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Lily (part 1)

Lily (part 2)

... head and started flicking her tongue on Lily clit. Lily closed her eyes and cried out & ... her shirt, not by accident on her part. This was obviously one of Nicki’s ... it much longer before I blew my load into Lily. Lily was the first to go. Her tight ... ... Continue»
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Lily (part 1)

... After introducing myself I learn her name is Lily and that she is one of Nicki ... out about this and decided to invite Lily to the party. As we chit chatted I ... yanked her tight fitting cutoff’s right off. Lily was wearing a black lacy thong and I quickly ... ... Continue»
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Job interview - Part 2

... touched every part of it. She even licked her navel, which made Lily shiver ... Lily what she was waiting for: a proper pussy eating. But she was doing it very slowly, tasting every part of the pussy but the clit, opening Lily’s lips ... ... Continue»
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Job interview - Part 3

Part two:

... cute little couple. Amy was caressing Lily’s hair when she remembered why Lily was here. “Lily.” she whispered, and the blonde girl ... ... Continue»
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Job interview - Part 1

... young woman opened.

“Good afternoon. My name is Lily, I called a few days ago about the position as ... body. But what caught Lily’s eye were her clothes. While Lily was wearing formal clothes ... I would like you… if you agree… as a part of the job… to… take ... ... Continue»
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... after a long awkward silence.
"It's Lily," Nick started to say.
"What's wrong with Lily?" I asked.
"They had to rush ... part before and anticipated it with a mixture of emotions. Lily was hellbent on broadening my experiences. But early that day Lily ... ... Continue»
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Lily - le Job d'été

... dirigea le sexe vers les petites lèvres de Lily, pour y exercer une pression. Lily ouvrit la bouche et commença à sucer du ... fini après-demain.
– Je vais t'organiser une petite fête de départ... prévois une soirée samedi...
– Mais... je...
– Chut ! sinon ... ... Continue»
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Babysitter Part 3

... feels that silk underneath, he'll rip off your

"LILY!!!!" I really blush, imagining his hands......

"Look for those strappy red ... with
happiness that I am giving myself to him, and he's a part of me and
enjoying me.

I slowly squeeze my way ... ... Continue»
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Part the Third

... this position for much longer and finally pushed her back.
Lily was a chronic voyuer who got very excited when witnessing ... just a bit awkward at first but I quickly grew comfortable. I watched Lily and Joel fuck on the rubber raft before tumbling ... ... Continue»
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... !" Lily moaned, imaginging she was the pornstar in the video getting her pussy reamed by the thick cock.
The top part of ... setting so it rattled around deep inside his little cumbucket.
Lily writhed, her cheeks flushed, moaning around the gag. When she ... ... Continue»
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this is part two

... to contemplate upon while Paris Hilton sits in the background. Lily loved masturbating to nude celebrities and had a fixation on ... not specific words no matter how hard we tried. Lily maintained a calm and casual demeanor and continued eating.
"I wonder ... ... Continue»
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A fourth part

... rooted to the spot for a long time and watched them. Lily was busily alternating her attention between Nick's enormous cock ... shaking violently but he seems all right.
Nearby, an eraptured Lily and Mom suddenly burst into applauds and immediately begin to ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part V

... now, both of us admiring the other in the mirror.

“I’m Lily by the way.”


“Yeah I think I’m going to buy this ... so to speak. I went home and masturbated thinking about fucking Lily on the table in the restaurant while everyone watched and ... ... Continue»
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My Lilyxxx (Part 2)

... baby as I placed it over her head. Lily breathed heavily, her vision gone. She could ... and moistened her tits until they glistened. Lily was desperate for my cock and moaned as ... cunt. Then a forth and finally my fist...Lily tried to scream but i rammed my cock ... ... Continue»
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... her
nipples were.

"You shaved for Daddy, didn't you, Lily?"

Lily stared at her Daddy pulling on his cock, a wild ... lil baby. Daddy wants to
fuck your beautiful little pussy, Lily."

Lily's entire body wracked with heat.

"My little pussy, is, ... ... Continue»
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l'initiation de Lily

... rut bestial se déroulant à quelques pas, se tenait Lily.
Lily, l'adorable petite irlandaise, la jeune fille au pair ... ...
MARINETTE !!!! ... Ou diable est elle encore partie ... Lily !! ...
Oui madame ?! ...
Lily, sais tu ou est marinette ?
Non madame ... ... Continue»
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My Lilyxxx (Part 1)

... ass then pushed a finger into her asshole. Lily groaned as I pushed it in then started ... clit and push my head into her slit. Lily suddenly stiffened and legs trembled before she let ... was time to fuck my slave....

part 2 to come

By Rabid Jack ... ... Continue»
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Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck part 1

... tender underside of the head. My Lovely Lily White Naked Wife was worshipping Robert's ... , its Blackness contrasting sharply with the lily whiteness of her skin.
"Oh Jesus, that ... her head she told me I couldn't. That was part of the deal. For every time I ... ... Continue»
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Jamie and Lily's First Time

... with black highlights, nicely tanned body and was very fit. Lily was somewhat of a good student getting mostly A's and was very active in sports . Lily seemed to be perfect, perfect body, face,grades, and her ... ... Continue»
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Lily and Leslie Milk Me Dry

... All at once, I thrust forward, groaning, about to cum, when Lily grabbed my balls and squeezed, instantly stopping my orgasm. ... . I was so excited that I quickly approached orgasm again, rubbing Lily’s pussy through her panties with my panty clad cock, ... ... Continue»
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