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Miss Abi ch.2

Miss Abi ch.2

... This is the second chapter, but the main character *Nathan* has changed to *Chris*

Miss Abi 2 ... disguise.
Boarding the private plane, he removed the accessories and rang Abi.
“Miss Abi, I’m boarded ... velvet box, with a card that wrote ‘Miss Abi x’. She excitedly opened it and read “I Hope... Continue»
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Miss Abi ch.1

... Miss Abi {Part One}
[This Story has some introductory Photo's to what the girls look like, please ... called Miss Abi’s.

Entering the Blue lit arena, they’re eyes were greeted by the most stunning ... brought over the $1000 bottle of champagne and 3 glasses. Abi took the bottle of the tray and 2... Continue»
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Visit to Aunt April's House (Ch.1-6)

... being able to hang out with them since I was an only ch ild and thought of them as broth er and s*s ter ... spurt I had over the last couple years had left me with rather large and thick almost 9 1/2 inch cock ... .

[END Chapter 1]

Chapter 2

Later that evening, after we had unpacked and settled in, we... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #2

... Victorious: Falling Pieces #2

The next three weeks flew by for everyone as they prepared ... is Mister Oliver today? It is a very important day for him to have to miss."

Tori had actually been ... . "That is all. Go forth ch*ldren and make my life easier."

Everyone grouped up and headed out... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #2

... iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #2 – Chapter 2

Freddie woke up feeling utterly ... was being insulting, but it just wasn't in Tori's skillset to be mean.

"Oh, Ah'm little Miss Tori ... things went with him and Sam at that camp, but that was the past and Sam acted like a ch*ld. Besides... Continue»
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... © 2012


Ben “Junior” Stokes

“Sir, please step back. I’m not going to warn you ... know, Kelsey. The guy’s got a CH that doesn’t help his cause any.”
As I was standing ... in her face, and Jared actually swung on her. He missed her skull by mere inches. That would have been... Continue»
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Pounded to submission CH.2

... CH. 2

Two days ago Joesph was checking out porn like he usually did at his favorite site ... inquired,

"Well yeah, kind of hard to miss that hard cock pointing upwards." he chuckled.

Now any... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... suddenly turned towards the small ch*ld and the slow realization that perhaps that 'safe room' might ... under mysterious circumstances and a few missing. And I don't intend on going down there with my guard ... , Freddie," Spencer said, trying to remain calm, holding onto his rescued ch*ld closely as she softly napped... Continue»
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Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 2: Sade

... Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 2: Sade

Venice, CA
Apartment 22
Saturday, January 18, 2014
12 ... the girl wasn't breastfed enough as a ch!ld or something."

As if a light clicked on for each ... in their moment that they completely missed that they were no longer alone in the bedroom. And it took... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... like they missed the parts of him that would easily kill him." Nate said, taking on a new persona ... if he'd snap.

"I missed you too," he said, trying to keep calm and not lose himself to how thankful he ... trying to breathe. "Time's been so weird. I think I got in around 2 or 3, so it's gotta be like... what... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 2


"So, what's wrong?"

Blinking a few times Demi Lovato ... searching the room to check she hadn't missed something.

When it was clear there were no guys ... part of the same ch*ldren's entertainment umbrella Miley herself was under, were having sex right... Continue»
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Geheimnissvolle Kräfte

... Fähigkeiten machen sollte ...

Kapitel 2 -- Maria

Nun, zwar wusste ich noch nicht wirklich ... in ihrer Lust gefangen. Viel zu lange musste sie dieses Gefühl missen. Ihr letzter Fick war schon eine geraume ... möchte ich keine von euch beiden mehr missen. Außerdem macht ihr alle zwei euch Gedanken... Continue»
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Caught by Neighbor

... . My nightmare was just about to begin.

- 2 -

The next afternoon, as I was washing dishes ... on my pants and sweatshirt, and made my way home.

Ch. 02

- 1 -

The next day I ... at the kitchen table, heart thumping.

- 2 -

I must have sat at the table for half an hour... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie finally has both his s****r and his

... Charlie Ch. 2

"Mom? You got 4 days off next week, right?" I was sitting in the kitchen sipping on my ... to satisfy me completely. There was always something missing. After seeing the pictures, the video ... miss him so much and yet, I was afraid of what you would think of us." I moved over and held mom... Continue»
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sibling chat room

... into it, eager to get out on her own.

I missed her around the house – we had always been close and had ... advanced than I ever had been. I'd slept with 2 girls, and both had been pretty ordinary experiences ... s****r'!"


That was the last straw. I now was sure. The girl... Continue»
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Lena and Masie Chapter 2

Len and Masie Ch. 2

To say that Len was nervous would be a serious understatement.

He had ... access to her most intimate parts, and it suddenly came home to him just what he had been missing... Continue»
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Önce Oğlu Sonra Annesi

... dolmuştu. Komşularla yeni yeni samimi olduğum bi dönemde hemen alt komşum olan hakan abinin oğlu canla ... çok iyi anlaşır olmuştuk. Hakan abi 40 yaşında göbekli, kafasının arkası kavanoz kapağı gibi parlak kel ... balık etli dolgun göğüslü yuvarlak kalçalara sahip bi kadın. Hakan abiyle iyi anlaştığım için bazen boş... Continue»
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Breakfast on Sunday chapter 1

... Ch. 01


ACT 1: The Sunday Breakfast

Lenny smiled to himself ... .

They went through a tuff time when they lost thier jobs a 2 years ago. Jeannie got a temporary job working ... .

End: Act 1, Act 2: Sunday Lunch at Bill & Sue’s

Lenny walked along the pier listening... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 14

... Trapped and Trained Ch. 14
It had been thirteen days since my last outing. Thirteen days since I ... . After that video ended I would sit through 2 or 3 more, typically porn videos where I was to always ... times had changed. How much I missed my old life.

No time to think back now. I rolled out of bed... Continue»
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On The Set

... .

Without missing a beat she explained that she was in fact spending the night right next door while ... heard my phone ring just a few hours later and I glanced up at the time and realized it was just after 2 ... as not to wake up Daniella.

"Come on." The TV star then whined like a ch*ld. "Where are you balls... Continue»
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