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LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 4

Cuck Sitting Part 4

Milady sat over my face for a few more minutes and told me ... called to see how the cuck sitting went with Her Daughter Princess Loren. “It went very well…he even ... calls Her Princess Loren” She laughed. “Yes, I think that cuck sitting may become more popular... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 4

... Sean was stirred from his sl**p by movement. He opened his eyes to see his mom sitting up next ... as her son was assaulting the most sensitive part of her body with his tongue. Suddenly, the spasms ... from his fingers. “I know I have never cum that much.” They kissed softly. When their lips parted... Continue»
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House of Debauchery - Part 4 (Even More Perverted!

"Huh", I grunted, trying to sit on the couch and missing it, landing on the carpet, on my ... the fact that both mom and Gina were full time prostitutes. There were no secrets in our house. The women ... .

I came out of bathroom. Mom was on the bed now - naked. She was sitting up, her legs under... Continue»
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The house is rocking Part 4

... started fucking the third member of the house. Karla was an old fuck buddy, Lana and Traci were ... room, but I could see that they were both striping. Everyone in the house knows I always sl**p naked so... Continue»
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Loren Housesitting Adventures

... participants for that nights activities.

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 4

Uncle Bob made his ... LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 1

I always loved babysitting for the Brown's, but the idea ... he cleared his throat behind me.

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 2

I had lost control and even... Continue»
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Loren Picking up My Toys

... LorenCumSlut Picking Up My Toys Part 1

If you have read my story about the time I was house ... -sitting you may have asked yourself how a s*****n year old girl gets sex toys of her own. I had been ... on-line to have them ship to my house so I decided to try to walk into an Adult Bookstore that was... Continue»
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Just a day. 3

... . Were u going to hurt me? Was all this just a sick game and u were done with me? Part of me hoped not. I ... is a few miles outside of town, nothing but rusted cars and blackness for at least 4 miles into town ... a second, jolt up and expect to run to my bathroom which is connected to my room. Yea in ur own house u... Continue»
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Control Chapter II

... said as she left the house. “I have a roast in the frig that I want you to put in the oven at around 4 ... Control Part II

Julie Anderson returned from the bathroom feeling confused. She had just had ... into the car.

Now home alone sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal Josh began to replay last night’s... Continue»
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the hand man

... Fred turned up n time to star the job.He was let in by the owner of the house ... was carrying two cups and some biscuits.He moved a dust sheet so she could sit on a chair and he took the one ... the questions.
why do they rub them selves and what are those parts called... Continue»
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... dressed in overalls, “I got those parts for your washing machine,
I spoke to Roy and he said you were ... the parts as he had said, I looked at it, £275.00 “what!” I exclaimed, how do you arrive at that” I ... was going red in the face, “parts and labour like it says” he said his face close to mine, “ do you mean... Continue»
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The Anniversary Week - Tuesday

... . Of course part of my energy was from my early bedtime the evening before. Sierra and I had gone to bed ... through the door. With another part of my day to look forward to, it didn't take me long to shower ... .

Anyways, I picked Claire up and we headed to the restaurant of her choice. It was a sit-down lunch... Continue»
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BDSM - Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amster

... .

It's not so much about the sex, it's more the psychological part of BDSM, the "Mind Game ... play we did in the privacy of our house. The relation was pretty clear to most of who knew us ... at the way i tried to keep up with Mark. We ended up on a big balcony that stretched about 3/4... Continue»
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BIG changes happen on Fridays ;)

... Friday 11/4/07

Started as any other day up at 5am give myself an enema put make up on (not too ... and panties black leggings and a pink Vest Top with 4 inch black pumps i was also instructed to wear ... the dull ache is all to familiar to me now I move my hands to her uppermost thy and gentle part her... Continue»
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Mary's weekend workout

... This is a fictional story about 4 persons having some fun together. Sam and Mary are 34, Marc is 29 ... car, driving the 20 minutes to Sam's house. As she arrived she parked beside the cars of Sam and John ... with a passionate kiss, before pulling her into the house, kissing her greedily while closing the door. His... Continue»
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Alone with the man I love on an island just fuckin

... had not been with a man for years. Bud and I rode the elevator to the top floor of the beach house ... it, flew home on the same red eye plane flight one late Friday night! We actually got to sit together ... growing relationship. Now we were finally going to have the entire 4-day weekend alone to do... Continue»
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My very first time with a guy - Part 1

... , we lived very close by my house and we were very close at that time. As we grew up we went ... ) and I were sitting together in most of the classes and we were really close since c***dhood and we ... that I wanted him badly...

For our prom, we went to a very nice 4 stars hotel, we all got d***k... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.3 Paula's Turn

... anniversary. See the story "Tenth Wedding Anniversary" for the first part of the story and "Sex Slave ... Stripper" for the second part.

After my two days as my husband's "sex slave", our vacation cooled down ... breasts of the women, I noticed a man sitting at the next table who seemed to be more interested... Continue»
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Break in (saved from a chat left some of the non s

... *sneaks into the house and sees your back to me*

make that 4
and the third one shot out I was plunging 2 fingers inside
I never go inside ... to the part where i was gonna fuck that ass for the first time

I want you to cum
Lori Teague... Continue»
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Sally's motivational spanking

... other room in the house. First thing in the morning, first thing when he comes home from work ... , perfect!

I was sitting on the couch when she walked in the living room. I noticed she did have ... and sometimes the same cheek 2-4 right in a row. She was grunting with every slap! I knew she was feeling it now... Continue»
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Blowing Off Steam pt. 1

... I just knew I had to get Abby out of the house. The rain hadn’t let up in over a week, making us ... just the place.” Getting no answer from Abby, she opened the door to find Abby sitting on her bed ... in the corner of the bar by the dance floor. After ordering their drink they make it to the table and sit... Continue»
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