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Mr,Mrs & Me...Our Second Encounter

Mr,Mrs & Me...Our Second Encounter

... We met at the same hotel for our second encounter a month later, having had numerous chats and cams ... to their room to get ready. Dave slipped me his room key and told me to let myself into their room an hour ... and a sweater.

I walked to Dave and Sarahs room and let myself in. Before me stood both of them dressed... Continue»
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Mr,Mrs & Me...Our First Encounter

... crossdresser.We were both looking for our first full male/male experience and had developed a trust ... of black stilletto heels.

As i entered the room Sarah introduced me to "Davina" who rose from her ... chair and took my hand gently and shook hands with me. With long blond hair and full make up... Continue»
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Me and Mr. Jones

... wants me to beg also, but I just can’t. I would rather go hungry.
One evening, Mr. Jones knocked ... ahead of me.
I showed up the next morning at 9 am, and Mr. Jones opened the door wearing an old ... Mr. Jones lived in an apartment up stairs from us in Chicago. He was about 50, tall, skinny... Continue»
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Mrs. Fletcher & Me

... smile as she left us to enjoy our time together. I felt as if she gave me the once over too ... , not daring to find out where it might lead. Our waiter was a young guy, maybe a little older than me ... our hostess standing at the table, looking at me and smiling the way Ellen did.

"Did you find... Continue»
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Me and Mr. Smith (Not true story)

... asked me.
"Uh, yeah... Do I know you?" I said.
"Probably not. I'm Mr. Smith. I teach English ... of my head. "Can we go inside your place?" he asked me.
"Yeah, sure" I said, eagerly. We both put our ... in a passionate kiss.
"You're sure?"
"I'm sure, now fuck me Mr. Smith." I said, smiling. With that he quickly... Continue»
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Mr. Harrison & the bet

... me? It sounds like your undermining my authority as your teacher by addressing me by my first name ... .' Mr. Harrison said with rage in his voice. 'No Mr. Harrison.' 'Thats what i thought, now back ... . 'Yeah and the administration thinks i cant control my students...' 'Sorry, Mr. Harrison.' Monique said... Continue»
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Mr & Mrs Miller~

... .

Mr. Miller answered the door with a smile, waving me in quickly. "Courtney, I'm glad you could make ... to me, unfortunately.

Though, on one particularly rainy Friday night that all changed ... with a single phone call. Luckily for the Millers (and looking back, for me as well) I had no plans... Continue»
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Mr. Johnson.plz call me Nettie

... , Mr. Johnson?

“Yes, Lynette?”

“Please Mr. Johnson, call me Nettie…”

“OK, Nettie.”

“Our ... . She didn’t pull away and seemed to like the sensation as much as

me. That few seconds of contact ... richest mimic of

me, ending our kiss. She lowered her feet on the floor and turned her back to me... Continue»
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Mrs. T & The Sales Girl and Me - Dressing Room

... ass in front of Mrs. T. I smiled. Mrs. T. motion for me to come over. "I think our sales girl been bad ... sucks me off if I get the puzzles right. Just makes the show more fun.

The first time I met Mrs ... the breast and the butt.

I smiled when she looked over and saw me. Mrs. T. went inside... Continue»
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Me, Matt and Mr. Spencer

... next to Mr. Spencer and held his dick wanting me to suck him too. I took turns sucking both ... on the dining room table. Mr. Spencer poured us each a glass of wine, while Matt undressed me.

I shivered ... with muscular arms, a major turn on for me.

“Thank you Mr. Spencer,” I said as he handed me my glass... Continue»
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MY GRANDMA & ME - Our Second Time!

... of me. Her touch was wonderful, as her fingers circled my knob for the second time that day ... all it was her pool.

"Help me in the water, will you?" she said as she walked towards ... . Grandma looked damn good in her one piece suit. It made me wonder what she would look like in a bikini... Continue»
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angel buxoms nite with mr super cock (by me from a

... My huge stud Mr. Supercock held me by my little hand and led me into his private elevator to take ... his big strong fingers engulfed my entire clitty/cock the second he touched me I came a huge gush ... was throbbing,Mr supercock wisperd some thing into bobs ear because he then lifted me and inpailed his... Continue»
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Me and Mrs Gibson

... perky bum.

One day as me an Rhody were in the kitchen having a summer's drink. Mrs Gibson came ... met mrs Gibson.

I was friends with Rhody for years, since I was a k**. We would spend time ... at me with those big blues eyes before she slowly opened the fridge and slowly bent down... Continue»
Posted by TonyDyball21 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  

Mrs C introduced me to Mrs J.

... an affair with me for the last 6 months and how Mrs J had found out that her husband had been having ... for her, then she continued to explain that Mrs J was at the party and saw me strip and was also very ... looked across at Mrs C and she smiled at me and nodded her aproval, so as I turned to Mrs J and she... Continue»
Posted by teddyboy10w 5 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  
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Suzy & Mr MacDonald by Scotty

... 'Miss Green, is Suzy here yet?'
'Yes Mr MacDonald, will I show her in?'
'Yes please, and you can ... earlier will have to be punished. This will hurt me more than it hurts you.'
I walk over to my ... cunt.
'Mmmmm.....sir.......fuck me hard......I'm a bad, bad girl'
That's exactly what you get... Continue»
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our second encounter

... was wearing the same thing as I had on our first time together. Black suspender cami top matching stockings ... lace knicks.
We went into the living room and I sat down and he walked over and stood beside me. I ... my hands on his tight ass and pulled him towards me rubbing the side of my face along the now very... Continue»
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Just me and Mr. XX together making love #2

... love you Mr. XX! I love you so much!! Mummmmm baby you make me feel so good!" I had almost passed out ... do please me so much baby! I love your touch!! You please me so much! And I am satisfied for now Mr ... huh MR. XX?" He smiled and told me: "Sure Kath fair is fair. I have been teaching you for a few weeks... Continue»
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Ginger & Me - Our Love Life

... me this nasty little grin.

It's like she likes to tease me. Since Ginger's been at our home ... in a 69 burns in my brain! The fact that the both love each other and the both love me makes our ... of what transpired within our marriage when Ginger came to live with us.

It really all started... Continue»
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Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04

... to me bringing a pitcher with her and filling our glasses. We all downed the first drink quickly ... . "I've got to take these boots off. They're killing me."

She sat down on the second step and held ... between our flat bellies. Mary stirred at the same time and looked up at me smiling. Then her lips curled... Continue»
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The Quarterback's Little s****r

... . One guy actually pulled the car over and asked if I would blow him on the way home from our second ... going to hate me for this, but I have to be at school pretty much 24/7 before our first game in a week ... in her workout top when she passed Mr. Taylor's house; he was such a creep he might as well have blown... Continue»
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