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Maggie Pt.1

[u]The PA pt 1[/u]

The PA pt 1
She sat mouth agape, she knew ... .
Her name was Sarah Margaret Shmit known as Maggie; she stood 5ft 6inches tall, a 32b chest ... till tomorrow”
He smiled at that ...“you misunderstand Maggie, this is yours and this the only key`s” ... ... Continue»
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Bleacher Gagging pt.1

... I asked, referring to Angie.

“Who doesn’t she suck? Maggie replied, laughing. And I could feel Angie chuckling too. Everybody. ... several people applauded. Angie just smiled.

“Who’s next? Maggie called out.

Sure enough, another man was waiting. Angie ... ... Continue»
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The PA pt 2

The PA pt 2
Things changed a little on that Saturday, Sir Edward ... as he saw her.
Sir Edward introduced her as “Maggie my P.A.” and went on to say “I need to ... though”, with that he swept out taking Maggie with him as he went into the outer office ... ... Continue»
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Maggie's Journey To Being a Slut

... while sneaking another quick glance between her still spread legs. Maggie stood briefly and said "I like them, but I'd ... , gave her a huge discount, and handed the package to Maggie. Maggie extended her hand and told Walt "It was nice ... ... Continue»
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Maggie the Mature Slut

... shocked and managed to stammer 'What are you talking about Maggie.'

Maggie just looked at me 'Dan relax, I don't mind. I ... and quickly which felt great.

I started to protest 'Maggie, I need to.....'

Maggie kissed me hard 'Dan don't worry you will ... ... Continue»
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True story - Evening with Tom, Maggie and Michael

... them through our pants. As Michael stripped, I kissed Maggie deeply while undoing my jeans and springing out my cock ... Tom let out a string of obscenities, erupting violently as Maggie submissively drank her lover's cum.

Tom slipped into the batchroom ... ... Continue»
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Maggie's Wild Night

... hours, the three just drank beers and talked about work. Maggie was getting pretty d***k. Every time she finished a beer, David ... be that turtle right now," said David as he eyed Maggie. Maggie started to blush, realizing what she had been doing.

"I ... ... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.2

... were gone miss. Jones said, "Miss. Warran..."

"Just call me Maggie please."

"Okay. In that case you can call me Janet ... ."

"Deal. Now Janet, what was you going to say?"

"Maggie, if you do not mind, may I speak with you alone ... ... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.5

... held onto my cock with her hand, "Oh fuck me Maggie, I'm cumming."

"Me too."

Then Janet went back to sucking on ... of mom's pussy, "I'm going to eat out your pussy now Maggie."

As soon as I was out of the way, Janet moved ... ... Continue»
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Silver Hair Granny Maggie

... in my hands and began kissing them. Maggie moaned with pleasure. That is so nice she ... growing in my mouth so I sucked harder.Maggie moaned with pleasure,OOOH sweety that's it suck ... I said.I layed on the bed while Maggie sucked and licked my cock until it ... ... Continue»
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A night with Maggie

... story teller

It had been 12 days since I had runaway ... corner and grab me or something. "would you like a drink?" Maggie asked in a menacing way, i refused. " I love that mole ... ... Continue»
Posted by Miss_Grimes 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  
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My s****r Maggie, not a short story...

... around one another. It's a great thing.

A few days after Maggie got to meet Connie, by accident I had surely thought, she ... all the time when one is down...

"What's wrong here, Maggie?" I asked... I knew almost immediately that she was having boy ... ... Continue»
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My day with Maggie

... in sick for the day. As I drove to Maggie's I could feel my rock hard cock beg for ... sneak off together I always feel the same. Maggie opened the door and I quickly slid into ... forth against one another in our passion. Maggie whispered to me to slide my cock ... ... Continue»
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Seein What I Could See, Pt. 6

... took my swim googles when you took me swimming at Maggie's pool!" "They probably looked a lot nicer then," she laughed and ... ... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.4

... more and Janet, lay over here with your head on Maggie's lap, on your back."

Mom slid down to the end ... ... Continue»
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f****y SLUT.PT 2

... didn't want to get pregnant.(as you know from Pt 1 my dad or b*****r gave a c***d).He opened the screen door and ... boys fucking me OH THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.Look for Pt.3 ... Continue»
Posted by libra4646 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  
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f****y SLUT PT 3

My cousin from Pt 2 came back by and dropped off his 15 year old ... **p with now softing dick in my ass.PLEASE LOOK FOR PT 4. ... Continue»
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The Night With A Transgendered Angel pt.2

... Be Continued... If you would like for me to post pt.3 rate it or comment plz..thanx..and please read ... ... Continue»
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Seeing What I Could See Pt. 5

Seeing What I Could See Pt. 5

Another fantasy of a high-school aged boy and ... had readied herself for doggie-style sex. Wow ! (see pt. 3 of this series)

My pink goal was now framed ... ... Continue»
Posted by thighfan 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  

My First BBC--Pt. I

... just before I turned 16 (see my story "My First Time--Pt. I & II"); but, now, perhaps because I was at that age where ... fucking regularly was quite large (see "My First Group Scene Pt. I & II"), but his was the largest and thickest I had seen ... ... Continue»
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