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Lodger Becomes Her Lover

Lodger Becomes Her Lover

... was naked along with her lover Bazza. Bazza was kissing Helen's neck and ear lobes, which ... , her right hand was playing with her clit whilst he r lover cock ploughed her, Ohhhhhhh cried out ... a cheating slut would, making sexual noises whilst her lover fucked her good. The bed was creaking... Continue»
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... that she wanted me to take Kita’s virginity and to be her first male lover.

So I asked “How and when ... be extremely grateful to her.

We have an open relationship and can talk freely about all our inner ... each other. I have teased her with the idea for a long time hoping that one day she might just take... Continue»
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A Lodger's Leanings

... By - Lucy Roberts

A Lodger's Leanings

I was brought up by my Mum as my Dad left us when I ... .

It was when I was 15 that Tom came to stay with us as a lodger.
We didn't need the money but he came ... a schoolgirl why shouldn't I be that girl?

That night, what was becoming a regular masturbatory... Continue»
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Magic Wanda

... was becoming more passionate and at the same time that I felt her tongue in my mouth, I felt my ... her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Something I definitely didn’t like. I thought he ... the next most stupid thing.

“Okay lover boy,” I started. “Put your bl**dy money where your mouth... Continue»
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Saving the Best for Last

... preparing her cottages for the coming weekend lodgers, but she couldn’t cut him off when he was so ... and kissing her, not like a friend, but like a lover.

It wasn’t long before the hay got them both itching ... any better than this.”

The lovers went to Kara’s room. Scott stopped her from turning on a lamp... Continue»
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About to members meeting

... back and moved up to kiss her. Kara’s face was soft and sweet, the satisfied expression of a lover ... this.”

The lovers went to Kara’s room. Scott stopped her from turning on a lamp, leaving the room ... ?”

Kara did her best to stifle a yawn. It may have only been four o’clock in the afternoon where... Continue»
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What Cuckolds want

... it when their wife is dominant toward him and submissive to Her Lover-even to the point of becoming ... to seduce Her, take Her bareback, and become Her steady stud/Lover...

Husband wants his cute young ... with svelte figure and tight ass, and become Her steady bareback stud/Lover...

My young wife enjoys 8-10... Continue»
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A Black Baby

... to discover that Mike's position in our home had been elevated from that of lodger to lover. Like any man ... with his long, black fingers. Her muffled cries were becoming more pronounced, more urgent as he ... lodger, has been much closer to my wife than I have. And when I say close, I mean close. Mona won't let... Continue»
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The Kama Sutra of Oral Pleasure

... When your lover catches your penis
in her hand and, shaping
her lips to an 'O', lays them lightly ... to its tip,
moving her head in tiny circles,
this first step is called Nimitta (Touching ... ).

Next, grasping its head in her hand,
she clamps her lips tightly about the shaft,
first on one side... Continue»
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A Chance Encounter of Swedish Kind Part - 3

... , I will get you your wine and be right there, yes lover, she said, as she walked away and slid her ... to be served and her servant I was about to become!

Oh my sweet Mariel, I said as I came up ... but still between her ass, she loved it, the thrill, the tease, I guess even the hunt if you think about... Continue»
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Mocha Patch

... . Of more facets than he ever remembers having in a lover.

And her voice is often the key to those ... girl's out with her bestie, his mates are watching a game somewhere, and his b*****r is on a date ... of the night he'd ripped them off her. And with it the realization that he owes her a new pair of panties... Continue»
Posted by atevs 2 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation  |  
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Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL st3

... be. But his b*o also was sort of her lover since that afternoon and he was gentle and handsome too ... and then her lover said to his b*o: ‘You didn’t believe me, so I’ll prove’

And to Irene he said: ‘Darling ... become flushing red and slightly sweaty and her nipples were stiff as pencils.

It was a fabulous... Continue»
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Tim and Grace--Round 2

... into the stratosphere by the talents of her Reno lover.

Feeling her climax made Tim’s cock hard. Almost without ... lupine.

Grace idly ran her finger around the top of the jar. “Do you think they want us to leave ... for her hand and slowly massaging her fingers. The shock of his touch ignited her responses anew.

“Ok... Continue»
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Her turn, an Erotic Story by Rod Houston

... a week and she was horny.

In the dream, she was Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Her lover had been ... . She had been sitting astride her dream lover fucking hard, and loving it. But she was awake now ... suckles her love button. Her eyes closed and head back, her breathing becomes more rapid. Her mind only... Continue»
Posted by RodHouston 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Hardcore  |  


... , there was a spark in his brain.
An apartment. Her apartment. But what was her name? He
couldn’t ... . Then he had spotted
her. She was sipping an apple martini at the bar, her raven
hair seizing the light ...
her head that she would be breathtaking, and his breath
caught in his throat as she slowly looked... Continue»
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Culture Shock 12/23

... a spade a spade."

Elaine's breath was becoming ragged, and her heart felt too big for her chest ... -like balls of flesh that her nipples had become. Dragging her nails up her thighs, she moaned softly ... in her email box.

She knew one was from herself. She'd emailed a whole host of links she'd... Continue»
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Our Bedroom

... that she would become his wife.

Elle moaned softly as her body arched towards his hand for more. Her ... mouth as his teeth marked her as his lover, feeling her bl**d swell and pound beneath his ravaging flesh ... Elle moved into the bedroom with a soft smile, blue eyes glancing to her handsome husband. Just... Continue»
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... . You and I went to visit Alexis and her lover Pytor in the lower side of Tangier. We had ... the lifestyle of the bohemian artist, and her artist lover, the blond Russian. They were both so beautiful ... of her expatriate life and drank wine. She was dazzling in her youth and richness. Her old European... Continue»
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Final blow (Cuckold 3)

... in the middle of her legs. The slot rises very high and I like it. This excites me much, makes me fantasize; I ... like to think that her pussy is not far, easily accessible but hidden by her panties. She wears ... the late hour.
We have diner as lovers, we are happy. I notice from time to time that Murielle... Continue»
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My New Relationship - A Love Letter

... in the conflagration of her insides as they also ignite and become so easily teased and controlled ... to your insides when you are taken by your man and brought to the place where he will make you become ... **d your pounding heart brings to them. As they swell they become so sensitive and they tingle... Continue»
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