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... didn’t know what to do. I took mom’s hand & tried to console her as best I could ... the mirror. She went into the bath tub and started lathering her body. ... to cum also. “. FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......put it in Hard ... ... Continue»
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Consoling Freinds's Mother

Sex Consoles Friend's Mother
by xyshiva©

I was studying M.Tech, and to our shock and surprise one of our classmate and friend Gandhi, was found dead in his room, committed suicide taking arsenic poison. Gandhi was married six months earlier; his wife Madhusmita was studying M.A in English literature at Andhra University. We couldn't understand the reasons for his suicide.

We informed his parents, and they came next day morning. His father went along with some of our friends to the mortuary to complete the formalities and take his son's body.

Gandhi's mother was crying continuously, and I was left to take care of her. I took her the Guesthouse, asked her, to take bath, and brought some breakfast from the hostel mess and coffee in a flask. She refused to have breakfast, but on my insistence had a cup of coffee.

She was crying, I was at loss, not knowing how to console her, but involuntarily, put my hands on her shoulders, she instantly leaned on to my chest burying her face and hugging me, I put my hand on her head stroking, to console her and thought, let her cry out.

Her crying, gradually reduced to sobs, but she was holding me tightly, her large breasts pressing at my chest, her whole body touching mine, I couldn't control myself, my cock became hard and erect, I was wearing a lungi, and I was ashamed, my body chemistry was beyond my control, but to my surprise, Gandhi's 44 yr old mother was pressing her self, against me, I looked at her back, there was no doubt in my mind, that she was thrusting her self against my hard cock, feeling at her mound, feeling my maleness and her body was on fire with desire, I cupped her soft big arse cheeks with my hands, and her finger were digging into my back, her hair knot got untied, her beautiful soft thick hair spread onto her back beyond her thunderous thighs, the soft ness of her silky hair touching my hands further aroused my carnal desire, I took hold of her face into my hands, as she was looking into my eyes, I could sense, a****l desire in her eyes, I licked all over her face, her cheeks and finally on her mouth, she took my lower lip into her mouth and started kissing, sucking, all the time pressing herself against me.

There was no need for words, and there was no doubt in my mind, I led her to the bed, and lay on the bed facing each other, as I was feeling her big breasts, she removed her blouse and bra, and thrust one of breast into my mouth. I sucked on her engorged hard jutting nipple, while stroking the other nipple and squeezing it. Her hand reached between my thighs and took my long thick cock into her hands, feeling its hardness.

Oh! Shiva, I can't wait, dear do it. Do it to me.

I got up and lifted her saree up, above her thighs, and entered her inviting juicy cunt with all my energy, savagely, filled her cunt, and started fucking.

Oh, my son, fuck me fuck your mother, fuck me, my son, she was repeating the same words again and again, while moving her self up to meet each of my stroke.

She came, finally, as if a volcano erupted, as if an earth quake occurred, her whole body in frenzied uncontrollable spasms, as she dug her nails into my back scratching, drawing bl**d.

I said "amma, amma, ammaaaaaaaa, as I ejaculated my hot loads of sperm into her cunt.
We lay still, till our bodies returned to normality, got up. She went to the bathroom and came back hugged me kissing me all over my face, "Shiva, You filled me, filled the void in me, and fulfilled me. Do you know, what could be the plausible reason for my son to end his life?"

I said, "I don't know."
Padma said, " He can't get it up. He can't fuck"
"Is that so? Amma" I said
"It is, He is not like you. I wish he had a cock like yours, so big beautiful virile. I wish you are my son."
"Yes, I am your son, amma"

Padma was 44 yr old, tall, very fair, with oily smooth unblemished skin, beautiful oval face, high cheekbones, full lips, her beautiful big 38DD breasts still firm, conical, extending out of her small frame, narrow waist and wide and big 43" bottom. Her long hair was thick, oily, curly, soft, jet-black, shining, reaching her thunderous smooth banana trunk like thighs.

I looked at her, as we were standing opposite the mirror fixed on the wooden cupboard, drinking her beauty, putting my arms around her.
She asked " do you like me"
"You are beautiful and sexy and exciting amma" I said stroking her hard jutting brown nipples with my tongue and fingers
"But, Shiva, do you think I am crazy woman, giving her self on a day, when my son is dead"
No, Padma, You are not crazy, I understand you.
My cock was hard again, I asked her to bend. She kneeled down took my cock into her mouth licked my long thick hard cock from base to the knob, licked my balls and scrotum, and said " Shiva, Your cock is enormous and beautiful"

I pulled her up by her hair, asked her to bend, She obeyed, bent , her ass high up, her legs spread wide, resting her hands on the bed.I entered her juicy cunt, doggy style, fucked and fucked leisurely enjoying each and every stroke. She orgasmed violently, her whole body in ecstatic spasms, her cunt muscles all of a sudden gripping my cock, squeezing my cock, I stood still, allowing her to enjoy the long drawn multiple orgasms and then allowed my self to ejaculate hot loads of thick juice into her cunt.

It was the lunchtime, I went out brought lunch for both of us, had a light lunch, and while were talking, her husband came.

They took Gandhi's body in a taxi, to their village.

I went to attend the thirteenth day ceremony, and stayed. After all the guests went Padma came to my room, and we fucked. Two days later, Padma sent her widowed daughter-in-law, 20 yr old Madhusmitha, who was still a virgin, dressing her up like a bride, in traditonal way for the first night. Padma decorated the bed and the room as if it was the first night.

Madhu , 5"6" tall, lean, beautiful round face, with large expressive eyes, juicy lips, 36-26-38 figure, long smooth hair arranged into a single plait and decorated with jasmine flowers, wearing silk saree, came into the room with a glass of milk .

I deflowered Madhu, that night. And fucked Padma later.

I stayed for 10 days, fucking Both mother-in-la and daughter-in-law, day and night and returned to the college.

I got a phone call from Padma and her daughter-in-law Madhu informing me that both were pregnant, impregnated by me. Both were happy. People thought it was Gandhi who made his wife pregnant.

Padma and Madhu both delivered male babies, and they remained my mistresses.

Padma and her husband, adapted Madhu as their daughter, later married her to Padma's younger b*****r, a widower and a son of a male c***d.

I still keep in touch with them, visiting them whenever the occasion arises.

Secretly, I was the son Padma lost, I was the husband Madhu lost, fulfilling the vacuum left by Gandhi, and filling the void left, both physically and psychologically.

Madhu is now an English Professor in a reputed college, living with her husband and Padma and our c***dren.

Aphrodisiac Mother & Aunty
by xyshiva©

After completing my SSC exams, I went to my Aunty- mother's elder s****r Rajeswari Devi's house. Raji aunty's husband was her maternal uncle. Raji got married when she was 16 and her uncle 29. They have two daughters Radha and Visala 21 and 19. Both got married. Raji' husband was govt. officer, got transferred to state head quarters and didn't shift the f****y. He used to visit aunty once a month or so. Raji was alone in the house and It was proposed by her that I stay with her, join the college for my inter course. My parents agreed. That's why I went to stay with her. More over since she doesn't have male c***d, I was treated like her son.

Even at that age I was sexually attracted towards her and spent all day looking at her. Raji Aunty was 39, 5'6" tall, has beautiful sexy figure, a heavyset lady, large expressive eyes, pleasant pectorals, round face, thick juicy lips, dimple cheeks, blemish less clear smooth skin, long thick jet black silky smooth lustrous shining hair reaching her knees. She was a Hastini type woman. She oozes sexuality and feminineness. She was elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and magnificent. She looks like KR Vijaya, the South Indian actress.

The next morning I was awake, but was lying down lazily when Raji came into the room and said "shiva, wake up". I didn't. She pulled the bed sheet covering me, and saw my hard erect long thick virile beautiful magnificent cock. I opened my eyes slightly. Raji was staring at my upright turgid cock, ran her fingers along the shaft, stroking and murmured "beautiful". I could see the amazement and surprise in her eyes on the extra long thick cock.

