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Me and Mr. Smith (Not true story)

... or 6'1, or was at the time... Anyways, back to the story.

I was waiting on a cold bench when I got a ... and I thought I had seen him around the school.
"Hi, William is it?" He asked me.
"Uh, yeah... Do I know you?" I said.
"Probably not. I'm Mr. Smith ... ... Continue»
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My Mr. T , another true story

We started swinging a long time ago but all ways as a couple. While enjoyable I wanted to swing alone. So we setup a new account with an adult swinger site as individuals. I let my husband write up what I wanted. I received a lot of replies my husband did not which I found amusing. Most of the replies were guys focused on themselves and not mutual sexual fun. But I found a few that were funny and enjoyable to received. I settled on a British gentleman who is married, average and interesting. I wanted a lover who would be a long time friend and not a onetime thing. I let my husband review my choices and settle one which I will call Mr. T. I arranged to meet Mr. T in the park close to my house where I walked my dog. I dressed up casual but with a tight blouse under my jacket. We met and he was as delightful as his emails and phone call. We kissed and I let him feel my boobs. It was very exciting. I felt like a school girl doing something bad in school and getting away with it. We decided to meet again at my house before he goes on shift.

My husband likes to prepare me and on the day Mr. T and I were to meet my husband took some time off to prepare my bath with oil beans and laid out a sexy black two piece nightly that was see though that he bought for the encounter . The inter part was a top and bottom black lingerie with a red bow. However, he took the panties away. Over that was a long black robe with a v-neck and extending to my ankles. It had a red silk belt. With it was black silk nylons with red garters which I wore with my black platform shoes with inter lacing straps. My husband also set the fire place on and shaved my legs and pussy,

Around 10 Mr T called and told me he was on the way. I open the garage door so that he could drive right in and park his park without being seen. He arrived with a great bouquet of flowers and a box of English Tea that I like so much. I boil the water for the tea and we talked. He was a real gentleman and I made the first move by sitting on his lap. He fondled my boobs and we kissed. I then took him up stairs to our bedroom and we kissed some more and I let him undress me. I undressed him and sitting on the edge of the bed I started sucking his cock which was extremely hard. We got on the bed and kissed some more while I stroke his cock and he fingered my pussy which was very wet. He then eat me till I came and pulled up to fuck me. He wanted to use rubbers but i told him he did need to. We fucked a lot and he came in me. He had a lot. After we rested we went down stairs and I made him lunch. After lunch we went to the living room and I laid me on the rug and suck him some more and then mount him and rode him hard. This time I had him cum in my mouth and continued sucking him after I swallow till he couldn't take it no more. One last thing I had Mr T do was to give my boobs nickies. My husband told me that if he enjoyed me he was to put his mark on my boobs.

When my husband came home from work I was standing there in the garage with a big smile on my face. I took him immediately to our bedroom so that I could show him the large nickies that Mr. T had given me without the k**s around. I then gave my husband a blow job.

Mr. T and I met very week for 7 years. When his wife was away I would sl**p over at his house and phone my husband so that he could listen to Mr. T fuck me. Twice I met Mr T at Liege and Paris while he was on a business trip and spent a few days with him. I always made sure he was well rested when he went to his conferences. Only once did I have a threesome with Mr. T and my husband. I was Mr. T's mistress and that was my special time.

Mr T had different names for various sexual positions. High English was when he was on top with my legs up resting on his shoulders. The Canadian - I'm on top riding him. The Australian - anal. The French - 69. The American - I just lay there - missionary style. The Russian - he ties me up with my legs and arms tied to the bed post and he fuck me. The Japanese - he sits down while I'm on my knees sucking him.

In the end, we had to leave Europe.

I miss being my English Gentleman's mistress. Mr. T.... I miss you.

... Continue»
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The Swing and Mr. Jones

Well, I wonder what Mr. Jones has in store for me today. It has to be my pussy, because he has put his monster 15 inch cock in my mouth and a-s hole, and that’s all that is left If you haven’t read about my earlier adventures, go back and start with Me and Mr. Jones, so you will have all the background. I went upstairs, and knocked on the door, and he opened it buck naked, with his big old dick sticking straight out. I just smiled and said looks like you are ready for action. Did you start without me? He just chuckled and said no honey bunny, I am saving it all for you. Take your clothes off and come in the bedroom, I got something just for you. I quickly stripped down to my birthday suit, and ran in and jumped on the bed and started jumping up and down like the k** I am. He said I sure was rambunctious today, and I said yep, whatever that means. He went to the closet and got this box out, and opened it, and took out this thing with straps, and a big black rubber cock on it about 12 inches long. I asked what we were going to do with that, and he said I was going to fuck him with it, and I jumped up and down and clapped my hands, and said heck yeah.
He put some pillows on the floor so his knees wouldn’t get hurt, and strapped the thing on me. I went and looked in the mirror, and laughed because I looked so funny with a big black co-k sticking out in front of me. He got down on his knees, and handed me the KY jelly, I was familiar with it, because he had used it on my asshole yesterday. The strap on thingy had a big cock in front, and another one about 9 inches that went in my pussy, and another about 6 inches and curved that went up my butt. I would clinch my butt cheeks and pussy, and it felt good. I he told me to lick his asshole first to warm him up, so I got down on my knees and he reached back and spread his cheeks as I started to lick him, he farted in my face! I jumped back, and said ewww that stinks, he fell down laughing, and said that he had always wanted to do that to someone, and he could with me, because I was his sex slave, and his hunny bunny. I stuck my tongue back in, and licked and sucked for a while, then he said to squirt the KY in him, and I put the top up his hole as far as I could, and squeezed real hard, and it all went up there, and he just grunted. He said OK, stick that thing in me, slowly, and push it all the way in until it can’t go any further. This obviously wasn’t his first time, because it just went right in, like it was at home. He said, ok, now pull it almost all the way back and ram it all the way back in, and keep on doing that, and that’s call butt fuc-ing. I did, and every time I went in and out, my cocks moved in me some, giving me wonderful feelings in both holes. His legs were so long, that I was at the perfect height standing behind him, and grabbed a hold of his hips and went to town. I went slow and deep, fast and deep, as hard as I could, and looked under him, and he was frigging Mr. Snake, who had already shot a big load on the floor, and just kept dribbling. He said it would keep on coming out as long as I fucked him because it was rubbing his potentate or some big word. Prostrate, that’s it. I guess I fucked him for about half an hour, until I was dripping wet with sweat and pussy juices were pooling on the floor between my feet, and I had about 20 orgasms, like I had never had before. Now I know what it feel like to be the man in a fuck, because he has all the power, and it felt good trying to hurt his ass, even thought I knew I couldn’t but it was a real charge anyway. After a while, he said let’s give my ass a break, and work on yours a while. I said fine with me. He had this contraption hanging from the ceiling over his bed, some pulleys and ropes with a nylon harness like I have seen climbers use on the end. I asked what that was for, and he said it was for me. He Ky’d my butthole, and rammed a few fingers up there to loosen me up some, as I was still a little sore from the reaming I had gottten the day before. I then got in the harness and he adjusted it and it was just like a swing, and I kicked my legs and said Wheee, as I swung back and forth across the bed. Mr. Jones just stood there smiling with this loving look on his face, and said that’s my girl, enjoy yourself.
He then lay down on his back under me after raising me up. All he had to do was pull the rope, because he had 3 pulleys and it looked real easy, because he was doing it with just a few fingers, like I didn’t weigh anything. He then lowered me down until his humongous cock was touching my butthole, and told me to line it up. I grabbed that big, hot, hard tool, and held it against my puckered anus, and he slacked off on the rope, and I felt the pressure on my sphincter, and pop! In it went. He slowly lowered me down, giving my chi-ds body time to re-adjust my internal organs for that monster. Soon, I was sitting on his pubes, and smiled at him. He asked me if it hurt very much, and I said not at all, it was just hard to breathe. Wow, was I ever full. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and looked at him and asked if he could see the head in there. He laughed and said he loved me, and I said I loved him too. He then pulled it up and lowered it down faster, and did that for a few minutes until we both came. The white cum was dribbling out of my butt, and every time he pulled me up, his monster pulled the insides of my butt out with it, and it was perfectly round and pink. It looked so cool, and Mr. Jones said it looked even better from where he was. I bet it did. He then lowered me down until my feet touched the bed or his body, and told me to do whatever I wanted that felt good to me, to play and invent stuff. He had about 13 inches up my insides, and I could feel it all the way. I used my feet to start turning around, and went around about 20 times in the same direction. As I went around the rope got shorter, until only about 4 inches of cock was left in me. I had done this on swings at the park, so I knew what was going to happen. I lifted my knees up to my chest, and started spinning around in the opposite direction, faster and faster. As I went around, and round, I started to lower my asshole onto his cock more and more, and I could feel it stirring up everything inside me. It almost made me sick to my stomach, but the feeling was so intense, that I came and came like a machine gun the whole time I spun, until I was at the bottom, and braked myself with my feet. I just hung my head and gasped, as I didn’t expect anything like that, and neither did Mr. Jones, because he shot another load up my colon, and cum, bl**d, and brown stuff came out and pooled on his belly. He said, I think that one time is enough for today. I agreed, and he unstrapped me, and we got into the bathtub together, and soaked and dozed in post sexual bliss. I was loved. And, I was still a virgin, but that’s another story. Please comment.
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A young guy. An older woman (Not true story)

I am not author of this story.

We all of us enjoy sexual thoughts at one time or another and what follows is a fictional tale involving some of my own.

I think I surprised even myself at how lengthy the story is becoming. It still has some way yet to go. Therefore, in order to maintain an interest I felt it best to post this part now. Should anyone feel the need for a part 2, feel free to let me know.

I hope, given they are little more than a reflection of the thoughts of the slightly, older, more mature woman, this will not deter readers from enjoying the story.

As always, I welcome your comments.

My name is Maggie, a married 50 year old who I guess you can say, until recently had lead a fairly sheltered life sexually.

Married to my hubby for a good many years, like everyone else we have experienced the usual ups and downs of marriage but for the most part we've always got along well.

Of course, being married as long as we have life has tended to become a little repetitive...mundane and though we both try to vary the things we do it's never possible to capture that first "flush of youth" , yet, even if the sexual side of things has become less and less of late the two of us are nonetheless able to share a great many things with one another.

That said, I guess my life might have continued along the same mundane path had it not been for a particular, recent event that altered my thinking completely.....but before I get ahead of myself I ought to tell you a little about me as a person.

As I have said, I'm a 50 year old married woman. I stand five feet four in stockinged feet. I have auburn, shoulder length hair with hazel coloured eyes, a feature for some reason my hubby particularly likes and I regularly work out at the gym in the hope I can maintain a figure that defies my age.

I'd like to think I am a fun person and easy to get along with and while I would never say I was the most experienced woman sexually, I am far from being a prude.

It's true I can occasionally dress a little too conservatively and maybe there have been some who see me as somewhat prim and proper. It's also true, before I married I had only one or two relationships and of those only one that was truly sexual but that said, I am not averse to trying new and exciting things, besides, marriage in itself is a learning curve and that together with the maturity of my years does have its advantages.

For my sins, I work in a nursing home as a carer and it's here that recent events gave rise to a change in my life.

About six months ago a young guy started at the home, joining the kitchen staff as a Chef. The fact he was a good looking guy was reason enough for him to have caught my eye, as it did for many of the women there, young and old.

I guessed he was around 19 years of age, slim, a good six inches taller than myself, short brown hair, an infectious smile and deep blue eyes you could lose yourself in. All in all he was someone you'd call a fit looking guy.

Over a period of time we started to chat to one another. At first, it was clear he was somewhat shy and our conversations were little more than a "Good morning" usually said in passing as we both went about our jobs but as the days went by the "good mornings" lengthened and we would spend a few minutes chatting to one another.

While I never made it obvious, it's fair to say I found Wade (the young guy in question) sexually attractive but at 50 years of age and despite the fact I consider myself in good shape, I am a realist and didn't expect for a moment those type of feelings would be reciprocated. I simply assumed he was being nothing more than polite. However, the more we chatted the more he seemed to come out of his shell and it wasn't long before I found he appeared to enjoy flirting with me.

Of course flirting is hardly considered the crime of the century and in most cases can be little more than some harmless fun....but for a 50 year old to have a twenty something flirt with you is very flattering as well as being more than a little arousing.....

I should say, it wasn't every time we stopped to chat we would flirt for it was often the case other members of the staff would be in earshot, and I suspect neither of us wanted to overstep the mark, but it was enough that I found myself looking forward more and more to those moments when we'd get to share a few words together.

In truth the conversations never amounted to much...I would ask about his weekend...his social life and he'd ask about mine...The replies would more often than not be very matter of fact...nothing more than a brief description of what it was we'd done that particular weekend or evening but as the weeks passed our chats allowed us an insight into one another's personal lives and of course when the opportunity arose there would always be this underlying feeling we were flirting with one another.

Over a period of time the chats continued until it got to the point a kind of unwritten rule kicked in where both of us would be sure to take our breaks, not just at the same time but also after the other staff members had taken theirs, thereby ensuring wherever possible, the two of us were alone. This in itself used to excite me for it added a kind of illicit feel about our meetings.

One day, on one such break I'd been asking him about his weekend and happened to casually mention if he had taken his girlfriend out somewhere nice. The strange thing was, this many weeks down the line I'd realised he'd never mentioned a girlfriend and I'd never asked. It was then he informed me he wasn't seeing anyone and that most of his time was spent out and about with his male friends.

I suppose I must have shown some surprise the fact he wasn't dating for he felt the need to explain to me he did sometimes meet and enjoy the company of girls but it was never anything serious and that he found many girls around his age to be somewhat immature. When I asked what he meant by this he went on to explain how he seemed to attract the two kinds. The ones who wanted to settle down, buy a cottage with roses around the door and have k**s.....or the second kind who believed a good night out was nothing more than getting three parts to the wind or out of their heads on some uppers. He went on to say it was rare to find a girl who simply wanted to share a little fun time and added, because of this he'd always found older women more attractive. It seemed he felt they had gone through those phases and knew what they were about.

I have to admit, listening to him that day his words sent a chill coursing through my body and while I was careful not to show it, for the first time it entered my head his flirting with me may not have been entirely all in innocence.

Unfortunately, after this our conversations appeared to "cool" a little, I suspected he'd felt he may have overstepped the mark which was not the case at all. At one point I had even begun to wonder if he'd gone off the idea of flirting. In any event, if that were indeed the case there was little I could have done about it so I accepted how he felt it ought to be until one day I had cause to return some items to the kitchen.

It was around 7 pm, coming towards the end of my shift as I pushed my way through the kitchen swing doors. In truth I never gave a thought to the idea Wade might have been in there changing from his Chef's outfit into his everyday clothes in readiness to go home but, as I stepped through into the kitchen that's exactly what was happening.

For what seemed like an age the two of us just seemed to freeze. Him with his trousers halfway down his open mouthed, my eyes drawn towards a pair of white briefs and an undeniably impressive manhood clearly outlined beneath the cotton material.

I guess we were stood there for no longer than a few seconds but at the time it seemed an age and throughout I could do nothing to avert my eyes.

When the spell was broken I quickly muttered an apology, placed the items I had returned on the worktop then turned and left, still with the image of his manhood burned into my memory.

That night, alone in bed, with my hubby as usual working away, I did something I hadn't done in a long while. I used my vibrator.

I lay there in my bed, a 50 year old married woman with my legs open calling Wades name out loud as I Fucked myself hard to the memory of his young cock, finally bringing myself off to a wonderful climax.

Afterwards yes, it's true I did feel some guilt but this was far and away outweighed by the pleasurable thoughts Wade had bought on.

It was a few days later before we next had the opportunity to chat to one another and though I sensed like me, he wanted to say something about what had happened that day we neither of us mentioned it.

We chatted again the following day....then the next and the next and it seemed to me, after the initial difficult period, the matter in the kitchen had proved something of a turning point. If I had any doubts about that notion they were dispelled once and for all the ensuing weekend.

It was a Saturday morning and with it drawing closer to Xmas, hubby and I drove to the nearest main town in order to do some Xmas shopping. To say the least, the weather was not at its best that day and on the journey back the rain was pounding against the windscreen causing us to drive far more slowly than usual, just in order to be able to see where we were going.

It was as we were driving through one of our neighbouring villages that I saw what I believed was a familiar figure walking along the roadside. As we passed by I turned to look back and pretty much yelled at my hubby to stop. It's a wonder we didn't crash.....

I quickly told him I thought it was Wade, the young guy from work, adding if it was then we needed to pick him up.

Sure enough, with hubby reversing back, as the figure drew closer it was indeed Wade.

He made a sorry looking sight as he headed towards our vehicle where I flung open the back door and ordered him inside.

The rain had been unrelenting all day and walking along the road as he had been, he was soaked through to the skin. Recognising who we were he thanked us for stopping and apologising for the rain dripping off his body he climbed inside onto the rear seat.

I told him not to be so silly and motioned for hubby to take us back home where I mentioned to Wade he could dry himself off.

A few minutes later we pulled into our driveway and leaving hubby to sort out the shopping, I ushered Wade from the car telling him to make his way into the house.

Once inside I removed my coat then took his from him hanging it up in the porch to dry as my hubby made his way in with the first of the bags of shopping.

"Let's get you out of those wet clothes while Mike makes us all a hot drink." I told him.

"That's ok Maggie. I'll be fine." he answered.

"Rubbish!" I told him. "You're soaked through to the skin. I can't have you going home like this. Follow me. I'll show you where the shower is and I'm sure I'll be able to find something of Mike's to fit you."

I looked towards hubby as if seeking approval. His nod towards me was confirmation he was happy enough to agree Wade needed to get out of his wet clothes.

Wade followed me up the stairs and along to the shower where I left him in no doubt what he needed to do.

"Now get yourself out of those wet clothes and into the shower while I go find something suitable for you to wear." I ordered.

He offered little argument and as he disappeared into the shower I turned and made my way towards our bedroom to begin searching through hubbys wardrobe where, as crazy as it might sound, just looking for something suitable for Wade to wear was getting me incredibly horny.

Five minutes later, having selected a crisp white shirt, a pair of Blue jeans and a pair of white cotton briefs I made my way from the bedroom back towards the bathroom. I stopped outside the door to listen and heard the tell tale sound of the shower running.

In truth, at that point my mind was a mix of conflicting emotion. I considered turning the handle and stepping right in but for the moment something held me back.

Still with my hand on the doorknob. I turned my head towards the landing aware my hubby was only downstairs. Just the thought of him reminded me we had a good marriage but this wasn't about marriage, this was about me...about excitement...about feeling wanted.

I turned back towards the door. I knew the best thing would be to call out, informing Wade I would leave the clothes I'd gotten him just outside the door then walk away but the truth was, stood there, outside the bathroom, I couldn't get the thoughts of that day in the works kitchen out of my head

Moments later I was bought out of my thoughts by the sound of running water ceasing. I gave a light knock on the door and though I waited for a response I knew perfectly well the knock had been far too light for him to have heard. I took a deep breath as I turned the handle and stepped into the bathroom just in time to see Wade was stepping from the shower.

Again my mind immediately filled with thoughts of that day in the kitchen, the difference being, on that occasion he'd been half dressed where now my entrance had been timed that he'd barely had time to grab a towel.

I was quick to note the look on his face as being one of shock but it wasn't his face that had caught my attention. He made a quick grab for a towel though of course by then it had been too late to prevent my witnessing what I have to say was a very impressive display of manhood.

I felt an immediate rush of guilt. Both for having walked in on Wade this way and for the fact hubby was only downstairs. I

The proper thing to do would be to simply apologise, turn and leave but despite suffering thoughts of this sensible option there was no denying, I'd known this was going to happen the moment I'd turned the handle.

I looked at across at Wade and saw him returning my gaze, albeit his was a somewhat shocked appearance. Any number of thoughts ran through my mind, not the least of which was, I felt pretty sure my hubby would remain downstairs, at least for the time being. With that in mind I turned to close the door behind me before taking the few steps towards Wade where I placed the items of clothing I had collected on top of the laundry basket.

"I'm sorry Wade. I should apologise. I bought these clothes for you. I imagined you'd have finished by now." I lied.

He didn't answer, just stood there with the towel d****d around him and though for the moment he appeared lost for words it nevertheless struck me, his eyes were giving my body as much of a once over as mine had quickly done his....especially my breasts which today I knew looked good, my 36 inches moulded nicely beneath a body hugging, red, poloneck top.

Down below, the attention I'd been receiving from his eyes caused my pussy to tingle. I took another step, reaching out with both hands, pressing the towelling against his muscular body.

"But as I'm here now, I don't suppose it will hurt for me to help dry you off. Will it Wade?" I said as my hands gently moved in a circular motion, pressing the towel against his body.

"Errr! Do you think this is wise Mags?" he stammered, the effect of his shortening my name inexplicably adding to my arousal.

He was clearly still very nervous and uncomfortable as he pressed his body further back against the wall.

For the time being, undeterred, my hands continued to press the towelling lightly over his chest in a circular, yet undeniably sexual motion, his eyes were watching my every move.

"Hmmm! You're probably right Wade." I told him. "The two of us here alone like this isn't maybe the wisest thing but.... don't you think.....sometimes being wise isn't always for the best?" I almost purred, as down below the feel of his body against my hands had begun to stir my pussy all the more.

"But what about Mike?" he stammered, his nerves finally allowing him to voice his fears.

"Hmmmm! Don't you go worrying about him." I said, as I eased aside the towel and smoothed both hands over a still very damp, bared chest. "Right at this moment he'll still be dealing with all that shopping and I very much doubt he's thinking you're anything other than still in the shower while I'm still looking for something appropriate for you to wear."

I moved closer still, dropping my right hand back onto the towel at his waist.

"Besides! What kind of a host would you think me if I were to let you back downstairs still wet?" I teased.

I inched closer, close enough I could feel his breath upon my lips. For all the flirting we'd shared over the months, this was the closest we'd ever been. The room, still filled with steam from the shower, was also now thick with a sexual tension and it wasn't just me could feel it. Wade too could sense the change.

I let my right hand drop lower still until it was rested against his crotch where what appeared to be an impressive young cock was beginning to stiffen beneath the towelling.

"My my! What's this Wade? Is this what happens when you're all wet?"

I witnessed him close his eyes and let out a groan of pleasure as my fingers slid down the towelling, towards the outline of his shaft.

"We can't do this Lin!" he moaned.

"What can't we do Wade? Are you saying we can't dry you off?" I teased.

"Oh God! You know damn well that's not what I'm saying Mags!" he replied and once more I witnessed the look in his eyes as he momentarily examined the curves of my breasts.

"Then what Wade?" I whispered, quickly adding, "Did you not once tell me you favoured the older woman? Or was it you were telling me fibs?"

"No! That's not it at all." he replied.

"Then just relax.!" I whispered as my left hand began stroking the towel back and forth over his chest.

He leant back into the wall, as if thinking by doing so he'd move out of my reach. His eyes closed. I looked down at the towelling to see it nicely tented. I couldn't resist. I slid my hand over his tented outline and began stroking the towelling up and down his growing shaft.

"Please Maggie! Stop!" he moaned again, this time making a real attempt at pulling away.

As he moved so I followed until, with nowhere else to go, I had him pinned into the corner of the bathroom. Again he looked down, this time as I pressed forward, pushing my breasts against his wet body, both my hands now on his waist.

"Isn't this nice Wade? Did you not wonder how they would feel pressed this close when you were checking them out a few minutes ago?" I asked as I moved my body provocatively from side to side against his.

"I wasn't Maggie....Honest!" he stammered, not surprisingly, still more than a little flustered.

"Oh but you were Wade. I saw you. You were checking me out as I was doing the same to you. Don't worry Wade. I'm not annoyed. One of the things you'll learn about us older women is....there's nothing more exciting than the thought of a sexy young stud giving us the once over. We enjoy it. Believe me Wade. I did."

I took a step back and following his eyes, looked down at myself to see not only were my nipples jutting out firmly beneath the soft knitted top, but that the top itself was now wet from where my breasts had pressed against his body.

"Oh dear! Look what you've done!" I scolded him as I played the fingers of my left hand back and forth over my breasts. "You've got me all wet."

He uttered a soft groan as his eyes watched the movement of my fingers and hand playing back and forth over my breasts. Ordinarily, playing with my own nipples would not cause them to respond but under the current situation and with his presence they had already formed firm peaks beneath the top. I could almost taste the sexual tension.

"Did you also wonder how they would feel in your hands Wade?"

Not waiting for a response I reached out, took a hold of his right hand and lifted it up onto my breast holding it there with my own hand. My lips issued a soft moan when I felt his fingers give a tender, tentative squeeze.

"Is that how you imagined it Wade?"

"Oh God Maggie...Yes!"

I smiled at his response. "I think the truth is we both know what it is we want. I think we have since that day in the kitchen....don't you?"

Before he could answer I leant forward to press my lips against the side of his neck where my tongue flicked out, savouring the moisture still present from his shower.

"No Maggie. You've got to stop." he argued, even though his fingers still present on my breast were telling a different story..

I didn't need reminding how foolish, how ridiculous this all was .Wade had already voiced his own fears about what was happening and at 50 years of age, 30 years plus his senior, I, of all people, should most certainly have known better. That, together with the knowledge my hubby was only downstairs, should at the very least, have made me seen sense, have made me listen to what my head was telling me and to have walked away from this situation, but seeing sense over a long held desire conflict. The reality was, the attraction had been simmering for weeks and now, what with the intensity of the situation, the feel of Wades hand upon my breast together with the thrill of knowing someone young enough to have been my son was as keen for me, though he was yet to admit it, as I was for him, was sending my pussy into overdrive.

My lips slid from his neck. Looking down I could once more see the towel. Still damp and tented. I lowered my hand pushing it through the fold where, for the very first time the tips of my fingers touched his hardness. I both felt and heard Wade groan a fearful approval as my fingers curled around his stiff shaft. Younger...more innocent....despite his reluctance, he was as lost in this lust as I was.

I slid my left hand to the side of his face and looked deep into his sparkling blue eyes. Despite his nerves I could sense his body was alive like mine.

"Oh Wade!" I whispered. "You couldn't begin to know how much I have wanted this young cock."

For the moment I withdrew my hand and placing it on his waist I leant forward, pressing my lips into the side of his neck, wondering the effect my words would have. I was eager for our embrace to continue.

His body remained tense as my lips kissed and licked along his neck. I flicked out my tongue to tease at the lobe of his ear and when I did, he let out a quiet moan of pleasure and I felt his body relax a little.

I flicked my tongue out again, then started to kiss and nibble at his lobe, finally sucking it gently between my lips.

"Stop Maggie!" he said, but even before the words were out he'd tilted his head a little to allow me more access.

It was clear his nerves were beginning to take hold but I pressed on, confident I would win him around. I continued to kiss and lick and suck gently around his ear until again I felt his head tilt slightly, his body seeming to relax a little more. I slid my left hand around the back of his neck and parting my fingers, combed them into his hair, using them to tilt his head a little more.

I eased forward, my lips moving away from his ear, to kiss and lick their way down his neck, until I was planting open mouthed kisses under his chin, the fingers of my left hand still tilting his head to the side.

"Stop Maggie please! We need to stop," he pleaded once more.

I eased back a little to look up into his eyes. Despite his objection they were closed and as I listened I could hear his breathing had become ragged. I turned my attention to his lips. They were full, fleshy and I wanted to feel them against my own.

I continued planting wet, open mouthed kisses along his chin, his cheeks, while still caressing my fingers through his hair, but this time I moved my body closer, pressing my crotch against his stiffening member.

I felt his body tighten up once more and his hand press more firmly against my breast, as if ready to push me away, yet I could sense no conviction there. Even so, playing it safe, I returned my attention back to his neck.

The pressure of his hand on my breast eased. He seemed to relax and as he tilted his head a little more I resumed my open mouthed, wet kisses. Along his neck, beneath and up over his chin, each kiss drawing me nearer my goal...his lips.

My lips edged closer until I could feel the heat of his ragged breath, then curling my fingers firmly into his hair I pressed my lips lightly over his.

"No Maggie..." he moaned as he tried to turn his head but my fingers in his hair held him there.

"You want it Wade and I do too.." I whispered. I pressed my lips to his once more, this time offering a gossamer light peck.against his.

This time he didn't respond, but neither did he struggle.

I kissed him again, every bit as lightly as the first....then a second kiss.....a third.....a fourth.

By this time the fingers of my left hand were massaging sensuously through his hair, against his scalp and as my lips alighted on his for a sixth time I felt sure he'd started to respond.

It was almost intangible at first, little more than a slight parting of his lips. I pressed on giving him several more light pecks before moving my lips more firmly against his where, still putting the fingers of my hand in his hair to good use, I held him there as I probed his lips with the tip of my tongue, enjoying the fleshy feel of his lips, inwardly willing him to open up for me.

I heard him moan and for a moment wasn't sure if it were a moan of objection or one of pleasure. Moments later I received the answer when his hand moved from my breast to slide to the back of my neck, pulling me towards him, crushing my lips firmly over his as his mouth finally opened allowing access to my tongue.

It was the moment I'd been waiting for. The moment when all his tension was released.

I slid my right hand up over his body placing my palm and fingers against the side of his face as he finally responded to the kiss.

My tongue probed his, gently at first, seeking out the warmth of his mouth but now he fought back, his fingers holding firm against the back of my neck as he pressed my tongue back and his deep into my mouth.

We were both moaning aloud now, our situation temporarily forgotten as our heads turned from side to side, our lips mashing together, our tongues eager to duel.

I could our breaths coming in ragged short bursts.

"Ohhh Wade!" I murmured, as my hands pulled his lips firmly onto mine.

He pushed me back until we were looking into one another's eyes. I could see his lust burning in that deep blue hue just as I was sure he would see the same in mine. He grabbed at my neck and once more pulled me into a fiery, passionate kiss. Our tongues probed and fought, our heads bobbed and twisted, our breath no more than gasps as we each fought for air.

I pressed my body hard against his, the tell tale feel of his stiff member digging into my crotch. He responded, his hands sliding down my back, onto the cheeks of my arse where he pulled me hard against the towelling...against his swollen cock.

Another passionate, searing kiss ensued, our lips kissing, our tongues probing, our heads twisting and turning. It was as if we were both teenagers, our first time...our first such kiss. We stayed like that for several minutes, enjoying the closeness of one another's bodies until finally he pushed me away once more.

This time the room appeared to be filled with the sounds of us trying to catch our breath. I couldn't believe how aroused he'd gotten me, yet in truth I shouldn't have been surprised. I think I knew then I had wanted him right from the day I had seen him in the kitchen....dressing where that same night I had used my vibrator.

Aware of how out of breath I was I looked him up and down. His well formed abs, his strong, smooth chest, while down below, still hidden, his more than sufficient manhood.

"Ohh Wade! You have no idea what you do for me." I gasped.

His lips turned to a smile. "Believe me Mags. You have no idea the effect you've had on me these past weeks."

He reached out and grabbing at my waist, pulled me into yet another intense kiss, his hand sliding up to my neck, pulling me close, crushing his lips over mine once more.

We were both moaning aloud now though it would be fairer to say our moans were more like a****l grunts as we continued to devour one another's lips.

Again he eased me back but this time I pulled him to me. I couldn't get enough of him...his lips. I was enjoying the way he kissed, for his expertise belied his youth. I grabbed at his hair, gripping it tight between my fingers as I sucked hard on his tongue, enjoying its slippery texture as he prodded and probed. I imagined it to be his cock, the cock that right then was pressing firmly into my belly.

He eased me away, his body every bit as flushed and breathless as mine.

"Ohhh Mags I want you so bad. I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since that afternoon."

Hearing his words I let out a groan .A few weeks ago the very idea this young, good looking guy had any real interest in me was nothing more than a fantasy on my part, merely the overactive imaginings of an older woman, now here he was telling me everything I had wanted to hear. His words sent a shiver coursing through my body. I reached out and using both hands released the towel from his hips letting it drop to the floor. He stepped back, a little surprised by my actions, which allowed me to admire what I had just revealed, a thick, lengthy, veiny cock with the most perfect domed head and sumptuous balls I'd ever seen.

I stepped forward, tracing a finger upwards along his manhood.

"I want you too Wade." I whispered as I fisted my fingers around his thick shaft.

He groaned as I began moving my hand slowly up its length.

"You know we can't do this Maggie. Not now. Not with Mike only downstairs."

"I know," I said as I stepped a little closer while moving my hand back down his shaft.

"He could come up at any time."

"Yes. You're right." I answered, my hand moving back up along his stiff dick.

"We'd best stop this now then." he told me, his hands reaching out for my waist.

"Absolutely!" I replied, stepping close to press my body against his.

Holding me tight and with the towel now on the floor the wetness of his body seeped into my clothes. It was yet another foolish action but I was too far gone. Far too aroused to care about such incidentals.

Our lips met, initially a flurry of light, rapid pecks. It didn't last. We both needed more. The passion building was far too intense. Our lips opened wide where our tongues began dancing, both inside and outside of one another's mouths. We embraced with a searing, passionate, sloppy French kiss and as I felt his hand slide up behind my neck, his fingers stroking. teasing I knew I wanted him all. His lips...his tongue...his mouth...his saliva....I wanted every part of him.....


We both heard it at the same time, Mike calling out my name from downstairs.

"Ohh Shit!" I moaned as I spun away from his arms, aware I had to get out of the bathroom and fast.

I pressed my lips quickly to Wades then not even having time to check my appearance I stepped towards the door. Opening it and closing it quickly behind me I made my way to the landing.... Continue»
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My true story: Risking It

My true story: Risking It
Written by Missy P.

My name is Missy and this is not a story of a bubble gum ditzy innocent blonde with big boobs who found herself on the wrong side of the tracks getting railed by a black boy dreamed up some white boy cuckold. Even though I am blonde…and big boobed. But I was anything but innocent, I was no stranger to threesomes of all different k**s.

My first year after college my knowledge expanded, that summer so did my vaginal walls. My mother’s black friend from law school and her son Jack were staying with us for the summer.

By dumb luck I walked in him on in the shower, and I was dumbfounded. He had they biggest cock I ever did see, including porn. Needless to say things happened and we banged all summer long. Either my mouth or my cootch was on the business end of his very large black penis.

Summer ended, college came around and we parted ways. Sure I still had sex, but I wasn’t getting that nine and half thick black member. I found myself craving his massive cock bottoming out and exploding inside of me like a volcano. Besides having a huge dick, Jack came an obscene amount of stringy, thick, white cum. It was like a shotgun giving me both barrels inside my tummy when he came.

I was tired of normal college sex; I was lucky to get seven inches, which in truthfulness I can work with. Yet being rather sensitive to latex condoms and always actually enjoyed letting a guy cum in me.

White guys annoyed me, they would ask to cum in me, during the sex they would ask me continually if it was “safe”. After they would cum in me, they hurried me into the bathroom like I could do something magical in there to prevent pregnancy more than by just taking the pill. 15 minutes later they would be back on top of me doing the same routine, followed by the weekly calls asking me if I took my birth control and if “I got it yet”.
Jack and I would actually joke about him knocking me up. The first time we did had sex or I should say destroyed me (That’s another story) I rolled off from under him, still amazed about the amount of sperm he produced and cracked a joke about him giving me twins even though he knew I was on the pill. He joked right back, and said triplets. Jack would even make statements about having super sperm and it didn’t matter if I was on the pill, of course he was k**ding. Between the interracial banterr and both of us joking about pregnancy it made for some erotic sexy fucking. We would even pretend during sex that he was going to “knock me up” or bred my “lily white ass”.

It was actually comforting and relaxing to “pretend”. I rather hear a guy say, “I want to give you a baby” than consent harassment about if I took my birth and if I got my cycle. It was erotic to hear him wanting to give me a baby.
It was the holidays and Jack and his mother was visiting. I bought this cute g-string with a ridiculously big bow on the back. I got the matching bra along with the tummy scarf. I thought it would be sexy to wrap his package with my tiny little g-string pulled over with the big bow on my white ass.

I found myself on top of Jack down the basement while everyone was asl**p. I stuck my titties in the face that were hanging out of my bra and rode him with my g-string with the bow on the side. It was four months since I had him inside of me. I don’t think I will ever get use to having that much penis in me, but I did tighten up since we last banged.

It was rather lack luster, and we both knew the reason. There was an issue getting my birth control, my gynecologist wrote the prescription wrong and she was away. So reluctantly I bought a 12 pack of magnum-sized condoms with an extra reservoir tip. The pharmacist I bought them from leaned in quietly and said, “I don’t think you want these” which was a little embarrassing.

The sex just wasn’t the same. There wasn’t much interracial banter going back and fourth because we got into the whole pretending he was going impregnate me. I never was into condoms, I know the importance of them, but they had a habit of making me itch a little. I always liked the idea of a guy feeling the goodness of me, and not just a hole, even though most of us do thing our pussies are extremely unique. We probably do have a generic feeling for the most part, I’m not the tightest girl on the block, and probably the only woman who will admit that but I don’t think most guys can tell the difference. I never got hung up if I was tight or loose.

I was bouncing up and down on Jack’s black cock, at least trying to. Generally Jack pounded me into submission, which opened me up to be able to do cowgirl, plus it was four months since his black penis graced my pussy. I thought it would be sexier if I did the work since my girlie goods were part of his present.

Jack had the same lackluster on his face as I probably did. I stopped and took myself off his member and sat down so his condom engulfed black dick was right up against my white tummy. He asked me why I stopped, and if I needed a break. He mentioned I did feel a lot tighter.

“I think the condom is taking the fun out of this” I said. Jack agreed and said about taking it off and just pulling out.

“A pull and pray?” I said as if he suggested he was nuts. “You have sooo much pre-cum that I don’t think it would matter.” It was true, even when I first started giving him blow jobs and hand jobs he would produce massive amounts of pre-cum I thought he achieved orgasm. “If were going to do that, we might as well just go for it and risk it.”

Jack was quiet for a moment. “I’m game, if you are.”

I played with the condom tip, thinking about that. Before this it was all pretend, I would tell him to give me his black baby but I was on birth control. Of course there is always that extremely slight chance, but that extremely slight chance was what made it so erotic.

People would be so shocked if I got pregnant, even more so if it was by a black guy. The thought of having his black little baby grow inside me made me twinge down there. My hips popped a few times thinking about how naughty it would be. Needless to say I wouldn’t have to be so secretive about my sexual life style anymore, my bun in the oven would give it away.

I looked down at his hard black cock pressed up against my tummy. Jack’s cock was a piece of art; it didn’t seem right to have a condom on it. It was like caging the mighty lion. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get on it with out a condom but I pulled the condom off with my nails, it was the biggest and the most stretched out condom I have ever saw, no matter what it needed to be changed.

I held it his dick with my hands; his cock was so big and heavy that sometimes it would fall over. I raised my hips up but I wanted to make Jack very aware of the situation. I told him I was a little 2 weeks over off the pill and it was probably the right or wrong time in my cycle depending upon how you look at it to do this. Jack was more than eager but I know boys think with their dicks. I had to say it bluntly. “Jack if we do this you WILL knock me up.”

When Jack said he wanted to “breed” me, my pussy almost started to drip all over his black cock. I was already aligned with him going in me; once I heard that I pushed down and felt his black head pass through my white pussy lips. I’m not sure if it was because I got a lot wetter or just being so turned on mentally but took him deep into me.

I started to buck, my pussy started to pop. I unhooked my bra and threw it across the room to let my tits bounce freely, though Jack held on to them most of the time so they wouldn’t bounce to hard and hurt.

“I want to breed you” Jack said as he started to fuck back. “I want to give you a black baby”.

“Fuck so hot” I thought to myself. “Give me that black dick I pleaded as I gave everything I had. “I-want-you-little-black-baby-growing-in-me” I said each word in-between every bounce. “Give it to me, cum in me!”

Jack moaned and took his hands off my tips and onto my hips. He fucked me hard for a minute or so, pushing himself up into my wet whiteness. I came hard, very hard. I had to stop, the orgasm was great but I knew I would squirt. I didn’t want to gush on my parents basement couch and have the whole room smell like my pussy for the next few days. Even though it probably would have been worth it, I never gushed while on top before, but yet those types of orgasms are so intense I would have gotten off anyway.

We took a few seconds off from fucking. His black cock was shinny and gooey, I couldn’t tell if was all his pre-cum or my own girl cum. It looked like a soapy mess either way. Jack was ready to nut, as I slide my abused pussy onto his penis. I think it was way to late from him not to cum inside of me. “Are you ready to make a baby” I said as we interlaced our fingers.

His head went back for a moment, we both thrust “Here it comes I heard him say.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this, more so I was on top getting his boy batter. He came deep inside of me, waves and waves of his cum splashed inside of me. I kept flowing inside of me; I was about to cum myself. I know what black guys like to hear, so I told him to “Give that white pussy every last drop of your black nut”.

The deed was done. I put my head on his shoulder and told him to stay inside me. I wanted Jack to keep me plugged up and just to be inside of me. This wasn’t just the great sex feeling, but I felt like we accomplished more than getting off. Most women would be worried that they just let a black guy cum in them with no protection what so ever.

I’m not sure why but I had the giggles. I put my arms around Jack and asked him how it felt to “knock up a lily white ass girl”. I was still hot to trot and his erection didn’t deflate. After a few comments Jack made I said something to the effect of “Did it feel better to shoot his cum in a unprotected white womb.” Next thing I know and to my surprise Jack pushes me down and starts fucking me.

We switched to doggy style and we were both making racial comments about me taking his black seed and having his mixed baby. He fucked me rotten; I could feel his cum dripping out of me. My tits started to clap together; I told him they were applauding him. Jack told me how he couldn’t way to see my tits in a few months.

It took him a while since he just busted, but I didn’t mine. Even though my pussy felt more like a cunt now I took the pounding and another wonderful baby bomb deep inside my womb.

We banged for the next few days. It truly was about making a little black baby. If we had five minutes alone it was all about getting his seed into me. Even in blowjobs when he got close I took my extremely sore beaten up pussy and contained his cum in my womanhood.

A week later after we last bang I was two days late, and I’m never late. At the time I thought it was stupid to by a pregnancy test. I was shocked when the test came out negative. Even though the box said it could detect whatever the hormone was the earliest, I could not believe I wasn’t pregnant.

I laid in bed thinking how I was going to handle this situation, and what to tell people. An hour or so later I got it. It was mixed emotions. After all it was a poor decision but for some strange reason I wanted a baby, I never did before. More so I wanted a black baby. I knew that night my womb belonged to the black men and decided I should just “practice” till college was finished. I looked at the silver lining, that one day I would enjoy trying to get black preg.

... Continue»
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Moms Best Mate (Not true story)

I am not author of this story.

Beryl had worked with Mom for about 20 years, together they had gone through lots of good times and some real bad times, both had lost husbands, Beryl had lost 2 but they always seemed to be having a good time. I had often looked at Beryl and wondered what she would be like, she was quite tall 5’ 10”, a nice womanly figure not hourglass but everything was exactly where it should be, and set off by a wonderful pair of 38C breasts, which I had gazed at many times, just wondering what they would be like. Mom and Beryl often went on holiday together and a few years ago, bought an apartment in Bournemouth. Mom asked if I could pop down and do a few little jobs, well it was July and I had some time owed at work, so I agreed to pop down in the week and stay a while, doing some of the jobs.

