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Master’s Instructions

Master’s Instructions

... Master’s Instructions

If you have not read the start of this fantasy, please start here:
http ...

Once, back at Graham’s house, as per instructed the sex slave removed her clothing and awaited ... you ask Master?” He exclaimed.
“Master may I please suck your cock? “
“Do you feel you have earned... Continue»
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Sweet Ass Muscle Sub (Bisexual)

... of the pussy," I instructed Todd. "You got to let the
pussy know who's boss."

With Todd looking on, I ... slut you
are. But until that day comes, I will be your Master. I'm willing to do
that because ... it's what you need. Say thank you, Master."

"Thank you... Master," he replied, gratitude welling... Continue»
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My Vivid Imagination

... it into my urethra as I am instructed to say thank-you Master and Mistress for making me pay for my mistakes ... as they call me names and humiliate me. My master then says " bitch I have a special suprise for you. I am ... and my b*****r to fuck me.

Then out of the blue Master and Mistress say load the bitch... Continue»
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... her.
Morgana stormed off down the hallway and headed for the Master’s lair. She had no idea ... was not keen on fulfilling her duties to Him.
“Do you know why I show such leniency towards your…s ... ****r?” He asked.
What the fuck? That was the last thing Morgana expected to hear.
“No, Master... Continue»
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All Because of a Rampant Rabbit

... on the following Friday afternoon. It
was half term, the k**s were away on holiday and Gary
could ... ups come down if I have to walk

I decided on no bra. Despite two k**s my 36B breasts ... round me he instructed.' With one hand
under my arse he held me up while he opened up my cunt... Continue»
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Culture Shock 17/23

... . Elaine closed her sliding window, stilling her billowing d****s. If it was electrical, and went on all ... , just like the D/s checklist.

What surprised her most were the similarities between the two. Just ... Instructions as to What to Do' made her feel funny. What if the instructions were stupid or she didn't... Continue»
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... between the pussy lips. A cry came from Inez...

"GOD, no.. P L E A S E.... OH MASTER.... STOP ... Master, and yourself as my slave. Declare my right to do as I wish with you."

"My Lord John ... , I declare you my sole Master and affirm your right to do what ever you wish with me at any time... Continue»
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Dom'trix Fetish in the Burbs..

... was called "Tall Latino Gentleman" (lets call him TLG for now) His photos showed a guy in his early 40's ... mistress says so,otherwise mistress will punish you severly"
TLG did as he was instructed (he looked ... as instructed while that his muscular shoulders touching my inner thighs, sent a nervous yet warm... Continue»
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Can Cun Vacation

... straight for the pussy. Always rushing, making rushed, half assed attempts at being chomp masters so ... it. Pulling her to her knees, I didn’t have to instruct her to take my dick in her mouth, she sucked ... some more questions, and instructed her to repeat herself louder occasionally when she answered... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 10

... ready to get our instructions for the afternoon. Jerry and I looked at each other, both with looks ... that it was Ginger’s two s****rs, Rosemary and Pepper. I hesitated opening the door and Ginger ... the s****rs in. They took a look at me in my apron and began to laugh. Pepper spotted Jerry standing... Continue»
Posted by jdwhitings 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Hardcore  |  

Body Corp[orate Chapter 2

... about 38's, which stood out proudly.
The master had glee in his eyes as he punished them, forcing ... went after giving her the traveling instructions. She would miss him terribly. The page was now ... introduced himself as George, he was the Master’s assistance and would be assisting her. He would also... Continue»
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Two college lovers re-unite!

... an old flame of hers from college, Dan, had just started teaching a masters course at Duke while doing ... from the college k**s so it would be less noisy and they could talk. They had not seen each other ... 's she still dressed like it and pulled it off easily. She wore a brown tight fitting mini dress... Continue»
Posted by myalonetime1965 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  

Cave Creatures

... it to the rest of the world. Even when she was in graduation school seeking her master’s ... instructions she needed, via e-mail. Both in their late thirties, were extremely professional while very easy ... almost u*********s body held by the head as the monster bent over her and push himself all the way... Continue»
Posted by anderson0987 5 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore  |  

snuffing Sindy

... I found this story on the web, it's not from me.

Sindy was the property of her Master, a wealthy ... of belonging that she'd never felt before.

The following year Master told her that they were ... be a weekend to remember then told her to shower and groom herself well for presentation to the other Masters... Continue»
Posted by master-george 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Taboo  |  

Seduced By a Black Man and His Uncut Cock (Part 4)

... muscles. I did as instructed.

We travelled a lot during our relationship and this was the start ... and shaved hers and did mine too. I grew it back later in my 20’s but always kept it trimmed. I have ... and reverse mastered and now was working on doggy since this was the most difficult for me with long cock... Continue»
Posted by hotcdsub 4 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Taboo  |  

Me and My Son's Girlfriend

... to ourselves, especially since we are both now in our 60’s.

But I guess his girlfriend never got ... by the hand and took her towards the master bedroom.

“NO!” She said. “Can we go in his bedroom?”

Hell ... instructed me. “Fuck my ass NOW!”

Happy to oblige I took some of the lube off her cheeks and wiped... Continue»
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... step k**s - had grown up and moved on to lives of their own. Rachel was 27 and her b*****r was a couple ... need.'

I sat on her couch and on her instruction leaned forward with my head over my knees. I ... of white cotton bloomers and innocent, but willing housemaids on their knees before the master... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 8 and My Wife

... her, she was so fucking wet as I asked her if she loved fucking me and fucking Katrina, "yes Master ... , risky, I did not care. I told her I would give her instructions on fucking my wife at that time ... with your folks so it looks better as k**s will stay at grandparents -- in reality, the k**s... Continue»
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A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster Pt.5

... pulled Daddy off the chair, leading him, Mommy and little s*s upstairs to the master bedroom before ... had already prepared for his arrival, so there was no need to pull my thing from my little s****r’s ... clothing to make myself “presentable”.

Leaving little s*s to her task of cleaning herself up... Continue»
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Blackmailed Into Homo-Humiliation Ch. 03

... turned shamefaced from my instruction, aware I had found him out and slunk back to my door and unlocked ... to hardness.

"Park your ass on top of that Bitch" I instructed him, "I'm gonna fuck you senseless ... see had annoyed my Master. He led me on to the front of the plane and opened the door to a toilet... Continue»
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