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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 11-13

Life with Aunt and Uncle p 11-13

... life. Every new little girl was a thrill to explore, but Mel was special. Beth had wanted to have her way with ... and clumsy her broth was. She was too happy; high from her first orgasm she just wanted more attention. Both aunt and uncle ... ... Continue»
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The Life Story of a Boy Lover (Fiction, written by

... 11 years coming to the city for the first time. I was wearing the first store-bought short pants ever in my life ... aunt and uncle felt that it was best for me that I go back and live with ... ... Continue»
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Kelsy & Aunt Cindy

... and started down the hall. As she passed her aunt and uncle's rooms she heard grunting and whispering from within. She stopped and ... ... Continue»
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A b*****r & s****r 13

... maybe even steal a feel of Alexis, but decided that with her Aunt and Uncle at home she should use some discretion. Just for once ... flirt with her uncle and play with her nipples at the dinner table. In the story, the older man's wife had passed away and he ... ... Continue»
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her sex life with parents

... I would be 12 or 13 when that happened. It happens when you start to bleed there and I knew mommy bled there every ... slept with and why. There are no secrets between us.

As I have said my parents have old me of their life history and their ... ... Continue»
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24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany

... and with a flurry of waves and goodbyes, her aunt and uncle and parents
pulled away, leaving her alone with ... life, Tiffany Daniels. To be tormented by males, first older men,
then younger boys, and have those torments and humiliations and ****s and ... ... Continue»
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True Colour

... with my dad to visit my aunt out of state, which I
hadn't done for years. I had forgotten that a long time ago, my aunt and
uncle had adopted a son, whose name was Leo. When I went to visit, he was
13 ... ... Continue»
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... aged 13, and Sharon aged 11 wanted to stay with ... , you know I’m going with your Aunt Joan to ... up with him ruling her life, and its time ... and looked at me “do you think I’m burning Uncle Chris?”
A bit puzzled with the use of Uncle, I looked down at her and ... ... Continue»
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... uncle who was four years older than my dad and an uncle who was three years younger and on aunt ... and it going to fill you up with your daddy's life ... 11 ... ... Continue»
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Senior Moment

... aunt and uncle, the previous owners of
the cottage where I now lived. They were also
Charlie's great aunt and uncle ... and if you think it's a good thing. Charlie, I trust
you; I trust you with my life ... ... Continue»
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Emily Likes It Rough

... sl**p in the thick, humid summer air. I was staying with my aunt and uncle for the last week of the summer, while my parents ... . “No bl**d! So, you’re not even a virgin? Only 13 years old and someone else popped your cherry already?” he declared, seeming ... ... Continue»
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A young boy's diary"Confusion"(2)Pa

... and as I got older, I was considered quite the pretty boy. I was raised by my aunt and uncle ... and uncle Ray were both completely naked and Jimmy was kneeling in front of my Uncle with his mouth on uncle ... ... Continue»
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The Italian Job 13

... aunt ... and so was my life, I had breakfast and said my good byes to Roseanna and Hazel who kissed me and ... and drove back to the village, Kim was reunited with her uncle, she kissed me goodbye and ... ... Continue»
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jhon and mom

... with her brains
and looks her life would have been entirely different. Or maybe it
wouldn't have mattered. Once our life ... and he came to live with his Aunt ... ... Continue»
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Lost My Virginity to My Cousin as Teenager

... with temptation. One of those being my first cousin. Let's call her Sarah. Sarah is currently 13, and ... and everything seemed alright.

Next day, we had went swimming. My aunt and uncle dropped us off and ... ... Continue»
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Jessica's farm adventures1Part 1

... name is jessica and this is a story about how i lost my virginity at only 13. I grew up on a farm with my aunt and uncle since my ... the second grade. I was 10 when i got my first period and 11 when i started masturbating. When i learned about sex at school i ... ... Continue»
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my horny step mom and I, true account

... and was even surprised at how long and thick my cock gets..
At age 13 my erect cock measured at 11 3/4" long and 6 ... nipples with ease.
At a f****y reunion one year my step mom's s****r came and stayed with us for a week and my step mom, My aunt and I ... ... Continue»
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First time 2

... vacation with my aunt and uncle going to the grand ole oprey and opley land. we were now 12-13 respectivley. One night my uncle went out for a ride before dinner and my aunt had just gottenout of the shower and ... ... Continue»
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a story my aunt wrote for me

... god what’s wrong with me. This is my 13 year old nephew, and I am his Aunt, what kind of Aunt reveals herself willingly to ... at a red light.

“So Ty, any ladies in your life at the moment?” I giggled

He pried his eyes off ... ... Continue»
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My Aunt, My Mistress

... life.
There I was, just embarking on life as a teenager, and my aunt was kissing
me, parting my hesitant lips with her tongue and exploring my mouth with ... with Aunt Susan in
control. She was so strong and self-confident and dominated me with ... ... Continue»
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