I arrived on Wednesday about 9 at night, Mom opened the door and straight away I could see that they had been celebrating buying the apartment, and were both quite tipsy. I stopped for a few drinks then said I was tired from the drive and needed to get a good sl**p, so I could start early in the morning before it got too hot, I gave Mom a peck on the cheek, said goodnight to Beryl and started to leave ‘Oh that’s not fair’ said Beryl ‘she gets a kiss and I don’t’ I smiled and turned back to Beryl and leaned to kiss her cheek, as I moved forward Beryl turned her head slightly and I kissed her full on the mouth, as our lips touched she opened her mouth slightly and I felt her tongue flick inside my mouth quickly, I moved back and Beryl looked into my eyes and winked. I smiled and said ‘I think you two had better go to bed yourselves, you both seem to have had quite enough for one night’ ‘Rubbish’ Beryl snorted, ‘we are going to finish the bottle off, we are on holiday and intend to enjoy it’ and both fell into fits of giggles. I smiled again to myself and went off to bed.

After trying to sl**p for about an hour, I decided to make myself a drink, pulling on my boxers I found the kitchen and poured myself a cold drink, suddenly I heard giggling from the lounge, and crept up to the partially open door, Mom and Beryl were lying on the settee with at least two empty bottles of wine on the table and Beryl was holding a half empty one. I heard Beryl say ‘I tell you, if he wasn’t your lad I would gladly fuck his brains out, Oh I tell you he could do what he liked with me’ Mom laughed and slapped Beryl lightly on the leg ‘stop that, he’s my little boy’ ‘little’ Beryl laughed ‘you said he had a big cock’ ‘He does, but he’s still my little boy and you had better not get your mucky hands on him, big cock or not’ they both started laughing hysterically, and Beryl emptied the bottle into her glass ‘cheers, heres to our new holiday home, and your boys big cock’ and took a big gulp. I was a bit shocked by what I was hearing, but what amazed me more was the fact my cock was near fully erect, I turned away and went back to my room. The laughter kept going for about another 30 minutes then went quiet, I waited for a bit longer and realized that I had not heard them go to bed, again I jumped up and pulled on my boxers and went to the lounge, I opened the door and they were both fast asl**p on the settee I gave Mom a shake and she was totally out of it, I then gave Beryl a nudge and she opened her eyes and giggled and said ‘I think your moms a bit pissed, she fell asl**p an I cant move her’, ‘Don’t worry, you just stay there and I will put her to bed’ with that I grabbed Mom under the arms and legs and picked her up, took her into her room and put her into bed and pulled up the covers, she was dead to the world and would wake up in the morning with a hefty hangover. I closed her door and went back to the lounge to see if Beryl was allright, I opened the door and Beryl was just about to pour herself another glass of wine ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough tonight’ I said laughingly ‘Nonsense’ she said and poured half a glass of wine over the table ‘Ooops, anyone would think I was pissed’ ‘I think pissed is a good description’ I said, and grabbed the nearly empty bottle, put it down on the table and held Beryls arm as she stumbled slightly ‘Oooh you are a big strong boy, just like your mom said’ ‘Yes I heard what you were saying earlier, about me’ she looked at me and frowned ‘you heard’ ‘well not all of it, just the bit about my cock and that I could do whatever I liked with you’ I replied. Beryl blushed and laughed ‘well drink always brings out the truth’ ‘Oh. Its true then’ I said ‘Yes’ she giggled ‘is the bit about you having a big cock true as well?’ I made my mind up in about half a second, helped by the fact that my cock was starting to respond to Beryl’s closeness ‘Well if you want to know, you will have to do exactly as I say’ ‘I said it was true, so what do you want me to do’ she replied, looking straight into my eyes and smiling. ‘Firstly open your blouse so that I can see those big tits of yours, then take off my boxers and suck my cock’ Beryl licked her lips and started to open her blouse, after 4 buttons were open I could see that she was wearing a front fastening bra ‘better still open your bra and lean forward so I can really see those big tits swing’ she hurriedly unclipped her bra and those two magnificent big fat tits came into full view, she had breast fed 3 k**s and her nipples were nearly an inch long and hardening rapidly, ‘lean forward’ I ordered, she bent forward and her tits swung down, they were fantastic full, and not too saggy with those magnificent nipples sticking out ‘play with them’ I said and she started to rub them together and pinch her nipples, sighing as she did so. My cock was rock solid now and bursting my boxers ‘Right, you want to see my cock’ ‘Yes’ she breathed ‘Oh yes’ ‘You can only see my cock if you promise to suck it and lick my balls, is that a deal’ ‘Yes’ she mumbled, still squeezing those big tits. ‘Right, take down my shorts’ I said, she reached forward and took hold of each side of my boxers and slowly pulled them down, my cock caught on the waist band and when released shot up and slapped hard against one of her big tits, she moaned ‘my god, your mom was right its fucking huge’ and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock, slowly she moved her hand up and down, her breathing heavy and then she slowly took the head into her mouth ‘Ummm’ she gurgled as my cock filled her mouth, she looked up at me and ran her tongue round the rim of my helmet, my cock jumped at the sensation and she held it tighter and did it again, I was in heaven.

After a few minutes of cock sucking, I thought I would really try my luck ‘Right, get up on the table, and pull your skirt up and bend over in front of the mirror so I can see your arse while you lick my balls’ she quickly stood up and climbed onto the low coffee table, pulling up her skirt to reveal a nice red pair of french knickers, she bent over to lick my balls and I had a clear view of her in the mirror on the wall above the fire ‘Very nice, lovely arse’ I said as she started to lick my balls and slowly pump my cock. My head was spinning, I could do what I liked with Beryl and she was well up for it ‘right lets see what you look like, pull down your knickers and show me your cunt’ I gasped as she slowly licked my bell end clean of pre-cum. Beryl showed no hesitation and slowly began sliding her knickers down, my cock jumped as her tight puckered arsehole came into view and then her hairy cunt. ‘Open your legs a bit more. I want to see all of your cunt’ I ordered, again she did exactly what I said, and revealed her glistening outer fanny lips to me. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and straightened her up, I am well over 6 feet and with her on the coffee table her big tits were almost straight in my face, I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard, she moaned and pushed my face into her tits, I sucked on each nipple slowly and they were now so hard and erect that each one was easily half the size of my thumb, she was moaning and breathing hard ‘like that do you?’ I asked ‘Oh yes, I love having my tits licked and sucked’ I raised my hands to her arse and pressed her against me, slowly moving closer to her cunt, I slid a finger across her lips and towards the little bud which was starting to push its way out of her inner folds, I rubbed her clitoris gently and she nearly collapsed onto the floor, gasping ‘Oh god, I want you to fuck me, any way you want, just fill me up with that big fucking cock of yours’ ‘Get down of the table and bend over the back of the chair, spread your legs wide I want to see right up your cunt’ I hissed, I too wanted to fuck her and badly. She stepped down and moved towards the chair, as she got up on the chair she slipped off her blouse and bra allowing me to see the fullness of her magnificent tits, she bent over the back of the chair and knelt on the arms so her legs were wide apart, I walked up behind her and bent forward to whisper into he ear ‘You said earlier that you wanted to fuck my brains out, and that I could do what ever I wanted, well first I want to hear you tell me what you want’ she moaned as I lightly brushed my finger across her arsehole and down across her swollen fanny lips, which were now quite wet. ‘Oh god, I want you to stick that big fat cock right up my wet cunt’ as she said the words my cock seemed to grow even more, and I pushed it along the full length of her arse crack, rubbing against her puckered arsehole. ‘and I want you to fill me up with hot spunk’ I reached round and felt her big tits hanging down in front of her, and pushed my cock right between her legs and rubbed the full length of her outer lips, slowly moving backwards and forwards, she squealed and pushed hard against me ‘Oh god, please fuck me, I want your cock, right now’ ‘You will get my cock when I am good and ready’ I retorted and stood back to admire the view, I then slowly lowered my head to the bottom of her back and lightly ran my tongue down her ass until I was inches away fromher asshole, I saw it tighten slightly and then twitch as I got closer, I flicked my tongue around the tight little hole and Beryl let out a loud moan, on hearing this I pressed my tongue right into her arse, she moaned again and pressed her arse up into my face, almost forcing my tongue up her arse, I ran my fingers up her thighs and across her fanny, which was now dripping with her love juices, I slowly pushed my thumb into her cunt and used my fingers to massage her clit, she bucked up and down as the pressures inside her mounted, and waves of pleasure shook her body, ‘Oh go on, do whatever you want, Im yours now’ she screamed, I pressed my tongue right into her arsehole which was now opening up to accommodate more of my tongue, I felt her tense and then she started to shake as an orgasm took over her body, I pushed my thumb further up her cunt and rubbed harder on her clit as orgasm gripped her ‘OH OH OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OOOOOOH FUCK’ she shouted as her cunt gushed juices all over my hand, and she lifted her arse so I could push my tongue further up her puckered arsehole, she bucked and jumped for what seemed like ages before slowly she started to relax and come down from her sexual high.

‘Oh my god, that was fantastic, I haven’t had an orgasm like that for years’ she sighed, ‘Well you better get used to them, because I am going to fuck you when I want and how I want, and you are going to do as you are told, starting right now’ and with that I stood up and walked round to the back of the chair ‘suck my cock’ I ordered, Beryl immediately lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth, sliding as much as she could manage backwards and forwards, I looked up and to my horror saw Mom standing by the door ‘What is going on here’ she gasped, knowing she had probably seen quite a lot already, I said ‘Beryl is just going to get my cock fully hard again, and I am going to fuck her, because that’s what she wants, as she told you earlier’ and with that I slowly pulled my cock out of Beryls mouth and turned towards Mom ‘You were right about me having a big cock, and in a minute I am going to use it to spray my hot spunk all over Beryls lovely big tits, after I have fucked her cunt’ Mom stared at my cock which by now was swollen to about 9” as I walked round the chair again and stood behind Beryl. ‘Well Beryl, tell Mom what you want me to do’ I ordered, knowing that I was in complete control of the situation. ‘I want you to stick that fucking big fat cock right up my cunt and fuck me senseless, then spray me with your spunk’ ‘Did you hear that Mom, so that’s what I am going to do, you can watch if you want too’ and with that I slowly pushed my cock into Beryls swollen cunt, she groaned and pushed backwards softly and I slid more of my cock slowly into her, I desperately wanted to come but I wanted to make this moment last as long as possible as the thought of Mom watching me fuck her best friend from the back and then shoot my spunk all over her was too good, Beryl pushed back against me, trying to get as much of my cock in her as possible, I slowly started to slide my cock back and forth, Beryls cunt was soaking and every time I pushed right in, her juices squirted out and soaked my balls and stomach, I closed my eyes and started to pump faster, I could feel Beryl pushing back against me, begging me to fuck her harder. I stayed that way for a while, eyes closed, leaning back and fucking my moms best friend from behind, I could hear Beryl grunting and screaming ‘FUCK ME YOU BASTARD, MAKE ME COME AGAIN, FUCK ME FUCK ME OOOOH’ when suddenly I felt that familiar tingling in my balls and I knew that I was getting ready to shoot, I pulled my cock out and raced round to the back of the chair and said to Beryl ‘Make me come all over your tits’ Beryl grabbed my cock and started pumping wildly, then I felt a fresh hand on my cock as Mom reached across and started wanking me off ‘You cant leave me out, if I cant have your cock, I can at least help you’ she grunted as she worked my foreskin back and forth, the pressure in my balls was building and the sight of Beryl bent over before me fingering her own arse and screaming ‘COME OVER MY TITS, I WANT YOUR SPUNK’ and knowing it was mom who was wanking me off, was the final straw, I groaned ‘OH GOD, IM COMING’ and felt the first stream of spunk shoot up my cock and splatter onto those big fat tits, Mom grabbed Beryls head and pushed her down onto my cock ‘YOU WANTED HIS COCK AND NOW YOU CAN SWALLOW HIS SPUNK’ the second stream of spunk was even stronger and shot down Beryls throat and splashed across her face, I was out of control and wave after wave of ecstasy flooded through my body as I shot stream after stream of hot spunk over Beryl, she greedily licked the end of my cock as Mom continued to wank me off, saying ‘LICK IT OFF BERYL, CLEAN THAT BIG FAT COCK UP’ I closed my eyes and let the sensations roll over me.
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Mom's Loving Sons (Not true story)

I am not author of this story.


Anna Miller tossed her pretty blonde head restlessly. Her broad hips swung as she paced back and forth, and her huge tits, which were naked beneath her robe, swayed heavily. Right now, more than she had ever wanted anything else in the world, Anna wanted to feel a prick slamming up her hot cunt, and her husband, the only man whose prick had ever been inside her through her thirty four years, was out of town. He wouldn't be back for another week, and Anna believed in being faithful.

When the doorbell rang, she almost jumped out of her smooth white skin, although she realized immediately who was probably at the door. Stopping in the middle of the living room, she looked out through the open front door and the glass of the storm door, and saw that she was right. She had never before seen the tall, husky man who was standing on her front steps, but he was wearing a green work uniform and carrying a toolbox. She walked to the storm door and let him in.

"Hi, ma'am. Came about your air conditioner," he said.

"Great!" Anna said. She gave him a big smile. "I've been about to burn up ever since it broke down a few hours ago. It's really hot today."

"Yes, ma'am. It's been a hot summer," he said. He returned her smile, and in spite of the crudeness of his appearance, she felt at ease with him.

"Come on, it's in the dining room," she said. "I sure hope you can fix it. It's the only one we have up here. My two youngest sons have one down in the basement, but it doesn't do any good up here, of course."

"I'll try," the man said. She led the way and he followed.

"I wonder why air conditioners always break down when the weather's hottest?" she said.

"That's when they have to work the hardest. So it's natural," he answered.

Anna laughed at herself; she had asked a foolish question. They stopped in front of the air conditioner. She felt she had to say something else.

"I sure hope you can fix it," she said again. "It's so hot."

She clasped the front of her robe just below the neck and flapped it up and down to circulate the air next to her skin. As she looked at him, she saw that he had a very raw sex appeal, and she knew that part of the heat she was feeling was coming from inside her own body. She shook off the thought; it was ridiculous.

Larry's prick was the only one she ever wanted inside her. She just wished she could get it more often. He put it in to her only about once a week, which was when he was home. He was often gone on long business trips, as he was now. There had been a time when he had fucked her an average of once a day, but that had been in the early years of their marriage.

The repairman grinned. "It's none of my business," he said, "but that robe's probably making you hotter. I don't see why anyone would wear something that heavy in this weather."

"Just a stupid habit, I guess," said Anna. "Usually the air conditioner's on and it's cool in here, so I wear this a lot unless I'm going out somewhere. When the air conditioner broke down this morning, I just forgot to take this thing off."

"You could take it off now."

Anna looked him straight in the eyes. "But I don't have anything on under it," she said, and instantly she wondered how she could have been so bold as to say that. Hell, she hadn't even blushed when she'd said it.

His grin widened. "All the better," he said. "I'd love to see you that way."

Anna was sure he was, just k**ding. There seemed no harm in k**ding him back. "I could unbutton it a little," she said impishly, and she unbuttoned the robe down to her waist and pulled it open for a moment to let in air. She knew she was showing him a hell of a lot tit flesh.

"Very nice," he said. "I bet that's a lot more comfortable." He bent over and set his toolbox down on the rug. As he straightened, his shoulder bumped into one of her soft, massive jugs.

A tremor of pleasure raced through her, and that scared her. On top of that, she realized flaw that he might be getting the wrong idea. "I'd better go change into something else. Be back in a minute," she said.

"Sure," he told her. He started turning the control knobs on the air conditioner to see what the problem might be.

Anna turned away from him and walked into the hall. She stopped for a second, finished unbuttoning the robe, then walked on. Her bedroom was at the far end of the hall. As she walked, she wondered if the repairman was watching her. She hoped he was. It had felt good having his eyes upon ha, and although she wouldn't want anything more to happen, she enjoyed the attention. Her husband paid so little attention to her lately.

Halfway down the hall, she stopped. She held her robe together at cunt-level with one hand and turned around. Bending over, she reached down with her other hand and pretended to tick tsp a piece of lint from the plush carpet. The top of the robe yawned open, and as her tits hung away from her body, they knocked together in the open space. She looked back toward him and smiled; he was watching.

She straightened, turned away again, and went on. A few steps later, she pulled the robe off her shoulders and let it slide down her back to the top of her buttocks. She held it there as she walked.

When she was, in the bedroom she turned sideways, giving him a side view of one of her jugs. She reached out and swung the door almost shut, blocking his view. Then she took off the robe. Standing naked, she stretched. She felt wonderful, alive, and proud that a man wanted her. But with the door and the hall separating her from him, she also felt safe.

When she lowered her arms, she found out that the door and the hall meant nothing.

His big hands came around her from behind and grabbed her huge, pendulous tits. She gasped. Because of the thick rugs, she had heard him coming. He pressed against her, and through his pants she felt his stiff prick digging into her plump ass.

"No!" she said. "I didn't want you to do this!"

"Shit!" he answered. "This is exactly what you wanted, even if you didn't know it." He kissed her neck hotly and bit her shoulder. His hands kneaded her tits.

Tremors of pleasure raced through her. At first they were like the ones, she had felt in the dining room when his shoulder had bumped one of her jugs. But now the tremors grew quickly into electric jolts. Her big nipples swelled under his rough touch. She knew that her cunt was stiffening eagerly and that her cunt was flooding with juice. She ground her ass against his prick, wanting him inside her. And she knew then that he had been right -- she had wanted him all along!

"Yes!" she said. "Give it to me! Fuck me, baby!"

She took hold of his head and kissed his cheek as he kissed her and bit her neck and shoulder. One of his hands left her tits and slid down her belly to her cunt. He pinched her bloated pussy lips and jammed three fingers inside her. She quivered as he ran the fingers in and out while he rubbed her tingling cunt with his thumb.

She felt her fuck-honey streaming down her thighs. She worked her pussy muscles and snapped at the fingers inside her. The repairman turned his head and kissed her on the lips. Their hot tongues thrashed at each other and clung together.

His fingers came out of her cunt. She felt empty when the hand left her. But then she realized he was taking down his pants and shorts. His big naked prick beat out against her ass, hard and throbbing. She moaned happily.

"Put it in me!" she whimpered. "I want to feel it inside me!"

"Get on your hands and knees, you whore," he said.

Whore! He had called her a whore. In all her life she'd had only one prick in her. So it was funny to be called a whore -- but it sounded sweet.

And he'd told her to get on her hands and knees. Christ, he was going to fuck her like a dog! That was dirty. She and Larry had never fucked that way. They had felt it would be degrading to use a position that a****ls used.

But now she felt that if that were degraded, she wanted to be degraded. The picture of two dogs locked together flashed into her mind -- the male jabbing his red prick into the bitch's cunt. Yes, she wanted to be used that way by a man, used like a common a****l! She fell to her hands and knees on the rug and waggled her big ass at the repairman, begging for his cock.

He stood between her legs and dropped to his knees. Anna felt his prick-head wedge between her pussy lips. He took hold of her hips, and with a vicious drive, rammed his meat all the way up her slick cunt. His prick was longer and thicker than Larry's, and she was stretched in every direction as she'd never been stretched before. For a second there was pain, but it was flushed out and away by a swirl of heated pleasure.

Balls-deep inside her, he ground his hips, rubbing himself against her taut cunt, sending more delight shooting through her. She felt an abrupt emptiness as his prick retreated until the head was between her dewy pussy lips. But he thrust forward to fill her again, and now Anna thrust back at him.

This time his prick hit the back of her cunt. Her dangling tits swayed beneath her and slapped pleasantly together. She clamped her pussy around him tightly, holding him all the way inside her before he pulled back again.

Jesus, she loved it! She hadn't felt this good in years. In fact, this might be the best she had ever felt.

She had read somewhere that women did not really, reach their sensuous peak until they were in their mid-thirties, and she thought now that it might be true. She hadn't been fucked with this much energy since she was in her early twenties, and she thought it was even more thrilling now than it had been then. She remembered reading that women could stay at this sensuous peak for years, so she had many years of joy as intense as this to look forward to, if only she had a strong partner.

But Larry was too worried about becoming a vice-president of his company someday to take good care of his wife.

To hell with Larry! She thought. What counted most was what was happening to her right now, and right now the cock of some stranger was stroking rapidly in and out of her juice-drenched cunt, filling her with wave after wave of sexual pleasure. She pumped her hips a little faster and a little harder.

Yes, she thought, a stranger! Ten minutes ago she had never met him. She still didn't even know his name. I've was just a crude air-conditioner repairman with rough hands and a big cock -- a cock that was fucking the shit out of her horny pussy, giving her what she needed most in the world. God, this was her first fuck in ten days! Larry had left on his Goddamn business trip a week ago, and he hadn't even fucked her the night before he had left, although she had sure as hell tried to get him to.

And now... now she was going to cum! How long had it been since Larry had given her an orgasm -- five years? No, closer to ten... a hell of a long time ago. And hell was what she had been going through ever since.

Until now. Now she felt her guts building toward explosion.

The stranger's prick drove up her cunt faster, smacking brutally and thrillingly into the back of her pussy. With each stroke the pressure in her mounted. She groaned loudly and shook her hips from side to side for greater pleasure as she moved them forward and back along the length of his fiery cock.

When the dam of frustration inside her finally burst, she screamed, and her frustration was washed away as fresh juice blasted into her. Her pussy contracted wildly. She screamed again and again as the powerful orgasmic twitches kept shaking her. For a minute she lost the rhythm of the fucking as pleasure engulfed her body and her soul, but then she felt his driving prick -- the source of her pleasure -- charging faster into her tingling pussy. She threw her hips back into the rhythm.

Her orgasm subsided, but within a few strokes she felt another one starting to build. Two cums in one fuck! It had been a lot more than ten years since she had experienced that!

Her arms weakened with excitement, and she slumped down onto her elbows. Her tits stopped slapping together and, instead, plopped heavily onto the carpet. Her nipples found their way deep into the thick rug and got the rubbing of their lives. Her dark, swollen areolas and much of her white tit flesh got the same kind of rubbing and scratching. It all made her pleasure grow larger.

"Unh... unh... unnh... God, yes!" she moaned. "Break me open! BREAK ME OPEN, YOU FILTHY BASTARD! I WANTA CUM AGAIN! FUUUUCK MEEE!"

Somehow his prick seemed to drive deeper into her cunt. It sawed across her erect cunt as he stroked in and out. He fucked her harder and harder, and Anna gloried in the thought that he might really break her open.

What did it matter, though, as long as she came again? That would make it the greatest cum of all!

When she came, she thought she really had broken open. The strongest convulsions she had ever felt grabbed her pussy and shook it madly. Rut miraculously, her cunt seemed to melt back together, then break open again and melt back together once more.

The breaking-open and melting-together were still going on when the repairman grunted loudly and his prick started bucking inside her cunt. She felt spasms sweep through his cock then, and she felt his burning cum splash inside her pussy. Spurt after spurt surged into her, and she sucked at him with her pussy muscles, milking his every drop.

When their cum were over, he bent forward and laid his belly along her back, keeping part of his prick inside her. "You see, whore?" he said. "I told you that you wanted it. And you were good, too. I get pussy from horny housewives all the time, but you're the best ever! You want more?"

Christ, she thought, the best ever! She shivered with pride and excitement. And he had called her a whore again! He must think she did this all the time. But most of all, he had asked her if she wanted more, God, did she!

"You bet I want more, you big-cocked bastard!" she breathed. She started squeezing his prick with her cunt, trying to keep him from going soft.

"That's it," he said. "Oh, do it, you slutty bitch! You really know all the tricks."

His cock softened only a little, then grew hard again. Anna sighed with anticipation.

Slowly, he drove all the way up her pussy again, stirred himself around inside her, and came out. But instead of stopping at her pussy lips and coming back in, he came out completely.

"Hey, what the shit are you doing?" Anna said. "I want it now, not half an hour from how!"

"You'll get it in just a minute," he said. "First, get back up on your hands. I'll want to get hold of your tits after we get started this time."

Anna obeyed. Her tits swung freely as they came up off the carpet. For a few seconds, she thought about her three c***dren, all teenage boys. Greg was nineteen, Stan and Kyle were eighteen.


School was out for summer vacation and they were out playing baseball this afternoon. They probably wouldn't be back for three or four hours yet. She wondered what would happen, though, if they came back early and found their mother being fucked by a strange man. Whatever might happen, one thing was sure -- it would have to wait until the fucking was over; she wouldn't stop for anything! She had gone without too long!

She didn't think anything unusual was going on when the repairman pulled her ass cheeks apart. But when she felt the head of his big prick nudge at her tight, tender asshole, she suddenly got scared.

Christ, he wasn't going to fuck her there, was he? Larry had never fucked her there. That was... dirty, she thought with a smile, remembering that she had also believed fucking like a dog was dirty, but it had turned out to be wonderful! Hell, she decided, she really wanted to be fucked in the asshole!

"That's right! Put it in my smelly asshole! I want it there! Fuck my shithole!"

God, she was getting vulgar, she thought, but it felt good to talk that way.

"Come on, ram it up me all the way, and do it hard. With your big prick, it'll hurt me like hell, but that's good. I'm just a cheap whore. Use me! That's what I'm for. Come on, hurt me!"

"If that's how you want it, it'll be a pleasure!" He grasped her hips firmly and thrust his hips forward. The first of many harsh pains tore through her as his prick-head was f***ed into the tight ring of her anus. He thrust again and his prick-head burst past the ring. Her opening was still being stretched horribly wide by his shaft. He thrust again, and this time launched into her balls-deep, with his prick-head far up into her bowels.

"Aaiiee!" she screamed, but she felt pleasure too, for there was a warmth inside her asshole that she had never known there before. "Let's go!" she said. "Pop it to me!"

He laughed, drew his prick back, and slammed it into her harder. This time she chugged her hips back to meet his thrust. She howled again as her shithole was skewered like a burnt marshmallow on a fat toothpick.

For a dozen strokes the pain was awful, but she kept pushing her hips back eagerly. Then at last the pain faded and the pleasure grew. His thrusts vibrated all through her belly and especially down into her cunt -- even to her clit! It swelled and tingled again.

Getting fucked in the asshole was tremendous!

Again, her tits swung beneath her and slapped together, but then his hands slid forward along her sides and down onto her hanging jugs. He gripped her tits, twisted them, and laughed when she groaned. Then he twisted harder.

"Slimy filthy bitch!" he grunted. "Cruddy whore!"

"Oooohhhh, fuck me!" she answered. "Fuck this Goddamn WHORE!"

She wiggled her ass as he drove into her, and soon she learned how to contract her asshole around his prick when he was deep inside her. She could feel the curve of his prick-head and every bit of his cock-shaft, and she loved the feeling. It had been stupid not to get fucked in her shithole all these years. Think of the fun she had missed!

"It doesn't hurt any more, does it?" he asked.

"No, it's beautiful," she groaned. "Keep it up. Oh, please keep it up! Drill your big cock all the way up into my stomach! And on up! Push my shit up, too! I wanta taste shit rolling out of my mouth!"

His thrusts picked up speed, and he sank his fingers even farther into her tits every time he drove his cock into her. Then he began jerking her tits hard in all directions.

"I think I'll tear your tits right off!" he said.

"Aaannnnhhhh! Yes! Go ahead! I love it! Tear 'em off!" she raved. "Tear 'em all the way off!"

He yanked at them more fiercely and she thought he really would tear them off. But it added to the intensity of her feeling, and she felt another orgasm -- her third one of the day! She churned her hips at him faster and wrapped her asshole tighter around his prick, trying to make her cum get there sooner.

Her orgasm broke loose, her empty pussy flying into contractions, but to Anna's surprise her asshole contracted, too. She had never realized before that her shithole contracted when she came. She had always concentrated on what was happening in her cunt and had never even thought about her ass. But with a prick up her shitter now, she had learned more about her own orgasms.

The contractions of her asshole around his cock felt marvelous to her. They were so strong she thought she might even snap his prick in two and she would go around forever with half a prick inside her -- which would be great if only there were some way of keeping it hard!

"I'm cumming!" she yelled. "Oh, God, I'M CUMMING!"

She pushed her ass farther and farther back, trying to keep as much of him inside of her as she could. Her cum faded but another one pushed in right after it, and she kept pushing herself back, needing her asshole to be full so she could get more pleasure from her contractions.

For several seconds he kept trying to fuck her with long strokes, but then his cock started leaping around inside her and, his strokes became short stabs, most of his prick staying inside her even when he pulled back. His hot jism squirted out of his prick, deep inside her bowels.

She fought for breath and fell forward flat on the rug when he took his cock out of her.

Kneeling beside her, the repairman rolled her over. She saw that his prick was still about half hard.

"Now look what you've done," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"You've got shit all over my prick."

Anna looked closer at his cock and saw numerous soft brown dabs of her shit. "Come on, we'll clean it off in the bathroom," she said. She stared to get up.

He pushed her back down, roughly. "No!" he snarled. "You'll clean it off right here! With your mouth!"

"No!" Anna said, but he threw a leg across her and sat down on the soft pillows of her tits, crushing them under his weight. He grabbed her hair, pulled up her head, and waved his prick in her face.

"Noooo!" she said again. "I can't do that!"

"You?" he taunted. "A whore like you can and will do anything -- anything at all. Now suck this shit!"

Anna thought it was more than she could stand, but as his cock came toward her lips, she was amazed to, find herself eager for this sickening perversion. No! She couldn't, she told herself. But her mouth opened and took in his shit-flecked prick.

She didn't gag at all. The lewdness of what she was doing released her, and she thought the smelly shit was delicious. She smiled up at him when she'd licked him clean.

He grinned at her. "Stay right there," he said, "while I go look at your air conditioner."

When he came back, he told her she was lucky -- the problem was only in a switch. He had fixed it.

She got up and paid him, and then he put her back on the rug and fucked her again before he left.

She kept lying there, alone. She felt too content to get up. Soon, though, she felt the stirring of desire deep in her cunt and tits again. She couldn't believe it. What was happening to her? She had just been unfaithful to her husband; she should be feeling guilty as hell. Instead, she was glad of what she had done, and her sensual urges told her she would do it again as soon as she got the chance.

As so many people do after going for too many years with too little sex, Anna had at last gone over the edge. Over the years, she had built up an enormous debt to a****l lust. And now that long frustrated lust had risen up and demanded payment. She would pay many times over, for the rest of her life. And she would love every second of it!


A few minutes later, Anna heard the storm door at the front of the house open. Someone came in and the storm door closed.

Oh shit, one of her sons had come home early and here she was, lying naked on the rug, and as soon as he came into the hall and looked toward her bedroom, he'd see her -- if she didn't move fast! She scrambled to her feet and swayed toward the bedroom door, but decided her robe was closer.

She lunged, snatched up the robe, and had just gotten her arms into it when her oldest son, Greg -- the nineteen-year-old -- came into the hall. He looked toward her and saw her naked tits, belly, cunt hair. His mouth dropped open. He swept his eyes up and down her body, then stared at her huge, hanging tits.

"Jesus!" he gulped.

"I was just about to get dressed," Anna said. "You took me by surprise."

Damn, he was good-looking! He was of medium height, broad-shouldered, and he had one of the hairiest chests she had ever seen. She was seeing it now, too. As usual in the summer, Greg wasn't wearing a shirt.

"Yeah, I guess I did surprise you," he mumbled.

Why didn't she button the robe, she wondered, or at least hold it together? But she let it stay open. She realized that she was enjoying her son's gaze. She was enjoying looking at him, too. That hairy chest turned her on. Then she looked down at his crotch and saw a bulge. He had a hard-on! She felt her nipples stiffen.

She wanted him! His hard-on was just a****l reflex, but the stiffening of her nipples was more than that. She actually wanted him -- her own son -- and wanted him more because he was her son! She had started breaking sexual rules two hours ago, and now that she had started, she couldn't stop. She wanted to break more rules!

But, dear God, not this rule! What she wanted to do now was the worst thing of all -- i****t! It was evil. She mustn't do this!

And yet she found herself strolling toward him, her robe still open. His eyes were eating her up.

"I think I'll go to the bathroom and take a piss before I dress," she said.

Greg just stood there, staring at her tits as they swung heavily with her steps. Then she saw his eyes jump down to her cunt, and she realized that the repairman's cum was rolling out of her pussy and down her thighs. So Greg could see what she had been doing! She didn't care. Hell, it was good that he could see! She smiled at him, and was both pleased and astonished at her own wantonness.

She stopped right in front of him.

"I think you've got a problem there," she said with a chuckle, and she reached down to fondle his hard-on through his pants.

The boy gasped. His hands started involuntarily for her jugs but fluttered nervously back to his sides. "Mom, I've never... I've never..."

"I know," she said. "You've never seen me like this. But you're going to see me like this a lot more often. Well, not quite like this. I'm tired of this Goddamn robe. I think I'll throw it away. I'm going to throw away a lot of my clothes. I'm always going to wear just as little as possible. And wearing nothing is best of all!"

As she talked, she took off her robe and threw it to the floor. After she finished talking, she seized Greg's head and pulled it down. She kissed him hotly, her tongue slashing into his mouth. Her body pressed against his, her massive tits flattening a little against his muscular slab of a chest.

Greg twisted, trying to get away, but Anna's arms slithered downward and locked around his torso. Her teeth snapped passionately into his shoulder. He lunged backward and stumbled against the wall, but Anna hung on and pressed herself against him again and pinned him there. Stretching upward, she mashed her mouth to his, kissing him again.

This time the boy's resistance crumbled. The sight and feel of her full thighs and soft heavy tits, her slick lips and questing tongue, and the knowledge that some man must have just fucked her turned him on. But most of all the fury of her a****l heat had aroused the a****l heat in Greg!

His arms went around her, and with a groan he hungrily returned her kiss. His sweaty hands slid all over her back and down to her big buttocks. He began kneading the plump, well rounded flesh, and his fingers curled into the crack of her ass.

Anna bumped her hips repeatedly at his crotch, thudding her belly against his hard prick, through his pants. Her tits were crushed against him, her big nipples digging into his skin. She pulled her arms out from behind him and clawed at his trousers. She got them unsnapped, and unzipped, and she f***ed them, along with his shorts, down to his knees. Then she dropped slowly to her own knees on the rug, her tongue and lips kissing down his hairy chest and belly to his stiff prick.

She was surprised at how big his cock was. She hadn't seen it since he was a little boy, when it had been tiny. Now it thrust out proudly, a good ten inches in front of his belly. It was much larger than his father's and even a good bit larger than the repairman s. She kissed the tip of it, took the whole head into her mouth, and swirled her tongue against it, tasting the seminal fluid oozing from the slit while his finger twined in her hair.

"Suck it, Mom! Stick my cock!" he cried.

Her head began inching forward. She let her teeth grate lightly along his sensitive skin and felt his cock throb in response. Her lips crawled along in front of her teeth, and behind her teeth her tongue swished back and forth on the underside of his prick.

The boy groaned again. He'd scored with several girls from school and most of those had given him blowjobs, too. But none of them had known what his mother obviously knew. They'd simply pumped their heads up and down along half of his shaft until he shot off, but his mother wasn't even halfway done yet and was already displaying more tricks than all those high school cunts put together.

God -- his mother! This was the woman who had raised him, who had given him orders and advice, and now she was kneeling in front of him sucking his cock! This was the woman who made love to his father! What would his father think? But did that matter? His father wasn't here and would probably never know. And Greg liked his mother better anyway. His father was gone too much, claiming that it was just to support his f****y better, but the boy knew it was really because of his father's over-ambition.

On the other hand, his mother always had time for her sons. And now she was giving him a kind of love she'd never given him before. And he had an idea that it was better than any love she gave to his father. If his father took much of this kind of love from her, would she be sucking her oldest son's cock?

Anna kept inching forward. She was halfway down his prick now and her mouth was full. She pulled her head back as slowly as she had moved it forward. Kissing the tip again, she took his turgid flesh into her mouth, still as slowly as before.

Halfway down again, she paused. She started to go back, but she wanted all of this beautiful, enormous prick inside her. But that would mean she would have to get him way down into her throat, and she'd never had a prick anywhere in her throat at all!

In the rare times she had sucked her husband, she had never gone all the way down on him, and today when she'd sucked her shit off the repair man's prick, he'd been only half-hard. Surely she could never get all of her son's hard monster down her, anyway.

But then Greg's hands tightened in her hair and he breathed, "I love you, Mom," and Anna knew she had to get all of his prick down her, no matter what! This wasn't just anybody -- this was her oldest son. He deserved the best and she was going to give it to him.

Her head began edging forward again, taking in more of his delicious prick. His prick-head was going into the top of her throat. She gagged but f***ed herself to keep going forward, and the gagging passed. She had seven inches of him, then eight and nine, and then the bushy hairs of his crotch were tickling her face and getting into her mouth. She didn't mind the hairs, though she just wanted the last inch of that great cock in her mouth.

She pushed forward again, her lips crawling along, getting more hair but getting more prickflesh as well. Then her lips were smack against his groin, and her chin bumped his egg-sized balls.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, knowing she had all of him. She was proud of herself, and she liked feeling such a terrific length of cock inside her. His prick-head was at the very back of her throat!

Cupping her tongue, she ran it back and forth along as much of the underside of his cock as she could reach. Her teeth bit in a little deeper, and she sucked her cheeks in against his flesh managing to contract her throat a little and hug him tighter.

Greg couldn't believe it. He had heard about women deep-throating guys with cocks as big as his, but he had never believed it would happen to him. Now it was happening, and it was his mother doing it. He gritted his teeth and barely kept himself from shooting off.

"Oh, Mom, you sweet, sweet whore," he crooned. "Do it to me!"

Anna felt new wetness coming into her cunt, even as more of the repairman's cum dripped out of her. Her nipples swelled until she thought they would pop. She had liked it when the repairman had called her a whore, but it sounded even better when her son said it.

Quickly, she slid backward on his cock, letting her lips dance on his flesh.

"That's right," she said, smiling up at him. "I'm a whore -- a cheap whore. I became a whore today, and I'll always be a whore!"

And saying that, she started sucking his prick back into her mouth. She took him in a little at a time, went back and licked his cock-head, then took in a little more of him, keeping it up until she again had all of his cock inside her mouth. Then she began sucking him with long strokes over the whole length of his prick, slowing down sometimes to smack her lips thrillingly against him, and always weaving her tongue over his throbbing flesh.

"Jesus, Mom, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna CUM!" he yelled, and Anna started to bring her head off him. She had never had cum in her mouth -- it was dirty. But then she remembered again that what had been dirty had now become good.

So instead of spitting his cock out of her mouth, she pumped her head faster, wanting him to shoot off inside her. His prick began jumping, and his thick creamy jism exploded into her mouth. She held her head still then, with about a third of him inside her, grasped the rest of his cock with her hand and pumped him with it. She sucked hard. She caught all his jism in her mouth, and when his prick had stopped shooting, she swallowed all the huge load at once. It burned pleasantly down her throat and into her belly.

Getting up, she kissed him feverishly on the lips but kept sliding her hand tightly along his cock, keeping him hard.

"I've never swallowed your father's cum," she said. "That's one way you're the first. Now if you'll just keep that big prick stiff, you're about to become a mother fucker!"

The boy smiled, hugged her, and kissed her. "There's nothing I'd like better, Mom," he said.

Kissing again, the heat from their mouths seared each other. He closed his fist around a handful of her tit-flesh. His prick didn't wilt at all.

"Let's do it in a bed," Anna told him.

"Yeah," Greg said. Still grabbing kisses, he walked her slowly toward his bedroom, their arms around each other.

"Hold it," Anna said.

His pants and shorts were still around his knees, making his movements awkward, so she pulled them off him, along with his shoes and socks. He started her toward his bedroom again then, but she said, "No. In my room -- mine and your father's. That's where I want you to fuck me. In the same bed where your father fucks me."

There was something a little frightening about it to the boy, but something very appealing, too. "All right!" he said. They hurried down the hall.

"Who... who was the other man?" he asked. "The man who's already fucked me today? I don't even know his name. He came to fix the air conditioner."

"Was it... the first time you've..."

"The first time I've been unfaithful to your father? Yes, and you're the second. And there'll be more, lots more. Your father hasn't satisfied me in years. I couldn't stand it anymore. But I know you'll satisfy me. I can already tell you're a better man than he is."

They were by her bed now, and they tumbled into it, their mouths glued together. Anna's hips were beating at him with her fuck-need even before his prick was in her.

"Ooohh, fuck me, honey!" she said. "Stick it in me!"

He rolled on top of her as she spread her legs wide. Taking hold of his prick, she guided it to her pussy lips, and when the head was inside her, she put her hands on his slender ass and pulled him down. Her body arched up and met his and their bellies slapped together. His prick went deep into her cunt.

Anna humped madly, squeezing his ass cheeks to encourage him to keep up with her. She used short strokes, never letting his cock-head get more than halfway back up her cunt before taking him deeper again. She wanted to feel her pussy lips rubbed in different directions as often as possible -- moving inward as his prick bored into her, then being pulled outward as his cock retreated it heightened her excitement, and as turned-on as she already was, she knew it would make her cm soon.

"My tits!" she said. "Get my tits! Squeeze the slit out of 'em! Make my nipples burst!"

Greg was supporting himself with his hands flat on the bed and his arms straight up, but he dropped onto his elbows. Keeping up the short swift strokes of his cock, he swiveled his forearms and sank his hands into his mother's jugs. His fingers curled in deep, and he put his thumbs on the swollen nipples and pressed as hard as he could.

"Aaaaggghhh!" Anna yelped. "That's it, baby. That's it! Now fuck me faster. Faster! Aha... ah... aahh... AAAAHHHH."

His huge piece of meat speeded up inside her slippery cunt. He was riding higher -- right against he clit now -- and his thick rod was rubbing her erect clit back and forth on every stroke. Somehow her clit seemed to be swelling more and more, and she felt an orgasm welling up inside her.

"Faster!" she groaned. "Do it! Faster! Yes! Now!" The tension in her belly snapped as her orgasm tore loose. "Now! I'm cumming now, baby! You're making your mother cum! UUUNNNHHH!"

Her pussy convulsed wildly and she clung to his dick, staying with him even when his hips moved upward. She rubbed herself against him and twisted her flanks, massaging herself on his body at different angles.

As her orgasm ended, she eased her cunt-hold on his prick, dipped back into rhythmic strokes, and slowed down.

"Not so fast now, you motherfucker," she said. "I don't want you to cum too soon. I want a nice long fuck out of my son. I want to cum some more before you get off."

Greg slowed down with her, but kept his hands on her tits. He began working his thumbs in circles against the sides of her nipples and sometimes dragged his thumbs right across her fat jug-tips, bending the nipples down into her areolas.

"Ummm... good, honey?" Anna sighed. She kneaded his ass, pushing her fingers in deep when she wanted his prick to drive into her, pinching the flesh and pulling it up when she wanted his cock to move that way. "More," she said. "I want more of your cock in me."

He was putting no more than six inches in her, although that made her cunt pretty full. Gradually, he shoved his meat in farther.

Jesus, his mother had a tight pussy! He had figured it would be loose at her age, but she was as snug as any of the teenage girls he'd fucked. And sometimes she drew her cunt around him tighter when he was way up inside her. Only one of his girlfriends had tried that, and she hadn't done it half as well as his mother was doing it. His mom was one hell of a fuck? If he told his buddies about her, they'd envy the shit out of him. They had met her and he had seen the way they had looked at her, especially at her overripe jugs. Damn, if they could see him now!

When he was far inside her, Anna gripped him with her pussy muscles, trying to pull him in deeper, and she urged him on with her hands on his ass. But she held back, feeding her no more than an extra quarter inch of his prick on each thrust. He seemed reluctant to jam his whole cock into her. She guessed that he was afraid it would hurt her.

"Come on, darling, give it to me," she moaned. "I told you I want more cock! Fuck me!"

He grunted and drove more of his prick into her. He could feel his cock-head thumping into the back of her pussy, but he kept giving her more. Soon, though, he seemed to be stretching her to the limit. He still had a couple of inches of his prick on the outside of her cunt, but he thought this was all she could take. And even though it wasn't everything, it was still a hell of a lot! It was more than any of his girlfriends could take.

