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... deal with my sick and perverted Son. My own flesh and bl**d.

"Ok, Mom what is it"? He said ... voice rising again.

"Son, I know Bobby's Mom and I know she would not buy such a magazine. She and I ... go to church together" I told my Son.

"Mom, you don't understand. Bobby and his Mom are very... Continue»
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Flamingo Road ~ Conclusion

... in the rear view mirror at Ben as he sat in the backseat jacking off, Napoleon scolded his son ... t-shirt off. “I’m gonna fuck you, son,” I growled at him. “And then you’re gonna take me back ... .

“If your Mom finds out,” Napoleon admonished his son, “I’ll kick your ass!”

We went down to the lobby... Continue»
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Leave It to Cole -pt2

... ago."

"I am always horny mommy, I am tired of jacking off 5
times a day and what you do for me ... thinking this would be a juicy story."

"Mom, if you do not want to take care of your son's
needs ... my
cheek. I saw a good dollop of my sons sperm on her
finger as she slowly put it into her... Continue»
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The Facts of Life part 1

... , "But dad, we're not just another man. We're the sons who love
you. We've jacked off together, and you ... .

Sam said, "Well, words like 'cunt,' 'pussy,' 'come,' 'cock,' 'hard-on'
'Jack-off,' 'cocksucker ... . And that is by masturbating.
When you heard your friends talking about 'jacking-off,' they were... Continue»
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Best Friends Milf Pt 2

... . We thought that was just a silly dream, and then came that fateful day when I found you jacking off ... came after Brandon and Maria's son graduated from the community college, and things calmed down ... .

"That would be perfect. I get off work Friday at 6, and I could come by after that."

"Why don't you... Continue»
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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 5

... already was, that is for sure." as I pulled mom's robe off of her shoulders and tosed it into the chair ... and jacked me off with her hand, then the next thing I knew, she pulled out a new pair of red thing pantys ... , she had bought the day before and caught the cum, that shot out of my cock when she jacked me off... Continue»
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Ms. Nancy, Part 4. We take a huge risk

... I mentioned my friend's f****y was well off, and because my large f****y didn't make a lot of money ... , and my best friend sat behind his mom. This beautiful woman, who had watched me cum, not once, but twice ... as she stared into yours.

I couldn't seem to take my eyes off her whenever we were together. I... Continue»
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Golden Perverts

... going to get screwed". The remark caught Hal off
guard. He may have thought it, but saying ... . Alan had run the boy
off who came back with his gang.

Hal hadn't thought of Carol in that way ... it go. Alan asked him again why he hadn't tried to hit on Carol?
Hal simply said, she's your mom, I... Continue»
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Ms. Nancy, Chapter 4. We take a huge risk.

... Miss Nancy, Ch. 4-We take a huge risk

I mentioned my friend’s f****y was well off, and because ... . I sat in the back, behind her husband, and my best friend sat behind his mom. This beautiful woman ... couldn’t seem to take my eyes off her whenever we were together. I walked around with a constant 18 year... Continue»
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Ultimate car sex

... , jacking him off with her soft, plump ass cheeks. He responded by pushed her down more firmly into his ... Mom started crying. Tom was a former Navy Seal and loathed failure. Tom said with determination ... , so they agreed that Tina would drive the 600 mile trip. A quick switch and off they went. The dash... Continue»
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A fine f amily pt2

... in her chest. "Ok, I'd like that."

"Sometimes, I like to park here and jack off."

Wendy's ... Wendy's first handjob a pleasant experience. He could ruin it for all of the boys she would jack off if he ... to his view.

"Mom?" he gasped.

Linda was surprised as she looked up to see her son standing... Continue»
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Stacy 4

... ?"

"Sure, Dad."

"I mean it, son. Lay off the booze and don't abandon her to go out with your friends ... ?"

I groaned when I saw him reach for his wallet, "Oh for fu..."

"Jack!" my Mom warned ... , Jack, tell me!" she complained.

"Hunh?" I mumbled, drifting up from my slumber. I felt my stiff... Continue»
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In Route to Captain Jack's Complex

Jeff Phillips listened to the purr of the Jumbo Jet and thought of last night. He and his son ... had flown to Texas. 19 year old Kurt would drive his Grannie Kate back to Jack's Complex. Kurt ... of 13, after his own mom had died. For 6 years, they had only seen each other during summers. Now... Continue»
Posted by dickblackman 10 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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More Perverted Sexual Cravings

wondered how it would feel up his ass.
He had became able to eject cum when jacking off now and loved ... grandpa had told him one evening to be sure and peek in his moms
His dad had gone to town ... heard his mom go to

After a few minutes he heard her door open again then he waited awhile... Continue»
Posted by bioralpleaser 3 months ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Taboo, Hardcore  |  

Hot Step Mom 7

... erect clit.

She couldn't help but think about watching her handsome son jacking of yesterday. He ... jacking off with a pair of her thong panties. She knew it was wrong to think of him the way she ... ,excited clit. She wondered if he jacked off with her panties all the time. She had felt so wicked when... Continue»
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Katherine Jackson

... jacking off and such, I sometimes thought about Katherine. Now I knew where babies come from and I ... of, so I jacked off a lot thinking about her.

Well, lots of years gone by. They weren’t much ways ... , but they was a few, and one by the name of Katherine lived right next to us. Her and mom was kinda friendly... Continue»
Posted by Tony53 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  

ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #7

... , please don't hate me for that, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless]

A bomb could have gone off ... and nothing but buzzing in her ears had turned her perception off completely.

She didn't hear the screams ... and headed off to their respective rooms while careful whispers began to move like waves through the crowd... Continue»
Posted by FrankSinner 6 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities  |  

Little Megan Takes Cuntrol - of Mom

... and just do it.” So she had. She jacked the man off without ever knowing who it was!

After ... continued in a most unexpected way.

Mom came home after staying at the college the night before, she ... controlling this young woman, wait to you read how she treats Tina, her Mom!!

As Tina pulled... Continue»
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shannon kelly The Confession Ch. 09

... next to her son and Jack stood behind her. He reached down and placed both hands on her shoulders ... .

"Holy shit you got to be k**ding me Mom!" exclaimed Kevin.

"Oh Jack." His mother gasped.

"Great ... mom to be happy and I want Jack to be happy." He said "I'm just not sure if I want them to be happy... Continue»
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duties i love to do

... the way to jack him off onto her pretty face, thick gobs of salty teen boy spunk hanging in obscene ... , time to rise and shine for school," his mom said softly, padding into the room and pulling open ... it now, even as he rolled over and tried to hide his throbbing prick under the sheets. His mom... Continue»
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