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Leila My Hermaphrodite Lover

Leila My Hermaphrodite Lover

... closed I was still sitting staring.

"Hi, hunk, my name is Leila," she said. And nothing has ever been ... ever happened to me before.

Leila leaned forward and placed her ruby red lips on the head of my ... to gasp out, "You-you're a man!"

Leila looked deeply into my eyes and moved closer, right up next... Continue»
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... were parted and a pink tongue flicked over them.

‘That's one of my special ciggies, lover boy ... A Fantasie

‘My goodness!’ she exclaimed, ‘It appears that you've had an accident ... . ‘The only difficulty is what you'll wear while these are drying
.......I suppose that my dressing gown... Continue»
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MOTHER KNOWS BEST (Lesbian story)

... tight, my legs are falling asl**p”, Leila complained.
“Just suffer for a few more minutes ... Helen, “that’s my girl”.
Sandra was indeed learning fast and had found Leila’s erect clit. Helen ... mother is gonna fuck my mother”, answered Leila, reaching Sandra’s wet mound with her fingers.
Eve... Continue»
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The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 1

... position I coolly advise my shy lover: »So, do undress and show me, dear Tarsis, if this love of yours ... »Watch out, Séso!«, shouts my oldest s****r Nefrete as she throws the leather ball with such f***e ... at me that it hits me painfully into my soft lower belly. I wince and swim away with strong strokes... Continue»
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Time marches on.

... over my body. I'm still a hermaphrodite. I decided to keep my penis, I guess you could say my life ... lover for it, but she's almost like a lover too, which is even more arousing." I moved my left hand ... wish it would have been me in the middle of that. How, my landlady is a hermaphrodite, I walked... Continue»
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... than clinically dismissed as deviant. Subsumed under the label of the hermaphrodite it tends ... more closely in the erotic intimacy of the Divine. God is the supreme lover who allures ... time. What may be most shocking about this claim is my differentiation between marriage and sexual... Continue»
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Rivalry between Two Siblings

... of under a 1000. It was different here as nearly 90% of the population was hermaphrodite. Kasi wasn't ... that meant a lot of sex. In most parts of the world it wasn't unusual at all to see a lot of lovers ... that. It has been doing that all day. I haven't had any of my friends around to take care of it. I... Continue»
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Blue Futanari: Supplicant

... in thousands of cycles.

I loved the way her words felt in my mind - a lover's whisper caressing every ... was an almost majestic purple.

"It's six fifteen," Kim slipped her arms around my midsection ... and nuzzled her face into my neck. I closed my eyes. She was still warm from our bed. She smelled like she... Continue»
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A Good Time She'll never Remember

... meet for our next appointment, which will be," I checked my appointment book sitting in front of me ... in 2 weeks." I got up from the chair behind my desk and went around to give her a hug, as I always do ... for all my patients.

She looked at me, questioningly, almost like she had something else to say... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Lover Chapter II (fiction)

... A Different Kind of Lover Chapter II (fiction)

The last story I wrote was of my exciting lover ... gently rolled my lover over, and began to kiss her lovely mouth, tonguing her gently. I caught my ... one virgin treasure left to give away. You are my lover who I wish to share this lovemaking... Continue»
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Horse Cock Girl 6

... of her hermaphrodite lover and holding the cum in her mouth.

"Th-that was amazing, Amy," Scarlet said ... loved Lucy and believed that Lucy lover her too. She was, however, wondering if, were she to ask Lucy ... started pumping her hips in time with Scarlet's movements, driving herself harder into her lover... Continue»
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Ladyboy Secrets

... it under my bed

“What's this??” she said devilishly, “My little
hermaphrodite cousine has ... , fondled my
tits and kissed me.
We were lovers.

Lisa, my next door neighbor, caught me spying ... Spring and that meant a visit from my
Aunt Becky and my cousin Susie.
I loved Susie but she... Continue»
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Shemale Whore and Arab Pimp

... nipples were sore from being
sucked, my ass and hermaphroditic pussy were sore
from being fucked, I ... yet I lay there
gazing at him like a satisfied lover.

“You're back in business, my little whore ... HERMAPHRODITE WHORE

It had been over a year since Johnny threw that tantrum that
ruined me... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... . (Chapters 3 & 7)
4. I feel safe and Trust my lover, even when that's me. (Chapter 4)
5. I desire ...
the lightning we create together. In comparison, too many of my past stick-thin beautiful lovers ...
"What will my lover think of me if I can't?" Trying too hard can be its own problem.
When you're... Continue»
Posted by DrunkenDiablo 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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Mistress Carmen and Mistress Natalia

... you, my darling rubber man, have a good day at work and come to me when I call you. Bye lover." She ... the master and I'm the slave and my body becomes molten and wet for him and his touch, it's the most ... on my boot as I remember. Well, how do you describe the indescribable? In domination, the giving... Continue»
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Sibiling rivalry

... of under a 1000. It was different here as nearly 90% of the population was hermaphrodite. Kasi wasn't ... that meant a lot of sex. In most parts of the world it wasn't unusual at all to see a lot of lovers ... that. It has been doing that all day. I haven't had any of my friends around to take care of it. I... Continue»
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Episode 51 - HUMANS

... the edge again:
“OK, now fuck my arse lover – go as deep as you like”.

Robbie eased the swollen cock ... is quite subtle.

Here is my take on the idea: boring John has bought a male Synth for Jenny to keep ... her company – she has named it Robbie after her human lover and Uncle Abe has bought a female Synth... Continue»
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Brian My Cruel Master

... reason I didn't want to tell him what my
stepd4d had done, let him think I was born hermaphroditic ... Brian my cruel master

*note this is fiction based loosely on fact

I met Brian early one ... cotton crop top
with no bra held Brian's attention like a magnet.
My cheap white Walmart tennis... Continue»
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A new girl in town

... penis. That even has its own supply of semen. I’m like a hermaphrodite; only my penis is hidden ... lovers but I only gave them oral sex, in case they would freak out when they saw what I had between my ... New Girl in town by Carole.

I awoke with a pounding in my head. I put my hand to my head... Continue»
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Getting back at the bully

... Hi, my name's Rose Marie, and though you may have already guessed, I'm a hermaphrodite. Don't let ... of attention, but I like how the white streaks look. I let my hair grow out like I wanted, it’s all the way ... down, just past my hips, I think it’s cool. I’m actually somewhat skinny for my age, but I’ve got... Continue»
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