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Mr,Mrs & Me...Our Second Encounter


... so
today is our last day together ... Mr. Bakshi then kissed her full on
the lips. "Mr. BBBAAKKSSHHIII", Asha gasped at his boldness. "You are
a sexy woman, Mrs ... this erotic encounter. The ...
Asha. "TELL ME TELL ME, HOW YOU ... , was loving every second of the ... ... Continue»
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Brian is gone

... me being repositioned Tom said,
"In case you are wondering, Rory was second. You had
already sucked me ... 's voice saying, "Gentlemen, Mrs. Kim
Little ... me with just our pubic areas and our ... Mr., I'm sorry, I don't even know
your name."

He said, "Call me ... ... Continue»
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Three Tales: Wife, Girl and Hubby

... myself giggling about my encounter with the girl. I actually ... so deep inside me. "Fuck me Mr. Paul, fuck ... crowd, and that's Mrs. Amy. First, she talks ... our little secret. Great. Okay, second, would she promise me that she wouldn't get jealous or mad at me ... ... Continue»
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... second, sucking and licking his cock.

"Oh, wow! That feels great, Mrs. Banner! Keep doin' that! Don't stop,
Mrs ... gonna happen if they catch us? What's Mr. Banner gonna do?'

"We can't let ... me in my pussy?"

"You... you mean you're gonna take one of our ... ... Continue»
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... a love marriage when she met Mr. Lee, an engineer with ... would be discouraged by then. Mrs. Lee did wait, but she ... our daughter's for a fraction of a second, but not quickly enough to escape my wife's notice. She grinned at our flushed expressions, making me ... ... Continue»
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Rural Love

... she looked real pretty. Between Mike and
Mrs. Johnson, I sure could see where Jr got ... The second thing is they took the
propane tanks and the barrels which tells me ... it joined to
our pasture. There was no livestock in the field and Mr. Thompson didn ... ... Continue»
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... but get our agreements signed."

"Okay, Mr.Cockin."

"I'm Cockrin... not Cockin, Mrs Kant."

"Oh, I'm ... It's second best I know, but it is better than nothing."

"Mr. Cockrin ... Please help me, daddy. Please fuck me. Please fuck me a lot... fuck me often ... ... Continue»
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Sylvia´s Slave

... can handle this our own way."

I looked at her. What was she talking about. She went on "Perhaps Mr.
Adams would ... who gave me some lessons in speaking as a

Mrs. Hudson, Sylvia, and Julie all kept at me until it was second
nature to ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... our future.
An Ideal Sexual Encounter
In truth, my ideal encounter is the cherished memory of my
second ... our
own minds as sexual beings. No wonder so many women who
can think of themselves only in the role of Mrs ... Mr. Sanchez recently told me, “Our big ... ... Continue»
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Teen Femdom

... had changed since our ... decidedly S & M ... me."

Dominique promised to try and begged Kim to return to give her a
second chance.

Kim walked out leading me ... Mr. and Mrs. Conway," she said coolly, "Meet Slave Shoelicker."

Kim presented her foot to me ... ... Continue»
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An Afternoon with Kimberly

... get her picture folder. Mrs. Howard gave me that knowing grin again saying, ... is, if you call me Will, call me Mr. Jones only when ... before leaving, her first and me second. While in the bathroom, I ... .
Kimberly must have enjoyed our recent attempt at tongue ... ... Continue»
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Erotic encounter ( Aunty )

... was a situation for me as Germans have when Mr. Hitler was around, I ... & after that to access my right side she leaned on me ... my first time, first close encounter with any woman, I have ... hairs..
She was still leaning on me
Our eyes met..
This time I saw ... ... Continue»
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... was paying the price.


"Mrs. Sewell, I'm Dan Thayer..." ... me, mommy?" I asked softly, laying in her
bed in our new house in our ... agreed and I made her wait a second cause I wanted to
take ... nervous at seeing me
talk to Mr. Thayer all ... ... Continue»
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... last night from a Mrs. Forrest, who had asked to meet me here today.

... "I'm sorry, but I just can't do this."

"Mr. Nelson, you're a school teacher. Junior ... for a second until our eyes met.

"Daddy, you've come to rescue me!" she exclaimed ... ... Continue»
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Henley in Hardon

... our faces, wanking it furiously.

Within seconds we watched as his cock exploded over us, for a 40 something on his second ... encounter ... ... Continue»
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Forbidden love (part 8 - end)

... computer and said, "Ah, yes, Mr. and Mrs. Moss."

I started to say that we were not "Mr. and Mrs.", but I got a quick look from ... surprise, kissed me passionately. And then she was in the cab heading to the airport.

The second week of our vacation was as ... ... Continue»
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Christmas time

... Second, I like to be called James. It's Ma who started calling me ... me and kissed me. Our kiss was warm, loving, full of joy and hope.

She then turned her back to me and settled against me ... Mr. Fredricks excused me ...

"Merry Christmas, Mrs. Summers," I said ... ... Continue»
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For the Love of Holly

... Second, I like to be called James. It's Ma who started calling me ... me and kissed me. Our kiss was warm, loving, full of joy and hope. She then turned her back to me and settled against me ... Mr. Fredricks excused me ... ."

"Merry Christmas, Mrs. Summers," I said ... ... Continue»
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Nicol Gets an Education

... Mr. Ford, I..."

"No, don't call me Mr. Ford! Call me master!"

Oh god. I couldn't do it! I started to pull away from him, but our ...

"First, of all," Jeff said, "Mrs. Brown you have a lovely
... had me sit on
the bench and told me to wait a second. ... ... Continue»
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... "Eat my pussy for me, Mr. Henderson," Kelly implored, wriggling her ... second, "do you think you could put that nice cock of yours in my ass for me ... is this?"

"Hi, Mrs. Adams. This is our friend, Becky Henderson. ... Bob was surprised to encounter the full ass ... ... Continue»
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