She turned back, while going out of the room turned her head and looked. Our eyes met. She smiled. "Get up, Shiva. Come for breakfast" and added, "You should know how to wear lungi properly"

I got up brushed my teeth, washed my face and went to kitchen. Raji aunty was mixing the dough to prepare dosa with a spoon which slipped and her hands were covered with dough. Her long hair arranged into a knot got loosened, hair feel down and spread across her back reaching her knees.

Shiva, please arrange my hair into a knot. I got up took her hair into my hands . The silky smooth feel of her hair stirred my loins and my cock was instantly hard and erect. I was wearing lungi and no underwear. My cock was touching her big perturbing ass. I some how controlled my urge to press my turgid cock against her big ass, but was unable to arrange her hair into a knot.

She thrust herself back against me her head on my chest, the feel of her silky smooth hair sent electric waves through my body. " Peddamma (Aunty) your hair is so silky and beautiful", I said. I was hesitant, but was sure that she could feel my hardness against her buttocks, yet she was pressing herself against me.

I said, "Aunty, You look more beautiful, if you arrange your hair into a long plait"

I shall do so to day for your sake. Your Pedananna (uncle ) never appreciates my beauty.

I some how arranged her hair into a knot and reluctantly, I went back to the chair.

She prepared dosa and we had breakfast. All the time I was looking at her beautiful big pendulous breasts .She noticed my looks and smiled, her beautiful smile. When she smiles dimples form on her cheeks which looks sexy.

After the breakfast, Raji asked me to apply oil her body, sitting on a stool in the shade of pomegranate tree in the backyard of the house. I was thrilled, applied coconut oil to her long hair. It was exciting for me to feel her smooth silky hair. Then I massaged oil on to her scalp, applied oil on her hands, arms and legs up to knees. She then pulled back her saree, applied oil on her huge terrific thunderous thighs. She asked me to massage moongdal powder on her body. I did so. Now Shiva, Aunty said, " would you like to help me wash my hair and bathe"

Aunty, " I want to" I said

We went to the bathroom, Aunty asked me to wash her hair with soapnut powder solution. I washed and cleaned with so much pleasure. Then I soaped her back arms and legs. Aunty, removed her blouse and bra and saree and petticoat. She was completely naked. I was excited. She asked me to soap her breasts. I did lovingly. Her huge, heavy, well hung and firm breasts were like big watermelons. Her nipples were big, brown, hard, and jutting. I poured water on her. Then Aunty removed my lungi, took hold of my erect and hard long ,thick cock. Your cock is so big for your age. Its beautiful. She stroked my cock. She cleaned my cock pulling the foreskin back with soap and water, kissed the big knob ran her tongue allover my cock, licked from the base to knob, took my balls into her mouth licked my scrotum, then took my cock into her mouth started sucking. Sucking and sucking.

Oh!!!!!! I came in her mouth thick jet of my cum loads and loads of my sperm into her mouth, I put my hands on her head . saying aunty aunty aunty... She drank swallowed all my cum sucked last drop of my sperm. Then she took my cock out of her mouth, licked the last few drops coming out of my cock, still semi erect and said " Shiva is it good, do you like it"

"Oh It's heaven Aunty."

"Now, Shiva Give me Your tongue."

She spread her thighs. I kneeled down and kissed her wet juicy cunt lips.

"Lick my cunt " I licked

"Rub your tongue there" she guided me on to her clit.

I did , rubbing my tongue on her pink hard erect engorged clit

"Put your tongue into my cunt."

I inserted my tongue into her cunt.

"Now fuck me with your tongue."

"Put your mouth at my cunt and suck and slurp, like that oh, you are learning fast my dear son. Do it like that. Yes yes good "

I didn't know then that women also have orgasms, but I could remember the sensations of her cunt muscles contracting and expanding against my mouth. Her whole body was shivering She put her hand on my head and pressed hard against her quivering cunt. She came (I learnt later) and came, her body pulsating with orgasmic ecstasy again again. Oh, Shiva, thank you, It's been a long time I experienced such beautiful heavenly orgasm and pleasure.

We then bathed each other. In the hall I dried and combed her hair and then she arranged her hair into a single long plait, tied a rubber band just below her ass and leaving the rest of the hair loose reaching her knees , forming a U shape. In the after noon we fucked. And in the night we fucked and fucked several times till wee hours.

In the evening She asked me to go to market and bring sweets and flowers- jasmine mala. She asked me to have a bath and handed over a new white dhothi and banian. We had a light dinner. She asked me to wait in my room and do not come out till she calls. After some time she called me to go into the master bed room and wait. I went in and saw; the scene was like in a movie. Pure white bed sheet and pillow covers, fruits and sweets placed on the side table.

Aunty Rajesqwari Devi came in , dressed to kill, dressed in half white pure silk saree with pink jaree border, matching blouse, her hair done into a single plait, jasmine lengths adorning her plait. She was like Goddess. Love Goddess. Sex Goddess. Like the pictures of Goddesses Lakshmi Parvathi, saraswathi etc., we see in the photos, like Ravivarma paintings.

Aunty You look so beautiful. I am happy You find me beautiful my dear, She handed over the glass of milk to me. I drank half and gave to her. Shiva, My lover, You are my man of the life. You are my real husband. She was in my arms. I hugged her. Kissed her all over her face. And then kissed on her lips. Our tongues in each other's mouth exploring and sucking each other's lower lips. It was long drawn exhaustive and exhausting kiss. I led her to the bed , lied sown, my head on her lap, she removed her bra and blouse and thurst her big hard nipples into my mouth and is sucked. Taking mu hard erect cock into her hands, She said, "Shiva, your cock is so big. As big as horse's r donkey's. That night, It was a meeting of two souls into one , trying to achieve oneness. Uniting with each other. Exploring each other. Two bodies trying to become one. Again again and again. Our bodies tired. But our mind wants the night to go on and on forever. Finally we slept naked in each other's arms.

What I very clearly remember was that When I first fucked her in her cunt and she came and came and I came into her, I was , my cock was still hard , rather semi hard in her cunt, as I looked into her eyes- She blushed. Buried her face on my chest pulling me down and then kissed all over my face.

Shiva You don't know what I am feeling You gave me an heavenly experience which I never felt in my whole married life. I achieved my first orgasm while being fucked by you. Your uncle was not interested much in sex, and he never made me reach climax while fucking me. And You are the first man to eat me cunt. Shiva, I am from now yours and yours only.

We continued to fuck each other day and night , eating fucking sl**ping, We fucked in the bath room , in the kitchen, in the hall, in the bed room. And on the terrace during night. No one suspected or could suspect because I am her s****r's son. Her attitude towards life changed, She started taking more and more interest in herself , bought new sarees, always presenting her self in her best. I became man of the house, her unwedded husband. She became a new person- like teenage girl young wife, newly married girl.

She planned a honeymoon. We went to Tirupathi and Bangalore for a week. I t was like a real honey moon for both of us. The world didn't know. But for us it was like honeymoon. We returned back after a week.

The college started. Aunty bought me a Scooter despite the protests of my parents. They said you are pampering him. She smiled and said, "Look He is my son. I can afford."

In the evenings, by the time I come from the college. She used to be ready and dressed up, and we went to parks and movies on the scooter. She was making her all her dreams come true with me as her man, as her husband. We did everything. I shaved Aunty's pussy and armpits. I read in sex magazine about eating pussy. I ate pussy auntie's pussy- banana stuffed in her pussy- and she bringing it out slowly. Pour honey on her body and lick allover. Eat g****s, cherries, gulabjamoons from her juice drenched cunt.

On Sundays we used to move around naked in the house. We were aware of the fact that our fucking is i****tuous. But the i****t only helped to add glamour and excitement. I used to call her Peddamma in front of others. and Raji when we were alone.

Her husband was deeply religious, even when he visits once am month or so he used to go to temples for religious discourses. And Me and Raji used to go to movies or for shopping in the evenings.

Raji was pregnant, I impregnated her. She was happy and jubiliant. She wanted to have my c***d our love c***d. During the next visit of her husband , she almost seduced her husband and got fucked and later made him believe that he made her pregnant. I fucked Raji aunty throughout the pregnancy.

