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Mom's New Boyfriend (Part 1)

Mom's New Boyfriend (Part 1)

... ,” he grinned. “I’m Brad…your mom’s boyfriend.” This was Brad? This was the guy she’s been seeing ... understood and just accepted that mom and I would be on our own for a while. We stayed in our house ... and for the most part, things were fairly normal. I grew up, went to school and managed to make a ton... Continue»
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... Mom, that's not what I'm talking about. Sure, I know all about that. The k**s are talking ... is sometimes part of it. It's when a woman gives complete control to the man she's ... he's hitting you. I can hear sounds like that & you moaning. Is he hurting you Mom."... Continue»
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Mom's Boyfriend Nick

... the start of the next season. I saw my mom's boyfriend's new Audi in the drive and nearly spat ... on the windshield. I can't believe mom bought that for him. He needs to get a fucking job!

When I ... walked in the house I immediately heard moaning from my mom’s rooms. Porn? Oh shit... was he watching... Continue»
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My mom's new daughter part 2

... Rick.But my mom and s****r call me rachel.So Sarah and me was in the bedroom and she started picking ... for him.and Sarah told him that mom and dad was'nt here and he asked who i was and my s****r told him ... and went down stairs i still had my s****rs bikinis on and my mom asked me how my night was and i... Continue»
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Friendly Neighbor's Daughter - Parts 1 to 3

... Part 1
I had always been friendly to the young girl who lived across the road, chatting to her ... and preferred more adult company than k**s her own age. She came knocking on my door one day after getting ... her if she had a boyfriend, and she said that she did not, which I found rather surprising as she... Continue»
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Danny's Mom Makes Him a Motherfucker
by MuffDiver (

I was born ... is that she was a beautiful, desirable
woman to other men, but that she was my mom and
belonged to me ... , and not to them).

My earliest meaningful memories of my mom go back to
when I was about six... Continue»
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Jennifer's New Boyfriend

... they had with Jennifer's new boyfriends from that day forward.


Author's note ... all her previous boyfriends. She'd grown up in a very strict fundamentalist f****y whose patriarchal ... his s****r. It made him a little jealous to know that another man was getting into his pretty s... Continue»
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Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 1

... in the UK. She was in the kitchen when the door bell rang. It was Mark, her daughter’s new 16 ... year old boyfriend. He asked if Laura was in. ‘No’ Susan told him ‘but come ... ;My god, that’s fucking big and thick’ she shouted out to him... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 1

... Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 1

It had been a good day for Halfrek. She had granted ... to get punished now no matter what Dawn had decided to take full advantage of her new and improved s ... fucking her Mom and big s****r was incredibly shameful for Dawn. They were embar-rassing, disgusting... Continue»
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Mom's New Panties

... could see her mom was nervous and guessed she wanted a bit of time alone to experiment with her new ... , Melissa thought the k**s might hurt each other.

"Where do they get this stamina?" She asked ... time to get home, she found Katie in the Kitchen.

"Hey Mom," said Katie.

"Hi sweetheart... Continue»
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Daughter's Friend, Parts 1 and 2

... that, and Kelly regularly let Tamara know about her latest run-ins with her mother. Kelly had a boyfriend ... . I'm on my own tonight." Not sure why I added that last part.

"Damn. I had another fight ... with my mother and wanted to come over and hang out with her until Mom calms down enough so I can go... Continue»
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It's Gonna Be A Long Summer Part 1

... was home! My s****r is at her boyfriend's house! The computer is all mine!

Since I do not normally get ... is, for whatever reason, is in my mom and step-dad's room.

But since it is summer during the day nobody ... . These were my MOM'S panties for crying out loud. But I also couldn't help but be curious as to what... Continue»
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... had been working part time and had saved so they weren't short of cash. They were perfectly ... half-u*********s.

Jim managed to pick her out of the bath and dry her before wrapping her ... the best part of four hours before he was satisfied with the lounge and kitchen and sat down in his... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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Billy's Hot Mom

... Billy's Hot Mom

Chapter 1

Donna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body ... next, however, was different. With her eyes
glowing, lips parted as she panted softly, Donna ... against her cunt,
then the parting of her pussy lips. She lowered her crotch a little
more... Continue»
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I slept with my boyfriend moms' boyfriend.

... breasts. By the time I went to bed with my boyfriend he was sl**ping. That morning mom& son leave to run ... & vice a versa when our parents were home ofcourse.
So my mom has an emergency her and my step dad had ... to fly out. She took my younger siblings and left the older pack behind. I snuck my boyfriend in my... Continue»
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The New Playmate's Friends

... The New Playmate's Friends

by MaxSebastian


The young schoolboy lay back in the bath ... the morning’s encounter with Lucy, the daughter of his father’s new fiancée. It was the first day ... if he and Lucy didn’t love each other. They could be like b*****r and s****r, except with a little... Continue»
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Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 3

... boyfriend’s 16 year old 9 inch fully erect thick cock throbbing away in front of them ... smiled embarrassedly.

‘Mum, you’ve seen my boyfriend’s cock before. You told me he ... , slut’ (Read in Part 1)

Laura turned to her mother and asked her that that cannot be true... Continue»
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... Mom's New Year's Recordbyzipadofan©
First of all, let me say that I fucking hate my cousin Shawn ... is Chris. I just turned 18 and I live with my mom (Lana) and dad (Eddie) and my older s****r (Sarah ... John go over and cum on my mom. On his own s****r! He must have done it a few times already, too... Continue»
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My Sister's Boyfriend -1- revised

... with my feeling for
Josh. Should I tell my s****r that her boyfriend had a thing for me? Or
should I ...
Chapter 1

Although I was born in Vietnam, I grew up and went to school in
Seattle ... . Not only
that, when we were k**s, my s****r and I was sent to classes in church and
community... Continue»
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... mom's panties and bras, one
set after the other. He didn't expect mom to come home
and catch him ... , but she did. Mom was divided on how to
deal with her son's activity. (Fm, ped, inc, cd, mast ... as
part of their suite. Included in the enlarged bathroom
was a Jacuzzi tub that measured more... Continue»
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