbing my wet cunt for you... and it feels so fucking good... wank that cock... wank that hard cock for me... I’m sliding my fingers into my hot hole, and it's so fucking wet... I need your strong dick in me right now. Oh god yes...”
I watch her fingers flashing across the top part of her lips, before sliding down into soft wet hole.

“I'm rubbing my clit now. Lick it... yes that would be so fucking dirty” She looked at me. “I'm going to suck your cock and lick your balls... I’m going to wank you like never before. Suck you deep into my mouth, until you shoot that fucking load of cum into my mouth and face, and all over my big fucking tits...”
I was wanking like crazy, and thinking that she wanted me to cum on her tits again I stood up and moved towards her, she beaconed me away with a don't you dare cum look. I stopped wanking and continued to watch.
“Then you're going to lick my dripping wet cunt, I’m going to cream up your face with my cum. I can feel your tongue lapping my clit... yes lick... make me cum... I’m finger fucking myself and it so fucking good. What... you're cumming, oh good me too.”
I watched her fingers stabbing into her pussy as she said.
“Fuck me... that's right. Fuck me harder... oh yes... fuck me... yes... yes...”
She lifted her arse off the sofa, still rapidly fingering and rubbing her cunt and fucking the air.
“Yes I’m cumming, I’m a dirty little bitch... I'm a fucking whore for you... just look how hard I’m cumming.”
She grunted and her whole body became rigid as she orgasmed. She twitched and jerked as she slowly lowered herself back onto the sofa. She gently caressed her glistening pussy, slowly getting her breath. After a few moments they were talking on the phone again, there was a lot of giggling and kisses, until she finally said goodbye and replace the receiver.
“Well young man, did you get a good look at my pussy? Now you know how a girl wanks herself off, there are lots of ways for a girl to do it, but that's a good start for you.” She said.
“Now let me show you how a woman can make a man cum.” She said as she knelt in front of me, took hold of my cock and sucked it into her mouth.
I was at the edge of bursting when she took me into her mouth, the softness and warmth, the hardness of her teeth, just took me almost to the brink... I pulled myself from her saying.
“Sorry Mrs Walker, I almost cum in your mouth.” she stood up and pulled my head toward her and kiss me, my hard cock stabbed at her belly and in my boyish way I tried to kiss her back. She moulded my mouth with her fingers, slipping her tongue in she kissed me again, I replied with much of the same... and she whispered. “You're a quick learner, I’m going to suck you and you're going to cum in my mouth, and the next time that I kiss you I'll slid my cum covered tongue into mouth and you can taste your own cum, just so you will know what it's like for a girl. Never ask a girl to do what you wouldn't do yourself.”
Smiling she set to work on my cock, sucking and nibbling, wanking and kissing, soon I was tasting my own cum, it was not that bad, sweet yet a little bitter, yes I like the taste of my own cum. She sat back on the sofa with legs wide, she parted her lips and did a licking movement with her tongue. I got the idea, she spread her soft lips and used her finger to indicate her clit... “That little hood is where my clit will be hiding, you can run your tongue over it... these are my lips... sucking them hard into your mouth will send me crazy, and this is my hole.” With a soft moan she slid a finger into herself. “That's where your tongue goes. This little hole is for my wee to come out.” She then inserted two fingers and “Oh I'm so wet.” she said. “Taste me.” I took her thickly cum covered fingers into my mouth, she tasted sweet and I needed more.
I soon found that I had a gift for cunnilingus, I can read the movements a girls body and know just where and how she wants to be licked, sucked or bit. My tongue moved over her clit, up and down then side to side.
“That's it, lick my clitty. Its been such a long time.” She whimpered. “Oh it feels so good... suck my lips... that's it... bite them. Now stick your tongue right into my hole. Oh my god...” She tugged my hair, rubbing her wet pussy against my mouth. I moved back to her clit, I could feel the small cums rippling through her as I licked at her love bud.
After a while she went into an heavy orgasm when I did a figure of eight, and to my surprise; begged me to stop.
“I can't take it any more.” She cried. but I wanted more.
I moved from her clit and began to work on her long soft lips. Sucking them deep into my mouth and complementary nibble from time to time. I then lapped at her dripping wet hole; I began to fuck her with my tongue, until she began to orgasm.
Once again, I concentrated on her clit, only this time I slid in two fingers, and by chance found a soft place just behind her love mound, this sent Mrs Walker into a frenzy pulling my hair and forcing my mouth onto her hot little clit, it was, as if she exploded, her entire body began to jerk, pushing herself high off the sofa she let out a long primitive groan.
Laying on the sofa with her feet on the floor, her legs wide open. I watched her pussy twitching, she was so very wet, thick streams ran between her arse checks. Slowly she moved and lay on the sofa. “That was fantastic. Oh just look at your cock, it's so very hard.” She whispered. “Come on... fuck me.”