During the 5th month of aunty's pregnancy mother came to visit us. That night after Mom slept ,Aunty came to my room. Aunty had huge belly even in her 5th month of pregnancy, her breasts became more plumper and bigger, her round aphrodisiac ass softer and bigger, she was erotic and exciting. I was sucking, licking , lapping and slurping up her cunt juices.

Seducing Sexy Mother

Mother came to see me during dasara holidays on a Sunday morning. Raji aunty and me were not so happy because, mother presence interrupted our usual Sunday fucking program. In the evening, Me, Aunty and Mother went to a movie. I was thrilled to take them out- both dressed beautifully, the sexy sizzling s****rs. In the night, after dinner Aunty and Mom went to the master bedroom and me to my room.

Raji Aunty came in after a long wait. I hugged Aunty. Your mother is asl**p, I couldn't sl**p without being fucked by you, my Young hubby. We undressed each other, Aunty lay down across the bed her feet on the floor, and I kneeled between her thunderous thighs and started licking her cunt, sucking, lapping slurping, unaware of the audience. Mother couldn't sl**p, she saw Aunty going out, Mother also got up to drink water, went to the kitchen, didn't see her s****r Raji, but saw the light in her son's (me) room. Walked towards the door, heard voices, the door was bolted inside, she could listen Raji's voice "Lick me, oh! Dear it's heaven; you have become an expert in pussy eating Good .I am melting, suck my juices out" Mother heard the voice.. The words, went out of the main door went to the window- window was open light passing through the

curtain, Bharathi slowly lifted the curtain and saw…. puzzled…couldn't believe … Her son was licking Raji's cunt.. She was surprised yet excited to see her son licking, and her son's long thick monstrous cock. Body chemistry worked, her body responded, breasts became heavy, nipples grew hard, as she watched.

I asked Aunty to get up and bend. She bent, her hands holding the bed. I positioned myself at her back, Her legs spread wide, her ass up, I placed my rod at her cunt and then entered her cunt slowly steadily, like a knife Piercing a slab soft butter, opening her cunt muscles torching her bottom. I started fucking slowly rhythmically taking out my cock from her cunt upto knob and sending back in.. Gradually increasing the speed like a railway engine piston each time I f***ed my cock sound thup thup thup thup thup Fucking fucking with controlled movements in and out in and out in-out In out, I took hold of her long single plait; with one hand and with other hand holding on her midriff – fucking her – I was riding her. We could see our images in the mirror, so could mother.

Bhaarathi Devi watching her son's big cock in and out of Raji's cunt, his cock shining in the light coated with cunt juice. Bharathi's juices oozed out of her cunt. She wished that she were there in her s****r's place. She couldn't stop but compare..Her son's cock was twice the size of her husband's.Bharathi started fingering her cunt.. Watching the fucking scene in side the room, she inserted two fingers into her cunt and started fucking herself. She watched, listened.. Raji: "Fuck me ..More hard ..harder.. more fuck me my son my young stud.. Fuck me..oh! Rip off my cunt …." "Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She came and came loudly, her whole body shaking.. Volcanic eruption. Shiva holding her ass pressed his cock deep inside raji's cunt experiencing her cunt muscles gripping contracting expanding…. And I exploded … hot lava pumping into aunty's cunt… White thick sperm dripping down from her cunt onto her thighs… Raji and me stood in the same position till the orgasms were complete.. I took the cock out of her cunt.. And we both walked out to the bathroom through the kitchen.. washed each other, came back to the kitchen. Aunty took the bowl of gulabjamoons and we came back to the room.I ate gulab jamoons from aunty's cunt. Aunty licked my cock dipped in gulab jamoon juice. We started fucking. This time I asked aunty to come up fuck. Mother was watching all these fucking games. We didn't know that. Aunty went back to the master bedroom saw her s****r deep in sl**p. But Aunty didn't know that her younger s****r was awake and was acting as if she was in deep sl**p.

After some time, Mother got up ensured that Raji slept, and came to my room. I was in sl**p. Mom sat next to me on the bed, started fondling my cock and it was instant ly hard and erect. I was awake and to my pleasant surprise and astonishment saw my mother holding my cock in her hands . I fucked my mother and impregnated her that night.

Gorgeous Grandmother

Aunty Rajeswari Devi was very happy to deliver a handsome healthy boy, our love c***d in a hospital. My mother Bharathi Devi and grand mother Parvathi Devi came to help.

After few days Grandmother wanted to go to her home situated in a village. I accompanied her. We went to the Busterminal, but the last bus going to the village was cancelled, and hence we boarded another bus which doestnot go to the village but to another village situated on the highway.

It was 9.00 PM and the bus was crowded, we had to travel standing almost at the back row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day, but it started raining.

I was standing behind grandma, the aroma of jasmine flowers from grandma's hair knot was romantic and exciting.

Grandma was 58yrs young, gracefully matured beauty. She was 5'6" tall, sexy, voluptuous, heavyset, 75kg woman, with 44-38-48 figure and long smooth silky hair reaching her knees. Her hair greyed at temples but the streaks of silvery hair added glamour and attraction to her womanness. She normally wear her hair as a knot skillfully and beautifully arranged.

I couldn't control touching her porturbing ass cheeks which were like inverted pots . My perpetually erect and hard cock was pressing against her arse . Grandma instead of moving away from me though there was enough space infront of her she leaned back against me pressing her buttocks against my hardness. The road was not smooth and the jerks of the bus helped me to press at her. Grandma was almost leaning against me, turned her head back towards me and smiled. I placed my left hand on her fat midriff and then moved towards her navel, holding her tight pressing myself against her, my cock's hardness pressing her arse in circular motion. There was a slight drizzle, which gradually turned to heay rain, the early monsoon rain, the earth absorbing the rain water and giving out typical aroma, which was romantic, invigorating and symbolic.

The bus stopped, the lights were on, and we move apart slightly sothat no one could suspect. Some people got down and the bus started again, and the lights were off.

Grandma instantly was back to the earler position, leaning against me, I looked around, as no one was watching, my hand exploring the the fat layers on her midriff, feeling smoothness of her skin. Grandma placed her hand on mine, and directed towards her huge breasts. I stroked her nipple between my fingers, Kissed her on the neck and between her shoulder blades, licking her neck and behind her ears, took her earlobes into my mouth and sucking.

I leaned against the vertical rod to balance myself and hugged her with both hands, as she covered my hnds with her saree pallu. We stood like that feeling each other, almost for half an hour till the bus came to halt at our stop.

We got down from the bus and by the time we entered the Bus shelter we got wet and drenched in the rain.

Grandma's thin Venkatagiri saree got wet and she took off the pallu and squeezed water.

I could see her heavy breasts through her wet blouse and bra , her engorged nipples straining out.

Grandma untied her hair knot and sqeezed the reain water out.

I said "Grandma, Your saree and petticoat is wet, hy don't You take off your saree, squeeze out the water and dry"

She smiled, took off her saree and handed over it tome and said, "You are good at squeezing, Shiva"

I wrung the water out of the saree and tied the end to the poles to dry.

She was standing there in front of me only with wet petticoat and blouse, her hair spread across her back down to the knees. The rain stopped, the sky was clear and bright

I was looking at her, and she felt shy, like a virgin girl, as I took her into my hands hugging her encircling her , then taking her face into my hands I kisses her on the lips, her mouth slowly opened as my tongue entered her moth exploring, our tongues caressing eachother, I was sucking on her lower lip, and she sucking my tongue. It was long drawn

Kiss drinking each other.

"Grandma, You are sexy and exciting", I said.

"Shiva, I think You have mastered the art of seducing women, Now I know why my daughter became your wife and got impregnated to give birth to your son
So You know our secret, Grandma" I said.

I unhooked her blouse and removed her blouse and bra as she raised her hands to facilitate. Her huge, voluminous breasts sprang free, sighltyl sagged pendulous, her nipples were brown, big, hard and jutting out of her big breasts resembling the nipples big breastfeeding mother.

