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LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 4

Loren Housesitting Adventures

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 1

I always loved babysitting for the Brown's, but the idea of three days of house-sitting for them ... "My name is Loren," "No your name is LorenCumSlut."

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 3

What would you do if you had a ... ... Continue»
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Cuck Sitting Part 1

My Wife is a mature e****t and Dominatrix. She also ... Her age.
She entered the house and said “Lovely place…I guess the Mistress of the house is getting dressed for Her date ... ... Continue»
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Cuck Sitting Part 4

Milady sat over my face for a few more ... bed, I got busy cleaning the house and preparing everything for the Ladies who would be cuck sitting me that night. I also had ... ... Continue»
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Cuck Sitting Part 3

So I sat at my computer and ... do you when She has a bull come to the house”? I greet the Bull and serve them drinks, put ... to the toilet and I sat down. “Why are you sitting down “? She asked. “Because my Mistress makes me ... ... Continue»
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House sitting surprise. Chapter 1

... large wall mounted plasma tv and the expensive hi-fi sitting in the opposite corner of the room,the large french ... out the dvd collection I have brought with me for my house-sitting stay.A couple of Die Hard movies and of course some ... ... Continue»
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Alex One: House Sitting For A Friend

... (I might post the original old version too...)

Alex One: House Sitting for a Friend.
By Alex Shouse.

My friend Karen ... only 2 days.

Since I didn't live that far from her house I didn't lug a lot
of my stuff with me, ... ... Continue»
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house sitting

... like to help my mates out, so when Louise was house sitting for her girlfriend I agreed to watch shitty films with her ... ... Continue»
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Diesen Sommer waren meine Eltern vier Wochen auf Kreuzfahrt und ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 6

... sitting next to him, placed her hand on his thigh. “You say I’m the man of the house. ... So what about the other thing. The sexual part.”

“Like I said, I don’t want her to be ... sure better when that’s a part of it. As the man of the house, I’ll do what I can ... ... Continue»
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Rachel and Stephanie (part 3 - new temptations)

... siblings is sometimes about playing along with their games - all part of the give and take of f****y life. Mark never understood ... would be broken up but my house sitting duties on the Wednesday.

I went round to Stephanie's house at 6.00 pm as agreed. Joel ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 3

... heard the wind blowing or the house creaking.

“I slept good,” Amanda replied. “I think I sl**p ... the concert to begin. She was sitting between her mom and b*****r. She grabbed ... lower abdomen and reached down to part his legs. She quickly lifted herself ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 4

... son was assaulting the most sensitive part of her body with his tongue. Suddenly ...

“I think we need to talk,” she said, sitting in her chair but leaning forward. ... a b*****r, but more so, the man of the house, you have taken a responsibility to take care ... ... Continue»
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"The House-Sitter"

... had a very amused look on her face. "I'm assuming that's not part of
the regular high school biology cirriculum."

"Not the ... down along the crack.

"I am definitely going to enjoy this house-sitting job," he smiled as we sat
up and started cleaning ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" Part 1

... him home. Running into the house, he found his mom busy in the kitchen and his baby s****r sitting in a baby carrier on ... accepted his role as “man of the house,” but never considered that this was part of what his life would be. So ... ... Continue»
Posted by marioxtz 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Taboo  |  Views: 2733  |  
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"Man of the House" - Part 2

... He dressed in jeans, a sweater, and his house shoes. He and Manda would need ... ’t think this is a conversation mom needs to be a part of.” They both laughed.

“I think we ... for the kitchen for a snack. They were sitting in the great room eating apples when ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 5

... the kitchen, eating his apple. His mom was making the house ready for them to leave, checking the front and back ... wrapped around him. He pulled her to him. She was sitting on his thighs. They kissed. He massaged her breasts, occasionally ... ... Continue»
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My true diaper story: part 2

... of secrets, which makes it all more interesting to tell…

Part 2: I must have closed my eyes for only a couple of hours ... 20’s, wearing baggy shorts and a shirt. He was in his house sitting down watching tv when there was a knock on his door ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part VI

... looking as delicious as before.

“Oh no. That’s the homeowner. I’m house sitting.” I couldn’t help but smile like a silly little teenager….which ... to take my time.

Twenty minutes later we were sitting on the couch and halfway through a second cup of ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part II

... tends to get terrible reception out this way.”

“Oh. I’m Emily. I’m house sitting while Mr. Kane is away. Come in and I’ll get ... and this, I decided, was how Emily would be. For his part all though dinner Mitchell Ross seemed unsure about whether or ... ... Continue»
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Work Friends Nude House Party, Part 2

... continuation of part 1: ... my work friend Tina at her nude house party, I turn to her as she glances ... smile to myself looking down at her, her breasts sitting on top of the bubbling water making them jiggle ... ... Continue»
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