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Life with Aunt & Uncle p1-4

Life with Aunt & Uncle p1-4

... .


Life with Aunt & Uncle Part 1

It was late summer when Joshua and Melanie ... in some tragic accident, so they have to go live with rich eccentric relatives. Aunt Beth and Uncle ... they were half way around the world because their closest relatives; Aunt Beth and Uncle Richard... Continue»
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Life with Aunt & Uncle p 8-10

... that brooked no dissent. Aunt Beth started to pull some things out of a cupboard while Uncle Richard ... .

Aunt Beth was filling to bags with warm water while Uncle Richard greased up a pair of plastic ... with happiness.

After being wiped clean they were let to their Aunt and Uncles bedroom and told... Continue»
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Life with Aunt & Uncle p 5-7

... would be easy, she thought. However uncle Richard was a big solid man, so she was more than a bit ... and it was with her dorky little b*****r. But better than than Uncle Richard she thought again, at least she knew ... as his i****tous semen spurted into her p*****n womb. It was the first time but would be the first... Continue»
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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 11-13

... more attention. Both aunt and uncle offered advice to Josh, telling him how to commit oral i****t ... was as ready as she could be, after being licked and fingered by her Aunt, her b*****r and her Uncle ... ( this is all fiction, read at own risk )


“Are you scared Melanie?” asked Uncle... Continue»
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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 14 - 16

... Uncle Richard and Aunt Beth whenever they wanted to enjoy her teenage flesh. Mel was a little ... Part 14

Josh found his fingers slid easily into his Aunt's soppying grown up sex. The slippery ... . He had four fingers in his Aunt, buried to his thumb inside the hot opening between his her legs... Continue»
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I became my Aunt & Uncle's Sex Toy

... stages of my pregnancy, and your poor uncle has been chomping at the bit wanting some pussy, my blow ... '.

Six years back I was out back when my uncle came out and started to play with me, and coaxed ... print dress, uncle invited me onto his lap, 'Would you like to be my little bun on my sausage', he... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... squirrel talking stamps with father he had all he
could do to keep himself from falling asl**p after ... lit the lamp yes because he must have come 3 or 4 times with
that tremendous big red brute of a ... blouse or touch him with my veil and gloves on going
out 1 kiss then would send them all spinning... Continue»
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Sex with Aunt

... and my aunt (my father’s cousin) which happened few months ago. My aunt has 4 c***dren the younger one ... must breastfeed him and I ll let him to sl**p, when aunt open her Kamiz her on boob come out.

I ... hoon.

Me: ok I want a shower now and kissed my aunt on her lips.

Aunt: beta tere uncle saal... Continue»
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Unplanned Ultimate Sex With Swati

... wife were my LG and were the only people I knew in the city. It was f****y of 4 : Husband, wife ... the members. All 5 of us were inside one big blanket. Uncle, aunty, sanju were sitting while Swati and me ... . After some 10 mins uncle got a phone call and went to his room. At the same time sanjus friends shouted... Continue»
Posted by bava12 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Sex Humor, Hardcore  |  

Chapter 2. Fun with Aunt Florence

... And so began my sex education at the hands (and mouth and pussy) of my Aunt Florence and my ... for Saturday when my uncle was working, and I ostensibly was doing odd jobs for her). However, we ... trimmed in 4” of luscious lace. The best part was the semi-sheer pink nylon body of the slip. When... Continue»
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Deflowered at 17...Part 1 (ENGLISH VERSION)

... like to wear stockings again?” I said,: ”but uncle, weren’t they for my aunt?" He: ”but you wear ... . This also due to social conditioning, moral, and the life and growth of a nice boy in a traditional f****y ... back into my life in a traumatic way.
Here begins the story: at 17 I was a really cute boy: cute... Continue»
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Jr. Prom 5

... .

"I told some of the people we met yesterday that I was Jimmy's cousin. So
can I call you aunt ... Carol and uncle Mike? And if anybody asks, I'm your
niece?" I asked tentatively.

"Oh, good idea ... laid
there resting for almost a half hour without saying word. I would have
fallen asl**p like... Continue»
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Horny for Mum - part 4

... aunt and uncle. She had spent so much time with them over the years it was like she was their d ... interest from them but mom was still my #1 fantasy. I was f******n and heading into the 8th grade. I ... inches (I was only 4 the prior summer). Mom was constantly telling me I was becoming a few... Continue»
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The Sailors Tale.

... to other islands.
I got liberty about 4 nights a week. I turned into a wild man and was burning ... out and buy me food, and ripped me off for the change. Her uncle though... He was a Master ... and rice would be the best thing I ever got again in what remained of my very young life.
And I... Continue»
Posted by Smoothbore 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex, Taboo  |  
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Aunt Mary Part 2!

... in the top floor.
and the husband and wife in my s****rs old room.

YES, it meant my aunt had to sl**p ... for the night.

we k**s stayed up long every night. so when i got to bed, my aunt was looong asl**p ... that night around 1.30 am. all the adults went to sl**p at like 11 or something, so again my aunt was asl... Continue»
Posted by FrankOzean 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Mature, Taboo  |  

]Aunt Karen and Her Niece Andy

... in words how strong the
craving to become my Aunt's daughter became in my daily life. I woke
up each ...

Aunt Karen spoke. "I'll need some time to think about it. Why don't
you go to your room ... . This was much more
satisfying. Aunt Karen went into detail about her life as a young girl
and her marriage... Continue»
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Surprise in Boston

... uncle Joe we weren’t supposed to meet up till seven tonight?” I kept my mouth shut as the realization ... my favorite Uncle and I did have a crush on you when I was younger, so it’s not weird. ”
I ... her in full lingerie. Heather looked at me and spoke. “Are you ok with this Uncle Joe?” to which I... Continue»
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Pure Motherly Sensual Love and Care

... **. Dad and uncle were speaking and mom and aunt were busy preparing the food.

Aunt and mom came ... for the TV to come. uncle slept and aunty was about to sl**p. I told them will call them once TV comes. I ... a friend like you.
Sh: even I am happy dear that I got a good friend like you
Me: hey did uncle sl**p... Continue»
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Mom Falls in to son's plan

... years. In fact I often masturbate myself to
sl**p thinking about her moaning and driving her hips ... found out. I fell asl**p that Friday night
masturbating to the thought of being my mother's date ...
downstairs. My date finally came down at about 4:30 and
I just about made every limb in my body go... Continue»
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Aunt Brandy Initiates Virgin Nephew

... !"

"You want some more?"

"Yeah put in more!"

I fucked Aunt Brandy's tight asshole with 4 thick ... Mom's younger s****r, Aunt Brandy, every night. She is a astounding 36 years old, 5 foot 10 inches ... knows how we lust for her, because she seems to get extra exuberant when she is around us. Aunt... Continue»
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