I took one of her nipple into my mouth and started sucking, as a breastfed c***d sucks at her mother's breasts.

Grandma(Ammamma) said "Shiva, However you suck my breasts you don't get milk, I know you have been sucking milk from Raji's breasts ever since your baby was born"

I said" Grandma(Ammamma), But I want to drink you, I kneeled down untied her petticoat's knot, removed her petticoat, as she spread her thighs wide. I could see her juice drenched cunt,

engorged hardened stiff clitoris (in telugu, it's called 'golli' ) her cunt juice oozing out onto her thighs. I licked, lapped her cunt juice, slurped up juice pressing my lips against her cunt slurping up, my hands pressing and squeezing her ass cheeks, like one squeezes and slurps up ripe mango fruit.

The more I slurp, the more cunt juice oozing out of her cunt like a never ending natural well. It was like, allof her stored kama and fat melting and oozing out of her cunt, stored for so many years waiting for the right momnent. I sucked and sucked. She grabbed me up by hair, and said " shiva, I can't wait , don't torture me, I want u in me, I want your cock inside me, You bastard, fuckme,".

I got up, she lifted one of her thigh as I managed to enter her, my engorged , stiff, hard, long, thick, verile cock into her juice drenched pussy. I was holding her, encircling my hands around her, and then as I put my hands cupping her arse cheeks, she raised her self, her both legs encircling my waist, my hands under her arse, literally carrying her 75kg body weight on my hands so that she could manipulate her fucking movements. Grandma tried to move her ass forward and backward but it was a difficult position to fuck.

I said, Parvathi, let me fuck You," disentangled myself and asked her to bend.

She obeyed my orders, and bent placing her hands on the cement bench, her arse high up, legs wide spread, her uice drenched cunt wide, legs spread as wide as possible.

I entered her cunt slowly, filling her cunt completely to the base, and the started fucking rythemically, holding on to her ass cheeks, taking out my cock to the knob and sending back into her cunt fully touching the bottom of her cunt.

Grandma's hair spread allover her back and touching the floor, It was an exciting view, I increased the speed, gradually, fucking her n doggy style.

The fucking experiences with my aunty and mother, made me an expert to fuck a woman to her statisfaction, by controlling my own rhythm, I could go on for atleast for an half an hour with out reaching clmax, and could delay my ejaculation and climax.

Grandma was reaching her orgasm, I could sense her cunt muscles,

as she said, "fuck me, ucke me harder, fuckme faster, ducke me, You bastard, fuckeme you, son of a bitch, fuck me hard more harder and harder faster and faster, fucke me You mother fucker, fcke your grandma, fuck me my lover fuck me my young stud, rip my cunt, rupture my cunt, my maunumada(meaning grandson, in telugu), I could feel her cunt muscles contract and expand, her whole body shivering, her cunt muscles gripping my cock, and then loosening, in frenzied motion, asif is my cock was rubber horn one squeezes on yesteryear automobiles, and she came, orgasmed , a long drawn multiple orgasm, slowly increasing and reaching it's peak staying at it's peak for a long time and the the intensity decresasing, slowly, It was at that moment I reached my climax as she gripped my cock with her cunt muscles hard and sqeezing, I came erupted like a volacano, hot lava pouring out into her cunt, we came in unision, together, my hot sperm filling her cunt, loads and loads filling her cunt.

We didn't move, my cock still in her cunt , till our orgasmic spasms subsided gradually, and then I took my cock out of grnama's cunt, she hugged me and said, " shiva, thank You, it was the best experience I ever had. Are you happy and satisfied, now that you have had your Grandma(ammamma) too." I said, Yes, Grandma(Ammamma), I am very happy, It was my dream come true."

We dressed up walked hand in hand to our house. The servant maid opened the door, grandfather was asl**p. Grandmother, changed into a fresh saree, came to the bed room

And lay on the bed besides me, took my erect hard cock into her hands and said "Shiva, Your cock very beautiful and magnificent, like shiva lingam."

We fucked and fucked each other that night enjoying each other. Grandma(Ammamma) came back with me the next day on the pretext that she had to help her daughter, and stayed with us.

Raji, my aunty could guess that I fucked her mother too, but accepted the fact.

Raji aunty knew my desire for grandma earlier, because I told her many a time that I wanted to fuck Parvathi, my grandmother.

It was one of those nights during the fucking threesome sessions with aunty and grandmother, I came to know the secret of my birth. The secret was that I was actually the son of my paternal grandfather. My paternal grandfather fucked my mother, Bharathi Devi, and impregnated her and I was born. So by birth I became my mother's b*****r-in-law, and my father's half b*****r.

I shall write the details in the next part. I also fucked a Brahmin widow and her daughter-in-law. Details to come.

If any mothers wants me please contact me.... Continue»
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Taking Tammy's Daughter pt one Sasha&Mike

