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Mom and her Son

Mom and her son

... Joy was a single mom. Her husband left her when her son was five. Joy was still nursing the son ... ." Her son was doing a good job fingering the mom. "Now add more fingers to mommy's pussy and keep ... to push all the cock inside me. Then fuck your mom hard." The son pushed his cock in her and loved how... Continue»
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Mom and her Son

... nana414 Mom And Her Son

All this happened a year ago. My name is Shalini and I am 46 and my ... mom!”

I couldn’t say anything but to answer him saying ‘I love you too! Son ... son 26 now. It never is supposed to happen but it just happened. To be frank, I am a sex-craving... Continue»
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Cum Slut Mom And Her Son

... go and he lifts off, viewing his mom’s raised and parted legs with her hairless fanny on full show ... It’s been three weeks since I let my son and his friends wanked over me in the woods and I have ... went to bed every night thinking about my son’s swelling cock and the look on his face as he sprayed... Continue»
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Mom Enjoys With Her Hot Son

... left the house with her car, I had watched many porn movies in which a son fucks his mom or s****r ... . tell you more about mom that she got a perfect body and a hot figure (36-30-42) .her boobs are 36 ... mom boobs and ass many times before while she was in the pool or changing her clothes but now... Continue»
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Mom helps her son wake up

... Mom helps her son wake up

"Tom! Get up and get out of bed, now!" Janelle yelled.

"Mom ... woke up, and she felt her son's cock growing in her mouth as she sucked on it.

"Mom? What ... having. She couldn't help herself as her hand touched her son's warm skin. Skin that covered... Continue»
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A Mom's Intuition For the Survival of Her Son

... to a stop with a loud thud.
She could see great fear on her son’s face as he said, “Mom… what ... ,” and then she gently kissed her son on the back of his neck.

When Davey felt his mom’s warm lips ... I won’t do to protect you and keep you safe.”

Her son looked at her and said, “I know mom, but I... Continue»
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mom son with mom son

... Raju’s
pants and taking his cock into her mouth. Mom and Son raised
their glasses to each other ... .
Mom glanced over at her son and saw that he had Seema bent
over the arm of the love seat in his ... to take her son’s big cock very
well. Mom cried out in good fashion when she felt the first blast... Continue»
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Mom Gives Herself To Her Son

... when I loosen my legs, one worn out son lies with his worn out mom on the bed and I kiss to thank him ... It’s been a week since I let my son fuck me in the shower and I have be counting every minute till ... mom’s body and not some rushed fuck before school we had. He wanted me dress similar to how I go... Continue»
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Her son

... still nursed her every day. She told him it was his duty to please his mom. She brought him naked ... .

One night after he tongued fucked his mom and licked her cum she told him"Tonight you will now start ... that. He fucked his mom and loved his cock in her tight cunt. As he filled her with his cum he told her "I... Continue»
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indian mom and her 2 sons

... on mom's thighs. She didnt react. This gave me the urge and I grabbed her soft waist. Oh it felt like ... planted a deep kiss on her lips! Mom loved the kiss and they both were locked in a smooch! She ... boobs and started sucking them madly! Mom held my head and pulled me towards her lips and locked her... Continue»
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A Mom’s Yearning And Her Son’s Passion

... mom-son alone…no other component…and as in most cases, this is a work of pure fiction and fantasy ... , the only driving f***e being her son, his nourishment, his education. Life as a single mother was very ... much hard for her, but she braved all the odds for the sake of the sole object in her life, her son... Continue»
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Her son-her man

... her cute body come from when I was f******n years .I had a big crush on her. Mom was slim and very ... created.She said to herself”My son is a big boy ! “ with a grin and pulled it into her hungry mouth ... twice in 12 hours. I was hoping I would last longer this time. Mom jumped to bed and bent her head down... Continue»
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moms and sons

... was a delightful k** so it was easy helping her out from time to time. Callie for her part returned ... the favor with my son Eric, so no money changed hands, it was just between friends. Eric and Bobby ... home much of the time that summer he and Bobby graduated high school. I was proud of my son that he... Continue»
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mom and son

... Mom, please! Oh God, yes, yes!" she whimpered as her son eased his long cock into her body ... by the door. "Hey Mom, you home?" he yelled and went looking for her. He stopped by her door ... went to wake Mom. He walked in her room and his nose was flooding with Mom's erotic scent. '... Continue»
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mom and son

... always felt more like a s****r at most, though of course the mother/son connection was there to some ... , and there's been one or two occasions where I thought of her in a sexual manner, but nothing incredibly ... consistent that crowded my mind. But, at the age of 22, that definitely changed.

We lived alone, just her... Continue»
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Moms and their sons

... sucking the bl**d-pounding length of her own son's
cock .

"Uuuhhh, Mom!" Randy gazed down at her ... in a shameless rhythm, eagerly fucking her
face with her son's stiff prick.

"Jesus, Mom!, I'm gonna cum ... of her son's tasty
sperm from the tip.

"Ohh, God!" Randy panted dazedly. "Jesus, Mom, that was so... Continue»
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... my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 ... . Mom came out because of TV noise and asked me why I was not sl**ping. I told her that I was thinking ... was cooking. I sat on the platform and started talking to her:
Me: Mom how did you feel yesterday night... Continue»
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mom and son

... He always watched his mom when she was not looking. She had a very sexy body with big tits ... and a nice round ass. His dad had walked out on both of them two years ago. He knew his mom was horny as he ... heard her play with herself at night. One day she was home relaxing in a tight t-shirt and short... Continue»
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romantic mom and me the raja her son

... in awe-not so much at the length, but at the fact that she was holding her son's dick, so forbidden, so ... listen her some times. But after he started to ignore her. After that peacefulness of our house had ... . She would appreciate and would praise me always.

I got home from college one day and found her... Continue»
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Sheila Seduced By Her Son

... that would be good, yes mom just trim the hair” With Sheila cradling her sons head and Yash suckling ... that could have possibly done that- her son Yash!

As she fought to understand the whys of what her ... son had done, her shock and disgust turned to anger. Her son had masturbated into her panties, ‘How... Continue»
Posted by bava12 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Voyeur, Hardcore  |  
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