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Maid Service

Maid to order

... tough a job.

"Wanted, a young, attractive female for maid service. Apply to Lady Elizabeth Wentworth, 19 Hudson street. Please apply ... was time to introduce her personal maid to the next level of service. Lady Wentworth smiled, stroking her hand ... ... Continue»
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Helpful Maid

... working and don’t have time to clean your place. I’m sending a maid service over to help you. They should contact you about arrangements ... , can I help you miss?”
“Yes Sir I was sent by the service for a cleaning at this address. I know it’s late but they ... ... Continue»
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Maid Service

... breasts, quite cute. She of course was dressed in the maid uniform of the hotel a blouse, skirt and sensible shoes.

She ... orgasm.

I laid back, exhausted, but satisfied. What an experience. The maid rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom carrying ... ... Continue»
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... your submissive, but simply want male maid service or
Wanted: Sissy Maid for Dominant Vixen. One place to ... or
a romantic relationship with occasional sessions of discipline or maid service.
Many males ask to see a photograph with your reply ... ... Continue»
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A Maid's Tale

... Sir Henry’s service, he had decided that Fiona was not a fitting name for a maid and bestowed a ... was the deal. Her rewards for her service were simple. She got a very good room ... not long after she had entered his service. Soon after he had taken her away ... ... Continue»
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Suzy's Holiday Service.

... exploded. “Good girl Suzy, my good girl, my little maid...” He said panting heavily.
Staggering a little he extracted himself ... and later some light refreshment, each time the room service porter was instructed to bring his delivery into the bedroom ... ... Continue»
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making a maid

... ," Sandra sounded stern," That is not the proper way for a maid to answer the phone."
"I'm sorry ma'am," I stammered in shock ... up at her pleadingly, hoping she wouldn't really insist that I service her friends, though apart of became excited at the thought ... ... Continue»
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Sarah, me and the hotel maid

... " she insisted "we don't want any unnecessary disasters". The maid then entered the bedroom and, seeing Sarah semi naked, apologised ... placed my cock near Ruth's naked body, enticing her to service me, which she quickly obliged. I was hard as anything ... ... Continue»
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... applied some cologne the previous occupant had left behind and maid service had neglected to throw out. I smelled like a ... cum from her body.

"What's the maid-service gonna think of that?" I said.

"Fuck maid-service."

"No." I lifted up and kissed ... ... Continue»
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Cruise Ship Cuckold

... long I would be cuffed to the chair. I hoped the maid service wouldn't find me this way. How embarrassing! Well, if they ... During your cruise, you have been catered to, given top service and treated like royalty.

Tonight, in appreciation, you will serve ... ... Continue»
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Indonesian Maid & Bangladeshi Man (Part 1)

... not wrong and I was serving My National Service in the Army back then. This is ... 3rd floor. I saw a couple. An Indonesian maid and a Bangla Man. They were hugging and kissing ... mostly as cleaners. And the Indonesian maid is also a migrant worker from Indonesia ... ... Continue»
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Maid To Order - By Bigsoftee

... to her that he was happy with her service. But one day he left a slightly different ... demand to have a more traditional French maid appearance. He told her that if she ... pool chemicals. They both looked at the maid, smiled and then went about their pool ... ... Continue»
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The maid of the mannor

Ann worked as a scullery maid; all of her memories involve working ... there. Lord Thompson’s c***dren had joined the service, his eldest son was a captain in the ... look after her mother.
Ann the slender scullery maid gave her c***d up for adoption and found a ... ... Continue»
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whitedogs lucky lotto cuckold story chapter 2

... of the furiture.

I then remembered the brochere had mentioned maid service was available and then assumed that was this guy was ... doing, earning some college money working for a maid service. I know I did some crazy jobs when I was at ... ... Continue»
Posted by Skatana28 5 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  Views: 874  |  

Master & Maid Use Suzy

... ...Black silk gloves held her champagne the maid Sonia had provided as Suzy licked her ... moaned and liked Masters instructed manservant in service now for her as he was ... , Evans again and now Sonia the maid ...ooooohhhhh She was dripping now into Master ... ... Continue»
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A Flash for the Maid

... interviewing women to return to the house for a private maid position. Even though I am home every day my schedule ... those commercial services. We felt a private maid would give us not only better service but more reliability and a friendlier relationship. ... ... Continue»
Posted by bigsoftee 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Fetish, Voyeur  |  Views: 3127  |  
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Episode 9 - Where was Gemma?

... pool, gym, sauna, at least eight bedrooms and full maid service.
Gemma selected a lovely room opening onto the pool and ... older c***dren helping the younger ones, sometimes the young maid assisted.
By the time Kurt returned the number of available ... ... Continue»
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Episode 9 - Gemma has a baby

... pool, gym, sauna, at least eight bedrooms and full maid service.
Gemma selected a lovely room opening onto the pool and ... older ch1ldren helping the younger ones, sometimes the young maid assisted.
By the time Kurt returned the number of available ... ... Continue»
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A Lady and her maid

... plucked the brush from Annest’s hands, startling her very naked maid, and completed her circuit.

. Patience turned the ... ever been punished?” “dim mum, not since I took service.” Feeling she needed less familiarity, Patience stated harshly “Answer ... ... Continue»
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Somebody's Slut Wife

... Customer Satisfaction Director which meant she oversaw the room service department and maid service. I would help her out when she was short ... a lot. This Saturday night I was helping with the room service. People would call in and place an order and we ... ... Continue»
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