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Lord Stanley Professional Disciplinarian

Lord Stanley Professional Disciplinarian

... purchased. We took Janine’s car and on the way she informed me that we were headed to Lord Stanley ... a Professional Disciplinarian and has hundreds of young and older ladies visit him regularly but he ... and bruised bottom from a recent caning. She directed us into a large study where Lord Stanley... Continue»
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Lord Stanley Disciplinarian

... Lord Stanley Professional Disciplinarian

I ... Janine’s car and on the way she informed me that we were headed to Lord Stanley's Estate, just a few ... kilometers outside of town. She also told me that he is what they call a Professional Disciplinarian... Continue»
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... to concentrate more on attending parties to make professional connections, so she said, we had her mother come ... . As if Christine was having a religious experience, Samantha never sexually evoked the Lord's name ... from out of Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange, the whole thing was bizarrely surreal, i****tuously... Continue»
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True Stories --Winter At Beech Mountain Chapters

... .

At the managers office we met Stanley, a nerdy- looking guy who ran the show there. He quickly laid out my terms ... stones , lining them on both legs all the way to her lower buttocks.

" Lord-- those things are hot ... Stanley came around a corner and cut me off.

“ I'm glad you're early Dano- I have a treat for you... Continue»
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the story of Pornographic film

... Holmes, and Traci Lords and directors, such as Gregory Dark. By 1982, most pornographic films were ... pirate, amateur and low-cost professional content on the Internet had made the industry substantially ... by the Supreme Court of the United States is personal possession in the home Stanley v. Georgia... Continue»
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Naughty School Nurse

... and maintained my professional composure.

"Since your bottom is so sore, why don't you just put your ... my hand in between her legs as well as my own legs, but I vowed to try and maintain a professional ... deeply, reveling in her young teenage scent. Oh lord, she was leaking profusely now, and I hadn't... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... was a tough disciplinarian, and a stickler for the regs and military courtesy. The big NCO ... , and then sat in the chair across from her. Erica returned her salute.

"I know you're a professional ... . That's it."

"Good lord," the big man said, sinking into his chair.

"We got hurt."

"All... Continue»
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Beech Mountain 5 -- Debra

... remember you.. I'm Dano.. We met at the buffet, right?”
“ Yeah! You're the guy that pissed Stanley ... off for tipping me..”
“You work the bar here and the buffet line?”
“It's the only way Stanley ... , in walks Stanley, and scoots in beside me.
"Well, Dano, with the Baxter's account settled , you're up... Continue»
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A Modern Kajira, Part 3: The Collaring

... baritone with an upper-class British accent; the voice of a manor lord. This was a voice that would ... collared, aren’t we, Michelle?”
Michelle gave a regal nod. “Of course, my lord husband.” She turned ... grabbed the sticky coating, and with a swift, professional yank she tore off every bit of hair... Continue»
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Disciples of Meridiana -- Excerpt #2

... there's more I have to tell you. This part isn't always so easy."

Oh, Lord, I thought. Here's ... ." Chest starting to heave a little bit. Oh, good Lord. She was waiting for me to say something now ... ' professional-f****y man-type-guy and all, but I still want to do it anyway." Her voice changed, pace got... Continue»
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One of my Favorite In(3st Stories

... blouse,

white nylons and heels. She looked professional and sexy, he realized. Also

nervous ... . This in effect left the eldest woman as over lord of the

rest. Perhaps it had been her attitude... Continue»
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The Blow Job Lesson

... professional couple
in their 40's, with a seven year old son, they were John and Sonia,
known ... the sensitive skin deep inside my cunt.

"Oh lord, it's hot" I moaned "oh god it's beautiful" I... Continue»
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Three Tales: Wife, Girl and Hubby

... the fuss. I hadn't fucked another girl since just after college -- it's been a decade, my Lord, I'm ... giggling about my encounter with the girl. I actually lorded it over him, a little bit. Hey, I met ... other.

"Why, hello ladies," I said in my professional, friendly tone, climbing up the steps... Continue»
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For the Love of Holly

... cleaning the place up to get ready for the TV crew on Thanksgiving day," I said.

"Oh lord, Jimmy-boy ... , that's the kind of help that could keep this place afloat. Thank you, lord!"

Ma said, "Jimmy-boy, if your ... ."

The phone rang, and a very professional female voice recording told us a little about the kitchen... Continue»
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Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 02

... was driven more by professional curiosity- and the interest of his other brain, the smaller one, from ... ...

Just for now.

'Good lord!' She gasped. 'I could get used to that...'

Sander laughed... Continue»
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Full i****t service

... , rotten, useless, good for nothing boneheads! Should have listened to your uncle Stanley and bought ... as though I'd just told her that I was pregnant with Uncle Stanley's baby.

"What?!" she asked ... waited, I saw inside their service center. It was big, clean and professional looking with all... Continue»
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College life 20

... his skin. All in all, the tattoos
did all turn out looking great and very professional. The biggest ... .

"Lord, what do you guys not do together?" Jenny asked. "Kris tells me all
the time that is when... Continue»
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Beech Mountain and Naples,Florida Ch 9--14

... me Deb had plenty to do.

“Stanley called down here yesterday and left a message for her, said ... as she started to cry..

“ Stanley done it ! He hit me Dano-- he got me up there just so he could ... the night with her.. Donna and I will take care of Stanley.”
I was already forming a plan that Stanley... Continue»
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Three Days Of Watching My Wife

... professional, and has perfect C-cup breasts that God gave her.

The fact that she was a highly sexy thirty ... on. She then sarcastically said, "Good lord, enough. Haven't you ever seen a woman's bottom half before... Continue»
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... Lord of the Rings night, Star Wars night, the original and not the weak prequels (why does George ... dressed to impress on my job, professional but sexy, and leaving lots to the imagination, and I was still... Continue»
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