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Locker room storie

Locker room storie

... door, as they thanked each other.

Dave got into the locker room, just as most of the other boys were leaving. He ... it was, because he quickly turned around and faced his locker.

“Hey I’m going to the showers, you coming?&rdquo ... ... Continue»
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A locker room fetish story.

... place than a locker room? The first time I snuck in, I'll never forget. I was looking for somebody specific's locker. We were friends, ... her socks in my pocket, closed up her locker and ran out of the locker room.

This tradition carried on nearly every ... ... Continue»
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Locker Room at an All Boys School

... I got to my locker and saw everyone getting ready for various sports. There was no modesty in the locker room, everyone stripped ... I had potential.

I was relieved until I got back to the locker room.... everyone had towels and were heading to the open ... ... Continue»
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There's a Girl in the Boy's Locker Room!

... , "After the game enter the team locker room. Bring something out of a player's locker to prove you were there."

They ... Room" and below that "Players Only".

Aha. Apparently she was standing in the gym locker room. The players had their own locker room. ... ... Continue»
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In a crowded locker room

... as I slowly dried my hair, scanning the locker room for onlookers, until I reached my locker.

I almost didn't make it! The ... dressed like nothing ever happened. Walk out of the locker room without making eye contact with anyone. They shouldn't ... ... Continue»
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Locker Room Gangbang

... , and there we were two friends getting double stuffed in a locker room.

"Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah." He yelled.

" ... great." I said and handed him a towel.

We left the locker room as closer friends than either of us would have ever ... ... Continue»
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Locker Room babe fuck

... their own locker room and the linemen had their own locker room, which happened to be right beside the girls locker room. I'm usually one ... Scott, Damien, and Nick were all still left in the locker room taking our sweet time horsing around making jabs at ... ... Continue»
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The Locker Room

... I see some fine looking ladies giving me a showing in the locker room. What I saw, I will never forget. As I switched from camera ... and after some trepidation, I showed him the video from the locker room. Greg couldn't stop laughing, as he k**dingly told me ... ... Continue»
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Sneaking Into The Locker Room

... the locker room makes me shiver. Quietly I walk down the bleachers and make my way to the rear entrance of the locker room, ... there, but think nothing of a young woman being in a girl’s locker room apparently. Upon seeing you I duck behind the lockers near ... ... Continue»
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True Story: Bi Locker Room Experience

... cooling off in the pool and hit the locker room. No one was there. I grabbed a locker, stripped down and hit the showers.

... a while.

I gave myself a shower again and timidly walked to the locker room. I wanted him to be gone. He was.

I got dressed ... ... Continue»
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locker room sauna guy

... to get a workout but was getting bored. I went to the locker room and realized it was nearly empty due to the schedules ... your car. I said ok. We went back to the locker room where his locker was 4 away from mine. his was on the corner ... ... Continue»
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Virgin in the Locker Room

... , all the other players had already left. I entered the shower room, stripped off my clothes, and turned on the water. My ... of the locker room.

Two of the hottest senior girls, we'll call them "Sarah" and "Brittany", busted into the locker room. They saw ... ... Continue»
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more locker room fun

... walk together to the gym. When we got to the locker room, there was nobody there. There also weren't any teachers because ... I say, cum? We dried off and walked back to the locker room. He dropped his towel on a railing, and I did the same ... ... Continue»
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Locker Room

... walk in the locker room and walk past Dennis while he is changing. I try not ... look at him so he won't expect anything. I open my locker and Dennis starts walking over to me. He looks at ... ... Continue»
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Experimenting in the locker room

... body and huge tits. Anyway, when i went back to the locker room after my workout, Ricky was there walking around naked with ... definitely sticking out. I was sitting on the bench by my locker before showering and Ricky walked over to me and told ... ... Continue»
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memories of the locker room.

As I recall, my times in the locker room were somewhat embarrassing at first.
I was a rather skinny k** and had a ... would make fun of me.
I was standing next to my locker getting my body dried when all of a sudden this k** I barely ... ... Continue»
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Confessions of the Locker Room

... who are lesbians its a very nice experience to be in a room of scantily clad luscious young naked ladies!

Within moments me ... then finished up my shower.

I then headed back to the locker room, it was empty as everyone had already gone home. I quickly ... ... Continue»
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Basketball Locker Room

... huge massive natural bouncing boooobs after the game by the locker room door. Get in where the players are all black of ... our clothes off and put us in the steamy shower room where other massive black cocks were being cleaned and glistening ... ... Continue»
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More Confessions of the Locker Room

... . We found the door open to their dressing room so headed inside.
Their dressing room looked amazing, so clean and bright white ... Miss." I replied.

She leant forward resting her hands onto the locker infront of her spot on the bench. She was bent ... ... Continue»
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London Steam Room BJ

... our hotel who messed up our reservation and gave us a room with only one bed. "Whatever" Victor said, " ... went into the locker room stripped down and wrapped ourselves in our towels before walking into the steam room.

The room was huge and ... ... Continue»
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