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Lesbian Doctor Examines Woman's Daughter

Lesbian Doctor Examines Woman's Daughter

... and said the doctor will be with us shortly. Kristy and I sat down and soon a very beautiful woman ... very nice. I have decided to give you a very special examination."

The doctor kissed Kristy's ... on the examination table and raise her knees up slightly. As Kristy was laying down the doctor looked... Continue»
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The Doctor's Wife (Lesbian)

... . Both women examined the other for a few seconds and smiled at each other. The woman was about ... passionately. The woman opened her thighs and Olivia mounted her. The college lesbian wrapped her ... THE DOCTOR’S WIFE

Martha, the doctor’s maid, did notice that Mrs. Howard had changed... Continue»
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... this new "Lady's Doctor" in our locality from many of my friends and decided ... to experince his treatment myself. Oh! by the way the doctor is a 'HE', 'Lady's Doctor' ... and asked me to sit there. Afrer 15mn; she came back and asked me to follow her to the doctor's room... Continue»
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... the doctor wants you to do and never again think of putting your little thing in another woman other ... , sometimes after a woman like you has been with a real man, and especially black men, you can get ... was really her nurse friend, Karen, posing as a Doctor Beatmen. The fake Doctor Beatmen and Kathy... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 6

... ;s a little embarrassing, Doctor Prinz ... I mean, it's not
the same as relating to you under ... ?"

"I ... I don't know ... but that's not all, Doctor ... these dreams, you ... ;

"All right ... let's examine it. You say you went to a bar and picked up
a man. You... Continue»
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... to the floor. Doctor
Jenkins rolled over in front of him on his stool and took Ronny's testicles ... , and all at once had the overwhelming urge to
put it in my mouth, so to doctor's utter delight ... wait seemed like cruel and
unusual punishment! I opened the door and being Doctor Jenkins'... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 3

... for me, Doctor Prinz ..." the woman began.
"I mean--it's not every day you take your ... daughter to a psychiatrist."

"Can you tell me exactly what you feel Mandy's ... ;

The woman's face burned brightly as she looked at her analyst. "Well ...
twice now--I... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered

... .

The woman lowered her head slowly and took the entire length of the
doctor's pulsing cock into her ... ... and just as natural for a daughter to
want her father--do you understand?"

The woman's ... come in here a moment?"

"Yes, Doctor," the woman's honeyed voice, replied... Continue»
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The Plumber's Daughter - Must Read

... City Art Gallery. I was the perfect doctor's wife, attending all the fund raisers for him and he ... attention, me, Marie Antoinette Bernardino a plumber's daughter. Despite everything, I took my wedding ... " waist, and my bust is a 36 C. I can easily pass for a woman in her early twenties. My mother still... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 5

... mentioned the woman's
name. She cast her eyes downward, then said lowly, "I ... I saw you ... hand between her daughter's legs and she stroked her
pussy lightly.

"Ummn ... that' ... at his wife and daughter standing naked before him.

"There's something I've always... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 2

... herself yearning for the
woman's body. Coco shut her eyes as she talked, and remembered ... of excitement in her
loins as the woman's hands continued rubbing her body. Then Beth pulled ... the woman's mouth
as her roommate fondled her tits and kissed her wetly.

Finally, it passed... Continue»
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The Neighbor's Daughter

... for a minute and watched her come closer. She was a widow, he knew that, and she had a daughter who ... to ask, especially since it was something a woman such as herself would have no problem doing on her ... turned her head to the door. Her daughter Sandi was standing just outside, watching. She waited until... Continue»
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The Doctor's Favor

I was never a real big sports nut, but for my k**s, I played the consummate
soccer dad. Our ... and k**s in my son's age group
after about 6 years in the league. I had worked at an assistant ... coach for
the past 2 years and had learned a lot about coaching.

The k**s came from all sorts... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 7

... ... would you like a drink?"

Paul felt the warmth of the woman's body and his hand ... looked more like Bev's s****r than her mother,
and Mandy thrilled as she watched the woman remove ... as the pretty black woman took more and more of
Paul's prick into her mouth.

Beverly watched... Continue»
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The Doctor's Appoinment

... Doctor/Nurse/patient

It had stopped raining and the sun was out by the time Jessie parked ... in the lot and entered the doctor's office, but she kept her raincoat buttoned. "I'm Jessie Adams, I've ... her feet in the stirrups, spreading her legs wide. The cool air of the examination room brought out... Continue»
Posted by DaddyMd 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Fetish  |  
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Doctor's Visit

... exploratory.....and I was quite surprised that I enjoyed it. Hopefully, I will find a lesbian doctor next time to do my examination

... to the doctor's office for a check up. Unfortunately, my regular doctor was not on duty so I went to see ... the doctor on duty.

During my check up, she wanted to check my pussy (which I found strange and having... Continue»
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Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

... with Bobby's two s****rs Lisa and Theresa, they were twins. Bobby's dad left Rachel for another woman ... examine this member better."

Rachel watched as the doctor fondled her son's cock, she was starting ...
Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

Currently Bobby was sitting in the waiting room... Continue»
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What happens in the doctor's office, stays in

... clearly call out that my new doctor was going to be a woman.

I could see she was a little ... So earlier this year I received a letter from my doctor stating that he is retiring and that he ... would be handing over all his patients to another doctor that he trusted. I debated for a few weeks... Continue»
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My daughter's pussy

My Daughter

This is merely a fantasy. I don't even have a still young ... will be attending a university in the fall on a soccer scholarship. I am very proud of my k**s and what ... **s to come into the bathroom while I was showering or shaving. Nudity in our house was not seen... Continue»
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The doctor's exam

... Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. He hated doctors ... and told Rex the Doctor was on his way. Within two minutes Dr.Jenkins
entered the examining room ... punishment! Just then the door flew open and Doctor Jenkins' nurse, Miss Boyd came
flying through the door... Continue»
Posted by eremiti 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Group Sex  |  
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