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Life with Aunt & Uncle p1-4

Life with Aunt & Uncle p1-4

... .


Life with Aunt & Uncle Part 1

It was late summer when Joshua and Melanie ... in some tragic accident, so they have to go live with rich eccentric relatives. Aunt Beth and Uncle ... they were half way around the world because their closest relatives; Aunt Beth and Uncle Richard... Continue»
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Life with Aunt & Uncle p 8-10

... that brooked no dissent. Aunt Beth started to pull some things out of a cupboard while Uncle Richard ... .

Aunt Beth was filling to bags with warm water while Uncle Richard greased up a pair of plastic ... with happiness.

After being wiped clean they were let to their Aunt and Uncles bedroom and told... Continue»
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Life with Aunt & Uncle p 5-7

... would be easy, she thought. However uncle Richard was a big solid man, so she was more than a bit ... and it was with her dorky little b*****r. But better than than Uncle Richard she thought again, at least she knew ... as his i****tous semen spurted into her p*****n womb. It was the first time but would be the first... Continue»
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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 11-13

... more attention. Both aunt and uncle offered advice to Josh, telling him how to commit oral i****t ... was as ready as she could be, after being licked and fingered by her Aunt, her b*****r and her Uncle ... ( this is all fiction, read at own risk )


“Are you scared Melanie?” asked Uncle... Continue»
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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 14 - 16

... Uncle Richard and Aunt Beth whenever they wanted to enjoy her teenage flesh. Mel was a little ... Part 14

Josh found his fingers slid easily into his Aunt's soppying grown up sex. The slippery ... . He had four fingers in his Aunt, buried to his thumb inside the hot opening between his her legs... Continue»
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I became my Aunt & Uncle's Sex Toy

... stages of my pregnancy, and your poor uncle has been chomping at the bit wanting some pussy, my blow ... '.

Six years back I was out back when my uncle came out and started to play with me, and coaxed ... print dress, uncle invited me onto his lap, 'Would you like to be my little bun on my sausage', he... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... squirrel talking stamps with father he had all he
could do to keep himself from falling asl**p after ... lit the lamp yes because he must have come 3 or 4 times with
that tremendous big red brute of a ... blouse or touch him with my veil and gloves on going
out 1 kiss then would send them all spinning... Continue»
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Sex with Aunt

... and my aunt (my father’s cousin) which happened few months ago. My aunt has 4 c***dren the younger one ... must breastfeed him and I ll let him to sl**p, when aunt open her Kamiz her on boob come out.

I ... hoon.

Me: ok I want a shower now and kissed my aunt on her lips.

Aunt: beta tere uncle saal... Continue»
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Kelsy & Aunt Cindy

... embarrassed and dirty and wondered what her uncle and aunt would think of her lewd display. She got up to go ... passed her aunt and uncle's rooms she heard grunting and whispering from within. She stopped and put her ... her aunt and uncle's figures. Her uncle was standing beside his bed, his back to the door while her... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... for dancing. She enjoyed their company, but only for dancing. Tanya thanked her aunt and uncle for her ... on the large bed and fell fast asl**p. Later that evening they awakened, dressed, and went out ... and sucking with her mouth in conjunction with the probes of 1, 2, or 3 fingers at a time into Dana's... Continue»
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I am on my way home from visiting my aunt and uncle. I am short of cash and stop ... says. "Nothing sexual is going on in my life, let alone in my truck. My wife decided after our 2nd ... bedroom 15 years ago and now we sl**p in separate rooms."
"Ouch! That’s the pits" I utter. "What... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... Battle Of The Gods
Done By:
Ryugen - EvilAngel - & Segnas

~ Part 1 ~
[ Tokyo, Japan ... life*
"Ok...So um....Where are we going, excatly?"

*Rockets up ... ?"
*Thinks - "Um, ok, well I can honestly say this is the most crazy day of my life and it feels... Continue»
Posted by masterkain 9 months ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  

Creole Nigga...Chocolate Bottom

... different countries, but all of his high school years were spent in the U.S. with an aunt and uncle. He ... about 4 years prior. Now he had fans across the globe - a fact he could hardly understand ... need you and Dad to pay for my life."
"I know, baby! I wasn't trying to say that. I just wanted... Continue»
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friend's mom made me finger her ass hole

... be a support to Meeta aunt since Uncle is a constant traveler.

Talking about Meeta aunt; she is around 45 ... , that was the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to touch a female body. Meeta aunt was sitting ... in my life. As we were approaching a by line, Meeta aunt told me to move little forward so that she... Continue»
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My Loving Son

... kept secret, he had a lover, one that no one knew about and never would.

Mark was 6ft 1" a hunk ... fallen asl**p, so he gently laid her down and left her.

An hour later she came down to two very ... uncle's door. He was a guy who worked away a lot, and Cathy hated being on her own, she was okay sometimes... Continue»
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I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 4

... I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 4

From Brazen to Downright Demanding

By billy69boy ... of my tongue teasingly around her clit. Her body jolted forward in surprise.

"Oh, Uncle James ... was surprised to look down and see that my cock had come to life again, and it was determined to get relief... Continue»
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Unexpected Three-way and My First DP

... meeting my Aunt and Uncle in Atlanta and I couldn’t have them smelling sex all over me.

“We need ... was stroking my thigh. I pretended to still be asl**p. I wanted to see what he would do. I opened my ... was torture because I wanted to suck Andre’s cock all the way back but I resisted.

We met my Aunt... Continue»
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A Footslave forever

... occurred when I was about 11. My parents were off on a “second honeymoon” and I was staying at my Aunt’s ... at the crack of dawn if I stayed on the couch. It was Friday night but Uncle John always rose early ... in my sl**p. My cock got even harder! I said to myself, “well, no matter; I’ve got to get back... Continue»
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... ," Aunt Marie said with considerable embarrassment.

"Oh" Steve said, and hearing that made him look ... as it affected his aunt, because Steve had always thought his uncle was a blowhard.

"I'd - I'd ... rather not talk about it," Aunt Marie said with a touch of sadness, and while that put a momentary... Continue»
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Katie's Pain Lesson

... selected the best to ship out to his f****y. Not only his parents, but to my surprise an aunt and uncle ... , too.

Asking Jason about the additional set going to his aunt and uncle, I learned a startling piece ... of information. His aunt and uncle own something called Chattle Castle. A highly expensive retreat... Continue»
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