Anna cold feel him filling her and stretching her, but she knew she still didn't have all of him, and she wanted every bit of that magnificent prick. She had taken it all into her mouth and throat, and she was determined to take it all into her cunt.

"All of it!" she cried. "Give me all of it!"

"I'm too big for you, Mom," he answered.

"I don't care. I want it! Tear me apart if you have to! I've got to have it!"

She clenched his ass tighter and pulled him down hungrily, forcing his cock deeper into her pussy. She flung herself against him so hard she thought her bones would break.

Greg gave up trying to hold back and thrust fiercely into her juicy cunt.


She felt like she was splitting open. Her cunt was being stretched unbelievably, but it turned her on even more.

"Now, fuck me faster again!" she said. "Give me your whole cock on every stroke! Now, baby, NOW."

The boy lifted his hips and spiked his oversize cock all the way into his mother's pussy again. Stilt, she was really something! She had taken everything he had and she was loving it!

Anna screamed again as he hit bottom. Fuck, it felt like he was bouncing off her backbone! His cock rose and fell again, driving her butt into the mattress, and this time she came. Her pussy twitched frenziedly, and she felt new juice gushing out to bathe her son's cock.

He kept ramming himself into her, no longer worried about hurting her. It felt good to have his entire prick inside a hot pussy. His mom could take anything, he thought proudly. He wrenched her tits and fucked her harder and faster.

"Fuck me!" Anna ranted deliriously. "Fuck me! Fuck your Goddamn whore of a mother!"

Another cum was jumping through her belly, right on the heels of the orgasm stroke it. She had never had orgasms this close together before, not even in her early years with her husband, and now that it was happening, the pleasure was overwhelming her. She let go of Greg's ass and ran her hands over his back, then down over his ass again and onto his thighs, then up his back again. Her hands just couldn't stay still. She kicked her feet up and down on the bed as his prick pounded into her cunt time after time. Then she rubbed her feet up and down his legs. Her head tossed as her third orgasm in a row shook her pussy. Shit, no part of her body could stay still.

One of her hands went back to his ass and she wriggled her forefinger into his asshole. She drove the finger in as far as she could and began pumping it up and down, and Greg's thrusts into her cunt came even faster. She wanted to feel his cum blasting her now. She wedged another finger into his asshole and kept pumping.

"Come on, baby!" she yelled. "Cum in your mommy! Shoot off in your mommy's pussy!" She snapped her cunt around him tighter than ever.

She groaned as she felt his prick shiver and jerk. Then she felt the white-hot cum spurting into her. The feel of it brought on another cum of her own. She ground herself against him happily, pulling at him with her cunt to get all of his juice. When his last squirt was in her, he let all of his weight fall onto her. Then he started to roll off.

"No," she said. "Don't go. I like having you on me like this, especially on my tits. And I like feeling your prick still inside me, even if it is getting soft."

"Okay," he answered, and laughed softly with exhaustion.

"I'm glad you came home early," she said. "What happened to the baseball game?"

"Aw, it broke up early."

"Where did your b*****rs go?"

"They decided to go shoot basketball in another guy's back yard. They won't be home till suppertime."

Anna giggled. "That's a shame. I might decide to turn them into mother fuckers, too!"

"You're really serious about that whore stuff?"

"You're damn right I am. I want all the cocks I can get. For the time being, though, we'd better keep this our secret. I'm not sure yet what your b*****rs will think. But what ever happens, we're going to do this all we can. I want you to spend the night with me from now on when your father's not home. Since your b*****rs' room is downstairs, they won't have to find out about us unless we tell them."

He was about to say something, but she kissed him again and squeezed his cock with her pussy, wanting to get him stiff. She was ready to be fucked again.


"I wanta get some pussy!" said eighteen-year-old Kyle Miller.

"So who doesn't?" said Stan, Kyle's eighteen year-old b*****r.

Anna's youngest and middle sons were out in her station wagon, with Stan driving. They had told her they needed it to drive across town to a friend's house, but actually they were out looking at girls.

"But you promised you'd get me laid," Kyle complained.

"I didn't say I'd do it right away, though. Shit, I didn't get my first piece until I was eighteen. And I didn't have any help from my older b*****r, either."

"You still promised. And I don't wanta wait till I'm eighteen. That's two more years. Hey, what about that one?" He pointed to a girl walking along the downtown sidewalk toward their slowly moving car.

"God, Kyle, you just can't stop a girl and ask her if she'd like to fuck you and take your cherry away from you."

"Shit, I know. But look at her. I think she'd be a good prospect. You could use some of that charm you brag about, if you've really got any."

Stan was disgusted with his younger b*****r but looked at the girl anyway.

And then the expression on his face changed.

The girl was pretty and had long brown hair. She was wearing sandals, skin-tight blue jeans, and a white T-shirt. She was obviously braless. Her big round tits swung freely as she walked, and a brown nipple showed plainly through her T-shirt. She had an old Army pack on her back, and she looked lost and a little scared.

"For once in your Goddamn life, little b*****r, you may have figured something right," said Stan. "She looks like she might be a runaway. I hear they fuck like snakes!"

"Dam, I hope so!" said Kyle. "Look at those tits. She'd be a great one to bust my cherry."

Stan eased the car to the curb, thinking that he'd like to get some of this little bitch's cunt himself. He'd never fucked a girl with tits that big. When she was even with the car, he scooted across the seat till he was next to his b*****r, leaned across Kyle, and spoke to her through the open window.

"Hi. Can we give you a lift?" He smiled and gouged his b*****r in the ribs. Kyle smiled, too.

The girl looked startled but turned toward them. "Huh?"

"Can we give you a ride somewhere?" Stan said, still smiling.

"Gosh, I don't know," she answered. "I'm not really sure where I'm going."

"Maybe we can help," Stan offered, trying not to stare at her tits. "Come on; hop in."

She seemed doubtful for several seconds, but she looked at the two boys some more and said, "Okay." She needed friendly faces.

"Great!" said both boys at once.

Without any more gouges from Stan, Kyle got out of the car, helped her off with her pack, took her arm, and guided her into the front seat. After climbing in beside her, he put the pack on the back seat.

Stan gave her thigh a friendly pat and said, "There, that's better." He started the car and drove off.

"What's your name?" he asked her.

"Cassy Haynes," she said in a small voice.

"I'm Stan Miller and this is my little b*****r, Kyle. What did you do, Cassy -- run away from home or something?"

She laughed nervously. "Gosh, is it that obvious?"

"It looked that way," said Stan, "especially when you said you didn't know where you were going."

"Really, I was kicked out," she said. "My daddy stays d***k all the time, and yesterday morning he... he tried to **** me. His new wife -- my stepmother -- stopped him, but after he went out for more beer, she kicked me out of the house. She said she didn't want the competition. She said she'd kill me if I ever came back. And she might. She stays d***k all the time, too."

Stan put an arm around her, then let his hand sneak down and rest against her tits. "That's really too bad," he said. "What about your real mother?"

"She took off three years ago. I don't even know where she is."

"You must have some other f****y, though," said Kyle, who patted her knee and then left his hand there. Jesus, what tits!

"I've got one uncle, that's all," she answered. "And he lives way up in Alaska somewhere. I don't even know which town."

"You don't have anywhere to go at all?"

"No, nowhere at all, and I haven't got but five dollars."

Stan fondled her tit a little. "What were you going to do then? How were you going to live?"

"Peddle my ass," she said.

Kyle gaped. "You mean..."

"Sell my pussy," she answered. She managed to laugh. "I haven't been a virgin for a long time. But I've never sold my cunt before. Don't worry, thought. I won't charge you two a thing!"

Stan and Kyle both gasped.

"I know that's what you want," she said.

Stan laughed nervously. "I guess we were the ones who were being obvious this time," he told her.

"You sure were," Cassy said. "But I don't mind. I like you both. Shit, I wouldn't have minded Daddy yesterday if he'd been nice about it. I just like to be able to have a choice, and I don't like getting knocked around."

"No one likes getting knocked around," said Stan. "Look, maybe we can get you some food or something."

"Okay. I'd like that. All I've had today was a cup of coffee. Now why don't we just stop playing around and have some real fun?"

She unfastened her jeans and pushed them to her knees. She wasn't wearing panties. Kyle's eyes nearly popped when he saw her lush cunt hair. He reached down gingerly, felt of her bush, and wriggled his fingers down to her pussy lips. Christ, she was wet!

Suddenly, Stan got a case of conscience. "Look," he said to Cassy, "you don't have to give us anything if you don't want to. We'll still get you some food."

Cassy put her hand on his thigh. "Listen, I love boys and I love their cocks," she said. "And you don't know how damn good it is to be with people who smile. My daddy and stepmother snarled at me all the time. But, shit, right now it's pretty good to be with anybody at all. For the last twenty-four hours I've been totally alone for the first time in my life." She unzipped Stan's pants, took out his cock, and caressed it. Then she did the same for Kyle.

Kyle leaned over and kissed her on the lips. "That's the first time anybody's ever touched my prick," he said.

"She let go of Stan's cock guess I'd better let you drive," she told him. She kissed Kyle again and thrust her tongue into his mouth. Massaging his prick, she felt it harden quickly. "You're a cherry, huh?" she murmured. "I don't think I ever took a boy's cherry before."

"Well, I sure want you to have mine!" Kyle said.

She squeezed his balls. "I'm sure gonna take it!" she purred. She opened her legs as wide as she could. "Put a couple of fingers up my pussy and finger-fuck me. You can put your prick in there after we stop somewhere. Right now, though..." Cassy ducked her head and wetly kissed the tip of his cock. "I just love to suck boys off. How aid are you?"

"Same age I was when I got fucked my first time. You're well-hung for your age."

With her lips clinging to his meat, she slid slowly all the way down his cock. Kyle groaned and wiggled his fingers around inside her pussy. God, two firsts at once -- getting his blowjob while fingering his first cunt! And later he would get to fuck her! His first piece was going to be three years older than he was. It made him proud. He pulled up her T-shirt and grasped one of her big tits.

"Mmm," she moaned approvingly, his prick still completely in her mouth. She was whipping her tongue over his shaft.

"Damn, you two be careful," Stan hissed. "Someone might see you."

Cassy brought her head smoothly up Kyle's prick. "Maybe it'll encourage them to have fun, too," she said. "Besides, we're holding the action pretty low. They'd have to be at just the right angle to see us. And even if they did see us, they probably wouldn't believe it anyway." Just as smoothly, she went back down the cock and began pumping her head up and down.

"Well, if anybody sees us, I just hope it's not a cop," Stan said.

"So what? Cops like pussy, too," Cassy mumbled from around Kyle's rod.

Stan gave up and just drove, getting out of the downtown area as rapidly as he could. He went down lightly traveled side streets, waiting for the girl to finish sucking off his b*****r. After that, they could get her some food, then go somewhere and fuck.

Keeping two fingers in her cunt, Kyle fumbled blindly around her sex slit with his thumb. He rubbed across a hard nubbin.

"Oooo!" said Cassy. "That's my clit!"

"Oh, should I rub somewhere else?" Kyle asked. Both Stan and the girl laughed. "Shit, no!" she answered. "Right there's the perfect place. Keep it up! Yeah, that's right! Aaahhh!"

He had rubbed her clit again, and now he let his thumb rub harder. He twisted the fingers he had in her cunt. She was as hot as a furnace. He felt her cunt tighten around his fingers, loosen, and tighten again. He wondered how it would feel if she did that to his prick.

She came up off his cock, stuck out her tongue stiffly, and planted its tip against the tip of his rod. Then she slid it down under his prick-head and wiggled it back and forth. She dragged it all the way down the underside of his prick to his nuts. She laved his nuts with her tongue before bringing it back up the underside of his cock, licking him like a long lollipop.

Kyle squirmed and dug his fingers into her clit. He at the velvety feel of her skin and at the softness -- yet springiness -- of her jug-flesh. He got her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed lightly, then pinched. He felt the nipple swelling as he touched it. It was really getting big! In fact, her whole butt was getting heavier -- and warmer. It was wild feeling the reactions of a girl's body to sex! It showed him she was turned on, which made his own lust grow. He kept rubbing her clit and twisting his fingers in her pussy.

She moaned gratefully and bit his prick-head. His loins jerked a little and he scorned to get harder Cassy swooped her head all the way down him again but came up gradually, dancing her lips on his skin. Then she moved her head faster and faster, sometimes twisting it a little to give him a greater range of thrills.

Suddenly he knew it was going to happen; he was going to cum. He had cum many times before but always horn jacking himself off. Now he was going to cum into the mouth of a big-titted girl.

"I'm gonna cum, Cassy!" he yelled. "I'm gonna do it!"

"Mmm!" she answered, and she made another noise that sounded like, "Good!" But she kept moving her head along his cock.

He felt the first squirt of jism rushing up from his balls. "Here it comes!" he said.

Her head became a blur as she sucked him faster than ever. His load began shooting into her mouth. He kept squirting and she kept sucking. They both grunted until his spasms ended.

When she brought her head up, her mouth was closed. She smiled at him and swallowed a few times. He knew his cum was in her belly.

She kissed him on the lips. "Wasn't that fun?" He nodded. "That was great!"

"I tell you what. Get down on the floor," she said.

"Huh? Why?"

"You'll see. Just sit down there. There's enough room for you."

He let go of her tit, pulled his hand away from her cunt, and slid down onto the floor. He had to scrunch up, but he wasn't too uncomfortable.

Cassy kicked off her sandals and pushed her jeans all the way off.

"Jesus, what are you doing?" said Stan from behind the wheel.

"Getting ready for more fun."

"Well, I'm heading for a restaurant."

"Wonderful. I'm starved," she said, but she was more intent on swinging one leg to the other side of Kyle. She leaned her shoulders against the back of the seat and scooted her butt forward until it was right an edge of the seat. She spread her legs wide. Kyle stared at her pussy, a few inches from his face. Her reddened curt lips were dripping with fire.

She hulled them open, letting him see into her depths. "Wanta eat me?"

"God dam it, do I!" he answered, his eyes bugger out.

"Dive in, then."

He eyed her gaping pussy lips for a few more seconds, licked his lips, then pushed his face right into her pulsing red snatch. He gave her cunt a moist, sloppy kiss, darted his tongue out, and started lapping her cream from her glistening labia.

"Good, baby," Cassy grunted. She put one hand on his head and with her other hand began caressing her.

His tongue went around and around her pussy lips. For a moment he pulled his head back sat looked at her tits. His eyes bugged out again. It seemed like he'd licked up about a pint of her juice, but there was as much cum on her pussy lips now as there had been when he'd started.

"You're a regular juice factory," he said.

Cassy laughed. "Yeah, I know. Other guys have told me that, too. Everybody seems to like me that way!"

"So do I," he said. "Nice juicy pussy!"

He dived in again. After circling his tongue on her pussy lips about a dozen more times, he thrust it at her erect clit.

"Yeah," she sighed. "Eat that thing! Gobble me up, doll!" Her lips rocked back and then lurched forward again.

He stabbed his tongue repeatedly at her clit. A barking moan jumped from her throat every time he struck. She pawed her tits heatedly and pulled at them, stretching them forward and down until they ached with pain and pleasure.

She didn't even notice when Stan turned the car into a fast-food restaurant. He parked in a deserted corner of the lot and grinned at his b*****r and the slutty girl. Then he shrugged his shoulders and got out.

Cassy let go of her tits and they bobbed up, swaying heavily. Pinching her nipples, she slashed them time after time with her fingernails, but the pain didn't really feel like pain at all. Any touch at all on her supersensitive tits gave her hot feelings but the harsher her touches, the better she liked them. Her head rolled back and forth against the seat.

Opening her hands wide, she grabbed as much of her titties as she could. Then she pulled her tits downward again, mashed them into her belly, and crushed them against each other.

More and more juice was flowing out of her cunt. Kyle brought his tongue back to her open pussy lips. He sucked up more of her cream and thrust his tongue into her twat. She was even hotter inside than she had been before, and he twirled his tongue around her pussy walls to make her still hotter.

He pushed his tongue in as far as he could, ran it in and out like a snake several times, and pulled it back to her cunt lips. He shook his tongue back and forth between her pussy lips, licking both pussy lips at once, then again began stabbing his tongue at her rigid clit.

"Yess!" she howled. "That's it, lover! Keep it up! Just like that! I'm gonna cum! Ah... all... alt... ah... unh... OOOOHHHH."

More juice flooded out of her cunt. He lapped it up with three hurried swipes of his tongue and attacked her clit again. Even more juice gushed out of he pussy.

"I'm cumming!" she cried. "I'm cumming like the biggest whore of all time!"

Her tits sprang up as she let them go. With both hands she shoved his face into her twitching loins. Her cunt was contracting madly with her best cum in months. Her hips bumped at him every time her pussy contracted, beating her raw wet sex slit into his face.

When Stan got back into the car her orgasm was just ending. She fell back limply, releasing Kyle's head. Her eyes had been closed, but now she opened them.

Stan had two sacks of food -- giant hamburgers, French fries, and milkshakes. All three of them ate ravenously, Cassy most of all. They ate in the parking lot, and she pulled her T-shirt down but left her jeans off.

When they were through, Stan started the car and got back onto the street.

"Where we going now?" Cassy asked. "Somewhere to fuck?"

"Yeah," Stan said. "Looking at you enough to make me horny anyway, but seeing you make it with my little b*****r drove me right up the fucking wall!"

"Wait till you get your dick in me. Then you'll probably go up the fucking wall!"

"He's still in line after me," Kyle said. "I haven't had your pussy yet."

"You can do it after me, little b*****r. My cock's about to bust out of my pants!"

"Shit, no problem," said Cassy. "I can take you both at the same time. Kyle, you can fuck my pussy while I suck your b*****r off. It'll be fun. I've never had two guys at once before. I've always wanted to try it." She licked her lips, and it had nothing to do with the hamburgers and French fries she'd just eaten.

Stan drove out of town and down a country road. He turned into a long twisting driveway that led to a tumble down vacant house and stopped the car out of sight of the road.

"No one will bother us here," he said. "My buddies and I use this place with girls all the time."

"Groovy!" said Cassy. She pulled off her T-shirt.

A minute later both boys were naked, too, and she was sprawled on her back in the rear of the station wagon, her big ass on the edge of the open tailgate, her legs dangling off. Stan was inside with her. Kyle was outside, standing between her splayed thighs, his turgid cock aimed at her waiting pussy.

Timidly but eagerly, the eighteen year-old-boy took bold of her wide hips.

"Come on," she said. "Put it in. It's easy fuck me."

He brought his cock-head against her yawning pussy lips. Anxiously, he shoved forward.

Her tight hungry cunt took him all in one slick stroke. His balls thumped against her ass checks.

"Now in and out, baby," she said. "Take it slow at first, so you can feel what's happening."

He drew his hips back, smiling as he looked down and watched his prick come out of her. Christ, he was finally doing it! Fucking! Fucking a big-titted girl as old as Stan was. And he -- Kyle -- had already made her cum once with his tongue. He could satisfy her!

Instantly, he felt like a man. Dawn, her pussy fell nice, so hot and wet and soft, but holding his prick so tightly.

He stopped backing out when his prick-head as between her bloated pussy lips. Then slowly he shoved his cock back in. He could feel his cock-head forcing back the walls of her cunt as he advanced. Still smiling, he looked into her eyes.

"That's right," she said. "That's good. Your prick feels good inside me."

All the way up her again, he felt her cinch her cunt around him tighter, the same way she'd done earlier when he'd had two fingers inside her. He was glad that she had sucked him off. If he hadn't cum once already, he'd be blowing his rocks right now from her cunt-hugging of his prick, and his first fuck would be over much too soon.

He kept moving slowly backward and forward, luxuriating in the feel of her strong silky pussy. On each stroke Cassy moved a little, too, gently rolling herself on her ass to meet him and then pull back.

Stan lay down on his side next to her, with his stiff cock even with her head. She turned her head and flicked her tongue over his prick-head. He rested his hand on one of her tits and played with her swollen nipple.

Opening her mouth wide, she swung her head forward and took all of his big cock into her mouth, but without touching his shaft with her lips at all. Only when her lips were against his cock hairs and belly did she close her mouth around his prick. She curled her tongue against his shaft and swung it back and forth. Keeping up the tongue action, she pulled back her head, holding her lips tightly around his rod.

She felt her excitement rising. Having two cocks in her at once was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. It was a little confusing having to concentrate on two at once, but being hued in two places made it more than worth the effort. Having one of her tits fondled at the same time made thing nicer. Stan had only one hand free, though, so she began toying with her other jug.

Between her thighs, Kyle couldn't decide what he liked to watch more -- his own prick going in and out of Cassy's cunt, and Cassy sucking his b*****r's prick while she and Stan played with her tits. God, he was sharing a girl with his b*****r!

Eventually he decided it would be more interesting to keep his eyes on his own cock sliding in and out of her pussy. How many guys could say they had watched themselves while they got their first slice of cunt?

He started wondering what it would feel likes if he did something besides just run his prick straight in and out. Would it be fun? Would she like it?

He pushed himself up onto his toes a little as he thrust into her. It gave Cassy's cunt a better rubbing, and she moaned and gripped his rod a little tighter when he was all the way inside her. His prick seemed to grow a little in response.

He kept lifting himself onto his toes slightly as he pushed into her. A few minutes later he started wiggling his hips, too, as he drove forward. Cassy pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, hugging him warmly.

This little son-of-a-bitch was a fast learner! She thought. He'd given her one of the best pussy eating she'd ever had, and he was starting to make some fuck-moves that a lot of guys took years to learn. Put he was a cherry! It was a shame she couldn't have had people like this in her own f****y.

She felt an orgasm getting ready to burst loose inside her. She drew legs tighter around Kyle waist, sucked Stan's prick a little faster, and sank her fingers farther into her tit.

She groaned as the convulsions hit. Her whole pussy seemed to bounce back and forth on Kyle's prick. Her ass pounded frantically on the warm metal of the tailgate. Her whole body shuddered as the spasms racked her. She wrenched her big titty and bit into Stan's cock, then let up with her teeth and pumped her head faster.

Her cum faded but her lust was still growing. She came off Stan's prick for a second and said, "Harder, Kyle! Ram it to me, baby!"

Kyle grunted and strengthened his drives into her pussy.

Before sucking Stan's pole into her mouth again, she told him, "Hurt my tit, honey! Hurt it!" And Stan began mauling her jug as her lips climbed down his prick. She clawed her other jug.

She had an intense urge to rip away her own nipple. She trapped it between her thumb and forefinger and pulled straight up as hard as she could. Nipple, areola, and some white tit flesh were stretched upward, but she felt nothing but pleasure. She tugged the nipple in circles, then let it go. She plunged her whole hand into her tit and moved it in circles.

Her teeth nibbled at Stan's prick and her lips jumped up and down on his shaft. Her tongue lashed his cock-head. Her lips still held his rod like a vise, and she sucked him with all her might, as if trying to pull his cock out by the roots. Stan's balls started heaving up their load.

"Take it, Cassy!" Stan said. "Take my cum in your mouth!"

Her mouth worked avidly, and large shots of jism flew out of his prick into her. She kept sucking until she knew she had it all, then she swallowed it and raised her head.

She took both of her tits now, kneading them like an angry baker who couldn't f***e his dough into the right shape. With more eagerness than ever, she thrust her hips at Kyle.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Unh... unh uunngghh... aahh... AAAHHH!"

Another orgasm pounced on her cunt, seeming to kick her pussy in every direction. Kyle's prick drove up her again and again, hammering her into still another cum.

His strokes got shorter and shorter until he was pulling no more than two inches of his cock out of her before thrusting forward again. He looked at Cassy's face, hands, and tits. He was proud to see her pleasured wildness. The same wildness had hold of him, too. Her pussy seemed to be part hand and part oven. He decided that sex was the greatest thing in the world and that all girls should be like Cassy so free and easy and hot!

Holy hell, he was going to cum! The first fuck of his life was nearly over. His jism was about to shoot into a girl's pussy for the first time. The thrilling spasms of cumming hit him, and his man juice erupted from his prick and splashed into her cunt.

He thrust into her every time the jism leaped through his cock, and when it was over, he would have fallen if her legs hadn't been wrapped around him.

Within five minutes they were all dressed and back in the front seat of the station wagon. Stan headed back toward town.

"You can just drop me off downtown somewhere," Cassy said.

"But you still don't have any place to go," said Kyle.

"Yes, she does," said Stan. "She's going home with us."

"That'd be great!" said Kyle. "But what'll Mom say?"

"Mom and Dad and Greg won't have to know. We can keep Cassy down in our room in the basement. We've got plenty of room and we've got our own bathroom down there. We can bring her food from the kitchen. Everybody'll just think we're eating more. And we always hear when someone comes down the stairs, so we can hide her in the closet when we hear anybody coming."

"Yeah!" Kyle said. "you might work. And we don't have any windows in our room, so nobody can see in."

"Look, fellows," said Cassy. "I appreciate it, but I don't know. I'd love to live with you two, but it would be better if your folks knew about it."

"No," Stan said. "If they knew about it, they'd say it was okay, but they'd make you sl**p upstairs on the couch. We want you to sl**p downstairs with us."

"You've got a point," Cassy said with a laugh. They left her a few blocks from their house, and she strolled around the neighborhood until after dark, when she went back to the corner where they had left her. The boys went out for a walk and found her with no trouble. They smuggled her in through the basement door.


The next night, Anna couldn't sl**p. Greg had a date and was staying out late.

For a while she'd been jealous over his going out with a girl, but then Anna had told herself that it was silly to feel that way. She couldn't expect him to give up girls just because he was fucking her. She certainly intended to get laid by other guys.

The problem was, Greg had slept with her the last two nights, but tonight there was no one to stick a prick in her until he got home, and she had a hunch his prick might be too tired by that time. Besides, there was no telling when he would get here. It might be hours. She heeded something now, but there was no one.

Or was there? She remembered that she had thought of having her other two sons fuck her, too, but she hadn't done anything about it yet. Greg had been keeping her happy. Maybe now was the time, though.

Still, she didn't know. They were both downstairs in their room and she was sure they were already in bed. It would be better to take them one at a time. If either of them resisted, she might be able to overcome that resistance if she were alone with him, just as she had overcome Greg's initial resistance. But with Stan and Kyle together it could be very difficult. Each of them would probably feel he had to resist -- because of the presence of the other boy, if for no other reason. With each of them alone, she would have a better chance of getting what she wanted.

She rolled over in bed and again tried to get to sl**p. The desire in her cunt and tits was getting stronger, though. Under the sheet she was naked, and she ran two fingers into her pussy. It wasn't enough, so she put in a third and started driving them in and out, twisting them at the same time. She rubbed her clit with her thumb and kneaded her tits with her other hand.

It still wasn't enough. She knew she could make herself cum. She could even do it many times in a row, but it wouldn't be enough. She needed a prick inside tier. She would just have to forget about getting sl**p tonight, or she would have to go downstairs and try to make it with Stan and Kyle together.

Anna flung back the sheet and got out of bed. She thought it might be better if she weren't too obvious at first, so she decided to put on some clothes. She didn't want to put on too much, though, so she put on a bra and panties and went down the hall to the stairs.

As she went down the stairs, she found herself tiptoeing. It was ridiculous, there was no reason they shouldn't hear her coming, but Anna felt like a bandit in her own house. She kept tiptoeing.

She wondered if Kyle was a virgin, then decided he probably was. She might get to take her youngest son's cherry. Even Stan might be a virgin, although she doubted it. She was surprised when she realized that she hoped neither of them was a virgin. k**s should start fucking and sucking as soon as they got the urge, which was usually around ten or eleven. Why waste time just thinking about it and lacking off? It was better to be next to a warm, willing body. And she should know -- she had spent too many nights alone.

At the bottom of the stairs she turned into the hall that led to Stan and Kyle's room. The ball was dark. She could have turned on a light but instead put one hand on the wall to guide herself. Then she noticed a pencil-thin line of light on the floor about fifteen feet ahead of her. She knew that Stan and Kyle's door must be closed, but that they must have a light on.

She went quickly to the door and raised her hand, ready to knock. Then she heard a voice.

"Unh! Oh, yes! Aaaah!"

It was a girl's voice. It sounded like she was fucking. With Stan and Kyle?

Anna dropped her hand without knocking. Let them have their fun. It would just embarrass them to have their mother burst in on them while they were with a girlfriend.

No, hold it, Anna thought. If both of those boys were in there with a girl, they must be real swingers. They might be glad to have their mother join them. Anna realized that she had never made it with another female. Since she had started breaking rules, it might be fun to break that one, too. The thought shocked her a little, but she knew she was going to do it.

As silently as she could, she opened the door a crack. She couldn't see Stan's bed without opening the door wider, but she could see Kyle's bed at the far end of the room.

All three of them were on Kyle's bed. They were naked.

The girl was pretty, big-titted, and looked great. She was flat on her back with her legs spread. Stan was between her legs, eating her pussy. Kyle was on the far side of her, sucking one of her jugs. They hadn't heard Anna yet, nor had they noticed the slight opening of the door.

Suddenly Anna laughed. She threw the door open and stepped into the room. The three people on the bed sat up abruptly, mouths and eyes wide as they stared at her.

"Mom!" Stan exclaimed weakly.

Anna laughed again.

"I told you it wouldn't work, guys," Cassy said. "Don't be mad at them, ma'am. I'll get my things and go!"

"You can stay," Anna said.

"But you don't understand, ma'am," Cassy said. "They've kind of moved me in here with them. I got kicked out of my own home, and they picked me up on the street and moved me in here."

"That was nice of them," Anna said, "Then she can stay?" Kyle asked. "Sure."

"But she'll have to sl**p upstairs on the couch, huh, Mom?" Stan asked glumly.

"No, she can steep down here with you two if she wants to."

"What'll Dad say when he gets back?" asked Stan.

"I'll handle him," Anna said. "A lot of things are going to be different around here."

"You mean you don't care if I keep having fun with Stan and Kyle?" Cassy asked in amazement. "No, I don't mind. If you all want to have fun, it'd be ashamed if you didn't have it," Anna walked casually across the room. "But I do think we should all share the wealth, if you know what I mean."

She stopped beside the bed. Looking straight into the three surprised faces, she reached behind her and unfastened her bra. After shrugging the straps from her shoulders, she jerked the bra off, and her huge tits flopped out heavily. She dropped the bra to the rug and stripped off her panties.

Naked, she fondled her tits, ran a hand through her cunt hair, and crawled onto the bed. "Now we're all going to have fun together," she said.

Stan managed to find his voice. "Mom, you mean... you mean you wanta have sex with Kyle and me?" he asked.

"That's right, and I wanta make it with this little cunt here, too. By the way, what's your name, honey?"

"Cassy, ma'am, Cassy Haynes. But I've never swung with a woman before."

"Neither have I," Anna replied, "and I'd have been afraid to try with any of the broads I know. The idea would probably shock them right out of their pussies. But I think you might be different."

"Do I have a choice?" Cassy said. "What if I said no; could I still stay?"

Anna thought about it for a second. When she'd come into the room, she'd been willing to use any kind of threat to make it with the girl, but now she realized that wouldn't be fair it would be almost like ****. "Yes, you have a choice. Even if you say no, you can still stay."

Cassy smiled. "Thanks, and in that case I say yes. I'd love to make it with you, ma' am."

"Call me Anna."

Anna kissed the girl on the mouth and stuck two fingers into Cassy's wet pussy. Cassy returned the kiss with feeling and squeezed both of Anna's soft tits. After a minute, Anna came up for air.

"Mom, are you sure you want to make it with Kyle and me?" Stan asked. "That's, well..."

"i****t," Anna said. "And I'm sure. I want you both to be mother-fuckers. Your other b*****r's a motherfucker already."


"That's right. He fucked me two days ago and he's spent the last two nights with me. By the way, I made it with the air conditioner repairman, too. He even fucked me in my asshole and made me eat my shit off his prick, it was slimy and smelly and I loved it!"

"Mom! Jesus! To do all that, you'd have to be a... a..." Stan faltered, not wanting to say the word about his own mother.

"I'd have to be a whore," Anna said. "That's what I am. Tell all your friends that your mother's a whore. You can even bring some of them over sometime, and I'll take them all on. I don't care who they are or what they look like."

Neither boy could believe that such incredible lewdness could come from his own mother. She had always been quiet and respectable. In spite of her good looks and over ripe figure, it was tough for them to imagine her making it with even their father. But her being a whore -- it was too much to take in! They sat quietly on the bed, staring.

"Grossed out, huh?" Anna said. "I bet Cassy's not grossed out. If you two get the urge, join in. Just cram it in any hole you please."

Cassy grinned and threw her legs open as wide as she could. Anna got between them on her hands and knees. Bending her elbows a little, she stretched her neck down and brought her mouth to Cassy's cunt.

"That's right, you whore, eat my pussy," Cassy purred.

Anna stuck her nose between Cassy's pussy lips she wiggled it and dragged it up to her clit. She nuzzled the clit playfully, felt it stiffen, laughed, and attacked it with her tongue. She licked the sides of it at first and felt it swelling fast. Then she gave the very tip of the clit a long lick, and Cassy shuddered violently. The tip was supersensitive. Anna bit the base of the tit gently and brought her teeth slowly upward. She stopped just short of the tip, went back down, then repeated the motion time after time.

Cassy moaned and juice streamed out of her pussy. She felt it running down her ass cheeks and soaking into the sheet, some of the hot fuck-honey trickling steadily into her asshole, adding to her pleasure. She wanted to writhe all over the mattress, but she f***ed herself to stay still because she didn't want to dislodge Anna's teeth for even a second.

Anna went up and down and up and down her clit with her teeth, but at last released her hold and let her tongue attack again. She massaged the turgid clit slowly for a while, pausing sometimes to lap up some of the girl's pussy juice.

Cassy's moans were beautiful music to Anna, and gradually Anna's tongue began moving faster. Now Cassy couldn't stop herself from writhing any more, and as she writhed, she clutched Anna's head to her loins.

"Ah... ah... uhh... oh, God! My God! Do it to me! I love it! I need it! Make me cum, Anna... oh... make me cummm!"

Anna's tongue kept licking harder, and stabbing and dancing.

"Jesus God, yes! YES!" Cassy screamed. "I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming NOW! Oh, don't stop! Make me cum again and again! Eat me forever! Eat my FILTHY CUNT!"

Her pussy contorted crazily, and she bucked at every wonderful contraction, still using her hands to hold Anna's head in place.

Cassy's cumming exhilarated Anna. The older woman didn't feel dirty at all. She was performing another supposedly forbidden act and finding that it was good. She cursed the idiocy of most of the human race which decided what was dirty and what was not. She reveled in the hot juice of Cassy's loins. The girl's bucking ended and Anna knew the orgasm was over, but she kept eating the dripping pussy.

Stan and Kyle had watched without making a sound. As they saw the motions and heard the noises of the two excited women, the boys realized how deeply sensual their mother was. A barrier fell in the boys' minds. Their young cock hardened. Stan reached out and caressed his mother's big ass. Anna smiled and kept licking Cassy's clit and cunt.

Stan rubbed his mother's pussy and stuck a finger inside. Anna tightened her cunt around it. He stirred the finger around several times, pulled it out, looked at the juice on it, and licked it off. Bending over, he kissed both of her ass cheeks, laved them all over with his tongue, and kissed her moist pussy. Anna groaned happily. She knew her son was going to fuck her.

Stan got onto his knees behind her. He pulled apart Anna's cunt lips and stuck his cock into her. Moving his hands to her hips, he drove his ass forward. His prick went balls-deep into his mother's pussy.

Anna sighed and gripped him with her inner muscles.

Stan stayed all the way up her for a minute, sometimes just holding himself still and enjoying the feel of her soft wet warmth, sometimes twisting his hips a little and moving his prick around inside her. Damn, he kept thinking, his own momma! It felt great! He had always thought of her as too old to understand the things he cared about, but now he knew he had been wrong.

He began stroking his cock in and out of her, and Anna pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts. He had a big prick. It wasn't as big as Greg's, but it felt just as good. Any prick at all could feel fine, she thought, even a small one, as long as it was big enough for her to feel it with her cunt walls. But this prick fucking her now was special because it belonged to one of her sons. She grunted as it stroked in and out, moving her pussy lips and rubbing her clit.

Kyle wasn't sure what to do. He yearned to get into the action, but his mother's cunt and mouth were taken and he couldn't get at her asshole. He couldn't get at Cassy's asshole, either, and her pussy was taken, too. He could stick his cock into her mouth but he'd clone that thirty minutes ago. He wanted something different right now. But what?

He watched everything for a few more minutes but found his eyes most attracted to Anna's heavy tits, swinging beneath her. Kyle crawled between his mother's body and one of Cassy's widely spread legs, and with both hands took hold of one of Anna's tits. He hefted it and found it even heavier than he had imagined. The silky skin excited him. He squeezed the tit and began pumping it up and down, as if milking a cow's udder.

His prick was throbbing and getting even stiffer. He pulled his mother's jug sideways and up, twisting it until the nipple pointed up. Then he started sucking the titty. He licked the nipple, trapped it between his lips, and sawed them back and forth over it. Opening his mouth wider, he stuffed the bumpy areola and some white flesh into his mouth and chewed the jug tenderly. His teeth skated toward the nipple, and he made them climb back onto the white flesh, but gradually they skated again. He bit in hard a couple of inches short of the big nipple and punched the flesh in his mouth a dozen times with his tongue, like a boxer with his opponent on the ropes.

But his prick was still waving in the air, and it needed to be inside something. Kyle wondered what it would be like to have his cock inside a pile of tit flesh. Christ, it should be terrific! He couldn't get his prick to his mother's tit, but both of Cassy's jugs were wide open. He could fuck her between her tits!

He kissed his mother's nipple and let the tit flop back down and slap against her other jug. Then he scrambled to Cassy's side. Facing Anna, he threw a leg over Cassy's head. His balls dangled just above the girl's mouth. His stiff prick jutted over her chest. Grasping her tits, he mounded them together with his cock in the middle. They were more than big enough for the job and were as smooth as his mom's. They were hot and felt great around his prick.

He kept his cock still for a moment and just kneaded her tits. The flesh shifted back and forth a little against his pole, exciting him more. He pressed his thumbs into her nipples.

Anna's tongue was probing deep into Cassy's cunt, slithering out along her pussy lips, skipping up to her clit and back down into her cunt. Cassy was having another orgasm, one of what had become a long string of cum. But she welcomed the pressure on her tits and the chance to use her mouth. She tapped Kyle's nuts several times with the tip of her hot tongue, then dragged the flat of her tongue along his balls in long, loving strokes.

Kyle stayed still a moment longer, enjoying her tongue, and then pushed his hips forward a little, sliding his prick between her mounds of smooth tit flesh. Cassy licked his ass until he pulled backward and his nuts were over her mouth again. As his prick stroked back and forth between her jugs, she kept kissing and licking his balls and butt.

Anna had never had sex with two people at once before, and she had thought it would be confusing to try to use her cunt and mouth simultaneously on different people. But it was turning out to be so easy that she thought she must have been meant to do things like this. It was just another part of her lascivious nature coming to the surface at last. It felt good to have the prick of one of her sons fucking her while she ate at a girl's pussy.

The girl kept cumming and cumming and Stan kept driving his cock up Anna's tight cunt. Anna pumped her hips back faster and he kept pace with her. The bucking of Cassy's loins and the constant flooding of juice out of the girl's pussy turned Anna on even more. And she glanced up and saw Kyle fucking and squeezing Cassy's big wits, she realized that for the first time she was watching other people have sex. The whole scene was a turn-on! It was like watching a live hard-core peep show while having sex herself.

Her cunt felt as if it were on tire. Pleasure was rushing through Anna's whole body. She moaned as she felt her orgasm getting set to spring through. She grunted as her pussy started to shake. The contractions started and she felt like her cunt walls were popping. She thrust her ass back against Stan and rubbed it all over him until her cum ended. Then she drove her hips forward and back faster than ever, and soon she was cumming again.

Her huge tits were swaying and Stan reached down and took hold of them. He began jerking them back as his cock smiled into her and shoving them forward as he pulled his cock back. "I'm a dirty motherfucker!" he shouted, and he squeezed her tits hotly and rammed his big prick into her harder.

He could see his b*****r fucking Cassy's jugs. He liked watching Kyle's cock-head appear and disappear, and seeing her tit flesh getting pushed back and then closing again. Her tits were sweaty and the sweat oiled the fucking and made everything glisten.

Feeling his nuts tighten, Stan wrenched his mother's jugs and said, "I'm gonna cum, Mom! Right in your hairy pussy! I'm gonna CUM!"

Anna clenched his prick with her cunt, urging him to shoot off. "Yes!" she said between licks at Cassy's pussy. "Give me your cum, son! Squirt your jism into your mother's old whore cunt!"

His prick seemed to rear back for a second, and when it charged forward again, he was cumming in his mother's pussy.

"I'm gonna shoot off, too!" Kyle yelled, and his cock started bucking between Cassy's slippery jugs. His jism let fly straight out over Cassy's belly and into his mother's face. Anna tilted her head up a little, opened her mouth wide, and caught all the cum she could, enjoying the feeling of getting cum in two holes at once -- and all of it from her own sons!

Some of the jism dripped off her face and down into Cassy's pussy hair, and when the fucks were over a few seconds later, Anna wiped off the cum that was left on her face, licked it off her hands, and lapped up the men-juice from the girl's cunt hair. After that, Anna lay down atop Cassy, their tits crushing against each other. She French-kissed her for a minute, then sat up smiling.

"Now I want to make my youngest son a motherfucker!" Anna said. "Come on, baby. I'll suck you and get you hard again."

Kyle sat with his back propped against the head of the bed, and Anna knelt beside him and licked his cock. He stroked her tits with both hands.

Cassy turned to Stan. "Why don't you fuck me up my shitter, honey?" she said.

"I've never fucked a girl there."

"It'll be fun. Lots of guys have fucked me there. And after it's over, I'll lick my shit off your prick, like your mother said she did the air conditioner repairmen."

Stan gulped, but as he pictured the sight in his mind, his cock began stiffening. "All right, I'll fuck your dirty asshole, bitch!" he said. He kissed her passionately on the mouth as she ran her fist up and down his pole, making his prick keep growing.

As Kyle's cock swelled. Anna took it into her mouth and moved her head up and down slowly. He tightened his hold on her tits, and remembering the milking motions he'd used on one of her jugs earlier, he started using it again on both of her fat, hanging tits.

When Kyle was fully hard, Anna raised up. He kept pumping her jugs up and down. She put her hands on her knockers and helped him, stretch them downward until they hurt.

"Mmm, that's right, baby," Anna groaned. "You like your mama's great big old titties, don't you, darling?"

Kyle nodded, staring at the blue-veined, white flesh in his hands.

"Would you like to suck your momma's huge, floppy titties while you fuck her snug wet pussy?" she asked.

"Yeah, but how would we do it?" he said.

"Like this," she answered. "Now don't let go of them." She threw a leg across his loins, planting a knee on either side of him. Holding his erect prick with one hand, she eased her cunt down onto his cock-head. As he grasped her wits again, she slid all the way down his rod. She snapped her pussy around him and kept it there.

Her jugs were at just the right height for him to suck, and they were almost in his face. He pulled a big taut nipple to his lips and sucked the jug tip and the flesh around it greedily into his mouth. He kneaded her other tit.

Very slowly, Anna moved her hips upward. Her chest moved upward, too, but she told Kyle, "Don't move your head, baby. Dig your fingers into my titties and keep 'em where you want 'em."

Kyle's fingers dug in and she dug her own fingers in to help. Again, her tits stretched and ached. The ache got worse as she went up his pole, but she kept her pussy clamped around him all the way up until nothing but his prick-head was inside her. Her pussy lips hugged his glans, relaxed, and hugged again. She twisted her hips several times, massaging nothing but the bulging tip of his cock. She kept twisting her hips as she slid back down his rod, and she set her hips at just the right angle to give her clit a good rubbing against his shaft. The ache in her tits lessened and the stretch went out of them as she moved down.

