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More about Me

... internet. I am in the Frederick Md, area. Please tell me about you Daddy, what do you like to do in private ... you are interested please respond and tell me about you before asking for more about me. I am serious seeking the same. Please Breed ... ... Continue»
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Vivian and Tanya's Forest Romp

... about earlier. Vivian returned to her senses and exclaimed “What the hell is wrong with you Tanya?!”
“I don’t know Vivian! ... Vivian’s clit and pulled. Vivian could stand no more. She erupted in a fountain of orgasm all over Tanya’s face and chest. Vivian ... ... Continue»
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... men for a while before you meet. Get to
know more about the submissive than his fantasies. Is he someone you ... .

The Mistress Manual
The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
Part Two
The Mistress In Action
The Mistress Manual by: Mistress Lorelei
5 ... ... Continue»
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My Life with Mistress Veronica

... with your story."

"We\'re just about near the end, Mistress. I would get more and more excited working over your breasts with ... think about," Mistress Veronica said matter-of-factly. It was incredible. A few moments ago she had been so concerned about me ... ... Continue»
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My Aunt, My Mistress

... not
really. But recently I had felt a need to learn more about it, and my mother
was very unwilling ... fucked by her Mistress? Would you?
- I.. yesss, please Mistress! I.. your slave, Mistress... ask.. permission
to ... to come, Mistress!
I almost couldn ... ... Continue»
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Mistress Demi Part 4

... there of. I looked up at my Mistress and I thought about what was my greatest desire. Mistress. Mistress was my greatest desire. Making her ... my hungry mouth down her cock more and more getting it nice and slick for my Mistress. In my eagerness I gagged on ... ... Continue»
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Learning the Chocolate Life Ch. 02 (Black Mistress

... up this new and extraordinarily exciting lifestyle and new found Mistress who more than met my needs. She pushed every button and ... thinking. "I know you have fantasized about this and here is your opportunity to prove it." One more hard smack brought my ... ... Continue»
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mother vs. mistress

... could be found out.


Mistress had gotten better….more assertive in getting her needs ... house…a rare occasion. He was thinking about mistress. He wondered what he wanted from her ... ... Continue»
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mistress enjoys hotel humiliation

... weren't even listening to my arguments but i tried one more time. Mistress, what if he does not find me interesting? what if ... me earlier. i made some small talk about working in a big hotel and he asked me about where i was from and what i was ... ... Continue»
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The First Time Mistress Sent Me to My Room

... 4pm when the phone rang. It was Mistress phoning to tell me I was about to have a few visitors and that I ... piss on my face from either side.

Wanna here more about my three days in my room? ... ... Continue»
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Mistress Step-Daughter Ch2

... was a one time thing, and he wouldn't have to worry about anything sexual happening between them again. He figured Kassi would ... to her normal self, and her and Mandy schemed some more, about what else Kassi could do to her step-dad. Before ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... us! What I want to
know is where I can find out more about us – also, I'd surely
like to trade fantasies with another ... obligation. In any case, good luck
to you in writing more about this interesting subject of women
and their fantasies.
... ... Continue»
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The Truth About Swinging 5

... more than even I am comfortable with,married to them or not,they know how much you make,and so much more about you,at a glance,than you are ever gonna know about ... ... Continue»
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... and we talked more about our lives as they now stood. I told her about school, girlfriends and she started to reminisce about our ... I used to jack-off dreaming about my s****r, wanting to fuck her, only getting teased and little more. And now? Oh, my. ... ... Continue»
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Fantasy Neighbor - Erica's Education about Me

... “I brought you your laundry,” I cheerfully told him, not thinking any more about it. As I turned to go, I noticed one of my ... Brian, our pace was slow and loving, but hot. I learned more about my sexuality, and what makes a man tick (see Chapter 4).

... ... Continue»
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Bangkok babes have more

... talk another time about it, I have some stuff about Poi that I need to talk to you about' Jan ... wanted to take the chance to explain more about who she was to Pat. She began ... was just tell Poi about the things going on at home that I wasn't about to do so ... ... Continue»
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The Lady in the Woods was back for more.

... her for nearly 3 hours and then she explained more about her self to me, she told me ... in her.
She started to tell me more about her self as we fucked, she explained ... and thought then replyed, “ we can talk about it tomorrow. Then I left walking off ... ... Continue»
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The Truth About Swinging....

... halfway WON!!!Right??? Wellll.....Not quite. But here's the FACT about that,MOST married,or women in a relationship,most women ... just about anyone,anytime,anyplace.On to the next point---The AMERICAN woman.Most American women do not know much more about sex ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Ten Marcia

... that twice, so I know about that. It's pretty extreme, but I'll bet that would open you up more for Arthur. I would love ... get to do that again. If I do, then I will know more about it. I will do my best with you Marcia." She smiled ... ... Continue»
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but was it REALLY all about the big black dick?

... flick my cigarette away.

eventually, they both mumbled something more about how slow it had been that night & how they ... of his gorgeous lips. he mumbled again w/a little more volume. something about a ride...

"oh, you've got a ride? great!" i smiled, ... ... Continue»
Posted by roxxanna 1 year ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  Views: 730  |  
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