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Liz.....Round 2

Liz.....Round 2

... I got a rather unusual call from Liz, the ther****t I had met at Gloria's dinner party. "I've been ... Liz into bed as soon as possible. "So..who is your colleague?", I asked. "Her name is Molly, and we ... were friends in college. She is working on her PhD., and asked me for some reference material," Liz... Continue»
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Dialnet - Round 2

... ROUND 2

K : Dispo ?
T : Oui.
K : Tu es restée connectée durant le déjeuner ?
T : J’ai fait ... à la maison.
K : Vendredi prochain entre 21h et 23h, tout sera donc prêt.

FIN DE ROUND... Continue»
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gfs father round 2

... little sex toy again.

He messaged me the other night asking for round 2 and told me... Continue»
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Lisa to Liz part 2

... Well when Jim called told me what Liz had told him frist thing I said was who the hell is Liz? He ... explaned that Lisa was his wife but when she wanted my cock she was Liz. I started to try to make ... to lisa I said sit up and talk to me why Liz? She almost crying says Lisa is a married women a wife... Continue»
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Tim and Grace--Round 2

... you were tired too,” he replied. Was she ready for another round? Didn’t seem possible considering... Continue»
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Round 2 with her socks and shoes

... her feet and what I would do to them if given the chance.
About 2 hours ago she went home... Continue»
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Adult bookstore round 2

... The Adult bookstore where Nancy and I fucked turned out to be about half way between where I was living and my new girlfriend Mary. So we planned every now and then to meet there. Mary was 5 foot... Continue»
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Back at the restaurant for round 2 (Julia's P

... Today was my first shift with Chris & John since I gave them the double blow job. We’re good friends, so I’d been expecting things to be a little weird between us, but I was pretty relieved to find my... Continue»
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New Year's Eve Party

... and Tony two of Pepper’s former co-workers. Then Liz was the last to show up, she worked with Jerry ... . There were 22 people total, 11 of which lived here and knew the house and ground and 2 that built ... most of what everyone wanted and were able to mix up most of the requests. After a few rounds... Continue»
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Three is the Way

... , flat stomach, and big round tits that every guy wanted to bury his face in. Alex could hardly say her ... at 2:00 in the afternoon, and George didn't hear the car in the drive until 10:00. He went and sat ... , her face scrunching up and her toes curling as she felt her orgasm creeping up.

"Liz, I can't... Continue»
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... were just starting to blossom,
and Liz's were more full and rounded; and Liz's pussy had a fuzzy ... pajama bottoms, she slipped
out the door to her room, closing it quietly.


The next morning ... **povers.

She said her friend's name was Liz, who she had known casually for a few
years, but really... Continue»
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Fucking My Auntie On Summer Break

... Hi I Am 19 m uk, 6 ft 2 , brown hair and muscular body .

Recently I have been going through ... there it was dark and i was really tired , i parked up in their drive way and grabbed my bags , My auntie Liz ... down with Liz and had a brew.
She Said bl**dy Hell Kyle You Have gone bl**dy massive since i last... Continue»
Posted by bigwillyuk 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Best Friend Kinky Mother

... , let me describe Mike's mum. Her name is Elizabeth, but she’s known as Liz. Liz is a bespectacled ... guessed to be around an E cup. Her big round ass looked divine when she wore her tight jeans ... hair(laughs), she said her heart thumps whenever you come round to our house."

"Jeeesus Mike!" I... Continue»
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this brought a flood of e-mails from women

... are a man who is turned on by 2 women making love?"

"Yes, but that alone can be just one element ... to sit that huge round ass of hers on my face, so I could give her a good rimming. To be a submissive ... , for every 2% increase you make in your oxygen intake, you get a bonus nip."

Anything sounded good... Continue»
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Shagging My Auntie On Holiday

... to the local town drinking ,looking for a few girls and just having a laugh , and my auntie liz would ... they asess and under go the operation ,
The next day me and Liz(my auntie) spent a few hours ... of it then once we had eaten out meal we went to bar down the road from our villa and had a further 2... Continue»
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Slippery Susie: My XXX MILF (part three)

... like Jake’s big cock. “Why don’t you test
it out,” Kerry said sweetly, “Before round 2.”

The mere ... another quickie with his s****r-in-law. Either way, it left
the two s****rs alone when Liz finally ... arrived. Liz was surprised but
happy to see her s****r. She immediately asked if something was wrong... Continue»
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Getting my s****r pregnant!

... to be in her

ass, which was round and firm.

“Alright Mandy…guess I have to show those videos to mom ... mother's firm round ass and began to squeeze it

as I flicked my tongue up and down on her clit ... was going to

be hard!

Do you want part 2... Continue»
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Part 3

... tits in the next 2 minutes, then I will let you off. Go” I said, looking at my watch ... on it. For all she knew, it might have done. Then well within the 2 minutes she felt my balls ... but nothing will happen. So you can ‘save’ just 2 girls. For the others, the torture methods range from... Continue»
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Queen of Hearts

... in harmony with her bouncing, pert breasts—Liz turned into the copier room to reproduce some reports ... emphasized by her tight fitting dress.

"Good morning, Liz," I replied, staring. "You look particularly ... , but gradually over the past six months, Liz had become a serious, steady friend who I admired and trusted... Continue»
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On The Set

... , Vee." Liz remarked. "What's the story between you and Rob?"

"What?" she scoffed. "Nothing. Why ... really upset about the entire ordeal but that Liz and Ariana were absolutely furious, especially since ... large round tits and incredibly erect nipples.

With her succulent round tits now completely... Continue»
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