All the time, Kyle was chewing her tit like a dog trying to splinter a bone. The nipple was in his mouth, flopping back and forth as he chewed, and he lashed it constantly with his tongue.

Stan's cock was hard again and Cassy let it go and broke off their kiss. She turned her back to him and crawled out her hands and knees toward Anna and Kyle, stopping by Kyle's thigh. Lowering her head, the girl licked Anna's plump ass and craned her neck until she could get her tongue between Anna's cunt and Kyle's prick.

Looking back at Stan, the girl said, "All right, lover, pop it up my butthole."

Stan grinned and walked up behind her on his knees. Parting her ass cheeks, he brought his cockhead to her anus and grasped her broad hips. He shoved his prick forward hard, but made almost no progress.

"I don't think it'll go in," he said. "Your asshole's too little for my big prick."

"It'll go in," she said. "It'll hurt me, but that'll make it all the better for me later. I want it to hurt. So f***e your big cock into me. Make me scream!"

Stan breathed deeply, sank his fingers farther into her hips, and drove his own hips forward viciously as he jerked her toward him. His cockhead forged into her anus, and she screamed with pain and joy. The scream gave Stan a feeling of power and that made him want to hurt to her more. With unrelenting pressure, he shoved forward. Cassy shrieked and gasped and shrieked again.

"Keep it up, baby!" she cried. "It hurts like hell! Oh, KEEP IT UP!"

He kept powering forward, and soon his cockhead wedged past the ring of her anus. Getting the rest of his prick in was easier but her asshole opening still felt like a size-34 girdle wrapped around size-40 hips.

"Your asshole's tighter than a virgin's pussy," he said. "I thought you said lots of guys had fucked your butthole."

"They have," she said. "But unless it happens once a week or so, it tightens up again until the next guy's reamed it out for a while. Now come on, move faster. I want it to hurt like hell. I wanta feel like I'm coming apart. Throw it up me hard, you lousy bastard!"

"Okay, you crummy little whore!" he answered, and with a savage drive of his hips he spiked himself all the way into her smelly asshole.

Cassy shrieked again, and tears of pain rolled down her face. But even then she could feel her clit tingling and coming erect again. New juice was seeping from her pussy. Her nipples -- in fact, all of her big tits -- were swelling as bl**d rushed in.

Holding her still, Stan drew his cock backward, then crashed up her asshole again. She let go with another shriek. He fucked her shithole hard and fast and she kept shrieking, but soon he could tell that the shrieks had become sounds of acute pleasure. Her asshole began gripping his cock when he was deep inside her, and eventually her shrieks faded into happy grunts. Then she put her head between Anna's thighs and began licking Anna's cunt lips and Kyle's prick.

The added stimulation came at just the right time to drive Anna into her first orgasm on her youngest son's prick. She had been moving slowly up and down all the while, most of the time hugging his prick deliciously with her sopping cunt and keeping her hips canted just right to give her throbbing clit the best rubbing. And his hands and mouth, which he shifted back and forth from one heavy tit to the other, had felt great on her jugs. Her tits had hurt and felt pleasure at the same time, the hurt intensifying the pleasure. Gradually, she had built toward orgasm. She was shoved over the brink by Cassy's darting tongue.

Anna tightened her pussy even more around Kyle's prick when he was all the way up her. Holding him there, she ground her hips -- first in one direction, then in the other, reversing again and again. Her pussy was twitching crazily around his cock, and she loved feeling her contradictions bounce off his fat column of flesh. The grinding of her hips let her keep rubbing her clit against him, and seconds after the first orgasm was over, another one started.

She still held him all the way up her cunt and kept grinding her hips. Juice was flooding out of her and being lapped up by Cassy.

A third orgasm began blasting through Anna's loins, and now she couldn't stop herself from going up and down. She still ground her hips, but she hurled herself up and down Kyle's prick, his cockhead thudding into the back of her cunt when she was all the way down. Her tits were stretched more often, and now each stretch took only a fraction of a second. Pains shot through her as if two very long needles were being jabbed through her nipples, all the way through her enormous tits, and deep into her body every time she went up Kyle's prick. She grunted sharply but loved every pain, and soon the heat of the pains had turned the jabs of hurt into jabs of delight. One orgasm after another shook her violently.


She was going toward delirium as she plunged faster up and down Kyle's prick. His finger dug deeper into her tits and his teeth grated into her jug flesh. Anna yanked her tits wildly herself, as if waiting for them to come loose from their moorings.

Seeing, hearing, and feeling his mother's demented pleasure, Kyle began thrusting his cock up her cunt as her hips came down.

Anna's wildness had the same effect on Stan as he fucked Cassy's steaming shithole. The going had gotten easier as her anus had adjusted to his big prick, and now he thrust harder and faster. But sometimes he ground his hips a little to stretch her asshole's opening a little more out of shape and to give himself an extra thrill. With every stroke, his cock-head soared way up into her shitty bowels, and his nuts thumped into her wet sex slit.

Cassy's empty pussy convulsed with a long orgasm. She couldn't keep up with Anna's cunt lips any more, so the girl pulled her head up a little and licked Anna's ass again.

Another orgasm tore through the teens cunt. She clamped her asshole tighter around Stan's prick as he lunged up her. The boy grunted as his nuts began chugging up his cum. He buried himself inside her shithole and fucked her with very short, deep strokes as his jism spurted into her humid bowels.

Kyle stuffed more tit than ever into his mouth as he felt his own orgasm getting ready to pop. His prick began heaving, and he bit hard into the tiny. His cum rose out of his prick-head in great spouts and into his mother's clenching cunt.

After Stan pulled out of her, Cassy rolled over and lay on her back. He knee-walked to her, holding his prick carefully with a thumb and forefinger.

"You promised," he said, and he put a hand across the back of her neck and pulled up her head.

"That's right, I promised," Cassy said with a smile. "And I want it!" She opened her mouth-wide and took in his whole cock. She set her lips close around the base and slowly brought her head backward. Coming off him, she licked all that was left of her own slimy shit off Stan's prick. Then she took him back into her mouth and sucked him back into hardness. "Now fuck my Goddamn pussy, you bastard!" she said. He lay on top of her and shoved his rod into her cunt.

Looking down at them, Anna got an idea while Cassy ate the shit off Stan's cock. Anna was still astride Kyle, his partly softened prick still inside her pussy. Leaning down, Anna whispered into Kyle's ear.

"But, Mom..." he said. "I want it," she said.

"It'll make a mess," he protested.

"I don't care. I can take the covers off the bed later and wash them. I'll put fresh things on after the mattress airs out. You can sl**p upstairs with me tonight. But I want this here and now."

"But to do that to my own mother!"

"I bet it'll be fun," she said, "for both of us. I've never tried it, but cum always feels great. So this should really be something. I won't let you up until you do it in me."

"Okay," he sighed. He rested his hands on the long upper slopes of her tits and made himself relax. Shit, he needed to go anyway, so what the hell.

He dug his hands into her tits and twisted as soon as the flow started out of his prick. He was pissing into his own mother's cunt! And, oh God, it felt great!

Anna screamed as the hot stream of piss shot into her. The piss rolled down and out of her, carrying cum with it, but the stream of sizzling piss kept shooting into her pussy from his prick. Another orgasm leaped through her trembling cunt.


Anna awoke her youngest son the next morning by giving him a blowjob. After his cum was safely in her belly, she smiled and slapped his thigh. "Time to get up, sl**py-head."

Naked, the two of them walked down the hall from her bedroom, headed for the kitchen. As they passed Greg's bedroom, they noticed that his door was open. They looked in. He was fast asl**p. They had gone to bed at three a.m. and he hadn't been home yet. It was a little after ten now.

"Stan and Greg and I are supposed to be over at Soapy's house at eleven to play basketball, but I don't guess Greg will wanta go, will he, Mom?" Kyle asked.

"No, we'd better let him sl**p," she answered, and they went on to the kitchen.

Anna fixed breakfast while Kyle ran downstairs to wake Stan and Cassy. Stan got up and came up to eat, but Cassy blinked, mumbled, rolled over, and went back to sl**p.

After breakfast, Stan and Kyle dressed and went off to play basketball. Anna dressed, too. She took her car and went shopping. She needed groceries and several other things.

Before leaving, she left notes on Cassy's and Greg's pillows, saying she'd be back about twelve thirty, and that they could fix their own breakfasts if they got up before then. But in the note to Greg, Anna forgot to mention Cassy. His b*****rs hadn't told him about the girl, and Anna had intended to tell him this morning. She had also intended to tell him about extending her i****t, to Stan and Kyle. But having gotten in so late last night and having slept so late this morning, Greg still knew nothing about any of it.

Cassy woke again at a quarter to eleven and this time decided to get up. She read the note Anna had left and decided to go upstairs fix breakfast. She as hungry as hell, and in her eagerness to eat, she forgot her clothes when she went upstairs. Clothes were a drag, anyway. Nakedness was more natural. She'd never been upstairs before, and having a normal curiosity, she looked around. It was a nice house -- much nicer than the one she'd come from.

These were good people, too. She was lucky to be here. All sorts of awful things could happen to girls who ran away from home or got kicked out, but she was safe and having the time of her life.

In a bedroom she looked into, she saw a boy asl**p in bed. He was covered by only a sheet, which came up his waist. He looked a little older than Stan and was of medium height, broad shouldered, and hairy-chested. This must be Greg, she decided, the oldest b*****r. She'd never seen him before, but Stan and Kyle had told her about him.

Over his loins, the sheet looked like a tent. He had a hard-on! A monstrous one, too! She was tempted to go over and start sucking or fucking him, but she wasn't sure how he'd react if he woke up and found a strange, naked girl working out on his prick besides, she needed food.

After going back to the kitchen, she fixed breakfast and ate. After doing the dishes, she wandered around the house some more and found herself back at Greg's room. She looked in -- and saw that he was still asl**p. Over his middle, the sheet was still like a tent. Had he been hard all this time or was this a fresh erection? Either way, it didn't matter. He was hard that was what counted.

Cassy was drawn to him irresistibly. She walked up to the bed. Her urge for him was even stronger than before.

Carefully, she lifted the sheet and pulled it down to his knees. He wasn't wearing anything. His prick was huge -- not only long, as had been obvious with the sheet over him, but also thick. Seminal fluid was oozing out of the tiny slit in the bulging cock-head and was leaving a clear wet trail down his turgid shaft. In his sl**p, he smiled and mumbled, "Oooh, baby, do it!" He made a few small upward thrusts with his hips.

He's dreaming about sex, Cassy thought, probably about fucking some girl he fucked last night.

He thrust several more times. Cassy loved the sight of his big cock. She didn't think he'd mind if she took a little action from it, since he was obviously dreaming about screwing anyway. Obviously sex was exactly what he wanted.

Cautiously, she crawled onto the bed. Leaning over, she licked the seminal fluid off his prick. He groaned. She threw a leg across him and held his cock still as she brought her cunt over it. When his glans was between her moist pussy lips, she put both her hands on her tits and dropped slowly down his shaft.

She didn't want to make any noise but she couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips.

Jesus, his prick was huge!

She hadn't been lying when she'd told Stan and Kyle that she'd lost her cherry and that plenty of boys had fucked her. She had never bothered to count, but she'd probably had over a hundred pricks in her. But she had never had one as immense as Greg's. It was forcing her pussy walls farther back than she'd thought they could go. Her cunt was getting wetter, though, and that helped.

Greg's smile broadened and he mumbled, "Good pussy. Good fucking pussy."

If he only knew!

As she kept sliding down his cock, he made a few more upward thrusts. Her cunt was soon full, but she looked down and saw that she still didn't have the bottom three inches of his cock inside her. Could she take it all? She didn't know whether she could or not, but she wanted to.

Digging her fingers into her tits as a way of bracing herself, Cassy f***ed her hips downward. Damn, she wasn't going to make it! He was just too big. She didn't stop pushing, though. Gradually, she got more of the prick inside her, but it was hurting her badly.

Greg groaned again. Cassy looked into his face. Blinking, he awoke.

His eyes widened.

"Hi, you must be Greg," she said. "I love your cock. I hope you don't mind my getting on."

He stared at her. Finally he said, "Yeah, I'm Greg. I thought I was waking up, but I guess I was wrong."

"You were right. You're awake. I'm real and your prick's really in my pussy."

"How the hell did you get in here?"

"Stan and Kyle moved me in downstairs two nights ago. I was kicked out of my own home and they picked me up off the street. We got, along together and they brought me home with 'em. No one else knew until your mother caught the three of us fooling around last night. She's really a groove, though. She says I can stay."

A gleam of understanding came into Greg's eyes. "You say you three were fooling around when she caught you?"

"Yeah," Cassy answered.

"And then she started fooling around, too, I guess."

"Yeah, with all three of us."

"So that's why Kyle slept up here with her last night," he said. "I figured I'd crawl in with her. I'd slept with her the two nights before."

"She told us. She told us about the air conditioner repairman, too."

"It figures. Anyway, I was going to get in with her last night after I got home, but I looked in and saw Kyle was with her. Say, you're a good-looking piece."

"Thanks. My name's Cassy Haynes."

"Where's Mom right now?"

"Gone shopping. Stan and Kyle are out somewhere, too. I slept late and came upstairs to fix breakfast, but I looked around and found you. You had a great big hard-on under the sheet and I finally couldn't resist it."

Greg laughed. "I'm glad. You like my cock, huh?"

"Yeah, it's wonderful. The only trouble is, it's too damn big. I've been trying and trying and I can't get it all into me. I guess I'll just have to take what I can get."

"You can get it all," Greg said. "I'll help." He took hold of her waist, firmly.

"No!" Cassy said. "You really are too big for me. I can't take all of you!"

"We'll see," Greg replied, and pulling her downward, he began pushing his hips up. His cock began edging farther up into her tight young cunt.

"Oooooh, God!" Cassy howled. "You're splitting me open! I can't take anymore! I CAN'T!" She shook her head and her hair flew. Her hands wrenched her big tits.

She tried to pull upward, away from the spike that was impaling her, but Greg held her and kept forcing her down while he kept shoving his prick up.

His cock penetrated deeper and deeper, and she writhed and screamed. She worked her hips sideways and forward and back, trying to wriggle off his pole, but it seemed only to help his cock go farther into her stretched-out pussy. Then, as she screamed again, she found the pain easing, being pushed aside by something else -- pleasure. Her nipples were getting stiffer and stiffer. Her cunt was juicing madly.

"Yessssss!" she shouted! "Yes! Oh, yes! Make it go in! I want it! Make your overgrown cock go all the way up my little PUSSY!"

Greg smiled and gave one more shove. "You've got it all," he said.

"What? All? Really?" She looked down. She smiled. It was true -- every bit of the enormous prick was inside her.

"You're only the second cunt who's been able to take it all," Greg said. "Mom was the first."

"Well, I'm glad I got it all. It hurt a lot at first, but now I love having it all up me. It feels like it's gonna come out my mouth. Come on, let's get moving!"

He kept his hands on her waist but relaxed his hold. Rotating her hips, Cassy slid slowly up his long prick. When she went back down, she didn't have to use as much f***e to get all of him inside her. Her cunt kept adjusting as she continued going up and down his rod, and after a few minutes it was smooth-going all the way. She kept rotating her hips as she moved, and she started picking up speed.

For a while Greg just layed still and let her ride him. He watched his prick as she took it in and rose up on it. He watched her fuck-honey trickle out of her pussy, and grunted as she snapped her already snug cunt even tighter around him.

While giving him the special squeezings of her pussy, she still kept picking up speed. He let go of her waist and grasped her tits, squeezing them as he jacked his hips up to meet her downward thrust. His prick-head thumped hard into the back of her twat.

Cassy squealed with delight and clamped her pussy around his cock again. She waggled her hips before starting up and down again, moving still faster.

"Oh, shit, yes!" she cried. "Fuck my sweet dirty pussy with your gigantic prick, baby!"

She released her tits, leaned forward a little, and planted her hands on his chest. Her hips and cunt were at a slightly different angle now and she couldn't get quite all of him inside her this way. But that wasn't important any more. She could still get nearly all of him, and this way she could use her hands as leverage to help herself pump her hips faster. It was speed that mattered now. She needed to feel her pussy lips getting rubbed in different directions as often as possible. Her clit was brought more fully against his cock, and she wanted her clit rubbed faster, too. She was almost at the point of orgasm and she wanted to feel her loins burst.

Her cunt flew up and down his prick, and she moaned with every stroke. He pulled her tits each time he drove into her pussy.

"I'm getting there!" Cassy yelled. "Yes! Now! I'm there, all the way there! I'M CUMMING! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!"

Her juices were blasting. Her twat was convulsing. She pounded her hips up and down even faster, and another cum bolted through her almost as soon as the first one was over.

Greg's strong thrusts lifted her higher and higher. "I'm gonna shoot off, too!" he shouted. "I'm gonna burn you up with my cum!"

"Do it!" Cassy said. "Fill me with it! Burn me to a fucking crisp!"

His balls let go and his cum spurted into her pussy. She cunt-hugged him and flailed her hips up and down as the splashes hit her. They sighed and groaned until both of them were still.

There was applause from the direction of the bedroom door.

They turned their heads, saw Anna standing there, and laughed.

Anna stopped clapping her hands and smiled. "I see you two have met," she said.

"Yeah. We kind of like each other, too," Greg answered.

"That's right," Cassy chimed in. "You've got three great sons, Anna."

"Yeah, I have," said Anna. "I just wish I had a great husband, too. Of course, if I'd had a great husband, though, I'd never have found out just how great my sons are. So maybe it's not so bad that I don't have a great husband!"

"Cassy told me you made it with Stan and Kyle, too," Greg said.

"Yes, and they were both terrific. I wish I'd started this a lot sooner."

"What'll Dad say when he comes back and finds Cassy here?"

"That's what Stan asked me last night. I'll tell you what I told him -- I'll handle your father."

"But how will you handle him?" Greg asked.

"I'm nor sure yet," Anna answered. "Come to think of it, I may need some help with him. But I'll figure it out somehow. Right now, though, how about if an old woman joins the fun?"

"Beautiful," said Greg.

"I wanta eat your pussy!" said Cassy. "You ate mine last night, but I only nibbled yours."

"You're on -- just as soon as I get naked."

She stripped quickly, dropping her clothes in the doorway, and walked to the bed, her huge tits swaying. She lay on her back, drawing her legs up sharply with her feet set well apart on the bed. She let her thighs yawn open. Her tits hung sideways away from each other, like two massive, oddly shaped boulders about to roll down a hill in opposite directions. She patted her cunt.

"Okay. Eat this old whore's pussy," she said. "Make me cum a few times."

Cassy grinned. "I'll make your juice roll as long as you want me to!" She went to her hands and knees in front of Anna's gaping cunt. Then she lowered her head and kissed the bright pink pussy lips, which immediately began flushing red. Anna pinched her own nipples and felt them stiffening. Her sexual motors started to buzz, her whole body tingled.

Cassy sliced her tongue between Anna's twat lips and jiggled it from side to side as she worked it up and down. Juice beaded up in Anna's cunt and on the outer flesh of her sex slit. She felt herself growing warm all over. Her clit was swelling. She began kneading her tits.

Cassy slipped her tongue deep into her pussy, swirled it around, and shot it in and out. Bringing her tongue back to her pussy lips, she jabbed them, laved them, and kissed them again. Next she licked Anna's clit, watching it swell some more and licking it again.

Anna's juice was flowing freely now. The girl lapped up the fuck-honey and darted her tongue back at her clit, hitting the tip of the erect joy knob. Anna shivered and moaned, and Cassy trailed her tongue in circles over the flesh all around her clit. She brought her tongue in with spiral motions back to the pleasure center. Then she climbed up the clit, went down the same way, and climbed once more.

"Oooooh, shit... honey... YES! Eat that thing!"

Watching, Greg found his cock hardening again. He had been surprised to learn that his mother and the girl had made it together last night. But maybe it shouldn't have surprised him at all, he thought. His mom seemed to be getting wilder and wilder. For years she must have been a ticking bomb of repressed sexuality, and now that she had exploded, her eroticism was flying in all directions as a result of the explosion. There seemed to be almost nothing she wouldn't do.

Did he want his mother like this? he wondered. Yes! It opened life up so much, made him so feel much freer -- nor to mention giving him a great woman to put his prick into! Hell, two great women -- his mother and Cassy both. The only question was, which one was he going to put it into right now?

A minute later, his prick was completely hard again, and on his knees he moved in behind Cassy. He stuck his prick way up her cunt, got himself good and wet again, and pulled out of her. He stuck two fingers into her pussy, got them wet, pulled them out, and stuffed them into her asshole. He ran them in and out, getting her anus as wet as he could. He figured she must know what he intended to do, and he half-expected her to turn around and tell him not to. But she waggled her ass joyfully, squeezed his fingers when they were deep inside her, and kept eating Anna's pussy.

Anna was starting to writhe. Her fingers ground into her jugs and twisted them. There was a huge fire in her cunt and clit, and another one in her tits. God, she felt alive! And she was going to cum!

"Aaaah... aaah... uuunnhh! Oh, Lord! AAAAGGGHHH!"

Her pussy leaped into contortions. Cassy's tongue kept whipping over her cunt lips and clit and diving into her hot woman hole. Anna moaned louder and squirmed sensuously.

Greg drew his fingers out of Cassy's asshole and fitted his cock-head into her anus. Cassy was eager to have his prick sail up her shithole and she didn't try to wiggle away. But she was glad that she had been fucked there last night. That fucking had loosened her asshole a little, and without it she would never have been able to take Greg's tremendous cock. She still wasn't sure she'd be able to take it. It had been tough enough getting the whole thing into her pussy. But at least she would have a chance.

He grasped her hips and plowed his own hips forward.


His prick-head was just beginning to wedge into her anus, spreading her opening wider than it had ever been before, and her asshole was bursting with pain.

"Shove harder, Greg! Oh, ram it to me, honey!" Then her tongue dived back into Anna's pussy. Greg shoved harder... but the grip of Cassy's anus was strong and he got in only a little farther. He kept shoving with short, sharp jolts, advancing only a tiny bit at a time.

With each jolt, Cassy felt another burst of pain, and a gasp was torn from her throat. But she pushed her hips back, trying to help him get in.

Suddenly, the pressure lessened and she felt something very thick and solid moving into her bowels. He was in! Her anus was still stretched abnormally wide but the pain was dying fast. She squeezed his prick with her shithole as he drove in farther.

"That's it, baby it feels so good. So warm up my butt! Your oldest son's fucking my asshole, Anna!"

"Good for him," said Anna. "Ream her out good, Greg! I wanta see what it feels like when she screams into my cunt."

"Okay, Mom, get set. I think she's just about to scream," said Greg.

He drove deeper into Cassy's shit hole, and the girl had another burst of pain that almost turned her stomach. His prick had come against some tissue way up inside her, and he was still pushing forward.

"Jesus fucking Christ, you crazy dude! You're ripping my Goddamn guts open!" she cried.

"Throw it to her!" said Anna. "She hasn't screamed yet. She screamed last night when Stan fucked her asshole."

Cassy chewed and Anna came again.

Greg still had an inch pf his prick outside of Cassy's asshole. He lunged one more time, and his cock seemed to slip past the tissue he had hit. His whole prick sank into her shithole.

"I'm in all the way, honey," he breathed.

"Good, darling. Now just hold it there a minute and let me get used to it," she said. "Oh, it's starting to feel good! It makes my belly hot!"

She gave his entire prick a hug with her asshole, relaxed the hold, then hugged again, waving her hips softly from side to side.

When she stopped, her hips and relaxed her asshole again, she said, "Okay, baby, now get it going. Make that big rod of yours chug!"

Greg laughed and slowly pulled his cock backward. Then he began fucking her asshole with long, even strokes. As Cassy thrust her hips back to meet his rhythm, she made her tongue dance at Anna's cunt and clit again.

Anna threw her legs up, rested her feet on Cassy's back, and rocked back and forth. Cassy's tongue seemed to be everywhere. It plunged into Anna's pussy and stirred around and zipped in and out a dozen times. It fucked her clit, slashed her pussy lips, brushed her thighs, darted at her asshole, and raced back over her pussy lips and clit and back into her quivering cunt.

Anna's juices were flowing like the burning lava of a volcano. There was nothing like sex. Even if [missing text].

"You want me to stop, Cassy?" asked Greg.

"Shit, no!" she answered. "A woman's shithole is for more than just to shit through. It's also to take a guy's prick in all of his prick. Throw it to me!"

"I'm throwin', baby," he said, and he charged again, jamming more of his immense cock into the girl's tortured asshole.

This time she screamed.

He had stretched her inner tissues until he felt that they would break.

She screamed into Anna's cunt, and screamed again as Greg kept pushing forward. The hot rush of Cassy's breath from her screams felt great to Anna, and the woman moaned. But then Cassy's teeth snapped onto Anna's rigid clit and the girl held on for dear life as her asshole was battered by pain. And now Anna screamed with pain because Cassy was biting too deeply.

The pain Anna felt was awful, but it turned out to be the front edge of a wave of pleasure. As Cassy let go with another scream and bit in farther, Anna's pussy began contracting wildly with another orgasm. Anna knew that any normal woman would probably feel nothing but pain under these circumstances. This pleased her because it showed how much of a whore she had become.

"Oh, Cassy, baby! Chew my fucking clit off!" Anna howled.

She couldn't have a happy marriage, she could still be happy as long as she got enough sex from somewhere. It didn't matter from where, although she would always want her sons and this marvelous little slut between her legs. But there could be others. She would want mostly men, but a few women would add spice. One thing was certain: no one person would ever again be enough for her!

Her cunt reached its boiling point and she came again. The juices seemed almost to bubble out of her. Cassy's busy tongue lapped it up, and the lapping brought out more juice plus another round of contractions in her seething cunt.

"God, yes... do it to me, you hot-tongued little bitch!" Anna ranted. "Do it to me more and more! I'm cumming... AGAIN! Unh... unh... uunnhh... AAAAHHHH!" Her pussy quaked as another orgasm hit her.

Greg began screwing his hips around as he thrust into Cassy's asshole. She clamped herself a little tighter around his prick when he was all the way up, and he knew she liked it. She moaned into Anna's soggy cunt.

Cassy's anus was adjusting to the thickness of his giant rod, and his prick was sliding in and out more easily. He didn't have to hold her hips any more, so he slipped one hand under her belly, through her pussy hair to her wet sex slit. He found her erect slit, trapped it between two fingers, and massaged it as he fucked her. The noise from her moans grew, and she worked her hips a little faster. Cassy had been feeling the thrusts up her ass all the way through her cunt. With Greg fondling her clit, her pleasure doubled. She slurped up Anna's abundant pussy juice and smiled as the older woman writhed. Cassy's smile widened when she felt the stream of her own pussy juice swelling, and felt her loins coiling for the orgasm she was about to have.

"Mmmmm! Mmmuuhh! Uuunngghh!"

An orgasm gripped Cassy and shook her. She felt her asshole contracting around Greg's prick. She thrust back at him fiercely, trying to keep more of him inside her, and he fucked her with short, hard strokes deep into her shit hole, grinding his belly against her buttocks. He, too, felt her asshole contracting around his prick, and it made him shiver. His cock seemed to bulge even larger, and it lurched and began spurting heavy globs of cum into the young girl's bowels.

"Yeah, baby, take my big load all the way up you!" he roared, and his cock beat into her shit hole until all his jism had shot into her.

After he pulled out of her, Anna and Cassy scrambled laughingly for his prick, and both of them licked off the smelly little dabs of shit.

"Oh, Lord!" came Stan's voice from the bedroom door. "Eating shit again." He and Kyle were standing next to each other in the open doorway.

"Take off your clothes and join the fun," Anna said with a smile.

"Yeah, little b*****rs, come ahead. It'll keep you off the streets," Greg joked.

"There's plenty of action for everybody," Cassy said as she finished cleaning Greg's prick with her mouth.

Stan and Kyle started stripping.

"Did you bring any of your friends with you?" asked Anna.

"Naw, they still wanted to play basketball," said Kyle. "We thought things would be more fun at home, but we didn't tell them why."

"I wouldn't mind if you told them," said Anna. "Now come on and get your pricks over here and get 'em in us."

When Kyle was naked except for his socks, he sat down in a chair and started to take them off, but Cassy hopped off the bed and took them off for him. By the time she had kissed her way up his legs to his prick, he was hard. She stood up, turned her back to him, and sat down astride his thighs.

"Hold my hips while I raise up, baby," she said. "And I'll put this thing in me."

Kyle obeyed and she lifted herself off his lap. She reached between her legs and grasped his prick, then lowered herself until his cockhead was between her pussy lips. Then she got her hand out of the way and slid all the way down his shaft. She gave his prick a delicious squeeze with her hot wet cunt.

"Ooh, that feels nice," Kyle sighed. "I love fucking your pussy, Cassy."

"There'd be something wrong with you if you didn't," Cassy laughed, and she started pumping her hips up and down. "Pull on my tits," she said, and he reached around her and took hold of her jugs. She put one of her own hands between her legs and rubbed her clit and pussy lips and his cock as she moved.

When Stan had gotten naked and walked to the bed, Anna scooted toward him until her ass was on the edge of the mattress and her cunt was just inches from his stiff prick. She spread her legs and wrapped them around him, drawing his cock to her gaping pussy.

"Stuff it into me, babe. Fuck the hell out of your Goddamn mother!"

Stan grasped her thighs and thrust hard, driving his prick completely into her yearning cunt. He ground himself against her, giving her clit an extra rubbing. Then he pulled back and started stroking hotly in and out of his momma's juice-drenched pussy.

"That's right, honey," she groaned. "Now, Greg, sit across my belly and fuck my fat jugs!"

"I'll try, Mom," her oldest son answered, "but I don't know whether I can make it again this soon or not. I had a wild night last night and now I just fucked Cassy twice."

"We'll get it hard, doll. Come on, I need it. I need your beautiful PRICK!"

She grabbed his arm and pulled him toward her. Even as he swung a leg across her belly, she closed her hand over his soft cock and started stroking him. When he was in position, she pushed her huge tits together around his prick. She mashed her tits together hard and rubbed him feverishly. His cockhead was sticking out from between them, and she raised her head, kissed the tip of his prick, and laved it with her tongue.

She thrilled as she felt his cock slowly swell between her warm jugs. More and more of it stuck out from between them, and she snared his prick head between her wet lips. She held her head still and felt him go deeper into her mouth as his cock kept growing. She kneaded her tits constantly, shifting the pressure against his prick, exciting both her son and herself all the more. She tickled his shaft with her tongue. Greg pinched her aching nipples, pulled them, and bent them, and started helping with the kneading of her jugs.

At last he was totally hard, and she grunted happily as he began moving his hips, sliding his shaft between her twin mounds of tit flesh. When he went backward, she had to open her mouth to let him out, and she waited eagerly as she felt his prick moving through her jugs. Then she took some of his cock into her mouth when he came forward again.

Kyle poked his head forward and swiped Cassy's upper back with his tongue as he fucked her. He squeezed her tits on all sides, making them bulge oddly. He twisted them and pulled them down one at a time, stretching them as far as he could. On each fuck-stroke, he waited for her to start down and then he thrust upward to meet her. When his prick was buried in her, she rode him downward until his ass was against the chair-seat. Then she wiggled her butt around against him, stirring his cock around inside her clinging pussy. Then she rose slowly back up his rod, cunt-hugging it as she went. All the while, she kept massaging her clit.

"Fuck! Cunt! Tits! Prick! Pussy! Cock! Fuck!" she chanted. "Unh... unh... unh... unh! Fuck my slimy cunt! AaaaaAAAHHH! Shit on me! Jesus Christ! Fill my pussy with cock forever!"

Her pussy was ripped by convulsions as she came. Steaming juice rolled out of her cunt, bathing Kyle's nuts and making a puddle on his belly. She put her free hand on one of her tits and jerked insanely at the tender flesh. She drove up and down on his prick, furiously.

Stan wedged his hands under his mother's ass cheeks, and he began squeezing her buttocks every time he spiked his cock into her cunt. He never took more than half his prick out of her before thrusting into her again, but he wriggled his hips and used different angles in driving into her, sometimes pushing to one side or the other, sometimes up or down. And always he ground himself against her when he was all the way up her. Sometimes he made a few extra lunges, as if trying to get even farther into her belly, before he pulled back and stroked up her again. Her fuck-honey was soon running down his thighs and over her own ass cheeks, soaking his hands so that there was a vulgar squishing sound as he squeezed her big buttocks.

Anna let Greg take over the kneading of her tits. Slipping both hands past him, she began rubbing Stan's belly with one hand, and she stuck two fingers of her other hand into Greg's asshole.

Her eldest son groaned. He dug his fingers deep into her tits and moved his hips faster, picking up the speed of his cock as it slid through her tit meat. She kept taking some of his prick into her mouth and swirling her tongue over it whenever he was in range of her lips.

When she came, she wasn't sure which prick had had the most to do with spurring her into the orgasm -- not that it made any difference. Both cocks heated her sensitive flesh and gave her pleasure, and the joy of her orgasm rocketed out to every nerve-ending in her body.

"Faster!" she wailed. "Fuck my sloppy tits add my dripping cunt faster, you sons of the biggest whore in the world! YOU'RE MAKING YOUR BIG MOMMA CUM!"

Both of them grunted, and they fucked her faster.

Cassy was hauling wildly at Kyle's prick with her juicy cunt. She was cumming again and she wanted to feel his jism shooting into her and scalding her pussy.

"Now, damn it, NOW; blow your rocks, you bastard! I CRAVE YOUR FUCKIN' CUM!"

She grabbed his nuts and pulled, rubbed, and twisted, and he screeched, "AAAAAHHHH! YOU WANT IT -- HERE IT IS!" His prick bucked and fired his cum into her pussy in thick squirts.

Anna punched her two fingers farther into Greg's asshole and repeatedly pushed them apart and pulled them back together as if working a pair of scissors. Changing his hold on her tits, he wrapped his big hands around them as far as he could and yanked her jugs toward the ceiling as high as they would go. Anna screamed and came violently. Her contractions intensified when Greg twisted her high-stretched tits and rubbed her nipples against each other.

Pulling his cock back, he thrust his belly forward until he was against her jugs and his cock was pointed straight up, trapped between his belly and her tits. Then he worked some of her pliable tit flesh back until it was between his belly and his prick, surrounding his cock completely with jug meat. His prick-head was just under and pressed into the mounded-together flesh where her nipples met. His cock leaped, squirming against her tit flesh, and his cum blasted out. His jism was trapped by her tits and flooded downward between her jugs and his prick. When he finished shooting, she sucked off and swallowed the cum that had stuck to his cock.

After Greg climbed off her, Anna raised her head farther and licked up the cum that had stuck to her tits and run down in the deep valley between them. A little of Greg's shit was on two of her fingers, and she whiffed it. She found it pleasant and licked it up. Then she fingered her clit as Stan fucked her.

"I'm gonna shoot, Mom!" he cried.

"Good, baby, I love your jism!" she howled, and his man-juice socked into her cunt.

As soon as Anna had her breath, she said, "All right, let's go another round!"

Greg laughed. "Hold it," he said. "I just got up. I need to eat breakfast."

"Fine," his mother smiled, "just as long as I can suck your prick while you eat! And another of my sons can fuck my asshole or my cunt while I suck you!"

She had already known that she wasn't "normal" anymore, but as soon as she said this, Anna knew there was no hope that she could ever become normal again. And she was glad.


For most of the next three days, Anna's life was blissful. She was always full of lust that was soon satisfied, removed, then satisfied again. She and Cassy took the three boys' pricks time after time, and when the potent young cocks were exhausted for a while, the boys used their mouths on the cunts and tits.

But toward the end of the third day, Anna's bliss faded. The sex was as good as ever, but she remembered that Larry, her husband, would be getting home from his business trip tomorrow afternoon. She had promised her sons and Cassy that Cassy could stay and that she Anna would figure out a way to handle the boys' father, but Anna still didn't know how to handle him. There was something else Anna Miller didn't know, something that Cassy and the boys had not even mentioned, perhaps had not even thought about. When Larry got back, much of the easy, open sex around the house would have to stop, unless Anna could think of something. During the rest of summer vacation, she and the k**s, could still have plenty of time during the day because Larry worked Monday through Friday and usually played golf on weekends. But after school started, the k**s would not get home until late in the afternoon five days a week. Larry would usually get home two or three hours later. Sometimes he would work late, but she never knew exactly when he would. It was something that couldn't be depended upon.

And all along -- both during and after summer vacation -- what about the nights, the long, passionless nights she would have to spend by Larry's side? Even with him in bed with her, it would be almost like being alone, or maybe worse than being alone. The boys and Cassy would be able to sneak around the house and manage with each other somehow, but it would be dangerous for Anna to try it.

She couldn't be content just to wait for his next business trip. She had once hated the business trips, because they were too long and come too often. They did not seem nearly long enough nor often enough now. Out of every six weeks, he was gone no more than two weeks, sometimes only one.

She thought of divorce, but it seemed like a bad idea. With three c***dren plus Cassy to take care of, and all the "community property" she and Larry would have to divide, divorce would be an awfully messy problem. To make it worse, Larry would fight any effort she made to divorce him. He had always said he needed a stable f****y life to give him a good image with the company he worked for.

The best thing would be to get Larry to agree to let her live the way she wanted to live. But what husband as traditionally oriented as Larry, would ever agree to his wife's fucking every man who came along, especially their own sons?

Anna thought about it all more and more, and still she couldn't figure it out.

On the night before Larry was supposed to come home, he called her and told her that his plane would be getting in at two the next afternoon. Anna was feeling spiteful and told him that neither she nor the bays would be able to meet him at the airport. She lied, saying they all had something planned. Larry would just have to take a taxi home from the airport.

Larry grumbled, but said okay and hung up.

As Anna turned from the telephone, she was suddenly glad that she had been spiteful. She and the k**s were going to have something planned for tomorrow afternoon after all. And it would be the solution to the whole problem. She was surprised at how simple it was.

"Greg, I want you and Stan and Kyle to get together and invite a few of your pals over here tomorrow afternoon," Anna said.

"Oh? Is that what you meant when you told Dad we had something planned for tomorrow afternoon?" Greg asked.

"That's what I decided I meant after I hung up," she answered.

"Covering up, huh?" Greg said.

"More than that," said Anna. "Your father's plane gets in at two, so he should be here about three. But have your pals here about two-fifteen so we can get rolling before your father gets here. And get the wildest pals you have. We're going to have an orgy."

"What? But when Dad gets here..."

"He'll see exactly what's going on," Anna said. "We'll be right here in the living room. I want him to see."

"But he'll be mad as hell," Greg said.

"Probably," Anna agreed, "but that's all tight. The way we'll fix things, there won't be, much he can do about it. Cassy will be able to stay, and we can all keep fucking and sucking whenever we please, whether your father's here or not. Here's what we're going to do."

Carefully, Anna explained it to them.

Her three sons brought in three of their pals at two-ten the next afternoon -- five minutes early. Soapy and Bill were nineteen. Jimmy was eighteen. They had no idea what wonderful things were about to happen to them. Anna had thought that maybe they should be told in advance, but her sons had convinced her that although the boys were pretty wild, they wouldn't believe that their friends' mother would openly give them some cunt. At least they wouldn't believe it until the mother herself made it obvious.

Anna knew all three of the boys and introduced them to Cassy. The boys' eyes bulged at both the girl and the woman. Cassy was wearing short tight shorts that showed the crease of her pussy, and an unbuttoned blouse that showed much of her big jugs. Anna was in the pants of a string bikini that revealed the top of her cunt hair, and a tube top that rode low on her huge, hanging tits.

As soon as Greg closed the front door, Anna said, "Do you boys like what you see?"

"Ma'am?" Soapy gurgled. Could she mean what it sounded like she meant?

"Do you boys like what you see?" Anna repeated. "Flesh. Fat tits and things like that."

Soapy. Bill, and Jimmy just stared, too stunned to say anything.

"You look like you like it," Anna went on. "You'd sure better like it because you're going to see more of it. And you're going to be right up next to it."

As the three boys gaped, Anna peeled off her tube top and took off her bikini pants. Cassy, too, stripped off her clothes, and the two naked sluts walked slowly toward the boys. Cassy put her arms around Jimmy and kissed him, and Anna d****d her arms across the shoulders of Soapy and Bill and kissed each of them.

"Come on, guys," Anna purred. "Dig your hands in and let's all get naked and have some fun."

She kissed them again and pushed her loins against theirs. This was the only part of the plan she had any doubts about. She was afraid the boys might spook and run.

But when Soapy thrust his tongue into her mouth and wrenched her enormous tits and Bill stuck a finger into her hot wet cunt, she knew she had won.

After a few more minutes of kissing and groping with Anna and Cassy, all three boys were naked and had magnificent hard-ons. Anna stood behind a wooden chair and bent over the chair-back. Soapy stood right in front of the chair, his big prick level with Anna's mouth. Anna parted her lips and took in his cock. Bill stood behind her and shoved his prick into her cunt. Her jugs were hanging down away from her rib-cage, and both boys racked down and began fondling them.

Cassy lay on her back on the rug and spread her legs. Jimmy got on top of her, pulled her legs up onto his shoulders, and plunged his cock deep into her pussy.

Greg, Stan, and Kyle stripped next, but Kyle peeped out through the curtains of a front window.

Greg and Stan left he living room. When they came back a few minutes later, each of them had a bottle of beer and a small plain cardboard box. They settled into chairs and sipped their beers, watching their mother and Cassy get pricks shoved them slowly.

Anna was moaning and stretching her neck to try to get all the way down on Soapy's rod. In the position she was in, it wasn't easy, but she kept twisting her head and pushing it forward until she had all of him. Putting her hands on his hips, she urged him into moving gently backward and forward, fucking her face. He put his hands on her head and helped her move it, slowly.

Bill's hands dug deeper into her tits as his prick stroked in and out of her cunt. Bent over the chair as she was with the top of the chair-back pressing into her belly, she couldn't push back to meet his thrusts so she clasped him warmly with her pussy as he fucked her.

She wondered what these boys would say about her later. She knew they would not be able to keep their mouths shut about sticking their cocks into her and Cassy. Anna could expect her own sons to keep quiet if she asked them to, but three teenage boys could not be expected to keep quiet about fucking someone else's mother. She thought they would probably talk about her tits and call her a hungry-cunted whore. The thought pleased her. She would get a reputation -- what most people thought of as a bad reputation but what she thought of as a good one. It would mean more pricks to go into her cunt.

She whipped her tongue over Soapy's cock as he fucked her face. His prick-head was going far down her throat on every thrust. He moved in and out with a variety of strokes, sometimes pulling his cock-head back to her lips before pushing all of himself into her, sometimes pulling only half his shaft out of her before jabbing it all back in.

"Jesus, Mrs. Miller! I wish my mom was like you," he said.

Anna took his pole out of her mouth and said, "Thanks, baby, and you guys can call me Anna. You can all come over anytime you feel like it and put your pricks in me. And tell all your friends and your b*****rs they can do the same thing. I'll take short guys, tall ones, handsome, ugly. It doesn't matter as long as their pricks will get hard. Shit, tell your daddies if you want to. I want all the pricks in me I can get."

"And what she says goes for me, too," Cassy groaned as Jimmy's cock slid up and dawn in her cunt. "Aahh... oh, God! Yes! Throw that thing to me, baby! FUCK ME!"

Jimmy mashed her knees down into her tits and made her grunt with pain-pleasure. He spiked his prick deeper and deeper into her hot little pussy. She raked his back with her fingernail. She split his butt cheeks apart with one hand and stuck her forefinger into his asshole. His thrusts speeded up a little.

