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Missed My Chance, But Never Again.

Missed My Chance, But Never Again.

... This is a true story. I was on a 3 day business trip and
settled into my motel room that evening ... after my
business meeting. It had been several months since I had
the opportunity to dress up. I ... showered, shaved and put on
my make-up and wig. I went to my dresser drawer and pulled
out my 6... Continue»
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... me loose.
She could hear him laughing as he climbed the stairs and promised to herself that she will never lie again. ... briefly smiled and told her no. He again asked her where she had been and what she had been doing ... for those two hours she should have been home.
She told him again what she had been doing.
He looked... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... but I didn't care. My cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. I swear my balls have never let ... pull on them with her teeth.

The bra rubbed not only my nipples but also against my clean shaven ... rubbing my legs all over her.

Then I felt pressure on my ass again, but this time it wasn't her... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... the canal bank like a fool but
whereabouts on your person my c***d on the leg behind high up ...
water but that wasnt my fault she didnt darken the door much after we were
married I wonder what ... my suede gloves
on the seat behind that I never got after some robber of a woman and he... Continue»
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Why Do Fools Fall in Love.

... him fucking her as if he was just realeased from prison, he never beat my pussy up like that I thought ... it to the back door. I saw my cheerleading coach, Miss #$%^$. She was shocked to see me in the state I ... coaches 10inch uncut cock pound my vaginal walls. I had never been strecthed this much before. My pussy... Continue»
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Coyote and the Wolf part 6

... thing I knew, Ku'o was throwing me off of him, it was then that they attacked. Ku'o never got a chance ... .” answered Snow. She saw him fall into sadness and pain as the thought of never seeing Lupo again ... be awhile, but I should be back by moonrise.”

“Yes my lord, it will be done!” the eagle... Continue»
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Working late

... money my ring, my watch here take them take it all. Take it and go". "No Miss Jenny I don't want any ... closed again trying to keep warm, why the company left the air conditioner on full blast this time ... and then just go home.
Calvin ot Albert or whatever knocked on her office door and entered,"Evening Miss... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #15

... was hurting because he really had a crush on Carly and, despite knowing he never stood a chance ... this was affecting him too.

"Since the group fell apart, you k*ds never get offered the chance to go ... assault. Though Tori is single, without the catalyst that Beck causes, Nate never really gets the chance... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXVIII

... the perfect person for him didn’t gave me the goal I wanted.

“Again going to one of Miss Myers’s parties ... me the chance of a blowjob, I felt an Everest of pleasure when Dorothea lapped my cunny. Who knew ... to Dorothea’s boobs and later, pussy. I never thought this way that sharing my man with someone... Continue»
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Anniversary Gift (Group Sex)

... it too- my big cock inside your ass. I keep you nicely lubed up as you get used once again ... into you, close to grazing my cock, before licking you again. You feel yourself go dizzy, the suddenly ... stand up, you glance down and see an unmistakable bulge in my jeans- proof of the frustration I'm... Continue»
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A Walk in New York

... .

“Are you okay, miss? I heard a deep voice resonate in my ear. “You took quite a tumble.”

He ... help myself. I had to have dessert first.”

I looked at him and said, “And now’s my chance ... nipples. I could feel his cock getting hard again between my ass cheeks. He slid his cock up... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #5

... it go to voicemail. A few seconds later the phone buzzed again and alerted him to Andre's message ... alright. Me and that new guy, Nate, are gonna hit up Nozu and then hang out at my place. You should def ... motionless and lifeless, but that never meant that he was quiet.

"I'm not in the mood for your... Continue»
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HP sex story 2

... , Ron’s s****r?! What if Ron finds out? Will he never be able to spend time at the burrow again ... thinking about doing it again, but the problem was the spell he had used was nowhere to be found ... in the Library looking up books up the Half bl**d prince again and Ron was probably out with Lavander... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Five)

... at magnitude 24.5. They might have missed it but it flared up temporarily to magnitude 17.2 on Tuesday night ... working order too. That thing out there emitted a massive energy source.”
“This is scary! I’m out of my ... .”
“Yes that’s right.”
“Well would you please host them and make my apologies for me. I’ll see them... Continue»
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... After “coaxing” me into my first bisexual experience with a guy, Lacey finally kept her promise ... gave me my reward. She arranged a FFM threesome with her friend and co-worker Tiffany. Tiffany and I ... and arranged our own little surprise for Lacey. We met at Tiffany’s house. I arrived first with my bag... Continue»
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Adventures of Peter and Louise - A Memory from Pet

... to please Louise with my cock and mouth, however she does love to have a big dick inside her from time ... in their 30's, and claiming to have 9" or more. However we never followed them up finding single guys can ... be a little hit and miss and a we like our men bi-curious at least.

However her enthusiasm... Continue»
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College life spring semester 16

... .

"Matt, I don't care if you and Kris..."

My hand found his mouth, "Never Corey... never ... . "Just like the ski trip, there's no way my strict parents will even
consider it."

"Have you asked ... of you and all those at that party."

"I feel for ya, Hayden. I'm very lucky and know it to have my... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #5

... , but was miraculously unsc*thed by the epic food battle.

"Guess this kinda kills my chances for some post ... ... again? Is she just going through a checklist of people I've been with and going for my sloppy ... iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 5

Freddie woke up, startled as he... Continue»
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While She Slept

... out a faint sigh. And again, I thought she might be waking up. I lifted my head to take a look ... by squeezing and tensing my hand. If she woke, she'd never know I was doing anything ... again, seemingly still sl**ping quite soundly, and I relaxed my hand on her breast, I wondered if she... Continue»
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the dead girl

... again. I was never going to grow old and die. I was already dead.

I went to my own funeral. My mother ... would never get to attend my new classes. I would never be able to be part of my f****y's life ... them. I wanted to hurt him so badly he'd never be able to touch another woman again.

I promised... Continue»
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