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Mommy wants my Baby.

Mom Wants Wants To Have My Baby

... was incredibly arousing for her and she simply told
him, "Take off my bra baby and suck mommies milk ... and those titties
even bigger, here it is mommy! My baby!!"

"OH MY GOD OOOHH!!" Mary screamed out ... to be a
mommy again! From now on your sl**ping in my bed, I
want you to keep me as filled up... Continue»
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My friend wanted a baby...

... in my stupefied state.

“I want to have your baby!” And with that her gorgeous runner legs wrapped ... that are not there? She could just be bored and want some company. Did not matter, I grabbed my helmet ... she wants to get preggo and I am not so enamored on this plan. So my balls are heavy and I have... Continue»
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Jennifer's Surprise Chapter 4

... in passion as she was being savagely sucked out.
“My clit, baby. Suck my clit. I want to cum in your face ... into her ear.

“Do you like my surprise, baby? Do you like that your son, our son, is eating you ... in my hole. Tongue-fuck me baby. Tongue-fuck your mother’s cunt. Fuck my cunt with your fucking tongue... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 7: While the Cat i

... twat? You like having
a big hard cock in your wet little cunny baby?"

"Oh, yes, Mommy, fuck my ... is starting and I need to get into my seat at
the table. Can't wait to see you, baby. MUAH ... ?"

"Give me a minute to catch my breath, baby, and I'll give it to you. Oh
boy will I ever. You earned... Continue»
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Scenes from a Marriage

... didn't do that." She wanted to say, "How could you think I would do such a thing?"—but it would ... —I wanted it to be as soon as possible. I'll be in the building over on Union Street, away from ... be seeing him, that's all. I wanted you to know that."

Her turned back to the raking. "Lynn, you... Continue»
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Getting the Groceries Part III

... , "Mommy wants you to cum."

My cock was throbbing in her grasp, her smile, her eyes looking directly ... toed pumps. She pushed me down and roughly stripped off my pants.

"Mommy is going to take what ... she wants." She began stroking and slurping my cock, her red brown hair falling over my stomach... Continue»
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Just Ly Back And Sigh!

... with your flesh aginst mine!
The world fades away baby look in my eyes!
I start to smile cuz I'm ... baby aint no stopping ya now!

If ya want it I'm on it let me take you away!
Making love untill ... give you all you can take and some more after that!

Now the bed is all wet and mommi so is my face... Continue»
Posted by passionsfire 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Mature  |  

Hayden Panettiere & Hilary Duff

... at once.

“Baby you know you want it, I’m good looking, rich and popular and you should be with me ... buddy.

“She was sending me signals, I figured she wanted a great fuck as my reputation states ... down to business my hired sex slave. As much as I want to impress you with the ease at which I can... Continue»
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New Year's Names

... . But I don't really want to
cool it." My answer was lost in the kiss. Chris fit so
well in my ... with someone outside of there religion.
You know, Money.

My new baby's s****r was a little calico. Humm ... things I really didn't want broken,
and checked my computer covering the keyboard. I wonder
what... Continue»
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... doubt. She wondered if he was hard again. She wanted to look but figured that might be a little ... …sucking your dick…and letting you eat my pussy,” she explained with her own eyebrow hiked up in an effort ... is that it?”
“You want to do other stuff?” she asked.
He nodded and shoved another bite of egg... Continue»
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Sex education

... my belly and when you had been there for nine months you wanted to come out, so I went ... .

- Yes, but how?

- Look, darling, daddy gives mommy some semen and puts it into her for the baby ... because they were talking about certain things they knew their parents didn't want them to talk about... Continue»
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Un-virginised by Newyork's finest BBC in Manh

... time made me want to sit straighter with my shoulders back and my chest in front of me ... thats it baby boy as he held the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth and throughout, he kept ... back and forth for my holidays I would always end up making an overnight stop in Manahattan. I... Continue»
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An Unconventional Marriage Chapter 1

... Chapter 1: The Blessing of the Goddess

This is based upon my first love & I. I thought she ... was 'The One'. I have played this out in my mind for decades. This is how our story should have been ... and a Lutheran minister, Patty had never before been so restrained with her wants. She was used... Continue»
Posted by sithlord6969 6 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore  |  

my ittle friend 2

... she matured and got her full form. The roundness and firmness was unbelievable. My cock wanted ... what is called an orgasm. Commonly known as cumming. “

“ My mommy has used that word ... of acceptance, I put my cock back in position and whispered in her ear, “ Get ready baby because it is going... Continue»
Posted by robd1 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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Home Alone, part 2A

... on the bed next to Chloe. “Do you want to touch my hairy place?”
Again, Chloe looked at her with those ... . But this night she was annoyed at having to look after Chloe. She really wanted to be in her room, door ... ! Will you come wash my back?”
“Can’t you do it yourself?”
“Please, Laura,” Chloe whined. “You aren’t... Continue»
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Because of Becky's Stories

... just then MOM MOM do you know where my new dress is I want to show my friends? Jenny comes back ... to the stories had her pussy on fire. The want and fear combine had Jenny on pins and needles so she did ... only once a night Tracy had her coming three times in only 45min.and she wanting more too... Continue»
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The Dance

... mother’s nude tits.

“Do you want to show me your cock, Baby? Just take it out for your mother ... correctly, that he wanted to touch her but didn’t quite know how to start. “Your hand on my tit ... and I think you want to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me, Baby?”

The word had difficulty forming... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part VIII

... back arched and my body was convulsing. Roxie was screaming.

“Oh yes! Cum baby! Cum with Mommy! Cum ... feel her screaming into my fucking cunt! Ohhhh Emily! Ohhhhh baby you’re making Mommy cummmmmm!” I ... baby girl.”


I took a quick shower and navigated my way through the darkened house... Continue»
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... and Krista walked in, stark naked.
"Hellloooo mommy." Krista purred.
"Hey baby." Carrie kissed her ... groaned.
"What was that baby?" His mother asked with a giggle.
"Deeper...please mommy...deeper ... back and stretched her free hand over her head. "Morning mommy. How are you?" By now, Carrie had... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Love

... completely, baby. I love you with all my being. I'll do anything you want, if I can."

"Oh, I'm ... not sure I want you to touch my hand. Please forgive me. I'm really sorry!"

"No, no, no, Jenny ... , but his wife had said that if only one of them was to live, it should be the baby.

He went... Continue»
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