It was a hot summer’s eve when Sasha received a call from her c***dhood friend Tammy. Sasha covered in sweat raced to her cell that was sitting on her coffee table. Out of breath from running, she answered the recognized ringtone. “Hey girl …What’s up?” “Well girl you know I don’t usually ask for favors but I really need a big one this time.” “Girl just spit it out! What is it?” Tammy finally replied.” Well you know my daughter Cameron just graduated and ….well she just was accepted to UNC. I was just wondering …. Well with Mike, being in law enf***ement and all…uh… and you know she is studying law…. Well could she stay with you guys for a week while she tries out for cheerleader and gets her housing in order?” “Is that it? I thought you were asking for a lung or something. Honey it would be a pleasure for us to take care of your baby. You know we are like f****y. Tammy knew they were like f****y but it was not so long ago that they all were fucking each other like rabbits. Still yet, she trusted Sasha and Mike with her life and she knew that they would not let anything happen to her Cameron. Sasha wished her longtime pal a goodnight and finished the meal she was cooking for her and Mike.
Later on that evening, Mike came home from a hard day at the office. “Babe this case we are working is a fucking nightmare!” “Well baby that comes along with the job.” Mike had to agree but she did not have to remind him of that shit. Mike settled down in his favorite recliner as Sasha entered the kitchen to retrieve his dinner. Mike’s nostrils flared as the aroma of meatloaf, and mashed potatoes filled the room. “Damn babe you sure now how to please your man.” “In more ways than one baby.” She giggled. Mike smiled and started to enjoy the meal Sasha had prepared for him. “Hun I need to run something by you tonight.” Sasha shared. “Well babe lets hear it.” He mumbles with a mouthful of meatloaf. “Tammy called to ask a favor from us. She wanted to know if Cameron could stay with us for a while, before college starts. She has to wait for her room and she is trying out for the cheerleading squad as well.” Mike gave her a nod in a yes motion and continued to consume his dinner.
Mike kissed Sasha on the lips as they settled into bed for the night. It wasn’t too long before Sasha was dreaming and looking like a perfect angel as she nestled in the sheets. Mike lay in bed with his mind in a whirl. The last time she had the pleasure of seeing Cameron, she was attending an all girl school. The poor c***d had braces, and unruly hair and the worst case of acne that he ever laid eyes on. “I hope that poor c***d purchased some Proactive and a perm.” He snickered to himself. Finally, Mike grew tired and drifted off into a deep sl**p.
The weekend was finally upon Mike and Sasha. They had the guest room prepared and they went all out to make sure that their new houseguest would have all the comforts of home. After all, Tammy was f****y and she had one of the best pussies they ever encountered. Sasha could hear footsteps approaching the door and within a minute, her doorbell rang. Sasha took off her apron and checked herself one more time in the mirror before answering. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open. There stood Tammy. She was as beautiful as ever. Her dark locks all tucked up in a bun and her shades hid her wide sexy eyes. The two embraced and embraced again. With a kiss on the cheek, Tammy turned around and Cameron was standing there with a smile as wide as the sea.” Hi Sasha," Cameron said with a grin. Sasha stepped back and stared at the grownup girl that stood before her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This didn’t look like the fucked up looking teen her and Mike remembered. This c***d was a full-grown woman with perky tits and a nice round ass. Her face was blessed with beauty and her hair trailed down her back to the curve in her back. Cameron smiled and all three entered the living room. Sasha told her new houseguest to put her bags in the guest room and to make herself at home. Tammy and Sasha sat in the living room sipping on wine and reminiscing on old times. The whole time they talked both had reflections on the sex life they shared for a bit. Soon Tammy told Sasha she needed to catch her plane back to WV and with that she gave her a kiss on the cheek. Cameron ran into the room to give her mom one last hug and as the tears fell from the both of their eyes, Tammy knew that her daughter was in good hands. She looked back and then closed the door behind her.
It wasn’t long before Mike came home for the evening. He threw a paper on the kitchen table and began to complain about how fucked up the world is and the fucked up people that lived in it. Sasha was hoping he would have come home in a better mood but she knew how to smooth him over. She sighed and in her own seducing way walked behind the recliner that Mike had planted his ass. She slowly massaged his aching neck and worked her way down to his shoulders. Soon he began to calm down and give into the special treatment he was receiving from his wonderful wife. “Hey babe, our houseguest is here. She is in the bedroom napping.” Cameron was worn out from the flight and she had fallen asl**p while waiting on Mike to come home. She and Sasha had already had a couple of slices of pizza and the leftovers were in the box for Mike to eat. Sasha walked into the kitchen to warm up Mike’s pizza and talk more about Cameron. “So does she still have those braces and acne,” laughed Mike. Sasha told him to lower his voice and it made him chuckle even louder. The laughter had awakened Cameron and she decided it was time for her to reintroduce herself to Mike. She threw on some booty shorts that she had too much booty for and a half a t-shirt and stumbled into the living room. She stood there in all her glory. Her hips were thick and her body resembled the shape of a coke bottle. Her long ponytail dangled down to the crack of her ass. Mike sat there with Sasha still massaging his shoulders, now his mouth was wide open and watering. This was not the girl he remembered either. She was a young goddess and his eyes were filling up with lust as he looked toward her. “Well hello there young lady, I hope you slept well,” Asked Mike. All the while, he was looking at the young beauty up and down her curvaceous body. He could feel his cock come alive in his pants. The relaxing feeling of Sasha’s massage wasn’t helping matters in the least. She explained to the couple that she wanted to take a shower soon and finish catching up on her rest. They instructed her on where to find the towels and waved her goodnight. Both of them watching as her ass swayed from her sexy strut.
The next morning Cameron awoke to the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs. She could smell a fresh pot of coffee on and her flat little tummy began to growl. She sat up in her bed and tried to gather her thoughts. She wobbled into the kitchen to find Mike there cooking breakfast for the two sexy women. Sasha was still hugging her pillow tight as her breakfast was being prepared. She loved to sl**p in on the weekends and Sunday was her favorite day to relax. Mike had left her door slightly cracked so she too could wake up to the aroma of his culinary skills.
Cameron made her way to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. Mike had his back to her so he wasn’t able to see the sexy, mess that sat at the table waiting on her food. This gave Cameron the opportunity to check out the older male that was housing her for a few weeks. She admired a man that loved to cook for his woman and he wasn’t bad on the eyes either. His hint of gray that was peeking out through his coal black hair made him look so distinguished. His 6’7 stature was a little overwhelming but hot at the same time. An older man could teach her a few things and that thought ran through her mind as she waited so patiently. “Good to see you finally decided to get out the bed baby.” Mike said. “Breakfast smells so good Uncle Mike, Commented Cameron. Mike whipped his body around to see the attractive young woman sitting at the table. She had a bad case of bed head and bottom of her perky tits were exposed at the bottom of her half cut t-shirt. Mike’s jaw was ajar as he eyed the sexy young thing. He has her smile and she returned the greeting. “Do you need any help with anything Uncle Mike?” she asks. “Uh well can you get the glasses out of the top cabinet if you don’t mind?” “Oh I don’t mind at all. “She answers. Cameron stood up and walked over to the deep walnut cabinet. She reached above her head and pulled the doors open. The picked up two golden stained glasses and placed them on the table. This gave Mike a fantastic glance at her gorgeous athletic body. He could feel his prick become rigid in his pants with every movement she made. She sat down and he joined her to chow down on the delicious spread that lay on the table. “Oh I forgot the milk,” he tells her. “I need that Uncle Mike. You know it does a body good.” She says laughingly. “Shit baby, you must drink gallons daily.” He tells her jokingly. The two of them started eating and engaging in a little chitchat. Her big green eyes batted in a flirtatious manner as he talked about his job and she about school. The two seem to be hitting it off and the attraction between this 46 year old and this 21-year-old student was more than just a f****y friendship. Mike gazed at the beauty as she talked and talked and talked about her life at the all girl school. He laughed and found it delightful to listen to her go on and on about it. His mind was in a different place all together. He was thinking of how he would love to shove this food to the floor and dive his face into her youthful cunt. Cameron also gazed at him as he spilled his life out about his crazy job. She thought about how meaty his cock was and how wonderful it would be to put it in between her pouty pink lips. Their imaginations were getting the best of them as they finished their plates. Mike’s cock stood at attention at this point. It was from all the rubbing he was doing underneath the table. In addition, Cameron’s pussy was dripping from her playing with her clit as they shared in conversation. Both of them pushed away from the table to place their dishes in the sink. Cameron found it hard not to notice Mike’s cock standing at attention. He stood behind her and let it brush against her fit thick thighs and ass. She felt her pussy get even wetter than before and she scurried off into her room. She giggled to herself and decided that soon she would have to make it happen. She preferred sooner over later. She gathered up her shorts and bikini top and headed to the bathroom to take her shower.
Mike finished cleaning up the dishes and swept the floor. He was still waiting on Sasha to wake up but she was still in a deep slumber. He made her a plate and put it inside the microwave and headed toward the bedroom, He could hear the shower going in the guest bathroom as he went to check on his wife. He opened his cracked bedroom door to find Sasha still catching up on some well due rest. He thought to himself about how angelic she looked and closed the door behind him. He was on his way to read the paper when he caught a glimpse of Cameron’s curvy body in his peripheral vision. He grabbed his cock….” Down boy,” whispers. He began to tiptoe into the room to get a closer view of the lovely young woman. Through the glass that shielded her body, he could see a fuzzy view of the vixen. Her body covered in suds as she carefully washed her full firm tits and reached the washrag between her legs to clean her pussy. He just stood there frozen with his prick hard and his eyes focused. She reaches for her razor and begins to groom her tiny cunt. Mike was so into the event that he was not even aware that he had pulled his cock out. He was not about to let this go without it being to his advantage. “Damn Sasha sure did the right thing by letting this sexy pussy stay with us.” He thought. “Oh... oh ... oh fuck yeah…. he moans, wash that sexy pussy. Damn I need to taste that at least once.” He continues stroking and staring into the steamy room. She began rinsing off her sexy body and her dark long lock. Mike quickly put his cock in his pants and rushed out of the room.
“You almost ran me over baby.” Sasha claims. Mike’s heart jumped inside his chest. He did not even know she had awakened. “Hey baby, I didn’t see you or hear you coming down the hall. I was just about to tell you that I put your breakfast in the microwave.” He tells her. “Why are you coming out of the guest bedroom?” she asks. “Uh well…well I was going to tell Cameron not to worry about washing her dishes.” He tries to explain. Sasha really did not believe his lame story but she played along with it for the moment. She walked down the hallway and into the kitchen to heat up her meal. Mike gave a big sigh and reached down at his dick. “I swear you are going to be the death of me ole pal.” He chuckled and walked to his bedroom to get ready for the day.
