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Living Back With My Mother

Living Back With My Mother

... at the grand age of 38 I am back living with my mother, having my own room was a lot more attractive ... to take my mothers advice and come back home than waste money on renting a flat. That’s basically why ... a two bedroom semidetached house that I helped her buy when times were good.
My mothers is now 58... Continue»
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Before We Met Part 2 – more background

... sessions with her sitting in one of our oversized living room chairs after just getting home from ... there. SD said that she stopped with her back to Dee W, pulled up her skirt and took off her ... she was going to go back to the barracks and catchup on some sl**p. My future wife told me that Dee... Continue»
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... forest with her mother, a lonely woman, who’s lover had abandoned her and left her bitter and resenting ... treats to bring her Grandmother.
“Be careful my love. And don’t stray of the road!”
Her mother ... answered, still panting hard.
“My what big hands you have…”
“All the better to touch you with... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... like that with my thumb to squeeze back singing
the young May Moon shes beaming love because he has ... jewess
looking after my mother he used to amuse me the things he said with the half
sloothering ... a young girl at Pooles
Myriorama and turned my back on him when he slinked out looking... Continue»
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Anne Streich wird abgerichtet

... that.
mother would never let me go to school dressed like

"You can and you ... . Cover her whole tongue with it. My God boy, you
are a leaker."

"Yeah, I can't help it. The fucking ... swollen it looks.

"My oh my are you ever a lucky girl to have a boyfriend
with such a big cock. Now... Continue»
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... come back to the room with her, I'll never let you live it down," Dave said before leaving. "She ... . The bartender nodded and came back to Steve with a message.

"The lady says that she would like ... telling dad the old joke that was new to Steve back then.

His mother and her s****r had a strange... Continue»
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A Mouthful of Panties

... with a little shock (and to my satisfaction), that she wasn’t talking to her mother or boyfriend ... .

Without missing a beat or even looking in my direction, she replied “God! What EVER!” Then realised ... in my wake.

A few minutes later, I entered the first guest room to find Rebecca dilgently dusting... Continue»
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Pete And Joe Get Laid (Second stab at humor in sex

... ?"

"No, but my friend here will drive me," answers Joe.

"Do you have any references?"

"My mother ... Pete and Joe have been friends all their lives. As such, they have shared quite a bit in the 30 ... usually much quicker?" asks Pete.

"What am I, his mother? How should I know?" Joe adds.

Suddenly... Continue»
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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 9

... .

He got lucky a second time with Eddie’s mother, if you could imagine that? Jeez! The things he ... this incredible woman’s incredible sucking mouth. He can’t wait to go back for an encore.

That was the problem ... to be the local super market while Vic was grocery shopping for his mother. The woman he was looking... Continue»
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This happened about a year ago but still I feel the affects today. My name is Carole and I'm ... 32yrs. I'm married and we have two k**s we live in a very nice part of town and our life's are pretty ... . It was an year ago that my boss Pam knocked on my door and asked to talk the look on her face told me... Continue»
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Lori - Part 2

... lived in an old house with vintage doors and locks). At first I saw nothing- but then my eyes ... was terrified that he hear me, or sense my presence.. but he didn't.
The footsteps walked back ... to the bedroom and shut the door. I crept back into position in front of the keyhole. My s****r... Continue»
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Movie night

... -string or nothing at all I knew it was one or the other. My thought was broken as her mother called me ... over to greet her, as I hugged her mother I looked over at my girlfriend who was giving me ... it as she knelt in the couch. I layed my head back and enjoyed it as she bobbed up and down on my dick... Continue»
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Control Chapter II

... drama with his mother. He immediately felt his dick become hard. He unzipped his pants ... walked toward the house. “Will this work on someone other than my f****y,” Josh wondered.

He ... lived here they made enough to get by but just enough.

As Josh looked he could see Mrs. Johnson... Continue»
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My pre-uni days and dabbling with sex.

... slurping noises, which takes me back to my opening line about,'To much and things like that'.

I ... and sugar, and father got off watching me, hence my leaving home and boarding where I am, mother ... the entrance of my finishing school, 'Queens Gate', an exclusive all Girls finishing school.

We knew... Continue»
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Rubber Restriction Part 6 The tour continues

... mother distraught and penniless living from day to day off the Government trying to make ends meet ... did to poor little Josie now would you my dear!" her smile lingered leeringly at Miranda.
"N-n ... reproached in what she hoped would prevent the conversation going any further
"Never mind my girl" Vanessa... Continue»
Posted by revzillo 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish  |  
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The New Sexual Awakening: Part 3

... as exaggerating Hormonal production. The effect even overrides sexual orientation as evidenced by my ... my study on hold. I have developed a contact lense solution to dampen the effect of Occular ... .

"Surprise!" he said with a grin as Mom answered.

"My Baby!" she shreaked throwing the door open... Continue»
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Traverse Part 1

... and felt that d ** g and expertly compressing my back to the soil.

- Lying in broken Polish someone ... from my perspective, because if you send back will be a steep staircase and a civilian soon ... .

I invite you to my account Xhamster:GayStoriesPL

The story of the categories gay sex fiction... Continue»
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Two Heads Are Better Than One

... tardies." Mr. Flare began. I rolled my eyes at sat back some, relaxing my shoulders. That's what ... . Grizwell had just went through a divorce and Mr. Flare still lived with his mother. A wave of pity ... , dreading standing up. Pain shot through my body as I walked back to class with their come dripping... Continue»
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Just The Beginning.....

... and twisted my arm behind my back, almost spitting in my face as he said
‘Not until I tell you you ... his fingers deep inside me going deeper and deeper. My back pressing against the cold brick as he ... let go and let the feeling sweep my body I would gush all over him.
And then he stopped. The mother... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... can't just live with anymore questions with my father. I have to find him and find my answers ... …" Noelle said breathing heavily. "I can find my way to it and sail it back to this side of the island ... , this wedding certainly ranks near the bottom, it's not much worse than my mother's third marriage... Continue»
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