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Lucky Josh part 10

Lucky Josh part 10

... over was quick, this late there was little traffic and Josh was lucky with the lights.
Parking ... Introduction: Danni comes over for a night of fun

Back in the kitchen, Josh saw Vanessa ... setting the table humming happily.
“You’re in a good mood” Josh said walking to the stove.
“The best... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 3

... Josh, slave” Ashley said with a naughty grin at the slave part.
“I am almost sorry I came to join ... , they parted lips and Josh wiped the hair from her face.
Nyoto meanwhile had come up and sat next ... and Josh turned his head towards the wall were soft moans were coming from.
All four women sat... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 9

... and picked it up.
Josh couldn’t make out the conversation since he didn’t speak Spanish ... in the phone, turning around angry, her eyes red with tears.
Josh quickly got up and held her from behind ... she hung up she turned and buried her face in his chest, crying.
“What’s wrong?” Josh asked... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 5

... , the bondage and s-m part to be exact.”
Josh nodded letting her tell what she needed to say.
“Image ... .
Josh relaxed in her warm embrace and felt lucky and save, he was glad Danni would be his friend, any ... Introduction: Two more friends join the list as the story continues

Josh entered the red room... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 4

... was the lucky guy face fucking her.
Feeling his cock get extra sensitive, Josh pulled out and slapped her ... Introduction: The story of Josh continues

Back at the table, Nyoto had rejoined them and all ... hand beneath the table.

Like a predator circling its prey, Ironshaft walked around Josh and Henry... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 13

... the gym itself by. Chrome and marble, luxury seats and an indoor waterfall, Josh took it all ... by a softer “among others.”
A twinkle formed in her eyes as she asked for his name.
“Josh van der ... attention.

Josh handed her the card Burt had given him and she swiped it through her reader... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 11

... Introduction: Melody and Vanessa show Josh their brand of affection

Back in the recreation ... room, Josh found the door open and heard the sounds of someone swimming in the pool.
He walked ... to Josh, wet and naked.
“Couldn’t resist” she grinned as she took her coffee in her hands.
Josh... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 7

... .
A few moments later the door opened and lucky for Josh, Vanessa opened.
“Yes, can I …” she started ... Introduction: Josh gets busy after the party

Half an hour later Josh arrived at his new home ... before recognizing Josh.
“Oh sorry Mister eh, Josh”
“No problem” Josh smiled “I am just glad... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 12

... Josh considered staying in bed for a while, still a bit tired from the last few days but his ... I got your size right’ and a smiley.
Josh smiled and looked at the cream, it was called ‘Endurance ... .
Something to try out later Josh thought and looked at the bottle with pills.
‘Cum Volume pro, come... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 2

... Introduction: The story of Josh in a new city continues as he makes more friends

Their limo ... and photographers.
“Oh, that’s Brad Pitt” Josh said and pointed at him “he’s dressed like Neo, glad you talked ... display with all the rooms, themes and part types available.
“Okay” Jonas said “I need to go... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 8

... at some private joke.
After some more hugging and kissing they parted ways, Josh riding with Cam ... at the entrance.
“Looks like a good night” Cam said while she guided Josh to the personnel entrance.
She knocked ... and when he stood waiting behind her, she said “Josh, meet my b*****r Ramon, best punk guitarist ever... Continue»
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OHGIRL: Back in Business

... , since they were wet with my flowing juices not more than 10 minutes after my first inhalation. I ... , since he still lived in the bad part of town. I hung up my phone, when the other two customers left ... my mouth inhaled his long, hard joint and Black was fucking me from behind. Today was their lucky... Continue»
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... , tonight's your lucky night. In about an hour, come find me and say "Aimee ask me to come get you", in case ... as well do it great, eh?

I told the bartender the two brides were part of our drinking contests ... against my mom's body as she works her way up starting from her belly button. The sexiest part about... Continue»
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... naam Mini tha. Uski umar
lagbhag 18 saal ki thi. Unke ghar par ek computer bhi tha. Mini bahut
hi ... baat hai jab Mini ke parents 1 month ke liye UK chale
gaye the. Ghar par kewal Mini hi akeli thi. Ek ... computer
screen par jo photo thi us mein ek aadmi ek ladki ko doggy style mein
chod raha tha. Wo... Continue»
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Revenge of the Fags.

... Revenge of the Fags. Posted for a friend from him.
This story is an absolute fantasy, no parts ... of it are known to be true nor is there any indication in any part will become true. Some of it may ... you will be offended by parts of the story so don't read it.

The story begins with Paul Phillips... Continue»
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Share My Wife

... press kar raha tha. usske dono haath mujhe nabhi ke niche mere stomach ke nichle part par the. wo mere ... . 10 minute ke chuadi main hi wo koi 4 baar chad gaye. Mein samaj gaya tha ke wife sharing ka wo ... itne raat ko its already 10:00PM. Me : Suno Akash apna room khol kar so raha hai. or wo travel se itna... Continue»
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Toying with Tiffany

... insects violating all of her private parts, and
the psychological pain of knowing that she ... . How he'd poured honey all over her pussy and ass, parted the tender
labia with his rough fingers ... and dribbled the honey deep into her pussy, then
parted her ass the same way and applied honey... Continue»
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Wow my pregnant sister and me

... of your s****r. A female is rated by this part.
Then she removed the blouse and I was seeing my ... tits of a woman, they also call them as boobs, breasts. This part is equal to horn of a car ... told this part is equal to head lights of a car.

She asked now “b*****r do you know that every... Continue»
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Part One - A journey to work, a surprise, a deal, and a party.

It was already going ... was
doing as part of my brain was planning the activities that night.

As he'd been instructed to, Greg ... part
of the century the continuing rise in London property prices would have
pushed "gentrification... Continue»
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A Life: Home Again Part 2

... go shopping." She says. 'Wow volunteer work, come on' I say upset. "Yes it was part of the deal I ... not know why I made it so big, I just keep saying just a bit more and I'll stop. The fun part ... was still mad at me. 'Please Shell, it important' l calling her by what did when I was 4 to 10... Continue»
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