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Mommy and Me

Mommy and me

... function so told my mom <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> to attend. My father ... <ddd>and</ddd> locked the cabin <ddd>and</ddd> was talking my mother was sitting near my uncle <ddd>and</ddd> I was sitting on opposite side <ddd>and</ddd> uncle asked <ddd>me</ddd> ... now, she looked at <ddd>me</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> stopped sucking cocks <ddd>and</ddd> told <ddd>me</ddd> “my pussy is all ... ... Continue»
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Mommy's Boy

... my three teenage b*****rs <ddd>and</ddd> split. Just like that. That was eight years ago <ddd>and</ddd> it has been <ddd>Mommy</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd>,ever since.

We do everything together. We go shopping,cook,do the chores,go out to dinner <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster Pt.4

... that was firmly planted on my s****r’s face.

She looked at <ddd>Mommy</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd>, <ddd>and</ddd> I knew she could only see what she was prepared ... . With that, I turned to <ddd>Mommy</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> looked at her angrily. The look she returned reminded <ddd>me</ddd> of a disobedient dog knowing it ... ... Continue»
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Mommy's Panty Boy, Chapter 1

... of the time it was just <ddd>Mommy</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> around the house. I always used to love looking up <ddd>Mommy</ddd>'s skirts from as long ... her hands down her thighs, smoothing out her dress.

"Y-y-yes, <ddd>Mommy</ddd>."

"<ddd>And</ddd> here I thought I had to go to work. Actually, I'm supposed ... ... Continue»
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Mommy makes me feel good - Part 2

<ddd>Mommy</ddd> takes <ddd>me</ddd> by her hand <ddd>and</ddd> leads <ddd>me</ddd> upstairs into her bedroom. She kindly asks <ddd>me</ddd> to lay down on her bed <ddd>and</ddd> ... <ddd>Mommy</ddd> smiles <ddd>and</ddd> comes to join <ddd>me</ddd> on the bed. She lays down very close to <ddd>me</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My Parents and Me part 2

... to have daddy inside <ddd>me</ddd> I asked him to fuck faster <ddd>and</ddd> harder. I looked over to <ddd>mommy</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> she is rubbing herself <ddd>and</ddd> all I want to do it lick her pussy., “<ddd>mommy</ddd> come ... ... Continue»
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Mom and Me

... to <ddd>mommy</ddd>, fuck <ddd>me</ddd> with your cock." She continued to moan <ddd>and</ddd> fuck herself as I pumped my cock, her words doing more for <ddd>me</ddd> ... , her body sitting up straight <ddd>and</ddd> pressing down on <ddd>me</ddd>.
"Jesus Christ!!!! So good honey, oh baby, <ddd>mommy</ddd> is cumming all over you ... ... Continue»
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... to come back to my house <ddd>and</ddd> spend the night with <ddd>me</ddd>, after your “dinner” with <ddd>mommy</ddd>, <ddd>and</ddd> you never showed. So what’s up ... , he fucked both mom <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> together. After that night there was no more doubt that I would always be naughty for <ddd>mommy</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> daddy.
... Continue»
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My Parents and Me

... <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd>
My parents are very sexual people always having sex.. Everywhere! Even when I'm home <ddd>and</ddd> can hear them. The ... <ddd>me</ddd> completely naked with a huge erection <ddd>and</ddd> all I could still think about was fucking him.
I started to cry "I'm so sorry daddy, <ddd>mommy</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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LC and me

... large <ddd>and</ddd> luscious it made <ddd>me</ddd> jerk off while watching her satisfy herself. I kept on replaying her short vid, <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd>, blowing ... precum <ddd>and</ddd> hers. She directed <ddd>me</ddd> to draw circles around her clit with my tongue. Starting bigger <ddd>and</ddd> getting smaller <ddd>and</ddd> smaller ... ... Continue»
Posted by nck335 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Mature  |  Views: 264  |  
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Daddy John and Me Part 3

... <ddd>and</ddd> he kisses <ddd>me</ddd>. I’m still sucking daddy’s cock <ddd>and</ddd> John starts to lick <ddd>and</ddd> share daddy’s cock with <ddd>me</ddd> ... get it hoping he can get <ddd>me</ddd> to wear it <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> John continue to play.