Soon Cassy's first orgasm of the day convulsed her. She ground herself against him and clung to his prick until the cum was over, then again began pumping her hips as well as she could with her legs where they were. She moaned as his prick began sinking all the way into her on every stroke.

Anna took Soapy's cock back into her mouth and gradually moved her head forward until she had all of him. Again, he started fucking her face.

Bill was still reaming out her cunt, but he was pushing into her a little faster now. "Gosh, Mrs. Miller -- Anna -- you've sure got a nice, tight pussy," he breathed. "You're as tight as some of the eighteen-year-olds I've fucked. Unh uunngghh... ooohhh, I love the way you squeeze my prick with your pussy!"

All the way up her, he held himself there and let her cunt-hug him. Then he stroked in and out of her a half-dozen more times, let her cunt-hug his whole prick some more, and began stroking in and out again. He squeezed her tits and pulled them downward. He swung them in slow circles as he fucked her.

God, fucking the mother of three of his best friends -- while they watched! And besides her tight pussy, what a pair of tits she had!

Anna felt an orgasm building. She knew it was going to be a strong one, and she thought that with the triple pleasure of sucking a cock, having her jugs played with, and getting her cunt fucked, there would be plenty of other cums to follow. The pressure grew and grew and she let go a muffled scream around Soapy's cock as her orgasm exploded. Her cunt twitched long and violently, seeming to her to bounce up and down on Bill's prick. Fresh juice flowed out of her, and she waggled her ass against his belly in obscene delight.

To Greg, Stan, and Kyle, it was a groove to see Cassy being fucked by one of their friends. But it was even more of a turn-on to see their mother fucking and sucking with two of their friends and to know that after awhile she would take on the third friend. Shit, she had even said she would take all those guys -- and their friends and families -- anytime at all! She would be known as the most swinging mother around. Some people would call her a tramp, but even most of those would envy her and her sons. The three boys' pricks grew hard, and they yearned to shove them into something warm and moist.

Anna sucked her cheeks in against Soapy's prick every time he thrust it into her mouth. With her hands on his hips, she urged him into faster movements. She darted the tip of her tongue at the under side of his sliding cock, making him shiver. Then she brought her tongue flat against his pole and swept it from side to side.

His cock began jerking and she clutched Soapy to her, his prick-head far down her throat. Spurt after spurt of his jism thumped wetly into her. There was so much it almost gagged her, but she gulped it down.

After he pulled out of her, he lay on the rug and smiled as he watched her. Christ, he thought, what a hunk of woman! He hoped he was going to get to stick his cock into her pussy, too. Old Bill seemed to be having a really good time dipping his meat into that cunt.

Anna was holding onto the chair and pushing her ass back at Bill, her belly rubbing against the chair-back. He was ramming his prick harder into her cunt and pulling her tits as if he wanted to tear them off. She was moaning in appreciation on every stroke.

"That's it, baby!" she cried. "Slain that rod up me! Fuck the living hell out of me with your fine hard prick! Yank my big tits off! Ah... unh... fuck... YES! OOOH! UNH... UHH... UNH! POUND THAT PIPE UP MY FUCKING CUNT, YOU BASTARD! I'M CUMMING! MY JUICY PUSSY IS CUMMING! KEEP FUCKING MEEEEE! AAAHHH... AAAHHH... AAAHHH... AAAAHHHH!"

She thought she would sc**** her belly raw as it moved over the chair-back, but she didn't care. She had to keep her hips pumping, faster and faster. She had to meet that thrusting cock and help it sink all the way into her contracting cunt on every stroke. Damn, even if her plan to take care of her husband today somehow got screwed up, she would still manage to get plenty of pricks into her. If she had to, she would walk the streets and offer herself to every boy or man she met. She couldn't live without pricks! Her loins exploded with still another orgasm.

Cassy was cumming again, too. "Deeper!" she groaned. "Ram it in deeper! Push your beautiful cock all the way through me and into the fucking floor! Oh, God! Yes! Break me apart! HARDER! OH... Shit... YESSSSS! UNGH... UNGH... UUNNGGHH!"

Jimmy was already thudding into her cunt as deeply as he could, but he pushed into her harder. What an eager little bitch! But if that was how she wanted it, he'd do his best to make her happy. He grunted with effort as he pounded her.

Then he gritted his teeth as he felt his nuts tighten. He managed to fight off his cum that time but started fucking her harder again and a minute later couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm gonna shoot off!" he yelled. "Gonna fill that pussy with juice!"

"Yes, do it!" Cassy cried. "Shoot off in my dirty little cunt."

His balls let go and his jism raced up his cock and into her pussy. She clenched him feverishly, milking his cum out of him, and the feel of his cum made her cum again herself.

Anna whipped her tail faster back at Bill. His strokes were getting shorter as he pulled less and less of his cock out of her aching cunt. Anna's pussy snapped like an iron band around his prick.

"Here comes my load, Big Anna!" he shouted.

"Good, baby! Make it sizzle!" she moaned, then his jism began squirting into her cunt. She held him all the way inside her as his cum blasted her.

"Gee, are you guys gonna be next?" Soapy asked Greg, seeing that Anna's three sons were naked. "Or did you guys strip just for the hell of it?"

The answer came from Anna. "They're not going to be next, but they'll get their share after while -- of both of us, I let my sans fuck the shit out of me all the time. Oh, by the way, gays, my husband's going to join the party, too, in a little while."

"What?" Soapy gasped.

"That's right," Anna said cheerfully. "He'll be here around three."

"Shit, I guess we better get outa here! That's just fifteen minutes from now!" said Jimmy. He started scrambling toward his clothes.

"Hold it, honey. Just take it easy," Anna said soothingly. "You can all stay. There's nothing to worry about. He won't mind." She laughed. "Oh, he'll be kind of pissed off at first, but my sons and I will take care of that. Just relax. Let's get it on some more."

Slowly, she pulled the nervous Jimmy down and had him lie with his back on the rug, his legs spread. On her hands and knees, she crawled between his legs. She lowered her head and started licking his limp cock. Looking up for a moment, she saw that Soapy was getting stiff again but that Bill was still trying to get his breath.

"Soapy," she said, "I bet you're just dying to stuff that big prick of yours into my hairy old cunt. So come on over and put it to me. Greg, I think Bill needs a rest. Why don't you get him a beer?"

"Sure, Mom," Greg answered, and he went to the kitchen. In a minute he was back with the beer. Then he took Kyle's place by the front window. Kyle sat down by one of the cardboard boxes, the one Greg had brought in earlier. Stan still had the other one.

By that time, Soapy had licked every inch of Anna's fat ass, rubbed her cunt and clit, and rammed his cock into her greedy pussy. She thrust her hips back at him and he went balls-deep into her, stretching her cunt a little with his long rod. Anna yelped on the first few strokes, then started mooning with pleasure. Her tits swung beneath her as she moved. Her three sons, Cassy, and Bill sat and watched the fucking and sucking, although Greg frequently peered out the front window.

Anna licked Jimmy's cock some more, and licked and nibbled at his balls. She laved his thighs with her tongue and came back to his cock. By now, he was beginning to get hard. She sucked his whole prick into her and punched it with her tongue and felt him swell to full size. Pulling her head up, she flicked her tongue at the tip of his prick, then took his cock-head back into her mouth and rolled her tongue over it lovingly. Starting to pump her head up and down, she gradually took more of him into her with each stroke until she was covering, his entire prick every time. She moved down his cock quickly but came back up slowly, letting her moist lips drag silkily against his skin.

Suddenly Greg said, "Dad's coming!" Jimmy's prick almost went limp in Anna's mouth. She let it slip out.

Bill shifted uneasily and held his beer bottle in front of his crotch.

But Anna kept pumping her hips, so Soapy kept slamming his cock into her cunt.

"Stay cool, everybody," Anna said, and she licked Jimmy's prick to keep him hard. She didn't take him back into her mouth, though. "Cassy, Stan, Kyle -- get ready."

A key was inserted into the lock of the front door, and the door swung open. Larry Miller walked into the room, carrying his suitcase.

He dropped his suitcase when he was two steps into the room.


"Hi, honey," Anna said casually.

Greg closed the front door and stood behind his father. The boy was ready to grab the man, if necessary. But Larry Miller seemed rooted to the spot.

"Anna! What the hell is going on here?" he croaked. His face was very red. His eyes seemed to be straining to pop out of their sockets.

"It's an orgy, of course," she answered with an innocent smile. "What did you think we were all doing naked, and me licking one hard prick and getting fucked by another one?"

She was still pushing her hips back at Soapy, and the boy was fucking her lustily, paying no attention at all to her husband. As far as Soapy was concerned, the old son-of-a-bitch could wait his turn!

Larry Miller stared in shock and awe at his wife, and Cassy crawled quietly up in front of him. Larry didn't even notice the girl. "I'm a respectable man!" he sputtered. "I've got a respectable job with a respectable company!"

Cassy unzipped his fly, pulled out his prick, and sucked it hungrily into her mouth.

Immediately, Stan and Kyle reached into the cardboard boxes. Each boy took out a small camera and started snapping pictures, being certain to get in not only their father's prick going into Cassy's mouth, but also his face.

"Yes," Anna said calmly, "you do have a respectable job. And if you want to keep its you'll have to let that girl sucking your prick live with us permanently. I'll tell you all about her later. You'll also have to let me have sex with any boy or man I please -- and I'll want plenty of them. That includes our own sons."

Larry glanced down at Cassy. He seemed too weak to do anything but talk and stare, so he didn't push her away. He looked back at his wife. "You... you're asking me to let you be a whore!" he said in amazement. "And... and with our own sons!"

"That's right," Anna said. "I am a whore, even with our own sons. And if you don't let me keep being one, and if you don't let that girl stay here, some of the pictures Stan and Kyle are taking of you and her will be sent to your bosses. It won't take those bastards two seconds to fire you! And by the way, you'll never get hold of the film. Greg I'll stop you if you try now. If you try later, you won't find it. It'll be hidden -- each roll in a different place, just for insurance."

Larry looked helpless -- except for his prick, which was getting hard. Cassy kissed it and licked it tantalizingly, posing carefully for the cameras. "But... well, okay, the girl can stay," Larry said. "That doesn't do any harm. But this business of you being a whore, I'm sunk either way I go. If I say no, you send photos to the company. But if I say yes, you'll go wild and people will talk and word will get back to my bosses any way."

"No problem," said Anna. "Your bosses don't apply the same standards to themselves that they apply to their employees. If your bosses hear I'm a whore, all you've gotta do is invite them over. And in that case, I'll be glad to take them on. They won't worry much about the respectability shit as long as they're sticking their pricks into me. I know those lousy hypocritical bastards. Officially, they hate sex. But unofficially and for real, they love sex -- they're not like you. And I can keep any and all of them happy as hell!"

Larry swayed for several seconds, and Anna saw in his eyes that he realized that she was right. His bosses had always leered at her obscenely, and it had been obvious they wanted to stick their cocks into her.

In Larry's eyes, Anna saw the realization that she had him over a barrel. She also noticed a spark of lust as he looked down at Cassy. Maybe, Anna thought, what he had, needed all these years was sexual variety. Or maybe he just liked very young cunt. For a second, it hurt Anna that his lust wasn't for her, but then she knew it didn't matter.

Hell, her lust wasn't for him any more.

"You win," Larry croaked. He clutched Cassy's willing head to his stiff prick. In a few minutes he was naked, lying on the rug with Cassy hunched over him, still sucking. Stan and Kyle stopped taking pictures and left the room to hide the film.

Anna and Soapy had never stopped fucking. And again she had drawn Jimmy's prick into her mouth. She pumped her head up and down the stiff rod, cupping her tongue against it to thrill him even more.

Jimmy was relaxing and enjoying things again. "UH... oh... that's nice, Anna! You really know how to suck a guy!" he groaned. "Yeah, SUCK MY COCK, YOU BIG-TITTED BABE!"

Anna sucked him faster, but slowed down to smack her lips on the most sensitive part of his shaft. His cock tasted delicious!

She felt Soapy ramming his pole harder into her cunt. She snapped her pussy around him when be was deep inside her, and she beat her hips at him faster. He grasped her huge tits and kneaded them and pumped them up and down heatedly. Anna moaned and felt herself getting ready to cum. Her orgasm popped loose, and she waggled her ass blissfully as her pussy contracted.

When she started thrusting her hips again, she moved them slower for a while but sucked Jimmy's prick faster. She wanted to feel both boys' cum loads shooting into her at the same time. It wouldn't be easy to get them to squirt at the same time, but she felt that she could do anything. She felt triumphant and exhilarated. She was free! She could have the life she wanted, and her husband wouldn't be able to stop her.

The prick in her mouth jerked, but she backed off it and it didn't shoot. She thrust back harder at Soapy and he pushed his cock into her cunt faster to keep pace. He kept stroking faster and faster, taking no more than a few inches of his big prick out of her pussy before slamming completely into her again, and he wrenched her jugs crazily. She knew that she couldn't get him to slow down and that he was going to cum, so she practically devoured Jimmy's cock with her mouth, attacking him violently with her lips and tongue. His prick jerked again, and this time she kept sucking.

"I'm gonna cum, Big Anna!" Soapy shouted.

"I'm gonna shoot off, too!" Jimmy yelled.

Anna kept her head and hips moving, and her exhilaration grew as she felt both boys spurting their hot cum into her at once. She had done it! The excitement brought another orgasm crashing through her loins.

When she had drained both young studs, she lay on her side, waiting to catch her breath. She looked over at her husband and Cassy. Larry was holding the girl's head and thrusting his cock into her mouth. Then suddenly he pushed her head up off him. "I'm gonna cum," he said. "Stay out of the way."

"I want your jism inside me!" Cassy panted. She pushed his hands away and lowered her head again. She got him into her mouth just as the cum erupted from his prick. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked his juice in. When the last bit of jism was inside her, she raised herself up with her mouth closed, swallowed a few times, and grinned.

"Haven't you ever cum in a woman's mouth before?" she asked.

"Would you like to do it again!" she said.

He nodded. "Yes. It... incredible. Would you mind doing it again?"

"I'd love to!" She lowered her head once more and took his cock back into her mouth.

"Can I... can I have you anytime?" be asked. She raised herself up a little. "Sure! I love doing this. And what the hell, you may not turn out to be such a bed guy." Then she sucked him in again.

Anna smiled. Cassy was right, Anna thought. There might be hope for Larry yet. He might even become really human. But even if he became sexy as hell, Anna knew she would never stop getting plenty of other pricks into her. She had become a whore, and her hot urges wouldn't let her turn back. Even if she could turn back, she didn't want to.

She looked around the room and saw that there were four hard pricks that weren't where they belonged -- inside a woman! Her three sons had hidden the film and come back by now. And their friend Bill was as stiff as he could get.

Bill crawled up behind Cassy and shoved his cock into her asshole. The girl didn't, even look back, but groaned and pushed her hips back to help him to get in deep.

That left only Anna's sons, and they hadn't had any action all day. She had an idea. Motioning to them, she told them what to do.

Greg lay on his back with his legs spread, and Anna straddled him on her hands and knees. She got his enormous prick into her cunt. Stan came up on his knees between Greg's legs and stuck his prick into their mother's humid asshole.

"Okay, you two," she said. "Fuck my slimy cunt and my shitty asshole while I suck your b*****r's prick!"

On his knees, Kyle came up beside her. She turned her head and took his cock into her mouth. It was the first time she had ever had three pricks in her at once, but she had a feeling it would be happening often from now on. She loved the feeling of complete fullness.

She, Greg, and Stan worked into a rhythm. As she slid up on Greg's cock, Stan thrust deep into her asshole. She squeezed Stan's prick, then as he pulled back, she went back down and took more of Greg's cock into her cunt and squeezed it before starting up again. All the while, she ran her lips along Kyle's prick and licked it with her tongue. Her massive tits were pressed against Greg's chest, and he kneaded them hungrily. She felt pleasure everywhere.

The pleasure swelled tremendously inside her, and it wasn't long before she was cumming.

... Continue»
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Ms Ginny (Not true story)

I am not author of this story.

First, I hope this story inspires others to write about their first time experiences. I remember mine fondly and it has definitely molded my sexual appetite. Second, I hate when I read these stories (that are supposed to be true) and the writer enhances their physical endowment or their sexual proficiency. Hang in there with me as I begin slow with some early stuff but take you to my first great sexual experience. In this story, I call it as it happened.

In the summer of 1977, I was 19 years old, 6’ tall, weighing a mere 160lbs with long brown hair. My hair was always kept clean and groomed even though it was down to my shoulders. I played some music and a lot of sports which, did not always go together. Besides sports and music, like most all 15 yr olds, I constantly had a raging hard on the rest of the time. It never took much to get me going and I was always “taking care of business” a couple of times a day. At this point, everything made me horny, from my friends older s****r, Michelle, who was always wearing tops that were tight fitting with usually no bra showing every contour of her tits and great nipples ( I will discuss this one later) to my older neighbor, Ms Kathy, who had huge tits and liked to bend over in front of me a lot. I did get a little action with two girlfriends (Carol & Hillary) at the end of 8th grade. Both of the girls were my age and liked to kiss a lot. My actual first time was with Carol, it started out typical of all our other times together, but it soon changed when I found out no one else was home. I went over to Carol’s house to hang out in her basement. When I got there she told me her mom had gone out shopping and her b*****rs were away. So we went straight down stairs to the basement as usual. However, this time we went straight to the couch and began kissing heavily. There was a lot of heavy breathing on our part but unlike all of the other times, I was not afraid to make the next move, this time I just went for it. I just started to feel Carol’s tits through her shirt. Her breathing got heavier, like she had been waiting for me to do this for a while and I could feel her nipple getting hard through her thin bra and her shirt. The more I played with her nipples the harder they got. She was sticking her tongue in my ear licking, moaning, and breathing hard. All of this had my cock raging hard in my blue jeans. My jeans were so constricting that it was hurting. I just had to get my fly open and let my cock lose. I wanted more of those little titties but not through her shirt. I am not sure how well I was thinking at this point since most of my bl**d was in another area. I knew she had to have felt my hard on because now I was laying on top of her, I had to get her to undo my pants and get my raging hard on out of my jeans. So, I rolled to the side and took her hand and put it on the outside of my pants right on my big bulge. She just took over from there rubbing it and feeling her way around the shaft and head outside my pants. I was about to explode, but I thought, ok, I will take this to the next level and reach my hand up her shirt and to play with her titties in her bra and hopefully she will do the same and play with my cock. Man, I could release a lot of tension if I could just open my jeans. The bra was made of nylon with no padding and her little tits did not come close to filling the cup but those nipples were big and long and hard and I could not get enough. I then reached down and unbuttoned my jeans with her hand next to mine and she pulled the zipper down. Finally, I was somewhat free. The top portion of my underwear was soaked with pre-cum right around the head of my cock and she kept rubbing that area and stroking my shaft down to my balls. I knew it would not be long before I was going to explode. Next, I reached inside the bra and finally got to some bare skin. Her nipples were hard and rigid but the little mound was so soft. I cupped my hand around her entire mound and rubbed her nipple between my finger and thumb. I was thumbing her faster and going back and forth between each tittie. She was panting loudly in my ear now and I was matching her breathing. I had also managed to wiggle down my jeans so she could get her hand around my cock better. She was rubbing her crotch on my leg while she was stroking my cock which was still inside my underwear. I knew I was not going to make it any longer and I began to shoot my load. She kept stroking my shaft as I kept pumping out cum over the top of my underwear onto my chest and into my underwear. At first she did not realize what was happening so I thought well, my underwear was already soaked from the pre-cum maybe she would not notice. I was still semi hard and I knew I would get hard again in just a little bit – especially if she kept playing with my cock. She then reached the top of my underwear were my cock head was and it was soaked “what happened”. I told here she made me so horny that I came. “Wow, let me see” and just as she was about to pull down my underwear to look, the basement light turned on. I quickly pulled up my pants and zipped up my zipper and ran to the basement bathroom. “Shit” my underwear was full of cum and it was all over me. I cleaned it out and washed up. That night at home in my bed with my hand on my cock all I could think about was that I needed a little longer with her to get fully naked and get my first piece of ass. I began to plan.

The next day was a Saturday. Now typically every other Saturday my mom did not work and she would have her housewife friends with their k**s over for a swim in our pool. I hated and liked these days. Hated it when our one neighbor (Ms. Helen) came over because she was a bitch, but loved it when Ms. Kathy came over. Ms Kathy was about 32 years old, 5’ 8” tall with black hair, thinly shape body but she had set of 36D size tits and always wore a lose bra or a bathing suit top that did not quite cover those bad boys.. It seemed like every time I was around her she would bend over in front of me so I could get a peek down her shirt at her cleavage and if I was positioned right, some nipple. However, today was different, my mother had invited a new housewife, Miss Ginny to join the group. My mom had told me that Miss Ginny had just gone through a divorce from a guy she had worked with. She said she feels sorry for her because he was a jerk and she was so nice. She thought hanging out at the pool with some cocktails would help boost her spirits. Well Miss Ginny showed up a little later than the other gals and I was still in the house when she rang the bell. Man she looked good. Standing on my door step was Miss Ginny; she was about 5’ 6” tall with dirty brown hair, showing a great set of tits, 34D, in a “V” neck shirt to show some cleavage. She was in her late twenty’s to early thirty’s – I am bad at judging a person’s age but she looked younger than my Mom who had me when she was 18 and she was now 33. Through further inspection, I could see she was thin down to her waist. She had on shorts, which showed her hips were a little larger than her middle but she had a nice plump ass. I invited her in and introduced myself and told her she could change into the swim suit in the hall bathroom and that when she was done I would show her outback where my mom and her friends were by the pool. She complimented me on how big and handsome I was and told me she had seen my pictures on my mom’s desk and was glad to meet me in person. Then she went in to get changed. When she came out from the bathroom she was wearing a peach colored bikini that really showed off her nice two assets. I am sure I was staring and I know there was a long pause before she spoke “ should I wear this cover up out to the pool?”. I told her there was no reason to put it on if she planned to get some sun and she followed me outback to the pool.

After I dropped off Miss Ginny to my mother, I went back inside to get my swim suit on. Now, back then, I was too cool to wear a bathing suit so I wore cut off blue jeans. I hurried back to the pool area where my Mom was entertaining her friends. Normally, I would not hang out around the pool area where my Mom’s friends were since they would play lousy music on the radio she brought out and their housewife talk drove me nuts. However, that day I spent the next couple of hours finding reasons to hang out in the area with my Mom and her friends to see more of Miss Ginny. The cocktails were flowing after a couple of hours and I could tell they were all getting a little d***k because the music was getting louder and so were the conversations. I slipped in and out of the pool to keep cool on a hot day and kept my eye on Miss Ginny. The other ladies, including Miss Ginny, did the same and it was particularly nice when Miss Ginny finally got in and got her bikini top wet. The fabric for her top and bottom seemed to be thin and her nipples showed right thru the fabric and I could kind of see the outline of her areoles. These babies were huge and I was beginning to get a stiff cock. Also, when she stood up outside the water, I could see the outline of her bush down at her crotch area. Just then, I decided to make a trip back inside to the bathroom where Miss Ginny changed into her bathing suit so I could check out her panties and bra. Once inside, I found the small bag she brought in that had her swim suit in it and I opened it up. There they were, nice pink nylon panties with a little lace on the sides. The bra was a typical white bra with three big claps on the back. I put the panties to my nose and smelled, they had a little perfume smell, and I was excited. My cock was already semi-hard from the pool but now I was at full attention. I gently licked the crotch area and rubbed them on my hard cock. They felt so soft and good. I knew it was time to finish jerking off and get back out to the pool. I held her panties in one hand and smell them while thinking of her and how I wanted to suck her tits and lick her pussy. Oh, how I imagined she would ask me to lick her pussy as my jerking off caused me to shoot my load. As I was cleaning up, I heard a knock at the bathroom door. I quickly put Miss Ginny’s panties back into her bag and I opened he door and found Miss Ginny standing in front of me. “Sorry, I did not know how long you would be in there and I have had way too much to drink”. Man I was lucky, a couple of seconds earlier and I would have been in the middle jerking off with her panties in my hand. I know the look on my face said something was up but I tried to just laugh a little and I said “it is all yours” as I stepped out.

A little while later my Mom’s gathering broke up and the housewives all began saying good bye and going back into the house to change. Miss. Ginny went inside with the other women and I decided to layout on the raft. So I changed the radio station to something I liked and jumped in. Man, it was long day. I lay out on the raft and started to think of Miss Ginny. How nice it was seeing her nipples and how much I wanted to burry my face in her pussy. My cock was hard again in seconds as I lay there on the raft with my eyes closed just floating around. After a little bit, I heard some voices and my Mom calling out telling me she had to take my s****r down the street along with something else that I could not make out but the last thing I heard was she would be back soon. Whatever! I was now alone with my thoughts of Miss Ginny. Just a couple of seconds later I felt something on the middle of my chest and I opened my eyes to see Miss. Ginny sitting on the side of the pool with her foot and her big toe pointing on my chest. She traced her toe down my chest to the top of my jean shorts were my cock was so hard from thinking about her that the top of the head was sitting right at the top of my shorts. “ Looks like we are alone for a while”, she said. She then swiped her toe across the top of my shorts and my cock head at the same. Whoa, the next thing I knew I was falling off the raft and into the cool water. Let me tell you that will soften you up. When I came back up to the surface, Miss Ginny was sliding in to the pool and she came towards me. Laughing about me losing my balance and going under she said “ do you need me to save you?”. “Well no.” “I just thought no one was home and I was surprised when you put your foot on me”. “I was going to leave but your Mom invited me to stay for dinner. She said she had to drop your s****r off down the street and that I should hang out with you by the pool. I heard her yell out to you. didn’t you hear her?” “Sort of.” “Sorry if I startled you” , she said as she came closer. “I told your Mom that I had a great day hanging out by the pool. If she didn’t mind while she was gone I would go back down to the pool and lay in a chair.” “She told me to go ahead and that you would not mind keeping me company while she took your s****r. “She said she would be about an hour dropping off your s****r since the women at your s****r’s friend’s house would talk her ear off.” I said, “yeah, that’s Ms. Kelly, she likes to talk, could be two hours” and I made a funny face. Miss Ginny then scooted up against me and turned her back to me and then rubbed the side of her hip and ass against my the front of my shorts and said in a quiet voice, “ what were you thinking about while your were laying on the raft?”. Then she laughed and stole the raft from me and jumped on it. While she was getting situated on the raft I swam under her and lifted up the raft. She went over and under and I began to laugh. “Thought you could steal my raft, huh?” She came back up right next to me and we began to wrestle for the raft. My cock at this point was back to being rock hard and sitting at the top of my shorts. She grabbed around my waist and tried to tackle me and I reached around her shoulders and tried to turn her and throw her off when I caught her left tit and bikini top as we both went under. I quickly gave her tit a little squeeze. I was think how big, firm, yet soft it felt and trying to look thru the bubbles to see if I was successful at pulling down the top. When I got my head back up to the surface I found that I was successful at pulling off the left side of her bikini top. She was already up and trying to fix the strap that had broken. I could see the white skin around the tit where she had not gotten any sun and a portion of her dark areola as she fumbled to cover her tit, “Look what you did”, she said with a smile. “Sorry, you were trying to tackle me and it just happened”. “ Did you enjoy your feel?”, she said kind of laughing as she was coming closer. “Ugh what do you mean”? She then went down in the water up to her neck and slid off the other strap. I now had both tits right in front of me under the water and I dropped down to my neck in the water. She took my left hand and put it on her right tit and said, “ here is what I think you were searching for”. She then swung around with her back to me holding my hand on her one tit and pushed her ass up against my hard cock. “Hum, that feels good” as she pushed a little harder and rubbed her ass slowly up and down against my hard on. I could not believe what was happening, but I felt compelled to reached around with my other hand and began to massage both her tits at the same time while she was grinding up against my crotch. Her nipples were very hard and her areolas were puffy. Her tits were firm but soft but did not jut out too much because of their size. I continued to massage them for a couple of minutes while she was still grinding on me. Then, we stayed close with each other and moved toward the corner of the pool when she turned around and said “I want to see that thing that has been poking me in the ass”. She then reached down at the top of my shorts to undue the button and while she was trying to undue the button on my shorts she was touching the head of my cock. I could not believe this, I had been thinking about this women all day and now I have her tits in my hands and she is taking my cock out!! She got my shorts undone and unzipped them and my cock sprang out like it was released from jail. Now, I do not have a big cock, I am 6” or so hard but I never have had any complaints. She looked down at my cock and said, “nice poker, may I?” as she wrapped her hands around it. She was not really waiting for an answer and I just nodded. All the while I was still playing with her tits. She stroked my cock from the bottom up and I could see some of my pre-cum pop out of the head and get mixed in with the water and she saw it too. “Oh my, I think you are ready but let’s rock the boat a little bit more”. I had no idea what she was talking about “ rocking the boat”. I was about to cum in her hand but she pressed forward with her hand still massaging my cock and her other hand around my back and began to suck on my nipples. I never had anyone suck my nipples. She would suck on each one and then press her tongue hard and swirl it against them. I wanted to return the favor but now I could not get to her tits at the same time. I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her forward as I enjoyed this new sensation of my nipples getting sucked and nibbled on. She then leaned up and gave me a great kiss darting her tongue in and out of my mouth and deep down my throat. When we finished our kiss, I then moved her back a little and up above the water and moved in to suck on her tits. I could now see how big her areolas were; they were very puffy, dark pink, and bigger than a half dollar. Her nipples were very hard and she pulled my head toward her chest as I began to work her nipple around with my tongue. I copied the technique she had performed on me with a little licking and then some sucking and a little biting on the top of the nipple. This drove her wild as she was moving her head side to side, back and forth all the while grinding her pussy still in her bikini bottoms on my upper thigh. She was back to having her one hand high on my cock, rubbing the head with her thumb. Man, that was also new sensation and I was ready spurt any moment when she slowed down. “Does that feel better when I do it or when you do it?” Whoa, she knows I jerk off. Back in 1977 jerking off was not discussed. I started to say, “what do you mean, I do not jerk off”. She said “shh” and bent forward and stepped out of her bikini bottoms and put them on the side of the pool. I was in heaven. I could see the hair above her pussy under water and I reached forward and she caught my hand and guided it toward her pussy lips. She placed it at the top of her pussy right on her clit and moved my hand in a up and down rubbing motion and then turned around again. I reached back around her and followed her suggestion. We were still in the corner of the pool and with my arm around her I continued rubbing her pussy clit while she drop one of her hands down and I could feel her next to mine going in and out of her pussy. I reached up and grabbed her tit with my left hand while I stroked her clit and she continued to finger herself. I could tell she had at least two fingers going in and out and throughout her moaning she kept saying “don’t stop, that feels good”. I began to pinch her nipple and her rocking became faster and her breathing missed a beat. She stopped working her fingers in and out and grabbed my hand on her tit and pushed the other one on her clit hard up against her she then arched her back and I knew she was cumming. Her whole body shook but it only last for a few seconds. I had never experienced anything like this before and kept massaging her tits. In all of the excitement, I forgot about myself but now I was ready to spew my load. She turned around and said, “that was fantastic, your Mom said you were a good boy but I had no idea you were this good”. I was afraid to tell her it was my first time so I said, “you are fantastic yourself”. She then leaned up against me reached down and grabbed by swollen balls and began to massage them. No way this was going to last much longer I was going to shoot my load. She leaned in and gave me another long tongue kiss. Then, she turned around and bent over slightly with her ass up and reached back for my cock. She positioned it right in front of her pussy and I pushed as she guided me in. She was well lubricated and I slid right in. “Oh, that feels great, don’t stop!” There was this warm sensation around my cock and it felt like she was milking my cock. I began to thrust my hips forward with my hands on her waist. She was grabbing her tits and pulling at them. It was not long after we got going and she was arching her head up and began to reach down to her pussy and I could tell she was rubbing her clit while she was cumming again but I was also cumming. I could feel my cock shooting more cum than I ever had at that point even though I had jerked off an hour or so before. She reached around and grabbed the sides of my ass and pulled me into her ass hard. “Phew, that was great! I loved that”, I said. She turned around and gave me another big kiss. “ Boy I thought today would be just a boring day sitting by the pool and chatting with all the housewives. I need to come over more often for these uplifting chats”, she said with a smile. She then went over to the side of the pool and put her bikini bottoms back on and reminded me that my Mom would be coming home soon. We never even took her top off completely so she slipped her arm under the one strap and pulled it up and put her tit back in the cup. The other strap was broken and she pulled it up and held it together with her hand and got out of the pool. “See you back inside” she said as she ran back toward the house. I put my shorts back on and went back to the house.

Let me know if I should post the rest as a second part!

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My first lesbian sex (not true story)

Hi, my name is Chiara, I'm 22 brown hair, green eyes, nice little boobs with pink nipples. When I was only 17 I was with the most popular guy of highschool and of course he was captain of football team. Me I was cheerleader in this team that's how we've met, he defloured me one night in his car and it was good and every weekend we were together in his car or somewhere else but very far from our ciy because we were popular and well esteemed by community.
However this fairytale had a tragic end, we were at weekend and as usual we had our rendezvous point before leaving, but he was not here at time, I looked everywhere around, and for no reason I came back to college where I found him having sex with my best friend and also member of cheerleader squad. I was shocked and I was crying so hard, they saw me and of course they tried to explain what it was obvious, he was cheating on me. I finally took my car, and drove for a long time without goal. I finally arrived in a small town where no one knew me. However I didn't feel at peace because I had the feeling that someone was looking at me, and it was right. A very beautiful girl, 17 too, with blond hair and blue eyes, she had an athletic body with small boobs and no bra, I saw her hard nipples. She came to me, I went out of the car and she introduced herself to me, her name was Hannah she was the daughter of the local sheriff and she was alone because she was brand new here. I wasn't alone then. We went into a bar we drank and talked during a long time. And the night came out, I was going back to my car but Hannah told me "No it's late now, come with me to my house, you'll dinner with us and have some sl**p in my bedroom, okay?" I was not able to answer because she took my hand and brought into her house where her father and her lived. She introduced me to her father a sweet man with principles who accepted to give me a bed. After dinner, me and Hannah went to her bedroom, a real girly bedroom with posters, flowers and a lot of books. She told me she loved reading, because she hid in her world when she didn't feel good. We continued to speak til very late in night and of course we spoke about sex, she felt so sorry for me and her story was not cool too, her boyfriend cheated on her too but with another guy and for revenge she had sex with her boyfriend's s****r. During the story I was masturbating because it made me feel so horny. We switched off the light and I imagined the situation Hannah licking this girl's pussy and I imagined that girl was me, I had a wonderful orgasm and my panties were so wet. I was going to sl**p deeply when I felt Hannah's hand on my boobs, she kissed my lips so gentle, I felt so strange, so happy, finally this dream came true. Her right hand was on my boobs and her left hand was on my panties. I wanted to take them off but she told me to keep them because she loved wet and dirty panties. During this delicious moment I wanted to return the favor and my hands was on her panties very wet like mine and we came together so hard that we have spams several minutes. Finally we slept deeply, the following morning, I opened eyes and when I turned up right I recieved a sweet and wet kiss from my new lover friend. Her father was at station and we had all day for us. She went downstairs first and I followed her few seconds after. We took our breakfast face to face and I felt her foot on my panties I did the same to her till we came. When I was finishing my tea I was going upstairs but she blocked me the passaqe and she told me " You have to be naked now or I won't let you pass" I took off everything I had and she did the same. Finally she took my panties and put them on, and to see her with my dirty panties made me so horny we made love all morning and all afternoon, at the end of the day, we were sweaty and tired but happy to be together and she told me "Would you want to be my girlfriend? Yes of course, I answered and you would you want to be my girlfriend??" She answered yes and after that we kissed and had only this name "babe" We were in the bathroom when Hannah's father came back, he was quite surprised but happy to see me again, he asked Hannah if she wanted me to stay another night, she said yes of course. We spent this second night to have sex and we tried a position that I only knew with my boyfriend the sixty-nine position and it was a lot sexier with her.
Unfortunately morning after I really had to go back or my parents would be really worried, we gave each other a kiss and promised to each other to keep contact.
I'm 22 now and I'm still with Hannah she's my shining star and we live together and want to be married.
If you enjoyed this story as I enjoyed to write and imagine it, just let me your comments and maybe I'll write a new hot lesbian story ... Continue»
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Just me and Mr. XX together making love #2

His touch was always pleasing, never any pain in his movements. That is unless you wanted pain like Louise did sometimes! He slowly pumped his thumb in and out of my pussy fucking it as slowly and gently as he could do it! My hips were rocking on it now and my pussy was squeezing it as it entered my pussy all the way every 2 or 3 seconds. He was also rotating it around as it moved in and out! The feeling was sensational. I began to rock faster and faster until I wasn't able to speak any longer. I closed my eyes and let his hand please my body. My hips were pumping in unison with his hand movements and now I was arching up into it as my body had taken over and was moving me towards my first orgasm of the day. I felt his head against my chest and his lips cover my hard long nipples again! He kissed them and licked them with his devil tongue. His hand never stopped moving and my ass was lifting up off the bed to meet his insertions. His thumb was magic! He knew exactly when to push it in and when to rotate it around inside my hole. He kissed his way up my neck and as his hands and fingers made tender gently love to my pussy sending thrill after thrill around my entire body. It was like he could feel what I was feeling and knew exactly when to rub or push or pull his thumb around, in or out of my throbbing pussy. My pussy was so swollen now and al I could think of was orgasm! I needed to cum bad! And, he knew it from the motion of my body and the wetness of my pussy!
As he worked on my body with his hands, his voice spoke directly to my brain whispering exactly what I was yearning for. He said: "Cum for me Kathy! Cum on my hand baby! Cum for me!! Climax baby! It will feel so good!! Feel it baby! Yes, that's right!! Fuck my thumb baby. Fuck it back, Kathy! Cum baby! It will be so good baby! That's it pump your pussy against my hand baby! Faster! pump it faster for me!! Mummm that's it! You look so happy fucking my hand!! Cum for me sugar! Orgasm and you'll please me!" I cried out in pure desire from his soft words and I began to orgasm! Oh god did I orgasm!! My hands grabbed his hand and held it tight against my pussy as I squeezed it tight with my legs. My head was thrown back and my eyes were closed as I humped and humped my pussy up against his thick hard thumb not caring about anything else in the world. All I wanted to do was orgasm for him, and me!! I screamed out loud as I reached the peek of my climax! I yelled: "Oh God!! OH GOD MR. XX! Mr. XX !! Mr. XX! Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!" When I had finished I said: " Oh it's was a good one!! Oh god! I love you Mr. XX! I love you so much!! Mummmmm baby you make me feel so good!" I had almost passed out as I entered the dream world of orgasm just pumping my pussy against his magic fingers and hand!
Part #2
Later, much later, when I finally began to come back to earth, I sighed and with a low and hissing voice moaned out his name as I bit his ear. My ass and hips had come back on the bed! I relaxed my legs from around his hand but he didn't take it out from between my legs. He kissed me gently for a very long time as he held his hand against my soaking wet pussy. His thumb was still inside my pussy!. As he held me and slowly stroked my body, he asked me: "WOW!! Looked like you had a good one Kathy!! How was it? Did I please you Kathy? Is that why you came over here, so I could get you off baby? Good!! I'm glad you wanted me to be the one to give your beautiful young body pleasure! Was your orgasm good? Was it hard enough? Long enough for you? It sure looked like it! Are you satisfied baby?" I opened my eyes and said: "Oh yes! Oh god yes Mr. XX!! It was good! God it was so good. You do please me so much baby! I love your touch!! You please me so much! And I am satisfied for now Mr. XX but you know I always need you cock to finish me off completely!" I kissed him and he held me tight. When I recovered enough to really talk to him, I asked him: "So you want me to teach you today huh MR. XX?" He smiled and told me: "Sure Kath fair is fair. I have been teaching you for a few weeks and now I like you to show me what you have learned baby! You tell me what you want and I'll do it." I laughed and said: "Oh MR. XX!! I could never be your teacher! You are just to good." He smiled and said: "Well consider it a test then. You instruct me and see if you can pass what I have taught you." OK?" I smiled and told him: "OK! How do we start?" We got something to drink and he stood there with his big cock swaying and jumping up and down. I looked at him and sat up on the edge of bed.
I opened my legs wide and told him: "OK Mr. XX!! First thing you do is kneel on the floor and get between my legs. I want you to use your fingers first to locate my clit and rub it until I cum again!" He smiled and said: "Yes mama!" He moved between my legs and asked me to bend then at the knees. I did and he pushed them back positioning them so my thighs and ass were back and my pussy was staying open for him to work on. God he knew what he was doing!! He took his left hand and opened my cunt lips wider, exposing all of my pink insides. He smiled at me, and took his finger and touched my clit directly. I jumped like an electric shock hit me! He laughed and told me: "Well you'll have to hold still K!" I laughed as we got back into the same position. He opened my pussy lips again and took the skin around the top of my pussy and pulled it up and then out on both sides making my clit stand up completely out and open. He took his tongue and licked over the hard round bud. He rubbed all around it and then quickly glided his finger over it making me lift my ass up off the bed! Each time he touched it directly, I elevated my ass to meet his touch. I moaned as he pushed against it and held his finger directly on it. He began rotating his finger around it very gently in tight little circles. He went faster and faster and I moaned out: "Mummmmm Mr. XX!!! You do know how to please my clit!!" He let his finger relax as I told him: "Now here's what I want you to do next. You know how I like you to touch me there. Right? Well I want you to touch it just right, so that I'll receive the maximum excitement you can generate for my body. I want you to make me climax baby! I want you to make me orgasm with just your one finger and its touch just like you did a few minutes ago. Can you do me again?" He smiled at me and moved his fingers around the inside of my pussy as he said: "Well you have to tell me when I hit it just right baby! OK? You say when!" And Mr. XX began to touch my clit with different motions and pressures. But when he touched me about the third time in, it was heaven. I arched my back and lifted my ass high up off the bed screaming out: "Right there!!! Oh yes! THER!! OH Mr. XX!! Oh yes!! That's it!! Faster! Faster baby! Yes OH fuck yes!! Mummm!! Faster! Rub it faster! YES!!"

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My First Masturbation to Porn – A True Story

My first masturbation to porn happened with the September 1977 issue of Penthouse magazine, and this is my true story. A year before, in 1976 during summer break from school, my friend Bob introduced me to porn. He was taking care of a neighbor’s pets while they were on vacation, so he had access to their home. He had found a huge pile of old Playboy magazines in their garage. One day, he took me over there to show me the magazines.

We flipped through them without saying a word. My heart raced and my dick grew. I had never seen such gorgeous girls in such slutty poses! I had a huge boner which I was hoping he wouldn’t see. Trying to hide my big erect cock in my pants, I went home and masturbated like crazy to the porn images I had seen.

Shortly after that, we moved to a new town, but the memory of those hot magazines and pictures of slutty beautiful women stayed with me, and I wanted more! At my new home, I noticed that in our large grocery store near my house there was a big camera and magazine section, inside the store, but in a separate area. In my frequent trips to buy film there I noticed that they had lots of porn magazines behind the counter. Playboy, Penthouse, Oui, Gallery and many more were there, but you had to ask for them. I was far too shy and afraid of the counter ladies to ask for one. They looked about the same age as my mom and I was worried they would be disproving, or worse, would tell my mom!

But after seeing all that hot porn behind the counter, I would stroke my really erect and hard cock thinking about that porn! I knew I had to buy one of those magazines to masturbate with. The idea grew and the desire got stronger as the months went by. During the summer of 1977 my f****y took a two week trip out of town. I had to stay home because I had a part time job. This was my perfect opportunity! If I could just buy one of those magazines I could masturbate non stop for days and days in my empty house!

