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Mistress and John: Chapter 2

Janet and John - Book 1

... classic Janet and John stories, with apologies to Mabel O'Donnell.

Janet and John have the same birthday.
Janet and John are twins ... John splashed his white sticky sperm all over Janet's face.
Janet and John were making love.

Much later Janet and John ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John On Holiday Part 2

... and John are on holiday at Doggers in the October half-term.

Doggers is dedicated to fam1lies who love dogging.

Janet and John ...

Janet and John can hear some scuffling, then Kit's Mum opens the door and smiles down at them.

Janet and John manage ... ... Continue»
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me 13 ,breanne 11, and john

... ;how?" and john replied we can only insert our cocks in you viagina and your ass if you are horny and healthy my ... ass and if i can fit my cock up your vigina. Breanne agreed and soon enough me and john were fucking breanne hard and fast and after ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 2

... ".

Janet and John watched their Mum and Dad kissing in the pool.
Mum held onto Dad's bottom.

John kissed Janet and stroked her ... ”

Just then Janet and John heard Mum and Dad come in from the garden.
John picked up his pyjamas and rushed back to ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 4

... and John are twins. They live in a big house in the country.
Janet and John have a beautiful older s****r Anna.
See Anna and her ... went upstairs to check Janet and John were asl**p in bed.

Missy went into John's room.
John was wide awake, looking at ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John On Holiday

... and John are twins.

Janet and John are going on holiday with their Mummy and Daddy.

Janet and John are going to Doggers for a whole week.

Janet and John ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 3

... and John are twins.
Janet and John live with their Mummy and Daddy in a big house in the country.

Anna, their older ...
Janet and John saw the dark triangle of hair above her pussy.

Anna and Missy kissed and cuddled next to the pool.
Janet and John ... ... Continue»
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Len and Masie Chapter 1

... and Maisie Chapter 1

Masie looked up and burst out laughing.

'Oh Lennard, if only you could see your face! It's a picture.'

And a ... felt uncomfortable with it.

He'd got up and dressed and had his breakfast and was just about to drink his coffee ... ... Continue»
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Len and Masie Chapter 3

... and Masie Chapter 3

For American readers, 'fanny' has a different meaning here. It means 'pussy'.

Len woke a couple of times during the night and ...

Her breathing beside his ear was ragged and halting and every now and then she would urge him on ... ... Continue»
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Len and Masie chapter 4

Len and Masie Chapter 4

They sat in their dressing gowns eating toast at the ... hurt me. I was demented and scratched and gouged him and pulled clumps of his hair from his head and.....and......he just let me.'

Another ... ... Continue»
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Cheerleaders' Fun and Games Chapter 1

... and thought to share it with everyone!Enjoy!

Cheerleaders' **** and Torture

Chapter One

It was a crappy night out, raining, cold, all and ... fabric I could tell they were perfectly formed, and so young and taut. I pressed my hips into her back. I ... ... Continue»
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Having cleared customs at St Pancras we took a cab to Carl’s London office and picked up the car. I ... John gave a couple more strokes and reluctantly complied.
“There’s a good boy, keep your hands there until I tell you” she said.
“Yes Mistress ... ... Continue»
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Sharon's Mistress Throws a Sissy Party

... Mistress throws a Sissy Party
(Prior chapter is Sharon’s Sissy Saturday)

The next morning Mistress ... were Elizabeth and her husband, John. Only John was now ... and I have one last little surprise for her.” Jennifer quickly glanced at her Mistress and ... ... Continue»
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k**nap (Chapter 1)

... and rear against the floor, and John within me. The pain subsided, John didn't, and ... mistress of a Roman plantation, and he was part of my property. But dream them up? Never. And ... ... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 3

... Mistress from now on and act and treat her exactly as you would me' said Master John. 'Now tell Mistress exactly what you are and ... upstairs and put on everything I have left out for you, then you will come down and serve Mistress and I'

I got up and ... ... Continue»
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... Chapter 2 and go on to
Chapter 3. If you still have doubts, read Chapter 2 before you go on.
The Mistress Manual by: Mistress Lorelei
THE RELUCTANT MISTRESS ... and desires, whatever they may be. Nevertheless, as a responsible Mistress
and author, I ... ... Continue»
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b*****r And s****r Love

... girl's going to get lucky."


After dinner Kelly went out on her date and John eventually went to bed around 10 ... turns out half as good."


Becky was very much on Kelly's mind as she and John rode to school. She ... ... Continue»
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My Life with Mistress Veronica

... a session with her, Mistress Veronica seemed unsurprised and granted my wish.

Chapter VII : A Vision

Mistress Veronica walked over to ... one good look at my still radiantly beautiful mistress and closed my eyes.

"Sixteen." A hard, flat slam ... ... Continue»
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Hynotist Next Door: Chapter Three

... and, pulled upward on Jeanette's hair, raising her face, now smeared with cum and pussy cream. Jeanette looked lovingly at her mistress and ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and I

... over my whole body.

Chapter Two

When I came in, my s****r was drinking a glass of tea and talking with mom. She ... and John asked her to join in. And she did. We really got into licking each other's pussies and sucking his dick, and then I asked John ... ... Continue»
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