Cameron put on her clothes and entered the living room to watch some T.V. She looked to the side and saw Sasha sipping her coffee and polishing off her toast. “Hey Auntie Sasha.” She yells to her. “Hello honey, did you rest well last night? She asks her guest. Cameron told her yes and reclined in the big cushioned baby blue chair. Sasha washed her dishes, came into the living room, and started a convo with Cameron. She could not help but to look at the skimpy white bikini top and tiny red skirt that Cameron was wearing. She gawked at the outfit and the site of Cameron’s thick legs and manicured toes. She thought that this hot young nymph is going to give her a run for her money. Should it be a competition or should she just go with the flow. She knew how horny her man always was. She just gave it one last thought and tuned into the television show that happened to be one of her favs. All of a sudden, Cameron jumped to her feet and ran off to the bathroom. She passed Mike in the hallway on his way to the living room. “I saw you jacking that fat cock of yours.’ She whispers so softly. He gave her a sinister grin and tried to play it off as he walked to greet Sasha. “What should we do today babe?” “I’m going to chill today baby. I have been working all week and I need to catch up on this housework. I would like you to take Cameron out by the school and maybe on a little tour around town.” She exclaims. The thought of having Cameron in the close quarters of his vehicle was a little too much for him to handle. He was beginning to have those perverted thoughts of fucking his old friend’s sexy daughter and it was going to happen if he could help it.
Cameron reentered the room and Mike told her of the plans for that day. She was excited as she retrieved her purse and flip-flops. “I’m all set.” She says. “Well let’s go girl and see the town.” Sasha smiled and told them goodbye as they walked out the door. Mike opened the convertible door and Cameron slid inside on the leather seat. “Ouch! The seats are a little hot!” she yells. “Not as hot as you are Hun.” Mike growls. She gave him a coy look and asked him to put the top down on the car. They started down the street: her hair blowing in the wind and the two enjoying the weather. They drove along the busy streets for a while and soon grew hungry again. Mike decided to grab a couple of sandwiches and drinks and head off to the beach for a few. He pulled out the blanket that he always kept in the trunk of the car and the two of them found a nice secluded spot on the beach.
“Uncle Mike would you mind if I slip off this skirt for a few, I have my bottoms on underneath and I want to get a little sun.” Cameron shares. “I have no problem with it at all Cam. Do you think you can call me Mike instead of Uncle Mike, it makes me feel so old?” They both cracked up in laughter and she agreed. Mike began to take off his shirt and Cameron stared at the tats that he had on his arms. He explained to her what they meant to him and how she may want to get a small one. Cameron eyes fluttered and her body language let Mike know that his guest was a beginning to get a little hot in the ass. She kept rubbing her thighs together and sighing as they spoke. Mike gave her that look that a man gives a woman that he is lusting. Before they knew it, they were engaging in a long deep kiss. He caressed her beautiful face and played in her hair as he held her close. He knew this was so wrong. She was supposed to be like a daughter to him and Sasha. His hands wandered along her body and he could feel the heat escaping from her bikini bottoms. Her tongue began weaseling down his throat, as he pressed his lips tightly against hers. The breathing became heavier and faster as they continued to fondle one another. Mike could feel Cameron’s legs gape open and he slithered his fingers up her thigh and into the outer lips of her cunt. She let out a gasp and opened her legs even wider. She was letting the older man get to her honey pot and her honey was beginning to drip on his fingers. He pulled them out and raised them up to his lips. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the taste of his newly found nectar. “Mmm ... Baby this is just as sweet as any fruit that God ever created.” “ Yee…ssss… yeeeess. Play with me. Play with my pussy. I wondered what it would feel like. Having an older man, I mean. Please… give me more.” He gently pulled her soft pussy lips apart and slid down on the blanket until his face was at the entrance of her now juicy cunt. He put his nostrils to the small tuft of hair that decorated the top of her pussy. He took a deep breath and embraced the aroma of her young cunt. The smell was intoxicating as his tongue started to explore her orifice. “Sweet lawd, do you have any idea on how good your pussy is?” Mike inserted a single finger and pulled it out. He put it up to Cameron’s lips and pressed it with his pussy stained fingers. She opened her mouth to receive it and she sucked on it like a cock. With her eyes shut, she asked him for another taste so he gave her what she wanted. The older Italian gent was pleasing to his youthful lover. “Deeper Mike, deeper inside my hot lil puss…ooooh fuck, cuuuuuming.” She screams. She clamped her legs around his neck and began to rock with such f***e that he thought she would snap it in half. He rose up and smiled, his face glazed in her sweet young pussy juice. She giggled and sighed as he spread her legs open again. He slapped his cock with his rock hard cock and she moaned in pleasure. “Please… can I suck your cock? It’s so fucking beautiful.” The words were comforting and explicit to his ears. He pulled her face close to his thighs and smacked her face with the mushroom head of his prick. Her face began bobbing back and forth trying to retrieve the cock into her mouth like a hungry bird after a worm. He traced her lips with the tip and with one thrust pushed two inches deep inside her warm waiting mouth. She used her right hand and quickly grabbed at the length of his cock, as she begins to take her time stroking it up and down the shaft. His head tilted back and his mind was focused on the sexy nymph that was sucking his cock like a champion. He began massaging her tits and playing in her long hair. He grabbed a handful of her locks and began f***e-feeding his cock to her. She did not hesitate to gobble up the length and pump the girth of his rigid dick. He was about to blow but he did not want to waste it in her mouth. He was not quite ready yet. He had to feel that velvety cunt with his cock. He wanted to stretch the walls of her juicy pussy and he was going to bend her body in many directions as he could. If he could not finish the job on the beach today, he would try another time. He was hoping it would be more than a couple of hours the next time. He hovered over her body and his eyes scanned her from top to bottom. He began kissing her luscious lips again and moved his hands up and down her full hips. He used his knees to pry her legs open and he dug his them firmly in the sand. He scooted her ass close to and tickled her clit with the head of his throbbing cock. He gave it a few slaps and his cock made the juice splatter onto her thighs. He moved forward a bit and the head of his dick came to a screeching halt. “Are you a virgin Cam? Your pussy is tight as a drum.” He spit on the head and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, lubricating her pussy for easy access. She took a deep breath and he pushed the thick member deep inside her. It was all or nothing as far as he was concerned. That sexy bitch took it all. The thick seven and ½-inch dick stretched her walls with his 3-inch girth. He pushed again deeper this time, and penetrating her walls even further. “OMG! You feel like your splitting me in half!” She cried. He put his finger to his lips in a motion for her to hush. She obeyed and started rocking her hips to meet his rhythm. “This isn’t going to work baby. I want you on top. I want to have the pleasure of watching you ride my cock.” He explains. He helped her up and he took her place on the blanket. The stood over top of the gentle giant and he gazed up looking straight up her body. He could see the juice seeping from her pussy fold and he licked his lips. What a yummy site for a horny man to see. She stuck her finger in her cunt and playfully teased him. She rubbed her pussy and stuck her fingers deep inside. Mike loved the playful little bitch. It was turning him on watching her tease him while he waited for her to saddle up to take a ride on his cock. She finally bent down and he gripped her hips. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips as she planted her feet sturdy in the sand. She reached between her legs to claim the erect cock that was sticking upright between her thighs. She spat on her hand and began stroking his cock. She settled the cock head into her wetness and lowered her tight cunt a little at a time. She pumped up, down .and rotated the cock, and slowly began to rock on it. “Holy Shit!” Mike began to wail. Is this fucking happening to me? Is my best friend’s daughter riding my fucking cock with an incredibly tight cunt of hers? Fuck yes she was and he was enjoying every freaking minute of it. Mike clinched her waist and gritted his teeth as he drove his cock deep inside her pussy. “Oh fuck yea! Hell fucking yeah! F...UUUUUCK! WORK THAT FUCKING COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY! FUCK ME YOU MIKE! I LOVE THICK ITALIAN DICK AND I WANT YOURS! I HAVE WANTED TO FUCK YOU SINCE I WAS A TEENAGER! DON’’T FUCKING STOP!” She continued to scream. She loved the feeling of an older man being buried balls deep inside her tiny cunt. Her athletic body continued to pump up and down on his throbbing thick dick. She couldn’t get enough. She began to shudder and scream and Mike had to cover her mouth with her hand. She was screaming loud enough to wake the dead but she didn’t care. A real man and not a little boy were fucking her. So she wanted to make it last. Mike grabbed Cam’s hips tight so she couldn’t move and trusted upward a few times. She pulled out his cock out and pumped it up and down. It began to spew out streams of white cream and she let it shower her face as she continued to stroke him. She then placed her pussy on his face and rocked like a rocking chair back and forth on his face. It was soon covered, in a glaze of sexy hot young pussy juice. She collapses on top of her newfound lover and tries to slow down her panting. She knew she had just opened a can of worms, but it didn’t matter to Cam. She loved the cock he was fucking her with and her next victim was her mother’s dear friend Sasha. "I wonder if her pussy is as sweet and sexy as she looks." she thought.She couldn't wait to find out I think we need to head back Mike before Sasha starts to worry. The couple retreated to the car and pulled out of the secluded area and back onto the highway back home.
Mike pulled the convertible into the garage and Cameron headed itno the house.Sasha was taking a nap and Mike decided to take a shower while she was still in her slumber. Cameron went into the guest bathroom and started her bath water running. She then tiptoed back into Sasha's bedroom. She looked down at the sl**ping beauty and just couldn't help but to stare. She slowly took the the satin sheets and pulled them back exposing Sasha's bald cunt. Cameron made a bold move and began to tease Sasha's clit with her tongue. Sasha began to moan in her sl**p and it turned Cameron on. She soon stuck her finger inside of Sasha's pussy and moved it in and out. Sasha moaned a little louder. Cameron pulled out her finger and sucked on them. It was a sweet treat to her tastebuds as she wanted to taste more and more of Sasha's pussy. Mike decided to make sure his wife was still sl**ping so he cracked open the door for a second. He couldn't believe his eyes. Cameron was making love to his wife's yummy cunt. He began to become erect and he went back into the shower and started stroking his cock again. He finally rinsed off his body and stood there in the doorway stroking and watching his wife getting her cunt eaten in her dream state of mind. Cameron turned around and gave him a sneaky grin and inserted her finger inside her own cunt. Mike was enjoying the show and it was about to get even more interesting. ………