Working up the nerve, I road my bike to the store. My cock was hard and I had to hide it by having my hands in my pants pockets as I walked into the magazine and film section. But once there, I became too nervous to walk up to the counter. I pretended to look at the cameras and other items for sale. Families came and went, buying film or other items at the counter. I just couldn’t buy porn with people behind or in front of me at the counter! I waited for the counter to be empty of customers. Time went by, and more time, and even more time! After spending a long long time waiting for an opportunity when nobody would be at the counter, my time finally came! The counter was empty of customers, and there was just a little old lady working behind the counter.

I walked up to the counter, my heart racing, but I was so nervous! But as she walked up to me I lost my nerve! It was like trying to buy porn from my grandmother!

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“Umm, yes.” I stammered. I chickened out.

“I’d like to buy a roll of film please.”

After paying for my absolutely un-needed film and being completely humiliated at my failure I slowly peddled my bike back to my house.

But, the idea of masturbating to images of sexy women only grew stronger. I masturbated that night, naked in bed, spreading oil on my cock and balls. I stroked my cock up and down, pumping it hard as I imaged buying that porn and looking at it. I had a huge orgasm thinking about buying that porn at the store.

The next day, I once again screwed up my courage and peddled back to the store. My cock was hard entering the store, but quickly softened. There was a man and woman working behind the counter. Again I pretended to be interested in other items, and again I had to wait for various people to buy things from the counter. After half an hour of pretending to shop, the woman behind the counter came around to me, probably suspicious that I was up to something due to how long I was standing around looking.
“Can I help you young man?” She asked.

“Uhhh, no thank you!” I stuttered to her. “Just looking.”

“I see,” she said. “Well if you need anything just let me know.” She walked back to the counter.

Again my heart was racing, and again I felt the lack of courage and humiliation rising up in me. I was on the verge of chickening out again, but felt such a strong desire to buy a magazine of porn! And then suddenly, the counter became briefly empty of customers and I realized it was now or never if I was going to get that porn!

My heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I walked up to the counter, it seemed like a mile away. I felt like everyone in the store was looking at me! At the counter, the woman came up to me again.

“Can I help you young man?” She asked again.

“Yes” I managed to croak out of my suddenly dry mouth, I felt like I was about to pass out. My face was hot feeling, my hear racing, I’m sure I was blushing.

I looked at the magazines behind the counter, trying to determine which one would have the most slutty porn for me to feast my eyes on and masturbate my hard cock to.

“Ummm, a Pent - Penthouse magazine p-please.” I managed to stutter to her.

A frown briefly touched her face, but without a word she turned, reached down to a Penthouse magazine in the rack, which was covered in a plastic bag, and handed it to me.

“Anything else?” She asked.

“No thank, thank you.” I stammered.

My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out right there. I paid for my porn, she put the magazine in a paper bag and handed it to me. VICTORY! I was excited beyond belief!

Without another word I instantly turned and trying not to run, headed for the exit as fast as I could. I had done it! I was so excited! I had bought my first porn magazine! My cock was rock hard again and I wanted so bad to touch it!

I peddled my back the fastest I think I had ever peddled it and ran into my bedroom, my porn magazine still in the bag. I took off my clothes, spread a towel on the bed, put baby oil on my cock, and then very slowly pulled my treasure out of the paper bag.

I stroked my rock hard and slippery cock as I pealed the plastic bag away from the Sept 1977 issue of Penthouse magazine and brought it out. I slid my hand up and down my cock’s slippery hardness while looking at the cover photo, which was of a shapely nude woman, her lower half hidden by a sexy pair of panties, her naked belly and bottoms of her big breasts showing from underneath the closed blinds of a window, her eyes peaking out from the parted blinds above.

I opened the magazine, hoping for porn, and was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams. There were pages and pages of the hottest stories and images I had ever seen. I stroked my slick, hard cock as I read each story, looked at each photo spread. I could only stroke through a few pages before the urge to shoot my hot, sticky, white cum overwhelmed me. I shot a huge load all over the towel, making sure I didn’t get any on my precious porn magazine.

Each night thereafter, and multiple times during the day, I would get naked, lie on my bed, view the pages and pages of porn and cum hard. The biggest orgasms however were always at the pet of the month.

She was a very sexy Asian woman with big tits and an amazing cunt, which she displayed as she masturbated with oil, her fingers playing with her clit and appearing to be slightly entering her cunt. I probably had 100 major orgasms just with her spread, and it took me a long time before I could masturbate past her spread to the rest of the magazine. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was learning the fine art of edging, something I can do now for hours on end!

Eventually, I masturbated my way through the whole magazine and got the urge for more Penthouse magazine porn. I ended up visiting that store many more times over the months. For the next two years, especially after I got my driver’s license and could drive myself to the mall book store, I bought each month’s issue of Penthouse, and eventually tried Chic, Hustler and a few others. Late in 1978 I got my first girlfriend, and after that I didn’t need to buy magazine porn anymore!

I guess to this day I still am hooked on that feeling of nerves because even though I don’t need the magazines anymore (thanks xhamster!), I’ll still from time to time venture to my local adult book store. Just to feel that nervous sexual energy of forbidden fruit!

Interestingly, I just recently found on the internet pictures of the cover of that magazine, and the actual photos of that hot Asian woman that I used to cum to over and over again. I’m putting them in my photos section for you to see. And you know what? The funny thing is I masturbated over them again today and once again she brought me off! Damn, porn is wonderful!

What about you? When was the first time you masturbated to porn? Leave a comment!

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Me and Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones lived in an apartment up stairs from us in Chicago. He was about 50, tall, skinny, and balding, not any ones idea of a sex symbol. I don’t know how I got started in all this, well, actually I do, I am a bad, greedy girl. My Daddy died in an accident a few years ago, and my Mommy and I have been living frugally on the insurance. It just ran out, and sometimes I go to bed at night crying and hungry. Mommy cries too, and is out on the street all day looking for work, and begging. She wants me to beg also, but I just can’t. I would rather go hungry.
One evening, Mr. Jones knocked on our door, and talked to Mommy about the fact that he couldn’t get around very good any more, and was feeling weak, due to his emphysema, and asked if I could help him out by cleaning and cooking around his apartment during the day, and he would feed me, and give us 20 dollars a day. She lit up like a Christmas tree, and in fact,it was Christmas for us. He said he would advance us 2 days work, and since it was summer break, I could start the next morning.
I went to bed excited, and with a full stomach for the first time in a while, as Mommy had made spaghetti. I was coming up on twel-e years old in a few days, and didn’t expect much, but, that’s life. I was about 4ft. 10 inches, and weighed 80 lbs, with pretty legs, narrow, kind of boyish hips still, and pretty nice sized boobs, like an orange, with pink nipples. I had short blond hair, including the fuzz around my pussy, and blue eyes, not bad looking if I do say so myself. I had never been kissed, but I figured I still had a long time ahead of me.
I showed up the next morning at 9 am, and Mr. Jones opened the door wearing an old house coat and slippers. He shuffled over to his big easy chair, and reclined it, and said to start in the kitchen, then clean in the living room. He seemed kind of more feeble now than before, I guess it was because he couldn’t breathe good, I felt sorry for him. When I finished in the kitchen, he asked me if I would run a tub of hot water for him, and I did. When it was ready, he then asked me if I would help him in to the bath tub. I felt kind of funny about it, but he said not to worry, he was a feeble old man, and to think of him as an uncle. When we got to the tub, he took off his robe, and I was embarrassed, because, he had his back to me, and was about 6ft. 4 inches tall, and I could see his skinny butt and ribs sticking out, and I thought, Wow, he really is sick. When he turned around, I know my jaw just dropped, becauseI had never seen anything like this He had a tremendously long cock hanging down almost to his knee. I remember seeing my Dad one time in the bathroom, but it wasn’t anything like this. This was as long as my forearm, and bigger around. He saw me looking at it and said, don’t be afraid, it doesn’t work very good anymore, and smiled. I was wearing white shorts and a pink tube top, and he said I sure looked cute in that outfit. He told me to step closer so he could put his arm around me, and I did, he slowly lifted one leg and stepped into the tub, and with my help, slowly sat down in the foot deep water. He told me he was lonely, because he couldn’t get out of the house much and had no one to talk to. He just slowly eased back, and said how good it felt, and that he was warming up. I sat on the toilet seat, and started getting over my embarrassment, and he asked me about myself, did I like school, did I have a boyfriend, what kind of music did I like, and things like that, and I relaxed even more. I couldn’t help but keep sneaking looks at his big thing floating beneath the surface like an alligator, and he noticed me looking and smiled and said it is a trouser trout, and I giggled. He then asked me if I would soap up his back, as he wasn’t very flexible, and couldn’t reach most of it. I said sure, and took a wash cloth, and soaped it up, and proceeded to tentatively make small circles on his shoulders, he said don’t be shy, that I have already seen him naked, and he didn’t have any secrets from me, and didn’t want to have any. I relaxed a little and started making larger circles, and he said it felt so good to have the touch of another human, as he couldn’t remember the last time he touched someone, or someone touched him.
He then asked me if I could keep a secret. I said of course I could, and he told me that he had been admiring me for a long time, and watched me growing up, and dreamed about me. Can you imagine, a grown man dreaming about me. I was really flattered, and blushed, and thanked him. He said when he dreamed about me, sometimes his co-k got of hard, and shot stuff out of the end. He said look what you do to me, and I looked down, and his c—ck had started to lift up its’ head. It would break the surface, and go back under, and I giggled. He said he was doing that, and I asked him how. He said he tightens his muscles down there, and it moves. He said I could do the same thing in my little pussy, and I was embarrassed to hear him say that word, but he said not to be, it was just natural, and we were all Gods’ c***dren and the same. We might be the same, but I doubt if all men were like him. I screwed up enough courage to ask him if all men were equipped like he, and he laughed, and said, no, that when he was in the service, he never saw a white or black man with a cock as big as his, but he never found many women who could take it. I asked what do you mean take it? He said in their pussies or mouth. I was flabbergasted, I couldn’t imagine that thing inside of either of my holes, and it wasn’t even hard yet. He asked if I would turn on a little hot water, and as I reached for it, he kind of goosed me, I jumped, and he said, just checking your oil, and laughed I said he shouldn’t do that.
He said to watch his cock, that he was going to make it come out of the water. I asked him how, and he said by thinking about me. I asked what was he going to think, and he said he was going to think that I was his special girlfriend and that he was my sugar daddy. I asked what is a sugar daddy, and he said it was an older man like him, that had a young friend that he could buy things for, like jewelry, clothes, give them money, and anything they wanted. I said, wow, that would be great, but what would my Momma say. He said she didn’t have to know everything, didn’t I say that I could I keep a secret? I said why sure, I guess. He said then watch, and his thing slowly started to rise up out of the water, getting longer, and kind of pulsing, or throbbing, with little up and down jerks. It was sticking almost a foot out of the water, almost straight up in the air, with a whole lot still under the water. Its’ head was dark purple, and the size of my fist. I looked at my fist and then at his co-k. I asked what was he thinking about, and he said he was thinking that I let him see my litle titties, and that he had given me 20 dollars of my own. I said I couldn’t do that, and he said no, he knew, that he was just wishing that. He said he didn’t have a lot more years to live, and that he wanted to have some good memories to last him, and that I was the sweetest thing he had ever seen. He said that if I would pull down my tube top, that he would give me the 20 dollars right now, and let me touch his penis. I said, let me touch your penis, why would you think that I would want to do that? He said that he knew that deep down inside, that I did, that all girls did, that they had never seen something like this, and they never would again. I said, OK, just a quick peek, and snatched my top up then back down real fast, and laughed. He said you little tease, I wasn’t ready, do it again, better yet, just take the top off. I said no way, and he reached over and pulled me into the water and splashed me all over. I fought him and got away, but when I stood up, he laughed, and said, look, you are all wet. You might as well take all your clothes off. I said no, I couldn’t do that. He reached up on the table by him, and opened his wallet, and took out a 50 dollar bill. He said here, take it, it’s yours. I just looked at it, I had never seen so much money in my life. He said, please, take it, that he just wanted to make my life better, and give me all the things that I had never had. I started crying, and said nobody has ever cared about me like that, and he said that my mother loved me, and so did he. I slowly pulled my top over my head, exposing my hard little titties, with their nipples like strawberry gum drops. He said, OMG, what a beauty I was. I looked down, and his thing was jumping like it was alive.
I then lowered my shorts, and stood there in my wet cotton panties, and he said I looked so cute and innocent, he could just die. He said to take them off, and I did, and took them from me, and smelled the crotch, and put it in his mouth. I said ewww, and he said, no honey, you smell like a beautiful, clean woman, and that there is nothing wrong with this. I kind of felt proud that he said I was a woman. He said help me up, and I bent over, and he put an arm around my neck, and pulled me close, and stood up, hugging me to his body. His he was so tall, and I was so short that his upright thing was standing up between my titties, and almost reached my chin. It felt so hot, and hard and soft at the same time. He asked if I sang Karaoke, and I said I would like to, and he said sing into the microphone, meaning his cock. I laughed, and seemed to get used to him being so close. He stepped out of the tub, and asked me to dry him off with a big fluffy towel. I started with his shoulders and back, and when I reached his butt, he said don’t be shy, and bent over, and I ran the towel through his butt crack, and I felt a warm funny feeling in my stomach, and a wetness in my little pussy. I thought I was peeing on myself. He said dry it good, and I did. I then did his legs, and I looked up and saw his huge balls hanging there, like a couple of apples in a wrinkly old sack. I reached up and poked them, and he jumped, and I laughed. He then turned around, and I had to stand on tippy toe to reach his face and upper body, and my chest was rubbing all over his cock, when all of a sudden it started spurting rivers of creamy white stuff, like in ribbons of lotion or something. Some of it landed on my lips, and without thinking, I licked them, and it tasted kind of salty sweet, not really bad, and he said that he was sorry, I was just so sexy standing there and touching him, he couldn’t help himself. He reached down and scooped his stuff off of my face, and licked his fingers, then put them in my mouth and told me to suck them, and I did. It felt pretty strange, but I really got wet then. I dried his chest, and couldn’t avoid that big thing staring at me with its one eye, like an angry snake. He said go ahead and dry it too, it won’t bite you, it might spit at you, but it won’t bite. I wrapped the towel around it so I couldn’t see it, and it had started to fall down some, but when I touched it, it started to come back up. A strange feeling of power and satisfaction came over me to think that I was attractive to a grownup. I dried it off with both hands, and then lifted up his nut sack, and dried them, I was surprised at how heavy they were. He said that’s where all the babies come from, that white stuff was sperm, and it was good and healthy to drink, and that it made a womans’ breasts grow faster, and it was great as a face cream, because it was pure protein. I said wow, imagine that. He said let’s go into the living room. He leaned on me as we walked to the couch, and then sat down, and pulled me down on his lap. I said that we shouldn’t be doing this, and changing the subject, he asked why not, aren’t I your sugar daddy? I gave you 70 dollars. I bet you have never had so much money at one time in your life have you. I said no sir, I sure haven’t. He even said that I could leave it hidden here, along with all the other nice stuff that he was going to buy me. I just forgot that I was sitting on his lap, and asked what kind of stuff. He said anything that I wanted, if he could afford it, he would get it for me, as long as I kept coming to see him, and was his baby.
Meanwhile, I was sitting on one of his thighs sideways, and he lifted me up and sat me in his lap, with his cock sticking up between my legs. I looked down, and said, look, I have a big dick between my legs, he just laughed, and said, yes, you sure do honey. It was so long, it came all the way up past my bellybutton. He said just lean back, close my eyes, and relax, and let him give me a passage. I leaned my head back on his right shoulder, and closed my eyes, and felt dreamy. I kind of started rubbing my little clitty up and down it, and he said, go ahead, it’s alright. He started caressing the sides of my face, then my eyes, and lips, and put a finger in my mouth and told me to suck it.
With his other hand, he caressed my neck, and throat, and upper chest. I was thinking, when is he going to touch my boobs? He took his wet finger out of my mouth that I had been sucking on, and started tracing circles around the outsides of my bre-sts, making ever smaller circles, until he finally reached my nipples. When he touched them for the first time, I felt this rush come over me, and an incredible feeling in my whole body, and just swooned. I must have been out for just a few seconds, because he was still massaging my breasts and when I came to he put his hands under my little butt cheeks, and started lifting my up and down, sliding his cock through my legs, and rubbing it against my clitty, and it felt incredible, I said don’t stop, he laughed, and said that I was a hot little pussy, and that he wouldn’t stop for the end of the world. He then started stroking my stomach, making circles, and getting lower and lower each circle, I was starting to pant like a dog. He said to put my hands around his cock, and play with it. I was ready for that, because it had been staring me in the face for a long time. He said that it felt so good to have my little hands on his cock and that he was in heaven. He asked me how many hands ne was, and I started from the bottom and put my hands over each other 5 times, and the head was still sticking out. It made me feel good to know that I was making him happy, because I was thinking about all the things I was going to buy with the money he had given me. He said that he didn’t want to scare me and go too fast, because we had a long summer ahead of us. He asked me how did I like the taste of his c-m? I said it wasn’t bad. He asked me if I liked whipped cream, and I said of course I do. He told me to go look in the fridge and bring him the can. I jumped up and bounced perkily to the kitchen feeling his eyes on my butt, and turned around and smiled at him, and stuck my butt and tongue out at him. I felt great. I came back and gave him the can, and he sprayed some on the head of his still stiff cock. It looked so funny, I laughed, and he said to lick it off. I bent over by his side and took my first lick, and it was heavenly, then I licked some more, and felt his cock head, and that was cool too. He said to see if I could get the head in my mouth. I licked all the cream off, and then opened my jaws as wide as I could, and f***ed it past my teeth, and the head was in. I felt like I was choking. He said to take my time, and I would get used to it. As I was bent over sucking him, he put his hand between my legs and started feeling my pussy. He ran his fingers from the little nub up front, all the way back to my butt hole. He pushed against my hole, and I jumped, and he said he was just testing the waters. He then told me to take both my hands and start moving them up and down his cock, and when he came, if I could keep all the cum in my mouth, he would give me another 30 dollars, for a total of 100 dollars. I just mumbled yes, and nodded my head and kept on sucking, not believing my luck. He took his fingers out of my pussy and put them in his mouth, and then put his middle finger in my pussy, a little bit at a time, in and out, until he had about half of it in, when it wouldn’t go any further, and I kind of grunted from the uncomfortable feeling. He said that was far enough for today, and then started rubbing his thumb around my butt hole, and started putting pressure on it, and it would slip in a little bit, then he would pull it out. He kept repeating this until, it finally passed my sphincter muscle with a pop, and it felt better. He then put his finger back in my pussy, and said that he had me in the bowling ball grip. I thought that was funny, and almost choked, but never stopped sucking, with visions of a hundred dollar bill floating in my head.
He told me to jack my hands up and down as fast and as hard as I could, like I was trying to tear his cock off, and I did, as he started pulling me around by my two holes. He cried, here it comes, and I felt his already huge cock swell in my hands, and pulse, then it felt like a fire hose was turned on in my mouth as squirt after squirt of jism filled my mouth and throat, until I was swallowing his spunk as fast as I could. It just kept coming, and coming until finally it was slowing down, and he told me to keep the last mouthful, and pulled me up, and kissed me and sucked his jism into his mouth and swallowed it. He then tsmacked me on the ass and told me to get dressed, and he would see me tomorrow at 9, and remember to not say anything to anyone. That will be Part 2.
... Continue»
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Me And The s****r-in-law

Well Its Billy again and here's another true story!!

As i stated in my last story i thought my gf s*s was hot but she was young at the time like

15. but 3 yrs later..... Me and my wife had just moved to another place and her mom had moved

back to Fl. and her dad is an ASSHOLE!! so her s****r came to stay with us at our new place

On the Thrid day my wife had left for work,i work second shift so i was snoozing . i heard the

shower on and didnt realize what time it was and kinda thought it was My wife so i nodded back

off then a few minutes later i felt someone get in the bed and scoot up to me half asl**p i didnt

think about it, then i felt a hand on my cock and i muttered if you make it hard you gotta fix it

then i felt lips on my prick and just laid there enjoying it and a few minutes later i heard Amy say

time for you to eat my pussy i jumped up and ask her what she was doing and she laughed and

said fucking my b*****r -in-law lol. i told her we could not do this and she pulled the covers back

to reveal her naked body and DAMN fine looking pussy and said you cant resist! i just laid back

lost in thought when she started back blowing me and then turned and got on top of me and

lowered her cunt in my face, all i could do was what i do best ATE THAT PUSSY! about ten

minutes later she came and said now fuck my cunt with that long hard thick cock and she laid

down with her legs spread wide rubbing herself so i slid it in and started pumping her and she

said OH NO YOUR GONNA FUCK ME HARD and i started slamming it and she was screaming

for me to go faster and harder so i did she came about four times soaking my cock each time

then she got up and got on top and bounced on my prick like i was a damn trampoline and i

told her i was gonna cum so she got off and deepthroated my cock til i shot my load deep in her

throat! i was amazed that she did not gag or choke when we were done she looked at me and

smiled and said she was glad her s****r found a guy like me and she wanted to do it again

when ever i wanted to! (next story will be here soon)
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Fingering a friends wife (true story)

This is the first time I've tried writing so please bear with me. This happened about ten years ago and it's a true story. I was in the military and stationed on a small base in "Nowhere USA" - it was more like a small town because there was really nothing near it. It was good for hunting and fishing but pretty boring otherwise - lots of gossip and nosey neighbors but not much else. The one good thing was the club on the base that we all used to go to on weekends to party and let off steam.

One weekend we were all there partying and drinking alot. There were several couples in our group and we all were hanging out and having a good time. As it started to get later - people started to get friendlier with alot of hugging and dancing. One of the girls named Deby asked me to dance - her husband was there but he was pretty d***k and wasn't paying any attention to her. She was cute, about 5'4" with brown curly hair, nice B cup tits, and a cute little ass that filled out her jeans nicely. The song was fast and I enjoyed watching her ass shake as she moved. She bumped into me a couple of times with her back to me and rubbed her ass against my cock, then she just looked back at me and smiled. I got the feeling she was interested in more but we were in the middle of the club and she had never done anything like that before so I wasn't sure how to react. I started to get hard but the dance ended before anything else could happen and we both drifted back into the party. After that, I really didn't think too much more about it.

Towards the end of the night when it got time to leave she ended up there alone. Her husband was passed out and somebody had poured him out the door and got him home at some point. My wife decided that I should walk Deby home to make sure she made it even though the club was only about 500 yards from our houses. I wanted to help out and it was pretty late - so off we went. Her house was right near mine and we took the quickest route which was through a small park behind my house. It was after 1 and really dark. As we started walking into the shadows under the tress she nuzzled up next to me. I was pretty d***k but my dick started to rise again once I smelled her perfume. I thought about our dance earlier, my dick was getting hard, and in my d***ken haze - I decided to go for it.

I pushed her into the shadow of a tree and leaned down to kiss her. Her lips quickly opened and our tongues met in a really hot kiss! It was like electricity shooting right from my lips to my cock which by now was hard as a rock. I wrapped my arms around her and started to squeeze her cute little ass - she started kissing me back hard and I could feel her getting hotter. As she leaned into the tree - I pulled my arms out and started to squeeze her tits through her top and bra. She started to moan and her hand slid down and grabbed my cock through my jeans - it fucking felt great!!

We were groping each other and kissing like teenagers and I couldn't help but slide my hand down to feel her pussy. I could feel the heat between her legs through her jeans and I knew I had to have more. I slid my hands into her pants and I could feel her hair first - then I moved lower and felt a very wet pussy. I started to rub her slit and she was moaning louder. Now keep in mind I could see my house from the park but I was too hot to care. I started to finger fuck her and got my hand in to her pussy as deep as her jeans would allow me to go. She started to moan and tell me how great if felt - I slid my hand up a little and started to grind her clit with my finger trying to get her to cum.

Quickly she started to hump my hand and she was breathing really hard. All at once the lights in my kitchen came on as my wife arrived home. With as dark as it had been the park lit up like a Christmas tree. She jumped in fright and started to pull away but I moved her into the shadows a little more and kept working her hot pussy and clit. I wanted to make her cum hard and there was no stopping now! I rubber her pussy faster and squeezed her ass hard enough that it had to leave a mark. I told her "Cum for me Baby - fuckin get off on my hand!" and it was just enough to push her over the edge.

She started to whisper "yes, yes,yes" in my ear and her ass started moving faster - fuck she was hot!! All at once her eyes flew open - she squeezed my cock and started to cum. I watched her face as she got off and it was something I will never forget - she looked so hot! She was clinging to me and holding my cock while she orgasmed on my fingers. After she finished cumming, I cupped her pussy in my hand and held her clit until her breathing returned to a semblance of normal. When she could completely stand again on her own I pulled my hand out of her pants. I licked her pussy juice off my fingers and told her she tasted fabulous. She just smiled and said she need to get home in case her husband woke up!

I walked her to the short distance to her door - gave her a hug goodnight and then walked home. I could smell her hot pussy the whole time and licked my fingers as I walked. When I got home my wife was passed out in the middle of the bed. I didn't know if she would wake up and be able to smell another chick's pussy on my hands so I decided to sl**p on the couch. I saw Deby the next day and many times after that. We never talked about it or acted like anything had happened. We transferred soon after and I never saw her again but the memory still gets me hot!! ... Continue»
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My Mom and My Dream Girl ( Not True Story)


My name is Will Chapman. I’m a 19-year-old college student, 5’8” and 160 lbs with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have always had trouble with girls my own age. It wasn’t that I was not good looking; it was because, despite being 19, I looked like I was 14. Whenever I went out with my friends, people we would meet often asked if I was someone’s little b*****r. Girls would always say that I was “cute” which would drive me absolutely insane. Needless to say I had trouble meeting my sexual needs.

I was going to a local community college and lived at home with my mom. We had lived alone together since I was 4 years old. She had basically raised me all by herself, and she was my role model. My parents were divorced when my dad broke the news that he had fathered a c***d with another woman. He stuck around town with his new wife until I was 8 and then left to move to Nashville. He’s been there ever since and rarely made contact with either my mom or me.

My mom really was my best friend and we would talk about absolutely anything together. We were extremely comfortable being around each other. Home was the one place where either one of us could say or do anything and not worry about being embarrassed or ashamed. We had conversations about my woman troubles and mom would always say that I just had to keep trying and I would be able to find my dream girl.

Chapter 1- Sara

One night I was out with my friends shopping at the local mall. We were wandering around aimlessly through the food court and then I saw her. Across the rows of chairs and tables was my perfect girl. She was a little under 5 feet tall and around 100 pounds, with beautiful dark brown hair with little streaks of red in it. She was just wearing a plain black t-shirt and loose fitting jeans but she was still stunning. Her boobs were amazing, not that big, a solid B cup, but were perky and set up perfectly on her chest. Her ass was absolutely perfect, big round and tight all at the same time. Her hips accentuated her entire body and just begged for someone to put their hands on them. She looked young, but I certainly thought that she was at least 17.

“Will! Hey, Will!” my friend Nick yelled.

I was startled. I hadn’t realized that I had been literally stopped in my tracks by this girl’s beauty. I must have been staring at her for a lot longer than I had realized because my group of friends were a good 200 feet ahead of me. I waved Nick off and turned to see what this goddess across the way was doing. She must have heard Nick’s call to me and had turned and was now looking right at me. I smiled and she blushed and gave me the cutest smile back. I knew that I had to walk over and talk to this girl.

“Hi, my name is Will” I said as I extended my hand out to her.

“Hey, I’m Sara” she replied as she nervously shook my hand.

“I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go somewhere to get something to eat with me” I stupidly asked not realizing that we currently standing in line at a food stand.

Now when I said that this girl was my perfect girl, I was not just referring to her looks. The way that she responded to my dumb question will always stick out as a main reason that I fell in love with this girl.

“I would love to, but do you know anywhere that we could go,” she said as she walked up to the window and ordered her dinner.

I laughed, really embarrassed, thinking that I had just blown my chance with the most beautiful girl that I ever had the guts to go talk to. I was so sure that she thought I was a moron. I was ready to just turn around to find my friends. I was completely caught off guard when Sara turned to me, twirling her hair around her finger, “So are you gonna pay, or is this gonna be one of those dates?”

I was simultaneously confused, embarrassed and excited. I mumbled incoherent words as I reached for my wallet. She smiled and grabbed her food and walked over to an empty table to sit down. I quickly ordered and joined her. We started talking and it was like we just clicked instantly. Her sense of humor and sarcasm was almost identical to mine and her personality really reminded me a lot of my mother’s. We talked for almost two hours about a variety of things until I realized that I had a problem. My friends that I had come with were nowhere to be found and I had no way to get back home. Sara realized that I was a little troubled by something, “What’s going on?”

“Oh it’s nothing bad. I just realized my friends that drove me here are gone and I have no way to get back to my house.”

“That's fine I have to go home right now anyway, you can just come with me.”

This girl just kept getting better. She was hot as hell, had a great personality, and she was willing to drive me home. I thought that there was nothing about this girl that wasn’t absolutely perfect, and then a mini van pulled up right in front of us. The woman driving was really hot. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She had brown hair, and looked like she was a smaller woman, from what I could tell from her sitting down, and her chest looked like it was irregularly large for her size and body type. As I looked closely at her she really looked a lot like Sara. For some reason as I was looking at her, I had that strange feeling that I had met her before, but I had no idea where from.

“Finally my mom’s here” I heard Sara say, which broke my complete focus on this woman in front of me. I heard her, but what she said did not completely register with me at first.

“Wait, that’s your mom?” I asked, slightly confused.


“Why is she here? Does she need you for something?” I said, completely not realizing what was going on.

“She’s here to pick us up, DUH. You said you needed a ride”

“I thought that you were going to drive home”

“How could I do that, I don’t even have a permit yet”

“What? How old are you?” I have no idea how the two-hour long conversation that we had earlier never touched on this subject.

“f******n. Why? How old are you?”

I still to this day am still not quite sure why I answered this question like this:

“Wow, I thought that you were older. I’m sixteen”

“So, lets go my mom is waiting”

She grabbed my hand and led me to her mom’s car. I was still a little baffled at how I had been talking to this girl for hours and never once even thought that she was only f******n years old. “Hello there cutie,” her mom said as I got in the car after Sara, “and who is this good looking young man, Sara?”

“Mom, this is Will. I met him here and he said he needed a ride home”

“I didn’t know my little girl could attract such a handsome young man,” her mom joked as Sara hit her on the arm laughing.

We drove for 10 more minutes making small talk and laughing the whole time. I realized that Sara had not only gotten her amazing looks from her mom, but had also inherited her personality. We pulled up to my house and I thanked Sara’s mom and I moved to get out of the car. “Well young lady you better walk this young man to his door. You better not let this one get away” Sara hit her mom on the arm again, clearly more embarrassed by this joke than the previous one, and moved to follow me out of the car. She slid her hand into mine as we walked up to my front door.

“Thanks for the ride home and the great night” I said as I got ready to open my door.


“Yeah, what’s wrong?” I asked as I noticed she was sad about something.

“Do you still like me even though I’m younger than you thought I was?”

“Sara, I like you even more now” I said as her face lit up and I bent down to hug her goodbye. I wasn’t sure why I had said that, because I was a little worried about what I was going to do after I had lied to her about my age. I was unsure if I could even continue to see a girl that was that much younger than I was. I think that I was just trying to make her feel better about herself and my response had simply just slipped out. She squeezed me tightly and as we broke apart she gave me a quick kiss that kind of caught off guard. She smiled and turned to walk away, but I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into a longer more passionate kiss. We were kissing for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a few seconds when her mom started honking her horn for Sara to come back to the car.

“Call me later” she said as she turned and skipped to mom’s car.

Chapter 2- Mom is HOT

I stepped into my house and I was surprised that my mom was not in the front room watching TV like normal. I walked towards my room to relieve some stress that Sara had just created, when I heard a strange noise coming from down the hall. It sounded like a low vibrating noise so I thought my mom’s phone was ringing in her room. I wasn’t sure if she was anywhere around, so I walked to her half open door and turned to walk in when I saw something that changed my life forever.

My mom was sprawled out on her bed in her robe that she always wore around the house. She was pumping a big purple vibrator out of her soaked vagina. I could hear the sounds of her wet cunt, as she violently pushed and pulled her plastic toy in and out of her. I knew that I should of just turned and walked away because it was my mom, but I couldn’t look away. My cock was already at attention after my interaction with Sara just two minutes earlier, but this sight gave me the worst erection I had ever had in my life. It hurt inside my pants and felt like I couldn’t move any direction or I would explode without even touching it. Then my mom let out a huge moan that made my cock jump. Her body started to convulse and I couldn't help but start to rub the lump in my pants. She fell back into her pillow, panting. I had never looked at my mom as a sexual being but this sight was the hottest thing that I had ever seen.

Now I had never thought of my mom as a hot woman, but that was just because she was my mom. She was indeed very attractive. At the time she was 42 years old, but she looked like she was maybe 32 and could pass for even younger. Standing at about 5 foot 1, with shoulder length blonde hair. She was in great shape for a woman of her body type and age. She weighed around 130 pounds and her breasts were absolutely unbelievable. She was a 38D and given the size of the rest of her frame her chest really stood out and begged to be fondled. As I began to really notice her body, her hips and ass quickly became my absolute favorite things about her. They both curved out from her slim midsection perfectly and accentuated her magnificent motherly figure. Her ass was huge, but was beautifully smooth, unlike most of the women her age, and went well with the rest of her body. Her hips provided a stark contrast to her smaller waist and could definitely be described as c***d baring hips. In short, she could definitely be the MILF to populate any man’s wet dream.

I knew that she could get up at any moment and find me staring at her, so I hurried to my own room and quickly pulled my cock out. Images of my mom and Sara were all I needed to explode in no time. I finished, cleaned up and went to go take a shower. I opened my door and my mom walked right up to me and hugged me tight pressing tits up against me and my still semi-hard cock into her, “Hey Will, how was your night at the mall?”

Normally I would have hugged her right back and talked to her for the next hour about my night and about what happened with Sara. However, what I just saw her doing, combined with fact that she was now pressing her sweaty, after-sex smelling, incredibly sexy body against me, she was giving me another erection. I had to pull away and say, “I’ll tell you once I get out of the shower”

“Oooo, I was just about to shower too, but then I heard your door and had to come to talk you. We should just shower together and save some water” a joke that would have made me laugh before, but now all I could do was smile and blush and say, “Yeah right” as I went into my bathroom.

I got into the shower sporting my second rock hard erection in the last 10 minutes. I was just going to let it go down but then I heard my mom’s shower turn on, and images of my mom’s naked body started to populate every thought in my head. I subconsciously started stroking my cock as I pictured my mom and her tits and ass bouncing on top of my cock. I shot my load all over the shower door as snapped out of my sex filled daze, embarrassed about my i****tuous fantasies.

I left my shower and got dressed in a t-shirt and some shorts and went to sit and watch TV in the main room expecting my mom to be out soon. I sat there just thinking about the events of the last couple hours with Sara and my mom. The fact that I met the girl of my dreams only to find out that she was only f******n. Then, I, for some reason, decided to lie to her and tell her I was three years younger than I really was, only to end up giving her the best kiss I had ever had. The fact that that was the most normal thing that had happened that night was what had my mind spinning. Not only did I make out and masturbate to a high school freshman, but also I masturbated to the sight of my own mom having a body rattling orgasm on her bed. I was not sure what I was going to do. Normally I would talk to my mom about problems like these, but for obvious reasons that was out of the question. After about an hour I figured my mom had just gone to bed so I went to my room to try to go to sl**p.

I lay in bed all night, not getting one minute of sl**p, just constantly replaying the night over and over in my head. I was tossing and turning with constant visions of Sara and my mom flashing in my mind. I decided that I couldn’t go another night with out being able to sl**p. I knew that I was going to have to talk to my mom, at least about Sara, when she woke up. I just had to get something off of my chest or I was going to go insane.

Chapter 3- Awkward Morning

It was about 7 o’clock when I heard my mom open her bedroom door and walk to the kitchen. Although I was relieved that I made it through one of the longest nights of my life, I was exhausted. I got up and went to meet my mom in the kitchen. I turned the corner out of my room and I saw my mom in the same robe I had seen her in last night as she was pleasuring herself. My cock started to twitch and I couldn’t believe this was happening again. Then she opened the door to the refrigerator and bent down to grab the orange juice. Why did the juice have to be on the bottom shelf? As she bent over her robe started to rise up to about her mid thigh. I stood there hoping against hope that it would rise up further, but to no avail. The fabric on the robe was hugging against her perfect ass and hips making my cock stick straight out in my shorts.

I don't know if it had been the long night and lack of sl**p but I couldn’t take this anymore. I was about to explode, “Mom! I can’t do this anymore! You need to put some normal clothes on around me, because you are making me think dirty and inappropriate things about you” I just blurted it out. My mom didn’t even realize I was in the room and jumped when I yelled at her.

“Jesus Will, you scared the crap out of me. What the hell are you talking about?” and then she looked down to the tent in my pants. Her face turned beet red and she giggled, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize my old body could still do that to somebody, let alone you. I apologize. I will go put on my work clothes and from now on I will watch what I’m wearing around you”. I was pretty surprised that she handled this so casually as if she liked the attention and I began to contemplate if I should tell her all about what I saw in her room last night.

I waited for her to come back out of her room after changing so I could finally talk to her about Sara. It took about 20 minutes and my mom finally emerged from her room. Wearing a tight purple blouse and a knee length, skintight black skirt. She was a teacher at the local high school that I had gone to, and was well known as the hottest teacher at the school. I was reminded constantly of this fact by all of my friends, but hadn’t really seen it until now. She didn’t have a first period class that day and I had no classes on Fridays so we had about an hour to talk before she left for work.

“Mom I have to talk to you about my night last night”

“Sure honey, I was going to chat with you last night but I was drained so I just went to sl**p. What happened?”

I went on to tell her about meeting Sara, talking to her, finding out she was only f******n, lying to her saying that I was only sixteen, and then me kissing her on the porch before I came back inside the house. “Well sweetie, it sounds like you two really hit it off. If you want to be with her you are going to have to come clean about how old you really are. I personally don't really see a problem with the age difference if you two really care about each other, but if you two are serious about having a relationship you are going to have to clear it with her parents before, or you could get into some trouble. You should call her and ask her out for tonight and come clean to her.”

“So you don't think it’s weird that she is five years younger than me?”

“I think that love has no age limits”

“Whoa mom I didn’t say I was in love with her, but thanks. That really helps”

“You know what I mean. I have to get going or I’m going to be late to work again. See you after school.”

“Okay mom, but I have something else to talk about when you get home”

“Oh, my baby. Always riddled with drama” she said as kissed my forehead and walked to her car.

“Bye mom” I said as I watched her beautiful ass sway back and forth as she walked out of the door.

I was turned on but was absolutely exhausted and walked back to my bed and fell asl**p almost immediately. I was out for hours.

Chapter 4- Dinner with f****y

I woke up from my nap, which was really just a night’s sl**p, and looked at my clock. I was 4 o’clock; I had been out for seven hours. I got up and realized my mom would be home at anytime. I hurried up and took a shower so I didn't look like I had just woken up. I finished showering and walked out to the main room to sit down and watch some TV. I looked out the front window and my mom had just pulled into the driveway, but she wasn’t alone. I couldn’t see who was in the passenger seat from the couch. As I stood up I saw Sara stepping out of my mom’s car. I was baffled. How on earth did they find each other? Was this girl a crazy stalker and somehow found my mom? Did my mom go overboard, now that she knew I finally really liked a girl and hunted down this girl? I sat back down to act like I wasn’t completely freaked out. My mom opened the door with a sly little smile on her face, “Look who I brought home from school” as she motioned for Sara to walk into the house.

I couldn’t hide how confused I was and my mom quickly picked up on that, “Sara, here, is in my fourth period freshman English class. I realized that she looked exactly like the girl you described from last night, that her name was Sara and she was f******n years old.” I looked impressed and my mom smiled at me. “Your old mom has her Sherlock moments too Will,” referring to how she had always described my ability to quickly figure things out. Sara came over and sat on the couch right next to me. “I talked to Sara after class and discovered that she was indeed the same girl and then I invited her to go out to eat with us tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

I was a little ashamed that my mom had to ask out a girl on a second date for me, but I was excited that I got to see Sara again. I reached over and grabbed Sara’s hand and kissed her cheek, “Of course I don't mind. Where are we going?”

My mom went to go shower and get ready to go out. I took these 45 minutes to try to talk to Sara about my lie last night, “Sara, I have to confess that I lied about something last night.”

“Could it be that you are older than you said you were?”

“Did my mom tell you already?” I asked, now really embarrassed.

“No actually it was my mom”

“What? How on earth did she know?”

“She works in the front office at your school. She said that she has helped you with picking your classes before and she recognized you when you got in the van”

“Wow this is getting really weird. You being in my mom’s class and your mom working at my school”

“I know I thought it was really weird when Mrs. Connor said that she was your mom.” It was Mrs. Connor, because my mom had retaken her maiden name, and I still had my father’s last name.

“Haha, I bet that was a strange conversation to have with your teacher”

“Actually your mom is always really cool with her students so it wasn’t that awkward”

As she was talking I realized something really important about what she had said earlier, “Wait, so your mom knew how old I was and she was still encouraging you to walk me to my door?”

“Yeah, she didn't care. She just said that she was very impressed that I could land a guy as good looking and mature as you. She said that she tried flirting with you and got nowhere.”

“I saw your mom last night and I knew that I knew her from somewhere, but I still don't remember her ever helping me with classes. Did she change her hair or something?”

“She lost about 50 pounds in the last year since my dad left her”

“Oh, well I guess that explains it” I said; knowing that I would have remembered the woman that I had saw last night, hitting on me.

“You two ready to go?” my mom asked as she walked out in form-fitting jeans and a low cut t-shirt that showed off her great tits. She then winked at me as I was staring at her chest. This made my cock jump and I was scared that she had caught me looking, but realizing she was probably just winking about Sara and me cuddling on the couch.

“Yeah, but I have to call my mom really quick to tell her I wont be home for dinner” Sarah announced as she asked if she could use our phone.

“Why don’t you invite her to come along with us?” I blurted out, still thinking about her mom’s tight body from the night before.

“Yeah that would be fun,” my mom added.

“Cool, I’ll ask” Sara replied as she picked up the phone.

Sara’s mom, Becky, accepted and we drove by her house to pick her up. We all ate had a great time. My mom and Becky clicked right away and acted like they were old friends. Sara and I were quickly falling for each other and the age difference that I had been so worried about the night before, seemed like it just melted away. As the night wore on Becky had her fair share to drink and looked like she was feeling the buzz. My mom didn't drink and both Sara and I were too young to drink, but Becky seemed to be trying to make up for that. We left after a couple hours and decided to all go back to Becky and Sara’s house so we could hang out some more.

We all got inside and this was when I started to notice that Sara’s mom was really hammered. She started to say incoherent sentences and flopped down onto the couch. My mom leaned over to pull her back up and her cleavage was on full display. Her bra was on full display and I couldn’t help but take a peek, and this was when Sara’s mom changed the trajectory of the evening. “Sara! You better look out or Will’s just going to fuck his mom before he fucks you!” Becky shouted as she caught me staring at my mom’s chest.

“Mom! That’s rude! I think that you are a little out of it. Let me get you some coffee” Sara was so embarrassed by her mom’s outburst.

My mom and I were both blushing and Becky didn’t stop there, “What? I’ve seen the way you looked at your mom all day long, Will. Tell me you wouldn’t fuck her if she asked you to”

“Mom that is enough! I’m going to put you to bed right now!” Sara yelled, storming in from the kitchen.

“That’s fine Sara” my mom replied, “I’ll put her to bed and you and Will can talk before we leave.”

