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Lottery winner got laid part 3

Lottery winner got laid part 3

... After our eventfull holiday we got home and I returned to work to hand in my notice, as realised I ... didnt need to work in a stressfull enviroment, as I got settled waiting for Carmen to bring ... other better she agreed and off we went. As we sat eating I looked at her long legs and got a glimpse... Continue»
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Lottery winner got laid part 2

... cruise, The 3 of us set of for the port all excited as we got on the liner we settled into our ... nipples where huge, as he sucked them one by one, I got my cock out rubbing it as I watched, he bent ... Pam and the wife shared this young guy a few times, as well as me fucking Pam.

final part to follow... Continue»
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Lottery winner got laid part 1

... yer sure and off we went, I passed a cash point and got some money comming across my lottery ticket ... screamed and started making plans to spend the money, I got a phne call from the Lottery people ... get a take away. Well as we got our take away there was a buzz in the chinese someone from the town... Continue»
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I got to meet Peter North - Part 3

... in her mouth.

He pulled out and said, “Time to shower honey.”

Pete and I both got off the bed ... shorts and a cup-less bra. He grabbed a little sun dress and the lingerie and laid it across his thick ... and down until her clothing fell to the floor.

Stacey got dressed and was about to put on some make... Continue»
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Male to Female Transformation

... life as a woman. I
was wealthy too thanks to the lottery win. It was all too
much to take ... on the Lottery, enough to
change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was
going to change ... fearful because she

"These tablets will not cause you any pain, they are part
of your... Continue»
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f***ed to be Female

... life, of course, but my own life as a woman. I was wealthy too thanks to the lottery win. It was all ... on the Lottery, enough to change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was going to change.
I ... fearful because she added.
"These tablets will not cause you any pain, they are part of your... Continue»
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True. What I let men to do me for 2½ days

... in Australia after winning the 30 million dollar lottery.

I wish that at least once, I had woken up ... . But first of all, I want to tell you that it's okay if you skip the part about me and go ... to the fuck part. I understand.

No, go ahead, really! I do it myself when I read dirty stories... Continue»
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The Villa

... . Euro Lottery. One Winner. Ticket purchased on Island. Number below. And there at the bottom a number ... been delayed due to bad weather, luckily only 30 minutes so I organised the car and got rid of my ... , if we don't kill each other first.

Chapter 3 – Those Threads That Bind Us

We crawl out... Continue»
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Forc to be Female2

... , of course, but my own life as a woman. I was wealthy too thanks to the lottery win. It was all too much ... . This was all part of the agreement with the client.
I really did not know what to make ... of this turn of events. I had no choice, of course, but even so I had only just got used to idea of being... Continue»
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... a Cumulative Three. This meant each woman had to lie back and passively receive 3 times ... with the total time for 3 orgasms each: one by tongue, one hand massage and the other a free choice ... in the final 3rd round, deciding the winner.

Cuc was a pocket dynamo. Barely 4 ft 11 and 86 pounds the doll... Continue»
Posted by johnsimond25 10 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Fetish, Hardcore  |  

Serving My Mistress... & Friends! pt. 2

... The 3rd and final part of the "Serving My Mistress" trilogy ... too submissive of a slave, I HAD to obey. So I bit my lip and laid down on it with my back pressing ... hands on it, looked at me like as if she's just won the lottery.

"I know you're a pretty tall... Continue»
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... and think it all over. I got up and went to my

Part 3

As I lay in bed, I reviewed the day's ... . Then one day she sat down and laid out an ultimatum for me.

It seems she had discussed my ... , it was all laid out for me. It was rehearsed very well.

She had hired the finest divorce lawyer... Continue»
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Adventures of Big Boob Candy - Trailer Park Whore

... back asl**p and got up 3 hours later. I took a long hot shower and ate some cold pizza and started ... .

What the fuck. Had I died and gone to heaven or something. Did I win the lottery or a huge poker game ... and opened my back door. The trailer moved lightly from my 6ft 3 body. I got a 6 packr of tight abs on my... Continue»
Posted by lovethembigger 9 months ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Our f****y

... , that got me another giggle from Jane. It was for Jo. Working part time in the real-estate game ... . The first part of my story needed to be told this way and I laid out the plot keeping some things ... .

Jo's face was something to see as well. She got closer to our joined parts and watched.

“Oh my god... Continue»
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Anita's Needs

... and catch the game back at the room.
I got my business done during the day, and when I got back ... that her quest for “big cock” would not be fulfilled this evening. Boy was I wrong.
We got back ... . When they got their beers they came over to our table to thank us. To my surprise (I guess... Continue»
Posted by aguynamedchuck 6 months ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  

The Game

... and foibles.

One game recently Eve had won 3-2… and two of the games had been VERY lucky. She had played ... winner AND a bad loser. Something he loved about her, but which also sometimes irritated. This time ... they might both enjoy. The next day he had 3 days at a seminar in her area… and he saw his chance... Continue»
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Gramps, Dad, and Marine Zack: The Girlfriend Intru

... for very long if you keep talking like that. I see your point. We’ve got all night and my hole ... , and arms?”

“I’ve been working out. Got back into lifting weights like I did in my 30’s and 40’s ... . Now, you got to let me see some skin. Some of that smooth, hot tatted up Marine body.”

Zack... Continue»
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The Homely Wife Part 2

... . She was soon laid over it and quickly Vishal got himself undressed and ripped off her bra as quick ... as he got in Aditi quickly went to the loo, washed herself and took a tissue and inserted ... that much that she got wet! That never happened to her before. She kept thinking of his words... Continue»
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Act Naturally

... laid my eyes on her ass and tits. My wife's ass is broader and her tits are smaller and far less ... that was my life. Was it a contest? Was I supposed to try to somehow win? Then I remembered ... get to be part of the show, playing themselves. I thought about that and realized that it would only... Continue»
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... a nice job at work. And was nice to me.

I guess I was hungry for more than nice. When we got married ... -by-inch. [Did someone say Niagara Falls?]

One way I got rid of my frustrations was to work out ... for the shower.

I got about three blocks away when I realized that I must have left my
wallet... Continue»
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