... Continue»
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Draft Photogenic

Alyson looked at her watch. Damn 4:30 she thought, I am never going to get a photo today. She dashed into the camera shop praying there was someone there who could do a passport photo.

"Hi," she smiled brightly to the young girl behind the counter. "Is it too late in the day to get a passport photo done. I'm in a bit of a jam."

"Oh yes no problem we are here for another half hour. Only takes five minutes."

She led Alyson around the counter to the back of the shop where the processing lab was.

"Shane this lady needs a passport photo done."

A voice answered from behind a wall.

"Yeah sure, let me set up the camera. There's a mirror there if you want to fix your hair."

Pulling a brush out of her purse Alyson tamed her flame red mane, and took a second to powder her nose. Minimal make up the form had said. Fine by her.


Alyson turned around and came face to face with what was easily the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. He stood maybe 5'8" or 5'9" but his presence filled the space. He had broad shoulders and a swimmers build. His skin was the colour of coffee with good cream. He kept his head shaven and a wore a neat goatee, but it was his eyes that mesmerized her. They were a luminous brown, the exact colour of cognac, serious but with a hint of mischief. By far his best feature she thought

"I am. Where would you like me?", Alyson turned around.

In my bed was Shane's immediate thought, but no show of emotion betrayed his stray thought. He appraised her quickly. She was a beautiful girl. Long red hair that flowed down her back. Her eyes were that impossible shade that hovered between blue and green depending on her mood. Her lips were full and inviting as she smiled at him. She stood 5'4" and though she was heavier than the average woman she carried it well with curves in all the right places; ample hips round breasts and an ass that could make a man lose his religion.

"See the X on the floor," Shane pointed. "Stand there, back straight, look right into the lens and no smiling please."

Alyson looked seriously into the lens and waited for the flash. There was none.


"Is there a problem?" Alyson asked.

"My flash died, Shane sighed. "I'm afraid I don't have a replacement here either. I won't be able to take your picture today."

"That is a bugger. I needed that for tomorrow morning." Alyson ran her hand through her hair. "Any idea where I could get one done at this hour?"

"Well... if you can wait until we close at five, I have another passport camera at my studio a couple of blocks away. I could do it for you there." He slid a business card out of his wallet and handed it to her. "The address is there."

She thought about it for a minute and realised she didn't have much choice. "Are you sure? That sounds like a lot of trouble for you."

"Oh no trouble. I was going there anyway. Go get yourself a coffee and I will meet you there."

Alyson got into her car and drove the couple of blocks over and parked outside the building. Not long after five she spotted Shane approaching the building. She opened her car door and got out.

"Oh hey you showed up,' he smiled. "C'mon in"

Alyson followed Shane inside. It was a plain room but the photos on the wall were magnificent. "Your work?" Alyson asked.

"Yep, best advertisement for a studio right? I'll just be a second." Shane disappeared through another door. He returned quickly with another passport camera in hand.

"Right through here... um your name? "

"Oh uh Alyson... and you are Shane." Alyson held up the business card.

"Clever girl. Ok if you could stand over there this will just take a few minutes"

Alyson stood in front of the blank wall as Shane positioned the camera.

"And we're good. It takes about two minutes to process."

"Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate this. What do I owe you?"

"Not a thing. It was my fault the flash wasn't replaced. Consider it an act of kindness." Shane smiled.

"No really you don't have to do that. I can pay. Please" Alyson opened her purse.

"No no. It was my pleasure. Really. But um ...oh nevermind."


"Well I had an ulterior motive for asking you here... no no I'm not weird, but I am working on a portfolio. I need a few more shots. You'd be perfect."

"Me? Oh no no I don't think ...I'm not really what you consider photogenic, " Alyson blushed as she spoke. Shane cut her off.

"Perfect. That's what I said. Game?" he flashed her another smile, almost a challenge.

Alyson looked at that smile and thought what the hell. She had her passport photo, and nothing else to do tonight.


Taking her arm he led her through the door where he'd come from with the passport camera. Alyson looked around mildly shocked. The outer waiting room gave no hint to the room that laid beyond. There were four different sets, if that's what you could call them, arranged with what appeared to be themes. One was a french bordello type scene like something out of Moulin Rouge. Another was what appeared to be school lockers. One was an old fashioned claw foot tub and all the trappings for a leisurly bath. The other was some kind of gothic dungeon scene. Alyson looked at Shane with a cocked eyebrow.

"Just what kind of photoshoot had you planned here? You said you weren't weird."

"Oh this ... no no... this is my cash cow. You wouldn't believe what wives will pay for a calander for hubby's 50th birthday. It pays well enough for me to help keep the camera shop afloat and pursue my own interests. Let me get set up"

Alyson relaxed. She watched as Shane readied his camera and equipment.. He went to the stereo on the wall and slipped in a CD. Classical music floated out.

"Chopin? Nice touch."

"Photography is all about mood. I'm setting the mood." Alyson walked around the room as Shane continued to prep. He placed a bench in front of a screen. "Ok up you go"

"I'm not exactly prepared for a photoshoot to be honest...I mean what I am wearing isn't exactly glamourous. Plain skirt, plain blouse." Alyson bit her lip her old shyness creeping up on her.

"Nonsense Alyson. You look lovely. Besides it's all head and shoulder shots. You okay with that? You'd really be helping me out, besides, he grinned, "you owe me."

Alyson took a deep breath. Nothing like spontenaiety. "Let's do it."

Shane came over to position her just so on the bench. "Back straight, shoulders back," he said walking backwards away from her, "tilt your like that... ok hold that." He started clicking away.

"So tell me about your cash cow. Women really come here for these boudoir calenders?" Alyson was intrigued.

"Oh yeah... you should see them, they LOVE it. The thought of exposing their naughty sides, although I assure you everything I do is tasteful, it gets them all excited. They tip quite well," Shane chuckled.

"So how does it work? How do you do it?" Curiosity was killing the cat.

"Turn your head, look over my shoulder... good. Oh we make appoinments, find out what kind of calendar she'd like to make for her husband. I've got four sets, you can use one or all four. There's a room full of costumes all shapes and sizes, although we do stipulate you provide your own fetish wear. Ok now look down... and be serious for this one... think of something sad."

