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Michelle's Melody

Michelle's Melody

... Melody and I met the first day of our freshman year of High School. We became instant friends ... blue, compared to her dark eyes. Everyone thought we were s****rs because of our closeness. We ... were spending every afternoon together after school, having sl**povers at each other’s houses... Continue»
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Michelle's Melody (part 2)

... As the evening air dried our naked bodies, our kisses continued. Melody’s lips were so soft, so ... bad Michelle.” “I want you too, all of you,” I replied between gasps.
I grabbed Melanie ... of sweet juice from her pussy.

Mel’s breathing finally slowed, “Oh my God Michelle,” she said over... Continue»
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Michelle's Fetish

... however I hope you enjoy my first attempt at writing!

My name is Michelle I'm 19 and just started ... off to at night. The kind of girl that never got in any trouble and the "cool" k**s would think didn't... Continue»
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Mark's S.ster Michelle

... started going out with his s****r Michelle about five months ago. His Dad Married her Mom about twenty ... to looking at his s****r and his buddy, whenever Michelle and I got so into it that we forgot about ... would say, "sure, go ahead, fuck my s****r," and we'd laugh as Michelle (the SLUT) would protest... Continue»
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Michelle's Big Surprise Part 3

... was in it this time along with Mark."Michelle I love you s*s but you sure have some crazy fucking dreams!"Vanessa says.!!!
The End?
... Michelle's surprise 3

This next part takes place the following night.Here is what happened in my ... next dream.
It's a week later and My s****r Vanessa came to town to see me as it is Her birthday... Continue»
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Michelle's Story - Part 3

... Michelle Part 3

Michelle lay by the pool. It was only a few hours ago that Frank had taken her ... of Jake coming home to find her. She wanted to make her boy happy.

“Mom…mom!” Michelle heard as she ... missed you too.” There was an awkward silence between them. Michelle then stood up and, reaching... Continue»
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Michelle MaBelle, Lilly's Lez Love

... to introduce Michelle to new nice nasty sex.
I interrogated Lilly about her love life and any kinky (s ... is what Michelle gets!
"Hehehehe ..." - That is the (s)experience she understands, I understood from ... How Michelle ma Belle and Lovely Lilly met as Finest Friends
"Michelle and me met in college. We... Continue»
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Michelle's sl**ping Bag

... driving Michelle Stevens up to Hawke’s Point for a weekend camping trip? Fucking Kevin, that’s how ... . Michelle and her friend Sarah were gonna drive up tonight to meet up with Kevin, Jake, and Lauren ... gotta go pick up Michelle and bring her up to Hawke’s tonight,” Kevin had said on the voice mail I... Continue»
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Michelle's Anal Cum Orgy

... Michelle was catching her breath from the thorough ass fucking by me and Mac and his thick black ... cock and the resulting wave of multiple orgasms. Michelle clearly wanted more. Mac thought that he ... tall white guy and two women, one black one white. Mac introduced them to Michelle and her big... Continue»
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Hello Slut Fans!. It's Michelle!

... Hello Slut Fans. It's Michelle,

Last weekend my k**s went camping with my parents leaving me ... Danny but I couldn't remember the dark haired k**'s name. He said it was Sean. Sean was a little ... and slipped off my shorts. Both k**s were just sitting there so I had Sean lay back on the couch and I... Continue»
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Nancy, Michelle and Levitra's Assfucking Orgy

... Nancy’s face and hair was glazed from the massive double anal cum dump delivered from Michelle ... and Levitra’s butt plugged assholes. Michelle and Levitra’s loose wet assholes were still farting after ... the event and Levitra was squatting on Michelle’s face in front of me sucking my wet cock... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 5

... permission to put it on him.

“I’m in your hands Michele, do with me what you will. You ... cock will never fit inside me. He must sense this.

“Easy Michele, we will go slow. Trust me ... I am about to explode….

“Cum for me Michele.”

His command is interrupted by my orgasm... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 1

Chapter One

My name is Michele, yeah that’s right, one L only. That’s the least of my ... .

“Please Sir,” I beg.

“Please what Michele?”

“Touch me down there, please.”

“Where ... Michele?”

“My sex,” I say.

“You mean my pussy?”

“Yes Sir, please touch your pussy... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 4

... on the granite counter Michele.”

“Yes SIr,” I reply as I bend and place my hands on the cool ... . He’s folded his leather belt in half.

“Did I do something wrong Sir?”

“No Michele, I just ... for him.

“Tonight Michele, you will call me Daddy. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir…...uh... Continue»
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Michelle's Big surprise

... and was only a dream

Hello My name is Michelle I live in upstate New York.
I am a 42 ... tall and curvy. My name is Michelle and this is my Boyfriend Mark”. She replies “MMMM Michelle ... and will catch a cab to go on with out me”. Mark reluctantly said “okay” and left us together. “Michelle... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 8

... .

Professor Winston was a rather rotund man, in his last 60’s. Who had been a Psychologists most... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 7

... Marcos coming up the stairs.

“We’ve been looking for you Michele. You’re the only one left unfound... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 3

... Michele. Get on all fours, with your legs spread, your head resting on the floor.”

I comply and feel ... some boxes. I hear the movement near me.

“Stand Michele.”

I get to my feet as quickly ... breasts hang down off the edge, as my ass is presented to Sir.

“Michele, I going to punish... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 2

... is Michele. When I nod, she takes me to a private dressing room.

There are a wide variety ... and comes right to me and asks if my name is Michele. She leads me to the back and she too has ... startled.

He tells me that I have to be Michele. I nod my head. He picks up the phone and has someone... Continue»
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Michelle's Story - Part 2

... That afternoon Michelle went home and showered and she passed by her full-length mirror again. She ... cock inside her, something had awakened.

“Why do I never glam up?” Michelle thought. “Women pay me ... those naked young men and how that sent her over the edge.

The next morning Michelle woke up... Continue»
Posted by mrssommelier 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Hardcore  |  
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