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Mari and Dee

Mari and Dee

... cock.

Dee laughed at that, stood up and took off her panties. Mari moved in front of her and Dee was shocked, surprised and I ... She had a fingertip in Mari's ass and Dee was sucking her lips and thrusting two fingers into Mari's cunt. She smiled when she ... ... Continue»
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Milking Time B3 Chapter 9 Ebony Duz Dee Dee

... Dee Dee getting soft and Dee Dee's cunt muscles relaxing.
Ebony withdrew her massive cock with a loud 'plop' and cum gushed out of Dee Dee's pussy like a torrent. Dee Dee ... ... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 23 Dee Dee's Magic

... and closed her eyes to slits so that she could watch Dee Dee at play for a few moments.
Jordan and Dee Dee ... ... Continue»
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B6 Chapter 5 Dee Dee Duz Calista

... Dee Dee was about to feed her a load of cum. Calista could feel her prick expand and ripple in her hands and Dee Dee ... mouth gaped and Dee Dee poured her hot slime into her gullet by the
bucketful. Calista kept pumping and licking, and Dee Dee kept ... ... Continue»
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Dee and Frank "Just This Once"

... and nodded my head. The first pic was of Frank standing on the floor and Dee on her hands and ... and looked up into her creamy gaping hole. The white cream was all over her lips. I cleaned them off and Dee ... ... Continue»
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s****r in Law calls while wife and I are fucking P

... and said, "Do you remember the day we met? We were at Mom and Dad's house and Dee said "This is Peter. That night when Roger and ... ... Continue»
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Delia, Robbie and Me

... ?"

"I-I, um, walked by your room the other night, and you and Dee were doing it with each other."

"Doing what?"


... silk half-bras and matching lace thongs. Mine were white, and Dee had on a black set.

Like I said, Dee's boobs are bigger ... ... Continue»
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... and Jeff and miraculously it worked for a while. We met as a foursome on special occasions and made them very special. Mom and Dee had 'girls night out' and once in a while Dee enjoyed Jeff and I for a ... ... Continue»
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Frank's Barn Part Two Dee


I called back at three and Dee answered the phone. In a youthful voice she said brightly, "Hi! This is Dee." I waited a second then ... man come on in and let's get acquainted a bit." We shook hands. He called out and said, "Dee honey, your young ... ... Continue»
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s****r in Law calls while wife and I are fucking

... their Dad's house and Dee and I had the house to ourselves. We were fucking doggy style when the phone rang. Dee said as I reached ... we needed to hang up and said, "tell s*s I love her." I told her I would. We hung up and Dee asked, "So what's going on ... ... Continue»
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The Hay Trailer and Annie.

... and placed them in my hand. I sniffed them and smiled. She smiled too. "You know Annie, when you guys go on vacation and Dee and I take care of your place, the first thing I do is go through your clothes hamper and find as ... ... Continue»
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Brittany and Me part 1

... genes came together perfectly for her. She was ambitious and charismatic, and actually had gotten herself to be ASB president at ... you. There were the girls: Alison, Jo, and Dee, and then the guys, Dakota, Kyle, and -if he was in town- her boyfriend John ... ... Continue»
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... late on that Tuesday night. Dee and I were visiting our long-time friends Michael and Mari. Dee was in the guest bedroom asl**p ... something about the couch. Mari came over with a wet towel and said, "Looks like someone spilled and didn't clean it up. I ... ... Continue»
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Maa Ki Choot Mari - Mother Son

... nangi kar diya. Phir usne apni shirt aur lungi khol dee. Who bhi poori tarah nanga tha. Uska sharir bahut strong ... chaatne laga. usne apne tongue meri choot ke andar ghusa dee. Main phir se anand ke sagar main gote lagane lagee ... ... Continue»
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Milking Time B3 Chapter 12 Ebony Gets Triple-Teame

... and Dee Dee twisted in each other's arms, their bodies fused in passion and their mouths clamped together. Finally, Ebony released her grip on Dee Dee, and ... ... Continue»
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Sharing her like she always wanted

... , Dee blurted “Can I get you a glass of wine?”

“That’ll be nice” Kane confirmed and Dee filled the empty glass for him and topped ... rigid and Dee sucked as much of him into her mouth as she could.

Dee held his now flaccid cock and slowly stroked it and ... ... Continue»
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Jayden's Dark Journey Chapter Five by Micah C

... guessed Dee was talking
about having sex with different men and making videos. It made sense that
Skylar needed a job and Dee was going to pay him. Jayden started to wonder
if Dee ... ... Continue»
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18-Year-Old Jason Fancies His Auntie

... the reception was being held and Dee and Andy were staying the night.

Andy and Dee spent quite a while chatting to f****y ... and Dee had managed a secretive kiss.

Dee thought a lot about what had happened and didn't expect to hear from him again and ... ... Continue»
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Episode 15 - UKPI Awards & Biographies

... her lips and clit, and Dee was warming up nicely, between little gasps she managed "I was just out jogging"; and seeing a ... eased Dee forwards so that she was now licking her arse. The girl and Dee kissed, explored each other’s tongues, and Dee f***efully ... ... Continue»
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Call Me. An expanded tale of a No Panty Girl story

... , Dee was a grass widow as her husband was constantly on the road as a union representative.

Both Laureen and Dee were tall and ... look on Dee’s video tape.

Brian and Dee resumed their lewd dance, him using her hair to pull her mouth up and down ... ... Continue»
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