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Meeting Him

The Meeting

... as she wanted <ddd>him</ddd>, needed <ddd>him</ddd>, there remained the fear that she wouldn’t feel that way on <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd>. Worse, she feared ... the awkward adolescents of their thankfully buried memories?

Their <ddd>meeting</ddd> impending, she remembered so much of their erotic ... ... Continue»
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Meeting a Rough Old Man from Chat

... to meet <ddd>him</ddd> part of the way there, mainly so that I wouldn't run into anyone I know. When the <ddd>meeting</ddd> got set up ... about <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> turned to nervousness that morning. But I didn't chicken out, I hit the interstate and made my way up to meet <ddd>him</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Cuckold Couple - Meeting Him

... <ddd>him</ddd> in and humiliate <ddd>him</ddd> first, then fuck both of them together later. His wife and I had arranged the <ddd>meeting</ddd> and I was to take a couple pictures of <ddd>him</ddd> to send ... fucked like a slut?" I asked <ddd>him</ddd>.

I heard <ddd>him</ddd> try too mumble some ... ... Continue»
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Meeting Her

By his-slut and billy69boy

(Sequel to “<ddd>Meeting</ddd> <ddd>Him</ddd> – Part 2)

Her hazel eyes were strikingly beautiful as she ... ... Continue»
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... his couch and waited for <ddd>him</ddd> to settle in at his desk. “Well, ladies this is a quick <ddd>meeting</ddd> regarding some changes ... club tonight with Phil?” I said, “Yes we are <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> there to update <ddd>him</ddd> on this cleanup project.” Christine was feeling a little bit ... ... Continue»
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Lovers Without Realizing It

... <ddd>meeting</ddd>.

No doubt, had I thought about it, I might have guessed. One of my friends from college became a surgeon – according to <ddd>him</ddd> ... you...prepare for <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd>."

She blinked. "Oh, um, that's all right, it wasn't really a <ddd>meeting</ddd>, he just wanted ... ... Continue»
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join <ddd>him</ddd> for lunch if she could. Asha brightened at the idea of
<ddd>meeting</ddd> ... Ahmed in giving them more money on <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd>. She wondered at
what sort of a ... sharper eye
on <ddd>him</ddd>.
Just then Ajit entered their bedroom. He was back from <ddd>meeting</ddd>
his friend ... ... Continue»
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The Meeting.

... moments before the <ddd>meeting</ddd> starts and takes a seat across the table from “Mr. Wonderful”. She can’t resist smiling at <ddd>him</ddd> and ... blind to the world around <ddd>him</ddd>. She opens her eyes and smiles at <ddd>him</ddd>.....”this has been some <ddd>meeting</ddd> “Mr. Wonderful” ... ... Continue»
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A Modern Love Story

... . She could
hardly admit to Carl, especially so soon after <ddd>meeting</ddd>
<ddd>him</ddd>, that she'd often had sexual fantasies, and that
what they ... to have sex with <ddd>him</ddd> instead of you?
And when I offered to come home with you for your
<ddd>meeting</ddd> and you said ... ... Continue»
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... said that? Christ...what a little peckerhead."

Then I told her about <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> on the beach and his comments as he walked ...

It was Kurt. "Kathy, I'm sorry but this joint research proposal <ddd>meeting</ddd> is going into overtime. We have to finish a draft ... ... Continue»
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Senior Moment

... had some moves on <ddd>him</ddd>.
I was finally able to answer his strokes with thrusts
of my own; <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> in an ever increasing ... had some moves on <ddd>him</ddd>.
I was finally able to answer his strokes with thrusts
of my own; <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> in an ever increasing ... ... Continue»
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Linda's Black Boss

... saying. "You did say that this was a business <ddd>meeting</ddd>?" I leaned over and kissed <ddd>him</ddd> before
asking. "It's not to reviling, is it ... pulled his lips to mine and kissed <ddd>him</ddd> wildly and deeply as he
fucked me, <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> thrust for thrust. This black stud ... ... Continue»
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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 3.....

... town for his <ddd>meeting</ddd> three days prior to his f****y arriving and <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> for the ... said that he was supposed to be at a <ddd>meeting</ddd> sponsored by his wholesaler this morning, ... trouble. I told <ddd>him</ddd> that I was sorry that he was missing his <ddd>meeting</ddd> and he laughed ... ... Continue»
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The Story

... , she could make more sense of <ddd>him</ddd>. She wasn't sure what she expected, or why <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> changed her perception but it did ... had arranged. I had finished the whole thing before our first <ddd>meeting</ddd>. in the office. Really, I was shocked at how close I got ... ... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... come hither eyes.

Her pussy still tingled when she remembered <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> after the job fair for tea at the local pub ... enthusiasm. Perhaps I should send the security tape of this <ddd>meeting</ddd> to <ddd>him</ddd>, so that he can see for himself how supportive you ... ... Continue»
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The White Surburban Housewife

... top. So I reasoned that <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> in person was the ... enjoyed our visit and I really enjoyed <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd>, lunch and the conversation. ... <ddd>him</ddd> and one of his customers for dinner the next week. He told me that his customer was really interested in <ddd>meeting</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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About to members meeting

... for this <ddd>meeting</ddd>.

Although the security agent looked <ddd>him</ddd> up and down, the answers Scott gave were sufficient to pass <ddd>him</ddd> through. He ... other. Kara convinced <ddd>him</ddd> to get close to one of the coo and took pictures of his virgin <ddd>meeting</ddd>. They cooked together ... ... Continue»
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Culture Shock 13/23

... a date," said Chelsea. "It's a pre-date <ddd>meeting</ddd>, and since she's <ddd>meeting</ddd> someone from online, I think it's a fucking good ... <ddd>him</ddd>. I called her."

"Okay, okay," Kendra decided. "You look fine then."

"I agree," said Chelsea.

"Where are you <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd>?" ... ... Continue»
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My Frist Adam4Adam meeting...Wow!

... prior to <ddd>him</ddd> coming to town for business. I was not sure of this kind of <ddd>meeting</ddd> so I ... for the shower and got ready for <ddd>meeting</ddd> with Bill. I cleaned out, shaved all over ... and responded in a few days.

We are <ddd>meeting</ddd> again Thursday....this time he is going ... ... Continue»
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Young Guy Changed My Mind

... my legs wrapped around his body drawing <ddd>him</ddd> into me deeper grinding against <ddd>him</ddd> <ddd>meeting</ddd> his every stroke. OH GOD OH GOD ... I wanted to cum with <ddd>him</ddd> and I fucked against his cock <ddd>meeting</ddd> every thrust grinding my clit and pussy, <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>him</ddd> stroke for stroke. ... ... Continue»
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