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More Sex and Kara-Oke

Sex and Kara-Oke

... to meet local boys is at the open-air kara-oke session they have every Saturday night in the basketball ... the older, more experienced girls in their 20s - usually housemaids and ya-yas in the houses ... sex with them.

I never used to go up there. My parents always suggested that it was not where... Continue»
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More Sex and Kara-Oke

... him - especially when we are having sex. But I really wish he was more romantic with me. I suppose ... singing. I suppose I was thinking of other things. Sex mostly. My boyfriend was there on both occasions ... that there boys who spy on couples having sex there.....

I always wondered why some of the girls in the village... Continue»
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Kara, the special girl

... , but at the present it carried a bit more weight than usual.

Kara sat, head in hand, lazily rolling her ... cute at times, and they served their purposes (Kara had enjoyed more than her fair share of free ... take care of some stuff, ok? Meetcha at Pita the Great, kay?” Gavvy. Kara hated pet names. Callie gave... Continue»
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Sex in Nana's Attic

... either, except that I do find I am starting to think about sex more since it happened. I wonder ... the evening singing kara-oke, with the men drinking coconut wine and playing cards in the back room ... lose it, people can tell by looking at you that you have had sex. But I don't think anyone has... Continue»
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Beatdown by a pornstar Lisa ann

... sex out of ever pour. The Jeans were tight and she had on running shoe, pink. The pants were worn ... Said “It pronounced Kara-TAY. Lot of newbie’s thinks it’s not. Also this a meeting, for I need ... heighten my Kara-tay is. “
“Please k** could eat you alive, if I wasn’t afraid of choking on your... Continue»
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Jesse’s First Day

... the room, but the others were more leisurely about it. Kara stopped and extended a hand to Jesse ... dressed while you read over your script some more. We should be ready in about thirty minutes. Ok ... ! It was a wonderful evening full of romance and smoking hot sex!” Rika laughed “We’re both walking a little... Continue»
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You Can't Put Your Finger In There!

... by that experience.

Up to that point, sex was just a really fun activity I participated in, but Kara taught me that it can be so much more. ... possibly that they scare me a little.

Kara was a barista, kind of. She worked at a coffee shop ... in, and Kara was working alone. She was in the back wiping a table. She looked up. I knew her name... Continue»
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The maid's knickers - part four.

... knew then, of course, that she wasn't just innocently singing and dancing at the village kara-oke ... and decided to watch her from the bar over the road from the kara-oke place near the basketball court. And I ... covered in sweat as they did it in the tropical heat.
I was even more obsessed with her and her... Continue»
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... ,
she also had a nice body, and she was more famine then
Jana. Kara was still a virgin; she ... ! No more please!"

Keith climbed off Kara. "Here," Matt said, "hold her
while I get her bra off ...

Kara had never performed oral sex. She was gagging she
fought the hands holding her she... Continue»
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'Nap Time'

... mementos. You could read the words 'I love Kara' plain as day. I did promise him to keep it forever ... running the show wouldn't give them five more minutes to play the damn song. We sat there listening ... orange. It took me three more dye jobs to tone it down to a really sexy orange. I assured her black... Continue»
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mom and son Marriage

... laughed told, “Ok baba, as you wish, your mom is ready to fulfill your wishes. My lovely son……..”

My ... reaching ass. She removed the towel in one swift move. She applied more lotion on my ass cheeks. She ... pussy crack but she did not touch the pussy hole. Her actions were making me wish for more. Where ever... Continue»
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... , however Asha
resolved to enhance their sex life by helping him to be more

She ... to adjust to
her new role as a housewife.

Being an extremely sexed and sexy person she was the target ... too. Asha loved the attention she was getting
and had sex on her mind a lot. Her husband Rajesh... Continue»
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Oedipus takes her home

... . This is wrong. For about a million fucking reasons. It has to stop. It happened. Ok fine it happened ... Diana.

"Danny." she finally started.

"Yes mom?"

"You are not to touch me like that... any more ... it is that. No... I don't want you to do that any more."

He laughs, "You don't sound very sure... Continue»
Posted by the_lord_wolf 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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A Submissive Housewife

... my resolve, I still got hit
several more times on my tits.

By now it was nearly noon, so Kara ... , but
she needs someone more like Kara as a trainer, she
had a full week of training and she acts ... day with Kara,
and she still needs a lot more training, but she is
doing very good for only one... Continue»
Posted by kinghut 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Sex Humor  |  

Jesse's Dream Job

... down she asked,

“Are you OK?”

Jesse coughed a couple of more times and wiped his eyes where ... .

“So tell me Mr….”

“Just Jesse please Ms. Angel”

“OK. Jesse, please tell me how much you know ... and entertainment.”

“Oh. I guess that I should have read more.”

Ms. Angel laughed and asked,

“Why... Continue»
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Oedipus at home

... ." she finally started.

"Yes mom?"

"You are not to touch me like that... any more." she ... it is that. No... I don't want you to do that any more."

He laughs, "You don't sound very sure."

Diana gets ... you take a trip with and get all dirty only to have them give you trouble?"

She is more than... Continue»
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... for Tara's cunt but Kara stops him saying that they are here for her and if they ever want more ... and NO NO not that I want to know about You Oh ok I'm 42 married and the mother of two not much more to say. Ok my ... miles away from home. Then Kara she is 19 tall slim a models body with a great ass and a ton of boy... Continue»
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Lesbian teen mom’s lust

... current employer. And one more thing: The reason Kara had approached Jinna about entering the adult ... film business was because she wanted to help her mom. Susan knew first hand that Kara had a “sex ... the call.

“Hi Susan, this is Kara. I’m all right,” the message on the machine back in California began... Continue»
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Beatdown by a porn Star lisa Ann

... that was tight and thick enough to get a good grabbed on. The girl oozed sex out of ever pour. The Jeans ... doing Karate. I was trying to get you for hours.”
“First off” He Said “It pronounced Kara-TAY. Lot ... “With one strike I could’ve of killed you without knowing...that how heighten my Kara-tay is. “
“Please k... Continue»
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The maid's knickers - part 1

... or singing kara-oke in Chi-chi's quarters next to the kitchen - so I was soon able recognize ... when she was off-duty at night. So for sex, after a morning spent watching Chi-Chi's bottom ... and shoulders glistened in whatever had come out of her vagina.
The longer I watched, the more I... Continue»
Posted by bobsmart 5 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Voyeur  |  
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