“Thank you so much Mrs. Connor” Sara said to my mom as our moms were stumbling down the hallway. “I’m so sorry about that Will. My mom gets that way when she gets d***k”

“It’s fine. Don't worry about it”

“I know we barely know each other, but my mom wasn’t the only one who noticed the way you looked at your mom. I know it’s natural for you to look because I think that your mom is hot and I’m a straight female, but do you think its gross that it kind of makes me hot thinking about you and your mom having sex. I’ve always been intrigued by i****t.”

“Uuuuuhh… uh I don’t think it’s gross,” I said, shocked to hear this come out of the mouth of this f******n year old girl that I had just met. “As long as you’re being honest, I have something to tell you….” I then told her about what happened the night before with me walking in on my mom and how it made me feel and I could see this was turning this kinky little girl on. She began to twitch and wiggle in her seat and her face became flush.

“Will? I think I’m falling in love with you” I would have normally gone running for the hills if a girl said this to me after a first date, but this was different. I knew how she felt, because the chemistry that I had with this girl was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I mean here we were, having just met the day before and I was telling her about watching my mom masturbate and then masturbating to it. It was like I could say absolutely anything to this girl and she to me. We were simply made for each other.

“Sara? I am falling in love with you,” I replied as I leaned in to kiss her. She pulled me into her and we fell into the couch embracing every inch of each other’s bodies. I slowly moved my hand down to her crotch and slid my finger across the seam on her jeans. Her body started to shiver and I reached to unbutton her pants…

“Alright you two break it up. Sorry, but Will we need to get home. It’s almost midnight and I have to get up in the morning.” My mom came in from putting Sara’s mom to bed, “Sara, you have to check on your mom before you go to sl**p to make sure she hasn’t thrown up or done something carzy. Now kiss goodbye and we have to go”

My sexual frustration seemed like it would live on forever as a pecked Sara on the lips and got up off the couch to follow my mom out. Little did I know that my night was really just beginning.

Chapter 5- My Mom

“So that Becky is feisty one when she gets some booze in her isn’t she?” my mom said as we walked through the front door. “I guess that little outburst about us didn’t hurt anything between you and Sara”.

“No it didn’t. I think this relationship might last for awhile” I retorted.

“I’m just curious how she handled that situation and managed to get you guys rounding second base in like 20 minutes. It was impressive. Mind telling me what happened”

I took a huge deep breath. I looked at my mom and knew that I couldn’t hide my feelings about her forever. She has always been the person that I could speak freely with and I now believed that this situation was no different. I decided that I was going to tell her absolutely everything that had happened over the last two days. I figured she was my mom and my best friend, and I owed it to her to talk to her about what happened. “Well mom remember when I told you this morning that I had something else to talk to you about…” I went on to tell her about walking in on her the night before, how it made me feel, my reaction to her in the robe in the morning, me not being able to look away from her all day, and finally Sara saying she was into i****t and that the thought of me fucking my own mom made her horny.

“Wow, that’s quite the story you were holding in there. This Sara girl seems like quite the little keeper,” she said as she bit her bottom lip. “I’m sorry that you were holding all of these feelings in, but what if I told you that I might have set that up; what happened last night.”

“What?” I asked looking right into my mom’s eyes trying to figure out what she meant by that.

“Well you were always talking about your girl troubles and I have been having my fair share of troubles with men. I thought that if you saw me like that you might get some feelings for me and we could take it further. I guess the feelings that I was hoping for developed, but now we can't take it any further because you are with Sara.”

“Wait, are you saying that you were trying to seduce me? You wanted to see you last night in hopes that I would try to sl**p with you?”

“I’ve had a crush on you for a few years Will. I just suppressed it, us being mother and son and all. Over the last few weeks I have been so horny around you and I came up with a plan to seduce you. Then you met Sara just as my plan started, so I stopped”

“You stopped? You call wearing that outfit stopping?” I said pointing to her tits that I had been staring at all night.

“Oh, these are just fun to show off for everyone,” she said. Now playing with her own tits, right in front of me. My cock was now rock hard and I decided to continue this flirting to see where it could lead.

“So this plan of yours; how was this seducing thing going to work?”

“Well it all started about a week ago. I started changing with my door open when you were home, hoping that you would come in and see me. After about 5 days I realized that it wasn’t working because you never came in. I wasn’t sure what I could do to make you notice me in that way, so then I started wearing slutty clothes around you, but you impervious to all of my outfits. I knew that I had to take it a step further so I waited until I heard you on the porch last night. I didn’t realize that you were out there with Sara so you were out there longer than usual. I was so excited that I was going at it faster than normal. I heard you finally open the door and knew I had to slow down so I could have you see me before I came. I finally saw your shadow in the doorway and I came in like 30 seconds”

“You saw me in the doorway?”

“Yeah, I told you it was all a part of my plan. Anyway I was hoping that you would bring it up with me and we could have a talk, like this. Then I could tell you that I had feelings for you, like I did. Then I was hoping that you would tell me that you seeing me masturbating turned you on”

“Like I did”

“Like you did. Then I would tell you that what we were both feeling was perfectly natural, like I just did. I would take off my shirt, like I am, and tell you that we are just a man and a woman” my cock started to swell in my pants as I stared at my gorgeous mom, now just in her frilly black bra and jeans. “I would grab my tits, like this, and guide your hand, like this, to my tits, like this, to show you that these are simply the breasts of a woman, not your mom. You would realize that intercourse between us would be completely natural. I would take your pants off, like this, exposing your beautiful erection, like this, and this would validate that we both wanted the same thing. Then I would have given you a handjob, we would have had sex and had fun for as long as we wanted” she put her shirt back on and tossed my pants back onto my waist and sat back in her chair. “But now that you’re with Sara we can't do it anymore.”

“I already told you that Sara loved the idea. We can still do it.” I pleaded as my dreams were quickly slipping away.

“Will, there is a big difference between the idea of i****t and actually acting on it. I think you and Sara might have a real relationship in the future and I couldn’t ruin that for the both of you”

“Mom, stop teasing me like this. We both want this more than anything right now. Let’s do it right now” I had enough and now I was going to take charge. I grabbed her shirt and ripped it over her head again. I buried my face in her chest, loving every second of it.

“Good to know my seduction techniques still work perfectly,” my mom giggled. I realized that all of this was still a part of her plan to seduce me. This woman was a genius. I was so sex driven I slid my hands under her ass and picked her up off of the chair and carried her to her bed.

“Oh, honey. How f***eful you can be. You have me dripping wet down there”

“Well then I have to see my handy work” I said as I unbuttoned my mom’s jeans and yanked them off in one pull (which was no small feat given how tight they were). I tossed her pants on the ground and looked up. To my complete delight she was wearing no panties.

“Easy access. Just for my son” I realized that she really had this planned all along.

I ripped my underwear off and tossed them where her jeans lay. I was still pantsless from our interaction in the kitchen. We were almost both completely naked except for that pesky bra. I crawled on to her bed and attacked her pussy with my tongue.

“Oh god Will. That feels amazing. I haven’t had anyone touch me down there in years”

I licked up and down her pussy lips, hearing her moan after every tongue stroke. I knew I had to take this further. I pushed my tongue in and out of her cunt, making my mom moan loader as I licked faster. Then I found her clit. I sucked and nibbled until she couldn't take anymore. “Oh yes! Will! Anymore and I’m going to explode,” and as I flicked harder her cum burst into my mouth. The juices flooded my open mouth and I tried to take in as much as I could, but most trickled out onto the sheets. I had no idea my mom was a squirter, but it got me even harder. The taste was intoxicated, salty yet tangy, and the best drink I’ve ever had in my life.

“Will… That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had… Now climb on top me and fuck your mother”

I wasted no time. I took my cock in my hand and guided it towards her slit. I rubbed my cock head up and down her opening and then quickly slid it in. “Yes Will! That’s my good boy. I’ve missed having real flesh inside me. Now make me cum just like before”

I started pumping faster and faster, but I realized that my mom still had her bra on. I had to unhook it to see those massive melons bounce with my every movement. I reached around her back and released the hooks. I took both strap ends and pull up, releasing the two greatest boobs I have seen till this day. They were even bigger than I imagined. Her nipples were about the size of quarters and her tits had just the right amount of bounce to them as I pounded my mom’s vagina. The sight of my mom’s massive tits bouncing around in all directions because of my cock thrusting in and out of my mom’s vagina was too much for me to take.

“Oh god mom! I’m going to cum soon. Should I pull out?”

“NO! I want to feel you cum inside of mommy. I want my son’s seed deep inside of me. Give me another baby.”

That was all I needed to hear as shot my load deep into her womb. Stream after stream of cum pumped out of my cock as I felt my mom’s cunt tighten around me. “Oh Will! I’m cumming again! Oh son! Yes! Your juices feel so warm and gooey inside me. I love it.” My cock finally went limp and I slid it out of my mom’s pussy.

“Mom, I know I’ve said it before, but now you truely are the best mom ever. I love you so much.” I said out of breath.

“I love you too Will, and your not such a bad son either”

We fucked three more times that night. I came inside her every time. It was a good thing it was the weekend because we were both exhausted the next day. It was about 3 o’clock in the next afternoon when Sara called asking to come over. I wasn’t going to let her, because I wanted more alone time with my mom, but my mom convinced me otherwise. With that decision, I was in for another long day of wondrous sex.

Chapter 6- My Dream Girl

It was about 4:30 when Sara walked up to the door. I saw her through the front window. She was wearing a 3 sizes too small pink tank top that showed both the outline of her bra and her amazing abs. Her jean skirt barely came down over her ass and looked to be uncomfortably tight, but I certainly appreciated the look. I let her in with a hug and kiss and we sat down on the couch.

My mom walked out with a form fitting little black dress on that rivaled Sara outfit in sluttiness, “Since you two are going to be making out all damn night, I’m gonna go out with Becky. I will see you two later.” She strutted past us towards the door as both Sara and I stared directly at her ass the entire walk. She walked out of the door and pulled out of the driveway, leaving us alone.

“Wow, Will. Your mom is gorgeous”

“Yah you’re telling me” I thought that this would be the best time to tell Sara about what had happened between my mom and me the night before. “Sara I have to tell you about something…” I went on to tell her about the seduction and the sex as her face started to turn a deep red. “I hope you aren’t that mad at…” I was cut off as Sara lunged at me and stuck her tongue down my throat.

“Oh god Will, you have me so wet right now. I want to have sex in your mom’s bed. Anything to do with i****t gets me so hot. Come on” she grabbed my belt and led to my mom’s room.

“Sara, you are the sexiest girl ever,” I said as she started to strip right in front of me. First crossing her arms and gently sliding her tiny tank top up over her head, exposing her cute yellow cotton bra. I tried to go up and touch her abs, but she slapped my hand away, “No touching.” She seemed like she had done this before. Then she turned around moving and rocking her hips in a hypnotic motion. She bent over and I could see her matching yellow panties covering her soaking teen pussy. She unbuttoned her skirt and shook her ass until it fell down around her ankles. This girl definitely had some stripper talent. She unhooked her bra and tossed it onto my shoulder. Her tits were small but still developing. Her nipples were rock hard and pointed straight out me just begging to be nibbled on. I tried to take a step forward but Sara stuck her index finger out and waved it at me telling me to stay back. She lay back on the bed and stuck her legs up in the air. She was pumping her legs and I could see her panties getting darker up against the moisture of her pussy. She slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them up over her feet, revealing her dripping, bald pussy. She hopped up and walked over to me and stuck her wet panties right into my mouth.

The taste of her juices set me off. I figured her little strip show was enough foreplay, so I picked her up and drove her down onto the bed. We kissed passionately as our tongues intertwined. We broke away from each other, “Wait Will, I have to tell you some thing first,” Sara said as she nervously looked up at me with her big, mesmerizing, brown eyes, “I’m still a virgin.”

“That’s fine. It actually makes this even better for me. We just have to go a little softer at first, and it is going to hurt for you at the beginning.”

“Yeah, I know the girls at school always talk about it. They say that when it breaks there is bl**d that leaks out.”

“Yes, but I’ve been told that it is much better if you start out on top so you can control how deep and how hard I go into you.” I rolled over and lifted her small frame up on top of me, “Now just grab my cock and gently glide it in.” She wrapped her small hand around my cock and started to stroke it up and down.

“This is so big I don’t know how it’s going to fit inside me. I can barely fit two fingers in there”

“It’s fine it will fit perfectly, just sit on it and gently lower yourself down”

She got up on her knees and scooted forward just above my cock. She put my tip right up against it, but looked right into my eyes. She looked scared, but incredibly horny. She bit her bottom lip and slid my cock inside her, “Oh God! It’s so tight.” She dropped down millimeter by millimeter, “It starting to really hurt.” I could feel my cock meet some resistance and knew I hit her hymen.

“Now this is the part that’s going to be the most painful,” I said as I looked up into those worried big brown eyes. “If you just drop down faster it will be like just ripping a band-aid off instead of dragging it out.”

“Holy shit! That hurts so bad” I felt my dick slide deeper inside and bl**d dripped down into my lap. “It’s starting to loosen up. I think I can go a little faster now” She started to bounce a little up and down. This felt incredible completely different from anything I experienced with my mom the night before. I looked right into her eyes as her pussy started to tighten around my cock. “Yes, Will! This feels incredible! Oh God, I’m cumming so hard!”

Now was the time to have some fun. I sat up and slid my ass down to the end of the bed. I stood up holding Sara’s ass in my arms; all without take my dick out of her. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, as I started to lift her up and drop her back down onto my dick. “Oh Yes! This feels even better than before. Fuck me harder. Harder!” I started to thrust my hips up in rhythm with my lifts, “Yes! I’m going to cum again Will! FUCK ME!!!!!” Her whole body convulsed as she let out a huge moan.

I was so close. As I spun around and set her down on my mom’s bed. I was pumping as hard as I could, “Sara, I about to cum. Should I pull out?”

“Will, you better not pull out,” we both looked at each confused as the voice came from the doorway behind me. “I’ve watched this entire show. I don’t want a bad ending to ruin it.”

“Mom! You’ve been there the entire time. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Mrs. Connor! I’m so sorry”

“Sara, honey, it’s perfectly fine,” my mom started to walk towards us both. “Now finish inside her. I want to see this up close,” she said as she lay down on her stomach with her chin resting on Sara’s left thigh.

“Oh yes, Will. Cum deep inside me. I want to feel your sperm inside me.”

I could tell that my mom being there was really turning Sara on even more. I knew that it was making me hornier, and I got ready to explode. What must have been the most cum I had ever felt came pouring out of me and into Sara’s womb, “Oh that feels wonderful, Will. I want you to do this every time we fuck.”

I leaned down and kissed Sara right on the mouth, “You guys put on an amazing performance. I wish I upgraded to front row seats sooner”

“Mom, I thought you were going out with Becky?”

“No, I just made that up so I could spy on what you guys were doing if you thought you were home alone, and I’m glad I did”

“Mrs. Connor, why don’t you join us next time?”

“I would love to Sara, but I think that you two should just be alone together. You just seem perfect for each other. I’m still here anytime either of you need to spice things up. Just let me know and I will help out. I just don’t want to get in the way for now.”

“Mom, you know you are welcome anytime you want to join in.”

“Thank you guys” my mom smiled as she hugged both of us, which was kind of strange given that Sara and I were both naked and my mom still had her dress on. “Now you two go shower and we can go out and get some dinner”

Prologue- Emma

Sara hopped into the shower and I got on my computer to check my email. I saw a message from an Emma Chapman:


I know we haven’t seen each other in like 10 years, but I am your half s****r Emma. I was only 3 the last time I saw you, so I don’t really remember, but I really want to meet you. My dad, or our dad, just told me that I’m going to an all girls’ boarding school in the fall. It is all the way across the country, but just happens to be only an hour away from your house. I just wanted to contact you to ask if we could meet up once I get out there in August. If you don't want to, just let me know, I understand.

Your Little s****r

I sat there on my bed confused, but kind of excited. I hadn't seen her since I was 9 and she barely even talked then. I had always wanted a sibling and I guess I had one the whole time that I had forgot about. August was still a few months away, so I figured that I still had time to think about what to say before I responded to the message.

“Will, I’m done showering, you can get in now” I turned off my computer and kissed Sara in her towel and wet hair as I walked to the bathroom.... Continue»
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My Son In Law (Not true story)

I am not author of this story.

Introduction: Older women can enjoy too

Though I don't apologise, I warn you now, it may be a little long for some of you...I hope not and for those who do take the time and trouble to read my efforts, I hope you find these thoughts, if not arousing, then at least an enjoyable read.

As always, I will look forward to receiving your comments. All I ask, be they negative or positive, you do please at least keep them constructive.

My name is Cathy, I'm fifty one years of age and thought I would write and tell you about the most wonderful sexual encounter I recently had.

Having reached and surpassed the big "50" It may well be some of you guys consider someone of this age "past their sell by date" . I can assure you, speaking on behalf of women generally, this is rarely the case at all, while speaking from my own, individual standpoint, I have always taken whatever steps necessary to ensure my body remains both in good health and, I like to think, in good shape, taking regular exercise together with a healthy diet. Hence, if I say so myself I still have and still enjoy the ability to turn a guys head.

I've have been married to Mike for just over twenty five years. We have three c***dren, two daughters and one son, all of whom have since flown the nest. I suppose my tale indirectly concerns one of my daughters, the youngest, Tanya.

She is twenty three and is married to Andy, who at thirty five is a good deal older than her. The two of them often visit usually together though it's not unusual for one or other to call round on their own. One such occasion happened a couple of weeks ago.

It was just a few days after new year and Mike still had a few days before he was due to return back to work. We'd been out doing a spot of shopping during the day and having returned I'd cooked something to eat where, throughout the preparation and indeed, for the rest of that afternoon the two of us had consumed a fair bit to drink.

At around six o'clock Andy had unexpectedly called round explaining my daughter was on a late duty that day and not wanting to stay in on his own, decided he'd call over for some company. Mike and I offered him a drink, topping our own glasses once more as we did.

The rest of the evening was spent watching t.v.chatting and drinking until around nine o'clock, having consumed more than his fair share of alcohol that day, Mike fell asl**p on the sofa leaving just Andy and myself to chat.

Now I should tell you, the difference in age between Andy and my daughter is not so different to that between Andy and myself. What's more, if I'm honest, from the day we were first introduced I've always had quite a fancy for him. Not that I'd ever tried anything on with him, or for that matter, him with me, after all he was married to my daughter now.

Anyway, be that as it may, as we chatted with one another, with Mike sound asl**p on the sofa, I felt myself being drawn to him once more, partly, as I've explained, because I found him appealing anyway, but moreso because, though far from d***k, I'd consumed a good deal of alcohol and was most certainly a little merry.

A short while later as Andy was pouring himself another beer, he spilt some of the drink down his shirt, getting it more than a little wet. I immediately suggested he remove so I could rinse it out and prevent a stain and having removed it, told him to go upstairs and grab one of Mike's to wear, an idea he was happy to agree to.

As I went into the kitchen in order to rinse the stain out under the tap, he disappeared upstairs.

I'd finished rinsing out the shirt and had looked in on Mike who was still fast asl**p on the sofa, when Andy called out from upstairs wanting to know which shirt he should wear?

I made my way upstairs and entering the bedroom saw him searching through the wardrobe. His back was towards me, still bared and for reasons I can't explain, just the sight of his toned, muscular body sent shivers running up and down my spine. To this day I don't really know what came over me but the sight of him stood there caused an irresistible urge to run my hands over his body.

I stepped up behind him as he asked me again which shirt he could put on.
Ignoring his question I ran my hands over his lower back, feeling his body tense as my fingers smoothed their way over his warm flesh, upwards towards his shoulders.

"Hmmm! Why hide a hunky body like this with a shirt?" I replied.

Again I felt his body tense, the cause I believed to be as much to do with my suggestive words as it was my fingers soothing over his shoulders.

Even now, looking back I have no idea where I got the courage to do such a thing. The reality was, other than kisses on birthdays, Xmas and the New Year I'd never been sexual with him before. I can only put it down to the quantity of drink I'd consumed, that and the dormant desire of attraction I knew existed. In any event, while a part of me knew what I was doing was wrong, right then nothing else seemed important. I couldn't describe how good it felt running my hands over the warmth of his muscular body.

For several moments Andy stood there in complete silence as my fingers gently rubbed and massaged their way over his shoulders. It felt so good, the heat of his body against my fingers and even now I remember having to firmly resist the very real temptation to lean close and kiss my way up and down his back.

He was still tense, my fingers could sense that and I suspected it was going through his mind the sensible thing to do would be to put a stop to this once and for all. However, the truth was, for a long time now I'd suspected he'd had desires for me and I was almost certain it was these thoughts were causing him conflict, preventing him from simply stepping away.

With me now caressing and stroking my fingers over his back and shoulders, the atmosphere in the room had changed. Instead of the light revelry which had existed doownstairs it was now thick with a sexual tension and as much as it was turning me on I knew, for the time being at least, I needed to lighten things.

I slid my hands from his shoulders down to his waist.

"Hmmm! How about I take this opportunity to see if you're ticklish?" I told him. With that I started to tease my fingers over his waist, tickling him.

He reacted straight away, his body clearly sensitive to my touch. Spurred on, I increased my efforts and this time, laughing and wriggling beneath my attack he doubled up falling backwards onto the bed. As he did, so he grabbed a hold of my wrists, his momentum taking me along with him.

Again, being older and supposedly wiser I should, at the very least, have seen sense and climbed off the bed but in my tipsy and yes, aroused state I found the simple act of lying between his legs as I tickled him a real turn. Instead I continued to press home my advantage.

"Cathy! Stop it! Please! Or else!"

"Or else what?" I responded, more than a little pleased my small, five foot three frame had complete control over this six foot hunk.

"Or else I'll start tickling you, that's what." He replied.

"No, no. That's not in the rules." I argued.

"Rules, what rules?" he asked.

"My rules of course,"

"Well rules are made to be broken, so tell me why should I take any notice?"

I thought for a moment knowing full well I didn't have an appropriate answer.

"Because I said so, that's why."

By way of response he moved his hands down and squeezed my buttocks over my skirt.

"Now now Andy, what did I just say?"

"You said no tickling? I'm not tickling you."

"Oh! Then what are you doing?" I asked as he squeezed my bum again.

"Isn't that obvious, I'm just having myself a good feel of this sexy little bum of yours," he replied.

His words sent a shiver up and down my spine. It was the first time he'd ever paid me a sexual compliment and it felt good coming from him. His strong hands on my bum felt even better.

I wriggled myself back against his hands. It was my way, without actually voicing the words, of indicating he should continue. My hands were still on his waist but by now my fingers were stroking over his flesh rather than tickling.

We remained in that position for some moments, the two of us looking into one another's eyes, him squeezing my buttocks, me stroking his waist, occasionally wriggling my body. The more I did, the more I knew I was getting him aroused for I could feel something hard beginning to press against me and the very thought I was getting him aroused was turning me on all the more

I leant forward, any ideas of tickling him long since forgotten. Our eyes remained locked, still neither one of us saying a word. Our faces now, no more than inches apart. The earlier sexual tension when we were stood by the wardrobe had increased tenfold, filling the room. I looked down at his lips. Lips that were so inviting.

I was reminded of a time when I'd once walked in on my daughter and Andy having sex.

Walked in is maybe a little too descriptive. Their door had been part open and I'd caught sight of their reflection in the bedroom mirror. They were in bed, their bodies partly covered by a sheet. Even so, from their positions it was clear Andy was taking my daughter from behind.

It was of course a private moment and I should have turned and walked away but for some moments I'd stood there captivated by the movement of their bodies, more particularly Andy's who was rhythmically thrusting in and out. My daughters cries and grunts of pleasure, which had excited me most, were muffled by the fact her face was pressed down into the pillow.

Unseen I had stood by the door and watched. It had struck me as carnal, almost a****l like, especially so when Andy had started to grunt as his pace had increased

Then I had watched as he'd grabbed at her hair, pulling her head back violently before mashing his lips over hers where he'd finally bought my daughter to what I can only describe as a violent orgasm.

I hadn't stayed to watch any more. I had turned and left but for the rest of that day and indeed for some time to come the moment had stayed with me leaving me wistfully fantasising how it might be to have Andy take me that same way, roughly, holding me, kissing me as he ploughed himself deep into my body.

Now here I was, my lips inches from his, aware at the very least, if nothing else, this might at least be my chance to find out how well he kissed. Moments later, unable to resist the thoughts filling my head I pressed my lips down onto his.

His lips felt moist, fleshy, warm. I had no idea if he'd accept this. If he'd react and pull away. All I knew for sure was, I kept thinking of Mike, lying downstairs on the sofa, asl**p. Never before had I done anything like this.

Our marriage was strong...happy and these thoughts filled me with guilt yet as bad as I felt, the truth was, I couldn't remember a time feeling this good about a kiss. Sure, it was wrong. I knew as much but the reality was, it felt so erotic.

It seemed as if we'd been kissing for an age, though I suspect it had been no more than a few seconds before Andy finally pulled away.

"Christ Cathy! Mike's downstairs." He argued.

"He's fast asl**p." I countered quickly.

"He could wake."

"He could but he won't. You know as well as I do with all he's had to drink he's out for the count. Now be quiet and kiss me," I ordered, shocking myself at how bold I sounded." This wasn't me at all but the truth was, I had finally sampled those lips of his and right then I wanted more.

I leant in close, wondering if he'd respond once more or if he'd see sense and pull away. He responded, way better than I had imagined for this time when our lips met his tongue began probing suggestively, too and fro over my lips.

Wanting more and sensing he did too, I willingly opened my mouth to allow his warm, slippery tongue to slip between my lips.

I sucked gently on it at first, enjoying it's feel, allowing him to probe deeper, loving the sensation of its slippery texture as he explored the inside my mouth.

His hands slid down the side of my body then further down, his fingers tugging at the hem of my skirt, easing it upwards over my thighs.

Again I didn't need to be told I should never be allowing this to happen but all the while his fingers busied themselves, brushing lightly over my thighs his touch felt so sensual and I found it increasingly harder to resist.

Moments later, I guess you could say he finally overstepped the boundary. I had eased my lips from his, about to suggest we maybe ought to stop, when I felt his hand slide beneath my skirt. His fingers began lightly caressing back and forth over the lace of my black knickers and instead of voicing what I'd intended, I instead found myself holding onto my breath as the reality of what was happening dawned.

I knew then I needed to put a stop to all this once and for all but even as I was thinking these thoughts his fingers began kneading firmly into my buttocks. As they did, so I leant forward pressing my lips over his once more, this time quietly moaning my pleasure into the depth of his mouth, trying to convince myself this was simply one last kiss yet more than aware it was all getting way out of hand.

It was all of my own doing. I knew this. I'd been the one to start. I'd been the one, thanks to the drink, feeling horny and it had been me turned on by the sight of his body. More importantly, It had been me, the one unable to resist the idea of touching him and of having the thoughts of getting a kiss or two.

I tried to argue that's all it had been. That I'd wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of his body against my hands and maybe enjoy the kind of kiss my daughter had had that time. Now, laying there, his body beneath mine with any number of thoughts filling my head, I wasn't so sure.

The feeling of being in his arms was electric., though the idea of knowing Mike was only moments away downstairs should have been enough for me to have put a stop to it there and then. Yet while this one thought alone had caused the guilt to come rushing back it did nothing to reduce the feelings I was experiencing inside. Indeed, somehow knowing this, appeared to add to the excitement. Here I was lying on our marriage bed, in the arms of my son in law, sharing a kiss more passionate than I'd done in a long time, aware a big part of me didn't want it to stop.

Likewise, I felt Andy too was sharing these same feelings for as the moments passed the intensity of the kiss continued to grow. Our tongues had melded together, the two of us were now eagerly exploring one another's mouth's. No longer were my hands on his waist. One was around his neck, the other under his body, my fingers kneading their way into the flesh of his back. His were holding me close, every now and then his fingertips massaging into my back.

Again thoughts of Mike downstairs on the sofa returned as did the guilt. As much as I was enjoying all that was happening I knew it couldn't continue. I had to put a stop to it.

I pulled away from Andy's lips. About to tell him to stop, I felt his hand slip between my knickers and bared bum. He immediately started to stroke his fingertips, lightly, back and forth over my anus. That area of the body, for me at least, is most definitely an erogenous zone. The sensation was quite exquisite, and given, there I was in the arms of my son in law, unbelievably arousing.

I heard a groan of pleasure escape my lips and at the same time I felt Andy begin to push his hips upwards. I could feel his hardening cock pressing into my body. It felt big. More to the point it felt good. Not just because it was a cock but that it was Andy's cock. Someone I had long held a deep desire for. Lost in the pleasure of this passionate embrace I leant forward to resume our kiss.

I think I knew then, at that precise moment in time, despite the fact my husband was only downstairs. Despite the fact a part of me still wanted this to stop, it was never going to happen. I had bought this all about myself and regardless how wrong I knew this was, I was going to have Andy Fuck me.

Though I didn't want our kiss to stop I eased back a little from his lips. I was moving my body against his now, enjoying his hardness.

"Oh Andy! I can't lie. I've wanted this for such a long time," I gasped, "and with all that's just happened, I think you've wanted this too."

"For longer than you could ever know Cathy......But what about Mike?" he questioned.

"No, as far as I'm aware, he doesn't want you," I giggled, amazed at myself I could still joke at a time like this

"You know damn well that's not what I mean," he replied, squeezing hard on my bum.

"I've told you, he's out of it. We both know that." I replied.

He slipped a hand around the back of my head and pulled me into a firm, passionate embrace. Seconds later he pushed me away, leaving me wanting. It had been all too brief.

"You realise this is a mistake Cathy?" He whispered.

"Yes!" I replied, sliding a hand down between our bodies. I pressed my fingers over his hidden member which I could feel was growing bigger all the time.

"Yes it's wrong Andy." I said once more. "But you've gotten Cathy's pussy so so horny and right now all pussy can think about is this nice, hard cock"

I leant forward where we kissed again, this time I ground my body firmly against his wanting him to know I was enjoying the closeness, the feel of his hardness. Again, after a few moments he eased me away.

"You absolutely sure about this Cathy?"

I thought about his question for no more than a few seconds.

"Yes!! I almost hissed. Then, bolder than I'd ever been in my life added. "I want you to screw me Andy. I want you to take me hard and dirty like you did my daughter that time."

He eased me away from his body some more. I could see both surprise and confusion in his eyes.

"What do you mean? When? What time?"

I smiled down at him and went on to explain what it was I had witnessed that time. He listened, nodding occasionally as I recounted what I had seen, no doubt recalling for himself how it had been.

"It was so erotic watching the two of you that day. You were so rough Andy. Almost a****l like. Watching you got me so aroused .....and so jealous."

Having finished describing all that had happened I looked down into his eyes. It was clear he was mulling it over and I was concerned he was having second thoughts.

"I'm sorry Andy. I probably shouldn't have told you all this?"

Just then I felt his fingers squeeze my buttocks once more. He smiled up at me.

"Not at all Cathy. I'm glad you did and now that you have it's maybe time I told you something." He paused as he collected his thoughts.

"I may not have seen you and Mike together in the same way you did me and Tanya but there's been any number of occasions I've seen the two of you kissing. The most recent being this Xmas just gone. That time in the kitchen when he pulled you under the mistletoe."

"Tanya had been in the lounge. I'd wandered into the kitchen to get myself a beer, I guess moments after he'd pulled you under the mistletoe. Your eyes were closed but I was pretty sure you had seen me come in and as I watched the two of you I couldn't help wonder if the way you were kissing him was as much for my benefit as it was your own. That you maybe had in mind to make me feel a little jealous. If that were the case Cathy, believe me it worked. Just seeing you in his arms, you can't begin to know how much I wanted it to be me at that moment."

"I quickly grabbed a beer from the side and left you to it but for the rest of the evening I couldn't shake the image of what I'd seen from my head. I kept picturing you kissing him. I kept seeing you in his arms So much so, later in bed, when I was making out with Tanya, it was you I imagined beneath me."

"Oh Andy! I never knew." I whispered before leaning close to plant another passionate kiss on his lips.

I pulled back and smiled down at him.

"Is that how you imagined kissing me Andy?"

"Yes." He replied.

I slid my hand back over his growing erection, enjoying it's hardness, it's size as I rubbed my fingers firmly over his bulge.

"Well Andy. Don't you think it's high time we both lived out our fantasy?"

Despite his words I could see he still had doubts, that he was almost certainly thinking about my daughter.

"You can say no Andy. It's ok but let me just say. I've wanted this for a long time . I've imagined how it would be, feeling you inside me. Now feeling this," I said, as I squeezed his erection, "I want to know if it's every bit as good as it feels."

"It's up to you Andy but I'd like you to Fuck me! To Fuck me hard and dirty like you do my daughter. To have you deep inside, screwing me."

With all that had been said and now hearing my words of encouragement Andy rolled me over onto my back. Of course I couldn't rid myself of the image of Mike downstairs on the sofa but my arousal was such I was able to push it aside.

Having rolled me over Andy immediately pushed at the hem of my skirt, sliding it upwards along my thighs. He took a hold of my lace panties and began tugging them down.

I assisted, lifting my buttocks off the bed until he'd pulled them clear and down around my ankles. I kicked them off, onto the floor where he climbed off the bed and for a moment stood facing me.

I watched as he reached for my ankles and pulled my body towards the edge of the bed. As he pulled at my body, so my skirt slid higher up my thighs until, with my buttocks teetering on the edge of the bed my pussy was completely exposed to him.

He dropped to his knees by the side of the bed and began stroking his fingertips up and down my thighs, from my knees to the very top. I mewled with pleasure, eager to know what he would do next.

I didn't have long to wait. He leant closer and I felt the heat of his breath on my thighs as his lips kissed against them, all the while his fingers continuing to tease their way up and down my bared thighs.

I opened my legs wider for him then gasped out loud when he accepted the invitation, pressing his lips onto my wet, and more than willing cunt.

My mind was a mix of emotion. A part of me felt bad allowing this to happen. I was cheating on Mike and going behind my daughters back yet as wrong as it was, there was no denying, it felt wonderful having Andy go down on me.

I moaned out loud aware, with Mike only downstairs, far louder than I should but I didn't care. Since Mike, this was the only guy to do this for me, and right then, I didn't want it to stop.

I felt his tongue flick across my swollen clit. I squealed out loud, my body exhilarated by the sensation. I reached down with both hands pressing them onto his head.

"Yes Yes! More Andy!. Make me cum! Make Cathy cum on those lips of yours!" I pleaded.

Down below, responding to my demand, Andy slid his hands beneath my buttocks, lifting my body up towards his lips as I in turn used both hands to push down on his head.

His assault was un-wavering. One minute his tongue flicked and teased back and forth over my clit, the next, probed deeply between my pussy lips, working its way in and out like a small, slippery dick. Again the moans escaping my lips were far louder than I should have allowed.

Andy eased back leaving my pussy wanting. I looked down to see him looking up into my eyes.

"Careful Cathy. remember, Mike's only downstairs." He told me, clearly concerned we would be heard.

His words bought back a flood of guilt. I was aware he was right, that however remote, it was still a possibility Mike could wake and make his way upstairs. Even so, there was no way I wanted this to stop. I reached down and once more pressed my hands lightly onto the top of his head. .

"Then you'd better hurry and make this horny bitch cum for you." I told him as I pressed down more firmly.

I held my breath as his lips and tongue once more invaded my pussy. His caress was superb and I was in heaven. Mike had always enjoyed giving me oral. It was something he knew I loved and over the years it's fair to say he'd become more than adept at giving, yet the fact was, what happening to me now was altogether different.

It may have been Andy was better, though I suspect it was more the case my arousal had been heightened by the reality, this was my son in law and what we were doing was so wrong. The reasons didn't matter. What did matter was, I needed him to finish me more than ever.

Still using my hands to keep him there I closed my thighs around his head and began grinding my pussy firmly upwards against his lips and mouth.

If Andy was suffering guilt it didn't show. His fingers continued teasing back and forth over the cheeks of my arse as his lips and tongue busied themselves, kissing and sucking and licking on my pussy and clit.

He was taking me towards the edge, nearer to climax. My body physically shook with excitement, my moans of pleasure continuous now.

I had never wanted something so much. His hands, his lips, his tongue were driving me wild with desire. It was almost though his lips and tongue were as one with my body, each caress, each lightness of touch sending a spasm of pleasure coursing through every imaginable nerve ending. My body writhed beneath his touch as I continued to grind my pussy firmly onto his lips. He was causing me to act in a way I'd never done before, for aside from my moans of pleasure, the words escaping my lips were growing ever more explicit, ever more demanding.

"Awww Fuck! Bring me off!" I demanded. "Make me cum you horny bastard!"

He delved deeper with his tongue, sucked harder with his lips, my explicit language having the desired affect continued.

"Ohhh Yes! Lick me Andy! Fuck me with that tongue of yours!" I cried.

Our bodies moved as one now. Me pushing upwards, him working his fingers over my arse, his lips on my pussy unrelenting. The passion was intense, unbelievably so and as I twisted beneath him, grinding my pussy hard onto his lips, I could feel my orgasm take hold.

I gasped out loud bucking hard against his lips as my pussy flooded with juices. I writhed beneath him like a grounded fish, twisting, turning, my body never having cum so hard. I could feel my juices squirting and I knew down below Andy was having to work hard to hold back the tide.

With one long, final gasp of pleasure I threw my arms backward, my fists gripping the bedcovers tightly one moment, his head the next, my body writhing in ecstasy beneath his as Andy continued to devour both my pussy and juices. Finally, sated, I relaxed my grip against his head allowing him to come up for air, his fingers still caressing my thighs..

I looked up at him, his face, his lips and mouth awash with my juices, the smile on my face evidence of how much I'd enjoyed his attention.

"Was that good?" he queried, un-necessarily.

""Awsome!" I groaned, my pussy still throbbing.

"Jesus Cathy. For a moment there I thought you were going to wake Mike."

I turned my head to one side to listen. The silence confirmation he must still be downstairs asl**p.

"He's still out of it." I replied, reaching out for Andy with both hands. "Which means it's time I returned the favour."

I waited as he rose from his knees before climbing onto the bed. He knelt there as I sat up and reaching for his trousers began undo his zip.

"You sure Cathy?" He asked, again questioning the risks involved.

"We've got away with it so far." I countered. "After all, having made me cum like that it seems only fair I return the pleasure."

I slipped down his zip and peeled open his trousers, edging the waistband down over a pair of white briefs which in turn revealed a very healthy looking bulge. The tight fitted briefs appeared to enhance his size, the outline of his erection easily visible.

I turned on the bed, getting to my knees and not wanting him to question the risks again I reached forward and began stroking my fingers up along the length of his outlined shape. The truth was this was the first and only cock I had touched since being married all those years ago and it felt good. I closed my fingers around its hidden girth as I adjusted my position until my eyes were level with his. I pressed my lips onto his wanting another of his tantalising kisses and at the same time, wanting to taste my own juices still smeared on his lips.

His lips opened allowing my tongue to probe softly. I could taste my juices on his lips and moaned quietly, loving the sensation of his lips steadily sucking me into his mouth. I heard his moan mix with mine as my fingers continued to slide up and down against the outline of his briefs.

Though not wanting the kiss to end I nevertheless eased back, my fingers now curled around both briefs and girth.

"You sure as hell know how to give oral Andy so how about I take a turn? Would you like to find out how good Mum in law can be?" I asked.

I heard him moan but didn't wait for his answer. Instead I slipped my hand into the top of his briefs and eased down the waistband until his cock leapt free.

I knelt back on my haunches to examine my prize.

It was impressive. Maybe not as long as Mike's but very definitely thicker, yet it was the head most appealing. A bulbous, bell shaped knob that I remembered thinking seemed the perfect shape for finding a girls g-spot. I could feel my pussy tingle with that very thought and was already eager to explore this b**st with my mouth.

"Oh yes! Very nice" I purred as I reached out to run my thumb over its bell end to find it was already nicely coated in precum.

I leant down where I flicked my tongue back and forth over its slippery head. Andy groaned aloud as I opened my mouth to fully savour the precum covering the head of his cock. Again I heard him moan as I gently lapped it up as if it were cream. I finished by opening my lips and closing my mouth fully over it's head to suck the remaining cream into my mouth, easing back when I had finished.

"Was that good Andy? I asked.


"And tell me, does my daughter enjoy sucking your cock?"

I saw his lips form a grin. "Yes.....she does." He replied.

"Hmmm! Then I'd better make sure her mother does it better.....Hadn't I?" I said.

I reached out and curling my fingers around his thick shaft I began slowly stroking him up and down. As I did so more of his precum readily formed on the tip of his knob.

"My my Andy! I've never seen such a juicy cock. Could it be Cathy has got you aroused?"

"Christ Cathy you know damn well you have."

Smiling, I leant forward to once more close my mouth over the head of his cock, swirling my tongue seductively around and around his helmet, teasing and licking at his precum, this time, not sucking his precum into my mouth but instead allowing it to remain attached to my lips like an umbilical cord as I eased back.

I heard Andy groan and knew he was turned on by both what I'd been doing and the sight of how I must look.

Still holding onto his shaft but now looking up into his eyes I purposely guided the tip of his knob around my lips, using it as if it were a lip gloss, except of course, the gloss I was applying was his sexual precum. Again I eased back, keen he should see me with my new make up applied.

"How's that for you so far Andy? Is it all you had hoped for?" I teased as I used the tip of my tongue to savour the precum on my lips.

"Damn you're a tease Cathy! One horny bl**dy tease."

"Noooo! Not me Andy," I replied, a smile dancing over my lips. "I'm not here to tease. That's just a little warm up. A prelude to my proving I can suck cock much better than my daughter."

I reached down and slid the palm of my hand under his balls, my fingers immediately stroking beneath, causing him to emit a quiet moan.

I shuffled forward on my knees where, placing a hand around his neck I pressed my lips over his once more, probing between his lips with my tongue.

We kissed. Our joint moans of pleasure muffled as our heads turned passionately one way, then the other, one hand stroking his neck, the other beneath his balls, while his slid up and down my back.

It was some moments before either of us wanted to break from the embrace. When we did I knelt back on my haunches once more, smiling up into his eyes.

"Well Andy. Would you like me to continue? Would you like Cathy's mouth to see what it can do for your lovely thick cock?"

"Oh God yes!" He moaned.

I bent down, this time my mouth forming a perfect circle as I pressed my lips fully over his swollen knob and allowed my lips to slide a few inches down his shaft.

I withdrew then immediately repeated my actions, this time making sure my lips gripped firmly on his shaft as I slid them up and down...once...twice...three times in quick succession before pulling away.

He moaned out loud, his eyes closed as I reached forward to curl my fingers around the base of his shaft where I slid my hand upwards, watching as even more of his precum oozed from the eye of his swollen knob to leak down the side of his shaft.

It looked so tempting, so inviting, nestled there on the tip of his knob. I had always loved the taste of precum and would often do something like this for Mike. As these thoughts invaded my mind so I was reminded he was still downstairs.

I afforded myself a smile. Mike and I could never be classed as prudes. We had often talked to one another of our individual fantasies. Him with another woman, me with another guy but I had never once mentioned Andy as being on my list. I wondered what he would make if he were to walk in right at this moment, or for that matter, how I too would react, him discovering his wife on the bed, sucking on her son in laws cock?

I looked down at Andy's cock and again pushed these thoughts aside. As scared as I was about getting caught I wanted this more. The fact I had allowed Andy to dine on my pussy, I knew meant he would visit me again. It raised the argument we should maybe wait for another time when Mike was safely out of the house. The argument made sense but with how much Mike had d***k, I was sure we still had enough time. I reached out and using the fingers of my right hand, smeared his precum from the tip of his cock all the way down his shaft to its base. I leant forward, this time my lips, aided by his juices, gliding effortlessly down his length.

