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Meeting Him Part Two

Part Two: The actual meeting

... was flying to meet this near stranger, renting a hotel room, and she probably won’t even show ... when we first met. She loosened up almost immediately. I bent down, let my tongue part her lips ... . It felt great to have her little hand against my hardness!

Next: Part Three, the hotel room
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Meeting Him Part Two

... I flick my tongue slowly around yours, still moaning as my body presses tightly into yours, begging for your hands on my body. I feel your hands slip down to grab my ass and pull my hips tight against... Continue»
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The Contract Meeting Part Two

... She slid the contract from the envelope. Into plain site it came with the words 'Contract of submission' in a bold font at the top. She read, every now and then a smirk appeared on her face... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 4

... of having Archie in me. I part my lips and slide more of him into my mouth. He again moves in his ... it, but there is still two or three inches of it out of my mouth. I would like to take him in deeper ... the idea, straightening one of my fingers against his hole, pushing against him.
He meets my pushes... Continue»
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A Winter's Story 2- Waking Up

... The two lovers woke up in each other’s arms. Their naked bodies pressed against one another ... fragrance of her hair followed by a small kiss on her forehead. She moved her head to meet his ... way to her partner’s genitals to encourage him. She reached toward herself to get some of her... Continue»
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The History of Kim. Part 14

... if she wanted to have him some more, and she said she didn't.

There were two more interviews ... of the Parts Room. She went in and looked around. There was a bunk there where men could take ... back there with our secretary two times. She looked at the bed and told me that she wanted to try... Continue»
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Freewill 504: Part 2

... feel in behind him and the two of us entered the kitchen. There were several guys in the room and upon ... the two before him did. The only difference was that he was at the end of the table and I had ... A


Part II:
My name is Leslie and I was in my final year at state. Up... Continue»
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The Transdimensional Stone - Chapter 01

... staff?!?!?!?! Ok, two things for you, Mrs.I-Am-Too-Cool-For-Fosters... First, the Fosters Home isn't ... ******e”, told the redhead.

"Tim... well, I think I can take the shot. Can you call him for me ... a meeting?”

"What? But you can’t deal with my case here?”asked a slightly pissed off Baroness... Continue»
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Polka Dot Passion

... hoping she hadn’t caught him gawking awkwardly.

“Found it ok?” She chimed. “Yup, that wasn’t too far ... in to give him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. He had hoped to have been greeted with a kiss. He ... , the one which she complimented him on the other day when they met. She smiled to herself… that smell... Continue»
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David in Bangkok 2001

... told him that her friends would also want to meet him. He jumped at the chance of more sex and when ... couldn't stop talking about the size of his erection. She wanted the other two girls also to feel his ... she said that all three girls would be servicing him; he almost came again... Continue»
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When Rene Calls (a Chrissie Conway Story)

... was Rene's.
I turned to face him and replied "You know I'm not really sure. I love Mapplethrope's work ... easy to talk to him. In the short time that I'd known him I'd
revealed things that I normally would ... what I did for a living and I informed him that I was an Investment Counselor with
a very... Continue»
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The EmmaJ Chronicles 2

... out her iphone and quickly sent Mark a text, asking him to come up and meet her in the boardroom ... of him, he looked at the other two and said, “Ah, poor Mark, you didn’t know”
“Err Marcus, as I ... , firstly his wife had failed to tell him her boss had been part of the deal in Paris, and secondly he... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #11

... him and smash her face into his chest, just taking in the feel of him again.

The two stumbled ... . And yet, part her kind of felt like it would hurt and she did kinda owe him something for getting her ... . You can even bring him on set. He's not up to par with my actors of course, but if it makes him... Continue»
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Wet and Wild in the '5th Dimension'

... of ten we'd fall asl**p on the phone with one another! For my part, I was sure I was in love. Yet ... .

However, today Ruth was very nervous because she was about to meet one of the stars of the show ... , and I knew she had the hots for him in a big way. In fact, just the night before we'd "role played... Continue»
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Dearest Friend part 2.

... the room amazed him. The fluid movements, the swaying of her ass, it all affected him. He knew that part ...

The continued adventures of two old friends;

It had been a few years since that night they’d ... ? He would like to learn to dance. But knew she’d laugh at him. Use a blow dryer after a shower... Continue»
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... from across the way and just had to meet you forgive my boldness and please have lunch with me I'm ... and strolled along the ocean then I walked her back to her hotel we seemed reluctant to part with each other ... so dazzling I really couldn't blame him her string of pearls rested happily on the swell of her... Continue»
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Mike’s Second Time

My friend Mike was a bit quiet after I’d introduced him to the pleasures to be found in looking ... finally went to bed I was sorely tempted to ask to join him in the spare room but I think that now ... nothing in reply and just got ready to go to a meeting with some clients who were visiting the area... Continue»
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The summer fling

... to finish packing and I'll be heading to the train station, I can meet you there, right? Okay, I'll see ... here? You'd best not be going with him to this gig!"
"I don't know why Jamie is here, I've told ... you, I'm going to meet some friends when I get there!" Natasha said, just as if she'd practiced saying... Continue»
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Over the years....

... of England.

I am now living in a crappy flat in a less than desirable part of town. But, I've only ... did it and maintaining an erection was a problem.

Standing in that dimly lit toilet (two ... , as normal.
I finished my coffee and retraced my steps as I had to meet my wife in the same bar as I had... Continue»
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College life 15

... asked, I
headed to his dorm with him. I meet his two other suitemates. I really
put on my best face ... does he get to meet all of us?"

"I'll just say I doubt you'll ever meet him," I said.

"Oh ... . At that
moment I didn't care with two other tests on the horizon.

Reilly sat next to me there and did... Continue»
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