I didn't know what to do, so I began to poke around with my cock, hoping that it would find its own way in. “Hold on, big boy...” She said. “When you enter a lady for the first time, you, you must take a little time, allow her to get used to you, let her feel the stretching.”
She reached down between us and guided my throbbing cock into her waiting wet pussy.
She was soft warm and wet... “More... oh yes, more, that's definitely in me.... more...” I pushed a little harder and my cock slid in, stretching her, filling her. She gave a long moan and dug her nails into my arms. “Did I hurt you.” I asked. “Oh will you just fuck me?”
I still didn't know what to do, but nature took over and I began to slid my cock in until she gave a little moan, then out, but not all the way. She began to moan and grown, moving her hips up to meet my gentle pushes. Has I increased the speed she said. “Oh that's it, you've got it. Fuck me... you've got a lovely big cock and its making me cum... Yes I'm cum..oooooooh.”
I could feel the cum building inside of me, I began to fuck her harder and faster.
“Don't you dare cum... not yet.” she demanded. “Stop... Stop... take a deep breath. Think of something other than cumming, hold the tip of your cock tightly, take deep breaths.”
“it's okay I said it's passed now.” I whimpered.
“Look it's no good have a donkey dick if you can't use it. Come on get up.” She said.
Thinking I had upset her, I said. “It's okay, I do better.” and slid my cock in a little.
“I want to try something different... get up.” She said.
I got up and she quickly turned onto her knees and pushed her arse up. Her pussy opened like a flower, and I had the overwhelming desire to bury my face in that soft wetness. I licked her hard, up from her clit, over and in her hole, and on to her arse-hole. I licked her lovely pink round bottom.
“Oh my God that's my bum. That's my bum... Oh God.” She whispered.
I knew she liked this by the way she push back hard onto my tongue so I tongue fucked her arse for a while, pushing in as far as I could go, then wiggled my tongue around inside her.
She cried with delight as she orgasmed. “I need you to fuck me now Ben, fuck me like a bitch.”
Standing behind her I entered her gaping lips with my hard cock, it slid in much deeper this time and I pushed much harder. She began to moan and push her bum back each time I pushed up. I became more confident watching my big cock slid into her pussy, her lips griping all along the glistening length. Thinking back to only the day before when I was afraid that girls wouldn’t like it, and start to take the piss, but now, her was the lady I’d been wanking about for the passed five years going crazy with my cock buried deep within her.
I noticed that her bum-hole was opening and closing in time with my thrusts. I licked my thumb and pressed against it as it opened and it slid all the way in. “My bum-hole... that's my bum... oh Jesus Christ.” she gasped. I thumb fuck her butt-hole while my cock banged into her exploding pussy.
Mrs Walkers legs began to wobble and she lost balance and fell on the sofa. She was breathing heavily as she turned to look at me. She didn't speak, but tapped the sofa indicating that I should lie down. I did and Mrs Walker stepped across me and took my cock and began to impale herself by slowly lowering her body letting my cock glide into the dripping wet pussy.
Here I was, with the woman I’d been wanking about for the last five or six years, now lowering herself onto my dick. She looked beautiful, her large full breasts looked magnificent from this angle, and the look of share pleasure as I felt her muscles grip my cock. “I'm cumming.... oh my god, oh my god... yessss.” She flung her head back and her tits out making them look even bigger. This was too much for me, I tried to control myself, but it was no good, I was passed the point of no return.
“I'm cumming Mrs Walker, I’m sorry, but you're so fucking beautiful.” I said through gritted teeth. Mrs Walker was lost in the moment, her body shaking from the power of her orgasm. I felt the release as my cum blasted into her pussy. I pumped and pumped loads of hot cum into her, I thought it would never stop, wave after wave passing through my body and out from my dick.
Mrs Walker fell onto my chest, we lay there for several minute, my semi-hard cock still inside her. I could feel the contractions as she continued to cum. She finally said. “You licked my bum-hole. That was a first, and when you put your finger in... I thought my head would come off.”
“It was my thumb, not my finger.” I croaked.
“With a little more experience you will be the best fuck any girl could wish for.” She said, gently lifting herself off me and allowing my cock to slap against my stomach.
“Oh... just look at this.” She said spreading her pussy wide and letting my cum cascade onto my chest. “I can feel it running out of me...” Smiling see she said “We should get cleaned up.”
We kissed, touched, licked, sucked and fucked at every chance we had or made for the next six weeks, until Mrs Walker had to leave for a short time for church business in Brussels. When she returned I was at university. She only lived next door to my mom and dad, but it was almost thirty years until we met again.
I loved my Mrs Walker.
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