I wanted him to enjoy. A part of me a little jealous, I wanted to prove I was better than my daughter.

I sucked softly.....I sucked firmly....I bobbed my head up and down with vigour...I swirled my tongue around and around his helmet, all the while my fingers either stroking up and down his shaft or playing gently beneath his heavy balls.

Several times I held tightly onto the base of his shaft, sure his moans of pleasure were a sign he was close and each time my action was enough to bring him back from the brink. As dearly as I would have loved to have seen his cock shoot its load, that would have to wait for another time. Despite the circumstances I'd made up my mind. Tonight I was going to have Andy Fuck me. Tonight my son in law was going to empty the entire contents of his balls deep into my cunt. I gorged on his cock once more, stroking his shaft, teasing with his balls, bobbing my lips up and down its length until eventually, pleased with my efforts, I allowed my lips to slip from his gorgeous cock.

"Lie down Andy." I told him.

This time with little if any regard for the situation he did as I'd asked without question. It was proof, if any were necessary, he wanted this as much as I did.

For several moments I stayed where I was, admiring the shape of his cock, loving how upright it stood, teetering over his belly, knowing in just a few moments I was going to lower my pussy down onto its thick, meaty and slippery shaft.

He watched me as I shuffled my way towards him before rising off my knees. I got to my feet finding it hard to maintain balance on the bed as I stepped astride his body. I stood still, looking down.

Just watching his eyes travel up and down my body, seeing the lust in them, knowing, despite my age he was admiring what was stood before him was enough to cause my juices to flow once more.

I looked down at his face, his eyes, for now at least, finally done with checking me out. It made me realise how much a woman enjoys being looked at and I wanted him all the more.

"Was that good Andy? Did Cathy pass the test? Was I better than my daughter?"

"Damn right you were!" He replied.

"My lips spread wide in a grin.

"Good, and you should know, I enjoyed doing that for you too. In fact it made me a little jealous knowing how much fun my daughter's been getting, being Fucked by such a lovely thick cock."

Below it was Andy's turn to smile.

"The thing doesn't seem fair Andy. "I think a cock this good needs to be shared, don't you?" I continued. "Don't you think it only fair my daughter should share your lovely cock with her mother?"

Again his lips formed a slight grin.

"Somehow I don't think she'd agree with you Cathy."

"No. I guess not." I answered as I reached down with both hands to grip the hem of my skirt.

I saw the movement of his eyes as I began to ease the hem higher, each hand movement slow, defined, hitching it up inch by inch to reveal more and more of my thighs. The truth was I felt dirty, my doing that for him, yet at the same time it felt so good, knowing his eyes were following my every move. Knowing I had his complete attention.

I pressed on edging the hem higher and higher until my pussy came into view. His eyes opened wide when I slid a hand onto my pussy lips. I could immediately feel my wetness as I teased a finger back and forth. Just looking at him I could tell how aroused he was with the idea of my playing with myself. I wasn't the least bit surprised for Mike too had often enjoyed watching me at play.

"How about you Andy? What is it you think? Do you think you should share? Wouldn't you like to share your cock with this pussy?"

I saw his tongue flick lasciviously across his lips. I saw the look in his eyes, both a sign, if any were needed, he wanted this every bit as much as me.

"Yes. You know damn well I would." He almost hissed.

"Good! I think it's only right." I said, then closing my eyes I rubbed two fingers firmly over my already wet pussy letting a mewl of pleasure escape my lips.

Withdrawing my hand I raised my fingers level with my mouth and flicked out my tongue to taste my own juices. It wasn't so much I wanted to taste more of myself but that I wanted to excite Andy still further.

I turned my eyes back towards his.

"You've got me more than ready for you Andy." I told him. "But just remember, with Mike only downstairs we haven't as much time as we might like and we'll have to try and be quiet."

"If it's not what you want Cathy we can wait for a better time, when Mike's out of the way." He answered somewhat nervously.

I reached down to place my fingers back over my pussy once more, again feeling the sense of excitement watching his eyes follow my every move.

"Oh don't worry Andy. I shall be looking forward to that time too." I told him "But right now, all I want is to be Fucked. I want to feel this cock inside me. Fucking me like it does my daughter. I want to cum for you Andy but most of all I want to know what it feels like feeling this cock throbbing as you empty your balls inside me."

With the talking all done I held onto my skirt as I bent from the knees. Slowly but surely I lowered myself down to his waiting erection. Moments later I slipped a hand onto his shaft ready to help guide him in.

I eased down some more and using my fingers to help guide him, heard myself gasp as the head of his cock prised open my pussy lips, embedding itself no more than two inches inside my cunt. It felt good, my pussy having to adapt to his size.

I lifted upwards then sank down some more, whimpering as a further two inches disappeared into my cunt.

"Oh Andy! You're so thick! I groaned.

"Is that a problem?" he asked.

"Nooo! Not at all. It was just how I expected you would be."

I leant forward to rest my hands eitherside of his shoulders. Using them as a lever I began rocking up and down, each downward movement slowly but surely allowing more of his cock inside.

Until now Andy had just laid there allowing me my own time to adjust to his size. I slowed, sensing he was almost all the way inside, confident I would now be able to handle him.

I leant closer still, my face inches from his.

"I'm ready for you Andy. Do me! Go on! Do me now!" I urged.

I braced myself in readiness for what was about to happen. Even so, it was far more than I'd anticipated. It appeared he'd had further to go than I'd believed and when he thrust forward I'd cried out far louder than I should.

He immediately stopped, the grip from my pussy lips the only thing preventing his withdrawal.

"Sorry Cathy. Are you ok?"

"Oh God yes!" I whimpered. "It was just more than I expected was all."

I wriggled my hips, loving the feel of him as I bedded a little further down onto his shaft. "Don't stop Andy! Do it! Do me again!" I begged.

This time he was more gentle, easing back before slowly pushing his way home. I couldn't believe how hard he felt, never mind how well he filled my pussy.

He drew back then thrust again, a little harder this time. Again I was unable to prevent myself from crying out.

"Damn Cathy! Have you forgotten Mike?"

"I'm sorry Andy. I can't help it. Your cock feels too damned good."

He thrust again and this time I was able to hold back my cries. A second...a third time and still not a sound but when he drew back and thrust for a fourth time I could feel his cock pushing all the way home and despite biting down on my lips, I was unable to stop myself crying out louder than ever.

Beneath me Andy instantly pulled back.

"Christ Cathy. I can't handle this." He told me.

He slid from beneath me, his cock slipping from my pussy leaving me feeling empty. He sat up and for a moment I thought it was over, that he'd given up on me.

I was wrong. Instead he ordered me to turn around and get onto my knees.

I did as he'd asked without question for I didn't want this to stop. Moments later he placed his hands on my shoulders and I felt the warmth of his breath against my neck as he pressed his lips close to my left ear.

"Get down Cathy. Use the pillows. Push your face into them to stop your cries.".

I felt the pressure of his hands on my shoulders as he pushed me forward and down. Seconds later I was knelt forward, my head on the pillow, my arse up in the air. I turned my face sideways to watch him from the corner of my eye.

His hands slid up my legs, up my thighs, pushing my skirt high above my waist exposing me to him.

For the briefest of moments he appeared to pull back but when he moved forward it was to feel the head of his cock nudging against my pussy. I groaned quietly as thoughts of him screwing my daughter this way came flooding back. I could feel my pussy juicing with the very idea he was about to take me that exact same way.

He pushed forward and down below I could feel the head of his cock opening me up and to stifle the cry I pushed my face down into the pillow.

I didn't need to be told this was going to be something special. His cock was so hard, so thick and already it felt like he'd filled me up yet I knew he still had a way to go.

He eased back and I turned my face from the pillow just in time for him to push forward again.

"Oh God yeeesssss!" I gasped, the pleasure intense as he filled my throbbing cunt ever deeper.

When he eased back and pushed home for a third time I knew I was probably only one more thrust away from a climax. Instead he held me there, his cock unmoving, buried to the hilt. I'd never felt so full. The feeling was incredible.

I thought back to the day I had watched him screwing my daughter. If I had known then she'd been feeling this good I could never have waited this long.

I wanted to push back. I wanted to rock against his cock but his pressure together with the weight of his body were restricting me.

I felt his hand slide up along my back. Seconds later his fingers combed through my hair gripping it firmly. It hurt when, using his grip on my hair he pulled my head off the pillow, turning my face slightly back towards him.

"Was this how you saw me doing your daughter that day Cathy?" He questioned.

"Yes!" I gasped.

His grip on my hair seemed to tighten as he pulled my head further off the pillow. It was hurting and I wanted it to stop yet at the same time, his pulling me back like this was causing his cock to press deeper, sending my pussy into spasms.

"And is this what you've been wanting ever since Cathy? For me to take you just like I took her that day?"

"Oh God! Yes!" I groaned as vivid images flashed through my mind of him taking my daughter.

I felt his cock move deeper as he leaned over my body to press his mouth close to my ear. Still gripping my hair he whispered. "Then you'd better make sure that face of yours is pressed hard into that pillow Cathy cos you're about to get the hardest Fucking you've ever had."

"I've waited years for this Cathy and this is my moment. You're going to get so much pleasure you'll be begging me to stop. I'm going to make you cum for me Cathy. You're going to cum so Fucking hard down my cock it will feel you can't cum anymore, and when you do, I'm going to Fuck you even harder! I'm going to make you cum again and again and only when I'm good and ready, only when my cock's had enough of sharing this horny little cunt am I'm going to empty it into you, to the point, three days from now your pussy is still going to be dripping my spunk. Do you hear that Cathy? Is that what you want?"

"Oh you Bastard Andy! Yes! It's what I want. Fuck me Andy! Fuck me like you Fuck my daughter."

He pushed my face back down into the pillow before letting go of his grip on my hair. I remained there pressing my mouth hard into the soft pillow as he began to thrust.

By the third thrust I was coming down his cock and if it had not been for his idea about the pillow, it would not have just been my husband who'd have heard my screams.

By the fifth and sixth thrust I could hear him growling, almost a****l like as if this were his only opportunity to mate. It didn't matter. I was in heaven. I had already cum once and could feel a second orgasm building.

I lost count how many times he had ploughed his way into me. I pushed back against his body, rocking too and fro so we were both Fucking with a kind of erotic rhythm.

I thought of Mike downstairs and hoped he was still asl**p though right then, for all I could care, he could walk in and I could never have stopped.

I thought of my daughter but strangely I felt no remorse. If this was what she'd been getting all these years it really did, only seem fair I had some too. She'd always been favoured, well now it was time she needed to learn to share and if going behind her back was how it would happen, then that's how it was going to be.

Behind, Andy continued ploughing his meat into my furrow and when he reached down beneath my body to grab a hold of my tits through my top, to use them like someone would rein in a horse, I did nothing more than buck back for as far as I was concerned, he could ride this mare, however and whenever he wanted.

That evening with Andy changed me for good. In that one, short space of time I learned things about myself I never knew I had in me. Taken by Andy, I went from being a married, respectable, faithful wife to someone more than happy to cheat on her hubby.

So far as my marriage goes, it remains strong. If anything I am now even more attentive where Mike is concerned. As for Andy, he's remained good to his word. When Mike is away on business and my daughter at work, he will often call over to share that lovely thick cock of his with me.

My daughter.....she's none the wiser. In reality, she continues to receive regular attention from Andy's cock, the only difference nowadays being, it now has two pussies to keep happy.

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Mother says it's alright (Not true story)

I am not author of this story.

My mom and I live in our small cozy home in a village out on the countryside, never met my dad and hardly ever had any f****y over as far as I can remember. Basically it was just my mother and I, we had no problem with that since we had such a fantastic relationship; she was loving and caring. My mom is in her late forties with a chubby figure and long blonde hair, with a smile which immediatly lit up the room. I'm an average looking guy who is going to school and has always felt a deeper connection to his mother but could never make sense of it. That was until I hit puberty and discovered the joy of masturbation, I was somewhat of a late bloomer in that department, but I never really talked to classmates about it nor did we have sex education yet. Anyway, as most young boys probably thought that they were hiding everything from their mother successfully and keeping their jerk-off sessions an absolute secret - mothers always know what their k**s are up to. Mine also figured it out, although things went a bit further than in an average f****y.

It all began on a saturday morning, a morning like any other. Birds were chirping and the sunlight found its way through a gap in the curtains to wake me. It was very warm, we were in summer. It would get quite hot and my mother and I would start wearing little clothing to fight this warmth. First thing I noticed was my penis and how hard it was, forming a little tent under the sheets. Around 6 inches erect. I awoke horny as usual, I really had to go take care of it so I stood up, put on some cotton briefs and grabbed a fresh towel before heading off to the bathroom. Looking forward to that shower and much needed privacy I thought to myself as I almost bumped into my mother.
"Ohhh look who's finally up! It's past twelve already, how did you sl**p?"
"Morning, great, I'm just off to take a shower"
"Alrighty then have fun!" my mom replied in a playful tone as she quickly glimped down to my waist and then walked off.
I thought nothing of it until a few seconds later when I closed the bathroom door behind me and realized I was walking around with my erect penis pressing against the briefs. Oh god....but I was not overcome with embarassment, instead I felt kind of turned on by this to my surprise. I immediatly dropped my pants and grabbed my dick, which was as hard as it could possibly be. I pulled the foreskin back slowly and rubbed my precum over the head and massaged it with my fingers. I started to masturbate strongly and ejaculated after only a few seconds, I caught the semen in my left hand, some of it splashed onto my chest and thighs. In that precise moment the door opened and I instinctively turned around as fast as possible, facing the mirror and covering my penis with both hands.
"Oops sorry hun! I was just going to leave you a new towel here since you always forget" she answered as she was poking her head through and looking at me through the mirror.
This time I did get very embarassed and my face turned bright red in shame as I stood there fully exposed with my semen all over my hands and crotch area, dripping down my legs onto the white fluffy rug beneath me.
"I didn't want to interrupt you, my apologies, i'll be downstairs making breakfast" she said as she shut the door. the mirror. I made a complete idiot out of myself, I kept telling myself as I showered and cleaned up. After drying myself off I put fresh white underpants and a thin t-shirt on then walked through the hallway to the kitchen where my mom was standing and making some pancakes. She was wearing a long aquamarine shirt, as far as I could tell without any bra or panties, it's always been like that since I was young when it was hot in the house. Nothing sexual ever came up and there was no reason to not walk around the house like that. I now suddenly got arroused by the idea of this though, and had to restrain myself from getting hard again. No easy task but the smell of the food cooking threw me off and made me hungry. She walked over with the dishes and handed me my plate as we sat down.
"Darling i'm sorry again about before, I really didn't mean to walk in there like that when you're busy wi-
"No no no, it's fine, seriously I was just getting undressed and you startled me that's all"
I felt a buldge in my pants again, oh what horrible timing. Hopefully it's gone by the time we're done with this awkward conversation. I couldn't just stand up and leave now. To this day i'm not sure whether or not my mother noticed and this was intentional or just pure coincidence that she made me get up in that precise moment.
"Can you be a help me take this to the sink please, I need to wash up before i'm off to town to buy the groceries" she exclaimed as she stood up with me and handed over a couple of plates. I felt her quick glare at my erection before she faced the other direction. It only made me harder again, my dick was as hard as a rock and I was standing only a couple of feet away from my mother. Not sure what came over me but I felt absolutely no need to hide it and proudly walked over to the sink with her. As she turned around I saw that her nipples were hard, clearly visible through the shirt.
"Isn't that uncomfortable down there?" my mom asked as she was pointing at my crotch with her index finger. How extremely forward that was I thought to myself, she seemed to have a genuine concerned look on her face when she asked the question. I froze for a second then answered.
"Sorry I...can't seem to control it, is that bad?"
"Not at all! It's completely normal for a boy your age, but I think you have to go take care of that before you hurt yourself, looks very stiff. Promise I won't disturb you this time!" she giggled as she turned her back on me.
I thought i'd ejaculate right there and then after I heard my mother talk so openly about this, without any fear of provoking an awkward situation. I guess it's not as weird as I belived it to be, she seems really cool about it. I went straight to my room, dropped my pants and sat on the corner of the bed as I grabbed my throbbing cock and began to pull the foreskin back and forth. I was so extremely horny you wouldn't believe it, after a short few moments I felt the semen wanting to burst out and I was not planning on preventing this from happening. My mother then all of a sudden walked past heading towards her room to get ready, she smiled at me and was out of my line of sight as I came all over myself. I let out a loud sigh of relief as I fell back onto the bed in pure extasis, I covered myself in cum. A million thoughts were flooding my mind all at once now, did my mother just catch me jerking off? Did she smile at me while doing it, did she maybe even like it? It was too much, I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. Without warning, silent as a mouse, my mother was infront of me with a roll of toilet paper.
"Let me clean that semen up for you hunny, unless you want to take another shower?" she said with a concerned look. I was stunned, but gladly accepted what was happening right now without any hesitation, not thinking about it properly.
"That would be fantastic, thank you mom I love you so much" I firmly replied as I covered my eyes with my arm, giving her full access to my body.
"Love you even more, you mean everything in the world to me you know that right" she announced as she tore a few stips off toilet paper off and began wiping the hot jizz off my naked body. I couldn't watch her do it, even though I was fine with this, I guess it was my subconscious. I felt her bend over, she was wiping the cum off my thighs, legs and chest then around my penis. She lifted my soft cock up with two fingers to clean it and the surroundings, then grabbed it properly and pulled the skin back slowly as far as possible to expose the head completely. She then got another piece of the tissue and proceeded to clean there, but some of the paper dried up quickly and got stuck right under the head. So she gently spat on two of her fingers and was then able to remove it. The touch of my mother's hands on me...especially my dick, was out of this world. I gasped as I started to get hard again while my mother had my dick in her hand.
"All clean again! I'll see you later hun, do you want anything from the shops?"
"Uh no thanks mom, bye"
It was all so casual, like if it was the most normal thing in the world. It did not even appear sexual at first, everything was blurry like a dream. I decided to go and sl**p on it, to see what happens tonight when she's back.

End of part 1, let me know what you think

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Ronnie's mother (Not true story)

I am not author of this story.

Introduction: A woman teaches her son's friend a few lessons

When I was in high school, there was a k** in my class whose name was Ronnie Johnson and who was rather popular, because he was always the first to have all the latest computer games. Everyone always wanted to go home with him after school to play these cool new games. That included me, even though I really didn’t a shit about these games. I faked enthusiasm for that computer nonsense because, when I was at Ronnie’s place, I would catch a glimpse every now and then of his mother, who was incredibly hot. She may have been approaching forty and a bit trashy-looking, but in my adolescent state of constantly being horny that really didn’t bother me.
One Tuesday afternoon I was at Ronnie’s place again. We were playing a racing game and, as usual, I lost every time. That was the main reason why Ronnie often invited me to come and play with him. With the other k**s in our class, he had a much harder time winning. The fact that I always lost because I really didn’t give a rat’s ass about these games thankfully eluded him.
“Yes!” Ronnie exclaimed, while on the screen his car passed the finishing line first, “I win again!” He gave me a triumphant look, as usual.
“Shit!” I said, dropping my joystick on the floor.
“Another one?”
“I gotta piss,” I said, getting up, “I’ll be right back.”
“I’ll put it back on single-player for a moment then,” Ronnie mumbled, doing so while he said it. I hadn’t left the room before I was hearing racing sounds again.
I walked through the hallway to the bathroom and opened the door. I was startled to find Ronnie’s mother standing there. She was standing in front of the mirror, working on her make-up as far as I could tell. She turned and smiled. “Hi there,” she said, “you’re Tommy, right?”
Ronnie’s mother had seen me before, but nevertheless I was a bit surprised that she remembered my name. She looked as hot as always. Her long, dyed-blond hairs were tied in two long braids and her face was rather heavily made-up. The reason I had to swallow had when I saw her was the way she was dressed: she wore nothing but a white blouse that was hanging open over a light green bikini top that her huge breasts were almost hanging out of, a pair of very short jeans that showcased her great behind and black pumps.
“Er, I, er, hello Mrs. Johnson,” I stammered.
She smiled again, with the luscious full red lips. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body.
“You tired of these boring computer games?” she asked.
“Yes, er, kind of.”
“I don’t understand what Ronnie likes so much about these games. He really doesn’t do anything else. I’m starting to get a little worried about that. I never hear him talk about girls, while he’s reached an age that he should care about girls. Do you ever hear him talk about girls?”
“Er, no. He always just talks about computer games.”
“Then I guess I will have to talk to him about that.” A mischievous smile appeared on her face. “But you, you are interested in girls already, aren’t you?”
I felt I was starting to blush, but I didn’t know what to say.
“You thought I hadn’t noticed the way you look at me when you’re around?” Ronnie’s mother smiled and began blushing even worse.
“That fine, though,” she said, making a dismissive gesture, “that’s completely normal. Actually, it’s very healthy.” She gave me a brazen look. “Close the door.”
I turned around and closed the bathroom door. In the meantime Ronnie’s mother turned on the shower. When I turned back, I saw she had taken off her blouse and was tossing it into corner in an offhand manner. “You know,” she said, “I consider it very flattering that a young boy such as yourself still looks at me in such a manner. And . . . I not only consider it flattering, I also think it’s incredibly horny.”
Now that made me swallow really hard. I had never before heard an adult say the word ‘horny’ and the fact Ronnie’s mother said it in such a lustful tone made the impact even greater. I felt a strong rousing in my crotch and tried to cover myself with my hands in as discreet a way as possible, to hide my boner from view.
“As far as I can see you like seeing me like this,” Ronnie’s mother smiled. “Would you like it if I were to remove some more clothes?”
I nodded, because I was too baffled by the entire situation to be able to say a word.
Ronnie’s mother unbuttoned her tiny jeans and slowly pulled them down her legs, turning her great ass towards me at the same time. Beneath the jeans she wore a light green string that matched her top. She dropped the jeans to the floor and stepped out of them.
“Do you want me to continue?” she laughed, turning back to me.
Again I could only nod, but she was already continuing without waiting for my response. Her hands disappeared behind her back and she unfastened her top. She dropped it to the floor, showing me her enormous boobs in their full glory.
If I would have had the presence of mind, I would have pinched myself, because I could scarcely believe that this woman, after whom I had lusted for so long in secret, was standing before me now in nothing but a string and pumps. But it got even better. Ronnie’s mother put one hand inside her string and grabbed one of her breasts with the other. Slowly she started fingering herself and rubbing her nipple.
“You like watching me play with myself?” she asked in a moaning tone of voice.
Again, I just nodded.
“I would like to see you play with yourself too. Will you do that for me?”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My shame and my lust briefly battled each other, but that fight was over within a few seconds. I opened my pants, took my stiff dick out and started to slowly jerk off.
“From the looks of it,” Ronnie’s mother grinned, “you do that often.”
That made me laugh and for the first time since stepping into the bathroom, I managed to relax a bit.
“Ah, young boys,” Ronnie’s mother smiled, “always horny.” She stopped touching herself and took off her string. “Get undressed,” she said.
I stopped wanking too and hastily got out of all my clothes, until I was standing naked before her. She stretched out and arm, grabbed hold of my cock and gently began to masturbate me. “You like that?” she whispered.
“Yes,” I stammered in a coarse voice. I was now waiting for the moment that I would wake up and all this would have turned out to be a dream, but to my surprise that moment didn’t come. Quite the contrary, Ronnie’s mother kept jerking me off with one and started to rub my balls with the other. She bent her head towards me and whispered in my ear, “you can feel my tits if you want to.”
Hesitantly I put a hand on one of her breasts. As soon as the soft flesh touched the palm of my hand I let go of whatever inhibitions I might have had left and surrendered to the glorious frenzy of lust that was engulfing me. With both hands I started to squeeze her tits and massaging her nipples.
“Have you ever done this before?” Ronnie’s mother moaned.
“Er, no,” I stuttered.
“Then I guess you’ve never fucked before either?”
“Well,” she laughed in a horny manner, “then this will be your first time.” She let got of me and lay down one the floor, spreading her legs wide. “Come on.”
I threw myself onto her on let her guide my hard cock into her cunt. Carefully I started to push. I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me, but the slurping sound of my dick going back and forth in her cunt and the clashing of my balls against her pussy lips with every thrust, convinced me that this was all real.
It didn’t take long before I came and shot a huge load of my young semen into Ronnie’s mother. As soon as I was done, I rolled off her and lay down next to her.
“Did you like that?” she asked.
“Great,” I said coarsely, “fantastic.”
“Good,” she said, bending over me and moving her head towards my crotch. The sensation of her tits rubbing my belly was wonderful, but before I could really enjoy that she had already taken my half-erect prick into her mouth and the feeling that caused was even better. She gave me a magnificent blow job that had my cock fully hard again in no time at all. In the meantime she pulled a leg around me and pushed her crotch in my face. Since my last bit of shame had fully and utterly disappeared by now, I immediately and enthusiastically attacked her cunt. I had, after all, never seen a vagina up close, let alone touched one. Wildly I licked her pussy lips and nibbled at her clit. She seemed to enjoy it too, judging from her panting and moaning. I also found her cunt to smell very nice, something that surprised me since I had always heard that cunts smelled badly, but the somewhat salty scent that filled my nostrils actually really aroused me.
I kept licking away at her cunt, but because she was blowing me in such a great manner it wasn’t long before I felt I was close to another orgasm. Apparently Ronnie’s mother sensed that too, since she abruptly stopped sucking my dick and let it slip from her lips. She got up, turned around and sat before me on her knees “You wanna come on my tits?” she asked in the most lustful voice I had ever heard.
“Yes!” I moaned enthusiastically.
Ronnie’s mother smiled and merrily began stroking my prick. She only had to do it a few times before I exploded again. With a firm hand she aimed my spraying cock at her majestic boobs, so that thick clots of semen splattered against these huge balls of flesh. I had never felt hornier than at this very instant. The sight of big lumps of my sperm on her tits almost drove me mad!
With my cock began to shrivel and I was still panting, Ronnie’s mother let herself fall on top of me. The feeling of her sperm-soaked tits rubbing my chest almost gave me an instant hard-on again.
Ronnie’s mother gave me a hard, wet kiss on my mouth before she got up again and pulled me up too. While we were standing there naked in front of each other, I suddenly didn’t know how behave anymore. Now that my lust was somewhat subsiding, my shame started to return a little bit and I didn’t know what to say.
“I think we can both use a shower,” Ronnie’s mother smiled, “and the water is already running.” She took my hand and led me into the shower. The water felt nice and warm. “Come,” she said, reaching for a flask of shower gel, “let’s soap each other up.”
She let some shower gel glide into my hands and while I slowly started to apply the foaming substance to her delicious body, she also put some into her own hands and started to cover me in soap as well. I couldn’t get enough of touching her wet, slippery body but as soon as she started to soap up my dick, I quickly developed an erection again.
“I’ll teach you another position,” she whispered while she let go of my prick and turned around. She spread her legs and leaned forward, her arms resting against the shower wall. “Take me from behind,” she lustfully encouraged me. Not that I needed a lot of encouragement. I stood behind her, put my hands on her marvellous bottom and carefully pushed my cock against her crotch, until I found her pussy hole and easily shoved my prick into her.
I started to thrust slowly, before carefully speeding up a little bit. The feeling of our wet bodies clashing against each other with every thrust was incredibly great. Because I had already come twice, it took me lot longer before I began to feel I was about to reach my third orgasm. I wanted to last a lot longer this time, though, so I slowed my thrusting a bit. When I jacked off this always worked and it turned out that it was just as effective when fucking for real. I kept going like this for quite a while, speeding up until I felt my seed was about to spew forth, then slowing down again until that feeling had gone away and so on – and every time the sensation of almost coming gave me a real thrill – until finally I really couldn’t stop myself anymore and groaning loudly I shot the last sperm from my balls into the hot, wet cunt of Ronnie’s mother. Panting, I fell against her. We stayed like that for a while, savouring the moment, until my dick had shrunk so much that it slipped out of her pussy on its own.
Ronnie’s mother turned around. “That really wasn’t bad,” she said laughing, “come, let’s rinse ourselves.”
We let the warm water wash away all the soap, sweat and other bodily fluids, dried ourselves and got dressed again. As soon as we were clothed again, I suddenly panicked. What would Ronnie think, now that I had stayed away for so long? Would he suspect something? Maybe he had even heard something?
Apparently Ronnie’s mother saw the panic in my eyes, because she smiled comfortingly. “Don’t worry. Just leave, I’ll tell Ronnie you went home because you were tired of this computer business. Believe me, he never notices when I steal his playmates.”
My mouth fell open.
“Yes, Tommy, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. You’re not in love with me, are you?”
“No,” I answered simply and truthfully.
“That’s good,” she smiled, “because I would like to play with you again, but you have to realize that it’s just playing and nothing more. Do you think you’re old enough to be able to make that distinction?’
“Yes. Sure.”
“Good,” she said, “do you have a cell phone?”
I nodded.
“Give me your number, I’ll call you when you can . . . come play again.”
I pulled a piece of paper from one of my pockets and wrote down my cell number.
“Good,” Ronnie’s mother smiled, “you’ll hear from me soon. Now go.”
She gave me a kiss on the cheek before I stepped out of the bathroom and walked back through the hall, towards the stairs. When I passed Ronnie’s room, the door still half open, I could still hear the racing sounds from the computer game. He apparently was indeed obsessively playing his game.
I quietly walked down the stairs and went outside. While I closed the door behind me, I suddenly realized I had no idea what time it was. I wasn’t wearing a watch, so I pulled my cell phone from my jacket to check the time. It was half past five. I sighed with relief, because now I would be home in time for dinner and my parents wouldn’t ask uncomfortable questions.
With a weird, but very fulfilled feeling I walked back home. I had actually fucked, and in what ways! And it had been Mrs. Johnson, Ronnie’s mother! When I got back home and grabbed my keys, I suddenly realized that I still didn’t know her first name.
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mom is my birday call girl (Not True Story)

Introduction: a guy orders a call girl for his eighteenth birthday and is surprised at who shows up on his door

Two weeks ago was my 18th birthday. My f****y celebrated with cake and a party, it was great. But tonight I was planning on celebrating my birthday the right way. I told my mom I was going to go hang out with my buddies but instead I went to a cheap motel and called an e****t service. I asked for the nastiest, naughtiest slut they had.

I felt bad about lying to my mom, because I’m really all she has. My dad walked out on us a few years back and since then she has been struggling to make ends meat. I figured what mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

I am excited, it’s 7:50 and the service said she’d be here at 8. I showered and dressed nicely, even though I don’t plan on being clothed for very long. I sit wondering what she’ll look like, and I have a hard on just anticipating it. Then there’s a soft knock at the door. I wait a second to make sure I don’t seem desperate. Calmly walking to the door, I open it with a grin a mile wide that vanishes in an instant.

My mother is leaning against the doorframe in a skimpy black dress that barely covers her shapely ass, a pushup bra that gives her incredible cleavage, seer stockings and high heels. When she sees me she shrinks from her sexy pose to cover up her tits and short dress.

We stand there motionless, both of us shocked at what happened. When she regains her sense she runs from my door and is soon in her car leaving. I am still standing by the door dumbfounded with a hard-on.

I walk into the house, several hours earlier than I had expected. And find it dead silent. Good, mom’s not home. I go into my room to think about what happened. My mom is a hooker, and she came to my room to fuck me for money.

That’s all I could think about. Then I thought about her outfit. How tight and short it was, how I could see her beautiful figure. And my dick would not soften. I’ve had this erection since before my mom came to my birthday fuck, but seeing my hot sexy mother made it so much harder than before. Part of me wanted to ignore it and go to bed, but an eight-inch part of me wanted to cum.

I pulled my boxers down and started stroking my dick. I tried thinking about a hot actress, bikini models, ex-girlfriends, girls in my school, teachers, any woman I could think of but none were doing anything for me. Then the image of my mom leaning against my doorframe popped in my head. That made my dick jump. Then I imagined what would have happened if she didn’t run off. How she would have dropped to her knees in front of me. Taken my stiff prick in her mouth and swallowed it whole. The image of her beautiful face bobbing up and down got me excited like nothing else ever has. I could almost hear her voice saying, “cum in my mouth baby. Cum for mommy.”

And I did. I can’t remember any orgasm being that intense, even with a real woman. I just kept coming and coming, and when my balls were empty I stopped. I was panting when I heard the front door close. Mom was home.

I hurriedly wiped the cum from my stomach and chest and put some clothes on. I opened my door and stood in the hallway. When mom came up the stairs she saw me and froze. She was still in her slutty looking dress, but trying to cover it up with a jacket. She tried to walk past me with head down not saying a word.

“Goodnight Carl.”

With that she shut her bedroom door. I went back to my room and went to bed. That night I had the most incredible dream. I was in the motel room when my mom and her twin (she doesn’t have a twin just a s****r who I two years younger) who looks exactly like her walk in. We are all naked and rubbing out bodies together. It’s a blur of flesh as we indulge in the soft warmth of each other building in intensity and speed when I hear, “Carl! Could you come down here please?”
I wake up with a dick so hard it hurts. I want nothing more than to jack off to this fantasy but I know I in for an uncomfortable time talking with my real life mother.

Dressed and frustrated I head down to the kitchen where my mom is sitting at the table in her robe, nursing her coffee. I sit down across from her and wait for her to speak.

“Was that the first time you called a service?”
“Was that the first time you answered a call?”

I sat there studying the wood grain of the table while mom studied her coffee. She answered, “No. I’ve been working for them for a year now to cover some expenses. Now you answer me.”
“Why did you call?”
“To get laid.”

She looked up at my smart-ass comment. “What about your girlfriend?”
“We broke up a month ago.”
“Two weeks before your birthday?”
“She’s a bitch.”

This made mom chuckle. It was good to get back to familiar, comfortable territory.
“So you couldn’t find another girlfriend?
“I honestly just wanted to fuck a nasty slut and move on.” I realized I just called my mom a nasty slut but hoped she wouldn’t notice. “I can understand that.”
“You can?”
“Honey after your father left I had some trust issues, I didn’t want to let someone into my life that was just going to make me miserable. That’s why when we were having some money problems I let my friend Samantha talk me into joining the service.”
“Holy shit Samantha is a hooker too?”
“e****t and yes.”

It was weird talking to my mom about prostitution, yeah we’ve always been close and informal with each other, but this was a new high for us. I was curious how far I could take this. “Do you enjoy it?”
“I enjoy being able to keep a roof over our heads.”
“So you don’t enjoy the sex?”
“It depends. There are men that rock my world and make me feel like a goddess. And there are men I have to grit my teeth and wait for them to finish.”

She looked at me and smiled, “you know its great to be able to talk to you about this. I’ve hated having to keep this a secret from you for so long.”
“I’m glad I know now too.”

She got up from her seat and gave me a kiss on the forehead. As she leaned over I got a great view of her cleavage. As she pulled away I kept a hold on her waist. “Mom can I ask you a favor?”
“Sure honey what is it?”
“Well, I was really looking forward to last night, could you finish the job?”

She pulled back but I held on. “What!?”
“Come on you do it with complete strangers, why not me?”
“Because you’re my son.”
“And I’m really horny. My balls are starting to hurt. Please mom you have to take care of it.”
“Go masturbate then.”
“But I’d rather you did it for me.”

I know I am sounding c***dish, but balls were seriously blue and needed release. She kept saying no, but I was able to talk her into giving me a handjob, just to release the stress and pain. She got down to her knees and told me to open my fly. The second I did eight inches of pure rock hard meat flew out ready for attention. The look of shock and awe in my mother’s eyes was priceless. It took her a few seconds to process what she was seeing.

She then leaned closer to me and took my tool in her warm hands. At first she was exploring it, just looking at it from different angles. “Ever see one this big before?”

“Only in pornos.” She replied, still in a trance. “Your hands feel nice.” With that she was reminded of what she was doing in the first place. She grabbed my dick with more purpose and started to stroke it. Long slow movement up and down my shaft, caressing the head. I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling. “Do you like that honey?”

“Oh god yes mom that’s great.”
“You know it would feel better with some lube.”
“Can’t you just spit on it.”

She tried to spit on my dick and her hands, but it still wasn’t working. She looked up at me and asked, “Would it be ok if I licked it?” after stammering I managed to let out a yes. She smiled up at me and leaned in close to my dick. She slowly liked from the base to my throbbing head, where she flicked her tongue and drove me crazy. She then moved to the sides of my dick and repeated the process. “Your dick tastes good.”
“You could always taste some more if you want.” She gave me a knowing grin as she placed herself above my dick. She opened her mouth took the head into her warm moist mouth. There her tongue continued to do things I did not think possible. Then she slowly lowered her head, taking more of me inside her. I was really impressed at how much she was getting. She got more than half in mouth, more than any other girls ever has, before she starting coming back up. But she was far from done. She jacked my dick while bobbing up and down, licking the entire time. My leg was shaking at how good my mom was sucking my dick. She then picked up speed, moving faster and faster until she finally managed to deep throat my entire prick. At that point I lost control and just shot my load deep down my mother’s throat. I grabbed her head so she wouldn’t pull away but she wasn’t trying to. She was happily taking my load down her throat.

And what a load, I was spurting more spunk than I ever have before. And my mom was taking every drop like a champion; eventually though the streams of sperm stopped.

She slipped my still hard cock from her mouth and just sat there with a giant smile on her face. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Holy fuck, you are amazing.”
“Apparently not that amazing, you’re still hard.”

She was right, my dick was still rock hard, with no signs of softening. “I guess you’ll just have to blow me again.”
“I have a better idea.”

With a wicked glint in her eyes she took me by the hand and led me up stairs. She threw in my room and told me to wait there for a minute and shut the door. I sat on my bed with my rock hard cock still hanging out of my pants. Then I hear a knock at the door. I tell her to come in but she doesn’t, so I walk up to open the door myself. And there against the doorframe is the call girl I ordered last night. Mom is in her tight black dress, push up bra, stockings and heels. This time though she doesn’t run away. In the sexiest sultry voice I’ve ever heard she whispers, “Hi there stud.” She then comes in, closes my door and sits on the edge of the bed. I just stare at her dumbfounded. “You did call the service right? They sent me here.” She then pats the spot of bed next to her, I take the hint and sit down next to her. “I’m Ashley, I’ll be your date for the evening.”

I loved where she was taking this, picking up on this I continue, “Hi Ashley I’m Carl. So the service sent you. You know I asked for the nastiest slut they had.”

“Don’t worry baby that’s why they sent me.” She put one hand on my thigh and another caressing my face. She pulls me in close and gives me a deep passionate kiss. I pull her down onto the bed with me as we continue to explore each other’s mouth with our tongues. Meanwhile our hands were exploring new body parts. She was caressing my muscular chest while I grabbed her ass. I gave her a smack on her ass and she moaned into my mouth. I was getting bolder and rolled her over onto her back.

Her short dress rode up her thighs revealing her trimmed pussy. My exposed cock was rubbing her slit as we made out. She kept moaning every time my rod rubbed up against her. Then the inevitable happened. Her wet pussy made my dick so slick that it slipped right into her hot crevasse. From there I humped her brains out. This was not sex or making love, this was raw a****l lust. I pounded my hard cock into that hot hole as hard and fast as I could.

My mother was writhing under me as I grabbed her perfect tits. “Oh holy fuck son.”
“Yes mom, you like that?”
“Oh god yes!”
“You like fucking your son?”
“Yes son fuck me, fuck me more.”

I held onto her hips and lifted myself so that I was putting all my body weight behind every thrust. “Oh fuck yes, just like that OOOO!” my mother was hit hard by her orgasm. Her hands dug into my back as her legs and pussy clamped down on me. If her cunt weren’t so wet I’d never be able to keep thrusting.

She went through wave after wave of pleasure getting higher and higher, and then I pushed her over the edge. “This whore ready to have her son cum deep inside her?”
“Yes, please cum inside me. Cum in mommy’s pussy.”

Just like her mouth I pumped record amounts of jizz into this woman, and she was in another world of pleasure. I filled the boiling hole with all the seed my body could produce.

We were sweaty and tired and breathing heavily. I rolled onto my side next to her. She clung onto me as we were both glowing in the after glow of incredible sex. She smiled up at me, “enjoy your birthday call girl?”
“Can I call her anytime I want?”
“Oh yes, you can have me anytime, anyplace, anyway you want me.”

I’m thinking of a part two. Let me know what you think.
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Summer (Wife) and I 1st time (True story)

It's been four months since Summer and I have been dating, I met her at a club we bumped into each other on the dance floor. We danced together to almost every song since 1st contact. Before I met Summer and a little while dating I was a man whore, I smashed damn near every freak who throw the pussy my way. Summer was different; she wasn't a good girl but would not get me the draws. That made me want her even more.

Summer invited me over her house for dinner, she wanted to cook for me, I been to her house plenty of times, we would chill watch movies, kiss, grope, but never had sex. When I got to her house she answered the door in some boy shorts and a white beater. We greeted each other like we always did and hug and a kiss. She cooked Veggie lasagna, after we ate, we sat on the couch she laid in her head on my shoulder we watched TV.

Summer is Beautiful, from the 1st day at the club, I laid my eyes on her, I thought she was. She has shoulder length blond hair, pretty blue eye, D size breast, and ass! What shocked me the most she had a nice ass, not flat, and not stripper booty big, but perfect.

I looked down at her, and kissed her softly on the lips, and then more passionately, once again we were in make out mode. But this time is was different, it wasn't aggressive like before. Summer stood and pulled me up to her, started kissing me. I kissed her lips, slid my tongue down to her neck and back up to her lips, I removed her white beater and palmed her breast, she grabbed my face and we started kissing again. I picked Summer and started to carry her to her room, but she said no. So I sat her on the couch, I removed he shorts, and kissed her navel, kissed her bladder, until my tongue found the spot where I wanted it to go. Summer was very wet, I tongue dived her. “If you're going to do that, you have to do it right", Summer said, she then raised her legs high and wide above her head until her toes touched the back of the couch, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face deep in her pussy. She was fucking my face, I let her fuck my tongue for a few more minutes, I rose up pulled down my pants, and boxers, and stirred at her. She sat up, "You're going to hurt me" Maybe, but you’re so wet it’ll glade in smoothly. She opened up her mouth and kissed the head, slid her tongue down the side and back up, she opened her mouth wide and started giving sucking my dick, she then blow my mind, took a deep breath and deep throat me! She pulled it out, and before I could re-act she deep throated me again. Mini me was solid like a rock then.

Summer stood up, grabbed my hand and we went in her room, she laid back on her bed, with a hesitant look on her face, I climbed on top, I saw her fears, and put Mini me in side, a little past the tip, and slid it back and forth, gently. I was stirring my dick in her pussy, she is moaning loudly, she grabs a pillow and placed it over her face, I took the pillow and throw it to the floor, I wanted to see her face, and I wanted to hear her moan. "I want it all, Anthony!" With that, I went deep, not slamming it in deep, still stirring it. Summer raised her legs wider, and wider, I went deeper, and deeper. Summer put her legs up on my shoulders and said FUCK ME! I stopped. I turned her around, put her face on the pillow and Ass straight up in the air, Doggy style!

We started fucking, Ohh Ohhh, I raised my leg up so I could get deeper in her, She screamed out, I didn't stop, I knew where I wanted her to go and was going to get there. FUCK ME ANTHONY! FUCK ME A.N.T.H.O.N.Y she kept saying. He pussy was leaking white cream down her leg, and all over my dick. OH GOD, OH GOD, DON'T STOP, I'M CUMMING, GOD DON'T STOP, I'M CUMMING, She came all on my dick, I pulled out she sat up breathing heavily, turned, grabbed Mini Me and started cleaning her juices off, the sight and feel, sent me over the edge, she then deep throat me, and I busted a nut in her mouth, she looked up and deep throat me again. Summer didn't stop sucking me until I had no more cum left to give.
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