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Lodger Becomes Her Lover

Lodger Becomes Her Lover

... was naked along with her lover Bazza. Bazza was kissing Helen's neck and ear lobes, which ... , her right hand was playing with her clit whilst he r lover cock ploughed her, Ohhhhhhh cried out ... a cheating slut would, making sexual noises whilst her lover fucked her good. The bed was creaking... Continue»
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Saving the Best for Last

... preparing her cottages for the coming weekend lodgers, but she couldn’t cut him off when he was so ... and kissing her, not like a friend, but like a lover.

It wasn’t long before the hay got them both itching ... any better than this.”

The lovers went to Kara’s room. Scott stopped her from turning on a lamp... Continue»
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A Lodger's Leanings

... By - Lucy Roberts

A Lodger's Leanings

I was brought up by my Mum as my Dad left us when I ... .

It was when I was 15 that Tom came to stay with us as a lodger.
We didn't need the money but he came ... a schoolgirl why shouldn't I be that girl?

That night, what was becoming a regular masturbatory... Continue»
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Magic Wanda

... was becoming more passionate and at the same time that I felt her tongue in my mouth, I felt my ... her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Something I definitely didn’t like. I thought he ... the next most stupid thing.

“Okay lover boy,” I started. “Put your bl**dy money where your mouth... Continue»
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About to members meeting

... back and moved up to kiss her. Kara’s face was soft and sweet, the satisfied expression of a lover ... this.”

The lovers went to Kara’s room. Scott stopped her from turning on a lamp, leaving the room ... ?”

Kara did her best to stifle a yawn. It may have only been four o’clock in the afternoon where... Continue»
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Stories I like: The Pleasuring of a Granny

... , but what the hell, I would be company so why not a lodger? So there I was. She told me that her ... wanted to feel. Her breathing was becoming heavier. Then:

"Take my blouse and bra' off," she ... and patient lover. I took her slowly and gently towards a huge, raging, climax.

"Fuck me, oh... Continue»
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What Cuckolds want

... it when their wife is dominant toward him and submissive to Her Lover-even to the point of becoming ... to seduce Her, take Her bareback, and become Her steady stud/Lover...

Husband wants his cute young ... with svelte figure and tight ass, and become Her steady bareback stud/Lover...

My young wife enjoys 8-10... Continue»
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A Black Baby

... to discover that Mike's position in our home had been elevated from that of lodger to lover. Like any man ... with his long, black fingers. Her muffled cries were becoming more pronounced, more urgent as he ... lodger, has been much closer to my wife than I have. And when I say close, I mean close. Mona won't let... Continue»
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... that she wanted me to take Kita’s virginity and to be her first male lover.

So I asked “How and when ... be extremely grateful to her.

We have an open relationship and can talk freely about all our inner ... each other. I have teased her with the idea for a long time hoping that one day she might just take... Continue»
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Amelia's First Time with Jason

... smile as she realized the salty taste in her mouth from where he had become excited. They snuggled ... As Jason tidied the piles of pillows Amelia removed her new thick jumper and quickly tugged down ... her new tight blue jeans and then slid under the sheets of the large bed. Jason without much thought... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 9

... her g-spot even harder, resulting in her pussy becoming completely slippery and sloppy just the way I ... “Give it to him baby, cum all over his face,” Maddy said to Claudia and leaned down to suck on her ... and moan I felt her body start to tremble and shake and I started sucking on her clit and rubbing... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #7

... and planted her face in the pillow, saying how much she needed this. Hitting the lights and turning ... on a small lamp, Jade undressed to her giant old t-shirt and boy shorts and crawled next to Tori, Jade held ... Tori as the broken-hearted Latina teen sobbed in her arms. No words were exchanged for several... Continue»
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A binding love

... , and he could see her most intimate regions. She wondered if he could see how wet she was becoming ... She inserted the key and unlocked the door. She entered the room tentatively, as if it was her ... , it was the aura that had changed, not the room. And the man who awaited her was also familiar... Continue»
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black forest adventure

... lover, her uncle Frank, and right at this moment he was just down the hall in his pyjamas warming ... . Not only was Frank old enough to be her father, he could well turn out to become her father if her ... Marlene gazed at herself naked in her bedroom mirror and decided she needed a shave. Mainly under... Continue»
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The Italian Job 5

... She stirred and pressed the bell beside her bed, the maid came in carrying a bottle of water ... a glass she was quieter now and more settled, I put the sheet over her, leaned down and kissed her, she ... opened her eyes, they were glazed, she turned her face up to me and I kissed her on the mouth as her... Continue»
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She Got to be a Cake

... friends and then lovers.

One PM on Sunday was what they called "The Chronological Mystery Zone ... of his lips, back and forth. Without stopping her slow lick, she straddled him, making sure the crotch ... of her tight jeans sat directly on the crotch of his.

The increased heat caused what had been... Continue»
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Dawns tempory master 6

... was his last night in her bed, and she wished him to come to her as a lover, he was to woo her ... becoming excited; he was pawing at her breasts, nibbling her ear, groping at her sex, slavering, his ... a little, and then use the lessons he had learnt, not as a pupil, and teacher but as lovers.
The lad... Continue»
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Escape in Shenzhen

... fabrics that covers her lust, while her breathing becomes heavy.

After awhile, I help her undress. I ... your lover and stay in together for a good 3 days. Well... I got such luck when my company send me ... nights. She is none others than my XHL, a horny girl that makes me cum 3 Shot 2 Hours, which I met her... Continue»
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"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter 12

... Previously in "Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter Eleven

George was a great lover and he fucked another ... with George
licking cum - totally satisfied and fully aware of what I have become ... and just stayed still in my ass. I started to calm
down and slowly become aware of my surroundings... Continue»
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A Long Time Cumming Part II

... that Betty was frustrated sexually, but her willingness to open up and finally allow me to feel the sexual ... side of her was beyond wonderful. It truly was a dream comes true for me. And to find that she had ... a submissive side and her willingness to please me was a little bit of a surprise too, which was good... Continue»
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