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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 7

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 7

... at that very moment, and he wondered
idly what Beverly's mother would be like.

Paul felt his ... on Paul's bulging prick.

"And what does mother say for herself?" Prinz asked ... at the attractive mother and told her, "Never suppress a
desire, Becky ... that's what the Doc... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 6

... ;s a little embarrassing, Doctor Prinz ... I mean, it's not
the same as relating to you under ... natural, Karen," Prinz told her.

"But what I did wasn't natural, Doctor!" she ... protested.

Smiling, he told her, "Let me be the judge of what's natural and what
isn... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 2

... glanced at Prinz.

Standing, Prinz told the beautiful black woman, "Well, that's what ... ; Coco ordered and continued playing the crop between
the woman's legs.

"But ... but you ... ;s hips.

"Fuck her in the ass, Mark!" his wife ordered and pointed to the woman's... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 3

... for me, Doctor Prinz ..." the woman began.
"I mean--it's not every day you take your ... daughter to a psychiatrist."

"Can you tell me exactly what you feel Mandy's ... and ...
and when I looked in, I found them in what's referred to as 'the classic
position... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered

... .

The woman lowered her head slowly and took the entire length of the
doctor's pulsing cock into her ... legs quivered stiffly as the doctor's fingers dug
into the soft, wet flesh of her cunt.

Prinz ... ;There is nothing wrong with what we've done. It's natural for a
father to love his daughter... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 5

... for yourself
... ah, what's your name?"

Debating for a moment, he closed the door ... 's legs. Immediately she sensed what he wanted
and he felt the pulsing head of his prick ... , that's for sure!" he replied firmly.

"Hey ... we could invite Doctor Prinz!" Mandy... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 4

... from Mandy's tit and looked up at her daughter,
suddenly aware of what was happening. She ... had
slipped by him, but as he realized the woman's inhibitions were being
controlled by a long ... caressed her pussy--and again, his mother's face
flashed before his mind's eye. Sipping his... Continue»
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... ."

Malcolm quickly agreed to follow the Doctor's orders if it would make him better. His wife ... don't feel comfortable about sucking on ..."

"Not sucking honey, Fellating. Remember what the Doctor ... Doctor, I-I well, as I've said before I couldn't thank my wife enough for what she was putting... Continue»
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Doctor's orders

... touch for the first time. What could I do? It was sexual contact despite being doctor's orders ... and that included the Doctor ordered massages. I hemmed and hawed until my wife scolded me with "Dammit ... . What scared us silly was that our "solution" may backfire if Mary did not like the idea. She could... Continue»
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Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

... the doctor not stopping feeling Bobby's dick up and down, "well, in order to find what the problem ...
Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

Currently Bobby was sitting in the waiting room ... that she shouldn't know. "How about I schedule a doctor's appointment for you, what do you think about... Continue»
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... this new "Lady's Doctor" in our locality from many of my friends and decided ... to experince his treatment myself. Oh! by the way the doctor is a 'HE', 'Lady's Doctor' ... and asked me to sit there. Afrer 15mn; she came back and asked me to follow her to the doctor's room... Continue»
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Kinky is what the Doctor ordered!

... of adult toys and a tube of anal lube of which I’d already applied in anticipation of what lay ahead ... and tongues. Cannibalistically devouring each other’s lust filled flesh. Saliva passed from one mouth ... .
“These are in the order that the evening unfurled so when you’re ready pop one in your slot!”
“I thought... Continue»
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Mark's studentenleven 7: naar de sexwinkel

... the test." "Good, that's nice to hear" en hij nam een slok van een lekker koud biertje, "How long are ... buy some nice toys?" Ze keek hem lachend aan. "I really don't know what to expect. I'm afraid I will ... the first days. I only spent like half of it, so I can afford a few things for myself." Mark... Continue»
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What happens in the doctor's office, stays in

... So earlier this year I received a letter from my doctor stating that he is retiring and that he ... would be handing over all his patients to another doctor that he trusted. I debated for a few weeks ... as to whether I should seek another doctor or stick with the new one. I finally decided that I trusted... Continue»
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... to the floor. Doctor
Jenkins rolled over in front of him on his stool and took Ronny's testicles ... , and all at once had the overwhelming urge to
put it in my mouth, so to doctor's utter delight ... wait seemed like cruel and
unusual punishment! I opened the door and being Doctor Jenkins'... Continue»
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Lesbian Land's End (Part 7)

... , what is it going to be?” Kea ordered orange juice, black coffee and toasted croissants with butter ... ; they’re certainly made for each other...” Kea came out wrapped in a towel and gathered her s**ttered ... , Dena, and I like you that way. But today, I wanted to see how it felt to have you doing what I said... Continue»
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The Doctor's Wife (Lesbian)


Martha, the doctor’s maid, did notice that Mrs. Howard had changed ... into a rather short skirt that evening after dinner but didn’t take much notice of it. The doctor’s wife ... the doctor. The maid did notice though that Mrs. Howard - her full name was Olivia Howard – had put... Continue»
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Jennifer's Surprise Chapter 7

... Chapter 7

“Fuck my ass,” Jennifer Smith was whimpering aloud, breathing and biting ... , that she and her husband barely had what could be called a successful marriage. Their sex life had ... started playing a part in his teenage life, he started noticing the curves of her body. His s****r’s... Continue»
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Doctor Singh's Enema Clinic

... lust for me. I remember seeing what must have been a huge semi-erect bulge in his white medical ... and shoes and underwear on. What I didn't expect was being led firmly by the doctor to a sort of low wooden ... me on about getting this older Sikh Doctor excited!

Dr Singh was far more professional... Continue»
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... Mother's Consuming Lust
by Lanka Cream (address withheld)


Claudia is a successful ... of her figure, and what a figure it was!

Claudia was a muscular size 12, not one of those thin ... , as well as girls and women, all
stole furtive admiring and often lustful glances at
her. They had... Continue»
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