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Lisa comes alive

Lisa comes alive

... I’ve been married to Lisa for about three years now and although I do really love her our sex ... life was a little safe and boring. This was mainly due to Lisa’s upbringing her parents were ... years. Lisa had had sex someone else but told me that it had been very disappointing and she hadn... Continue»
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Stories I like: Great Grandmother Comes Alive

... Great Grandmother Comes Alive

My great grandmother, Edith has been in a care home for some years ... then, come here" she said, and reached out her arms, eyes still closed.

As I was sitting on her right ... , careful, don't come in there, your father will find out!" Jeez - what was she thinking?!

Then, as I... Continue»
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Part 3 - Lisa Comes In

... satin. Lisa stuck her hand out pointed a finger at me saying, “Come here” with her other hand still ... Make sure you read "Back in College with Kelly" and "Meet up with Kelly".

Lisa came in, setting ... to put me at ease. Lisa stood up and reached for my hand, pulling me to my feet.“Cute nightie... Continue»
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Interrupted Journey - Accidental Swingers

... Interrupted Journey – Accidental Swingers

Kezza’s Story
Lisa and I rarely got the chance ... to our problem.

He walked back to our car with me. Lisa wound down the window and he and I stood ... up the road and we’ve got plenty of space. We rarely get any visitors so why don’t you come... Continue»
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My Top 5: 5.

... not in a super-model way. They look like Wendy and Lisa (from The Revolution), anyway I had a pass to go ... and they knew it, I was asked by Lisa what was wrong and I told the truth, that for weeks I sat around ... and watch guys come onto them only to see them get knocked down; with that said why did they accept... Continue»
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Learning to Suck Cock

... place after the divorce. Lisa walked into the apartment and could her some noise coming from her ... it was alive. Lisa was fascinated as her mom leaned back on her knees and giggled. She then leaned forward ... and was jerking with arousal.
“Lisa come over here and kneel before your cock! This cock is now yours to do... Continue»
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My Wife, Bev, Agrees to Take A Lover

... come out of her mouth before and there was no holding back! Lisa had her middle finger in her own ass ... alive, I doubted that she had any idea of the scope of what had happened!

“God, I need to cum!” Lisa ... to the room and come back down. So about 15 minutes later I come down and find her sitting off to the side... Continue»
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Last Train to Locarno

... suitcase and Miranda saw the dark haired girl come instantly to attention, riveting her gaze upon ... and he would come and pick her up. Alex was an old friend and entirely sympathetic when she’d phoned ... bags and come down to Ascona. It was miserable weather on the north side of the Alps... Continue»
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Making of

... to get out of the tub and Susan who had
come back into the bathroom helped Lisa dry him with soft ... there," directed Vicky. "Susan, Lisa, you two
come back here when you're done and help me with Joellen ... . Both of his parents
worked so it was not unusual for the girls to come to his house after
school... Continue»
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... coming over the intercom, announcing that "It is now Seven o'clock and our Parent-Teacher conference ... below into the amphitheater out of my line of sight and said, "Come down and join us."

My teacher ... me towards the table. "Come have a seat with me. Do you need another beer, Mister Hamill?" She... Continue»
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Aunt Sue

... I hoped to change the very first chance I got. When that time might come, I had no idea. I had ... never even felt up a girl, much less done anything else. Thus far, the closest I had come to a pussy ... it. But not a word about it to your mother. She'd skin me alive if she knew we did such a thing."

I took my... Continue»
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My Pet Teacher

... that time is likely running out and Lisa may be coming out of her stupor at any time. Becky hastily ... your clothes."

"What?" she immediately asks.

"Wow, you must be the stupidest woman alive Lisa. I ... of Lisa's hair and growls, "Come on slut, get that tongue in there and lick my pussy like you mean... Continue»
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In the thrall of his gorgeous huge cock ...

... Today is the day.

Today's the day that Lisa can't stand it anymore. She'd had enough of flirting ... ... which strangely didn't come. He resolutely looked her in the eye and asked about the agenda ... nipples before coming to rest expectantly on her thighs. She couldn't help but marvel at the sheer... Continue»
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F amily matters 1

... and asking which of our friends were coming. Lisa and I could not figure out what had gotten into her ... commotion coming from Lisa's room. I peeked in to see Lisa and Paula in her room. Lisa was modeling clothes ... and spread her legs as an open invitation to come forth. Lisa meant that invitation for Paula but little did... Continue»
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Lisa gets a ride at the body shop

... Lisa couldn't keep her mind on the road as she returned home from dropping the k**s off at school ... , Lisa passed her turn off and was making her way to the body shop. She came up with a lame excuse ... that when she bent over he would get a good view. He didn't offer to come closer so she assumed he liked... Continue»
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Barbara, A True Slut

... on
Barbara cunt.
The banana began coming out. It glistened with sperm and cunt cream.
Lisa bite
off ... to come in the next day for a photo session.

Barbara arrived right on time. She was an extemely ...
watching her performance. Barbara encouraged them on, "Come on guys,
don't you
want to cum in my mouth... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... that's bursting its seams to come alive within all
The Drawback Of Fight Or Flight
Instead of focusing ... most sensitive outer trigger, and his two longest fingers inside, I
writhe, scream, and come ... and come and come. Orgasmic energy engulfs me and soon all he has to
do is breathe on me and I shower... Continue»
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Uncle Cedrick

... played with my boy cousins, but I had never been penetrated. Therefore I was inexperienced. "Lisa you ... alive, as it bobbed up and down and twitched about. "You see all this big cocky mommy? you think you ... doesn't even come out of me. and he lies on the bed and puts me on top of him. " Ride this dick momma... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 10)

... to be punished. I loved her feistiness, it was part of her, it always seemed to come back, even when ... for a bowl to water his slut.

“Mind if I use Lisa for the night buddy? My dick is aching now, and I don't ... .

In what seemed like seconds Jim was back upstairs and had Lisa crawling across the kitchen floor... Continue»
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The day she found the huge cock of her dreams.

... Today was the day.

Today's the day that Lisa can't stand it anymore. She'd had enough ... reaction ... which strangely didn't come. He resolutely looked her in the eye and asked about the agenda ... her erect nipples before coming to rest expectantly on her thighs. She couldn't help but marvel... Continue»
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