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... button and beckoned his secretary.

"Yes, Mr. Patterson?"

"I saw Marcie outside with a gentleman. Who is he?"

"Oh, that's Mr. ... leaned forward in the chair and gazed intently into Marcie’s eyes. Marcie broke down when she saw the look of compassion ... ... Continue»
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Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 4 Mary & Marcie

... nipples which I gladly did. While Marcie was sucking me they both were rubbing ... said 'you're not done yet Marcie's mom!" Marcie laughed a little and said "give ... girl aren't you?" She replied yes I am. Marcie agreed and said "I think mom needs a spanking." ... ... Continue»
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... right in front of me. I swallowed hard and said "Yes Marcie, thats definitly stimulating." as my cock grew noticably harder. She ... minutes we got up and washed ourselves and dressed. As Marcie was getting ready to leave she said "I have a little problem ... ... Continue»
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My s****rs sl**p Over

... soft moaning. As my senses became clearer I realized that Marcie was slightly moaning…nothing extremely erotic but still arousing. ... like that, don't you?" Continuing with her gyrations, Marcie controlled the pace… sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I felt ... ... Continue»
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Good Whore

... now!"

Mark let loose a fury of spanks to Marcie's ass. Marcie who was now almost in tears was kicking and screaming ... by trade." Mark said as Marcie masturbated away.

"Bastard!" Marcie spat

Mark waited for Marcie to start making some light semi ... ... Continue»
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Caught (part 4)

... and then back up again. She never came near Marcie’s twat but Marcie’s body is responding excellently. Bonnie continues her barrage ... for a moan and her finger goes deeper into Marcie’s pussy hole. Marcie throws her head back and moans from Bonnie’s finger ... ... Continue»
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Teenaged Gift for My Husband

... as being sexually exciting to myself, but as I watched Marcie modeling her panties for my husband, I found myself getting ... same time only made the experience that much more surreal.

Marcie started breathing harder and I could feel her body tensing. I ... ... Continue»
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A Simple Black Plan

... cam before she fall Jennifer
chasing after Marcie and yelling something. Marcie was
ignoring her as she continued walking ... should she help, Sandra

Then the surprise.

Marcie spurned around and was barking something at the
older white ... ... Continue»
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The Massage by Kevlar.

... round ass. He slowly massages her inner thighs and hears Marcie emit a long deep moan as his hands accidently brush against ... ;s hips and with a final thrust empties his cum deep into Marcie's soaking wet pussy. “GOOD GOD!I NEEDED THAT!&rdquo ... ... Continue»
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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 5

... his slow in and out rhythm, while whispering to Marcie “We have company.”
Marcie giggles “Yes, they must be admiring what a ... he will cum soon that way and mumbles to Marcie “Baby, I… oh.. Marcie…”
Marcie’s pussy is reeling with delight. She keeps pushing ... ... Continue»
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Gaining a Better Vantage Point

... a mirror her bald cunt and the tight skin surrounding it. Marcie innocently drops a finger into the little cunt to test whether ... . I am liking this turn of events.

Entering through the kitchen, Marcie hobbles me to the sofa, her eyes down and watching ... ... Continue»
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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 4

... back. As their tongues begin to explore one another, Marcie presses her panty covered dick against Joe’s undie cock.
... pinches her nipples through the thin, silky material. Marcie squeals in delight.
Marcie presses her butt against Joe’s cock and his ... ... Continue»
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A Charlie Brown Christmas

... voice wasn't
bragging, "eight."


"Peppermint Patty and Marcie, they're lesbians, you
know, Sally, and five girls ... returned to sucking on
Peppermint Patty's pussy. I humped little Marcie's
bunghole until I felt I was about to cum again. ... ... Continue»
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A to Z Fuckstories – F is for Fuckfest (Part

... looked exactly like Alex, just a little shorter, wearing a bikini.

Marcie, I think you know our guest today?”

“Mmmhmm, I’ve heard ... fucking against a tree. A tent unzipped near us and Marcie walked out wiping her mouth.

“Took you guys long enough ... ... Continue»
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Incall on a Cold Winter Sunday

... it personally. Her expression suggested half accusation and half admiration.

Marcie’s hair was a total mess from my sex tugs. ... If I couldn’t fuck her I had no reason to stay. Marcie’s desire for my companionship always inevitably revolved around sex. It ... ... Continue»
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Christine: Transgenderism.

... that?”
“Well of course I’m not a professional Jackie. Dr Marcie will be able to give you a properly professional expert diagnosis ... Thank you.” After a short pause Daniela was connected. “Hi Marcie! Danny Devin here. How are you keeping?” There followed a ... ... Continue»
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Christine: Transgenderism (reposted)

... that?”
“Well of course I’m not a professional Jackie. Dr Marcie will be able to give you a properly professional expert diagnosis ... Thank you.” After a short pause Daniela was connected. “Hi Marcie! Danny Devin here. How are you keeping?” There followed a ... ... Continue»
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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 3

... red panties (Joe had stopped correcting him about the undies)." Marcie gently took hold of Joe's bulging undies crotch. "Mmmmmm ... are a wild one. Let's try something else for a bit." Marcie pulled Joe's hands away. "Stand up, sweetie."
Joe wondered what ... ... Continue»
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I'll Be Back

... that it was a coincidence.

Grace's aunt, who happened to be Marcie's mother, had been a dance instructor. Consequently, all the women ... and take a ride," I urged.

I still laugh when I think about Marcie with her gown pulled up and stuffed between us and ... ... Continue»
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Cumslut Husband

... 't even mind the fact that I was still handcuffed.

"Morning, Marcie."

"Huh?" Opening my eyes, I looked up to find Vicky ... , abuse, and humiliate as she desired.

"Good girl, Marcie," she beamed. "I think the boys really enjoyed themselves this ... ... Continue»
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