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LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 3

Cuck Sitting Part 3

So I sat at my computer and tried to get my mind on business ... and what do you when She has a bull come to the house”? I greet the Bull and serve them drinks, put ... are you sitting down “? She asked. “Because my Mistress makes me sit down because my little pee pee... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 3

... Chelsey returned to the kitchen wearing her bathrobe and house slippers. Sean and Amanda were ... another strong hug, they parted and Sean made his way to his room. The siblings brushed their teeth ... of this house placed a responsibility on him that his teammates did not have.” sl**p came as Sean’s... Continue»
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The house is rocking Part 3

... with her. It was awkward seeing her around the house, she had seen me fucking, my hard cock shooting ... all in need of rest so we curled up together and slept. It was an epic night, but it was to be outdone, but that would be Part 4. ... Continue»
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... was sitting across from me.
"You are done Dave" she said calmly.
"But I am hungry." I complained ... . She parted her hips and cum of her last john fell in my mouth and on my face. My mother pushed a few ... repositioned her ass and now her anus was on my mother's mouth.
"Oh yes!" Mom sighed as my wife parted... Continue»
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Mommy Sits on my Lap part 3

... the wine her legs parted and I could see up her skirt; her slim thighs, encased in the sheer taupe... Continue»
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Bored house wife part 3

... So bored with her boring older husband with no sex drive, she needed to be fucked so badly, she had used her plastic man so much but it wasn't the same. She picked up the phone, and toyed... Continue»
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Loren Housesitting Adventures

... ," "No your name is LorenCumSlut."

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 3

What would you do if you had ... LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 1

I always loved babysitting for the Brown's, but the idea ... he cleared his throat behind me.

LorenCumSlut House-Sitting Part 2

I had lost control and even... Continue»
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Loren Picking up My Toys

... LorenCumSlut Picking Up My Toys Part 1

If you have read my story about the time I was house ... -sitting you may have asked yourself how a s*****n year old girl gets sex toys of her own. I had been ... on-line to have them ship to my house so I decided to try to walk into an Adult Bookstore that was... Continue»
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JoJo Levesque Fucked

... arms over her chest to block their view. Part of her was humiliated, but part of her was also ... then James was a great option.

“Come on, k**, lets go sit over there and wait our turn,” Fred ... her hands to push herself into a sitting position on top of him and smiled down at him. Putting her... Continue»
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Len and AlbertChapter 1

... part of the bar distracted them. They got up to see what had caused it and saw that someone had put ... terraced house and Len in a secure apartment in a newly built retirement home. He’d found living ... on his own in his old house too stressful and depressing after Rose died.

They set off and ten... Continue»
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Fantasy Cums True part 3

... This story is written by tittie-baby for

Fantasy cums true #3

Terri is my ... !" and out the door I went. If you have read the first two parts you know Terri has the most perfect ... ! This is my house and my kitchen. When I walk into my house and see a beautiful woman that I believe... Continue»
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Michele, part 3

... then that it was to be a night of sexual bliss and her body was telling her mind that he wanted part of the action. She ... at a table with seven other people, 3 women and 4 men, across the room from were Paul ... that each table had been given a room in a part of the mansion. And it seems that the rooms were far... Continue»
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Chance Meeting

... had on show. I thought I recognised her, but could not remember why or where.
Then she just parted ... with it!" I could not help myself as I looked over at his cock, he was only about 3 inches long ... could see no harm in it and so I agreed to sit with them.
He walked back in and I washed my hands... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #4

... iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #4 – Chapter 3

(AU story)
Spun out of last series, this AU story ... . As Jade reached outside, she saw Sam sitting on the edge of Nate's truck, her hands on her former ... forward. "Maybe that Gibby k*d can help Sam when we get back to the house. Right now, we need to cover... Continue»
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The Villa

... , if we don't kill each other first.

Chapter 3 – Those Threads That Bind Us

We crawl out ... , for some reason we are both ravenous. Part of the deal was a small stock of food, just enough ... towards me and say just one word, "Anything." and smile.

I move around the bed, sit on the side and put... Continue»
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Some Day My Prince Will Come

... room and fucked me, for the first time.
He'd wanted me for almost a year, and for my part I ... in, and to finish her wank, she moaned loudly as she came (#3)

The prince come in my face, all across ... , and Lyn, the other way, sitting on Angela's face, and I want you do eat
each other while I watch... Continue»
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Truckers Part II (A little fun @ the Honkey Tonk)

... the walk into a packed house, to find 3 bars with lines half a dozen deep waiting for their drinks ... sore body as she downed the cold beer. "I need another one!" she hollared at Mike who was sitting ... . She finished washing up well, then joined him in the bathroom where she dried herself off.

(Stay tuned for Part III)... Continue»
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Hots prings encounter.

... plunges, finally we part & give a light hug as we do so. I get my hr long fully body massage, to call ... burn while in a private spa, to my surprise she said yes. We part from her friends and head off.

We ... ?” I’m glad she didn’t I reply back, Tojna grins back as I start massaging her pussy, no parting... Continue»
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The Tale of Two Julys

... but again he didn't say a word to me. I remember thinking oh well I'm at least going to sit ... and pussy 3 times with my razor, rinsed off oiled up my body and dried off.

I went to the fridge ... sit down in front of the mirror with my beer to get ready. I see myself and the years in the mirror... Continue»
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My novel .... "The passionate dollar"

... applied everywhere. From fast food work, to a janitor at a school to a part time baby sitting job ... much porn do you watch?" Jim said trying his best to keep a straight face.

"Probably about 2-3 ... ****t?" I said confusingly.
"Yeah ill pay to come and fuck me at my house....ill give you $300 each... Continue»
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