... face. John fingers my little cunt <ddd>and</ddd> gets <ddd>me</ddd> to open for his fingers. “YES ... ... Continue»
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01. My mother and me .- Introduction

... was a big smile on here face heh ,<ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> realizing what i have done i was so ... , <ddd>and</ddd> she told <ddd>me</ddd> that sun hasn't touched her for years <ddd>and</ddd> that ... <ddd>me</ddd> that i also should undress to <ddd>and</ddd> let some sun touch <ddd>me</ddd> , but i refused off course ... Day came to an end <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Tranny and Me Meet The MILF

... shit" <ddd>and</ddd> began to rub her pussy. Chandra finished taking off her panties <ddd>and</ddd> walked over to Susan <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd>. She bent over <ddd>and</ddd> kissed ... <ddd>and</ddd> I fucked Susan so hard that we both came together. Chandra in Susan's ass <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> in her pussy. We both pulled out <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Just Between You and Me

... down <ddd>and</ddd> brushed her soft feminine hand against his again throbbing boner,how would you like <ddd>me</ddd> to kiss that for you Gary?She grasped his meat in her right hand <ddd>and</ddd> tightly encircled it with her fingers <ddd>and</ddd> ... to Gary,sure mom,"just between you <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My Step s****rs, bother and me

... When <ddd>Me</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> My Dad moved in with my step-mother. My step-mother had 2 k**s A boy <ddd>and</ddd> a girl. A the time they were 1* <ddd>and</ddd> 1* <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> being ... computer <ddd>and</ddd> went to go play video games <ddd>and</ddd> my step-s****r went to her room. With that leaving the living for <ddd>me</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Sam, Susan and me

... was very foggy <ddd>and</ddd> the where problems so it took 30 minutes. in this time Sam <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> really joked <ddd>and</ddd> told her ... <ddd>me</ddd> they could do anything.. well sam <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> had a good time <ddd>and</ddd> laughed a lot...

a few days later a large group of friends incl. sam <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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mum and me pt2

... nights leaving mum <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> alone in the evenings, s the weeks went by her flashing was getting more obvious to <ddd>me</ddd> ,so i thought ... them off <ddd>and</ddd> letting <ddd>me</ddd> finger her wet pussy,she also started wanking <ddd>me</ddd> which was delightful,it didnt take long for <ddd>me</ddd> to ... ... Continue»
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mum and me pt5

... <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> have be fucking for a few years now,as ... ,but she wasnt finished with <ddd>me</ddd> yet <ddd>and</ddd> f***ed <ddd>me</ddd> to my knees <ddd>and</ddd> told <ddd>me</ddd> to lick her cunt clean,which i did greedily tasting mums juices <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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more of mum and me

... for a week so left mum <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd> to our own devices, i was ... <ddd>me</ddd> in <ddd>and</ddd> start sowing <ddd>me</ddd> what she had bought,which included new skirts,blouses <ddd>and</ddd> various pairs of knickers <ddd>and</ddd> bras,some for comfort <ddd>and</ddd> ... she looked at <ddd>me</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> kissed <ddd>me</ddd> on the cheek <ddd>and</ddd> said thanks, ... ... Continue»
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stepson and me

... <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>me</ddd>.
I married my wife late, I was 34, she was 38 <ddd>and</ddd> sexy as hell. She had ... on our last day, <ddd>me</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> the wife drank a bit more than usual <ddd>and</ddd> got a little ... <ddd>and</ddd> mom are fooling around?". I was floored, it was <ddd>me</ddd> who turned him on, <ddd>and</ddd> as he explained to <ddd>me</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by freaky_ibz 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 3651  |  
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