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Meeting Him Part Two

Part Two: The actual meeting

... was flying to meet this near stranger, renting a hotel room, and she probably won’t even show ... when we first met. She loosened up almost immediately. I bent down, let my tongue part her lips ... . It felt great to have her little hand against my hardness!

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Meeting Him Part Two

... I flick my tongue slowly around yours, still moaning as my body presses tightly into yours, begging for your hands on my body. I feel your hands slip down to grab my ass and pull my hips tight against... Continue»
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The Contract Meeting Part Two

... She slid the contract from the envelope. Into plain site it came with the words 'Contract of submission' in a bold font at the top. She read, every now and then a smirk appeared on her face... Continue»
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A meeting part two

... Sarah was breathing heavily, panting after cumming and I was gently stroking her pussy and rubbing her ass while she calmed down but put a hard slap into her ass with the ruler just to make sure she... Continue»
Posted by mawhite 2 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Voyeur, Hardcore  |  

A Cat's Tale

... of clothes he had with him. He had been watching like this for the better part of a day ... lowered herself to a squat just above him. Her - obviously human- most intimate part was now just ... water from the rain covered grass seep through in one or two places to dampen what was the only suit... Continue»
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Secret meeting

... for a 40-something year old.” She thought of him and how he would love to see her now. The thought of him ... and lathered the rest of her body. As she was doing this she began to think of him and a warm feeling ... fulfill her deep desires. As she got closer to climaxing she thought about him. How he always... Continue»
Posted by hotnhornychef69 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM  |  

ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #5

... his words as the two looked at him as if he was crazy. "Lamented tape?"

"Yeah…" Andre said, trying ... . It was Andre. No doubt calling to check on him. He had no interest in talking to anybody so he let ... it go to voicemail. A few seconds later the phone buzzed again and alerted him to Andre's message... Continue»
Posted by FrankSinner 1 year ago  |  Categories: Celebrities  |  

friendly competition

... smirked at me as he grabbed her waist and moved his hips with hers. I scowled at him and grabbed ... in the door, we both had her pinned against the wall, our lips on whatever part of her we could touch. Her ... mouth, her collar bone, her neck – we didn’t want to leave any part of her untouched. She was moaning... Continue»
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batroom fun part 1

... back to meet him and f***e him deeper inside her. She had never been like this. Sara had always been ... hadn't had a lover in over two years. She had been engaged before that but caught her fiancée ... more couples in the bar than there usually was, in fact it seemed like everyone there was part... Continue»
Posted by daniel1901 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal  |  

First Kiss 5 – Fuffy #4 - In The Club

... breeze. My heart skips two beats at a time every time I catch a glimpse of your hair, or your eyes ... to the Magic Box. Wanted to meet up with Tara for something. Probably to go make out or something ... no to this being about you two. I'm really cool with this, believe me. In fact, I may be... cooler... Continue»
Posted by Dawn_Summers 5 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities  |  

Tales Of Ted The Being Outed by the guy I loved P

... Christmas I bought him two pairs of CK boxers as a Christmas present, this was not something we had ever ... wearing earlier that night lying on my bed.
20 minutes later he texted telling me to meet him ... by him being outed by the guy he loves most in the world, and then goes on to tell the story that led... Continue»
Posted by talesofted 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male  |  

BtVS - Dawn's Christmasing

... . Willow cast a smile at the two brunettes locked in each other's embrace.

Buffy closed the front ... remember all the meetings that used to be held at Giles', the Magic Box... well everywhere. You all ... not a comfortable sitting lounge, with a meeting area type of feel. And pictures just seemed to bring... Continue»
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The Ther****t

... the door opened and a guy came out followed by a very stunning looking woman who bade him farewell ... and told him she would let him know by the end of the day. She then turned to me and said, “Are you ... Dennis?” “Yes” “Nice to meet you I’m Sam please come in and sit down”. The office was very plush... Continue»
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The Weekend

... to part. But before we left we made plans to meet and spend the next weekend together. Giving us both ... The Weekend

We had meet the couple at a party. We had gotten on so well with them ... my husband," she said. "He says sexy women have that effect on him," as she pointed to his large... Continue»
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Teaser: The Sordid Story Of Shiloh Cash (First Two

... told him I was going out with my girlfriends that night, which wasn’t entirely a lie, I did meet up ... , part of me wanted him to take control, to use me up and make me feel wanted, but another part of me ... have to had loved him in the first place. If I’m gonna be completely honest, I only ever really... Continue»
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Abigail's First Time

... leave you to decide which parts you think are the false ones.

I checked my hair and makeup ... was going to meet a man while dressed and acting as a girl.

I adjusted my dress, a dark blue bodycon ... in that regard either; a pair of black peep- toe Louboutin’s that I saved two paychecks for.

I looked... Continue»
Posted by cdboy22 4 years ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  
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sweet pain

... knickers. You stood there for a minute or two, just looking. You didn't talk. You never spoke to me ... on our first meetings when you were home., unless it was to tell me what you wanted.
It's time ... not move. You would be furious with me if I moved so I didnt. I had learnt, since we had these meetings... Continue»
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Mystical Night

... ever heard, it was as if an angel spoke to him with an Irish accent.

“Nice to meet you Minea, you ... some sort of a tank, and next to him were two more soldiers, all filthy from dirt, and he also had ... mission took allot out of him. He was tiered, and these sl**pless nights were really already taking... Continue»
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Sometimes you just need something in your life

... but the last thing she needed at that time was to be half way across the country for a meeting the following ... her paperwork for the next day's meeting . by 10pm there was only her and a gentleman left in the bar ... learned about sex and had so many firsts with him but she had put all that to the back of her mind... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 9

... flashes and roars of thunder, the two young women fell asl*ep in each other's arms.

* * *

The next ... ?" She asked herself. She started brushing her teeth, still thinking. Last night was the easy part, now ... comes the tough part. It was Carly's first same sex relationship and naturally she worried about... Continue»
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