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Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, my sister and our father

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, my s****r and our father

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. My ... and deliberately, 'You could be my biological father', he nodded as if in agreement, 'and my s****r', he smiled coyly, and ... ... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Sister And Her Best Friend On A Co

... since my younger s****r Kim was always with her.

On this faithful Sunday, Kit visited our house and our parents were not around: mommy went to her younger s****r who had just given birth and will be back the next day and our father ... ... Continue»
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I Lost My Sister And Wife To My Old Friend

... office at 8 and return at 7 PM. At this time she used to go to my s****r Aarthi’s house which is nearby our house or Aarthi will come to our house. My s****r Aarthi(30 years old. Looks like actress Charmi) is married and her ... ... Continue»
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Chapter 2 My Sister and I Continue to Build

... her pussy and it didn't take my s****r long to tell me and grab my head to lick hey clit and move my tongue over and around it ... I feel all warm and gooey in my pussy I think this time you spermed in me " She was right after our orgasms we stayed ... ... Continue»
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Story of my Life: My Sister and I

... I had been asl**p but after a while, I opened my eyes and turned to my s****r and got the surprise of a life time.

She was ... out onto my hands.

"That, my s*s, is called cum and you just had your first orgasm" my s****r smiled at me.

"Oh my god, ... ... Continue»
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Me, My GF and Our Neighbor

... and currently with his father for the weekend. She was the director of a local non-profit charity, which sounded pretty cool and important and ... as it wiggled, just inches from where my cock was penetrating our neighbor. For a moment I thought I'd pull out ... ... Continue»
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My wife and servant Gopal

... a minute in front of the bathroom door.

My wife must be absolutely naked inside and our servant was seeing her like that. ... at all. As my wife and our servant fucked, they kept staring into each other's eyes. She had a glazed look, and everytime she ... ... Continue»
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My Wife And Our Friend's College Son

... in high school when my wife and I had visited them last. My wife and I

had stayed with our friends the last time we had visited. I had went to breakfast

with both of our friends while my ... ... Continue»
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My Husband and our cuckold relationship

... back into our home, I accept his authority and entertain them, as a dutiful hostess, food and drink, but as my story unfolds, and my husbands ... understand his needs and he mine, so we are more open and willing, that's why I am in this site, and our home is ... ... Continue»
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Me, My Wife, and My Boss

... a long line of stories about me and my wife and our love of threesomes. See the rest in my profile.

[image]http://up9.xhamster. ... an annoying last-minute business trip, forcing my wife Carrie and I to have to cancel all our plans for two weeks. Some ... ... Continue»
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Gran Canaria

My girlfriend Sue and i recently went on holiday to Gran Canaria...we both love the beach and so on our first day we went out with just swimwear flip flops and towels ... ... Continue»
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Gran Canaria 1.Teil

... diesem verregneten Sommer zu entfliehen habe ich eine Woche Gran Canaria last Minute gebucht.So stehe ich nun früh Morgens ... steigt auch wieder und schlussendlich landen wir sicher auf Gran Canaria. Wir steigen aus,holen unser Gepäck, Passkontrolle und ... ... Continue»
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Gran Canaria - Toilette am Pool

Gran Canaria - Toilette am Pool

Ich verbrachte meinen ersten Urlaub nach der ... von meiner Ex Freundin für 3 Wochen alleine in einer Anlage auf Gran Canaria.
Die Anlage lag in Nähe zum Strand von Mas Palomas ... ... Continue»
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Gran Canaria 2013

Gran Canaria 2013
Hallo liebe Gemeinde. Da ja nun die trübe ... mir die Zeit genommen um für euch ein weiters Erlebnis von Gran Canaria
nieder zuschreiben.
Den ganzen Tag über war ich wieder in ... ... Continue»
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Marrying my own sister and mom

... my s****r replied, “we thought this would make things easy for all us, besides we could pass the person up as our fathermy s****r inadvertently was shocked and shouted at her “is this about ... ... Continue»
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Sex on the beach in Gran Canaria

... his balls hit me. We kissed like it was our first time and looked into each other’s eyes lovingly.

Ian spoke.
“You ... and proud, snapping away taking our pics.

I got to my knees cupped Ian’s balls in my hand and took his pussy wet cock in my mouth and ... ... Continue»
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How I Taught My Sister To Masturbate

... often and call those my melons. Her name is Mahini and we live in Kerala. My father works abroad and I live with my mom, s*s and grandma. s*s ... one day our mom tells me that we’re supposed to go abroad and live with our father for the rest of our vacations, ... ... Continue»
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... fucked my mom and s****r. My Father died when my s****r was 3 years. We are very poor f****y because of that one person said my mom ... moved my home. I saw my mom and s****r after 6 year and me was very happy.
Our place is 2 kms inside from the village and ... ... Continue»
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My Sister & Mom become my sex slaves

... indial village and married at the age of just 17. She is a real Indian submissive wife and my father is big business man and has variety of business.. Money is no matter for us. I was born when my mom ... ... Continue»
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My Sister-in-Law Fantasy

... I'm getting hot. My dick is becoming rock hard, and I can feel that I'm leaking pre cum into my briefs. I decide that my best bet is ... and you could come in my asshole”. She went on to say “Your father really enjoyed fucking me in the ass, but my hemorrhoids ... ... Continue»
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