Fetish wear? Look sad? How the hell was she supposed to do that. She started to giggle.

"I'm sorry. Now you have me picturing 50 year old women in PVC gear with whips and handcuffs. How can anyone be serious after that?"

Shane laughed. "Yeah well 50 is the new 40. Some of these women are hot.... and some are not. A customer is a customer tho."

"Do you have gift certificates?' Alyson giggled again "Maybe I will get one for my Mom"

Shane put the camera down. "Althought I'm sure your Mum is lovely, I think I'd much rather see you in a costume." Clearly another challenge was being issued.

"Oh yeah? My choice?" Alyson was issuing a challenge of her own.

"Absolutely. You want to have a look?"

Alyson slid off the stool. "Show me the way."

Shane led her to the wardrobe room. He was right; the place was full of costumes all shapes and sizes to fit his scenes. "Any requests?," Alyson smiled.

"Surprise me." Shane walked out closing the door.

Alyson strolled through the room glancing over the fabrics. Everything was organized and clean and well labeled. Alyson fingered a tartan skirt. Hmmm she thought, this could be interesting. She found a short tartan skirt in her size easily enough, as well as a matching blazer. She kept on her own blouse and stockings. Her own sensible shoes suited the uniform to a tee. Reaching for her purse Alyson extracted her brush and a hair elastic. She found her glasses and put those on as well. Voila instant school girl. She looked at herself in the mirror. What am I getting myself into she thought with an evil smile.

Alyson opened the door and walked back into the room. Shane turned around jaw dropping. "That's not what I expected."

"What? You expected me to sashay out in a feather boa & corsettes singing 'Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?'"


"I know." Alyson walked over to the locker set. "OK tell me what to do"

Shane retreived the camera again. "OK smile for me school girl"

Alyson smiled and the camera snapped away. There were actual books in the locker so she took them out and pretended to be pouring over them studiously. She dropped a book and bent over provocatively to pick it up. She eyed Shane over the edge of her glasses. "It's warm in here." She took off her blazer.

"Mmmm ok be a little more daring for me... why don't you unbutton a couple of those buttons. Maybe you've been called to the dean's office and you are in trouble. Maybe you have to get yourself out of trouble, the best way you know how."

Alyson suddenly felt self-conscious again. "Uh... I don't know." She blushed a little.

Shane put down the camera. He walked over to where she was standing. "Do you even realise how gorgeous you are?"

"Um I don't even know you ad I don't know what I am doing here. Perhaps I should just leave."

"Perhaps, but we both know you want to stay." Shane reached out and pulled her into him. Taking her face in his hands he traced her bottom lip with his thumb and tugged it down. Shane leaned into Alyson annd kissed her, softly at first, guaging her reaction. She didn't pull away. He kissed her again, more thoroughly sliding his tongue over hers tasting, teasing drawing back out breaking the kiss ad looking at her.

"Shall I stop Alyson?"

Alyson let out a shuddering sigh. It had been a long time since she reacted like this to a man. "Please go on." Pulling her into his embrace he began kissing her with more passion. Alyson arched into him aching to be touched.He trailed kisses down her neck and gently nibbled the delicate skin there. She moaned and her breath caught in her throat. "Please don't stop."

Shane leaned back and began unbuttoning her blouse. He trailed kisses down her chest as he deftly reached around and unclasped her bra. he pushed off the blouse the bra and let them drop to the floor. Taking her hand he led her to the bed in the bordello scene. He laid her down on the bed and admired her for a few moments. Her breasts were milky white as was the rest of her exposed skin. Her nipples were a rosey tan colour pert and begging to be sucked. He obliged by leaning over and suckling one of her breasts while he massaged the other breast with his hand. A low moan escaped Alyson's lips and she arched up into Shane again. "Harder" she whispered. "please!"

Shane tugged at the nipple in his mouth with his teeth while he pinched the other between his forefinger and thumb. His cock was beginning to throb. Pulling her up onto her knees he slid his hands down her waist and over her buttocks squeezing them enjoying the roughness of the tweed skirt against her skin. He undid the button and pulled down the zipper and pushed it down over her hips. He then realised then she was wearing gartered stockings and no panties. His cock throbbed for real now and he ached to have her. As the skirt fell away he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs, caressing. Alyson leaned into his chest letting her breasts rub against his chest. He ran his hands over her buttocks and gently spread her cheeks sliding his finger down the length of her seeing how wet she was. Alyson whimpered a little, and d**g her nails down the length of his back. Shane shivered.

"You sir have far too much clothing on." Alyson tugged his shirt over Shane's head, and threw it on the floor. Her shaking hand tugged at his belt and she eventually got that off. Standing at the edge of the bed Shane allowed Alyson to undress him completly. She slid off the bed and onto her knees in front on him. She kissed her way down to his rock hard cock. Looking up at him she asked "Can I suck your cock Shane... please?"

He wrapped his hand in her hair and guided her head over the length of his throbbing shaft. Like a good girl she didn't stop until the whole shaft was in her throat up to his balls. He pulled her head back and drew out his cock. Taking it in his hand he pressed it against her cheek and lightly slapped her with it. She smiled playfully and stuck her tongue out to flick the head with is. Once again he f***ed his cock into her mouth. She moaned around it. Looking up at him she begged "Please fuck my mouth Shane." He groaned and it was he could do not to cum right there. He gritted his teeth and held back. Slowly he fucked her mouth as her eager tongue danced over his cock.

"I want to see if you are ready for me? Can I?" he asked. "Yes... please," she replied simply.

He laid her on the bed again and spread her legs. He began to explore her wet pussy. She was so wet, that the insides of her thighs were slick with her own juices. Shane drew a finger up the length of her and pressed it into her mouth. Alyson eagerly sucked her own wetness off his finger. He rubber he swollen clit with one hand as he delved one finger than two inside her. She was very tight he was pleased to feel the walls of her pussy contract around his finger. His cock strained but he needed to hear her say what she wanted next. He needed her to want it as much as he did.

"Alyson what do you want me to do next?"

"Oh Shane, I want you to fuck me... I want you to fuck my ass... please fuck my ass, Alyson begged with a sob in her voice.

"Such a bad girl, I may need to punish you."

Shane turned her over on all fours pulling her towards him. He spread more of her wetness over her ass and slowly inserted his finger to relax her. With his other hand he carressed her and lightly spanked her. Soon she was relaxed enough to accept the head of his cock. Slow, slow he pressed the tip of his rigid cock into Alyson's eargerly waiting ass. He groaned loudly and she arched her back into him. He slid his cock carefully all the way into her ass all the way up to his balls. She cried out and moaned. As he gently fucked her ass he massaged her throbbing clit. She cried out again and begged him to rub her clit faster. "Oh God I want to cum." He obliged her knowing like most women this would only make her want more. He pulled out of her ass and continued to rub her clit as she crested and came all over his hand.

"What a bad little girl you are," Shane chuckled. "what shall we do next?"

"Please Shane I need you to fuck my pussy. Hard. Please" Her eyes pleaded with him. He rolled her back onto her back putting a pillow ner her ass for better suport. He grasped her hips and entered her pussy. Lifting her legs and pushing them back towards her chest he began fucking her slowly, deeply filling her hot tight pussy with his throbbing cock. The both groaned in sync. Each downward stroke Shane made Alyson clenched her kegal muscles and he could feel her grip his cock. It was more than her could bare. He grasped her hips and began to slam his cock into her showing no mercy.

"OH GOD YES Shane FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD," Alyson screamed. "I'M GOING TO CUM"

Shane slammed his cock deep into Alyson's pussy as her whole body arched contracted and pulled him into her. He too groaned and suddenly his hot cum was gushing into her. He continued to fuck her as she rode wave after wave of pleasure.

"Such a naughty girl. A naughty naughty girl," Shane murmered into her ear.

"Ah but I am your naughty girl." She kissed him thoroughly. "What shall I make us for supper?"

Shane pulled her into him. "Let me just hold you ... we'll discuss supper later love"... Continue»
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