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Meeting Kenny

I started daating on the internet

... . As it happened, I had a meeting in a city near where she lived. I brought up the idea and suggested that we ... meet and have a date one night. I was thrilled when Ann agreed.

On the day that we were to meet, I ... or six of my best tricks. When I looked at my watch I realized I was WAY early for our meeting. I... Continue»
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Oral Devotion by loyalsock

... Sherri, "let's see if we can find Kenny!!!" Before Gloria could make anymore protestations, Sherri ... was off into the sea of students looking for Kenny. Now you may be wondering what Sherri was so hot ... the halls, Sherri finally found Kenny leaning up against his locker reading a magazine, and after... Continue»
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... chest into the boy's body and she rushed to meet his challenge.

Kenny was in midstream, yet Lara ... the great potential. Kenny was right. Lara did wear the skimpiest bikinis and she certainly liked ... her mind, as she was the one in-charge.

Sax and Kenny obviously knew Lara's routine since the boys... Continue»
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Wishing it was humble pie i was made to eat :(

... and it was his seeping more n more into my mouth now, his,Kennys...... a gayboys for fucksake.

'Take ... over and stood by Kenny, running her own finger over my rapidly growing erection.

'See, I told you ... and meant it all.She was the most amazing woman I'd ever met or would ever meet. I could not lose her... Continue»
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The Bank Job

... in on this stupid holiday for the management meeting. Mr. Delgato (Kenneth) could have easily fit these meetings ... reason she was here was to take notes for the meeting. She was truely an innocent girl and did not fit ... .
With Jimmy and Heather standing near Mr. Delgato's head jimmy said, "get in the chair Kenny!". Mr... Continue»
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Both sides of the story

... were surprised when she said yes They all headed to Marks place in Kenny's truck they told her she had ... her! When she returned she started dancing in front of both of them in the living room Kenny said he ... she said that Kenny should sit on the other end of the couch. She kept on dancing and unbuttoned... Continue»
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... , and... ugh, Kenny!" Alison exclaimed and shuddered at the mere thought of her former boyfriend. I ... wanted to go find this punk Kenny and teach him a lesson.

Alison continued. "It's just the same thing ... like with Kenny! Travis keeps hassling Candace for sex, even though she keeps telling him she's... Continue»
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Hot F A M I L Y Fucking Part Two

... in and out of her juice-filled pussy. Kath humped up to meet his strokes, her cunt getting wetter ... older b*****r, Kenny. Billy might really try to forget it had ever happened, that he'd fucked his mom ... needed so badly. She bucked tirelessly to meet his strokes, her huge tits jiggling and swaying over... Continue»
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Big b*****r

... .

“No, this is an important business meeting that came up at the
last minute and we didn’t have time ... she was doing.

“Please Kenny, don’t tell on me, I won’t ever do it again I
promise.” she cried ... eyes dry and sniffed her runny nose as she hugged me

“I love you Kenny.” she whispered... Continue»
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Becoming a Cuckold

... respond pressing up to meet and match my thrusts.

"Let me, let me" she cried. "Let me get ... she sobbed, Kenny, it did, it did. I'm so sorry Kenny, I'm so,so sorry."

I felt pangs ... thick penis. I know now it was wrong. Look what I've encouraged you to do."

"Oh Kenny, I swear... Continue»
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Backyard Party

... and add his brief comment, "Ha Ha, yeah Peter and Kenny, those two really tried putting the moves ... , Kenny grabbed her arms from behind and held her in place while Pete undid the blouse. All the other ... how are you? I'd like you to meet Jackie's husband Brian, you both remember Jackie that was here... Continue»
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Culture Shock 17/23

... ."

"No. You're crazy if you think meeting someone over the 'net is like meeting someone randomly ... explained it to her. "When you phone me, I'll call you Kennie or something if I'm in trouble."

"Okay ... could feel it in her ears.

"She remembered meeting him once and thought he was totally hot... Continue»
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How Kenny got his promotion.

... in, Kenny. The last thing I really want right now is a long chat about what the future may hold ... for this boy but the problem with having an open door policy is you're f***ed to.

So Kenny sits down ... and I ask him, "Well, can I help you with anything.. Kenny, is it?", he replies, "Um yeah that's my... Continue»
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The Other Side

... with

"Nice meeting you, Lana. I'm Ken, Ken White, and sure I know Laura.
We've been neighbors ...
possibly know. I shouldn't tell you this, just meeting you and all,
but my psychiatrist says ... take off all my
clothes, run into the street, and fuck the eyeballs out of the first
man I meet... Continue»
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... at Colin's hands and pushing them back under her - his - skirt. ‘And so's Kenny and a couple ... of others.’ The man's voice changed, pleading. ‘Come on. Do to me what you did to Kenny.....wank me off. We ... from thrill to thrill: his meeting with Doreen was something of another magnitude altogether. He... Continue»
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Late Night at the Library, A Bondage Tale

... was 16 & no make-up (let’s face it, I wasn’t expecting to meet a hunk art this time if night) the one ... , there’s a price to pay”!
Another voice entered the room.
“Fuck off Kenny, you saw her pictures, she’s ... then slowly pulled tight.
“HAHAHA, pull it tighter Kenny”.
Now I was scared, I was gulping as much air... Continue»
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Pay Back

... will contact us and demand a ransom." "Oh, that's just great," Kenny Boyle snapped, "we're counting on them ... , "I'd like you to meet Mr. H, which is short for horse, or as you high and mighties would say is heroin ... yelled, "get back in here, the little lady wants to meet ya up close and personal." It had gotten... Continue»
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... Anne’s back and held her tightly. He thought back to their

first meeting. It was homecoming ... ? Good, okay. Call us tomorrow with your flight information so we can meet you.

Don’t worry, okay ... of coffee. The soft sounds of Kenny G’s Holiday Collection played

in the background.

“Tell me what... Continue»
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My First Milf

... getting a text from Kenny, asking me if I wanted to meet him at a party. I was to sore to party I told ... up. So I asked one of good friends Kenny, if I could stay at his house for the 2 weeks of training ... over. I knew Kenny since we were in grade school, so I had a good relationship with Vicky. But our... Continue»
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Fun with Hypnotism

... .
I quickly put the book down and asked her what happened.

“Oh that Kenny Balken stopped me ... .

“Really, you would take me with you?” she said excitedly
forgetting all about Kenny Balken.

“Sure ... from the park so I told Amy if she
wanted to she could go to the park and I would meet her... Continue»
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