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Lean Mean Sally

Lean Mean Sally

... and slithered my tongue into her partially open mouth. Sally didn't resist, withing seconds we were French kissing passionately ... and screamed in ecstasy, I was practically u*********s! Luckily, Sally let me catch my breath before reversing our positions and ... ... Continue»
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Sally's Secret Lover

... ," as she put it. She had to lean on her b*****r and her
husband to keep ... was not much better and was grateful to lean against her
husband's tall form and let ... not finished yet."

"Wh-what do you mean?" Sally had begun to rise from her prone position
... ... Continue»
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The Baptist Chapter II

... is closed. Is that what you want Sally?” Josh asked.

“Yes, I mean no, I don’t know what I mean,” Sally was near tears.

“Well I certainly don ... ... Continue»
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The Baptist Chapter III

... as her Daddy pressed on her small clit.

“See what I mean Sally. Do not let anyone but me touch you here until ... on the cable,” Jack said.

“Oh, what do you mean Jack?” Sally was a bit intrigued that her conservative husband might actually watch ... ... Continue»
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The Baptist Chapter 1

... of them were really fun,” Josh explained.

“What do you mean?” Sally was now curious.

“Well, I don’t know exactly how to say ... and it was demanding to be released.

“That is what I mean Sally. You are talking about nasty things and that is naughty ... ... Continue»
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Sally’s virginity

... with surprise.
“Would you take Sally’s virginity? Sally is Terri’s eighteen year old s****r.
“You mean if I wasn’t with you and ... a pub or something?” I asked.
“No, I mean; would you take Sally’s virginity, next weekend?”
She rolled onto her side; ... ... Continue»
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Sally's motivational spanking

... wall. I said "I want you to lean against the wall with your elbows, legs spread, ass out." Sally said, "Yes, Sir" I took the ... give you another chance." "So, do you want another chance, Sally?" Sally's reply, "Yes Sir, Please Sir, may I?" I said, "Yes, but ... ... Continue»
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Sally's First Gangbang

... back down. I'm close to his face and lean into him. He grabs my hips and ... I introduced her to Scotty and Sally. She went over to Sally and told her, when she comes ... then helped me put the store back together. Sally stood there watching the tv for a minute ... ... Continue»
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Sally becomes a porn star by accident

... then display all of your body to the camera. OK? I mean all of it, bending down and also opening your legs ... whole lot of his manhood all the way deep inside Sally.

Sally's eyes has been tight shut during her orgasms and suddenly ... ... Continue»
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My new BBW neighbour.

... my brain sometimes".

"Mmmmmm, that sounds nice".

"What do you mean Sally? Oh I get it, now who's flirting".

"It's my ... here another sound, a wet squelching sound.

"What that noise Sally?

Sally didn't stop sucking as she put her warm glass dildo ... ... Continue»
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Off the record punishment

... to write this down.

My name is Sally and I’m an English teacher in a private ... great Miss.’ Roger said.

‘It’s Sally. Call me Sally. You can’t call me Miss when ... bed.

‘Jesus, are you OK Miss? I mean Sally.’ Roger asked.

‘Oh Good God yes’ I managed ... ... Continue»
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Beth and Sally

... grunts and expulsion of breath, pouring cream into Sally’s bum hole.
Sally didn’t move for maybe five minutes but Beth ... . What about you darling” she asked speaking straight to Sally.
Sally was a bit surprised by the question and looked questioningly ... ... Continue»
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Jessica's farm adventures Part 4: "Sally

... pussy. I was truly enjoying myself with hardy and I watched as Sally ran her fingers between her still very tight pussy lips ... hips a lot while Hardy kept on lapping up Sally's hot pussy juice. 

Sally moaned loudest and bucked her hips furiously up and ... ... Continue»
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Gloryhole Sally

... you," I

"Well, okay, it might be interesting," Sally finally
replied. I then told her about some of the women ... previous fucking so it accommodated him without any

Sally's eyes closed as she concentrated on the feelings
... ... Continue»
Posted by kinghut 3 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial Sex  |  Views: 1905  |  

Sally and Scotty

... her. Then mom is playing with her nipples, while kissing Sally. Sally gets back into the groove with Scotty. Mom sits on ... french kisses her spitting some of the cum into Sally's mouth.

Sally swallowed the small amout, then kissed mom more. Both of ... ... Continue»
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When Harry met Sally.

... him, tormented him, played with his enlightened feelings. Sally especially enjoyed lightly tickling his stiff and engorged cock ... film director entered the room. “Perfect, brilliant. Fantastic work Sally.”

He turned. “Hey Harry. I’m sorry if that scared ... ... Continue»
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Jessica's Farm Advenures Pt 5: "Sally an

... scissors i guessed being inexperienced in that field at the time. Sally's pussy lips moved closer to mine and I was extremely ... anymore when I shouted "Ohhh! I'm...I'M! UHH!" At the same time Sally also screamed saying, "Ohh Fuck! Ohhh!" As we both creamed ... ... Continue»
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sally and michelle

... breasts,the nipples surely forming permanent peaks in the material.Sally had a white cotton shirt with ruffled sleeves,her ... perfect cleavage dissapearing down behind the straining top button.Sally was rolling a joint.I knew there was something missing! ... ... Continue»
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Sally's punishment for texting while driving!

... have given you a ticket!" "And it would have been justified!" Sally said, "I was texting Susan, telling her I was running late!" ... another time." "Be ready at 11am."

After I left Sally texted Susan>

Sally: I am in so much trouble for texting while ... ... Continue»
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Teaching Sally, The Final Lesson

... any of my students. However, a former student, a recent graduate, named Sally approached me and confessed her crush on me and how ... . But there was one more lesson I wanted to teach Sally.
I contacted Sally one day in August before she was to head off ... ... Continue»
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