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Mom like daughter

Mom like daughter

... me her Mom had said I wanted way to much sex for her liking. It was at this point it became clear ...
Mother and daughter become my bitches

This took place about 5 years ago now and started when ... like sex. We started hot fucking the first Friday night after we met on Tuesday, within a couple... Continue»
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Mom like daughter part 3

... was on the line begging like her Mom to please please could she continue with the dildo in her pussy ... to make sure the Mom knew her daughter was a total fuck slut and willing to please her Master in any ... with the others tits. Judy flinched as her daughter fondled her nip clamped tits, but stayed with it like... Continue»
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Like Mother, Like Daughter

... with sweat.

"But you fucked like a pro! Where did you learn that?" he asked.

"Watching my Mom I ... in her
bedroom on her fifty-four inch flat screen TV.

So I guess it is true what they say; Like Mother, Like Daughter!
... male voice. "Mom must be
entertaining again," she thought.

She thought of the men that her Mom... Continue»
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... of staring
at my daughter. It felt like I could come all night,
and my cock pulsed and shot as my wife ... daughter's fright was lost as the intense
feelings washed across my body. Her pussy was like ... .

"Well, you know... like... I um, I heard something
about you," she mumbled, a cute smile spreading... Continue»
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Like daughter, like mother

... boyfriends in high school. Everytime I was in town I'd stay with her and we'd fuck like rabbits. She ... born baby. Her dad had been in a car accident when she was in her early teens and her mom, Donna ... go to her mom's house by a lake or bbq at her b*****r's home.

Maggie lived in an apartment in St... Continue»
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like mother like daughter

... Like Mother like Daughter

I was lucky enough to get a summer job working for the telephone ... . I would say she was about 15 and she had a set to tits on her like I had never seen before in my ... were like hard rock’s standing straight out from her large tits. Her long blonde hair fell... Continue»
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... "Don't get freaked out but my mom is a bit of a flirt."
This was my girlfriend Sandy's warning ... on the sofa watching the television. She looked like something out any TV sitcom from the sixties ... with grey and was strikingly attractive.
"Mom, this is Jimmy," said Sandy, still holding my hand... Continue»
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like daughter like mother

... juices smell just like your daughters and since I haven’t gotten to smell or taste them in months, I ... , but she became a sex maniac—sometimes wanting it twice a day. Then, just like flipping a switch ... . Ain’t no way in hell I’m gonna feel like doing anything—better get used to stroking yourself... Continue»
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like mother like daughter

... daughter im thinking maybe .....she is like shes ugly.I say yeah right ..
So we gey to her place she ... goes in talks to her daughter who is doing something to the back of her tv.shes like ... talk for a few daughter goes back off In her room .mom and I are talking im hard shes playing... Continue»
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... on?" Olivia did not like it when I called her mom.

"I got a sudden desire to go shopping," Olivia ... sexual prowess but I knew better. In this case, it was like daughter/like mother.

My wife ... , to get done, but at the moment, all I could do was smile and think, Like Daughter/Like Mother.

... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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mom and daughter

... . "Because even as a little girl I always wished I'd get big tits like my mom." With a laff she ... continued, "I used to tell Mercy [her older s****r], 'I hope that I get big boobs like mom.' Mercy used ... were, how great mom's tits are, how soft and yummy they look, how I wish I could have tits like mom's... Continue»
Posted by lonlymeem 3 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Taboo  |  
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mom and daughter

... Mom and Daughter

It happened when I was f******n. No, I didn't have sex at that age ... for the stranger part. I dreamed of finding someone exactly like my mom, in every fashion. I wanted ... ’s breasts. I was shocked. I never figured my mom would like women. I did find out that I... Continue»
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Mom and daughter

... fuck about a year ago and now I am as bad as mom, I will fuck anybody who asks - like her. In fact I ... I had gone to visit Julie who I had been having sex with for about a year. She was a single mom ... with a 13 yo daughter. Julie and I went way back and we had our first sex together when we were 14... Continue»
Posted by imran470 3 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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OHGirl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

... both felt and what we each liked. My daughter was a whore like me, a cum slut just like her mom ... , and she had curves just like her mom too. She had been a cheerleader and ran track while in school, so ... one of my vices, the taste and texture of fresh, hot cum. She was a bareback whore just like her mom... Continue»
Posted by ohgirl1 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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Mom and Daughter Bonding

... for the whole time. I often get a lift from my mom because it's so far away and she likes to swim a few ... downstairs to see my mom reading the newspaper. I said hi and she wished me good morning like I hadn't ... tried to finger her last night. After my breakfast I was feeling like a shower so I told my mom... Continue»
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Mom Fucks Pregnate Daughter

... Introduction: What happens when mom finds out her daughter is -preggers? She fucks her of course ... in seeing her mom like this so hot so sexual. Julie took in her mother’s hot body and wondered what ... it would feel like to touch and kiss it.
Then Kate turned to her daughter still lying on the bed. “Oh... Continue»
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Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson

... .

"How come your not wearing your pjs"
"didn't feel like it mom"
"well you should go put them on"
"its ... "
"Just having some fun with you, don't you like fun"
"get off me"
"I will in a minute"

mom tried ... a teriffic boss, your nothing like mom describe you"
"I can imagian"
"Yea but thats all about... Continue»
Posted by lonlymeem 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Taboo  |  
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Like daughter like mother with pic I hope

Sep 28
Like daughter like mother.

This story is best understood if you have read previous ... my wife and daughter. It isn't it is instead about my daughters friend Char and her mom Peg.

I ran ... the guilty. I'm Keith my wife is Lisa, and our daughter is Amy and you might think this is about... Continue»
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blk mom daughter doggystye

... at her. We could always talk about anything. We have been more like best friends, than mom and daughter ... in the world, she said. Its not like that mom, I was mad because he wanted a little more spice in our sex ... at her, mom brace yourself, in the last seventytwo hours, your daughter had pulled a dog fucking train... Continue»
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Mom Loves Not Her Daughters

... then, did you do anything like this with my daughter?"
she said and lifted up mom's white skirt ... IT SEEMED LIKE the ideal time. Amy was at school and mom had gone to shop
about an hour before. I ... , it's nothing like homosexuality."
"I really want to, mom."
"Okay. Then let's do it." She stood... Continue»
Posted by BeeJay69 9 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Shemales  |